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SIXTH STREET SIBLINGS Living Next Door to Your Next-of-Kin For better or for worse, we don’t usually get to choose our neighbours. But one family in Haultain had the opportunity to do just that a few years ago, and they couldn’t be happier with the result. For several years, Tyler

and Sara Stewart owned a tiny green bungalow on a 50-foot lot near Broadway, which they rented out while living in Willowgrove. “Every time I drove by the rental, I thought, ‘Man, I would love to live in this area,’” says Tyler,

noting the beauty of the mature tree canopy throughout the neighbourhood. During a casual phone conversation in 2014 with his sister Rebecca Genik, Tyler mentioned that he might build a house next door to the rental

for his family to move into (he and Sara have three children). Rebecca, who is eight years younger, replied nonchalantly, “We should just build sideby-side.” Rebecca laughs as she recalls her brother’s

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