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Fall 2013

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2013 Purebred Breeder of the Year Blairs.Ag Cattle Company, Lanigan, SK If you ask Kevin and Darren Blair what they enjoyed most about growing up on a mixed farm, they both would say that raising cattle had a big impact on developing their innate passion for agriculture. There is no doubt that the grain business continues to be a cornerstone of both Blair family farms and the Blair’s ag retail businesses, however, livestock production, both commercial and purebred, have always been an important part of their long term vision. With previous involvement in the Simmental seedstock business, in 2006, Kevin and Darren decided to make a start in the purebred Angus business. In the fall of 2006, Kevin and Darren purchased 38 Red Angus females from the Jackson Cattle Company dispersal and from that initial seedstock investment the herd has steadily grown and developed. Today the herd consists of 250 purebred Red Angus cows, 175 purebred Angus, 50 Herefords and 250 commercial cows. The commercial cows are used as recipient females in Blair’s extensive embryo transfer program. Kevin and Darren are quick to point out that this growth has been able to happen because of a very dedicated team of people that make up Blairs.Ag Cattle Company. While Blair’s has a base operation near Lanigan, Saskatchewan that mainly

focuses on show and sale cattle, the majority of the herd is managed by Chad Haaland and the Haaland family near Hanley, Saskatchewan. Bull development, and 90 purebred Black Angus cows are all managed by Levi, Carmen and Chance Jackson of Jackson Cattle Company near Sedley, SK. In addition to these herds, Blairs.Ag Cattle Company also contracts with a few other herds in Canada and the United States for the growth of their extensive embryo program. The Hereford cattle are managed by Tom McNeely in Alberta.

by Patty Smith

In addition to the cattle management team, Kevin and Darren employ people at Blair’s ag retail businesses that also have a keen eye and passion for the livestock business and contribute to the sales, marketing and genetics decisions through a team known as the Blairs.Ag Genetics Advancement Team. This team includes

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Angus Edge - Fall 2013

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2nd Call for the

Saskatchewan Angus Breeder Directory

Just in time for the 2014 Canadian Angus Convention in Moose Jaw,SK The Saskatchewan Angus Association will be printing a full colour breeder directory early this spring. The booklet will be a 5 ½ x 8 ½ size format and all Saskatchewan members of the Canadian Angus Association will be listed. Advertising is available at $367.50 for a full page, $210 for a half page and $105 for a business card. The directory will also include a map of the province, broken into 4 sections - you can purchase a “spot” on the map for $52.50, and directions to your farm will be added to your information on the membership list, along with a number corresponding with your spot on the map. Your full page, half page or card ad will include your space on the map. 5% GST is included in all prices. We are also offering the “prime” ad pages at the Power and Perfection Sale at Canadian Western Agribition. The Back Cover, Inside Front Cover and Inside Back cover will be sold by auction at the start of the sale.

Congratulations to RNR Flick Black Angus!! They won their Business Card ad for free by replying by our “early bird” deadline. Name: Farm Name: Address: Phone:




Directions to Farm:

I wish to purchase a:

full page ad ($367.50)

1/2 page ad ($210)

business card ($105)

map spot ($52.50)

DON’T MISS OUT!! Signed:

Let’s work together to make a great publication, a great advertising tool for you and help your Association promote our great province!

Deadline for applications - February 1, 2014. Page 4

Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Saskatchewan Angus Association 2013 Board of Directors President Dale Easton Wawota, SK 306-739-2805 eastondale.angus@sasktel.net

1st Vice-President Mike Howe Moose Jaw, SK 306-691-5011 dlmhowe@xplornet.net

Kelly Feige Parkside, SK 306-747-2376 kafeige@sasktel.net Jason Frey Oxbow, SK 306-483-2720 jfrey1@xplornet.net

2nd Vice-President

Karla Hicks Mortlach, SK 306-355-2265 bluestone@sasktel.net

David Johnson Peebles, SK 306-224-4341 daj@sasktel.net

Jenna Loveridge Melville, SK 306-728-3823 jjlangus@live.com

Executive Director

Gord Roger Balgonie, SK 306-771-2305 gordon.roger@merck.com

Bob Toner Kelfield, SK 306-932-2180 shonda.toner@gmail.com

Past President Clint Smith Mankota, SK 306-478-2470 breedcreekranch@sasktel.net

Erin Toner Junior Director Kelfield, SK 306-932-2180 erin_toner@hotmail.com Kevin Blair Canadian Director Lanigan, SK 306-365-7922 kevin@blairs.ag Jon Fox Canadian Director Lloydminster, SK 306-825-9702 justamere@sasktel.net Corinne Gibson Canadian Director Fir Mountain, SK 306-266-4895 sixmile@sasktel.net John Willmott Honourary President Pense, SK

Kristine Sauter Wawota, SK 306-739-2240 bridgewayfarms@rfnow.com Michael Wheeler Saskatoon, SK 306-382-9324 wheelers_stock_farm@hotmail.com


Belinda Wagner

General Manager 2nd Floor, Canada Centre Building, Evraz Place Box 3771, Regina, SK S4P 3N8 Phone 306-757-6133 Fax 306-525-5852 Email office@saskatchewanangus.com Website www.saskatchewanangus.com

Office Hours

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

ANGUS EDGE Published by: Saskatchewan Angus Association Box 3771, Regina, SK S4P 3N8 Phone: 306-757-6133 Fax: 306-525-5852 Email: office@saskatchewanangus.com

Website: www.saskatchewanangus.com Publications Mail Agreement #40019886 Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to: Saskatchewan Angus Association Box 3771, Regina, SK S4P 3N8 Fall 2013 Distributed to approximately 750 Angus Breeders’ and 2000+ Commercial Producers in Saskatchewan. 3 Issues per year Spring deadline - January 15 Summer deadline - May 1 Fall deadline - September15

Angus Edge - Fall 2013

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President’s Report ... As I write this report we are in the midst of one of the best harvests province wide that any have seen before and the word “bumper” I am sure would describe it accurately! This is great news for the whole AG economy, and even better for us concerned about the cattle business! Things sure point towards a good year moving ahead. As for happenings in Saskatchewan Association business, I attended the Summer Gold & Junior show held in Prince Albert at the beginning of August. The quality of cattle there was very high - I especially noticed the bred heifer and the two year old cow calf classes - they were extremely strong from top to bottom of the classes, so get set for a strong show season this fall. Congats to all the exhibitors for bringing the strong set of cattle to town. I also had the privilege of presenting our provincial heritage award to the Buswell Family of Borden - this family has raised Angus cattle for thirty years in the Saskatoon area. Congratulations! Next on the Angus agenda was the summer tour held in the South East corner of the

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province on August 29 & 30th. It was jointly sponsored by Saskatchewan Angus and the Canadian Red Angus Promotion Society as well as six area breeders and local sponsorships. We were extremely happy how it turned out with over 200 people attending the Thursday evening supper stop. It was a fantastic evening weather wise and there was a great mix of grass roots purebred breeders and commercial breeders in attendance enjoying an Angus steak and local entertainment. I would really like to thank my fellow breeders for coming together and putting this event together along with those breeders who displayed cattle at the tour stops, our monetary sponsors and especially those of you who took the time to join us for the two days! We are really hoping to make this an annual event and hear rumors of breeders in another part of the province taking it on next year so stay tuned! Now as for what’s coming up or ahead of us this fall! We again look forward to being a part of hosting the fall Gold show & sales at Canadian Western Agribition. This is a great event for our province and we hope to see you there in an earlier version this year. Watch for a different twist this year with the implementation of “THE YARDS” being launched into the commercial barn portion of the show.

by Dale Easton

for the Canadian Angus Convention which will be held in Moose Jaw next June so please don’t miss out - in addition to being a great promotion piece for the association and breeders it is a tool that is used greatly by exporters in reaching out for cattle so don’t under estimate it’s value. There is a form in this issue of the Edge for your use or contact the SAA office to be included. I know it seems like a long time from now, but please consider joining us in Saskatoon in late January for the Saskatchewan Angus Annual meeting. Attendance has been low over the last few years and we would love to boost the number of breeders and industry people attending. The Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference will run the two days prior to our meeting - check out the information that is included in this issue of the Edge and plan to attend a great event. These are some of the highlights of what has happened lately, or are about to happen, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call Belinda Wagner our General Manager, myself, or any provincial director if you have questions, concerns or suggestions. With that I will sign off, wishing you a timely harvest completion and a long open fall to finish that never ending list of jobs. Hope to see you somewhere soon! 

Also we are working on a new breeder directory for the province that will be ready

Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Angus Edge - Fall 2013

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Breeder of the Year... the production of cattle from the ranch to the feedlot, and from the feedlot to the consumer,” said Kevin. “It is for this reason that we have made such a significant commitment to accelerating the rate of our genetic progress and consistency through embryo transfer,” stated Kevin.

Blake MacMillan, Kelly Schmidt, Craig Blair, Chris Schmidt, and Patty Smith. In addition to this team, Grant Hamilton will often be seen in a truck delivering Blair’s show and sale cattle to many places around North America, or helping out our key herdsperson at Lanigan who is Ashley Guenther. “We are a third generation family business, and Darren and I have been so fortunate to attract people to Blair’s ag retail and cattle businesses that share a real passion for agriculture and a desire to make a difference to our customers’ crop and livestock operations”, said Kevin. “Many of our team not only work at Blair’s, but have their own personal stake in agriculture through their own grain farms and purebred and commercial cattle operations, so they really understand what’s happening in agriculture”, stated Kevin. While there is no doubt that people have been the cornerstone of the dramatic growth and success of the Blairs.Ag Cattle Company operation, Kevin is quick to point out that they have made significant investments in assembling the best genetics from North America and abroad, that he and the Blair’s team believes will produce cattle that will perform consistently in the pasture right to the plate. “Darren and I are both shareholders in Pound-Maker Agventures at Lanigan, which is a 26,000 head integrated feedlot and ethanol facility, and currently Darren sits on the board. Our involvement in the commercial feedlot industry has given us a key insight into why consistency in cattle production is such an economically important factor in Page 8

To showcase and market the progeny from their embryo transfer, AI and natural breeding programs, Blair’s has exhibited cattle at many shows and fairs across North America. In addition, Blairs.Ag Cattle Co. has two major sales each year, a bull sale in April, and a female sale in October. Kevin has noticed the impact of social media on marketing cattle and genetics and has invested a considerable amount of time and attention to hosting on-line sales of semen and embryos to posting information about their program on Facebook, Twitter and many other social mediums and websites. The results have been sales of live cattle and frozen genetics to many provinces and states in North America and many countries around the world. With the potential growth Blairs.Ag sees for meat protein demand in the world, they believe the time is ripe for the opportunity to sell seedstock genetics internationally as well. With this in mind, Blairs.Ag recently hired Kent McCune as Director of International Marketing, to lead the sales of their genetics in international markets. Kent will reside near Dallas, Texas and will travel extensively in the continental United States and abroad to promote Blairs.Ag livestock genetics. In addition to marketing genetics through the internet and through sales, Blair’s is very committed to the future of the livestock industry and has created the Blairs.Ag Cattle Company Junior Scholarship program, whereby, young livestock producers can earn scholarships toward their post secondary

continued from the cover education when they purchase qualifying Blairs.Ag Cattle Company seedstock. For more information on this program, go to www.blairscattleco.com or speak to any member of the Blair’s Genetics Advancement Team. “We have been very gratified to see many young people purchase our genetics and while they are building their own herd of cattle, they are earning scholarships towards their future education. We not only want to encourage post secondary education,

but we want to encourage young people to consider a career in agriculture, and maybe even consider a career at Blair’s,” said Kevin. While the entire Blair’s team is gearing up for the upcoming fall season with weaning calves and preparing for shows, sales, Kevin is very keen to mention a new venture that Blair’s launched – a very limited branded beef program, marketed as Blair’s Premium Angus Beef Jerky. “We have come to understand that consumers want more information about where their food comes from, so we decided to launch a program where we focus on a 100% traceable, high quality beef product that has good shelf life and is easy to manage from a logistical point of view. Currently, this product is marketed through the SaskMade Marketplace in Saskatoon, and is available by calling any Blair’s location”, said Kevin. Kevin believes that traceability from the farmgate to the plate will continue to be in the forefront of consumers’ minds, and he believes that the beef industry has a great story to tell consumers about how Angus Edge - Fall 2013

sustainable beef is raised in Canada and the United States. So if you are wondering what Kevin Blair likes to do for fun when he is not attending cattle shows and sales or leading their ag retail and livestock business with Darren,

well it is more activities connected to the livestock industry, as Kevin recently took on the role as President of the Canadian

Angus Association. Kevin assumed the role of President at the CAA’s annual convention in June, and he looks forward to serving the needs and interests of the Canadian Angus membership. Kevin enjoys the many people he has met in the cattle industry and is quick to point out that many have not only become business colleagues, but many have also become good friends. When asked what motivates Blair’s to be involved in many facets of agriculture, Kevin pauses for a moment and says with conviction, “….being a third generation family business, everything we do is based on a growth strategy. We think there is a growth opportunity for us in the purebred industry. Agriculture is our passion. Our primary business is crop supply and we think we’re making a difference. We’re in the cattle business for the same reason, because we think we can make a difference.”

Congratulations to Blairs.Ag Cattle Company on being named 2013 Breeder of the Year.

Dale Easton, SAA President presenting Darren Blair with their award.

Saskatchewan Angus Association Breeder of the Year Nominations will be received by mail and from the floor at the Annual Meeting. Nominations will then be posted and a vote taken at the Annual Meeting to determine the winner. The following is some general guidelines to keep in mind during the nominations and voting. The recipient should be a person(s) who: 1) represents and promotes Angus cattle in general, to the best of their ability; 2) produces quality cattle that meet market demands; 3) does a good overall job of contributing to the affairs of the Association. Please give due consideration to both small and large operators.

I wish to nominate: ______________________________________________ Name _________________________________________________ Address ____________________________________________________________

____________________________________________________________ Background Information _______________________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ Signature


Name ______________________________________________ Address

Phone # ________________________

___________________________________________________ Nominations will be accepted up to and during the 2014 Annual meeting - January 24, 2014.

Angus Edge - Fall 2013

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From The Director’s Chair... The current world population of 7.2 billion people is expected to grow to 9.6 billion by 2050. That is only 37 years away. Some analysts believe food production will have to increase by 60% while others believe it will have to more than double to meet the demand of a growing population. The other driver of food demand besides population growth is the growing size of the middle class. You have probably heard lots of discussion about China as its economy grows, and families prosper, they start looking for higher quality products. Higher quality protein sources such as beef are one of the menu items many are adding to their diets. The ability to produce more food from a shrinking land base creates tremendous challenges and opportunities for the future of agriculture. There is sure to be an exponential number of improvements to technology and farming practises to meet these challenges. From my perspective one of the greatest challenges we must be aware of today is the need for quality people capable of taking on this monumental task. The largest void I see developing is at the primary production level. The farmers and ranchers that are the backbone of agriculture. I will be the first to admit that we have made huge strides in the last ten years improving our view and attitude towards agriculture at the primary level. When I graduated high school in 2002 the question I often was asked when I talked about an education and career in agriculture was “why would you want to go to university to farm?” As many of you will never forget in May of 2003 our industry was devastated by BSE, so encouragement to pursue a career in the cattle business was in rather short supply. In my circle of peers there are those that have chosen a career in agriculture, many working as sales reps, in research, manufacturing and marketing. There are only a select few that have remained on the farm, and almost every single one of them has an off farm source of income. There are a growing number of opportunities and resources available for Page 10

by Michael Wheeler

young farmers. Programs such as the Cattlemen’s Young Leaders have created awareness for the need for more mentorship and learning opportunities for young farmers. Technology has made resources about as succession planning, management, finances, and business planning more readily available. A couple good sites are www.farmon.com and www.farmcentre. com. There is also federal government money available through the Growing Forward 2 policy framework for consulting and training. The strength of the programming offered to our Angus youth plays a vital role in encouraging continued involvement. As a past participant in our CJAA board and programs such as Showdown and GOAL Conference I can personally attest to their quality and importance. They helped solidify my interest and passion for the breed which has kept me an active breeder today. More importantly they put me in contact with other youth my age that shared my interests, and let me know that I wasn’t the only one considering a path in agriculture. According to the survey conducted by the Canadian Angus Association in 2011 only 19% of respondents were under the age of 30, and 41% were over the age of 50. I am sure that these statistics do not come as a shock to anyone, but they certainly can not

be ignored. I think it is also interesting that 35% of written respondents reported that they expected to exit the Angus business in less than 10 years. That could represent a significant number of herd dispersals if there are not more young breeders taking over the reigns. Keeping junior Angus members engaged in our breed is incredibly important. The challenge is keeping them around to become active Angus breeders. The world is depending on it.

2013 Saskatchewan Angus Heritage Award

SAA President Dale Easton presenting John & Miriam Buswell and David Brown and Kerry Buswell Brown with their award at the 2013 Gold Show. Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Angus Edge - Fall 2013

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Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Angus Edge - Fall 2013

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Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Angus Edge - Fall 2013

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W Windy W Willows F Farms

Collin & Michelle Sauder Box 55, Hodgeville, SK S0H 2B0 • Ph/Fax: (306) 677-2507 Collin’s Cell: (306) 677-7544 • Email: windy.willows@sasktel.net

We have decided to offer by private treaty, our entire set of 40 Black bred replacement heifers, as individuals, small groups or large groups. Sires represented include Sitz Upward 307R, S Chisum 6175, Northern View Quantum 83W, Everblack Kodiak 1W, Bad Lands Ambush 45M, Windy Willows Krugerrand 210S and S A V Final Answer 0035. Heifers are bred to Final Answer, Cedar Ridge or Bad Lands Canuck 35Y. These heifers, currently on grass, are not overfitted and have been raised in a practical manner to ensure their long term productivity. All heifers will be pregnancy examined, vaccinated and treated with ivermectin and will be available in early November. Windy Willows females have been highly successful for other breeders, including Johnson Livestock, Wiwa Creek, KBJ Round, Soo Line, Border Butte, Northern View, Forsyth, Creekview, Kuntz Farms and many more!. Please call or email us for more details.

p U d n u o Fall R

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Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Angus Edge - Fall 2013

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Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Freyburn Kristina 56Z Sire: SAV Brand Name 9115. Consigned to

Harvest Classic Sale

- 3 Bred Heifers & 1 Heifer Calf going

Freyburn Lady 60Z

Sire: MVF Tiger 232X. Consigned to Gateway Angus Sale - 12 Bred Heifers going

Freyburn Rally Missie 6A Sire: GDAR Traveler 228D Consigned to Masterpiece Sale - 3 Heifer Calves going

Freyburn Angus Farms Oxbow, SK S0C 2B0

jfrey1@xplornet.ca Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Jason & Melissa Frey & Family 306-483-2291 Lucas & Kayla Frey & Family 306-485-8285


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Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Angus Edge - Fall 2013

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Summer Tour and Field Day... The Saskatchewan Angus Association/ Canadian Red Angus Promotion Society Summer Tour and Field Day on August 29 and 30 saw approximately two hundred Angus breeders and enthusiasts gather in the south-eastern part of Saskatchewan for a look at of some of the local breeder’s herds. Attendees were from the far western side of the province into Manitoba and as far north as Meadow Lake. The tour started out at Bridgeway Livestock. Here we were treated to lunch, refreshments, and a viewing

of their Red Angus herd. Also at this location Smart Farms had a display of some cattle to give the attendees an insight to their breeding program. From here we moved on to WRAZ Red Angus. This was a pasture tour complete with cool drinks. The cattle were separated into paddocks according

to sex of calves with the center paddock containing the bred heifer offering. Not missing a beat the crew had the fall sale offerings tagged distinctively so folks could get a sneak preview. The next stop was at the Eastondale herd. By this time we were into the heat of the day and the crowd was increasing. The cattle were split between two pastures Page 22

by Laird Senft, CAA Saskatchewan Fieldman

but it sure wasn’t by quality because the calibre of the cattle was outstanding. After the Eastondale herd it was on to T Bar K Ranch for a look at their herd and more cattle on display from BBQ Red Angus, Right Cross Ranch, Diamond R Stock Farms, JJL Livestock, Kenray Ranch, Diamond C Liberty Angus and

presentation on “Getting The Most From Your Cow Herd; Tools to Learn & Utilize.” This was very informative and modeled on Angus EPD’s. It is not

surprising that Kim would use Angus EPD’s as she comes from an Angus background, being the daughter of Dave McLean of DM Angus, Arcola. Kenosee Park Angus. These breeders all brought great displays and must be commended for taking the time and effort to collect and transport their cattle. The day was finished off with an awesome Angus steak supper and an evening of socializing while being entertained by four local musicians,

who themselves are commercial Angus breeders.

The afternoon was spent touring the Johnson Livestock herd at Peebles. Once again the cattle were split by sex with the bred heifers in the middle pen. This was another excellent offering to admire and appraise. The last meal of the tour was provided here, beside the JL “Marina”. The six breeders that hosted the tour

Day two of the tour started with brunch at GBT Angus and then a look at the herd which was close by and divided in two groups. After the tour we had Dr. Kim McLean, Livestock Specialist, Saskatchewan Agriculture give a Angus Edge - Fall 2013

each offered a five hundred dollar credit towards the purchase of a bull at their next spring’s sale. Congratulations to the winners: Bridgeway Farms credit - Jenna Loveridge WRAZ Red Angus credit - Morgan Debenham Eastondale Angus credit - Mar Mac Farms T Bar K credit - David Johnson GBT Angus credit - Blake Rasmusson Johnson Livestock credit - Barry Young This was a very well organized event with the participating breeders doing a lot of extra paddock fencing for the benefit of the folks that came to view the cattle. Our hats are off to the participating herds, Saskatchewan Angus President; Dale Easton, and his crew along with CRAPS for the awesome job that they did in planning and presenting this great function. It was enjoyed by young and old.ďƒś

Angus Edge - Fall 2013

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Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Angus Edge - Fall 2013

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Canadian Angus CEO Comments ... Good day, fellow Canadian cattleman and Angus booster! After a late summer for most of the West and a rather hot one for some of the East, Canada is pulling off a ‘bumper’ crop this fall. With record feed stores and almost record-high cattle prices, the fall ‘kicked off’ with an exciting start and hopefully our general optimism will maintain through the season! Your Board of Directors for both the Canadian Angus Foundation and the Canadian Angus Association met in late September. There were two key outcomes of these meetings: 1) Your Canadian Angus Foundation determined an aggressive program plan aimed at creating value for the Canadian Angus membership experience including over $60,000 in new investment in our Canadian Angus fraternity coupled with an investment strategy for Canadian Angus stakeholders to ‘own’ a piece of your new national headquarters, Angus Central, through making a donation to the Foundation and achieving its three key objects: Education & Youth Development, Historical Preservation & Restoration and Scientific & Market Research;

breeders will be representing us at the inaugural World Angus Forum Youth Team Challenge in New Zealand. This is the culmination of two years of planning on the part of your CAA as well as almost a year since our contenders applied to be a member on one of our teams. I am so excited to chart the progress of these young folks and you can, too, via the Canadian Angus blog (http://cdnangus. blogspot.ca) Facebook (www.facebook. com/CanadianAngusAssociation) and Twitter (#WAFTeamCanada and #WorldAngusForum), and if you are reading this after their representation of our national skills and interests abroad, their blogs will make for interesting reading even then.

Greater detail about these items is available by checking out the CAA website or contacting me directly. I am very proud of the hard work and dedication put forth by these outstanding, committed volunteer leaders and you should be, too.

You are being represented at the World Angus Secretariat meetings by CAA President Kevin Blair, Past President Gary Latimer and past and current Youth Ambassadors Stacey Domolewski and Chad Lorenz, as well as ‘yours truly’. We have a few topics we hope to bring resolution to, like an international strategy, or at least recognition of, genetic research and designations. There is limited structure to our international Angus organization and while we certainly don’t want to give them much in the way of authority, your CAA believes the Secretariat should provide some form of ‘clearing house’ for information and sharing of what the member nations are actually doing and how we are progressing. I will report back more upon our return.

Through the middle of October, twelve outstanding young Canadian Angus

Among our most exciting news is that your member-owned national CAA

2) Your Canadian Angus Association Board of Directors created a new Genetic Condition Policy to become effective for all Angus cattle born on or after September 22nd, 2013.

Page 26

by Rob Smith headquarters, Angus Central, is very near completion. We are currently on budget and on schedule and are very proud to be so close to accomplishing both of these goals! I have been sharing progress reports with your Regional President and Secretary/Manager since construction started in earnest during our National Convention back in June and I’m sure they’d be thrilled to share pictures and information with you. Further, you can check out our Angus Central photo gallery on the CAA Facebook page online. During the Board and Foundation meetings, quite a few national Angus leaders were able to actually see Angus Central for themselves and reaction is almost universally positive. We would love for you to come and check out YOUR building yourself, so please plan a trip to Angus Central on Wednesday, December 11th, 2013 when we will host our membership and industry stakeholders with our annual Christmas Open House, ramped up this year to include our Official Opening. You really need to come for a visit… it’s pretty cool! And you should be part of YOUR celebration on December 11th! As part of the move, please take note of these two days because our office will be closed: • Friday, October 25th – at noon: Moving Day to Angus Central; • Monday, October 28th – Preparation for reopening at Angus Central; • And, just so you know, effective the afternoon of Friday, October 25th, this will be our new mailing address: Canadian Angus Association 292140 Wagon Wheel Blvd Rocky View County, AB T4A 0E2 All other contact information remains the same but this important address WILL change! Please update!!! One of the aspects of Angus Central that will be unveiled during our Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Official Opening will be the Regional Showcase. There will be a feature wall at Angus Central including a banner representing all regions of Canada, 3035 feet long and 30 inches in height. We are having a contest to gather pictures from each region, with October 25th as the submission deadline. We will work with regions to select the winners and ‘drop’ the banner at our Official Opening. Here is the link to the contest: http://www.cdnangus.ca/members/ photo_contest.htm. Further, your opportunities to ‘own’ an even greater part of Angus Central and have your name immortalized within will be unveiled at the Official Opening as well. For an affordable donation, you will have your name or operation included in the national headquarters and, in so doing, make a donation to achieving the three key objectives of the Canadian Angus Foundation. This is a donation that will look GREAT on you… and equally GREAT adorning Angus Central with your name and/or operation! There has been substantial ‘talk’ in recent weeks about EPDs, particularly the Milk EPD in our Red Angus evaluation. Let me say two things to you: 1) the Multi-Breed evaluation (led by the Red Angus Association of America and the American Simmental Association) that calculates our Red Angus EPDs is right; it is verified and cross-checked and referenced and, trust me, compared to any EPD calculation worldwide, IT… IS… RIGHT!!! 2) Perhaps, if you have concerns about what you believe to be ‘curve-bending’ly BAD EPDs… you need to look at the whole EPD profile and see where this is typically balanced by ‘curve-bending’ly GOOD EPDs that perhaps give you advantages and opportunities you didn’t even realize?! The thing about EPD criticisms? They are often based on a lack of understanding so please speak with our Director of Breed Development, Kajal Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Devani, whenever you have a question or your customers or friends do! We will be wrapping our 2013 Gold Show campaign up early this year and giving all the year-end awards out right at the final Gold Show of the season, Canadian Western Agribition in Regina. This will happen on Friday night at 6:00 p.m. when we unveil and announce the Red Angus and Black Angus All-Star Teams as well as the Runner-Up, Reserve and Champion Aggregate Females and Bulls just prior to the ‘Power & Perfection’ sale. There will be hospitality and the ability to see the best cattle in Canada and members who support the Gold Show marketing campaign so come out and peruse the excellence! There will be LOTS of announcements and unveilings and launches coming to you in the next few weeks and months, so please pay attention to our CAA social media avenues and communications touch points because you will learn about new scholarships for our youth and awards for our outstanding Canadian Angus (young) breeders. Further, January 5th will be the deadline for current college, university and technical school students to apply for our Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario Summer Marketing Internships. If you want more information on these, never hesitate to contact Cassie Dorran, our Director of Marketing & Branding. Regarding some specific aspects of trying to enhance your CAA membership value, please consider these recent price developments. Until March 31st, 2014 the Zoetis panel is priced at $55 a panel, and Zoetis is offering Canadian Angus Association members a free test when you buy 9. Further, the CAA Board has modified the electronic registration discount. Any 2014-born calf registered online between January 1st, 2014 and December 31st, 2014 which is less than 6 months of age will be registered for the $15 electronic registration fee.

Finally, with the ‘changing of the guard’ with staff movements, I am incredibly pleased to share with you that longtime Angus leader and service provider extraordinaire, Belinda Wagner, is assuming the role of Canadian Angus Foundation Executive Director. Belinda will continue raising Angus to new national heights with this elevated platform and working her organizational and motivational magic on a national group of adult volunteers to match her regional adult Saskatchewan Angus Association Board and national youth Canadian Junior Angus Association Board. Belinda is one of our nation’s most reputable individuals and we are fortunate to have her commit to another level of involvement. Thanks Belinda and good luck! I’m not traveling quite as much this fall, nor through next year, so we may see a bit less of one another. With a new national centre to pay for and operate, plus the fact that I don’t believe I’m so ‘new’ anymore, I’m going to stick around Angus Central more over the next 15 months and make sure it is what it needs to be for you as it increases member equity. I am, however, only ever a phone call away so please, if you have a concern, a suggestion, a question or even a bouquet for the Board of one of my incredibly talented and dedicated staff team, never hesitate to call. Best of luck through the fall, and may you remain festive and positive! www.cdnangus.ca 1-888-571-3580

Page 27

S A S K A T C H E W A N B E E F I N D U S T R Y C O N F E R E N C E Page 28

Week at a Glance • Full Schedule of Events • January 21 - 24 (Some industry meetings may be subject to change)

Tuesday, January 21 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

SBIC conference office and registration desk open Horned Cattle Purchases Act Advisory Committee SBIC Trade Show set-up

SBIC Registration and Buffet Breakfast SBIC Beef and Forage Symposium

SBIC Beef & Forage Symposium

7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Noon. to 5:30 p.m. 12:30 p.m. 12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m.

Saskatchewan Cattle Feeders AGM

10:00 p.m.

SBIC Trade Show tear-down

Trade Show Exhibitor Hospitality Suite

Wednesday, January 22 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. 12:00 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. 1:15 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m.

Thursday, January 23

SBIC Registration SBIC Beef & Forage Symposium SBIC Luncheon and Trade Show Verified Beef Production AGM

Cocktails Beef and Beer Bash SBIC Scholarship presentation Fundraising Auction: in support of SBIC Scholarship Fund


Saskatchewan Shorthorn Association Board Meeting Saskatchewan Angus Association Directors Meeting SBIC Closing Luncheon and Trade Show Saskatchewan Stock Growers Semi-Annual Meeting Livestock Loan Guarantee Program Meeting Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association AGM Cocktails Awards Banquet

Friday, January 24 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. 12:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. 12:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m.

Saskatchewan Livestock Association AGM and Breakfast Livestock Marketers of Saskatchewan AGM (members only) Saskatchewan Cattle Breeders Association AGM and Board Meeting Saskatchewan Angus Association AGM Saskatchewan Simmental Association Directors Meeting Saskatchewan Charolais Association Directors and Committee Meeting Saskatchewan Hereford Association Directors Meeting


2014 Saskatchewan Angus Association


The 2014 Saskatchewan Angus Association Annual meeting will be held at 12 noon, Friday, January 24 in conjunction with the Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference. Angus Breeders Barry and Marj Young will be receiving a SLA Honour Scroll at the convention banquet Thursday evening, January 23. Everyone is welcome to attend the banquet. Along with the presentations there is some special entertainment planned. In addition to Committee and Financial Reports, Elections of Officers and Directors, the Breeder of the Year will be selected. We would welcome your input and ideas concerning your Association and the Angus Breed in general. Directors are required for the Board for three year terms. If you are interested in running for those positions, would like more information on what is involved, or would like to nominate someone else, you are welcome to get in touch with the nominating committee - Jenna Loveridge 306-728-3823 and Kristine Sauder 306-739-2240. Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Maximizing Profit • January 22 - 23 • Saskatoon, SK SBIC Beef & Forage Symposium Agenda, January 22 - 23, 2014

Wednesday, January 22 8:00 a.m. Registration Desk Opens 9:00 a.m. Greetings from: The Honourable Lyle Stewart, Minister of Agriculture, Province of Saskatchewan Dean Mary Buhr, College of Agriculture and Bioresources, University of Saskatchewan Tools to Improve Your Herd: Moderator Kim McLean, Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture 9:20 a.m. Delivering Genomics to the Beef Herd Dr. Alison Van Eenennaam, UC Davis, California 10:00 a.m. Genomic Tools on a Large Scale Darren Beavans, Deseret Ranch 10:30 a.m. Networking break and trade show 11:00 a.m. Articial Insemination in Extensive Beef Cattle Production The Brazilian Experience - Dr. Danilo Millen, Sao Paulo State University The Saskatchewan Producer Experience Presenter TBA 12:00 p.m. Luncheon and SBIC Trade Show Tools to Improve Your Herd: Moderator Mark Elford, SCA President 1:15 p.m. Ten Years of Carcass Quality Advancement Dr. Jennifer Aalhus, Lacombe Research Station 1:55 p.m. Implant Programs for Calves: Maximizing ROI Dr. Brad Johnson, Texas Tech University 2:15 p.m. Maximizing Implant Programs: A Producer’s Perspective Presenter TBA 3:00 p.m. Networking break and SBIC trade show Focus on Forage - Moderator Mark Elford, SCA President 3:30 p.m. What’s New in Corn Grazing? Dr. Bart Lardner, University of Saskatchewan Grazing Corn: an Industry Viewpoint Presenter TBA Grazing Corn: a Producer’s Reality Presenter TBA 5:00 p.m. Mitigating Winter Forage Wildlife Damage Dr. Ryan Brook, University of Saskatchewan 5:30 p.m. Closing Remarks from the Moderator 6:30 p.m. Beef and a Beer Bash 8:00 p.m. Fundraising Auction in support of the SBIC Scholarship Fund

For more information, contact: Shannon McArton, Conference Co-ordinator McArton & Associates 306-731-7610 shannon.mcarton@sasktel.net Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Thursday, January 23 7:00 a.m. Registration and buffet breakfast Maximizing Profit: Moderator Kathy Larson, WBDC 8:00 a.m. Risk Management for the Beef Industry Greg Appleyard, Agra Risk Solutions Inc. 9:00 a.m. Cattle Market Outlook: What’s on the Horizon? Brian Perillat, Cattlefax 9:45 a.m. Ag Ministry Update Alanna Koch, Deputy Minister, Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture 10:00 a.m. Networking break and SBIC trade show 10:30 a.m. Beef Quality Audit: What Have We Learned? Mark Klassen, CCA 11:15 a.m. Promoting the Product: AG-vocacy in the Beef Industry Heather Travis, Canada Beef 12:15 a.m. Closing Remarks: Dr. Greg Penner, Beef & Forage Symposium Chair 12:20 p.m. Luncheon and SBIC Trade Show 6:00 p.m. Cocktails 7:00 p.m. Awards Banquet

To view presenter biographies and register for the conference, visit www.saskbeefconference.com


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Page 30

Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Page 31


ANGUS ROGER REYNOLDS 306-536-6112 17 Hogan Place Emerald Park, SK erreynolds@accesscomm.ca

Selling at the “Gateway Sale” December 2, 2013 Johnstone Auction Mart Two daughters of SOO LINE MADONNA 9126 (Kodiak daughter)




Nu-Horizon Angus one Klassic Selling at the Keyst

ay Sale Selling at the Gatew

Moose Jaw, SK - December 2, 2013

Brandon, MB- December 7, 2013

Red Nu-Horizon Lady 341A Red Nu-Horizon Favorite 304A Red Nu-Horizon Maggie 201Z

Selling by Private Treaty... Nu-Horizon Big Sky 310A & other bulls off the farm. Nu-Horizon Duchess 313A

Can be seen at Brandon Expo and Agribition. Page 32

Red Nu-Horizon Ellie 270Z

Nu-Horizon Angus

Kieran, Deb & Kodie Doetzel Lipton, SK • 306-336-2245 kdknuhorizon@gmail.com Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Valley Lodge would like to thank our 2013 bull buyers:

• Heather and Roy Klindt, Crane Valley - repeat customers and buyers of the top 2 high sellers in the 2013 AAA Sale • Difley Knight Cattle JV (Darren & Joanne Dixon), Craik - repeat customers and buyers of Megan’s high seller at the AAA Sale • Perry and Marcie Windjack, Maple Creek – repeat customers and buyer’s of Shane’s high seller at the AAA Sale • Doug Mackie, Chaplin - repeat buyer • Vincent and Erin Schnee, Langenburg - repeat buyers She sells at the Gateway Sale! • Lee and Brennan Leib, Markinch - repeat buyers • Gordon Gerrard, Southey • Staple K Angus, Kelley and Lynn Howe, Glentworth • Jameko Farms, Brian and Cathy Benko, Raymore

Valley Lodge will be offering a premium set of females at the 2013 Gateway Sale on December 2 at Johnstone’s featuring daughters of SAV Bismarck, SAV Density, Sitz Upward and JL Jock 9002. Hope to see you at the sale!

SFR Duchess 7Z

For more information please contact: Gordon, Jackie, Megan or Shane Roger • 306-771-2305 • Box 437, Balgonie, SK S0G 0E0 • valleylodge@sasktel.net

MARK THESE DATES DOWN AND PLAN TO STOP FOR A VISIT! Friday, October 25 - Harvest Classic Sale e Wednesday, November 13 - Masterpiece SalSale Saturday, December 7 - Keystone Klassic ale Sale Saturday, April 5 - On Farm Bull & Fem

1ST Annual Harvest Classic Sale, Moose Jaw, SK • Consigning 4 Bred Cows and an exciting Junior Heifer calf prospect.

40TH Annual Masterpiece Sale, Regina, SK

• We are very excited to offer two choices of our entire producing age females. • Females with proven records - the Rosebuds, Queen Ruths, Heroines and many more. • Reap the rewards of 60 years of a sound breeding program. The entire herd is a result of sound walking bulls, not influenced by popular AI fads.

Keystone Klassic Sale, Brandon, MB

• 2 Heifer calves from our new Herd Sires, S Chisum 206 & Smart Farms Upper Deck 42Y. • These calves will make excellent Junior prospects.

16TH Annual On Farm Bull & Female Sale

• This calf crop is shaping up to be one of the best!

Wes & Kim Olynyk & family

(306) 876-4420 Irene Olynyk (306) 876-4400 PO Box 192, Goodeve SK S0A 1C0 info@crescentcreekangus.com Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Page 33

Page 34

Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Page 35

Page 36

Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Page 37

Page 38

Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Page 39

Backgrounding & Preimmunization In most areas this year with above average feed stores, and lots of pasture still available, backgrounding your own calves may be a viable option. Both commercial and purebred breeders can benefit greatly by preconditioning their calves. In the past many commercial producers sent calves directly to market off the cow. While this yielded maximum price with minimal risk the distances to feedlots are increasing, trucking fees have increased and the public are cracking down on situations where high death losses result. Backgrounding of calves should be researched and if already doing it look for ways to soft wean and maximally protect your calves from respiratory disease. Producers both purebred and commercial are in the best position to control stress and maximize resistance to disease when timing of weaning is totally in their control. It has been proven time and again in the past with preimmunized (vaccinated) calves both morbidity (% getting sick) and mortality (% dying) are reduced. If you have not immunized at spring turnout for the common diseases such as the clostridials, the viral pathogens IBR, PI3, BVD, BRSV, and the respiratory pathogens Pasteurella Multocida (PM), Mannheimia Hemolytica (MH) and histophilus somni consider it now. Most feedlot, cow-calf or dairy veterinarians are recommending these as the common infectious diseases to vaccinate for. The most important thing to remember is the calves ideally should have protection to these diseases before the stress of weaning occurs. If done already at spring turnout the booster can be given right at weaning. The timing of Page 40

the booster is not as critical as getting the initial shots into calves early. Any other stressful procedures such as branding, castration or dehorning is best to do ahead of weaning as well. Hopefully these procedures are already done but if not don’t leave them till weaning. The beauty these days is branding is seldom done; many calves are born polled by utilizing polled genetics. The only stress at weaning should be the weaning event itself. Branding in my mind is the most stressful procedure of all and if it can be avoided eliminate it. If the calves were NOT immunized at spring turnout the priming or initial shots should be given at least two weeks prior to the major stress of weaning. This allows the calves to achieve maximum immunity. This requires the herd to be brought in, separated, immunized and put back together. Effort that is well worth the investment in healthier calves that go on to gain well and hopefully making you profit. Remember to implant steers and non-replacement heifers to maximize growth. A proven TEN to ONE return on investment. Never implant bull calves to be kept for breeding bulls. Deworming is also critical to improving growth and it improves health and the ability to resist infection by improving the immune system. In other words it keeps the immune system healthy. Just recently many fecal sample tests have indicated the pour-on endectocides are not working as well on internal worms. The trend is to combine a pour on or injectable product for lice and the dewormer fenbendazole (safeguard) for internal worms. Talk to your veterinarian about these new approaches to parasite control. The transition period to get calves started on proper feed is critical. Ideally if they have had creep feed over the

by Roy Lewis DVM

summer the change will be minimal. If the calves are used to the pen and know where the watering bowls etc. are change is again minimized. It is best to remove the cows and leave calves in their familiar surroundings. This is not always possible I know. Make sure water (good quality, clean and clear) is readily available and there is lots of bunk space. It is also good to spread the forage in several locations to get calves started. Grass hays are the best to start with as they most closely mimic the pasture situation. If grain is introduced begin very gradually and bring up over a weeks time. Follow the weather reports and try to wean when weather is the most stable. Snowstorms or times when ambient temperatures are really fluctuating are obviously not ideal times to wean. When temperatures fluctuate below freezing at night to warm during the day this allows for a natural buildup of extra fluid on the lungs. In stressed calves this is where the respiratory viruses such as BRSV will multiply causing respiratory disease. We definitely see more severe cases of BRSV in farm-raised calves than in purchased ones. This makes vaccination for this disease imperative if retaining ownership. This disease is often covered in what we call the 5-way vaccines. Most veterinary clinics carry this BRSV combined with the IBR PI3 and BVD (2 types) vaccine and a very comprehensive vaccine including the Pasteurella and Mannheimia is also used commonly preweaning. Histophilus (ITEME) is still a major problem in feedlots across Western Canada, which is why vaccinating and boostering is a very worthwhile procedure. A lot of the chronics in feedlots from heart abscesses to severe arthritis can be traced back to this disease. Vaccinating prior to weaning is critical to acquire the immunity Angus Edge - Fall 2013

necessary to protect calves from the many forms of this disease. Even though feedlots vaccinate directly upon arrival they still have a large number of cases. This is simply because it is too late and vaccinating when calves are stressed does not achieve as high a level of immunity. This constitutes a second choice option at best. You as cow-calf producers and purebred operators have the option of vaccinating at the most ideal time. Wean softly by fenceline weaning, using the soft wean nose devices and try and remove cows from the calves. Leaving calves in their familiar surroundings where water and feed sources are known will minimize disease. When all precautions have been taken still watch diligently, especially the first two weeks for signs of respiratory disease

Angus Edge - Fall 2013

and digestive upsets. Work with your nutritionist and veterinarian to assist setting up the ideal program for your calves. Specific pneumonia treatments are best left up to you and your personal veterinarian. Remember to tag with the RFID tags and in the case of purebred cattle weigh and insure all those worthy are tattooed. By utilizing all or most of these procedures it is not uncommon to keep death loss very low (in the order of 1% or less) minimize any welfare issues and minimize antibiotic usage as well. Because of weather or other stresses your veterinarian may prescribe long acting (metaphylactic) antibiotics. These are all win-win issues for the cattle industry. Have a great fall everyone.ďƒś

Roy Lewis was a practicing large animal veterinarian for over thirty years at Westlock, AB where he concentrated on herd health and reproductive work with beef cattle (commercial & purebred). He now works as a technical services veterinarian for Merck Animal Health part time and fills the rest of his days working with the veterinary students at UCVM. His other niche is collecting and freezing bovine semen for on farm use.

Page 41

2013 4-H Regional Winners Mellisa Wasden, Spiritwood, SK Spiritwood Regional 4-H Show & Sale Grand Champion Female Olivia Woytiuk, Shell Lake, SK Spiritwood Regional 4-H Show & Sale Grand Champion Steer Taylor Conacher, Spiritwood, SK Spiritwood Regional 4-H Show & Sale Reserve Grand Champion Steer Chelsea LePage, Leoville, SK Spiritwood Regional 4-H Show & Sale Overall Reserve Grand Champion Heifer Lauren Blair, McLean, SK Moose Jaw International 4-H Beef Show Grand Champion Heifer Baxter Blair, McLean, SK Moose Jaw International 4-H Beef Show Reserve Grand Champion Heifer Lindsay Curtis, Bethune, SK Moose Jaw International 4-H Beef Show Overall Reserve Champion Cow/Calf Pair Callyn Hansen, Major, SK Kerrobert Regional 4-H Show & Sale Overall Supreme Female Champion Summer Hansen, Major, SK Kerrobert Regional 4-H Show & Sale Champion Three Year Old Heifer A. J. Morland, Major, SK Kerrobert Regional 4-H Show & Sale Grand Champion Steer Wyatt Huber, Landis, SK Kerrobert Regional 4-H Show & Sale Reserve Grand Champion Steer Taylor Cowie, Mankota, SK Swift Current Frontier Days Overall Grand Champion Female

Brady Scott, Eastend, SK Maple Creek Regional Fair Grand Champion Heifer Emery Scott, Eastend, SK Maple Creek Regional Fair Reserve Grand Champion Steer Codee Scott, Eastend, SK Maple Creek Regional Fair Reserve Grand Champion Cow/Calf Pair Matt Holba, Goodsoil, SK District 36 4-H Beef Show & Sale Overall Grand Champion Heifer Jade Shkopich, Meadow Lake, SK District 36 4-H Beef Show & Sale Overall Reserve Grand Champion Steer Garret Feige, Parkside, SK Prince Albert 4-H Regional Finished Beef Show & Sale Grand Champion Steer & Grand Champion Heifer Macy Liebreich, Radville, SK Yorkton Spring Steer & Heifer Show Grand Champion Heifer John Hogberg, Langenburg, SK Yorkton Spring Steer & Heifer Show Reserve Grand Champion Heifer

Morgan Fisk, Moosomin, SK Whitewood Regional 4-H Show & Sale Reserve Grand Champion Female Macy Liebreich, Radville, SK Weyburn Regional 4-H Show & Sale Overall Reserve Grand Champion Heifer Teagan Dalrymple, Redvers, SK Alameda Regional 4-H Show & Sale Grand Champion Steer Megan Bergsveinson, Alameda, SK Alameda Regional 4-H Show & Sale Reserve Grand Champion Female Cody Tataryn, Hubbard, SK Yorkton Regional Show & Sale Overall Grand Champion Steer Jessica Reid, Yorkton, SK Yorkton Regional Show & Sale Reserve Grand Champion Steer Katie Olynyk, Goodeve, SK Yorkton Regional Show & Sale Reserve Grand Champion Heifer Kailee Lundago, Sheho, SK Wadena 4-H Regional Show & Sale Grand Champion Heifer Austin Sentes, Raymore, SK Parkland Regional Show & Sale Grand Champion Heifer

Tyra Fox, Lloydminster, SK Lloydminster Regional 4-H Expo Reserve Grand Champion Cow/Calf Pair & Grand Champion Heifer John Hogberg, Langenburg, SK Whitewood Regional 4-H Show & Sale Reserve Grand Champion Steer & Grand Champion Female Tisdale 4-H Club

Hillary Sauder, Hodgeville, SK Swift Current Frontier Days Overall Reserve Grand Champion Female

The Saskatchewan Angus Association’s 4-H program in 2013 was pleased to present over 300 4-Hers with Sports Packs or Bag Tags for their Angus Project at Achievement days. We will again be offering awards to all 4-H members with an Angus Project in 2014. Page 42

Wymark/Drylanders 4-H Club Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Congratulations & Well Done !!

Mellisa Wasden, Spiritwood, SK Spiritwood Regional 4-H Show & Sale Grand Champion Female

Chelsea LePage, Leoville, SK Spiritwood Regional 4-H Show & Sale Overall Reserve Grand Champion Heifer

Callyn Hansen, Major, SK Kerrobert Regional 4-H Show & Sale Overall Supreme Female Champion

Hillary Sauder, Hodgeville, SK Swift Current Frontier Days Overall Reserve Grand Champion Female

Garret Feige, Parkside, SK Prince Albert 4-H Regional Finished Beef Show & Sale Grand Champion Steer & Grand Champion Heifer

A. J. Morland, Major, SK Kerrobert Regional 4-H Show & Sale Grand Champion Steer

Tyra Fox, Lloydminster, SK John Hogberg, Langenburg, SK Olivia Woytiuk, Shell Lake, SK Lloydminster Regional 4-H Expo Whitewood Regional 4-H Show & Sale Spiritwood Regional 4-H Show & Sale Reserve Grand Champion Cow/Calf Pair Reserve Grand Champion Steer & Grand Grand Champion Steer & Grand Champion Heifer Champion Female

rve Champions and Rese H 4e th at ns Champio a ive ce re s ow Sh Regional Special odie ‘Angus Champion’ Ho by d re so on sp or Jacket s gu An an ew ch at the Sask Association. Macy Liebreich, Radville, SK Weyburn Regional 4-H Show & Sale Overall Reserve Grand Champion Heifer Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Taylor Cowie, Mankota, SK Swift Current Frontier Days Overall Grand Champion Female Page 43

Canadian Beef Breeds Council Report Many purebred cattle producers don’t know that much about the Canadian Beef Breeds Council ( C B B C ) , which is understandable given the fact that there has been more direct interaction with respective breed associations than with producers. CBBC was established in 1994 to act as a unified voice of the purebred cattle industry and promote Canadian purebred beef genetics domestically and internationally. Today, CBBC represents the interest of 18 purebred beef breed Associations as well as several of Canada’s top export companies and major exhibitions. The top priorities of CBBC are government and industry advocacy, market access for live cattle and genetics, and scientific advancement for the beef cattle industry. CBBC representatives have attended events around the world promoting the integrity of Canadian genetics and why Canada is the best place in the world to do business. CBBC currently represents the interests of the purebred cattle industry at the Canadian

by Michael Latimer, Executive Director

Cattlemen Association (CCA), Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA), Beef Improvement Federation (BIF), Canadian Livestock Genetics Association (CLGA) and Canadian Animal Health Coalition meetings. We work closely with federal and provincial governments and are active in committee and round-table discussions. This advocacy is important for purebred producers for many reasons. Purebred producers are small in number, but as we all know, play a vital role in the beef cattle

production system. The genetic base for Canada’s national herd starts with purebred cattle and that perspective needs to be heard or it is easily forgotten. In developing foreign markets for purebred cattle, CBBC does not work alone. It is a combined effort of breeders, exporters, livestock exhibitions (domestic and international), government officials, i n d u s t r y o rg a n i z a t i o n s a n d b r e e d

associations. As part of its government advocacy efforts, CBBC has historically been very successful in obtaining financial assistance that is used to support those involved in creating more value for Canadian genetics. This is an ongoing effort that will continue for the foreseeable future. CBBC is actively working with Livestock Gentec (a division of the University of Alberta) on several initiatives that will ensure the beef cattle industry remains competitive from a scientific and technological perspective with other animal protein industries. This includes identifying key areas of research that are relevant to the purebred industry as well as assisting producers who wish to apply new technologies. Understanding and incorporating Genomic information into everyday management is both a challenge and an opportunity for the beef industry. If managed correctly, it will provide Canada and its producers, with a distinct competitive advantage. If you have questions or comments regarding the activities of CBBC, feel free to contact me at mlatimer@canadianbeefbreeds.com or by phone at 403-730-0350.

The Saskatchewan Angus Association is excited to be hosting the 2014 Canadian Angus Convention June 4-8

in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. The host hotel is Temple Gardens which boasts a world class mineral pool and spa and is right downtown within walking distance of Moose Jaw's many unique attractions and shops. • Wednesday will be arrivals and free time for the spa, casino and/or shopping for those not involved with the CAA board meetings. • Thursday we are planning for golfing, a city trolley tour, lunch and fashion show, a greenhouse tour and 'tea' at the Yvette Moore Gallery. Thursday will http://templegardens.sk.ca/ also again have the CAA board meetings as well as the Can-Prov sessions and 1-800-718-7727 the Canadian Angus Foundation Ambassador competition. That evening will be the President's reception and Ambassador speeches. • Friday is “Rancher Endorsed Day” with a morning information session and panel discussion from industry experts as well as producers. After lunch we will head out for some cattle tours. We will wrap up that day with an ‘Angus’ steak barbecue and socializing. • Saturday we have Dr. John Fast booked as the key-note speaker on Succession Planning, followed by the Annual General Meeting. Saturday evening will the banquet along with some special awards and the 3rd Annual Building the Legacy Sale, followed by a dance. • Sunday morning the CAA will have their wrap-up board meeting and we will then have the opportunity to tour the “Tunnels of Moose Jaw”. We would really recommend booking your rooms early and if you are interested in any spa treatments, call early to ensure availability. We will see you there! Page 44

Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Page 45

Saskatchewan Junior Angus Report & Profiles... Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association Board of Directors Katie Wright - President Melfort, SK - 306-752-3543 j_kwright@hotmail.com Brittany Hunt - Vice-President Rose Valley, SK - 306-322-4547 terryandstacey@xplornet.ca Tyra Fox - Secretary Lloydminster, SK - 306-825-9624 tfoxy12@hotmail.com Erin Toner - Junior Director Kelfield, SK - 306-834-8647 erin_toner@hotmail.com Directors at Large Alexis DeCorby Rocanville, SK - 306-645-2019 alexismaryfinna@gmail.com Kodie Doetzel Lipton, SK - 306-336-2245 kd@nuhorizon.com Jennifer Jones Lloydminster, SK - 780-214-4341 j.jones_patches@hotmail.com Brianna Kimmel Lloydminster, SK - 780-214-3643 brianna@twistedsisterscattle.ca Katie Olynyk Goodeve, SK - 306-730-7160 olynyk2k@uregina.ca Wade Olynyk Goodeve, SK - 306-876-4420 info@crescentcreekangus.com

Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association

Box 3771, Regina, SK S4P 3N8 Phone 306-757-6133 Fax 306-525-5852 office@saskatchewanangus.com www.saskatchewanangus.com Page 46

Wow, another year is almost upon us, but that doesn’t mean we should forget all the awesome events that occurred through the summer! Let’s start from the beginning. The 2013 Canadian Junior Angus Showdown was held in Armstrong, B.C. Boy was it hot, but we all had a great time, especially our three lucky members Kodie Doetzel, Wade Olynyk & Hillary Sauder who were sponsored to go. Thanks to all who attended and sponsored the show. The location for Showdown 2014 was released at Showdown 2013, but for those of you who missed it, it will be held July 17-19, in Virden, Manitoba which is just across the Saskatchewan border. The 2013 Saskatchewan Junior Angus Gold Show was held at the beginning of August this year in Prince Albert, SK and what a great event that ended up being! This year was a bigger turn out number wise for the show, and we were pleased to have so many juniors come out and participate as well. The show could not have been as great of a success if it weren’t for the sponsors that supported the show! Also at our Junior Show in Prince Albert, we held our Annual meeting where our board was elected with myself, Katie Wright as President, Brittany Hunt as Vice-President and Tyra Fox as Secretary, along with some new and old faces as directors at large check out our profiles following my report here. As Agribition nears, the deadline for the 2013 SJAA scholarships for junior members is November 1, 2013. For an application form and more information, visit the Saskatchewan Angus Association website at www.saskatchewanangus.com. During Agribition we will be having our Junior Bowling & Pizza Social on Friday, November 15 - hope to see all you juniors there! Also, slowly but surely, the 2014 Canadian Junior Angus Association GOAL (Guiding Outstanding Angus Leaders) conference is coming up February 15-17, 2014 in Calgary, Alberta. The Saskatchewan Angus Association along with the Saskatchewan Junior Association will be sponsoring juniors to attend the conference. Send in your application along with a brief outline of why you should be sponsored to go! There

are also travel bursuries available nationally and some great prizes and scholarships to be awarded at GOAL. Check the information on the inside back cover of this Edge or go online to www.canangusfoundation.ca. Well that’s it for now, if you have any questions, please feel free to give me a shout! I hope to see you at some of the Angus events down the road! Katie Wright President *********************************** Hello everyone! My name is Alexis DeCorby and I am a new director this year. I live on a ranch just outside of Rocanville, SK with my family. Together we operate Section 7 Ranch with around 200 purebred Black Angus and Hereford cows, including my small herd of both Black Angus and Hereford cattle. I am currently in Grade 11 at Rocanville High School and in my spare time I play Badminton. During my short Angus show career my family and I have attended the Manitoba Livestock Expo, Canadian Western Agribition and a couple Gold & Junior Shows. Cattle have played a major role in my life. The people that show cattle have greatly influenced my love of cattle and the industry itself. I look forward to meeting many new people in the Angus business and taking part in more Angus related events. ********************************** Hello, I am Kodie Doetzel of Nu-Horizon Angus and this will be my second year as a board member. I have attended three Saskatchewan Junior Angus shows and five Canadian Junior Angus shows. Each year I attend Agribition, but this year I am taking two calves. I am also in 4-H with Valley View. I live on a farm north of Lipton, SK. We raise purebred Red and Black Angus cattle as well as some commercial cattle. Between showing cattle in 4-H and Junior Angus shows, I am kept pretty busy. In the winter I enjoy skiing, snowmobiling and hunting. In the summer I like riding my dirt bike and playing baseball. If you like meeting new people, showing cattle, and having fun, give Junior Angus a try. I know you will like it! Angus Edge - Fall 2013

*********************************** Hello fellow Saskatchewan Angus Junior’s, my name is Tyra Fox, I am 15 and currently in grade 10. I live in Lloydminster, SK on our family farm Justamere, where we run a purebred Black Angus operation. I am a big part of all the operations, including showing, helping out at our sales and all of the daily business at the farm. I currently work part time at Peavey Mart, I have been there for one year now. I also play the piano and am in my 6th year of lessons. I am currently working on taking my level 5 exam this year. I have a horse named “ Dude” and I also take weekly riding lessons and am working on taking my equestrian exams as well. I love to go riding every chance I get. I look forward to serving another year on the Saskatchewan Junior Angus board as your secretary, and getting to know more of the Juniors. ********************************** Hello everyone! My name is Brittany Hunt, I am 18 years old and I am from the small town of Rose Valley, SK. I live on a farm with my family as we run a cow/calf operation called T & S Farms. We have around 70 Purebred Red Angus females as well as 50 commercial females. We sell yearling bulls and two year old bulls. We have recently started to sell yearling heifers and in the future plan to sell cow/calf pairs. We show cattle all year round at small shows as well as the bigger ones. Currently I live in Saskatoon and I am taking my first year as a Vet Technician at SIAST, as it has always been my dream to continue working with animals and make a change in an animal’s life. I have been in the 4-H program for the last 10 years where I have shown yearling heifers, cow/calf pairs, and sold market steers. I recently joined the Canadian Junior Angus Association in 2013. I try to go to as many 4-H functions as I can to help the younger members as well as learn something new for myself. One thing that has always been big in my family is the Judging opportunities that the 4-H program offers for the members. This always keeps me busy throughout the years traveling to different judging clinics. I hope everyone has a great rest of the fall and a safe winter! I hope to see you all around the show circuit! Angus Edge - Fall 2013

********************************** Hi, my name is Jennifer Jones. I am 16 years old and live on a small Black Angus farm north east of Lloydminster with my family, running Ponderosa Ranch. I am in grade 11 at Hillmond Central School. I spend my time with my cattle, horses, and working at Justamere with the Fox family. This is my eighth year in 4-H taking part in many executive positions over the years. I am excited to be on the Saskatchewan board for the first time this year, and am looking forward to meeting many new juniors. Hope to see you all at the Angus activities! ********************************** Hi! I am Brianna Kimmel, a new member to the Saskatchewan Junior Association and a new board member. I am 14 years old and I live in Lloydminster. My older sister Meghan and I operate Twisted Sisters Cattle Co. Our focus is on raising quality functional cattle that will work for both the purebred and commercial cattleman. We like the Simmental-Angus cross, believing it combines the best traits from both breeds resulting in high performance calves for the commercial market. I enjoy attending shows and I am gaining experience from a variety of breeders, developing what will work best for us. I am looking forward to getting involved with the association, meeting other juniors, breeders and promoting Angus cattle. *********************************** Hi again to everyone! My name is Kaitlin Olynyk and I am so excited to have the opportunity to be a Saskatchewan Junior director again this year. I have been hard at work this year on many projects, including some with the Canadian Junior Angus Association. I recently went down to New Orleans for the LEAD conference, which is the American equivalent of GOAL. It was tons of fun and I suggest any junior who meets the requirements apply for the trip, it is a great experience. I also started my third year in the faculty of Education on my way to becoming a high school teacher! It is an exciting journey that has offered me many learning opportunities and memories along the way. I am also hard at work promoting the awesome new incentives the Canadian

Junior Angus Association is offering with GOAL and scholarships. Check out the CJAA Facebook page, twitter page, and Canadian Foundation website for more information. I hope everything has been well with all of you, that the harvest was plentiful and the weaning season has been and/or will be successful. I look forward to seeing all of you at Agribition, and hope all the juniors from Saskatchewan will take part in Showdown 2014 right next door to us in Virden, Manitoba. If you have any questions on it I am always happy to answer them! Have a happy and safe season, and GO RIDERS! *********************************** Hi, I’m Wade Olynyk and I’m from Crescent Creek Angus, Goodeve, SK. I am 15 years old and currently in Grade 10 at Melville Comprehensive School. I have a herd of 11 cattle at the farm and I am hoping to gain on that in this upcoming year. I am big into sports; I play senior football for the MCS Cobras and I am going to play hockey in Melville this coming winter. At Crescent Creek Angus we calve out about 200 head of cattle, we start January 20th and end about March 15th. So winter time is a fun time of year around our place. I am very happy to be on the board as a director and I am happy to meet all of you in this upcoming year!  *********************************** Hello all, my name is Shane Roger. I am 18 years old and run a cow calf operation called Valley Lodge Cattle Co. with my parents Gordon and Jackie and sister Megan Roger. We run about 40 purebred Black Angus cattle. I am currently attending the University of Regina in the faculty of Engineering, working on obtaining a degree in Petroleum Engineering, then a masters degree in Agricultural Engineering. Being in the Angus industry, I found myself becoming part of the Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association. When I first joined I was a director at large, then the president, and this year I am a director at large again. The Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association is a great organization, and I encourage other junior members to get involved with the board.

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Saskatchewan Junior Angus Report... continued from page 47 I encourage all the junior members to attend the outstanding events the SJAA puts on, because when you get to be my age, and with only three years left, you’re going to wish you had attended them all. If you see me down the road at some of the Angus events, don’t be afraid to come say hi! I look forward to it.

open shows across western Canada. The thing that is most evident at every show, no matter what province you are in, is the people you meet and the friends you make. As I look to the future, these people will play an important part of my life . . . as acquaintances, as colleagues, and as fellow Angus breeders.

*********************************** Hi, I am Davis Schmidt and I grew up on a mixed farm near Watrous, SK where my family runs 30 Black Angus cows and farms 1,200 acres of which are primarily canola and wheat. Mainstream Genetics prides themselves on raising moderate females that are sound and functional, and can produce bulls that will work for both the purebred breeder and the commercial cattleman. Our bulls are marketed through the Pursuit of Excellence Bull Sale, which is held the first week of April at Jackson Sale Facility, Sedley, SK.

I am 15 years old and in grade 10 at Winston High, I am a center man with the Watrous Winterhawks, a running back with the Winston Wildcats and swim competitively throughout the summer. I am excited to be involved in the livestock industry and more importantly, the Angus business. There are endless opportunities in this industry, and it involves some of the best people in the country. I look forward to representing other Angus enthusiasts; I look forward to representing Saskatchewan and I look forward to representing the Angus breed. 

I am actively involved in the 4-H program and have been a member of the Carlton Trail 4-H Club for nine years. My 4-H experience led me to participate in spring steer and heifer shows, Saskatchewan Junior Angus shows as well as numerous purebred and

*********************************** Hello, I am Katie Wright. I live on our family farm, Wright Livestock, near Melfort, SK. My family and I currently run around 50 purebred Red Angus and about 50 purebred Black Angus cows, along with a small herd of commercials. I am currently in my second

year of nursing in Melfort. I also hold down a couple part time jobs as a lifeguard at the Northern Lights Palace in Melfort, SK and I work as a care aid in the Kinistino Jubilee Lodge. I am a member of the Meskanaw-Ethelton 4-H beef club. I have been involved with this club for 13 years. I have served on various committees as well as being club secretary and club president. Currently I am the district 27 member representative. I have been on the Saskatchewan Junior Angus board for seven years. I was a director at large for two years, the secretary for two years, president for one year, vice president for one year and am currently the president this year. I am one of the newest members on the Canadian Junior board as well. I have taken part in many Saskatchewan and Canadian Junior events such as: GOAL, Showdown, Gold Shows, Saskatchewan Junior Shows and Canadian Western Agribition. Looking forward to seeing you all down the road at Angus events.

Attention Juniors ...

You won’t want to miss out on these exciting events ... Friday, November 15, 2013 - Attend the 2013 Canadian Western Agribition Junior Angus Pizza Party & Bowling. We’re meeting at the SAA Booth at 3 pm to go bowling - drivers will be provided. Pizza will be served at 5 pm in the Angus barn. February 15 - 17, 2014 - Win your way to the 9th annual Canadian Junior Angus National Youth GOAL Conference to be held in Calgary, AB. There will be workshops, keynote speakers and entertainment. All Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association members aged 15 and over are eligible to enter. Write an essay explaining why you should be selected to attend the conference and include your experience with the Angus industry and the SJAA and SAA may help you with your travel costs and the registration fee. Fax, mail or email your application to the Saskatchewan Angus Association by December 30, 2013 - no late applications will be accepted. There are a limited number of spots so don’t delay! The CAF and CJAA also have Travel Bursuries for GOAL. See the inside back cover of this Edge and plan to attend.

SJAA Scholarship

The Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association offers Two $500 Scholarships each year. Deadline - November 1, 2013 Applications are available from the Saskatchewan Angus Office or get one off the website. Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association Box 3771, Regina, SK S4P 3N8 Phone 306-757-6133 • Fax 306-525-5852 Email: office@saskatchewanangus.com Website: www.saskatchewanangus.com Page 48

Angus Edge - Fall 2013

s r o s n o p S S h ow r o i n u J an w e h er t, SK c b t l a A e k c s n i r Sa P --ust 3, 2013 g July 31 - Au

Adair Angus Arm River Red Angus Bear Hills Angus Bell Angus B-Elle Red Angus Bluestone Stock Farm Bounty B Ranch Breed Creek Ranch Burnett Angus & Tarentaise Deere Rose Stock Farm DKF Red Angus DM Angus Double F Cattle Co.

Eastondale Angus Eldem Cattle Investments GBS Angus Glen Gabel Angus Glendor Acres Hextall Livestock Ivanhoe Angus Johnston Angus Justamere Farms Kinistino Co-op Kuntz Farm Lamb’s Quarters Angus Maple Ridge Acres McAvoy Bale Hauling MCS Angus

Moose Creek Red Angus Norseman Farms Nu-Horizon Angus Optimal Bovines Inc. Parkwood Farm Pasquia Angus Skyebrooke Angus South Shadow Angus Summit Creek Angus U6 Livestock Valley Lodge Cattle Co. Wilbar Farms Wright Livestock

Volunteers d an rs so n o Sp e th to u Thank-yo great at the show for another ent! ‘Saskatchewan Angus’ Ev Angus Edge - Fall 2013

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Saskatchewan Junior Angus Show Results Judges: Dave & Krista Erixon OPEN CLASSES Heifer calf, born after January 1, 2013. 1. Red U6 Samaria 31A Eric Yewsuk 2. Red T&S Rose 8A Brittany Hunt 3. Schwan Blackcap 17A Ty Schwan Calf Champion Female Red U6 Samaria 31A Eric Yewsuk Reserve Calf Champion Female Red T&S Rose 8A Brittany Hunt Female born in 2012 - Split 1 1. S7R 77W Ruth 34Z Alexis Decorby 2. Justamere 056Z Blackbird 337Z Hayden Elliot- Nelson 3. Red Wrights 5X Firefly 80X Katie Wright 4. Red Wrights 5X Bridget 20Z Justin Kay 5. Sooline Echo 2136 Ty Schwan 6. T&S Blueblood Lady 46Z Tyler Hunt Female born in 2012 - Split 2 1. Justamere 499U Fay 307Z Tyra Fox 2. Justamere 336U Desire 321Z Jorja Fox 3. Triple L Miss Daisy 38Z Allyson Tetzlaff 4. Young Dale Peg 09Z Mikyla Sullivan 5. Red T&S Fayet 22Z Megan Hunt 6. Red T&S Hart 1Z Kelly Holmstrom 7. DMM Miss Essence 14Z Raina Syrnyk Grand Champion Junior Female Justamere 499U Fay 307Z Jim Fox Reserve Grand Champion Junior Female S7R 77W Ruth 34Z Alexis DeCorby Female, born in 2011 w/2013 1. Red Wrights Vaness 1Y Katie Wright 2. Primetime 1J Touch of Class 104 Mikyla Sullivan Female, born in 2010 or earlier, w/2013 calf at foot 1. Red Six Mile Cheta 702W Coy Gibson 2. Red T&S Rose 18W Brittany Hunt Page 50

Grand Champion Senior Female Red Six Mile Cheta 702W Coy Gibson Reserve Grand Champion Senior Female Red Wrights Vaness 1Y Katie Wright Grand Champion Female Red Six Mile Cheta 702W Coy Gibson Reserve Grand Champion Female Justamere 499U Fay 307Z Jim Fox OWNED CLASSES Heifer born in 2013 1. Justamere 244Y Blackbird 423A Tyra Fox 2. Jenn’s 1406 Fay 135A Jennifer Jones Grand Champion Heifer Calf Justamere 244Y Blackbird 423A Tyra Fox Reserve Grand Champion Heifer Calf Jenn’s 1406 Fay 135A Jennifer Jones Female born in 2012 1. Bar-H Evening Tinge 36Z John Hogberg 2. Exar Cassie 2014 Davis Schmidt 3. Red Blair’s Priscilla 44Z Baxter Blair 4. Red Blairswest Sugrland 1Z Maguire Blair 5. Mich Envious Blackbird 1249 Lauren Blair 6. DMM Blackbird 8Z Raina Syrnyk 7. Red KF Clarit 48Z Hillary Sauder Grand Champion Junior Female Bar-H Evening Tinge 36Z John Hogberg Reserve Grand Champion Junior Female Exar Cassie 2014 Davis Schmidt Female born in 2011 w/2013 calf 1. Red Lazy Mc Lady 17Y Laurie Morasch 2. Exar Blackbird 1916 Tyra Fox Female born in 2010 or earlier w/2013 calf 1. Jen 527S Fay 106X Jennifer Jones 2. Red Blairs Sugrland 5X Maguire Blair Grand Champion Senior Female Jen 527S Fay 106X Jennifer Jones Reserve Grand Champion Senior Female Red Lazy MC Lady 17Y Laurie Morasch

August 1, 2013 Prince Albert, SK Grand Champion Female Jen 527S Fay 106X Jennifer Jones Best Pair of Females (born the same year) 1. Red Wrights Vaness 1Y Red Wrights 5X Bridget 20Z Katie Wright 2. DMM Miss Essence 14Z DMM Blackbird 8Z Raina Syrnyk Bull calf born in 2013 1. Red Six Mile Jagger 780A Coy Gibson 2. Red Lazy MC Ropeburn 104A Laurie Morasch 3. Red Blairswest Intensity 29A Maguire Blair 4. Red Wrights 17M Allstate 11A Katie Wright 5. CCR Altman 25A Mikyla Sullivan Grand Champion Bull Calf Red Six Mile Jagger 780A Coy Gibson Reserve Grand Champion Bull Calf Red Mazy MC Ropeburn 104A Laurie Morasch Grand Champion Bull Red Six Mile Jagger 780A Coy Gibson Reserve Grand Champion Bull Red Mazy MC Ropeburn 104A Laurie Morasch

CROSSBRED CLASS Female born in 2012 1. Kayos Brittany Hunt 2. Southland Lena 56Z Brianna Kimmel 3. Sweet Thang Dana Holmstrom

Grand Champion Crossbred Female Kayos Brittany Hunt Reserve Grand Champion Crossbred Female Southland Lena 56Z Brianna Kimmel

See You There Next Year!!

Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Grand Champion Female (Open Div.) Red Six Mile Cheta 702W Coy Gibson

Reserve Grand Champion Female (Open Div.) Justamere 499U Fay 307Z Jim Fox

Grand Champion Female (Owned Div.) Reserve Grand Champion Female (Owned Div.) Jen 527S Fay 106X Red Lazy MC Lady 17Y Jennifer Jones Laurie Morasch SHOWMANSHIP Peewee Jorja Fox Junior Champion John Hogberg Reserve Kelly Holmstrom Intermediate Champion Laurie Morasch Reserve Justin Kay Senior Champion Mikayla Sullivan Reserve Eric Yewsuk PHOTOGRAPHY Junior Champion Hillary Sauder Reserve Kelly Holmstrom Intermediate Champion Justin Kay Reserve Laurie Morasch Senior Champion Brittany Hunt LITERATURE Junior Champion Hillary Sauder Intermediate Champion Kodie Doetzel Reserve Brianna Kimmel Senior Champion Katie Wright Angus Edge - Fall 2013

PRINT MARKETING Junior Champion Baxter Blair Reserve Dana Holmstrom Intermediate Champion Alexis DeCorby Reserve Lauren Blair Senior Champion Katie Wright Reserve Eric Yewsuk

Grand Champion Bull Red Six Mile Jagger 780A Coy Gibson

Reserve Grand Champion Bull Red Mazy MC Ropeburn 104A Laurie Morasch

Senior Champion Katie Wright & Brittany Hunt Reserve Alexis DeCorby & Eric Yewsuk AGGREGATE Junior Champion Hillary Sauder Intermediate Champion Laurie Morasch Senior Champion Katie Wright

Spirit of Youth Award Katie Wright

GROOMING Junior Champion Baxter Blair Reserve Hillary Sauder Intermediate Champion Laurie Morasch Reserve Maguire Blair Senior Champion Katie Wright Reserve Raina Syrnyk TEAM JUDGING Junior Champion John Hogberg & Coy Gibson Reserve Hayden Elliott Nelson & Hillary Sauder Intermediate Champion Davis Schmidt & Laurie Morasch Reserve Lauren Blair & Maguire Blair Page 51

Business Directory

November 11 - 16, 2013 Regina, SK www.agribition.com 306-565-0565 GRANT ROLSTON Box 1562 Vulcan, AB T0L 2B0


Phone: 403-593-2217 grantspix@gmail.com www.grantspix.com

Canadian ANGUS Association


292140 Wagon Wheel Blvd. Rocky View County, AB T4A 0E2 www.cdnangus.ca cdnangus@cdnangus.ca

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(306) 525-8796

Your Business Card Could Be Here! Call 306-757-6133 or email office@saskatchewanangus.com for details Page 52

Coming Events... Oct 21...............Justamere Sale of the Year, Lloydminster, SK Oct 25...............Harvest Classic Sale, Moose Jaw, SK Oct 25...............Six Mile Ranch Focused on Females Sale, Fir Mountain, SK Oct 30-Nov 1....Yorkton Harvest Showdown, Yorkton, SK .........................Angus Tag Show & Sale Oct 31-Nov 2....Lloydminster Stockade Round-up, Lloydminster, SK Oct 31-Nov 2....Manitoba Livestock Expo, Brandon, MB Nov 1................SJAA Scholarship Deadline Nov 1-10...........Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Toronto, ON Nov 3-10...........Northlands Farmfair International, Edmonton, AB .........................Nov 8 - National Angus Show, Edmonton, AB Nov 11-16.........Canadian Western Agribition 2013, Regina, SK .........................Nov 12 - First Lady Classic .........................Nov 13 - “Masterpiece” Angus Sale .........................Nov 14 - Black and Red Angus Shows .........................Nov 15 - Commercial Cattle Show .........................Nov 15 - Junior Angus Social .........................Nov 15 - Power & Perfection Sale .........................Nov 16 - Junior Beef Extreme .........................Nov 16 - Bull Pen Alley Show .........................Nov 16 - Commercial Cattle Sale .........................Nov 16 - RBC Beef Supreme Challenge Nov 20..............Kenray Ranch Online Female Sale, Redvers, SK Nov 23..............Northern Select Sale, Camrose, AB Nov 28..............Glendor Acres Angus Dispersal Sale, Moose Jaw, SK Nov 29/30.........Crowfoot Cattle Co. Angus Dispersal, Standard, AB Dec 2................Gateway Angus Sale, Moose Jaw, SK Dec 2................Six Mile Ranch & Guests Commercial Female Sale, Swift Current, SK Dec 4................Cudlobe Angus Bull Sale, Stavely, AB Dec 5................Peak Dot Ranch Bull & Female Sale, Wood Mountain, SK Dec 7................Norseman Farms Angus Dispersal, Swift Current, SK Dec 7 ...............Keystone Klassic Angus Sale, Brandon, MB Dec 10..............Canadian Legacy Sale, Olds, AB Dec 11..............Crooked Creek Angus Sale, Ponoka, AB Dec 13..............Touch of Class Female Sale, Saskatoon, SK Dec 14..............Johnston/Fertile Valley Bred Heifer Sale, Saskatoon, SK Dec 17..............Figure 8 Angus Dispersal Sale, Olds, AB Jan 5................Deadline for CAA Intern Applications Jan 10..............Deadline for 2014 GOAL Conference Registrations Jan 15..............Deadline for the Spring Issue of The Angus Edge Jan 15..............Deadline for Foundation Legacy Scholarships Jan 22-24.........Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference, Saskatoon, SK .........................Jan 24 - SAA 2014 AGM, Saskatoon, SK Jan 25..............M.C. Quantock Bull Sale, Lloydminster, SK Feb 15-17.........CJAA GOAL Conference, Calgary, AB Feb 27..............Benlock Farms Bull & Female Sale, Grandora, SK Mar 22..............Working Stiff’s Bull Sale, Moosomin, SK Apr 12...............Blue Collar Bull Sale, Yorkton, SK Jun 4-8.............Canadian Angus Convention, Moose Jaw, SK Jul 17-19..........Showdown 2014, Virden, MB Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Index of Advertisers... Anderson Cattle Co..................................38 Benlock Farms..........................................25 Bridgeway Livestock.................................21 Canadian Legacy Sale.............................18 Crescent Creek Angus..............................33 Crooked Creek Angus..............................34 Crowfoot Cattle Co...................................35 CSI Angus.................................................32 Cudlobe Farms.........................................39 Double C Red Angus................................31 Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Figure 8 Angus.........................................36 Freyburn Angus Farm...............................19 Gateway Angus Sale................................11 GBT Angus...............................................16 Glendor Acres...........................................12 Howe Red Angus.....................................BC Johnston/Fertile Valley Sale.....................30 Kenray Ranch...........................................34 Keystone Klassic Sale..............................37 Masterpiece Sale........................................3

Merit Cattle Co..........................................20 Norseman Farms........................................2 Northern Select Sale................................38 Northern View Angus................................14 Nu Horizon Angus.....................................32 Peak Dot Ranch.......................................13 Power & Perfection Sale.............................7 Touch of Class Sale..................................17 Valley Lodge Cattle Co.............................33 Windy Willows Farms...............................15 Page 53

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Angus Edge - Fall 2013

Angus Edge - Fall 2013

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s u g n A d e R e How

Would like to take this opportunity to invite you to check out our fall consignments to

Red Roundup ~ Red Deer AB ~ October 19 Masterpiece ~ Regina SK ~ November 13 Touch of Class ~ Saskatoon SK ~ December 13

Also come find us in the yards at Agribition for a visit and to view the up and coming 2014 Herd bull prospects. We would also like to thank everyone for their purchases of our females in the past. We greatly appreciate the business and especially your friendship.

Howe Red Angus

Mike Howe, #183 - 4th Ave. S.W., Moose Jaw, SK S6H 5V2 (306) 691-5011 C: (306) 631-8779 dlmhowe@xplornet.com


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The Angus Edge - Fall 2013  

The Angus Edge - Fall 2013