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Fall 2019

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Preparing for Another Sale Season! We have already started to prepare for the 2020 Sun Country Shorthorn Sale, on March 3rd at Johnstone Auction Mart, Moose Jaw, SK. We will once again be offering our best bulls and open replacement heifers. This year, we have an excellent set of both sexes sired by HC Cruiser 59C and HC Eldorado 68E. Cruiser has developed into one of the stoutest bulls we have ever seen and he is amazingly easy fleshing. We consider Eldorado to be the best son of HC Free Spirit 6Y we have produced. His first calf crop is pretty exciting!

HC Cruiser 59C

HC Eldorado 68E

We will again be offering a couple embryo lots to the Canadian Western Agribition Sale, on November 28th, 2019 Both sets are exportable to most countries:

**A set of four Grade 1 embryos from Frimley Rene Dottie 72R and CCS Shoshone.

Dottie 72R has done it all for us and has produced six bulls from six different sires, that have averaged $5810. She has been an exceptional embryo producer for us as well, and we have sold them to Canada, USA, Australia and the UK. CCS Shoshone is the former herdsire at Lednura in Quebec and few bulls added thickness to his offspring like he did. These embryos should produce some exciting calves!

** A set of four Grade 1 embryos from Waukaru Red Nan 1049 and Bell M Foreman 30A

Red Nan has already established herself as a tremendous producing female. Her first calf born here sold for $8000 to a commercial herd. There are excellent ET calves from her and a variety of sires in several countries already. Bell M Foreman 30A is a former Agribition Champion and a former herd sire at Bell M, where he has left a legacy of thick, soggy made calves with excellent performance. If you like beautiful roans with thickness, style and moderate frame you need to consider these genetics. They represent a definite opportunity to step into the future! Check out the Agribition sale catalog and our Facebook page for more information.

Horseshoe Creek Farms Ltd. Weyburn, Saskatchewan Grant & Chris Alexander, Gerald Alexander 306-861-5504

www.horseshoecreekfarms.com horseshoecreek@sasktel.net Facebook: Horseshoe Creek Shorthorns The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2019

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Where Has Time Gone? Welcome to the 20th anniversary edition of the Canadian Shorthorn Report! A few weeks ago, I mentioned to Belinda that this issue of the Shorthorn Report was going to be our 20th Anniversary edition. She said “How is that possible?” I have to agree that in many ways it doesn’t seem possible that this much time has passed since we decided to start this venture. Much has changed in the past twenty years. Twenty years ago, the internet and email were in the very early stages of being developed. Today, the internet and email are major parts of our everyday lives. Some things have not changed or haven’t changed as much and one of these is the need for a publication to promote the breed. That is the basic reason we decided in the summer of 1999, to establish it and produce our first issue in October 1999. I remember meeting with Belinda and discussing my idea of this publication. The reason I wanted to discuss it with her, was that I did not think there was any possibility of my doing this by myself. At that time, the Shorthorn breed in Canada had gone for over a year with no breed magazine. There really was no personal websites, no Facebook pages, and no email to communicate between breeders all across this vast country. I was amazed just how quickly we had lost the communication between breeders and I felt we really needed some way for Shorthorn breeders to promote their breeding programs, their new genetics, and the cattle they wanted to offer for sale. Several people had said to me, that they had no idea what was going on in other parts of the country in regard to the breed, since the breed magazine had ended. I felt exactly the same way and I felt this knowledge was a vital part of having a healthy breed. I remember tossing this idea out to Belinda and asking her if she thought her office could assist with the production of the magazine. I had a farm to run as well, and most days

it kept me pretty busy, but I thought I could assist in getting ads, writing articles and show and sale reports. I also remember telling Belinda that I had no idea if this magazine would fly and I was in no position to carry it on if it lost money. She said, “Well, why don’t we try an issue and see how it goes?” She said she would help produce the magazine and we can produce it until it loses money. If it loses money, we will just end the magazine. I thought this was a good compromise but I said that if we decide to do this, I want us both to be co-editors. I don’t think either of us, at that time, ever envisioned we would be still working together on this project 20 years down the road! This will be the 80th issue since we started. This also means that I have had to write 80 editorials, so if you are thinking I repeat myself sometimes, you are most probably very correct. There have been a few issues over these years where it did not look like they would pay the bills. So, we would try to find a little more advertising or remove some copy to allow it to at least break even. I don’t think that there has ever been an issue where we have not wished we could print more articles of interest, but this is controlled by the amount of advertising we receive for the issue. I will be honest when I say there have been times when I wished I had never got involved in this magazine. These times have been when I have been so swamped with my farm work that I should have been twins to get it done. We somehow got through these times and we got the magazine printed and mailed to your homes. I really want to say a special “thank you” to our other partners in publishing this magazine. This is every person who bought a subscription, or purchased advertising in it. You are all a vital part of this magazine remaining in existence and we are very grateful for your support. Over the years, it has been very Continued on page 8 The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2019

Every year we get numerous requests to sell females off the farm. We have always declined to do so for 2 reasons: 1) We are trying to build the strongest group of cows we possibly can. These females are the factory that produces our bulls for the "Who's Your Daddy" sale and we want them to be as uniform and consistent as possible. We believe a uniform, consistent cow herd is the key to producing reliable, predictable genetics in the bulls we sell. 2) We realized a long time ago, probably since the early 90's, that we had to produce a more efficient Shorthorn cow if we were ever going to be competitive in the real world of beef production. The year to year production of beef is basically a game of margins. You have to spend less than you take in. Equipment, fuel and labor costs are increasing every year. We can't always control the price we receive for our product, but we do have some control over what we spend to produce it. For the past 30 years we have been developing a cow herd that can calve and re breed without human intervention, and harvest its own feed for 365 days a year. That goal has now become a reality at Saskvalley. It's cows like these that have made this possible.

These are first calf heifers on pasture in mid September with their calves. No inputs other than grass and water. This may be the best group of young cows we have ever produced and we are excited to see how far we can push the envelope on production costs with them. These are the females that should be producing your next herd bull.

SASKVALLEY STOCK FARM barry 306 212 0240 • murray 306 232 7131 • carl 306 232 3511 • wes 306 232 7725 barrylehmann15@gmail.com www.saskvalleyshorthorns.com The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2019

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CSA News... We are entering the very busy show and sale Fall season when, for many, the fruits of their labour will be on display. We have no control over the weather and the markets but we can control how we breed, raise and promote our Shorthorn genetics. If we learn and implement even one small improvement that we might pick up at the sales, shows and farm tours we attend, we will be collectively improving the breed overall. Shorthorns are already noticed by all the other breeds and the commercial folks. We need to continue in our efforts to being part of the conversation. The following is a little information on some things we are actively working on: Junior Leadership Workshop: just this summer we began work on a new leadership development program for Canadian Junior Shorthorn members. Planning is coming together for a junior workshop this winter which will engage a group of juniors in sessions and speaker forums aimed at developing leadership skills, strengthening teamwork and building on beef and industry knowledge, as well as having a bit of fun! Participants will have the opportunity to share their own ideas and experiences and as a group develop strategies for encouraging further CSA involvement across the county. We are very excited about this and congratulate the juniors who have expressed interest in attending! A reminder that the Canadian Shorthorn Association provides two scholarships each year in the amounts of $1000 and $500. Applications are due by November 1. Please apply! Believe it or not, we do not always get even one application let alone two. The CSA plans to continue making it a priority to promote, support, expand and improve our junior programs. If there are any

ideas out there, please bring them forward. We would love to hear your thoughts! Communication: The CSA’s Facebook page continues to gather followers and we encourage you to like and share information from it, and with us. The CSA website is currently undergoing a redesign. We look forward to launching the new “look” website later this fall. The “Shorthorn Brief” will continue to provide important news and information on CSA news and opportunities. Please ensure your email address is current with us to receive the e-newsletter. The office offers E-blasts to those who wish, to advertise their herd or get out information on a sale they may be having. This is an inexpensive way to reach a lot of members via email. Contact the office if you would like to find out a little more or to get pricing information. EPDs: It has been a little over a year since the new CSA Multi-Breed EPDs by BOLT went live for members and all breeders interested in looking up registered Shorthorn trait values. Every survey of beef cattlemen of all breeds consistently shows well over 50% pay attention to EPDs when selecting breeding options. We hope you are well on your way to taking advantage of this valuable data on your animals and those you want to acquire. ■

CSA Registry & Member Services Shayla Chappell, Dallas Wise, Laura Ecklund Unit A, #13, 4101-19 Street NE, Calgary, Alberta T2E 7C4 Ph: 403-717-2581 Fax: 403-253-1704 registry@canadianshorthorn.com https://csa.digitalbeef.com Office hours: 8:30 - 4:30 September 1 to March 31 - - Monday to Friday April 1 to August 31 - - Monday to Thursday

The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2019

The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2019

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Where Has Time Gone? nice to hear from breeders who have had sales because of the ads they have run in the magazine. One I will always remember was after our very first issue, when the late George Cleggett, Renosa Shorthorns, Balcarres, SK phoned me just a few days after the magazine was mailed. When George had heard that we were starting this magazine, he was the very first person to phone and tell me he would take a small ad. In this ad he said he had a set of heifers for sale. When George phoned me, after our first issue, he said that he wanted to thank me for starting this magazine. He said that he had sold all his heifers within three days of his magazine arriving in his mailbox and that he could have sold several more, because of the number of inquiries he had. After talking with George that night, I knew we had done the right thing in establishing this magazine.

Continued from page 4

Like I mentioned earlier, many things have changed in the past twenty years, but I am as convinced as much as ever, that every breed needs to have the printed word in the form of a breed magazine. I have spoke with breeders in many other breeds about this and usually there is a consensus that this need is real. There are many new ways to promote your herd, and I am very pleased to see so many breeders getting their own websites and Facebook pages developed. Promotion of any and all kinds is extremely important and they work together to present your breeding program to the world. In the past 20 years, the world has really become our marketplace. This will continue into the foreseeable future.

if we take a look back at where we have come from. We are just entering the fall show and sale season all across Canada, and from the sale catalogs that have arrived here, I think the quality of Shorthorn breeding stock has never been higher. I am also sure that there will be some high quality animals at the fall shows as well. This breed is a very good breed, and we have a lot to offer the beef industry. Let’s continue to work together to advance the Shorthorn cause. I look forward to seeing many of you at the fall shows and sales! ■Until next time, Grant

There are lots of issues I could have discussed in this editorial, but I think it sometimes helps us plan our future

In Memory... Alan Muirhead Alan was born December 21, 1935 in Shellbrook, SK, to Bill and Kate Muirhead. He was younger brother to Neil and older brother to Marjorie. In his earlier years Alan lived in the Wild Rose district where his dad was farming. Wanting to get the boys a better education the family moved to a farm on the edge of Shellbrook when he was 11. Later, as an adult, Alan returned to the farm at Wild Rose to raise his family and continue farming.

Alan was an avid sports enthusiast, playing all sports as a youth; especially hockey. He coached hockey and enjoyed following and watching his kids and grandkids play their sports. He continued to enjoy watching the Blue Jays, Roughriders and even the Maple Leafs!

Alan married Margaret Clark on June 26th 1959. They were blessed with 4 children: Murray, Garth, Karen and Carolyn.

Alan was predeceased by his wife: Marge, his daughter Karen, his parents William and Kate, his in-laws Goldie and Charles Clark and his sisters-in-law, Edith and Eva.

Alan raised Shorthorn cattle, Quarter Horses and was a 4-H participant for many years as both a member and a leader. He showed cattle throughout Western Canada including at Canadian Western Agribition and Calgary Stampede. He also showed and judged cattle at the Toronto Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and represented the Canadian Shorthorn Association and Canadian Western Agribition at the World Show in Coventry England. Page 8

Alan will be sadly missed by his children, grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren; his brother: Neil Muirhead; his sister: Marjorie Brossart; his brothers-in-law: Lewis and James Clark; as well as several nieces and nephews; and his dancing partner, Marge Moline.

Alan was deeply loved and respected by his family who will forever appreciate the strong foundation he has laid for them.

The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2019


DF Gold Eagle 0019 S: Hill Haven Bold 4X McQueen-Vue's Happy Go Lucky CSF Evolution HC D: Hill Haven Picture Passion 23E SBF Picture 72A Hill Haven Bold 4X Sire of RPL 214G

CLF RSB GRAND DESIGN 214G This stud is selling at the CWA Shorthorn Sale November 28, 2019. Terms to be announced Sale Day. 214G is simply explosive in his design through his top & down into his quarter portraying a great hind leg & foot structure allowing him to move freely & without hesitation. He already has that impressive herd bull look. 214G & 23E will anchor our string for the 2019 fall shows.


Reserve Grand Champion Female CWA 2018


Selling the right to flush this great female. 23E has been admired by many highly respected cattle breeders that have seen her on the tanbark or at the farm. 23E is a very long bodied individual with a super sweet front end, carrying a huge top and big barrel all while tracking on a great set of feet & legs. 23E has an udder that will last a lifetime. 23E was Reserve Grand Champion Female at CWA 2018. Watch for this proud young momma to return to the tanbark with 214G at her side. This pair deserves your inspection! Stop by the stall at Brandon AgEx and Canadian Western Agribition!

Country Lane Farm Phil Zampino Phil: 705-733-5932 The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2019

RSB Cattle Co. Ryan Brown & Lacey Dekeyser Ryan: 306-630-5158 Lacey: 204-747-5991 lou_136_47@hotmail.com PO Box 67, Medora, MB R0M 1K0

RamRod Cattle Co. Tony & Jody Dekeyser Tony: 204-264-0270 Jody: 204-264-0271 Page 9

One Thing Checked Off My Bucket List - Part 1 - Ireland I don’t have a very large bucket list, but one of the few things on it was to be able to visit Ireland and the UK again. I had spent a few days in Scotland a few years ago and ever since that trip, I’ve wanted to go back. This time, I went to Ireland and England and before I even got home again, I had already put travelling back to the UK back on my bucket list. There is so much more to see and so many more wonderful people to visit! This article will be on the Ireland part of my trip. The England part will be in the next issue of this magazine. This trip almost appeared out of nowhere for me. One morning last February, I sat down with my morning coffee to check my email. One of the first I saw was from Westjet and the heading was “Announcing our European flight sale”. I decided to take a look while I finished my coffee. I was almost floored when I saw what the price was to fly from Regina to Dublin. It was less than a normal flight from Regina to Winnipeg! I could not believe my eyes! I decided before I had finished my coffee, that if I passed this opportunity up, I would probably regret it for the rest of my life. August was probably as good a time as any to make this trip, as I should have haying completed and the cows should be all bred and fattening their calves on pasture. I thought I better book my trip there right away, before someone at Westjet changed the prices. After thinking about how long I could be away, I finally decided that no matter how many days I planned, it would never be long enough. I went ahead and booked the return trip home. To make a long story shorter, I was able to fly from Regina to Dublin, then to London, then from London back to Regina, for about $50 more than the last flight to Calgary from Regina had cost me. After word got out that I was planning this trip, I was asked if I would consider judging their Irish National show at Tullamore. I hesitated to do this for several reasons, but then decided that this was an honour and I should agree to do it. The quality in the show was excellent, which made the job harder, but very enjoyable. I landed in Dublin on the morning of August 10, picked up my rental car and headed out driving on the wrong side of the road. I had lost all sense of what direction anything was. I could not get any help from the sun, as it was cloudy and raining. The show at Tullamore was not until the next day, so I did not want to visit any Shorthorn breeder who may be showing at this show. I decided to travel down to visit Richard and Ann Lee’s Knockagarry herd at Michelstown, County Cork. Richard does not show his cattle, so this was a good place to visit prior to the National show. It did not take me many minutes to figure out that Richard Lee was about as knowledgeable about the Shorthorn breed as anyone I have ever met. They started their herd in 1981 and they have used genetics from Ireland, Canada and Australia. This herd is based on producing cattle that are high in maternal traits which are commercially accepted. Their cattle are Page 10

By Grant Alexander

mainly sold privately off the farm. I saw several females that had sires like Eionmor Ideal 50P, Eionmor Ultra 8C, Alta Cedar Lad’s Legacy 14P, Paintearth Rama 53U and This is the type of cow you will see in Winalot Rodney in their the Richard Lee herd. pedigree. I was impressed with the cow herd at the Lee’s. Richard Lee has an amazing library full of Shorthorn history and he has an amazing amount of knowledge of Shorthorn herds in many countries. At one point in our visit, I told him that he probably knew as much about Canadian Shorthorns as most Canadian Shorthorn breeders did. Their farm is located about five miles from where the famous Deerpark herd had been. He still has semen from some of the famous Deerpark sires of 40 or more years ago. I could have stayed and visited with Richard all night but I had to make the two hour trip to Tullamore to attend a dinner that evening. The Tullamore show was something I could not have imagined. It was a one day show with most every breed having its own show ring. The cattle arrived in the morning, and the shows ran most of the morning and afternoon. This show was massive. I am sure that there would be no possible way for any person to see the entire show even if they walked through the exhibits all day. There were over 60,000 people that came through the gates that day. I would say that the Shorthorns in the show were more similar to the Shorthorns here in Canada, than many of the other breeds were to their breed here. I following day I headed to Galway, which is located on the west coast of Ireland. I met Tommy Staunton there, who was my tour guide for the next day. Our first stop was to see Gerald McGann’s Geasgeivnagh Shorthorns. Gerald raises what are referred to in Ireland as traditional Shorthorns. This is a herd that lives year round on grass, with little to no additional supplements. After weaning, the cows are moved to Pasture travel with Gerald McGann. The high pastures on the ground in the background is where his cows spend their winters. mountain where nothing has grazed over the summer months. As they get close to calving, they are moved down to the lower pastures where they will spend the summer until weaning time. This herd was extremely uniform in every way. The cows are moderate framed with flawless udders. By the condition on their The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2019

calves they obviously milk very well. Gerald has developed an amazing market for his calves as they are usually all sold before weaning. When we arrived, he told us that the bull calves were all sold, and there were only four heifer calves left to be sold. Before we left t h a t d a y , Tommy A group of young heifers at Gerald McGann’s.

Staunton had purchased the remaining four heifers. The uniformity was actually quite incredible as there was very little difference between any of the calves. Gerald told us, with a smile on his face, that when he sells an animal, all the money goes into his pocket. Basically, there are no other expenses for feed and supplements to pay for. Both Tommy and I agreed after we left Gerald’s place, that we all could learn a lot from the way his cows look after themselves with little additional management. Our next stop was to see John Keane’s Bushy Park herd at Ennis in County Clare. The Bushy Park farm has only had Shorthorn cattle on it for many generations. This reputation herd was full of big framed, thick made, deep sided cows that also had exceptional udders on them. There were some females in this herd that literally stopped me in my tracks and I am glad I was able to see them. John took over the herd in 1995, and since then has produced many show winners and sale topping animals. We could have stayed longer at Bushy Park, but we needed to leave if we were going to see as much as possible in a short period of time. The day was getting short but we made a quick stop at Val Flathery’s Tierlaheen herd. This is another traditional Shorthorn herd, and the cattle were very similar to the ones we saw at Gerald McGann’s. Val is quite elderly now and his nephew manages the herd. In Ireland, the traditional Shorthorns are registered in the Dairy Shorthorn herd book, but they are not what I would consider to be dairy animals of any kind. The number of traditional Shorthorn herds has become very limited, and these breeders both mentioned that it was becoming quite difficult to find outcross sires to use in their herds.

was happening, we had pulled into a small tavern. The steaks on the menu were listed as “Shorthorn steaks” and I found out that the tavern owner raised the Shorthorn cattle A typical Bushypark female. that produced the steaks he served. When the meal arrived it was meal fit for a king, and the steak was one of the best I have ever had. It was a truly memorable experience! Tommy dropped me off for the night at a local hotel, and the next morning we went to Caramba to see his herd. He has built a A part of the Caramba herd on pasture. beautiful farm and the Shorthorns we saw are definitely world class. I was very impressed with the quality of the Shorthorns Tommy has developed since he started his herd in 2011. His senior herd sire is Carrarock Chalkie 1E and he is a massive bull sired by Alta Cedar Perfect Storm 11U. Chalkie is truly a most impressive beef bull and he is breeding extremely well. By the sons I saw in Carrarock Chalkie - herd sire at use in England, this bull Caramba at 9 years of age. is leaving a real positive mark on the breed. Also in use at Caramba was a massive white bull named Bushy Park Ultra 1E. Ultra was also most impressive and has been a many times champion throughout Ireland. He is a grandson of Eionmor Ultra 8C and he combines Canadian, Deerpark and traditional Irish bloodlines. Bushypark Ultra 1E - another herd sire at Caramba. A daughter of HC Free Spirit 6Y in Tommy Staunton’s Caramba herd.

Bushypark cows on pasture.

The day was almost over and as we were driving back towards Kinvara, where I was staying for the night, Tommy asked me if I would like to have a Shorthorn steak. I told him that this sounded very good and before I knew what The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2019

Tommy Staunton with one of the Caramba brood cows. They were all this quiet!

Continued on page 12 Page 11

One Thing Checked Off My Bucket List - Part 1 - Ireland I wished I could have stayed in this part of Ireland longer, as there were several other good herds that I did not have time to visit. After leaving Caramba and the great hospitality Tommy Staunton provided, I headed out to drive across Ireland and meet up with Alfie Shaw, who lives in Northern Ireland, north of Dublin. Alfie has a tremendous business as a professional livestock photographer and he is also building an excellent herd of Shorthorns. Prior to Alfie starting his Shorthorn in the Alfie Shaw herd, he and his family had A young female herd. raised Simmentals for over 40 years. His farm is known as Glebe Farm, and it has been in his family for 145 years. They originally raised Shorthorns but in 1972 switched to breeding Simmental cattle. In 2017 Alfie sold the Simmental herd and reestablished the Shorthorns to the farm again. Alfie exhibited some of his cattle at the prestigious Royal Highland show in Scotland this year and did Alfie Shaw and his Reserve extremely well. They took three Grand Female at the Royal yearling heifers, two of which Highland show. were amongst the first Shorthorn calves born on his farm. This was the first show he had ever exhibited at, and he was awarded two firsts in class with these two females. One was also named Overall Reserve Grand Champion. This female Two females at Alfie Shaw’s. also has a pedigree filled with Canadian genetics. The females Alfie has used as his foundation females are tremendous and ensure that this herd is heading towards much success. After seeing Alfie’s fine herd, he took me north to see James Porter’s Uppermill herd which is located closer to Belfast. This herd was founded when James purchased the famed Uppermill herd in Scotland a few years ago. Uppermill is considered to be the oldest purebred herd of cattle in the world, being established in 1882. The day was getting late, but James was able to show us around his most beautiful farm and we saw some excellent Shorthorns in the fields. James has used a lot of Canadian Shorthorn genetics and many of the calves we saw were sired by Eionmor Royal Piper 22T Page 12

Continued from page 11

and they are an impressive group. James Porter purchased the rights to Royal Piper in the Eionmor dispersal a few years ago. This is another herd that has used a considerable amount of Canadian Shorthorn genetics in recent years. James Porter raises both Shorthorns and Angus on his Gill Hall Estate. The Uppermill herd name has been retained for use in registering the Shorthorn cattle. The Angus herd is registered under the Old Uppermill Jessie Jay and Glenfort prefix. Since Uppermill Lovely Leslie by purchasing the Uppermill Eionmor Chieftain 63R. herd, James Porter has been very successful in shows and sales across the UK with his Uppermill animals. The Uppermill name has been known around the world for many decades and it appears that is going to continue into the future. It was almost dark when we left James Porter’s Gill Hall Farm, and Alfie took me back to a hotel a few miles from the Dublin airport as I was flying to Heathrow in London the next morning, to begin the England part of my trip. I was wishing I had planned a few more days to spend in Ireland, as I had barely touched the wonderful Shorthorns and the people who own them in Ireland and Northern Ireland. I decided before I left Ireland that I had to start planning my next trip right away. After I got home, I started researching some of the pedigrees of some of the better Shorthorns I had viewed. I was amazed that almost all of them had a considerable amount of Canadian Shorthorn genetics in their heritage. I decided that this may be of interest to our Canadian readers as we often don’t hear a lot about the Canadian genetics that are sent to other countries. In the upcoming January issue, I will share the highlights of my trip through England. To be continued…

Tullamore Show

The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2019

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40 lots Purebred Shorthorns, including first Canadian born offspring of A&T Captain Obvious 606S

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Credibility Counts If you were asked, “What is the foundation of leadership?”, what would you say? Often, a standard answer is communication. While we certainly understand how important communication is and how many challenges result from miscommunication or the lack thereof, communication is only one piece of the puzzle. Credibility is the foundation of leadership. If people do not believe in you as the messenger, they will not believe in the message you are trying to communicate. Simply, leaders must, ‘Do What You Say You Will Do.’ As you grow in your leading abilities, you will soon learn that doing what you say you will do is as crucial as what you say. What you say and what you do must be aligned - your words and deeds must be consistent. Lacking credibility means you may never be able to achieve what you aim to accomplish in your leadership role. You may never be able to get individuals or a team of individuals to follow you and advance your goals and vision if you lack credibility. If people don’t have trust in what you say, then what you are trying to achieve will not matter. Over the years, we have all been a member of a committee, when someone said they would take on a responsibility, only to drop the ball and leave the committee in a lurch. How did we feel? Did we want to support that individual the next time they agreed to full-fill a committee responsibility? Did their

By B. Lynn Gordon words align with their actions? As an employee, have you experienced a situation where the leader had higher expectations of you than what they represented themselves? Did you feel confident that the commitment and time you were devoting to your role was respected? Credible leaders know it is through their visible actions that their true commitment is demonstrated and respected. Leaders are observable, and their actions are noticeable. Leaders are commonly leading meetings, speaking at events, or providing a committee report to the board of directors or membership. On farms and ranches, leaders are giving oversight or instruction to accomplish the daily or seasonal tasks for the operation. Employees, volunteers, committee members, etc., are watching the actions of leaders. How a leader spends their time, what they take an interest in, what questions they ask, and how they speak to issues, topics, etc., gives followers a chance to measure the leader’s credibility. It also provides the leader the opportunity to demonstrate the principles/values they represent. As a leader, setting an example is your foundation to build credibility and trust. Without credibility, you may end up being a leader of one — yourself. Credibility is built when leaders show by example, how deeply committed they are to their values. However, if followers are unclear on your values, decision-making abilities, or what you represent, uncertainty and lack of support begins to build. For example,

if you are serving as the committee chairperson, yet, you are consistently late for meetings or conference calls and often unprepared to discuss the agenda items, what message does this resonate across your committee? When you take on the responsibility of being a leader, people watch your every action. Here are some examples of how followers determine if someone is credible: 1) can they believe the person 2) does the person back up what they say with their actions 3) do they keep promises 4) do they walk the talk 5) are they accountable and loyal For instance, credible leaders don’t ask others to do something they wouldn’t be willing to do or have experienced themselves. The willingness to understand what is needed, the ability to develop solutions to the problems or situations or the desire to support an employee, or committee member demonstrates one’s actions speak louder than words. It all boils down to leaders deliver on what they promise whether their leadership role is on a ranch, in the boardroom or the community. In order to establish the level of credibility needed, you must be accountable for your actions. Followers do not owe allegiance to leaders - leaders earn it. As a leader, it is your role to demonstrate to others that you are the person they should want to follow. ■

Attention Juniors!

The CSA provides two scholarships each year in the amounts of $1000 and $500. Apply by November 1st. The application can be found at www.canadianshorthorn.com/juniors.html

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The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2019

A Successful Year! A big thanks to John Koehler of Haly Creek Farms, Australia, for purchasing a flush in ACC Candy’s Winegum 14W and partnering on another one... Two Embryos from Winegum x JSF Gauge are being donated and can be WON by you!! 100% of funds raised are being donated to the Canadian Junior Shorthorn Association ** Tickets available at Agribtion, or contact us** Sun Countr y Sale ACC Candy's Fruit Loop 46F - 2019 of England. Thank High Seller at $15,000 to A & C Farms in Winegum; we you for your support and confidence the future. look for ward to working with you in

ACC Candy's Bubble Yum 39Y captured her second CJSA National Show title this summer at EIGHT years old. Her calf at side by Royalla Rockstar will be out and about this fall.

ACC Madi 6F We are proud to be offering this high quality Beat The Heat bred heifer in the Agribition sale. She is bred to JSF Gauge for a January calf. Watch for her video on our website and Facebook!

Thanks to our other customers this spring - James Martin (2), Bruce Holmquist (3), Glenrothes Farm, (2) Ed Gammie, Ray & Anna Rintoul and Christine Ewert Hill

Anwender Cattle Company & Me 'N My Shorthorns Gary, Kim and Sadie Anwender Box 770 Radville, SK S0C 2G0 (306)442-2090 (306)815-7878

gks.acc@sasktel.net The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2019

www.anwendercattlecompany.com Page 15


A breed of cattle with desirable MATERNAL traits Consigning females to the CANADIAN WESTERN AGRIBITION SALE and the SHORTHORN ALLIANCE SALE

Heifers For Sale at the farm.

Muridale Shorthorns

Muridale Goose 76Y Sire: Saskvalley Bonanza 219M Heifer calf Sire: Muridale Iron Man 4X

Scot Muri 306-741-6833 • Russell Muri 306-741 1727 Swift Current, Saskatchewan • www.muridale.com sjmuri@sasktel.net

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The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2019

Congratulations to Sadie Anwender Radville, SK (Me ‘N My Shorthorns/Anwender Cattle Co.) on winning the

2019 STOCKMAN’S KNOWLEDGE AWARD, presented by the Bob Gordon Family at the Manitoba Youth Beef Round Up. This Round-Up contest is designed to develop Stockman knowledge and skills through questions and equipment handling/identification. Included is a written exam of beef industry and cattle knowledge • Equipment identification and/or feed identification • Equipment usage. Round-up is an all breeds junior show that brings youth together to work as teams and in individual competitions, to learn the skills needed in the Livestock Industry. The 2020 Canadian National Junior Shorthorn Show will be hosted at Round Up in Neepawa, Manitoba. Mark your calendars for July 31-August 2. L to R: Lynn Gordon, Sadie Anwender, Joyce Gordon, Lois (Gordon) McRae The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2019

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Watch for our consignments in the OSA Fall Classic Sale November 16, 2019 out of great cows like these.

Crawfdown Maid 5X offering one heifer calf

and one bred heifer by Shadybrook Perfection 35S

Six S Leah 55L offering one bred heifer by HC Timeline 17T

HC Julie 28A

offering one heifer calf by Saskvalley Primo 40P

Homedale Creole 135 - Service Sire to all

our bred heifers on offer

Blair Williamson Lambton Shores, ON. 519-808-0516 ridgeviewshorthorns@hotmail.com Page 18

The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2019

The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2019

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2019 Junior National Shorthorn Show Vermilion, AB July 26-27 Judges: Darryl & Leila Hickman

PeeWee Conformation


Goldenview Leanne 1F

Ellena Senetza


Adley Graham


Paintearth Duchess

Shelby Sarafinchan


Shelby Lovell


Goldenview Rare Ruby 10F

Ethen Senetza


Jordyn Peterson


Carston Pimm


Kingsley Whalen


Rhea Gunderson

Champion Yearling Heifer Bell M Misty 4F Royce Moellenbeck Reserve Champion Yearling Heifer RK Rosie 102F Evan Patriquin

Heifer Calf 1

Dungannon Ginny Maid 3G

Nate Rigney


ACC Candy's Glosette 11G

Sadie Anwender

Two Year Old Cow Calf


Goldenview Amanda 3G

Ellena Senetza



Goldenview Classy Lassie 130G

Ethen Senetza


Baehr Acres Sunbeam 9G

Kendal Pimm

Mature Cow Calf


Dungannon Georgia Dottie 11G

Elora Rigney


ACC Candy’s Bubble Yum 39Y

Sadie Anwender


Dungannon Ginger Dottie 5G

Jada Rigney


Prospect Hill Arayna 12A

Brooke Van De Voorde

Champion Female ACC Candy's Bubble Yum 39Y Sadie Anwender

Yearling Heifer Split 1 1

SULL Max Rosa 8124F ET

Landon Schutz


Saskvalley Peggy 21OF

Gavin Lehmann


Prospect Hill Fiona 23F

Brooke Van De Voorde


Saskvalley Genny 12F

Joshua Lehmann


Dungannon Flower 84F

Elora Rigney


Saskvalley Gennie 31F

Morgan Lehmann

Yearling Heifer Split 2 1

Baehr Acres Roan Rose 28F

Kenadee Pimm


Prospect Hill Fancy 15F

Kayla Van De Voorde


Baehr Acres Freedom Rose 24F

Zane Gunderson


Paintearth Lady Lamond 58F

Owen Oram


Prospect Hill Forever Show 21F

Daphney Schaub


Rafter W Faye 27F

Elizabeth Schaub

Yearling Heifer Split 3 1

Star P Linda 15F

Katherine Possberg


Rockdell Charleen 23F

Beckett Graham


Prospect Hill Faithful Ruby 14F

Hailey Peterson


Paintearth Delight 24F

Tracy Oram


Prospect Hill Fair Shauna 7F

Connor Schaub


Rockdell Buckingham 33F

Lincoln Graham

Yearling Heifer Split 4 1

Bell M Misty 4F

Royce Moellenbeck


RK Rosie 102F

Evan Patriquin


Starbright Dixie 2OF

Jada Rigney

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Goldenview Lassie 130E

Ethen Senetza

Reserve Champion Female Bell M Misty 4F Royce Moellenbeck Bull Calf 1

Prospect Hill Gage 20G

Troy Van De Voorde


Goldenview Standing Ovation 37G Ellena Senetza


Baehr Acres Galileo 28G

Kenadee Pimm


Paintearth Grizzly 45G

Shelby Sarafinchan

Yearling Bull-Split 1 1

Bell M Royal Navy 180F

Royce Moellenbeck


Saskvalley Flagstaff

Morgan Lehmann


Saskvalley Federale 143F

Joshua Lehmann


Saskvalley Herdman 1OF

Gavin Lehmann

Yearling Bull- Split 2 1

Six S Fireproof 45F

Landon Schutz


DASF Ronnie 7F

Evan Patriquin


Prospect Hill Foremost

Brooke Van De Voorde

Champion Yearling Bull & Grand Champion Bull Bell M Royal Navy 180F Royce Moellenbeck Reserve Champion Yearling Bull & Reserve Grand Champion Bull Six S Fireproof 45F Landon Schutz The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2019

Bred and Owned Yearling Heifer 1

Dungannon Flower 84F

Nate Rigney

Bred and Owned Mature Cow Calf 1

Prospect Hill Arayna 12A

Brooke Van De Voorde

Bred and Owned Bull Calf 1

Prospect Hill Gage 20G

Brooke Van De Voorde


Baehr Acres Galileo 28G

Kenadee Pimm

Champion Bred/Owned Female Prospect Hill Arayna 12A Brooke Van De Voorde

Bred and Owned Yearling Bull 1

Bell M Royal Navy 180F

Royce Moellenbeck


DASF Ronnie 7F

Evan Patriquin


Prospect Hill Foremost

Brooke Van De Voorde

Reserve Champion Bred/Owned Female Dungannon Flower 84F Nate Rigney

Champion Bred/Owned Bull Bell M Royal Navy 180F Royce Moellenbeck

Champion Female ACC Candy's Bubble Yum 39Y Sadie Anwender

Reserve Champion Female Bell M Misty 4F Royce Moellenbeck

Champion Bull Bell M Royal Navy 180F Royce Moellenbeck

Reserve Champion Bull Six S Fireproof 45F Landon Schutz

Reserve Champion Bred/Owned Bull DASF Ronnie 7F Evan Patriquin

Herdsman Award Evan Patriquin

See You next Year at Round Up in Neepawa, MB. July 31-August 2. The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2019

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JANELL’S SHORTHORNS Mel Barkley & Family Michelle & Tanner Duncan 403-740-4958

Look for us at the ALL STAR CLASSIC SHORTHORN SALE Lacombe, AB October 26, 2019


OSA Saturday, November 16, 2019 - 1pm Maple Hill Auctions, Hanover, ON


Bred and Open Females along with Show Prospects Contact Blair Williamson 519-808-0516 or ridgeviewshorthorns@hotmail.com www.ontarioshorthorns.com or Like Ontario Shorthorns on Facebook

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The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2019

Raised on Country

Shorthorn Bull & Female Sale December 8, 2019

Viewing of sale cattle December 8th at the ranch from 12 - 2pm MST Sale to follow at 3pm at the Clandonald Hall, Clandonald, AB Supper to follow the conclusion of the sale

HH Livestock



Heather Haydock & Family PO Box 876, Elk Point AB T0A 1A0 shorthorn_cowgirl@hotmail.com www.hhlivestock.com

I am currently planning to sell my herd this fall by private treaty. We have a good line of three and four year old females for sale with or without their calves. If you are interested go to our web site www.southvalleyshorthorncattle.com and take a look. Visit our website to see the embryos offered for sale.

All Canadian animals showing or selling in the States must be American Shorthorn Association registered. All donor dams and semen sires must have their own TH, PHA and DS tests as the ASA doesn't accept parentage results on donors and semen sires. It matters to CSA members who want to register offspring from these animals with the ASA because without those tests they can't be registered.

SOUTH VALLEY SHORTHORNS BOX 113 CAYLEY AB. TOL OPO 403-395-3764 (H) OR CELL 403-601-7667 youngw1962@outlook.com www.southvalleyshorthorncattle.com

The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2019

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R.R. 3 Mannville, AB T0B 2W0

Doug & Karen Hess & family

Ph/Fax: (780) 763-2209 6 1/2 miles South of Mannville karenahess@hotmail.com on Hwy 881

Half Diamond

BODMIN George & Elizabeth Procter RR #5 Brussels, ON N0G 1H0

PH 519-887-9206 FAX 519-887-9880 email - bodmin@hurontel.on.ca

Triple J Farms J

Double R Ranch





Orville, Eleanor & Family Box 607, Melita, MB R0M 1L0 204-522-8686 Email: ojemr@mts.net

Birdtail Shorthorns

Ray & Susan Armbruster

Box 597, Rossburn, MB. R0J 1V0 Phone/fax 204 859 2088

shorthornsue@gmail.com www.birdtailshorthorns.com

Dennis & Marlene Cox, Jeremiah, Joseph, Jessica Ph: 819-837-2086 triplejcox@gmail.com

Prospect Hill SHORTHORNS


Les & Shelley Peterson

780-877-2444 Box 64 Visit us at the farm or at Meeting Creek, AB www.prospecthillshorthorns.com T0B 2Z0

For all your printing needs

(306) 525-8796 GRANT ROLSTON Box 1562 Vulcan, AB T0L 2B0

www.TwinMapleShorthorns.com Jim and Lynn Poole 902-384-2964

Green Philip Burgess and Family Grove

1519 Highway #1 Falmouth, NS B0P 1L0 902-798-5174 (h) 902-790-2985 (c) pattyburgess1974@hotmail.com

“Committed to Shorthorns” Page 24


Phone: 403-593-2217 grantspix@gmail.com www.grantspix.com

Kettleview Shorthorns Est. 1901

The Shelley’s Ronald, Carol and family 4631 Perth Road 178, RR #2 Gorrie, ON N0G 1X0

Fax: (519) 335-3939

Tel: (519) 335-3679

Embryo Transplants Ltd. P.O. Box 590 Crossfield, AB T0M 0S0 Ph: 403.946.4551 Fax: 403.946.5093 embryos@davis-rairdan.com www.davis-rairdan.com The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2019


SHORTHORNS Alvin Johnson Box 27 Brownvale, AB T0H 0L0 Ph/Fax 780-618-9044

Dr. Christine Ewert Hill christine.ewert@gmail.com

(306)452-7867 (C) • (306)452-3803 (H) Box 31, Redvers, SK S0C 2H0

Coming Events ...

Index of Ads ...

Oct 23-26..........Brandon Ag-Ex, Brandon, MB Oct 26...............All Star Classic Sale, Lacombe, AB Oct 30-Nov 2....Lloydminster Stockade Roundup, Lloydminster, SK Nov 1................Deadline for Junior Scholarship Applications Nov 1-10...........Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Toronto, ON Nov 3................Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Shorthorn Show, Toronto, ON Nov 5-10...........FarmFair International, Edmonton, AB Nov 7................Canadian National Shorthorn Show, Farmfair International, .........................Edmonton, AB Nov 16..............Ontario Fall Classic Sale, Hanover, ON Nov 25-30.........Canadian Western Agribition, Regina, SK Nov 28..............Canadian Western Agribition Shorthorn Sale, Regina, SK Nov 29..............Canadian Western Agribition Shorthorn Show, Regina, SK Dec 1................4’s Company Sale, Camrose, AB Dec 7................Mooving Forward.ca Sale, Campbellford, ON Dec 8................Raised on Country Shorthorn Bull & Female Sale, .........................Clandonald, AB Dec 12..............Shorthorn Allilance Sale, Saskatoon, SK



4’s Company Sale................................................. 27 National Shorthorn Show....................................... 26 All Star Classic Sale.............................................. 19 Anwender Cattle Company.................................... 15 Bell M Farms......................................................... 16 Canadian Shorthorn Association.......................... 6,7 Canadian Western Agribition Shorthorn Sale....... BC HH Livestock......................................................... 23 Horseshoe Creek Farms......................................... 3 Janell’s Shorthorns................................................ 22 Lingley Livestock..................................................... 2 MIDA Shorthorns................................................... 13 Muridale Shorthorns.............................................. 16 Ontario Fall Classic Sale....................................... 22 Ridgeview Cattle Co.............................................. 18 RSB Cattle Co......................................................... 9 Saskvalley Stock Farm............................................ 5 Shorthorn Alliance Sale......................................... 17 South Valley Shorthorns........................................ 23

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Phone # _______________________________

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Email Address __________________________________________________ Subscriptions: 1 Year (Canada) $25.20 GST Included BN # 10795 6021

Mail to: Box 3771, Regina, SK S4P 3N8 The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2019

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Phone 306-757-6133 Fax 306-525-5852 Email: office@canadianshorthorn.com Page 25

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The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2019

Lazy HJ Ultra 21Y

39 th Annual Sale

Sunday, December 1, 2019 Camrose Agriplex, AB

Lazy HJ Nitro 9Y


Exciting pedigrees from the past to present day popular bloodlines on offer! Many have gone on to produce champions in the showring, pasture and club calf circuit. 6S Charger 24C

LAZY HJ STOCK FARM ...A Sampling of Reference Sires 6S Cheynne 19C

780-763-2209 Doug & Karen Hess


780-963-4578 780-940-7355 Rod & Sandie Schutz


403-882-2253 Albert & Susan Oram

Guest Consignors: Paintearth Federal 63F

Live Sale Day Broadcast!

Direct Livestock Marketing System

Bell M Upperhand 128C

The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2019

Prospect Hill Shorthorns 780-877-2444 Sharom Shorthorns 780-307-4043 Please pre-register for online bidding at DLMS.ca prior to sale day.

View the catalogue online at www.canadianshorthorn.com Page 27

Profile for Belinda Wagner

The Canadian Shorthorn Report - Fall 2019  

A quarterly magazine promoting the Shorthorn breed in Canada - Fall 2019 issue.

The Canadian Shorthorn Report - Fall 2019  

A quarterly magazine promoting the Shorthorn breed in Canada - Fall 2019 issue.