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The Canadian

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Fall 2018

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The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2018

The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2018

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The Canadian


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Cover pictures are the Winners of the Candid Photo Contest from the Junior Shorthorn Show. See page 22 for details. We have some very talented young members!

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Here It Comes Again! As I sat down to write something for this editorial, I took a few moments to look at Facebook and see what was going on in some of my friend’s lives. It was quite depressing to see so many pictures of snow-covered yards and acres of crops crushed to the ground by the heavy snow. We were fortunate here where I live, as we did not get any snow… at least not yet. It is very cool and the clouds are almost to the ground, and it is easy to forget that it is still September. Such is life, when you live in a northern country where the old saying is often true, that is, we have eight months of winter and four months of poor sledding! Hopefully, it will return to seasonal weather and many people will be able to finish their harvest and wean their calves, and be ready for winter when it officially arrives. As I have mentioned a few times before, this business would be so much easier if we didn’t have to rely on Mother Nature’s moods. Agriculture is definitely not a lifestyle for the weakhearted! It has been a busy summer for most of us, and it is very good to see Shorthorn families taking time to display their cattle to their local communities. I have heard of several events across the country, where there has been an excellent display of Shorthorn cattle. One of the highlights of the summer was the Canadian National Junior Shorthorn Show, which was held in Stratford, Ontario in August. I had planned on attending this show, but life got in the way and I was unable to be there. I have heard from several people that this was one of the best Junior Nationals held in Canada in recent memory, not only in numbers of cattle and participants, but also in the quality of the cattle and the quality of the juniors in attendance. I want to publicly thank the organizers of this show, as well as everyone who exhibited and attended to make this an outstanding success. Your efforts are greatly appreciated! The 2019

Canadian National Junior Show will be held July 25-27 in Vermilion, AB. Right now is the time to start making plans to attend. Some of the fall sale catalogs are starting to arrive and I don’t think I have ever seen so many quality Shorthorn genetics being offered. Every time I look through one of these catalogs I wish I was half as old and twice as rich. I think there are going to be some excellent opportunities for breeders, both new and old, to add some sound breeding pieces to their programs. The sale season has just started in Canada, and the recent Shadybrook Shorthorns sale can be called a great success. As per usual, the quality of the cattle was extremely high, and the hospitality was second to none. One of the more positive things I have noticed, in recent years, is that Canadian Shorthorn breeders are more willing than ever to pay for quality breeding stock. I was very pleased to see that many of the best cattle in this sale sold to Canadian breeders at excellent prices. This may be a bit selfish, but I think it guarantees a brighter future for everyone who raises Shorthorns in Canada. I firmly believe that when someone has a very good sale, it helps everyone in the Shorthorn industry in the entire country. Good sales add value to everyone. Of course, we all need to work hard on not only breeding and managing the production side of this business, but we also have to continually improve the marketing side of it as well. I am often quite amazed at pictures I see of some extremely high quality animals that I never have heard of before. This country is just too big for anyone to see every herd from coast to coast, so it is up to each of us, to promote what we have.

Continued on page 8 The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2018

The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2018

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Canadian Shorthorn Association Board of Directors President

Dale Asser Stayner, ON Phone 705-444-0386 Cell 705-444-9403 hillhavenshorthorns1@gmail.com

President-Elect Ray Armbruster Rossburn, MB Ph: 204-859-2088 Cell: 431-761-4477 ray.armbruster@gmail.com Directors

Bob Merkley Aldergrove, BC Phone 604-607-7733 Cell 778-240-7233 circlemshorthorns@telus.net Dan Stephenson Okotoks, AB Phone 403-938-4112 Cell 587-436-2224 djstephenson1@gmail.com Richard Moellenbeck Box 47, Englefeld, SK S0K 1N0 Ph:306-287-3420 Cell: 306-287-7904 bellmfarms@outlook.ca Dennis Cox Compton, QC Phone 819-837-2086 Fax 819-820-5080 triplejcox2018@gmail.com Mitchell Boyle Indian Mountain, NB Phone 506-384-0129 Cell 506-875-5450 eastcoastfoods@outlook.com Canadian Shorthorn Association Belinda Wagner, Secretary-Treasurer 2nd Floor, Canada Centre Building Evraz Place, Box 3771, Regina, SK S4P 3N8 Phone 306-757-2212 Fax 306-525-5852 Email office@canadianshorthorn.com Website www.canadianshorthorn.com Office hours 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday - Friday

CSA News...

By Dale Asser

We are entering the very busy show and sale Fall season when, for many of us, the fruits of our labour will be on display. We have no control over the weather and the markets but we can control how we breed, raise and promote our Shorthorn genetics. If we learn and implement even one small improvement that we might pick up at the sales, shows and farm tours we attend, we will be collectively improving the breed overall. Shorthorns are already noticed by all the other breeds and the commercial folks. Our next phase is to become part of their regular conversation. The following is an update on the three areas listed in the last Shorthorn Report which the Board has committed to the membership: CSA REGISTRY: a presentation on how to use the Digital Beef Registry was given by Tessa Verbeek to a group of members in London last month. It was very helpful and as a result we are looking into providing additional sessions in other provinces. COMMUNICATION: the CSA Member Handbook is in the process of being put together with end of the year as our completion goal. CSA’s Facebook page is up and running and we encourage everyone to submit content to Mitchell Boyle. The September Shorthorn Brief was part of our commitment to keep membership regularly informed on CSA news and opportunities.

EPDs: It has been about a month since the new CSA Multi-Breed EPDs by BOLT went live for members and all breeders interested in looking up registered Shorthorn trait values. Every survey of beef cattlemen of all breeds consistently shows well over 50% pay attention to EPDs when selecting breeding options. We hope you will take advantage of this valuable data on your animals and those you want to acquire. It will become second nature to use the improved EPDs after your “eye” passes the first test. I was at the National Junior Shorthorn Show held in Stratford, Ontario, August 3rd to 5th. There were 55 juniors and 91 head of cattle at the show. It was an incredibly successful event and many thanks go to a very dedicated and tireless group of volunteers from the Ontario Shorthorn Association who put it all together. The friendship and fraternity among the exhibitors and families was overwhelming from start to finish. Considering how tense it can be among ‘seniors’ at shows, it was palpably the opposite among the juniors – laughter, socializing, sharing and helping each other – all around it was obviously a fun, learning experience. Many parents asked if we could put this kind of show on at least every second year. I assured them the CSA would make it a priority to promote, support, expand and improve our junior programs. This fall, which ever province you are in, whatever show or sale you are at, let everyone know you are a proud Shorthorn breeder.

CSA Registry & Member Services Shayla Chappell, Dallas Wise, Laura Ecklund & Tessa Verbeek Unit A, #13, 4101-19 Street NE, Calgary, Alberta T2E 7C4 Ph: 403-717-2581 Fax: 403-253-1704 registry@canadianshorthorn.com

https://csa.digitalbeef.com Page 6

The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2018

The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2018

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Here It Comes Again! There are outstanding genetics across this country. And as I have said many times before, the entire world is our marketplace today, and this will not change. We are initiating some changes which will help Shorthorn breeders expand their marketing options and allow them to reach more producers with their

advertising We are going to be offering to send eBlasts to our complete email list at very reasonable rates. Preferred rates will be offered to those who advertise in The Canadian Shorthorn Report. We will also send the same eBlast out a second time for a much lower cost than the first, if you wish to send it again just before your sale. We are enhancing our partnership with

Continued from page 4 the Canadian Shorthorn Association and our eBlast service will include publishing a link to your sale catalog on the Events page of the CSA website (www.canadianshorthorn.com). For more information, please contact Belinda in the office at 306-757-6133 or email office@canadianshorthorn. com. We are also finalizing some more plans that we think will expand the reach your advertising in this magazine. We will be sending an eBlast out to the membership once these plans are finalized shortly. We are hoping these changes will be a worthwhile improvement in how everyone can improve the promotion of their breeding programs. Everyone who is in this business has a sizable investment in their breeding stock, facilities, machinery and land base. I don’t think I have to tell anyone about the high costs of everything we need to produce our breeding stock. With this in mind, we certainly need to maximize of promotion and marketing opportunities. The major fall shows are also just around the corner, and I am quite sure we will have an outstanding display of Shorthorns again. Please get out and support these shows and the breeders who make them happen. I am more convinced with each day that passes by, that Shorthorns have a valuable part to play in the beef industry. I think we all know some of the great reasons that Shorthorns are superior in many traits. It is no longer good enough to just say this, but we have to gather the data, and then present it to the industry to prove that Shorthorns offer traits that will add improvement in many areas of production. Let’s all work together to make this happen! See you at the fall shows and sales. Grant

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The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2018

Lazy HJ Ultra 21Y

38th Annual Sale Sunday, December 2, 2018 Camrose Agriplex, AB

Lazy HJ Nitro 9Y


Exciting pedigrees from the past to present day popular bloodlines on offer! Many have gone on to produce champions in the showring, pasture and club calf circuit. 6S Charger 24C

LAZY HJ STOCK FARM ...A Sampling of Reference Sires 6S Cheynne 19C

780-763-2209 Doug & Karen Hess


780-963-4578 780-940-7355 Rod & Sandie Schutz


403-882-2253 Albert & Susan Oram

Guest Consignors: Paintearth Chester 64Z

Live Sale Day Broadcast!

Direct Livestock Marketing System

Bell M Upperhand 128C

The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2018

Prospect Hill Shorthorns 780-877-2444 Sharom Shorthorns 780-307-4043 Please pre-register for online bidding at DLMS.ca prior to sale day.

View the catalogue online at www.canadianshorthorn.com Page 9

EPDs – More Valuable To Breeders Than Ever Before

By Dale Asser

The Canadian Shorthorn Association (CSA) announced the release of the IGS Multi-Breed Genetic Evaluation powered by BOLT in their September communication to members. As a refresher, the main premise of the improved EPD system is the amalgamation of breeder submitted performance data (weights) and objective DNA data (trait markers) which together, result in significantly increased predictable accuracy of EPDs. The table below shows how many progeny records (weights) it takes for an animal without genomics to have the same BIF accuracy as the young animal with genomics (but no progeny). In other words, EPD on a genotyped 1-month-old calf will be as accurate as an animal with birth weights on 21 calves, weaning weights on 22 calves, etc. The carcass traits represent actual carcass records, not ultrasound records. You may notice the maternal calving ease gets the least boost from genomics. This is due in part to such few females being genotyped. TRAIT CE MCE BW WW YW MLK

PROGENY TRAIT 15 3 21 22 24 18



25 6 8 5 6 19

Animals with genotype DNA show yellow EPD values on the CSA Digital Beef registry. When you need to order parentage DNA for your bulls, flush cows, or embryo calves please seriously consider taking advantage of these improved genomic EPDs on your animals. Contact the CSA Registry office and request an LD SNP, either 30K or 50K, rather than the Basic SNP which DOES NOT give you GE-EPDs. Animals which already have the basic DNA on file would benefit from a new LD SNP and in many instances, old samples on file can be retested. The following are the costs for the different SNP tests you can order. The small additional $10 or $20 cost is an invaluable investment toward more predictable EPDs. TEST COST LD SNP – 30K(approximate 6-8 weeks for results) $55 (includes parentage verification) LD SNP – 50K(approximate 3-4 weeks for results) 65 (includes parentage verification) Basic SNP (NO GE-EPDs) 45 (for parentage verification only) TH, PHA (with LD SNP) each 15 Myostatin (with LD-SNP ) 18 DS (no discount with LD SNP) 30 TH, PHA, Myostatin, DS (NOT with LD SNP) each 30 NOTE: If parentage tests are required on an animal whose sire and/or dam do not currently have a SNP value on them, an additional test may be required and the CSA Registry Office will contact you to discuss.

Attention Juniors!

The CSA provides two scholarships each year in the amounts of $1000 and $500. Apply by November 1st. The application can be found at www.canadianshorthorn.com/juniors.html

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The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2018


Agribition Shorthorn Sale

Thursday, November 22 - 2:00 PM.

Donation heifer donated by Bender Shorthorns. Tickets $10.00 each, auction of heifer prior to sale. 

Glenford Baby Blue 59F DOB: February 19, 2018 Sire: Star P Crimson Wave 29A Dam: Glenford Baby Blue 76A


The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2018

Agribition Shorthorn Show

Friday, November 23 - 9:00 AM.

Shorthorn Alliance Sale

Thursday, December 13, Saskatoon Livestock Sales. Sales management Richard Moellenbeck (306)287-3420 or cell (306)287-7904 **Selected Shorthorn influenced bred heifers will be on offer following the sale of the purebreds.


Page 11

IT’S A SMALL WORLD... This email was received by the CSA office recently. The name of Grant MacEwen is mentioned as being the author of a book on Shorthorn history in Canada. I thought I would relate a few additional things about this great man. Hi there,

Shock! So do I.

My father, Peder Myhr, worked with what’s now Agriculture Canada, at the Research Station in Swift Current, Sask. He had an outreach job, a kind of extension agent, and his domains were livestock and horticulture. I used to go out with him on weekends to 4H beef shows, when I was 9 or 10, and “help” him judge the shows. Usually this meant marking the multiple choice tests the 4H members were given.

It turns out that the Davidson property is just around the corner from where I live, and that the original mid-1860s house is still standing where I drive by regularly.

My parents became friends with Grant MacEwan (professor at USask and UMan, politician, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, etc), and he frequently visited. Prof. MacEwan was commissioned by the Canadian Shorthorn Association to research the history of the Shorthorn breed in Canada, and to write a book about it. A few years ago I was visiting my brother and his wife at Lac Pelletier, south of Swift Current, and was idly browsing some of the books in the bookshelves, several of which had been left in the home by my mother, before her death. I chanced across “Highlights of Shorthorn History” by Prof. MacEwan, and began to browse. Interesting to read how the breed was developed and then evolved in Canada. As I read through the book, I came across the chapter “James I Davidson and the Swing to Cruickshank Cattle”. A page or two in I came across the note that he lived in Pickering, in Ontario, near the hamlet of Balsam. Editor’s Note: I occasionally heard the name of Grant MacEwen as I was growing up, but I never got to meet him until I was 17, when he attended the Saskatchewan Livestock Association Annual Convention in Saskatoon. My dad introduced me to him and we had a very brief conversation. Several years later, I had an occasion to meet him again. I was totally amazed that he not only remembered me, but also called me by my name when he shook my hand. Grant MacEwen was very fond of Shorthorn cattle and his love for the red, white and roan remained in his heart until his death in 2000. This man had an amazing career and left a major mark on Western Canadian agriculture. He was the Head of the Animal Science department at the University of Saskatchewan from 1928 -1946. In 1946 he headed to the University of Manitoba where he was Dean of the College of Agriculture until 1951. (I find it interesting that he held these positions while only having a Masters degree in Agriculture that he Page 12

Apparently, Mr. Davidson was a major contributor to the development of the breed in Canada, principally responsible for importing the Cruickshank cattle from Scotland, which formed the basis for the breed in Canada. I don’t know if the book is in the possession of the association, or if it’s even known about these days, but thought I’d let you know I have one. It’s inscribed as follows (showing an appreciation of my mother’s porridge): “To Peder Myhr, with Pleasant Memories and a Stomach full of Porridge – Good Porridge. Grant MacEwan” Best regards, Ron Myhr The CSA does have a few copies of these books at the office is anyone is interested.

obtained at the University of Iowa in one year. This would be totally unheard of today!) He then moved west to Alberta and shortly after his arrival in Calgary, he became the 28th Mayor of this city. He was also elected as an MLA in the Alberta Legislative Assembly in 1955 and he went on to be named the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta from 1966 to 1974. Throughout all these years of holding major positions in three different provinces, he continued to travel whenever he could to judge cattle, horses, and swine as well as speak to livestock groups. He continued to be a sought after speaker after his retirement and well into his 90s. When he died in 2000, he was given a state funeral in Edmonton, the first in over 40 years in Alberta. Grant MacEwen wrote 28 books in his lifetime, and he was writing the 28th when he passed away in June, 2000. By total chance, I was able to visit with this great man 3 months before his death. My father and I had stopped to see my aunt The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2018

(dad’s older sister) who was living in a retirement home in Calgary at the time. As we walked down the corridor going to her apartment, we saw a name plate on a door that said Grant MacEwen. It was right next to my aunt’s apartment. A lady who worked there confirmed that this was indeed the former Lieutenant Governor of Alberta. She said he was very deaf so just walk into his apartment if he didn’t hear us knock on his door. As dad knocked on his door, we could hear a typewriter being used. Grant MacEwen was working on his 28th book at 97 years of age. When he saw that we had walked into his apartment, he grabbed a rather large metal horn and he put the small end to his ear. He asked dad to tell him who we were and he yelled his name into the big end of the horn. He turned around and said “Alexander… Goodwater, Saskatchewan… Shorthorn cattle. You must be Gerald and this must be your son Grant” Needless to say, we were pretty much blown away, that he remembered who we were. We visited with him for a few minutes and most of the conversation was about Shorthorn cattle, as well as the book he was working on at the time. This last book was published after his death. It was very apparent that his love for the Shorthorn breed was still as strong as ever. Grant MacEwen’s legacy continues today through MacEwen University in Edmonton. Both Calgary and Edmonton have communities that are called MacEwen and there are more

than a few schools that carry his name. Just prior to his death, he was given a lifetime literary award by the Alberta Writer’s Guild. This award has only been given to one other person, that being W.O. Mitchell. He also received many other awards in his life, including being named an Officer of the Order of Canada in 1974. I had a copy of Grant MacEwen’s book on Shorthorn history in Canada, but I donated it to be auctioned at the CSA Annual Meeting several years ago. I don’t remember who bought the book but I hope someone will find it again and revisit some Shorthorn history from a truly great man. Looking back through the history of the Shorthorn breed in Canada, there have been some very remarkable people involved. Grant MacEwen was one of these people.

Grant MacEwen

Grant Alexander

Want to further market your program or promote your sale?

We can help! The Canadian Shorthorn Report has partnered with the Canadian Shorthorn Association to offer E-blasts to members and advertisers. We will send your information to our exclusive list of breeders and producers and add your sale catalogue to the Events section of the CSA web-site, all for a very nominal fee. Contact Belinda at 306-757-6133 for details.

The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2018

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Western Prime Shorthorn Bull & Female Sale

Innisfail, Alberta, Canada Monday, April 1st, 2019

For More Information:

Sharom Shorthorns

780-398-2093 tsbarto@mscnet.ca www.sharomshorthorns.com

Crooked Post Shorthorns

Starbright Shorthorns

403-729-2267 780-201-2785 shorthorn@crookedpost.ca nelson.ericrena@gmail.com www.crookedpost.ca www.starbrightshorthorns.com

Consigning to the

38th Annual 4’s Company Sale, December 2, 2018 Camrose, AB

Bulls and Females always for sale at the farm. Stop in for a visit anytime!

www.prospecthillshorthorns.com Page 14

Meeting Creek, AB T0B 2Z0 Les 780.608.0398 Shelley 780.608.5023 prospecthillshell@yahoo.ca The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2018

Genetic Opportunities

We are offering some unique frozen genetics this fall. These embryos all sell with our minimum pregnancy guarantee of 50% pregnancy rate at 70 days when an experienced embryo technician is used. All the embryos we are offering in these two sales will all be 100% in the CSA closed registry.

All Star Classic Sale, Lacombe, AB - October 20th, 2018 1) Four grade one exportable embryos Frimley Rene Dottie 72R X Bayview Unique K11

Dottie has had six sons average $6083. 13 years old, still sound, with a superb udder and is a tremendous embryo producer. The Aussie sire was Reserve Champion - Australian National Show and sold for $30,000 in the National Sale. Excellent reports about his calves. His first son offered sold for $12,000 in the National sale in Dubbo.

2) Four grade one exportable embryos Waukaru Red Nan 1049 X Crooked Post Stockman 4Z

Red Nan was purchased with Martyn Moore (England) as the high selling female in the 2016 Waukaru sale. Flawless in her design, structure, extremely fertile and easy fleshing. Some recent visitors called her a model Shorthorn female! Stockman is being used around the world and the reports are all the same - easy calving, fast growing, thick made calves! A full brother to these embryos sold in our 2018 Sun Country Sale for $8000.

Canadian Western Agribiton , Regina, SK November 22nd, 2018 1) Four grade one exportable embryos Frimley Rene Dottie 72R X Weebollabolla Theodore T85

This mating of Dottie 72R and the Australian legend Weebollabolla Theodore T85 is very unique and rare. When Shorthorn history is written in Australia, a full chapter will be written on how Theodore was responsible in the breed regaining commercial acceptance in that country. Dottie has worked with any sire we have mated her to, and this combination may be the best one yet. There is very little Theodore semen left in Canada.

2) Four grade one exportable embryos HC Sparkle Delight 20B X Bayview Unique K11

20B was the high selling female in our Herd Reduction sale in 2017, going for $14,000 to Martyn Moore (in England). She is a full sister to HC Bluebook 22B, who sold for $32,000 in the Sun Country Sale to Maple Stone in Ontario. 20B has had two calves and both have been in the very top end of our calf crop, and we expect much more will be heard from this female in years to come. These embryos represent some of the first to sell from Bayview Unique K11 in Canada. This is an opportunity to add lead time genetics to your breeding program!

* 12th Horseshoe Creek “Frozen in Time� online sale January 31- February 1, 2019 *12th Sun Country Shorthorn Sale, Moose Jaw, SK March 5, 2019

Horseshoe Creek Farms Ltd.

Weyburn, Saskatchewan Grant & Chris Alexander, Gerald Alexander Home: 306-456-2500 Cell: 306-861-5504

www.horseshoecreekfarms.com horseshoecreek@sasktel.net The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2018

Facebook: Horseshoe Creek Shorthorns Page 15

Page 16

The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2018

Selling at the CWA Shorthorn Sale November 22, 2018

Glenford Sophia 31F

Bender Shorthorns

Glenn & Ryan Bender 306.728.8613 www.bendershorthorns.com

Selling at the Canadian Western Agribition Shorthorn Sale - November 22, 2018 Muridale Mable 308E

Six S Zipper 25Z x Saskvalley Bonanza 219M Bred to Muridale Swig 2E

We are excited to have a group of 5 Shorthorn X Angus blue heifers entered in the Commercial Cattle sale at Agribition on Saturday, November 24th. They are bred to a roan son of Muridale Hero 31Z. The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2018

Muridale Jay 34F

Muridale Matt 37Y x Cumberland Gay Lad

in the We will also have a group of Heifers Shorthorn Alliance Sale ber 13 Saskatoon Livestock Sales - Decem

Muridale Shorthorns

Scot – (306)553-2244 or (306)741-6833 Russell – (306)741-1727 • Casey – (306)677-7102 Tanner – (306)677-7755

www.muridale.com Page 17

Shorthorn Supreme 2018

What a weekend! Kids, parents and cattle galore invaded the Stratford Agricultural Complex for the weekend of August 3-5, 2018 for the Junior National Shorthorn Show. Packs were made, cattle settled in and Junior exhibitors reconnected with old friends and made new ones. There were 55 exhibitors with 90 head of cattle for the show.

Page 18

Champion Bred & Owned Female: Diamond Future Esmerelda 1E - Jarod Scott

Reserve Champion Bred & Owned Female: Little Rebel Foolish Pleasure 1F - Blair McGlashan

Champion Female – Open Division: Hill Haven Stargazer 41E - Samantha Lundy

Reserve Champion Female – Open Division: Hill Haven Princess Vera 36E - Kaitlyn Broughton

Champion Owned Female: Wernacres Lucy 704 - Katie Elmhirst

Reserve Champion Owned Female: WAT Bobby’s Primo Girl 120E - Carly Watson

The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2018

Champion Owned Bull: B.B.O. Flash Mirage 10F - Carsyn Byrne

Reserve Champion Owned Bull: B.B.O. Hot Mirage - Austyn Byrne

Champion Market Animal: Frank - Spencer Patchell

Reserve Champion Market Animal: Phillips Miss Roan 14F - Jordan Phillips

Champion Shorthorn Plus Heifer Crawfdown Black Susan 26F - Morgan MacIntyre

Reserve Champion Shorthorn Plus Heifer HEI Country Sky Baby - Sarah Height

Champion Shorthorn Plus Bull: Crawfdown Final Fortune 11F Morgan MacIntyre The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2018

Page 19

The scores the exhibitors received for Saturday’s activities were used to calculate the overall aggregate winners. We would like to congratulate:

Champion Aggregate Morgan MacIntyre Reserve Champion Aggregate Maurice Verstraete Champion Peewee Showperson Jordan Phillips Reserve Champion Peewee Showperson Carly Watson Champion Junior Showperson Carsyn Byrne Reserve Champion Junior Showperson Madi Bott Champion Intermediate Showperson Katie Elmhirst Reserve Champion Intermediate Showperson Jamey Eby Champion Senior Showperson Maurice Verstraete Reserve Champion Senior Showperson Morgan MacIntyre Grand Champion Showperson Katie Elmhirst Reserve Grand Champion Showperson Maurice Verstraete Judging Competition Peewee: 1st Taylor Makey 2nd Jordan Phillips Junior: 1st Emily Makey 2nd Brianna Lockhurst Intermediate: 1st Reegan Sawyer 2nd Austyn Byrne Senior: 1st Morgan MacIntyre 2nd Jarod Scott

Page 20

Marketing Peewee: 1st Mitchell Ormiston 2nd Brandon Turpin Junior: 1st Madi Bott 2nd Jack Van Milligen Intermediate: 1st Candace Colvin 2nd Katie Elmhirst Senior: 1st Morgan MacIntyre 2nd Ryan Colvin Team Fitting 1st: Jarod Scott, Morgan MacIntyre, William McNiven, Taylor Makey 2nd: Maurice Verstraete, Joline Quinn, Austyn Byrne, Brandon Turpin Candid photo winners (Shown on the cover of this magazine) Peewee: 1st Josie Crawford 2nd Shelby Crawford Junior: 1st Colin Arnold 2nd Emily Makey Intermediate: 1st Reegan Sawyer 2nd Katie Elmhirst Senior: 1st Nicole Giles 2nd Morgan MacIntyre Selfies & Sale Pictures Peewee: 1st Jordan Phillips 2nd Elise Stevens Junior: 1st Emily Makey 2nd Colin Arnold Intermediate: 1st Katie Elmhirst 2nd Candace Colvin Senior: 1st Joline Quinn 2nd Maurice Verstraete The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2018

A show like the Junior National would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors. We would like to extend our gratitude to the following sponsors:

Platinum Sponsors:



Live Auction Donors:

A Friend of the OJSA Flightpath Shorthorns Grand Valley Fortifiers Hill Haven Shorthorns Horseshoe Creek Farms Ltd.

Alberta Shorthorn Association Elba Glen Cattle Co. Fendale Livestock Glenrothes Farm Jones Feed Mill Masterfeeds Ontario Shorthorn Association Red Rose Farm Robway Acres Shadybrook Shorthorns


ARK Shorthorns BC Shorthorn Association BJH Shorthorns Bodmin Limited Circle M Shorthorns Dufferin Veterinary Services Independent Shorthorns Lazy HJ Stock Farm Leahy Stock Farm Leslie Hawken & Son Maple Key Farm Melba Stock Farm Muridale Shorthorns PEI Shorthorn Association Steelebrooke Farm Shorthorns

The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2018

Albert & Susan Oram Earle Johnston John Frey Ken & Sheila Jones Renwick Shorthorns

Anwender Cattle Co., Hawken Shorthorns & JT Livestock Crawfdown Farms Dufferin Veterinary Services Height Cattle Co. Lingley Livestock Liz Mason Martha McGlashan Ridgeview Cattle Co. Shadybrook Shorthorns The show committee would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all of the exhibitors, their families, our breeders, the volunteers, those who were asked to help and not given a chance to refuse, our judges, our sponsors, the Canadian Shorthorn Association and the Ontario Shorthorn Association. Without all of you, we would never have been able to have such an amazing weekend. Thank you! Show committee: Sue Giffen Shannon Giffen Blair Williamson Doug Brown

See You Next Year July 25-27 in Vermilion, Alberta

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The Good Changes of the New Antimicrobial Regulations Please read this article and pass it on to a producer you know w h o m seldom uses a veterinarian as they are the main group to benefit greatly from some of the examples in this article. There is apprehension by both the producers and the veterinarians about the upcoming changes to the new antimicrobial regulations. This legislation has passed so is coming and has already started so best to ready ourselves. Please keep in mind your veterinarian is not the bad guy here and the veterinarian will need to establish a VCPR (veterinary client patient relationship) with your farm if one is not already established. The vast majority of you are already doing this and will see very little change as the veterinary clinic has a medical record of your herd, protocols established and prescribes and dispenses according to the rules. All of the new antimicrobials and painkillers that have come onto the market in the past many years are prescription products already.

without prescription on December 1, are the penicillin’s and tetracycline’s. They have always been available at the veterinary clinics before but did not require a prescription whereas now they will. I would say in clinical large animal practice over the years these two products have been used less and less. There have been more specific antibiotics used for things like respiratory disease. Veterinarians and their staff will also educate you on things like proper injection technique, dosage or withdrawal times. There are also times when your cattle are examined that antimicrobials will not be used such as with many lameness’s, injuries or viral conditions. Other non antimicrobials may be prescribed.

The small minority of you whom seldom use a veterinarian except for obstetrical cases or prolapses and have purchased most of your former supplies and medications elsewhere is whom this article really applies to. The non-prescription products such as dewormers, colostrum substitutes, electrolytes and some vaccines will still be available at the same outlets as they always have such as the UFA, CoOp, feed supply stores or Peavey Mart. This article hopefully will illustrate by example a pile of good that will come out of these changes for you.

By having these clinical cases examined, the local veterinarian can get an understanding of what is going on in your herd when they are out on a herd visit establishing vaccination and parasite management protocols. Some clinics may even have protocol books to illustrate common disease conditions as well as drugs commonly used and their withdrawal times. The withdrawal times, species approved for, dosage and contraindications are always listed on the label. These are very important facts that your veterinarian knows and can help you with. I always like dosage, route of administration and meat or milk withdrawal charts. Keep in mind if the dosage is exceeded or the weight is overestimated and more product is given the withdrawal time will automatically increase. Products given at different dosages or for species not indicated on the label also require a prescription. Unlike human medicine though, the examination may apply to the group of cattle or for instance if further pneumonias come along they can be treated by you just like the first one you had examined that season.

The two main injectable types of antimicrobials no longer available

Many may have already noticed the scour bolus products which contained

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By Roy Lewis DVM antibiotic combinations as well as other things have pretty much gone off the shelves. Again you will find by working with your veterinarian they can help you greatly by not only setting up preventative programs, but by changing treatments. Most scours cases are caused by viruses or protozoa so most antibiotics are ineffective. You will find your veterinarian may prescribe things like electrolytes, probiotics or things like activated charcoal for scours cases. The new changes should encourage a working relationship with your veterinarian. Programs like the BSE program for autopsies of mature (greater than 30 months) cows will get the veterinarian on your farm and the herd visit can be worked in establishing a VCPR. You will be brought up to date on the latest treatments for pain control, parasite control and vaccination for the preventable diseases you may find on your farm. Most clinics have haul in facilities so the sick calf, cow or bull can be transported in. With each clinical examination or autopsy is a look into the health and productivity of your herd. Veterinarians use these cases to discover preventative measures through nutrition vaccinology parasite control etc. There is so much information that can be gleaned by the history or clinical signs of the case that will be asked of you. Routine procedures such as pregnancy checking, breeding soundness exams, nutritional or growth promotion or stress free handling all have a place and will lead to economic returns. The beef code of practice really illustrates good animal welfare practices and the further usage of pain control where necessary. Welcome this change and be proactive in your approach. The requirements are things you should be doing and are essentially law. The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2018

Veterinarians are dedicated individuals to the health, welfare and economic sustainability of your herds. They are current in all matters regarding diagnosis or treatment of disease. They want the best from an animal welfare perspective for their cattle.

These changes we are seeing will help lead to less reliance on antimicrobials and a more preventative approach to disease. Low stress livestock handling is also being taught and demonstrated as another method to reduce sickness and disease. My guess is the December 1, 2018 deadline on all antimicrobials

requiring a prescription will in the long run make our cattle herds healthier. With prudent and selective use of antimicrobials where necessary and other preventative measures under the care of your veterinarian the cattle industry will get stronger.

Shadybrook Shorthorns ‘Decades of Excellence’ September 8, 2018 West Brome, Quebec Sale Summary

Average 1 Cow/Calf Pair $ 24,500 $ 24,500 8 Open Heifers 77,650 9,706 8 Bred Females 109,500 6,083 15 Bred Heifers 80,500 5,367 1 Donor Flush 9,000 9,000 43 Breeding Lots 301,150 7,004 5 Semen Pkgs 6,800 1,360 An excellent crowd gathered on a gorgeous weekend at Shadybrook Shorthorns for this year’s Decade of Excellence Sale. Potential buyers walked the display pens on the afternoon prior to the sale and filled the sale ring on sale day. A truly top quality offering was presented with leading individuals in all categories. As always, the hospitality at this event was excellent. Congratulations to all involved with the presentation of a top event. $24,500 - Lot 1 - Pair - SBF Perfect 5A ET. A red, polled, 2013 daughter of Waukaru Patent 8161 ET and out of SBF Perfect Rodeo 14X ET. At her side was a roan, polled, January 17, 2018 daughter of Hill Haven Firestorm 28C X. A great cow from the famed Picture Perfect line selling bred to Hill Haven Firestorm with a just outstanding young heifer calf at side. These two were favorites of all at the sale. The cow was purchased by Rick Hogue of Newcomerstown, Ohio and the calf by WHR Shorthorns of Van Alstyne, Texas. $20,000 - Lot 25B - Open Heifer. Shadybrook Perfect Millie 19F ET. A roan, polled, January 20, 2018 daughter of Free K-Kim Hot Commodity ET and out of SBF Perfect Millie 19A ET. Another top heifer from the Picture Perfect line that is bred in the purple. Her dam is a daughter of a past Canadian National Champion Female and this one could do the same. Purchased by Poplar Lane Farm of Caledon, Ontario. $10,000 - Lot 16 - Bred Cow - CF Margie 332 SOL X ET. A roan, polled, 2013 daughter of CF Solution X ET and out of CF Modoc Margie 523 TPX ET selling bred to CF V8 Marksman for an April 2019 calf. This was a great opportunity to own a direct daughter of the great producer, Modoc Margie. This is an outstanding cow that has many years of top production ahead of her. She is bred to a great young sire, Marksman. Purchased by Will Briscoe of Renfrew, Ontario. $10,000 - Lot 33 - Bred Heifer - Shadybrook All Perfect 5E. A roan, polled, January 2017 daughter of Sprys All Gold D052 and out of Shadybrook Perfect 93B selling bred to Leveldale Boardwalk 430C for a January 2019 calf. This was one of the top bred heifers that carries the Australian influence in her pedigree. She will be a great producer of the right kind of Shorthorns. Purchased by Martin Moore, Woodstock Bower Farm, United Kingdom. $9,500 - Lot 28 - Open Heifer - Shadybrook Reflection 22F. A red, polled, January 25, 2018 daughter of Shadybrook Hot Shot 88A and out of WHR Reflection 1102 ET. This stylish youngster was one of the best in a group of outstanding open heifers to sell in this sale. She will make a top show heifer and then be at the top of the producers in her new herd. Purchased by Hill Haven Shorthorns of Stayner, Ontario. The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Fall 2018

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SELLING in the 2018 AGRIBITION SALE! Buyers pick from the Saskvalley cow herd. Your choice of any female born in 2016 or earlier. This will be our first consignment to the Agribition sale in over a decade and it is not something we will be doing every year. It is our way of supporting this sale without having live cattle on the grounds.You can take advantage of this opportunity and pick from a herd of cows like these:

Saskvalley Jenny 45C

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Saskvalley Sindy 62Z


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Canadian Shorthorn Report - Fall 2018  

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Canadian Shorthorn Report - Fall 2018  

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