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ordon Kincade has a life-long passion for teaching. He taught almost 35 years in public schools, and for 50 years has taught hunter education and firearms safety. Kinade will be one of the many volunteers and members of the Saskatoon Wildlife Federation making sure all goes according to plan at the annual Sports and Leisure Show from March 6-9 at Prairieland Park. “My dad introduced me to a .22 as soon as I could carry it,” the 82-year-old said. “I have shot all my life.” His career as a teacher also started at a young age. He was in a classroom in tiny Sintaluta, Sask., when he was 18 years old. “I had two boys in Grade 10 that were older than me,” he said with a laugh. Kincade, who was raised on a farm in Grenfell, took a long and winding road through the doors of many rural schools before moving to Saskatoon in 1967. He had taken a one-year course in Moose Jaw to get that first teaching job. He added three degrees to his resume before his retirement in June 1984 from Nutana Collegiate. At Nutana he became known for his journalism program. Ned Powers and Steve Shannon were among his guest instructors. His retirement year was not one he cherishes or can forget. Kincade’s wife, Elsie, died from cancer in April 1984. He had a heart attack in July and bypass surgery in August. Kincade remarried in 1987. Included in the package with Mara were three sons (Michael, Cameron and Mark). Kincade has a daughter, Donna, from his first marriage. “I acquired three sons. Even though they were teenagers, they are definitely my sons; they took my name.” They have since given Mara and him seven grandchildren. Donna emails her father every day from her home in Ontario. He estimates he has taught firearms safety to more than a 1,000 people since

Marks man Gordon Kincade has taught firearms safety for 50 years

Gordon Kincade will be among the many volunteers at the Saskatoon Sports and Leisure Show (Photo by Sandy Hutchinson) taking the training course in 1964. During the past few years he has taught people with learning difficulties or physical difficulties. Those classes are taught one-on-one or oneon-two, he said. This year he is stepping back from the program. He said the Saskatoon Sports and Leisure Show is the lifeblood for the local wildlife federation. He said the move from Credit Union Centre to Prairieland Park almost 10 years ago was particularly good for the show. “That was a big turnaround. The arena was not built for a sports and leisure show. As far as I know it is the biggest show in

Western Canada. I think we are No. 2 in Canada; Toronto has a bigger one.” He said the battle for spots on the floor is competitive. “We are sold out almost as soon as the show finishes. We turn away three or four people every week who want to be part of the show.” The Saskatoon Wildlife Federation has 2,000 members, double where it was just seven or eight years ago. It has an annual budget of more than $1 million. He said the membership has diversified over the years. “We’re not a little business anymore; we are a big business. We have never done a

survey to prove this, but a lot (of members) aren’t your hunter/fishermen people. They are very much a vital part. “We have a big group of shooters. I’m told we have 460 members of the rifle and revolver club. We have a very powerful group involved with conservation.” Kincade said if it wasn’t for the show, many programs would face being cut. “It would curtail a number of habitat initiatives and things like that,” he said. For information on the show, including hours and a list of exhibitors, please visit

Call for Nominations Equality



NOW Communications Ad # 8747-005C Client: SGEU Size: 4.896” X 7.928” (float if necessary) Position: Int’l Women’s Day Feature, if available Campaign: Year-Long Newspaper Publication: Saskatoon Express Ad Title: Inspiring Change Booking: Carrie Barlow Media Insertion Date: Wed, March 5, 2014

to the Board of Directors

Saskatoon Co-operative Association Limited ing


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Inspiring Change Since the first International Women’s Day in 1911, women in Saskatchewan and around the world have seen gains—but we still see inequality. So as we celebrate on March 8th, let’s renew our commitment to change—to moving forward to a time of equal rights, equal opportunity and progress for all.

Proudly taking a stand for women’s equality /womensday

A co-op is about people helping people…it’s a business with a difference. If you have some experience or interest in financial and business operations, enjoy working in groups, actively support and care about the future development of Saskatoon Co-op, consider allowing your name stand for nomination as Director. Official Nomination forms are available at the Greystone,

Westview, Attridge and Stonebridge Food Store locations at Customer Service and at Head Office at 201-503 Wellman Crescent. For information, email the Nominating Committee at or phone Saskatoon Co-op at 933-0341. Biographies to be included in the member registration kits must be received by March 24, 2014.

Call for Resolutions Members are invited to submit resolutions for consideration relating to the Saskatoon Co-op at the Annual Meeting on Tuesday, April 29, 2014. Resolutions will be dealt with in the same order they were received. For more information,

email the Resolutions Committee at or phone Saskatoon Co-op at 933-0341. Resolutions to be included in the member registration kits must be received by April 11, 2014.

Annual Meeting April 29, 2014

As per our by-laws, there will be no nominations from the floor

Saskatoon Express, March 3, 2014  
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