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Spring 2014

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Anderson Ranch Inc.- Fir Mountain, SK 2013 Commercial Producer of the Year If you travel far enough south in central Saskatchewan you will experience a mix of rugged terrain, rolling hills, bush coulee’s and miles and miles of natural grassland. Nestled in this landscape you will find the Saskatchewan Angus 2013 Commercial Producer of the Year, Anderson Ranch Inc., owned and operated by Miles and Sheri Anderson and their family. It is here that you can see the advantages that Angus cattle have for a large cattle ranch and how one dedicated ranching family is using those advantages to thrive and grow in the cattle industry. The Anderson name is steeped in western ranching heritage. The Anderson Ranch is a Century Farm established in 1911. Leonard and Aquina Anderson are Miles’s grandparents and are well known in the area as a founding ranch family. “Grandpa Leonard operated on close to two whole townships at one time, but as each of his 12 kids grew up and went out on their own, the ranch got split” says Miles.. Miles’s father, Carl, is the youngest boy of those 12 children. Carl and Camille Anderson (Miles parents) still ranch with Miles and Sheri today spending their summers on the ranch and their winters in Arizona. Miles met Sheri Falke through a mutual friend while attending Olds Agricultural College. Sheri was raised near Kimberly,

BC and grew up involved with 4-H and Black Angus cattle. Miles and Sheri were married in 1981 and moved home to the ranch south of Fir Mountain where they began ranching in partnership with Miles’s parents, Carl and Camille, and his uncle Jim. Miles got his first quarter of land when he was 18. Three years later he bought more land nearby and in 1988, he bought out his Grandpa Leonard’s estate. Over the past 10 years, Miles and Sheri have bought Uncle Jim’s place, expanding the ranch to what it is today.

by Corinne Gibson

Dale Eason, SAA President with Miles, Sherri & Kacy Anderson

Anderson Ranch Inc. currently runs on 30,000 acres of land. The ranch headquarters are located 12 miles south of

Fir Mountain, SK. However the majority of the Anderson’s grazing land is located further south and right along the U.S.

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Saskatchewan Angus Breeder Directory

Just in time for the 2014 Canadian Angus Convention in Moose Jaw,SK The Saskatchewan Angus Association will be printing a full colour breeder directory early this spring. The booklet will be a 5 ½ x 8 ½ size format and all Saskatchewan members of the Canadian Angus Association will be listed. Advertising is available at $367.50 for a full page, $210 for a half page and $105 for a business card. The directory will also include a map of the province, broken into 4 sections - you can purchase a “spot” on the map for $52.50, and directions to your farm will be added to your information on the membership list, along with a number corresponding with your spot on the map. Your full page, half page or card ad will include your space on the map. 5% GST is included in all prices. Applications are due March 1st and ads will be required by March 15th.

Congratulations to RNR Flicek Black Angus!! They won their Business Card ad for FREE by replying by our “early bird” deadline.

Name: Farm Name: Address: Phone:




Directions to Farm:

I wish to purchase a:

full page ad ($367.50)

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DON’T MISS OUT!! Signed:

Let’s work together to make a great publication, a great advertising tool for you and help your Association promote our great province!

Deadline for applications - March 1, 2014. Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Saskatchewan Angus Association 2014 Board of Directors President Mike Howe Moose Jaw, SK 306-691-5011

1st Vice-President David Johnson Peebles, SK 306-224-4341

Katie Olynyk Junior Director Goodeve, SK 306-730-7160

Jason Frey Oxbow, SK 306-483-2720 Sheldon Kyle Redvers, SK 306-452-7545

Kevin Blair Canadian Director Lanigan, SK 306-365-7922

2nd Vice-President

Gord Roger Balgonie, SK 306-771-2305

Michael Wheeler Saskatoon, SK 306-382-9324

Kristine Sauter Wawota, SK 306-739-2240

Executive Director

Bob Toner Kelfield, SK 306-932-2180

Jenna Loveridge Melville, SK 306-728-3823

Past President Dale Easton Wawota, SK 306-739-2805

Jon Fox Canadian Director Lloydminster, SK 306-825-9702 Corinne Gibson Canadian Director Fir Mountain, SK 306-266-4895 Todd Family Honourary President Wood Mountain, SK & Flintoft, SK

Tracey Willms Dundurn, SK 306-492-2161


Belinda Wagner

General Manager 2nd Floor, Canada Centre Building, Evraz Place Box 3771, Regina, SK S4P 3N8 Phone 306-757-6133 Fax 306-525-5852 Email Website

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8:30 am - 4:30 pm

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Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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Commercial Producer of the Year

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border where there are 22 sections of native prairie. It is surrounded by the Grasslands National Park on three sides and the U.S. border on the other. The landscape there is different due to the lack of glaciation and being on the north end of the short, mixed grass prairie. The

The Andersons will calve out over 700 Angus females this spring. “Our herd is predominately Angus now with ¾ Black and about ¼ Red. We still have a few baldies left but our bull pasture is totally Angus.” Calving takes place starting around April 24th with the first calf heifers. They are calved closer to the home place, where they can keep a closer eye on them, however they report that “As we moved our breeding program more to Angus genetics, we have had fewer issues at calving, almost none.” The main cow herd calves on grass in May with over 85% of the calves being Miles, Sheri and Kacy Anderson with their born in the first cycle. herd in the background

sinking hill is an interesting land slide that is occurring here. It is easy to get lost in this vast landscape. Miles notes “We have no neighbors to speak of anymore around there, except for our American neighbors on the other side of the border.” It really is one of the last vast, untamed grassland areas left in Canada, hence the park. Miles and Sheri are a hard working couple managing this large operation mostly on their own. “Finding extra labour is near impossible here. This is big country, and to tell the truth, it scares a lot of people.” Miles says. “We are very lucky to have the neighbors we do. Even though you hate to ask, they are always there if you need them to lend a helping hand on days when we just can’t get it done ourselves.” For the most part, the Anderson’s manage the ranch as a couple. Grandpa Carl is still around to get parts and offer advice. This is where the advantages of using Angus genetics come into play. Miles noted “If you pay attention, you will see that lots of bigger ranches, where labor is limited, use Angus genetics. There is a reason for that. They are hardy and efficient. They are low maintenance cattle that work in our environment. They get the job done and in one word, they are... marketable”. Page 6

Fertility is very important to the Anderson’s, “That is the thing that means more than people think. It’s how many calves you get out of a cow before she has to be replaced. I would rather have a cow that weans a good live calf every year for 10 years than a cow that weans a really big performance calf and then comes up open. If you have a three year old that is on the thin side, but has raised you a good calf and is bred back - don’t weaken on her. Just because she looks a bit rough does not

Branding Day

mean she is not efficient. She is doing her job and she will bounce back”. The cow herd is pregnancy tested as they move them home to the ranch headquarters from the south ranch. The Anderson’s have never kept an open cow. This management practice is no doubt, a big reason why the Anderson’s have such a high level of fertility in their herd. They

also cull most cows that lose their calves at calving. My grandfather always said “We are in the business of raising beef. If a cow is fat and dry and does not have a calf sucking her – then she is BEEF and needs to go to the packers”. Miles and Sheri did remark that after last year’s April and May storms and cold weather, it was the first year that they ever kept a cow that was not raising a calf. Miles is always an active participant at spring bull sales and is known to have good selection of bulls on hand at all times. He says “I always keep a large bull battery. I got caught once in the middle of breeding s e a s o n without enough bulls Miles bidding at a bull sale and will not do that again. You can buy all the insurance you want, but it is not the same as having an extra 8 – 10 bulls standing in your pasture ready to breed.” The Anderson’s wean their calves at the home ranch and practice fence line weaning when possible. They find weaning their calves into pens where the cows can run alongside greatly reduces stress. All of the calves are backgrounded at the ranch and marketed as 900 weights, usually in September. They became a Verified Beef herd in 2001. When BSE became an issue in 2003, the Anderson’s started marketing their calves as natural beef. Sheri says “We really have always raised natural beef so it was just a matter of more documentation and certification”. Now, if a calf has to be treated for an illness, they will ear mark them to denote they are no longer “natural”. The transition was really a natural one for them and allowed them to again use the marketing advantage of raising Angus beef. For the last four years the Anderson’s have been selling to the Spring Creek Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Premium Beef Program which is a licensed participant in the Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Program. This has been a positive marketing experience that they plan to continue with. The Anderson’s have been using Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed tags on their calves since 2007 which verifies that their calves are at least 50% Angus. The backgrounded calves are all weighed at the ranch and loaded directly onto the truck to be delivered to the feed yard, thus alleviating any extra stress, costs or help needed. The Anderson’s also get data back pertaining to how their yearlings perform and it is important to them to know that their genetics are making the grade. When spending time with the Anderson’s you can sense their pride in being a part of the ranching community. Miles has served the beef industry in many capacities. He was a director for the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association and served as their youngest president from 1996 to 1998. He was also the President of the Saskatchewan Livestock Association in 1998. Miles was a founding director of the Red Coat Cattle Feeders and was instrumental in the development of that feed yard near Hazenmore, SK. He even served as the CEO and interim manager while the feedlot was searching for new management. Sheri said “He would work all day at the feedlot then come home here and bale all night. He did not get much sleep during that time.” But Miles enjoyed the experience. He will be the first to admit feeding cattle had been a tough game in the past. “I have learned a lot since being involved with the Red Coat Feedlot and feeding cattle there. We have had our trials and tribulations, but it has been a good experience. The feedlot has a solid reputation as a good yard and we are still in the game.”

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Another thing that Miles should take pride in is his involvement with the Saskatchewan Prairie Conservation Action Plan. “At the time, I was discouraged by all the bad press around grazing cattle and the environment. I felt that we should be proud of what we do because in many ways and areas, grazing cattle and producing beef is maybe Miles, Kacy, Sheri, Quinn, Keith, Tori, Carlee & Rick the only sustainable thing we help but hear the pride in Miles’ and can do with the land. I felt it was important that people know that cattlemen Sheri’s voices when they speak about their grandsons, Anderson and Abel. “The girls are responsible stewards of the land.” and son in-laws lend a helping hand when When asked if he has any advice for they can.” Sheri says with a smile, “A Angus breeders Miles replied “ Ya, don’t special treat was weaning the last bunch on try to make the breed into something it Boxing Day this year, when we had some ain’t! You can lose what you have and family around to what you have is a good thing. Trends help”. come and go, but you have something that is working – you don’t need to chase T h e A n d e r s o n trends. Keeping the calving ease, the vigor R a n c h s h i n e s at birth, the hardiness and the natural a lig h t o n th e mothering ability is important. Angus many advantages cattle are marketable.” He credits Angus of using Angus breeders and the association for doing genetics in a large a great job of making sure Angus cattle cattle ranching are marketable and that Angus beef is in o p e r a t i o n . demand as a quality eating experience. Through creative Anderson and Abel “Many breeds are trying to turn their marketing, industry breeds into something they are not – and involvement, strong management that is Angus. You have got a good thing practices and just plain hard work, they are leaders in our industry. The Angus – don’t lose it.” breed is truly lucky to have a ranching Family is important to Miles and Sheri family like the Anderson’s in our ranks and they have four daughters. The oldest, and we congratulate them as worthy Quinn, is married to Keith and currently recipients of the 2013 Saskatchewan employed as a teacher at Swift Current. Angus Commercial Producer of the Year Tori is a Registered Nurse in Regina and Award. the youngest, Kacy, is currently in Grade 11 and is an accomplished folk artist. Carlee is also married and farms with her husband Rick near McCord, SK. Carlee and Rick have two sons and you cannot

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President’s Report ... As I begin my term as Saskatchewan A n g u s president I am very excited and enthusiastic about the upcoming year in our Association. We had a wonderful annual meeting on January 24 in conjunction with the Beef Industry Conference. There was a modest attendance but I feel the board was able to take a few ideas from the membership and some of our plans for the upcoming year. The Masterpiece Sale was discussed and it has come to our attention that OBI is no longer interested in managing the sale. We will go through the procedures for tendering the sale again for the 2014 upcoming sale. We have begun advertising and will take tenders some

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by Mike Howe

time in April. We also are still pursuing our research project with the Western Development Center and are currently waiting on the go ahead of some funding. The 2014 Gold and Junior Show will take a slightly different look and be hosted at the Stockade Round-up Show in Lloydminster in late October rather than our usual summer event. It will be a ‘practice run’ for them as they were awarded the 2015 National Angus Show there as well.

have planned. We are extremely excited to be hosting this event.

It is going to be an great year for the Saskatchewan Angus Association being that we are going to be hosting the Canadian Angus Convention and annual meeting in my home town of Moose Jaw. This is a wonderful spot to be hosting the meetings with all of Moose Jaw’s historic attractions and highly rated Temple Gardens Hotel & Spa. Plan to be there from the 5 – 8 of June. I guarantee you will enjoy the beautiful city and all of its amazing attractions and hospitality, along with the speakers and tours that we

I would like to thank our out going directors Karla Hicks, Clint Smith and Kelly Feige for their service to the board and welcome newly elected directors Tracey Willms and Sheldon Kyle. I think they will be a very welcome addition.

We also will be hosting the National Show at Agribition in 2014. We are planning some very neat things for this show to help tie the National Show to our commercial events. We are very excited to be able to host both these events in the upcoming year and its going to create quite a bit of excitement around the Saskatchewan Angus Association.

Again I would like to take this opportunity to invite everyone to the province of Saskatchewan to take in the number of different events we will be hosting.

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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New Director Profile - Sheldon Kyle ... I am excited to be serving as a director for the Saskatchewan A n g u s Association. Along with my family we operate Kenray Ranch located at Redvers, Saskatchewan.

production model and are in demand by consumers. By building upon the Angus breeds’ production strengths and the established brand recognition that Angus beef products have, I believe that we will continue to grow our position within the entire beef industry. I look forward to the beef industry continuing to support my family very well into the future.

You will find that I am an extremely approachable individual and am open to new ideas so please feel free to give me a call, send me a text or drop me an email.ďƒś All the Best, Sheldon Cell (306)452-7545

We purchased our first registered females in the fall of 1986 after utilizing Red Angus bulls on our replacement Simmental heifers for a number of years. In the fall of 1989 we made the complete transition to a registered Red Angus herd. Currently we run 200 head of mother cows producing herd sire quality bulls, purebred Red Angus females and F1 Simm/Red Angus females. We proudly market our genetics by private treaty, online and in consignment sales. I attended the University of Saskatchewan and completed my Bachelor of Science in Agriculture in 2000 with a major in Animal Science. Following my formal schooling I have held career positions in Livestock Nutrition and Animal Health Sales, Agricultural Lending and AgriEnvironmental program delivery. In the fall of 2006 I was fortunate enough to find an employment opportunity close to my families operation in Southeastern Saskatchewan. I jumped at the chance to become more hands on within the family operation and purchased our neighbours property; and added more cows into our herd. My family believes in lower cost beef production and have recently implemented many new management practices. Our lower cost management choices have proven to be one of our best culling tools. We strive to utilize all available genetic selection tools while keeping in mind that most commercial beef producers market their cattle based on phenotype. Angus genetics continually prove that they function within a lower cost beef Page 20

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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From The Director's Chair ... Just having returned from our Saskatchewan A n g u s Association A n n u a l G e n e r a l Meeting, I find myself renewed with optimism and pride towards our Angus Breed. We are maintaining in cattle numbers and breeders throughout Canada, we have recently had the opportunity to open ‘Angus Central’ our new member owned office and Angus is still the breed of choice in both purebred and commercial programs. It truly is a great time to be an Angus producer. With so much accomplished, what improvements can be made moving towards the future? During the AGM a fellow board member and breeder said a few words that made me, and I’m sure a few others present that day, stop and think. He said as members we have the responsibility to stand up for one another and learn to get along as a whole; however it is widely perceived that Angus ‘people’ have a tendency to eat their own young. As cattle breeders, and specifically Angus cattle breeders, one would think that we would all stick together due to common interest; however, I tend to completely agree with his comment. It seems that throughout the years, whether it has always been apparent or not, the ‘Angus people’ seem to have this perception towards one another. It is evident we are a split breed, and I am not referring to Reds and Blacks. We have all sat on the sidelines at one point or another and bashed the ‘wrong doings’ of a board member, a board decision or a breed event in one way or another. The truth is, when someone is only half informed of the circumstances that led to a decision, assumption takes Page 22

By Jenna Loveridge

over. For instance, I can not count how many times I have heard the comment “that board spent membership money to build themselves that fancy office”. When in all reality that fancy office is going to save our members a good deal of money that is not going to be thrown away into rent and upkeep in a building that we had outgrown. Another interesting fact is that the building came in $150,000 under budget, partially due to the fact we had a staff and board of directors that paid attention to every detail during the construction. Sometimes as cattle producers, we are so overwhelmed with the day to day struggles of feeding, calving, seeding, haying and the list goes on... that we forget to take the time to plug in to what we are doing it all for. I for one can testify how hard it can be to leave the chores, the kids, the off farm jobs, add to that the cost of everything. I personally never attended an AGM until I had the privilege of being asked to join the Saskatchewan Angus board. Now looking back I see how important breeder input is for the board and also for the producer who goes home at the end of the day knowing what ‘actually happened.’ I can also testify to the fact that no matter who you are or what you have to say, your thoughts are important. It takes all kinds of ideas along with an open mind to create success, this I have seen repeatedly. Any time as a purebred or commercial producer that you have

the chance to attend a function, whether it be an annual meeting, a conference or an on farm tour to visit with other producers, I guarantee, you will benefit. Our Saskatchewan Angus Association organizes many events throughout the year such as field days, youth and gold shows and conferences, AGM’s, commercial appreciation days at auction marts throughout the province, not to mention the many cattle shows and sales held throughout the province annually. There are opportunities to get out and get involved and I would like to encourage any one who reads this to attend even one new event this upcoming year. If you already attend, encourage someone who doesn’t to do so, whether it be another purebred breeder or one of your commercial friends or customers. We have the opportunity this summer to host the Canadian Angus Association National Convention this June from the 5th to the 8th in Moose Jaw, SK. This is a great event for anyone and everyone to attend. There is a Rancher Endorsed Day focused on commercial breeders, as well as many key note speakers and events throughout the weekend. So please make an effort to attend some of the many great events out there and get involved, have your say. In the end we all have the same goal in mind. The more we learn to appreciate one another and work together the stronger we become.

2014 Masterpiece Sale management is up for



If you are interested in receiving information on what is required, please contact the Saskatchewan Angus office at 306-757-6133 or email The Sale will once again be held during Canadian Western Agribition on Wednesday, November 26, the day before the 2014 NATIONAL Angus Show. Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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Where Are They Now? The Sambrooks... Curtis, Michele and Diana Sambrook grew up on a farm by Milestone, Saskatchewan. When Curtis was about 13 he decided he wanted to get some cattle and thereby started S- Red Angus with the help of his parents Jack & Rosalie. The Sambrooks were active in both the Saskatchewan and Canadian Junior Angus Associations in the 1990’s and 2000’s. Curtis held numerous positions in the SJAA including president in 2001. Michele was secretary of the SJAA for a number of years and a director of the CJAA from 2002-2005. She was also the CJAA president in 2005. Diana held every role available in the SJAA including being president in 2003 and was also a director of the CJAA from 2006-2007. All three Sambrooks not only enjoyed their time with the Junior Associations, but they learned a lot that has helped them in their current lives and had opportunities opened up to them that they never would have had otherwise. Curtis, Michele and Diana also activity participated in 4-H and Angus shows, sales and tours. At least one member of the Sambrook family participated in every Showdown from its inception in 2000 until 2008 when they were all too old to participate. In the eight Showdown’s they participated in they competed in nearly every competition. Today their parents, Jack and Rosalie, are still on the farm running the day to day operation. Curtis and Diana are co-owners of S- Red Angus, while Michele and her husband run a commercial Angus herd. After high school, Curtis got his Vocational Agriculture Certificate from the Univerisity of Saskatchewan. This is where he met his wife Jill McDonald. After traveling to Australia, New Zealand and Fijji and working in northern Alberta he returned to school and got his degree in Agriculture majoring in Environmental Science. While achieving this, he also spent a semester abroad in Sweden. Curtis then spent some time putting his degree to work in the oil field in Alberta before returning to Saskatoon where he Page 24

and Jill live on an acreage. They raise and board horses and Jill gives riding lessons. Curtis own RPS Investment Group, a real estate company. He, along with business partners, own investment properties and flip houses. Curtis does a lot of the renovating work on these properties himself. Although most of his properties are in the Saskatoon area, he has also ventured south of the border.

By Diana Sambrook & Michele Andrews

Michele is excited to be part of such a new, exciting venture in education. Michele spends the majority of her free time with Brooke and on the farm. She and her husband have raised another cattle lover; at one and a half year’s old Brooke’s favorite thing to do is to go out and see the cows. Michele is also an avid curler and curls out of the Milestone Curling Club.

Diana attended the University of Saskatchewan (U of S) and obtained her Diploma in Agriculture Business. After this, she worked in Alberta as an Agriculture lender before returning to the U of S to complete her degree in Agriculture Business. Diana has had numerous jobs in the Agriculture and business sectors since this time, working in both Regina and Weyburn, as she was able to commute from her home in Milestone to both locations. Diana l-r Curtis, Jill, Diana, Brooke, Dave & Michele is now a Financial Advisor with Investors Group. She focuses on When they aren’t busy working, Curtis businesses including farms in Southern and Jill enjoy traveling. Curtis is an avid and Central Saskatchewan. Diana loves kayaker; venturing waters most wouldn’t being able to help her clients meet their dare. Jill also shows horses and enjoys financial goals. helping young horse enthusiasts further themselves by taking them to shows. Diana is also an avid curler and is the They have been to many destinations. president of the Milestone Curling Club. Curtis and Jill are currently building She spends a lot of time volunteering in their dream home on their acreage. the community, working at many rink and church functions. Diana also enjoys Michele went to the University of Regina spending time with her friends. after high school and obtained degrees in math and education. She moved to Yellow Curtis, Michele and Diana all benefited Grass after accepting a teaching position greatly from being involved in the there in 2005 where she stayed until she agriculture industry, and specifically the and her husband Dave built a home near Junior Angus Associations from such a his family farm. They live there today young age. They are thankful for the many with their daughter, Brooke, just outside of opportunities that were afforded to them Avonlea. They grain farm and run 110 head by this involvement and for their parents’ of Angus cross cows, as well as wintering support in their endeavors.  70 yearlings. Michele got her Master’s of Education in 2011 and continued to Editor’s Note: We are featuring past teach in Yellow Grass until this fall when Junior Angus directors and members in she accepted an online teaching position. the next few issues of "The Angus Edge". She now teaches high school science and We hope you enjoy reading about "Where agriculture online. She works from her they are now" and welcome suggestions home and teaches students from all over for other article topics. South East Cornerstone School Division. Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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2014 Honour Scroll Recipients ~ Barry and Marjorie Young - Carievale, SK The Saskatchewan Livestock Association was pleased to acknowledge Barry & Marjorie Young for their contribution to their community and to the livestock industry in Saskatchewan with a Scroll of Honour at the 2014 Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference in Saskatoon January 23. Barry Young was born September 5, 1952 in Gainsborough, SK and grew up on the family farm north of Carievale. He attended school in Carievale and Oxbow. Marjorie Saar was born June 29, 1953 and attended school in Gainsborough, SK. Barry & Marjorie were high school sweethearts who married in July of 1970 and together they began building their Barry and Marj Young, daughter Angie, son-in-law Dan and farm and family right away. They have two children: granddaughter Cassandra with Presenter Ron Mountenay. Angie (Dan Cliffe) and Robb and four grandchildren. Angus cattle. They have had the honour of selling their Barry grew up around cows, horses, farming, oil rigs and progeny to many different countries around the world with live sports. He actively participated in his local beef 4-H club cattle, embryos and semen sent to many countries including activities as a youth, taking home many ribbons and trophies Czechoslovakia, Russia, Poland, Australia, Scotland, Ireland to proudly display. This sparked an interest that helped mold and England as well as all across Canada and the United his future. Barry played Junior B hockey with the Carnduff States. Through these sales, many relationships and special Angels and senior hockey with the Carnduff Red Devils. Marj friendships have been formed. Because of these relationships, grew up on a farm as well and enjoyed the farm life as well Young Dale Angus has consigned cattle in many sales over the years, including The Summer Sensational in Virden, MB, as cooking, baking and curling. the Fall Finale in Moose Jaw, SK, the Masterpiece Sale in Barry has always loved the farm life, raising horses Regina, SK and many other prestigious sales throughout the and commercial cattle. In 1965 he talked his dad into industry. For the past ten years in April they have held their purchasing his first purebred Aberdeen Angus cow, Grace annual bull sale in Alameda, SK. of Deenborough, from Mr. And Mrs. Willowby of Alameda, SK. This was the end of raising commercial stock for Barry Barry has served on boards of the Saskatchewan Angus and the beginning of a purebred operation still in operation Association and the Canadian Angus Association as well as the today. He named his herd “Young Dale Angus” after a special Canadian Western Agribition, which he still serves on today. cousin, Dale, which has led to more than a little confusion His willingness to be a straight shooter has been sought after over the years as people, not knowing Barry, thought his and respected throughout the breed and agricultural sect. He has had the privilege of judging at some of the most respected name must be Dale! shows and one of his first opportunities was in England. He has In the early years of their marriage Barry worked on service always maintained that he has been fortunate as his boyhood rigs for Widney Well Servicing as well as Battery Operated for dream has not only given him the freedom to do what he Scurrey Rainbow. loves doing but has provided him many great friendships and Years later Barry opportunities along the way. and Marj both drove t h e s c h o o l b u s Barry and Marj have been married for 43 years. Their and Marj worked children Angie and Robb both live in Carievale; Robb farms at the Co-op for with his parents and Angie runs a sign business, helping many, many years out with catalogues, advertising and promotion. This is a as well. Barry’s family business as Marj works with Angie as well. Their determination to grandchildren are close by to help out and Barry has enjoyed build a strong and coaching his grandson in his final year of midget hockey. He unique group of cattle that would provide them a living did will continue his NHL coaching from the warmth and comfort come to fruition and both he and Marj were able to “retire” of his favorite reclining chair for many years to come. from their off farm jobs to continue raising purebred Black Page 26

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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DOWNER COWS... Farmers and veterinarians since the beginning of time have pondered over the proverbial downer cow. This article will attempt to cover some of the causes and their modern day treatments. Typically a downer cow surprises the farmer. It is often a perfectly healthy cow with no presenting history suddenly found down and unable to rise. Because cattle, especially mature ones, are such heavy beasts after being down even a short time, several complications can ensue. Pressure sores, stiff muscles from trying to rise or cattle becoming spreadeagled are common sequalie. It is these complications, which the veterinarian must also treat in order to arrive at a favourable outcome. With the advent of lots of in-house blood testing now available at most veterinary clinics several tests may be performed on downer cattle to determine the cause. While “milk fever” is often implicated deficiencies of either calcium, phosphorus or magnesium can resemble one another greatly. With dairy cattle the true “Milk Fever” results from a shortage of calcium generally at parturition when the demand for milk and thus calcium is greatest. Beef cattle can have milk fevers show up at different times either before calving or late into the lactation. Often poor mineral utilization or improper feeding is the root cause. Veterinarians now will often take a blood sample so those three minerals can be tested for. If deficient then the diagnosis is made and treatment initiated to alleviate the situation. In my experience the grass tetany downer from magnesium deficiency is less likely to recover once down. Phosphorus leads to the proverbial “creeper” cow, which can take a long time to get up. As with all these mineral deficiencies one must think these cases may be the tip of the iceberg. The rest of the herd should be closely scrutinized and Page 28

some cows possibly randomly checked (blood tested) to confirm the herd status and prevent other cases from developing. Injuries to the neck or peripheral nerves can cause downer animals and these can present as a great diagnostic challenge to your veterinarian. Once an animal is down doing a thorough clinical exam can be difficult. Ambulation is better to check out severe lameness’s or trauma cases. A blown stifle (knee) or broken leg can present as a downer animal. It is important as a downer your veterinarian rolls the animal over and closely examines all four legs closely. Lightning strikes where the animal has survived damages the peripheral nerves and a downer may be the end result. With parturition a difficult birthing can cause pressure on the obturator nerves where they run through the pelvis resulting in knuckling and weakness to the hind end. If caught early enough antiinflammatory drugs as recommended by your veterinarian may help significantly. One must be careful bad mastitis; metritis (infected uterus) or cases of tetanus brought on by retained placentas can fool even experienced practitioners. They can occur just after calving and if sick enough cows will be unable to rise simply because of weakness and toxemia. Any condition, which results in dehydration: septicemias or toxemias may result in downer animals. These may be sudden or occur over several days. If the cattle appear sick and depressed a large number of maladies will cause enough weakness or toxemia to cause a downer situation. Severe electrolyte imbalances (as an example too much potassium (K) in the bloodstream) can cause cattle to go down. Again most of these electrolytes can be tested for by your veterinarian to make sure the proper ailment is being treated. Very excitable cattle if they get out and are run for a considerable period will go down subsequent to this because of the muscle damage it causes not unlike white muscle disease in young calves. This is called “capture myopathy” and happens

By Roy Lewis DVM

when zoo animals are captured. Selenium may help but once down prognosis is poor. You can see downers are caused by a multitude of medical conditions most with entirely different treatments. With some: treatment results in a very favourable prognosis others offer a poor prognosis. The important thing is getting them looked at immediately and to determine the cause. In the meantime provide soft footing to prevent pressure sores developing. Roll the downers side to side several times daily to help prevent further nerve damage. Hobbling the feet together to avoid splay legging and where indicated anti-inflammatory drugs may also be in order. Of course the essentials of life good quality water and feed must be provided. Shade on very hot days is essential. Watch for fly strike around the rectal and vaginal areas. Some cases such as broken legs or stifle injuries may warrant emergency slaughter so do not rush in and treat unless the exact cause is known. The transport of large downers is really frowned upon from an animal rights issue so best to emergency slaughter right on site. Hip lifters and slings can be employed to lift cattle but I only suggest this if certain criteria are met. Cattle must be trying to rise and when lifted must bear some weight themselves if just hanging there is no point in lifting. Only lift for 15 to 20 minutes twice daily. The hiplifters also cause muscle bruising so you want the benefits to outweigh the negatives. Certain practitioners are having some success with acupuncture for the nerve damaged cases. I am hopeful this article has lessened the frustration and mystique associated with dealing with downer cattle. Patience is a virtue and if in doubt get the downer checked by your veterinarian as it could be one of a number of maladies which must be ruled out.  Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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CEO Comments ... All reports so far indicate that calving is off to a great start and the first few bull sales have been successful. Prices are good and optimism is high. Last year, we had the second-highest number of registrations in the past five years with 58,063 Angus registered. Our other key metrics for 2013 are as follows: • 21,284 animals transferred • 2,297 members • 70,734 weights submitted through our Canadian Angus Performance Program • 249,003 Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed Tags sold Please watch your mailbox for a very important package from your Association. Membership renewal and herd inventory packages were sent out the last week of January. Please review the packages and respond where necessary. Please make special note of the Member Communication Preferences document. We are reaching out to you to determine your preferences, opportunities and availability for communications and engagement. The CAA’s number one priority this year is communication and engagement, assuring that you have all the information you want and need coupled with your comfort, ease and confidence in providing input and feedback to your Association. Please answer the questions and send it back as quickly as possible; we need your input. A new year is a time to make resolutions and often start thinking about taxes, depending on when your fiscal year ends. My new year’s “mantra” for 2014 is “out with the old we didn’t like or don’t need” and “in with what’s new, improved, better and more efficient.” For anyone who has resolved to contribute more or who needs to make some financial donations to earn tax credits, I’d like to remind you about the opportunities within the Canadian Angus Foundation. The Foundation is always happy to receive financial donations. If you have resolved to clear out some clutter, consider donating some of your Angus memorabilia to the archives. And please don’t forget that the Foundation is also Page 30

By Rob Smith, CEO Canadian Angus Association

always looking for contributions of time. The Canadian Angus Foundation is always looking for people to volunteer for specific projects as well as on the Board of Directors. If you have any questions about what the Canadian Angus Foundation does and whether it might be a fit with your talents, please contact Executive Director Belinda Wagner at (306) 757-6133 or bwagner@ We are pleased to announce that the deadline for female permanent genotyping has been extended to March 31st, 2014. Permanent genotyping is for productive females in preparation for changes to the Parentage Verification Policy: herd sires born on or after January 1st, 2015 must be parent verified (to both sire and dam). We are offering special pricing of $5 per test; please contact the office to request your kits. Samples must be submitted to the lab before March 31st, 2014. Permanent typing simply entails receiving DNA for females and keeping it on file in order to be able to dam verify future calves. This test does not include parent verification of

the female herself (SNP parent verification tests are still available for $12/test until March 31st, 2014). Your CAA is working on a number of new projects this year. Starting in February, CAA will be implementing a new procedure for integrating genomic data from HD 50K tests into CAA genetic evaluations. This new procedure will allow CAA to report genomically-enhanced EPDs (GE-EPDs) on a routine basis between the semi-annual official runs. CAA breeders will gain faster access to the benefits of genomic technologies combined directly with what we already know about tested animals from pedigree, performance and progeny data. In order to access timely

results, producers should get their samples submitted early to ensure that they can gain access to GE-EPDs powered by HD 50K as soon as the new estimation methods are available through CAA. Testing prior to March also ensures access to the special $55 price on HD 50K through Zoetis, CAA, Genserve, Livestock Gentec, and ALMA. Also starting in February, we will be providing member e-mail addresses to your provincial association when you renew your membership. The provincial associations are bound by the same regulations that we are, and they will not share your e-mail address with any third parties. As we all increasingly rely on electronic forms of communication and aim to keep costs down, it only makes sense for the regional associations to make use of e-mail. If for any reason you do not want your e-mail address shared with your provincial association, please contact the office to let us know. On February 21st, we will announce our new communications strategy. With changing global, industry and membership expectations and interests away from traditional mailed periodicals, your CAA will continue, and in some circumstance, venture into, utilizing alternate means of information sharing which will include more interactive and up-to-date communication methods. Your CAA has enjoyed significant success with social media platforms in recent years and this will continue to grow and improve. The Board of Directors expects this next ‘wave’ of CAA member communication to be more about engaging you than disseminating information to you. Your Board ranks engaging you and your fellow CAA members as our number one priority and the next Communications Strategy will respond to this challenge. As always, please do not hesitate to contact me or any staff member if you have questions or feedback. Cheers, Rob Smith, CEO Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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NESSET LAKE ANGUS Friday, March 21, 2014 at 1:00 p.m.

Invites you to the 9th Annual Bowerman Bros. & Nesset Lake, Wishbone & Island-Hill Angus Bull Sale Meadow Lake Livestock Sales Meadow Lake, SK

Nesset Lake Final Answer 48A

Featuring First Progeny by HF Sequal 40Y (a full brother to HF Prowler)

Also Offering 2 Elite Heifer Calves by HF Sequal 40Y Other Sires:

Nesset Lake Sequal 37A

Cole Creek Cedar Ridge 1V Thomas Powder River SAV Final Answer 035 Nesset Lake Final Answer 22X Nesset Lake Final Answer 84Y Nesset Lake Pioneer 143X Nesset Lake Freightliner 17U Nesset Lake Pacesetter 20Y GBT Forte 861U


Nesset Lake Cedar Ridge 1A Page 34

Ivan & Julie Demmans Phone: 306-236-6058 Cell: 306-236-8086 More pictures can be seen on our Facebook page: Nesset Lake Angus Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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5th Annual Bull Sale


March 28/ 2014- 1pm Heartland Livestock, Prince Albert Ca tal og on -lin e at ww w.b uyag ro. com 2013 HIGH SELLER DFCC 71X SLAPSHOT 103Z DON’T MISS THIS SALE. MARK MARCH 28, 2014 ON YOUR CALENDAR!



One of the Top Sets of Bulls to Sell This Spring. Definitely Worth the Drive! Also an Excellent Group of Commercial Replacement Heifers to Sell. For More Info:

Double F Cattle Co.

KELLY, ANGIE, GARRET & JACOB FEIGE Parkside, SK S0J 2A0 306-747-2376 HOME 306-747-7498 CELL Email - Visit us at Like us on facebook Page 36

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Selling at 4 1 0 2 R E W O P L L U B L A R T N E C ST EA

Tuesday, March 18th 1 pm (noon lunch) Ag Pavilion Building, Yorkton Exhibition Grounds

21A at Agribition ’13


The very last RED son of Black Wheel Odyssey 117U! He is off a Red U6 Twenty X 29P daughter - a cross that works. That same combination last year produced...





*Plus a few select open heifers*

U6 Bamazon 36A

14Z’s FULL brother (black/red carrier) sells this year!

Red U6 Super 7 77A

This son of Red JJL Final Design 50Y out of 38Z’s Elite/Premier Dam also sells!


Red U6 Samaria 60A

Box 1045, Wynyard, SK S0A 4T0

Garnet & Shirley Yewsuk 306-554-COWS(2697) Evan Yewsuk 306-554-8708 Eric Yewsuk 306-560-7085 Angus Edge - Spring 2014

For a catalog call, or email or go online to and for catalog and online bidding Page 37

Wagner Angus and Alvin Frick would like to thank ‘Bar CR Angus Ranch’ for their purchase of the Walking Rights and ½ Semen share in “Gus”

Supreme Champion Bull Manitoba Livestock Expo 2013

• • • •

Northern View SMW Gustov

Performance Information for URZ 3Z Adj. W.W. 886lbs. Actual W.W. Sept. 7 - 832 lbs. Adj. Y.W. 1437lbs. Actual Y.W. March - 1534 lbs. Show Weight 2150 lbs. Nov. 9, 2013 (Yearling) Scrotal Measurement Yearling 39.5 cm

3Z EPDs 2014 BW +4.3 WW +49 YW +97 Milk +21 TM +45

Show Record • 2012 - Reserve Grand Champion Bull Manitoba Livestock Expo • 2012 - First in Senior calf class - Agribition • 2013 - Supreme Champion of All Breeds Frontier Days, Swift Current • 2013 - Reserve Grand Champion Saskatchewan Gold Show, Prince Albert • 2013 - Grand Champion Bull Manitoba Livestock Expo • 2013 - Supreme Champion of All Breeds Manitoba Livestock Expo

Reserve Grand Champion Bull Manitoba Livestock Expo 2012 Pictured as a Calf

Limited Semen Packages available - contact: Sharon Wagner: 306-693-2020 cell: 306-631-3553 Alvin Frick: 306-728-3295 cell: 306-728-8073 Page 38

Isla Bank Neonia 27S Dam of 3Z

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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9th Annual

March 17, 2014 - 1 PM Weyburn Livestock Exchange Sale Consultant: Shane Castle 306-741-7485

Sunny Grove Angus

Desmond & Chantelle Rasmussen 306.869.2801 Sale Day - 869.7151

Spring View Ranch

Myrna & Brandon Lohse 306.447.4803 Sale Day - 869.7949

Page 40

Broken T Ranch Swenco Angus Shawn & Laura Tessier 306.842.4367 Sale Day - 861.7702 or 861-1728

Carmen Langevin 306.842.5874 Sale Day - 861.6874

S-Red Angus

The Sambrooks 306.436.4556 Sale Day - 436.7881

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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Angus Edge - Spring 2014

MARCH 6, 2014 1 PM

Spring Creek Ranch Moosomin, SK

Simmentals Angus and Simm/Angus



SAV Camaro 9272 X GAR Retail Product



RRAR Alliance 28S X Mytty In Focus


Detour X Red Soo Line Chief 5105

Detour X Red Basin Sensation 702E


SC All In 155Y X Line Drive

Power Play X SC Red Tank 57P

Enhance your purchase with our Customer Care Programs - Check them out online! 130 Bulls On Offer - Most Homo Polled

Craig & Karla Davidson & Family Box 2680, Virden, MB R0M 2C0 Ph: 204-761-5991 Website: Email:

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Red Rose Angus

Brian McCarthy & Family

Box 467, Moosomin, SK S0G 3N0 Ph: (306) 435-3590 • Cell: (306) 435-7527 Website: Email: Page 43

16th Annual 49th Parallel Black Angus Bull Sale Monday, March 31, 2014 - 1:00 pm Mankota Stockmen’s Weigh Co., Mankota, SK

100 Bulls Selling Yearlings and Two Year Olds

For more information contact any of the consignors ...

Ross River Ranch

7Z Ranch

Ben Switzer, Hazenmore, SK 306-264-3288

Dennis & Betty Baragar, Ponteix, SK 306-625-3676

Glendar Angus

Breed Creek Angus

Glen & Darla Briere, Mankota, SK 306-478-2233

Clint & Suzanne Smith, Mankota, SK 306-478-2470

Free Delivery up to 200 miles on purchases of $2,000 or more.

Auctioneer: Bruce Switzer ... 306-773-4200 Sale Day Phone ... 306-478-2229 or 306-478-7470 Complimentary Lunch at Noon. Page 44

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

We look forward to seeing you at the... 17th Annual Triple A Sale Monday, April 7th Johnstone Auction Mart Moose Jaw, SK


1st Annual Hi Low Angus Online Auction April 1 - 3, 2014

Cattle In Motion

Sires of bulls for sale: ~ Crescent Creek Ideal 28X ~ Hi Low Tiger 1X

(co-owned with Kath and Cliff Folk)

~ Hi Low Tiger 12Y

(co-owned with Dale and Joanne Sigurdson)

AI Sires of bulls for sale: ~ Connealy Thunder ~ Connealy Irish 0204 (Hi Low Angus is 1 of 5 Saskatchewan breeders with registered sons)

~ Will Role Model (Hi Low Angus is 1 of 4 Saskatchewan breeders with registered sons) SAV Piedmont 0882 (Hi Low Angus is the only breeder in Canada with registered sons) Purebred Angus Since 1980 • Bulls • Females • Freezer Beef Lumsden, SK Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Dan Howell 306 731 2940 Page 45

e l a S l l u B t Top Cu 4 @ 2:00 pm 8, 201 Tuesday April men's Weigh Co. nkota Stock Ma

Mankota, Sk


20 yearling Red Angus 12 - 2 yr old Charolais 25 yearling Charolais 6 Gelbvieh Bulls

He sells along with many 1/2 and 3/4 brothers

Reserve Champion Red Angus Bull 2013 Manitoba Livestock Expo

Red Blake's Ground Force 8A BW +2.2 WW +65 YW +104 MK +11 TM +43 Red Howe Finest Tradition 20W x Red Blake's Ms Gravity 72X (Mulberry) Your visit and inquiries are most welcome

ll! his Female Se T o t s r e h t Bro male. Many e F is la o r ha Champion C n io it b ri Ag 13 20 e Breeders of th


Murray & Nicole Blake & family - McCord, SK Murray (c) 306-478-7088 (h) 306-478-2520 Shane (c) 306-301-9140 (h) 306-266-4870 Page 46

Angus Edge - Spring 2014


RED BRYLOR SEQUOIA 212X Selling progeny

at the Equinox Bull Sale Weyburn, SK March 17th - 1 PM

Other bulls represented... Red Six Mile Integrity 241Y & Red T-K Poncho 11W



Shawn & Laura Tessier ~ Weyburn, SK Home: 842-4367 Cell: 861-7702/861-1728

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Page 47


is consigning 9 bulls to the Kuntz Farm & Guests Sale March 8, 2014 - Balgonie, SK









MCATL Pure Product X HF Swagger

SAV Iron Mountain 8066 X SAF 598 Bando 5175

SAV Best Interest X HF Kodiak

SAV Iron Mountain 8066 X SAF 598 Bando 5175

SAV Best Interest X HF Kodiak

Edwards Iron Mountain 132Y X HF El Tigre 28U

SAV Iron Mountain 8066 X SAF 598 Bando 5175

SAV Harvestor X SAF 598 Bando 5175


SAV Best Interest X N Bar Emulation EXT

Edwards Angus

Laird Edwards - Craik, SK Cell: 306-567-7456 Home: 306-734-2624 Page 48

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Branding the Best Bull Sale

April 12, 2014 Spiritwood Stockyards

On offer 35 Black Angus Yearling Bulls 25 red angus yearling bulls 6 two year old bulls

Sire groups include: Connealy Irish; S Chisum; DMM Roar 16X; Valley Blossom Grasslands 7X; BCAR Right Time 997; Four Bar X Credence 5Y Red XO Crowfoot 03X (Hooch); Red T-K Recoil 72Y; Red Moose Creek Tyron 23R

Stuart Cattle Station

David and Alice Stuart 306-397-2727 cell 306-441-2922

Mitch and Melissa Stuart 306-397-2260 cell 306 845-7793

Four Bar X Ranch Kevin and Becky Anderson 306-883-2406 Cell 306-883-7335

Come see our new website, complete with videos of the sale bulls at and like us on Facebook. Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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On Offer From Morland Acres Angus At Pride Of the Prairies Bull Sale, Lloydminster, SK March 2nd and 3rd

Red Morland 7A

Red Morland Arnold 18A

Dam: Red 30 Major Shelly 2P Dam: Red 30 Major Rebello 16U DOB: Jan 24, 2013 BW: 85 lbs DOB: Feb 10, 2013 BW: 84 lbs Sire: Red Storebo TNT 56X Outcross pedigrees, low birth weights and lots of performance.

Drop in and look or give us a call

Morland Acres Angus

Bryce, Janice, Grady and AJ Morland ~ Major, SK ~ Ph: 306.834.7336 or 834.8180 Email: Facebook: Morland Acres Cattle Company

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Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

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Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Page 89

Like a fine wine, our bulls are

A ge d T o P er fe ct io n

LL SALE! TRIPLEe atVtheRARanNCch -HMeBU dora, MB Video Sal Wednesday, March 12, 2014

60 Two Year Old Red & Black Bulls Powerful  Rugged  Dependable  Durable  Provide Extra Coverage

The Van Steelandts

1 mile West of Medora, MB 2 1/2 miles South on Road 144 Page 90

Videos Available on our Website Call: Dan & Alana: 204.665.2448 Dan Cell: 204.522.0092 Matt Cell: 204.264.0706

Practical, Profitable Genetics

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Page 91

Cold Can Affect RFID tag retention: researchers Winter in the Canadian west can be bitingly cold, as this winter has proved. When we head outdoors in temperatures below -30°C, we’re advised to bundle up to protect ourselves from the cold. Researchers at the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI) are now asking farmers to keep something else under wraps in those cold temperatures – uninstalled RFID tags. Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags are an important part of tracking individual cows from birth to slaughter, and their use on Canadian cattle has been mandated through the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA). A number of tag options have been approved by the CCIA for use in the Cattle Identification Program because they met the program’s criteria for retention, readability, and the ability to withstand tampering. However, producers are still having problems getting the small, round, yellow tags to stay in place on an animal’s ear. This is why a team of researchers at PAMI has been looking at reasons for the retention problems and what can be done to fix them. “We recognize there is frustration among producers related to tag retention, and we wanted to address it,” said Dr. Joy Agnew, a member of the PAMI research team. “We used an engineering approach to systematically test the mechanical strength of RFID tags to determine if all tags are the same, if some are weaker, or some are stronger.” They tested six types of RFID tags, following best practices for their application. Those best practices included using compatible fronts and backs (i.e. from the same manufacturer), and using the correct applicator for each brand of tag. The team then measured the force it takes to break the tags apart in different Page 92

ways, and looked at each brand of tag to see which were the least variable in terms of performance, which were stronger, and which were the easiest to insert. They also tried inserting the tags at different temperatures.

of applicator with another brand of tag, or mismatching the front and back of the tags resulted in poor retention.

What they found was that all met the basic strength requirements set out by the CCIA; however, temperature was shown to have a profound effect on the tags.

• Follow directions for application given by each tag manufacturer

“Inserting the tags in the cold and comparing their strength with warmapplied tags was something about the tags that we believe no one else has tested,” Agnew noted. “The whole effect of temperature on tag retention was a question mark.” In the PAMI test, both tag and applicator were brought down to -30°C and then the tag was inserted. The tag was then brought back up to an ambient temperature before its strength was tested. “We found that if the tags were inserted cold, they were much weaker than those inserted at room temperature,” Agnew noted. Tags were also more difficult to insert when they were cold and broke apart far more easily, even when back at room temperature. These results show that it is best to avoid tagging animals in extremely cold temperatures. If it cannot be helped, producers should keep both applicator and tags warm while the tagging is taking place. This is something that producers can add to their list of best practices, Agnew noted, right alongside using the proper tool to apply the tags. “Producers need to ensure that they are using the right applicator for the right tag components – no mixing and matching,” said Agnew. Using one brand

In summary, to help with retention, it is recommended that producers:

• Use the correct brand of applicator for each brand of tag • Ensure the back and front of each tag are of the same brand and model • Try to avoid tagging animals in extremely cold temperatures. If it cannot be avoided, keep both tags and applicator warm while tagging • Be sure to place the tag in the proper position on the animal’s ear • Have an experienced person with a good amount of strength in their hands apply the tags • Cut twine off bales when feeding cattle. Loose twine hanging out from bale feeders can cut tags off when animals pull their heads back from the feeder • Use appropriate parasite/lice herd health treatments to prevent cattle from excessively scratching against fence lines and feeders, risking tag removal • Record each animal’s RFID tag number in on-farm records before tagging is completed, along with its management ear tag number. If the animal loses its RFID tag and needs to be re-tagged, the management tag can be used to cross-reference its original RFID tag with its replacement. This ensures that the birth date linked to the animal’s original RFID tag is brought forward to its new tag PAMI researchers are continuing their study of RFID tag retention this year. Angus Edge - Spring 2014

By Keri Dalman, Communications Coordinator - Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute One of the goals of their investigation is to determine the force required to pull the tag through a cow’s ear, as this is a common cause of tag loss. They also plan to assess the performance of pneumatic applicators as opposed to hand-operated devices to see if a constant application force improves tag strength and reduces variability of strength, and there is a possibility of conducting some cold breakage testing as part of the study as well. For more information contact: Dr. Joy Agnew Project Manager Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute Humboldt, SK 306-682-5033, ext. 280

Figure 1 Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags are an important part of tracking individual cows from birth to slaughter, but some producers report poor retention after installation.

Figure 2. The insertion force required to apply the RFID tags was tested during the PAMI research team’s test procedures.

Figure 3. Shear force (above using twine), along with tensile and impact tests were conducted on six different brands of RFID tags during the PAMI test procedures.

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Page 93

Making Consumers Feel Good About Consuming... It’s Time For a New Take on Consumer Emotion About Animal Agriculture Public interest in animal agriculture matters and why producers need to play a role in how consumers understand and relate to agriculture is something I think about a great deal, having grown up on a farm and still having very strong ties to agriculture in B.C. The challenge for me has always been how do we ‘educate’ the consumer on how their food comes to the table and I’ve never come up with a satisfactory answer; in fact, many times I have to admit feeling that a satisfactory answer did not exist. However, a presentation at a conference I attended in Ontario made me reconsider the challenge of educating the consumer and made me ask if perhaps, we as producers, are trying to offer the consumer an answer to the wrong question. I had the opportunity to listen to an evocative presentation by Dr. Wes Jamison who is an Associate Professor of Public Relations at Palm Beach Altantic University and has spent his career researching anti-animal agriculture activism. Prior to assuming his academic career Dr. Jamison graduated with an undergraduate degree in Poultry Science to work in the second largest poultry processing plant in the US and was later employed by a large US grocery retailer. An avid meat eater and champion of the animal agriculture industry, Jamison offers a compelling approach for the agriculture industry to counter anti-animal agriculture campaigns. Through his research Jamison has revealed that anti-animal agriculture activists have so effectively blurred the line between the animal as pet and the animal as food that consumers are made to feel guilty about consuming animals, something we’ve done for 7000 years since the inception of modern agriculture. A recent PETA campaign presented a “Photo-shopped” image of a half-dog and half-turkey under the question “if you wouldn’t eat your dog, why eat a turkey?” is just one example of this approach. We’ve all seen campaigns misrepresenting accepted production practices like castration, branding, and the way animals are transported, making those practices look unpleasant to the pet-owning public. What is particularly disturbing is that Page 94

statistics show that 50 percent of Americans think farm animals should be treated the same as a pet. Once pet loving consumers are sufficiently riled by this messaging, they are used to advance the anti-agriculture message and are used to put pressure on grocery retailers and restaurants, often through petitions or boycotts. Desperate to protect the power of their brand in the consumers mind, grocery retailers and restaurants often respond in ways that play into anti-animal agriculture campaigns, most recently evidenced in fast food restaurant statements on animal welfare standards and demands pushed back to producers (at producers’ expense, of course.) Jamison urges the animal agriculture industry (and all involved in this industry, including the grain farmers who raise feed for the animals we eat) to push back and play on the same consumer sentiment that activists exploit to succeed in their campaigns. In particular, he suggests that industry leverage consumers emotions to bring them outside, but not in the way we’ve always thought we should approach this. While we’ve always maintained that consumers just need to get to know producers or simply need to learn how the food they eat is produced, they will be satisfied. Jamison urges that this approach is ineffective since knowing how food is produced does not necessarily translate into feeling better about consuming that food; particularly when the aim of anti-animal agriculture or “food bullies”, as Jamison calls them, is to make the consumer feel bad about eating animals (and relentlessly blurring the line between a pet and dinner.) He contends that industry needs to fight against animal agriculture opponents by ensuring consumers that it’s completely normal to consume animal products, noting that 94% of the world’s population consumes animal products. When the consumer gets permission to continue consumption, they’ll agree there’s nothing wrong with using animals for agriculture and they’ll be more inclined to distinguish between the pet and the plate. Not one to preach and not practice, Jamison and his team have launched a number of evocative counter campaigns on university campuses in the US aimed at making the consumer feel right about consuming animal

by Carolyn MacLaren products. In a recent campaign, his team distributed t-shirts to students with an image of a t-bone steak and the tag line “Happiness is a dead animal on my plate” and another with the simple slogan “I meat”; when worn across campus the shirts initially caused a furor which sparked great debate on consumption of animals with, surprisingly, many students standing up for their right to eat meat. Borrowing from the highly effective PETA and Humane Society of the US propaganda toolbox, another simple but powerful campaign juxtaposed an image of a cartoon dog with that of a cartoon cow, separated by a “=” / sign; dumbing down and playing on the PETA dog/turkey campaign. Continuing along this path, an upcoming social media campaign and public engagement activities will push the “feel good about what you eat” message and take it off campus into the public realm. In concluding his presentation, Jamison called on farmers and supporters of the agriculture industry (including consumers) to organize themselves against the mounting battle against animal agriculture and to protect the right to farm and consume. “Understand that animal agriculture has an enemy and that the enemy really wants all animal agriculture banned. Oppose this early and hard, defend agriculture. Do things right and certify it, then let it be known. You produce a product that’s good for people. We eat it and it’s right.” “You see, most people tend to forget that something has to die for us to live. You farmers are very valuable to society. It’s time to learn how to defend yourself.” Carolyn MacLaren is the GM of the BC Farm Animal Care Council. She grew up on a dairy farm in the Fraser Valley and had the opportunity to experience the reality of BC beef production when her family raised beef commercially for over 10 years on a ranch in the BC Cariboo. She completed a graduate degree in Communications from McGill University and is pleased to return to her agriculture roots in the capacity to promote and speak for farm animal welfare for the BC agriculture sector. Reprinted with permission from Beef In BC. Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Page 95

r u O o t s . . k . n s r a o h Spons It T y n Ma ribition dn’t Do Ag e Coul ut You! W Witho ABC Cattle Co. & Bakers Angus Anderson Cattle Co. Atlasta Angus Bandura Ranches Bar C R Angus Bar-H Land & Cattle Bear Hills Angus Belvin Angus Black Ridge Angus Farm Blairs.Ag Cattle Co. Blake’s Red Angus Blue Collar Bull Sale Bohrson Marketing Services Bouchard Livestock Int. Box X Ranch Breed Creek Ranch Bridgeway Livestock Broken T Ranch Bryces Bar B Ranch Ltd. Canadian Red Angus Promotion Society Canadian Angus Association Canadian Farm Insurance - Heather Barr, Agent Caragata Ranch Castlerock Marketing Come As U R Simmentals & Black Angus Creekview Angus Crescent Creek Angus Cudlobe Angus Deer Range Stock Farm Double F Cattle Co.

Page 96

See you at the 2014 Canadian Western Agribition November 24-29 for the National Angus Show!

Double V Stock Farm Double Bar D Red Angus Dwajo Angus Early Sunset Ranch East-Man Feeds Eastondale Angus EKW Red Angus Emmatt Creek Ranch Everblack Angus Flying K Ranch Forsyth Ranch Freyburn Angus Gardien Red Angus GBT Angus Gerlei Angus Glen Gabel Angus Glendar Angus Glendor Acres Hall’s Cattle Company Hamilton Farms Harvest Angus Hextall Livestock Hi-Low Angus Hollinger Land & Cattle Howe Red Angus Irving Angus Isla Bank Angus Ivanhoe Angus J & S Cattle Co JAS Red Angus JJL Livestock Johnson Livestock Justamere Farms KBJ Round Farms Kuntz Farms Lamb’s Quarters Angus

Lazy MC Angus Lock Farms Ltd. Mark Stock Ring Service Midnight Fire Cattle Co. Miller Wilson Angus Miry Creek Angus NCJ Cattle Co. New Force Angus Nielson Land & Cattle Norseman Farms Northern View Angus Nu-Horizon Angus Optimal Bovines Inc. Pasquia Red Angus RNR Flicek Black Angus Rock Creek Ranching Rocky View Management Ltd. RSL Red Angus Six Mile Red Angus Smart Farms Angus South View Ranch South Shadow Angus Spittalburn Farms Steinley Angus Farm Stewart Cattle Co. Summit Creek Angus Sunny Grove Angus Symens Land & Cattle T-K Ranches Ter-Ron Farms Thomason Angus Farms Triple J Farms Triple L Angus Twin Heritage Farms Valley Lodge Cattle Co. Ward’s Red Angus Wheelers Stock Farm Wil-Sel Red Angus Wilbar Farms Windy Ridge Ultrasounding Wood Coulee Cattle Co. WRAZ Red Angus Wright Livestock

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

2013 Canadian Western Agribition Commercial Show Angus Champions

Grand Champion Pen of Ten Open Replacement Heifers & Reserve Grand Champion Pen of Open Replacement Heifers Overall Sentes Farms, Raymore, SK Sold for $1050 per head to Westman Farms, Vermilion, AB

Grand Champion Pen of Five Open Replacement Heifers & Grand Champion Pen of Open Replacement Heifers Overall Gord & Sandy Gerrard, Southey, SK Sold for $1375 per head to Diamond K Cattle Co., Maple Creek, SK

Other Winners...

Grand Champion Pen of Twenty Feeder Steers Reed Andrew, Regina, SK Sold for $1.60/lb to Poundmaker, Lanigan, SK Reserve Grand Champion Pen of Ten Feeder Steers Stoney Ridge Cattle Co., Southey, SK Sold for $1.74/lb to Weaver Ranching Ltd., Lloydminster, SK Reserve Grand Champion Pen of Five Feeder Steers Blairswest Land & Cattle, Drake, SK Sold for $1.56/lb to Gibsons Livestock, Moose Jaw, SK


Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Grand Champion Pen of Five Bred Heifers & Reserve Grand Champion Pen of Bred Heifers Overall Blairswest Land & Cattle, Drake, SK Sold for $2050 per head to K & P Habermehl, Macrorie, SK

Grand Champion Pen of Ten Feeder Steers & Grand Champion Pen of Feeder Steers Overall Gord & Sandy Gerrard, Southey, SK Sold for $1.350/lb to Weaver Ranching Ltd., Lloydminster, SK

Reserve Grand Champion Pen of Ten Open Replacement Heifers Reed Andrew, Regina, SK Sold for $1025 per head to Westman Farms, Vermilion, AB Reserve Grand Champion Pen of Five Open Replacement Heifer Sentes Farms, Raymore, SK Sold for $1140 per head to Terry Young, Earl Grey, SK Reserve Grand Champion Pen of Ten Bred Heifers Murray Westman, Vermilion, AB Sold for $1925 per head to NBI, Vermilion, AB Reserve Grand Champion Pen of Five Bred Heifers Kyle Westman, Vermilion, AB Sold for $2050 per head to Jack & Tom Collins, McCord, SK Page 97

Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association Board of Directors Katie Wright - President Melfort, SK - 306-752-3543 Brittany Hunt - Vice-President Rose Valley, SK - 306-322-4547 Tyra Fox - Secretary Lloydminster, SK - 306-825-9624 Katie Olynyk - Junior Director Goodeve, SK - 306-730-7160 Directors at Large Alexis DeCorby Rocanville, SK - 306-645-2019 Kodie Doetzel Lipton, SK - 306-336-2245 Jennifer Jones Lloydminster, SK - 780-214-4341 Brianna Kimmel Lloydminster, SK - 780-214-3643 Katie Olynyk Goodeve, SK - 306-730-7160 Wade Olynyk Goodeve, SK - 306-876-4420

Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association

Box 3771, Regina, SK S4P 3N8 Phone 306-757-6133 Fax 306-525-5852 Page 98

Saskatchewan Junior Angus Report... As I am sitting down to write this report I am looking back on my years serving on the Saskatchewan Angus Association board - this is my last report as the Junior director. I would just like to take a moment to thank the past and present Saskatchewan Angus Association Board of Directors and Belinda Wagner for their time and dedication to the Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association. Without the support of our adult board we as a junior association would not be able to provide our junior members with the opportunities we presently have for them. It is greatly appreciated and is going to a great cause. The SJAA has been busy as usual putting on and planning activities for our members. This past summer we were able to send three juniors out to Showdown in Armstrong, British Columbia. They were driven out in a van by Debbie Doetzel and Michelle Potapinski. I would like to thank these two dedicated parents for volunteering their time to do this. It was appreciated! The juniors that attended enjoyed the experience and are looking forward to many more trips to Showdown. Next, we had our annual Junior show in conjunction with the Saskatchewan Gold Show this summer in Prince Albert during their fair. There were a number of juniors in attendance. Many that were there were new to the SJAA which was wonderful to see. It is promising to see new kids getting involved in our association. Everyone had a great time and there were lots of memories made for the new and old members. At Prince Albert we also had our Annual General Meeting. At the meeting we elected our new executive and board of directors. Being voted in as President was once again Katie Wright, Vice President is Brittany Hunt and our Secretary for the year is Tyra Fox. We are excited to also have a very capable and dedicated board of directors that consists of new and old SJAA members.

by Erin Toner

Once again at Agribition we had our annual bowling and pizza party. It is with great enjoyment that we offer this to our juniors and give them the opportunity to network with fellow members and have a little friendly competition. This year we had the greatest number of junior in attendance to date. We would like to thank all who drove to the bowling alley (the little detour they took getting there only added to the fun I am sure!). I can say from experience that this is a great activity we offer the juniors and everyone always really enjoys themselves. The next item on our list for juniors to attend is GOAL which is being held in Calgary, Alberta February 15th-17th. There are many great speakers and presenters that are going to be at GOAL. We also have some fun while we are there which includes a tour of the new Angus Central and a dinner theatre. Along with the SAA we are sponsoring seven juniors to attend. Thank-you to the SAA for the continued support in funding deserving juniors to attend the conference. If it were not for this sponsorship there are many juniors who would not have been able to attend this event. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Showdown 2014, the Canadian Junior Angus National Show that will be held in Virden, Manitoba July 17-19. Virden is just across the Saskatchewan border into Manitoba on Hwy #1. It will be a wonderful event once again and seeing it is so close to us Saskatchewan Juniors should be able to have a great show there! That is what the SJAA has been up to and what we are looking forward to in this new year. In closing I would like to once again thank the SAA for giving me the opportunity to serve as the Junior director for the past three years. I have enjoyed my time on the board and learned so much from all of the directors. I am excited to pass this position on to Katie Olynyk who is more than capable of doing a great job.ďƒś

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Juniors Members Enjoying Glo-Bowling at Agribition!

for the Saskatchewan Angus

M a r k Yo u r ! Calendars

Gold & Junior Show

The shows will be held in conjunction with the 2014 Stockade Roundup

October 30 - November 1, 2014 - Lloydminster, SK Reminder

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

2012, 2013 & 2014 born Gold Show entries will qualify for Gold Show points and be counted for show grants ONLY if they are identified with an Angus RFID tag. Stay tuned for more information in the May issue of “The Angus Edge� or contact Saskatchewan Angus office at 306-757-6133 Email: Page 99

Page 100

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Page 101

Coming Events... Feb 15-17.......CJAA 2014 GOAL Conference, Calgary, AB Mar 29............Anderson Cattle Co. Bull Sale, Swan River, MB Feb 18............Bar Heart Angus Bull Sale, Bluffton, AB Mar 30............Best of the Breeds Bull Sale, Leross, SK Feb 20............Nordal Limousin & Angus Bull Sale, Saskatoon, SK Mar 31............49th Parallel Bull Sale, Mankota, SK Feb 22............Kenray Ranch Open House, Redvers, SK Mar 31............Merit Cattle Co. Bull Sale, Radville, SK Feb 22............Lewis Farms Bull Sale, Stony Plain, AB Mar 31............Everblack Angus Bull Sale, Vermilion, AB Feb 28............Early Sunset Bull & Female Sale, Edam, SK Mar 31............Deadline for reduced fees & 2 for 1 pricing, Mar 1..............Deadline for Breeder Directory Applications .......................DNA Technology Mar 1..............Ward’s Red Angus & Guests Bull Sale, Saskatoon, SK Apr 1...............Windy Willow’s & Guests Bull Sale, Hodgeville, SK Mar 2..............R-Plus Simmental Bull Sale, Estevan, SK Apr 1...............Double C Red Angus Bull Sale, Foam Lake, SK Mar 2 & 3........93rd Annual Pride of the Prairies Bull Sale, Apr 1...............Blairs.Ag Pursuit of Excellence Bull Sale, Sedley, SK .......................Lloydminster, SK/AB Apr 1-3...........Hi Low Angus Online Auction, Lumsden, SK Mar 3..............Nielson Land & Cattle/Palmer Charolais Bull Sale, Apr 2...............Whitecap/Rosso/Howe Bull Sale, Moose Jaw, SK .......................Bladworth, SK Apr 2...............Peak Dot Ranch Ltd. Bull & Female Sale, Mar 4..............Belvin Angus Bull Sale, Innisfail, AB .......................Wood Mountain, SK Mar 6..............Spring Creek Simmentals/Red Rose Angus Bull Sale, Apr 2...............Chopper K Red Angus Bull Sale, Alameda, SK .......................Moosomin, SK Apr 4...............Northern Progress Red Angus Bull Sale, Mar 7..............Cattlemen’s Connection Bull Sale, Brandon, MB .......................Saskatoon, SK Mar 7-9...........Regina Spring Steer & Heifer Show, Evraz Place, Apr 5...............Crescent Creek Angus Bull & Female Sale, .......................Regina, SK .......................Goodeve, SK Mar 8..............Kuntz Farm Bull Sale, Balgonie, SK Apr 5 ..............North East Source Bull Sale, Tisdale, SK Mar 8..............Wheeler/Fleury Cattlemen’s Bull Event, Saskatoon, SK Apr 5...............Burnett Angus Bull & Female Sale, Swift Current, SK Mar 9..............Black Pearl Bull & Female Sale, Tisdale, SK Apr 5-6...........Saskatchewan Beef Expo, Saskatoon, SK Mar 9..............Standard Hill Connection Bull Sale, Maidstone, SK Apr 7...............Eastondale Angus Bull Sale, Wawota, SK Mar 11............McTavish Charolais & Red Angus Bull Sale, Apr 7...............Triple A Bull Sale, Moose Jaw, SK .......................Moosomin, SK Apr 8...............Young Dale Angus Bull Sale, Alameda, SK Mar 12............Triple V Ranch Bull Sale, Medora, MB Apr 8...............Top Cut Bull Sale, Mankota, SK Mar 15............LLB Angus Bull & Female Sale, Erskine, AB Apr 9...............Flying K Ranch Bull Sale, Swift Current, SK Mar 17............KBJ Round Farms Bull Sale, Clyde, AB Apr 10.............Deadline for Summer Angus Edge Mar 17............Equinox Angus Bull Sale, Weyburn, SK Apr 10 ............South View Ranch Bull Sale, Ceylon, SK Mar 18............Ivanhoe Angus/City View Simmentals Bull Sale, Apr 10.............T Bar K Ranch Bull Sale, Wawota, SK .......................Moose Jaw, SK Apr 11.............Johnston/Fertile Valley Bull Sale, Saskatoon, SK Mar 18............East Central Bull Power, Yorkton, SK Apr 12.............Branding the Best Bull Sale, Spiritwood, SK Mar 18............On Target Bull & Female Sale, Barrhead, AB Apr 12.............Blue Collar Bull Sale, Yorkton, SK Mar 19............Wilbar Cattle Co. Tools of the Trade Bull & Female Sale, Apr 12.............Six Mile Ranch Bull Sale, Fir Mountain, SK .......................Dundurn, SK Apr 14.............Select Genetics Sale, Swift Current, SK Mar 19-21.......GBT Angus Online Sale, Wawota, SK Apr 14.............Justamere Farms Bull Sale, Lloydminster, SK Mar 20............Braun Ranch & Bar CR Angus Bull Sale, Swift Current, SK Apr 15.............CAF Outstanding Young Angus Breeder Nomination Mar 20............Johnson Livestock Bull Sale, Peebles, SK .......................Deadline Mar 20............Allencroft/Border Butte Bull Sale, Medicine Hat, AB Apr 16.............North Point Angus Bull Sale, Grande Prairie, AB Mar 21............Bowerman Bros./Nesset Lake Angus Bull Sale, Apr 18.............Your Choice Angus Bull Sale, Maple Creek, SK .......................Meadow Lake, SK Apr 19.............Cornerstone Bull Sale, Whitewood, SK Mar 21............Bone Creek Ranch Bull Sale, Maple Creek, SK Apr 19.............Shortgrass Bull & Female Sale, Aneroid, SK Mar 22............Working Stiffs Bull Sale, Moosomin, SK Apr 24-26.......4-H Spring Steer & Heifer Show, Yorkton, SK Mar 22............Stockman’s Select Bull Sale, Moose Jaw, SK Apr 30.............CAF Junior Ambassador Application Deadline Mar 22............Mantei Farms Bull Sale, Alameda, SK May 10...........CJAA U.S. Exchange Program Application Deadline Mar 22............Mackenzie Red Angus Bull Sale, Fort MacLeod, AB Jun 1..............Deadline for Entries - Showdown 2014 Mar 22............Family Affair Bull & Female Sale, Dewberry, AB Jun 4-8...........Canadian Angus Convention, Moose Jaw, SK Mar 24............Freyburn Angus Farms Bull Sale, Oxbow, SK Jun 15............CJAA Scholarship Application Deadline Mar 24............Hollinger Land & Cattle Bull & Female Sale, Neudorf, SK Jun 20............Deadline for Late Entries - Showdown 2014 Mar 25............U-2 Ranch Bull Sale, High River, AB Jul 17-19........Showdown 2014, Virden, MB Mar 26............Hamilton Farms Bull Sale, Cochrane, AB Oct 30-Nov 1..Saskatchewan Angus Gold & Junior Show, Mar 27............Minburn Angus Bull Sale, Minburn, AB .......................Lloydminster, SK Mar 28............Triple J Farms Bull Sale, Whitewood, SK Mar 28............Double F Cattle Co. Bull Sale, Prince Albert, SK Mar 28............Thistle Ridge Bull Sale, Taber, AB Mar 29............Impact Bull & Female Sale, Saskatoon, SK Mar 29............Lamb’s Quarters Bull Sale, Swift Current, SK Page 102

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Business Directory

November 24 - 29, 2014 Regina, SK 306-565-0565 GRANT ROLSTON Box 1562 Vulcan, AB T0L 2B0 Phone: 403-593-2217


Canadian ANGUS Association


292140 Wagon Wheel Blvd. Rocky View County, AB T4A 0E2

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(306) 525-8796

Your Business Card Could Be Here! Call 306-757-6133 or email for details

Index of Advertisers... 49th Parallel Bull Sale........................ 44 Anderson Cattle Co............................ 82 Bar CR Angus................................ 16,17 Belvin Angus....................................... 87 Best of the Breeds Bull Sale............... 35 Black Pearl Bull Sale.......................... 39 Blake’s Red Angus............................. 46 Blue Collar Bull Sale........................... 56 Bone Creek Ranch............................. 25 Borderbutte/Allencroft Bull Sale.......... 91 Bowerman Bros/Nesset Lake Angus Bull Sale.................................. 60 Branding the Best Bull Sale................ 49 Broken T Ranch.................................. 47 Burnett Angus..................................... 77 Cattleman’s Connection Bull Sale...... 88 Chopper K Red Angus........................ 67 Cornerstone Bull Sale......................... 58 Crescent Creek Angus........................ 13 Diamond C Liberty Angus................... 66 DKF Red Angus.................................... 2 Double C Red Angus.......................... 63 Double F Cattle Co............................. 36 Early Sunset Ranch............................ 51 Eastondale Angus............................... 21 Edwards Angus................................... 48 Equinox Bull Sale............................... 40 Everblack Angus................................. 89 Flying K Ranch................................... 75 Freyburn Angus Farms....................... 41 GBT Angus......................................... 57 Hamilton Farms............................. 84,85 Hi Low Angus...................................... 45 Hollinger Land & Cattle....................... 74 Howe Red Angus............................... BC Impact Bull Sale.................................. 27 Ivanhoe Angus...................................... 4 Johnson Livestock.............................. 69 Johnston/Fertile Valley Bull Sale........ 79

Justamere Farms................................ 59 KBJ Round Farms.............................. 12 Kenray Ranch..................................... 64 Kuntz Farms..................................... 107 Lambs Quarters Angus....................... 20 Mackenzie Bull Sale........................... 86 Mantei Farms...................................... 23 McTavish Red Angus.......................... 61 Merit Cattle Co.................................... 72 MG Angus/Morland Acres Angus........ 78 NE Source Bull Sale........................... 53 Nesset Lake Angus............................. 34 Nielson/Palmer Bull Sale.................... 80 Nordal Limousin & Angus................... 68 Northern Progress Bull Sale............... 65 Optimal Bovines Inc.......................... 106 On Target Bull Sale........................... 105 Peak Dot Ranch Ltd.......................10,11 Select Genetics Bull Sale................... 31 Shortgrass Bull Sale........................... 71 Six Mile Ranch Ltd......................... 54,55 South View Ranch.............................. 52 Spring Creek Simmentals/ Red Rose Angus................................. 43 Standard Hill Connection Bull Sale..... 70 Stockman’s Select Bull Sale.......... 18,19 T Bar K Ranch.................................... 83 Triple A Bull Sale................................ 50 Triple J Farms..................................... 81 Triple V Ranch.................................... 90 U6 Livestock....................................... 37 Wagner Angus.................................... 38 Ward’s Red Angus.............................. 73 Wheeler’s Stock Farm.......................... 9 Wilbar Cattle Co............................ 14,15 Windy Willows Farms......................... 42 Working Stiffs Bull Sale...................... 76 Young Dale Angus.............................. 29 Your Choice Bull Sale......................... 62

Fundamental Truths:

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. Those who can’t laugh at themselves Always forgive your enemies; leave the job to others. nothing annoys them more. Always remember you’re unique, Having one child makes you a parent; having just like everyone else. There is only one perfect child in the two makes you a referee. world and every mother has it.

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

I’m old enough to know better, but young enough to do it anyway.

Page 103

In Memory... Robert Dale Harris November 19, 1959 December 2, 2013 Robert operated Koran Stock Farm at Islay, Alberta. He will be dearly remembered by his loving wife Karen, daughter; Dalynn and her husband, Carl and their children, Cordell and Calianne, daughter; Kaleen, his parents; George and Helen Harris, siblings; William (Blayne), Wilma (Barry), Sandra (Alvin), David (Holly), 12 nieces and nephews, 3 great nieces and nephews, numerous aunts, uncles and cousins, father and mother-inlaw Bruce & Dixie McLennan and sisterin-law Marie. Rob was a familiar figure at many Saskatchewan events.

Dr. Byrnne Westley Rae Rothwell

With wonderful treasured memories held close to their hearts, the family of Mr. Byrnne Westley Rae Rothwell announced his passing on Tuesday, January 28, 2014  at the age of 77 years. As per Byrnne’s request there will be no service at this time. A Celebration of Life will be held at a later date.

Roy Stuart Lohse Roy and his family operated Spring View Ranch in Beaubier, SK. Roy passed away January 11, 2014 at the age of 55 years. He was predeceased by his parents Lloyd and Edna Lohse; as well as several aunts and uncles and is survived by his loving wife Myrna Lohse, daughter; Melissa Lohse, son; Brandon (Paula) Lohse; sisters; Faye (Don) Mantei and Gail (Doug) Gamble, brother; L. Blaine (Cindy), father and mother-in-law Duane and Delores Larsen, aunts; Norma Lohse and Pat McNeil, along with numerous nieces, nephews and many friends. For family and friends so wishing, donations in memory of Roy may be made to STARS, 2640 Airport Road, Regina, SK S4H 1A3, or the Beaubier Lutheran Church, Box 42, Beaubier, SK S0C 0H0.

My Thoughts About a Cottonwood Tree Today I sat on my pony under a big cottonwood tree I thought about how much life of this tree is like that of you and me From a seed it grew above the ground for the world to see Its bark shows good times, and bad times like those of you and me. Now with all its beauty stands reaching towards the sky With arms outstretched as if protecting the young as years roll by And through green branches wind whispers of secrets that far away from man still lie Seems this old tree’s life is much like that of you and I. Then one day no more from its branches green leaves will be seen And only memories then of where he once had been Young trees will take his place for all of us to see So it seems a trees life is much like that of you and me. Written by Morris Erickson

Dr. Rothwell was a verterinarian and with his family operated Deere Rose Stock Farm at Shellbrook. He was involved with many organizations and boards over the years. In lieu of tributes, memorial donations may be made in memory of Dr. Rothwell to either the Provincial 4-H Foundation or to the Shellbrook & Districts Health Services Project. Family and friends wishing to send online condolences are welcome to visit  

Page 104

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Top Ten Facts a Ranch Wife Needs to Know... If you are going to be the woman on the ranch, here are the top 10 “facts” you need to know! 1. Always load your horse last in the trailer so it is the first one unloaded. By the time he’s got his horse unloaded, you will have your cinch pulled and be mounted up ready to go - lessening the chance of him riding off without you with your horse trying to follow while you are still trying to get your foot in the stirrup. 2. Never - and I repeat never - ever believe the phrase “We’ll be right back,” when he has asked you to help him do something out on the ranch. The echoing words, “this will only take a little while” have filtered through generations of ranch wives and still today should invoke sincere distrust in the woman who hears them. 3. Always know there is NO romantic intention when he pleadingly asks you to take a ride in the pickup with him around the ranch while he checks waters and looks at cattle. What that sweet request really means is he wants someone to open and close the gates.

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

4. He will always expect you to quickly be able to find one stray in a four-section brush-covered pasture, but he will never be able to find the mayonnaise jar in foursquare feet of refrigerator. 5. Count every head of everything you see - cattle especially, but sometimes horses, deer, quail or whatever moves. Count it in the gate, out the gate or on the horizon. The first time you don’t count is when he will have expected that you did. That blank eyelash-batting look you give him when he asks “How many?” will not be acceptable. 6. Know that you will never be able to ride a horse or drive a pickup to suit him. Given the choice of jobs, choose throwing the feed off the back of the pickup. If he is on the back and you are driving, the opportunity for constant criticism of speed, ability and your eyesight will be utilized to the full extent. “How in the *@*# could you NOT see that hole?” 7. Never let yourself be on foot in the alley when he is sorting cattle horseback. When he has shoved 20 head of running, bucking, kicking yearlings at you and then

hollers “Hold ‘em, hold ‘em” at the top of his lungs, don’t think that you really can do it without loss of life or limb. Contrary to what he will lead you to believe, walking back to the house is always an option that has been used throughout time. 8. Don’t expect him to correctly close the snap-on tops on the plastic refrigerator containers, but know he will expect you to always close every gate. His reasoning, the cows will get out; the food will not. 9. Always praise him when he helps in the kitchen - the very same way he does when you help with the ranch work - or not. 10. Know that when you step out of the house you move from the “wife” department to “hired hand” status. Although the word “hired” indicates there will be a paycheck that you will never see, rest assured that you will have job security. The price is just right. And most of the time you will be “the best help he has” even if it is because you are the ONLY help he has.

Page 105

Page 106

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Red Angus Bull Sale

with guests Edwards Angus and JD Angus Farms March 8, 2014 - 1 PM at the farm, Balgonie, SK Sires Represented...

Red SSS Staunch 64Y Red NCJ Mystified 16X Red KF X-Ray 26X SAV Iron Mountain 8066 HF Tiger 5T

... and more! Also selling a select group of heifers

KJA 40A - a Staunch 64Y son

KJA 49A - a Mystified 16X son

EDAN 392A - a SAV Harvestor 0338 son

Guest Consignors: Edwards Angus Laird Edwards Cell: 306-567-7456 Hm: 306-734-2624 Craik, SK

Angus Edge - Spring 2014

Kuntz306-771-2600 Farms

JD Angus Farms Jack Davidson Hm: 306-726-4307 Southey, SK


Clint’s Cell: 306-536-6838 Jack’s Cell: 306-535-1606

4.5 miles east of Balgonie on Hwy #1 Page 107

Profile for Belinda Wagner

2014 spring angus edge issuu  

2014 spring angus edge issuu