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Volume 14, Issue 32, Week of August 15, 2016

Saskatoonʼs REAL Community Newspaper

Kelley Moore

Mayoral candidate ready for new challenge Joanne Paulson Saskatoon Express elly Moore has entered the election. The newest mayoral candidate, who declared Monday, may not be a recognizable political name; but she believes she is ready to take on the campaign and the highest chair at city hall. “I think we need a fresh perspective,” she said during a long, wide-ranging interview. “I think we need some new leadership, and a new leadership approach. I think we need someone with the kind of background that I have, with the strong business background, as well as the experience at multiple levels of government. “And, I think that we also need to look at things in a different way. The city has been on a course for some time, and it’s a course that I think is not 100 per cent in the right direction. “With a different perspective, we can start to have, for example, (a) more integrated plan . . . a clear plan for our future that brings the best of what we’ve got and addresses the things that aren’t working well.” Moore, 43, previously held a senior position in the city’s planning department and is presently the director, community and client services in disability programs for the Social Services Ministry as well as a small business owner. Her fascination with cities and how they work began at the end of high school. At around the time she graduated from Nutana Collegiate, Moore was working for the Travelodge, where she encountered the president of the planning program at the


Kelley Moore says there needs to be more transparency and more conversation at the mayoral and council level, so that citizens can see what’s happening and be engaged. (Photo Submitted) University of Saskatchewan. “(She) was always talking about very interesting aspects of our community — where park benches were, where roads were, density of neighbourhoods. There was somebody else, another friend of ours, she was talking to, and I thought, where are you guys learning all this stuff? “She said, ‘well, planning school,’ I said, ‘well, how do I get to planning school?’ That naively. No one in my family had graduated from high school or

university . . . the priority was working and getting a good job and contributing. So I applied, with their help, and I got in.” Moore found she loved the program, and graduated in 1998 with a bachelor of arts in regional and urban development. It led her to an internship with the Town of Martensville, and then a job with the City of Saskatoon. The city hired her, in early Internet days, to put all the programming descriptions up on the Net. They subsequently

offered her a full time job; “it sort of felt like it was destiny, really.” She remained in the planning department, rising through the ranks, for seven years. “I had a lot of successes in that work, and realized there were good ways to engage the people and there were definitely not good ways to engage the people. I knew I had something to contribute on that. I think I looked at things from a different perspective. (Continued on page 4)

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A merlin searches for prey from a backyard tree. (Photo by Sandy Hutchinson)


Missed Connections with April Wine

• Sportsman Double Feature • Pro Trucks

t’s time for the late summer Comment: It’s been my expeedition of Missed Conrience that skinny guys become nections. These are real stocky guys after sampling the postings on Kijiji. They are food at Taste of Saskatchewan. unedited and the comments are ***** mine. “Rock 102 brewhaha the “Theirs a piece missing lady who ...: This is a long shot since we were seperated: I but here we go ....This is for the absolutely love how funny lady who asked to take my pic you think you are. It must be front row at the show last night something about getting off then started head banging with on the thrill and excitement of me should send me a message not getting caught doing a bad I’ll give u a hint I’m the guy Editor thing.... so who ever thinks it’s that was holding the beer with funny to steal the front wheels off bikes the red shirt black shorts.” Comment: You have another thing coming, I hope Karma are a bit light on punctuation. Maybe it’s smacks your right upside the head. :)” too many years of head banging. Comment: I thought this was going to be ***** one of those lovey-dovey I can’t live with“Beautiful girl in the silver CRV: I was out you things. What a pleasant surprise. ahead of you at a stop light and looked Call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 for in the rear view mirror and saw you, you a smack of karma. took my breath away. I believe you were ***** also singing along to the same song on the “Tall male cop at cop shop: We reported radio “a wonderful time to fall in love” I’d some stolen bikes and you were maklove to meet you. Please let me know what ing jokes with us. After sharing the story colour hat you were wearing so I know it’s with our good friend, we need to report you.” Comment: It’s pretty cool that two another theft... You stole her heart. Please people could be at a stop light and both reply, she wants it back.” Comment: This singing an April Wine song. Sandy and is really sweet. Usually there is no place I saw them a couple of times back in the for sweet in Missed Connections. We 1970s. Sandy’s favourite April Wine song are lucky to have so many hard working, is Bad Side of the Moon. I’m going with jovial police officers in our city. Sign of the Gypsy Queen. ***** ***** “Girl in Mac’s Hampton: Your so hot “Red tape: Holding your passenger side thats why you get cold drinks.” Comment: mirror and fender together! You are so One of the most common mistakes I see very beautiful:)” Comment: If you meet, in writing is using the word your when maybe you should do the driving. it should be you’re. Decent pickup line, ***** though. “Nazareth then buds: Hey well this is a ***** long shot but i was at Nazareth with a fue of “Taste of Sask: Wednesday evening of my friends standing by the bar that was in Taste of Sask, you (male) and your friend the trees and you were talking to my friend were sitting on two chairs that were pulled and his uthere friends by the big tree on the away from the table areas. My friend left of the bar your a Sandy blond whereing and I (tall gal with brownie blond hair in a nice color full sun dress it looked like a a pony tail) sat in your chairs after you rainbow very nice colors and then we went got up. You walked past later and saw us to buds and i seen you there and you were sitting in them. I wanted to chat with you out side having a smoke and talking to my but couldn’t get up the nerve. You were buddy i wanted to talk to you but I think i the one with brownie blond hair....your was a bit drunk i do know your a beautiful friend had darker hair and was wearing sun looking lady i would like to have drinks glasses. Both of you were stocky guys :)” with.” Comment: oh my gawd.

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Green Acres Gardening keeps man’s colitis in check

Christopher and Wanetta Dunlop are long-time members of the Community Farmers Market and the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market. (Photo by Sandy Hutchinson) Cam Hutchinson Saskatoon Express he first time Christopher Dunlop set up a stand to sell produce from his garden, he took home 75 cents. He was 18 then and about to enter university. He set up that first booth at the Clavet store, approximately five kilometres west of his family’s country home. “It was discouraging, but I went back the next day and made $20, so it was a significant increase,” Dunlop said with a smile. “For the next two months, I made between $30 and $60 a day, so it was OK. Minimum wage back then was $5 an hour. I was making minimum wage and I was my own man.” He’s come a long way since then. He now gardens full time and credits his love of the outdoors for his recovery — or as close as one can get — from colitis. DC081504 Darlene Dunlop’s interest in farming and garden-


ing stretches back to his childhood at his grandparents’ farm near Esterhazy. “My grandma and grandpa on both sides always had a garden. My grandpa farmed about 1,000 acres by Esterhazy. I always watched him and he was very hard working. I like to try to be like him.” Grandpa would be proud of the 15-hour days Dunlop often spends in his garden. Garden seems like an insufficient word to use to describe this spread. Think 40 acres, not a backyard veggie patch or community garden. The same love of the land extended to his grandparents in the Clavet area. “My dad’s mom and father would come out here all the time and have a goodsized garden just for the immediate family. Grandpa would be picking peas and doing the potatoes. Both of my grandpas loved to garden. That’s where I first got interested.” That interest and tradition carried on to his parents, Donna and Doug Dunlop.

Christopher Dunlop’s first paying job in the gardening business came by chance in 1994 when was 16. He dropped off resumes at businesses up and down Eighth Street and all around the city in search of a summer job. Nobody called, so one day he took a drive out Valley Road to see if he would have better luck there. “I stopped in at Robertson Valley Farm, gave them my resume and Don Robertson said I could start the next day. It was the end of June and they needed somebody else to help.” He worked for the Robertsons for three summers, before setting up that first stand in Clavet. The next year he moved to the corner of Louise Street and Preston Avenue, on a patch of grass on the old Esso station. Then, he moved across the street to the parking lot at Market Mall for two years. While there, AS081504 Aaron

he was invited to join the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market in 2002 when it was at City Hall. He has been a member ever since. Since 2007, he has also been a member of the Community Farmers Market, which is in front of London Drugs on Eighth Street on Tuesdays and Fridays and in front of Peavey Mart on 51st Street on Thursdays. He has been the president since 2013. “For 95 to 100 per cent of them, this is their main source of income. There are no hobby farmers. I’m trying to keep the Community Farmers Market for people who do it as their main source of income.” Dunlop and his wife, Wanetta, set up at the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market every Saturday. They are the ones with the typo on their sign, or so people think. The business is really called Peggy’s Guarden. It was named after Peggy, the dog who faithfully and efficiently chased critters out of the garden during her life. Peggy didn’t go into the garden. She worked the perimeter, Dunlop said. Dunlop was diagnosed with colitis in 1997 and, by 2003, his condition was much worse. “When I was going into university my specialist was giving me information for surgery to remove part of my intestine.” He would also have to have a colostomy. “I didn’t really like the thought of that,” he said. He was studying to be a teacher when he realized it wasn’t what he wanted and wasn’t good for his health. He wanted to be outdoors, getting his hands dirty in the garden. “In the past few years before that, my little business was growing a bit and I really enjoyed that and it was a lot less stressful.” He told his parents he wanted to garden full time. “At first they weren’t very happy with that and probably didn’t think I could make a living at it. I assured them that I could. They knew my colitis was getting quite bad, so reluctantly they said, ‘go ahead.’ The following year I started to see a little bit of improvement in my condition.” (Continued on page 7)

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Engaging citizens key commitment for Moore


(Continued from page 1) eople were really feeling engaged. We saw a lot of investment go into communities, a lot of partnering between residents and business and industrial owners, different human service organizations. “Pleasant Hill is a good example of that — the revitalization project.” She wanted to dive more deeply into this kind of community development. In 2006, she began to look at doing her master’s, and completed it in 2012, in land development and participatory democracy. As part of it, she made a number of recommendations specific to the south downtown, and how to engage the public in its development. Her thesis is now being used in some of the graduate level classes to teach how to “engage the public in land development, in a way that is less adversarial and more focused on common outcomes.” Part of her work involved her in several local area plans, including the aforementioned Pleasant Hill plan. She presented a report to the regional and sectoral committee — a human service committee made up of high-ranking health officials, directors of the school boards and others. The plan was not just well-accepted; it won a premier’s award. A few years later, when the co-ordinator for the committee retired, Moore got that job. She wasn’t really seeking to leave the city, but it was a great opportunity. “I always felt we could help people up to their doorstep, but we couldn’t help what was happening inside those doors, inside those homes. My background had been so strong in land development and future growth, trends around socio-economic demographic, that I wanted to understand more how we could help people in their homes.” From there, Moore moved to the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation as director, Housing Policy and Program Development; but that job was in Regina. She commuted for nearly two years, but knew her heart and life were in Saskatoon. At the time,Darlene the government had another DC081506

job in mind for her — a permanent job in Regina, but she had to turn it down. “I could not leave Saskatoon,” she said. “Who could leave Saskatoon? Anybody who I know who’s left Saskatoon misses it, and is always trying to find a way back again.” The province was not so easily dissuaded. So, in 2010, they offered her the directorship role she presently holds, in which she oversees service provision to people living with disabilities. She is also, with her spouse of 10 years, Lenore Swystun, an owner of Prairie Wild Consulting Co. The company provides collaborative consulting services focused on urban and regional planning. (Off-work time is spent with legions of family and friends, and usually outside — in the backyard of the renovated Caswell Hill bungalow the couple shares, at the lake, or at Moore’s mother’s farm.) All of which brings her to the mayor’s race. Running for office Her work life has been fulfilling and challenging, and now, she says, she is ready to be challenged again. “I have a lot to give. I have more to give,” which leads her to why she will run for mayor of Saskatoon. Moore explains that she understands how planning works at the senior level; the complexity of decisions that need to be made; how funding works; and that she has been at the decision-making table at senior administrative levels. She also understands funding transfers, and how negotiations work. “I understand how to put the people first,” she said. “One of the key things for me is that the city needs to make sure they have the public in public service, and the people are at the heart of every decision that is made. That is the number one thing that I have committed to – is ensuring the decisions being made are representative of the people we are serving.” Moore has released a six-pillar platform in which the first pillar is listening to communities. (The platform is posted on her

website,, or call 306-2914449.) The others are financial responsibility and accountability; sustainable planning and infrastructure; civic service satisfaction; safety and security; and investing in small business and entrepreneurship. She sees many challenges with the city’s growing debt, legacy projects, crime, deteriorating infrastructure, and citizens feeling removed from decision-making. “The question is, is it working? And I’m going to say, it is not,” she said. “Fundamentally, I don’t think we can accept the status quo. “I think I bring the right combination of business and government experience. I think I have the right energy and commitment and passion that could help us to address and get on the right track with some of the issues we’re facing. “I see a path forward. I think that’s exactly what we need, is someone who sees a path forward, who is including the community in that process of understanding of what’s going on.” One of the major issues she sees coming up in the campaign is the south downtown, and whether too much time and money

has gone into its development, along with tax abatements for the upcoming hotel and condo development. People are frustrated about how long it’s taken to get shovels in the ground — and they’re not in yet, she noted. The Remai Modern Art Gallery will also come up; Moore believes the project was handled poorly, and disrespected the Mendel family. Crime will be another big issue. “We shouldn’t be jockeying for first place to be the crime capital of Canada,” said Moore. One of the primary responsibilities of the city is to ensure a safe environment, and we have a serious problem in Saskatoon that needs to be addressed, she said. “We cannot allow ourselves to think this is normal.” Overall, Moore says there needs to be more transparency and more conversation at the mayoral and council level, so that citizens can see what’s happening and be engaged. “That’s the kind of leader I would be, and bring to the public. And I think that’s what the public is looking for.” (The Saskatoon Express intends to profile all mayoral candidates during the election campaign.)

Riders on the Super Shot at the Saskatoon Ex begin their descent. (Photo by Sandy Hutchinson)

AS081506 Aaron

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Cider Day

noun meaning “A day to celebrate the production of hard apple cider at Crossmount Cider Company�.

y a d n u S y a D r e d Ci 6 1 0 2 , 8 st 2 Augu m p 0 0 : 3 0 0 : 2 1

On Sunday, August 28, 2016 join us at Crossmount to experience all things cider. We are showcasing the processing and producing of our own unique blends of hard apple cider. Enjoy a bbq & dessert, hard cider, complimentary tasting and tours every 1/2 hour, as well as infotalks on health, beekeeping, horticulture and cider. Our locally crafted, hand-made, all natural cider is available for purchase on site. We accept credit cards and debit.

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Darian Durant is one of the few remaining players with the Riders after Chris Jones’s housecleaning. (Photo by Cam Hutchinson)

This is not the CFL I remember covering

SINCE HOISTING the Grey But there are reasons to Cup in victory in November sound the alarm bells. 2013, the fortunes of the SasThe loss of Saskatchewan’s katchewan Roughriders in the quarterback, Darian Durant, Canadian Football League have to injuries early in both of the fallen from triumph to turmoil. 2014 and 2015 seasons can be A tragedy will be averted considered a factor in what has when the Roughriders move into since unfolded. their new, $278 million state-ofThe change in coaching and the-art Mosaic Stadium in 2017, management staffs in 2015 addintroducing fans to the ultimate ed extra burdens on the club’s in football experiences with a economic books because of standard capacity of 33,000, contract extensions. The courtPeople expandable to 40,000. The Riding and the hiring of a new and ers will have a park which is coveted head coach and almost equivalent to playing with the league’s big his complete staff from previous employers boys who exist in their larger, metropolitan came at a cost which the team hasn’t yet surroundings. acknowledged. In case you haven’t noticed, the CFL has The turnover of players since early 2016 been on a “bigger-is-better” facility kick for has been overwhelming — some released some time now. By next season, there will outright, some left to fend for themselves be new parks in Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto in the CFL’s free agency frenzy and some and Hamilton and renovated facilities in because they simply didn’t fit under the British Columbia and Ottawa. salary cap. In the end, the number of player In spite of recent on-the-field setbacks, possibilities who landed in Regina didn’t the Roughriders remain a franchise respect- seem to achieve much, except to make the ed by many. Attendance figures run among airlines wealthier. Those hits will show up the highest in the CFL. The team’s superior- on the financial ledger. ity in marketing revenue can’t be matched. FREE AGENCY is something the CFL The province’s expatriates make a habit of players wanted and received in their pursuit helping to fill other parks in the league. It’s of job security. There are times when free AS081519 what they callAaron the Saskatchewan way. agency is a bonus. There have been times

when teams made successful and convenient mid-season acquisitions, especially if the teams were going to be Grey Cup game hosts. This year’s rapid turnover of players on the Rider team is thoroughly perplexing. Some of the players are going to work out eventually. Some are going to stay in the category of being disposed of by another team, which means they aren’t good enough to be with the Riders either. Totally absent is that feeling of “once a Roughrider, always a Roughrider.” It’s seemingly a case of making do today and hoping for the best tomorrow. There is seldom a chance to build a relationship, such as recent stars like Weston Dressler, John Chick and Chris Getzlaf did in the community. In Saskatchewan, community is key. It was a different time in a different era, but my favourite memories in CFL press boxes occurred during from 1960 until 1966, a memory capped by Saskatchewan’s first Grey Cup victory, a 29-14 conquest of the heavily-favoured Ottawa Rough Riders. The team was built by Ken Preston, an amiable and competent general manager who realized the value of Canadian content. The team was gradually developed by Bob Shaw, a former National Football Leaguer who became coach in 1963 and


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1964 as George Reed, Ron Lancaster, Ed McQuarters and Hugh Campbell arrived as stars. When Shaw left to join the Toronto Argonauts, Eagle Keys became the coach who quietly and effectively turned the Riders into Grey Cup champions. Some of the 1966 stars visited Regina this summer to again share in the appreciation the fans once held for them. Some have passed. The fact remains that the 1966 Riders were great because of Canadian content, superb import acquisitions and a love that all the players shared with the community. Ron Atchison, Ted Urness, Gord Barwell, Alan Ford, Dale West, Wayne Shaw, Ted Dushinski, Henry Dorsch, Gene Wlasiuk and Larry Dumelie were among those who played the game to the hilt and lived and worked in the community. Each had Saskatchewan background written all over them. Reg Whitehouse wasn’t originally from Saskatchewan, but he started playing in 1952, married a Regina girl and settled down suitably with the offensive line. Some played 10 years or longer. Ford and Dorsch later served as Rider general managers. For so many players to come out of Saskatchewan and serve the Riders so nobly was what was Roughrider football was all about. Regrettably, we will never see a team so defined and so loyal ever again. FOOTBALL IN Saskatchewan will always be recognized by Rider Pride. But there are days when the CFL and perhaps Rider management take too much for granted. CFL rules dictate that player movement is encouraged. There is no longer a leaning towards players establishing roots, like some of the Rider imports did in the 1960s and still do. The CFL acknowledges Saskatchewan’s fervour, but sometimes their scheduling of games places a stress on fans travelling from Prince Albert, Saskatoon and Swift Current. Those are long one-day return trips, the kinds of challenges which don’t happen in other provinces. The CFL’s major commitment in scheduling seems to favour the television network, mostly so Ontario markets get games at hours convenient to them. The Roughriders keep telling their fans to be patient in the lean days of 2016. They’ll never admit it, but the Riders have most of their fans hog-tied because the fans want the inside track to next year’s choice seats in the new park. It doesn’t matter if the fans live in misery this year. Maybe the Roughriders will make a remarkable recovery and get a playoff berth. But the results of the first six games, the fact they gave up 76 points in two games, and the challenge of a tougher schedule (mostly on the road) don’t really cause anyone to be overly optimistic.


.30 ¢FT.

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SASKATOONEXPRESS - August 15-21, 2016 - Page 7




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$ Wanetta Dunlop sells produce at the Community Farmers Market in front of London Drugs on Eighth Street. (Photo by Cam Hutchinson)


(Continued from page 3) e said colitis no longer affects him. He says his specialist can think of few people that have gone from needing surgery to making almost a full recovery. Dunlop met Wanetta around the time he started gardening full time. He smiles as he talks about meeting at a Saskatoon bar. “There was a lull in the conversation and I don’t think many people would say this, and out of the blue I told her, ‘I sell vegetables for a living.’” That might not be the best pickup line ever uttered.

“She found that quite strange,” he said. In the summer, Wanetta does most of the selling at the markets, while Christopher is in the garden. Dunlop takes pride in what he does and what he offers to customers. Red Norland potatoes and carrots are his specialty crops. He also grows beans, onions, beets, spinach, dill and cucumbers. “I grow an organic crop with my 20 acres and my mom and dad’s 20 acres that has never been sprayed . . . I take pride in growing a crop that is very healthy for people.” And to think it started more than 20 years ago with a day of 75 cents in sales.






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SASKATOONEXPRESS - August 15-21, 2016 - Page 8 days, as the province holds back on funding increases in a period of significant belttightening (thank you, commodity prices.) So, I don’t really have a solution here, I regret to say. The school, which has exploded from 100 students to 475 since the program began, has insufficient washroom space and many other issues. The board long ago asked for $16 million for renovations, and that not yet forthcoming, they’ve resorted to portables. Meanwhile, the school, its yard (which was already sullied by other outbuildings) and the neighbourhood are experiencing serious uglification and reduced play space due to these awful temporary buildings. Neither are they good learning environments. Traditionally, they were cold, draughty, claustrophobic and required coats and boots to get to: some kids in my schooldays used to leave their coats on. Maybe today’s versions are better. They St. Frances School was never a beauty, but it doesn’t deserve this. (Photo by Joanne Paulson) sure don’t look better. Who’s proud of attending a place that looks like that? Can we not do better at funding schools? Is there no way to pull together the appropriate funding for learning? Our economy is in the dumps, no question — provincially and federally. But if we s I write this, there are fore my husband HAD TO BE we noticed that all the pretty bushes, can more or less agree that education and four very nice men in THERE. They didn’t explain including some lovely sour cherry trees, therefore innovation are the best ways out and around my house. all of that that in the phone and were hacked down. Then we noticed ugly of this long-term fiscal mess, maybe we Last week, there was also a online messages. I left. blocks of concrete poking up around the should — as a society — pay more attenwonderful woman. They are doThen, hungry and grouchy, I front yard. tion to the patterns of school attendance, ing renovations, which should went to get a Starbucks. To proNow, there are massive and even uglier the demographics of our population, and have been done — in some tect the innocent (very underportables all over the place. St. Frances, the facilities (and staff) we need to pull all cases — years ago. We finally staffed location, to say the least) unfortunately, was never a beautiful school this off. got around to it. Or, we finally I will not say which one; but I — but wow, this is really nasty. I mean, you It’s true that St. Frances is a bit of a found some money for it. Deswear I was there half an hour. can barely tell it’s a school from the front. special case — the growing interest in pends how you look at things. Really?! For a latte?? St. Frances, which has the only bilinCree was, I’m sure, a surprise, although That being said, the house These are, as they say, First gual Cree program in the Catholic system, I wonder if it should have been? — but Columnist reeks like glue, the men are World problems. Fortunately, I is a great place. It’s cool and amazing that specialty schools of all kinds pop up all the clattering and hammering away live in that world. Unfortunate- there are so many children there, soaking time. I attended one way back in the . . . on our soffits, and peace is not reigning. Not ly, sometimes, it makes me grumpy. up a very interesting curriculum. That’s all well, a long time ago . . . and they mantheir fault; mine, but it’s not conducive to This brings me to a thing that is really good. aged to keep us all indoors, while protectquiet thought, oui? twisting my nose — keeping in mind that Not so good is that it’s certainly outside ing the play areas. In addition, after being exhorted to go I’m already not a happy girl today. the budget of the Catholic School Board Surely, with a little more planning and to the bank to renew a certain loan, I was Over the summer months, we’ve been to actually build on to the school in some vision, we can do better than just flinging informed that this was an early renewal and walking by St. Frances School on a regular kind of attractive or even functional way. kids into portables. I trust and hope they CP90552.H17 Chenise itJW081502 needed to be James done TODAY and therebasis, which we indeed always do. First, All school boards are under pressure these are temporary. KK081524 Karen


Portables an unsightly mess at neighbourhood school

Joanne Paulson



A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Energy Star Bungalow and Walk-out Bungalow Townhomes


Directed by Will Brooks

J. Caesar The Roving

Open 6 days a week A Midsummer Mon-Thurs 8 am - 8 pm Fri 8 am - 4 pm sat 9 James am - 4 pm Night’sJW081506 Dream

Bay 1-50 kenderdine Road, saskatoon, sk


Adapted by Tracey Power with Directed by Joshua James MacDonald Directed by Anita Smith

Directed by Will Brooks

J. Caesar

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Adapted by Tracey Power with James MacDonald Directed by Anita Smith

Directed by Will Brooks

J. Caesar

306-652-9100 A Midsummer A Midsummer Box Office Open Daily Noon to 8:00 pm Night’s Dream Night’s Dream

Starting in the Low


FINAL Presented by WEEK! Presented by Presented by

The Roving Show Directed by Joshua Beaudry

Adapted by Tracey Power with James MacDonald Directed by Anita Smith

The Roving ShowThe Directed by Joshua Beaudry Dir July 66- August 21, 2016 July August 21, 2016 #yxeart July 6 - August 21, 2016 #yxearts Adapted by Tracey Power with

Directed by Will Brooks Directed by Will Brooks

Mon-Thurs: 5-9 pm | Fri, Sat, Sun & Holidays: 1-5 pm 306.242.2434 |


e Rd Low

Located at #2-103 Pohorecky Cres

Evergreen Blvd

J. Caesar

J. Caesar Adapted by Tracey Power with James MacDonald Directed by Anita Smith

James MacDonald Directed by Anita Smith


Pohorecky St

A Midsummer Night’s Dream The Roving Show Directed Will Brooks AbyMidsummer Directed by Joshua Beaudry Midsummer AAMidsummer A Midsummer Night’s Dream Night’s Dream The Show Roving Show Night’s Dream The Roving Directed Will Brooks Directed by Will Brooksby6 The Roving Show Directed by Joshua Beaudry PresentedNight’s by by Tracey Power with July - AugustAdapted 21, 2016 Directed by Joshua Beaudry Dream Directed by Will Brooks The Roving Show Directed by Joshua Beaudry Presented by James MacDonald Directed by Will Brooks #yxearts Directed by Joshua Beaudry Directed by Anita Presented by July 6 Smith - August 21, 2016

J. Caesar J. Caesar J.J.Caesar Caesar Adapted by Tracey Adapted by Tracey Power with Power with

McMorris’s legacy will be impaired driving charge


olitics is not for the faint kids started their addiction with of heart. It is a merciless marijuana. However, I expect profession. their grief was no greater than When I first heard the news of parents and families who have Don McMorris being charged lost loved ones to alcohol rewith impaired driving and his lated injuries and/or deaths. subsequent resignation from But I digress. The debate on both cabinet and caucus, I felt this issue of legalizing marisadness for him. I expect that juana is over and we are now by the time the news of his into the implementation phase. charge hit the airwaves he had I think we have heard all the already beaten himself up for arguments about marijuana verColumnist his stupidity, and in all likelisus alcohol use. But the issue hood those close to him added isn’t whether one intoxicant is to his self-flagellation. better than another, the issue is impairment He will now quickly find out that, as a and an individual’s ability to safely drive political liability, former colleagues and a vehicle when consuming alcohol and/or friends will pointedly distance themselves drugs. from him and that in reality politicians We now use breathalyzers to test drivhave few friends within the rank and file ers for excessive alcohol consumption, of their domain. Whatever good he did which impairs their ability to drive. But over his lengthy political career will be how do we test for impairment due to forgotten and he will be remembered for marijuana use, or any other narcotic? Are this serious infraction alone. And sitting as we back to the roadside sobriety tests of an independent member of the Legislative walk a straight line, touching finger-toAssembly (MLA,) in essence, neuters his nose, counting backwards, all of which ability to accomplish anything. In short, is akin to inaccurate alcohol testing prior his political career is over. to the breathalyzer? Are police officers Then I remembered the family, trained for effective testing? including a five-year-old and twoThe government has regulated the sale year-old, who were recently killed by a of booze during the last century. During drunk driver and any sympathy I felt for most of that period it was socially acceptMcMorris died. McMorris lost a career; able to over-imbibe in alcohol and until these innocent people lost their lives. It the last few decades our society has turned also bought to mind people I know who, a relatively blind eye to drunk driving. over the years, also lost loved ones to My generation was probably one of the impaired drivers or were permanently worst for alcohol abuse and driving. I’m maimed as a result of that same criminal embarrassed to say it, but most people behaviour. Gone are the days when po- back then didn’t openly question the lice gave a pass to high-profile citizens conduct. I expect marijuana sales will also caught in this situation as we recognize be government regulated, but I would hope that zero tolerance for impaired drivwe have learned something valuable from ing is the only solution to the problem. our history with alcohol as we proceed Although we still have a distance to go down this road. toward achieving the goal of eradicating We have witnessed the devastation to impaired driving, I do give kudos to the victims resulting from alcohol impaired growing number of young adults who driving and we have become wiser about wisely use designated drivers or cabs alcohol and substance abuse, or at least I when imbibing. think we have. Relying on that wisdom, McMorris’s “good judgment” is now before we introduce another legal intoxiquestioned. It seems rather silly when cant, could we first possibly figure how we you consider that anyone who has overcan protect both users and innocent memindulged in the use of alcohol or narcotbers of the public from another source of ics no longer has the ability to exercise impairment that would contribute to public good judgment. Looking into the future, harm? Or do we need more deaths and/or knowing the effect of substance impairhigh-profile people being caught before we ment on drivers, should we be concerned react? and demand that safeguards and testing for Today we spend hundreds of millions narcotic impairment be refined before the of dollars trying to re-educate the public federal government legalizes marijuana and undo the harm resulting from the use use? of tobacco and alcohol abuse. Down the Although marijuana is considered a soft road, will we add to that list sanctioned drug, there are those that purport that it is narcotics? I hope we start the campaign a gateway drug. I recently watched the cautioning users about responsible use of program 60 Minutes where they internarcotics sooner rather than later. viewed 12 heartbroken parents, more than Remember the definition of stupidity is half of whom had lost children to drug doing the same thing over and over again overdoses, and others whose children were and expecting a different outcome. now recovering addicts. Most of these AS081505 Aaron

KK081511 KarenSASKATOONEXPRESS - August 15-21, 2016 - Page 9

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SASKATOONEXPRESS - August 15-21, 2016 - Page 10

Folkfest’s forgotten soldiers:

the volunteers


askatoon celebrates the 37th edition of Folkfest this week. The festival has become a beacon of cultural celebration in the city of bridges and I can certainly attest to that myself. As a Ukrainian Canadian, I am proud to celebrate my culture, traditions and language in any way I can. My family immigrated to this country more than 115 years ago and I do everything in my power to keep that culture thriving in Columnist my city. Since the age of seven, I have been closely involved with the Ukrainian Karpaty Pavillion. My parents dragged me out to Prairieland Park every year for my weekly stay, setting up Wednesday and packing up Sunday night. When I was too young to help set the expansive pavilion up from scratch, I would just distract all the volunteers from working too quickly. Once that grace period was over, I was among the foot soldiers preparing the hall to become the pavilion we all recognize it as today. The festival is essentially three days of madness, as a small group of volunteers attempts to manage Saskatoon walking through its doors. This time of year signals the end of summer vacation, organizing the kids for school or your last precious moments at the lake. For me, this time of year always meant Folkfest is near. I can smell it in the air. Sleep becomes precious and my cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing. That’s what it’s all about.

Keenan Sorokan

LS907328.J07 Liza

Volunteers dish out perogies at the Ukrainian Karpaty Pavilion. Folkfest runs August 18-20. (Photo supplied by Judy-Anne Chabun) Folkfest will have more than 5,000 volunteers working at the 20 pavilions in the city this year. At the Karpaty pavilion, 356 participated last year, filling 575 positions. That is compared to the upwards of 32,000 people that go through the building throughout the weekend. Scenes of Saving Private Ryan flash through my head. “We must hold this bridge!” turns into a frenzy of flying cabbage rolls, perogies and hutzul hammers like a war scene of food and booze. (Get your cabbage rolls early. They never seem to be available by Saturday night.) A quick rundown of what the Karpaty Ukrainian pavilion has to deal with: 52,000 perogies, 23,000 cabbage rolls, 75 gallons of sour cream all being served up over the course of the weekend. The more staggering fact is that numbers like this could be plucked from every pavilion. Each one has a team of volunteers working endlessly to

Daily Living Personal Care

“Professional and Personal care when you need it”

• SGI Insured • Personal Care Needs • Consistent Caregivers • Companion Care • Ask us about Preferred • Respite • Community Support Customer Rates and • Light Housekeeping Veteran Services DC081557 Est. 2005 Darlene Call us today at 306.370.0314

see their culture thrive for three days, and to see a man eat a plate of perogies in a matter of seconds. True story. Because of my involvement in the pavilion, I was selected to be youth ambassador in 2011. This was the first time I was able to see other pavilions at Folkfest, besides the odd trip to the Philippines or Scottish pavilions. It was an eye-opening experience to be put into those cultures, even for a moment. The fellowship among the ambassadors was also something to behold. I was sent on assignment to take photographs of the Ex parade earlier this week and saw that same sentiment on their parade float. They were having a blast, but the best is yet to come for those youths. Executive director Terri Rau said youths are “our future,” adding “they need to really learn and stay involved with their culture. Those are our future pavilion managers.”

DC081547 Darlene

She’s right. It may not always be the cool thing to do, but in this city there are hundreds, even thousands of kids who are in tune with their cultures and could be pillars of the community in 30 years. Their value cannot be understated for this occasion. A lack of involvement could be a detriment to Folkfest in the future. Folkfest isn’t just a labour of love for the volunteers. It’s second nature. Volunteers of Folkfest don’t just give their time for a cause that strikes interest in them. Many volunteers have a deep connection to Folkfest. It’s a part of the year they get to celebrate their culture and share it in such a unique way. For many, it’s the only time this happens. Plenty take holidays from their paying jobs to keep things in order for the weekend. Take a stroll through all the pavilions this weekend, especially for those of us who can’t.

David Buckingham, MLA Saskatoon Westview

Bay 14 -2345 Avenue C North 306-242-4440 Buckingham, Express ad 4.896 x 1.9, July 5, 2016.indd 1

7/6/2016 2:44:26 PM

SASKATOONEXPRESS - August 15-21, 2016 - Page 11


2210 2210Millar MillarAve. Ave.306-242-3456 306-242-3456

PORK SOUVLAKI Best Beef Jerky Made Here! KABOB’S Catering



Another year of fun and fellowship Youth ambassadors enjoy their time during last week’s Ex parade (Photo by Keenan Sorokan) Keenan Sorokan Saskatoon Expres et the food, music and celebration begin. Folkfest is set to kick off its 37th year in Saskatoon. A stalwart of entertainment and culture in Saskatoon since 1980, the festival is set for some minor changes and hidden gems for its 2016 edition. Executive director Terri Rau can attest to the vast changes that Folkfest is going through, not just this year, but in others in the past. She’s been involved with the festival for 19 years and can speak volumes about the festival and the changes since she joined. “I’m hooked,” she said with a laugh. “We try not to have déjà vu pavilions where you walk in and see the same thing you saw the year before.” One of the festival’s foremost developments in 2016 is the partnership with the Ximity app, a free app available on the App store. The app uses Bluetooth beacons placed at each pavilion providing up-to-theminute information about each location. “We’re trying to really provide a higherlevel experience for our patrons,” Rau said. “As soon as you get within 100 feet from the pavilion, it will bring up the menu, entertainment schedules, anything that they would like you to know about.” After being born and raised in Saskatoon, Rau went on to Toronto in her formative years, performing with the Famous People Players in Toronto for 12 years before returning to Saskatoon in 1996. She enrolled in an event co-ordinating course and started her job as administrative assistant at Folkfest only a week after completion. She now acts as Folkfest’s executive director, a capacity she enjoys daily. “I love it because every year it’s different. It’s challenging, with new themes, new members.” There are a number of changes at this year’s festival.Aaron AS081518


The RBC Global Village, which is in its fifth year, is relocating to the Kickin’ Horse Saloon at Prairieland Park in an attempt to capitalize on the crowds flooding Prairieland. The Global Village, located east of Hall E, hosts four smaller venues that wouldn’t be able to create stand-alone pavilions of their own — Nepal, Peru, Sudan and Vietnam. The hope with this global village is to grow these cultures into their own pavilions a few years into the future. “I think we really see the need to make sure that everybody gets an opportunity to participate, even the small groups,” Rau said. “There’s room for everybody in our festival.” While the festival is constantly expanding on its rich history, patrons might notice a few vacancies from years past. The fan-favourite Irish pavilion is not taking part this year, the first time that has happened since the pavilion began participating 17 years ago. Also included in that category are the Brazil, Hungary, Francophone and Jewish pavilions. That brings the total pavilion number of pavilions to 20. When organization began in the winter, there was a potential of 28 pavilions claiming a stake in the festival. “They’re all going to be missed. Sometimes the days and circumstances don’t allow for them to participate, but they are all coming back in full force next year. So we’re hoping to be back to 25 to 26 pavilions next year. Close to our record of 29,” Rau said. Organizers estimate more than 32,000 people attended the festival last year and are expecting more of the same for the three days of unlimited access this weekend. “It’s just like visiting your neighbours. And that’s what makes Saskatoon uniquely great.”



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You can help people see better, walk better, live better. Donate today at: 306-655-8489 or 1-800-603-4464 JW081509 James


The festival runs from Aug. 18-20. For more information, visit

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SASKATOONEXPRESS - August 15-21, 2016 - Page 12

Going Back... • Back to School • Fall Activties


Saskatoon Public Schools committed to cultural responsibility

hen the historic Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) released its Calls to Action last winter, Saskatoon Public Schools (SPS) heard them loud and clear. So when the doors open to a new school year this fall, SPS officials will be laying the groundwork for its students to learn from this piece of Canadian history. Shane Skjerven, deputy director of education, says it is “incumbent upon us” to respond to the Calls to Action pertaining to education. In 2009, the federal government established the TRC led by Manitoba Senator Murray Sinclair. The commission’s goal was to examine how the flawed residential school system affected Canada’s Indigenous communities. Last December,

the TRC released its final report and detailed recommendations on how Canada should go forward. At its June meeting, the school board approved a response to the TRC findings that would see them reflected in the division’s work with students, staff and community partners. “We believe our students’ hearts and minds are open for learning,” reads the board response. “We are responsible for teaching them about Canada’s history of colonialism and the impact of residential schools, which is a difficult yet essential aspect of their educational journey. This knowledge is foundational to the goal of reconciliation.” The division is already a leader in integrating cultural learning and practises

into education. Last spring, the school division celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Nêhiyâwiwin Cree Language and Culture program, a pre-kindergarten to Grade 7 program offered at Confederation Park Community School. It was established to help students learn about their culture from traditional leaders. Another example of the division’s commitment can be found at Westmount Community School, home to the division’s Métis cultural program. The school established a role for Kohkums after recognizing the importance grandmothers play in the lives of their students and seeing a need to strengthen relationships with their students and staff as well. “We’re committed to being culturally responsive,” says Skjerven. In its response, SPS has promised to build up students’ understanding of this period in Canadian history and its lasting impact. Lessons will align with provincial AS081515 Aaron GSCS16 LiteracyPostersFin1.4.qxp_Layout 1 2016-06-16 3:57 PM Page 1

curriculum and staff will look for ways to bring Indigenous perspectives to a variety of subject areas. The board also committed to providing respectful, culturally responsive environments for all students, staff members and families. Skjerven says SPS needs to work towards greater understanding of Indigenous history amongst teachers and staff members. As well, partnerships with First Nations, Inuit and Metis stakeholders will be strengthened. This includes an educational alliance between the division and Whitecap Dakota First Nation, which will culminate with Whitecap’s partnership in the new elementary school being built in Stonebridge. At the end of the day, it’s the school division’s responsibility to teach students about our collective history, Skjerven says. “We will use the Calls to Action to help shape and guide our work.”

GSCS16 LiteracyPostersFin1.4.qxp_Layout 1 2016-06-16 3:57 PM Page 1

Build a strong foundation

Skills for life, learning and faith are built on a strong foundation. Classes begin September 1 for all students Elementary registration: August 30 (morning) High school registration: call or visit your school Learn more at Rooted. Growing. Reaching. Transforming.

Enroll Now forr September


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Going Back... • Back to School • Fall Activties AS081520 Aaron

CN Curling Club Good Friends, Good Fun, Good Curling @CNCURLINGCLUB





At Saskatoon Public Schools, we are open to all.

Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools building a strong foundation


ranite countertops. Spacious living room. Walk-in closet. Dual vanity. All sorts of features get highlighted in real estate. When was the last time you saw “great foundation” as the first feature listed? It’s something you take for granted. If buying an older home, a problem with the foundation is a deal breaker, no matter how perfect the shade of green in the bedroom is. Education is somewhat similar. We have all sorts of special, and very valuable, programs and services—everything from English as an additional language, special needs services, career programs, extended learning opportunities, excellent athletic and fine arts programs, technology in the classroom, and the list goes on. At Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools, we build all of our programs on a solid foundation of learning and discovery. Foundational learning elements of literacy (reading and writing) and mathematics continue to be areas of focus to ensure all of our students are prepared for success. (Your grandparents may have referred to these as the “three Rs” despite the fact it takes a little imagination and breaking some grammar rules to get a third R-sound out of arithmetic.) “Literacy includes reading and writing, but it is so much broader than that,” said Terri Fradette, assistant superintendent of learning services. “We are teaching stuDC081581 Darlene dents to understand what they are reading.

Are they able to conceptualize? Are they able to get the deeper meaning or symbolism from the text? Are they able to imagine and create? These are the foundational skills we impart on our students.” Math instruction has been much debated in recent years. Evolving ways to communicate never-changing truths of mathematics don’t mean the importance of math has diminished. Rather, they highlight how critical math is. Fradette explained, “Math is so fundamental to so many things in life; we need to find ways to make sure everyone grasps math skills and concepts, and that means adjusting instruction for the various ways children learn.” Curriculum and instruction intends to make everyone a “math-person” and not accept the notion that “my mind doesn’t work that way, so I’m not a math person.” Faith is also an integral part of learning at Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools. “Our Catholic belief is built on the foundation and teachings of Jesus—the rock, the cornerstone,” said Diane Boyko, chair of the division’s Board of Education. “The way we interact with our students, parents and coworkers, and the way we view the world around us and try to make it a better place is built on a solid foundation of faith. We don’t claim to have a perfectly manicured house, but we are built on the most important foundation—the foundation of the Church established by Jesus.”

Our goal is to see all children and youth discover, develop and act upon their potential.


Saskatoon Public Schools Inspiring Learning


1 st in Dance Fashion We have you covered from your first class to your last performance and every step along the way. • Tap • Jazz • Ballet • Lyrical • Modern • Acro • Theatre • Gymnastics • Skate • Ballroom DANCE STREET 2 LOCATIONS!

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We shouldn’t take our water for granted


ith family in Prince shower water after the City of Albert, I’ve particiPrince Albert shut theirs off, pated in a number of forcing them to rely on a tank, discussions lately about water. aren’t really in dire straits. “They’re showering with There have been two times the plug in the tub, and then in my life where I have been using that water to flush the forced to ration water. toilet,” said one of my relatives, The first was when we went inducing a chorus of “ewwwcamping in the bush (well, in wws” from some of the younger a non-serviced campground). members of our family. Our friends left their RV at the Think about that. With the spot all summer, hauling water exception of a few shampoo from Saskatoon on every trip. Columnist bubbles and maybe some cloudWe washed dishes once a day, iness from your soap, there is then saved the dishwater for absolutely nothing wrong, never mind something else that I can’t remember right disgusting, about using the water generated now (maybe putting out the campfire?). by one shower to flush the toilet. If I washed my kids’ hands, I did so in It would be a prudent and efficient use a bowl of water instead of turning the tap of that water, in fact, which is otherwise on, and then used that water to wash their washed away into our sewers, of no use faces. When done with that, the water went to anyone in the near future. Meanwhile, into the same place the dirty dishwater did perfectly clean, drinkable water sits in (yes, I think it was definitely for extinyour toilet tank. guishing the campfire). It’s an understatement to say that in Drinking water on that trip was not Saskatchewan, we take clean, fresh water particularly rationed, but if you poured a for granted because we have access to it glass, you drank it, instead of dumping in abundance. Even in an environmental what you didn’t want down the drain. If crisis like we saw recently, the inconveyou poured too much, you saved it to drink nienced, such James as my friends rationing their later. JW081512


The second time was when I was in Haiti (well, all the times I’ve been in Haiti). The only water in the entire compound came out of a tap set four inches off the ground, making filling buckets rather difficult — we filled a cup, then poured it in the bucket. Repeat, repeat. A thousand times.

For example, one person would pour some clean water over their head while another stood by with another bucket, attempting to catch the now not-so clean water as it runs off, to use for something else requiring less-clean water (say, washing socks). To this day, however, I have friends who say they have never had a shower that felt as good as the ones we had on those disgustingly hot nights in Port au Prince. To be clear, this isn’t about somehow minimizing the impact of the Husky oil spill. Quite the opposite. If we take clean water for granted because we have it in abundance, that fact is also what drives our indifference to it. Because make no mistake, that’s what we are — indifferent. And if we have the vast luxury of being indifferent, shouldn’t that make us even more determined to be appreciative for those that will never take clean water for granted? Drinking that water was out of the quesNo, I’m not talking about those brave tion, so its primary use was flushing the souls who enjoy non-serviced camping toilet, or showering. And by showering, I (never again), but use this rare wakeup mean pouring that bucket on your head. call to spare a thought for those who could We’d line up in the compound’s driveway, never fathom flushing a toilet with clean as modestly as possible (it really wasn’t), drinking water. and attempt to pass around a few five galBecause you never know, someday that lon buckets full of cold water to get clean. could be us.

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I have friends who say they have never had a shower that felt as good as the ones we had on those disgustingly hot nights in Port au Prince.

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AS081510 Aaron

Princess Leia partied with the Rolling Stones Cam Hutchinson Saskatoon Express he Saskatoon Comic & Entertainment Expo will have an out-of-thisworld star as its special guest again this year. In 2015, William Shatner of Star Trek fame regaled those in attendance with tales from his time as the captain of the Enterprise. This year, Carrie Fisher from Star Wars transports in. Fisher played Princess Leia in the Star Wars trilogy (1977 to 1983) and returned in 2015 for the blockbuster Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Fisher will participate in a panel discussion — at no extra charge — and will also be available for photo ops and autographs. Fisher is known to be candid at these events. At a recent one, according to a column in the Telegraph, she talked about partying with the Rolling Stones at her rented home just hours before filming the Cloud City arrival scene in The Empire Strikes back. “I said to Harrison (Ford), ‘The Rolling Stones are going to come over!’ And we had a really early call the following morning, but you have to measure the fun — Rolling Stones, or early call? Rolling Stones, or early call? And we decided on both. “And they’re a partying bunch of guys, and though I didn’t drink at the time, to be kind of amenable, or whatever, I drank. I used to say I’m allergic to drinking, and this would have been a demonstration of that. And we stayed up pretty late. Charlie (Watts), that one, he didn’t have a lot of facial expressions. He’s like the Darth Vader of the Stones. “And we stayed up really late and got to the set about two hours later. And we weren’t hungover, we were still in our cups. And if you watch the movie you can see that Harrison and I are smiling as we arrived in Cloud City. Doesn’t that sound AS081523 Aaron


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like a euphemism?” Fisher will join the likes of James Marsters (Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and voice actors Laura Bailey (Dragon Ball Z, Avengers Assemble, Infamous: Second Son, Halo V, Critical Role) and Travis Willingham (Dragon Ball Z, Avengers Assemble, Shelf Life, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Critical Role) at the event. The Expo is a two-day festival of all things pop culture. Those attending can check out hundreds of vendors showcasing everything from costumes to collectibles, meet and hear from their favourite artists and actors, and witness fan-made cosplay roaming the halls and at the costume contest. The Expo attracted 13,000 attendees last year, and record-breaking ticket sales so far indicate it will exceed that number this year, said Saskatoon Expo VP and spokesperson Lindsay Thomas, aka Emily Expo, in a news release. Single-day tickets and weekend passes are available now ranging from $20 to $70 for adults, with discounted rates for youth (aged 8-12). Children aged seven and under can attend for free when accompanied by a ticket-holding adult. For the best value, a limited number of deluxe weekend passes are also available, which include early entry, Expo merchandise and more.

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Carrie Fisher will appear at the Saskatoon Comic & Entertainment Expo on Sept. 17-18 at Prairieland Park. (Photo Submitted)

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The Palisades

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Retirement Residence 514 – 23rd Street E Located Downtown just off Spadina Crescent Across from the Medical Arts Building

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Why doesn’t the city build more camp sites? Question: A recent ediConcert Band at the Amphition of the Express mentioned theatre at River Landing and that visitors to Gordie Howe have stumbled upon other campground spent 12,100 great entertainment there by nights there. This campground accident. Is there a website has only 150 sites and is full, or Facebook page that people or nearly full, the majority of can find use to find out what’s June, July and August. Why happening at River Landing? hasn’t the city planned adMayor Atchison: I am ditional camp sites to the east thrilled to hear that so many of the existing campground as people are visiting River Landwell as servicing the overflow? ing. It’s a real gem and part of Mayor Atchison: Gordie Ask the Mayor the Meewasin trail system and Howe campground is probit goes to show you how we all ably one of the finest campsites benefit from that. If people go to anywhere. We have tried to improve the the Downtown Saskatoon website — dtamenities there, including electrical and — or, they everything else that goes with it. Servicshould have a listing of a lot of the events ing overflow or adding additional spots that are going on at River Landing. really hasn’t been a priority for the city. Question: When will the railroad The private sector has stepped into the tracks be removed crossing Circle Drive campground industry and they are doing a prior to Avenue C? pretty good job of creating and maintaining Mayor Atchison: The short answer is campgrounds. I think it should be left to the this year. The rail tracks go over the eastprivate sector. We got into the business of bound and westbound lanes of Circle Drive campgrounds because there were no camp- just west of Avenue C. The tracks have been grounds at the time when Gordie Howe was decommissioned and the removal is done built. I am glad to hear people are enjoying in co-operation with Canadian National the campground. Railway. In July, crews paved that stretch of Question: I recently watched a wonCircle Drive as part of our Building Better AS081521 Aaronby the Saskatoon derful performance Roads program. We wanted to get the work


done. When the tracks are removed the roadbed will have to be rebuilt and prepared for paving. The city didn’t want to wait because that part of the project will happen later this construction season. Question: On Glasgow Street, traffic is brought to a stop in a couple of places. Motorists must yield to oncoming traffic. Why is this? Mayor Atchison: People in the neighbourhood were quite concerned about speeders along Glasgow. I can tell you some drivers go at quite a clip. There is a playground on that street and a dog park at Broadway and Glasgow. There were concerns, so the idea was to slow down traffic in each direction. You have to wait for the oncoming traffic to go by before you go around it. It sounds wonderful in theory. But I can tell you from personal experience it’s a little unsettling when you see a vehicle coming toward you and they are supposed to yield to you, but instead speed up because they don’t want to wait. These zones are temporary right now. City administration and residents will see how they work and determine if they should be permanent. Safety is number one. Question: Why are there various traffic restrictions at various times of day on 33rd Street West?

KK081516 Karen

Mayor Atchison: A lot of businesses on 33rd Street want their customers to be able to park in front of their business during the day. In the morning and afternoon rush hour, you are not allowed to park there. It helps the flow of traffic to keep the lanes open. Mayor’s Note: Folkfest is coming up this week. It is one of the great events in our community. The different ethnic and cultural groups in our community showcase their heritage with dances, foods and displays. I hope everyone in Saskatoon takes the time from Aug.18 to 20 to get out to a few of the pavilions to experience the world. Folkfest passports cost $16. Where else can you travel the world in three days for just $16? I believe it is important we all understand the heritage of our fellow citizens so we can grow stronger together. I hope all of our different cultural and ethnic communities continue to share their pride in their heritage and their pride in Saskatoon. Did You Know The City of Saskatoon work crews plan to rehabilitate 230 lane kilometres of roadways in Saskatoon this year. That brings the threeyear total to 650 lane kilometres, or almost the distance from Saskatoon to Banff. (Have a question for Mayor Atchison? Send it to Please put “mayor” in the subject line.)

Clean, Reliable Water At The Cabin We Make It Happen. All the Advantages of City Water at the Cottage A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections Saskatoon offers complete and professional home inspection services for both buyers and sellers of residential real estate in Saskatoon and all surrounding areas. Jennifer Colwell & Kory Kohuch Certified Home Inspectors

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Love, Sweat and Tears:

And her heart went Bang, shang-a-lang.


The Tragically Hip in Calgary


kisses between couples who o you remember the I’m guessing hadn’t kissed like first time you heard The that in years. And teenagers nod Tragically Hip? Like in wide-eyed bewilderment as many Canucks, New Orleans Is if they understand what their Sinking was my introduction. I parents have been saying for the was cleaning a truck and had the first time. key in the ignition turned back But for some in the crowd, so I could listen to music on the songs are almost too much the AM radio. This was 1990, and seats need to be taken. and there were no iPhones and Scared. You bet. iPods back then. This was old It’s A Good Life if You Don’t school, the way we did things Weaken. Haunting. back then. Columnist Ahead by a Century. Don’t That old school crowd take anything for granted. Ever. showed up in Calgary for The first encore comes and the reality of the second show of The Hip’s last tour. it all starts to set in. After all, we are saying goodbye to the Bobcaygeon. Even with large amounts soundtrack of our lives. The Hip helped us of Willie Nelson and wine, it’s overwhelmmaster the Grade 8 shuffle on the gymnaing. We all know the truth. The water has sium floor and survive mosh pits of arena gorged the wood. rock. The second encore begins and the Upon entering the Saddledome, the acoustic guitar picking is met with maybe souvenir lines tripled the beer lines. And putting that Hip concert shirt on for a final the second loudest roar of the night. Even time said one thing: we are leaving it all out though most call Calgary home, for the here tonight. But these are just not Calgar- next 4:19 everyone is from Saskatchewan. Wheat Kings. ians. There are Hip fans here from Nova Instantly, cellphones are held high Scotia, Vancouver and Saskatchewan. The to light up the entire Saddledome. It’s a Edmonton guy standing to my left warns me that if they play Bobcaygeon, he might beautiful scene. But there’s a pocket of fans get emotional. I simply tell him he’s in the who are not holding phones up. They have lighters – zippo lighters to be specific, and right place tonight. The lights go down and the boys grace- they’re held as high as any phone. I let out fully walk out. I would argue that the roar a little laugh for not thinking of it. After all, this was old school; the way we did things of the crowd is louder than for any goal back then. ever scored in this building. Clearly, the Gord and the boys end with Courage. night needs no introduction. Gord Downie Fully completely. Courage for Gord, couris decked out in a sparkling turquoise-coloured leather suit. He’s wearing a flamboy- age for The Hip, courage for all of us. The song ends, and while the boys leave, Gord ant white top hat which I’m sure has two stays on the stage one last time. He thanks or three hockey cards tucked up under it. everyone for coming out, tells us to take The opening guitar lick reverberates throughout the Dome and away we go. Of care of each other and waves a final goodcourse, it’s New Orleans Is Sinking. For a bye. It’s a perfect ending to the best concert brief moment, I’m transported back to that I will ever see. The final show is going to be in their truck. I can see the radio on the dashboard hometown of Kingston, Ont., on Aug. 20. It and the bright orange dial marker stuck between the 6 and 8. I remember the shirt I will be broadcast live on the CBC. If you’re was wearing. I remember getting ten bucks a Tragically Hip fan, you already know for cleaning the vehicle and going out and that. The date was marked on our calendar the moment we heard the awful news. Life buying Up To Here about a week later. is so short and we wouldn’t miss it for The crowd’s thunderous Colonel Tom anything. snapped me out of the temporary time And let’s just see what tomorrow brings. transport and back to the concert. And KK081506 Karen while the boys from Kingston sounded tight, one thing on the stage was immediately noticeable. Rob, Paul, Gord S and Johnny were not in their customary starting place. The guys were all huddled around Closets • Blinds • Picture Frames Gord, each were only an arm’s length away. They were huddled together like it was SPACE the small stage they performed on back at ENHANCING the Sutherland Bar in the mid-80s. Back PRODUCTS then, it was done of out necessity. And while one could make the same argument FOR YOUR on this night, there is a difference: they are ENTIRE simply protecting their brother. Sure, they HOME are The Tragically Hip. But more importantly, they are friends. And good friends are always there when you need them. It’s the most powerful scene of the night. The sheer volume of close to 20,000 1st people singing every song is remarkable. 510A 5 On Grace, Too, from the Day for Night E Street album, I swear I couldn’t hear the band play when the crowd screamed I COME FROM DOWNTOWN! But every song takes on a different meaning. Every lyric seems much deeper. In the crowd, there are hugs between best friends. There are

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Sat. Sept. 10, 2016 ~ 2-4pm 7 Assiniboine Drive Canarama Shopping Centre


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3041 louise street • All bridge players welcome • New classes beginning in the fall • 10 games per week offered • Partnership Assistance • Mentors for new players


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Create Lush, Beautiful Vertical Gardens Designed specifically for vertical garden enthusiasts, Gro-Wall® includes many new intuitive and constructive features that benefit both users and designers. New features include a revolutionary watering system, improved wall anchoring and improved planting capabilities.


• Great for balconies • Vertical Gardening • Easy to assemble and expandable • Removable bins make it easy to move or change plants 2924 - H Miners Ave.


Summer Hours: Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm ~ Sat: 9am - 2pm

Fireworks choreographed to music Friday and Saturday Experience the Cultural Showcase! Highland dancing, tribal flame performance, spectacular drumming (bring your own), music and song performances! @ South Saskatchewan River West Side

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SASKATOONEXPRESS - August 15-21, 2016 - Page 18

A hands on experience

Cam Hutchinson & Friends: Views of the World Oleksiak will look good in green


These are great times in the beauty in- other entirely to give a client the pedicure dustry and we couldn’t be more excited. experience. SKILLS BREADTH: The skills required to Spa Academy was founded by a group of people with decades of experience. Our perform esthetics services are a top priorivision has always been to provide profes- ty in our program. What separates us from sional quality education in a true spa envi- others is the level of attention and time ronment. We give students the training and spent on secondary skills. There is much experience required to succeed all in one more to the customer experience and business success than simply performing the location. A quality education in esthetics can be pedicure. Supporting skills such as proper evaluated on three core characteristics. Es- sanitation and disinfection, customer serthetics educators and training organizations vice, self-marketing, retailing, organization, should strive to optimize these to give their scheduling and teamwork can be just as graduates the best chance at success. We do. essential to being a successful esthetician EXPERIENCE BASED: There is no bet- and running a prosperous spa/salon. QUALITY INSTRUCTION: We have qualiter experience for the future esthetician than actually being an esthetician. We are ty educators. It’s that plain and simple. Our hands on, with our students prepared to instructors are well trained, experienced hit the profession running. We provide stu- and are given sufficient time to spend with lene dents with their own clients, complete with individual students. We use a maximum inreal world complications and demands. By structor ratio of 6-1, meaning our students the time students graduate, they have not receive a significant amount of 1-on-1 time. only performed hundreds of services with Our educators prepare students for the real expectations, but they have had the workforce. That’s our bottom line. opportunities to market themselves, solve We at Spa Academy strive daily to give problems, deal with complaints and work our students high-quality education and on their retailing skills. It is one thing to spa experience training! Come and see for know how to perform a pedicure, an- yourself. Store but Hours: 8am to 10pm


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We have

Store Hours: 8am to 10pm • • Fresh juice – made in-store daily

• Meals to go Freseh v a rs: to 10pm • In-store bakery h• Fresh e 8am Produce • A New Food juice – made• in-store daily Wide variety of organic productsesh Fr Experience! • Meals to go • We support local producers Meats • In-store bakery • Great Prices

ast week’s Saskatchewan Rider roster controversy was yet another black mark on the state of sports journalism in our province. Media here were looking back, when others — from outside the province — were breaking new ground. Who cared what Bo Levi Mitchell said? The story was whether he was right? • All this chaos by the creek — as the late great Leader-Post columnist Bob Hughes frequently wrote — is not what Riders CEO Craig Reynolds signed up for. Jim Hopson sure as heck retired at the right time. • From Bill Littlejohn: “With his 12th individual Olympic title, Michael Phelps tied a 2,168 year-old Olympic record held by Leonidas of Rhodes in 152 B.C. The video of Leonidas’ 12th title will be broadcast at 30 Rock NBC any time now.” • Torben Rolfsen, after the B.C. Lions were stuck in Montreal for an extra 14 hours after their game: “What an ordeal! Reminds me of that rugby team in the Andes.” • TC Chong, on all beach volleyball players wearing Nos. 1 or 2: “Have the other 97 numbers been retired?” • From Janice Hough: “Delta flights were so delayed this week in the U.S. they’ve been named the official airline of the NBC Olympics.” • Social media can be an SOB. The Postmedia columnist covering the opening of the Olympics wrote a fairly glowing review for the newspaper chain after criticizing the ceremony in a not-soglowing way on Twitter. Which was it? • I got tired really quickly of the Russian-bashing stories pouring out of

the Olympics. U.S. swimmer Lilly King owes Russian competitor Yulia Efimova an apology for splashing water in her face after a race. That’s something Donald Trump would do. • From Littlejohn: “Tim Tebow’s first baseball practice is in the books — it’s the first time anyone has ever seen a baseball wobble.” • From Rolfsen: “You know the NHL season’s too long when the most anticipated game before Christmas is an OilersJets alumni game.” • I wish Olympic archers used real bows and arrows, like the ones in old western movies. • Chong, on Olympic golf: Will Gary McCord show up and say the greens are Brazilian waxed?” • From Littlejohn: “Ricky Williams says that if pot were legal, he’d be in the Hall of Fame. The problem is he wouldn’t be able to remember which one.” • From @lastwordoncfl: “Chris Jones has added Penny Oleksiak to the Riders practice roster.” Why doesn’t he add the whole Olympic team? • Rolfsen, on Nike getting out of the golf equipment business: “I hope they put a little statue in their lobby of Elin swinging a club at the Escalade.” • Chong, on Tebow trying out for Major League Baseball: “As Bob Uecker would say, ‘Sorry, we don’t need any second base coaches.’” • I suspect those that criticized the Canadian Olympic outfits wear socks in their sandals. • From @bigheadsports: “Greg Oden’s girlfriend is pregnant. I can see the headlines now: “Woman gives birth to 27-year-old man.”

New RetiRemeNt CommuNity

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Fresh Bakery Michael’s

Michael’s OPEN EVERYAaron DAY 8am to 10pm AS021509

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• Fresh juice (made in-store daily) • Meals to go • In-store butcher • In-store bakery • Wide variety of organic products • We support local producers

250 Hunter rd information Trailer open m-F 1-4:30

inFOrmaTiOn Line 306-664-0501 SK’s premier clinic for Naturopathic Medicine & Live Blood Microscopy

625 - 25th 625 - 25thStreet StreetEast East Saskatoon,SK, SK,S7K S7K 8J1 8J1 Saskatoon,


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2015 prices held over Let Chef Roger take untilof February 28, 2016 care the cooking! Only 1 Two Bedroom/ Two Bath left

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Et^^<dKKE>Kd/KE͗ϭϬϵ-ϳϬϭzEd,/^d Saskatoon 306.249.6700  Melfort 306.752.9277

helping people since 1993!

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n o o t a k as EVENTS

information, contact email or call 306-955-5539. ***** AUGUST 23 A MENSA supervised IQ testing session is being held at Violinist Kerry DuWors returns home to perform in the 2 p.m. The cost is $90 or $70 for students.  MENSA is Lyell Gustin Recital Series with pianist Futaba Niekawa, an international, non-profit society for people who score 7:30 p.m. at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. The artists among the top two per cent of the general population on give a pre-concert talk at 6:45 p.m. Tickets available at a standardized IQ test. For more information, call Tim at McNally Robinson, Yamaha Piano, Saskatoon Academy 306-242-7408 or email of Music, Gustin Committee or at the door. It is free for AUGUST 26-28 children 12 and under if accompanied by an adult. For Contradictions is an edgy, ground breaking contempoinformation, call 306-653-8889, or visit www.gustinrary dance show coming to Saskatoon. Supported by the Saskatchewan Arts Board, Dance Saskatchewan AUGUST 25 and 27 Inc, and in community partnership with OUTSaskatoon. Music for the Gut 6 is the return of the annual benefit Contradictions explores the depths of some of the least concert for Crohn’s and Colitis Canada that has raised talked about, yet most common hardships that humans over $50,000 in its first five years. Join us for TWO differ- face. Aug 26-28 at 8 p.m. at Dance Saskatchewan Inc., ent variety shows at Cornerstone Church on Aug 25 and 205 Pacific Ave. (Trigger warning material, nudity.) Tickets 27 at 7 p.m. with 52 performers, including Jay Semko, $20 plus service fee available at, search Bryan Allen, Stephen Maguire, Gerard Weber, William Contradictions. Boan, Jared Tehse, Yuli Chen and artistic director JorAUGUST 27 die Hughton, backed by our 10-piece Gut Banda! $20-25 tickets available at Persephone Box Office (306-384-7727 Ukrainian Day in the Park, 11:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Kiwanis Memorial Park (South of Delta Bessborough). Free or, Saskatoon Academy admission. Bring your lawn chair and celebrate with of Music, McNally Robinson or at the church door. Visit us Saskatchewan’s Largest Outdoor Ukrainian for more!    val that includes: Stage Performances, Beer Garden, Ukrainian Food, Cultural Displays​​, Interactive Children’s Activities, Souvenir Vendors. For more information, visit


EVERYDAY KIDS BOWL FREE. July 1 to Aug. 31, Hunter’s Eastview and Fairhaven Bowl offer kids and families the opportunity to register two free bowling games every day for the summer. Visit for more information.


Cider Day Sunday: noon to 3 p.m. at Crossmount. Enjoy a barbecue and dessert and hard cider. Complimentary tasting and tours every 30 minutes as well and info talks on health, beekeeping, horticulture and cider. Crossmount is five kilometres south of Saskatoon on Highway 291 AUGUST 17 (Lorne Avenue). Kinsmen Healthy Family Day from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the ***** Delta Bessborough Gardens. The purpose of this event Have you ever wondered about the history of the Forestry is to encourage healthy living to make our community a Farm Park? Join a tour of this National Historical Site of better and healthier place. The event is for all ages and is Canada from HH  1:30 to 3:30 p.m. Walking Tour begins free. There will be activities that encourage healthy living at 2 p.m. at Superintendent’s Residence (the big brick for seniors, parents and children. Children’s activities house). Tours are free. Refreshments available for a include balloon animals, jumpy castles and a scavenger nominal cost. For more information, please call Peggy at hunt with prizes. For the grown-ups there will be pharma- 306-652-9801. cists, Saskatoon police, firefighters and nurses on site to SEPTEMBER 8-9 answer your health questions. Inaugural Make-A-Wish® Women for Wishes Golf TournaAUGUST 20-21 ment. Women for Wishes a charity golf tournament with Art in the Garden from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Aug. 20 and all funds going to Make-A-Wish Saskatchewan. The from noon to 5 p.m. on Aug. 21. The event will be held at event starts on Thursday Sept. 8 with the Caddy Auction 1822 Arlington Ave. Paintings by Kathleen Slavin, Karen and Mixer for all golfers. The caddy’s will consist of local Holden, Sylvia Thompson and Karen Maguire.Pottery by businessmen, media personal, and men in the health care field all volunteering their time caddying to treat the ladies Mel Bolen and photography by John Perret. For more


Pokemon Gone

By RJ Currie op reasons why over 100 naked Brits jogged around London zoo in tiger paint: 5. The weather was purr-fect; 4. It beat strutting on a catwalk; 3. Different stripes for different types; 2. To express their felines; 1. To support a good claws. • How about Penny Oleksiak’s thrilling come-from-behind gold medal swim in the 100-metre freestyle? That, Canada, is a Penny for your thoughts. • Rio soccer crowds have taunted U.S. goalie Hope Solo with chants of “Zika! Zika!” Solo got so upset, she went out and beat up a relative. • Bad news for Pokemon Go fans in Rio after Pikachu fell into the water at a rowing venue. Before anyone could get to him he had decayed. • The CFL fined the Roughriders $60K for using unsigned players on the practice grounds. They also fined coach Chris Jones $26K for falsely taking the moral high ground. • I can’t see Aaron Rodgers’ brother Jordan bragging about being chosen on the Bachlorette. The Green Bay QB’s reply? Olivia Munn’s the word. • Who is feeling more pressure now that Patrick Roy has resigned from the Avalanche? a) Colorado without a coach? b) Montreal coach Michel Therrien? • Elliotte Friedman of CBC miscalled the Men’s 200m IM, proclaiming Ryan

Lochte the winner when Michael Phelps had won. The gaffe will be a black mark, but leaves him well short in gaffes to Rod Black’s mark. • Astronomers said the Perseid meteor showers were expected to flash by over a couple of nights. Kind of like Yasiel Puig. • The NFL cancelled the Hall of Fame game due to “clumping” paint on the field. Might be sport’s biggest embarrassment over paint since Shaq was attempting free throws. • Metro UK reports a British farmer was arrested for having sex in public with his goat. Police say it all started after he heard Arnold Schwarzenegger slept with a nanny. • The Olympic diving pool somehow turned green overnight. That happened once in our local kiddie pool: they blamed it on pee-h balance. • Rams coach Jeff Fisher said on Hard Knocks his team will do better than “effing going 7 and 9.” Mark that in your urban dictionary under “setting the bar low.” • Another thought after CBC commentator Elliotte Friedman called the wrong winner in the Men’s 200m IM. Somewhere Steve Harvey is smiling. RJ’s Groaner of the Week Tim Tebow is trying out for a pro baseball team. Put me in coach; I’m ready to pray.

to a great day on the links on the next day. Sept. 9 starts off with a brunch, followed by 18 holes of golf. After golf is a delicious meal at Willows Golf & Country Club. Call 306.850.9474 or visit to register your team.

SEPTEMBER 10 Saskatoon Polkafest: Manhattan Ballroom, (five kilometres east of the city on Highway 5), 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. Doors open at 2 p.m. Advance tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door. For tickets and more information, contact Lori Isinger (306-242-7373) or Lorraine Kenaschuk (306-374-4780) or Hoffer Dentures in Market Mall (306955-3366). There is RV camping on site (no hookups), a cash bar and food available beginning at 5 p.m.

day in July from 7:30 p.m. to dusk at the River Landing Amphitheatre for an enjoyable evening of free informal social dancing. Participate - or just watch and listen to the music. Wear sturdy sandals or running shoes. No flipflops, please. Bring along a bottle of water and your most effective mosquito repellent. For more information email or call 664-7049.


Prairie Sky Farmer’s Market is open every Thursday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is located at St. Paul’s United Church in Sutherland (454 Egbert Ave.) New vendors may phone or text Kathy at 306-222-2740. ***** Saskatoon International Folkdance Club meets Thursdays at 7 p.m. in Albert Community Centre (Rm. 13, 610 Clarence August at the Marr Residence Ave. South). Learn dances from many countries. First night This 1884 home, located at 326 11th Street East, is the is free. 306-374-0005; oldest house in Saskatoon still on its original site. Open ***** Sunday afternoons in August from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. August 21: Antique Appraisal. Bring your family treasure to Le Choeur des plaines welcomes you to sing and socialthe Marr Residence where local antique expert Don Penn ize in French each Thursday at 7:30 p.m. at L’École canadienne française at 1407 Albert Avenue. The choir will tell you more about it. $5 per item. Limit two items is directed by Michael Harris and accompanied by Rachel per person. August 28: Concert in the Garden. Lorne Deighton and the Fraser. All who wish to sustain or practice their French are welcome. For more information, call Rachel at 306-343Sons of Django perform gypsy jazz music in the garden. 6641 or Jean at 306-343-9460. Concert begins at 2 p.m. DC081508 Darlene


FIRST TUESDAY OF EVERY MONTH Left Behind by Suicide is a drop-in support group for individuals who have lost a loved one to suicide. Located at W.A. Edwards Family Centre, 333 4th Ave. North, 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. There is no cost to attend. For more information, email ***** FROMI - Friends and Relatives of People with Mental Illness meetings will run from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at W.A. Edwards Family Centre, 333 Fourth Avenue North (wheelchair accessible). If you have a loved one or friend with a mental illness and you need understanding support, contact Carol at 306-249-0693, Linda at 306-933-2085, Lois at 306-242-7670 or e-mail

FIRST WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH Bridge City Needle Arts Guild meets at Mayfair United Church at 7:30 p.m. for our monthly meetings. We also have a stitching day at Sobey’s Stonebridge the first Saturday of each month. Come join us and have fun stitching with fellow stitchers. For further information, contact Glenda at 306-343-1882.

WEDNESDAYS IN JULY The Saskatoon Scottish Country Dancers welcomes everyone to join them for Dancing in the Park every Wednes-




to lose?


$499* Guaranteed Results!

NEW CLIENTS ONLY U WEIGHT LOSS CLINIC OF SASKATOON 3521 8th Street East, Unit 106 T:306.931.4122 e:

Friday September 9th

German Cultural Centre Doors open at 6:30pm. Show at 7:30 pm. Meals available for purchase

Featuring … Monkees, Brenda Lee, Dave Clark 5, Leslie Gore, Beatles, Roy Orbison, Elvis plus lots more 50’s & 60’s! Tickets

$25 Tickets available at: McNally Robinson 955-3599 German Cultural Centre 244-6869 55+ $22


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I won’t soon forget the 2017 Kia Sportage


ay back at the beginning of time for Kia, there was a TV ad for the Sportage that had the driver yelling YEEE HAAAA as he drove off into the swamps of Louisiana. That and the very basic price were the only two things about the Sportage that I can remember. However, I am not likely to forget much about the 2017 version. I looked forward to going out for a drive to see if there is some other way to put a grin on my face without actually getting into trouble. Autozone After one particularly fun afternoon, I came home to find that I had a note from Kia in my inbox. After the paranoia settled down, I read the email. Kia had been chosen by J.D. Powers (a market research firm in the United States and Canada) as the brand with the highest Initial Quality Rating from its customers last month. Yes, that means better than Lexus, better than Mercedes . . . better than anyone else. That means I had to figure out a way

Charles Renny

The 2017 Kia Sportage received the highest quality rating from J.D. Powers. (Photo by Charles Renny) to validate such an award. After a bit of thinking, I figured I had to get the stuffy boring accountant that I married to come for a drive! She found the Kia a great car. The passenger seat adjusted easily and she was comfortable in a matter of seconds. Dash layout suited her and she proceeded to set her favourite stations on Sirius, FM and AM. Once she was done, I had my turn, with plenty of pre-set space left for my choices. Our only point of contention was over the HVAC system, because I like to set it

on automatic and go. She likes to control fan speed, air temperature and the vent direction. Eventually, I sat in shirtsleeves while she wore a light sweater (her side was in the shade). Later, we used the individual climate control portion of the system and after some adjustments, it worked equally well. The driver’s seat had the same adjustments as the passenger seat so getting comfortable took me very little time. Mirrors were decently large and had a great range of adjustment. Instruments were

large and easy to read. All switches and controls were readily at hand, although it did take a bit of getting used to where the EXACT location was. Getting into the back seat was reasonably easy as long as the front seat passengers didn’t hog all the space by having the seat all the way back. I found that I could get in and sit comfortably behind a seat set for someone my size, although I wouldn’t want to be in the back seat all the way to Vancouver from Saskatoon. (Cotinued on page 22)

New braking systems will prevent accidents


am old enough to rememtors, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, ber when anti-lock brakVolkswagen and Volvo will ing became common on also make automated braking passenger vehicles, but not old available as standard equipenough to remember when it ment, although timelines for was first used on aircraft in this to happen have not been 1929. established. When you include Passenger vehicle manuToyota, this represents more facturers introduced ABS than half the vehicles sold in systems in 1971 on limited North America. models, but it wasn’t until So what is automated brakthe 1980s that these systems ing? Automated braking is a Autozone became common, first on safety system that will automatluxury vehicles and then ically apply the vehicle brakes progressively onto lower priced vehicles. when sensors detect an object in front of Now the same is happening for automated the vehicle. Currently, this type of technolbraking systems. ogy has been available on many luxury Toyota recently announced that most models as part of their advanced cruise of its Toyota and Lexus models will have control systems. But just like ABS systems automated braking as standard equipment did, the automated braking systems are beby the end of 2017. The U.S. National coming more economical to manufacture Highway Traffic Safety Administration has and are now appearing on many models. also announced that other manufacturers Toyota calls its automated braking such as Audi, BMW, Ford, General Mosystem AEB (Automatic Emergency Brak-

Jim Kerr

ing) and it will be the main technology in the Toyota Safety Sense and Lexus Safety System that are composed of several safety technologies such as lane departure alert and automatic high beam. These combined safety systems often use the same sensing components so grouping them together as a safety package makes sense. Toyota is actually offering two versions of their Safety Sense package: Safety Sense™ C and Safety Sense™ P. The Safety Sense™ C package combines camera and laser beam inputs to provide three safety technologies. The Pre-collision with vehicle detection feature uses both the camera and laser beam to detect a vehicle ahead. When the system determines there is a possibility of a collision, it will notify the driver with audio and visual alerts at vehicle speeds between 10 to 140 kph so the driver can take action. The system can provide additional braking force if the driver doesn’t apply enough brake. And if the driver does not

react, then the system can apply the brakes automatically to reduce the speed by approximately 30 kph. About 80 per cent of rear end collisions occur when vehicle relative speeds are between 10 and 80 kph, so the system will reduce the impact of a collision or possibly even prevent it if vehicle relative speeds are lower. Lane departure alert is the second part of the C package. It uses the camera to detect white and yellow lane markings. If the vehicle unintentionally departs from the lane, the system warns the driver with audio and visual alerts so the driver can steer the vehicle back to the centre of the lane. The third part of the C package is Automatic High Beam. The system uses the camera to detect the headlights and tail lights of other traffic and will switch the headlights between high and low beam automatically to give the driver the best possible vision at night. (Cotinued on page 22)


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Kia will pay the cost of Job Loss Insurance that will cover up to 6 months of your first year’s lease or finance payments – to a maximum of $3,000 – in the event that you lose your job.# Conditions apply. See your retailer for complete details.

Job Loss Protection

Sorento SX Turbo AWD shown‡

Optima SX AT Turbo shown‡

Forte SX AT shown‡








* 5-Star Safety Ratings






25,535 $ 4,000*


ALL- NEW 2016



More Stars. Safer Cars.



($35,000 - $60,000)


$2,100 DOWN AT

52 0.9%









Offer Ends Aug 31st

Offer(s) available on select new 2016/2017 models through participating dealers to qualified retail customers who take delivery from Aug 3 to 31, 2016. Dealers may sell or lease for less. Some conditions apply. See dealer for complete details. Vehicles shown may include optional accessories and upgrades available at extra cost. All offers are subject to change without notice. All pricing includes delivery and destination fees up to $1,740, $100 A/C charge (where applicable). Excludes taxes, licensing, PPSA, registration, insurance, variable dealer administration fees, fuel-fill charges up to $100, and down payment (if applicable and unless otherwise specified). Other lease and financing options also available. Φ0% financing on select 2016 models. Available discount is deducted from the negotiated purchase price before taxes. Certain conditions apply. See your dealer for complete details. Representative Financing Example: Financing offer available on approved credit (OAC), on a new 2016 Soul LX+ MT (SO553G) with a selling price of $20,835 is based on weekly payments of $56 for 84 months at 0% with a $0 down payment and first monthly payment due at finance inception. Offer also includes $500 loan credit. Cost of borrowing is $0 and total obligation is $20,335. Other taxes, registration, insurance and licensing fees are excluded. *Cash Purchase Price for the new 2016 Optima Hybrid LX (OP74AG)/2016 Sorento 2.4L LX FWD (SR75AG)/2016 Forte EX AT (FO746G) is $23,979/$25,535/$19,355 and includes a cash discount of $7,777 (including $1,000 ECO-Credit)/$4,000 (including $500 competitive bonus** or loyalty bonus¶)/$4,500 (including $500 competitive bonus** or loyalty bonus¶). Includes delivery and destination fees up to $1,740, and $100 A/C charge (where applicable). Dealer may sell for less. Other taxes, registration, insurance and licensing fees are excluded. Cash discounts vary by model and trim and are deducted from the negotiated selling price before taxes. ≠Representative Leasing Example: Lease offer available on approved credit (OAC), on the 2016 Optima LX AT (OP741G) with a selling price of $25,355 (includes $500 lease credit discount and $750 competitive bonus** or loyalty bonus¶) is based on 260 weekly payments of $52 for 60 months at 0.9%, with $0 security deposit, $2,100 down payment and first payment due at lease inception. Total lease obligation $13,575 with the option to purchase at the end of the term for $9,128. Lease has 16,000 km/yr allowance (other packages available and $0.12/km for excess kilometres). **Competitive Bonus offer available on the retail purchase/lease of any new 2016 Rio, 2016 Rio5, 2016 Forte, 2016 Forte Koup, 2016 Forte5, 2016 Sorento, 2017 Sportage, and 2016 Rondo for the amount of $500, and 2016 Sedona and 2016 Optima for the amount of $750 from participating dealers between Aug 3 and 31, 2016 upon proof of current ownership/lease of a select competitive vehicle in the relevant class/category. Competitive models include specific VW, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Honda, GM, Ford, Jeep, Pontiac, Suzuki, Saturn, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Subaru, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Land Rover, Infiniti, Acura, Audi, Lincoln, Volvo and Buick vehicles. ¶$500/$750 loyalty bonus offer available on the retail purchase/lease of any new 2016 Forte, 2016 Sorento, 2017 Sportage, 2016 Rio, 2016 Rio5 and 2016 Rondo/2016 Sedona and 2016 Optima from participating dealers between Aug 3 and 31, 2016 upon proof of current ownership/registration of Kia vehicle. Some conditions apply. See your dealer or for complete details. #Kia Protect - Job Loss Protection is job loss insurance coverage (the ‘Program’) and is available to qualified retail customers of participating Kia retailers in Saskatchewan who finance or lease a new Kia vehicle at a subvented rate of interest through an authorized participating Kia retailer. Kia Canada Inc. (‘Kia’) will pay for the cost of Job Loss Insurance (‘JLI’) that may cover up to six months of the first year’s lease or finance payments (to a maximum of $500/month and a total maximum of $3,000). If involuntary job loss (as defined in customer’s JLI product guide and certificate of insurance) occurs within 60 days of the effective date of insurance (as indicated in customer’s JLI product guide and certificate of insurance), no loss of employment insurance benefits will be claimable. If involuntary job loss occurs after 60 days of the effective date of insurance, customer must file a claim and is subject to a 60-day waiting period. If approved, payments will begin following the waiting period and are not retroactive. The term of this insurance is for 12 months from the effective date of insurance, and no benefits will be paid past the 12th month of the term. The Program only applies to customers who: a) are not covered by Kia Protect Loan Protection; b) have been continuously employed at their principal occupation for a minimum of 20 hours per week for the last 12 consecutive months; c) have not received formal or informal notice of impending job loss on the date of their lease or finance contract; and d) are not self-employed, seasonally employed or an elected government official. Documentation may be required. See your Kia retailer for complete details and conditions. Kia Protect – Job Loss Protection is underwritten by Co-operators Life Insurance Company, a member of The Co-operators group of companies and administered by LGM Financial Services. ‡Model shown Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price for 2016 Optima SX AT Turbo (OP746G)/2016 Forte SX AT (FO748G)/2016 Sorento SX Turbo AWD (SR75IG) is $35,195/$26,695/$42,295. The Bluetooth® wordmark and logo are registered trademarks and are owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Government 5-Star Safety Ratings are part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA’s) New Car Assessment Program ( Information in this advertisement is believed to be accurate at the time of printing. For more information on our 5-year warranty coverage, visit or call us at 1-877-542-2886. Kia is a trademark of Kia Motors Corporation.

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Sportage engine wee, but powerful

(Cotinued from page 20) ower for this Sportage came from the optional 2.0-litre turbo engine with direct injection and this wee beast makes 237 horsepower and 260 of torque. There is a 2.4 litre normally aspirated four that produces 181 horsepower and 175 of torque that is standard in more basic trim levels than the one I drove. Amazingly, Kia says both engines can use regular fuel. Transmission choice is limited to a six-speed automatic. Only the ratios are changed depending on the motor choice. This test Sportage came with AWD, but Sportage can also be ordered with FWD only. As an AWD, the power is sent mainly to the front wheels and gets shuffled to the back when required. I did get to test an earlier Sportage with AWD at, get this, Homestead Motor


Braking systems

(Cotinued from page 20) afety Sense™ P is an enhancement on the C package. Safety Sense™ P adds millimetre-wave radar to the camera and laser sensors. This package is now able to detect pedestrians with camera recognition software as well as vehicles for improved safety. The technology also enables Toyota to add Dynamic Radar Cruise Control that will automatically maintain a set distance behind other vehicles on the highway when the cruise is on. The additional radar sensing also allows automatic emergency braking that will slow the vehicle up to 40 kph to reduce or prevent collisions. Another added feature is automatic steering correction for the lane departure system. If the vehicle departs from a lane unintentionally, the steering will provide a small amount of assist to help the driver steer back to the centre of the lane. How many times in your driving history have you made a lane change and shoulder-checked only to look forward again to find the vehicle in front of you has suddenly braked? This sequence alone has caused many rear-end collisions. This is something the automatic braking systems being introduced on many new vehicles will help to prevent. That’s good.

AS081517 Aaron

Speedway in Miami. My first thought was “who in their right mind introduces a new SUV at a racetrack?” The answer is Kia and I learned a lot about what the engineers did with the four-wheel independent suspension. A couple of years later, it seems as good if not better than then. Here in Saskatoon, we have plenty of low speed corners to give a suspension a good work out and most of these corners have some silt or puddles on them that give the AWD system a good work out. The best part of this AWD system is that you don’t notice it working. This is as seamless a system as you will find in much more expensive vehicles. The Sportage does have a bit of turbo lag that can be noticed on occasion, but other than that, I really enjoyed driving the Sportage . . . rain or shine.


Kia’s AWD system is as seamless as in more expensive cars. (Photo by Charles Renny)

The technology has advanced by miles

hopping for new tires can that is five years old has much be a daunting task. There less performance than something are many manufacturers new. To provide the newest and each has numerous types tire technology, Bridgestone of tires, and then there are the has spent US$912 million on multiple sizes. research and development for You can research your choicthe 2013 year (the last full year es online, through friend’s recrecorded), more than three of the ommendations, at your vehicle top five manufacturers combined, dealership, or rely on the advice and they have spent over $1 from your local tire stores. After billion a year in preceding years. some serious consideration, you At the Bridgestone training, I Autozone may have narrowed it down to learned about many tires, includjust a few choices, but then how ing those best for winter driving. do you choose? Lowest price isn’t the best Blizzak has become a well-known name, way, as sometimes only a few dollars a tire with the first Blizzak winter tire introduced can mean the difference between pleasant back in 1992. That Blizzak tire is nothing motoring and a vehicle that handles poorly. compared to the current generation. BridgeI attended a Bridgestone Training event stone makes different model Blizzak tires for recently where tire store employees receive luxury cars, light trucks and SUVs, commerinformation on new tire developments and cial vehicles and for general passenger car get to experience the differences between and minivan use. tires by testing them on a handling course. For general passenger car use, the Blizzak Chris Welty, tire education specialist for WS80 replaces the previous WS70. And Bridgestone, explained that there may be five there are significant improvements even in different Bridgestone tires for your particular just one year’s change. The WS80 has 20 per vehicle, depending on your driving prefercent more block edges for better grip on ice. ences. Perhaps you want maximum fuel The new tread design will pack in 10 per cent economy, or long tire life, or wet weather more snow, which improves the grip on snow. grip, or a quiet ride. Maybe crisp steering As Welty explained, “snow sticks to snow” so response is your preference. There is no one if you can retain snow in the tire grooves, you tire that has all these characteristics, although actually have better traction on snow. through tire research and development the Many of the changes in the tire cannot compromises are getting smaller. be seen and have to be driven to experience. Welty said tire technology can be comOne of the changes is new rubber chemistry pared to computer technology. A solution with more silica in the rubber content. This

Jim Kerr

helps traction by keeping the rubber flexible as temperatures drop, but it isn’t as easy as just adding more silica in the mixing pot. Silica molecules tend to clump together, so Bridgestone research has developed a method of keeping the silica content spread throughout the tread material. Flexible rubber at low temperatures allows it to conform to the road or ice surface for better grip but it makes handling feel less precise, so the sipes (small cuts in the tire tread) are made with a 3D zigzag pattern so they support each other as cornering loads increase. This gives better steering response. Inside the rubber compound, small multi-cells are formed to remove water from between an icy surface and the tread rubber. Water on ice creates some of the slipperiest driving conditions, and Bridgestone research has developed a hydrophilic coating (it loves water!) for the multi-cells so they can trap water better. You won’t see the multi-cells on a new tire as the cells are inside the tread compound, so it takes a little tire wear for the multi-cells to have full effect. A new microtextures tread surface provides initial ice grip till the micro-cells can provide full benefit. For those who haven’t driven on winter tires, the improvement in cold weather traction is amazing. All-season and all-weather tires may work in the southern parts of the continent but in Canada, winter tires provide a huge traction advantage, and according to Welty, you should be installing them “as soon as you can see your breath in the air” – but it is never too late to benefit from their traction.

Progressive design for the drive to Forward, SK. Get the added security of our Job Loss Credit Protection Program*

2016 RAV4 AWD Lease† or finance* from



from 36 months APR

Earn up to 5,000 Aeroplan® Miles.**

RAV4 AWD Limited shown

Lease, finance plans, cash incentives & offers from Toyota Financial Services (TFS). OAC for qualified retail customers on select new unregistered models sold and delivered between August 3 and August 31, 2016. †Lease a 2016 RAV4 AWD (BFREVT A) for $129 bi-weekly with down payment of $3,899. Security deposit is waived. Based on vehicle price of $29,595 and 0% lease APR. Total lease obligation is $14,581; lease end value is $15,015. Lease End Value is for Personal Use Only. In addition, Dealer Lease End Option Fee of $300 will be added. MSRP includes a maximum of $2,090 for freight and delivery, block heater charge and air conditioning tax. Example based on 39 month walk-away lease with 65,000 km. If km are exceeded, additional km charge of $0.10 per km will apply. The first future scheduled Bi-Weekly lease payment will be 14 days after the contract date. Bi-Weekly lease offer can be combined with most other offers excluding the First Payment Free and Encore offers. *Representative purchase finance example based on 2016 RAV4 AWD (BFREVT A): $25,696 at 0% APR for 36 months equals bi-weekly payments of $329. Cost of borrowing is $3,899 (including down payment) for a total obligation $29,595. Down payment of $3,899 required. All offers exclude license, insurance, PPSA, registration fees and all other taxes and levies. Down payment or equivalent trade, first month’s payment and applicable taxes are due on delivery. Dealer may sell for less. See your participating Saskatchewan Toyota dealer for details. All offers subject to exclusions and may change without notice. Some conditions apply. **See for details. ®Aeroplan and the Aeroplan logo are registered trademarks of Aimia Canada Inc. *Available to eligible retail customers who purchase or lease a qualifying vehicle through TFS between August 3 and August 31, 2016. Includes new and demonstrator models. Program provides up to $10,000 in credit protection to consumers who suffer an unexpected job loss during the term of their lease or financing contract, provide proof that they are collecting unemployment benefits and return their vehicle to their Toyota dealer. Further conditions and limitations apply. For complete details, ask your Saskatchewan Toyota dealer or visit

Wise customers read the fine print: Ω, *, §, «, ^ The Summer Clearout Sales Event offers are limited time offers which apply to retail deliveries of selected new and unused models purchased from participating retailers on or after August 3, 2016. Offers subject to change and may be extended without notice. All pricing includes freight ($1,795) and excludes licence, insurance, registration, any retailer administration fees, other retailer charges and other applicable fees and taxes. Retailer trade may be necessary. Retailer may sell for less. Ω$14,000 in total discounts includes $12,500 Consumer Cash and $1,500 Loyalty/Conquest Bonus Cash. Consumer Cash Discounts are deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. $1,500 Ram Truck Loyalty/Conquest/Skilled Trades Bonus Cash is available on the retail purchase/lease of 2015/2016 Ram 1500 (excludes Reg. Cab), 2014/2015/2016 Ram 2500/3500, 2014/2015/2016 Ram Cab & Chassis or 2015 Ram Cargo Van and is deducted from the negotiated price after taxes. Eligible customers include: 1. Current owners/lessees of a Dodge or Ram Pickup Truck or Large Van or any other manufacturer’s Pickup Truck or Large Van. The vehicle must have been owned/leased by the eligible customer and registered in their name on or before August 3, 2016. Proof of ownership/lease agreement will be required. 2. Customers who are skilled tradesmen or are acquiring a skilled trade. This includes Licensed Tradesmen, Certified Journeymen or customers who have completed an Apprenticeship Certification. A copy of the Trade Licence/Certification required. 3. Customers who are Baeumler Approved service providers. Proof of membership is required. Limit one $1,500 bonus cash offer per eligible truck transaction. Some conditions apply. See your retailer for complete details. *Consumer Cash Discounts are offered on select new 2016 vehicles and are deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. §Starting from prices for vehicles shown include Consumer Cash Discounts and do not include upgrades (e.g. paint). Upgrades available for additional cost. ≠Based on Automotive News full-size pickup segmentation. 2015 EnerGuide highway fuel consumption ratings. Government of Canada test methods used. Your actual fuel consumption will vary based on driving habits and other factors. 11.3 L/100 km (25 mpg) city and 8.0 L/100 km (35 mpg) highway on Ram 1500 Quad Cab 4x2 HFE model with 3.0L EcoDiesel V6 and 8-speed automatic. «3.49% purchase financing for up to 96 months available on select new 2016 models to qualified customers on approved credit through RBC, Scotiabank and TD Auto Finance. Examples: 2016 Ram 1500 Quad Cab SXT 4X4 with a Purchase Price of $30,495 financed at 3.49% over 96 months with $0 down payment equals 208 bi-weekly payments of $168 with a cost of borrowing of $4,475 and a total obligation of $34,970. ≤Based on 3500/F-350 full-size pickups and competitive information available at time of publication. Based on max towing comparison between 2016 Ram 3500 - up to 31,210 lb, 2015 Chevrolet 3500 - up to 23,200 lb and 2016 Ford F-350 - up to 26,500 lb. ^Lease Loyalty/Conquest Pull-Ahead Bonus Cash is available to eligible customers on the retail purchase or lease of select 2016 Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram or FIAT models at participating retailer and is deducted from the negotiated price after taxes. LIMITED TIME OFFER. Eligible customers are individuals who are currently leasing a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, FIAT, or competitive vehicle with an eligible lease contract in their name on or before August 3, 2016. Proof of Registration and/or Lease agreement will be required. Trade-in not required. See your retailer for complete details. ˇBased on Canadian 2015 calendar year sales. TMThe SiriusXM logo is a registered trademark of SiriusXM Satellite Radio Inc.


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Starting from price for 2016 Ram 1500 Rebel shown: $46,690.§


2016 RAM 1500 QUAD CAB SXT 4X4




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ON NOW AT YOUR PRAIRIE CHEVROLET DEALERS. 1-800-GM-DRIVE. Chevrolet is a brand of General Motors of Canada. Offers apply to the finance or purchase of a 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (1SA), Trax LS FWD (1SA/C60/MNK/KPK), Equinox LS FWD (1SA/K05), Cruze LT Auto (1SD/K05) equipped as described. License, insurance, registration, administration fees, dealer fees, PPSA and taxes not included. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Limited time offers which may not be combined with other offers, and are subject to change without notice. Offers apply to qualified retail customers in Prairie Chevrolet Dealer Marketing Association area only. Dealer order or trade may be required. *Offer available to qualified retail customers in Canada on select vehicles between August 3 to August 31, 2016. 0% purchase financing offered on approved credit by TD Auto Finance Services, Scotiabank® or RBC Royal Bank for 84 months on 2016 Sonic Hatchback RS Manual & Auto; Malibu Hybrid; Trax LTZ FWD; Equinox LTZ FWD; Traverse 2LT FWD; Silverado (1500 Regular Cab WT, LS; Double Cab WT, LS, Custom; Crew Cab WT, LS,) Silverado HD Gas (see below for exclusions); and for 60 months on; all Cruze models; Camaro 1LT Coupe/Convertible models; Colorado models excluding 2SA; and for 36 months on Corvette models except Z06 and Silverado HD Diesel (see below for exclusions). Other trims may have effective rates higher than 0%. Participating lenders are subject to change. Rates from other lenders will vary. Down payment, trade and/or security deposit may be required. Monthly payment and cost of borrowing will vary depending on amount borrowed and down payment/trade. Example: $30,000 at 0% APR, the monthly payment is $357.14 for 84 months. Cost of borrowing is $0, total obligation is $30,000. Offer is unconditionally interest-free. Freight and air tax ($100, if applicable) included. Licence, insurance, registration, PPSA, applicable taxes and dealer fees not included. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Limited time offer which may not be combined with certain other offers. General Motors of Canada Company may modify, extend or terminate offers in whole or in part at any time without notice. Conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for details. ®Registered trademark of The Bank of Nova Scotia. RBC and Royal Bank are registered trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada. ‡$10,000 is a combined total credit consisting of a $3,000 manufacturer-to-dealer delivery credit (tax exclusive) for 2016 Silverado 1500 Double Cab, $1,000 GM Card Application Bonus, offer applies to individuals who apply for a Scotiabank GM Visa Card (GM Card) or current GM Card cardholders (tax inclusive), a $820 manufacturer-to-dealer Option Package Discount Credit (tax exclusive) for 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Double Cab 1LT equipped with True North Edition package, and a $5,180 manufacturer-to-dealer cash credit (tax exclusive) on Silverado 1500 Double Cab LT or LTZ, which is available for cash purchases only and cannot be combined with special lease and finance rates. By selecting lease or finance offers, consumers are foregoing this $5,180 credit which will result in higher effective interest rates. Discounts vary by model. Selected vehicles eligible for the cash rebate are not the same as those eligible for the 0% financing advertised. ^Purchase price includes a $500/$750 GM Card Application Bonus (tax inclusive), $750/$750 manufacturer-todealer delivery credit (tax exclusive), $3,700/$3,250 manufacturer-to-dealer cash credit (tax exclusive) and applies to cash purchases of new 2016 Chevrolet Trax LS Air and Auto/2016 Chevrolet Equinox LS FWD models at participating dealers in Canada. Purchase price of $18,995/$23,995 includes freight and air tax, but excludes license, insurance, registration, dealer fees and taxes. By selecting lease or finance offers, consumers are foregoing this $3,700/$3,250 credit which will result in higher effective interest rates. Dealer may sell for less. Offer may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives. General Motors of Canada Company may modify, extend or terminate this offer, in whole or in part, at any time without notice. See dealer for details. ††Offer applies to individuals who apply for a Scotiabank® GM® Visa* Card (GM Card) or current Scotiabank® GM® Visa* Cardholders. Credit valid towards the retail purchase or lease of one eligible 2016 model year Chevrolet delivered in Canada between August 3 and August 31, 2016. Credit is a manufacturer-to-consumer incentive (tax inclusive) and credit value depends on model purchased: $500 credit available on: Chevrolet Camaro, Sonic, Cruze, Cruze Limited, Malibu (excluding L model), Volt (including 2017 MY Volt) and Trax; $750 credit available on: Chevrolet Impala, Equinox, Express, Traverse and Colorado (except 2SA), Suburban, Tahoe; $1,000 credit available on: Chevrolet Silverado, Silverado HD. Example: $10,000 purchase price, after tax price is $11,000 ($10,000 plus $1,000 applicable taxes). After applying $500/$750 bonus, after tax price is $24,040/$19,063 ($23,995/$18,995 reduced purchase price plus $45/$68 applicable taxes) on the cash purchases of new 2016 Chevrolet Trax LS Air and Auto/2016 Chevrolet Equinox LS FWD, with the $500/$750 being the $455/$682 reduction from the purchase price and the $45/$68 reduction in taxes, which would have otherwise been payable on the full purchase price. $1,000 bonus on the cash purchase of new 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 models consists of the $909 reduction from the purchase price and the $91 reduction in taxes, which would have otherwise been payable on the full purchase price. Offer is transferable to a family member living within the same household (proof of address required). As part of the transaction, dealer may request documentation and contact General Motors of Canada Company (GM Canada) to verify eligibility. This offer may not be redeemed for cash and may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives. Certain limitations or conditions apply. Void where prohibited. See your GM Canada dealer for details. GM Canada reserves the right to amend or terminate offers for any reason in whole or in part at any time without prior notice. ¥Lease based on a purchase price of $20,745, including $1,000 manufacturer-to-dealer delivery credit (tax exclusive), $500 lease cash, $455 GM Card Application Bonus for a new eligible 2016 Cruze LT Auto. Bi-weekly payment is $98 for 48 months at 0% APR, on approved credit to qualified retail customers by GM Financial. Annual kilometre limit of 20,000 km, $0.16 per excess kilometre. $995 down payment and a $0 security deposit is required. Payment may vary depending on down payment or trade. Total obligation is $11,027 plus applicable taxes. Option to purchase at lease end is $9,721. Price and total obligation exclude license, insurance, registration, taxes and optional equipment. Other lease options are available. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Limited-time offer, which may not be combined with other offers. See your dealer for conditions and details. General Motors of Canada Company reserves the right to amend or terminate this offer, in whole or in part, at any time without prior notice. **The 2-Year Scheduled Lube-Oil-Filter Maintenance Program provides eligible customers in Canada, who have purchased or leased a new eligible 2016 MY Chevrolet (excluding Spark EV), with an ACDelco® oil and filter change, in accordance with the oil life monitoring system and the Owner’s Manual, for 2 years or 48,000 km, whichever occurs first, with a limit of four (4) Lube-Oil-Filter services in total, performed at participating GM dealers. Fluid top offs, inspections, tire rotations, wheel alignments and balancing, etc. are not covered. This offer may not be redeemed for cash and may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives available on GM vehicles. General Motors of Canada Company reserves the right to amend or terminate this offer, in whole or in part, at any time without prior notice. Additional conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for details. ^^Whichever comes first. See dealer for details.

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Saskatoon Express, August 15, 2016