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Spring 2016

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2015 Commercial Producer of the Year Raymond Land & Cattle Co., Mankota, SK It has been said that “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” Well busy is an understatement for Raymond Land & Cattle Ltd. Imagine 20,500 acres of land, over 900 mother cows, an entire calf crop on feed, a job as a Pharmacist and three young children under the age of 4! Now that is busy! But this does not seem to faze Dave and Crystal Raymond of Raymond Land and Cattle Company Ltd. It is this kind of work ethic and determination that has led to their success and to the honour of being named 2015 Saskatchewan Angus Commercial Producer of the Year. Raymond Land and Cattle Ltd. is located north of the town of Mankota and south of the town of Aneroid. The operation is owned by Dave and Crystal Raymond and their young family, along with Dave’s parents, Alan and Elva Raymond. Alan has worked for over 40 years as Mankota’s dedicated veterinarian along with running the farm/ranch operation. Today the vast majority of the work and management is handled by Dave, however Alan is still an integral part, working with details like budgeting and finance and Elva keeps the company’s books. Dave and

by Corinne Gibson

Alan meet almost every morning for coffee to plan the direction of the operation. Dave has always had a passion for agriculture and knew that was his future. After graduating from high school in 1999, at his mother’s urging, SAA President Mike Howe presenting Crystal & Dave Dave worked Raymond with their award at Agribition. off the farm in the oil patch good in the spring of 2002, in time to and attended SIAST for Heavy Duty manage the calving. Mechanics. The whole time he was away he returned to the operation to Not too far away, a young cattlewoman, work weekends and assist in all aspects Crystal Blake, grew up on her family of the farm. Dave moved home for farm. On August 5, 2006 the two were Continued on Page 8

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Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

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Saskatchewan Angus Association - 2016 Board of Directors President


Michael Wheeler Saskatoon, SK 306-382-9324

Geoff Anderson Bethune, SK 306-731-7921

1st Vice-President

Glen Gabel Regina, SK 306-536-1927

Sheldon Kyle Redvers, SK 306-452-7545

2nd Vice-President Trent Liebreich Radville, SK 306-869-7207

Executive Director

Gord Roger Balgonie, SK 306-771-2305

Past President Mike Howe Moose Jaw, SK 306-691-5011

Kodie Doetzel Junior Director Lipton, SK 306-336-2245 David Johnson Canadian Director Peebles, SK 306-224-4341

Robin Hogberg Langenburg, SK 306-743-2840 Chad Hollinger Neudorf, SK 396-331-0302 David Johnson Peebles, SK 306-224-4341

Tracey Willms Canadian Director Dundurn, SK 306-492-2161 Corinne Gibson Canadian Director Fir Mountain, SK 306-266-4895

Honourary President

Peggy Grant Edam, SK

Kristine Sauter Wawota, SK 306-739-2240 Jamie Van Cleemput Delisle, SK 306-717-1095


Published by: Saskatchewan Angus Association Box 3771, Regina, SK S4P 3N8 Phone: 306-757-6133 Fax: 306-525-5852

Spring 2016 Distributed to approximately 750 Angus Breeders’ and 2000+ Commercial Producers in Saskatchewan. 3 Issues per year Spring deadline - January 15 Summer deadline - May 15 Fall deadline - October 1 Page 4

Belinda Wagner, General Manager Ruth Watch, Office Assistant 2nd Floor, Canada Centre Building, Evraz Place, Regina, SK Phone 306-757-6133 Fax 306-525-5852 Office Hours - 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Publications Mail Agreement #40019886 Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to: Saskatchewan Angus Association Box 3771, Regina, SK S4P 3N8 Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

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Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

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2015 Commercial Producer of the Year made to move those strong purebred Red Angus cows into their commercial operation.

married. Crystal was active in 4-H and purebred cattle all her life and excelled in all areas of the industry. At the time they got married, Crystal was a full time Pharmacy student at the University of Saskatchewan. Crystal convocated from the U of S in 2009 and began employment as a Pharmacist in Swift Current and Pontiex. You can tell from visiting with the Raymond’s that their shared passion for agriculture and the cattle industry in particular, has been a real factor in their current success. In August 2012 they welcomed their first son, Tristen. In March 2014 their daughter Brooke came along. Then the surprise bundle came in July 2015, when their third son Owen arrived. These three busy young children are the sixth generation of Raymonds on the land. Dave and Crystal have gradually taken over the reins of the operation. Dave’s father, Allan, had tried various breeds of cattle over the years. However, he almost always bred his first calf heifers to Red Angus bulls. As Dave became more involved in the operation he began to develop a deep appreciation for the Red Angus mother cow’s efficiency and consistency. Today the cow herd is straight Red Angus. Originally, Dave and Crystal had a Purebred Red Angus herd along with their larger commercial herd. However, as the operation and their family rapidly expanded - the extra bookwork and management of a purebred herd became difficult. The decision was Page 8

Dave says “Putting a band on that first purebred bull calf born was kind of tough... but as soon as I did it - I knew it was the right decision. And it has been great ever since. I did however, thoroughly enjoy throwing all those registration papers in the garbage”. Crystal on the other hand, had a harder time with the transition but admits it was the right one with the current work load and young family. Those purebred mother cows have become a very strong base to build on in their operation. They breed these cows to Red Angus bulls, producing their own solid group of replacements yearly. In the past the Raymond’s had bought many Red Angus open replacement heifers, however, the goal of the operation today is to produce all of their own. To achieve this they keep their cowherd straight Red Angus. Half of this Angus herd is bred back Red Angus to produce their own replacement females. The other half is bred to Simmental bulls to produce the F1 females that they market. Crystal explains “We like the moderate size of the Angus cows along with their maternal superiority, so we keep our cow herd straight Angus. Crossing with Simmental adds the size and performance that is important in our steer calves, but still maintains the market demand for our bred heifers. The cross is the best of both worlds.” The benefit of hybrid vigor also adds to the overall performance of the calf crop. The Raymond’s ensure the continued success and growth of their program by buying top end bulls from reputable programs and are not afraid to pay a bit more to ensure that quality. They select moderate framed bulls from sound

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uddered mother cows. Disposition is also important and even more important now that three young children are often there “helping” with chores. The bulls need good feet and leg structure as they have to run in big pastures. One breeding pasture is 20 quarters of land where they run around 15 bulls. Raymond Land & Cattle breed about 350 yearling heifers every year to start calving February 20th and they run the bulls for a 40 day cycle only. This way the heifers are all done calving by the time the cow herd starts on April 1st. They retain all their steer calves at weaning and background them until March, at which time they usually market them through the Mankota Stockmen’s Weigh Company. The heavier steer calves are sometimes kept and finished at the Redcoat Feedlot just up the road. This allows the Raymonds to accurately gauge the performance of their product and has worked well. The Raymond family started marketing commercial bred heifers in 1995 and it has grown from there. They started selling off the farm and then moved to selling in Swift Current. For the past two years they have joined with the Gehl Family of Hodgeville to host an annual sale the first Saturday in December. This sale has become a successful marketing venture for the Raymonds. Another marketing strategy that this young couple uses is showing and selling a sample of their bred heifers at Agribition. In 2014 Raymond Land and Cattle exhibited the Champion Pen of 5 Bred Heifers and in 2015 they were awarded the Champion Pen of 5 and the Overall Reserve Grand Champion Pen of Bred Heifers. “The recognition we get from Agribition has been great advertising for our program,” Dave says. “It is surprising what a few ribbons can do.” Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Around 7000 acres of Raymond Land & Cattle’s over 20,000 acres are farmed. This mix of grain and cattle is a great risk management tool for them but the workload of an operation of this size and scope is demanding. The ranch has three full time employees and during seeding and harvest, up to five full time employees. They have one long time employee, Ron Perrault, that has been with them for about 10 years and Crystal calls him “Dave’s right hand man”. As most of us in the Agriculture industry know, finding capable employees can be challenging, especially in very rural settings. Dave was quick to point out, “We are very fortunate to employ foreign laborers from Mexico. These Mexican families have filled a big gap in farm labor for us. This will be the fourth harvest they have spent with us and they are willing and dependable employees.” Crystal is also quick to note that with a young family she has quickly come to realize that “grandparents are awesome”! Over time Dave’s role in the operation has evolved into a management position. Managing all aspects of this large operation can be demanding. Crystal comments “I think one of

Dave’s strengths as a manager is that he does not micro manage his employees. He understands the job because he has done it all before himself”. Dave adds “I make sure everyone knows what needs to be done and expect it to be done on time and within the goals I have set. I do not have the time to worry over every little detail and so I try not to get too stressed about the little things. I go with the flow in order to get all the work done.” When asked about the future of Raymond Land & Cattle both Dave and Crystal show no signs of slowing down. Crystal explains “If Dave puts his mind to something, it’s going to happen. He is very determined that way”. Dave also adds “I think you have to keep expanding and growing. Looking for new opportunities and not be afraid to try new things. The future seems to be going that way - every operation is getting bigger and with our growing family we are not afraid to expand if we get the chance” As a testament to the growing success of this operation, Raymond Land & Cattle, are not only Saskatchewan Angus Commercial producers of the year, but were also honored as the Saskatchewan Simmental Commercial Breeders of the year as well. Raymond Land & Cattle is a shining example of a generational operation that through hard work and determination, has achieved success in the industry. The Angus breed is fortunate to have such capable young cattlemen in our ranks.

CWA 2015 Reserve Champion Pen of Bred Heifers Angus Edge - Spring 2016

The next generation at Raymond Land & Cattle, hard at work.

Congratulations Dave & Crystal! Page 9

President’s Report ... Greetings fellow Angus breeders and enthusiasts. I hope that everyone is enjoying this busy time of year as we are all preparing for calving and bull sale season. Your Saskatchewan Angus Association board of directors are a great group of volunteers that have also been very busy implementing our existing programming and planning for the future. I would like to thank the breeders that took the time to complete and return our membership survey. The survey was a good starting point to the strategic plan the board has been working on to identify our priorities as we move into the future. I would also like to thank the breeders that took the time in December to attend our planning session with Erin Campbell Howell, who the board hired to help facilitate the planning process. During our session we examined our past successes and trends that will shape our future. We looked at why Saskatchewan Angus will exist and who it will serve in the future. There were four main areas of focus or themes that developed from the planning session. The first priority was creating opportunities for membership education and engagement. We are examining ways to host information sessions for breeders and industry stakeholders. Keep posted for more information about these events in the future. We also want to improve communication via social media and utilize that platform to reach everyone from breeders to consumers. The second priority that we want to Page 10

continue to pursue is youth. It was felt that our current youth programming is very effective and the newly launched mentorship program is the next step that is up and running with funding secured as part of the Growing Forward 2 program. Be sure to read the bios on three of the participants in this issue. You can reference the other two participants in our Fall 2015 issue. We hope that we can secure permanent funding for the mentorship program and make it a permanent program. Our third priority is to be the consumer’s brand of choice. The Angus brand is a great strength that our Association wants to build upon. We have worked very hard in the past to gain acceptance by commercial cattlemen and that will remain a priority. Looking to the future we feel that we can also do more to be an advocate for beef and educate consumers about Angus beef. We want to give our members the tools and information needed to be advocates and answer consumer’s questions and break the myths that our opposition promotes to the public. If we do not tell our story, someone else will tell it for us. Our fourth priority is to work on developing strategic partnerships that will help educate consumers and enhance the value of the Angus brand. We hope that by working together with other organizations, such as Ag in the Classroom or Saskatchewan Forage for example, we can be more effective and efficient at delivering our message. We realize that our association can not undertake a campaign that will change the world but we all can take that first step and have those one on one conversations. We just wrapped up our Annual General Meeting in Saskatoon. Elections were held for the board of directors and I would like to congratulate Kristine Sauter, Robin Hogberg, Geoff

by Michael Wheeler

Anderson and Jamie Van Cleemput for being elected. I would also like to thank Jason Frey and Dale Easton for their years of service on the board. We also have one Canadian Angus director position available and Jon Fox and Dale Easton have been nominated for that position. Watch for your ballot in the mail to vote in their election process. As part of our AGM and the Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference an SLA Honor Scroll was presented to Bob and Gail Switzer of Sandy Bar Angus, who were nominated by the Saskatchewan Angus Association. I would also like to congratulate Hollinger Land & Cattle on being selected Purebred Breeder of the Year. In the coming months the board will be meeting in April and for the first time, will participate in some information sessions. We are planning to have workshops for the board members with a focus on advocacy and media training. We have also invited the participants in the mentorship program and their mentors to join us. The summer months will bring our annual tour which has become a major event for the association.

Plans are currently underway for the tour to be in the Moose Jaw area August 8 & 9, so mark your calendars. The Gold and Junior show will be held again in Lloydminster with the Stockade Roundup. Best of luck with calving and I hope that the next time you hear from me your bull pens are empty. The bar was set high last year for bull sale prices and if we continue to focus on producing and promoting a top quality product that success will follow.  Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

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From The Director's Chair ... Looking back at 2015 it was an exciting year for the beef industry with record high prices in all sectors (cow calf, cull cow and bull, grassers, calves in the fall and the purebred industry). Although the end of the year saw a decline in the record prices, all in all things were still very good. Turn the page to 2016 and it looks like the futures are moving up and the initial market reports show an upward trend in prices. Who knows with the strengthening US dollar, or as some would say the weakened Canadian dollar, what impact it will have in the long term. On another positive note it was great to see a major food giant, “McDonalds”

Page 12

started an ad campaign not only promoting beef, but Angus Beef. This refreshing look at our industry is a welcome change to the not so positive approach of another food distributor. It is incumbent on all of us to help educate the consumer (rural, urban, young and old alike) on the benefit of eating beef. Looking forward to bull sale season, as it is just around the corner, we need to focus on our customers. There are many avenues to market and promote that we need to look at and ensure we have all the bases covered whether it’s by social media, on line broadcasts or having seats in the stands at our Angus sales. Our customers have many options and we need to give them all the tools to make the right choice of an Angus bull this spring. The Canadian Angus Association offers many of these tools for us and our customers with the online access to pedigrees, EPD’s etc. It allows us and others the opportunity to do a lot of home-work on potential purchases

By Glen Gabel

prior to getting to the sale barn or viewing on line on your computer. With that, time to check the calving barn one more time. Best of luck to everyone this calving season as well as throughout 2016. Until next time, Take Care.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! for the Saskatchewan Angus GOLD & JUNIOR SHOW To be held in conjunction with the 2016 Stockade Roundup, Lloydminster, SK More coming in the summer issue of “The Angus Edge” or email

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

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New Director Profile - Robin Hogberg first registered livestock in 1970 and for over 40 years we operated a Hereford program. Black Angus genetics where introduced in 2004 and a slow transition to convert the entire operation solely to Angus cows began. In that period of time I have become a strong believer, an enthusiastic breeder and an active promoter of this great breed. My name is Robin Hogberg, I am 54 years old and I consider it an honor and a privilege to serve as a director on the board of the Saskatchewan Angus Association. Along with my wife Michelle and son John, as well as my parents, I own and operate Bar-H Land & Cattle Co. at Langenburg which is located in east central Saskatchewan. My roots are deep in the seed stock industry as our family purchased its

Glen Gabel Angus

I truly believe Angus cattle have positioned themselves in a very enviable position leading all breeds of cattle in every area of livestock production. From cow/calf to feedlot to consumer, the Angus breed is considered the “gold standard” when it comes to total beef production. I also believe our National Association is leading the way in areas of genetic analysis and are offering tools to breeders to assist in making those critical decisions. Bull buyers are becoming

As a lifelong member of the seed stock industry I have always enjoyed following, visiting with and checking out what is going on in other breeds of livestock. I feel I can learn something from everyone I come in contact with. The reason I love this business so much is because I truly love people and I appreciate each and every person that I have had an opportunity to meet and work with. Thank you once again for the opportunity to serve. 

invites you to view our bulls at the

AAA Bull Sale

19th Annual - April 4, 2016 1 PM - Johnstone Auction Mart, Moose Jaw, SK Thanks to all of my customers over the past years. Looking forward to seeing you this year at the sale. Featuring offspring of SAV Final Answer, SAV Density, SAV Angus Valley, GDAR Game Day, JL All Answers and SCC Baloo.

SAV 004 Density 4336

Sale broadcast Catalog online at Page 14

more discerning and expect the product to perform at a certain level. This will be the sole reason for the continued success of our breed moving forward and as a board member it will be my goal to help direct the ship accordingly.

SAV Angus Valley

Glen Gabel Angus

Box 3726, Regina, SK S4P 3N8 306.536.1927 Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

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New Director Profile - Geoff Anderson Hello all, my name is Geoff Anderson and along with my family, Lacey and Seager, and my Mom and Dad, Gary and Karen, we operate Anderson Cattle. Anderson Cattle is a fifth generation mixed farm that was established in 1904 at Bethune, Saskatchewan. I have been involved in the purebred industry my entire life, originally in the Limousin breed and since 2007, this great Angus breed. 2016 will mark our seventh calf crop and our sixth bull sale, The Stockman Select, which is held the fourth Saturday of March each year at Johnstone Auction Mart in Moose Jaw.

organized gold shows or junior programs and everything else that keeps Angus in the forefront of the cattle industry. I look forward to sitting on the Saskatchewan Angus board and doing my part to help the Angus breed.


I really love the cattle industry, and especially being an Angus producer. We experience a lot of ups and downs and peaks and valleys in this business, but the highs always seem to out weigh the lows and we continue on. The parts of the business I have always enjoyed are the people you meet from all corners of the world, the excitement of calving a new mating or calving a first calf heifer that looks like she is going to be an awesome cow, going to a show and comparing what you are doing with your cattle at home to everyone across the country, the atmosphere around a sale, and seeing a good looking mature bull that you have sold with a great set of calves. This is a great business that has allowed me to travel over most of North America, meet a ton of people, and see a lot of outstanding cattle. Being an Angus producer is definitely a title to be proud of, in large part to all the people who have previously sat on boards and dreamed of Certified Angus beef, all Angus feeder calf sales, developed an all Angus tagging system, Page 16

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

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Where Are They Now? Isla Bank Angus, Delisle, SK Isla Bank Angus is Saskatchewan’s oldest registered Angus herd going back to 1938. Over its 78 years Isla Bank has not only produced some influential cattle but also some influential people as well.

Candy, Rob, Jamie & Iain In 1995 Colin Toner, Junior Director for the Saskatchewan Angus Association (SAA) at the time, and Iain Stables had a history making idea; Saskatchewan Angus needed a Junior Association. In the stalls of the Regina Spring Steer and Heifer show in March of 1996 that idea became official and Iain became the Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association’s (SJAA) first president. Since its founding the Junior Association has become an organization Angus breeders can be proud of, putting on great events and helping mold some great individuals. Iain was a part of the SJAA until he ‘graduated’ and in 1999 was elected to the SAA board where he served two, three years terms. Rob Stables also dedicated time to the Saskatchewan Angus board, sitting as director when the idea for the SJAA was born. Rob worked closely with the SAA Junior Committee during his term from 1993-1996. Dr. Rob Stables Rob graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 1996 and immediately took a position with Davis-Rairdan Embryo Transplants in Crossfield, Alberta. With Dr. Roger Davis as his mentor he learned the ins and outs of embryo transfer. In 2004, he and his Page 18

wife of two years, Candy, purchased a mixed veterinary practice in Brooks, AB. It was at this facility that Rob started providing embryo transfer to his clients and each year demand for that service grew. Bow Valley Genetics Ltd was established in 2010 in partnership with Clint and Angela Morasch to meet the demand with a dedicated donor facility and lab. Ever looking for new opportunities, Rob started freezing owners use semen at the donor facility. Again, demand for this service grew and lead to yet another expansion at Bow Valley. In 2015, the Bow Valley Genetics Ltd. bull stud opened its gates and like the endeavors before it quickly became a success. This modern facility is dedicated to semen collection both for in-herd, domestic and export use. Rob continues to innovate and improve his practice, whether it’s adjusting his protocols to the newest data or bringing new services, such as IVF. Invitro Fertilization (IVF) is Rob’s newest venture and highlights his dedication to offering the best applications of technology to cattle genetics and selection. He also dedicates his time to the frozen genetics industry as a whole, serving on the Canadian Embryo Transfer Association board for six years and serving as president for 2014 and 2015. One only has to spend an hour or two with Rob at Agribition to see how the Angus breed respects and is appreciative of his knowledge and the services he provides. Iain Stables Iain continues to grow the Isla Bank Angus name. He, with his wife Jamie, run a 250 head purebred and commercial Angus herd just south of Delisle, SK. Under Iain’s knowledgeable eye, and often using Rob’s expertise, the Isla Bank name is returning to the top of sales and show results. In

By Jamie Van Cleemput

2014, Isla Bank was proud to win both Champion and Reserve Champion Junior Bull Calf titles at Agribition. That calf champion, Isla Bank Montezuma 4103, returned in 2015 to win Isla Bank the title of Champion Yearling Bull at FarmFair. While having a bull that was bred and raised at Isla Bank have successful, successive show seasons is great promotion for the Isla Bank name, it is not the single focus for Iain. His philosophy is to produce sound, thick, well-muscled cattle that represent the best of the Angus Breed. His goal is for those cattle to have the longevity and the performance to produce great calves year after year as that is what will put money in the commercial breeder’s pocket. Isla Bank Angus sells purebred yearling Black Angus bulls the first Saturday in March, in Saskatoon at the Ward’s Red Angus and Guests Bull Sale. This year, on March 5, 2016, Isla Bank will be offering 14 purebred Black Angus yearling bulls and an additional selection off the farm. In addition to the cattle operation Iain runs a custom baling operation which has him travelling all over Saskatchewan. The operation bales everything from hay to green feed to straw and produced over 20,000 bales last year. 2016 is looking to be an exciting year at Isla Bank Angus. The combination of embryo and Montezuma calves due and some great additions to the donor program will bring in some exciting genetics. The custom baling operation is also expanding and Iain is currently accepting new customers and booking for 2016.

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

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Resolution Revolution... “Tara’s story originally appeared on Agriculture More Than Ever is an industry-driven cause made up of hundreds of partners and agvocates from across the country, all committed to improving perceptions, dispelling myths and creating positive dialogue about Canadian ag. We provide resources and a forum for agvocates to tell the real, positive story of Canadian ag.” Back in 2011, it was a fresh new year and I was contemplating setting a resolution. I tend to stay away from the typical fitness or finance goals, and I was seeking a resolution that would be meaningful to myself and others, but also one that I was likely to actually follow through. I can’t say why, but I chose to become more active in promoting the Canadian beef industry. As a rancher and an animal science graduate, my resolution wasn’t especially far-fetched, but it did became a useful catalyst to inspire me to become more involved in my sector. Up until then, I had always thought that being an advocate for agriculture, or an agvocate, was someone else’s job, a task that was better left to others who had more time and skill. Since resolving to be a part of the conversation, I’ve learned that I am just as responsible for sharing the beauty and value of ranching as anyone else. It’s been five years since I’ve made my resolution and it continues to evolve. I’ve participated in mentorship programs, communication and leadership training. I’ve engaged consumers, students, and even activists, and I’ve also had useful conversations with my farming peers. There have been moments of fun and frustration, as well as some valuable lessons. Share – Often I will come across an infographic, video clip or article that so wonderfully captures my thoughts on a particular farming topic. If someone else is doing a better job explaining an issue, the best (and easiest!) thing I can Page 20

By Tara Mulhern Davidson

do is draw attention to it. Simply hitting the “share” button is a great way to start agvocating to your friends and family. Keep it natural – it is easier to share what you know in a format that you are comfortable with. Some people favour social media or blogging to get their messages across. For others, it may be easier to reach out at a local grocery store or classroom and have a personal conversation about agriculture. The outcome may be similar whether you prefer using Facebook or face-to-face but you will be more likely to keep the conversation going if you enjoy the journey. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – Sometimes I think farmers underestimate the beauty of our surroundings. I share a lot of photos of things that are commonplace on our ranch, including wildlife, wide open spaces, and (obviously!) cattle, and I’ve been surprised at how pictures really resonate with followers. No matter how carefully I may write a blog post, I still need an audience who is willing to invest their time to read it, yet a picture can instantly evoke a feeling that can’t be replicated. Make the time but keep it brief - Everyone is busy and nobody has extra time. This is true for farmers, and it’s also true for our audience of consumers. Make the time to create (or share!) effective messages that are short, respectful, and to the point.

At the end of each year, I look back through the photos and videos I’ve collected along the way. I find that it’s easier to let the pictures do the talking, and this past year was no different. My husband and I celebrated ten years of marriage along with the ten year anniversary of the creation of our ranch. This collection of images represents our story for 2015, a story that continues to evolve. Go to and search Lonesome Dove Ranch 2015 Face of your Food and have a look. Canadian agriculture is vital to maintaining our economy, culture and environment and farmers work hard to produce safe food while caring for the land. Our story is ours to share and it’s up to us to communicate our value. A new year is upon us… what is your resolution going to be? Tara Mulhern Davidson ranches in southwest Saskatchewan, near Ponteix, along with her husband Ross. They operate the Lonesome Dove Ranch, where they raise commercial and purebred Gelbvieh cattle, ranch horses, working cattle dogs, and of course, their three young children. Tara writes a biweekly column on ranch life and also works in the grassland, forage and beef sectors as a consultant.

Congratulations to our 2015 Saskatchewan Angus Heritage Award winners Whiteshore Land & Cattle/ Carruthers Livestock and Bowerman Bros.

Neil & Gail Carruthers, Monique & Bob Carruthers, Harvey Bowerman, Mike Howe, SAA President and Michael Wheeler, SAA Vice-President

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

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Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

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Saskatchewan Angus Association Mentorship Program... Our Mentorship Program is well underway. We would like to tell you a bit about our participants with Nancy Gibson mentored by Tracey Willms, Jenna Loveridge mentored by Jamie-Rae Pittman, Henry Stewart mentored by Collin Sauder, Rhea Wheeler mentored by Dawn Wilson and Erin Yewsiuk mentored by Sheldon Kyle. Our mentees have had a wide variety of experiences so far, such as attending Farmfair in Edmonton, learning about international marketing; assisting at the Angus show at Agribition in Regina and helping to man our Saskatchewan Angus display, as well as distributing planning surveys to our membership; four of the five mentees were able to participate in our Saskatchewan Angus Strategic Planning Session in December and to attend the Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference and the Saskatchewan Angus annual general meeting in January. They have spent time with their mentors, both on the phone, and in person; at industry events, and at the mentors homes. We know they are looking forward to many more great experiences over the next six months, such as attending and assisting at their mentors sales this spring; attending the GOAL Conference in Ottawa; the Canadian Angus Convention in Quebec; Carcass 101 in Alberta; and of course our Saskatchewan Angus Tour that will be held August 8 and 9 in the Moose Jaw area. We are also having board workshops with media and advocacy training in April that both the mentees and mentors are invited to attend. We plan to work on continuing this program in the coming years and encourage young breeders to consider applying to become a mentee. Watch for more details in the next issue of our newsletter, and on-line. Profiles follow for Nancy & Tracey, Henry & Collin and Rhea & Dawn. See our Fall 2015 newsletter for the profiles on Jenna, Jamie-Rae, Erin and Sheldon. Nancy Gibson My name is Nancy Gibson. I am 22 years old and reside in Wawota, SK. I am the middle of five children. I grew up on an acreage outside of Moosomin, SK where I lived with my mom and siblings. Although my parents are divorced my father farmed only a few miles away. I started my love for cattle in the Archie 4-H Beef Club, out of McAuley, Manitoba, at the age of three. I continued in 4-H until I was 19 years old when our club closed. The following year I decided to see what could be done to get it going again, so with the help of my co-leader we got the club up and running for another year. Growing up I was involved in both beef and horse 4-H clubs, gymnastics, and involved in volunteering. I was fortunate to be able to participate in two missionary trips, one in Canada and one in Cuba. As well, I was able to participate in an exchange trip through our 4-H club. I started working on show crews at Agribition at the age of 16 and that Page 24

has continued on into my adult life. After high school I took a one year agriculture program at Lakeland College, Vermilion, Alberta. Following that year I moved to Wawota, SK where I currently reside with my better half, Ted Brehaut. I am currently a full time Business Support Specialist for Conexus Credit Union, where I have worked since 2013. In August of 2013 I was hired on with Wraz Red Angus where I did, and still do, evening chores and halter break the show cattle. I work for Wraz seasonally for about three months in the fall each year. I come out after work each day, and on the weekends, in preparation for the upcoming show season. The 2015 year was my third year with the Wraz team. My time with Wraz has also opened the opportunity to volunteer in the 4-H community assisting my good friend, Gordon Murray, in his clipping demonstration. It will, however, be quite sometime before I am a talented enough clipper to be doing my own demonstrations. Many times in my life I have been given the opportunity to learn from successful cattlemen and women, and the Saskatchewan Angus Youth Mentorship Program is another opportunity for which I am very

grateful. I look forward to all that I learn and everyone I meet through this experience. I hope to grow my knowledge of marketing, expand on what I know about genetics, breeding, and feeding programs, and am very interested in hearing others’ experience getting started in the industry. I have firm plans to start my own cattle herd in 2016. Raising cattle has been my plan and dream since a young age. I am looking forward to a great year!

Tracey Willms My husband, Bryan, and I own and operate Wilbar Cattle Co. near Dundurn, SK. Wilbar has been raising registered Angus seedstock since 1963, making Bryan the third generation. 2016 will see us host our 21st Annual Tools of the Trade Bull sale. I grew up on a commercial cow/calf ranch and purchased my first Red Angus heifer in 1989 and have been passionate about Continued on page 26 Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 25

Saskatchewan Angus Association Mentorship Program... Continued from page 24 the breed ever since. This business is as much a part of our life as anything could be. In 2014, Jake and Bernice (Bryan’s grandparents) were honoured for 50 years of breeding Angus cattle. It was truly humbling to take a look back at their vision for and dedication to Angus cattle. It is a vision and dedication that we share. I believe that it is our job to create an environment for the Angus breed to continue to thrive for both new and veteran breeders. Our two children, Kylie and Owen, represent the 5th generation in agriculture on both sides of our family and are excited about a future in this business. Nothing would make us prouder. I am very excited to be serving as a mentor in this SAA initiative. I believe mentorship is a critical link to ensure a vibrant, successful future in the beef industry.

Henry Stewart It’s not very often that a person gets to choose his career at 12 years old. Henry Stewart was 12 when his dad (who was running an auction business in southern Ontario) decided it was time for a change and after talking it over with Henry decided their future was on a ranch in Saskatchewan. They found one just south of highway 5, west of Invermay. Henry quickly became immersed in the cattle industry and in particular the Black Angus breed. He started Page 26

off buying six commercial cows with the money he had made in Ontario from selling his quad and working for his dad’s auction business and has expanded from there. In November of 2012 Henry bought his first purebreds from Karl and Dianne Fialkowski of Danbury, SK. Henry graduated from Invermay School in 2013 and that fall went to Canadian Auction College in Edmonton, AB. He now ranches alongside his dad and works seasonally for the RM of Sasman, to help expand the ranch. Henry was paired with Collin Sauder in the mentorship program and is very excited about the opportunity to work with him over the next year and beyond. Collin Sauder Collin Sauder owns and operates Windy Willows Farms in southwest Saskatchewan with his wife, Michelle and daughter, Hillary. The operation consists of 300 purebred Angus cows which are managed in a no-nonsense practical manner similar to commercial herds in the area. A bull and female sale focused on meeting the needs of commercial customers is held at the farm in early April every year. Collin knew from an early age that he wanted to raise Angus cattle and to that end he obtained a BSA degree in Animal Science from the University of Saskatchewan and worked at the Animal Science Department for two years before returning to the farm full time in 1977. During his farming and ranching career Collin devoted time to the 4-H program as a leader, instructed cow-calf management courses and served on various beef industry and Angus Association boards.

Collin remembers that as a young lad, with an interest in Angus cattle - even though he did not grow up on a purebred operation, he received valuable advice from well respected and experienced breeders, Larry Gross and Earl Switzer. Perhaps that is one reason why he sees such tremendous value to the Saskatchewan Angus Association’s Mentorship Program. He looks forward to sharing some of his experience with enthusiastic youth who are passionate about building their future in the Angus industry. Rhea Wheeler Rhea Wheeler lives east of Saskatoon with her husband, Michael, and their boys, Ty & Tate, where they operate Wheeler ’s Stock Farm along with Michael’s parents, Harvey and Frances. The focus of the operation is a purebred Red Angus herd of 250 cows that produce bulls for the bull sale and replacement heifers. Each year they hold their bull sale on the second Saturday in March in Saskatoon and provide quality bulls to the commercial cattleman. Rhea’s background was not in the beef industry; she grew up on a dairy farm in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. Her youth was spent participating in the 4-H program and junior dairy shows that took her across western Canada. Upon graduation she furthered her education at the University of Saskatchewan, completing a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with a major in Animal Science. After meeting Michael in 2006 Rhea’s education into the beef industry began and it has been a great learning curve ever since. In 2012 the decision was Angus Edge - Spring 2016

made to not return to an off farm job and to be home to help with the farm and raise a family. The opportunity arose for Rhea to take the position of Administrative Manager with the Canadian Red Angus Promotion Society, which may be where many of you recognize her from. She was grateful to have this work from home job and the position with the Promotion Society helped Rhea to meet a great deal of people in the Red Angus breed in Canada and further her knowledge of the industry. However, with the addition of another little one to the family she has recently left that position and will be focusing fully on family and the farm. This mentorship program offers a way for Rhea to further expand her knowledge and learn from those that she believes have forged a path as a breeder with their families in this business. Her main goals are to learn more about networking in the industry and developing contacts to help grow the business of the farm, as well as the roles that both provincial and national associations play in the business of Canadian Angus.

Rhea is excited to have Dawn Wilson of Miller Wilson Angus, Bashaw, AB as her mentor and to learn from her years of experience. Dawn Wilson Dawn Wilson, along with her husband Lee, and children Ty, Dakota and Jaelayne own and operate Miller Wilson Angus at Bashaw, Alberta. Emphasis at Miller Wilson has always been on the strength of the momma cow. Soundness, udder quality, ease of fleshing and disposition have always been top priorities to create the basis of longevity. Dawn and her family run about 130 cows and rely heavily on

embryo transplant to enhance genetic diversity, allowing them to cater to their foreign markets. They have exported genetics in the form of live cattle, semen or embryos to 27 countries. Many of their herd sires and donors are home raised. They sell most cattle by private treaty, off of the farm. Dawn has judged cattle shows in Japan, Australia, Columbia, Mexico, the United States and Canada. She has been involved with various industry committees relating to international and youth shows and was a 4-H leader. Dawn also served as a director on the boards of the Canadian Angus Association and Canadian Western Agribition. She truly feels that this is the best industry to raise a family in and the strength is in the people and relationships that you build. Dawn is pleased to work with Rhea through the mentorship program.ďƒ¨

Want to learn more about CAB and the beef

we produce?

and Certified Angus Beef at the 2016 Plan to join the Canadian Angus Association chewan Angus Association has already Carcass 101 Course in Alberta. The Saskat d us a paragraph or two on why you booked a spot that could be YOURS! Sen could win your way there! Stay tuned would like to attend Carcass 101 and you for details on dates and location.

entry to Deadline to apply is March 31 - email your -757-6133 Contact the SAA for more information at 306 Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 27

Page 28

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 29

Page 30

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 31

Page 32

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 33


Active Duty x Rainmaker 2154 BW: 1.4 WW: 62 YW: 114 M: 30 TM: 61

AKX 9C Titlest x Wolfman

BW: 0.3 WW: 47 YW: 86 M: 30 TM: 54


Active Duty x Wolfman

BW: 2.5 WW: 66 YW: 114 M: 32 TM: 65

Titlest x Wolfman

LFZ 709C

BW: 0.2 WW: 49 YW: 89 M: 31 TM: 56


Whitewood Livestock Whitewood, SK

LFZ 727C

Ten X x Mohnen Dynamite

BW: 2.0 WW: 67 YW: 127 M: 22 TM: 56

View catalogue online at

SECTION 7 RANCH Alain, Karen & Alexis Decorby Box 268, Rocanville, SK 306.645.2019 306.435.7811 Page 34

Pure Product x Ranger


BW: 2.4 WW: 59 YW: 99 M: 30 TM: 60 Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 35

Page 36

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 37

Page 38

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 39

Page 40

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

NESSET LAKE & ISLAND-HILL ANGUS Invites You To The 11th Annual

BLACK ANGUS BULL SALE Thursday, March 17, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. At Meadow Lake Livestock Sales

Island Hill Final Answer LSL 15C

Nesset Lake Kodiak LACE 50C

Nesset Lake Forte IDM 79C

Nesset Lake Pay Weight IDM 69C Nesset Lake Powder River IDM 28C Sires:

• HF Sequal 40Y • Benfield Substance 8506 • Thomas Powder River 9053 • Basin Payweight 107S • HF Kodiak 5R

•Nesset Lake Sequal 62A •Nesset Lake Tiger 26Z •Nesset Lake Final Answer 90Z •Nesset Lake Tiger 30Z •Nesset Lake Forte 123Z

More pictures can be seen on our Facebook page : Nesset Lake Angus Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Nesset Lake Sequal IDM 113C

Ivan & Julie Demmans Phone: 306-236-6058 Cell: 306-236-8086

Sheldon & Lori Shkopich Phone : 306-236-6123 Cell : 306-240-5011 E-mail : Page 41

Page 42

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 43

Page 44

Angus Edge - Spring 2016


RED BRYLOR SEQUOIA 212X Selling progeny

at the Equinox Bull Sale Weyburn, SK March 16th - 1 PM

Other bulls represented... Red WRAZ Spirit 32A & Red Broken T Sequoia 327A



Shawn & Laura Tessier ~ Weyburn, SK Home: 842-4367 Cell: 861-7702/861-1728

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 45

Page 46

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 47

Page 48

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 49

e l a S l l u B Top Cut pm 0 :0 2 @ 6 1 0 2 , 2 1 il r p Tuesday A n's Weigh Co. kme Mankota Stoc Mankota, SK

Reserve Champion Red Angus Bull 2014 Manitoba Livestock Expo


20 Yearling Red Angus 2 - 2 Year old Red Angus 3 - 2 yr old Charolais 30 Yearling Charolais 15 Open Commercial Red Angus Heifers 5 Open Charolais Cross Heifers

Many Sons Sell!!

Red WILBAR COLOSSUS 830Z Your visit and inquiries are most welcome

Blake's Red Angus - Wood River Charolais Murray & Nicole Blake & family - McCord, SK Murray (c) 306-478-7088 (h) 306-478-2520 Page 50

Shane (c) 306-301-9140 (h) 306-266-4870 Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 51

Page 52

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 53

Page 54

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 55

Page 56

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 57

Page 58

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 59

Page 60

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 61

Page 62

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 63

Page 64

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 65

Page 66

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 67

Page 68

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Red Triple H New Fire 4C

Sells at Canada’s Red, White and Black Bull Sale March 19, 2016 Moose Jaw, SK

Check out catalogue on BuyAgro or follow us on Facebook @ Triple H Red Angus Also... Check out our bulls in the Triple A Bull sale - April 4th - Moose Jaw, SK

Cupar, SK Red Andras New Direction R240 x Red Cockburn Ribeye 308U Perry, Dawn and Cory Hart EPD’s: 6 traits in Top 8% of the Breed TM: 1% • YWT, Milk: 3% • Carcass Wt: 6% Phone: 306-723-4832 Cell: 306-726-7671 Perry Marbling, Wwt: 8% Cell: 306-718-7007 Cory Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 69

Page 70

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 71

We Look Forwardng to Seeing You at our Spring sales! Hi Low Angus Online Bull Sale Volume 3

19th Annual Triple A Bull Sale

20 yearling bulls and 4 two year olds Online bidding opens Sunday March 27th, 9 am closes Tuesday March 29th, 7:30 pm CST

9 Yearling bulls Johnstone Auction Moose Jaw, SK Monday, April 4th, 1 pm CST

Online bidding handled by:

Bulls sired by: Basin Excitement Baldridge Download Mohnen South Dakota Musgrave Boulder Whitestone Armando

SAV Cabelo Will Role Model DLD New Elixir Hi Low Tiger 1X Peak Dot Eliminator 396Z Basin Excitement

Musgrave Boulder

Baldridge Download Purebred Angus Since 1980 Lumsden, SK Page 72

• Bulls • Females • Freezer Beef Dan Howell 306 731 2940 Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 73

Page 74

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 75

Page 76

Angus Edge - Spring 2016


Many with Odyssey dams...

Black Wheel Odyssey 117U

One exception, our Agribition calf... Red U6 Artist 49C sells at the Mutrie and Guests Bull Sale, April 13th, Candiac Auction Mart along with the Dual-E Cattle Co. bulls (Eric & Erin Yewsiuk). The dam of 49C is a gorgeous Odyssey x Alana cow. Go to

Odyssey sired the Yorkton Harvest Showdown ‘15 Grand Champion Pen of Futurity Cow/Calf Pairs

Odyssey’s influence is being felt in other herds.

Odyssey grandaughter being shown succesfully down in the States by TC Reds.

Red U6 Alana 13X Donor Cow at Six Mile Ranch


Garnet & Shirley Yewsiuk 306-554-COWS (2697)

Wynyard, SK Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Evan & Brittany Yewsiuk 306-554-8708 Page 77

Page 78

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 79

Page 80

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 81

Page 82

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 83

Page 84

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 85

Page 86

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 87

How Low is Too Low When Selecting Low Birth Weight Bulls? An interesting question came up when a panel of seedstock producers took the stage during an open house at the University of Nebraska Gudmundsen Research facility in Whitman, Neb. A producer from the audience wanted to know if he selects bulls for lower birth weights, is he short-changing himself? There has been a lot of buzz around the industry lately about how low is too low when selecting bulls for birth weight. No one wants to pull a calf, but is there a point where selecting a bull for too low of a birth weight is going too extreme? The panelists seem to think so. Jerry Connealy of Connealy Angus in Whitman, Neb., reminds producers that birth weight and yearling weight are highly correlated traits. “When generations upon generations spread bulls with heavy birth weight or light birth weight stacked upon each other, we have defeated those antagonisms,” he says. “That correlation is still real, and its still there. In the Angus breed, we have conquered a lot of that. I wouldn’t recommend to anyone stacking light birth weight on top of light birth weight. Piling negative upon negative, you will eventually get a finer boned, frailer calf that will be a less rugged animal in the end,” he added. Loren Berger of Berger’s Herdmasters in North Platte says producers should select bulls for birth weight based on what their end point is for their cattle. “I visited several feedlots who wanted to feed my cattle, and they all told me they want to take the Continental cross cattle to 1,450 to 1,500 pounds,” he says. “Most 65 pound birth weight calves will struggle to get to that, and still have an acceptable yield grade.” Page 88

Berger sees producers who are concerned about birth weight making some adjustments in their herd. “I think those producers need to separate the cows from the heifers. A cow can give birth to a heavier calf, and have the calf get up and nurse right away, and do all this in a harsh environment. If these cows are limited to giving birth to a 65 pound calf, in my mind, that calf is a loss. I think 85-90 pounds may be more ideal in most situations,” he explains. “I feel most producers are making a big sacrifice if they take low birth weight to the extreme in the mature cows.” Connealy says too light a calf can also have more health issues. “There is certainly some buzz out there that short gestation calves have less developed lungs, causing us to see more sickness and other negative ramifications,” he says. “In this industry, we are guilty of being plungers. We can’t moderate,” Connealy continues. “We think if a lighter calf is good, then an even lighter one is better. We have to stop somewhere. I think we are pushing that more than we need to. A cow can have a calf that weights 85-90 pounds, and we can still use the natural correlation between birth weight and yearling weight to our advantage. Heifer bulls need to be used as heifer bulls, even if we don’t like to pull calves,” he states.

by Gayle Smith

Despite a trend toward lighter birth weight calves, the panelists still see cow size continuing to climb. “I see cow size continuing to increase as an industry,” Connealy says. “In the Angus industry, and particularly in our own business, we are struggling to hold cow size, and even decrease it from what it was in the 80s, when we were selecting those taller frame bulls,” he explains. As an industry, these panelists see cow size continuing to increase unless there is a joint effort to select replacement heifers that aren’t on top or even at the higher middle end for size. “We need to select the smaller heifers,” Connealy says. “It is easy to say, but when you are standing out there selecting your replacements, it is very hard to do.” Panel moderator, Matt Spangler, points out conversations he has had with ranchers looking to decrease the size of their cows. “A lot of the time, I talk to the rancher who wants to moderate his cowherd, and walk him through what he needs to buy for a bull. Then, at load out, I see him loading up the highest growth, heaviest muscled bull on the sale. The problem is in part what these guys put on offer, but it is also having the discipline to go to the sale and say ‘I may buy the bull that is below the breed average for milk, or above the breed average for birth weight, because I plan to use him for my cows’. “In the end, the key is having the discipline to buy what you truly need,” Spangler tells the audience. “That is what will have the most tremendous impact on where we go from here with cow size.”

First printed in Cattle Business Weekly, December, 2015 Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 89

Page 90

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 91

G enetics by

D esign

Offering 55 Two Year Old Red & Black Angus Bulls Private Treaty at the Ranch Bulls are pre-priced so you know your costs up front

Triple V Dusty 166X Sons Sell

Every day is Sale day for your convenience! Red Triple V Yukon Jack 9Y Sons Sell

Forage-based genetics designed for your program. Utilizing low-input cattle for higher ranch profit.

Call for a weigh sheet - Dan, Alana & Matthew Van Steelandt Home: 204-665-2448 • Dan Cell: 204-522-0092 • Matt Cell: 204-264-0706 Box 968 Melita, MB R0M 1L0 - 1 mile W of Medora on Hwy # 3, 2 1/2 miles South on Road 144W •

Page 92

Angus Edge - Spring 2016


If you are generally right in the middle of calving... If you get bad weather and can’t make the sale... If it’s a long drive to the sale from your ranch... If you want another opinion on some bulls... Then give me a call!

I will see all of these excellent bull prospects a few times before the sale date. To discuss your bull requirements or a particular bull, call me - I’ll have seen them in their pen before sale time.

JIM NUGENT LIVESTOCK 2016 Bull Sale Schedule

Feb 6 Feb 11 Feb 16 Feb 20 Feb 25 Mar 4 Mar 7 Mar 11 Mar 12 Mar 19 Mar 28 Mar 29 April 1 April 2 April 3 April 5 April 11 April 14 April 16

Moose Creek Red Angus & Charolais Stauffer Ranches Black Angus 2’s Rawe Ranches Charolais 2’s P & H Ranches Charolais 2’s Stewart Cattle Co. & Guests Cattlemen’s Connection Black Angus Bar CR Angus All 2’s Arda & Freeway Angus LLB Angus Signature Series Angus Merit Cattle Co./Cockburn Red Angus Double C Red Angus Northern Progress Red Angus Crescent Creek Angus Triple J Angus Git ‘R Done Angus & Charolais Moose Creek Red Angus South View Ranch Red & Black Angus Short Grass Angus Bull & Female Sale

Kisbey, SK Fort McLeod, AB Strome, AB Innisfail, AB Neepawa, MB Brandon, MB Swift Current, SK Acme, AB Stettler, AB Brooks, AB Moose Jaw, SK Foam Lake, SK Saskatoon, SK Goodeve, SK Whitewood, SK Hodgeville, SK Kisbey, SK Ceylon, SK Aneroid, SK


Need a good bull, but can’t make it to the sale? Give me a call! Box 28, Neepawa, MB H: 204-476-2480 R0J 1H0 C: 204-841-0113

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 93

Transcreating the Brand Message

By Kalina Zutavern, Brand Manager in Hispanic Markets, Certified Angus Beef LLC

If you’re trying to run a cattle ranch and looking for information, you appreciate finding clear answers written by people who seem to know all about cattle ranching. You probably don’t spend much time thinking about marketing materials that help the Certified Angus Beef ® (CAB®) brand sell what you produce. So it’s a sure bet that a Spanish version of those materials has never crossed your mind. But we add value to your cattle in the United States by reaching out to Latin America and other corners of the world in their native language. I know it’s a stretch. Growing up on an Angus cow-calf operation in the Nebraska Sandhills, we never heard any language but English. But I had the opportunity to study in Mexico, earning my BA in International Relations and learning Spanish along the way. Now, I get to combine that with my ranch background, adding value to Angus cattle by communicating in Spanish. CAB aims to provide the clearest possible communication in every market, and that includes materials in other languages. Making these customized resources available not only shows commitment to our international partners, but also provides a higher level of comfort and trust. It helps build relationships. It’s not as easy as running some existing CAB copy through a computer translation program and hitting PRINT. We must take the process a step further and transcreate the materials. That means in the process of adapting a message from one language to another, while maintaining its intent, style, tone and context, we must include cultural Page 94

references and modes of thinking. Oftentimes, what makes sense for an English speaking audience will not make sense in a different language. Ignoring this fact, President Jimmy Carter’s translator once got off on the wrong foot when choosing Polish words that were not quite right. Carter opened with a smile and friendly comment, “You know, when I left the United States this morning...” But his audience gasped when they heard him begin with something more like, “ Today when I abandoned the United States … ” . That’s why CAB takes care to transcreate our marketing messages so that they are exactly right and ring true to ears unfamiliar with English.

Few would claim Spanish is the international language of commerce or business transactions, but it is the language of trust in Latin American cultures in and outside of the U.S. We have a worldwide network of partners based on relationships, and we help them best communicate with their trusting customers as to why they should try your brand of beef. We have long realized the great need for Spanish materials and fluent presenters since Mexico is our second largest market after Canada and shares a language with millions in other countries where we operate, from Peru to the Dominican Republic. Since these people think in Spanish, it makes sense to provide them with resources in their native tongue. It helps to have CAB Executive Account Manager Ivette

Cortes de Farias living in Puebla, Mexico, and overseeing our business throughout the region. But Spanish can be the language of trust here in our own country as well. Last April, a licensed distributor in the U.S. requested a special seminar for some Hispanic customers, mainly restaurateurs and chefs. This was an opportunity to educate them about CAB and introduce them to lesserknown cuts they could make use of. I started by asking which language they would like for the presentation, and all preferred Spanish even though most spoke fluent English. It was our advantage to show we care enough about them to be able to do that. We have more materials available in Spanish than any other foreign language because it affects so many markets, but we can’t get far in any foreign market without clear communication on their terms. That is why CAB has developed resources in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and French, and may add Arabic to that list. In each case, we work with people fluent in those languages and cultures to transcreate our materials as we keep finding more and different ways to tell people about the same, consistently delicious product. Through these diverse marketing materials, we bridge cultural gaps to better explain the CAB brand, its heritage and why it is a cut above the rest. The love of great tasting beef is a worldwide phenomenon. People just over the border and those on the other side of the globe enjoy a juicy ribeye just as much as you do. Angus Edge - Spring 2016

2016 Honour Scroll Recipients ~ Bob and Gail Switzer, Aneroid, SK The Saskatchewan Livestock Association was pleased to acknowledge Bob & Gail Switzer for their contribution to their community and to the livestock industry in Saskatchewan with a Scroll of Honour at the 2016 Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference in Saskatoon. Bob Switzer was born April 7, 1953 in Ponteix, SK. He attended elementary school at Aneroid, high school at Kincaid Central and studied as an AI Technician at the University of Saskatchewan. Gail Kornfeld was born November 23, 1960 in Val Marie, SK. She attended school in Val Marie and then studied at the Saskatchewan Technical Institute. Bob had three children with his first wife Sandra (deceased in 1988), Beau (Ashley), Kyle (Tara) and Jane (Curtis). Gail had one child from her first marriage, Bailee. Bob and Gail were married February 29, 1992. They are also very proud of their grandchildren: Tate, Tilly, Sam and Lane. Bob’s involvement in the Angus breed started at a young age and in the herd building years of Southern Lane and later Sandy Bar, the Switzer family showed their cattle throughout Canada. Through Bob’s experience in 4-H and working for other outfits, he found the show ring bug. He would consider his biggest win to be the 1995

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Farmfair Sweepstakes Championship but also takes great pride in the Pen Shows won over the last several years as well. The Switzers have orchestrated the Short Grass Bull & Female Sale for 37 continuous years. Gail has seen to the inner workings of the ranch Beau, Kyle, Gail & Bob Switzer and the sale throughout the years. She enjoys gardening and Bob was instrumental in the building of takes great pride in maintaining the the 20,000 capacity feedlot, Red Coat welcoming atmosphere of the Sandy Feeders where he served as a founding Bar Ranch. Just last year, the yard at director and President. To this day he is Sandy Bar was featured in the Canadian a director, supplier and patron. Bob is very proud of Red Coat Feeders which Cowboy Country magazine. is a total community project, running Bob was a director of the Saskatchewan at full capacity having grown to 13 Angus Association in the late 1970’s quarters of land with 17 full time staff. and was instrumental in organizing the first Angus and Angus influenced The Switzers have bred some great feeder calf sale at Moose Jaw. It was an cattle over the years and have started overwhelming success and led to sales some of the most elite herds in the in Assiniboia, Maple Creek, Mankota, country. Their bulls are working in Medicine Hat and in later years, some of the most prestigious cowherds throughout Canada. In the early 1980’s in the nation, both commercial and Bob assisted in starting the first feeder purebred. They have bred their cattle calf sale at Glasgow and Chinook, with the commercial cattlemen in mind, Montana, which are still going today. striving to have a low maintenance cow Bob is a Past President of the Canadian that calves easy, brings in a good calf in Angus Association and is a member the fall and is re bred; requiring fertility, of the Saskatchewan Stock Growers good feet and legs and longevity which Association, also serving as an affiliate has resulted in many elite cows. director for a number of years.

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CEO Report ...

By Rob Smith, CEO Canadian Angus Association

Good day, CAA members, and welcome to our bold new journey into a New Year: 2016! Please consider the following highlights from 2015, including the 10 I consider the most important for your CAA, as well as what to look forward to emerging in your CAA through 2016. First, off, a few accomplishments I must include that don’t quite fit with my Top 10 list: - A successful transition to a new funding model for Regional (or Provincial) Angus Associations based on, by and large, quarterly payments. - Approval by the CAA membership of the most significant CAA by-laws amendments review we’ve done in about 20 years. These amendments await federal Minister of Agriculture approval. - Excellent short term contract efforts submitted by Sydney Budgeon, Matt Bates and Keltey Whelan. Keltey’s work has proven so exemplary that she has joined CAA full-time as our ‘Brand Officer. Later this year, Taylor Isley started as the Coordinator for our Canadian Angus Identification and Performance Program (CAIPP), geared to commercial cattle. Almost all of these positions are partially offset by government grant funding. - In addition to the Member Survey being carried out this past November, CAA also performed a survey with members who opted not to renew their membership in the past three (3) years. The results were actually encouraging as very few referenced challenges with the CAA as either a determining or even contributing factor in their decision not to renew their membership. The majority just ‘got out of cows’ and therefore no longer require our service. Page 96

- For the first time, the 2014 Annual Financial Statement of the Canadian Angus Association included the full financial statements of our Canadian Junior Angus Association. This reporting has never taken place before and its been a goal of mine to see inclusion for the past 5 years. Many thanks to the great work by Association staff Belinda Wagner and Alan Yuen for making this happen for the 2014 fiscal year. But now... here is my list! Looking back over the past 12 months, these are the Top 10 Highlights of 2015 in your Canadian Angus Association, as I see them: #10 - Industry representation, recognition and influence: It has always been my goal that, wherever there is a group of people talking about issues that ultimately have an impact on the Canadian cattle and beef sectors, Canadian Angus MUST be there. We are the nation’s largest beef breed association (more than 50% of all registered cattle in Canada are Angus) and most substantial representation of market share (based on CanFax analysis, greater than 67% of Canada’s commercial cattle inventory is Angus or Angus-influence). In this past year, your CAA, in various forms, has worked toward this objective by ensuring and achieving effective representation at and with, influence on, and recognition from the following (among others, too): • Canadian Cattlemen’s Association; • National and Alberta Cattle Feeder’s Association;

• Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference; • Alberta Beef Industry Conference; • 2015 Cattle Industry Convention & NCBA Trade Show; • BC and Ontario Cattlemen’s Associations; • Western Beef Development Centre Field Day; • Advancing Agriculture Women Conference; • Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA); • CFIA consultation process on beef cattle movement traceability; • T Bar C Invitational Golf Tournament; • Livestock Markets Association of Canada (LMAC); • Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council and The Conference Board of Canada agricultural labour market challenges and trends for the beef industry round-tables; • Canadian Cattle Marketing Development Council (CCMDC) review; • Beef Improvement Federation (BIF); • Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency (ALMA) FutureFare 2015; • ViewTrak/BIXS Consumer Concern, Innovation & Sustainability Panels; • Livestock Gentec; • Red Angus Association of America; • Canada Beef Inc.; • Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef; • World Angus Secretariat; • Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council Ag. Labour Summit; • American Angus Association; • Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute’s Forum on Canada’s AgriFood Future 2015; • FCC Forum. On a more local level, we actively represent the interest of Canadian Angus at as many Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed feeder sales as we possibly can, in addition to more local events like the Edam and Yorkton Fall Continued on page 98 Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Canadian Angus Foundation Report This past fall, with encouragement from some of our long time Angus breeders, the Canadian Angus Foundation has taken on the challenge to compile another Canadian Angus History Book. The last history book was launched in 1985 under the editorship of Mr. Lloyd Pickard and we are so pleased that Doug and Linda Henderson, Alberta will compile this next Angus history. The CAF are ever so grateful to Doug and Linda for taking on this endeavour. Early in 2016 Doug and Linda will send out guidelines from the CAA office asking you and your Angus family to send in your history for your farm. Although it might not feel like history today, it is, and we ask for your help in recording your part of this great breed. Spread the word to your Angus friends and by the end of 2016 hopefully we will be well on our way to compiling our ‘new’ Angus history. We do definitely want the “Pioneer Angus History and Photos” that perhaps have not been recorded as of yet, please include whatever you think is pertinent. I thank you in advance for taking time to send in your part! The Canadian Angus Foundation is working to develop more complete archives and welcome members to donate any Angus memorabilia for preservation and display at Angus Central. If you have the chance, please take the time to stop by the office and view the many wonderful items there. We also have our Building A Strong Foundation initiatives on display, that members can choose to support. In 2015 the Foundation launched their ‘National Angus Cookbook’ and new Canadian Angus prints by Wendy Risdale, ‘Maternal Watch’ and ‘Time Out’. These items are available by contacting the CAF or CAA offices. We want to thank all of our very generous supporters for making the last few years very successful for the Foundation and with that support we were able to expand on awards, scholarships and bursary opportunities. Listed below is a brief description. For a more detailed explanation of the many programs that can assist you in furthering your Angus knowledge and your career go to 1. Self Directed National and International Travel Bursary - one needs to apply at least 15 days prior to the event, must be 18 - 30 years old, and provide a budget for the event which would have educational purposes relating to the beef cattle industry. 2. Outstanding Young Angus Breeder Award - requires a NOMINATION by a CAA member by April 15 - nominee between ages of 22 - 30 - award announced at Canadian Angus National Convention, receives $3500 award plus promotion and publicity of their Angus cattle operation. 3. Junior Angus Stockman of the Year Award - requires a NOMINATION by a CAA member, by April 15 - nominee between ages of 16 - 21, winner receives $3500 bursary to be used for genetics, cattle supplies/equipment, training etc. - award presented at Showdown. Five finalists will also receive $250.

By Sylvia Jackson, Chair

finalists will be chosen, they will email an essay by May 20, speak at the Canadian Angus Convention in June and receive a finalist trophy buckle, a $1000 scholarship as well as up to $500 to offset travel costs to Convention. The winner will be announced at the Convention banquet. 5. US Exchange trips to the Junior Red Angus Association of America’s Round-up in June and the National Junior Angus Association LEAD Conference in August are available through the CJAA. Deadline to apply is May 10. In return members of the JRAAA attend Showdown and members of the NJAA attend GOAL. 6. Dick Turner Memorial Award - a $1000 award presented to a Canadian Junior recognizing overall achievement in Angus commitment, community involvement/leadership activities. Apply by May 15, minimum of 18 years old, submit a resume as well as a 250 word essay on future career goals and plans. Awarded at the Canadian Angus Convention. 7. Showdown Travel Bursaries - four $750 bursaries for assistance to go to Showdown. Apply by June 1, applicant must be 15 years or older. If chosen, a complete report is to be submitted to the CAF within 30 days of Showdown. 8. Canadian Junior Angus Scholarships – three awards given in the amounts of $2000, $1500 and $1000 per year. Deadline to apply is June 15. Awarded by the CJAA at Showdown. 9. Goal Travel Bursaries - six CAF as well as four CJAA for a total of 10 bursaries in the amount of up to $750. Apply by January 1 for the GOAL Conference in February. Applicant must be 15 years of age or older, submit a resume and answer questions relating to attending GOAL. 10. Foundation Legacy Scholarship - must apply to CAF by January 10, minimum age 18. Five finalists will be chosen and must be present at “GOAL” conference for an interview and panel discussion. Three awards given in the amounts of $5000, $3000 and $2000 and $500 for runner-ups. Winners will be presented at GOAL conference. We also offer heifer vouchers, two at $3000 and two at $2000. These vouchers are drawn for at GOAL and Showdown from the participants at each event. Please spread the word and encourage Juniors to take advantage of these opportunities. The Canadian Angus Foundation functions to preserve and expand the Angus breed for future generations through education, youth development, scientific and market research and historical preservation and restoration.

4. CAF Robert C. McHaffie Junior Ambassador Competition - apply by April 30, applicant must be at least 18 years old. The Junior Ambassador acts as a role model for youth representing the CAA and will have the opportunity to attend at least one international event and several major agricultural events in Canada. Five Angus Edge - Spring 2016

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CEO Report ... Continued from page 96 Commercial Shows for example, Pfizer Feedlot Challenge and provincial government Field Days. Two of your CAA staff team play key leadership roles with the Canadian Beef Breeds Council (CBBC), including sitting on both their Scientific Advancement Committee (Kajal) as well as on their Board of Directors (me). The current Chair of CBBC, David Bolduc, is, of course, a Past President of your CAA Board of Directors. Your CAA played an influential role in the Government of Alberta’s “Trade Missions” to Kazakhstan and Turkey last August and September, helping to shape trade policy with and ease trade barriers in each of these destinations (existing and potential) for Canadian cattle. CAA Director of Breed Development Kajal Devani completed her term as a Canadian Cattlemen’s Association CYL (Canada’s Young Leader’s) ‘mentor’. Further, Eastern Canada Manager Cheryl Hazenberg completed her Nuffield fellowship and now joins the ‘rarefied’ ranks of Canadian agrologists bearing this title as members of this exclusive ‘club’ of distinguished scholars. I believe your CAA impressed the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) with our ‘rapid response’ and thorough investigation into and information provided regarding the BSE case identified last February. We responded within a Friday afternoon to a request they gave us 8 weeks to respond to! I was proud to show our government bureaucratic supporters just how nimble, quick and efficient ‘industry’ can respond in ‘crisis’ situations. It took every one of us to be dedicated for about 5 hours, but we proved ‘up to the challenge’ and had all of the information to them by 4: 15 p.m. that day. Page 98

We are increasingly finding that the more we seek to represent your Canadian Angus interest everywhere and anywhere there is leadership exists for our sector and industry, the more we are being called on to contribute in a demonstrable, meaningful manner to the greater direction or cattle and beef production. For example, CAA will play a key leadership role in the 1st Annual National Beef Industry Conference occurring August 9th-11th, 2016. I hope EVERYONE thinks about attending because this is our attempt to make a Canadian version of the highly successful U.S. NCBA (National Cattlemen’s Beef Association). And you are all leaders of our industry so should be there to help ‘make a difference’... an ANGUS difference! #9) Your Canadian Angus Foundation – really ‘hitting its stride’: At its Fall Board meeting, a new feeling seemed to emanate from the CAF Board of Directors; one of ‘purpose’, not just of ‘struggle’. 2015 is the year our Foundation really ‘came of age’ and is now a firmly entrenched part of our national Angus ‘fabric’; a 21 year ‘overnight sensation’, if you will! The Foundation announced plans for another Canadian Angus history book and Doug & Linda Henderson, both great breed historians, have agreed to ‘champion’ this cause and take on the leadership role. These two are the best possible choices for this volunteer capacity, and we are excited to have them on board. The book in its various forms is not expected for 5 years so this is a long(er) term project. We hope many of you will submit your operation’s history in 2016, so please be ‘on the lookout’ for the opportunity to do so. After years of effort, the Foundation launched its cookbook which has proven very popular and will likely sell out in 2016. Further, new Canadian

Angus art was procured. Our two new ‘official’ Canadian Angus prints were completed by Wendy Risdale and entitled “Maternal Watch” for Black Angus and “Time Out” for Red Angus. The “Building the Legacy 4” fundraiser auction held at National Convention in Calgary, once again proved the benevolence of CAA members and interest in our Foundation. “BtL4” was our most successful ever in terms of total participation with over 450 in attendance, dozens on the internet and over $160,000 raised. It is only due to this amazing initiative that the Foundation is able to ‘hit its stride’, and so I humbly thank all of our donors and supporters, in 2015 as well as in the past... and the future... for giving us a Foundation that can accomplish many things... for a giving us a Foundation we can be proud of... as a gift to our successive generations of Canadian Angus supporters. #8) Canadian Angus – key ‘metrics’ continue to rise: In a year in which I expected a drop in Member Activity as a result of the ‘Updated Fee Schedule’, only Memberships (consistent with the trend of recent years) and Transfers (following our record year last year, so perhaps, as expected, given the lack of sales and general belief our seedstock producers are trying to increase herd inventories) decreased. Registrations not only increased yearto-year but may finish the year at our 2nd highest level ever, and we have already set a record for the Canadian Angus Performance Program, by Weight Submissions. Canadian Angus continues to GROW, and this is a very exciting highlight of 2015! In our CJAA, we held our largest GOAL Conference ever – 60 delegates – as Angus Edge - Spring 2016

we hosted for the first time in eastern Canada: Guelph, ON. This success leads to the 2016 GOAL being held in our nation’s capital city, Ottawa, ON. By cattle, 2015 also saw our largest Showdown ever, held in Olds, AB. Canadian Angus Association Facebook page exceeds 5,000 ‘Likes’ in midNovember. This is the most of any breed association in the world except for the American Angus Association (AAA). And through dynamic social media campaigns and interaction, we continue to spread the CAA ‘brand’; Facebook will finish the year closing in on 5,250 ‘Likes’ and we will continue to grow this mean of CAA communication and marketing. Finally, our National Convention last June in Calgary, including part of the program right at Angus Central, your national CAA headquarters, proved our most successful ever with total participation exceeding 450 in attendance. #7) Parentage Verification (and other DNA work): an ‘actualized’ model: After our compromised service to you through much of 2014, 2015 saw our expectations met, and sometimes even exceeded, in the timing of all DNA testing as provided by our new contracted laboratory. One of the stipulations in our contract with Delta is that ‘turnaround time’ will not exceed ten (10) days; they haven’t compromised this performance measure one single time in 2015, provided the sample they were working with proves a viable sample. And Kajal and I ran a ‘test’ last spring with about 100 samples submitted to Delta so we feel we have a comprehensive understanding of what kind of samples they can work with and which they can not. If ever you have a question, please do not hesitate to ask Stacy or Kajal, or even me! Angus Edge - Spring 2016

#6) Member Communications: a full year of AC-TV: Following its debut just over a year ago, when we called 2014 “The Year of CAA Member Communication”, episodes of AC-TV, CAA’s official communication with our membership, were broadcast this March, June, September and December, exactly as planned. Mini-episodes were broadcast sporadically throughout the year. CAA Members preferring non-electronic communication receive their copy by DVD a few weeks after our YouTube ‘launch’ of each new episode. As we move into 2016, we are evolving AC-TV, and hoping this better serves your CAA communication needs. After all, AC-TV is our primary means of communicating with you, our CAA membership! Starting in January, 2016, AC-TV will be broadcast MONTHLY! Further, it will be brief; we are aiming for about 8 minutes per episode. We have found that our most viewed episodes are the shorter ones, so we will give you what you prefer by focussing on 2-3 topics each month and keeping the information ‘bite-sized’. Those who have identified in their “CAA Communication Preferences” that they do not prefer to receive electronic communications from your CAA will continue to receive AC-TV in DVD form once each quarter. Further, CAA ensures greater connection to and communication with its membership and constituent regional associations by naming a fulltime, permanent staff member as “Eastern Canada Manager”, located in Ontario. This development will morph further into our new “Business Development Team” model in 2016, where regionallylocated CAA staff will provide an even stronger and more effective and efficient link with our membership.

#5) Enhanced and Improved Member Services and ‘Tools’: AND #4) Giving our Members what they ask for: Our new Member Service ‘tools’, like the “Sale Package”, exceeded expectations for usage off their start. It is our desire to ‘give you what you want’, and do so in a timely fashion. Accordingly, we responded directly to your identified needs and requests and added the “Export Package”, “Request for Information (RFI) Summary” and “Dam Production Summary” to our expanding repertoire of Member Services. It is our intent to provide the service you ask for, provided we know a ‘critical mass’ exists to warrant your proposal; that your request proves to be an actual ‘enhancement’ of overall CAA Member Service. This year, we are very proud of how we worked with members who cared enough to ask to satisfy their needs and make their lives easier. We hope you all benefit from their request of your Canadian Angus Association and our commitment to make their ‘wish’ your reality. We also created a ‘strategic alliance’ with Today’s Angus Advantage to deliver our 2 new member promotional tools, the CAA Member Directory and CAA Bull Buyer’s Guide. With a distribution exceeding 15,000, this is substantial ‘bang for your buck’ if you want to reach your fellow members or commercial cattlemen. It is important to note the CAA does not pay Today’s Angus Advantage anything for production of these tools. Our ‘strategic alliance’ with Today’s Angus Advantage is cooperative in nature and gives your CAA the opportunity to share in the profit of these two new member ‘tools’. Continued on page 100 Page 99

CEO Report ... Continued from page 99 The CAA website was reconstructed and re-launched in June, a project we’ve been working on, in one form or another, since 2011. The new site features a consolidation of all the CAA’s websites onto our own server, an accomplishment we are most thankful for. And if ever you need help navigating our new website, please do not hesitate to ask. After years of negotiating, we were proud to introduce new tag and calvingrelated products last spring, including multiple colours of management tags. I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked for multiple colours of management tags and we are now able to satisfy that need. We were pleased to launch the new, lower-density and less expensive Zoetis i50K test as well as new genomically enhanced EPDs. And adoption of this testing technology continues to be ‘exponential’ in its annual increase. As of earlier this month, we have secured the final funding required for the Female Longevity and Sustainability Project. This is the project Matt Bates worked on last year, where he evaluated 2,200 purebred cow’s udders and teats against objective and academically documented phenotypes. DNA was collected on each of these producing Angus cows, and genotyping is now underway. Our goal in 2016 will be to find the genome, or series of genomes, leading to udder and teat quality in hopes we can determine a genomic selection tool for CAA member use that is reliable and predictable. This project came about from a ‘Think Tank’ I hosted with 8 outstanding Angus producers back in August, 2012. Their suggestions to me have proven invaluable as your CAA continues to benefit from their leadership and input. Once we have the udders and teats ‘figured out’, we will focus on leg Page 100

and hoof structure, but ‘one thing at a time’... In partnership with CAB, we delivered both the new Canadian Angus Feedlot Conference (Feedlot: MIP) as well as our 2nd iteration of Carcass 101. Both were evaluated very highly by participants and we look forward to continuing these initiatives. Feedlot: MIP may move to another region in 2016 while Carcass 101 will achieve its 3rd edition next June; we will evaluate its sustainability at that time. Finally, we hired an additional Assistant Registrar – Angela Cambruzzi – last March to guarantee we meet our pledge of never exceeding 5 days for routine ‘mailed-in’ Member Activity work and 1 day for electronic submissions; we have satisfied this pledge for the entirety of 2015. Gone from your CAA are the days when we are 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, even 35+ days ‘behind’. Our ‘new normal’ is that your work is done, if not within a day, absolutely within the week. I am, perhaps, most proud of this accomplishment in 2015! #3) Another Year of Extraordinary Prices: I know this is not at all within your CAA’s control or influence, but it is just impossible to not consider highlights of 2015 without commenting on the outstanding prices our CAA members, Canada’s seedstock producers, continue to receive for your production. And what prices your primary customers – commercial cattlemen – are receiving for theirs. We saw record prices for feeder cattle of all weights in September and early October with Angus cattle on topping the market across Canada. We have now seen some price volatility these past 2 months, particularly for feeder and fat cattle categories. Rest assured, however, we will see a

‘balance’ achieved in 2016 that will leave opportunity for profit at EVERY ‘link’ in Canada’s beef value chain. Our poor feedlots have been ‘taking a beating’ for 18 months now which is not sustainable. Feeder calf prices may not exceed $3.00/pound again (with regularity, anyway), but we will see a ‘new normal’ where our predictable ‘bottom line’ remains extremely adjusted from just 3-5 years ago... on ALL categories of beef cattle. And that is WELCOME, EXCITING news! Looking at our industry from a ‘macro’ perspective, the fact COOL is now ‘dead’ is a very important factor for the business of beef and feeder cattle exports. And our ‘sliding’ dollar provides ample reason for U.S. inventory to ‘look north’ for feeders and fats, particularly now that the arduous COOL requirements no longer exist. Looking specifically at our seedstock prices, CAA Director of Technical Services Cheryl Hazenberg tracked all of the sales she could through the Fall of 2014 that featured Angus genetics – 8 bull sales and 36 female sales. Here are the results of her search, and they are, truly, quite fine. 2,054 live animals sold for gross sales of over $12,517,000 through Fall 2014: • 91 cows averaged $3,989; • 115 cow/calf pairs averaged $5,056; • 425 bred heifers averaged $4,773; • 398 open heifers averaged $4,179; • 537 bulls averaged $7,125. For the 3rd year, we also tracked results of public auction Angus bull sales in Canada through the winter and spring. Tracking from last November with the first of the sales, over 12,560 bulls sold resulting in a national average of $6797. 214 sales gross over $78,562,030 (including purebred and commercial females sold at bull sales). This represents a 47.7% increase over last year’s number. Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Please let me say that again... The average price for an Angus bull in Canada in 2015 was $6,800. Wow. And this fall’s sales have only proved to mark the optimism and positivity of our fraternity and our sector. As we move into bull sale season, I wish you all the best. I don’t think we can hope to exceed 2015, but it’s still going to be great. #2) CAA Member Satisfaction in your CAA exceeds This will be a ‘quick’ highlight, but definitely the second most impactful for us in 2015. In a year in which we delivered the most substantial “Updated Fee Schedule” in contemporary CAA history, you also evaluated our ability to satisfy your needs as being 4.2% better than we did in 2014, now reaching a CAA Member Satisfaction result, based on your input last month, of 91%. Further, the number of you indicating that your CAA Member Service ‘Needs Improvement’ decreased from 9.4% to 4.7%. or a 50% reduction. We are thrilled with these results and also humbled by them. We will continue to do our very best to give you what you want when you need it. After all, that is why your CAA exists... to serve you and the interest of long-term growth of Canada’s Angus fraternity and community. ... and now... the #1 highlight for your CAA in 2015... #1) The 2015-19 CAA Business Plan is working: Based on your CAA Board of Directors decision last fall, the “Updated Fee Schedule” was implemented January Angus Edge - Spring 2016

1st, 2015, with limited commentary from our membership. There were some individual comments opposed to rising fees, and some negativity regarding the new “Transaction Fee” but, given the increase in traditionally measured Member Activity, the Board, to me, proves as genius as I hoped they would be last fall, only now in retrospect... with proof! Proof... because financially, your CAA is sound. Year 1 of the Business Plan has resulted exactly as anticipated, with cash position strengthened as well as savings and reserves enhanced. Implementation of the 2015-19 CAA Business Plan: Enhanced Member Services: Building Our Future... Yes We Can! is progressing positively. Reinvestment of new revenue into member value will commence starting in 2016 or Year 2 of the Business Plan with implementation of the Business Development Team. One of the questions you responded to in the Annual CAA Membership Survey last month was “What are your financial priorities for the CAA over the next 5 years?” 7.4% of you favoured building cash reserves, 44.6% of you want to enhance Member Services and 48% of you instruct your CAA to work toward debt reduction. Based on the success of Year 1 of the current Business Plan, I believe your CAA will be able to accomplish all 3 of these priorities and, hopefully, satisfy your ‘financial priorities for the CAA’’ over the next 5 years’.

Plan work! We have ‘cut and trimmed’, created new services, ‘tightened our belts’... but it is your belief in the value of a Canadian Angus registration certificate... one that is transferred and included performance information... that has led to our most successful fiscal year in CAA history. Our Board of Directors had the vision and resolution and you, our membership, have the commitment, dedication and pride to continue Canadian Angus at the fore of cattle production anywhere in the world. You produce the best Angus genetics the world knows, and we, your CAA staff, are proud to assist you however we can to do exactly that. A lot of highlights for 2015! Thanks to our membership for making this great year possible. And so, to that same membership, the reason the CAA exists, I say to you may 2016 bring you peace and prosperity. May your dedicated efforts, courageous struggles and careful strategizing result positively in the outcomes you hope and pray for.

THANK YOU for making our Business Page 101

Canadian Angus Association

292140 Wagon W heel Blvd • Rocky View County, AB • T4A 0E2 Toll Free: 1-888-571-3580 • Phone: 403-571-3580 Fax: 403-571-3599 •

JOIN THE CANADIAN ANGUS TEAM POSITION DESCRIPTION - Director, Business Development Team: Saskatchewan/Manitoba Reports to: Canadian Angus Association (CAA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Position Summary: The Director, Business Development Team will help position the Canadian Angus Association at the forefront of Canada’s national seedstock sector and cattle and beef production industry. The Business Development Team builds relationships with and supports CAA members, partners and industry, hearing and satisfying their needs and discovering opportunities leading to CAA growth. These directors ensure provision of quality member and customer service through efficient and cost-effective management of resources. They help build and perform within a strategic business plan to advance the Association’s Mission Statement, Vision Statement and the Member Value Proposition. Primary Responsibilities: ♦ Build relationships, trust and respect with the CAA membership, partners and seedstock sector and Canada’s cattle and beef industries. ♦ Build your work plan in accordance with the current CAA Business Plan, ensuring production efficiency, quality, service and cost-effective management of resources. To understand what it takes to both construct, through collaboration, and work within an annual budget, tied to achieving and exceeding planned outcomes. ♦ Plan, develop and implement short and long-term objectives and plans, including strategies for generating growth and promotion of the Angus breed for the Association, identifying and respecting current sector and industry conditions. ♦ Develop a relationship with, and be the CAA staff liaison to, both Saskatchewan and Manitoba Angus Associations. ♦ Write monthly activity and outcome reports and develop and adhere to the Business Development Team annual budget in collaboration with the other two members of the Business Development Team and CEO. ♦ Participate in bi-monthly CAA Staff Team updates and quarterly meetings with all regional Angus associations. ♦ Promote and represent the Association through participation at conferences, formal functions and industry meetings and events, often giving presentations. ♦ Promote the Association to local, regional and, as needed, national and international industry agencies. ♦ Other duties as assigned by the CEO of the Canadian Angus Association. Knowledge and Skill Requirements: ♦ Be a self-motivated, self-starting, independent worker who, by being a dedicated team player, enhances team atmosphere and outcomes with optimism, understanding and cooperation. ♦ Ability to multi-task and set and achieve measurable targets and objectives. ♦ Ability to ensure visibility and connection in a professional, discrete manner. ♦ Be an active participant in developing and implementing new short and long-term strategies and procedures. ♦ Ability to develop financial plans and manage resources. ♦ Knowledge of public relations principles and practices. ♦ Strong communication skills and ability to deliver a variety of presentations through different mediums for example, speaking in public, writing and social media, ranging from one-on-one discussion to family, Board of Directors and large group settings. ♦ Demonstrated knowledge of CAA, members, breed, sector and industry. ♦ Demonstrated evidence of successful long-term professional relationships.

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Angus Edge - Spring 2016

♦ Ability to effectively utilize basic technological requirements: smart phone or communications device, laptop, social media, et al. ♦ Position will require a flexible schedule that includes regular travel. Successful candidate must be able to coordinate your own travel logistics, including national air travel, as needed. ♦ ‘Grassroots’ beef cattle and agriculture production experience is an asset. A university degree or college diploma in a related area is preferred but not essential. Working Conditions: Work is based in your home office. Frequent weekend and evening work and regular overnight/extended periods of travel are required. Transportation and communication tools are provided; valid driver’s license and drivers extract are required. Compensation: CAA offers a competitive salary range and benefits package. Base salary for this position will range from $50,000 $75,000, commensurate with qualifications and experience. An attractive bonus package is also being developed for the Business Development Team based on achieved and exceeded annual objectives. Apply in confidence with cover letter and resume to: Canadian Angus Association c/o Alan Yuen: Director, Administration 292140 Wagon Wheel Blvd Rocky View County, AB T4A 0E2 To apply electronically, send email to For more information, please contact: Rob Smith, CEO 1-888-571-3580

CREEKVIEW ANGUS Bulls sired by:

Wiwa Creek Motive 63’11 SVR Net Worth 369A Northern View Dynamite 5A Semen tested Guaranteed Good selection of calving ease and performance Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Bulls for sale by private treaty Yearlings and Two Year Olds

Please give us a call or stop in anytime to view the bulls.

Creekview Angus

Glenn & Connie Straub & family Hodgeville, Sask Glenn – 306-677-2384 or cell 306-677-7073 Riley – 306-677-7068

Page 103

Equipment for the Calving Barn & Maternity Area As with any work area on the farm h a v i n g the proper equipment, keeping it maintained, disinfected a n d stocking the area with the right pharmaceuticals will help insure a successful calving season. The one critical component and often forgotten about is biosecurity. With many calves and their mothers moving through the calving area at a stressful time it is important to have an area which can be cleaned easily and sprayed periodically with Virkon disinfectant. I like to have a boot dip close by to be used both into and out of the calving area. This is especially critical when treating sick calves and before assisting in the delivery of a calf. You do not want to be the one that transmits disease on your premises. Change coveralls frequently and have a supply of towels or rags to keep yourself dry and clean. The coveralls can be a main culprit in disease transmission. Equipment should consist of a well functioning calf puller. There are many good models on the market. Make sure they only require one person to operate. You want to be close to the back end of the cow where you can constantly check tension and placement of the chains yet still be able to operate the puller. Some of the fancier ones would pull one leg then the other in a step by step motion. My only problem here is if the calf is that tight and will take that type of motion to extract, the pull may be excessive. You will need at least two pulling handles and two chains and some even like a head snare. The handles should be large enough to get your hands in comfortably and grip the links of the chains without slipping. Always keep spares as handles and chains can easily get lost in the straw. They are cheap and when needed they are critical to have around. Always Page 104

clean and disinfect and hang to dry between uses. Chains also fatigue and rust so replace every couple of years. In the past I’ve seen that the dirtiest piece of equipment on the farm was the breech of the calf puller, so pressure wash it every so often and disinfect. Other supplies include a package of good quality obstetrical gloves, and a waterproof calving suit which can easily be hosed down. Obstetrical gloves come in many strengths and colors. For calving you need the stronger, more expensive ones that take a lot of abuse before ripping. The real thin ones are used for artificial insemination where fine feel is critical and they will rip too easily during calving. Always, always examine the cow using obstetrical gloves and once the calf is out check for tears and the potential of a twin. The protection provided by OB gloves goes both ways as I have seen several people develop allergic skin reactions from constant exposure to the fetal fluids. Have elastics, hemostats or towel clamps to keep gloves up on your arms. Surgical soap which is non-irritating to the vulval area and your skin as well, is a must. I prefer “ Endure” and with that, a good source of warm, clean water. Although the iodine soap products are good as far as killing bacteria I find they have a tendency to dry out your skin on repeated usage but several clinics really like the betadine (iodine) based soap and that is fine. Human soaps are much too harsh on the sensitive vulva area and we do not want our cleaning to cause a reaction. Lots and lots of sterile lubricant purchased by the gallon, complete with a hand pump will minimize the friction on many a tough calving and can make the difference between saving a calf and losing it especially, when it relieves pressure around the head. As far as medications are concerned your tags (management and RFID tags) and shots for the calf, including Vitamin A & D, plus selenium must be on hand. Have enough for the entire calving season. In some herds metaphylactic

by Roy Lewis DVM

antibiotics are used to prevent navel infections, again have the season’s supply. If the cow is caught, before releasing her always check to make sure she is fully tagged and has no other health issues that need attending while in the maternity pen. Strip her teats out to make sure none are blocked and look for evidence of mastitis. Some producer’s tube feed the calf if it has been a hard delivery with colostrum and potentially administer NSAID’s. These antiinflammatory drugs like banamine or metacam are being used in harder pulls and make a big difference. They must be obtained from your veterinarian under a prescription and its best to discuss under what calving circumstances it is best to give and whether the calf, cow or both in some cases should receive it. All farmers by now should have either a commercially made maternity pen, calving chute or a hand constructed calving restraint device. A squeeze chute is definitely not the place to pull a calf and this is where wrecks can easily happen if cows squat during the calving process. Other critical drugs may be a respiratory stimulant which is also a prescription drug from your veterinarian. One cc of a respiratory stimulant given in the vein or squirted under the tongue can greatly facilitate breathing. Again you need to talk to your veterinarian on how to give it and if it is even available. Epinephrine (adrenalin) can also be given as a last ditch effort to get the heart going. Because speed is of the essence these last two products need to be close at hand with syringe and needle ready. Some producers even have oxygen delivery apparatuses which can facilitate breathing and essentially flood the area with oxygen. Talk about calf resuscitation and getting the calf sitting up so both lungs are oxygenating is far better than hanging the calf. Hanging actually does more harm than good. A calf esophageal feeder is also an absolute necessity and I like producers having one to use for colostrum on newborn calves and use the old one Angus Edge - Spring 2016

How to Keep Good Ranch Employees A recurring discussion in the cattle business, particularly the feedyard sector, has been centered on how to hire and keep good employees. According to Ryan Rhodes of Texas A&M – King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management, and Kim McCuistion of Texas A&M University, there are huge financial and production incentives for managers to put together an organized employee plan. “Turnover and engagement is the biggest problem we see,” says Rhodes. “The things you do from a management standpoint, positive or negative, directly impact employee turnover.” Employee replacement costs employers 50-150% of the annual salary of the position needing filled to cover loss of productivity and costs associated with finding an employee, says McCuistion, adding that lack of engagement, compensation, training and quality feedback were the main drivers of turnover. In an employee management study by King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management, 190 employees on 15 ranches in 9 different states were surveyed with their employers to gather a better understanding where each side stood on the quality of management. The top components to job satisfaction for employees were ranked as: Having the tools and information necessary

for the job; Clearly understating performance expectations; Challenging and interesting work; Knowing and understanding the mission statement. When managers were asked what they thought were the most important aspects for employee satisfaction, their rankings were similar to their employees with the exception of, “Knowing and understanding the mission statement,” being ranked eleventh on the list. “People want to know why and what they are working for,” says Rhodes. According to Rhodes and McCuistion, there are three main steps to better manage ranch employees: Increase understanding of job purpose; Clarification of how work performance is measured; Reward performance based on job description. One of the most crucial, and often ignored step is a detailed job description, says Rhodes, with the majority of operations not providing that for their employees. “This can be used to solve a lot of problems – how they need to be trained; how they need to be rewarded and how they need to be disciplined.” Once a job description is in place, it can then be used to help the employee grow in their position and to also hold them accountable for their performance. In a 2011 survey by Gallup Organization,

By Laura Mushrush, Drovers Journal it was found when employees were evaluated on a regular basis, there were 10-15% more productive and there were 20-40% fewer accidents in the workplace. However, when performance reviews are done, it is essential that managers keep a heavy weighted positive feedback to criticism ratio, with positive outweighing negative 5:1. After job descriptions and performance directions are laid out, it is then time to give employees incentives for going above and beyond their duties with rewarding their work. In the employee management study by King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management, the top three comparative ranking of motivating factors for employees were: Bonuses based on personal achievements; Salary increase; Increased responsibility and decision making power. According to Rhodes, it is essential an operation does the following in the development of program: Have a written plan; Have rewards tied to employee goals; Incentivize employees to meet goals and Make financial award large enough to be an inventive (typically 1020% of their annual salary). Reprinted with permission from Drovers Journal.

Equipment for the Calving Barn & Maternity Area continued... from last year for sick or scouring calves and label each one accordingly. Disinfect them including the feeder tube. Keep the calving area and especially the maternity pen as clean as possible and disinfecting the puller and calving chains with something like Virkon disinfectant will minimize spread of infectious organisms. Use other strict biosecurity practises like not allowing visitors during calving season or at a minimum have them wear plastic disposable booties which you will provide. Calving season is when you need biosecurity crack down. Angus Edge - Spring 2016

With calving cows around always have a hazing prop such as a paddle, rattle or hockey stick around. We all know even very quiet cows at or before calving may become over defensive, so make sure the route to get cows into the calving area is planned with cross gates where needed and with escape routes. If using a sled to bring in calves, have a long lead rope to keep you away from the cow. Many farmers have sleds or wagons built to pull behind a quad or gator or horse or simply by hand. Again I can’t stress enough, watch for your safety as calving time is where the

majority of farm injuries with regards to livestock occur. Be prepared with as much equipment and supplies because when calving season hits there is no time to go shopping. Let’s not forget the rechargeable flashlight. Many have high candle power and some even get the mining type lights to wear on their head. Have a great 2016 calving season as the calves you save have never been more valuable and being prepared may just save a couple more. 

Page 105

Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association Board of Directors Tyra Fox - President Lloydminster, SK - 306-825-9624 Brianna Kimmel - Vice-President Lloydminster, SK - 780-214-3643 Alexis DeCorby - Secretary Rocanville, SK - 306-645-2019 Kodie Doetzel - Junior Director Lipton, SK - 306-336-2245 Directors at Large Alexis Frick Neudorf, SK - 306-730-9913 Jennifer Jones Lloydminster, SK - 306-825-7253 Carson Liebreich Radville, SK - 306-815-7226 Wade Olynyk Goodeve, SK - 306-876-4420 Baxter Blair McLean, SK - 306-699-7211 Talon Frick Neudorf, SK - 306-728-3515 Davis Schmidt Watrous, SK - 306-946-2616

Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association

Box 3771, Regina, SK S4P 3N8 Phone 306-757-6133 Fax 306-525-5852

Page 106

Saskatchewan Junior Angus Report... As we continue to wind down last year and bring in this New Year it is time for us juniors to begin another exciting year. Ending off our 2015 was our annual meeting and fun day held at Canadian Western Agribition. Our annual meeting consisted of updating all the board positions and discussing all the upcoming events to take place in 2016. During the meeting our 2015 scholarship recipients were also announced, congratulations to Alexis DeCorby from Rocanville SK and myself, Tyra Fox from Lloydminster SK. We will both be receiving $500 towards our post secondary education. At the meeting we also discussed what we would do for our annual fun day, this year we did a scavenger hunt, human knots, bubble gum blowing contests; and of course the annual pizza party sponsored by the Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association. We had a great turn out with lots of younger and older junior members participating. It is always great to have the older juniors talking to and working with the younger members. It was lots of fun meeting with all the Angus juniors from around the barns. We also held the draw for our donation heifer. Congratulations to our own Katie Wright of Melfort on winning the heifer and many thanks to Justamere Farms and Still Meadow Farms for donating the heifer, as well as everyone who purchased tickets. Earlier in the fall we juniors had our annual Saskatchewan Junior Gold Show. The show was held in Lloydminster at Stockade Roundup for the second year in a row. There was an awesome turn out, many new juniors and previous juniors participated in the wide range of activities. The activities the juniors could take part in were Print Marketing, Photography, Literature, Team Judging, Team Grooming, Showmanship and of course the conformation classes. I would like to thank all the judges, volunteers and sponsors that helped make the show a

by Tyra Fox

success, as well as congratulate all the juniors who did well and who came out and participated. Coming up very quick in this new year is the Canadian Junior Angus 11th annual GOAL conference. This year it will be held in Ottawa, Ontario, during February 13 - 15. At the GOAL conference this year we will be touring the Parliament Buildings, going on a haunted ghost walk, taking part in the Winterlude Festival on the Rideau Canal and will get to hear many awesome speakers. GOAL is also always a great place to catch up with Angus friends, and create many new friendships with Angus juniors from all over the country. GOAL is a great experience for anybody and I look forward to seeing many familiar and new faces there. As the year progresses many juniors will make their way out to Showdown 2016, this year it will be held in Truro, Nova Scotia July 28-30, 2016. Showdown is another great opportunity to meet new lifelong friends, gain knowledge and have a tremendous time. Watch for bursaries offered by the SJAA, and the Canadian Angus Foundation to help assist with travel to Showdown. After Showdown is in the books it will be time for the annual Saskatchewan Junior Gold Show, which will again be held in Lloydminster at Stockade Roundup. I am very excited to be serving the Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association another year as their President, it is an exciting time in the Angus industry and I look forward to meeting more juniors and getting to know them better. If you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me and ask.ďƒ¨

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Thank you to the sponsors of the 2015 Junior Angus Show AND CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS: 20/20 Angus 8 C’s Cattle Co. Arch Holdings Breed Creek Angus Ranch Canadian Angus Association Castlerock Marketing Crescent Creek Angus CSI Angus Currie, 20/20, Roymac & Bullerwell Bull Sale Dolittle Angus Double D Fencing Eldem Cattle Investments G Mack Oilfield Services Ltd.

Hanson Holdings Hi Low Angus Hill 70 Quantock Ranch Isla Bank Angus Ivanhoe Angus Just Livestock Justamere Farms Ltd. KLM Angus Merit Cattle Co. Morland Acres Angus Movin On Farms Nu-Horizon Angus Optimal Bovines Inc. Red Rose Angus

Reputation Cattle Co. RSL Red Angus Running Steady Ranch Saskatchewan Angus Association Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association South View Ranch Standard Hill Livestock Twisted Sisters Cattle Co. Vee Tee Feeders Ltd. Windy Willows Farms Y Coulee Land & Cattle Co. Ltd.

Champion Bull RED WRIGHTS 135Z BY DESIGN 16C Katie Wright

Reserve Champion Bull RED LAZY MC KNOCKOUT 50C Laurie Morasch

Champion Open Female BAR-E-L ERICA 74A Nolan Blair

Reserve Champion Open Female MERIT PRIDE 2080 Carson Liebriech

Champion Owned Female RED K ADAMS ZARIA 091Z Halley Adams

Reserve Champion Owned Female ROYAL S PRIDE 42B Brianna Kimmel

Grand Aggregates L-R Senior - Josee Monvoisen Intermediate - Brianna Kimmel Junior - Baxter Blair

Spirit of Youth Award Tyra Fox

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 107

Saskatchewan Junior Angus Profiles... My name is Baxter Blair. I am 13 years old and live at McLean, Saskatchewan. I have a life long passion for showing and breeding Angus under my own farm name, Double B Cattle Company. I have shown cattle since I was nine, and since then the Angus breed has shown and taught me so many things I would of never learned in a classroom. I’ve spent a majority of my childhood not only looking at great cattle, but meeting the even greater people that come with. Words do not express how grateful I am to be apart of such an amazing industry with such tremendous people. I can name hundreds of people who have influenced me to be the person I am today, and 99% of them I have met through this amazing breed. When I was asked to write this, I had to think about it for a minute. I thought about what I could talk about and how I was to word it. The statement that came to mind was this: “Cattle shows may go on for two weeks, and they may only be for a day. But what’s funny about it is, it doesn’t matter how long they are. The lessons you learn there stay with you much longer. They stay with you for a lifetime, and everyday after, you realize how lucky you are to be able to attend such amazing places.” In conclusion, the Angus breed has given me so much more than ribbons and dollars. What it has given me has no price, and that is a lifestyle. I am looking forward to working on the Saskatchewan Junior Angus board and I plan to live everyday of my life being included in this breed, because without it, I would not be the person I am today. Baxter Blair Hello everyone! My name is Alexis DeCorby. I live on a ranch just outside of Rocanville, SK with my family. Together we operate Section 7 Ranch with around 200 purebred Black Angus. I also have a small herd of both Black Angus and Hereford cattle. I am currently in my first year of University at the University of Page 108

Saskatchewan. I am pursing a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with a major in Animal Science. In my free time I enjoy showing cattle and longboarding. I have been involved with the SJAA for three years. I was a Director at Large for one year and I am going on my second term as Secretary. The SJAA is always lots of fun and I encourage everyone to get involved. We have our annual Junior Show that is held in conjunction with the Gold Show that moves around the province and a Fun Day at Agribition. There are also travel opportunities to attend the national GOAL conference and Showdown, as well as scholarship opportunities. I hope to see everyone down the road at Angus Events! Alexis DeCorby Hello, I am Kodie Doetzel of NuHorizon Angus and I am a director on the board for Saskatchewan Junior Angus. This will be my fourth year as a board member. I am pleased to have just been appointed as the Junior Director for the Saskatchewan Angus board and I look forward to learning many things there. I have attended three Saskatchewan Junior Angus shows, seven Canadian Junior Angus shows, and will be attending GOAL for the third time this year in Ottawa, ON. Each year I attend Agribition. I am also in 4-H with Valley View. I live on a farm north of Lipton, SK. We raise purebred Red and Black Angus cattle as well as some commercial cattle. Between showing cattle in 4-H and Junior Angus shows, I am kept pretty busy. I am in grade 10 at Cupar School. In the winter I enjoy skiing, snowmobiling and hunting. In the summer I like quading and playing baseball. If you like meeting new people, showing cattle, and having fun, give Junior Angus a try. I know you will like it! Kodie Doetzel

My name is Alexis Frick. For the past year I have been a director on the Saskatchewan Junior Angus board. I’ve been a part of the Goodeve 4-H Beef Club for the past five years. I live on a farm south of Duff, Saskatchewan called Northern View Angus. Every year we attend Harvest Showdown in Yorkton and Canadian Western Agribition in Regina, and we also are a part of the Blue Collar Bull Sale. Since I was 5 years old I grew up playing my favourite sport, hockey. I participate in many other sports at my school such as volleyball, basketball, badminton and track. When I’m not playing sports, I am helping out around the farm, doing chores, tagging calves, feeding bales, etc. I am looking forward to another year of being a director on the Saskatchewan Angus Board!! Alexis Frick Hi, I’m Talon Frick. I am a grade 9 student attending Melville Comprehensive School. I am very excited this year to be apart of the Saskatchewan Junior Angus board. This year is my 5th year being in 4-H with the Goodeve beef club. I play a variety of different sports, including Hockey, Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Track and Field, and Golf. Last year, in badminton, my partner and I won gold in mixed doubles at districts. This year in volleyball my team won silver at districts as well. Right now it is hockey and basketball season. I am looking forward to seeing how we do this year. In school I have been writing finals. They have gone well but I am happy they are done. Our farm is Northern View Angus near Duff, SK. We currently have 100 cows. Personally I have seven females calving this spring. It is really exciting to see the calves come out. I attend shows and sales with my family each year. We go to Agribition in Regina and Harvest Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Showdown in Yorkton. Our bull and female sale is called the Blue Collar Sale and is held at Yorkton each year. I will have a heifer selling in the sale this year, on April 9. Yours in Agriculture, Talon Frick Hello everyone, my name is Tyra Fox. I am 17 years old and currently in grade 12 at the Lloydminster Comprehensive High School. I live just east of Lloydminster, SK at my family farm Justamere Farms, where we run about 300 purebred Black Angus cattle, along with a small commercial and club calf herd. I started 4-H when I was nine years old, right now I am a member of the Alberta Bandits 4-H club. I am the vice president of the club, and I enjoy every part of 4-H. I am also in my 8th year of piano; I’m working on my 7th level playing exam and my level 3 theory exam. I work part time at Peavey Mart and I have been there for just over three years. I love helping out on our family farm any time that I can. Going to all the Angus shows and events is also something that I love to do. I have been to many shows in both Canada and the USA with my family and I look forward to all the events yet to come. I have taken part in many Saskatchewan Junior Angus events and I am looking forward to serving the board another year as the President and getting to know more juniors. Tyra Fox Hi! My names Jennifer Jones. I am 19 years old and I presently live north of Lloydminster. This is my fourth year as a director for the Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association. I enjoy breeding and showing purebred Black Angus and Club Calf cattle. Alongside my mother Tina and brother Michael, we own and operate Ponderosa Ranch. I have participated in nine years of 4-H and am excited to see where those skills will take me. Angus Edge - Spring 2016

I am looking forward to the year coming with the Association, meeting new juniors and breeders and promoting the Angus breed across Canada.

I am looking forward to going to 2016 GOAL Conference in Ottawa!

Jennifer Jones

Hi! I am Wade Olynyk from Goodeve, Saskatchewan and I am a seasoned board member on the Saskatchewan Junior Angus board! I am 18 years old and in my last year of high school. I have played many sports in high school including football, hockey, and baseball.

Hello my name is Brianna Kimmel, I am 16 years old and in Grade 11 at Lloydminster Comprehensive High School. Along with my sister, Meghan Hoffman, I operate Twisted Sisters Livestock, where we raise purebred Angus, Simmental and Sim/Angus cattle. We are still building our numbers. I am a member of the Lashburn 4-H Beef Club and have been involved in 4-H for six years. This is my third year on the board and I am currently serving as Vice President. I enjoy attending our Saskatchewan Junior Show, GOAL, Showdown and various events throughout the year as well as showing cattle. Stop by and say hello, I would like to meet you. Brianna Kimmel Hello, my name is Carson Liebreich and I am 14 years old. I live at Radville, Saskatchewan where my family operates Merit Cattle Co. My parents are Trent and Janelle Liebreich, I have one sister, Macy and one brother, Garrett. My parents gave me a calendar year heifer calf the year I was born, Merit Countess 1017 and that is how I got my start in the Angus business. She produced for me until 12 years of age. All my females are descendants of her. I have been a 4-H member for eight years. I participate in our Saskatchewan Junior events whenever I can and I have also been able to attend the national Showdown at Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Virden, Manitoba and Olds, Alberta. I enjoy showing cattle, doing chores (most days) as well as playing hockey, hunting and riding my dirt bike.

Carson Liebreich

After high school I plan on going to Lakeland College in Vermilion, Alberta to study animal science. I hope and plan to come back to the family farm, Crescent Creek Angus, where we calve out 200 head of cattle starting the middle of January to end of March. We have our annual bull and female sale the first Saturday in April. I have been involved with Saskatchewan Junior Angus for many years from the gold shows, to events with them at Agribition. It is a wonderful Association and they do their best to make sure everyone is having fun and everyone has equal opportunity. I am also one of two directors on the Canadian Junior Angus Association board. I hope everything is all well in 2016 and calving is just easy! Have a great day. Wade Olynyk Hello my name is Davis Schmidt. I am a graduating student and plan to attend secondary education in agriculture. I’m part of Mainstream Genetics where we run a herd of pure bred Angus cattle at Watrous, SK. This is my first year as a board member and I excited to be part of such a great group. Can’t wait to see what the up coming year has in store! Davis Schmidt

Page 109

Thank You!!

To everyone who supported the Saskatchewan Junior Angus heifer fundraiser that the Juniors ran over the fall.

A special thanks to Justamere Farms and Still Meadow Farm for donating the heifer and congratulations to Katie Wright on winning her!

WELCOME TO OUR NEW JUNIORS! Oliver James Francis Kyle Born November 9, 2015. Proud parents are Sheldon Kyle & Ella Wright of Kenray Ranch, Redvers, SK

Seager Bryan Anderson Born August 9, 2015. Proud parents are Geoff Anderson & Lacey Muxlow of Anderson Cattle, Bethune, SK

JUNIORS...Would you like to attend Showdown 2016?

Apply by June 1, 2016 telling us why! You could win one of two $500 travel bursaries to get there, sponsored by the Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association. Also check out the CAF bursaries on page 97.

Congratulations to Tyra Fox of Lloydminster, SK and Alexis DeCorby of Rocanville, SK on being awarded the two $500

Saskatchewan Angus scholarships at Agribition. The deadline to apply is November 15 each year and it is a really simple process! Juniors you also need to check out the write up on page 97 of this newsletter to learn about many other scholarships and opportunites for you within our Junior Association and the Canadian Angus Foundation. Page 110

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Page 111

Thank you to the following Agribition Angus Show Sponsors... Platinum

Canadian Angus Association Canadian Red Angus Promotion Society Saskatchewan Angus Association


Alta Genetics Bandura Ranches Belvin Angus Blairs.Ag Cattle Co. Box X Ranch Cudlobe Angus Hamilton Farms Harvest Angus Lock Farms Ltd. Poplar Meadows Angus Running Steady Ranch Western Litho Printers


ABC Cattle Co. & Bakers Angus Blue Collar Bull Sale Justamere Farms Crescent Creek Angus Flying K Ranch Merit Cattle Company Six Mile Ranch Ltd. Bronze Anderson Cattle Atlasta Angus Bar C R Angus Bear Hills Angus Black Ridge Angus Farm Blake’s Red Angus Bohrson Marketing Services Ltd. Breed Creek Angus Ranch Bridgeway Livestock Broken T Ranch Bryces Bar B Ranch Ltd. Castlerock Marketing Come As U R Simmentals & Black Angus Coulee Crossing Cattle Co.

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Creekview Angus Deer Range Stock Farm Diamond C Liberty Angus Double F Cattle Co. Double V Stock Farm Dwajo Angus Early Sunset Ranch EKW Red Angus Eye Hill Stock Farm Forsyth Ranch Freitag-Perrot Cattle Co. Freyburn Angus Gardien Red Angus Gerlei Angus Glen Gabel Angus Glendar Angus Hall's Cattle Company Hextall Livestock Hi-Low Angus Hollinger Land & Cattle Howe Red Angus Irving Angus Isla Bank Angus Ivanhoe Angus J & S Cattle Co JAS Red Angus JJL Livestock Johnson Livestock JPM Farms Ltd. KBJ Round Farms Kenray Ranch Lamb's Quarters Angus Lazy MC Angus Mark Stock Ring Service Matlock Farms Ltd. McMillen Ranching Ltd. Midnight Fire Cattle Co. Miller Wilson Angus

Miry Creek Angus NCJ Cattle Co. Nielson Land & Cattle Northern View Angus Nu-Horizon Angus Paetsch Livestock Pasquia Red Angus Right Cross Ranch RNR Flicek Black Angus Rock Creek Ranching RSL Red Angus Schwan Angus Section 7 Ranch Smart Farms Angus South Shadow Angus South View Ranch Steinley Angus Farm Stewart Cattle Co. Sunny Grove Angus Symens Land & Cattle T & S Farms Ter-Ron Farms Thomason Angus Farms T-K Ranches Triple H Cattle Co. Ltd. Triple L Angus Twin Heritage Farms Valley Lodge Cattle Co. Ward's Red Angus Wheelers Stock Farm Wilbar Cattle Co. Wil-Sel Red Angus Windy Ridge Ultrasounding Windy Willows Farms Wood Coulee Cattle Co. WRAZ Red Angus Wright Livestock

Your support is appreciated! Angus Edge - Spring 2016

2015 Canadian Western Agribition Commercial Show Angus Champions

Grand Champion Pen of Ten Bred Replacement Heifers & Grand Champion Pen of Bred Replacement Heifers Overall Murray Westman, Vermilion, AB Sold for $4500 per head to Palmer Charolias, Bladworth, SK

Grand Champion Pen of Ten Open Replacement Heifers & Grand Champion Pen of Open Replacement Heifers Overall - Reed Andrew, Regina, SK Sold for $1900 per head to the Blairs.Ag Cattle Co., Lanigan, SK

Reserve Grand Champion Pen of Five Open Replacement Heifers Reed Andrew, Regina, SK Sold for $2550 to Rob Garner, Simpson, SK

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Grand Champion Pen of Five Bred Replacement Heifers & Reserve Grand Champion Pen of Bred Replacement Heifers Overall Raymond Land & Cattle, Aneroid, SK Sold for $4200 per head to Six Mile Ranch Ltd., Fir Mountain, SK

Reserve Grand Champion Pen of Five Bred Replacement Heifers Derek Westman, Vermilion, AB Sold for $3200 per head to Albert Hapke, Vanguard, SK & Reserve Grand Champion Pen of Ten Bred Replacement Heifers - Murray Westman, Vermilion, AB Sold for $3100 per head to Reed Andrew, Regina, SK

Reserve Grand Champion Pen of Ten Open Replacement Heifers Sentes Farms, Raymore, SK Sold for $1950 per head to Terry & Loretta Young, Earl Grey, SK

The Saskatchewan Angus Association is proud to sponsor the Commercial Cattle Show with jackets for each division Champion and Reserve, and again this year also provided sale credit vouchers of $1000 to the overall Champions and $500 to the Reserves.

Congratulations! Page 113

Page 114

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

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Coming Events... Feb 13-15... CJAA 2016 GOAL Conference, Ottawa, ON Feb 18........ Nordal Limousin & Angus Bull Sale, Saskatoon, SK Feb 18........ Chapman Cattle Co. Bull Sale, Stettler, AB Feb 27........ LCL Angus Bull Sale, Coronation, AB Mar 1.......... Belvin Angus Bull Sale, Innisfail, AB Mar 4.......... Cattleman’s Connection Bull Sale, Brandon, MB Mar 5.......... Ward’s Red Angus & Guests Bull Sale, Saskatoon, SK Mar 6.......... R-Plus Simmental Bull Sale, Estevan, SK Mar 7.......... Bar CR Angus Bull Sale, Swift Current, SK Mar 7 & 8.... 95th Annual Pride of the Prairies Bull Sale, ................... Lloydminster, SK/AB Mar 8.......... McTavish Charolais & Red Angus Bull Sale, ................... Moosomin, SK Mar 10........ Spring Creek Simmentals/Red Rose Angus Bull Sale, ................... Moosomin, SK Mar 12........ Wheeler’s & Fleury Cattlemen’s Bull Event, Saskatoon, SK Mar 12........ LLB Angus Bull & Female Sale, Erskine, AB Mar 13........ Standard Hill Connection Bull Sale, Maidstone, SK Mar 14........ Nielson Land & Cattle/Palmer Charolais Bull Sale, ................... Bladworth, SK Mar 14........ Equinox Angus Bull Sale, Weyburn, SK Mar 14........ South Sask Simmental & Angus Bull Sale, Moose Jaw, SK Mar 14........ KBJ Round Farms Bull Sale, Clyde, AB Mar 15........ On Target Bull Sale, Barrhead, AB Mar 15........ Leeuwenburgh Angus Bull Sale, Lethbridge, AB Mar 15........ Deadline for CAA Business Development Team Applications Mar 16........ Wilbar Cattle Co. Tools of the Trade Bull & Female Sale, ................... Dundurn, SK Mar 16........ Spruce View Angus Bull Sale, Killam, AB Mar 16-18... GBT Angus Online Sale, Wawota, SK Mar 17........ Johnson Livestock Bull & Female Sale, Peebles, SK Mar 17........ Bowerman Bros./Nesset Lake Angus Bull Sale, ................... Meadow Lake, SK Mar 17........ Allencroft/Border Butte Bull Sale, Medicine Hat, AB Mar 17........ Ter-Ron/Red-Rich Get-A-Grip Bull Sale, Forestburg, AB Mar 18........ Thistle Ridge Bull Sale, Taber, AB Mar 19........ Working Stiffs Bull Sale, Moosomin, SK Mar 19........ Select Genetics Sale, Herbert, SK Mar 19........ Canada’s Red, White & Black Bull Sale, Moose Jaw, SK Mar 21........ Brooking Angus Ranch, Radville, SK Mar 21........ Hollinger Land and Cattle Bull & Female Sale, Neudorf, SK Mar 22........ Ivanhoe Angus/City View Simmentals Bull & Female Sale, ................... Moose Jaw, SK Mar 22........ U-2 Ranch Bull Sale, High River, AB Mar 23........ Bar-H Land & Cattle Co. Bull Sale, Langenburg, SK Mar 24........ Minburn Angus Bull Sale, Minburn, AB Mar 25........ Top Cut Black Angus Bull Sale, Maple Creek, SK Mar 25........ Cowboys Angus Bull Sale, Virden, MB Mar 26........ Impact Bull Sale, Saskatoon, SK Mar 26........ Lamb’s Quarters Bull Sale, Swift Current, SK Mar 26........ Mantei Farms Bull Sale, Alameda, SK Mar 26........ Stockman’s Select Bull Sale, Moose Jaw, SK Mar 26........ Northern Alliance Bull Sale, Vanderhoof, BC Mar 27-29... Hi Low Angus Online Bull Sale, Lumsden, SK Mar 28........ Cockburn/Merit Bull Sale, Moose Jaw, SK Mar 28........ Everblack Angus Bull Sale, Vermilion, AB Mar 29........ Double C Red Angus Bull Sale, Foam Lake, SK Mar 29........ Early Sunset Ranch Bull & Female Sale, Edam, SK Mar 30........ Double F Cattle Co. Bull Sale, Prince Albert, SK Page 116

Mar 30........ Hamilton Farms Bull & Female Sale, Cochrane, AB Mar 31........ Sheidaghan Anghus Production Sale, Maple Creek, SK Apr 1........... Northern Progress Red Angus Bull Sale, ................... Saskatoon, SK Apr 2........... Crescent Creek Angus Bull & Female Sale, ................... Goodeve, SK Apr 2........... Burnett Angus Bull & Female Sale, Swift Current, SK Apr 2........... Cattleman’s Classic Bull Sale, Virden, MB Apr 2........... Kenray Ranch Open House, Redvers, SK Apr 3........... Best of the Breeds Bull Sale, Yorkton, SK Apr 3........... Triple J Farms Bull Sale, Whitewood, SK Apr 4........... Eastondale Angus Bull Sale, Wawota, SK Apr 4........... Triple A Bull Sale, Moose Jaw, SK Apr 5........... Windy Willow’s & Guest Bull Sale, Hodgeville, SK Apr 5........... Blairs.Ag Bull Sale, Sedley, SK Apr 6........... Whitecap/Rosso/Howe Bull Sale, Moose Jaw, SK Apr 6........... Peak Dot Ranch Ltd. Bull & Female Sale, ................... Wood Mountain, SK Apr 6........... Chopper K Red Angus Bull Sale, Alameda, SK Apr 6-7........ Kenray Ranch Online Bull Sale, Redvers, SK Apr 7........... T Bar K Ranch Bull Sale, Wawota, SK Apr 8........... Johnston/Fertile Valley Bull Sale, Saskatoon, SK Apr 8........... Section 7 Ranch Bull Sale, Whitewood, SK Apr 9........... Blue Collar Bull Sale, Yorkton, SK Apr 9........... Six Mile Ranch Bull Sale, Fir Mountain, SK Apr 9........... North Point Angus Bull Sale, Dawson Creek, BC Apr 11......... Justamere Farms Bull Sale, Lloydminster, SK Apr 11......... Spirit of the North Bull Sale, Spiritwood, SK Apr 11......... Moose Creek Red Angus Bull Sale, Kisbey, SK Apr 12......... Young Dale Angus Bull Sale, Alameda, SK Apr 12......... Top Cut Red Angus & Charolais Bull Sale, ................... Mankota, SK Apr 13......... Flying K Ranch Bull Sale, Swift Current, SK Apr 13......... Mutrie & Guests Bull Sale, Candiac, SK Apr 13......... Anderson Cattle Co. Bull Sale, Swan River, MB Apr 14 ........ South View Ranch Bull Sale, Ceylon, SK Apr 15......... Your Choice Angus Bull Sale, Maple Creek, SK Apr 15......... Fleury Cattle Co. Bull Sale, Saskatoon, SK Apr 15......... Freyburn Angus Farms Family Tradition Bull ................... & Female Sale, Oxbow, SK Apr 15......... CAF Outstanding Young Angus Breeder Nomination ................... Deadline Apr 15......... CAF Junior Angus Stockman Nomination Deadline Apr 16......... Cornerstone Bull Sale, Whitewood, SK Apr 16......... Shortgrass Bull & Female Sale, Aneroid, SK Apr 18......... Right Cross Ranch Bull Sale, Kisbey, SK Apr 30......... CAF Junior Ambassador Application Deadline May 10........ CJAA U.S. Exchange Program Application Deadline May 15........ Deadline for Summer Angus Edge May 15........ CAF Dick Turner Scholarship Application Deadline Jun 1........... Deadline for Entries - Showdown 2016 Jun 9-11...... Canadian Angus Convention, Quebec City, QC Jun 15......... CJAA Scholarship Application Deadline Jun 20......... Deadline for Late Entries - Showdown 2016 Jul 28-30..... Showdown 2016, Truro, NS Aug 8-9....... Saskatchewan Angus SUMMER TOUR, ................... Moose Jaw, SK area – stay tuned for details Aug 9-11..... Canadian Beef Industry Conference, Calgary, AB

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Business Directory GRANT ROLSTON Box 1562 Vulcan, AB T0L 2B0 Phone: 403-593-2217


Canadian ANGUS Association


292140 Wagon Wheel Blvd. Rocky View County, AB T4A 0E2

For all your printing needs

(306) 525-8796

November 21 - 26, 2016 Regina, SK 306-565-0565

Terry, Stacey, Brittany, Tyler & Megan Hunt RMB RR #1, Rose Valley, SK S0E 1M0 Terry’s Cell: 306-322-7439 Email:

Your Business Card Could Be Here! Call 306-757-6133 or email for details Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Index of Advertisers... Allencroft Angus/Border Butte Angus Bull Sale.......................................... 80 Anderson Cattle.................................. 65 Anderson Cattle Co............................ 91 Bar CR Angus..................................... 16 Bar-H Land & Cattle............................. 2 Belvin Angus....................................... 83 Black Ridge Angus............................. 55 Blake’s Red Angus............................. 50 Blue Collar Bull Sale........................... 70 Border Butte Angus............................ 89 Bowerman Bros/Nesset Lake Angus.. 36 Broken T Ranch.................................. 45 Brooking Angus Ranch....................... 35 Burnett Angus..................................... 53 Castlerock Marketing.......................... 32 Cattleman’s Connection Bull Sale...... 90 Chopper K Red Angus........................ 58 Cornerstone Bull Sale......................... 66 Cowboys Angus Bull Sale................... 86 Creekview Angus.............................. 103 Crescent Creek Angus........................ 15 Delorme Ranch................................... 33 Double F Cattle Co............................. 47 Early Sunset Ranch............................ 39 Eastondale Angus............................... 31 Equinox Bull Sale............................... 62 Everblack Angus................................. 85 Fleury Cattle Co.................................. 57 Flying K Ranch................................... 37 Freyburn Angus Farms....................... 46 GBT Angus......................................... 75 Get a Grip Bull Sale............................ 84 Glen Gabel Angus.............................. 14 Hamilton Farms............................. 78,79 Hi Low Angus...................................... 72 Hollinger Land & Cattle....................... 23 Howe Red Angus............................... BC Impact Bull Sale.................................. 56 Ivanhoe Angus...................................118 Jim Nugent Livestock......................... 93 Johnson Livestock.............................. 22 Johnston Angus/Fertile Valley............ 43

Justamere Farms................................ 21 KBJ Round Farms.............................. 81 Kenray Ranch..................................... 19 Lamb’s Quarters Angus/Taylor’s Red Angus....................................... 68 Mantei Farms...................................... 48 McTavish Bull Sale............................. 74 Merit Cattle Co................................5,119 Nesset Lake Angus............................. 41 Nordal Limousin & Angus..................... 3 Nu Horizon Angus............................... 64 On Target Bull Sale............................. 87 Optimal Bovines Inc............................ 30 Palmer-Nielson Bull Sale.................... 40 Peak Dot Ranch................................. 17 Right Cross Ranch............................. 63 Running Steady Ranch....................... 82 Section 7 Ranch................................. 34 Select Genetics Bull Sale................... 42 Sheideghan Angus............................. 49 Short Grass Bull & Female Sale..........11 Six Mile Ranch............................... 60,61 South Sask Simmental & Angus......... 54 South View Ranch.............................. 25 Spirit of the North Bull Sale................ 12 Spring Creek Simmentals................... 59 Standard Hill Livestock....................... 67 Stuart Cattle Station........................... 52 T Bar K Ranch.................................... 44 Top Cut Bull Sale................................ 69 Triple A Bull Sale................................ 29 Triple H Red Angus............................ 69 Triple J Farms..................................... 76 Triple V Ranch.................................... 92 Twin Heritage Farms.......................... 51 U-6 Livestock...................................... 77 Wards Red Angus............................... 73 Wheelers Stock Farm......................... 13 Wilbar Cattle Co................................ 6,7 Windy Willows Farms......................... 28 Working Stiffs Bull Sale...................... 38 Young Dale Angus.............................. 71

Top 10 Qualities


Bring to the workplace

Work Ethic // Responsibility // Critical Thinking Flexibility // Initiative // Perseverance // Team Player Real World Skills // Respect // Humility Page 117

Ron and Marilyn Mountenay are pleased to consign to the

6th Annual

City View Simmentals & Ivanhoe Angus Sale Guest Consignors: Wascana Herefords & Sunnyside Simmentals Ivanhoe Angus will be consigning:

• 18 Yearling Bulls • 4 Two Year Old Bulls and • 9 Replacement Heifers

Tuesday March 22, 2016 - 1 PM Johnstone Auction Mart Moose Jaw, SK 306-693-4715

Sandy Bar Ideal 185W 216Y

Sons & Daughters Sell

Crescent Creek 07 Emblazon 6W

Ivanhoe Merit 71B

Sons & Daughters Sell Paternal brothers & Sisters Sell


Ron and Marilyn Mountenay Box 23, Belle Plaine, SK S0G 0G0 Ph: 306.345.2560 Cell: 306.630.5871 Page 118

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

Angus Edge - Spring 2016

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The Angus Edge Spring 2016  

Saskatchewan Angus Association Spring 2016 Newsletter

The Angus Edge Spring 2016  

Saskatchewan Angus Association Spring 2016 Newsletter