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2017 - 2018 ANNUAL REPORT

Missing: Debbie Chappell, Graham Anderson, Michael Woods, Shauna Morrison


At the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre, we are committed to ensuring a food secure community wherein all people have access to safe, affordable, and nutritious food.


The Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre embraces its role as innovative and collaborative leaders in building an engaged, inclusive, healthy, and empowered community for all.


Respect. Innovation. Collaboration. Compassion.


It’s important to address the underlying issues contributing to hunger and poverty in our community. We operate various learning, self-help, and life skills programs that are supportive of learning needs and aspirations within a family-oriented, empowering, and self-directed environment.


The Saskatoon Food Bank began as a temporary project in the summer of 1983. By 1984 it was incorporated as a non-profit charity. Since its beginnings in the basement of St. Thomas Wesley United Church it has occupied various locations, coming to the present premises at 202 Avenue C South in 1990. The Grassroots Resource and Learning Centre (later renamed simply Learning Centre) was established in 1992 to offer various life skills programs. What is now the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre Garden Patch got its start in 2010 as a community project, the Potato Patch. The organization’s Urban Agriculture Program is now represented by the flourishing Garden Patch you see located in the 900 Block of Third Avenue North. Today, the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre is a progressive and collaborative organization that uses a systems approach to develop programs, services, and initiatives that address the underlying causes of food insecurity and poverty in our community.

MESSAGE FROM OUR TEAM We believe the provision of healthy, appropriate, and safe food is not only vital to health and well-being; it is a basic human right. We also believe that ending poverty requires a focus on the whole person, and this includes opportunities to belong, to grow, and to connect to positive learning experiences. In this year’s annual report, we invite you to follow Terry on a journey through our programs and services to discover all that our organization has to offer, to show you more about what we do, and to reveal the impact our organization has in our community. From Terry’s very first contact to discovering what is possible, to moving forward to the next stage of the journey, Terry’s experience shows us that we are stronger together. As the need for emergency nutrition and competitive employment increases, the need to challenge the systems and the circumstances that promote poverty and place people’s health and futures at serious risk is equally compelling. That is why the work that food banks do across Canada includes so much more than the provision of emergency food baskets. Here at the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre, we have been steadily incorporating new ideas into the way we operate. From our Board of Directors championing an addition of a learning centre many years ago, to investing in our thriving Urban Agriculture Program, to our dynamic programs that deliver high impact workforce training, we deliver results that can alter the course of people’s lives. As we continue this critical work in our community, the need to restructure, reimagine, and dismantle current models and bring true innovation to the forefront of our industry is more urgent than ever before. We have big plans for the future, and we invite you to discover the impact your support has in the lives of everyday people like Terry.

Quinton Osatchuk, Board Chair Heather Kuttai, Vice-Chair Leading Eagle Man, Treasurer Mona Nasser, Secretary Eric McCrimmon

MESSAGE FROM THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS The Board of Directors is proud of the work the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre has done in the last year, and is looking forward to the growth and opportunities that lie ahead. Because of the team of hard-working and passionate individuals who work here, the Food Bank continues to demonstrate financial stability through difficult and uncertain economic times. This is not easy. It is our connection to the community which keeps us strong and hopeful, and this would not be possible without the generosity and trust of our donors. Their enduring support enables us to plan and act with creativity and innovation, and keep putting healthy food in hampers. The reputation of the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre in our community is also strong, allowing us to partner with new, large-scale supporters like Canpotex, an organization that genuinely wants to change the situation of folks who live in poverty. The fact remains that food bank usage continues to grow. Women and men of all ages still struggle with having enough food. We see increasing numbers of children who rely on us for their nourishment. We are working hard to meet their needs, while still keeping sight of the underlying issues that cause the inequalities, and the long-term solutions that are essential to building a healthy community. We are prepared for the challenges we can foresee, and we are confident that we can adapt to the trials that will inevitably emerge. We are deeply thankful to the staff, volunteers, and donors, and their ability to continually learn and grow.


Anil Garg Bart Voswinkel Shannon Hood-Niefer Wilton Angus Anna Hopkins

Rod Delahey Janelle Hutchinson Laura Pizzey Tara Faris-Peters Debra Charuk

highlights As we take a moment to reflect on the past year and the amazing partners who have supported the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre, we would like to thank everyone who has volunteered their time and energy to help ensure no one in our community goes hungry.

As the demand for emergency food services and learning programs continues to increase, we are met with the challenge of responding to this urgent need. Together, we can embrace new challenges and find innovative ways to make a difference in the lives of community members.

CWFD - 71,612 LBS

As we look back at our City Wide Food Drive, the generosity of our communities continues to amaze and inspire! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

NUTRIEN MATCHING CAMPAIGN We would like to thank Nutrien for matching all donations (up to $500,000) made to the food banks across Saskatchewan. This campaign continues to be a major intiative for the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre. The Nutrien Matching Campaign has directly impacted our community. From purchasing nutritious food for our Emergency Food Basket Program to supporting our community cooking classes, this gift allows the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre to continue to offer a supportive environment for community members.

DAY OF CARING We were very thankful to be selected for United Way’s Day of Caring. The team from PCL Construction helped transform our volunteer kitchen by painting the walls, painting the floor, installing new countertops, and creating a more welcoming space for volunteers. We now have a comfortable place for our volunteers to unwind, grab a coffee, and visit with new friends during breaks and lunch time.


Our friends at Save-On-Foods donated 2,000 boxes of pasta to be sold and used as noise makers to celebrate everytime the Saskatoon Blades scored. Following the game, all boxes of pasta were donated back to the SFBLC. Photo credit: Saskatoon Blades Hockey


Rawlco Radio continues to surprise us with their generosity. From helping us spread the word about food insecurity and poverty in our community to raising 13,000 lbs of food by stuffing two buses full of donations, they have been amazing partners. We were more than happy to nominate them for the National Philanthropy Day Honoured Supporter Award.



We were thrilled when our good friends, Hunter Brothers, performed a live street concert right in front of our building with opening act, the Chris Buck Band. This isn’t the only time we welcomed the Hunter Brothes to Saskatoon last year. They also performed live from the Sobeys in Preston Crossing for Rosenau Transport’s 18 Wheels of Christmas event.



RUSH VOLUNTEERING AT SFBLC Members of the SFBLC team partner on a variety of collaborative efforts in the community, such as the Saskatoon Anti-Poverty Coalition, Saskatoon Reconciliation Committee, Saskatoon Literacy Coalition, Saskatchewan Career Development Association, and YXE Connects. We also have representation on a number of action teams and working groups which fall under the umbrella of the Saskatoon Poverty Reduction Partnership (SPRP), including: • Building Awareness Group • Food Security Action Team • ‘Second Chance Food’ Working Group • Business Community Action Team • ‘Living Wage YXE’ Advisory Group • First Voice Inclusion Action Team • SPRP Leadership Committee, and • Saskatoon Poverty Reduction Plan Working Group These partnerships enable us to find common agendas for awareness-raising, activities, and systems change around poverty, food insecurity, literacy, employment, and reconciliation in Saskatoon.

emergency food baskets As we continue to see a high number of individuals and families accessing our emergency food basket program, finding new and innovative ways to replenish our shelves has become more critical than ever before. We aim to provide nutritous food to community members and have worked closely with Nutrition students from the University of Saskatchewan to introduce new creative recipes to ensure community members can make the most of their Emergency Food Baskets.


Terry always worked hard. After school, Terry found a stable job to support his family. Terry never thought he would have to use the food bank, that is, until there were layoffs at work. When rent, utilities, and groceries became too much, Terry turned to the SFBLC to access an Emergency Food Basket.



I thought that I would have a career and be in a position to be self-supportive. Sometimes, our lives can take a different path.


community cooking Last year, we hosted 10 monthly cooking classes, two separate wild game cooking classes, two canning classes, and one special holiday cooking class in December. We also hosted two FOODSAFE courses and received such a positive response that some of our team has completed the training so the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre can now offer the course in-house. Thanks to funding from Medavie Health Foundation and Community Food Centres Canada, we launched a new program, FoodFit. FoodFit is a 12-week program designed for low-income community members who experience barriers around healthy eating and physical activity and who are motivated to make lasting changes to their health. Each class focuses on preparing healthy meals, doing a 30-minute physical activity, and learning more about fitness and nutrition.

Terry was wondering what to do with the items in his basket when he saw a poster promoting a cooking class. Terry registered immediately. During the cooking class, the instructor used fresh herbs to finish the recipes. Terry learned that all the herbs used in that class were picked from the Garden Patch.

clothing depot urban agriculture GOLDEN BEET AWARDED TO Radius Community Centre YOUTH & SCHOOL GROUPS 47 Groups

The Garden Patch had an extraordinary year. More of the Garden Patch was made wheelchair accessible, we added an automated irrigation system, increased our storage space, and ran a successful leaf drive to help kickstart our compost piles in the spring. We created an award called the Golden Beet to celebrate the Adopt-A-Plot team with the highest yield, and we hope to add a new award next year for the most food grown. We partnered with over 20 organizations on demonstration gardens, workshops, tours, and initiatives to build community capacity and food security in Saskatoon.

Wanting to learn how to grow his own herbs, Terry attended a Garden Patch workshop. While at the Garden Patch, he learned about SFBLC programs he wasn’t familiar with.

I almost cried when I recieved my keys to the Garden Patch. It was one of the best moments of my life!

clothing depot From fresh paint on the door to improving our shelving, our team at the Clothing Depot has been working tirelessly to keep up to the community’s need for affordable quality clothes and household products. Over the last year, we have focused on helping our community celebrate special occasions. We introduced “specials” to assist community members with memorable moments, like Father’s Day and graduation. We received such a great response!

MOST SOLD ITEM Toilet paper BUSIEST MONTH June with an average of 183 customers a day

We will continue to support our community with innovative new ideas. The transformation at Clothing Depot this past has been amazing! We look forward to seeing what next year will bring. Curious about the Clothing Depot, Terry visited the next day. While picking up a bag of children’s clothes and household items, Terry learned the customer service representative helping them was participating in the Workplace Experience Program.

Thank you for being there when my funds are low. Rent and power take everything and I love that this service is here.

creating opportunities The Creating Opportunities Strategy aims to help community members improve literacy and computer skills as well as assisting with the transition to enter (or re-enter) the workforce. We are pleased to share that the number of registrants and graduates continues to grow with every session and many of the participants pursue higher education or secure employment after the program. Last year, participants from both the Literacy and Workplace Experience Programs received the following certificates: SCOT, First Aid & CPR, FOODSAFE, Serve It Right, Service Best, and Forklift Operating Safety Training. Program participants also received valuable financial literacy training in areas such as banking, budgeting, and consumerism.

Terry attended an Information Session to learn more about the Creating Opportunities Strategy. Intrigued by the Workplace Experience Program, Terry sucessfully applied for the program and requested to be placed in the warehouse.



We are very thankful for the strong partnerships we have developed with local grocers over the years. Last year, we were happy to welcome two new stores: Save-On-Foods and No Frills. In January, we purchased a cargo van to help with small pick-ups and deliveries. It’s much easier to maneuvre around downtown. The new furnace we installed in June has been working well.

After participating in the Workplace Experience Program and working in the warehouse for six months, Terry gained valuable warehouse skills and was able to find a job with a local manufacturer.

community volunteer income tax program Last year, the Tax Program returned roughly $16.7 million back into our economy through benefits, credits, and refunds. We often see this money spent right here in Saskatoon on groceries, rent, and other critical household expenses.


After months of working in his new position, Terry visited the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program to learn how to file his tax return. Terry worked closely with an experienced volunteer and feels confident about filing his family’s tax return next year.

volunteer Volunteers are at the heart of the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre. From sorting food to digging in at the Garden Patch, our volunteers are involved in every aspect of our daily operations. Their commitment and dedication allows us to continue to serve the community.


Anyone, at any age, can make a difference in someone else’s life.

We were proud to recognize these three volunteers with 75 years of combined service to the SFBLC.

In lieu of gifts, Jarrett asked for donations to the SFBLC for his birthday. He hopes to inspire other kids his age to do the same.

These boys took it upon themselves to gather their friends and family to canvass their neighbourhood collecting donations for the SFBLC.

BUSIEST MONTH November 2017 with 1,601 hours


partners in food security

DID YOU KNOW? Canpotex employees hold the record for most food donated by a single first-time donor, raising 6,116 lbs of non-perishable nutritious food.

PREMIER MILK FOR CHILDREN SPONSOR Canpotex is an inspiring organization with a passion for making a difference in communities where they live and operate. Engrained with this amazing sense of community, their local team aims to improve the quality of life of Saskatonians by supporting initiatives that contribute to food security. This goal is clearly demonstrated by Canpotex’s support of our Milk for Children Program. Thanks to Canpotex, we hosted our first annual Milk for Children Day last November. With Canpotex’s generous $50,000 commitment to the program, our Milk for Children Day raised $61,065! Canpotex’s dedication to the SFBLC far exceeds their financial contribution. This community-minded company has made a difference to our organization by participating

in a robust volunteer experience, and they have chosen to host in-house food drives, with a focus on infant formula. Canpotex employees also support the SFBLC outside of work hours — volunteering their personal time, serving on our Board of Directors, and donating to the Clothing Depot. The SFBLC is proud to recognize this outstanding contribution, which impacts our organization, our community, and serves as an excellent example of what is possible when companies and social profits commit to doing great work, together.

finances REVENUE & EXPENSES APRIL 2017 - MARCH 2018












avg monthly



97,612 L

of Milk Distributed Those are potatoes!

1,100 HRS




15 Yards of Compost Generated







thank you donors!

The Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre receives no core funding and relies on the generosity of our donors to operate. We would like to thank each and every one who supports our community. 15:5 Church 18 Wheels of Christmas 365 SPORTS INC 3M Canada Company Affinity Credit Union - City Centre Branch Affinity Credit Union District Council 23 Aimee Leslie Alain & Cindi Gaucher Alan Cruickshank Alex Udarbe Alexander James Webster All Saints Anglican Church Annette Calyniuk Anita Schroeder Anjani Koneru Anna Fornal Arthur Postle Axon Development Corp. B.D Lachance Sales Ltd. Bart Hunter BASF Agricultural Specialties Beth Clelland & Todd Rosenberg Blaine Duncan Bob Miller Botting Leadership Inc. Boychuk Greenhouses Brent Smith Brian & Lois Cooke Brian Chartier Ph. D Consulting Ltd. Bruce Nieman C Harvey Craig Canadian Pacific - Communication & Public Affairs Dept Canpotex Cargill Limited Carol Belton Carole Lee Carolyn Schur Carrol Olfert CFS (1996) Ltd. Charlene & George Ferguson Charlene Sorensen Cherry Insurance Cheryl Cho Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan Christopher Clark City Centre Bingo City of Saskatoon Collin & Cory Ouellete Community Food Centres Canada Community Initiatives Fund Computershare Concorde Group Corp. CoraLee Baerg

CWL Clothing Depot Inc Daniel S Lewis Dan & Blanche McDonald Dark and Twisted Smoke Shop Corp. Dave Lachane David Calyniuk David Cooke Dave Deplaedt Denison Mines Corp. Denny’s Canada Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc. Devon Racicot Donald Worme and Helen Semaganis Dorothy E. Perehudoff Earth Connections Corner Edo Japan Restaurants EECOL Electric Corp. Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario El-Rancho Food and Partnership Emmanuel Anglican Church Enterprise Holdings Foundation Ernie Fast ESDC/Canada Summer Jobs Estate of Kenny Korzyk Estate of Raymond Frederick Jordan Evan Calyniuk Farm Credit Canada FedEx Finning Canada of Saskatoon Flying Dust Market Garden Food Banks Canada Food Banks Of Saskatchewan Corporation Francine Chad Smith Gary Penner Gordon Wiebe Government of Saskatchewan/Ministry of Economy Gene & Adele Dupuis Government of Saskatchewan/Student Summer Works Graham Construction Hardpressed Print Studio Inc. Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan Henry Remai Hugo Alvarado Husky Energy Ice Sports Jemini Insurance Brokers’ Association of Saskatchewan Investors Group Iris Nicholaichuk J&H Builders Warehouse J. Calyniuk & Family J Paul Cairns Jancy Holdings Janet Montgomery

Jarrett Kondrat Jason Sirman Jeff Howsam Jeff Montgomery Calvados Holdings Inc. JMR Meats John and Fran Clarke John and Jennifer Wallace John Jamieson John Remai Joseph Vidal JTI-Macdonald Corp. Jules Calyniuk Julianne Bradbury Wireless Supply Corp. Karen Mantyka Kathleen Logan Keith Bastian Kerry McNamara Kevin & Carla Colleaux Kevin Estey Kevin J Boyd Kevin James Graham Kevin Lewandoski Kinsmen Club of Saskatoon Laurent Denis Leo Bourassa & Daphne Arnason Leslie & Irene Dube Foundation Lighthouse Seafoods Link Charity Canada Inc. Loblaws Inc. Loraas Disposal Services Ltd Lyle Minogue Maple Leaf Foods Margaret Leaker Marvins Gardens Greenhouse Mary Baxter Mary McGregor Maunders McNeil Foundation MBI PRODUITS DE FORAGE Medavie Health Foundation Melissa & Bert Vidal Melodi Kujawa Michel Lepage Moksha Yoga Saskatoon Inc. Montgomery Agencies Ltd. Mosaic Potash Myrna Robb North Prairie Development NPR Limited Partnership Nutrien One Yoga Original Joe’s Our Lady of the Prairies Foundation Patricia Beamish Paul Jacoby Peavey Industries LP Phyllis G. Paterson PIPSC Precision Autodoor System Ltd. Pro-Western Mechanical Quality Hearing Centre Ranco Manufacturing

Rawlco Radio RBC Foundation Robert & Doretha Kowalishin Ronald Beechinor Rosenau Transport Ltd. Rotary Club of Saskatoon North Saskatchewan Egg Producers Saskatchewan Pulse Crop Development Board Saskatchewan Rush Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board Saskatoon Blades Hockey Club Saskatoon Community Foundation Saskatoon Motor Products Saskatoon Wildlife Federation SaskMilk SaskTel Scotiabank Scott Banda Sharon Alvarado Sharon Card Sharon Wiens Sharyle Fowler SIGA Smiley Farming Company SRG Chartered Professional Accountants Star Egg St. Andrew’s College St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church St. Martin’s United Church St. Thomas More College Steelworkers Humanity Fund Inc. Strong Roots Consulting Sylvia Cutler TD Friends of the Environment Fund The Brownlee Family Foundation The Charitable Gift Funds Canada Foundation The Connor, Clark & Lunn Foundation The Sandbox In the City The Stephen & Micheline Worobetz Foundation The Store Anything Fast & Easy Co. Theresa L. Tomasiewicz Tim August TJ Flood Corp Toronto Dominion Bank Unifor Social Justice Fund United Way of Greater Toronto United Way of Saskatoon and Area University of Saskatchewan Ursulines of St. Angela’s Convent Vivian Frieda Bollinger Walmart Canada Walter Mah Wayne Olson Weidner Apartment Homes West Wind Aviation Western Urethane Ltd. Which Came First Egg Farm William Dust


MOST WANTED FOOD ITEMS Your donations nourish our community.

Baby Food & Formula

Canned Vegetables

Hearty Soups & Stews

Whole Wheat Pasta

Whole Grain Cereal

Canned Protein

Peanut Butter

100% Fruit Juice

Share Your Food Drive Using #YXEfooddrive

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2017-2018 Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre Annual Report  

2017-2018 Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre Annual Report