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Volume 15, Issue 8, Week of February 27, 2017

Roy Romanow, from medicare debate to chancellor’s chair Former Saskatchewan premier Roy Romanow is now chancellor of the University of Saskatchewan. (Photo by Sandy Hutchinson) Ned Powers Saskatoon Express oy Romanow, former Saskatchewan premier, Canadian health advocate and now the chancellor of the University of Saskatchewan, attributes events during the medicare crisis of the early 1960s with shaping the


JW022703 James

political choices he’s pursued. While a student at the University of Saskatchewan, Romanow began to be attracted to the theories and philosophies of the CCF movement. “In 1962, I was chair and master of ceremonies for a university rally where Tommy Douglas, then the new leader

of the national NDP party, was going to speak in defence of medicare,” said Romanow. “Medicare was a hot item because, at the time, people were strongly for it or strongly against it. Tommy needed police protection to get from his car into the university hall. It took about half an

hour for us to tame the noisy protestors who had already entered the hall. I was in awe of Tommy’s ability as an orator and his sense of humour. And as his speech went on, he changed the thinking of many people within the building. (Continued on page 5)


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DC022710 Darlene

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s of December, 2016, pleased to see it. Saskatoon’s census metCompare that to Stoneropolitan area (CMA) bridge, not much more than a was home to 305,000 souls, stone’s throw from my place, minus 25 or so. The average where over 90 per cent of the household contained 2.5 people, homes have been built since and 69 per cent of us owned our 2006 and the population has homes, which had an average soared by more than 4,000 market price of $342,727. people to 10,123 last year. I I find this stuff fascinating, mean, that makes Stonebridge and if you do too, you can find something like three and a out all about your neighbourhalf times bigger than my little Columnist hood — and your friends’, neighbourhood. It’s enormous too — in the city’s most recent by my standards. neighbourhood profiles publication. It’s Not all neighbourhoods have grown, the 15th edition, so obviously it’s of some though. Erindale, for example, has fallen help to the city’s planning and development from 4,520 folks in 2013 to 4,379 last year. department. Among the more interesting points is that It’s a meaty 270 pages, although that we don’t just speak English and Ukrainian, includes the glossary, and is indeed packed German and French and a bit of Chinese with cool facts. around here anymore. We also speak Urdu For instance, the CMA has grown from and Tagalog and Arabic, to name a few 281,374 to the aforementioned almost languages. 305,000 in just four years. Just over 70 per Another thing that jumps out is that we cent of us fall into that working age category really, really have to get out and vote more. of 15 to 65, while 17.5 per cent are under 15 The civic election turnout in particular is and 12 per cent are over 65. pathetic: only 40 per cent of Saskatonians You’ll also notice that we are not attract- showed up at the polls in the last election, ing a lot of folks from other provinces; for although we did better in the 2015 federal 2014-2015, we actually lost 1,194 people, election with 74 per cent. but luckily picked up 5,700 international But we’re a fairly well-educated bunch immigrants. Thank goodness, or we would (and these are 2011 numbers, but still). Only indeed be shrinking or standing pat. We do about 31,000 of us had less than a high see a few people moving in from other parts school certificate, far fewer than those with of Saskatchewan. university degrees, at 51,595. The disappointing thing about the report Anyway, even I think I’ve gone too is that not all of the numbers are current; far with the numbers, and I love statistics some date back to, as seen above, 2014 or (even if some people think they’re simply 2015, and others are from 2011. Most of the there to support “damn lies,” as Benjamin older numbers are from the National House- Disraeli may or may not have said.) The hold Survey, and apparently haven’t been report, seriously, is a great tool to check out updated, but we can extrapolate, I suppose. neighbourhoods you may want to live in, or For example, and this is the least surprising do business from. thing I’ve seen in the report, we still use our It also is at least indicative of the city’s own vehicles to get around by enormous growth, or lack thereof, and its changing margins over public transit and walking. population from a size perspective as well as But the population numbers are curits ethnic and language makeup. It can also rent, and it’s cool to see how much one’s point to problems, such as the very low level neighbourhood has (usually) grown. I live of transit use. in an area developed in the 1950s and 60s, And if nothing else, it’s kind of fun to see and our population has grown from 2,581 how your own neighbourhood is doing, and in 2013 to 2,747 in 2016. It’s not a huge how it stacks up against the others. increase, but not a lot of new housing is Want to see? Check out https://www.sasgoing up in my area, either. I don’t know exactly what to make of that, but I’m planning-publications-maps.


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Call Judy for tickets 306.244.1595 DC022731 Darlene


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City’s profile report gives a peek into your neighbours’ windows


Joanne Paulson


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Brad Johner and the Johner Boys are among the acts at Kinsmen Telemiracle 2017. Please see story on page 14. (Photo supplied)


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Brian King Centre, Warman

Q: How long should I stay at the visitation? A: It is best to stay at least long enough to pay your respects, and to be present for any special cultural practices.

A Mystery/Comedy Written by ED SALA Directed by April Watson



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Dear Norma, It seems as if you have done all that you can subtly. He may need you to set boundaries and let him know that you appreciate his concern but will not discuss religion with him anymore. I can not possibly see how a romantic relationship with him would work. Clearly it is of the utmost importance to him to have those close to him practise his religion. You are not interested in it so it is best to keep things the way they are providing he stops trying to convert you.

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 AS022719 Aaron

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Corner of Circle Drive & Ave B

Brendan King broke into the U.S. market the old-fashioned way: making friends. (Photo by Joanne Paulson)

Vendasta: high-tech software, low-tech networking opens U.S. market

Joanne Paulson Saskatoon Express hen the elevator door opens to reveal the fourth floor of the Avenue Building, you immediately know you’re visiting a thoroughly modern business. The open area behind reception is filled with black-and-white checkered ice cream parlour tables. Young people are chatting, bustling and working everywhere — in office clusters surrounding the open foyer, in the funky kitchen complete with foosball tables. This is Vendasta, a rapidly-growing tech company focused on creating platforms for selling digital solutions to business. In other words, Vendasta develops software to help ad agencies and media companies help small businesses advertise. The company recently won the SABEX


award for growth and expansion, and also took business of the year. Small wonder, since Vendasta has grown from 90 employees at the end of 2014 to 219 today. Based on the present growth curve, CEO Brendan King expects the company to grow to 300 employees by end 2017, with a revenue goal of $30 million. Had there been an export SABEX category, Vendasta may have won that, too. Ninety-six per cent of its business is in the United States, said King in a recent interview. Many of Vendasta’s clients are heavy hitters, such as publishing giants McClatchy and Hearst, who were among the first to react to the decline of mainstream media advertising. “The revenue for the big media companies fell off a cliff faster in the U.S., moved to digital away from print faster, so the guys down there had to find a way to

AS022703 Aaron

any problems, such as the business’s reputation or search engine optimization. “Our partners come in as the trusted provider and say, here are all the things we can do for you: we can give you a website, we can fix your listings online, we can fix your reputation and your social media presence, we can do your paid advertising. That’s the platform we provide.” Yet for all the high-tech product development, it was low-tech, traditional networking that opened the U.S. market for Vendasta. “We went down and made friends. We had done this at Point2 in the real estate business. We learned that real estate was an old boys’ club. I tell you what: incumbent media providers – radio, TV, newspaper especially, yellow pages – that was an old boys’ club, too. “People like to do business with people they like. We had a great product behind us, too. We had a super awesome business development group. We still do it. More than half the time, especially in the winter, I’m gone from here.” It’s hard, hard work, said King. “Our VP of sales, George Leith, is on the road 75 per cent of the time. He goes out in a car with the sales manager and helps them sell to a local business. “You always talk about your product, and what you’re doing. Relentlessly.” King is also proud of dragging Mike Brennan out of retirement and in as chief financial officer. Brennan, from Saskatoon, was vice-president of finance for Bacardi and CEO of Bacardi International. “He was away for a number of years and was coming back to retire. I wouldn’t let him.” King’s History King, originally a geophysicist with Eldorado Nuclear, was part of Delron Laser Products and CompuSmart before going to software company Point2 in 1999. There, they built a platform for real estate agents and attracted 165,000 users. After Point2 was sold, King started Vendasta in January, 2008. “I wanted to do my own software company and brought over people who started the company with me from Point2 – I think seven of us came over and started Vendasta. “What we were originally going to do was not what we do now. We had to eat, so we did some consulting with Ritchie Bros. to survive and start our company.” Vendasta started putting together a business plan for a company called My Front Steps, which would allow homeowners to find ideas and inspiration in how other people were decorating their homes, and also find service providers like contractors, painters, landscapers and plumbers that others had used and trusted. But in those days, people didn’t want to share their homes online, as they do today, he noted. (Continued on page 12)

You’re always in the right place.

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do something faster,” said King. “What happened here was the traditional media companies just didn’t catch on as fast, whereas in the U.S. they caught on faster and now half of their revenue comes from digital.” Vendasta’s product is what’s called a “white label” platform — an unbranded platform sold to local companies; you won’t see the Vendasta name on it. “We sell to McClatchy and if it’s Kansas City, it’s the Kansas City Star; if it’s Miami, it’s the Miami Herald. We do all the branding so they’d never know about Vendasta. Local folks want to buy from somebody local that they know and trust.” The platform provides reporting on how the business “looks” online – what grades it’s getting on online reviews, its social media presence, website, and other factors. Then, the platform offers solutions to solve


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Rock opera brings the Black Donnellys back to life

Shannon Boklaschuk Saskatoon Express powerful rock musical that brings to life a dark chapter of Canadian history is set to hit the stage in Saskatoon. For two weeks in March, Persephone Theatre will present Catalyst Theatre’s Vigilante, a show that tells the tragic tale of the infamous Black Donnellys. The Donnelly family – comprised of James and Johannah and their children – were Irish immigrants who came to Canada in the 1840s to find success in a new country. What unfolded, however, was a dramatic story without a happy ending. Following a feud with their neighbours in Ontario, a vigilante mob stormed the Donnelly home on Feb. 4, 1880, killing the five people inside and setting the house on fire. Who committed the crime still remains a mystery to this day, as no one was ever convicted. Vigilante – created and directed by Jonathan Christenson – provides The Black Donnellys with an opportunity to return from the dead and tell their side of the story. It is billed by Persephone as “a riveting new rock musical about family, forgiveness, and frontier justice” from Catalyst, the award-winning, Edmonton-based theatre company behind hits such as Nevermore and Frankenstein. “I would describe Vigilante as a rock opera. You’re going to come in and see a piece of theatre for sure, but it’s also been described to me as a rock concert, of sorts, as well,” said Jan Alexandra Smith, the soprano who plays Johannah Donnelly in the show. “You are going to see the story of the Donnelly family, who were Irish immigrants who came to Canada to start a new life and to get away from the politics of their homeland and the warring factions between the Protestants and Catholics. And you’re going to find that when they came to Ontario, they couldn’t escape it.” Although the story doesn’t end well for the Donnellys, “the narrative that unfolds toward that ending is fascinating,” said Smith, noting her character, Johannah, is “a fierce woman.” “She’s no shrinking violet, our Johannah. She’s strong enough to stand up for what she believes in against anybody. She’s strong enough to raise a gaggle of children in the new world and live in the presence of her detractors. But she’s also a woman with an absolutely massive heart. She loves her husband so, so, so, so deeply, and she loves her children so, so, so, so deeply — and she will defend them to the very end.” Smith, a Toronto native who has been a professional theatre artist for 30 years, said Johannah Donnelly is “hands down” one of her all-time favourite roles. Smith also has high praise for the show’s composer and playwright, Christenson, who is Catalyst Theatre’s artistic director. “He’s a force to be reckoned with himself,” she said. “I think he’s written an absolutely exquisite character for any actress to play. She’s quite complex. The music is wonderful to sing; it’s very, very challenging vocally and physically and emotionally, but that’s the best part of it. It’s not an easy job to do and I relish it every single day.” In addition to Smith, the cast includes David Leyshon (James


Jan Alexandra Smith plays Johannah in Vigilante, a rock musical coming to the Persephone Theatre stage. (Photo supplied) Donnelly); Kris Joseph (Daniel Donnelly); Lucas Meeuse (Johnny Donnelly); Eric Morin (Robert Donnelly); Carson Nattrass (Will Donnelly); Scott Walters (Tommy Donnelly) and Benjamin Wardle (Michael Donnelly). Since no rock opera would be complete without a live band, a number of musicians will also perform: Taylor Cochrane (computer programming, keyboards, banjo, and bass); Morgan Gies (guitar); Allison Lynch (fiddle); Nathan Setterlund (guitar, bass, mandolin, and tin whistle) and Kurtis Schultz (percussion). Vigilante’s costumes, lighting, and set are also important aspects of the show. Smith describes the set as “interpretive,” noting it represents the ruins of the Donnelly homestead left behind after the massacre. “We are the ghosts kind of rising out of those ruins to tell the story of the Donnellys,” she said. “On top of the set, I also want to mention our lighting designer. Her name is Beth Kates and, in my opinion, Beth’s lighting design is almost like another character on stage; it’s just so expressive, and it’s always changing and it’s always setting the mood. It’s ever-present, and I think it’s a genius lighting design — I really do.” Smith also has praise for Narda McCarroll, the show’s costume, hair, and makeup designer. Vigilante’s costumes are “period appropriate,” but McCarroll has stylized them and given them a steampunk feel, Smith said. “There’s an attractive, ghastly element to all of it. . . . It’s pretty sexy.” Vigilante runs from March 1 to March 15 in Rawlco Radio Hall in the Remai Arts Centre. Tickets are $32 to $46 and can be purchased online at or by calling the Persephone Theatre box office at 306-384-7727.

Serenity Pointe in final phase of development

f condo life is something you desire, make it easy on yourself and look to Serenity Pointe in Stonebridge. It’s that simple. With spring beckoning, potential home buyers are starting to look at what’s on the market, and Serenity Pointe will be at the top of that list. Firstly, Serenity Pointe, on Willis Crescent, is situated in an ideal location with every amenity just around the corner. It’s easy to understand how desirable this location is for homeowners. You’ll find parks, walking trails, all sorts of shopping and restaurants as well as the ease of access to Circle Drive right at hand. All that is on the outside, so let’s take a look inside … and be prepared to be wowed. Each of the one-bedroom and two-bedroom options, priced from $169,900 to $269,900, include large windows that allow natural light to stream into each unit. Examine the unique floor plans offered by North Ridge and notice the fantastic use of space, especially in the kitchens where there is actual functional work space. An option of three colour palettes with the newest designs can be selected. No cookie-cutter designs here at Serenity Pointe! “We really designed the floor plans for function. It’s all usable space,” says North Ridge’s Terri Leatherdale. “North Ridge is always thinking about how to make this a better experience for our homeowners.”

An appliance package as part of the purchase price. But this is a North Ridge package, so you know it’s of higher quality. Take the built-in microwave. You’ll notice it’s vented to the outside. There aren’t many developments to offer that. You might be surprised to notice heated flooring. Not only is it a unique feature, but it frees the space in each unit so there aren’t any unsightly wall registers. Another feature is each bedroom has an individual thermostat to keep the temperature just right. That’s pretty cool. Serenity Pointe also offers a temperature-controlled parking garage. In the dead

of winter like we have just experienced, your car will be toasty warm. But the summer’s heat, it will be nice and cool when you get in your vehicle. Add in the North Ridge warranty program and you’ll be living a worry-free existence in one of the city’s most exciting and vibrant neighbourhoods. Serenity Pointe Building 6 is currently in construction and is the last building in this development. It is just the early framing stage and is already close to 50% sold! Terri Leatherdale will be happy to show you the two show suites. Give her a call at

306-222-5280. She’d love to give you all the information about why a North Ridge home is right for you. If you prefer email, Terri can be reached at The show suites are open Monday to Thursday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. and on weekends and holidays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. It’s easy to see why North Ridge was selected two years in a row for the Bridges Award as Home Builder of the Year, sponsored by the Saskatoon and Region Home Builders’ Association. Living at Serenity Pointe truly is a simple decision to make.

SASKATOON AS022707 Aaron EXPRESS - February 27-March 5, 2017 - Page 5

Former premier won a seat in seven of eight elections


(Continued from page 1) t was truly an all-conquering view of a man that I got to know very well over the years. He had that sense of humour and the ever-winning smile on his face. He was disciplined, a highly-intelligent politician who possessed an inner and moral toughness about him. Many of us stood back, watched him speak and we all wanted to learn to speak like him. “In his early days as a federal politician, he wanted me to run as a candidate for the NDP. I turned down the chance. And after I went into provincial politics, he was always someone I could call.” The strike by the doctors happened in July, 1962, and leading up to the strike, Romanow, Don Woloshyn and Kim Thorson went off to Regina to see if there was any way they could help the government side. “It was an emotional time. The story was world-wide news. There were mornings when Allan Blakeney, then the minister of health, would hold news conferences in front of 85 reporters, including one from the New York Times and some from the United Kingdom. We stayed several days. That’s when I became a card-carrier and I was hooked on being a member of the NDP,” said Romanow, adding an accord between the government and the doctors was reached on July 24. By 1967, Romanow was first elected to the Saskatchewan house and he won seven of the eight provincial elections he contested. He was in Premier Blakeney’s cabinet from 1971 until 1982, became Blakeney’s successor as leader of the party and then was elected premier in 1991. Romanow admits today he had some regrets about being one of the four candidates for the Saskatchewan NDP leadership in 1970. Even with his youthful presence, Romanow led Blakeney on each of the first three ballots, then “came within 50 votes of beating Allan in the final ballot at a convention where we had 4,000 to 5,000 constituents. After the leadership race, Allan and I got along well, we mended any difficulties between us, and he chose me as an attorney general, a deputy premier and I was a point man for him during the whole Canadian constitutional debate. “Allan was a Rhodes scholar, a professional in governance, administration and finances and he came to the office with the tremendous experience he gained during the medicare dispute.” One of Romanow’s greatest political challenges came after winning the election in 1990. He and his government faced a $14-billion deficit. The government closed hospitals, cut services and raised taxes, decisions which were considered by some to be a show of courage. “When you are given the privilege of being the leader in a democracy, you carry real hopes and dreams for building the province. I was somewhat remorseful, as I saw it, for the economic conditions which I inherited. The deficit hindered some plans.” Romanow remembered something that Douglas had once told him. “If you ever run into a hugely unmanageable deficit, you surrender the right to make the decisions your government wants and that power falls into the hands of the bankers. I remembered that and we tried to do the best we could and we eventually succeeded.” But there was a time when Romanow couldn’t get his own NDP caucus to agree. “We were in a meeting, complete with slides, showing where the money was coming in and where it was going out. At noon on the third day, I called an adjournment, slammed the door and walked out. I went directly to visit Sylvia Fedoruk, the lieutenant-governor, and asked her to pre-

pare the writs for an election. She sat me down, told me she wouldn’t and told me to go back and try with my caucus again. She said I was just two years into the mandate and I had to carry on. “When I went back to the meeting, I sat down beside Glen Hagel and he got up and told me they had met in my absence and unanimously decided to approve the budget.” Romanow remained premier until he resigned from politics in 2001. Romanow, born in 1939 to two immigrants from the Ukraine, accomplished much in his tenure. His dad, Mike, came to Saskatoon in 1927, invited by two of his brothers and determined to escape Ukraine before the Russian revolution reached beyond Moscow. His mother, Tekla, and his sister, Ann, came to Saskatoon in 1938. Romanow grew up on the west side, first in a home on Avenue L, later in a home on Avenue J. Because Ukrainian was the dominant language in the home and in St. George’s Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, he only learned English as a street language. He did Ukrainian dancing and played the violin and laughs today about the irony of walking down the street with his violin case and five hockey-playing boys approaching him. “One year at Westmount, I wasn’t good enough to play hockey but I loved the game. We had an exchange teacher come from Tennessee and Pete Russell, our principal, and I decided the best way to teach her about hockey was for me to do a play-by-play of the noon-hour games over the loudspeaker. Art Henderson at CKOM heard about it, and I was invited to broadcast the east-west elementary school all-star game on the radio.” In high school at Bedford Road, he performed in drama and played basketball, “and since my father drilled into me the value of education, I was soon on my way to the University of Saskatchewan.” There, he was involved in student politics and was on a western university award-winning debate team. He earned degrees in political science and law, and that’s where he first met Eleanore, whom he would later marry. And then there’s the 1981 conference on the Canadian constitution and the 2001 launching of the Federal Royal Commission on health care, stories to be told on these pages another time.

Did you know? education played a major role in women’s suffrage?



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Every SGI claim over $1000 receives $25 fuel card for use at Railway Gas 225 Avenue B North • 306-244-6144 • The CSTM knew that this highly interactive exhibit would appeal to a larger family audience, and was also confident that it would be successful as a travelling exhibition, given the broad attraction of its theme. The Game Changers exhibit features over 120 games, and provides visitors the opportunity to play classic games like Mario Bros., Pac-Man and Tetris using oversized controllers, or Angry Birds on a massive touchpad. “The goal was to select games that changed the way we interact with technologies,” explained Benay. “While some of the games in the exhibit were the first to do or accomplish something, many of the games featured are the ones that popularized the use of new technologies and brought them into the mainstream.” Benay said that in addition to highlighting the technologies, there is another message that went into the selection of the games. Canada is the third largest developer of video games in the world and many significant Canadian-based studios and publishers have been ignored in favour of the more familiar narrative regarding American and Japanese creators and products. The CSTM was determined, when possible, to highlight Canadian studios within the exhibit to increase awareness of the talents and skillsets that exist right here at home. “The exhibition features interviews with industry professionals from a number of development studios in Canada,” Alex Benay, President and CEO, Canada Science and Technology Museums Corp., says Game Changers tells the story said Benay. “In a climate where sciof the creative and technical developments behind video games. (Photo Supplied) ence, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics programs tend to focus on the coding and programming of video games, it is unique that in an exhibition about video games, none of the featured individuals are programmers. “This was a conscious decision to highlight the diversity of people and Tammy Robert the massive, clunky controller in your game ever invented. professional skills that are required to Saskatoon Express hand snaking all over the living room. “The exhibition tells the story of the create the video game as a technological or a certain generation of people, While today’s kids may be born with transformation of video games, exobject,” he continued. “Each interviewee their first time is something they’ll an iPad essentially already in their hand, ploring the creative and technological speaks to their profession, from story never forget. the Game Changers exhibit, which runs developments that have evolved through writer to sound engineer, and how they Maybe it was Pong – moving a square until April 20, 2017 at Saskatoon’s West- four distinct themes: the game narrative, work with the technologies to create and around a screen hitting a ball back and ern Development Museum (WDM), will graphics, gameplay, and audio elepush the boundaries of the player experiforth, like the dullest, most monotonous strike a chord with young and old alike. ments,” said Alex Benay, President and ence.” game of tennis you’ve ever played. A travelling exhibit developed by the CEO, Canada Science and Technology From Saskatoon, the Game Changers Perhaps Frogger was your initiation into Canada Science Technology Museum Museums Corp. “Through carefully se- exhibit will be going to the Musée de the world of video games, manoeuvering (CSTM), Game Changers explores both lected games and technological innova- la nature et des sciences in Sherbrooke, a joystick forward or back, left or right, the art and science behind the early his- tions, visitors to the exhibit will discover Quebec, and then on to the Canada Scito get that green lump across the road tory of gaming, going right back to the how games have significantly changed ence and Technology Museum in Ottawa safely. Or Pac-Man, which you played 1962 game Spacewar!, which is gener- the way we interact with computer tech- for the Museum’s grand reopening in tethered in front of the TV, cords from ally considered to be the first video nology.” November 2017.

Video game exhibit explores how we’ve changed the way we play


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f o r Yo u r W e d d i n g e c i v r e S e n i s u o Lim At Living Skies, we specialize in limousine service for weddings. Right from your stag & stagette to picking you up after your reception, we can take care of all your wedding transportation needs. MAKE Don’t forget to book early as weekends U R DAY O Y tend to book up quickly. L!

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SPEC IA • • 822A 48th Street E. Saskatoon, SK • 306-955-9900

Boryski’s Butcher Block Catering, BBQ & Food Truck Service


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SASKATOONEXPRESS - February 27-March 5, 2017 - Page 7

JW022707 James

The Palisades


Retirement Residence

Downtown, off Spadina Cres.


Box 139 Saskatoon. S7K 3K4 | 306-931-7741


Some free meals & shopping in Minot incl. Mar 20-22, Apr 17-19 & May 22-24

$300 at par included $189 pp/dbl



Belcourt ND & Mahnomen ND Apr 3-7 & Jun 5-9 $289. pp.dbl


Edmonton, AB. Incl. 3 Lunches & $15 slot play Mar 26-28 & May 28-30 $215 pp/dbl incl. GST

SKY DANCER/7 CLANS, WARROAD, MN Mar 6-10 & Jul 3-7 $ 230 Slot Play Shopping $46 IN MEAL COUPON $289 pp dbl

South Beach Casino Resort & Winnipeg Casinos Apr 24-27 & Jun 19-22 $240. pp dbl. One fREE LuNCH BUFFET $400 at par


4 BEARS CASINO & DEADWOOD May 7-12 & Oct 8-13 $495. pp dbl.

Includes $135 sloy play, 2 buffet suppers, 5 breakfasts, 4 burger meals, step-on guide Mt.Rushmore, shopping & more

DAY TRIPS Prince Albert – March 13 Regina – March 28 Tours pickup in Saskatoon, Regina & Moose Jaw (except River Cree - Departs from Saskatoon) Visit us:

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April Occupancy Available


Saskatoon 55+ Lifestyles

Odyssey Coach Lines Inc.








f you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably hear the term “functional fitness” being bandied around. It’s been the “it” thing in fitness for the past couple of years…for good reason. As the Baby Boomers, who led the fitness revolution of the 80’s, have aged, it has come to light that the typical health club workout might not be best for improving quality of life in later years. Functional fitness fits the bill! Functional fitness can help you to prepare for the real-life situations in which you are required to do something physical. It enables the body to perform, a.k.a. “function” properly at whatever task is needed. It’s very different from the typical health club workout where you may be sitting on a cushioned seat, moving a weight through a fixed plane of motion, usually only front to back or up and down. Real life doesn’t occur in a single plane of motion. Rather, it is dynamic and

ever changing. Lifting children, groceries, or furniture isn’t as easy as lifting weights on a machine. Awkward angles can occur, the ground can be uneven, and you can’t always maintain straight arms and the perfect lumbar curve while lifting. Can you pick up a forty-pound bag of dog food that is going to shift weight and not hurt your back in the process? Life constantly presents us with situations that can require less-than-perfect form, or at the very least, compromises. A functional fitness program provides multiple benefits. Read on to see what it can do for you! Improve your “Doability” In the fitness world, this is called “functional ability” but I like calling it “doability” because you will be able to do the things you already do even better. Your ability to work around the house, volunteer at a food bank, hike through a national

park, hit a tennis ball, ski down a mountain, and even tote luggage will improve. And since you’ll do it with greater ease and less discomfort, you’ll hit the tennis ball harder, ski better, or simply stay out enjoying your day longer. You will even find yourself doing things you haven’t done in years because you couldn’t do them anymore or trying new things you never thought you could do “at your age”. A functional fitness program will build the strength, energy, stamina and flexibility you need for all of life’s tasks. Feel Better This improvement in function is accompanied by a reduction in the discomfort and pain often associated with many physical activities. Participants typically report that minor irritations such as knee pain from osteoarthritis or low back pain get notably better. (Continued on page 8)


NOW RENTING! SENIOR’S HOUSING  Beautiful back yard & BBQ patio  Full kitchens in every suite  Evening entrée choices; Lunch special  Underground parking  Attached Personal Care Home  And MUCH MORE!

915 SASKATCHEWAN CRESCENT WEST Overlooks the River & Gabriel Dumont Park

se Open Ho-u4pm Fridays 2 250 Hunter Rd, Saskatoon

Professionally managed by

DC022740 Darlene

Call 306-664-1250 Ext. 222 For A Tour

CALL 306-664-0501 X222 FOR TOURS To view a virtual tour visit

Best Location • Best Designs • Best Value Providence III New Showsuite Now Open! 806 sq.feet Starting at $222,900 1107 sq.feet Starting at $304,900 1261 sq.feet Starting at $373,500 Contact: • Underground Parking Connie Hundeby • Elevator 306.260.3355 • 9 foot Ceilings or visit the • Guest Suite SALES CENTRE • Fitness Centre Wed-Sun 2pm-5pm • Pet-Free


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Saskatoon 55+ Lifestyles Baby boomers that stay active have a higher chance of remaining more independent and able-bodied into their golden years. This is precisely what proactive health is all about! Yoga is low impact and encourages movement initiated by breath to improve mobility, stability, and balance. What is even more fantastic is when Yoga is blended with Physiotherapy! Contact Kim Deschamps for more information on how to keep moving and live the life you want to live during your Golden Years! Book an appointment today!

DC022749 Darlene

306-321-6015 •

Time to change! There’s a saying that people won’t change until the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing. Sometimes it’s hard to welcome change with open arms, but this year, that’s exactly what I intend to do. I’m ready to exchange chores for time to do things I love. To exchange cooking and cleaning for delicious meals and housekeeping done by others. To exchange icy, treacherous sidewalks and long dark evenings with the option of staying comfortably inside with new friends and lots to do.

(Continued from page 7) Climbing stairs doesn’t hurt as much. Working in the garden doesn’t come with as high a price as before. Not to mention you just feel better overall as your body becomes more fit. Power the Mind The neuroscientific research from the past 10 years has made it very clear that a person’s mind can improve at any age. Exercise and a healthy diet are two major factors that are important to having a healthy brain. Learning how to move in new ways creates new neural pathways that can help stave off dementia. You may have never thought about lifting weights for your brain, but recent research is confirming long held beliefs: the stronger you keep your body, the stronger and sounder you keep your mind. Build Muscle Wait, before you go there, let me assure you, you will not “bulk up” and look unnatural for your age! With functional fitness, you are not going to grow big bulky muscles or look like a bodybuilder. You will gain muscle and lose body fat, creating a leaner, toned body. However, with functional fitness, you’re going to intentionally spread your muscle gain throughout different parts of the body - including both the primary and secondary muscle groups. You’ll have power and strength everywhere you need it, not just in the ‘vanity parts’ emphasized by weightlifters and body builders. You’ll be fit and toned. More AS022713 Aaron

importantly, you will be stronger in a functional way, where it matters the most! Less Injury “Boomeritis” is a term coined by Dr. Nicholas A. DiNubile, an orthopedic surgeon, in 1999 while trying to explain the explosion in joint and muscle problems in people in their 40’s and 50’s. When aging joints meet traditional exercise programs, the result is often injury and/or pain. The Functional Aging Training model that we utilize helps to prevent injury that can occur from exercise, sport, work or daily activities because it helps to improve the accuracy and efficiency of human movement rather than just focusing on building a particular muscle. To put it frankly, your exercise program should not be injuring you, or making your joints hurt more. Just the opposite, in fact. It should make you more injury resistant and help your joints feel better. A good training program will lead to a leaner, stronger, more coordinated, balanced body which means you will reduce your risk of injuries and joint problems down the road. Better Balance Better balance is a great and intentional benefit. By including a wide variety of stances and body positions in addition to movements that specifically challenge gait, balance improves significantly. This means a reduced risk of falling and a greater ability to tackle activities that require good balance. (Continued on page 10)

21 Day Intro Small Group Training Fitness for 50+

(3x/week for 3 weeks) Regular price $89

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Watch out Stonebridge Crossing. Here I come! 102 Wellman Crescent, Saskatoon 306-974-7990 |

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y Changing the weas! Saskatoon Ag

Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care

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Personal Care Home NOW OPEN

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146-1824 McOrmond Drive (University Heights Mall) 306-371-WINE (9463)

Beautiful, affordable, licenced 15 bedroom care home in Evergreen Every room includes a washroom, T.V. and nurse call system. 24/hr trained staff. Elevator, wheelchair accessibility, nutritious meals and snacks.

Contact us today to book a showing. 306-881-9785 • 306-880-9786 | allied

1138 Evergreen Blvd. Saskatoon

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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much There are 11 different activity sunrooms that the staff and residents participate in together, including playing games, devotionals, baking, music, karaoke and piano, cards and poker tables, baking, puzzles, massage and exercise rooms to fun in the greenhouse!

Keeping active is very important for everyone whether you’re five or ninety-five. At Diamond House, we as the activity team are really striving to accomplish this. Our goal is to keep all our residents engaged as much as possible physically, spiritually, as well as mentally. We accomplish this by organizing a variety of daily activities that include daily devotions, fun exercises, puzzles, and baking just to name a few. Volunteers, families, and friends are encouraged to come and join us in the fun.

“I have a great time with the residents. It is like having a house full of grandparents. They have so many stories to tell and wisdom to impart. So many times, I have gone home smiling and telling people about all the wonderful things that have happened throughout the day. Being able to help them have active healthy lives is very rewarding.” Amanda Collins “In the short time, I have worked at Diamond House, I have grown close to the residents. Each one holds a piece of my heart. We share lots of laughs, walks and stories.” Rae-Anne Coulter

As a team, we try our best to make the residents feel welcome and comfortable. After all we really are just one big family! Located at 700 Ballesteros Cres in Warman • For more information please call 306-955-1300 or email •

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Saskatoon 55+ Lifestyles

Prairie SPring Care HomeS inC.

(Continued from page 8) It means you will still be able to navigate those rugged trails you enjoy hiking and take off on an unknown adventure knowing you have the balance and coordination to handle whatever lies ahead. Quality of Life and Maybe Longevity Exercise is a powerful stimulus that can keep you fit, healthy, strong, independent, vibrant, engaged and functional well into later life. Exercise may add years to your life but, more importantly, it will add life to your years. And it is never too late to start. No matter how many years you have in your rear-view

mirror, you still have many more down the road in front of you and you want those years to be the best that they can possibly be. After all, you’ve paid your dues (and your taxes), learned your lessons, worked hard, climbed the ladder, raised children and given of yourself. You want to keep doing all the things you still enjoy and maybe even try some things you’ve always wanted to do but perhaps didn’t have the time for before. A consistent functional fitness program will enable you to do that! Content provided by Shelley Turk, Certified Functional Aging Specialist proACTIVE Fitness

• Partial Dentures • Quick Relines & Repairs

Saving Your Smile Since 1983 AS022716 Aaron

• • • • • •

24 hour care In-house physician Elevators Administration of medication Nutritious meals and snacks Social and Recreation programs And so much more…….

801 Kristjanson Road, Saskatoon

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33rd Street

• Complete Dentures

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Hampton Circle

We promise Beautiful Dentures excellence look young and feel great!!! in care & New security Patients

Frayling Denture Clinic #35-102 Hampton Circle

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Travelling has become a trial of patience


in the bottle doesn’t matter. have always maintained And don’t argue about it or that travel can provide you might get put on the noanyone and everyone with fly list. the best education possible. In most instances, today’s If you cross this country from traveller will have an added end to end, the interactions expense for luggage and with people and experiencoccasionally carry-on bags. ing their lifestyles will help Gone are the days when airdevelop more understanding lines offered a meal or snack of regional differences. More during your flight. The best importantly, you will find that you can hope for is water or people are more alike than tepid, stale coffee along with different. Columnist five pretzels in a package or On my first visit to the a biscuit (at least I think it’s a biscuit.) Maritimes, I realized they had a vast Yes, you can buy an over-priced snack ocean of breaking waves teeming with fish and Saskatchewan had vast fields of pack on board, but you would be better off eating the carton than the food wheat waving in the breeze. In speakcontained in it. The seats are cramped ing with fishermen on the dock, their and smaller (or then again, maybe I’m concerns sounded eerily like farmers. Fishermen talked about the price of fish larger) and getting a seat with leg room means an extra charge. In fact, the only the same way farmers talk about the price of wheat, the role weather plays on thing that doesn’t generate an extra their industry and the seasonal nature of charge is use of the tiny toilet facilities, their business. They take as much pride although that too may be coming to an end. in their seafood as we do in our beef. The most recent concern came to Travelling outside the country broadlight when a pilot with the keys to the ens one’s perspective exponentially. Here a 100-year-old building is consid- jet passed out in the cockpit. How in ered derelict and ready for destruction. hell did this guy clear security and get In Europe, 1,000-year-old buildings are on the plane in the first place? Apparstill viable. But then, they built things ently the federal government doesn’t to last; we build for the short-term. They impose any regulations on airlines to test pilots for sobriety or medication are far more pedestrian than we are, but they have more moderate climates. impairment before they fly because it would be a breach of a pilot’s rights. They have great public transportation, but their population base is denser, their But what about the rights of paying land mass smaller and driving a private passengers who may be cruising 35,000 feet in the air, inside a tin can, being vehicle is not an option for most. flown by someone who has no control Europeans don’t buy items in bulk because their living accommodations are of his or her faculties? The government smaller and no one (or very few) in their leaves it to airlines to monitor their own cities have a basement, garage or yard. personnel and points to this incident as Thus, fresh markets and small groceries to why that works. The question is, how many other times did a pilot fly while “a thrive. little off” and get away with it? In short, the geography and climate I know people travelled in days of may be different, cultures and traditions may be different, but citizens of any na- yore without a cellphone, but in today’s world taking a cellphone is the norm. tion are pretty much the same. But travel education may be coming Last year, when vacationing with the family in the United States my daughto an end for the average citizen, not just because the cost is getting prohibi- ter-in-law, a customer of Rogers, periodically used her phone to check in at tive but because the wrongdoing of a home at a cost of $5 a day. On the other few has caused inconvenience for the hand, if I used my SaskTel cellphone I many. would be lucky to get five minutes for Gone are the days when you could hustle into an airport a half hour before that price, although SaskTel has recently offered a similar package now for travel departure time and hop a plane to in the U.S. wherever you wanted to go. Now it is This year, in checking travel costs an exercise in patience to leave your with a friend going to Australia, she will own territory and wander into another. Add a couple of hours on to your travel use her Rogers’ phone for $10 a day to schedule to account for security checks. a maximum of $100 for the month. No such offer is available with SaskTel; I wasn’t overly bothered by this at however, there are minimal use plans. first because I would rather be inconThe joke is my friend is on a month-tovenienced than have the plane I’m on blow up. But the inconsistent nature of month plan with her carrier and I am bound by contract to SaskTel, and she security services is annoying. In some airports, you remove shoes, outerwear, pays significantly less monthly than I jewellery, wallets, etc. In other airports, do. To add to my annoyance, I couldn’t even take an old cellphone when travelyou don’t. I have travelled through four airport ling and buy a local SIM card at point of destination unless I pay SaskTel $50 to security screening stations carrying a take their lock off my old phone. But as small blunt-ended pair of tweezers in the nice young lady at SaskTel informed my purse without a problem, only to me, SaskTel cannot compete with the have them confiscated at the last security check because an officious security big companies on the global market. I’ll remember that when my contract agent decided they could be used as a weapon. A half-full 5.2-ounce bottle of renewal comes due. I think I just talked myself out of hand cream will be taken because the rules only allow for 3.4 ounces. The fact travelling. that there is less than three ounces left


Find the resources you need to

Lead your


• Amazing selection of books • DVDs, Music and Audio CDs • Gifts for Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, Weddings and more! • Devotional articles • Home decor • Candles • School and Church resources Bring in this ad to receive $5.00 off your purchase of $25.00 or more. Offer expires June 30, 2017

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Make your move with a mortgage from Affinity Credit Union. 1.866.863.6237 |

By Boots and Jim Struthers

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SASKATOONEXPRESS - February 27-March 5, 2017 - Page 12

Sask. Party’s spending habits put us in financial mess


e can all agree on unreasonable, for things like one thing, so let’s infrastructure, any more than it’s start there: Sasunreasonable for you or me to take katchewan is broke. out a mortgage to buy a house. Okay, two things – we all Consider the provincial general know resource revenues are revenue fund (GRF) budget the low. Oil prices plunged two same as your household budget. years ago, in January 2015, Every month you measure your and have stayed low ever earnings against what you have to since. The potash market is pay to keep a roof over your head, stagnant. wheels in your driveway, lights But this notion, peddled on and food on your table. Some by the Saskatchewan governmonths are going to be better than Columnist ment, that our province’s others, but overall you keep the empty bank account is a rebills paid so you and your family sult of those reduced resource revenues? can function happily. Not quite. A summary budget is what happens What’s even worse is the cowardly when you take all of your earnings and demonization of the public service as a expenses, and then factor in the outstanddecoy for their undisciplined, reckless and, ing mortgage on your house, your line of frankly, amateurish approach to managing credit and your credit cards. Maybe you (or not) Saskatchewan’s books. have a business, or even two or three, Budget day is March 22, and Finance that carry debt, so that would get thrown Minister Kevin Doherty and Premier Brad into your summary budget, too. Wall are enthusiastically getting us all Clearly those are two very different ready to feel some pain. financial pictures. “Everything is on the table,” they insist, Fast forward to today. The summary over and over and over, lest anyone thinks budget has run a multi-billion dollar deficit they’re safe. for years, but now the GRF budget is After presenting a budget in June 2016 in deficit too. with an operating (or general revenue In other words, these days, Saskatchefund) debt of approximately $400 million, wan is not even earning enough to keep its the mid-year financial report released six lights on. months later, in November 2016, had that Since 2007, resource prices have ebbed debt up to $1 billion. and flowed. The huge spike in resources Now, being in debt isn’t new in Sasin 2009 was thanks to record-high potash katchewan – we’ve been billions of dollars prices. Otherwise, with the exception of in summary debt for decades. It’s not even 2010 and 2016, resource revenues have



stayed relatively constant, with potash increases often offsetting any reduction in oil, or vice versa. In 2010, when resource revenues were down to $1.9 billion, taxation revenue went way up (almost $1 billion) and we were able to withdraw a record $1.25 billion out of Saskatchewan Crown corporations, keeping our GRF on an even keel. In 2016, we saw almost the exact same ratio of taxation revenue to resource revenue as we did in 2010. What we didn’t see in 2016, however, is an extra half a billion dollars snagged out of the Crown corporations. You also don’t see a withdrawal from the growth and financial security (aka “rainy day”) fund (GFSF). I’m not going to get into the contentious politics behind the GFSF, and whether or not it was ever a valid account, because this piece is too long already. The bottom line is that since 2007, we steadily transferred cash out of the GFSF to pay the province’s bills when general revenues just weren’t going to cut it. Now that well is dry. Oh, and Crown corporation debt is double what it was 10 years ago. Back to reducing government employees’ salaries and output by one day per month, or five per cent. It has been a wildly successful diversionary tactic, moving the public narrative away from scrutiny of government spending, and onto whether public service employees should have to suffer financially because resource workers and the government are doing the same. Spending, though, is exactly where we

should be looking. Since 2007, education, health care and municipal revenue sharing have seen huge spending increases, which would be fabulous if they were sustainable. Don’t talk to me about capital investments, given the state of some of our hospitals, lack of rural service providers and rundown, overcrowded or rent-to-own (P3) schools. Yes, we’ve enjoyed some serious highway improvements, and have a brand new stadium and children’s hospital, but we’ve also bought enough new vehicles to fill that stadium, and spent a billion dollars on a carbon tax, er, carbon capture and storage. As for the civil service, the biggest impact of a five per cent reduction in public service workers would be on jail guards and social workers. What could possibly go wrong? Even if the public service is bloated, whose fault is that? This was supposed to be a conservativeleaning government focused on reducing its own footprint, so if what they’re trying to tell us is their government has gotten too big, I feel duped. The financial dumpster fire we’re fighting has everything to do with the fact that this government has jacked up spending — even with the best of intentions — to unsustainable levels, and has simultaneously run out of money trees, aka the GFSF and the Crown corporations, to continue to fund their spending habits. And they don’t want us to talk about it, which means that we’d better start, right now.

Vendasta on track for 300 employees by end 2017

(Continued from page 3) till, “there was this huge demand for reputation intelligence. We built on that platform, but we knew that selling to small businesses was hard. We said, we want to find people who already have those relationships, and that’s why we approached traditional media.” Times have changed dramatically in media and marketing. Before the Internet, the only way to attract customers was to advertise in traditional media, and wait for the phone call or the visit to the store or office. “What the Internet did, with the power of people to write their own reviews and things, is made information ubiquitous,” said King. “Why we started with listings and reputation and social media management is that now, if you want something, you go to your phone or computer and you search.

DC022719 Darlene

“Now people make a decision over 80 per cent of the time where they’re going before they even get to the store.” And targeting a market has become a science in itself. For instance, if the client is a restaurant, the media company can put a “virtual net” around perhaps 10 other restaurants, then advertise only to their customers. “This is the new kind of advertising that people don’t really know about yet, that small business can’t really use. We think about ourselves as sort of democratizing that. We make it so the local agency can do that on the businesses’ behalf.” Vendasta has plenty of competition from companies doing “point solutions” – those who focus on building websites, or planning paid advertising. “But in terms of aggregating it all together, there are only a couple of com-

t f i G e h t e Giv e c n e g l u d of In • Body Treatments • Hair Design • Hand & Foot Therapy • Laser Treatment • Nail Services • Spa Facial Treatments • Spa For Men • Spa Packages • Kid’s Spa • Specialty Items • Permanent Make-up

The woman in your life deserves nothing less...

petitors out there. The space will become challenge is trying to get enough software crowded I’m sure,” said King. “But we’re developers. first.” “There’s a tech surge; there is. I’ll tell any kids who will listen that everyone The people and the glory will be a developer. Twenty years from Winning the Business of the Year now, everyone will code, to some extent. SABEX, for King, was a good thing for We still need smart people. employees – and finding future employ“We’re building this company to be ees. around. We’re not targeting necessarily “The award is really about our eman acquisition or a sellout. We’re trying to ployees, making them feel good in the build something of value. “ community. They deserve to be proud of He notes that all the Saskatchewan where they work, and it helps us to attract companies with a billion dollar valuation, new employees. I feel good about winwhat they call ‘unicorns,’ have emerged ning the award from that perspective, so here because they’ve taken something we can get the best talent, because we’re out of the ground such as uranium, gold, in a struggle for that. wheat or oil or gas. “There are a lot of tech companies “We want to be the first one that did it here, and the university is good and based on a technology. It’s really a people producing folks and we’re trying to get thing; it’s based on intellectual people, people back from Alberta. Our biggest intellectual property.”


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ears of healing. That’s except I didn’t know it. what they are. “Don’t pray for strength,” Fourteen people, my elders would say, “because mostly women, sit together you already have it.” It was a on chairs in a circle. An eagle matter of me finding that inner feather is presented to the strength to help me make it person who is about to share through the day. And it was a life experience. Some of the a day-to-day struggle for me. stories are similar; what some When I would make it through of the people went through is one day, I would ask the Creator almost the same as the next for another day and give thanks speaker. Maybe that’s why it for the day that just passed. It Columnist works; maybe that’s why we’re all seemed so simple, something all here. Maybe the one thing the vast majority of people we have in common is we are not alone know about. But for a recovering addict, 24 on this journey. This is why we joined this hours might as well be measured in years. healing circle. However, as the days turned to weeks This small gathering was formed years and then into months, my life started to ago by people who wanted to change take shape. I started to experience that directions in life and in their communities. feeling of freedom. The strength the elders Everyone wanted a better life, a life free spoke about was starting to shine. Laughter of addictions and pain. People wanted a was now once again natural. safe community, a place where violence I share my story with the hope that and injury, or even death, is preventable. someone will read this and understand they Not everyone in the group is walking are not alone. I’ve met people who were so wounded. There are those who overcame strung out you would think they wouldn’t their addictions and are now helping others survive another month. Not only did they do the same. There are those who survived survive, but they fully recovered and are domestic abuse and help others understand now the best counsellors one can turn to. they are not alone. Knowing others are I’ve met women who slept in the bathwalking with me is something I am truly room because that was the only room with grateful for. a lock. They slept there to get away from Alone. That’s how I felt when I started the slaps, kicks and punches that await on my own personal healing journey. First them when that door is unlocked. Not only of all, I was never the type to accept defeat. did they get out of that bathroom, they Even in sports it was never over until it walked out of the house with their heads was over, but that’s not the way it is with held high. Many have gone on to help life. Because, as we all know, when that’s other women. They’ve held hands and had over then it’s really over. I’ve been in rehab shoulders to cry on for those who thought so many times I could probably start my no one cared. own program. However, even though my It’s a healing circle. A group of people intentions were good, I was never strong who simply want a better life. Those tears enough to keep going for long periods. are sometimes tears of joy, like the times Time and time again I would fall on my when we celebrate a person’s year of face, but somehow I picked myself up only sobriety. Sometimes they are tears from to start all over. If there is one good thing a haunted past, tears that should be left about being an addict, it has to be that where they will never hurt anyone ever every day is an opportunity for change. My again. It all boils down to tears of healing. healing journey actually started years ago,


Get the pros in to deal with stained marble

Dear Reena, you may be able to hide it by My daughter left her applying bathtub paint over the straightener on our new area. In any case, it would be bathroom counter in the best to call in the professionals basement. It is marble; it as you don’t want to accentuate has discolored the counor enlarge the mark. ter — is there any way to Dear Reena, remove the “stain”? Thanks I am helping my daughter for your time. – Brenda and son-in-law paint their Dear Brenda, new house. Before I changed Are you sure that you are into my paint clothes, I got dealing with real marble? white paint on my denim Household Could it be cultured marble? skirt. Can you please tell me Solutions If you have cultured marble, what to use to get the paint the damage may be permaout? I really appreciate your nent. You may find someone who can help. – Vicki sand it down and re-apply a protective Dear Vicki, coating, but it almost certainly won’t Since the paint is more than six hours match the rest. If you have real marble, old, you will need to take aggressive acthen you’ll need to hire a marble restora- tion. In a ventilated area, soak the stain tion professional to sand/grind away the in methyl hydrate or paint thinner (found damaged stone, re-hone and then re-polish at your local hardware store; test on an the area to match the rest of your couninconspicuous area first). Leave for 24 tertop. hours and scrub. Next, soak the shirt in Whether you are dealing with real dish soap and water, and rinse and wash or artificial marble, you can attempt the as normal. following suggestions but remember to Great Tip of the Week: test everything on an inconspicuous area Whenever I have grease left over from first. For do-it-yourself repair, apply either frying meat, I never pour it down the non-bleach toothpaste or a paste of baking drain. Instead, I put it into a small dispossoda and water onto the stain. Leave for at able container, such as from individual least three hours and wipe. You can also puddings, or even into any container and try a three per cent hydrogen peroxide place it in the freezer. Once it’s frozen and cover it with a white paper towel and solid, it can easily be discarded, or if not plastic wrap. Tape the sides of the plastic in a disposal container, just pushed out in onto the counter to create a poultice a solid mass and the container washed for which may draw out the burn mark. Some reuse. – Ruth people use 35 per cent hydrogen peroxide Reena Nerbas is a popular motivationfor this challenge but the concentration is al presenter for large and small groups; quite high which makes this much riskier check out her website: Ask a than three per cent. If the mark remains, question or share a tip at


BETTER HEARING LEADS TO BETTER LIVING.  Improved memory, attention & focus 1  Improved communication skills1  Improved social relationships1


306.477.3277 w w w. s o u n d i m p r e s s i o n s . c a

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Let our family help tell your family story . . . At Saskatoon Funeral Home we pride ourselves on our abilty to help plan meaningful and personal memorial services that are unique to each family we serve. Pre-planning should be done your way to ensure that loved ones have your guidance as they create a lasting and meaningful tribute. Virtually everything can be pre-planned, from the music played, to serving a favorite food at the reception. We are here to help tell your story.

Exclusive 24 hour on-site guardianship (306) 244 5577

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121-915 Kristjanson Road, Silverspring Saturdays & Sundays: 1-5 PM or call 306.242.2434 to book an appointment MARKETED BY:

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You have the strength to change your life


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Small Business Owner?

The Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce represents over 2000 business owners & individuals in our community, most of which are small businesses. Members get benefits like networking, learning, & advertising opportunities and special discounts on business services like group health insurance, and credit/debit processing. See how Chamber membership can benefit your small business | 306-244-2151 where we saw almost 200 acts. They come, they play, they bring money. The new twist this year is that PotashCorp is matching all the money raised by the Saskatchewan performers up to a total of $150,000,” said Roach. Xavier is about to experience her first Telemiracle as a worker. “I’m no stranger,” said Xavier. “As I was growing up, we always watched Telemiracle and it had a close family attachment since my dad’s birthday was March 3 and often Telemiracle fell on his birthday. Then, for a time from 1998 to 2002, my daughter Ashley performed as a wheelchair dancer in a University of Saskatchewan group, Kids in Motion.” Xavier comes from a background of working with people with disabilities and in child welfare. “What a pleasure it has been to work with a fantastic team, just like a well-oiled machine, which can make a complex challenge look a lot easier than it is.” Xavier said the Kinsmen Foundation is receiving more applications for help than ever before. “In the past year, the foundation granted 873 gifts across the province. That’s well over two miracles each and every day. The money comes from people who support Co-host Beverley Mahood is one of the stars coming to Kinsmen Telemiracle 2017. (Photo supplied) Telemiracle. Each contribution makes a difference in care that people need, equipment which helps them improve their independence and travel expenses for those who have to travel outside of the province for care.” Saskatchewan keeps on giving. Demaine is a community sandwiched Ned Powers “When our group of volunteers comes years ago from Toronto and quickly got between Beechy and Lucky Lake, and Saskatoon Express through the doors at TCU Place, the build- caught up in the Telemiracle spirit. in 2016, it contributed $15,000, which is he team behind Saskatchewan Kins- ing is buzzing,” said Haubrich. “Everyone “We try to build a diverse entertainment about as good as it can get on a per capita men Telemiracle 41 is primed to has a job, everyone knows what it is and show which pleases everyone,” said Roach. basis. present another highly-entertaining, they go straight to it. The volunteers are “Beverley Mahood and Brad Johner return Norquay, Yorkton, Watrous, Lloydminhigh-energy 20-hour telethon to help wonderful, the entertainers and the TV as the primary co-hosts. We have a new ster, Sturgis and Meadow Lake are among people and organizations with medical crews are ready and, most of all, Sasface in TSN’s Darren Dutchyshen, who is communities which are big donors. expenses they can’t afford. katche-wan donors seem to like what we originally from Porcupine Plain and knows Haubrich added that there are now comThe show will originate from the stage are doing.” the Saskatchewan landscape. We have a munities, which no longer have a Kinsmen of TCU Place from March 4 at 9 p.m. until Haubrich worked 12 years as a Telemir- comedian, Big Daddy Tazz, who will be our or a Kinette presence, where the volunteers March 5 at 5 p.m., and will be televised over acle volunteer because her husband was a overnight leader.” jump in and keep raising money just the a network of CTV Saskatchewan affiliates. Kinsmen member. New this year, and just for the theatre same. Debra Haubrich, Telemiracle adminis“This is my eighth show as an emaudience, will be a 30-minute television There are many heroes. trator, Ian Roach, the television co-produc- ployee. For me, the opportunity to work rock and roll performance by Holly Woods Jay’s Transportation Group Ltd. has er, and Cindy Xavier, executive director here was a natural fit. There is a real pasand her band, coming direct from Toronto. raised $1,390,000 over a 25-year period. of the Kinsmen Foundation, are among sion in what we do. It is so amazing to see It will happen Saturday at 11 p.m., at the Ray Kneeland of Martensville has run trail the key players in the advance stages of the generosity of Saskatchewan people. same time TV viewers are watching the rides, dine and dances, and sold chocolates one of Saskatche-wan’s most amazing Last year, as an example, the phones rang CTV National News. at rodeos to raise over $353,771 in what fundraisers. A year ago, Telemiracle raised so much during the last three hours, we Always a component of the show is has become a year-round endeavour. Steven $5,200,071, one of the top five best totals never had a chance to do what we call the homegrown talent, with 58 acts chosen for Ripplinger of Regina has raised more than in the event’s history. knockdowns. That’s the way Saskatchewan prime hours and another five for the over$85,000. He died during the past year and The secret behind the success is the responds.” night stints. now his friends are going to push the RipSaskatchewan teamwork. Roach came to Saskatchewan eight “They came out of an audition process plinger legacy over $100,000.

Telemiracle remains one of province’s big fundraisers


DOB: 08/02/2000 Hometown: Lloydminster, SK 2016-2017 Season: Saskatoon Blades League WHL: 47 GP • 5 Goals • 11 Assists • 25 PIM Favorite hockey memory Telus Cup 2016 Favorite player Ryan Smyth Best part of my game Battling Any nicknames? None

Favourite Pre-game Meal Chicken and rice Person I would most like to meet Gabriel Macht Biggest pet peeve People leaving garbage in vehicle If I weren’t a hockey player, I would be a Golfer

w w w. s a s k a t o o n b l a d e s . c o m





Weight: 175 lbs


Height: 5’11’’



Chase Wouters




JW022713 James

JW022706 James

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Saskatchewan’s Premier Home Show! March 9-12, 2017 Prairieland Park

Whether you are building, renovation or decorating your home, you won’t want to miss HomeStyles 2017! See over 250 exhibitors showcase the latest trends and innovations in the residential construction industry under one roof. To enter, go to and click on the HomeStyles contest tab. Entry deadline is Friday, March 3 at 4:00 pm

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n o o t a ask EVENTS

MARCH 1 Alt-country troubadour Kevin Roy of Winnipeg and Saskatoon’s Alexis Normand team up in a performance. For Normand, the concert celebrates her nomination for best female singer at Quebec’s Gala des prix Trille Or 17 and the launch of a new self-titled album. 8 p.m. The Bassment. Tickets $20 and $5.

MARCH 2 Paul Reddick of Toronto is a Canadian blues and roots powerhouse, having written and played for 25 years and honoured in 2009 when his album, Sugarband, won him a Maple Blues award for songwriter of the year. As part of a performance within the Saskatoon Blues festival, Saskatoon’s Ross Neilsen will display the work which earned him a 2016 Maple Blues award for best acoustic artist. 8 p.m. The Bassment, 202 4th Avenue North. Tickets $25.



Bitter Harvest Film Pre-Screening. Check-in is from 6 p.m. to 6:55 p.m. Any tickets not claimed by 6:55 p.m. will be released on a first-come basis. Movie starts at 7 p.m. in the Health Sciences Building Rm.1150 at the U of S. For more information, email

MARCH 3 Grandmothers 4 Grandmothers, 12th Annual Fundraising Dinner to support the work of the Stephen Lewis Foundation. The dinner will be held at the Western Development Museum. Reception at 5 p.m., the program at 6:15 p.m. and dinner at 6:30. Tickets $50. Tickets available at McNally Robinson Booksellers or call Maureen at 306373-0087.

MARCH 4 Contra Dance. Stephen Methot, from Calgary, will be calling a contra dance at St. Joseph’s Hall (Broadway and Eighth Street) at 7:30 p.m. Music will be supplied by Saskatoon’s While Rome Burns. All dances will be taught, and beginning dancers are welcome. Come with or without a partner. Admission is $10 at the door. For more information, phone Chris at 306-653-5092.

Saskatoon’s Suzie Vinnick, a singer-guitarist, is making it a homecoming again for the Saskatoon Blues Festival. She’s a 10-time winner of Maple Blues awards, frequent MARCH 15 nominee for Juno awards and captured the hearts with her albums like Me ‘n’ Mabel and Live at Bluesville. 9 p.m. RUH Foundation’s Greek Gourmet Feast, 5:30 p.m. at Manos Restaurant & Lounge (200 - 1820 Eighth Street The Bassment. Tickets $30. East. Website: . Presented by Manos, MARCH 4 RUH Foundation’s Greek Gourmet Feast sponsored by Ellen Doty is a Calgary vocalist and songwriter. She’s PotashCorp stimulates your senses all in support of The rooted in jazz but seamlessly enters other genres. Her first Greater Campaign for emergency, critical care and trauma album, Gold, was a hit and her first single, Just So You priorities at Royal University Hospital. Call or email Trina at Know, was equally successful. She may even play some 306-655-0628 or for more information. from her forthcoming sophomore album. Her special guest will be award-winning saxophonist Eli Bennett of Vancouver. 8 p.m. The Bassment. Tickets $20 for SJS members, $25 for non-members.




The Saskatoon Chamber Singers will play a double bill, with conductor James Hawn choosing Song of the Salish Chief as a featured work. It is a dramatic work by Peter Berring, based on a poem by Earle Birney. 2 and 7:30 p.m. Knox United Church. TIckets $25 at the door, $20 in advance and $10 for students.

SASKATOON KETO CLUB for people following or considering a LCHF/Keto lifestyle for Body Building/Weight Management/Reversing: Auto Immune Illnesses, Diabetes, Cancer or any other reason are invited to join our meetings to learn, share ideas, support or get support. There is no cost to attend. For more info, call Carol at 306-2802160 or email



Two-time Juno award-winning singer, songwriter and banjo player, Old Man Luedecke of Chester, N.S., has recorded seven critically-acclaimed albums. He will focus on music from his newest album, Domestic Eccentric. Wyndham Thiessen will play an opening set. 8 p.m. The Bassment. Tickets $20 and $25.

Left Behind by Suicide is a drop-in support group for individuals who have lost a loved one to suicide. Located at W.A. Edwards Family Centre, 333 4th Ave. North, 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. There is no cost to attend. For more information, email ***** FROMI - Friends and Relatives of People with Mental MARCH 11 Careless Whisper: The SSO Does the 80s in an upbeat, big Illness meetings will run from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. hair kind of way. It’s the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra’s at W.A. Edwards Family Centre, 333 Fourth Avenue North Jeans ‘n Classics show, taking you back in musical time to (wheelchair accessible). If you have a loved one or friend a decade where everybody knew your name, Rose bored with a mental illness and you need understanding support, you with stories of St. Olaf, and a Carebear stare would fix contact Carol at 306-249-0693, Linda at 306-933-2085, it all! The SSO will get down with the music of Prince, Eu- Lois at 306-242-7670 or e-mail rythmics, and the Go-Gos. 7:30 p.m. at TCU Place, tickets FIRST WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH $15 to $70 at Bridge City Needlearts Guild meets at Mayfair United Church at 7:30 p.m. for our monthly meetings. We also Amati Quartet and Samuel Deason (piano) 2 p.m. and 7:30 have a stitching day at Sobey’s Stonebridge the first Satp.m. at Knox United Church. Haydn String Quartet Op. 20, urday of each month. Come join us and have fun stitching No.4, Schubert ’Trout’ Quintet, and Brahms Piano Quartet with fellow stitchers. For further information, contact in G minor. $35 adult / $30 senior / $15 student. For more Glenda at 306-343-1882. information, visit Tickets sold EVERY THURSDAY at Persephone Theatre -- 306-384-7727. Prairie Sky Farmers Market is open every Thursday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.  It is located at St. Paul’s United Church in Sutherland (454 Egbert Ave.) New vendors may phone or text Kathy at 306-222-2740 or email saphire1515@ MARCH 1-15 ***** Vigilante by Jonathan Christenson, a Catalyst Theatre Production, brings back the tale of the Black Donnellys in Saskatoon International Folkdance Club meets Thursdays at 7 p.m. in Albert Community Centre (Rm. 13, 610 a new rock musical. Presented by Persephone Theatre; Clarence Ave. South). Learn dances from many countries. adult tickets $25 plus charges. Evening showtime is 8 p.m., some matinees available. Tickets at persephonethe- First night is free. 306-374-0005; www.sifc.awardspace. com ***** MARCH 3 Pop In & Play (until Dec. 8) 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at A World Day of Prayer Ecumenical Service will be held Erindale Alliance Church (310 Perehudoff Cres). Bring at 2:00 p.m. at Zion Lutheran Church, 323 4th Ave. S. your little ones, 5 years & under, with you downstairs for Additonal parking at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, a great time of fun & connecting! Monthly theme, learning 436 Spadina Cres. Refreshments will be served. All are centres, snack & occasional speaker. For more info, go to welcome. ***** EVERY WEDNESDAY MENSA is an international, non-profit society for people The FASD Network of Saskatchewan offers monthly supwho score among the top two per cent of the general port meetings for individuals living with FASD and caregivpopulation on a standardized IQ test. A supervised IQ ers on Wednesdays at the Network office (510 Cynthia St). testing session is being held in Saskatoon at 2 p.m. The The free-of-charge support meetings are an informative cost is $90, or $70 for students. If you are interested in and engaging space for people to connect with each other attending this session, please call Tim at 306-242-7408 for ongoing support. For information and time, visit www. or e-mail FEBRUARY 28 ***** Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, Third Avenue United Le Choeur des plaines welcomes you to sing and socialChurch. 5:30-6:30 p.m. Tickets $7 - available in advance ize in French each Thursday at 7:30 p.m. at L’École or at the door. Children 10 and under: $5. Please call 306- canadienne française at 1407 Albert Avenue. The choir is directed by Michael Harris and accompanied by Rachel 652-6812 for more information.



Fraser. All who wish to sustain or practice their French are welcome. For more information, call Rachel at 306-3436641 or Jean at 306-343-9460. ***** Saskatoon Community Contact for the Widowed (SCCW). Coffee at 9:30 a.m. every Wednesday at St. Martin’s United Church (2617 Clarence Avenue). The group also has a general meeting on the third Sunday of every month, with the exception of July and August. For more information, contact Mildred at 306-242-3905 or the church at 306-343-7101. ***** T.O.P.S (Take Off Pounds Sensibly). New members are welcome. A supportive, friendly group that meets weekly focusing on healthy eating, exercise and weight loss. For more information go to or call Debbie at 306-668-4494. Meetings are at Resurrection Lutheran Church, 310 Lenore Drive. New member orientation every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. ***** Singles Social Group - “All About Us” for people in their 50s and 60s. Weekly Wednesday restaurant suppers, monthly brunch, movie nights and more. Meet new friends. No membership dues. For more information email: or phone 306-978-0813. ***** St. George’s Senior Citizen’s Club (1235 20th St. West) has bingos and Kaiser from noon until 4 p.m. The club is campaigning for new members who are 55+. Memberships are $5 per year with discounts included. For more info, call 306-384-4644 or 306-716-0204. ***** Bargain store to support the inner city Lighthouse project. Babies’, children’s, women’s and men’s clothing; jewelry, purses, belts and camping clothes available. Wednesdays from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at St. Paul’s United Church, 454 Egbert Avenue. Prices from $0.25 to $5. Everyone is welcome. For more information: Call 306-955-3766 (church) or go to or email zixiag@gmail. com. ***** Nutana Legion Bingo. Doors open at 5:30, bingo starts at 6:30. Everyone welcome. Other upcoming events: music —Heavenly Hash (Sept. 24) and The Fuss (Oct. 1).  Also: Pancake breakfast & flea market on Oct. 2 (breakfast from 9 to 11 a.m.; flea market 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

FIRST SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH The MindFULL Café, part of the international Alzheimer Café movement, provides an opportunity to meet in a relaxed social setting for persons with dementia, family, care partners and other interested people. The Café is a two hour get together with refreshments, entertainment and information. 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Sherbrooke Community Centre. 

TABLE TENNIS The Saskatoon Table Tennis Club plays on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7:30 to 9:30, Friday evening from 7 to 9 and Saturday morning from 10 to 12. The location is the Zion Lutheran Church, 323 4th Ave. S. Entrance through the side door off the parking lot on the North side of the building and down to the gym. Drop in and have a look, no charge for the first visit. For more information, call 306-242-7580 or 306-975-0835.

EVERY THIRD WEDNESDAY The Bruno Groening Circle of Friends in Saskatoon has a support circle using integrative healing based on the teaching of Bruno Groening open to all without charge. Contact, 306-664-3331. ***** La Leche League Canada - Saskatoon Daytime Meeting from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at Emmanuel Anglican Church (609 Dufferin Avenue.) Dec. 21, Jan. 18, Feb. 22, March 22 and April 19. For more information or to get breastfeeding help, contact a leader by phone (306655-4805) or email or www.

SECOND SATURDAY EVERY MONTH Memory Writers — September to June, 10 a.m. to noon at the Edwards Centre, 333 Fourth Avenue. Share the events and memories of your life in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. For more information, call Neva Bayliss at


306-343-0256 or Hilda Epp at 306-382-2446.

EVERY TUESDAY Love to Sing? The Saskatoon Choral Society welcomes new members. No auditions. We meet each Tuesday at 7p.m. at Grace Westminster Church, beginning Sept. 6. ***** Magic City Chorus (women’s 4 part a cappella harmony) rehearsals are held on Tuesday evenings at St. Paul’s United Church, Egbert Avenue, in Sutherland at 7 p.m. New members welcome! Check out for more information. Contact ***** Off-Broadway Farmers’ Market & International Bazaar and Bistro, located in the basement of Grace-Westminster United Church, located at 505 10th Street East. 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. *****  Spirit of the West 616550 Toastmasters Club. Come and have some fun and learn speaking and leadership skills.  The club meets from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the Hospitality Room of Great Western Brewing Company. Follow the red fence on south side of building through the gate up the stairs into the building.

***** Truth Research Circle of Friends at 7 p.m. If you are concerned about the trouble in our world, researching its roots, feeling grief and confusion, and wondering what to do with what you’re learning, you are welcome to join our circle. Call Patti at 306-229-1978 for more information and the location.

FIRST AND THIRD SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH Pet Loss Support Group offers support and comfort to people who are struggling with the loss of a beloved companion animal due to old age, sickness or other reasons. The no-obligation support group meets at 2 p.m. at the W.A. Edwards Centre, 333 4th Avenue North, Saskatoon. For more information or telephone support, call 306-343-5322. 

SECOND MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH Renters of Saskatoon and area meet. 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. St Thomas Wesley United Church, Lower Hall (808 20th St. West). ROSA supports renters and shares information to work towards better, affordable, and safe rental housing for all. Child-minding available. Ring doorbell for elevator access. For further information contact: 306-657-6100, or email

TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS, SATURDAYS Country Farms Marketplace at Confederation Mall, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Indoor marketplace located across from Urban Planet. The Marketplace features home cooked lunch, desserts, pies, preserves and other amazing food as well as hand crafted items and home based business vendors. ***** Free art drop-in at the SCYAP Art Centre. All ages are welcome, all materials supplied, no registration required. Tuesdays 5:30 p.m. - 9 p.m., Thursdays 5:30 p.m. - 9 p.m., and Saturdays 1 p.m. - 6 p.m.

THIRD THURSDAY OF THE MONTH The Saskatoon Prostate Cancer Support Group meets every month except July and August at 7:30 p.m. in the W. A. Edwards Family Centre, across from the Saskatoon Funeral Home. For more information, call Murray Hill at 306-242-5893 or email

SECOND WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH Friendship Force International, Saskatoon and Area Club is an organization of more than 360 clubs in more than 50 countries throughout the world. FFI allows you to enjoy economical travel while forging new friendships with club members from around the world. For more information, visit To attend a meeting contact Bev at 306-291-4411 or

FIRST AND THIRD WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH Resporados support group for people with breathing difficulties taking place at 1:30 p.m. at Mayfair United Church (33rd Street West).  ***** (Continued on page 16)

SASKATOONEXPRESS - February 27-March 5, 2017 - Page 16 (Continued from page 15) Depression Support Group from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the CMHA building (1301 Avenue P North). This is open to anyone struggling with depression and family members wanting to support them. For more info, call Marilyn at 306-270-9181 or email

EVERY TUESDAY, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY Overeaters Anonymous: Is food a problem for you? Do you eat when you’re not hungry? Do you binge, purge or restrict? Is your weight affecting your life? We are a non-profit 12-step group that meets on Tuesdays at noon, Saturdays at 9:30 a.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m. For more information including locations visit

TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS Bridge City Senioraction Inc: Classes every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.  Registration is $20, drop-in fee is $2. For information, call Sheila at 306931-8053 or Kathy at 306-244-0587.

AS022704 Aaron

A damper on the Scotties


By RJ Currie he top three Tournament of Hearts curling songs: 3. Sweep Caroline; 2. Bump It Up; 1. Brush, Brush Sweet Charlotte. Seen any of the Canadian women’s curling championship? If a shark’s eyes were blue, they’d look like Rachel Homan’s. Canadians make up three of the top four scorers on the University of Oregon’s men’s basketball team. O Canaduck. Cavaliers forward Kyrie Irving doubts the world is round. Oddly enough, he’s heard snickers from all four corners of the Earth.

Kate Upton says fiancée Justin Verlander won’t have sex before and after games. Ex-Yankee Derek Jeter and his wife, ex-SI swimsuit model Hannah Davis, are expecting. Another reason to look forward to retirement. There’s talk The Who may extend their 2017 Tommy revival tour to American venues. If it plays at L.A.’s Staples Center, it’ll be called Magic Buss. In NFL coaching news, how about hiring a guy named Lynch for that mob in San Francisco? I’m not saying humidity was a problem at the Scotties curling venue in St. Catharines. But by draw nine, several teams

DS021301 Dan

RJ’s Groaner of the Week Michigan State recruit Donovan Wilson couldn’t sign because he was in jail for stealing a gun. It’s never too soon to show scouts you are NFL calibre.


625 - 25th Street East Saskatoon, SK, S7K 8J1

(306) 933-9394

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were sweeping with squeegees. BSN Denver reports two Colorado Buffaloes fans were slapped in the face by Washington Huskies forward Malik Dime. That works out to five cents a pop. A viral photo appears to show Knicks’ president Phil Jackson snoozing on a city bus. Not pictured was Carmelo Anthony — under the bus, where Jackson had thrown him.


FAMILIES, SENIORS AND YOUTH ORGANIZATIONS Earn extra money each week and enjoy the outdoors while you’re at it. We need individuals or groups to deliver our weekly community newspaper in Saskatoon. Whether you just have a few hours 2 or 3 nights a week or would like to work 20 to 30 hours – this could be for you. Compensation will be paid on a per piece basis and is available upon delivery completion and verification.

2016 prices HELD OVER until Feb. 28, 2017

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HougHton Boston Dogs’ Breakfast XVII Thursday, May 4Th Special Guest Speaker

Henry BurrIs

3 time Grey Cup Champion, 2 time CFL MVP

tickets can be purchased by going online at or check out facebook and twitter for the latest information leading up to the Breakfast. Proceeds of the breakfast are dedicated to supporting the education of U of S Huskie Football Student Athletes. The financial commitment from the past 16 years have funded over 400 scholarships and raised over $1.4 Million dollars. Touchdown Sponsor -

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Ray Bashutsky

Saskatoon Express, February 27, 2017  
Saskatoon Express, February 27, 2017