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Summer 2012

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Balancing The Scales...

enable more people to be able to return to their roots, doing what they love and being able to be fully devoted to it.

With the Agriculture industry sitting in an enviable position, including the Beef Industry that boasts low inventory numbers, record prices and an insatiable appetite for top quality genetics, exciting times are now reality. In many areas producers are gathering up large groups of yearling heifers to breed and market this fall. This wave put the premium heifer bull prospects in a highly sought after position at many bull sales. Most noted were the particular bloodlines which have become widely accepted and noted for not only their calving ease, but their identification amongst many commercial bull buyers. These bull buyers made a point of solely bidding on these certain ‘brand name’ bulls to help market the calving ease of their future heifer projects. The education that it took to inform these buyers is very commendable to seed stock producers. It’s not only trucks, tractors, flat screen TV’s and cell phones that people pay attention to in “brand names” and they gladly pay for the quality and marketability of these genetics. It took many years for these bulls to not only make it through the purebred ranks as proven heifer bulls but to be able to sift down to the commercial buyers to

by Shane Castle

gain their confidence as well. No secret to the industry is the aging population of producers and the lack of a younger generation that is starting up or returning to the farm. Those that are returning to the farm are often accompanied by an off farm job that enables the transition back to the farm to be easier and to appease our banks and lending institutions as a way of maintaining credit. Hopefully with the higher prices this will also

As the population of cattle producers ages, reducing the amount of hands on work that can be performed compared to years past and with the younger generation working off-farm and having little time to tend to the cattle, this has led to a higher focus on lighter birth weight bulls in the hopes of less work to be involved. While the incidence can be reduced through lighter birth weight, there are negatives that can/will accompany selection to birth weight. Obvious choices of seed stock producers is to produce more of what sells easier. This is simple logic and there is nothing wrong with meeting industry needs, in fact it’s good business. Continued on Page 8

Brooke’s Edge Touchdown 6Y

Sire: Young Dale T D 58R Buyer: PFRA

Ivanhoe Quantum 13Y

Ivanhoe Emblazon 9Y

Sire: Crescent Creek 07 Emblazon 62W Buyer: Toner Angus Farm, Kelfield, SK

Pasture looks great! Come out for a visit and see...

Sire: Hollbrook Dutch 14U

Buyer: Donald Sauer, Earl Grey, SK

Ivanhoe Dutch 35X

High Selling Yearling Sire: Parkwood Quantum 1T

Buyer: Minburn Angus, Minburn, AB

Ivanhoe Innovator 37Y

Sire: Sandy Bar Innovator 46R

Buyer: Jack & Debbie Laturnus, Chaplin, SK

Ron & Marilyn Mountenay would like to thank everyone for their support of our 2nd Annual Bull Sale!


Box 23, Belle Plaine, SK Ph: 306.345.2560 C: 306.630.5871

Angus Edge - Summer 2012

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The 2012


The Masterpiece is sponsored by the Saskatchewan Angus Association and will be held in conjunction with the 2012 Canadian Western Agribition Show Regina, Saskatchewan - November 19 - 24, 2012

Open to Animals of all ages, either sex, Red or Black.

Nominate your herd now!

First Lady Classic Heifer Jackpot & Futurity - Tuesday the 20th ‘Masterpiece’ Sale - Wednesday the 21st Black & Red Angus Shows - Thursday the 22nd Commercial Cattle and Bull Pen Alley Shows - Friday the 23rd CWA Junior Beef Extreme - Saturday the 24th Commercial Cattle Sale - Saturday the 24th Royal Bank Beef Supreme Challenge - Saturday the 24th


Nomination Form Name


Farm Name






__________________________ Mail, fax, email or phone your Nomination by July 15, 2012 to OBI or the Saskatchewan Angus Association.

Angus Edge - Summer 2012

Contact the SAA Office at 306-757-6133 or OBI - Sales Management for information. OPTIMAL BOVINES INC. Rob Holowaychuk - 780-916-2628 Mark Holowaychuk - 403-896-4990 #407, 4808 Ross Street, Red Deer, AB T4N 1X5 Fax 403-343-6133 Email o.b.i@shaw.ca Website: www.cattlemanagement.ca Page 3

Saskatchewan Angus Association 2012 Board of Directors President Dale Easton Wawota, SK 306-739-2805 eastondale.angus@sasktel.net

1st Vice-President Mike Howe Moose Jaw, SK 306-691-5011 dlmhowe@xplornet.net

Glen Briere Mankota, SK 306-478-2233 gdbriere@hotmail.com Jason Frey Oxbow, SK 306-483-2720 jfrey1@xplornet.net

2nd Vice-President

Karla Hicks Mortlach, SK 306-355-2265 bluestone@sasktel.net

David Johnson Peebles, SK 306-224-4341 johnsonlivestockangus@gmail.com

Adam Knutson Wapella, SK 306-532-4745 adam_darla@hotmail.com

Executive Director

Jenna Loveridge Melville, SK 306-728-3823 jjlangus@live.com

Bob Toner Kelfield, SK 306-932-2180 shonda.toner@gmail.com

Past President Clint Smith Mankota, SK 306-478-2470 breedcreekranch@sasktel.net

Erin Toner Junior Director Kelfield, SK 306-932-2180 erin_toner@hotmail.com Kevin Blair Canadian Director Lanigan, SK 306-365-7922 kevin@blairs.ag Shane Castle Canadian Director Swift Current, SK 306-784-2241 castlerock.mktg@sasktel.net Roger Hardy Canadian Director Midale, SK 306-458-2359 sooline@signaldirect.ca Corinne Gibson Canadian Director Fir Mountain, SK 306-266-4895 sixmile@sasktel.net

Gord Roger Balgonie, SK 306-771-2305 gordon.roger@merck.com Michael Wheeler Saskatoon, SK 306-382-9324 wheelers_stock_farm@hotmail.com

Garth Hollinger Honourary President Indian Head, SK


Belinda Wagner

General Manager 2nd Floor, Canada Centre Building, Evraz Place Box 3771, Regina, SK S4P 3N8 Phone 306-757-6133 Fax 306-525-5852 Email office@saskatchewanangus.com Website www.saskatchewanangus.com

Office Hours

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

ANGUS EDGE Published by: Saskatchewan Angus Association Box 3771, Regina, SK S4P 3N8 Phone: 306-757-6133 Fax: 306-525-5852 Email: office@saskatchewanangus.com

Website: www.saskatchewanangus.com Publications Mail Agreement #40019886 Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to: Saskatchewan Angus Association Box 3771, Regina, SK S4P 3N8 Summer 2012 Distributed to approximately 750 Angus Breeders’ and 2000+ Commercial Producers in Saskatchewan. 3 Issues per year November deadline - October 1 February deadline - January 15 Summer deadline - May 1

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Angus Edge - Summer 2012

Angus Edge - Summer 2012

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President’s Report ... Hi everyone and greetings from the Saskatchewan A n g u s Association. Well it certainly has been a very good bull sale season in Saskatchewan with most sales surpassing their previous sale averages with lots of people at sales and smiles on buyers and sellers faces, such a nice sight! But we have seen a little pressure as of late and we must face the reality that there still is a lot of bulls in the country and there are still things out there that are out of our control. We still must be sharp with our culling and it still may take a couple of years of cow number rebuilding to use more of the good bulls out there!

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One of the things I have noticed and we as breeders must recognize and appreciate and must look after, are the committed commercial cattlemen and cattlewomen that are stepping up and paying very good dollars for some very good breeding stock, very quickly after some lean years. This only means good things for the quality and commitment in the Canadian beef business well into the future. As for other events in the Angus world, myself and our Saskatchewan General Manager Belinda Wagner will be heading to Lethbridge in June for our Canadian Angus Convention and we hope a lot more of our Saskatchewan membership can join us there! I know our Alberta neighbours will host a very informative event and there will always be something there that we should be able to teach ourselves as well as enjoy some good times and laughs with other

by Dale Easton

Angus breeders and enthusiasts from across the nation. But if you cannot make it there and have something you want brought forward make sure you give Belinda or me a call so we can forward your thoughts or opinions. Our summer Gold Show is shaping up to be a great event this summer so make your plans to show a few cattle in Yorkton or come to the show and watch and have a couple great meals and participate that way. I sat in on the first organizational meeting and we have a great committee set up and working hard to make Yorkton a great summer Gold Show spot just as it was back in 2002. The dates for the show are July 5th and 6th watch for more info on this event. I hope you have a great breeding season with those new breeding pieces you have sourced, hope the grass turns green soon and hope to meet you somewhere this summer!

Angus Edge - Summer 2012

Announcing Our New Junior Herdsire... The High Selling Bull Out Of the Merit Bull Sale this spring... Merit 1077







rs an d Th an k yo u to al l th e bu ye ou r bi dd er s th at he lp ed m ak e s Fr ey bu rn Fa m ily Tr ad iti on Bu ll Sa le a su cc es s!

Freyburn Angus Farms Jason & Melissa Frey & Family Oxbow, SK S0C 2B0 306-483-2291

jfrey1@xplornet.ca Angus Edge - Summer 2012

Lucas Frey & Family Oxbow, SK S0C 2B0 306-485-8285

www.freyburnangus.com Page 7

Balancing The Scales...

The flip side to this opportunity is marketing birth weights that are in the 90 lb range which is considerably more difficult. Unfortunately it is a situation that was encountered in sales throughout the spring. Some call it a penalty of weighing your calves when they are born. In most herds birth weights will have a wide range of likely 30 lbs or more, while other herds have narrowed down the birth weight range to 8-10 lbs according to the catalogue. The fact is that cows typically have birth weights that come in at close to seven percent of their weight. Heifers tend to have the lighter calves in the herds, as not only their weight is less than mature cows but they are also still developing themselves as well. Of course management can also factor in to the contribution of birth weight as does weather and gestation length. It would seem that further education would need to be put forward in the fact that just because calves weigh 97 lbs at birth does not mean that there was any issue or delay in delivery and if the dam happens to weigh 1400 lbs then she is only doing what has become repeatedly proven - that cows do have calves at seven percent of their weight. Selection for lighter birth weights and smaller calves and the ensuing relationship of narrowing pelvises lends itself to possible calving issues.

continued from the cover

Many commented they thought there would be more focus in general on these “power bulls” with the higher prices that were being paid to the heavy weight steers last fall. In fairness, commercial buyers comment that they feel that this is where the purebred industry is headed and they are following suit. Others comment that if they are going to buy a 97 lb birth weight bull he better look like a power bull with some extra bone, length and performance to back it. Performance bulls should look like performance bulls, heifer bulls like heifer bulls.

a new variety to be registered which turns out to be 8-10 years to ensure the genotypical and phenotypical results are constant. So as cattle breeders why are we in such a hurry? Take the time needed to not only educate your customers but make sure you don’t

set double standards for what you expect your clientele to adhere to but would not accept in your own program. A breeding M o s t importantly, in any trait program takes a lifetime’s work, the t h e need for education, extra effort and time spent will surely consistency and the be worth it! resistance of the pendulum swing benefits the whole i n d u s t r y. I n search of the ultimate animal it must be realized that there are tradeoffs involved with every step and for each action there is a reaction. Regardless, it is important to make sure that your customers aren’t being asked to accept and respond to what a breeder wouldn’t use themselves. Every year or so there is a new challenge to breeding cattle and that is what makes it so interesting. Look back once in a while to observe previous experiences and carry them forward with you to the future with the intentions of being a better breeder Also, typically bulls born lighter at birth but also a better supplier of genetics tend not to carry the “bone” that bulls that for your customer. In the grain industry are born with higher birth weights do. it takes 15-20 generations to enable Page 8

Angus Edge - Summer 2012

Angus Edge - Summer 2012

Page 9

From The Director's Chair ... It is common practice in our industry, as well as in our breed, that we acknowledge our youth as being an important part of our farming future. This being said, the last Statistics Canada Census reported that only 16% of farmers are between the age of 18 to 39 years. Lately a hot topic around our home has been the incentive programs put forward by our government for farmers. The latest version of the government helping agriculture is aimed at farmers under the age of 40 through the FCC ‘Young Farmer Loan.’ The government has put forward $500 million dollars to help young farmers grow their businesses. Qualified producers are eligible to receive up to $500,000 to purchase or improve farmland and buildings. The incentive is variable rates at prime plus 0.5% and special fixed rates and no loan processing fees... that’s it. You still need to come up with 25% down the same as always, all other regulations remain the same. For the record, in no way am I discriminating against FCC. They tried.

by Jenna Loveridge

However I can go out and buy a brand new vehicle with 0% down, no interest for the duration of the loan and in some cases they will even make the first few payments. Now there is some incentive, and coincidentally more people than ever are driving new vehicles.

the commitment to helping our youth become capable and successful young farmers/ranchers. The many programs and experiences available help spark their interest and allow them to grow in many ways. It would be encouraging to know that this success could carry on throughout a long lasting career for all The article I read also says that young who set out to accomplish their goals in farmers are vital to the long term this industry. prosperity of the agriculture industry and furthermore states that they are That being said, I would like to thank listening to their customers to develop the Saskatchewan Angus Association products and services to meet their for electing me back onto the board needs. As a young farmer it is obvious of directors for another three year that more needs to be done to set term. I have learned so much from programs forward that make farming this board the past few years. I would accessible to youth in this country. encourage everyone to sit on any board Some of the obstacles faced are things or committee at least one time. It gave like foreign investors driving land prices me a broader view and the realization through the roof, input costs that are not of what goes on behind the scenes. regulated in many ways whether it be related to cattle or grain. Off farm jobs We are currently working on this year’s in many cases are the answer which in Summer Gold & Junior Show being held turn leaves little time for anything else July 4-6, 2012 in Yorkton, SK. If anyone but work. This seems to be the case in has questions, feel free to forward them many farm homes across our province to myself or Belinda – details and entry and country and even with the great information is included in this issue times we are experiencing, it makes it of ‘The Edge’ and is available on our difficult to justify at times. web-site at www.saskatchewanangus. com. We hope to see everyone there, As a breed the Canadian Angus until then happy calving and seeding to Association as well as our provincial all! associations are second to none in

Notice of Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association

Annual Meeting

The Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association Annual Meeting will be held at 11:00 am on Thursday, July 5, 2012 at the Gold and Junior Shows in Yorkton, SK All Saskatchewan Juniors are Welcome !! Page 10

Angus Edge - Summer 2012

invites you to


Monday, August 13th @ 1 PM at the farm - Lloydminster, SK

and the

13th ANNUAL . . . R A E Y E H T F O SALE Tuesday, October 9th @ 1 PM Lloydminster, SK

JUSTAMERE FARMS Jon & Shelly Fox Cell: 780/808-6860

P.O. Box 320, Lloydminster, SK S9V 0Y2 Office: 306/825-9702 Jon: 306/825-9624 justamere@sasktel.net www:justamereranches.com Angus Edge - Summer 2012

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CEO Comments ... Hello, Saskatchewan Angus family! What a superb winter and spring! I’m not really one to start with a foray into “How’s the weather where you are?” because that has just never really interested me, but I’ve got to say the weather was part of what made the 201112 Winter and transition into 2012 Spring very smooth and rewarding. After last year’s ‘old man winter’ rearing his ugly head and giving us ‘what for’, this mild winter has left everyone feeling much better, I think, and with WAAAY less frozen ears, for sure! Couple that with the extraordinary prices the majority of our industry experienced this spring and what a warm and welcome spring, indeed!

By Rob Smith, CEO Canadian Angus Association

1) Many thanks to the leadership of the Saskatchewan Angus Association and your ‘challenge’ to the rest of the Regional Associations and CRAPS to match your $4500 commitment to the “New Zealand or bust” campaign to send a couple of youth teams to the World Angus Forum Contest in October, 2013. I expect leadership from our Angus contingent in Saskatchewan, and you have certainly provided it. You are now saying, “BRING IT!!!” to your fellow Regional Associations and I expect everyone to do something, even if they are not able to match your generous donation. Hopefully Alberta and CRAPS might meet your commitment so keep your challenge in their minds!

Talk about prices! This is a report our 2) At the February CAA Board Director or Field Services, Brian Good, Meeting, Director Kevin Blair came received the other day from a southern up with the idea for a new Foundation Alberta cattleman: fundraiser that inaugurates this year and will hopefully become a mainstay at our P e r l i c h B r o s . A u c t i o n M a r k e t National Convention. We are calling (Lethbridge, AB) - April 24th Sale - it the “Building The Legacy Frozen there were approximately 350 quality Genetics Auction” and it will take pairs – young cows: average price close place in the evening of Saturday, June to $2300, the most popular were the red 16th, 2012 in Lethbridge, AB. Kevin’s necks that topped at $2635, next were the fellow CAA Director Shane Castle has red brockle-face which topped at $2600 ‘picked up the cause’ and lined up all the - the bulk of the bred heifers brought nation’s sales management firms with a $1950 to $2000. sale crew in addition to consignments all of which are coming to Lethbridge Now neither Brian nor I know what a and the auction FREE OF CHARGE!!! “red neck” is (that conjures up images What a tremendous commitment to our of something else!) but we know it’s an Foundation and what a great opportunity Angus cross and we know that Angus to access rare and ‘not-for-sale’ Red and and Angus-influence genetics are in Black Angus genetics. For this and next such extraordinary demand from coast- year, the proceeds from this Auction will to-coast that they are NOT currently be split equally between the Foundation to be found. Of course, that means and the 2013 World Angus Forum Youth breeders are holding onto them which Contest so your support will directly will increase inventory that will also assist sending two Canadian teams to be raised by folks wanting to enter or New Zealand next year. If you have re-enter the cattle industry. The prices interest in this excellent genetic offering, listed in the above article are quite please contact Shane (306-741-7485; typical for Alberta prices right now and beverlyhillsangus@sasktel.net) or check I believe the rest of the nation is quite out the CAA website, not to mention a consistent. What an exciting time to be a special e-news ‘blast’, at the first part cattleman… for EVERYONE at EVERY of June. LEVEL!!! 3) While we are on the subject of the There are a few CAA initiatives going Foundation, their Board of Directors has on that I want to mention to you: approved another fundraising venture based on the concept of the community Page 12

cook books. Our goal is that this affordable cookbook will be available for Christmas, 2012, so we are accepting recipes right now. Please contribute your family specialties!!! We want more than just the ingredients, however, because we want to spotlight your ranch/outfit name, tattoo letters and prefix, and some history, so please check out this link on the CAA website: http://www. canangusfoundation.ca/cookbook.htm. The ‘driver’ of this project is CAA Director Cecilie Fleming (403-6251124; flemingangus@xplornet.com), so please do not hesitate to contact her. 4) I am very pleased to have our firstever Summer Marketing Interns located in Saskatchewan (Erin Toner) and Alberta (Stacey Domolewski). Both of our Interns have a strong Saskatchewan connection, since Erin attends the University of Regina while Stacey is at University of Saskatchewan. Erin is located out of Belinda’s office in Regina so if you have a special event you’d like her to attend, please don’t hesitate to contact her at etoner@cdnangus.ca. Both Interns are focusing their attention on 4-H recruitment, particularly in the heifer and cow/calf pair projects, so we hopefully gain a few more active members of the Canadian Junior Angus Association. A 4-H experience is, in my opinion, required for every rural youth, and the transition to Junior Angus just creates that many more connections and opportunities. I’m looking forward to Erin and Stacey’s efforts on our breed’s part, and know there will be results from their enthusiasm, determination and creativity. Welcome, Erin and Stacey… we are excited and proud to have you on our CAA team! 5) The Canadian Angus Association office building project is moving along. If you hear from people that it’s not moving fast enough, I will tell you that those people don’t understand or appreciate the scope of our project! We are trying to bring as many key members of Canada’s beef industry together under that roof so we have a lot of selling, promoting, politicking, explaining, and

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Angus Edge - Summer 2012

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Angus Edge - Summer 2012

Angus Edge - Summer 2012

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Angus Edge - Summer 2012

Angus Edge - Summer 2012

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Angus Edge - Summer 2012

Angus Edge - Summer 2012

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Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association Board of Directors Katie Wright - President Melfort, SK -- 306-752-3543 j_kwright@hotmail.com

Erin Toner - Vice-President & Junior Director Kelfield, SK -- 306-932-2180 erin_toner@hotmail.com Callie Gibson - Secretary Fir Mountain, SK -- 306-266-4895 callie_gibson5@hotmail.com Directors at Large Erika Easton Wawota, SK -- 306-739-2805 Email erikaeaston@hotmail.com Tyra Fox Lloydminster, SK -- 306-825-9624 justamere@sasktel.net Ty Hicks Mortlach, SK -- 306-355-2265 bluestone@sasktel.net Wacey McCaw Whitewood, SK -- 306-735-2540 mccawlivestockt@gmail.com Shane Roger Balgonie, SK -- 306-771-2305 shane-17@hotmail.com Brookelynn Tetzlaff Viscount, SK -- 306-944-2734 tetz@sasktel.net Cole Ward Saskatoon,SK - 306-931-3824 cdward@yourlink.ca Eric Yewsuk Wynyard, SK -- 306-554-2697 Email ericyewsuk@hotmail.com

Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association

Box 3771, Regina, SK S4P 3N8 Phone 306-757-6133 Fax 306-525-5852 office@saskatchewanangus.com www.saskatchewanangus.com Page 20

Saskatchewan Junior Angus Report...

by Katie Wright

What a busy winter and spring it has been! Hopefully everyone’s calving went smoothly along with their bull sales.

The SJAA is sponsoring two juniors to go to Lindsay. Showdown is a wonderful place to meet new junior members, share a few laughs and to take part in some competitions, it’s very much worth your We juniors are just getting ready for while going to. Get your application in another busy summer with the Gold by May 28!! and Junior Show sneaking up on us, a bit earlier than usual this year. The The Canadian Junior Angus Association 2012 Gold and Junior show will be GOAL (Guiding Outstanding Angus held in Yorkton, Saskatchewan on July Leaders) Conference was held on 5th and 6th in conjunction with the February 18-20 in Regina, Saskatchewan Yorkton Fair and Regional 4-H show at the Ramada Hotel. Thirty six junior and sale. Please note that 2012 born members from across Canada and Gold show entries will qualify for Gold four members from the United States show points and be counted for show attended this informative conference. grants only if they are identified with an The conference is aimed at producing Angus RFID tag. Entries for the show Angus leaders for the future. This close June 4 and are included with this year’s conference was themed “Winning issue of the Edge, and are also on-line at the Game”. You can check out at www.saskatchewanangus.com. As a detailed report and photos from a fundraiser at the show we decided on GOAL on the CJAA web-site at http:// doing a cow patty bingo - the money juniors.cdnangus.ca/ - I would highly raised will go towards helping with recommend GOAL Conference to any our junior programs for next year, such juniors who are keen on the Angus breed as assisting members to participate in and who want to make a difference in the national programs, and scholarships, cattle industry in the future. I would also etc. These ‘bingos’ are always kind of like to thank the CJAA board and Belinda a fun way to raise a little bit of money, Wagner, CJA Coordinator for putting on and allow one of our supporters to also such a memorable event. I hope to see walk away with some cash! everyone at GOAL Conference 2013 in Edmonton. Myself, Katie Wright, will be the newest member on the Canadian Junior Well that’s it for now if you have any Angus board taking over Erika Easton’s questions please feel free to give me a position, my term starts in July at shout! I hope to see you down the road Showdown 2012 which will be held at some of the wonderful Angus events July 19-21 at the Lindsay, Ontario Fair this summer! Grounds.

The Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association will be sponsoring two juniors to head down to Lindsay! To be eligible for a $500 sponsorship you need to be 16 years of age and you have to write a paragraph on why you think you should be sponsored to go to Showdown 2012. Deadline is May 28th. Email your application to office@saskatchewanangus.com Angus Edge - Summer 2012

Saskatchewan Angus Gold & Junior Show Schedule of Events

Wednesday, July 4, 2012 12 noon ...........Arrival no earlier than 12 noon .........................Evening social Thursday, July 5, 2012 11:00 am...........Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association Annual Meeting 1:00 pm.............Grooming Classes .........................Junior Team Judging .........................Print Marketing Competition .........................Costume Class 3:00 pm.............All cattle must be on the Grounds. 4:00 pm.............Angus Jackpot Bred Heifer Show .........................Angus Jackpot Bull Calf Show .........................Supper Friday, July 6, 2012 9:00 am............Junior Angus Show .........................People’s Choice Pen Show .........................Gold Show

General Rules:

1. Entries close Wednesday, June 4, 2012 Mail all entries to: Saskatchewan Angus Association Box 3771, Regina, SK S4P 3N8 Phone 306-757-6133 2. Complete all entry forms with information required for each animal. 3. ** New for 2012 - All calves shown at CAA Gold Shows must be “Angus” RFID tagged. Animals will be disqualified from the show if not tagged with Angus RFID tags. 4. All entry fees must accompany competed entry forms. 5. All trailers and vehicles must be parked in designated areas at the discretion of the committee for the safety and effective operation of the event. 6. Arrival - All exhibitor trailers must enter at the A & W gate no earlier than 12 noon Wednesday, July 4. All animals entered in the Show must be stabled by 3 pm Thursday, July 5. Departure - no later than 12 noon, Saturday, July 7, 2012. 7. The show committee reserves the right to amend, alter or add any rules it deems appropriate for the good of the show. Any change requires reasonable notice to registered entrants. 8. Animals will be stabled and shown inside. Tie-outs will be outside. Exhibitors must be ready to bring them into the ring when called upon to do so. 9. Any animals on the grounds must be shown or kept in a display pen. 10. Only officials for the day will be allowed into the ring without showing an animal. 11. All animals shall be well halter-broken. Bulls must have a nose ring or be controlled with a humbug with the exception of calendar year calves. All animals in stalls must have a neck rope at all times. 12. All animals winning first and second prizes are required to compete for championships otherwise all prizes and/or money awarded to the animal will be forfeited. 13. Exhibitors entering in livestock classes do so with the full understanding that the show committee accepts no responsibility in case of accident and no liability can be assumed by the show committee by reason of any injury to persons or property caused through the action of any entry. 14. No manure will be allowed to be dumped outside due to fair. There will be a designated area for manure and manure must be pushed out of the barn each day by 9 am. 15. Note that there will be no drilling of holes in tie-panels. All end panels MUST be wired. 16. Substitutes will be allowed and must be in the office by 9 am, Tuesday, July 3, 2012. All Animals showing in the Gold and Junior Show must be registered and have papers available for inspection at the show. If papers are not available the animal will not be allowed to show.

Host Hotels: Best Western Yorkton Inn - 2 Kelsey Bay - 306-783-3297 Ramada Inn - 100 Broadway Street E - 306-783-9781 Camping Available at Fairgrounds - book your space with entries Hotel Rooms and Camping Spots will be at a Premium


Angus Edge - Summer 2012

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Junior Angus Show

Team Judging, Grooming and Costume Class - 1:00 pm, Thursday, July 5, 2012. Enter by 11:00 am, Thursday, July 5. Show: 9:00 am, Friday, July 6, 2012. Entries close Wednesday, June 4, 2012.

Judge: Clint Oxtoby, Whitewood, SK

All entries in the Junior Angus Show are subject to General Rules and Regulations of the Saskatoon Gold Show.

Show Rules:

1. Exhibitors must be 21 years or under as of December 31, 2011 to be eligible to enter. Age splits are as follows: Peewee - 8 years of age & under; Junior - 9 - 12 years of age; Intermediate - 13 -15 years of age and Senior - 16 - 21 years of age.

Saskatchewan Exhibitors must be a member of the Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association to be eligible to enter.

2. Entry Fees: $40 per class unless animal is also entered in the Gold Show. Fees must accompany entries; cheques payable to Saskatchewan Angus Association. 3. Females will be shown in two divisions - “owned” and “open”. All bulls will be shown together in one division. 4. Females entered in the “open” classes may be owned by anyone, but must be shown by the Junior entrant. 5. Females entered in the “owned” classes must be registered in the entrants name to be eligible to show. 6. Individual animals may only be entered in either the “owned” or “open”, not both. 7. Animals entered in the Junior Show are eligible to enter and show in their respective classes of the Angus Gold Show. 8. The name of the Junior on the entry form must be the same individual who will be on the halter of the animal. 9. Copies of the registration papers must accompany entries. Original registration papers must be available upon request on show days. 10. All Canadian owned cattle must have Canadian Registration Certificates. 11. ** New for 2012 - All calves shown at CAA Gold Shows must be “Angus” RFID tagged. Animals will be disqualified from the show if not tagged with Angus RFID tags. 12. Red & Black Angus show together. 13. Calves: May be shown in single classes and as a Cow/Calf unit with their dams. If the calf is a female and becomes Calf or Reserve Calf Champion and as a unit with it’s dam becomes Senior or Reserve Senior Champion, the exhibitor then will choose which entry will compete for the overall Championship (only one entry is eligible). 14. Entries in the Crossbred Class must show Angus breed characteristics. 15. Showmanship: Showmanship will be judged throughout the conformation classes. Winners will be announced at the end of the show. All Juniors are automatically entered. 16. Team Judging: There will be 4 age splits: Peewee, Junior, Intermediate and Senior. Contestants can only be on one team. Teams will be required to judge animals in the ring - one person acting as judge, the other as ringman to do a complete placing of the class, working the ring, oral reasons on the microphone and removing the class from the ring. 17. Costume Class: Everyone is invited to bring a costume and participate in a Costume Class - just for fun! 18. The Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association reserves the right to decide on any point not covered by the rules for the proper operation of the show.

Junior Show Classes:

1j. Heifer calf, born on or after January 1, 2012. Open Class **Tagged with “Angus” RFID tag. 2j. Calf Champion & Reserve Calf Champion Female. Open Class 3j. Female, born January 1 to December 31, 2011. Open Class 4j. Junior Champion & Reserve Junior Champion Female. Open Class 5j. Female, born in 2010 with her own 2012, natural, registered, tattooed calf at foot. Female & Calf shall be shown as a unit. Open Class 6j. Female, born in 2009 or earlier, with her own 2012, natural, registered, tattooed calf at foot. Female & Calf shall be shown as a unit. Open Class 7j. Senior Champion & Reserve Senior Champion Female. Open Class 8j. Grand Champion & Reserve Grand Champion Female. Open Class 9j. Best Pair of Females (born the same year). Open Class 10j. Heifer calf, born on or after January 1, 2012. Owned Class **Tagged with “Angus” RFID tag. 11j. Calf Champion & Reserve Calf Champion Female. Owned Class 12j. Female, born January 1 to December 31, 2011. Owned Class 13j. Junior Champion & Reserve Junior Champion Female. Owned Class 14j. Female, born in 2010 with her own 2012, natural, registered, tattooed calf at foot. Female & Calf shall be shown as a unit. Owned Class 15j. Female, born in 2009 or earlier, with her own 2012, natural, registered, tattooed calf at foot. Female & Calf shall be shown as a unit. Owned Class 16j. Senior Champion & Reserve Senior Champion Female. Owned Class 17j. Grand Champion & Reserve Grand Champion Female. Owned Class 18j. Best Pair of Females (born the same year). Owned Class 19j. Bull calf, born on or after January 1, 2012. **Tagged with “Angus” RFID tag. 20j. Calf Champion & Reserve Calf Champion Bull. 21j. Yearling Bull, born January 1 to December 31, 2011. 22j. Junior Champion & Reserve Junior Champion Bull. 23j. Grand Champion & Reserve Grand Champion Bull. 24j. Crossbred Class - Female born in 2011. 25j. Grand Champion & Reserve Grand Champion Crossbred Female. 26j. Peewee Grooming - 8 years of age and under. 27j. Junior Grooming - 9 -12 years of age. 28j. Intermediate Grooming - 13 - 15 years of age. 29j. Senior Grooming - 16 - 21 years of age. Page 22

Angus Edge - Summer 2012

Angus Gold Show

Judge: Garner Deobald, Hodgeville, SK

All entries in the Angus Gold Show are subject to the General Rules and Regulations of the Saskatchewan Angus Gold & Junior Show.

Show Rules:

1. Entry Fee: $40 per class. Fees must accompany entries; cheque payable to the Saskatchewan Angus Association. 2. There are no restrictions on multiple exhibits in any classes except Breeder’s Herd. 3. Copies of registration papers must accompany entries. Original registration papers must be available upon request on show day. This rule will be strictly enforced. If papers are not available the animal will not be allowed to show. 4. All Canadian owned animals must have Canadian Registration Certificates. 5. ** New for 2012 - All calves shown at CAA Gold Shows must be “Angus” RFID tagged. Animals will be disqualified from the show if not tagged with Angus RFID tags. 6. Calves: May be shown in single classes and as a Cow/Calf unit with their dams. If the calf is a female and becomes Calf or Reserve Calf Champion and as a unit with it’s dam becomes Senior or Reserve Senior Champion the exhibitor then must choose which entry will compete for the overall Championship (only one entry is eligible).

Gold Show Classes:

1g. Heifer calf, born on or after January 1, 2012. **Tagged with “Angus” RFID tag. 2g. Calf Champion and Reserve Calf Champion Female. 3g. Female, born January 1 to December 31, 2011. 4g. Junior Champion and Reserve Junior Champion Female. 5g. Female, born in 2010 with her own 2012, natural, registered, tattooed calf at foot. Female and Calf shall be shown as a unit. 6g. Female, born in 2009 or earlier, with her own 2012, natural, registered, tattooed calf at foot. Female and Calf shall be shown as a unit. 7g. Senior Champion and Reserve Senior Champion Female. 8g. Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Female. 9g. Bull calf, born on or after January 1, 2012. **Tagged with “Angus” RFID tag. 10g. Calf Champion and Reserved Calf Champion Bull. Display Pens are available for $50/pen. Show off your new 11g. Yearling Bull, born January 1 to December 31, 2011. herdsire or favourite cow/calf pair. Applications for display space 12g. Junior Champion and Reserve Junior Champion Bull. will be accepted until June 4, 2012. Pens are 10’ x 20’. 13g. Bull born in 2010. 14g. Senior and Reserve Senior Champion Bull. 15g. Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Bull. 16g. Breeder’s Herd: Group of 4 animals bred by the exhibitor, both sexes represented. Must have been exhibited in previous classes. Limit one entry per exhibitor. No entry fee but entry must be made. 17g. Premier Breeder: Points will be allocated to the breeding unit which bred the animal. A breeding unit is defined as the immediate family breeding cattle under that farm name. The members of a breeding unit will be decided by the show and sale committee. Jointly bred cattle are considered as a separate entity. No split points will be awarded. 18g. Premier Exhibitor: The exhibitor must own the animal at the time of entry. In case of jointly owned animals points will be awarded to one owner only as specified on the entry form. The responsibility of designating exhibitor lies with the owner(s) and must be determined at time of entry and included on the exhibitor’s entry form.

Display Pens

Premier Breeder and Exhibitor Scoring System: 1. 2. 3.

Points will be awarded on to the top six places on the following basis: 1st - 6 points, 2nd - 5 points, 3rd - 4 points, 4th - 3 points, 5th - 2 points, 6th - 1 point. In the event of a tie, the tie will be broken by placings in the Breeder’s Herd Class. Grand Champion and Reserve Champion do not gain additional points. For animals in joint ownership points will only be awarded to one exhibitor.

Jackpot Show Judge: Rena Hordos, Melville, SK

Entries Close - June 4, 2012. Late entries will be accepted until 12:00

noon on Wednesday, July 4, 2012 (entry fee will be double ** NO EXCEPTIONS**). Entry Fee $50/animal until June 4th; $100/animal after June 4th.

All Jackpot entry fees will be paid out - 60% to the Champion and 40% to the Reserve Champion plus a guarantee of $250 added to each Calf Jackpot and $500 to the Bred Heifer Jackpot.

CIBC Bull Calf Show

Open to Registered Angus Bull Calf born anytime in 2012.

Maple Farm Equipment Heifer Calf Show Open to Registered Angus Heifer Calf born anytime in 2012.

Hackman Feeds Bred Heifer Show

Friendly Acres Seed Farm People’s Choice Pen Show Class 1 - Registered Angus cow with purebred registered calf, born in 2012 Class 2 - Pen of 3 - 2011 Registered Angus Females Entry Fee $40/entry. All entry fees will be paid out - 60% to

the Champions and 40% to the Reserve Champions plus a guarantee of $500 added to the prize money.

Entries Close - June 4, 2012.

Dry Brush Show - NO CLIPPING allowed in the pen show. Animals will be shown off the halter. Animals MAY NOT SHOW IN BOTH THE PEN SHOW AND THE GOLD SHOW.

Open to Registered Angus Females born anytime in 2011. Angus Edge - Summer 2012

Page 23

2012 Saskatchewan Angus Gold & Junior Show - Yorkton, Saskatchewan

Entries Close - Wednesday, June 4, 2012

Angus Edge - Summer 2012

Page 24

2012 Saskatchewan Angus Summer Gold & Junior Show July 5 & 6, 2012 - Yorkton Exhibition Grounds, Yorkton, SK

Summary Form

(One Exhibitor per Form)

Name of Owner: _______________________________________ PH: ___________________ Address: __________________________________ Town/City: ______________ P/Code: _________ Exhibitor Name: ______________________________________ DOB (if Junior) D ____ M ____ Y ____ Email: ___________________________________________________ (for entry confirmation) Saskatchewan Angus Gold Show Entry

_______@ $40............................$ __________

Saskatchewan Junior Angus Show Entry (Fee waived if animal is entered in the Gold Show)

_______@ $40............................$ __________

Jackpot Bull Show

_______@ $50............................$ __________

Jackpot Bred Heifer Show

_______@ $50............................$ __________

Jackpot Heifer Calf Show

_______@ $50............................$ __________

Pen Show

_______@ $40............................$ __________

Display Pen

_______@ $50............................$ __________

Thursday Steak BBQ

_______@ $15.............................$ __________

*Saskatchewan Junior Angus Membership (*required for all Junior entrants)

_______@ $10.50.......................$ __________

Yorkton Exhibition 3 day pass *Must have pass to get into fair grounds. Children 5 and under - free

_______@ $24 (Adult)..............$ __________

3 Day Vehicle pass

_______@ $5...............................$ __________

Camping - Yorkton Exhibition

_______@$10/night..................$ __________

Total Fees Enclosed......$ __________

_______@ $14 (Youth 6-17)....$ __________

Make cheques payable to Saskatchewan Angus Association and mail entries to: Box 3771, Regina, SK S4P 3N8 We accept credit card payment for faxed or emailed entries. Call 306-757-6133 for details on service fees. Do you require nurse cow pens? If yes, how many _____________ Please state any stabling requests: ______________________________________________________ Host Hotels - Best Western & Ramada - reserve by June 4 to guarantee a room. I hereby declare that these entries are made in accordance with the rules and regulations of the 2012 Saskatchewan Angus Gold & Junior Show. Signature: _______________________________________________________ For more information contact: SAA Office 306-757-6133 • Jenna Loveridge 306-728-3823

Angus Edge - Summer 2012

Page 25







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Angus Edge - Summer 2012

Page 26

13th Annual Canadian Junior Angus Show July 19 - 21, 2012 Lindsay, Ontario

• Quiz Bowl • Marketing • Grooming • Art • Photography • Conformation • Judging • Scrapbook • Graphic Design • Public Speaking • Showmanship • Literature • Angus Cook-off and • Lots of FUN!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

1:00 pm ................. Move In Begins

Thursday, July 19, 2012

11:30 am ............... Grooming Demonstration 12 noon.................. Move in Complete 12 noon ................. Orientation & Lunch 12:30 pm ............... CJAA Annual Meeting 1:30 pm.................. Team Grooming 3:30 pm.................. Judging (Individual competition - written reasons) 5:30 pm.................. Supper & Extravaganza

Friday, July 20, 2012

9:00 am ................. Showmanship 11:00 - 4:00 pm...... Print Marketing 12 noon.................. Public Speaking 1:00 - 4:00 pm ....... Sales Talk 2:30 pm.................. Show Ring Team Judging (must qualify from the individual competition) 6:00 pm ................. Cook-off & BBQ

Saturday, July 21, 2012

8:00 - 10:00 am ..... Breakfast 10:00 am ............... Conformation Classes 5:00 pm.................. Banquet, Awards Presentations, Auction & Quiz Bowl

* Move out must be complete by Sunday, July 22 at 12 noon.

For more information contact: Erika Easton, CJAA President - 306-739-2805 Sean Enright, Ontario Director - 613-649-2313 Belinda Wagner, CJAA Coordinator - 306-757-6133 email office@saskatchewanangus.com Angus Edge - Summer 2012

Page 27

CEO Comments...

continued from page 12

coordinating to do to try and convince all the targeted groups of the benefits of occupying shared space in the “National Beef Centre of Excellence”. Some are coming along easily while other’s need convincing. Your CAA President David Bolduc, President-Elect Gary Latimer and I are working as hard as we can as fast as we can to make this dream become a reality. So please stay tuned for more information because it will be coming ‘fast & furious’ now! A couple of reminders: a) Please come to Lethbridge, Alberta for the National Angus Convention on Friday, June 15th and Saturday, June 16th. We are running a ‘Rancher Endorsed’ Day on Friday with a strong commercial cattlemen focus while Saturday features our Annual General Meeting, yearly honours and Foundation fundraiser

auction, “Building the Legacy” sale. This is a great time to relax and enjoy the comfort of fellowship with your national Angus fraternity. Maybe you will even meet a bull customer! The Alberta Angus Association / Southern Alberta Angus Club are doing a great job of putting it all together, and your CAA is proud of our new ‘Convention’ focus. You can look forward to some informative and high-energy Saturday morning sessions from your ‘friendly, neighborhood’ CAA staff, so please ‘hold onto your hat’ and come to Lethbridge next month.

By Rob Smith, CEO Breed Development Specialist Kajal Devani (1-888-571-3580; kdevani@ cdnangus.ca) at your CAA headquarters in Calgary.

c) In order for your 2012-born Angus calves to qualify for National Gold Show awards, and factor into the funding scheme for the host Regional Association, they MUST bear a Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed RFID ear tag. There are, sorry, no ‘ifs, ands, or buts’ about this rule. I very much appreciate, again, the leadership your Saskatchewan Angus Association is providing by b) Please remember the July 1st date simply making this a rule of your Gold for conversion to parentage verification Shows. Again… yay, Saskatchewan! from SNP testing instead of our old microsatellite testing. You will be Well, I think that’s everything, folks! collecting the same hair sample, it’s I’ll hopefully see you in Lethbridge just that the genetic test is different next month but, if not, Brian and I will and it will cost you less!!! If you be in Yorkton on July 5th and 6th so we have any questions, please contact our MUST see you then!!!

Saskatchewan Angus Association - Commercial Producer of the Year

Nominations will be received by mail (deadline August 15, 2012) and a winner will be selected by the Board at their fall meeting prior to CWA. The recipient will be notified of the award and invited to the Angus Show at Canadian Western Agribition. Please provide a brief history on the individual(s) with your nomination.

Saskatchewan Angus Association - 2012 Commercial Producer of the Year Award

Nomination Form (Please print or type)

I wish to nominate: ______________________________________________ Name _________________________________________________ Address




Background Information ______________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________








Phone # ______________________





Deadline for Nominations - August 15, 2012 Page 28

Angus Edge - Summer 2012

Canadian Junior Angus Report... It is hard to believe that spring is almost over and summer is approaching fast. It was a busy winter for the CJAA with the 7th annual GOAL conference that was held in Regina for the first time. The conference was February 18-20 with 40 participants from across Canada as well as 4 juniors from the USA. It was a fun filled and educational weekend for our juniors. Our keynote speakers were Neal Hughes and Stu Foord from the Saskatchewan Roughriders who provided us inspiration on how they made it to the CFL. We had many informative speakers with topics on genomics, DNA, bull selections, nutrition, CJAA programs and the CAA. It was great to have the CAA board of directors participate and join us for supper one evening as it offered them a great opportunity to meet some our future Angus breeders. We also had an exciting tour of Optimum Genetics and for a fun activity we went to the Applause Dinner Theatre where we all came out with sore bellies from eating too much and laughing too hard! Overall it was a great weekend and you Juniors better start planning for our new location in Edmonton next year! The next big event coming up for the CJAA is Showdown 2012 which is being held in Lindsay, Ontario July 19-21. It has been awhile since we were last in Ontario and we are very excited to have Showdown there once again. We are looking forward to having a large number of participants this year and lot’s of new faces. Entry forms can be found in this newsletter as well as the recent edition of the Junior Conections, online on Facebook and our website at http://juniors.cdnangus.ca/juniors/ showdown.htm. The entry deadline for the early bird price is June 1st and the late deadline is June 20th. So tell your friends and head to Lindsay for a great time at Showdown!

of the art pieces that the Juniors have entered. We will also be auctioning off our Calendar pages again this year so plan to do some advertising and support the CJAA by purchasing a page. We will also be selling dates and business card ads as well. If you would like to support the CJAA by purchasing an ad in our Calendar please contact myself or any other director. For those of you Juniors who are planning on attending post-secondary school or are already attending one, please remember to apply for our 3 $1000 scholarships that we have available. The deadline is June 15th and the application can be found on our website or in the Junior Connections.

By Erika Easton, President business and it is something that needs to stay alive if agriculture is going to stay alive. It has been a great experience being on the CJAA board and it has been an honour to plan Showdown’s and the GOAL conferences over the past 4 years. I really encourage every young person to get involved in the CJAA as it is an organization that will offer you more than you imagined. I would like to thank Belinda for the time that she puts into the CJAA as she is instrumental is the success of the CJAA. I would also like to thank my fellow board members presently and in the past who have helped make the CJAA as successful as it is. Angus breeders should be proud that we have such a great set of juniors who can organize and plan their events on their own.

The CJAA has been working hard to retain and gather new members and it is I hope everyone has a great summer very simple and inexpensive to join the and I hope to see everyone out at junior CJAA. The opportunities that the CJAA events for the years to come. can offer are outstanding from the GOAL conference, Showdown, scholarships, summer jobs, travel opportunities and it’s a great support network not to mention the awesome and forever lasting friendships that you will make. I encourage any young cattle person to check out the Canadian Junior Angus on Facebook and our website for more information.

Since this will be my last report in the Angus Edge as a Junior member I would like to thank everyone who has supported the junior associations and I hope you continue to do so as the CJAA provides Once again the CJAA will be having a many opportunities for live and silent auction including some the future of the Angus Angus Edge - Summer 2012

Page 29

Business Directory

November 19 - 24, 2012 Regina, SK www.agribition.com 306-565-0565

November 7-10, 2012 Saskatoon, SK


GRANT ROLSTON Box 1562 Vulcan, AB T0L 2B0


Phone: 403-593-2217 grantspix@gmail.com www.grantspix.com

Canadian ANGUS Association 1-888-571-3580 142, 6715 - 8th St. NE Calgary, AB T2E 7H7 www.cdnangus.ca cdnangus@cdnangus.ca

For all your printing needs

(306) 525-8796

Coming Events... May 27-29.......Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association Convention, Cypress Hills, SK May 28............Deadline for Showdown 2012 travel sponsorship applications Jun 1...............Deadline for Entries - Showdown 2012 Jun 1...............Deadline for Registrations - Canadian Angus Convention Jun 4...............Deadline for Entries - 2012 Saskatchewan Angus Summer Gold & .......................Junior Show Jun 14-16........Canadian Angus Association Convention, Lethbridge, AB Jun 15.............Deadline for CJAA Scholarship Applications Jun 19-20........T Bar C Invitational Golf Tournament, Saskatoon, SK Jun 20.............Deadline for Late Entries - Showdown 2012 Jun 26.............Western Beef Development Center Field Day, Lanigan, SK Jul 5-6.............Saskatchewan Angus Gold & Junior Show, Yorkton, SK Jul 5................Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association Annual Meeting, Yorkton, SK Jul 19-21.........Showdown 2012, Lindsay, ON July 28............Manitoba Angus Summer Gold Show, Pen Show and Field Day, .......................Neepawa, MB Aug 3-5...........Manitoba Junior Angus Show & Manitoba Youth Beef Roundup, .......................Neepawa, MB Aug 13............The August Event Sale, Lloydminster, SK Aug 15............Deadline for Commercial Producer of the Year Nominations Oct 1...............Deadline for the Fall Issue of The Angus Edge Oct 9...............Justamere Sale of the Year, Lloydminster, SK Oct 13.............Six Mile Ranch Fall Female Sale, Fir Mountain, SK Oct 31.............Rancher Endorsed All Angus Tag Sale, Yorkton, SK Nov 15............SJAA Scholarship Application Deadline Nov 19-24.......Canadian Western Agribition, Regina Nov 21............Masterpiece Angus Sale, Agribition Nov 22............Agribition Angus Shows Nov 23............Power & Perfection Angus Sale, Agribition Dec 11............Canadian Legacy Sale, Olds, AB

Index of Advertisers... Anderson Cattle Co....................................6 Blairs.Ag Cattle Co...................................13 Canadian Angus Association....................19 Canadian Angus Foundation....................29 Canadian Legacy Sale...............................9 Freyburn Angus Farm.................................7 Geis Angus Farm......................................31

Howe Red Angus...................................BC Ivanhoe Angus..........................................2 Justamere Farms....................................11 Masterpiece Angus Sale...........................3 Power & Perfection Angus Sale................5 Six Mile Ranch Ltd.............................16,17 T Bar C Invitational Golf Tournament.....18

Your Business Card Could Be Here! Page 30

Angus Edge - Summer 2012

Angus Edge - Summer 2012

Page 31

HOWE RED ANGUS would like to thank all of their long time commercial customers for their continued support of our program as well as the following breeders...

Your support is g reatly appreciated!

Red Howe Twenty X 28Y

Purchased by Wards Red Angus & Double V Stock Farm

Red Howe Hustler 36Y

Purchased by Wil-Sel Red Angus - Doreen Selody

Howe Red Angus

Mike Howe, #183 - 4th Ave. S.W., Moose Jaw, SK S6H 5V2 (306) 691-5011 C: (306) 631-8779 dlmhowe@xplornet.com


Profile for Belinda Wagner

Angus Edge Summer 2012  

Saskatchewan Angus newsletter - Summer 2012

Angus Edge Summer 2012  

Saskatchewan Angus newsletter - Summer 2012