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June July 2013



Welcome to Tracy Arno The Chamber’s incoming president for 2013/2014

Business in Health The economic benefits of the health care industry Celebrate Success! 2013 award winners Tracy Arno of Essence Recruitment at her office in The Two Twenty co-working space



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Why is business in health so important? The economic benefits of the health care industry


Celebrate Success! 2013 award winners


Highlights of the 106th Annual General Meeting

Welcome new president Tracy Arno

Promotional Features Tracy Arno, owner of Essence Recruitment, is the incoming president for the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce. Image: Grant Romancia


2012 Community Impact


BUSINESS View足is a bimonthly publication of the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce 104-202 4th Avenue North, Saskatoon, SK S7K 0K1 Phone: (306) 244-2151 Fax: (306) 244-8366 Email: Website: Twitter: @stoonchamber SaskatoonConnected: Reproduction of any material contained in Business View is permitted provided credit is given to the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce. Articles and criticisms are invited, but views expressed in Business View are those of contributors and are not necessarily endorsed by, or are policy of, the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce. We encourage you to support the business leaders whose names and products you see advertised in this issue as well as throughout our entire membership. The Board reserves the right to edit submissions.

BUSINESS View足 June July 2013

Saskatoon Community Foundation 2WEBDESIGN

The Chamber

Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce Building the Best Business Climate in Canada, Thereby Creating a City of Opportunity


Cover image by Grant Romancia

Kent Smith-Windsor, Executive Director Derek Crang, Membership & Marketing Director Terry Lawrence, Administration Roz Macala, Executive Secretary Breanne Lishchynsky, Director of Operations Linda Saunders, Bookkeeper Kevin Meldrum, Director of Communications Kayla Brien, Amy Dugan - Committee Activity Co-ordinators




hen representing the Chamber in the community the most common question I get is “Why should I join the chamber”? Really what they are asking is “what is in it for me”? I always sit back and think about how I am going to answer this question as there is so much I can tell them. To begin with, we have over 1800 members that we, as a board of 16 and support of an administration office and guidance of Kent SmithWindsor, work hard to represent, advocate, and support. We all follow and believe in the same Values, Vision, and Mission as we represent, you the members. Our Values: Highest Business Ethics, Free Enterprise, Commitment to Community Our Vision which stands true: “Our members lead in creating a prosperous Saskatoon region”. Our Mission we work by: “To build the best business PRESIDENT climate in Canada, Tracy Arno thereby creating

a city of opportunity in a world of possibility.” We have been experiencing growth in the past few years and it is not slowing down. As a chamber we have been working hard to support these exciting times and preparing for continuous development for the future. We began with a Vision that would start getting us to plan not just one year ahead but twenty years. We have followed four pillars and which still stands true and strong: 1. Advocating for business 2. Supporting business 3. Building Saskatoon’s image 4. Community Leadership In this past year, thanks to a very strong Governance Task Force, we have updated our by laws and policies to better serve our members. And this year we will be conducting our five year strategic plan that will better situate ourselves for growth and prosperity for now and in the future. Our chamber consists of 13 active committees that are continuously advocating on behalf of members. With growth comes challenges. We need to communicate to the right audience what challenges our

members are facing and to find solutions to get a positive result. Currently some of the topics we are working on are: • Infrastructure and the development of additional bridges. • Commercial property taxes. • The Health Conference this fall • Continuous work with the Aboriginal Opportunities Committee, Youth and Knowledge Committee, and small business owners. • Working alongside the top business groups in Saskatoon with the Prosperity Saskatoon campaign. In the past six years I have seen the engagement grow and this tells me what we are doing is working. We had 28 people put their name forward for our 9 vacancies within the board, we had over 80 nominations for 9 SABEX and the list goes on and on. So when someone asks “Why should we join the chamber?” I simply say “Do you want to be part of the best business climate in Canada or not?” - Tracy Arno

2013-14 Board of Directors Barry Berglund CTV Gerry Bonsal SIAST Kelsey Campus

Debby Criddle Synergos Management

Kelly Bode WMCZ Lawyers - Mediators

President: Tracy Arno Essence Recruitment

1 Vice-President: Tony Van Burgsteden AREVA Resources Canada Inc. st


Kristy Rempel Saskatoon Community Foundation

Evan Drisner Nu-Fab - Kitchen Craft Cabinetry

Karl Miller Meridian Development

2nd Vice-President: Tanya Knight MNP LLP

Jason Yochim Saskatoon Region Association of REALTORS®

Sanj Singh AdeTherapeutics Inc.

Ainsley Robertson Golden Opportunities Fund Inc.

Chris Woodland MacPherson, Leslie & Tyerman LLP

Past President: Christian Braid Braid Flooring & Window Fashion

June July 2013

Executive Governance Chair: Silvia Martini Interlink Research Inc.

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Why is business in health so important? The economic benefits of the health care industry By Debby Criddle


n a Saskatchewan that is not used to thinking about health as a business, many people really must wonder what the answer to the question posed above might be. First, we should note that there are already many business in health. We just don’t think of them that way. Consider the companies providing private nursing or personal care to people in their homes or in long term care facilities. How about businesses that provide goods to the health regions such as pharmacies, medical suppliers, disposal services? What about the companies that provide, launder and replace the rugs in the various hospital and health region facilities? What about the companies that provide alternate health goods and services directly to individuals? Once you start to think about all the ways that companies provide health-related goods and services to people in Saskatchewan, you can start to see the economic activity in health and the ecosystem that supports it. Now, think about the payrolls those companies have. They pay employees who in turn purchase goods and services from all of the other businesses in our

BUSINESS View­ June July 2013

city. As a former owner of a company that provided nursing and personal care services to individuals and families, I can say that, at our busiest, we had as many as 150 workers on our roster, many of w h o m worked in every pay period. So, not only did we provide a quality and much-needed service to our clients, we contributed a significant amount to our communities through payroll. Those workers would spend their money in the community and pay taxes on their earnings. All of this was done without violating the Canada Health Act. And that’s just one business. Consider MD Ambulance, serving our community for 37 years, operating with over 150 staff and a $15M operating budget. They have an Internationally Accredited, State of the Art Dispatch Centre. Their business is saving lives and they have saved 11 lives alone with their AED program with over 625 automatic defibrillators in Saskatoon and area. Multiply that by the many companies in our city also working across the value chain in the health field and you will begin to see the economic impact of business in health care. Now think about the many companies that can add their expertise and talent to our community should they decide to locate or start a business here. That’s excellent health care added to our government funded system.

Now, think about all of those workers who are earning a living through these companies. By earning a living, they are able to purchase healthy food, appropriate housing and have access to all of the benefits that come with employment, such as the ability to afford a more active and healthy life style. This improves their over all health and improves the productivity in the work force. Now take that even bigger and ask yourself this question: What is the economic impact of the Mayo Clinic on the city of Rochester? ($9.6B on Minnesota’s economy, see link below) What if we were able to attract a business, albeit non-profit, like the Mayo Clinic to Saskatoon? (http:// Do you think the quality of life here would improve by bringing in hundreds more jobs? More people to purchase houses, spend money in our grocery stores, clothing stores and restaurants? What would the impact be on our health system if we had more citizens earning good salaries? Would there be more taxes available to cover the costs in our health system? What about a healthier community if we had world class health facilities right here in Saskatoon? Food for thought! These are some of the questions we’ll be asking, and answering at our 2020 Health Visions Conference in November. The theme of the conference is: Health Care Innovation. Health Care Innovation Means Business! Watch for information on the website and in your in-box. Article by Debby Criddle, FCMA Former partner in The Nightingale Nursing Group, current member of the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and co-chair of the Chamber’s Health Opportunities Committee.



Congratulations to the winners of the 2013 Celebrate Success! Awards


osted by the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce and presented by PotashCorp., the Celebrate Success! Awards Gala is a celebration of the exceptional businesses growing and operating in the Saskatoon region. The awards gala was held at Saskatoon Prairieland Park on Thursday, May 9th, 2013. The SABEX Awards are open to all private sectors (non-governmental), for profit, enterprises based in the greater Saskatoon area, whether large or small. The applications were forwarded to Ernst & Young LLP Chartered Accountants for initial sorting and processing. Applications from each of the various categories were delivered to independent and anonymous judges. Judges were secured by one member of the Organizing Committee and shall remain anonymous. All applicants remain confidential unless they are Finalists and Recipients. The Award Recipients are as follows: Business for Peace Nominee (Sponsored by the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce) Mr. Jim Halford SABEX Community Involvement (Sponsored by SaskTel) Alliance Energy Ltd. SABEX Customer Service (Sponsored by CGI Group Inc.) TinyEYE Therapy Services SABEX Growth & Expansion (Sponsored by Certified General Accountants) Superior Cabinets SABEX Marketing (Sponsored by Handy Group of Companies) Kavia Auto Body


SABEX Environmental Sustainability (Sponsored by Cameco) Shercom Industries Inc. SABEX New Business Venture (Sponsored by SaskPower) LB Distillers SABEX New Product and/or Service (Sponsored by BDC) LB Distillers SABEX Small Business of the Year (Sponsored by TD Canada Trust) Koenig & Associates SABEX Business of the Year (Sponsored by Edwards School of Business) Loraas Disposal SABEX Hall of Fame Inductee (Sponsored by RBC Royal Bank) Mr. Jack Brodsky Award of Innovation (Presented by Innovation Place and the ILO - Industry and Liaison Office - U of S) Dr. Vipen Sawhney Strategic Alliance Award (Presented by Saskatoon Community Foundation) The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy nominated by Saskatoon Council on Aging Inc. Community Leadership Award (Presented by Leadership Saskatoon) Mr. Dave Dutchak

Photo by Grant Romancia

Recognizing business excellence is an important element in creating the best business climate in Canada and to create a city of opportunity. The Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce, under the “Celebrate Success!” masthead, will recognize and celebrate the many successes of Saskatoon businesses and individuals who have attained excellence on a local, national, and international level. These individuals and businesses have contributed greatly to improving the business climate of Saskatoon and area and have made a significant contribution that has reflected positively on the community of Saskatoon. The Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce believes that “Celebrate Success!” demonstrates why Saskatoon shines in so many ways.

June July 2013

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Sponsors of the 2013 Celebrate Success! Awards Our program would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors. The Celebrate Success! Planning Committee is proud to have worked with these exceptional local businesses and would like to thank them for their support of this annual event!

Signature Sponsor

Presenting Sponsors

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Bronze PLUS Sponsors

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Media Support

Celebrate Success! is Produced by the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce

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Highlights of the 106th Annual General Meeting of the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce Welcome to new chamber president Tracy Arno


he 106th Annual General Meeting of the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce was held May 16th at the Radisson Hotel. Our MC for the event was board member Evan Drisner of Nu-Fab Kitchen Craft Cabinetry. He welcomed our special guests Mayor Don Atchison, past chamber presidents Ken Ziegler and Laura Small, Steve McClellan from the Saskatchewan Chamber, Honourary Consul for France Vincent Martin, Honourary Consul for Germany Barbara Hoggard, Honourary Consul for Netherlands, and Consul General for the United States Peter Kujawinski. The Governance Committee has worked hard over the past year on updating our Chamber’s bylaws, and these were passed unanimously by the membership as part of the events proceedings. Mayor Atchison performed the swearing in of new president Tracy Arno, and second vice-president Tanya Knight. New first vice-president Tony van Burgsteden was out of the country, and performed his oath via video with Honourary Consul Vincent Martin. Outgoing president Christian Braid was presented with a commemorative collage of his achievements over the past year by past-president Monica Kreuger. Braid then presented the President’s Award to Silvia Martini, which honours an outstanding volunteer for their extraordinary work on the board in the past year on the Governance Committee. Tracy Arno welcomed new board members Kelly Bode (WMCZ Lawyers), Karl Miller (Meridian Development), Ainsley Robertson (Golden Opportunities Fund), Chris Woodland (MLT LLP), and Jason Yochim (Saskatoon Region Association of REALTORS®). After the event, members and board mingled and networked with special wine liquor tasting sponsored by Charton Hobbs. The event was sponsored by Sasktel. Thanks for all who participated in the 106th Annual General Meeting.


June July 2013

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GET TO KNOW A MEMBER Think you don’t need a business video? Think again!


f your business is like most others, you probably think constantly about ways to increase sales, attract great employees, or even improve your safety record. But one thing you probably haven’t considered to help you achieve all of these goals is a business video. Indeed, every business can benefit from using video communication, and the sooner you get started, the faster you can reap the rewards! Common areas where businesses can succeed by using a custom video include: • Increasing Sales. Using videos can be a great way to boost sales. Take, the world’s biggest online shoe retailer, who did a little market research. They compared shoe sales from products being sold online with and without a Web video to accompany the shoe information. What they found was that shoes that included a video had an increase in sales that ranged from 6-30 percent. And they are only one of many companies to report measurable sales increases when adding an effective, professionally made Web video. • Training New Employees. Many companies have a need for videos to help with their internal communications, especially those with new employees or a high employee-turnover rate. It can be an efficient


way for leaders within the company to effectively and consistently deliver key company messages. Faced with the busy, conflicting schedules of senior management, the best way to accomplish this is with a video production. The company tone and culture can be delivered to employees via video, straight from the top-level management. A video makes it easy to ensure that everyone is receiving the same message, across the board. We are a society that loves watching online videos. This is evident from the fact that, each month, 1 billion unique users visit YouTube, watching over 4 billion hours of video. Just imagine the possibilities of what a wellcrafted, effective video could do for your company. A professionally-made business video can be beneficial both in reaching customers and in helping to inform your staff. No matter what your need, a custom-made business video can help you achieve those goals, and more!



“The Value Leader” BUSINESS View­ June July 2013



Saskatoon Soccer Centre offers a place for all to “Go Indoors”


he Saskatoon Soccer Centre Inc. (SSCI) was born of a dream by the local soccer community to grow the sport through the operation of their own facilities. SSCI first registered as a non-profit corporation in 1993 when representatives of Saskatoon Adult Soccer Inc. and Saskatoon Youth Soccer Inc. established a committee to raise funds to construct a building primarily for the sport of indoor soccer. With the help of the City of Saskatoon, organizations and individuals the Saskatoon Kinsmen/Henk Ruys Soccer Centre was opened for its first game in 1998. Since then SSCI has been home to more than 10,000 soccer players annually. In 2003 the soccer family determined that if soccer was to continue to grow another facility was necessary. The design included one indoor and two outdoor artificial grass fields as well as hardcourt surfaces. SYSI and SASI previously utilized city fields for all their outdoor programs. This new facility allows leagues to schedule a significant number of games on the three artificial fields as they don’t need the rest that natural grass fields require. The SaskTel Sports Centre is attached to Centennial Collegiate and the city operates a walking track and circuit centre within the complex, with a future civic facility being planned. The partnership with the Saskatoon Public School Board and the City of Saskatoon was the first of its kind in Saskatoon and in Canada. The first indoor games were in January 2006 and

the hard court fields, pub and deck, cafeteria and walking track were opened shortly after. More recently bleacher seating and beach courts have been added to the outdoor park. SSCI also offers a number of programs to the community beyond hosting leagues, tournaments and special events of all kinds. Two successful examples are Saskatoon SportsFest - offered on common dismissal days for elementary school students, which gives kids an opportunity to try various sports with qualified instructors; and our recently expanded Indoor Playgroup - a drop in program for families with pre-school aged kids looking for activity and socialization. SSCI is proud to own and operate the two world class facilities that now enjoy over 1.4 million visitors annually and regularly hosts soccer, volleyball, ball hockey, ultimate disc, football, baseball, roller derby, rugby, lacrosse and other sports, as well as cultural and special events. The support of the community is key to success through rentals, advertising and sponsorship. For more information, please visit

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June July 2013

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Reproduced with permission of BHP Billiton

Setting our sights on Mission: Zero More than 35,000 people in our schools and communities will be safer by receiving Mission: Zero safety glasses, courtesy of WorkSafe Saskatchewan and community partners like BHP Billiton Canada Inc.

By handing out safety glasses to youth, we are planting a ‘safety seed’ which, over time, will grow into a way of life. — Ewan Alexander, VP Health, Safety & Environment, BHP Billiton


Promotional Feature

Leaders recognized at Tourism Leadership Celebration awards

13 recipients honoured for dedication to tourism in Saskatoon

Photo: Milton Taylor, Imagery Photography


hen people think of tourism, the first ideas that come to mind are attractions, festivals and major events. Saskatoon is home to myriad of local festivals, arts, cultural and heritage attractions, and has proudly hosted major provincial and national sports, entertainment and industry events. People tend to focus on the spectacle of tourism – what they see and experience. But the attractions and events would not be possible without the behind-the-scenes efforts of dedicated staff and volunteers. Tourism Saskatoon, the Saskatoon Hotel Association, and Saskatoon Sports Tourism have partnered to present the Saskatoon Shines! Tourism Leadership Celebration. The leadership celebration is an event to publicly recognize the efforts of individuals who have contributed to tourism in our city through attractions management, or by hosting or bidding for events. According to Tourism Saskatchewan, tourism in Saskatoon is worth an estimated $509 million annually. This accounts for nearly one-third of the $1.8 billion in travel expenditures throughout Saskatchewan. “The success of our tourism industry, and the benefits it brings to everyone in our city and province, could not be achieved without the passion these individuals have for their city,” said Todd Brandt, President and CEO of Tourism Saskatoon. “In paying tribute to them, we also recognize everyone who gives their time and talent to make tourism an integral part of our vibrant economy. They are truly examples of why Saskatoon shines!” In 2012, Saskatoon hosted a number of high-profile events, and our attractions continued to draw tourists from near and far. This year’s Saskatoon Shines! Tourism Leadership Celebration recognizes 13 individuals for their dedication to tourism in 2012.


This year’s Saskatoon Shines! Tourism Leadership Awards recipients are: • Herm Hordal – Chair, Velocity Prairie Thunder – NASCAR Canadian Tire Race Series • Lynn Ewing – President, Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra • Brice Field – Chair, Saskatoon Pride Festival • Laura Petrishen-Ha – Chair, Saskatoon Blitz • Vic Dubois – Chair, Canadian Country Music Awards • Tiffany Paulsen – Chair, Federation of Canadian Municipalities Conference • Shari Benson – Bid Chair, United Way Centraide of Canada Conference • Marilyn Jonas – Bid Chair, Symposium of the World Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians • Kerry Tarasoff – Chair, Tim Hortons Brier • Joan Markentin and Norm Weins – Meet Managers, Canadian Junior National Diving Championship • Carmen Bell – Bid Chair, Subaru Western Triathlon Series • Robert Renneberg – General Manager, Keystone Cup – Junior B Hockey Championship The Saskatoon Shines! Tourism Leadership Celebration event will be held on Tuesday, June 18 at the Hilton Garden Inn. For tickets and more information about the leadership celebration, please call 306-242-1206. About Tourism Saskatoon Tourism Saskatoon is a membership-based, non-profit visitor and convention bureau marketing Saskatoon and region as a destination of choice for leisure and business travel. Services include convention and events attraction, media relations, and membership services advocacy. Tourism Saskatoon is one of only six internationally accredited destination marketing organizations in Canada. Nicknamed “the hub city” for its numerous domestic and international transportation connections, Saskatoon is known for its expansive parklands and admired for its arts and culture scene, festivals, and major sporting events. For more information, visit

June July 2013

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NEW DIRECTIONS 2012 Community Impact

Special BUSINESS View足足足足 Promotional Feature

Over TWO MilliOn DOllars in GranTs! Since 2000, we have granted over 10 million dollars, over 80% of out total grants since 1970.

Over 2.28 million dollars were granted in 2012 to local charities. After we first granted over one million dollars in a single year in 2010, we have now reached an even greater milestone! This demonstrates the power of the community foundation model. We started slowly in 1970. We made our first grant in 1973, donating $600 to the Council for Crippled Children and Adults (now known as the Saskatchewan Abilities Council.) Each year, we receive more gifts from donors, always protecting the original contribution forever, so the amount we can grant also continues to grow.

2012 GranTs


grant PerCentage

Arts And Culture:


CApACIty BuIldIng:










soCIAl development:


siGnaTure GranT

a neW KiTchen fOr eGaDz’ neW hOMe Charitable organizations must be ready to respond to change. In 2012, Egadz (Saskatoon Downtown Youth Centre Inc.) had to move from its longtime location at the corner of 1st Avenue and 24th Street. While this move certainly created challenges for Egadz, the organization was able to turn this into a positive new direction by purchasing a permanent home a few blocks north. An important part of the services offered by Egadz is providing healthy nutritious meals and snacks for the youth who come to the centre. Good food is not only a necessity to help youth overcome challenges in their lives and take positive steps, but it can also help in establishing trust and building relationships with youth that can lead to positive changes later on. The Saskatoon Community Foundation awarded its 2012 Signature Grant of $50,000 to Egadz to assist in the creation of its new kitchen in the new facility. Along with a matching grant from PotashCorp, the grant has enabled Egadz to create a kitchen facility that will serve the organization now and in the future.

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cniB Tech laB —

neW TechnOlOGy Opens neW hOrizOns Technology changes so rapidly, and all of us must continue learning to keep up with the changes it brings. People with vision loss can benefit greatly from new assistive technologies, improving their ability to access information, gain or maintain independence, seek new opportunities and live well. The Saskatoon Community Foundation granted funds to CNIB to purchase computer screen readers, screen magnifiers, braille displays, and voice input software that operate in conjunction with graphical desktop browsers and other programs, as well as video magnifiers (CCTVs) that magnify printed material and may reverse text and background colours for greater ease of reading. The Technology Lab has the potential to benefit over 5,000 people, helping each client to be able to do the same daily activities as sighted people, and increasing CNIB’s ability to help people develop new life skills as they learn to cope with their condition.

Beaver creeK inTerpreTive sKi prOGraM (Mva) —

MOvinG WiTh naTure

The Beaver Creek Conservation Area is accessible yearround to schools, special interest groups and the general public. The area is a naturalized site with nature trails that are challenging to navigate during the winter months. With a grant from the Saskatoon Community Foundation, the Meewasin Valley Authority purchased 50 sets of skis, boots and poles, housing them in the ski chalet that has been recently installed at the Beaver Creek Conservation Area. This building site is adjacent to the Beaver Creek Interpretive Centre, and has access to power/ heat and a deck in the front area. Future plans include installation of solar power. This new ski program gives interpreters at Beaver Creek a new opportunity for programming in the winter season. Interpreters lead students, teachers and others to interact with nature on cross country skis. People can get closer to flora and fauna without disturbing their natural habitat.

scOTiaMcleOD assOciaTiOn funD ScotiaMcLeod – Saskatoon and North Saskatchewan is proud to have the opportunity to live and work in the friendly and family oriented environment of Saskatchewan. ScotiaMcLeod believes in supporting organizations that improve the communities and strengthen the social fabric of our beautiful province. The ScotiaMcLeod Association Fund was formed in 2012 in support of charitable organizations that contribute to the well-being of children, youth and families. ScotiaMcLeod believes that the benefits of having its own fund within the Saskatoon Community Foundation are the flexibility to combine the money raised within the branch for a charity of choice as well as the ability of any employee within our branch to provide a charitable donation to the Foundation. The concept of perpetuity added appeal for ScotiaMcLeod, knowing that donating these funds today would help to support Saskatoon well into the future.

The consolidation of efforts and funds into the ScotiaMcLeod Association Fund also allows the advisors the ability to be strategic in their annual granting and support of various causes, more so than they were able to do before. ScotiaMcLeod would like to thank its advisors for their collective contributions of their time and resources to this fund.

MeeWasin valley auThOriTy funD – susan laMB As a tribute to Susan Lamb on the occasion of her retirement from the position of CEO at Meewasin, the Meewasin Board established the “Susan Lamb Endowment Fund” in 2012. The fund will be managed by the Saskatoon Community Foundation for the benefit of Meewasin. Meewasin’s education programs have always been particularly important to Susan; to honour that importance, the Board decided that the annual earnings from the new $10,000 fund will be dedicated to support education and conservation work in the northeast swale in perpetuity. Contributions to the new fund will be accepted from all interested persons. During her tenure, Meewasin was named one of the top four river basin agencies in the world in 2004 and again in 2006 by the Riverfoundation in Brisbane, Australia in a prize competition that has been compared to the Nobel Prize for rivers. Ingrained in the community, Susan was named YWCA Woman of Distinction in 1995 for her business and community work and received a Saskatchewan Centennial Medal in 2006. Susan has always kept the long-view of Meewasin in mind, and the “Susan Lamb Endowment Fund” is a fitting tribute to her service and part of her legacy at Meewasin. It will continue for as long as the river runs.

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potashCorp mayor’s Cultural gala

continues to inspire in 2012 In 2012, its sixth year, the PotashCorp Mayor’s Cultural Gala continued to dazzle our community with the best in cultural entertainment and local talent. The 6th Annual PotashCorp Mayor’s Cultural Gala was presented at TCU Place on September 22, 2012, to an enthusiastic crowd of over 600 supporters. The event was a resounding success once again, raising over $370,000 thanks to the support of sponsors, attendees, auction donors, entertainers, and a huge amount of work done behind the scenes by the volunteer committee. The entertainment was exceptional this year, featuring local stars such as Sean Brandt, Carrie Catherine and Chinese Dragon Dancers, as well as three-time Juno Award winner and Order of Canada recipient Susan Aglukark performing special versions of her songs with local dancers. As always, a stellar meal, a wide range of live and silent auction items, and dance music from Sneaky Pete made the sixth Gala an event not to be missed! Amid all the glamour and high spirits, there was another huge announcement made. Wayne Brownlee, Vice-President of PotashCorp, announced that PotashCorp will be continuing its title sponsorship of the Gala with a further $300,000 for 2013, 2014 and 2015. The $300,000 covers not only the cost of the sponsorship, but also ensures that the PotashCorp Partnership grants program will continue at SCF for another three years. On behalf of the many charities that will benefit from these grants, we would like to thank PotashCorp for its generous support of our community, and of the Saskatoon Community Foundation, your centre for community philanthropy! To all those who attended, to those who bought or donated an auction item, and to all of our sponsors including our title sponsor PotashCorp, on behalf of the Saskatoon Community Foundation and our great community of Saskatoon, we would like to offer our heartfelt thanks. Your support shows that Saskatoon does indeed shine, through our generosity and sense of community!

The 2013 PotashCorp Mayor’s Cultural Gala will be held at TCU Place on September 21st, 2013.

looking to

neW hOrizOns At the Saskatoon Community Foundation, our staff team must be ready to adapt to changing circumstances and conditions, ready for the next opportunity, the next idea, and the next donor who wishes to transform our community. We must be flexible, responsive and focused on the needs of our donors. If you are seeking a way to make a lasting impact on the quality of life in our community, we hope you will find your way to us. We can help you to ensure that your charitable legacy to our community is directed to the causes that mean the most to you.

Trevor forrest

executive director

Don ewles

grants and Communications manager

susan skrypnyk

Administration manager

Kristy rempel

donor services manager

yOuTh aDvisOry cOuncil

lefT TO riGhT: Rainer Kocsis, Oksana Kishchuk, Andriy Guravskyy, Surath Gomis,

Kelly Zheng, Sabrina Materie, Richard Zhu, Shreya Pahwa, Marcus Lee, Kirsten Eisner, Sarah Farthing

Our Youth Advisory Council members, who are sometimes known as YACs, are the dedicated young men and women between the ages of 14 and 19 who help to determine which youth programs will be supported by the Saskatoon Community Foundation each year. YACs attend regular meetings to learn about community charities and decide on the types of projects that will be supported each year, based on the most important needs for youth in our community. They work together to plan fundraising and awareness events, and finally, they decide which community charities will receive grants! It’s a big responsibility, but it’s also a lot of fun!

Youth Endowment Saskatoon (YES!) In 2012, our Youth Advisory Council decided that the original name given to our youth fund, The Batting 1000 Endowment for Children and Youth, no longer resonated with them. Over a number of meetings, the group collaboratively decided that the fund should be renamed Youth Endowment Saskatoon. While of course the name is very straightforward, it also creates the anagram YES! The Youth Advisory Council wanted its fund and grants to have this very positive connotation, implying not only that youth are positive about making our community a better place, but also that requests for funding will be reviewed with this positive attitude. After all, the favourite activity of anyone who reviews grant applications is to say “YES!” Beginning in 2013, the Youth Advisory Council will no longer make “Batting 1000” grants, but instead, will from now on make YES! grants.

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year in revieW 2012 was a record year for the Saskatoon Community Foundation with over $2,280,000 in grants. In the last 10 years, the total grants awarded are over $9,200,000, bringing the total grants since inception to $12,498,000.

Almost $4,000,000 was donated to SCF in 2012. Since 2001, the total assets of SCF have grown over 620% to a total of $47,090,928. The SCF strives to maintain its diligent investment policy and has consistently exceeded market average. Our investments provided a 6.48% return for 2012, and brings our 10-year average to 7.3% per year. We are proud of the fact that among the approximately 185 community foundations in Canada, your local foundation has provided nearly the highest return over the past decade. In fulfilling our fiduciary responsibilities, our goal is to obtain competitive total returns over the long term. This is accomplished through a strategic allocation of fixed assets among equities and fixed income securities.

2012 BOarD MeMBers

alain Gaucher

zeba ahmad

Senior Partner, MacPherson Leslie & tyerman LLP

Business Development executive, ernst & young

SCF Chair

SCF Vice-Chair

Tom Kishchuk President & Ceo Hitachi Power Systems Canada Ltd.

Greg Keller

Bart hunter

Partner, ernst & young

Senior Wealth advisor – Director, ScotiaMcLeod

SCF Director at Large

SCF Past Chair

Wayne Brownlee Brenda fitzgerald executive Vice President and CFo, PotashCorp


Address: Suite 101 - 308 Fourth Avenue N, Saskatoon, SK S7K 2L7 Tel: (306) 665 -1766 Fax: (306) 665 -1777 Website: Email:

Brian Bentley retired

Tracy Muggli

Director of Mental Health and addiction Services Saskatoon Health region

Jeret Bode

Investment Banking, MgI Securities

ian sutherland retired

John Williams Ceo, north Prairie Developments Ltd.

saskatoon Community Foundation is a proud member of Community Foundations of Canada

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Promotional Feature

Surviving the Panda Punch


o I am not referring to the cute critters we all adore or Po (from Kung Fu Panda) that my daughter loves. The panda that I am referring to impacts almost every business with a website and is no way near extinction. On February 24th, 2011, Google Panda was born to enhance the quality of search results by prioritizing rankings of websites that focus on “user experience”. The goal was to favor rankings of websites that are active, feature quality content, have minimal advertising and employ user retention strategies. In fact, this was a major update to Google’s search algorithm and it had a significant impact on high traffic websites. Many businesses were ticked off because this not only meant reshaping their search engine strategy, but it also required restructuring their website to make the Panda smile. The Aftermath Overall, the benefits were great. Gone were the websites that had clusters of links and auto-generated content enticing visitors to click. Websites that were using duplicate content pages to target specific keywords were penalized. Less priority was given to keywords in actual domain names and more weight was given to website content. All this resulted in a win-win situation by generating quality search results for users and a level playing field for online marketers. History has shown that drastic changes spawn innovative ways to overcome challenges that occur as a result of those changes. The aftermath of Google Panda is that businesses have started to take search engine optimization more seriously and have prioritized their focus on user experience. Hence in the past two years, there has been more advancement in A/B testing and analytical tools that track user behavior than ever before. When my team is working on a website project, before we even commence the design I find that it is critical to analyze user behavior so we can determine the current flaws and come up with a more effective, goal-oriented design. Great websites need to be beautiful but also functional. Taming Google Panda Google Panda will continue to evolve as it gulps websites and processes more content. In the most recent release of information during the SMX West expo (March 2013), Matt Cutts from Google trickled some details on what is to come later this year and how you can tame the Google Panda. Following is a strategy that I would use:

BUSINESS View­ June July 2013

By Mouneeb Shahid

1. Analyze traffic Extract the least performing pages on the website and analyze user behavior. Through Google Analytics you can see how much time people are spending on each page. In addition you can use mouse movement and click analysis software to view if users are even looking at the content below the fold by scrolling. Once you have some data, you can add content and redesign it to create more value for the page, or redirect it to a better and higher performing page. 2. Increase quality content score There are extensive guidelines just around content and the type of industry you are in. As a general rule, grammatically correct content that is interesting to read for the user is critical and should appear right from the start of the page. You can also incorporate social media sharing capability so interested users can tag it in their choice of social media platform. Finally, having rich media content such as video is a great way to retain traffic and address lazy people. All this would result in users spending more time on the web page. 3. Eliminate empty pages and duplicate content Empty pages are like open graves waiting for the dead. They add no value and are considered a red flag indicating an inactive website. Duplicate content is normally used to target variations of keywords and is considered a borderline black-hat strategy. There are ways on how you can shape content so that it looks original, but technically isn’t. The Panda has brains to detect this now and will start penalizing websites that use this strategy. There are many other elements that need to be factored in when it comes to ranking your website more effectively. For those of you who are interested, you can download our most recent and free SEO Guide called Taming Google Panda at the following link: You can also access this article on our blog at - While you are there, be sure to subscribe to get access to some great tactics.




Aboriginal Opportunities Melanie Stroh - Radisson Hotel

Meetings: 1st Tuesday of the month - 9:00-10:30 am

Agribusiness Opportunities Bert Sutherland - Dave Sim - Dave Sim Consulting

Meetings: 2nd Monday of the month - 3:30-5:00 pm


Business Growth Elise Hildebrandt - The Mortgage Centre

7PM: Gypsophilia 9PM: The Steadies

Meetings: Last Tuesday of the month - 8:00 am


Business of Science Sanj Singh - AdeTheraputics Inc.

1PM: Stone Frigate Big Band 3PM: Chunk of Funk 5PM: Brett Balon’s Brecker Brother Tribute 7PM: Aaron Adair & SK Soul 9PM: Wil Campa

Meetings: TBA

Celebrate Success! Christian Braid - Braid Flooring & Window Fashions Tracy Arno - Essence Recruitment

SUNDAY, JUNE 23 3PM: U of S Jazz Ensemble 5PM: Peggy Lee Band with Brad Turner 7PM: Apollo Cruz 9PM: Monkey Junk

Meetings: Depending on need - more closer to event

Environmental Sustainability Chair Position Vacant

Meetings: Last Monday of the month - 3:30-5:00 pm


Going Global Ken Ziegler - Robertson Stromberg Pedersen LLP Monica Kreuger - Global Infobrokers

12PM: BJ Harris Quintet 5PM: The Bass Invaders 7PM: Young Benjamins 9PM: The Outer Bridge Ensemble

Meetings: Last Thursday of the month - 3:30-5:00 pm


Government Affairs Michael Chudoba - Innovative Residential

12PM: Dave Nelson Quintet feat. Gillian Snider 5PM: Ellen Kolenick with Straight from the Fridge 7PM: Bob Klassen Octet 9PM: Royal Wood

Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of the month - 4:00-5:30 pm

Health Opportunities Dave Dutchak - MD Ambulance Care Ltd. Debby Criddle - Synergos Capital Management Inc.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 26 12PM: Earnest Ernie’s Pan Fried Blues 5PM: Misterfire 7PM: The VexAtions 9PM: Gabriel Alegria Afro-Peruvian Sextet

Meetings: TBA

Knowledge & Youth Development Taunya Woods Richardson - Canadian Youth Business


Foundation Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of the month - 5:00 pm

Meetings: 2nd Thursday of the month - 11:45-1:30 pm

More information available online at under Committees.


JUNE 2 1 JULY 01

Membership Development Evan Drisner - Nu-Fab Building Products Kristy Rempel - Saskatoon Community Foundation

12PM: Gregory Scott Edmunds 5PM: Whiskey Songs 7PM: 24th Street Wailers 9PM: Jack Semple Horn Band



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SLR Consulting (Canada) Ltd. Consultants - Engineering AND Consultants - Environment 1141 8th St E, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 374-6800 Tracey Forbister

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