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April/May 2012



Saskatoon Boiler Mfg.Co Ltd. A long history of quality and customer service with the “Saskatoon” name

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Safety is job one.

Sifto Salt, Unity

Work-related injuries don’t just hurt the injured. They hurt everyone. Taking the time to identify and minimize risks in the workplace will prevent injuries. Together we can show the world that Saskatchewan is a leader in injury prevention. Together we can achieve Mission: Zero.

Zero injuries. Zero fatalities. Zero suffering.

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President’s View


Saskatoon Boiler Mfg. Co. Ltd

New Chamber of Commerce President Christian Braid

A long history of quality and customer service with the “Saskatoon” name

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Entrepreneurs to benefit from U of S initiatives

Tourism Saskatoon Tourism Saskatoon is not just for visitors

One of Saskatoon Boiler Mfg. Co. Ltd’s state-of-the-art units - Image by Grant Romancia

BUSINESS View­is a bimonthly publication of the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce 104-202 4th Avenue North, Saskatoon, SK S7K 0K1 Phone: (306) 244-2151 Fax: (306) 244-8366 Email: Website: Twitter: @stoonchamber SaskatoonConnected: Reproduction of any material contained in Business View is permitted provided credit is given to the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce. Articles and criticisms are invited, but views expressed in Business View are those of contributors and are not necessarily endorsed by, or are policy of, the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce. We encourage you to support the business leaders whose names and products you see advertised in this issue as well as throughout our entire membership. The Board reserves the right to edit submissions.

BUSINESS View­ April/May 2012

The Chamber

Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce Building the Best Business Climate in Canada, Thereby Creating a City of Opportunity

Cover image by Grant Romancia STAFF Kent Smith-Windsor, Executive Director Derek Crang, Membership & Marketing Director Terry Lawrence, Administration Roz Macala, Executive Secretary Breanne Lishchynsky, Director of Operations Linda Saunders, Bookkeeper Kevin Meldrum, Director of Communications




t wasn’t long ago that a good friend of mine politely suggested I turn off the lights when I finally decide to leave Saskatchewan. Graduating from the College of Commerce in 2005, the exodus of our province’s finest young minds was in full swing. I said goodbye to some great people hoping that one day this province would realize its potential. Thankfully a few of us stayed back to keep the lights on. This light now attracts some of the best and brightest from around the world. In the last five years Saskatchewan has gradually experienced an inflow of residents far exceeding those leaving. According to Statistics Canada there are more than one million residents now living in the province, a first since 1986 and a strong indication we’re moving in the right direction. The jump in population is mainly the result of a wave of immigration and a spike in interprovincial migration. What’s even more exciting is that now more then ever, grads are choosing to stay in the province after receiving their degrees. The U of S recently stated that as many as three quarters of its grads are staying in the province. The recent growth in the economy is now providing more opportunities for graduates to create successful careers here. The retention and engagement of youth in this economy will give Saskatchewan an edge in the future. So are youth the answer to reaching our potential? Not entirely but they can play a key role if granted such an opportunity. Youth bring a sense of energy and spontaneity,

pair that with proper mentorship and it can have an astounding effect. Let’s face it, in the 80’s when interest rates were extremely high, it was innovative, hard working trail blazers who kept our economy moving. Their efforts have ensured that youth would have the opportunities they have in today’s economy. And it’s up to the youth of today to learn from those before us. PRESIDENT In my opinion, the youth of Christian Braid Saskatchewan have an opportunity to succeed for two reasons. First we have a diverse economy which spans a variety of areas including mining, agriculture, and exports. As Premier Wall has stated “we have what the world needs”. Secondly we have a large group of highly successful individuals who are willing to spend the time necessary to mentor our youth. The success of our youth can be attributed in large part to the people who have taken the time to share advice, guidance, and support in a completely informal process; usually over a coffee. The level of commitment to mentoring youth is something we as a city take for granted. A humble passion to learn and succeed paired with the guidance of those who have succeeded before us, is what will ensure that youth President’s View continued on page 19

2012-13 Board of Directors Barry Berglund CTV

Debby Criddle Synergos Management

Silvia Martini Interlink Research Inc.

Shawna Nelson Sheraton Cavalier Hotel

Evan Drisner Nu-Fab - Kitchen Craft Cabinetry

Sanj Singh AdeTherapeutics Inc.

Rhonda Speiss PotashCorp Gerry Bonsal SIAST Kelsey Campus

Tanya Knight MNP LLP Randell Morris Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies Kristy Rempel Children’s Wish Foundation

President: Christian Braid Braid Flooring & Window Fashion


1st Vice-President: Troy Davies M.D. Ambulance Care Ltd.

2nd Vice-President: Tracy Arno Essence Recruitment

Past-President: Monica Kreuger Global Infobrokers Inc.

Executive: Tony Van Burgsteden AREVA Resources Canada Inc.

April/May 2012

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Saskatoon Boiler Mfg Co. Ltd

A long history of quality and customer service with the “Saskatoon” name loyal customer, having purchased four boilers from us over the past ten years, and is an example of the developing vibrancy of Saskatchewan industry, by Saskatchewan people”. He added, “this boiler has the latest in gas burner design, meets all emission standards and has a cutting edge computer controlled firing system”. The company has a long history in Saskatoon, dating back to when the firm was established in 1914, under the name of SASKATOON WELDING COMPANY, and operated as a welding repair and machine shop until the early 1940’s. when manufacturing started to play a role in its operations. The firm was widely known as being very progressive for its time. It obtained the second electric welder brought into Saskatchewan, the first portable electric welder in the province, and was the first to include Saskatoon Boiler has operated using the name a machine shop in its welding operations. This of the city since 1914. Image: Grant Romancia progressive philosophy has been maintained in its ASKATOON BOILER MFG. CO. present day operations, keeping the LTD. is a locally owned, 100% development of its products up to date Canadian company. It is one of the with the times. No competitor can offer few remaining small independent anything in the Company’s market, that manufacturers in the city offering a the Company cannot do equally as well. proprietary and complicated piece of The Company has a history of equipment under its own brand name steady growth and expansions are kept “SASKATOON” Boilers. within the financial and managerial The boiler on the cover, built to capabilities, always maintaining a solid supply steam for the ethanol production financial base. The Company presently process, has been delivered to North employs approximately 50 people, West Bio Energy Ethanol Plant at Unity, illustrating its growth over the years. Saskatchewan. It is the next-to-largest The company was incorporated in 1956 size ever manufactured by Saskatoon to reflect its endeavors. Boiler and has a rating of 35,000,000 “SASKATOON” Boilers are BTU/hour of 200 psi steam. readily accepted in a wide variety of Ray Graves, President, said “The installations, ranging from oil and gas North West group have been a very plants, manufacturing firms, hospitals


BUSINESS View­ April/May 2012

and schools. The boilers have an excellent reputation for reliability — a reputation the Company backs up with excellent service and attention. “We had a customer of ours in Estevan who needed a part for their boiler at three o’clock in the morning,” says Graves. “He phoned the manager of our Weyburn office who woke up and opened the shop just to get him a $15 part which, without it, would have brought his whole operation to a halt. This is an example of customer service which keeps a customer for life.” The Company occupies a unique position in its market place as the products, especially boilers, command a premium price due to their reputation built up over the years for quality and service. They take advantage of being small and nimble, and decisions can be made quickly and customer service and attention can be on a higher level than is possible when compared to a “giant” in the industry. The Company has successfully combined re-sale items with its manufactured products. Customers who do not have an immediate need for the Company’s manufactured product are able to purchase re-sale items — thus allowing them to establish a reputation with these customers. When the customer eventually does need a manufactured product, a comfortable relationship has already been established. The Company handles all its own sales within Saskatchewan and Alberta, and has distributors and service depots located in other major cities in Canada. “One of my disappointments during my career,” Graves says, “is that Saskatoon manufacturers have not used the city’s name as their brand name. We feel we have gained so many benefits from the Saskatoon name outside of Saskatchewan and each boiler exported out of Saskatoon promotes our City and this has happened over 5,000 times since 1956. There are customers from Saudi Arabia to Siberia that recognize Saskatoon’s name.” For more information on Saskatoon Boiler, visit


TCU Financial Group is a local business proudly working with local businesses - like I&M Welding & Fabrication Ltd.

“I left my last financial institution because they were inflexible in dealing with my line of credit.”

Michael E. Tumbach - I & M Welding & Fabricating Ltd.

“I moved my commercial banking business to TCU Financial Group because they tailored their commercial banking solution to meet my small business needs. I continue to deal with them because of the personal touch, tailored solutions and the fact that I trust them.” TCU has made a commitment to helping proprietors, professionals, partners and small business owners achieve commercial success with practical financial business solutions. Our TCU Business Services Team is a group of experts ready to provide you with financial solutions for your unique business situation - like we have done for Michael and his team. Visit us in-person or call to make an appointment with one of our Business Services Team representatives for a stress-free and informative consultation.

2311 Arlington Avenue | 307 Ludlow Street


Phone: 306.651.6500 April/May 2012

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The Chamber welcomes new Board Members


n Tuesday, March 27th, the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce held its Annual General Meeting at the Sheraton Cavalier. The new Chamber Board Members include Kristy Rempel of Children’s Wish Foundation, Tanya Knight of MNP LLP, and Silvia Martini of Interlink Research. The new President, Christian Braid of Braid Flooring and Window Fashions, was officially sworn in as the youngest President in our Chamber’s history at 31 years of age. Troy Davies of MD Ambulance was sworn in as 1st Vice-President, and Tracy Arno of Essence Recruitment the 2nd Vice President. Mayor Don Atchison performed the oath of duty to the new President and VP’s. The Board also welcomed Tony Van Burgsteden to the executive committee. Congratulations to everyone!

2nd Vice President Tracy Arno

Tanya Knight

BUSINESS View­ April/May 2012

President Christian Braid

1st Vice President Troy Davies

Silvia Martini

Kristy Rempel



Business retention and expansion conference trains economic developers by Tim Tororey


t is one of those questions that crosses the minds of economic developers. “How do I retain this business in this community?” Especially in these globally competitive economic times, the probability of a business closing shop or shipping out is very real. It is why economic development experts from across the world will converge on Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on June 18-21, 2012, to attend the Business Retention and Expansion International (BREI) Conference. The event will bring together business leaders, entrepreneurs and economic experts to learn and share ideas on how to build a better business environment. The conference theme is Action Reaction: Be the Catalyst for Change. Economic developers have long realized that though it is a major achievement when a new business moves into the community, retaining existing businesses and helping them

A new spin. The Edwards MBA new format. Check it out at


expand is equally as important in achieving the overall economic goals of a community. This conference is an opportunity for economic developers, community leaders, and business ambassadors to hear what works and what does not work, to explore Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) best practices and learn how to overcome challenges they may face as they implement their BRE programs. Many communities in Canada and worldwide have succeeded in their BRE initiatives and kept businesses in the community. However, some of them have made mistakes and seen their anchor business leave the community, which resulted in a domino effect that pulled down other business dependant on the anchor business. People leave, services are cut back and business suffers. This illustrates the importance of the conference. The event will feature a two-day training session for participants wishing to become BRE certified coordinators, a professional development session, keynote speakers, tourism opportunities both in and around Saskatoon, an awards banquet, and various other programs. The three main topics of discussion are: 1.Actionable strategies, which looks at how to encourage the local business community to remain strong in a global economy. 2. More with less: 306.966.8678 Ensuring long term viability,

which will cover how to get through the economic highs and lows. 3. Understanding the entrepreneur, will be a presentation on how to shift focus from the business to the entrepreneur. Some of the keynote speakers are: Stephen Dubner, (award winning author of Freakonomics), Daniel Isenberg - a Babson Global Professor of Management Practice and the founding executive director of the Babson Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project (BEEP), and Linda Nazareth, broadcaster and author of The Leisure Economy: How a Shift Away from the Work World Will Reshape Our Lives and Industries. The conference features an array of world-class expert speakers, networking opportunities, training sessions, sharing of best-practices, as well as professional and economic development tools pertinent to the rapidly changing and increasingly important field of economic development – particularly to the practice of business retention and expansion. The 2011 conference was held in Williamsburg, Virginia in May and the 2010 conference was New Orleans, LA. Enterprise Saskatchewan has been working to build a healthy local economy and an improved business climate as a major goal of its business retention and expansion program by helping communities identify the concerns and barriers to survival and growth facing local businesses. This conference will also bring recognition to the work that various agencies and organizations have accomplished here in Saskatchewan. These include Enterprise Saskatchewan, Enterprise Regions (ERs), Community Futures Development Corporations (CFDC’s), Chambers of Commerce, City Economic Development Officers, Saskatchewan Economic Development Association (SEDA), municipal leaders and other economic development bodies. The BREI Conference will be in Saskatoon June 18 – 21, 2012. Visit for more information.

April/May 2012

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Sound business ideas

Entrepreneurs to benefit from U of S initiatives


he University of Saskatchewan has a long track record of turning ideas and research into business success. This entrepreneurial spirit is best represented by the Industry Liaison Office (ILO) which recently announced two initiatives to further strengthen the university’s commercialization efforts. In February, the university appointed life sciences business veteran Michael Chubb as the 2012 Entrepreneur-in-Residence, a program that aims to create collaboration among businesses and the university. Chubb will work with the ILO and the College of Agriculture and Bioresources and the Western College of Veterinary Medicine to uncover and evaluate commercialization opportunities. “I‘m excited to be partnering with the university to work with researchers and students to commercialize their innovative technologies and to foster the entrepreneurial spirit,” said Chubb. A native of Saskatoon, with more than 15 years of international experience, including business development, marketing, sales, general management

Glen Schuler, ILO managing director

BUSINESS View­ April/May 2012

and consulting, Chubb currently leads Saskatoon-based Colostrum Company. “We are very happy Michael will be sharing his vast expertise and experience to help these colleges’ efforts to build a more entrepreneurial environment,” said Glen Schuler, ILO managing director. Also in February was the launch of the Tech Venture Challenge. Open to all members of the U of S community— faculty, staff, researchers, students and alumni—the competition will award the winner $50,000 to launch their technology-based business idea. In addition to the prize money, Schuler explained, Innovation Place will be offering the winner office space, parking and an internet connection for a year, while Deloitte and Touche will provide business mentoring. “This competition is not about building a business plan, it is about building a business,” Schuler said. “The finalists will have access to the expertise in the ILO and others from the university and business community to develop and refine their plans for a

business.” The application deadline for business ideas is April 27. In early May, the finalists will be announced. During the coming summer and early fall, the business plans will be developed and refined and the winner will be selected in October. “It’s a win-win situation for all of the finalists. Each get training and education on business fundamentals and will learn how to develop and pitch their ideas to potential investors,” he said. “Our hope is that each of the finalists, in addition to the winner, will also get the tools and expertise to start their companies.” For more information on the Tech Venture Challenge visit www. and search tech venture.

This competition is not about building a business plan, it is about building a business.

Entrepreneur-in-Residence Michael Chubb



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Meet Jeff Rask and Andrea Hansen, the Chamber’s Group Insurance Plan representatives Canada’s #1 plan for employee benefits Andrea Hansen is a partner at Sutton Financial Group and is proud to be associated with the Greater Saskatoon Chamber as a leading representative of the Chambers Group Insurance Plan®. She specializes in group benefits and is well acquainted with the Saskatoon business market. Her career began with one of Canada’s major group insurance companies and then transitioned to private business, consulting with local companies. With over a decade of experience and Andrea Hansen a Bachelor of Commerce degree with distinction, Group Benefits Associate (GBA) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) certifications, Andrea is well qualified in the benefits industry. She has experienced a demand in our competitive business environment and has added to her certifications to provide a

more dynamic solution to her clients and enhance their benefits program. She is a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Certified Practitioner which provides clients an opportunity to engage in team building and employee development. In addition, Andrea is an accredited MERIT™ Trainer associated with Logia Consulting Inc. providing character-based development programs for organizations. Andrea values community involvement and inspiring others to reach their full potential. In addition to her involvement with the Greater Saskatoon Chamber, she is an active member of the Business and Professional Women’s Club of Saskatoon, recently co-chairing the Leadership Luncheon and the ATHENA Awards® Program. Her accomplishments have been recognized by various awards, including a nomination for the YWCA Women of Distinction Awards in 2005, the Saskatchewan Young Professional Award presented by SYPE in 2006 and the ATHENA® Young Professional Leadership Award in 2009.

Jeff Rask is the founding partner of Jeff Rask & Associates Financial Services Inc. and has been in the financial industry since 2004. Jeff was born and raised in Shellbrook and spent the past 6 years building his business in the Tisdale area. Jeff has been very involved with the Chamber in Tisdale and served as President for the last 2 years. In mid-2011, Jeff made a move to expand and opened a second office location in Saskatoon. Already an expert with group benefits, he quickly Jeff Rask became a representative for the Chambers Group Insurance Plan® for the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce. Working in the industry, Jeff and his team have become very familiar with group benefits, and continue to specialize in this area. Jeff is active not only in the business community locally, but nationally as well. He sits on the Sales Force Council with Sun Life Financial and attends numerous Chamber events. Out of the office, Jeff and his wife, Terri-Lynn, have three boys who keep them busy with all of their extracurricular

activities. In the winter months they love playing hockey and spending most of their free time watching them play at the hockey rink in Saskatoon. Working with Jeff, you will be pleased by the amount of professionalism and knowledge him and his team provides.


Sponsored by over 900 Chambers across Canada, see why more than 25,000 firms have chosen the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan! For more information, visit April/May 2012

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a boost.

We’re working hard to exceed your expectations! SaskTel continues to enhance and expand the 4G network to meet our customers’ needs. With these ongoing enhancements, call drops are under 1% and call completions are at 98%, exceeding targets.

Visit for complete details.


Bidding farewell as Chamber President


want to thank you for the opportunity to be 2011-2012 Chamber President. When I was being sworn in to uphold the duties of this position, I was unaware of the full range and depth of activities that the Chamber undertakes to fulfill our mission. I am humbled by the level of commitment our volunteers contribute and the genuine good work that is being done by our business community. I encourage you to look at the list of goals achieved in our AGM report but in particular, thank you to the board for the work they did developing a 21st Century vision for the chamber that will guide the chamber’s strategic planning process. Once ratified under this year’s board, it will help successive boards provide focused support to the Chamber membership and staff team with an eye on the future. As a peer group and your representatives, you were well served. Thank you Barry, Gerry, Debby, Evan, Lynn, Randell, Shawna, Sanj, Tony, and Rhonda for your work. Within the board there is a dedicated executive committee that works hard as a team to take our board’s direction and activate it on their behalf. Christian, Troy, Tracy and Brian are exceptionally creative, future thinking without forgetting about our roots, and able to work through issues with professionalism and humour. Thank you for enriching my experience and reminding me everyday of the reason our Chamber is so successful. And none of these activities could possibly take place

without a tremendous staff team led by our Executive Director, Kent Smith Windsor. Under his guidance, Breanne, Terry, Roz, Derek, Linda and Kevin support the work of the board and the 1800+ chamber members, up by almost 6% from last year which is an exceptional growth rate, with skill, passion and commitment. We are, without a doubt, the most amazing Chamber in the country. On behalf of the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of PAST PRESIDENT Commerce Board of 2011-2012, Monica Kreuger I thank the membership for their support, insight, questions, participation and attendance at the many events that the Chamber hosted. And I welcome the energy of our 2012-13 team led by Christian Braid. Chambers are built upon the needs of their members and their community. We have a stellar Chamber because of you! Monica Kreuger Past President, Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce.

Wondering where to find public-sector procurement opportunities? This service provides suppliers with FREE access to procurement opportunities. For more information visit our website today!

Saskatchewan Ministry of Government Services


April/May 2012

Purchasing Branch

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Pardon our progress...for the next 30 months


he time has arrived for the extensive expansion project to be underway at the Airport! Phase I of the extensive expansion is expected to be completed June of 2013. Stage II is expected to be completed in summer of 2014. The expansion is focused on enhancing the passenger travel experience and will include: • Expanded passenger waiting areas • Eight loading bridges – 3 ground load positions • Expanded food, beverage and retail amenities post-security • Increased seating post-security which incorporates comfortable seating areas, business stations, a fireplace and children’s play areas • A Business Lounge The expansion is funded through current airport revenues, including the airport improvement fee (AIF). A virtual tour of the expansion can be viewed online at www. If you think it’s getting busier as you travel in and out of the Saskatoon Airport, you’re right. 2011 was yet another banner year with 1,246,405 passengers - a 2.5% increase over 2010. Notably, eight of the twelve months in 2011 had over 100,000 travelers, a stark contrast to 2007 when there were no months reaching that level. In addition, 2012 started off with both January and February establishing new milestones. In January for the first time ever, traffic was over 120,000 passengers – up more than 7% from last January. In February, a new record was set for average daily passenger volumes at over 4,000 passengers per day! The growth is attributed to a strong winter charter program as well as twice weekly direct flights to Phoenix and Las Vegas.

Meet Progress Pete! Pete has joined the team at the Saskatoon Airport Authority (SAA) to assist us as we embark on our Terminal expansion. He apologizes for minor inconveniences you may experience during this expansion, but like us, Pete knows it will be worth it in the end.





Saskatoon Airport Authority

UNIGLOBE and United Airlines are working for you! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, Daily direct flights from Saskatoon to Chicago!

Ask About Our Flight Tracking Program!

consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed Business travel to the United States with UNIGLOBE Carefree Travel has just diam nonummy nibh euismod been made even easier! Experience direct daily flights with United Airlines from erat volutpat. Ut wisi enim ad Saskatoon to Chicago. Convenient connector flights available from O’Hare minim veniam, quis nostrud International Airport. We’ll streamline your travel so you can get there sooner. exerci tation ullamcorper Call for details. suscipit lobortis nisl ut aliquip ex Corporate Department Circle Drive & Quebec Avenue Phone: 934-3400 Out of Town? 1-866-470-2010

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Building Tomorrow’s Airport Today



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Tourism Saskatoon is not just for visitors by Alexandra Stang, Media Relations Co-ordinator - Tourism Saskatoon


t’s not about what the community offers tourism. It’s about what Tourism Saskatoon offers the community. Tourism Saskatoon is Greater Saskatoon’s destination management organization. It is a membership-based, non-profit visitor and convention bureau. It’s dedicated to ensuring every visitor – whether they are in town for business or pleasure – departs Saskatoon with great memories of our beautiful city. Visitor services are significant to Tourism Saskatoon’s operation. But people aren’t coming to the city to hang out in the visitor centre. They are coming to Saskatoon to visit family and friends, to attend a business conference, to participate in a sports event, or to go see their favourite band in concert. Saskatoon has a lot to offer. We have world-class sports centres, outstanding convention facilities, and entertaining attractions. Those of us who live and work here likely take these conveniences for granted. It’s up to us to show our beautiful city to the rest of the province, country and world. That might sound intimidating, but that’s where Tourism Saskatoon comes in. In September, Saskatoon will proudly welcome thousands of country music artists and fans for Canadian Country Music Week and the Canadian Country Music Awards.

Our city might have been on the Canadian Country Music Association’s (CCMA) radar when they were deciding where to host Country Music Week 2012. Or it might not have been. With the help of Tourism Saskatoon, through Conventions Saskatoon, a local bid committee made sure Saskatoon was top of mind when the CCMA made its final decision. The committee presented the CCMA with a carefully prepared bid highlighting the best the Bridge City has to offer. And they succeeded! Tourism Saskatoon has been involved with many major events that have been hosted in the city. The 2007 Juno Awards? Conventions Saskatoon was there, providing convention and event marketing assistance from the early stages of bidding to the final award of the night. The 2010 International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) World Junior Championship? Saskatoon Sports Tourism was behind that one, providing sporting event expertise from the bidding process to the final moments of the tournament. The bidding doesn’t stop with flashy big-ticket events. Tourism Saskatoon has helped with the bids for hundreds of professional conferences, from regional meetings to national conventions. Fifteen conferences with 400 or more delegates were hosted in Saskatoon in 2011. This year, 24 conferences of this calibre will be hosted in the city, including the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ 75th Annual Conference and Trade Show, which has a projected attendance of 2,700. If you or your organization is

interested in bidding for a convention or event for Saskatoon, know that Tourism Saskatoon is here to provide assistance. Whether it is a sports tournament, a business conference, or a national awards show – we can help. In addition to convention and events attraction, Tourism Saskatoon’s services include media relations, membership services and advocacy, as well as visitor information. Tourism Saskatoon is not just here for visitors – we’re here for you, too. About Conventions Saskatoon Conventions Saskatoon was created in 1999 to help secure conferences and events for the city. It is a working committee, comprised of 30 local industry partners, led by the conventions and event sales team at Tourism Saskatoon. Their services, offered complimentary, include preparing bids, providing site visits, and working with local associations and other organizations to build support for conventions to be hosted in Saskatoon. For more information, visit About Saskatoon Sports Tourism Saskatoon Sports Tourism was created to guide the attraction, retention and creation of sports tourism activities in Saskatoon. Incorporated by Tourism Saskatoon in 1999, Saskatoon Sports Tourism assists event organizers in locating local suppliers, sports venues, and hotel accommodations, and helps to increase local awareness and attendance at events. For more information, visit

Tourism Saskatoon is a membership-based, non-profit visitor and convention bureau, marketing Saskatoon and region as a destination of choice for leisure and business travel. Services include convention and events attraction, media relations, membership services and advocacy. Tourism Saskatoon holds Destination Marketing Accreditation by Destination Marketing Association International – one of only a few in Canada. For more information, visit

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22nd Annual Summit Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The Power of Partnerships Pacific NorthWest Economic Region (PNWER) Annual Summit Saskatoon, July 15-19, 2012 With a combined economy of more than $1 trillion, the Pacific NorthWest is one of the most important economic and trade regions in North America. PNWER is a public-private sector partnership that increases economic growth and trade between member states, provinces and territories. For the first time ever, Saskatchewan will host the annual PNWER summit. More than 500 delegates will discuss topics ranging from cross-border trade barriers, energy and agriculture to innovation and environmental policies. Join us to promote growth and network with public- and private-sector leaders. For more information or to register, visit

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The top four website ingredients to drive traffic and sales (Part 2)


his article is a continuation from the last Business View entry where the most important ingredients of a successful website were discussed. So in case you missed it, feel free to go back and take a look at the last issue. This month we’ll discuss easy tips that you can use on your own website to raise its ranking in search engines! #1: Be Easy To Find (continued) – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) If the only way people can find your website is entering the address they find on your business card, well you’ll have a ton of networking to do and even fewer visits to your website. Today there is a better way to get found called Search Engine Optimization! SEO is a range of techniques that are used to improve your websites ranking in search engine results and can be one of the most useful marketing strategies available today. As I’m sure you’ve found in your own home, few people use the phonebook these days. In fact, 70% of adults “rarely or never” use their phone book while 60% of them use the Internet to find contact information (Harris Interactive Survey 2011). So here are some easy to implement tips on how to increase your websites ranking in Search Engines that don’t cost anything and will increase the amount of calls your business receives! 1. First choose your main keywords for your business. Imagine yourself in your potential clients shoes and try to understand what words they would type into a search engine to find your business. They may be things like, “marketing Saskatoon, welding Warman, etc.” 2. Pick your main keyword for every page and focus on using that word in many places throughout it. Be careful though, if you use this word too many times you run the

possibility of the page losing importance, as it will confuse Search Engines. Essentially write for humans first, search engines second. 3. The placement of your primary keywords is also important. Make sure to have your main keywords included in not only your body content but also your headline and sub-headline. 4. Include keywords in images and URL of the website. When you have a picture on your website, make sure the file name has your keyword in it (ex: mykeyword. jpg). Also, it helps if your website address has your keywords in it (ex: 5. Creating links for other web pages to your website. This has been the trump card of getting your website to the top of search engines since the dawn of the Internet and is still one of the most important elements to SEO today. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a science in itself so it’s difficult to include everything but hopefully these tips will get you started. If you need any assistance with this please feel free to give me a call and I’ll walk you through it. Have a great month and be sure to check out next months article where I’ll give you tips on boosting your business with Social Media! Cheers and talk soon, Ryan S. Yedersberger Having trouble with your current website? Need someone to talk to regarding a website idea? Contact my team at Stealth Web Designs located on 8th Street East right here in beautiful Saskatoon.

Ryan S. Yedersberger Ryan is the creative director and co-founder of the interactive design agency Stealth Web Designs Inc. located on 8th Street East right here in Saskatoon, SK. He heads an ambitious team of 7 who together, have a mission of making the most successful business websites in Canada.

! y a d o T Call p) (306) 978-9018



Photography by Jennifer Miller


April/May 2012

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Irma Loewen has been named Canada’s CAREGiver of the year


ot only is Irma Loewen the 2011 CAREGiver of the Year for Saskatoon, she also picked up the award as top CAREGiver for all of Canada. Loewen was recognized for her commitment and service to the older adults who are local clients of Saskatoon Chamber member Home Instead Senior Care. “CAREGivers like Irma are the core of our business,” said local owner Karen Charyna. “Without dedicated CAREGivers, we couldn’t provide the superior quality of service to seniors that sets our company apart from others. CAREGivers are the foundation of Home Instead Senior Care and provide the support that helps older adults remain in their homes longer than they otherwise could.” “For the foreseeable future, there will be an increased demand for non-medical services for older adults,” said Charyna. “At the same time, Boomers are retiring and looking for a meaningful way to spend their time. What better way than to have young, energetic seniors provide care for the older generation. Irma exemplifies those active retirees who have decided to serve others in their next chapter of life.” Loewen was nominated by clients, their family members and the administrative staff. She was selected from the 60 CAREGivers in the Saskatoon office to receive the local CAREGiver of the Year award. For the national award, Irma was chosen from the nominees representing the 30 offices across Canada.

Thinking Forward: Taking your business to the level above the next level. At MNP, having a cup of coffee is a chance to sit down one-onone, exchange ideas and develop relationships. For more than 65 years, those relationships have enabled us to better understand you and your business and provide strategic solutions that meet your specific needs.

President’s View continued from page 4... continue to grow into significant players in our community. My father taught me a lesson back in high school that has always stuck with me. It was a lesson of humility. He said “the toughest kid on the block is never the kid who tells people how tough he is. You just know who the toughest kid is.” His point; lead by example and focus on what you need to do. This is a lesson for all youth as our success is the sum of many people guiding and educating us. The Chamber has embraced the role of engaging youth which is evident by my appointment as the youngest President in the history of the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce. I am honored to have earned the support of our 1800 members who have entrusted this new board with this opportunity. I thank all of those in the community who have made time to mentor me over the years. It is because of their kindness and wisdom that I am here today. - Christian Braid

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Monica Kreuger honoured with 2012 ATHENA Award


ongratulations to Monica Kreuger, the 2012 winner of the ATHENA Award. The ATHENA Award is presented to an individual who is recognized for professional excellence, for providing valuable service to their community, and for actively assisting women in attaining their professional goals and leadership skills. By honouring exceptional leaders, the ATHENA Award Program seeks to inspire others to achieve excellence. The ATHENA Award program was created in 1982 by ATHENA founder Martha Mayhood Mertz, through her partnership with the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce in Lansing, Michigan. The annual award program has grown to include organizations in hundreds of cities across the US, Canada, China, Russia, and the UK. To date, more than 5,000 individuals have received the ATHENA Award. Past Chamber President Monica Kreuger is the founder and CEO of Global Infobrokers Inc, a firm dedicated to entrepreneurship development and workplace training, and home to the Praxis Group of Schools. As well, Monica is cofounder of DanceEgypt Dance Co. Monica is a passionate educator, sharing her knowledge and expertise in a variety of mediums. She has delivered courses for the College of Commerce (U of S), has travelled to many countries for

conferences and speaking engagements, as has most recently co-founded the Praxis International Institute. Monica has provided valuable input to decision-making at the community and provincial levels, and acts as a mentor in many capacities. She is actively involved with Junior Achievement, the Raj Manek Mentorship Program, The Princess Shop and more, and works tirelessly with community groups such as Saskatoon Women’s Cooperative and the Saskatoon Open Door Society. The ATHENA Awards also honoured Carrie Catherine as with the Young Professional Award. Carrie Catherine is an award-winning singer/songwriter and community-builder. She was featured as Ms. Chatelaine in the January 2012 issue and named Best Singer and Best Solo Artist in the 2011 Planet S Reader’s Choice Poll. As an Artist Associate for World Vision, she uses her live performances to help children in need find sponsors. Carrie also inspires children closer to home, conducting songwriting workshops that empower kids to find their voices and think creatively Congratulations from the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce for your dedication to your community.

Saskatchewan pulse industry receives Canada Business Award


askatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP) applauds the efforts and success of the Saskatchewan pulse industry for receiving the Canada Business Award in the category of “Best Canadian Exporter to Bangladesh from Canada” presented by the Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CanCham). CanCham is an international joint Chamber between Canada & Bangladesh which provides assistance to Canadian and Bangladesh companies while promoting trade, commerce, and investment between the countries. The Canada Business Awards honors organizations based in Bangladesh and Canada for their outstanding contribution toward economic growth. As a co-sponsor of the award, STEP applauds the outstanding efforts of the Saskatchewan pulse industry. Saskatchewan Pulse Growers was in attendance and accepted the award on behalf of the pulse industry. Carl Potts, Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers pointed out that “there are many groups in the supply chain that need to be recognized for this award - the 18,000 Saskatchewan producers, Canadian pulse exporters and processors, pulse researchers, the provincial and federal governments, as well as trade organizations such as STEP.”


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The Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce would like to thank PotashCorp for their sponsorship of tickets for the Rockstars outing to the Brier.

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COMMITTEE UPDATES COMMITTEE CHAIRS Aboriginal Opportunities Melanie Stroh - Radisson Hotel

Meetings: 1st Tuesday of the month - 9:00-10:30 am

Agribusiness Development Bert Sutherland -

Meetings: 2nd Monday of the month - 3:30-5:00 pm

Business Growth Evan Drisner - Nu-Fab Building Products

Meetings: Last Tuesday of the month - 8:00 am

Celebrate Success! Christian Braid - Braid Flooring & Window Fashions Tracy Arno - Essence Recruitment Meetings: Depending on need - more closer to event

Environmental Sustainability Al Scholz - A.N. Scholz & Associates Inc. Shane Borchard - Cameco

Meetings: Last Monday of the month - 3:30-5:00 pm

Future Opportunities Bill Brooks - eclecthink international Meetings: Depending on need

Going Global Ken Ziegler - Robertson Stromberg Pedersen LLP Monica Kreuger - Global Infobrokers Meetings: Last Thursday of the month - 3:30-5:00pm

Government Affairs Andrew Coutts - Deloitte & Touche LLP Michael Chudoba - Innovative Residential

Meetings: 1st Wednesday of the month - 3:30-5:00 pm

Health Opportunities Dave Dutchak - MD Ambulance Care Ltd. Debby Criddle - Synergos Capital Management Inc. Meetings: TBA

Knowledge & Youth Development Taunya Woods Richardson - Canadian Youth Business Foundation Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of the month - 5:00 pm

Membership Development Evan Drisner - Nu-Fab Building Products Troy Davies - M.D. Ambulance Care

Meetings: 2nd Thursday of the month - 12:00-1:30 pm

Business of Science Carol Reynolds - Genome Prairie Sanj Singh - AdeTheraputics Inc.

Meetings: 1st Thursday of the month 3:30-5:00 pm More information available online at under Committees.


The Membership Committee’s “Chamber on Tap” event in March feature Jerry Grandey, former CEO of Cameco. The Chamber on Tap is held the first Wednesday of each month in the “Factory Tap” pub behind Earls’ Restaurant. Photography courtesy of Milton Taylor of Imagery Photography.

April/May 2012

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Special-eyes Distribution & Display Home-Based Business Phone: (306) 612-3303 Linda Knull STRATA Insurance Companies / Agents 502-230 22nd St E, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 955-9524 Rochelle Dobni Sutherland Business Improvement District Business Development / Information Services AND Non-Profit Organizations 1000 Central Ave, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 477-1277 Lloyd Moker

iSask Mortgage Brokers Inc. Financial Services / Planning 619 3rd Ave N, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 955-5545 Michelle Tremblay

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Market Mall Shopping Centres 2325 Preston Ave, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 374-2644 Betty Anne Fisher

Concrete Edge Construction Home-Based Business Phone: (306) 280-6996 Terra Dyky

Power Within Corp. Event Planning 201-462 Wellington St W, Toronto Phone: (416) 591-4000 Joseph Khoja

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Spark Custom Goldsmithing Home-Based Business AND Retail - Jewellery / Accessories PO Box 32030 RPO Erindale, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 370-5009 Robert Spark

Immigrant Access Fund of Saskatchewan Inc. Non-profit Organizations 2A-511 1st Ave N, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 974-4856 Irene Gannitsos

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