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“where the best deals hang out !”

Present day Nepal, 20,31,244 Nepalese are typing www. on their keyboards, 10,72,900 of them are logging onto Each person looking for something interesting, something new to do... This is your chance to take this opportunity to become a star.

Introducing sastodeal .com the place where the best deals hang out ! Sasto Deal is Nepal’s daily deals website. We offer our members the best deals on exciting experiences, eating out, travelling, fitness programs and wonderful products at incredible discounts! all this while helping great businesses reach out to the curious customers waiting for that spark ! At Sasto Deal, we connect your business with thousands of new customers without risk and NO Up Front Fees! We do all the marketing for you, handle all the sales; all you have to do is offer our members a “special deal” We make money only when we make YOU money. We have all the reasons to say WE WILL WORK HARD FOR YOU!

so tell me more, how does this work? Once we agree on an awesome deal with your business, we will put it up on our user friendly website. Our members will get notified about the latest deal in their emails, SMS, facebook accounts and at our website. Non-members can also view the deals.

Wait, what are the things that i need to do ?

Customers- local and international can then choose the deals they like and once they decide to try it, we will be ready to accept payment by the latest online payment services or we can send our runner to accept cash at a convenient location.

To get the best out of our customers, you have to offer one deal that is going to get them to your door!

Once payment is received, we will send out a coupon/code to the customer via email and SMS. You will also recieve the same coupon/code from us. Once at your location, our customers will present the coupon/ codes to you. Check to see if the codes matches with the ones we sent you. And if it does, our customers get to enjoy the deals mentioned in the coupon.

It is necessary for your staff to be well-informed on the coupon system and how our partnership works. Finally give the customers what we’ve promised, a great deal ! For all the benefits we provide you, we expect a commission between 20%-35% on the discounted amount.

What other benefits are in it for me ?

TIME FOR ACTION ! There are two things you can do right now:

Huge market place exposure means hundreds or even thousands of new customers for you. Initial customers can be turned in to loyal/repetitive customers We will be actively marketing ourselves across cities and the web which equals to FREE effective advertisement for you. Once our customers are in your place, it is very likely that they will make additional purchases and it is also very likely they will bring companions along Word-of-mouth promotion for your business, Sasto Deal is a WIN-WIN situation!

1. Put this guide down and let it gather dust. The guaranteed result is one of your competitors will take some action and will end up with hundreds of new customers; some of which could have been yours.

2. Pick up the phone and ring up Sasto Deal or Simply email us and we will be more than willing to set up a meeting with you and talk in details about promoting YOUR business.

We will work together to structure a deal that is going to deliver you hundreds of customers. The earlier you call, better are your chances to get the best dates to feature your deals. 9843101717 / 9841241412 / 9841586277

#1 Source for the best deals in Nepal

SastoDeal Business Partnership  

SastoDeal Business Partnership

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