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LOOKUP Ball Season Hair styles, Make up and collection of favourite dresses

JUNE 2010 ÂŁ2.00

How to tone up your figure

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Welcome to the first of edition of Look Up!

MAGAZINE GUIDE 3 Note from the Editor 4 Tried and Tested 5 Ball Dresses 16 Make-Up Idea’s 21 Festival Wear 29 Summer Clothing 30 Foundation Guide 31 Tone-up guide 34 Health and Nutritional Advice 37 Food Advice 37 Recipes 39 Next time

FROM THE EDITOR tions will help give you the confidence to be who are. In each monthly edition we will be holding various competitions that hopefully company hopes to be many. you’ll get involved in. As this is only our first edition, Some of these will be journalwe would like towelcomeyou, istic pieces, photographs and VIP competitions. In our next ourreaders, and hope that enjoy our magazine. We don’t edition we will be holding a competition for models. believe that you should feel too much pressure to conform If you have any advice or comments on the magazine to any other size than what makes your happy. So hope- then please feel free to email us. fully our articles and promoThis edition of the magazine is the first of what our

On the Cover (5) Ball Dresses (20) Make-up Idea’s (40) Health Advice (37 ) Tone-up Guide

Sarah Jane Sarah Pearson, Editor

TriedandTested EyeMake-upRemover Clinque


The Clinque eye make up remover, the most expensive one out of the range. I thought it was worth every penny it was easier to use than the Johnson’s and smelt amazing. It took away all my eye make up and left my eyes feel refreshed and soft. The safety cap was a perk because it meant that it didn’t spill either. When using the Johnson’s product, I found it very greasy and it comes out of the bottle very quickly, although it took away all the mascara and eyeliner without leaving any traces. I did feel that it was good value for money, but it felt me feeling very messy.

Superdrug’s Own For an own brand and the least expensive, I found it to be the best out of the collection. As it was easier to get the right amount from the bottle and left my eyes feeling nearly as good as the Clinque one did. It completely cleaned the make-up from my eyes and left them feeling mosturised.

Prom Dresses

for the upcoming season

Dress: Et Vous at Matalan £35 Shoes: South - £25

Hair Accessory: Peacocks - £4 Shawl: Model’s Own Dress: Hand made by Editor

Shawl: Model’s Own Dress: QED London - £45

Dress: Warehouse - ÂŁ65

Shawl: Model’s Own Dress: Lipsy - £65

Hair Accessory: Peacocks - £4 Dress: Oasis - £60

Belt: Peacocks - £8 Dress: M&S - £40

Smokey Eyes



To achieve the smokey eye look, you should first apply a medium grey colour eye shadow. To complete the eye shadow, get a small brush and apply a dark grey or black colour to the outside corner of the eye. Then finish with black eyeliner and black mascara. One of the key things to remember is to make sure the base layer of eye shadow is more dominant than the thinner darker layers. This look goes best with For both of these looks, apply a little black dress on a concelor around the night out.

To achieve this eyes, this makes your look apply a thin eyes look younger layer of foundation to your skin and blend in. This will give your skin and face the appearance of being fresh. Also, if you use a matte foundation it will make your skin look smoother. Applying a thin layer of gold eye shadow that will make your eyes shimmer and by adding a small amount of mascara it will make your eyes look bigger. Never apply anything darker than a light brown eyeshadow when going for the Au Natural look.

Au Natural

1950’s Inspired

Fem Fetale

O n e of the main things to remember when going for the Fem Fetale look is to mix 1950’s eyes and smokey eyes and top off with red lipstick or gloss

When applying each eye colour use different width of brushes, so the smaller areas are as clear as the base layer.

T h e 50’s inspired look is easy to achieve, with eyeliner that flicks and an lipstick that is darker than your own lip shade

Vest: Peacocks - £3 Dress: Peacocks - £22

FESTIVAL Collection

Scarf: Model’s Own Hair Accessory: New Look - £4.50 Earrings: Model’s Own Vest: Peacocks - £3 Skirt: Matalan - £12

Hair Accessory: New Look - £4 Bracelets: Peacocks - £8 Vest: Peacocks - £3 Skirt: Primark - £8

Bag: New Look - £12 Hair Accessory: New Look - £4.50 Earrings: Model’s Own Vest: New Look - £4 Skirt: Matalan - £18

Hair Accessory: New Look - £4.50 Earrings: Model’s Own Dress: Pussycat London at New Look - £30



With so many foundations on the market,how do you know which is the right one to choose? Well here are our tips;

- Find the right colour shade, either slightly darker or the right tone, depending on its use - Remember to variate your foundation, it will eventually get used to your skin - The difference in each foundation, even from the same company can change how it looks on your skin. -Also feel confident when wearing foundation, if your not you need to buy a new one that helps to do so.

Playsuit: Matalan - £22

Maxi Dress: Matalan - £25

Dress: Dorothy Perkins - £30

FITNESS When it comes to exercising we all know that it can be weary and drag on for a while but why not try and follow our advice and banTrain with someone, it ish these bores. Every girl knows what the pressure of trying to look in shape constantly makes it more fun and is like. If you don’t have the time to exercise all the time just do 10minute exercise blocks keeps you motivated when you have the time. If you did 10 minutes every day of different exercises that worked on different body area’s each day, you would help tone up your body. Every two weeks increase it to an extra 5 minutes until you find the right amount of time that is comfortable for you. When it comes to exercising though, here are just a few rules that we abide by


1. Mix up your exercise’s, try dancing one day and then swimming the next, stops the boredom of one exercise! 2. Reward yourself after exercising, for example, give yourself beauty treatments or curl up with your favourite DVD or book 3. Remember don’t push yourself to hard so that you end up straining muscles 4. Build your way up to consistent exercise if you haven’t done it in a while 5. Always have fun while doing it

Finally, if your after something new and exciting in your life, why not look for a new dance or exercise class in your local area, it’s a great way to make new friends or spend time with the ones that you have!

FITNESS 2 When we asked women what helps keep them energised when it comes to working out, the most popular responses were:

• The type of music that they were listening to while exercising • Keep focusing on why your doing these exercises • Keep smiling (believe it or not, it helps) • Buy a piece of clothing that you want to fit into, this will give you the encouragement • Find a training partner or someone to encourage to keep up the hard work • Remember not always to put to much pressure on yourself if your have other commitments.


While doing situp’s, punch to each side to work your arm muscles at the same time as your abs.

Here’s a 30-minutes a day exercise plan for your first week. Just to start you off and give you some ideas. Day 1 For 30 minutes on your first day, you want to do Yoga. This is a slow but somewhat intense work out for all your muscles. Start with the Tree Then do the ..... Move on to the..... Finish with the.... Do each of these five times. Repeat the process four times to fill your half an hour. If you have time left over try finding more yoga moves that you may find more challenging.

Day 2 On your second day, trying speeding things up a bit. With a half an hour of jogging but make sure that you warm your muscles up or you may pull something. (If you don’t feel up to jogging just yet, power walking will do just as much good)


At our magazine we don’t use words such as Thinspiration, we believe that women should look healthy by being curvy. We know that the the summer and ball’s are approaching so we thought we’d recommend a few ways that you can tone up and look healthy on your big day. These are just a few ways that we recommend on how you can stay looking healthy. For example, Chocolate bars aren’t so unhealthy as long as you balance out your diet the rest of the day.

On this day take things slower again and for your 30-minute exercise today try using a dance fitness DVD that will get your heart pumping and it’s a good way to lose weight.

Day 4 Today I recommend mixing things up a bit and spliting your half an hour of exercise into two 15-minutes. Spend your first 15-minutes using a rower (which you can purchase from many stores), this will work your leg muscles, your core and your arms. The second half, spend either jogging or powerwalking.

Day 5 Today why not head to your local swimming pool and spend 30-minutes or until you feel like your body has had a good work out swimming. (If you don’t swim why not come up with your own idea for exercising). with your own exercise for the day or repeat one of the previous day’s exercise. Or you could use our suggestion of finding a Day 6 local class and attention for a variation. On day 6, why not spend today working your abs and strenghting your core body. You can do this by doing variations of sit-ups and After you have done this, you can eilifting your knees to your chest and pushing ther form your own weekly or monthly them away from the chest closer to the floor. exercise plan using some of our sugFor the rest of the time you can do the yoga gestions or making up your own. positions that were suggested for day one.

Day 7 On your final day, you can either come up

Health and Nutritional advice

If you want to follow this plan, it well help you tone up and make the most of your figure.

While adapting your body to suit the new healthier diet, make sure that your keeping your Vitamin and Iron levels, whether it be through vitamin supplements or eating fruit and fish (doublecheck), high to keep your body strength up. There are currently so many fad diets out available on the market, which as a woman it is difficult not to feel pressurised in to following these.

So ladies, if you want some chocolate, help yourself but eat remember to be stricter with yourself the rest of the day and have some protein to balance your diet. Also, remember to keep to a minimum amount, so why not set yourself challenges. Such as, how long can you make a small bar of chocolate last? Or how many days in a row will you eat 5 pieces of fruit or vegetables? Each time you should try and top your score on the last challenge. This will help give you something to strive towards and hopefully help beat your cravings for bad foods.

But remember, these are only a temporary fix. They don’t provide you with a healthy lifestyle and set your body up to make it more difficult to put weight back on. It leads to Yo-Yo dieters. In order to not become one of those, just make sure you eat healthily and get active and involved with doing exercise. This means you aren’t following a ‘quick fix’ to losing weight and should encourage you be in control of your body.

Food suggestions Non-Vegetarian’s


Start with a bowl of porridge either add fresh fruit or have a glass of juice along side the porridge, to start your body off with energy for the day.


Why not try a healthy lunch of some fish or chicken in a salad, you can eat this cold. If you don’t feel like salad, have a small amount of pasta, using whole -wheat pasta, which is better for you. And add in vegetables and tuna to make it very healthy.


To end the day why not treat your self to a oven baked fresh fish in garlic, herb and lemon juice coating. Alongside a hand full of potatoes and steam vegetables of your choice.


Ladies, I know we like to snack, but why not go for healthier options of a yogurt or some fruit or even sugarfree jelly.

BUT the most important thing is to make sure you drink lots of water during the day.







You should start with a similar Starting the day with cereal and breakfast of porridge and fresh fruit soymilk or a soymilk smoothie, is a followed by a glass of juice to kick good way to encourage your body start your energy for the day. to keep energy throughout the day.

Why not mix it up by making a vegetable stir-fry using, brocolli, mini-sweetcorn, quorn, peppers, onions & wheat noodles, This will encourage you to meet your 5-a-

For lunch, try a Noodle, Edamame beans & tofu salad or a fajita wrap packed with vegetables. Similar to the Vegetarians, this will encourage you to meet your 5-a-day.

day and gives for a healthy lunch.



For your last meal of the day, why not go for something fancy like a quorn fillet with a white sauce, with a handful of baby potatoes & steamsed veg.


To ensure meeting your 5-a-day why not try a Vegetable curry, using curry paste and coconut milk, potatoes, cauliflower, tofu, mushrooms and anything else you feel like adding to the sauce.


When it comes to the snacks You can encourage yourself with throughout the day, we recommend vegetables and Hummus and snacks, such as nuts (but don’t over snack on them), a piece of fruit small amounts of pretzels or low fat popcorn. or if you fancy a real treat, a packet of low-fat fibre filled crisps, such as, Walkers Sunbites.

RECIPES Vegetable Spaghetti Sauce First of you will need: Onions Mushrooms Garlic Chopped tomatoes, canned or about 6 fresh peeled tomatoes 3/4 glass red wine Tomato Puree Whole-Wheat Pasta Fresh Basil Then you want to add oil into a frying pan, once heated at in the onions until golden. Then stir in garlic, tomatoes, wine and parsley. Reduce heat and leave to simmer for around an hour. Then finish with adding the mushrooms and cook for another 20-30minutes. In this extra time you can cook the pasta to go along side the sauce.

Grilled Fish and a white sauce For this you will need: A Fish of your choice Lemon Garlic Shallot Salt Butter Parsley 1/2 cup of dry white wine Olive Oil Any vegetables of your choice to accompany the fish Start the sauce by whisking lemon juice, the wine, shallots and garlic. Heat up until the sauce is reduced, then add the butter, parsley, salt and pepper and blend together. For the fish, brush fish with the oil and season before grilling for around 5 minutes on each side.

Lamb and Mint Chops For this you’ll need: Mint Garlic Olive Oil Lamb chops Vegetable for roasting Firstly preheat over to 220 degrees for the vegetables. In to a dish add garlic, mint, 2 tsp of olive oil, salt and pepper. Then you want to coat the chops in this mixture, making sure that both sides of the lamb have been covered. You then want to cover and leave for an hour or so, for the lamb to absorb the flavours. While this is happening you can prepare the vegetables ready to be roasted in the oven. This is a great way to use up any space Vegetables. After the lamb has absorbed the flavours, fry the chops for around 4 minutes each side. Then serve.


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