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Flight for Life Colorado Celebrates 20 Years in Summit County We all look skyward when we hear the helicopter and while it’s alarming to think one of our neighbors may be up there, we are reassured that they are receiving quality care and attention. As the helicopter dips low over the mountains toward Denver or to a landing at the hospital, we know that the life-threatened patient is within minutes of receiving emergency care. The Flight For Life® Colorado helicopter is literally our Summit County life-line to lifesaving healthcare.

Debra Edwards President and Chief Development Officer (970) 668-6906 Linda Lichtendahl Executive Assistant (970) 668-9755

Our Mission

Raise and allocate philanthropic funds, primarily for the hospital’s programs and services that benefit the underserved, the elderly and the community. Our focus is on areas and issues that enhance the hospital’s mission but do not fall within the normal parameters of the hospital or its budget. The Summit Medical Center Health Foundation is the primary foundation for St. Anthony Summit Medical Center in Frisco, Colorado.


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Patrick Mahaney, Heather Urish and Kevin Kelble, flight crew, stand ready for calls that come 24/7 for Summit’s Flight For Life Lifeguard 2.

Flight For Life Colorado began in 1972 with a single Alouette III helicopter, based at St. Anthony Central Hospital in Denver and was the first hospital-based air ambulance program in the United States. From its humble beginnings, it has grown to be a regional air medical and critical care transport program responding to nine states in the Rocky Mountain Region. Over 90,000 flights later, their leadership in the field continues. In 1992, Lifeguard 2 started operations out of Summit County with a base at the old medical center on Summit Boulevard in Frisco. The orange Eurocopter AS 350 “AStar” B3 helicopters are chosen for their high altitude capabilities and are a perfect fit for medical air transport

in Colorado’s mountain communities and terrain. However, extreme cold and changes in temperature can cause problems and inconsistencies in the helicopter’s flight instruments and affect its ability to meet urgent patient needs without delay. Before the new hospital was finished, the Flight For Life Capital Campaign Cabinet initiated a fundraising drive to build a hangar for Lifeguard 2. The hangar was completed in February 2007 and dedicated to the memory of flight nurse Sandy Sigman and pilot Gary McCall who lost their lives in 1994 during a mountain rescue on Huron Peak, the only crash in the 40-year history of Flight For Life. Lifeguard 2 no longer sits unprotected in the elements of our high altitude mountain environment. Our mountain hangar was the first hangar to be built in the Flight For Life system. The helicopters are based at St. Anthony Hospital in Lakewood (Lifeguard 1), St. Anthony Summit Medical Center in Frisco (Lifeguard 2), St. Francis Medical Center in Colorado Springs (Lifeguard 3), St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center in Pueblo (Lifeguard 4), and Mercy Medical Center in Durango (Lifeguard 5). All of the helicopters are in service twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  They have a service radius of approximately 120 miles from their bases.

A Gift of Life for Flight For Life To celebrate Flight For Life’s 20 years of service in Summit County this March, please consider a special gift to mark this occasion. In honor of this milestone, your support recognizes the amazing life-saving work they do everyday. 100 percent of every contribution supports the equipment, training and capital needs of the program. Flight For Life’s operating expenses are high and they depend on the foundations in each hospital to help with equipment purchases for their base crew and helicopters. In addition to the construction of the hangar, past gifts in Summit County have helped purchase a specialized onboard computer for Lifeguard 2, night goggles, a laryngoscope and training programs.

Your 20th Anniversary Gift Will

SAVE LIVES We thank you on behalf of the patients Lifeguard 2 will transport in 2012!

Every year guests at the Dancing with the Mountain Stars Silent Auction bid for the opportunity to take a scenic ride on Lifeguard 2. Maybe you will be the lucky winner at the event on September 29, 2012!

Flight For Life (continued) In addition to the five helicopters, Flight For Life also transports patients on fixed wing airplanes that can land on almost any runway in Colorado, and a Learjet. If weather or the patient’s condition require ground transport, the program also operates three Critical Care Ground Transport units, with Terra 2 based in Frisco and operated in partnership with Summit County Ambulance. Virtually all the pilots have military experience, many having seen combat in Viet Nam and Desert Storm. All have several thousand hours experience as pilot-in-command and have undergone extensive training to enable them to fly in the unique environment of the Rocky Mountains. Each helicopter is capable of carrying one adult patient and two care providers, in addition to the pilot.  An isolette can be carried instead of the adult stretcher.  In rare situations, two adult patients may be carried, but this is dependent on many factors, such as altitude, air temperature, and total weight.  It is Flight for Life’s policy to not carry family members aboard the helicopters. The helicopters are used in two primary roles, scene response and interfacility transport.  Scene response can be to an urban traffic collision or mountain rescue.  Each scene is evaluated for its level of risk and a flight may be aborted by any crewmember if they feel uneasy.  Loading and unloading must be accomplished with both skids solidly on the ground.  Interfacility transports are performed in order to move a patient either to a higher level of care or for the sake of immediate intervention.  PAGE 2

St. Anthony Summit Medical Center built the first Flight For Life helicopter hangar in the system that was completed in 2007 thanks to a very successful $1.2 million capital campaign supported by hundreds of generous donors in our community.

In 1996, Flight for Life added the lift ticket program, which allows rescue personnel to ride on the helicopter to the avalanche search scene, where they will be unloaded. While the search is in progress, the helicopter returns to a base area and picks up medics who are ready when the victim is found. The helicopter then transports the patient, who is being treated en route, to the nearest hospital. When someone is in need of emergent transport, Flight For Life Colorado responds and never questions a patient’s ability to pay. Because of this, and the high costs of their aviation services, their expenses are high. They depend on corporate and private donations to support capital equipment and training needs and to ensure that lives are saved.

Board Member Spotlight Bill Pelham

A resident of Frisco since 1994, Bill and his wife Karen relocated to Summit County from Hampton, Virginia. Following a 30-year career as a pilot and administrator in the United States Air Force, Bill spent five years with the City of Hampton in various administrative positions.  Bill has been a member of the foundation board since its inception and served on the Flight For Life Capital Campaign Cabinet.  He serves on the Frisco Town Council and is the Mayor; Chair of the St. Anthony Summit Medical Center Community Board; Summit County Rotary Club; and the Summit Lake Dillon Optimist Club.  His interests include skiing, hiking, other outdoor activities, and family genealogy.  He and Karen are the proud parents of five children, 12 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.  When not involved in his family and community activities, Bill works part-time at The Barnyard Pet Supply Store in Frisco. Bill Pelham Mayor, Town of Frisco

Support Victim Exam Services and Join the April 28th SANE 5K Fun Run/Walk The 2011 SANE Walk was appropriately named the “Walk Across the Tundra” as there was a spring snowstorm on the day of the walk. Since this year’s event will be later in the month on Saturday, April 28th we are hoping for better weather. However, this is Summit County and even snow and freezing wind will not deter our enthusiastic SANE supporters. We encourage everyone to join the 5K Run/Walk from the hospital to Frisco Main Street and back to the hospital, where hot soup, beverages and camaraderie will welcome the energetic participants. Last year families with children and supporters of all ages participated in the moderate walk on the recreational path. Pre-Register for the

April 28th SANE 5K Fun Run/Walk

$25 Donation • Call 970-668-9755 • Email If you can’t run or walk with us in person, be with us in spirit by making a donation. • Mail a check to:

Summit Medical Center Health Foundation PO Box 738 Frisco, CO 80443 • If you use the envelope attached to this newsletter, check the SANE Program box • Or call us with a credit card at 970-668-9755

Become a SANE Fun Run/Walk Sponsor

•• Donate $100 or more by April 20 •• You and/or your business will be publicly

acknowledged during and after the event

During the walk, SANE nurses will ring a bell every two minutes to remind us that one sexual assault occurs approximately every two minutes in the United States. We are fortunate to have a SANE program in the Emergency Department at St. Anthony Summit Medical Center where seven specialized SANE nurses provide compassionate, comprehensive medical care and evidence collection. They care for patients at perhaps the lowest point in their lives and guide them through the process of a forensic exam and then support their healing and road to recovery. The nurses who are trained as expert witnesses are also available to appear in court to provide testimony on the sexual assault case. Jennifer McConnell, SANE Program Coordinator, works closely with the District Attorney’s Office, law enforcement agencies in the Fifth Judicial District and Advocates for Victims of Assault. Jenn has reached out to the community with extensive education about sexual assault and the services of the SANE program. As a result of increased awareness, the exams performed in the Emergency Department have increased from seven in 2010 to 31 adults and one pediatric patient in 2011. We are working to expand the SANE Program to include services for victims of domestic abuse, child abuse and child sexual abuse. Inter-Partner Violence (IPV) is an ever-growing problem even in Summit County where many cases are not reported or prosecuted. The SANE Program is supported by grants and private donations through the Foundation. To continue to provide the training, salaries and supplies needed for the 24/7 on-call SANE program we need support from individuals and organizations throughout our region and beyond. We look forward to walking or running with you on April 28th. PAGE 3

P.O. Box 738 Frisco, CO 80443

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An elevated commitment to caring

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A Current Will or Trust Leaves a Legacy without Giving Up Assets Today Have you put off making or updating your will or Living Trust? Perhaps you are having a hard time deciding how to leave your money, or you may simply not want to think about your own mortality. Many people, especially young individuals and those who feel that their estate is too small, believe that a will represents an unnecessary expense. However, the preparation of a will need not be expensive. Having these documents prepared for you may seem like a daunting task at first until you realize all the good that comes from having them. Even when property distribution issues are minor, a will is the legal avenue to address naming an executor, naming a legal guardian for minors, making gifts or transfers according to your wishes, providing for your family after your death, reducing estate tax liability and leaving a legacy without giving up your assets today. In the absence of a will, the state names a judge as executor; a bond may have to be posted; the court names a guardian; and a formula determines asset distribution. A bequest from either a will or Living Trust lets you pass any amount you wish to the Summit Medical Center Health Foundation, free of estate tax. You can give cash, specific property or a percentage of your estate, with restrictions or without. Because your gift doesn’t come to us until after your lifetime, you can change your mind at any time. Your philanthropic spirit is given a voice through your will. And while many think philanthropy is reserved for the select few, every bequest to this organization makes a mark that will last. We recommend that you obtain the professional counsel of an attorney who specializes in estate planning to make sure your will accomplishes your goals. We will be happy to work with you and your advisors to choose an appropriate and tax-wise strategy that benefits you and makes the world of healthcare a better place.


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