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evergreen garden

A flourishing four-season masterpiece

Regan Schneider’s yard is his canvas. He considers his outdoor space “living art,” but unlike a finished painting, framed and mounted on a wall, Regan’s masterpiece is still a work in progress 16 years after he planted the first seed. In 2004, Regan designed

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his new house in Willowgrove with an expansive window overlooking the backyard. “When you’re designing a yard, you figure out where you’re going to be looking the most and go from there,” he says. “You make your best view from where you’re going to be viewing it the most.”

Sightlines and Sunshine Regan designed his yard with sightlines in mind, and says long, uninterrupted stretches make his yard look bigger. “From kitty corner to kitty corner, leave that open and then it looks a little bit grander.” He also considered

the changing sunlight throughout the day, sourcing and planting trees and shrubs that wouldn’t block the sunlight from entering his yard. From there, he divided the space into four sitting areas, connected by undulating interlock paver pathways. When you include