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magic Realism in the Analysis of

the Novel “Life of Pi� By: Ma. Marineth Magaling

Statement of the Problem •

How the author presents Magic realism in the following elements of the novel? -Characters -Setting/milieu -Conflict


Are there symbols used to showcase the characteristics of magic realism? -What are those symbols? -How are they classified as magic realism?


What social realities exist in the novel that also occurs in the real life situation?

-How did the protagonist of the novel deals with the situation?

This study will concentrate on the analysis of the novel “Life of Pi� by Yann Martel. The analysis will be done by applying content analysis as the method of the study and magic realism with a postcolonial perspective as the approach. This probe will focus on how magic realism is being introduced in the novel; however the analysis will cover only three of its elements such as characters, setting and conflict to mitigate the study

It will be significant to both teachers and students.

It will help future writers or persons who are interested in literature.

It can be used as a reference.









• Content analysis

Magic realism approach with a postcolonial perspective

Corpus of the Study This study deals with the analysis of the novel “Life of Pi� using Magic Realism as the approach. Magic realism will be used in a postcolonial perspective, for it will be a big help for the development of the study.

Research Instrument

Corpus of Life of Pi


• • • •

Books Journals Pdf Computer/Laptop

Data Collection Procedure In gathering the data, the corpus “Life of Pi� will be read and studied. Thenceforth, it will be analyzed using the method content analysis and the approach magic realism.

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Magic Realism in the Analysis of the Novel "Life of Pi"  

Ma. Marineth Magaling AB English