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Living the Lab 2



Office-S Plaza




C Bosch (SFF)




Building SEY


Office Garden Videolab


Klein Philips (SFH)


Office Garden Glasgebouw


Building SFS

G Veemgebouw (SDM)

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Radio Royaal

J Apparatenfabriek (SK)


Temporary Restaurant




L Videolab (SFJ)




Building SX


Caffee Allee


Building SEU


Office-S Plaza


Machinekamer (SAU)


Piet Hein Eek


Ketelhuis (SAB)


Klokgebouw (SA)



Building SBX


Basic–Fit & Fit For Free

S De Portiersloge -


040 BMX Park


Area51 Skate Hall


The Building


Monk Bouldergym

Gerard (SAN) Glasgebouw (SWA)

Parking Area-S P1 Kastanjelaan P2 Torenallee

Shop-S & Do-S

P3 Videolab



P4 Philitelaan


Yksi Expo & Store

P5 Glaslaan


Store Emily Hermans

P6 Klokgebouw


De Ontdekfabriek




Urban Wheelz Center


Office-S Plaza


Piet Hein Eek atelier & winkel

Shop-S & Do-s Work-S Food & Drink-S Sport-S Parking Living the Lab 1

Food & Drink-S

H Anton (SBP)

Information center Strijp-S



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Living the Lab 2

LIVING THE LAB For 10 years now, the development of Strijp-S into the innovative quarter of Eindhoven is an on-going process. The attraction of this area to entrepreneurs and residents may be called almost magical. Because of the incredible possibilities and endless opportunities. And because Strijp-S is the part of the city where history was written through inventions that changed the world. Alwin Beernink and Thijs van Dieren of Park Strijp Beheer shifted their focus to long term thinking. Because in 2012 all changed. “About 400 to 500 companies established themselves at Strijp-S. Against all odds related to the economic crisis, Strijp-S is very successful. Over 76.000 m2 has been rented, which leaves just about 15.000 m2 for rent. We don’t opt for the easy way out. We think continuously about how to facilitate renters and companies. Continuously we search for concepts in further strengthening this area, and with that the communityspirit at Strijp-S. A great example is Innovation in a Week. Typically Strijp-S. Do you like to learn what that spirit, that vibe is at Strijp-S? Why the entrepreneurs are so successful? Read this magazine and you’ll experience it for yourself. And in real time you’ll experience Living the Lab.


Living the the Lab Living Lab33

Architecture STRIJP-S Industrial heritage. Space for thoughts, ideas, products and services. Contemporary ventures in buildings from back then.

Living the Lab 4

The most beautiful buildings will be spared, renovated and adjusted for successful ventures.

Living the Lab 5

Freedom of OFFICE-S Everything for the entrepreneurs.

The thought at the core of Office-S.

Living the Lab 6

Renters in the Videolab and the Glasgebouw will be seeing loads of ideas realized in 2012. Which will result in an even better environment, better work and rent-tendencies and a further strengthened network? So, an even bigger opportunity for success. All this will be realized by stimulating interconnections, connections and the organization of activities and events.

Living the Lab 7


e Al


Living the Lab 8

Meet me THERE Community Office-S

You’ll meet other entrepreneurs in the communal spaces, which are now being developed. There is a workshop and presentation room, a lunchroom and a luncheon-shop. For young, working mothers there is even a room to express milk, but because one does not need one’s neighbors to do so, this will be a restricted area.

Office-S Plaza

Office-S Plaza contains a service center with a hair salon, repro, drycleaner and an ironing service, Urban Wheelz Center, 2 board rooms and a leisure space for gaming. Alone or together with others. All existing facilities enhance mutual contact and with that the community spirit. The monthly activities which are now held in several buildings, such as the Office-S Friday-afternoon drinks, will from now on be held in the Office-S Plaza location. These spaces are free accessible for everyone during office hours.

New possibilities through contact. Social cohesion. Insights shared. Being inspired.


Favori for lunch llee, affee A PopEi, C and Monk Ketelhuis

Living the Lab 9

Business cards!

Michelle & Roel

Due to miscommunication with friends, we thought every space on Strijp-S to be rented. Lucky for us, there was actually still space for rent: the Videolab is beautiful, but the Glasgebouw suits our young, creative company better. That same day we visited, we decided this to be it. As of April we work at new websites and web shop sites with and Vandekaart Design. To work in a space like this, in a building like this, is outright marvelous. Every time clients pay us a visit, we are so proud to receive them at this spot. For our clients innovation, new concepts and visual charisma are very important; it is in the DNA of Strijp-S.

Michelle & Roel Brouwers

-Sat DO ff o c ee

Best ieuwlaat, Brenda N Beheer p Park Strij rk Water te S t a f And ss-cut o at the cro lhuis the Kete

Living the Lab 10

Verhoeven I De Ruijter Bureau voor Landschap en Stedebouw Torenallee 45 5617 BA Eindhoven

Verhoeven I De Ruijter We are a young office for landscaping and urban development. Because of our ambit, the very place we would choose to set up our business is extremely important. We ended up at the Glasgebouw quite quickly, at the core of the dynamic heart of Strijp-S. Here you find very enthusiastic, driven entrepreneurs. Established ones as well as starters. For us this is an added value. What attracts us most in Strijp-S is the industrial and historical character. Another attractive point is that the Glasgebouw offers a simple level of finish, which allows the rent to be quite affordable. For 2 starters an important issue. Strijp-S is getting more beautiful by the day. The set-up of the public space really will be wonderful. For visitors we regard this as the best business-card there is, but also as a reflection of our area of work.

Living the Lab 11

Smart solutions for complex issues. Ovitech B.V. is dedicated to solving various and complex information issues related to public transport. Core activities are consulting, realization of application software, building tailor made applications and all corresponding ICT services like implementation, training, application management, system management and hosting. In addition Ovitech offers operational services. Well known public transportation firms like Connexxion, Arriva and Veolia work according an information system develop by Ovitech. Ovitech was one of the first renters of Strijp-S. A conscious choice? “Yes, because of all beneficial factors,” according to Alex van Wezel, general manager. “It was common knowledge that there would be a vast array of developments in this area. An area that is so typical for Eindhoven, with those strong, characteristic buildings. Being a pure Eindhoven company, for us the decision to choose Strijp-S was a logical one. And, also very important, accessibility is downright perfect, whether by public transport or by car. It is an inspiring area and a great place to work for all our employees.

Living the Lab 12

Ovitech BV Torenallee 45 5617 BA Eindhoven 040 237 22 95

The spirit and ambiance at Strijp-S and the numerous networks represent an absolute added value. One minute you’re working, the next you walk into the Dutch Design week.” In short: a unique situation, unprecedented in the Netherlands. But, does Strijp-S really add to the success of Ovitech? “No, not directly, because we sell specific solutions for the public transport sector. What Strijp-S does facilitate is co-operation with other companies in this specific field. We prefer a web company here over a big office somewhere else. And that is the result of continuously bumping into one another. Furthermore, the innovation and growth of Strijp-S adds to what we emanate and what we are able to offer our employees. We are expanding and in the future the attraction of Strijp-S will add to a whole lot more developments. At first we rented 2 small offices for 4 people, but now we rent space for 16 employees in the Glasgebouw. Apart from one small space, we rent a whole wing. I cannot predict the future, but we have no intention at all leaving Strijp-S. Because of the restaurants, events, little parks et cetera, this is becoming an increasingly interesting area. Very attractive for entrepreneurs. We can tell by our visitors; unanimously enthusiastic!”

Living the Lab 13

Mike Slaats of SEO Champ: “Since a few weeks we’re located at Strijp-S in the Glasgebouw on the 8th floor. We have an inspiring view over the beautiful city of Eindhoven. You’d think this not to be impressive, because for a short period of time we were located at one of the canals in Amsterdam. At the contrary! We are ‘Eindhovenaren’ in heart and soul and very proud of this city. Strijp-S is an enormous leap towards an adventurous and quirky Eindhoven. Entrepreneurs are offered by Strijp-S enormous possibilities regarding networking and growth. It is just a few minute walk from the city-center and very well accessible by car and motorcar. Every day steps are undertaken by entrepreneurs as well as the builders. Strijp-S is alive and growing. We grow with it.” Company: SEO Champ Building: Glasgebouw Floor: 8 Unit: 8.022 Site:

Living the Lab 14

-Slekken DO fl e exp

t Favorie trijp-S: op S e age e, 8 et iv s lu C S bouw Glasge e etage , r lie 6 Het Ate eolab Vid e tage e -CS, 3 w p ij r t S u o b Glasge 1e etage , t e e Seats2M tenfabriek a r a p p A

Living the Lab 15

Marcel Kennis, chairman Ondernemer-S association Strijp-S “Ondernemer-S is the association for entrepreneurial renters at Strijp-S. She is the spokesperson for those who dedicate time and effort for a better Strijp-S and help cut a better business climate. Within Ondernemer-S renters help to think and decide about the future of Strijp-S. This all within close deliberation with all parties concerned.� Living the Lab 16

Successful enterprising thunderbuild Thunderbuild BV, the company for innovative ITC solutions for transport and logistics offers the best solutions of handling weighbridges and spreading and integration of digital weigh data in real-time. This company developed a unique, innovative method to perform efficiently, completely digital and paperless weighing procedures instead of the current time consuming one. This results in sharp savings for suppliers, buyers, weighbridge holders, transporters and the environment. Since April 2011, Thunderbuild B.V. is located in the Videolab at Strijp-S. The choice for this was an easy one: “Eindhoven is an expanding city where many companies want to settle. Our wishes were answered by the location, with amongst others ample parking space. For us Strijp-S represents an added value because of the many advantages of the location. Of course the success of our company starts at the company’s formula, which renders the biggest growth. The location adds to that too by possible partnerships with or bringing in assignments from companies settled here. We are successful, which is the reason we recently exchanged our small office for a huge space. From there we have all opportunities to expand. Strijp-S is a modern location, radiates dynamism and has growing potential. For the time being; we are not going anywhere!� Thunderbuild BV Torenallee 20 5617 BC Eindhoven 088 - 2411 050

Living the Lab 17

The Luxlab! ellen de vries “And when I think of Strijp-S, I think of a bunch of very motivated people that against a stage of recession and backlashes wants to establish a highly ambitious project with a whole lot of vision for the future. I certainly am one of the great critics you can imagine… not out of negativism, but because of the wish and enthusiasm to create something really, really good. Contributing in a genuine way to advance life for people. Now and in the future.” HET LUX LAB Torenallee 45 SWA 0.32 5617 BA Eindhoven

Living the Lab 18

In 2007 Jan Bekkering, Serge van den Berg and Jeroen van Gestel decided to unite their green power to establish their own bureau for climate and energy issues. It became HetEnergieBureau. Besides a very successful start, they experience a steady growth with clients as housing corporations, companies, knowledge institutions, Ministries (VROM), universities (Amsterdam and Tue), provinces and now Park Strijp Beheer too. The latter requested them to conduct the program management of the Vision of Light at Strijp-S. They will also determine the charging points for electric cars in the city. It is typically a company that was there at the right place at the right time. The choice for Strijp-S was therefore a very conscious one. Or as they say: ‘the ideal location for pioneers’. HetEnergieBureau has now 10 employees and offers a vast array of services regarding climate and energy issues. The motto of TheEnergieBureau is that saving energy results in energy. Companies and universities that want to know how that works exactly and want to hear a truly inspiring story about sustainable enterprising, can ask TheEnergieBureau to handle guest lectures. Or have them work immediately on the solution of their issues. HetEnergieBureau Torenallee 45 5617 BA Eindhoven T 040 – 257 49 60 F 040 – 257 59 72 E

HetENERGIEBUREAU! Living the Lab 19

International SUCCESS!! StudyPortals is THE European platform for choice of studies. It offers students transparency in study possibilities within higher education in Europe. StudyPortals stimulates and informs students about (inter) national choices of study and supports universities with more basic and more effective international marketing & recruitment. StudyPortals started 3 years ago as MasterPortals, a spin-off of several large international student societies. They found there to be a major void in information in finding international masters in Europe: MasterPortals. EU was born and became a formidable success. Nowadays there is a team of 20 employees, divided over 5 countries, with the center of activities at Strijp-S in Eindhoven. The reason StudyPortals ended up at Strijp-S in the Glasgebouw, had to do with the flexible and affordable rental prices. Now the focus has shifted towards the offered flexibility and developments of, and in this area. Is the success of StudyPortals partly due to the location, or is this a bridge too far? Thijs Putman, manager says: “In close-up not per se, but in the background absolutely. This becomes evident when we establish partnerships with other companies at Strijp-S. At this very moment we are actively searching for a local company to take care of our internet activities, like SEO.

Here at Strijp-S there are a lot of smaller internet companies that can be very interesting for us. We now are with 34 people and in the future that number may well be growing.” So, good location? “Yes, absolutely. Twice a month we receive visitors from our branches in the UK and Sweden. For this, Strijp-S is downright perfect, because of the flexible work space as of the ideal location regarding public transport and last but not least because of Eindhoven Airport, which has excellent connections. Every time they arrive here, there is that wow-factor. From our offices in the Glasgebouw, which in itself has an interesting historical background, we overlook the NatLab. People find the stories about the inventions made over there, amazing. When we first arrived here, we literally had to look through the rubble, but now the terrain is truly trimmed in all places. We rented extra space and for the future I do see further possibilities in that area. We strive at staying as long as possible here at Strijp-S.”

-Swich DO s e and

Favorit e Allee, e At Caff ative c E TH re trijp-S! of S canteen

StudyPortals B.V. Torenallee 45 - 4.02 5617 BA Eindhoven The Netherlands 040 2920060 Living the Lab 20

Living the Lab 21


Living the Lab 22




NEW-STAGE-S biedt drie vernieuwende woon- en werkconcepten. De plekken combineren de unieke beleving van Strijp-S met een breed servicepakket. Bovenal biedt het de kans om de eigen identiteit breed uit te dragen. Zo vormt NEW STAGE-S het nieuwe podium voor hen die die toe zijn aan de volgende fase in hun ontwikkeling,, zowel zakelijk als prive.




Living the Lab 25



Na de pioniersfase stelt een bedrijf andere eisen. Waar eerst het delen van de back-office en de uitstraling van een community centraal stonden, willen bedrijven in de volgende fase zichzelf profileren. STAGE 2 biedt die mogelijkheid. Het combineert kantoren waar het uitdragen van de eigen merkidentiteit in gestimuleerd wordt met een ‘zakelijk’ restaurantconcept en een uniek innovatieplatform; de ‘White Box’.



YOUR CULTURE YOUR OFFICE STAGE 3 biedt kantoren voor grotere bedrijven. Zij hebben de ondernemingsfase en de fase van grote groei doorgemaakt en bevinden zich nu in rustiger vaarwater. Cultuuroverdracht en een herkenbaar merk spelen nu een essentiele rol. STAGE 3 speelt hier op in door in nauwe samenspraak met de nieuwe gebruiker het gebouw te ontwerpen en in te richten. Het beleven van de eigen merkidentiteit staat hier centraal. Zo transformeert het kantoor van plek om enkel te werken tot een volwaardig ‘brandingtool’.

Living the Lab 26



Een van de onderscheidende waarden van Eindhoven is design. Het concept BACKSTAGE biedt een vernieuwend design- en woonconcept. Ook hier staat het uiten van de eigen identiteit centraal. De basis wordt gevormd door woningen met een open en flexibele indeling en ruime verdiepingshoogtes. Vanuit deze vaste basis hebben gebruikers de mogelijkheid om te kiezen voor een totaal eigen design, een co-creation proces of een total design van een Nederlandse top designer.

Living the Lab 27

Gigantic cases, due to gigantic cathode tubes. In the fifties this was considered to be hyper modern design.

Living the Lab 28

NatLab 2.0

The NatLab is the place where historically important inventions were born and where even Einstein has been working. And now it will get a future again where innovation is the starting-point. In 2013 the new mediaexperience center VOLT will be opened in the NatLab. What’s in a name?! In VOLT work that once was done in the NatLab will be continued in livinglab. VOLT is the literal counterpart of Vision and Sound in Hilversum where one can see and hear 60 years of television and radio. At VOLT’s it all revolves around further development of hardware. Eindhoven is and Eindhoven stays the City of Design! Besides

being a livinglab, VOLT is also a museum based on three cornerstones: a multimedia and interactive café-restaurant named Wired Diner, an exhibition space for multimedia art and an interactive exhibition about the history of television and its design. Others too have the opportunity to keep related exhibitions and events at NatLab 2.0. In this way, the NatLab gets the inhabitants it so deserves. Again.

Living the Lab 29

26 Languages intertwined Flaneerboulevard, groenen binnenhoven, verrassende tuinen. CafÊ’s, terrasjes, eettenten en gelegenheidsrestaurants. Sporten, boulderen, skaten in het grootste skatepark van Europa, fitness.

Everything within reach

Strijp-S is shaping-up. The construction of the HOV-line, the opening of the Torenallee, green spaces and the start of the square in front of the Glasgebouw make the ideas of the beginning, the reality of now. Soon the first inhabitants will arrive in building SAS3 and the lofts of the monuments Anton and Gerard. They are the early adaptors. The pure urban people who only feel comfortable in places where creativity, innovation and the raw beauty of the city are visible and tangible. World famous event, Dutch Design Week. Success-design. 26 Languages and counting, one binding love: design and culture.

Living the Lab 30

Sick place man

Living the Lab 31

Urban Culture Citymarketeer Peter Kentie: “STRIJP-S is voor Eindhoven bewijsvoering & speelruimte!”

Living the Lab 32

Op Strijp-S worden de merkpijlers van Eindhoven ‘ Technology, Design en Kennis’ zichtbaar en voelbaar in het straatbeeld. Hier is letterlijk de ruimte voor het experimentele. In city life, in B-to-B, sport en onderwijs! Strijp-S laat de wereld het andere Eindhoven zien. De top van de Europa in urban culture. Grenzeloze ambitie is niet alleen in de bedrijven te vinden maar ook zichtbaar aanwezig in de urban sports op Strijp-S zoals in gebouw 52 met 040BMX Park, Area 51 Skatepark en Monk’s Bouldergym. Waar amateurs met tomeloos doorzettingsvermogen profs worden en international meespelen. Ruimte is -Urban Dictionary: “Mad Skills: To be able to do/perform amazing/unexpected things”Mad Skills is een klein bedrijf in gebouw 52 met een enorm netwerk dat initiatieven ontplooit op het gebied van hip hop en urban culture. De schakel tussen u, de helden van nu en een nieuwe generatie cultuurbelevers.

Geen dag hetzelfde. Altijd wat te doen. Sportief, cultureel, culinair.

Living the Lab 33

Living the Lab 34

Living the Lab 35

-Sent DO e rit ev

Favo ant S, Brab GLOW- ir, STRP Open A al festiv DDW!

Living the Lab 36

EHV 365

Checkpoint Strijp-S. From guarded to inviting. In information-center De Portiersloge, you’ll find a multi-touch table with the biggest interactive model of Strijp-S. What will be situated where, how it once was and how it will be. Books and gadgets about Strijp-S can be bought here. 1 Torenallee. You’re welcome!

Living the Lab 37

-S rt DO iete spo

Favor bij Skaten 5 a Are 1!

In 2011 we had television for 60 years in the Netherlands. In the pre-television era, the radio was the connection with the outside world. When television made its entry, this Dutch product was bought by everyone. Because Dutch was better! No-one ever doubted this: Philips was (and still is) synonymous with quality.

Living the Lab 38

Living the Lab 39

Living the Lab 40

Colophon Concept, design and editorials FPW, Liesbeth Peters en Marieke Veraart, Copy Anna van Wittenberghe Photography Bouwen in beeld; Ben van Veelen, Ellen Jeurissen; FotoAcademie, Philips photo archive, Ministerie van Nieuwe Dingen

Illustrations Map Strijp-S en Mr-S Strip Matte! Nande? Editing Park Strijp Beheer Our thanks go to: No rights can be obtained from this carefully composed magazine. Everything in this magazine may be shared, digital as well as by photocopy, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Strijp-S offers many possibilities to set up your company, for starters as well for established entrepreneurs. Further information: for the Klokgebouw and the Apparatenfabriek for the Videolab and the Glasgebouw voor Natlab ……… for new constructions along the railroad, the Spoorzone

Living the Lab 41

Strijp-S magazine  

Strijp-S magazine