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April/May 2014

Driven to Succeed The next generation of Wyant brothers take the wheel at VWAG

Member news, Board elections, and President’s View


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Table of Contents

Featured Articles Driven to Succeed Pg. 5 The next generation of Wyant brothers take the wheel at VWAG

Board Elections Pg. 20 Candidate profiles

Promotional Features WCBC Pg. 8 Does 9 to 5 still exist?

96.3 CRUZ FM Pg. 9 Why radio?

Elk Ridge Resort Pg. 12

Elk Ridge Resort will get you in style this golf season: It’s Time!

2 Web Design Pg. 16 The Future of Blogs

Gabriel Dumont Institute Pg. 18

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BUSINESS View­is a bimonthly publication of the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce 104-202 4th Avenue North, Saskatoon, SK S7K 0K1 Phone: (306) 244-2151 Fax: (306) 244-8366 Email: Website: Twitter: @stoonchamber Reproduction of any material contained in Business View is permitted provided credit is given to the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce. Articles and criticisms are invited, but views expressed in Business View are those of contributors and are not necessarily endorsed by, or are policy of, the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce. We encourage you to support the business leaders whose names and products you see advertised in this issue as well as throughout our entire membership. The Board reserves the right to edit submissions.

GDI aboriginal apprenticeship program a remarkable success

The Chamber

Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce Building the Best Business Climate in Canada, Thereby Creating a City of Opportunity


Cover image by Grant Romancia

Kent Smith-Windsor, Executive Director Derek Crang, Membership & Marketing Director Terry Lawrence, Administration Roz Macala, Executive Secretary Breanne Lishchynsky, Director of Operations Linda Saunders, Bookkeeper Kevin Meldrum, Business View Publisher Dean Dangas, Committee Activity Coordinator Ryan Wig - Associate Director of Communications

President’s View

Remaining Steadfast Saskatchewan continues to provide opportunity for growth It appears that there is a growing sentiment in Saskatoon that “the sky is falling” on the economic growth that our city and province have seen in recent years. There is no doubt that there will be Tracey Arno challenges ahead President for our province; but it is an oversight to assume that the good days are behind us. While there may have been a slowdown in the tremendous growth that Saskatoon has seen in recent years, it is important to remember that we are still growing and moving forward. As a recent

report from KPMG highlights, Saskatoon is rated as the 2nd most attractive location for business in the Midwest US/Western Canada. This means that future investment prospects for Saskatoon are very good. With recent years of high growth levels, it can also be tempting to fall into a mindset of complacency. Fluctuations in the global commodity markets reinforce our chamber’s message that we must remain steadfast in our commitment to growth through smart business policy. Saskatchewan provides endless opportunities for those who are willing to apply themselves and bring value to our economy. With more natural resources and farmland per capita than anywhere else in the world, our province is fortunate to have what the world needs; energy and food. With growing numbers in

business investment and continually strong job numbers, Saskatchewan has all the tools to continue a pattern of sustainable growth into the foreseeable future. The sun may not be shining quite as brightly, but the sky is certainly not falling. Most Sincerely, Tracy Arno President Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce

2013-14 Board of Directors Barry Berglund Lawson Heights Pentecostal Assembly Kristy Rempel Saskatoon Community Foundation

Gerry Bonsal Individual Member

Kelly Bode WMCZ Lawyers - Mediators

President: Tracy Arno Essence Recruitment



Debby Criddle Synergos Management

1st Vice-President: Tony Van Burgsteden AREVA Resources Canada Inc.

Rich Gabruch Gabruch Legal Group

Karl Miller Meridian Development

2nd Vice-President: Tanya Knight MNP LLP

Sanj Singh AdeTherapeutics Inc.

Ainsley Robertson Golden Opportunities Fund Inc.

Past President: Christian Braid Braid Flooring & Window Fashion

Jason Yochim Saskatoon Region Association of REALTORS®

Chris Woodland MacPherson, Leslie & Tyerman LLP

Executive Governance Chair: Silvia Martini Interlink Research Inc.

Cover Story

Driven to Succeed By Jeff Davis

The next generation of Wyant brothers take the wheel at VWAG

Here at Jubilee Ford, the nerve centre of the Vaughn Wyant Auto Group (VWAG), the banter around the office sounds sort of like a family gathered for a weekend at the lake. Amongst the salespeople, bookkeepers and managers there’s lots of lighthearted razzing and jokes, and a pervasive sense that there are no strangers here. “We’ve been here since dad could drop us off at the dealership,” Comptroller Phillip Wyant says. “It could be five minutes or five hours to go handle some business, and we’d be wandering around.” “They were just kids,” quips a passing salesman, leaning through the office door. “Whenever Mister Tasty would drive down the road they’d be bugging us all for change!” “Our first job was dusting parts shelves, and he started us at a buck an hour,” General Sales Manager Michael Wyant chimes in. “No, no, no,” Phillip counters. “Our first job was in the wash bay and we got fired because we got in a water fight and got all the technicians wet.” “What time we on the ice today?” father Vaughn Wyant asks as he strolls past the door.

Starting with a single dealership, VWAG has expanded into brands including Audi, Jaguar, Volvo, and Porsche (image: Grant Romancia) “Three forty-five,” Phillip replies. With their slim-cut suits and shiny shoes, this next generation of Wyant brothers seem well suited to the times. Like many in the province, they have shredded the scarcity mindset of years past, and are embracing the province’s newfound wealth and confidence.

Barely more than 30, the pair are leaving a big mark on the provincial economy. Heirs apparent to Saskatchewan’s largest auto retail outfit, they have a stranglehold on the luxury market, and are expanding aggressively westward. “We’re enthusiasts,” Michael said. “It’s easy to get excited.” Started from a single Ford dealership, the VWAG auto empire now includes dealerships for Audi, Ford, Hyundai, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Smart, Sprinter and Volvo. Philip, 32, has dark features and bears a rather serious countenance, perhaps a byproduct his accounting training and years as a business consultant with KPMG. He’s wearing a conservative dapple grey suit with black tie and shoes, his hair groomed in a classic Caesar. By contrast, 31-year-old Michael is infected with the hustler’s ambition. Seeming ready to burst with nervous energy, he’s wearing an edgy patterned suit and the sort of undercut hairstyle you’d see at Amigo’s on a Friday night. The pair have an uncanny connection, even for brothers. They also have a tendency – though they may not admit it – of finishing each other’s sentences, seeming almost to read each other’s thoughts. Though born in Saskatoon, the pair spent most of their childhood on the West Coast, returning to the prairies in the summer. The boys’ parents separated when they were very young, and they did all their schooling in Langley, BC while living with their mother. Far from Saskatchewan and the long shadow cast by their father, they say they grew up in a “very normal middle class environment,” which helped them stay grounded. “We had two different lifestyles for sure,” Michael says. “There we blended in as normal kids, then we came back here and saw our dad’s face on the baggage claim at the airport.” For Michael there was never any question about entering the auto business, so he jumped headlong into VWAG straight out of high school. He quickly found he had a lot to learn, and a lot to make up for after years Continued page 6 BUSINESS VIEW SASKATOON


Cover Story

Cover Story continued from page 5

of Dennis-the-Menace pranks around the shop. By his own admission, he was “quite a mouthpiece” as a kid. “I think we have to work twice as hard as anyone to earn that respect,” Michael says. “It’s an uphill battle for sure.” To deepen his education, Michael spent three years at the Canadian Automotive Institute in Ontario, earning an undergraduate degree that was laser-focused on automotive management. He slowly climbed the ladder, and now has a hand in virtually all aspects of the business. He hosts daily sales meetings, runs training courses and still swoops in to make the odd sale. “There’s a theory that with enough practice you can get good at anything,” Michael says. “And when you start as a kid, by the time you’re 30 you can know a lot.” Michael said he was hugely relieved when Phillip, after years of accounting training and outside consulting work, decided to rejoin the family business. After seeing other dealerships ripped off by unscrupulous accountants, they needed someone whose loyalty was beyond question. “Both dad and I are sales guys, and we need someone we can trust to take care of the books,” Michael says. “Lots of dealership have been taken advantage of, and had piles of money taken from them, so having someone in the family on this is great.” Attitudes around luxury goods have completely turned around in recent years, Michael says, most notably since the economic boom began. These days, instead of looking askance at the neighbour who bought a new Audi Q5, he says, people are saying they want one too. “There is a young demographic of up-andcoming businesspeople who aren’t afraid to buy nice stuff,” Michael says. Today one of the hottest-selling brands VWAG has on offer is Range Rover, mostly priced around the $100,000 mark. Even the mega-expensive Mercedes G-Wagen, which retails for an eye-popping $175,000 and is the SUV of choice for Hollywood stars like Kim Kardashian, are hard to keep in stock. “When in our lifetime did we expect to sell one of those in Saskatoon,” Michael says. “But honestly, if they would give them to 6


Driving demand: VWAG is finding that even high-end vehicles are difficult to keep in stock (image: Grant Romancia)

New outlook: attitudes towards luxury goods are changing in Saskatoon in recent years (image: Grant Romancia) us, we would sell more.” “We’re looking at a new Audi dealership and a massive addition to the Mercedes because they’re too small,” he adds. “This place is booming like crazy.” Even when buying the old stalwart brands like Ford, customers are prepared to put down big dollars for the small touches. “Talk about flash, though,” Phillip says. “You get into a brand-new F-150 and it’s nicer than a lot of premium brand vehicles.” A definite side perk of working in the auto business is the chance to drive all the latest and greatest vehicles. Like the sales team, the brothers are always driving the newest cars, to stay up-to-date on the product. Michael is currently rolling in the Range Rover Sport, while Phillip is driving a Mercedes C63 wagon, which better suits his young family. Vaughn, meanwhile, drives a Ford GT heritage edition while wintering down south, but mostly sticks with the good old F-150 while in Saskatchewan.

The walls of Philip’s office are covered with certificates from driving courses they’ve taken across North America. They include Range Rover mountain climbing courses in Quebec, and track days offered by Porsche down in Alabama. “We’re fortunate to have the opportunity our dad created for us,” Phillip says. “Our only objective is to help this business grow and give him more free time.” “But when we get to go to Porsche meeting in LA that’s cool, because we get to go with our dad.” With the boys handling day-to-day operations, Vaughn is spending most of his time opening new dealerships outside Saskatchewan. After launching a series of Hyundai dealerships in British Columbia, he’s now poised to open a Porsche dealership in Kelowna. Most important to keeping the business strong, the boys agree, is the simple things. Always greet a customer when they walk in the door. Offer them something to drink. Ask them how you can help. Make it easy to buy. Make it an experience to remember. “Dad tells us all that the only thing you actually own in this life in your reputation, and don’t sacrifice that for anything,” Phillip says. “That’s the way we do business, that’s the way we live our lives, and the way we treat each other…it’s all built on trust and respect.” “And no matter how big it gets it’s a family business, and that’s how we like to treat it,” he says.

Chamber News

Business View Gets a New Look Thanks to Chamber Member Denis Design Works As you may have noticed, this month the Business View received a makeover, thanks to Roger Denis, of Denis Design Works. We are pleased to show off this new look, and hope you enjoy it as well. A bit about Roger Denis: Roger brings a wealth of experience to every project he’s involved with. You might say he has a high “score to shot ratio”. He’s been in this profession since 1983. For seven of those years,

he worked for a Saskatoon-based ad agency starting as a graphic designer, advancing to art director, and finally to manager of the art department. He’s worked on everything from low budget “quick and dirty” projects to campaigns that are executed in a variety of mediums and formats. This includes long-term branding where seasonal and yearly campaigns need to flow one into the other, while continuing to

build on the brand. He has worked on projects for: Cameco, Weyerhaeuser, SaskWater, City of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, Potash Corp., In Motion, Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance Company, Saskatoon Tourism, Midtown Plaza and Meewasin Valley Authority to name just a few. To learn more, visit

Upcoming Board Elections It’s time again to vote for the board of the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce. On page 20 and 21, you will find the list of nominees for this year’s election. The ballot for election to the Board of Directors will be distributed on or before April 29th, 2014.

Your completed ballot must be returned on or before May 8th, 2014 The eight (8) nominees receiving the highest number of votes will be declared elected for a two year term. Two (2) nominees receiving the next highest number of votes will be declared elected for a one year

term. In accordance with the By-Laws of the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce. The newly elected officers will be formally installed at the Annual General Meeting to be held on May 29th, 2014.

Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan ® for Greater Saskatoon members Claims are paid promptly, most within 48 hours, and can be deposited directly in your employees’ bank accounts. Prescription drug benefits can be provided instantly at the pharmacy.

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Promotional Feature

Does 9-5 still exist? New options exist for employees and employers

The traditional 9-to-5 schedule is becoming a thing of the past. The reality of dual income families has resulted in employees having to cope with increased demands on their personal time. The business world has also changed By Barry Cook of with advances Western Compensation in technology, and Benefits Consultants increased global competition and the challenges of having four distinct generations in the workforce at the same time. One way employers have responded to the changing workplace has been to offer flexible work arrangements. During February, 2014 Western Compensation & Benefits Consultants (“WCBC”) conducted an online survey of Canadian employers on the prevalence, design and management of flexible work programs. While the reasons for offering workplace flexibility vary from employer to employer, over half view it as a way to provide and encourage a better balance between work and home. Flexible programs were also introduced for a variety of other reasons, including to attract and retain employees, increase employees’ job satisfaction, give the employer a competitive edge and to better meet customer needs. Flexible Work Options Provided

organizations with 500 or more employees. Perhaps in an effort to compete with the major employers, since 2009 33% of smaller organizations have also begun offering workplace flexibility to their employees.   The degree of formality of the various flexible work programs ranges from employers which have formal, written policies consistently applied, to employers with no policies. In just under half of the organizations (49%) the programs are informal and decided on a case-by-case basis, while 16% have some written policies but the policies are not consistently applied and the remaining 35% have formal written policies which are consistently applied. For the most part, private sector companies are much more likely to have informal policies while public sector employers are the opposite. Employees Most Likely to Use Options Interest by employees to be able to choose where and when they work varies by age group. Millennials (under 34 years old) may wish to pursue outside interests or travel, while Gen X individuals (34 to 49 years old) may be juggling child care. On the other hand, Baby Boomers (50 to 68 years old) and Traditionalists (over 68 years old) may be confronted with elder care issues. WCBC’s research shows that usage of flexible work options is typically spread across the age

groups, but utilization by Gen X employees is the highest. Not All Employees Use Options In 70% of the organizations, less than half of the employees who have flexible work options take advantage of the opportunity. The typical reason for such low utilization is that the options available simply do not meet the employees’ needs. Conclusions For the most part, private, public and notfor-profit employers of all sizes are offering employees flexible work options, provided the options are compatible with the job requirements. Over three-quarters (77%) of employers report that their workplace culture is supportive of employees utilizing flexible work options and virtually all of the remaining employers (21%) indicate that support exists but varies a bit by department and/or supervisor. Although the options actually provided are often granted on a case-by-case basis, Canadian employers are supporting employees in balancing their work and personal lives. The vast majority of employers feel that providing employees with flexible work options has assisted in attracting and retaining employees, positively affected employee morale and contributed to reducing employee turnover. On the other hand, while offering work options have had little or no measurable effect on increasing company revenues or productivity, or reducing costs or absenteeism, employers have experienced very few negative effects.

Percent of Organizations Offering Flexible Work Options Flex-Time (e.g., start early/leave early)


Part-Time Schedules

The majority (88%) of Canadian employers offer some form of workplace flexibility. Flexible work options are most common in not-for-profits (94%), but both private sector (87%) and public sector (83%) employers also offer alternatives to the traditional 9-to-5. Providing workplace flexibility isn’t new. Just under three-quarters (71%) of employers have been offering flexible work options for more than 5 years. This is particularly true of 8





Compressed Work Week (same hours in fewer days)


Phased Retirement


Sabbatical/Career Break


Job Sharing

18% 0%






Promotional Feature

Why Radio? RADIO is a powerful branding tool because of sound! Sound is intrusive, it’s irresistible, and unlike our eyes we cannot close our ears to sound! Sound is what makes radio the long-distance runner of advertising. RADIO provides a loyal audience. It is both intimate and personal to its listeners; it acts like a constant companion. It wins the hearts of customers before they’re in the market for the experience only your business can offer. If your goal is to be the first in the mind of your customer when they need your services, and be the place they feel best about, you should invest in the intrusive nature of sound with the reliability of its echoic retention – top of mind awareness. RADIO is the highest and best use of your advertising dollar in Saskatchewan. There are over 45 print advertising vehicles in each city. Basic cable alone offers upward

of 60 channels in each urban centre. Cut through the clutter with the power of radio. The average listener in Saskatchewan tunes in more than 23 hours a week and reaches over 90% of Canadians over the age of 12. RADIO drives website traffic. Today’s consumer is becoming increasingly more educated, and Saskatchewan is experiencing a pent up demand for greater sources of news and information, especially to support the purchasing process. Radio has become the most effective media vehicle to stimulate website interest because it creates balance. The internet offers convenience and ease of access for sought after information; radio provides a personal connection directing the flow of traffic to your website and onwards to your front door. RADIO has the most time spent with people . . . On average people habitually spend more of their TIME with radio than any other media, yet advertisers continue to dominate their ad dollars with media that receives the least amount of people exposure. Radio is word of mouth advertising to the highest level. Radio is the original social media. Radio is everywhere. Radio works!







25th annual

President's Golf Classic Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Moon Lake Golf & Country Club

Register at:


Many households waste electricity without even knowing it. We can help. Visit for valuable tips and advice on how to save power in your home. Little changes can make a big difference.

Promotional Feature

Elk Ridge Resort will get you in style this golf season: It’s Time! This is an exciting time of the year for Brad Cook of Elk Ridge Resort Golf Course. With the first tee off only a few weeks away, the course’s head golf professional is busy preparing his staff for the start of another great season. “Spring is always very busy making sure the course is ready for our first golfers. It’s a good feeling when we see the first group out,” says Brad.

Corporate Golfers

Corporate clients are an important part of Elk Ridge Resort’s business. From corporate packages, golf merchandise, special event planning to seasonal events and promotions, Brad makes sure his team is ready. “Many of our corporate clients make multiple trips to the Resort during the season. Whether they bring clients, their staff or suppliers, we have special package pricing in place to make it very reasonable,” explains Brad. The packages range from the Birch, which is $975 for 15 rounds with a cart, the Tamarack which is $1800 for 30 rounds with a cart, to the true

Corporate Golf Packages Birch Package • 15 rounds of golf with golf cart • $150 Gift Card Regular Price $1125

Corporate Rate


Tamarack Package • 30 rounds of golf with golf cart • Custom TaylorMade SLDR Driver Regular Price $2250

Corporate Rate


Aspen Package • 60 rounds of golf with golf cart • Custom TaylorMade SLDR Driver • Complementary Overnight Stay * Some restrictions apply Regular Price $4500

Corporate Rate 12



“Look for special promotional give-aways through the year.” —Brad Cook Elk Ridge Head Golf Pro

Brad Cook, head golf pro at Elk Ridge Resort

golf lovers’ Aspen, which comes with 60 rounds of golf with a cart for only $3500. Each corporate package comes with some fantastic add ons. Special pricing is available until May 31.

Customized Merchandise

“Many of our business clients look for special promotional give-aways through the year,” says Brad. “Our golf shop keeps very busy during the season selling golf clothing and equipment branded with our client’s messaging.” One of the more popular items their clients purchase as a give-away are golf balls. Elk Ridge sells TaylorMade, Titleist, Bridgestone and Callaway brand golf balls. Clients receive four

complimentary green fee passes for every 12 to 47 dozen logo’d golf balls purchased, and 12 complimentary green fee passes plus a complimentary one hour golf clinic with 120 dozen or more logo’d golf balls purchased.

Kids Play Free

All season long kids 16 & under play free with a paying adult. Adults playing with kids 16 & under after 5 pm daily are only $25 cart included, all you can play. Families and kids have always been an important part of Elk Ridge Resort,” explains Brad. “Our Kids Play Free golf promotion should make it even easier for an Elk Ridge Resort family get-a-way.”

Corporate Merchandise Golf Ball Pricing GOLF BALLS 12-47 UNITS 48+ UNITS 120+UNITS TaylorMade Tour Preferred X $50.00 $46.00 $43.00 TaylorMade Tour Preferred $50.00 $46.00 $43.00 TaylorMade Project (a) $40.00 $36.00 $32.00 TaylorMade Burner $30.00 $27.00 $24.00 Noodle + Long & Soft $24.00 $21.00 $18.00 The Elk Ridge Resort website is a comprehensive golf resource and lists all corporate packages, golf merchandise selection and promotions and special event listings. It can be found at golf or you can email Brad Cook at

Tourism Saskatoon invites your business to be a part of our new Green Stem program.

Saskatoon takes pride in being a desirable tourism destination - not only when it comes to festivals, events and attractions - but also as a city that is sustainable and environmentally conscious. Travellers are increasingly seeking destinations that are growing their green practices. To meet their needs and expectations, we’re proud to launch Green Stem - an online resource designed to guide our partners in making better choices to minimize their environmental impacts. At the heart of the program is the Green Stem Pledge – a meaningful signal of your commitment to reducing your business’ environmental footprint. There’s no step too big or too small, and you do not need to be a member of Tourism Saskatoon to participate. Visit today to learn about the program, take the pledge and let us recognize you as an active Green Stem participant in our community!

Green Stem is about sustainability. Sustainability is about smarter business practices for your workplace and our community.

Have questions? Comments?, or phone us at (306) 242.1206

internship dates - JuLy 7, 2014 to august 15, 2014

Looking for young vibrant empLoyees?

The Summer Youth Internship Program involves grade 11 and 12 students keenly interested in a number of industries. For more information contact Megan Unrau 306.683.7771, or visit our website






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The Future of Blogs By Mouneeb Shahid, CEO, 2 Web Design

Blogging has continually evolved since it became a teen fad over a decade ago. Businesses started paying attention to blogs a few years later and you started to see a few business blogs pop up. Fast forward to today, blogs have evolved to become an essential marketing tool for companies of any size in just about any market. With this continual evolution in blogging, where will it be in a year’s time? Like many other online forms of content, blogging has had to change with the times. And two areas that are driving these changes are the expectations of the people reading the blog, and the expectations of the search engine bots scanning it.

What do readers expect? Let’s take the reader angle first. In the past 10 to 15 years, people have made a complete 180-degree turn when it comes to how they interact with businesses. In particular, people are much more informed when it comes to spending their hard-earned money on a business. If they want to buy a product, they don’t just run down to the local mall and find a store that offers it. They go online and find many stores that offer it. They can even compare prices, see reviews, and make informed choices while they are in a store deciding on their purchase. Sure, they may choose the store at their local mall, but that is no longer their only option. This change in attitude has greatly effected how companies market to customers. They have had to make their online presence attractive to their target audience. You can see part of this change in how blogs have evolved. Instead of using a blog as a showcase for products or innovations, they are using blogs as a way to inform and educate customers. When a customer needs to solve a problem, they can read the blog and get the information they want. This approach



builds credibility and rapport for businesses. As a result, the prospect who found the information useful is more likely to become a customer. In the coming year, informative and educational content is going to become even more important to business blogging, which fittingly leads me to my next point: what does Google think of this?

What does Google think of this? In September 2013, Google announced an updated called Hummingbird followed by a Penguin update in October, 2013. Now we all love animals but to businesses these critters can cripple websites that are not following industry best practices. History has shown that Google and major players in the search engine industry are doing more frequent and major updates to their algorithms so that to present better quality results to the users. One of the effects of this update was the introduction of semantic searching. Instead of just blindly searching for keywords, the search engine is trying to understand what the user is asking for and to deliver content best suited to that inquiry. Your blog content needs to provide highquality and relevant information that your target audience wants to know. When the search engine bots come calling, they look for content that is organic, natural and high quality content, not fluff. Adding informative and educational to that mix only enhances how the search engine bots view your blog. Another way the bots judge the quality of content is by who wrote it. If you write anonymously in your blog, your rankings are going to suffer. Linking your content to your profile on Google+ is essential for claiming authorship over content. When you build a portfolio of related content linked to your profile, the search engine will give it higher rankings because of the ability to

verify authorship. By the end of 2014, blogging is going to have undergone another phase of evolution. Instead of worrying about keyword counts and the number of posts you make, your goals this year should be creating high-quality, informative, educational content that your visitors and the search engine bots will love. To learn more about blogging, download our Free eBook titled, “Business Blogging for Marketing Success” at: academy.2webdesign. com. As always, following is a tribute to some of our recent clients who have put their trust in us: • • • • • (Neechie Gear) (Speedy Vacuum) (International Road Dynamics Inc.) (Excel Refrigeration) (Metis Nation Saskatchewan)

I look forward to your comments on our blog:

Member News

Canadian Digital Network Ltd. Canadian Digital Network Ltd. 306 775 1200 Head Office 306 260 2360 Saskatoon

Bev Dubois is the Vice President Operations for Canadian Digital Network Ltd.

Travel Worry-Free

Ask us about Travel Add-On Plans

. You can take your SaskTel wireless device almost anywhere in the world. We want to make it simple and easy for you to understand what your charges will be, and how you can save money.

© 2014 Samsung Electronics Canada Inc. All rights reserved. Samsung is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Canada Inc., and Samsung Galaxy S4 is a trademark of Samsung Electronics Canada Inc. and/or its related entities, used with permission.

Canadian Digital Network is in the business of digital signage. Our goal is to revolutionize the digital billboard industry through a shared business model. CDN has support from the business community with 125 stakeholders in the network who have invested in the company’s vision. CDN brings together sign owners, landowners, investors and businesses under a model that is based on accountability, integrity and transparency while providing a strategic advantage for those within the network. CDN’s products include out-door digital billboards and in-venue digital signage. We guarantee our clientèle a minimum daily message, providing a clear cost per message. CDN is proud to be partnering with the

Credit Union Centre & TCU Places as their indoor and outdoor digital advertising partners. Credit Union Centre already has extensive in venue digital coverage with TCU place coming online in spring of 2014. CDN also provides in-venue systems and advertising support to Affinity Place in Estevan. Each venue is a flexible and dynamic medium for advertisers to promote their business. President & CEO James McDonnell and Vice President Bev Dubois are leading the growth and expansion of CDN in Saskatchewan and beyond. They welcome land owners, sign owners and advertisers to learn more about the business opportunity that the company has brought to this province. Canadian Digital Network has an exceptional sales team who services clients with professionalism, expertise and enthusiasm. CDN is proud to be a part of Saskatchewan’s growth, bringing new and dynamic opportunities for advertisers.

You’ll get a roaming notification text message every time you enter a different country to let you know the retail roaming rates for the area you’re in.



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GDI aboriginal apprenticeship program a remarkable success By James Oloo

Dalbert Campeau, student at GDI (supplied photo)

The August 2011 issue of the Business View featured an article by Lisa Wilson titled ‘GDI Apprenticeship Initiative - linking Aboriginal apprentices with Saskatchewan employers.’ The article was about the recently announced project to improve Aboriginal participation in apprenticeship in Saskatchewan. As the project winds down, we would like to provide an overview of the journey to date. Gabriel Dumont Institute Training and Employment is one of 79 holders of the Aboriginal Skills and Partnership Fund (SPF) across Canada. SPF is a three year $2.1 million demand-driven, partnership-based federal program that funds projects contributing to skills



training for Aboriginal workers. The Initiative was started at Gabriel Dumont Institute following an agreement between Employment and Skills Development Canada and Gabriel Dumont Institute Training and Employment. Gabriel Dumont Institute Training and Employment administers the fund in the form of GDI Aboriginal Apprenticeship Initiative. The goals of the Initiative included having 120 Aboriginal apprentices indentured with the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trades Certification Commission, and partnerships with at least 60 individual companies in 17 different industries by January 31, 2014. GDI Aboriginal Apprenticeship

Initiative met and or exceeded all the targets as laid out in the agreement between Gabriel Dumont Institute and Employment and Skills Development Canada. Article continued next page

Valine Gaudet, GDI Student (supplied photo)

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Joselyn Britton, student at GDI (supplied photo) Continued from previous page

Plumbing and Heating. Ms. Reinhardt noted that “Saskatchewan’s economic boom has made it harder to attract and retain skilled employees. But thanks to Gabriel Dumont Institute, we have hired dedicated and very hardworking (Aboriginal) apprentices.” Gabriel Dumont Institute Vice Chair Glenn Lafleur states that “Saskatchewan economy is in great shape and Gabriel Dumont Institute is responding to the demand for skilled workers. Gabriel Dumont Institute has increased the number of registered Aboriginal apprentices in Saskatchewan by 145 or over 11% in three years.” The work of Gabriel Dumont Institute benefits both individuals and Saskatchewan in general. Take the example of Valerie Deschambeault. Before Valerie came to Gabriel Dumont Institute, the single mother was on social welfare and living a life of poverty. But with support from Gabriel Dumont Institute, she was able to earn a Diploma in Addictions Counselling from SIAST and is today the Mayor of Cumberland House, Sask. For more stories about how the Gabriel Dumont Institute is changing lives of Métis people please visit programs-and-courses/success-stories/ The Gabriel Dumont Institute is a Metis-owned organization that operates as a parent company to offer programs through Saskatchewan Urban Native Teacher Education Program (SUNTEP), Dumont Technical Institute, Gabriel Dumont College, Gabriel Dumont Institute Training and Employment, and GDI Publishing. For more information please contact Gabriel Dumont Institute Toll Free 1-877-4886888, @gdins_org, or www.

Partly because of this success, the SPF plumber with Reinhardt Plumbing and agreement was amended in October Heating in Regina and has plans of 2013. Under the new agreement, Gabriel getting his journeyperson certification. Dumont Institute got additional $500,000 Gabriel Dumont Institute Director Lisa in funding and is expected to have at least Wilson points out that “GDI Aboriginal 140 indentured apprentices by March 31, Apprenticeship Initiative is one of the 2014. To date, Gabriel Dumont Institute most successful programs in terms of has 145 indentured Aboriginal apprentices meeting its targets, and this could not and has met and or exceeded all the new have been possible without the partnership targets, all before the program end date. and support of employers.” One of the Gabriel Dumont Institute has entered employer partners is Patty Reinhardt, into partnerships with 264 companies in co-owner of the Regina-based Reinhardt Saskatchewan including those that have offered placements for its Aboriginal our clients and those who have not yet, but are willing to do so in the future. A total of 220 Aboriginal clients have been placed with employers to date. More than just numbers, these are individuals such as Robert Parrell, a 45 year old Métis who lost his job in 2012 after more than 20 years as a production technician in the Saskatchewan film and television industry. Parrell is now Year II apprentice Lyndon MacDonald student at GDI (supplied photo)




Julian Ovens

Gabruch Legal Group

BHP Billiton


Chamber Involvement: Board of Directors, Audit/Finance Committee, and Government Affairs Committee. Other Organizations: Have been a member on several local and provincial boards and a national board, including roles as secretary and chairperson. Strengths I can Contribute: As a business owner in Saskatoon with roots in the farm community surrounding it, as a past federal election candidate and someone heavily involved in politics, as a past member of the University Senate, and as a volunteer and active community citizen, I reach many different people in Saskatoon and am able to gain insight and translate it into multifaceted contributions to discussions, goals, and prospects. My favorite Thing about Saskatoon is: It is our home. My wife, daughter, and I value all of its amenities. Why the Chamber Board? My wife and I have invested in Saskatoon and are raising our family here while continuing to do business here. As small business owners, the Chamber is an invaluable tool for ensuring that the pro-business progressive message continues to be expressed. It is critical for the Chamber to work with all levels of government to ensure that we, as business leaders, are able to continue to operate successfully with the ultimate goals of contributing to our communities in many ways. I am unafraid of having an opinion and I believe I can assist in advancing the Chamber’s message.

Karl Miller President

Meridian Development Corp

Chamber Involvement: Board of Directors and Audit & Finance Committee. Other Organizations: Broadway 360 Board Member. Strengths I can Contribute: Extensive knowledge of the Real Estate Development Community in Saskatoon, This includes residential, commercial and institutional experience. We also employ a diverse workforce of New Immigrants and First Nations people, along with Canadian Citizens from many provinces and territories, giving us a unique perspective through the eyes of many diverse cultures. My favorite Thing about Saskatoon is: The amazing generosity of the people in Saskatoon. People are always willing to help and offer advice and guidance, giving Saskatoon that small town feeling within a rapidly growing and vibrant city. I have travelled to many countries around the world and Saskatoon is one of the finest cities, in my opinion, in the world and is my home. Why the Chamber Board? Saskatoon is currently an exciting and growing community with so many possibilities. I would be honored to be a part of a very successful Chamber Board that promotes Saskatoon in such a positive way.

Jason Yochim Executive Officer

Saskatoon Region Association of REALTORS®

Chamber Involvement: Board of Directors, Government Affairs Committee, and Celebrate Success! Committee Co-Chair. Other Organizations: Combined Business Group, and Saskatoon Full Gospel Church Director. Strengths I can Contribute: Board and committee experience. My favorite Thing about Saskatoon is: Saskatoon has been a great place for my personal career development and a positive place to raise my three children. A growing economy makes Saskatoon an ideal place for capital investment in business as well as commercial and residential real estate. Why the Chamber Board? The Chamber has enjoyed strong leadership for many years with success in representing and advocating for a business friendly climate. Now that growth is upon our city, it is a key time to be involved with the chamber to ensure continued growth and prosperity that benefits all residents.



Senior Manager, Business Development Chamber Involvement: Chamber Member. Other Organizations: Enomaus South Lambeth Former Vice Chair and Trustee (homeless and business charity in London) and formerly on the Ottawa R.C. School Board. Strengths I can Contribute: International mining industry including potash and outbound logistics; strategy, business development, finance, commercial and contracts experience; and political background. My favorite Thing about Saskatoon is: Increasing diversity and positive outlook of its friendly people. Why the Chamber Board? To deepen my connections to Saskatoon and its business community during an important period of growth for the city.

Bill Cooper

Manager, Public Relations


Chamber Involvement: Chamber Member. Other Organizations: Member of the Saskatchewan Mining Association (SMA) Public Awareness Committee, PotashCorp United Way committee, active in church and community organizations. Strengths I can Contribute: As a former Chief of Staff in the Provincial Government serving in the Energy and Resources, Enterprise and Municipal Affairs portfolios, combined with my current work experience at PotashCorp, I have gained extensive knowledge on how public policy develops, and its impact on business, and our community. My favorite Thing about Saskatoon is: Saskatoon is a vibrant, growing community and a great place to for my wife and I to raise our two young daughters. Why the Chamber Board? I want the Chamber to continue to be a strong voice for business. Business’s greatest challenges ultimately are attitudes. It’s important for the Chamber to engage not only government, but also the public with new ideas. We need to demonstrate business isn’t a problem, it’s a solution. I’d like to work toward this on your Board.

Michael Chudoba VP of Marketing

Innovative Residential

Chamber Involvement: Government Affairs Committee Chair and Going Global Committee. Other Organizations: NSBA Economic Development Committee, Yellowhead Northern Gateway Committee and SRAR Government Affairs Committee. Strengths I can Contribute: Member of executive management team for one of Saskatoon's largest real estate development companies. Knowledge and experience in marketing, sales, customer service as well as private sector and community engagement and partnership development. My favorite Thing about Saskatoon is: The opportunities and the way the people and entire community welcomes and supports new comers in their efforts to settle in Saskatoon so their family can build a life here. Why the Chamber Board? I have been an active member of the Chamber for years and support the Chamber's efforts, goals and vision for Saskatoon. It would be a privilege to continue lending my support so that we can help our community.

Silvia Martini

Tanya Knight

Interlink Research Inc.


Vice President, Strategy & Market Development Chamber Involvement: Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Governance Committee Chair, and Health Opportunities Committee. Other Organizations: SaskWater (Crown Corporation) Board Member and Governance Committee, Mentor - The Betty-Ann Womentorship Program-Edwards School of Business, and The Princess Shop Past-President /Governance Committee Chair/Founding Board Member. Strengths I can Contribute: High functioning board governance, extensive business, and economic development experience. Integrity, passion and innovative thinking support my leadership, strategy and business development strengths. My favorite Thing about Saskatoon is: An inherent character about Saskatoonians inspires me – a courage and tenacity, ingenuity and creativity. There is an ideal that prevails of Saskatoon as a vibrant, multi-faceted, sustainably healthy community to live, work and play; one wherein we enjoy a sense of place that respects, thrives, encourages and enables respective and healthy success. Why the Chamber Board? The Chamber’s values resonate for me; I hold them to be true and meaningful. They support business vibrancy and community success as cultural imperatives. These are realized not by chance, but by effective design and leadership. We can be proud, but never complacent. I welcome the opportunity to serve you in a 2nd term, and to continue our important work.

Peggy Koenig President / CEO

Koenig & Associates

Chamber Involvement: Chamber Member. Other Organizations: TCU Place Board of Directors Chair, Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan, and substantial experience on boards at national, provincial, and local levels, both as Board member and on the executive. Strengths I can Contribute: Experience in governance, organizational effectiveness, human resources, and labour market intelligence; understanding and first-hand experience and perspective as a business owner and entrepreneur. My favorite Thing about Saskatoon is: The vibrancy of Saskatoon never fails to impress me. There is energy in this city that extends across politicians, volunteers, students, employees, and business owners resulting in a business community that is resilient and supportive of one another. Why the Chamber Board? Over for the past 20 years, have been a solutionprovider to business, addressing changing economic conditions, government policies, and labour market shortages. The Chamber Board is an opportunity to contribute my insight and experience to the wider business community to support entrepreneurs, healthy business, and vibrant community.

Kristy Rempel Donor Services Manager

Saskatoon Community Foundation

Chamber Involvement: Board of Directors, Membership Committee Co-Chair, and Governance Committee. Other Organizations: Various fundraising committees, but currently dedicated only to the Chamber of Commerce Board. Strengths I can Contribute: Extensive knowledge in the community enterprise sector allows me to represent the interests of non-profits and the charitable sector in Saskatoon. My favorite Thing about Saskatoon is: The unique culture here – we manage to remain a very close knit community while still welcoming growth and diversity. Big city with a small town feel. Why the Chamber Board? The mandate of the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce aligns very closely with my own beliefs. I take great pride in helping others achieve success and am proud to participate in making Saskatoon the best place in which to live and work.

Regional Managing Partner Chamber Involvement: Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and Government Affairs Committee. Other Organizations: Saskatoon Community Foundation Audit Committee and Institute of Chartered Accountants of Saskatchewan Professional Conduct Committee. Strengths I can Contribute: Strong accounting and business background; strong leadership skills; and a mildly warped sense of humour. My favorite Thing about Saskatoon is: All of the options!! Saskatoon has the big city amenities with the friendly rural feel. This is a great place to do business and a great place to raise my family. Why the Chamber Board? The business community was so welcoming to me when we moved to the City that I feel like this is a way for me to contribute back. I am passionate about business and the role that the Chamber can play in being the voice of business, and I am proud to be a part of this Organization.

Gavin Preston Investment Manager

Golden Opportunities Fund Inc.

Chamber Involvement: Chamber Member. Other Organizations: Western Building Centres Board of Directors, CFA Society of Saskatchewan Board of Directors, and Connections Counseling and Consulting Foundation former Board of Directors. Strengths I can Contribute: I have a broad base of skills and knowledge that I acquired while working in the financial sector. In my current job I work with a number of different small to mid-sized businesses we have acquired from previous owners or financed their growth. My favorite Thing about Saskatoon is: The people I have met in Saskatoon. Saskatoon, as well as the entire Province, has a great number of hard-working entrepreneurs who embody the spirit of free markets and business. At the same time, the people of Saskatoon are charitable, friendly, and have welcomed my family into our community. I admire the combination of dedication to work and business and generosity and heart that I have seen in many of the people I have met in Saskatoon. Why the Chamber Board? I came to Saskatoon in November, 2011 and have come to appreciate the potential of this City’s business community. There are numerous entrepreneurs, innovators, and artists in Saskatoon that with the right institutions, information, and resources will profit from their passion and craft and thereby be the driving force of the City’s prosperity. Based on my current employment and past experience, I believe I can contribute good ideas and perspective to the Board of Directors and Chamber.

Brian Skanderbeg

Senior Vice President and Chief Operation Officer

Claude Resources Inc.

Chamber Involvement: Chamber Member. Other Organizations: Exposure to corporate governance via my Vice President Exploration and Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer roles with Claude Resources. Reporting to the Board of Directors monthly on all operational, human resources and communications issues. Strengths I can Contribute: Executive level experience in the mining and mineral exploration sector including all aspects of operations, equity and/or debt financing, human resources, corporate communication & strategic planning. My favorite Thing about Saskatoon is: Saskatoon has a small town feel yet offers great professional and personal opportunity. Great for families and great for business. Why the Chamber Board? I believe Saskatoon and our Province has a great platform to support continued growth and prosperity and see the Chamber of Commerce Board as playing a key role in fostering relationships and supporting business development.



CHAMBER VOLUNTEER COMMITTEES COMMITTEE CHAIRS Aboriginal Opportunities Chris Sicotte - Affinity Credit Union

Meetings: 1st Tuesday of the month - 9:00-10:30 am

Agribusiness Opportunities Bert Sutherland - Loran Forer - BMO

Meetings: 2nd Monday of the month - 3:30-5:00 pm

Business Growth Elise Hildebrandt - The Mortgage Centre

Meetings: Last Tuesday of the month - 8:00 am

Business of Science & Technology Sanj Singh - AdeTheraputics Inc. Meetings: TBA

Celebrate Success! Lynn Nastiuk - Sask. Health Research Foundation Jason Yochim Saskatoon Region Association of REALTORS® Meetings: Depending on need - closer to event

Environmental Sustainability Colleen Yates - Equinox3 Consulting Ltd.

Meetings: Last Monday of the month - 3:30-5:00 pm

Going Global Ken Ziegler - Robertson Stromberg Pedersen LLP Monica Kreuger - Global Infobrokers Meetings: Last Thursday of the month - 3:30-5:00 pm

Government Affairs Michael Chudoba - Innovative Residential

Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of the month - 4:00-5:30 pm

Health Opportunities Dave Dutchak - MD Ambulance Care Ltd. Debby Criddle - Synergos Capital Management Inc.

The Aboriginal Opportunities Committee has recently undergone a Strategic Planning session to establish a unified plan the coming years. The committee has been working hard to foster relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal businesses in the Saskatoon area. Business Growth Committee “Shaken with a Twist” continues to interview predominant women in the Saskatoon business community. Come join us for a cocktail and appetizers at Cut Casual Steak and Tap. The committee will host guest speaker Chantel Hounjet of Fresh Living April 24th and Tamara Bowman of Metric Design, May 8th. Celebrate Success! Committee One of Saskatchewan’s biggest awards ceremonies, the 2014 SABEX Awards Gala is fast approaching! The Celebrate Success! Committee is busy planning another great event for May 15th. Please visit www. to purchase tickets. Government Affairs Committee The Government Affairs Committee stimulates government at all levels to establish approaches that offer clear competitive advantages for business in the Saskatoon area in order to accelerate business activity in our region. Knowledge & Youth Committee The Knowledge & Youth Committee is pleased to welcome, Jeff Wandzura, as the new committee Chair. The committee has been working on a number of ventures which include crowd funding initiatives and “Bridging the Gap” between new young professionals and experienced professionals in the business community.

Meetings: TBA

Membership Development Committee

Knowledge & Youth Development Jeff Wandzura - Phenomenome Discoveries

Come join us for a cocktail and appetizers at Hudson’s on the first Wednesday of every month to listen to local successful business professionals talk about the trials and successes of starting and growing a business right here in Saskatoon!

Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of the month - 5:00 pm

Membership Development Evan Drisner - Nu-Fab Building Products Kristy Rempel - Saskatoon Community Foundation Meetings: 2nd Thursday of the month - 11:45-1:30 pm

More information available online at under Committees.


Aboriginal Opportunities Committee


Business View Article Correction In our cover story last issue, we incorrectly referred to Ken Hunter, founder of Hunter’s Bowling, as Allison Hunter’s father. The article should have referred to him as her grandfather. We apologize for the mistake.

For membership information contact Derek Crang

(306) 664-0702 Visit today under Member Services for more details

New Members

Arbutus Meadows Partnership Home Builders / Renovations PO Box 39072, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 955-1554 Milton Castelino / Valerie Sundahl

Final Draft Co. Ltd. Consultants 116 103rd St E, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 477-5954 Brett Johnson

AutoLogics Repair Automobile - Parts / Repair / Maintenance 1633 Idylwyld Dr N, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 249-1938 Scott Summach

Fourth Avenue Vision Centre Eye Care Services / Supplies AND Health Care - Services / Supplies 102-1114 22nd St W, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 242-6424 Dave Dunkley

Christensen, Colleen Individual Members Phone: (306) 227-1333

Graycon Group Computers - Sales / Services / Supplies AND Consultants - Computer AND Technology 2312 Arlington Ave, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 955-7800 Lowell Irvine

Cornerstone Insurance Services Ltd. Insurance Companies / Agents 1-598 15th St E, Prince Albert Phone: (306) 763-8635 Lindsey Weber Costco Wholesale Inc. Retail AND Wholesale 115 Marquis Dr, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 933-4262 Diana Hildebrandt / Kevin Slobodian CP Technical Services Ltd. Home-Based Business Phone: (306) 931-2823 Bob McAmmond CUT Casual Steak & Tap Restaurants AND Night Clubs / Lounges 416 21st St E, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 954-4222 Darren Anderson DCG Philanthropic Services Inc Consultants 130 Bonli Cres, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 227-5418 Don Gorsalitz Events Edge Entertainment Entertainment / Attractions AND Home-Based Business Phone: (306) 384-9194 Debbie Sargeant FASD Support Network of Saskatchewan Non-Profit Organizations 510 Cynthia St, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 975-0884 Leslie Allen

Maharaj, Jay Individual Members Phone: (306) 979-8476 Meldrum, Kevin Individual Members Phone: (306) 500-3891 Move N Soar Health & Fitness 2325 Preston Ave, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 934-MOVE Yuki Miyaoka Block Nature Conservancy of Canada Associations / Clubs / Organizations 700-1777 Victoria Ave, Regina Phone: (306) 347-0447 Carmen Leibel

Greenline Electric Inc. Electrical Contractors / Equipment / Services Phone: (306) 281-4781 Shaun Fehr

Original Joes 8th Street Restaurants 1515 8th St E, Unit A, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 979-0718 Curtis Peet

High Arc Electrical Electrical Contractors / Equipment / Services AND Home-Based Business Phone: (306) 251-1477 Derrick Popplewell

Pure Zen Cleaning Solutions Home-Based Business Phone: (306) 612-2420 Elissa Brescian

ISIS Health Informatics Health Care - Services / Supplies 224-111 Research Dr, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 653-4230 Guy Paterson JB Performance Training Ltd. Health & Fitness 136-103 Marquis Crt, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 717-3490 Brad Posehn KSP Technology Inc. Computers - Sales / Services / Supplies AND Consultants - Computer 101-2825 Saskatchewan Dr, Regina Phone: (306) 352-4577 Kevin Pare / Greg Reid L & L Transport Ltd. Transportation Industry 411B 48th St E, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 221-4705 Lorand Schwarczkopf

Sphere Management Group Consultants 243 Robin Cres, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 343-1795 Doris Fox Taylor, Tanis R. Individual Members Phone: (306) 222-9632 Transform Business Solutions Inc. Business Services AND Consultants Employment / Training 24 Dunning Cres. Saskatoon Phone: (306) 371-1533 Larry Flowers Western Premium Property Management Inc. Property Management 720 2nd Ave N, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 382-2556 Sharon Moormann



What’s the problem here?

The real problem here is too many people in Saskatchewan are getting hurt on the job. We have the second worst workplace injury rate in all of Canada. What are YOU doing to prevent injuries and stay safe where you work? Zero injuries. Zero fatalities. Zero suffering.

Did you spot all the hazards in this picture? Go to:

Profile for Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce

BusinessView Saskatoon April May 2014  

VWAG and the Wyant Brothers

BusinessView Saskatoon April May 2014  

VWAG and the Wyant Brothers

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