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SASKGOLFER R I V E R S I DE CC Successfully Hosts 2017 RBC PGA Scramble presented by the Lincoln Motor Company W AS CANA GC Canadian Men’s Mid Amateur Championship

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Featured Fall ‘17 Courses Photo Credits: Cover - Steve Voth Thompson Okanagan - Golf Kamloops Tourism Saskatchewan - Greg Huszar Photography

SASKGOLFER SaskGolfer Services T. 1-306-850-9205 E. Mailing Address 169 St. Lawrence Cr. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada S7K 3X7 Ownership Scott Allan and Kyle Duffin

A BO U T SASKG O LFER Saskatchewan’s Golf Directory and Golf Website,, is celebrating year 17 of servicing Saskatchewan’s local and visiting golfers. Former PGA of Canada Professional Scott Allan and current PGA of Canada Professional Kyle Duffin have teamed up to provide the Saskatchewan golfing community with the most complete Saskatchewan Golf Course Directory, Course Features, News, PGA of Saskatchewan Featured Instruction and Product Reviews. Golf Course Features can be booked with SaskGolfer Travel Writers George Bowditch (Saskatchewan Area) and Andrew Penner (Canada and International). General / Advertising / Feature enquiries please contact us at

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saskgolfer 2 Featured Saskatchewan Charity Golf Event

Synergy 8 2017 Drive for Cancer $1.43 Million Dollars Raised at 2017 Event

Synergy 8 Community Builders have a quote on their charity event website that states “Working with community partners to make Saskatoon a better place to live”. Well, after the highly successful 2017 Drive for Cancer campaign, which raised a total of $1.43 million dollars, Saskatoon will indeed be a better place to live. Money raised during the event will, among other initiatives, be supporting the Saskatoon Cancer Centre Chemptherapy Centre Redeveloment Project. The campaign will help facilitate the new Chemptherapy Centre that will accommodate both pediatric and adult patients who require chemoptherapy treatment. With the Chemotherapy Centre adding 90 new Cancer patients a month, the current facility cannot handle high patient loads. An incredibly generous donation of $5000,000 was presented to the Synergy 8 Community Builders & The Saskatchewan Cancer Agency on behalf of The Leslie and Irene Dube Foundation. The 2017 Drive for Cancer Campaign featured Special Guest and World Golf Hall of Famer Colin Montgomerie, with Guest Host, and Fox Sports Analyst, Holly Sonders. Participating golfers enjoyed 18 holes at the Willows Golf & Country Club and were able to spend time time with Colin and Holly, along with autograph and picture opportunities. Following the golf, the event continued into the evening with a fabulous “Dinner with Monty” question and answer session where Colin and Holly entertained the crowd with insight and stories that occured during his illustrious career. With the amazing support of the golfing community from both Saskatoon and all of Saskatchewan, along with the tireless efforts by the entire Synergy 8 group, the Synergy 8 2017 Drive for Cancer Campaign once again makes a considerable impact in improving many lives throughout Saskatchewan. Please visit the Synergy 8 Community Builders website for more details.

Visit the Synergy 8 Website SaskGolfer Digital Magazine | Fall 2017

saskgolfer 3 How to Practice - Get the Most Out of Your Range Time By Garrett McMillan / PGA of Canada / Royal Regina GC

N one of us get to the range often enough because, let’s face it, life gets in the way.

It’s a lot like going to the gym, kind of easy to avoid some days. Yet when we do make it to the range, I’ll bet most of us don’t really have a plan in place to make the most of it. How fast do you go through a bucket? 30 minutes? 40 minutes? That’s the case with most people as we beat every golf ball in the bucket and sometimes don’t even see the last one land. I’ve been guilty of it, but I’ve learned! You need to make the most out of your practice sessions and actually get somewhere, instead of just beating range balls and then being more confused than ever. Have you ever said, “I’m great on the range, but I can’t play like that on the course!”? Most have! Here’s why:

1. 2. 3.


On the actual golf course, you only get one swing at your target, while on the range you can have as many as you like. On top of that, if you want to hit 10 balls at the same target in succession, you groove into your motion quicker, but that’s not very helpful. You’re probably not thinking about a target when you’re on the range. Think about the golf course targets – a 20-yard-wide fairway or an inch-thick pole on the green. What is your target on the range? The earth? Pick a really small target. For example, a tree. But be even more specific. A branch on that tree, the one with the big leaf…you know the one? Get specific with it. You aren’t using your golf course routine on the range. Slow it way down and put the club down after each shot if necessary - just slow down. Think about your target each and every swing, think about the shot shape, and then hit it like you would on the golf course. Casual range session vs. pressure on the course. Put some pressure on yourself on the golf course and stick with it. If there’s Dairy Queen on your route home, bet yourself a blizzard that you can hit the target 10 times in a row with 5 different clubs (P.S. – It doesn’t have to be DQ. Any ice cream place will do – winners deserve ice cream). continued on next page...

SaskGolfer Digital Magazine | Fall 2017

saskgolfer 4 How to Practice - Get the Most Out of Your Range Time By Garrett McMillan / PGA of Canada / Royal Regina GC

W hat all 4 of those things have in common, is that you aren’t “Playing the range.”

What that means in slightly more technical terms is that there are two types of practice: random practice and chunk practice. Both have their purposes, but most of us get stuck on the chunk practice. This is where you try to repeat the same thing over and over again. This is great if you’ve taken a lesson and have been told something specific, but not great to help your actual “play” mode on the golf course. If you are working on something specific, give yourself 10 minutes of chunk practice and then 10 minutes of random practice. Random practice is switching targets, clubs, distances – anything you can switch after every shot. This is how you learn to “play” golf. Want a great example? Nike nailed it with a commercial from years ago: Watch Nike Video Here So, go out to the range and plan to “play” the range. The driving range is usually a big area, so use it all and change your target and clubs as often as you can. When it’s time to groove something in, give yourself 10 minutes of dedicated chunk practice, and then get back to playing the range. All of a sudden that one-inch pole on the green isn’t so scary when you have all sorts of different shots you can hit!

SaskGolfer Digital Magazine | Fall 2017

saskgolfer 5 Fall 2017 Featured Saskatchewan Story

Wascana Country Club Successfully Hosts 2017 Canadian Men’s Mid-Amateur Championship By Scott Allan / SaskGolfer

T he 2017 Canadian Men’s Mid-Amateur Championship, hosted by the Wascana Country Club and the

city of Regina, was an overwhelming success. With the 2018 CP Women’s Open being hosted by the Wascana CC, the playing of the 2017 Canadian Men’s Mid-Amateur was no doubt a “trial run” by not only Golf Canada, but the Wascana CC and entire city of Regina. Based on the positive comments and social media buzz following the event, and judging by what I personally was privileged enough to witness “inside the ropes”, the Wascana CC will undoubtedly prove to be a formidable and very worthy host to the best female golfers in the world next August. I’m not 100% sure what grade the past CP Women’s Open host cities have received when it comes to friendliness of host golf course staff, but I’ll tell you right now that the hospitable Wascana Country Club staff and local volunteers will receive an A+ following next year’s CP Women’s Open. continued on next page...

SaskGolfer Digital Magazine | Fall 2017

saskgolfer 6 Wascana Country Club Hosts 2017 Canadian Men’s Mid-Amateur Championship

N ot only were the host Wascana CC staff and volunteers extremely friendly, but the golf course

conditions themselves were equally hospitable. Rumor has it that one of the highest ranked amateurs in Canada, and one of the players in the Canadian Mid-Am, is said to have commented that the Wascana CC course conditions (specifically the immaculate greens) were some of the best he’s played on all summer. When Canada’s top amateur competitors offer such positive feedback, considering they are playing most of their golf at high-end facilities in Ontario and British Columbia, it does nothing but strengthen the fact that the province of Saskatchewan is quite worthy of hosting any level Golf Championship, including the LPGA Tour. Throughout the four tournament days of the Mid-Am Championship, not only did I regularly see the management team from the Wascana CC outside supporting all competitors, but I’m pretty sure I caught a glimpse of Wascana CC CEO Greg Dukart caddying on day 2 for one of the local competitors. It’s always nice seeing the host golf course staff actively participating in the event. The buzz on the driving range before the first tee shots were struck was that the players better be prepared to go low, with some saying that a 4 day total score of 20 under par would be the winning number. By the end of the week, 3 players were tied at 10 under par. Firm, fair greens, combined with narrow fairways and the always present prairie winds made for a great test of golf. Todd Fanning of Winnipeg captured the overall title, prevailing in a playoff over Steven Diack of Coquitlam, B.C. and 2 time defending champion Garrett Rank from Elmira, Ontario. There was another playoff required to determine the Inter-Provincial Team Champions. Lead by Brad Phelps’ 3 under par 69 on day 1, Saskatchewan trailed Ontario by just one stroke after the opening day. Team Saskatchewan caught Ontario on the second day and forced a playoff, which was won by the men from Ontario. A huge accomplishment for the host Saskatchewan team of Brad Phelps, Tyler Wright and Jim Born. One of the most impressive highlights from the week, in my opinion, is the fact that a total of 15 golfers from Saskatchewan made the 73 player cut after 2 days. Leading the way, flying the flag for all of Saskatchewan was Wascana CC member, and 2017 Saskatchewan Men’s Amateur Champion, Tyler Wright. Tyler continued his strong season by firing rounds of 72, 68, 74 and 68 to finish in a tie for 5th place overall. In the Mid-Master Division (aged 40+), Saskatchewan was once again successful with 2 golfers finishing in the top 15, including Brad Phelps and Ryan McNall who both finished tied for 13th. Speaking to other participants, volunteers and rules officials following the 2017 Mid-Amateur Championship, there’s no doubt at all that the hospitable Wascana Country Club staff and the entire city of Regina will prove to be the perfect hosts for the 2018 CP Women’s Open.

SaskGolfer Digital Magazine | Fall 2017

2017 Golf Saskatchewan Provincial Championships

2017 Gold Eagle Men’s Senior Provincial Champion - Ken Rodgers

SaskGolfer Digital Magazine | Fall 2017

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saskgolfer 8

2017 Golf Saskatchewan Provincial Championship Results WOMEN’S AMATEUR & MEN’S MID-AMATEUR BR O O K E HILL & BR A D P H ELP S Defending champion Kim Walker returned to the field to defend her title against 7 other women. Final day featured a playoff of Brooke Hill and Julia Dereniwsky fighting for 1st place. Brooke Hill came out on top on the second playoff hole. In the Men’s Mid-Amateur, defending Champion Tyler Wright returns to the field – finishes 2nd. Brad Phelps finished 1st by playing a nearly flawless final round. Brian Laubman from Edmonton takes 3rd in a playoff and Jim Born takes 4th and becomes the 3rd member of the Men’s Mid-Amateur National team. AMATEUR MEN’S TY LER W R IG HT Tyler Wright wins his first ever Amateur Men’s Championship. Cory Selander takes second and Danny Klughart takes 3rd. JUNIOR MEN’S & WOMEN’S TA YD E N W A LLIN & C H LO E SIES Tayden Wallin wins, Roman Timmerman takes 2nd, Andrew Campbell and Jayden Dudas were in a playoff for 3rd and Andrew Campbell came out on top. Chloe Sies wins by 9 strokes, Hannah McNeil takes second place in a playoff win over Alexandra Schmidt. SENIOR WOMEN’S & SENIOR MEN’S JO-ANN E SCHILLER & KEN RODGERS Jo-Anne Schiller wins the Senior Women’s Championship, Tammy Bezaire takes 2nd place and Lorie Boyle takes 3rd. Ken Rodgers wins the Men’s in convincing fashion, while Rick Ledingham and Dave Wilson take 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Visit the Golf Saskatchewan MIXED TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Website for A A RO N & K A TE RO B IN SO N Complete Results Aaron and Kate narrowly edge Kathy Ziglo and Ian Larocque to secure the 2017 Mixed Team Championship. Martin & Andrea Ring finish closely behind in 3rd place.

View Results

SaskGolfer Digital Magazine | Fall 2017

saskgolfer 12 Fall 2017 Featured Canadian Travel Story

Golfers Are Always Rewarded in the Thompson Okanagan By Andrew Penner

I t’s just 250 yards to the front edge and the wind is helping. True, I’ve been spraying it all over

the planet, but I’ve got the firepower. My foursome is egging me on. My adrenaline is flowing. A lay- up with a “chicken stick” is not an option. I take the headcover off my driver and there are smiles (and smirks) all around. Will my risk be rewarded? Who cares? We’re in the Thompson Okanagan. The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. The orchards are in full bloom. And, truth be told, we were rewarded the moment we teed off. Well designed golf courses invite you to go for broke. To take chances. To take out the big stick when common sense says otherwise. After all, you only live once. May as well live life to the fullest. At least, that’s what I usually tell myself just before making a triple. For golfers playing in the Thompson Okanagan, the pain of poorly-timed triples (is there ever a good time?) is tempered by experiencing some of the finest golf courses in the country. Unquestionably, this region of world-class golf is satisfying on every front...regardless of how may “others” you pencil on the card. continued on next page...

SaskGolfer Digital Magazine | Fall 2017

saskgolfer 13 Fall 2017 Featured Canadian Golf & Travel Story

Golfers Are Always Rewarded in the Thompson Okanagan By Andrew Penner

W ith over 30 championship-calibre golf courses to choose from in the Thompson Okanagan, there is

no shortage of places to play. From high-in-the-hills stunners to lakeside charmers, there is plenty of variety as well. Whether it’s Kamloops or Kelowna, Oliver or Osoyoos, the sun-soaked brand of golf here - together with the vineyards, the orchards, and the lakes - makes for one of Canada’s most popular and recognizable golf destinations. And, if you love to play with a little go-for-broke swagger, rest assured, there are ample opportunities. At Predator Ridge, for example, which features two super-scenic courses that tumble and roll in the arid hills near Vernon, golfers can throw caution to the wind and try to be a hero on numerous occasions. The Doug Carrick- designed Ridge Course, which SCOREGolf Magazine awarded the Best New Canadian Course in 2010, features three reachable par-5s and a drivable par-4. Like most reachable par-4s, the 16th on the Ridge Course epitomizes what a risk/reward hole is all about. The downhill 298-yard par-4 (the direct line to the green is approximately 250 yards) is fraught with danger. A large, ball-hungry pond protects the front of the narrow green so any attempt to go for it must be hammered high in the air and struck perfectly. Of course, a bail out right and short is always there for the taking. So, yes, hitting a “chicken stick” - say a 5-iron - might be the prudent thing to do to take the water out of play. But, come on, where is the fun in that! With numerous accolades and awards over the years, Predator Ridge is certainly a must-play in the Thompson Okanagan. The luxurious course-side accommodation, the world-class practice facility, the fitness center, and the restaurants and patios overlooking the action all add to the allure. Another awesome benchland course in the Vernon area is The Rise. Designed by Gene Bates and Fred Couples and opened in 2008, The Rise careens through a variety of natural settings, including dense pine forests, wetlands, and vast, sage-covered bluffs that serve up stunning Okanagan views. In fact, if panoramic vistas are your thing, The Rise is the Okanagan’s trump card. And, for edge-of-your-seat drama when it comes to “risky” shot making, The Rise also accommodates. The 13th is a great go-for-the-green par-4 that also features an incredible lake and mountain backdrop. At just 280 yards and with the hidden green sitting well below the fairway, even medium-length hitters have a shot at it. The same can also be said for the 9th, a 480-yard par-5 that swoops down the hill. The perfect plan here involves a solid drive, a laser-straight hybrid down the hill, and a tap-in for eagle. Regardless of whether your heroic plan comes to fruition or not, a photo capturing the spine-tingling backdrop is absolutely required! continued on next page... SaskGolfer Digital Magazine | Fall 2017

saskgolfer 14 Fall 2017 Featured Canadian Golf & Travel Story

Golfers Are Always Rewarded in the Thompson Okanagan By Andrew Penner

F or its sheer visual and photogenic appeal, Tobiano, a challenging Thomas McBroom design located

high above Kamloops Lake, should also be high on your list of places to play. This is one of those rare courses where choosing a signature hole would be an extremely difficult proposition. However, if we’re talking risk/reward holes, it doesn’t get much better than the par-5 8th. This unique par-5 - it cruises along the edge of the bluff in eye-popping fashion - will entice you on the tee shot (clearing the ravine is a must!) and again on the approach (right is dead!). The hole previous, the diabolical 7th, is an all-or-nothing par-3 with a green hanging on a precarious perch with drop-offs all around. Ever get nervous over the ball? Guaranteed, your knees will be knocking here! Unquestionably, there are many such “nervy” shots at Tobiano that will test your bravado. But, at the end of the day, and regardless of how satisfied you are with your score, this is one of the most impressive courses in Canada and an opportunity to play it should not be passed up. SCOREGolf Magazine, Canada’s highest read golf publication, ranks it the number one public golf course in British Columbia. Other excellent courses in the Kamloops region include Sun Rivers, The Dunes, Sun Peaks, Rivershore, and the Kamloops Golf & Country Club. A different course every day for a week in the Kamloops area is not a bad call! Another Thomas McBroom design that has turned plenty of heads since it opened in 2007 is Tower Ranch in Kelowna. The course features significant elevation changes, gorgeous views, and an exciting collection of golf holes, including one of the best finishing runs in the province. The first two holes plunge down the hillside and the second, a medium-length par-5, is a great early-round “gambler.”” If you can blast your tee shot down the left center it will run forever, affording you an opportunity to hit the green in two. But be warned: a poorly struck approach will likely find a watery grave. Tower Ranch, thanks in part to its sweet finish on an exposed hillside, was recently voted the number one course in Kelowna by members of the British Columbia PGA. continued on next page...

SaskGolfer Digital Magazine | Fall 2017

saskgolfer 15 Fall 2017 Featured Canadian Golf & Travel Story

Golfers Are Always Rewarded in the Thompson Okanagan By Andrew Penner

W hile Kelowna’s golf scene is certainly hot - other great tracks in this area include Sunset Ranch,

The Okanagan Golf Club, Gallagher’s Canyon, Kelowna Springs, and The Harvest Club - there are other mini destinations within the Thompson Okanagan that also pack some heat! Take the south Okanagan, for example. Home to Canada’s only true desert, the Osoyoos area is a little slice of heaven for golfers. The Osoyoos Golf Club - a 36-hole semi-private facility - is a great place to start. Thanks to its warm climate, this area boasts one of the longest playing seasons in Canada. They often start their season in February and go well into November. Not bad for “The Great White North!” Other courses worth playing in this area include Nk’Mip Canyon and Fairview Mountain. Both are staged in beautiful natural settings and surrounded by some of the prettiest vineyards in British Columbia. (Golf and wine pair well together.) Another region within the Thompson Okanagan that’s always a go-to spot for birdies, beaching, and boating is the Shuswap. Although known for being “The Houseboat Capital of Canada,” the Shuswap is certainly a tidy little place to do some swinging. Talking Rock, located near Chase, is a gorgeous lakeside crusade that features isolated, tree-lined holes and plenty of photo-ops throughout. There’s always a “risk” when you play the par-3 15th. It’s one of the most picturesque holes in British Columbia. However, if you miss the green, your “reward” will be an extremely difficult up and down. Thankfully, the finishing run here, which includes a reachable par-5 and a drivable par-4, offers daredevils another chance at redemption. As for rolling the dice on other courses, the Salmon Arm Golf Club, easily one of the best parkland layouts in Canada, finishes with a beautiful par-5 that epitomizes what the adventurous brand of golf in the Thompson Okanagan is all about. The picturesque hole - it sneaks down the hill and features a kidney-shaped green protected by sand and water - dares you to put it all on the line by going pin- hunting. What will you do? What’s the sensible thing? Hopefully this little morsel will help you make up your mind: everyone who tees it up in the Thompson Okanagan has already been rewarded. So swing away, my friend. Swing away.

SaskGolfer Digital Magazine | Fall 2017

saskgolfer 16 Featured Saskatchewan Golf Business

1621 Golf Performance Academy Saskatchewan’s Newest Golf Performance Centre Opens in 2017 to Rave Reviews 1621 Golf Performance Academy is proud to bring the best in golf coaching to Regina by combining Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) and PGA of Canada accredited coaches and instructors. Our role is to provide you - the athlete, with the physical and mental tools to unlock your body’s optimum swing potential. PGA of Canada member and TPI Level 1 Brad Lovatt can provide you with the most accurate guidance and instruction to improve your golf game with the help of our Trackman technology used by the top PGA and LPGA golfers. Trackman is the most powerful and accurate Launch Monitor ever built, using two radar systems instead of one to obtain maximum data quality and accuracy. With this technology, Brad can analyze the entirety of your golf game and mentor you through the process of becoming a better player. By combining golf specific physical movement screens with strength and power assessments, TPI Level 3 and CSCS accredited Tanner White can pinpoint what physically limits not only your swing, but your overall performance on the course. From there, a training plan is created to target these limitations and improve your game. 1621 recognizes that junior golfers are vital to the longevity of this sport. We believe that it is important to not only enjoy the game but to train as athletes targeting all facets of athletic and human development. We welcome all junior golfers to take advantage of the golf experience, education and training that 1621 has to offer.

Visit Website For more information, please contact: Tanner White Owner Operator 1621 Life.Style.Goals 1621 Albert St, Regina Sk S4P 2S5 c.306.552.8960

SaskGolfer Digital Magazine | Fall 2017

saskgolfer 17

saskgolfer 18

Riverside Country Club Hosts Regional Final RBC PGA Scramble Presented by The Lincoln Motor Company

O ne of Canada’s largest golf events, the RBC PGA

Scramble presented by The Lincoln Motor Company, made it’s way through Saskatchewan on Monday, September 11th. Hosted by one of Saskatchewan’s top golf courses, Riverside Country Club in Saskatoon, the event saw 18 teams competing for 2 spots to the National Final. The RBC PGA Scramble presented by The Ford Lincoln Company is a new national series of events taking place at more than 100 golf facilities across Canada in 2017, culminating with the Regional Finals and the National Championship in October at the highly ranked Cabot Links and Cabot Links in Inverness, Nova Scotia, Canada. Many of Saskatchewan’s golf facilities played host to Local Qualifiers, including; Cooke Municipal Golf Course, Deer Valley Golf Club, Elk Ridge Resort, Elmwood Golf Club, Lloydminster Golf & Curling Club and Royal Regina Golf Club. The format is extremely fair with Amateur golfers forming their own team of four players and registering for one of the Local Qualifiers. The low teams from the Local Qualifiers then move on to the Regional Finals, where they team up with their PGA of Canada Professional and compete for the ultimate prize, a spot in the RBC PGA Scramble presented by The Lincoln Motor Company Championship Final. The Championship Final is the golfing experience of a lifetime, with three days of golf, social activities, a gala / awards event and the opportunity to play with a PGA of Canada professional. The 72 golfers all had a great time and the sponsors, RBC and Lincoln, put on a great show for all the players who were participating”, stated Riverside Country Club’s Executive Director, Jana-Lyn Fairbairn. Congratulations to PGA of Canada - Saskatchewan Zone Professionals Jody Dueck and Ryan Wells, along with their teams of 4 Amateurs, who will be playing in the National Final...enjoy the golf experience of a lifetime!

Visit the Event Website

SaskGolfer Digital Magazine | Fall 2017

2017 Saskatchewan Featured Fall Courses


saskgolfer 19


Deer Valley Golf Club, Regina Photo Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan / Greg Huszar Photography SaskGolfer Digital Magazine | Fall 2017

2017 Featured Fall Saskatchewan Golf Courses

saskgolfer 20


Located just south of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on the historical Whitecap Dakota First Nation lands at the heights of the South Saskatchewan River Valley Basin, Dakota Dunes Golf Links was voted Best New Canadian Golf Course in 2005. This 18-hole, full service, natural masterpiece is the Province’s only complete Graham Cooke, Cooke-Carleton design.

VISIT COURSE WEBSITE 202 Dakota Dunes Way | Whitecap, SK | T. (306)244-8400 | E.


Opened in 1988 to the public, this 18 hole championship course is situated on the bluffs overlooking the scenic Lake Diefenbaker at Harbor Recreational Site in Elbow, Saskatchewan. Feast your eyes on the panoramic view of miles of sandy beaches, the lake, the sailboats and our spectacular golf course.

VISIT COURSE WEBSITE Box 28 | Elbow, SK | T. (306)854-2300 | E. SaskGolfer Digital Magazine | Fall 2017

2017 Featured Fall Saskatchewan Golf Courses

saskgolfer 21


The Legends Golf Club is one of Saskatchewan’s premium golf destinations, located just 15 minutes north of Saskatoon. With five different tee boxes to accommodate golfers of all ages and skill levels, The Legends Golf Club is a true test of golf for all to enjoy. As a true links style golf course, The Legends is protected by thick fescue, rolling fairways and water coming into play on 10 of the 18 holes.

VISIT COURSE WEBSITE 415 Clubhouse Boulevard East | Warman, SK | T. (306)931-8814 | E.


Golf in a relaxing unrushed atmosphere, 9 holes, 18 holes, or all day – Riverview Golf Course has three different sets of tee boxes to offer a variety of options. Located on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River, and only a short drive from Lake Diefenbaker, makes Outlook a perfect place to make your home or enjoy your vacation!

VISIT COURSE WEBSITE Box 1256 | Outlook, SK | T. (306) 867 - 8266 | SaskGolfer Digital Magazine | Fall 2017

2017 Featured Fall Saskatchewan Golf Courses

saskgolfer 22


The Saskatoon Golf and Country Club is a 18 hole championship golf course. Founded in 1907, the course was an original design by William “Bill” Kinnear with 9 holes and renovations by Ian Andrew. With two outdoor decks overlooking the golf course, it is an inviting place to unwind after a great game in a friendly atmosphere.

VISIT COURSE WEBSITE 865 Cartwright St. W | Saskatoon, SK | T. (306) 931 - 0022 |


Deer Valley is nestled in the scenic Qu’Appelle Valley and is located 15 minutes northwest of Regina. It is set alongside the idyllic Deer Valley Residential Development which was built within 475 acres of natural valley and prairie terrain, offering quiet country living with all of the amenities of contemporary community life.

VISIT COURSE WEBSITE 10 Deer Valley Rd. | Deer Valley, SK | T. (306) 731-1445 | SaskGolfer Digital Magazine | Fall 2017

2017 Featured Fall Saskatchewan Golf Courses

saskgolfer 23


Located in the heart of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan is a golfer’s paradise: the century-old Cooke Municipal Golf Course. This 18-hole championship layout course is ranked among the top five public golf courses to play in Saskatchewan and Manitoba by Score Golf Magazine and Golf Digest. The par 71 course traverses a 6,509 yard design that will challenge golfers of any skill level.

VISIT COURSE WEBSITE 900 22nd Street East | Prince Albert, SK | T. (306) 763 - 2502 |


Truly a players course, the Emma Lake Golf Course sits nestled amid dense forest nearby beautiful Emma Lake. This course was carefully designed so the golfer has the opportunity to play their choice of 9 or 18 holes. Your summer just wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t golf Emma Lake Golf Course.

VISIT COURSE WEBSITE 1061 Hwy 263 | Christopher Lake, SK | T. (306) 982 - 2054 | SaskGolfer Digital Magazine | Fall 2017

2017 Featured Fall Saskatchewan Golf Courses

saskgolfer 24


Since 1957, golfers have relished the serene beauty and spirited challenge of the Evergreen Golf Course. Nestled among jack pines and poplar trees, the greens are widely regarded as the best in the province, with course conditions that will make your visit a relaxing and memorable experience. Evergreen Golf Course hosts the top golfers in the province each year during the popular Scotia Wealth Open.

VISIT COURSE WEBSITE 300 Evergreen Drive | Nipawin, SK | T. (306) 862 - 4811 |


Northern Meadows is a privately owned, public golf course, complete with a pro shop, clubhouse, driving range and practice green, We offer cart and club rentals and will host tournaments of all sizes. With the addition of the newly built rental cottages and RV park, Northern Meadows is a must to play and stay. The course layout at Northern Meadows continues to rank as one of the finest golf courses in Saskatchewan.

VISIT COURSE WEBSITE PO Box 127 | Goodsoil, SK | T. (306) 238 - 4653 | SaskGolfer Digital Magazine | Fall 2017

2017 Featured Fall Saskatchewan Golf Courses

saskgolfer 25


The real star of the show at Elmwood Golf & Country Club is the high quality of the course design. Elmwood Golf & Country Club boasts a rare layout that manages to both challenge seasoned players while helping newcomers relax as they learn this classic game. Play at Elmwood combine stunning, rolling terrain with a knowledgeable staff and expert grounds maintenance.

VISIT COURSE WEBSITE 2015 Hillcrest Drive | Swift Current, SK | T. (306) 778-4653 |


Sask Landing Golf Resort, located on the shores of beautiful Lake Diefenbaker in Southwest Saskatchewan, offers 7000 yards of championship golf. Scenic vistas from nearly every tee box and green offer golfers breathtaking views of Lake Diefenbaker and the surrounding hills. Sask Landing delivers the ultimate golfing experience.

VISIT COURSE WEBSITE Box 147 | Kyle, SK | T. 1-866-691-4653 | SaskGolfer Digital Magazine | Fall 2017

2017 Featured Fall Saskatchewan Golf Courses

saskgolfer 26


If you picture Saskatchewan as a never-ending series of flat fields, you will be pleasantly surprised when you arrive at Golf Kenosee. Our course is in Moose Mountain Provincial Park and is nestled in a forest of ash, fir, poplar and white birch. We are on the highest plateau in the southeast and on a clear day you might be able to see as far as 50km from the clubhouse.

VISIT COURSE WEBSITE Box 98 | Kenosee Lake, SK | T. (306) 577 - 4422 |


Located just 3km south of Estevan and situated along the winding Souris River, the TS&M Woodlawn Golf Club is sure to challenge golfers of all abilities. In 2013 Les Furber’s redesign of the Back Nine opened to great reviews, which feature scenic holes with large undulating greens, finely carved fairways, and an abundance of natural hazards. Golfers will enjoy the new layout with four sets of tees, ranging from 5,083 to 6729 yards.

VISIT COURSE WEBSITE Box 203 | Estevan, SK | T. (306) 634 - 2017 | E. SaskGolfer Digital Magazine | Fall 2017

2017 Featured Fall Saskatchewan Golf Courses

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Deer Park Golf Course is one of Saskatchewan’s top ranked 18 hole championship golf courses. The 6,347 yard layout of rolling, tree lined fairways is a beautiful setting any golfer will enjoy with multiple tee areas that compliment the challenging terrain. Deer Park has successfully hosted many Provincial and National Championships.

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Green Hills Golf Resort is located at Greenwater Lake Provincial Park in northeastern Saskatchewan. The golf course features 18-holes of championship golf. The natural topography of the land features pleasant and picturesque elevation changes, prime boreal forest, silica sand and undulating bent grass greens. This championship golf course inspires the imagination, indulges the senses and challenges golfers of all skill levels.

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2017 Featured Fall Saskatchewan Golf Courses

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Jackfish Lodge offers eighteen well-groomed holes to challenge players of any caliber. Enjoy the serenity of the great outdoors on our world-class golf course with its Bent grass greens, Bluegrass fairways and the Native grass rough. Stay and Play Packages are available at the Jackfish Lodge and Conference Centre, where guests can step right out onto the grass adjacent to the 10th Tee Box.

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A spectacular view of the Saskatchewan River Valley provides the backdrop for one of the most scenic and challenging golf courses in the province. Meticulously manicured fairways and greens, and 3 tee boxes on every hole make the course playable for all. So, whether you’re the keenest competitor or just want to enjoy the moment, we’ll satisfy you with a variety of shots and views.

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2017 Featured Fall Saskatchewan Indoor Golf Facilities

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Saskatchewan Indoor Golf Facilities

First Tee Indoor Golf Centre - Regina First Tee Indoor Golf Centre - The First Tee Indoor Golf Centre in Regina, SK is home to 10 Full Swing Golf Simulators with 80 different golf courses. Come play golf and enjoy some great food and local drinks from distilleries and breweries around Regina. Sign up for our golf leagues or come to casually enjoy a round of golf while it snows outside. First Tee is the home of The Golf Academy of Regina for all your golf lesson and coaching needs.

Divots Indoor Golf - Divots Indoor Golf, located in Regina, Saskatchewan, is home to 7 state-of-the-art aboutGolfÂŽ simulators and 58 world class golf courses. We are a 5,800 square foot licensed facility with large golfing stations, comfortable club seating and a lounge. Our open lay-out is perfect for large gatherings, corporate events and tournaments.

Saskatoon Golf Dome - The Saskatoon Golf Dome is Saskatchewan`s only Golf Dome. Located in the Ramada Hotel in Saskatoon. We are a unique, first class facility that is climate controlled and perfect for Indoor Golf and Corporate Events. Saskatchewan`s only indoor golf dome provides 37 Indoor Range Stalls on 2 levels.

The Hitting Zone Indoor Golf Centre Located in Saskatoon, The Hitting Zone Indoor Golf Centre features six golf course simulators with over 160 courses to choose from to play a full 18 holes and establish a score, 1-4 players, pub and grub, plenty of parking. Call (306) 931-4653 or visit them today.

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Places to Play in Saskatchewan / Fall 2017.

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Places to Play in Saskatchewan / Fall 2017.