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• Keep plastic cups in a low cupboard so kids can grab a cup to tell you when they want a drink. • Take your children grocery shopping and let them help you pick out food. (All ages.) Talk about nutrition with five-yearolds and up. Some stores have child-size grocery carts.

Early Organization: Getting your kids in the habit of being organized Starting your children in the habit of organization early will benefit you and them in the long run. Organization is a skill that needs to be learned. • Create a family file folder and keep it in the kitchen or entry/mudroom. Each member of the family has a file for paper that needs attention, such as sports schedules, letters from school, etc. • Have children create a weekly schedule outlining their school times, activities, study time and free time. This will give them a sense of time management.

Bedroom • C hildren 18 months and up can help them make their beds and put away laundry. Put light bedding on beds to make it easier. • Children as young as two can put their clothes in the laundry basket at the end of the day.

•W hen finished school projects start piling up ask your children to keep only their favorite projects from that school year and limit it to five items. Each child should have one memory box to fill with items from their childhood. • Once a year have your children look through their toys and purge what they do not use anymore. Donate the toys to a local charity and include the kids in the process so they can experience the satisfaction of helping others. With thanks to: Natasha Solvason, Home Free Organizing Solutions.

Washroom • Keep a laundry basket for dirty clothes close to or in the washroom. When children undress, the dirty clothes go straight into the bin! • P ut a cleaning pad in the bathroom next to the faucet. Teach them to clean up spills from toothpaste or soap right away. Put the soap in a place they can reach. Fall 2012

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