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Phat Minh Tran is greeted by his son Van as he and his wife, Them Thi Tran, arrive at their surprise 70th anniversary party. (Photos by Sandy Hutchinson)

1302 Temperance St Saskatoon, SK

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Them Thi Tran gives her husband of 70 years a kiss at their anniversary party

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It’s an honour to tell this story


aren Smart called one with me to discuss the family’s day and said she had a journey to Saskatoon. Kim’s story idea for us. husband, Brett Maki, suggested She said a Saskatoon I set aside a couple of hours to couple was about to celebrate hear the story. They spoke for their 70th wedding anniverthree hours one Saturday aftersary. She said Phat Minh and noon. My jaw was dropped for Them Thi Tran were among much of the time. the hundreds of thousands who The story of the Trans’ became known as Boat People. journey can’t be summarized in She said there is a story to be one story. It can’t be properly told. She was right. told in two. This will be the I have long had an interlongest-running series we have Editor est in the people who bravely done. shoved off from shores of South Vietnam The stories are told for the most part at the end of their country’s war. The through the eyes and words of Kim Tran. Trans didn’t know where life would take She was just seven years old in April, them. They only knew it was no longer 1975 when South Vietnam fell to the going to be in their homeland. Communists. Her attention to detail is An estimated 25 per cent of those hun- incredible. Tam says she has blocked out dreds of thousands that fled died at sea. some of that part of her life. Van wasn’t The Trans had innumerable brushes with with his family for parts of the time. death between 1975 and 1980 when they Listening to Kim, I felt like I was hudarrived in Saskatoon. dled in a barge with Communist soldiers Karen’s call was like a dream come up above. I felt the sea water stinging my true for a writer. eyes every 30 seconds for three straight Phat Minh and Them Thi Tran had two days. I felt like I was in a putrid overreasons to celebrate on a recent Saturday crowded prison cell. night. They celebrated their milestone anIn this edition, Kim talks about the niversary and it was also Mr. Tran’s 90th days just after the war ended. During birthday. Sandy and I were honoured to the next four weeks, there will be stories be invited to the gathering of about 150 about escape and capture, and harrowing people. moments on land and sea. How this famIt was a surprise party. In the photo ily made it here is beyond me. above, you can see the look of love and In the final part, we will talk about joy in Mr. Tran’s face as his oldest son, the lives of the Tran family in Saskatoon Van, greeted him at the door. since their arrival 37 years ago. It’s an Van and his sisters, Kim and Tam, met honour and privilege to share their story.



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TA041714 Tammy

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Saskatoon Express, April 17, 2017  
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