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Use rubbing alcohol for removing sticker glue

K of C Games always a highlight for Olson, Nyame Jared Olson and Astrid Nyame ham it up for the photographer. They are all business on the track, though. (Photo by Darren Steinke) Darren Steinke Saskatoon Express ocal track standouts Jared Olson and Astrid Nyame will always have an attachment to the Knights of Columbus Saskatchewan Indoor Games. Olson has gone full circle with the event, competing in the elementary relays and as an elite athlete. Nyame learned about the games after moving to Saskatoon from the small town of Maidstone to join the University of Saskatchewan Huskies track team. She was struck by how big the event is. The 52nd edition of the K of C Games is slated for


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Jan. 26 to 28 at the Saskatoon Field House, and it is expected to attract around 4,500 youth athletes and about 50 to 60 invitational athletes. The invitational athletes will compete in various track and field disciplines. Olson graduated from the Huskies track team in April last year after winning gold at the U Sports nationals in 60-metre hurdles and as part of the Huskies 4 X 200-metre relay team. He also won the U Sports national award as the student-athlete of the year for track and field, and claimed the Huskies major award as the school’s allaround male athlete of the year. (Continued on page 13)

“Providing the dignity you deserve, the independence you want, and the support you need.” You have the choice of Enriched Living or Intermediate Care


Nutritious Meals and Snacks Medication management 2 Baths per week Housekeeping and Laundry Service Resident and Family Support Services Foot Care Secure Environment 24 hour Staff JW012306 James

ENRICHED LIVING Services Include:

Nutritious Meal Program Housekeeping and Linen Service Wellness Clinic and Foot Care Emergency Response System Heating, Water Chapel Service Activities Live In Caretaker

Dear Reena, How can I remove sticker glue left on new jeans? — Jean Hi Jean, The easiest solution is to scrub the residue with an old toothbrush and rubbing alcohol. Dear Reena, I am looking for an easy and effective cleaning process for tile and grout. You have helped us in the Household past and I’m hoping you can do so Solutions again. — Linda Dear Linda, Get yourself a handy little piece of pumice stone. Pour some dish soap onto the pumice stone and wet it, then scrub the grout. Next, spray isopropyl alcohol onto the grout to prevent mildew from growing and discolouring the grout (keep away from small children). Another option is to make a paste of borax and water, and then scrub the grout with an old toothbrush.


Feedback from a Reader: Re: Stuck Jar Lid Karrie asked you about easy ways to open a stuck jar lid. A colleague of mine passed along this tip, which has rarely failed me. Place a wide rubber band (the kind mail carriers use or the ones that hold veggies like asparagus in bundles) around the lid and then try to unscrew it. Works almost every time! — Colette Re: Making cream puffs Making a perfect cream puff is definitely a work of art. Here are a few tricks to getting them perfect every time. After you stir the water, salt, butter and baking powder together, turn up the heat and bring the water to a full rolling boil. Turn the burner to low and dump the flour mixture in all at once, stirring it together with a wooden spoon. Once mixed, remove from heat. Let the dough cool for 20 minutes before adding the eggs one at a time.
 The total time for beating each egg is about two minutes. Test your dough by lifting out a spoonful and dropping it on top of the rest of the dough. If it stays on top and maintains its shape, it’s ready to bake. If not, beat it some more. Drop the dough by large spoonfuls onto a cookie sheet. Don’t crowd the puffs. They should be at least three inches apart. If you want to make mini-puffs, drop small spoonfuls on sheets — 15 to each sheet. Without opening the oven to peek during baking, bake at 400 F for 20 to 25 minutes for large or 15 to 20 minutes for mini-puffs. Finished cream puffs should feel firm to the touch and appear golden brown. Remove the cream puffs from the oven and pierce the side of each one with the point of a sharp knife (to remove moisture from inside puff). This is not necessary for minipuffs. Cool puffs on a baking sheet, being careful to keep them away from drafts. Fill with something delicious like whipped cream, tuna, chocolate, coffee whipped cream, chicken salad, vanilla custard, salmon or crab mousse. Delicious! Reena Nerbas is a popular motivational presenter for large and sm all groups. Check out her website: Ask a question or share a tip at

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