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RHINO REPAIR Mel and Scott Frey say players become part of their family (Photo by Darren Steinke)


(Continued from page 9) e was excited and looked up to me. He was like a little brother. The experience I have and just kind of how much I have matured through hockey and how much I have learned, I can kind of pass along to him, and I can give little tips.” When he was set to return to Stony Mountain, Man., after a late August visit to Saskatoon, Stovin said he was sad to leave, but he expects to make a number of returns. “I will be back here pretty well every summer,” said Stovin. “This city is a second home to me. “With the Freys here, it is like another family. With the friends I have out of the city that live here, I am all pretty close with them. It is tough to leave here, just as much as it is tough to leave my family

back home when I come here.” Scott will always cherish the times he spent with Stovin helping the heartand-soul forward through some difficulty during visits in the basement of the family home over bowls of ice cream. The billet father knows he has an adopted son forever, and hopes other families decide to become billet households. “We’ve recommended it to a lot of our friends,” said Frey, who family continues to billet Blades players. “In fact, two good friends of ours ended up billeting, and they’ve been billeting now for three years as well. We’d recommend it to anyone. “It has its moments where you shake your head and you go, ‘What are we thinking?’ It is a very rewarding experience, especially when you have young kids in your house and they have someone to look up to. It is a good thing.”

WDM named No.1 attraction


he Western Development Museum - Saskatoon has been named the Number One Thing to Do in Saskatchewan for 2015 by TripAdvisor.  The award is based on the number of four- and five-star ratings that an attraction receives from its visitors on The WDM has been consistently ranked as No. 1 in Saskatoon and has been the No. 1 attraction in the province for more than a year.   “The relationship that the museum staff and volunteer groups enjoy has resulted in a truly wonderful partnership,” Jason B. Wall, manager of the Saskatoon WDM, said in a news release. “Winning this award is absolute proof of what a JW15651.K09 James

group of like-minded people can do when working together to make this museum one of the best attractions in the province.” “The WDM in Saskatoon — and at its other three locations in the province — works hard every day to resonate with its visitors,” Joan Champ, CEO of the museum, said in the release. “It is wonderful to have this endorsement from reviewers on a trusted source like TripAdvisor.”  TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site. It reaches 340 million unique monthly visitors with more than 200 million traveller reviews of attractions like the WDM, accommodations, restaurants, bed and breakfasts and more.

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Saskatoon Express, November 9, 2015  

Saskatoon Express, November 9, 2015