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entering her third campaign with the team. “It is still pretty intimidating now,” said Boldt. “We’ve got great coaches here, and I am learning a lot. I can only just hope to improve game by game.” The physical education teacher from Evan Hardy Collegiate was a slotback during her first two years with the Valkyries, but she didn’t step cold into the role of quarterback. Boldt practised a bit as a quarterback during her first season, and worked more seriously at the position in her second campaign. She was given a start last season and led the Valkyries to a 60-0 romp over the Wolfpack in Winnipeg. Valkyries head coach Jeff Yausie got excited about Boldt’s potential, knowing the time would come when Bloomquist would step away from the game. “You can’t just replace Candace,” said Yausie. “She is a great athlete and a good leader. Stacey has really stepped in. Players like her, and they want to play for her. That is the kind of the player you want in the huddle, someone that the players look up to. “She leads by example. She works hard. She never misses practice.” Boldt was an outstanding athlete in her own right, playing ringette when she was younger and basketball during her high school years. She was an outfielder for the Saskatoon Outlaws junior women’s Quarterback Stacey Boldt has guided the Saskatoon Valkyries to a 2-0 record softball team that won Canadian champiso far this season (Photo by Darren Steinke) onships in 2008, 2010 and 2011. For the last six years, Boldt has also played touch and flag football. While she had a vast amount of experience in sports to draw from, Boldt still battled butterflies before her start last season at quarterback. Darren Steinke position of all time. “It was pretty nerve-racking,” said Saskatoon Express In the Western Women’s Canadian Boldt, who stands 5-foot-7. “It was a brand tacey Boldt can definitely identify Football League (WWCFL), Boldt became new position for me. I had lots of confiwith former San Francisco 49ers the starting signal caller of the Saskadence in the team, so even though I was quarterback great Steve Young when toon Valkyries, succeeding Candace nervous, I knew I had my teammates to it comes to following a legend. Bloomquist. Bloomquist was the Valkyries back me up.” In the NFL, Young succeeded Joe starter for the first four years the WWCFL The 26-year-old said that start helped Montana as the starting quarterback of existed, and she led the Valkyries to a her a lot going into this season, because the 49ers, after Montana led the team to league title in each of those campaigns. she knew what to expect mentally. When four Super Bowl titles and became widely Going into this season, Boldt was aware the Valkyries opened the current season regarded as arguably the greatest at his of the size of the role she would be filling with a 75-0 blowout win over the Wolf-

Boldt playing a pivotal role for Valkyries


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pack on May 10 at Saskatoon Minor Football Field, Boldt didn’t look out of place. She hit Marci Kiselyk with a 30-yard touchdown pass early, connected with Julene Friesen for a 55-yard throwing major and found Carly Dyck on a deep 40-yard post for another score. “From past years to this year with coaching, her arm has improved a lot,” said Yausie. “I’ve been super impressed by her accuracy, and how she is able to throw at all levels of the field.” Boldt didn’t get flustered in Saskatoon’s second game of the season. She threw three touchdown passes as the Valkyries rallied from a 16-8 deficit to down the Riot in Regina 28-19 on May 17. The Valkyries (2-0) and Riot (1-1) go at it again May 30 at 7 p.m. at SMF Field. Yausie said Boldt has the right combination of physical attributes and intangibles to help make her a good quarterback. “From what I have seen, Stacey (Boldt) is a very good athlete,” said Yausie. “That is certainly is one of the things that you want from a quarterback. She has a very calm personality, and she is a good leader.” When she first started playing tackle football, Boldt was confident she would like it. “I’ve always been interested in it,” said Boldt. “I love team sports, so it was an easy find for me. It was different. I played contact sports before, but nothing like this.” It also helped that long-time school friends Beth Thomson and Jamie Lammerding were on the team, along with another school friend in Chris HengenBraun, who is the Valkyries assistant head coach. Boldt expects to be the Valkyries starting signal caller for the foreseeable future. She wants to win this year to help the Valkyries complete a drive claiming five straight WWCFL championships. If she could accomplish that, Boldt would lead her team to a championship following in the steps of a highly decorated predecessor like Young did in the NFL. “We expect nothing less,” said Boldt. “We are just going to keep preparing and working hard. That is all we can ask for.”

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