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Royal University Hospital Foundation Thanks Jack and Shirley Brodsky Generous Shares Donation Supports Advanced Technology Jack, Shirley and their family donated $100,000 in shares to The Campaign for Royal University Hospital in support of the latest in Neuromodulation Equipment to treat patients with Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders at RUH. “If my father, Trevor Shepstone, could have continued to do what he loved just a little longer without tremors, it would have been a happier time for him. Having this equipment for brain stimulation surgery will help others,” says Shirley Brodsky. RUH Foundation is raising $1.5 million to put the best equipment and technology into the hands of our medical teams so people can resume a better quality of life. Jack adds, “There are amazing advancements being made in this area. We really hope others will join us in supporting the RUH Foundation.” L-R: Shirley Brodsky; Dr. Ivar Mendez, Fred H. Wigmore Professor and Unified Head of Surgery, Department of Surgery, University of Saskatchewan and Saskatoon Health Region; Jack Brodsky; and Arla Gustafson, CEO, RUH Foundation

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To make your gift or for more information, visit or contact us at: Royal University Hospital Foundation, 103 Hospital Drive Saskatoon, SK S7N 0W8 Tel: (306) 655-1984

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Your fancy parka includes coyote fur

oyotes are big business Coyotes in Saskatchewan in the province. Why else aren’t in danger of extinction by would a guy drive around any stretch. In 2009 they were with a truckload full of them? such a nuisance that the provinI realize I’m at risk of being cial government put a bounty pegged as a resident animal activon their paws. The program ist. I’m not. I’m a meat-eating, culled an estimated 70,000 coyleather-wearing city girl who otes, paying out $1.4 million. has no problem with legal and Multiple sources have told me humane hunting and trapping for that up to a third of the coyote sustenance, property protection or paws paid out were trucked in sport. from Alberta, Manitoba or even Columnist You may have heard about a North Dakota. There’s no way coyote carcass-laden truck that to prove the paws only came has recently taken at least two leisurely from Saskatchewan. While the bounty protrips through Saskatoon. The owner twice gram was dropped in 2012, the number of stopped for refreshments on main drags. Of coyotes is still high. They’re even a growing course the truck was captured both times by concern in urban backyards. cellphone cameras. Late last year a Maidstone-area father Seeing the grisly photos, my first reaction and son duo were charged and convicted was disgust. Seriously, fool, get a tarp. And after they were busted for shooting coyotes no, I really wouldn’t want my nine-year-old from a helicopter. That’s not cheap. One can to see that. He’s prone to nightmares and surmise they weren’t after the $20-per-set anxiety. I’d be dealing with it for weeks if he of paws the bounty was bringing in (though saw that truck. It’s just not cool. as recently as 2009, that $20 bounty paid Some pundits in the province declared it better than the coyote pelt price). Perhaps immoral and disgusting. They’re correct. It’s they were going after the coyotes en masse not about being anti-fur or anti-hunting or because over the last few years Canadian being naive as to where one’s food or fashion coyote pelts skyrocketed as a hot commodity comes from. It’s about having a modicum of on garment racks. Yes, that’s real Canadian common sense, while showing just a shred coyote fur around the hood of your friend’s of respect and dignity towards wildlife. It’s coveted Canada Goose parka. about sending a message that we value every The trend towards steep coyote-fur prices entity in this province, even after death. Oh, began in 2012 — the same year the Sasand not perpetuating the notion that we’re a katchewan cull was cancelled — and have bunch of rednecks. stayed relatively high ever since. According Despite the strong public reaction, Ken to Fur Harvester, one of the largest fur aucChevaldayoff, the Saskatchewan minister tion houses in the world, the price of coyote responsible for the environment, said he has today is averaging $59.75 per pelt and topno plans to propose regulations — similar to ping out at $81.90. Ontario’s — that mandate covering your kill. That truck with the frozen dogs is hauling He agrees that the images were disturbing around a cargo worth anywhere from $1,000 but says “you can’t legislate tact.” He’s right, to $2,000. There’s no way of knowing if he’s echoing a similar sentiment that Premier a legit trapper or not — you don’t need a Brad Wall expressed a few years ago about licence to trap or shoot coyotes in Saskatchhis inability to legislate common sense. ewan. You do, however, need a trapper’s


licence to sell the pelts at auction or on the regulated free market. According to a source, inside the trapping industry in Saskatchewan this commonly leads to under-the-table cash deals between anyone with a gun and fur dealers. Open season on coyotes runs annually from Oct. 15 to March 15. According to a January 2014 report from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment, approximately 28,500 coyote pelts went to market in 2012-13, with over 90 per cent of

those harvested in southern Saskatchewan. Coyote pelt quantities come second to muskrat. But the value of coyote pelts blows everything else out of the water: Of the $5.75 million in Saskatchewan fur that sold in 2012-2013, $2.3 million was coyote fur. It’s a multi-million-dollar industry, and there isn’t anything wrong with that. Just ask the guy next to you in the Canada Goose. But for heaven’s sake, if you’re going to kill, cover it up.

Canadiana Crossword A Bevy of Barbaras By Boots and Jim Struthers

ACROSS 1 Sigh of relief 4 Roman 1104 8 Black cuckoo 11 Search a river-bed 13 Roman statesman 14 After expenses 15 _____tasse 16 Occupants 18 Nigerian folk 20 Editor and author Barbara 21 Environment 23 Auto workers org. 24 Canadian prov. 25 A verbal contest between actors 27 ____Stanley Gardner 31 Scent 33 Plus 34 Author Barbara 35 English river 36 Ogle 38 Canadian automobile org. 39 Barrel, abbr. 41 Preston's Party 43 Journalist Barbara 46 Dear, in Dolbeau 47 RNA containers 49 Arm part 52 ______Dorval 53 Main or topgallant e.g. 54 Humble 55 Light emitting diode, for short 56 Scandinavian toast 57 Hosp. records notation DOWN 1 Put two and two together? 2 _____ you okay?





4 12



























36 39 44

8 14

16 18







Answers are on page 19

38 42








3 Actor Barbara 4 Politician Barbara 5 Crow calls 6 Israel or Trotsky follower 7 Russian river 8 Again 9 Oafish one 10 Partner of bitsy 12 Chevalier movie 17 Further down 19 Arthur or Lillie 21 A kind of point 22 Auto race 23 Figure Skater Barbara 26 Ace

49 54 57

28 Flinched 29 Prevaricator 30 Cheese 32 Insurgent 37 Female ruff 40 Consecrate 42 Television journalist Barbara 43 Dyestuff 44 Stubborn one 45 Offed 46 Acting award 48 Hardwood tree 50 Prefix denoting new 51 Letters denoting an alias

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