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AS102203 Aaron

Jewellery made for you, and only you.

Emily Clark, left, will be on home ice for the Four Nations Cup. Grace Shirley is a member of Canada’s under-18 team. Both have seen first-hand the growth of female hockey in Saskatoon. For more, please see Page 3. (Photo by Darren Steinke)

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TA102207 Tammy

Dodger is officially a little stinker


odger was barking at letting him in. Had we done the back door as he is our first round of cleaning wont to do when he outside, perhaps we could have wants to go outside. lessened the smell that took I opened the door and off over the house and clung to he ran toward the back fence. everything in it. He does this all the time. As I On the Internet, Sandy and have written before, he seems I searched for a solution that to think the dogs that once lived would remove the smell. It in the house behind us are still turned out that we had all the there. ingredients at home. It’s been almost two years We mixed one litre of three Editor since Spike and Quincy moved per cent hydrogen peroxide away. When they were there, with a quarter cup of baking Dodger would make the charge, bark a soda and one teaspoon of hand soap. We few times and then arrogantly walk away, put Dodger in the shower and applied the leaving Spike in a tizzy. Spike was like the solution. We were careful not to get it into cartoon dog that leaps up and down while his eyes or ears. on all fours. I miss that. He smelled somewhat better, but we Anyway, near the back fence are also a decided to wash him again the next day. couple of bird feeders. I have pleaded with He had a shower the first day and a bath Dodger to not scare away the birds. He the second. It was like going to a doggy seems to laugh it off as he does a charge of spa. the light brigade. His body smelled much better after the One night I noticed Dodger’s charge second application but his face was pretty came to an abrupt halt. I noticed somedisgusting. His quota of kisses went way thing partially behind a tree and so did he. down. If it was the cat that is new to the neighThe vet gave us a solution to use on his bourhood, why wasn’t it jumping onto the face and that helped too. fence? The bath-him-in-tomato-juice solution The answer came seconds later, when that most suggest is apparently a myth. a skunk meandered across the lawn. This According to a study at a fancy pants colstinky little devil didn’t appear to have a lege named Humboldt State University in care in the world. I was actually surprised Arcata, Calif., people will begin smellhow small it was. I need to spend more ing the tomato juice instead of the skunk time at the zoo. spray. A shocked-looking Dodger ran toward “A person suffering olfactory (sense of the house. I made the huge mistake of smell) fatigue to skunk spray will swear


that the skunk odour is gone and was neutralized by the tomato juice. But another person coming on the scene at this point will readily confirm that the skunk spray has not been neutralized by the tomato juice,” the study stated. That said, there are websites that promote the tomato juice option. I’m thinking they are sponsored by Heinz. I lived in fear that the skunk was still in the neighbourhood and this would be a regular occurrence. Sandy texted our neighbours to put them and their dogs on alert. They could already smell the problem. Sandy called the city and a kind man told her what to watch for in terms of the skunk sticking around. He said having a skunk in a neighbourhood isn’t as rare as one would think. Meanwhile, I became obsessive and paranoid about this. I saw what I thought were tiny burrows in the front yard. I filled them, only to find out they were part of the fibre optics project going on in our neighbourhood. Oops. Dodger and I have a new night game we play as the result of this. It’s called “where’s that guy?” I will open the door for Dodger to go outside and ask him “where’s that guy.” He stands just outside the door while I take a powerful flashlight and check the yard. When he gets the all-clear, off he goes. The game will soon come to an end, but the memory of that night still lingers.


Dear Readers, As a matchmaker who has been successfully matching people for the past 25 years, I’m considered to not only be highly intuitive but also a very good judge of character. I am most fortunate to work with some incredible people. The lady I am about to describe is not only a gem but truly a great catch. I am looking for a special man for her. My client still believes in magic! She is quite spiritual, widowed, stunning to

look at and has has one of the kindest hearts I have ever met. She is 60 years of age and humble as can be. She is financially set yet appreciates the little things and kind gestures rather than material possessions. She is considerate of others, can get along with everyone and is an excellent communicator. She loves to listen to music, volunteer, loves her family, dancing and being playful. She has a strong faith and forgives easily. She loves road trips and warm winter holidays. She believes that it

is not where you go but it is all about who you go with. She is healthy and in good shape. She is warm and people are drawn to her. The gentleman that I see her with would be attentive, protective loyal and respectful. He would be transparent, endeavour to make the world a better place, and show her how important she is to him. He would treasure family but sets boundaries. He is loving and encouraging, stable and secure. He would be interested in a loving

relationship that would eventually lead to marriage. He would be able to laugh at himself, and have both a fun as well as a serious side. He would have good hygiene, and be affectionate. My client is footloose and fancy-free so a retired fellow or someone who has a flexible schedule would be ideal. I am very interested in speaking with you if you are this fellow or happen to know him. Please call me at 306.978-LOVE(5683) Lianne

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Lianne Tregobov Intuitive Matchmaker

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Saskatoon Express, October 22, 2018  

Saskatoon Express, October 22, 2018