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WILL ALWAYS be proud of my I remember being in the auditorium Uncle Lloyd. at Haultain School for Remembrance Before reading my first cousin Day ceremonies and looking up at the Anne Letain’s column, I didn’t realize picture of the Queen. I always thought it has been 22 years since his passing. of Uncle Lloyd. He will always be a He was the oldest of nine children. My hero to me. father (John Hutchinson) was No. 8. He is the only one still IT WAS ANOTHER living. ONE of those the-bestI remember standing in hour-of-my-career front of my class at Haultain moments last week. I am School sometime in the so fortunate to have had so 1960s. I told my classmates many of those best hours I have an uncle who was in during my career. I sat the Royal Canadian Air Force down at the Tim Horton’s during the Second World at 33rd Street and Idylwyld War. Drive with Mike Scott. “My Uncle Lloyd is a As he spoke, I could hero,” I told them. “One time hear the passion in his Editor his airplane was shot down in voice and could see the joy the English Channel and he on his face. survived.” Mike is a poster boy for those My father told me last week that that can take a horrible situation and Uncle Lloyd was shot down twice. make it better. He was born into a Cousin Anne points out in her column dysfunctional home and then bounced that it was the North Sea and not the from one foster home to the next. He English Channel. abused alcohol and drugs. He was part As a child, I enjoyed our visits to of the cycle that claimed a couple of Edmonton to see him, my aunt and my generations of his family. cousins. He was a gruff, hard-working Mike had a couple of life-changing man but always kind to my brother and moments on his way to recovery. me. “Deano,” he called my brother. There was a touching moment with his




daughter and a time when he was in a hospital bed dying. They are detailed in the feature on Page 3. After 15 months of sobriety, Mike is doing some amazing things. He is spreading the word about drug and alcohol abuse in various schools and communities in an honest way. No punches pulled. He facilitates a group for fathers trying to break the cycle of violence against women. He held a fundraiser for an elder. More than $1,000 was raised that day. Now Mike has the wheels rolling for a national conference here and for taking a group to one in Ottawa. Mike’s current project is to gather winter clothing for those in need. As we sat at Tim Horton’s, Mike motioned to the little homes north of the restaurant. As a child he lived in one. He said he remembers praying that other people would have a place to sleep and a blanket to keep them warm. His prayer is being answered. Winter clothing can be dropped off between now and Nov. 8 at the Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-op (905 20th Street West). The clothing will be given to those needing it on Nov. 9 at the White Buffalo Youth Lodge.

For more information visit...

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Message of Hope

Mike Scott has come a long way in 15 months (Photo by Sandy Hutchinson)

“Not feeling worthy of love can destroy a child’s heart and soul”

Cam Hutchinson Saskatoon Express

Change didn’t come easily. It took him seven months before he entered a treatment program. At one point during his wait ike Scott was lying in bed one he broke a bargain he made with God. Afday when his daughter, Taliyah, ter asking God for help and promising he walked into his room. He was re- would quit drinking, Scott left his hospital ally hung over, just like he was most days. bed and got drunk again. With his body “What’s wrong Daddy? Are you sick badly poisoned, he was taken back to the again?” the little girl asked. hospital. Scott again asked God for help. “Ya, my girl. Go watch TV,” he replied. Both have made good on that deal. It’s not Not even a minute later his three-year- a best-of-three though. After 23 years of being surrounded by old daughter was back in the room. She dysfunction he was going to get better. was carrying a bottle of beer. “Here, Daddy, is your medicine so you He wanted his life to matter. He is now won’t be sick no more.” sharing his story with the many others in Her words hit him hard. similar circumstances. “What was I teaching my daughter? On a recent bus ride to SIAST (where Alcohol will make you better?” he attends school), Scott tried to count the


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number of elementary schools he had attended. He ran out of fingers and toes. He tried to add up the number of foster homes. Fingers and toes were again far too few. “I have never had a stable home. It was a different place just about every year in my life: sometimes five, six places a year. That instability can really wreck a child. We were really passed around growing up, and it affected us.” Some of those stops were in rural Saskatchewan. “I was usually the only Native kid in these rural towns. I resided in foster homes filled with a lot of racism and anger because I was invading their space. I didn’t choose that lifestyle. I wanted a home too. “Not feeling worthy of love can destroy

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a child’s heart and soul. I became angry and frustrated. I couldn’t find love in the places I needed it most.” Scott talks from his heart. “Our mom was an alcoholic when we were younger. That is from her past; we don’t know what she lived through. When my mom was younger (six years old) her mom committed suicide. “From that happening my aunties and uncles got all separated and that cycle kept continuing. All that pain carried on to us, and we didn’t know how to function as a family. That is why we were all separated.” Scott, now 24, and his four siblings were reunited at their mother’s funeral in August 2011. Her death hit him hard. (Continued on page 4)



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Page 4 - SASKATOONEXPRESS - November 4-10, 2013

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Corner of 8th St. East & Preston Ave. 2105 8th St. East Saskatoon, SK S7H 0T8

Ken Cheveldayoff MLA Saskatoon Silver Springs

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Mike Scott never had a male role model in his life (Photo by Sandy Hutchinson)

“I can’t believe how far I have come”

(Continued from page 3)

“I was doing cocaine and drinking every day. That was my lifestyle. To get drunk and to get high to hide the pain because I didn’t know how to cope with losing my mom. We were really close.” By then he had also lost his childhood. He had no innocence of youth. “When you are young you have these dreams of being whatever. But as you go through life you start experiencing all these hardships and it really breaks you down. And there is nobody there to motivate you. “Now that I am older I realize I never had a male role model in my life. Dad bounced out after I went to jail and wasn’t part of my life anymore. To this day he is lost.” Scott was incarcerated when he was 12 and released when he was 14. He went into treatment on Aug. 8, 2012. “Every day is a new struggle that you have to overcome. Some days I wake up and go, ‘Man, I don’t want to go to school.’ Then I think I have to go to school. It is going to benefit me. You have to force yourself to do what needs to be done.” Scott hasn’t wasted those 15 months of sobriety. He has spoken to youth in communities such as Turner Lake, La Loche, Sandy Bay and Pelican Narrows. He interacts with them. Many are now Facebook friends. “It’s a message of hope and compassion to other people: how far I have come from where I was, to change my life in order for me to do this type of stuff for other people.” Scott organized a day he called Walking 4 Directions. It raised more than $1,000 for an elder. He sundances and he drums. It’s part of getting back to his roots. He helps facilitate two groups at the Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-op (CNYC) that strive to help end violence in women’s lives. There’s one for fathers and another for mothers. There is no excuse not to participate, Scott said. There is free child care, supper

Clothing the Community

Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-op (CNYC) is gathering coldweather clothing for those in need of it. “Every winter you see somebody without a winter jacket or looking cold just wearing sweaters. So I wanted to try to do my part and help them,” said organizer Mike Scott. Clothing can be dropped off between now and Nov. 8 at the CNYC at 905 20th Street West. The clothing will be given to those needing it on Nov. 9 at the White Buffalo Youth Lodge. For more information on the CNYC and its programs visit www. can be made at the CNYC (905 20th Street West). Bus passes are available. The interactive groups meet on Wednesdays from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. “We are shooting for ages 15 to 30, but we don’t discourage others from coming. You have to be a father or mother to come.” There is always work to be done and dark days to face, but these are good times for Mike Scott. Taliyah is doing well and he has a six-month-old son (Michael Jr.). “I can’t believe how far I have come in such a short time. And it’s just the beginning. My expectations for myself are higher than I would have ever imagined. I believe in myself now. “I broke that cycle.” To contact Mike, email creenative@

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My father needs a resting place befitting a hero

his year I discovered that my father was assigned to the joint RAF Squadron (Lloyd Hutchinson) lacks a grave 422 based in Ireland and Scotland. This marker or gravestone of any sort, was a squadron created to do general although we do know that his ashes are reconnaissance over the North Atlantic and properly interred in a municipal cemetery. take out U-boats. My dad’s personal log If there’s any blame for this, it probably book also indicates his bombing missions rests with my mother. But the point is now over Dresden, Germany. moot. Although my mother is still with The few existing pictures I have us physically, she has been lost to us for seen from the 422 Tomahawk Squadron many years in the dense fog of archives and that include my dementia. dad seem to diminish both his Yes, I do feel some anger size and his age. He is obviabout this state of affairs; this ously the smallest person in graveyard oversight. Why the squadron and appears to be would you not include your about 12 years old. And likely adult children in the conversaquite unready for what was to tion about what and when? ensue. Would our feelings be meanLike so many of his coningless? Was this situation a temporaries, Dad was pretty harbinger of what was to come stoic about the war — it was ultimately for my mother? Was not spoken about at all except there malice aforethought? to remark on enduring friendColumnist Now it all remains only conships. But I do know that for jecture. my father the horrors of war were real If it had been a matter of cost, my enough. I am also in possession of a card dad (who died in 1991) was a veteran of certifying his permanent membership in Second World War and a member of the the famed Goldfish Club. To gain memLegion — a bona fide placeholder for a bership in this fairly exclusive club you Canadian veteran gravesite. had to be an airman who owed his life to In 1939 my dad was a small guy with his lifejacket or dinghy after parachuting a big attitude. Today he might be given or crashing into water. My father got his the label “small-guy syndrome” owing to membership after being fished out of the his stature, feistiness and tendency to be North Sea on Nov. 8, 1942. highly opinionated. This November 11 at 11 a.m., I will He was the oldest of a family of nine stop whatever I am doing and observe children. In 1939 he was a member of the (as always) two minutes of silence. Lost Army Reserves. With war threatening the in thought I will (as always) wipe away world and the announcement of the British the tears on my face with my sleeve as I Commonwealth Air Training Program, remember my dad and his contributions to Dad headed off to the local recruitment both the war and my own life. centre in Saskatoon (perhaps along with But this year my Remembrance Day his equally diminutive sister, Kay, who celebration will include a small moment of also signed up for the air force). pride and redress, of remembering and acHe was soon assigned to training in tion. Many will recall from the news of the Brandon, where he became one of 9,000 past couple of years that the contribution Canadians to be trained as a wireless of Canadians to Bomber Command in the operator and air gunner. After training, he Second World War had been largely over-


Lloyd Hutchinson and sister Kay, just before the outbreak of war (Photos Supplied) looked in the annals of the war. Eventually Parliament commissioned a Bar of Commemoration to be attached to the Volunteer Medal to honour those brave Canadians who had valiantly served in Bomber Command. On behalf of our father, my brother (as the family holder of the original medals) has applied for the bar. How broad or narrow qualification is for the bar is not known. This is government, so there will be rules.

Whether my father qualifies for the bar posthumously or not is insignificant. It is the act of application that is important: a personal gesture of remembrance for an ordinary man who served willingly and loyally. It’s a small acknowledgement of a man whose presence on this earth remains unnoticed and unmarked. Except in the hearts of his children. Lest we forget.


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Page 6 - SASKATOONEXPRESS - November 4-10, 2013

It’s time for some


trash talk

uestion: Residents of Saskatoon puters are being recycled. Television sets throw away more garbage than are being recycled. people in most cities in Canada. There is more and more of that all the According to a city report, time. Habitat for Humanity recycles buildresidential bins average 19 kilograms of ing materials. I love telling the story about garbage compared with a national average a renovation Mardele and I did at our preof approximately 13 kilograms. Do you vious home. When we completed it, I was have an explanation for this? going to put things back together and I was Mayor Atchison: I am concerned by missing one spindle from a staircase. I said the amount of garbage that goes to Mardele, “What happened to into our landfill. We hear talk the spindle?” She said, “Oh, we of building a new landfill site. I sent all that stuff off to Habitat think that is the wrong attitude. Restore.” So off I went to HabiI think the proper attitude is tat and had to buy my spindle making this landfill site last into back that I had donated to them. perpetuity. What do we have Everyone laughs about that. to do differently? What do we You have appliances and have to do so we don’t encroach automobiles that are sent to on our neighbours somewhere Regina to be recycled. You else? I have yet to hear of anythink about the tire recycling one that is overly enthusiastic and a lot of those tires show up about having a landfill site next on NFL football fields (as part Ask the Mayor of the synthetic turf). to their home. At the mayor’s office I have yet to get that We recycle concrete and phone call. asphalt into the roadway system. And 98 We need to look at innovative ways on per cent of the old Intercontinental Packers how we can use the garbage that is there. building was recycled when it was torn Just piling it up forever doesn’t make sense. down. So when you ask me about the curQuestion: How can we use it? rent landfill site, you can see how passionMayor Atchison: There are a couple ate I am about recycling. of ways. Mining what’s there already — Question: Why are there green plastic hauling out the metals and that. Another wraps around new trees in the city? idea is using the decomposition for a new Mayor Atchison: It’s an environmengeneration for electricity. There is new tally friendly way to water the new trees. technology that allows to you to heat the We put 20 gallons of water into those ground, turn it into steam and use the steam to turn turbines. There are different green pouches and then the water slowly drips into the ground so the roots gradually technologies. I am no expert in that field. absorb the moisture. It is far better than All I know is that I don’t want us to ever flooding the root ball. So what happens is have to build a new landfill site. the water seeps in nice and easy, the roots Question: Do you have a theory on why we have so much garbage compared get the water and nutrients. As the area with other cities? Is it because we are not dries up, the roots continue to search out the moisture as they grow down. We will recycling as much as we could be? Mayor Atchison: More and more people do that for two to three years to allow the tree to establish. And after that you will are becoming aware that we can and should recycle. Look at Cosmo Industries; see the bags removed. You will see a much they were the leaders decades ago starting healthier tree and a higher survival rate. with paper recycling. We have SARCAN (Have a question for Mayor Atchison? that recycles bottles, aluminum and glass. Send it to editorial@saskatoonexpress. Now we can recycle paint. I love that. All com. Please put “mayor” in the subject those cans used to go to the landfill. Com- line.)


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In a letter in last week’s Express, the writer said Mayor Don Atchison must have a obsessive/compulsive disorder because he hasn’t missed a council meeting in 19 years. I think Mayor Atchison’s only affliction is a serious dedication to his responsibilities on city council. He should be commended, not belittled. If you think the job is so easy, why don’t you run for council? By the way, Mayor Atchison deserves a big pat on the back for getting the south bridge project in place. Harvey Pippin, Pike Lake


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City trees are getting nutrients, 20 gallons at a time (Photo by Sandy Hutchinson)



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No wonder my hair looked so shiny


funny thing happened to me on my One of the first things I had to learn way to being civilized. was brushing my teeth. I learned by I have mentioned many times watching. Someone had placed a tube that I grew up in a Northern trap line. I of Brylcreem beside the tooth paste. I was eight years old when my parents and I brushed my teeth with “a little dab will do had to move out of the trap line. It was all ya” for a couple of weeks until I figured because of me. The federal Indian Affairs it out. department had learned that I was not atSomeone (probably the same person) tending school. placed a bottle of Vaseline by At the time treaty Indians the bottle of baby shampoo. were under the umbrella of the I walked around with shiny federal department. The only bright hair until someone figlanguage I knew was Cree. The ured out I was using the lotion only time I heard English was to wash my hair. when my dad would listen to There are so many funny the weather reports on a small things that happened to me transistor radio. My mother when I was learning English would also crank it up when a and about the world around Johnny Cash song was being me. This silliness followed me played. into my adulthood — or at least Columnist We walked for two days until gave me an excuse for doing we reached an old gravel road. something stupid. My dad set up a camp and we waited for My brother came to visit when I was someone who was supposed to pick us up. living in the Riversdale area. Before one “A white man,” my father said when I supper I asked him if he wanted to go for asked who was coming. I had never met a a ride to the Superstore for ice cream. We white person or a person of any other race walked down the aisle that stored the ice for that matter. Since I only spoke Cree I cream. There were so many flavours we associated white with snow. had a hard time deciding. “I’ve always However, the man that arrived appeared like chocolate chip cookie dough ice more pink than white. After more than 45 cream,” I said to my brother. That was fine years that man is still a family friend. We with him as he liked chocolate. loaded up his old station wagon with our After supper I scooped some of the belongings and off we went to my home ice cream from the container. I like my reserve. ice cream melted just a wee bit, but my I had never seen a vehicle, television or brother tied into his serving right away. anything the “civilized” world had to offer. After about 15 minutes my ice cream The language (English) that most people still wasn’t melting. So I placed it into were speaking was totally foreign to me. the oven for a few minutes. It still wasn’t The world had opened for me and I wanted melting. “This has to be hardest frozen ice to learn everything. cream I’ve ever had,” I said to my brother


Showing appreciation can be a snap


ears ago I picked up the sidebar later gathered indoors around a glowing talent of presenting Beat poetry fire to debrief their experience. As the from the 1940s and ’50s. It became sharing went around the room, they talked my Saturday night party trick. Wherever about the work of the day: keeping their I was — Toronto, New York or Saskatoon fires fed, making tea, taking in the local — I could easily pull out a little Kerouac, wildlife, sitting in the sun and whatever Ginsberg or Ferlinghetti. else had encompassed their time. Along with learning beat, I learned One young woman, Mika Rathwell, of the cool habit the beatnik retold with pride her audience had of snapping accomplishments of the day, their fingers when showing the biggest of which was appreciation. At times when spending so much time on her I was on stage sharing own alone in the woods. When beat poetry I would smile, finished, a quiet followed and imagining the crowd at some then Mika clearly said, “Well dimly-lit San Francisco snaps for me!” which is exactly coffee shop – bongos in the what followed. background, smoke in the air I’ve thought back to that and a few listeners snapping very moment many times and Go Daddy-O! Mika’s declaration that she had Columnist I liked the sound: the done well. How fortunate to be low slow drawl of the voice able to feel pride in what you and the weight of the words. I liked that had done! poetry itself was being flung into the face In doing so, snapping took on a of growing corporate society. Beatniks stronger, more spiritual meaning, if you had a voice. Best of all, I liked that while will. All of a sudden one would hear snaps listening to hip, cool poetry, a simple at the most interesting times, somewhere snapping of the fingers showed audience quiet support was needed. approval. During later years at a Collective Voice Often when I see something I like I Fine Arts Evening (an event celebrating will pick it up and make it my own. And a collaboration of hidden student talent), so it happened with finger snapping. At a student was struggling with a piano that time I had just begun performing piece, being forced into a few new starts. poetry with Skip Kutz and a few other jazz From the audience of family and friends musicians. Keeping with the scene, I began came this wave of quiet snaps. It was just inviting listeners to snap rather than clap. enough to let the piano man know he was It was so much cooler! loved. Soon after, when my Ecoquest Snapping had grown into this form of elementary school students would share collective love. their poetry, I would naturally respond Today the students at Thunderchild with snaps, realizing it had become a part School snap in response to good or of me. The students picked up the habit exciting news. It’s like a wave of loving and that’s when it took a life of its own. growing across the land. Each class was a strong group and Last week I came across a quote: “If grew together quickly. Snapping in everyone had a huge dose of self-love, response to poetry grew into snapping for what a wonderful world this would be!” presentations, for good responses and for Again “snaps for me”’ came to mind. athletic prowess. Snapping had become Would a dose of self-love make people part of the Ecoquest culture. more accepting of others? A smile crept On one occasion, following a three-hour across my face as I imagined such a world solo time in the woods of Saskatchewan and contemplated the possibilities. during the month of March, the students Snaps for me!

Shelly Loeffler

as I tried to break it open with a spoon. Finally I looked at the container. It was then I learned I had actually purchased dough for baking chocolate chip cookies. I told my brother about this. He said it was the strangest-tasting ice cream he has ever had. Of course we laughed about this for a long time. I’m sure my experience is no different than those of people who come from a different country. I have a friend who came from South Korea. He was sharing his experiences from when he first came to Canada. Sometimes I didn’t know if I should believe him, because he likes to stretch the truth a bit. He said he couldn’t believe his good luck when he saw a sign advertising hot dogs. According to him, dogs are eaten in his homeland. “In Canada they even cook them into little wieners.” I had to stop him when he said he brushed his teeth with Preparation H for a couple of weeks. “How can anybody be that silly?” I said.


Prairieland Park Hall D SATURDAY Nov. 9th 9-5 Admission: Adults $5 Children 12 & Under $1 preschoolers FREE

Information 306-291-3964

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remembrance day notice

In honour of our country & flag and commemorating those who paid the supreme sacrifice, EARLY’s will be closed on Monday, November 11th, 2013! 2615 Lorne Ave. 931-1982 Store Hours MON-SAT 8:30-5:30 THU until 8:00-SUN 12-5

502-51st St. E. 931-1995 Store Hours MON-SAT 8:30-5:30 THU until 8:00-Closed SUN 8:00-

Saskatoon B’nai Brith Celebrates 59th Annual Silver Plate Dinner Wednesday, November 13th at TCU Place

This event is the longest running charitable dinner in Saskatoon. B’nai Brith is the international Jewish men’s organization committed to doing charitable work in local communities and in combating racism from the local to international level. All of the monies raised at the dinner go towards local needs in the community. The mandate for many years has been to focus on the needs of youth. In keeping with that goal the proceeds have provided funds to many organizations, including the Children’s Health and Hospital Foundation, the Care and Share program, Ronald McDonald House, Saskatoon Pre-school Foundation, Station 20 West, the Future in Mind campaign and the Crocus Co-op. As well, B’nai Brith supports Congregation Agudas Israel and Batting 1000, an initiative of the Saskatoon Foundation, supporting youth activities for less privileged children. In the past, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, the local hospitals and many other worthy causes have been recipients of support. B’nai Brith was a leading sponsor of the internationally acclaimed project, “Anne Frank in the World” held at the Diefenbaker Centre in Saskatoon in 2006. Almost 20,000 guests visited this moving exhibit which related the story of Anne Frank and illustrated the need to combat racism and persecution in our own communities.

At the dinner, the winner of the B’nai Brith “We’re Proud of You” award will be named. This award is presented annually to a citizen of Saskatoon who has provided an exceptional level of volunteer service to our city outside his area of professional responsibility and has not received recognition due. The men of the B’nai Brith are grateful to have the supporters who have given the lodge the privilege of supporting so many causes. If you would like to purchase a ticket please phone Ron Gitlin 667-6202.

Past Recipients:

1971 Hugh Tait 1972 Sam Landa 1974 George Porteous 1975 Syd Gelmon 1976 Howard Stensrud 1977 Al Tubby 1978 Ted Hughes 1979 Al Anderson 1980 Ed Sebestyen 1981 Boris Kischuk 1982 Tony Dagnone 1983 Kris Rao 1984 David Kaplan 1985 Albert Ayers

1986 Cliff Worden 1987 Gerry Rose 1988 Cliff Wright 1989 Peter Zakreski 1990 Joe Leier 1991 Eric Antonini 1992 Howard Nixon 1993 Thomas Molloy 1994 Les Dube 1995 Murray Sadownick 1996 Ken Howland 1997 Dennis Carr 1998 Ray Hodson 1999 Ted Merriman

2000 Doug Hodson 2001 Murray Osborne 2002 Don Ravis 2003 Lyle Broadfoot 2004 Steven Goluboff 2005 Wally Mah 2006 Jim Yuel 2007 Jack Brodsky 2008 Grant Kook 2009 Steve Shannon 2010 Craig Peterson 2011 Bob Fawcett 2012 Orest Chorneyko

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ello Reena, My husband is a handyman (want-to-be). He attempts to fix all kinds of areas in the house — bless his heart — but the problem is he wrecks half the stuff he’s trying to fix, and the other attempts he makes appear amateur when it comes to quality. His latest attempt was to make his own crown molding for the ceiling. The molding looks fine until you look to the corners where the miters don’t line up. There’s a big gap where the sections meet. How can I cover this up? — Noreen

a bucket of 50/50 white vinegar and water. Leave for a few hours and then pour the entire contents into your washing machine. Wash and dry as usual. Vinegar does a great job of softening fabrics and even repelling static cling. Extra Tidbit: Stains and food won’t show up on tea and dish towels if you purchase a set of black towels instead of light colours. They will look great for a long time.

Dear Reena, How can I prevent rice from sticking to the pot while cooking and ending up with a ball Dear Noreen, of “glump” (to use one of your While some professionals words)? — Tim recommend using clear or white Hello Tim, silicone to hide miter corners, I One way to prevent rice from Household prefer using drywall compound. sticking to the pot is to cook it in Solutions Purchase a small bucket of it the microwave. For 1 cup of rice, at any hardware store. Using add 2 cups of water. Season and a putty knife, apply enough putty to the cook in microwave on high for 15 minutes corners to hide the miters. Allow the mud or until water is absorbed. There will be no to dry and then gently sand the corners. Use sticky mess. If you prefer to cook rice on the touch-up paint to cover the area. stove, rinse the rice before you boil it (until This morning I witnessed my son’s part- the water becomes fairly clear). Add a little ner using a tea towel to wipe up a glass of oil or butter to the pot (rice in a pot should spilled juice. Rather than rinsing it, she threw not be overcooked). For one uncooked cup of it down the laundry chute. I suspect this is rice add three cups of water, simmer for 15 why my tea towels of late, even when freshly minutes. Perfect rice every time. laundered, don’t smell clean, and sections of them feel hard. Are you familiar with any Feedback from Fabulous Readers: treatment for tea towels that will remove Re: Cleaning cast iron frying pans the sour smell and restore their softness? — Hi Reena, The youngest of my cast iron pans is Shelley 40 years old. When they get a buildup on the bottoms, I just burn it off. You need a Dear Shelley, wood-burning stove or fireplace. When the Your best bet is to soak the tea towels in



Hernia during hockey had me crying bowel

fter a rewarding summer of safe, sexy cycling (spandex completes me) I was ready to start hockey season in the best shape I’ve been in since my days in the NHL. (Section 16 Row L)

hernia named after the doctor who described it — Dr. Hernia. I was booked for a Gilmore repair. On surgery day I was wheeled down the hallway to the OR, my gown seductively flapping in the wind. I and my Game: Oct. 1, 2012. less than happy Gilmore shifted First period: Wow, no need onto the table in a demure and for oxygen/Dilaudid/EMT. modest fashion (why bother), Second period: Still with looking forward to the new great wind so to speak. anesthesia. Come for the surgery, Third period: The game is stay for the gas. Anesthesia a few a barn-burner. I’m skating hard decades ago meant counting to while others start to fade. Sean 10, but this time it was “Take a Gorman, a bad guy on the other deep. ...” I woke up in recovery team, takes a shot. I make a stuwith Dr. Hayashi leaning over pid decision to knock down the the bedrail saying that it was one aforementioned bad guy’s shot of the biggest ones he’d seen. Doctor with my little finger, snapping it My groggy “What about the like a 27-year-old pretzel in the hernia?” earned me a wife-slap, Gobi in July during a drought around a very and I was out again. intense bonfire. Hernias are those lovely, pesky bulges The finger instantly turns 50 shades of that can pop out of our groin, our navel and Minnesota Vikings. So I go to the bench, several other places in our abdominal wall. wipe some snow off my skate blade and pack Due to a weakening or tear in the muscle, the it around my busted pinky. We have only innards tend to pop out at the most inconvethree D-men, so there’s no pulling the chute nient times. Often we can pop them back in, today. only to have them pop out again, potentially On my next shift the very same Mr. Gor- providing entertainment for hours. On rare man comes down and dekes to the right. I occasions they may not be pop-backable and bite like a starving mackerel. It would be the may get stuck and incarcerated or strangled, last bite for me in a while. Catching an edge, neither of which are pleasant sounding words my entire body hyperextended, bent backlike petunia and playoffs. Twenty per cent of men and three per cent wards at the hip like a breaching humpback of women will get a groin (inguinal) hernia. whale. I felt a tearing on the left side of my body Repair of these is one of the most commonly from my rib cage to my left knee. No ice will performed surgeries in Canada. While there fix this. I came out for the next shift very un- has been some debate about the need for evcertain. And sure enough, I tried to pivot and ery asymptomatic hernia to be repaired, eventually most will become an issue and need to nothing moved. In addition to tearing most be repaired. Most will enlarge in time. of my abdominal muscles and my groin, I While many surgeries these days can be had also severely herniated myself. Gorman done via keyhole (hernias included) often destroyed my entire hockey season in one the most successful approach for a hernia is game. I know where you live and I have to do it externally. A mesh (like netting) is large syringes. Try to get some sleep. usually inserted to help strengthen the repair, After a couple of months of physiotherapy, parts of me were improving, but the prevent recurrence and possibly allow you to hernia was preventing me from getting there. catch shrimp in an emergency. More importantly it prevents the bowel from spilling out I went to see Dr. Hayashi, one of the most skilled surgeons my town has ever seen. He of your crotch or getting stuck in the spokes of your bike, all the while absolutely ruining does pediatrics. Given my failure to ever the whole come-hither purpose of wearing seem to mature, he can help my booboo. spandex in the first place. I had a sports hernia, a Gilmore groin

fire has died down and all you have left are glowing coals, put the pan into the coals with the greasy side down. Leave it there until the coals have burned out and the fireplace is cool. Now you will have to give it a good wash to get the black off, so be careful it doesn’t come in contact with clothing and the like.  Then re-season it with a little vegetable oil in the oven at 225F. Presto! It’s just like a brand new, but still an old pan. I do it every few years and use my pans daily. — Lizz I enjoy your questions and tips; keep them coming. Missed a column? Can’t remember a solution? Need a speaker for an upcoming event? Check out my website:


L N d as ov a t .1 y 2 th

Handyman out of line on crowning achievement


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Fashion Forward White Dhalia in bloom on Second Avenue


Tammy Robert Saskatoon Express

ashion is in full bloom at Saskatoon’s Dutch Growers, with partner and fashion buyer Pam Van Duyvendyk about to launch a second location dedicated solely to style. White Dhalia (pronounced Dahl-yee-a) is set for its grand opening Nov. 8 at its new 5,000-square-foot location in the heart of Saskatoon’s rapidly evolving Second Avenue. “We’ve always had a home-decor department in the Sutherland garden store,” said Van Duyvendyk. “We’d always go to trade shows, and in addition to home décor we’d see a fashion element to what we could bring in. So at Dutch Growers we started with a glass case of fashion accessories, which sold out right away. We definitely didn’t start big.” At that time Van Duyvendyk was running all the perennial greenhouses, then taking the fashion aspect of the business home at night to manage on her own time. “Everyone called it my hobby,” she said with a laugh. “I just wanted to expand. A lot of people didn’t even know that I existed over there,” said Van Duyvendyk about her fashion setup at Sutherland’s Dutch Growers location. “I really felt like there were a lot of people missing out on what we were doing. Now with two locations on opposite ends of the city, traffic is going to flow to both locations and we can cross promote each other.” Why the name White Dhalia? “Everyone is always looking for something different. I felt this spelling made it a bit edgier. Plus, it’s also the way you pronounce dahlia in Dutch.” Van Duyvendyk is excited for what she is bringing to the fashion market in Saskatoon. “We’re going to have new brands that Saskatoon has never seen before,” she said. “I managed to get certain lines just as they’re being released to the market. It’s really exciting to bring something to Saskatoon first. We deserve it; we’re booming and growing. “We’re really lucky because our customers are really fashion-forward, and our girls are looking for the latest items. Fashion is changing so much and so fast. It’s got to do with pop culture and everyone trying to push the limit. Every couple of JW11131.K04 weeks there’s a new trend out there that I have to stay on top James of.”

Pam Van Duyvendyk’s store (White Dhalia) on Second Avenue North officially opens Nov. 8 (Photo by Sandy Hutchinson) Van Duyvendyk finds herself buying every week, searching out new trends and making sure they are in her store six months in advance of the season. “We do this so the ‘Dhalia Girl’ can create herself,” she said. “It doesn’t matter if she’s 16 or 60. The girl shopping at White Dhalia will be really fashion-forward and on trend. You’ll find White Dhalia at 142 Second Avenue North, just across the street from the King George condos. “It had to be the right spot. I wanted something that was more than 1,000 square feet. This one came up and it was on Second Avenue, a street with all these neat little restaurants popping up. I think it’s such a cool street to walk.” White Dhalia will feature lines such as Noisy May — a really fashion-forward, trendy brand focusing on the grunge aspect of fashion that’s really in for fall. “We will have some Vera Moda crossing over from the other store,” said Van Duyvendyk. “We’re also carrying local designer Laurie Brown. She is amazing. She’s been

What if we grew tomorrow’s leaders right here in Saskatchewan?

in a lot of fashion shows and really done well with her line.” Van Duyvendyk is thrilled with the warm welcome she’s received in her new location. “We’ve really felt welcome on Second Avenue, especially with the amount of construction we’ve been under for the last couple of months,” she explained. “We’ve really appreciated that patience.” She is also looking for staff to share her new adventure. “Full time or part time,” she said. “You don’t even need to have retail experience. Just a good attitude and a passion for fashion. “Saskatoon really comes together for a new business,” Van Duyvendyk said. “That’s probably been the most amazing thing about this experience and a great thing for the future of Saskatoon. To step out and do something new really is a leap of faith. Having the city back you up means everything.” White Dhalia can be found at

Sound far-fetched? Not to us. That’s why PotashCorp is bringing We Day, an awesome youth event for social change, right here to Saskatchewan. But you can’t buy a ticket to We Day — 15,000 kids earn their way in through service. As a partner of Free The Children, a charity that empowers young people worldwide, PotashCorp is proud to inspire the next generation of leaders. Together, we can make their world a better place. We Day Saskatchewan – November 6th

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Let’s not sanitize mental-health issues

n my recent interview with legend- talking on their hands-free; but let’s ary Canadian rocker Matt Good, stick to the point). who has bipolar disorder, he comOn Oct. 21, Saskatchewan’s Minispared his appearance prior to the manic try of Health announced a new online episode several years ago that landed consultation tool for people who have him in a psych ward to that of a directly or indirectly heroin addict. been in contact with He was thin, shaky, desperSaskatchewan’s mentalate, dishevelled, unwashed health and addictions and unkempt. Volatile, he services. The service will frightened people. There was anonymously provide no heroin in Good. His appeartheir feedback and ance at that time came down to recommendations on the a simple but deadly combinasystem. tion of untreated severe mental It’s an admirable and illness and (in his own words) a important step in the coffee addiction. right direction because, We see them in the streets as with so many other Columnist of Saskatoon all the time. We areas in our health-care have razed city buildings, in system, there are weaknesses and wait lists that need to be part to make them go away. They are the crazed, the schizos, the folks eliminated to clear the path to better outcomes. For many mental-health pawho just aren’t all there. Whenever I encounter them on the street I’m often tients the system plays out as a vicious reminded of the beautiful way Harry cycle of emergency department visits, in-patient treatment, user-driven (aka Potter creator JK Rowling depicted them in her blockbuster series — as loosely driven) community and outpatient supports, and then back to the powerful but displaced wizards and emergency department. Throw detox, sorceresses, visiting from their own first responders and law enforcement magical world. Their stoop, their shuffle, the wonky outfits and the eyes into the mix and you have the common but disastrous potion for the average gazing into unknown and often two mental-health patient. Sure, for many it different directions conceal a man or woman who, while appearing freakish only happens once. But for many more to us Muggles, is actually a renowned it’s a cycle. While the Ministry of Health’s and talented being among their own online consultation tool should be kind. It is our ignorance and inability commended, I couldn’t help but notice to see past the exterior that aids them the advertising visual used to promote in concealing their true identity. Of course the elaborate world Rowl- the campaign. ing created for Harry Potter is fiction The statement “1 in 5 people exand fantastical. perience a mental health or addiction Today when we see a bedraggled problem” crosses the top of the poster, individual on the street, talking and which also features five individuals gesturing wildly to themselves, the staring pointedly, even a touch defiantodds are they suffer from some form of ly, into the camera. There is a clean-cut LS908374.k04 addiction or mental illness. (Or they’re middle-aged white male in a suit coat



and tie, an aboriginal male with long, shiny black hair wearing a collared, buttoned-up shirt, a mid-older-aged white female, a light-skinned teenaged girl with cute hair and a cuter hipster cap, and a safely-generic dark-skinned woman who could be perceived as Middle Eastern. But without a headcovering in sight, it says to me the creative department chose not to go there. Could any one of these five individuals suffer from mental illness or addictions? Of course. The stigma surrounding diseases of the mind, the brain, is one that society has rightly identified as having to be abolished — or at least managed — so that normal folks (like the ones on the ministry’s poster) don’t feel shame when admitting they might have and may be pursuing treatment for a mental-health or addictions issue. What scares me, however, is this incessant need we seem to have to sanitize every unpleasant issue to the point that it barely resembles a shell of its former but often very realistic self. It’s exactly what we did to bullying — currently the most overused and abused word in our lexicon. We have patted and polished bullying into something that is so glamorous that it’s unrecognizable anymore. It’s a catch-all for every child or adult whose feelings have been hurt. The true, insidious form, the kind that has existed since I was a child — since our parents and grandparents were children — has been swallowed into an abyss of self-pity, entitlement and helicopter parenting. The face of mental illness and addictions that is not featured on the government’s visual (and likely never will be) is just as important as the clean and shiny ones. It’s a face that is often meth-scarred, dirty and aban-

RS31371.K04 Rob

doned. It can be cold and bitter or wide open and confused. It might be certified, then homeless, and then certified again. Diabetic and depressed, the face of mental illness often looks years older than it is. Blank, stoned, sluggish. Always sleeping or always screaming, the face of mental illness is an angry teen or a depressed grandmother. The face of mental illness doesn’t look good on a poster because it’s not the one we want to see. In our quest to embrace mental illness as a common, run-of-the-mill health-care issue, we absolutely must not brush aside those who have been publicly suffering that stigma for years, simply because they are easy to identify. We must accept the whole spectrum, without caste, without fear, without sweeping the undesirable portion of mental health and addictions under the carpet. Otherwise we’ll have our next “bullying” epidemic. Because when everyone’s sad, no one is.

ML42029.K04 Mary


ready by mid-November Thousands to choose from! Five colours (including novelty) available. Great fundraising idea!

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Churchill Gardens Now Selling Beautiful Courtyard Suites in Phase II Relax in the serene surroundings of your own private park as others do the maintenance. Gorgeous adult condos bordering Churchill Park, complete with beautiful amenities. Close to shopping, bus routes and freeway access, nestled in one of Saskatoon’s quietest and most desirable areas. Discovery Center:

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The Joy of Giving!

Mon - Sat: 1:30 - 5:00 pm Or by appointment with Morley Miller

Join us for a fun and “giving” Christmas shopping experience at Tumbleweed. We have fabulous, well priced gift ware, fashion accessories and home décor items to delight everyone on your Christmas and Holiday gift lists. Proceeds from Tumbleweed gift and thrift shop go directly to improve residents’ quality of life. You get a shopping fix and residents benefit from your generosity. We call this Win! Win! Refreshments, Christmas specials and discounts on selected items. For more information, call 306-655-3746

We Wish You Comfort and Joy! Tumbleweed Christmas Open Houses November 13th 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM December 11th 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM Sherbrooke Community Centre 401 Acadia Dr Saskatoon SK S7H 2E7 306-655-3600

10% Off with this Coupon TUMBLEWEED 401 Acadia Drive Monday to Friday 10:00 to 4:30 Saturday/Sunday 1:00 to 4:30 Expires January 31, 2014

Corner of Ruth St. & Haultain Ave. Currently under construction. 374-1010 Discovery Centre 291-2420 Cell

A Bit More Hip


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City store caters to plus-sized women

merican ready-to-wear designer size 22 can experience quite a difference Rick Owens gets it. After much in the dispersal of their curves, with one talk in the fashion industry about having greater weight distribution around the need to integrate a realistic female her hips, the other around her waist and the silhouette on the runway, he third around her bust. Each garpresented his Spring 2014 colment is tailored to a particular lection in Paris using a group of fit, deemed “average” that may curvaceous American women not work for women who have from college step teams. bust-waist-hip ratios outside Stepping is a percussive of the industry’s norm. This dance form that uses the entire means that for every piece of body to create rhythms and clothing created in a larger size, sounds using stomping, clapthe targeted customer group poping and vocalizations. The tentially becomes narrower, the group of athletes portrayed a retailer sells less clothing and in spunky, gritty and deliciously turn makes less money than if Fashion Editor they focused on an easier-to-fit aggressive version of womanhood with their muscular segment of the population, such dancer’s legs and zaftig bodies. It was as size-8 women. belligerent in an industry where models are Local boutique owner Lydia of A Bit reed-thin and runway designers generally More Hip recognized the desperate need don’t create anything larger than a size 12. for better clothing selection in the plus-size It was revolutionary. sector. Clothing selection is notoriously limited Located at 96B 33rd St W, the store for plus-sized women. The vast majority of carries an exceptional variety of pieces mass-market retailers in the women’s wear that are at times classically beautiful, at segment do not stock sizes larger than a other times cutting edge in their trendy and 16. modern appeal, but never boring (which, There are a variety of factors that oddly enough, is highly descriptive of reportedly contribute to the lack of avail- Lydia herself). ability. Raw material is the most expensive Lydia’s exceptionally keen eye gives component of a garment (up to 60 per cent her the admirable ability to style a knockof the total cost), and larger sizes obviout ensemble — as she’s done for local ously require more of it. As well, designers runway shows, store advertisements and remark that ratios of physical proportions this month’s fashion edition. She’s an asset vary greatly as size increases. to the fashion industry in Saskatoon. And For example, three women who wear a our city is fortunate to be called her home.

Courtney Bowman

RS31365.k04 Rob

Models: Carolynn, Karen, and Monique Clothing: A Bit More Hip Hair: Jaime Sawyer - R3 Salon Makeup: Jade - Miss Mothh Artistry Styling: Lydia - A Bit More Hip Photography: Tyler Harris Co-ordinator: Courtney Bowman ML42000.K04 Mary

The clothes you love, the clothes you wear.

Where Fashion is an

broadway & 9th 955-6600


Grosvenor Park Centre 8th Street & Preston Ave


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Designer One of a Kind


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Dress for who you deserve to be


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Lots of Looks

Grosvenor Park Centre ML41994.k04 #47 - 2105 8th St. E. Mary

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(306) 933-1898

Fashion Forward

ML41993.k04 Mary

It All Lingerie Choose sizes from 32 to 46 A to L

Let our personal shopper help you with your bra fitting 100, 234 1st Ave South (Across from Sears)

Klothes • Footwear Winterwear • Accessories Kids Decor • Lighting

818 Broadway Ave 306-653-1155 Toll Free 877-330-1155

Telephone: 306-934-0833 Mon. - Sat. 10am - 5:30pm

#146-1824 McOrmond Dr. • 306-244-KIDS

Models: Carolynn, Karen, and Monique Clothing: A Bit More Hip Hair: Jaime Sawyer - R3 Salon Makeup: Jade - Miss Mothh Artistry Styling: Lydia - A Bit More Hip Photography: Tyler Harris Co-ordinator: Courtney Bowman


Semi Annual Basics




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for special promotions & giveaways

The Mall At Lawson Heights


Page 14 - SASKATOONEXPRESS - November 4-10, 2013

The Great Escape Author sets the record straight in new book A

s a teenager in 1963, Ted Barris watched The Great Escape, an American-made motion picture which was loaded with the star quality of Steve McQueen, James Garner, Richard Attenborough, Charles Bronson and James Coburn. Now 50 years later, Barris is an author with 17 non-fictional books to his credit, eight of them devoted to historic chapters of war. And he’s ready to tell you that the American movie is nothing like what really happened of the Stalag Luft III camp near Sagan, Poland. The Great Escape: A Canadian Story is his look at the historic moments leading up to the attempted escape from the prisoner-of-war compound. “The Hollywood filmmakers totally ignored Canadian People participation in the escape attempt,” said Barris during a visit to Saskatoon, where he once worked at CFQC Radio. “In my two and a half years of researching and writing, I found some of the participants and other members of the families. And I found it to be an all-Canadian story who took on the exercise with extraordinary co-ordination, intelligence and daring.” When he’s away from his day job as a professor of journalism and broadcasting at Centennial College in Toronto, he’s an avid researcher, and The Great Escape is told through unearthed recordings and transcripts, exclusive interviews, unpublished letters, diaries and memoirs. Part of the folly of the film was “that that there was no one who closely resembled Steve McQueen’s character. For him to ride a motorcycle and leap over barbed-wired fences was pure fiction. The motorcycle was there because McQueen enjoyed them and liked them in all of his films. And it wasn’t plausible that he would ride a motorcycle on March 24, 1944, when there was a metre of snow on the ground. “They didn’t choose an authentic setting, opting for a location in southern Germany, near the Swiss Alps, instead of southern Poland where the camp really was.” Here are the facts, as written by Barris. On the night of March 24, 1944, 80 Commonwealth air officers crawled through a 360-foot-long tunnel and slipped into the darkness of a pine forest beyond the North Compound at Stalag Luft III. As dawn broke on March 25, German guards outside the compound spotted prisoners emerging from the exit hole, set off an alarm, and over the next three days, managed to capture all but three of the escapers. In a rage, Adolph Hitler called for the execution


Ted Barris spent two and a half years researching and writing The Great Escape: A Canadian Story (Photo by Sandy Hutchinson) of all the escapers. Instead the death list was adjusted downward and 50 of the Commonwealth air officers were executed. “In the film it shows the 50 officers gunned down en masse by a German machine-gun crew in an open field,” said Barris. “In truth, and something which hasn’t been published, is that after the recapture, imprisonment and interrogation, the officers were taken out and shot in twos and threes by hand-picked German Gestapo death squads.” For Barris the previous war classics included Juno: Canadians at D-Day, Days of Victory, Victory at Vimy and Breaking The Silence. In the process he has interviewed more than 5,000 veterans. “One of my good friends was Charley Fox, a Spitfire pilot who was among those who chased Rommel out of Africa during the Second World War. He’d keep a to-do list, and on that list he wanted me to tell the Canadian version of the Great Escape. “When he died in 2008 and I came back from a visit to the Stalag camp, I was moved to fulfil my long-time promise to my friend Charley.” Barris remembered he had attended school in Toronto with Chris Pengelly.

“I’d played in the backyard of his home, not knowing that his father, Tony, had been a prisoner of war. One day a couple of us were wondering where we could find Chris. We found him as a chef and owner of a bistro and decided to visit. We spent a Saturday night as a social visit between six people. The next morning, Chris and I sat down together and he brought out a box that was full of his father Tony’s diaries and memoirs, many photos and artifacts from the war years. It opened up a whole treasure of contacts for me.” Tony Pengelly became one of those ever-present threads in the POW experience. He was shot down in November 1940 and landed on German soil. In camp he was the POW who designed many of the fake documents used by the men in their escape attempt. Among those other threads were airmen like John Weir, George Sweanor, Don Edy, Gordon King, Albert Wallace, Frank Sorensen and Dick Bartlett. Bartlett was a Saskatchewan-born flyer. He was raised on a dairy farm near Fort Qu’Appelle and went to England in 1938 for provisional entry into the Royal Navy Air Fleet Arm. He was in a torpedo-training unit which was perfecting airborne sorties against German ships. By the spring of 1940

he was flying dive bombers from a base in Norway. On June 14 Bartlett’s plane was shot down and he was captured. Bartlett was able to bribe some Polish labourers into sneaking components for a small radio receiver into camp. The wireless set allowed the POWs to hear regular broadcasts from the BBC. Bartlett regularly assembled and disassembled the unit, often hiding the parts in a medicine ball. Bartlett drew No. 16 in the escape plan, but surrendered it to another officer because he believed he’d be of more value back in the camp. Bartlett was a survivor. He returned to Canada only to hear of an episode where his seven-year-old grandson told classmates at a Remembrance Day service that “my grandfather spent the war in jail.” Interesting too were Weir’s letters back to his fiancé in Canada. He’d often request pyjamas (which were used by the diggers in the tunnels, preferable to being naked or getting the regular clothes smeared) and gramophone needles (which were used in compasses). “Imagine that somehow the Germans managed to throw all of these innovative guys into the same camp,” said Barris. “What the Canadians did was so intricate and sophisticated and strong in their team management.”

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Researchers learn at the school of hard knocks


By Michael Robin U of S News

niversity of Saskatoon Huskies football defensive lineman Caleb Eidsvik takes up a lot of room as he sits on an examining table in the trainer’s room at Griffiths Field, patiently waiting for pharmacology student Hungbo Qudus to draw a small sample of blood. At 6-foot-3 and 260 pounds, Eidsvik exudes strength and good health. And that’s the problem, according to researcher Changiz Taghibiglou, since Eidsvik is suspected of having a concussion. “There’s no easy way to conclusively diagnose concussion now. You need an MRI or a CT scan,” Taghibiglou said. “Whether it’s car accidents, falls or sports injuries, we actually don’t have any simple tests.” Taghibiglou is an assistant professor in the College of Medicine’s Department of Pharmacology. If he gets his way, testing for concussion will be so simple that a test kit will be a standard item in every medical bag, to be used by trainers and coaches at football fields and hockey arenas — even by first responders and EMTs. Diagnosis of concussion is critical. While short-term symptoms such as vomiting, confusion and headache may be easy to spot, Taghibiglou explained that long-term effects can be more subtle and easier to brush off. This can be extremely dangerous: if the person suffers a second concussion before fully recovering from the first, they are at high risk of developing permanent brain damage, psychiatric problems or even dying. There are also risks of long-term effects, including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer diseases, and post-traumatic stress disorder. At the heart of Taghibiglou’s concussion test is a molecule that exists on the surface of brain cells. Through research carried out JW11117.K04 by scientists at the Canadian Department James of National Defence, a link was found be-

Hungbo Qudus takes a blood sample from Huskies football player Caleb Eidsvik as Changiz Taghibiglou (back right) and Nathan Pham look on (Photo by Michael Robin) tween the molecule and brain trauma. This research is ongoing and represents one of the agency’s many inquiries into the effects of battlefield blasts on soldiers. “Physical injuries are easy to spot, but with a concussion a person can appear fine,” Taghibiglou said. “In the worst case there are no outward signs of injury so they are sent back out, re-injured, and suffer significant neurological issues later.” Taghibiglou said head trauma – whether from an accidental blow to the head, a hard slam on the gridiron or a forceful check against the boards – can knock certain brain cell molecules loose. Once free they circulate in the blood where they can be detected by a simple blood test (a patent for the test has been applied for through

the U of S Industry Liaison Office). Working with Huskie Athletics, Taghibiglou, Qudus and graduate student Nathan Pham are gathering blood samples from athletes pre- and post-injury. Taghibiglou praised Basil Hughton (director of Huskie Athletics) and Rhonda Shishkin (team therapist) for arranging access, particularly during peak season. “We’re collecting from the football team and are also looking for concussion in other teams such as soccer and hockey,” said Taghibiglou. Since the test is so new, the research team also needs about 300 male and female volunteers to donate small blood samples to establish the normal level of the concussion-associated molecules in the blood.

“There are no values in the reference books, simply because no one has gathered the data yet. Our ultimate goal is a simple diagnostic test, much like the blood sugar tests used by diabetics.” Taghibiglou said the test would be particularly valuable for rural and remote communities that lack the medical equipment typically used for trauma diagnosis.

“Small health clinics don’t have an MRI. It may help rural doctors refer their patients to larger centres and know what’s going on.” Taghibiglou said anyone contributing to the project monetarily or with a small blood sample can contact Pham at 9662552 or


$6,000 in prizes! 20 winners! Win play equipment for your family, classroom or organization! Enter NOW at Contest Deadline November 25th

e n th p o es e Ap ! m a e g iPhon ytime v i t ac Play re, an n u d f Push2 ywhe n i F n —a


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Hospital Home Lottery offers palace in Willowgrove


oyal University, St. Paul's and Sas- are other main-floor highlights. The master katoon City Hospital Foundations bedroom is also located on this level. It is have a home looking equipped with a walk-in closet for an owner. The $1.6-million and a deluxe ensuite with tub prize is located at 24 - 602 and an enormous shower that Cartwright Street in the Wilhas a glass wall shared with lows the master bedroom. With its cascade of Walking down the staircase features, the fully-furnished to the fully-developed walkout home can be yours for the level. There you will discover price of a lottery ticket. It's a the perfect spot for entertainpalace, conveniently located ing friends and family. A huge close to Clarence Avenue and open area, delightfully decoCircle Drive. rated and custom furnished, The Valentino Homes awaits the arrival of guests. Homes showpiece is impressive, with Two large bedrooms, a a design and layout you have four-piece bath and an exercome to expect in a hospital cise room are also located on lottery home. The home features 3,900 the walkout level. square feet of developed living space. Proceeds from the Hospital Home Visitors’ eyes will widen when they Lottery go toward enhancing programs at check out the main floor of this walkout Saskatoon's three hospitals. The showbungalow. Soaring ceilings, a beautiful home is open for viewing weekdays from kitchen with a huge island and an open 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturdays, Sundays plan bring together esthetics and function- and holidays from noon to 5 p.m. Tickets ality. are available by calling 306-955-8200 in A natural-gas fireplace, formal dining Saskatoon or toll free in Saskatchewan at area, powder room, laundry room and den 1-866-957-0777.


Is the doctor still in the house?

Dear Lianne, I spoke with you last week about the doctor in his 50s who is looking for companionship. I sent you a bio and photo and have not heard back. I am the 58-year-old nurse. Does this fellow really exist or is he imaginary? — DM Dear DM, He most certainly exists! He is alive and well and in Saskatoon. I had several responses for this fellow and reviewed them with him. He has a pre-school child and is hoping to meet a playful, energetic, fashion-conscious younger gal. The search is still on for her. I am conducting this search specifically for him as he is a Prestige Relationships Match client. With Prestige I search outside of my data base for my clients. I am still anxiously accepting bios and photos for him. They should be sent to me at For those who want searches conducted for themselves, they would need to contact me at 204888-1529 to discuss membership possibilities. I will be interviewing in Saskatoon the week of Nov. 19. I do get booked, so I would suggest people contact me sooner rather than waiting until the last minute. I do realize many singles like to wait until the last moment just in case they meet the love of their life in the meantime. Dear Lianne, I am writing to you with an observation and for your opinion. My sister and her partner split up last spring. They have a child together. As I sit back and observe, I see the manipulative ways of my sister.


Morrison, Lokinger & Associates Real Estate


To View ANY

Real Estate



She is using that boy to hurt her ex. Her partner is an amazing father, and it breaks my heart to see this little boy being used for my sister’s vindictiveness and control. I know blood is meant to be thicker than water, but I see the pattern here and it is tearing me apart. What should I do? — Aunt Dear Aunt, Sometimes making waves and stepping into a situation is necessary. How disgusting that your sister is using a little boy to obtain power and control over her ex. She is harming her son. I assure you that you will not receive a warm welcome when you bring this to her attention. Sit down with her and let her know what you are observing. I would research programs such as For the Sake of the Children and suggest she look at signing up. She may need you to help her come up with effective ways to deal with her ex. Talk to her in a loving, supportive tone.

Canadiana Crossword La Belle Province

Answers on page 23

By andStruthers James Kilner ByBernice BootsRosella and Jim

ACROSS 1 Circle part 4 Ascend 9 Agathe or Anne, e.g. 12 Russian space ship 13 Book, in Bonsecours 14 Bachelor abode? 15 Fast food, in Francoeur 17 Shows the way 19 Quebec chanteuse, Celine ____ 20 Shuttlecock 21 Stew 23 Quebec license plate word 27 Fable recorder 29 Quebec First Nation 30 Shoe size 31 Make fabric 32 Montreal Forum, e.g. 34 Fled 35 Promo 36 Zone 37 Exploiters 39 Quebec's official flower 42 Leisure 43 Israeli airline 44 Second hand 46 Shelter 48 The T in P.E.T. 51 Brewery product 52 Assert, in a way 54 Mil. rank 55 Prohibit 56 Quebec major leaguers 57 Juice DOWN 1 Electrical unit 2 ___ De Janeiro 3 Most coarse 4 Muse of history 5 Scottish waterfalls 6 I have, condensed

3can13j La Belle Province



















19 22

23 28























38 42








7 Mister, for short 8 Quebec's Mr. Hockey 9 Shovel 10 Smidgeon 11 Schreyer and Broadbent, e.g. 16 Former Yugoslavian president 18 Neighbor of Ontario 20 Set ablaze 21 Deadly 22 Prepared 24 Main 25 Approaches 26 Word following common and horse 28 A manner of speaking 33 Actual



54 57

34 Certain school books 36 Competent 38 Plant 40 Lucky number? 41 Oddity 45 Amounts 46 A Montreal Canadien, for short 47 ____ mode 48 Beer source 49 Film rating 50 Referee 53 Roman 60

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We can learn from the U.S. debt-ceiling debate

Earn an Innovative MBA While You Work !



MBA in Community Economic Development

ack in April I mailed more than $1 always paid its bills and will do so again.” •A popular program that provides advanced skills in business, billion Zimbabwe (ZWD) cash to As Peter Schiff (Euro Pacific Capital) has leadership, development, and international management. News Talk 650 CKOM. cleverly and correctly pointed out, raising •Classes meet at Great Plains College’s Warman Campus on A few days later Brent Loucks joked on his the debt ceiling is needed for the exact alternate weekends. Join the third morning radio show: “Hey look at this! I opposite reason — because the U.S. can’t cohort starting in January. don’t have to worry about buyin’ any more pay its bills. lottery tickets! My retirement will be taken To relate to this, imagine you’re in deep INFORMATION SESSIONS care of.” debt with maxed-out credit cards. (Your Monday, November 18: 5:00PM Maybe you’re thinking total credit limit is your debt Tuesday, November 19: 10:00AM “how cute, but Zimbabwe ceiling.) Do you apply for an Radisson Hotel, 405 20th St E, Saskatoon money is probably worthless.” increase in credit limit so you That’s until you try out the can spend even more? Or do Arlene Goulet Specializations: MBA in CED’11 currency converter tool on the you face the music to reduce Strategic Leadership • First Nations Major Projects Officer website, where spending and pay your bills for Peace-Building • International Business Indian & Northern Affairs $1 billion ZWD converts to real, knowing it’s going to hurt? Canada $2.86 million CAD. I’m not on an anti-Obama tiFor more information: Just for fun do the converrade here. The U.S. government Hosted By 902-563-1467 ~ sion yourself. Remarkable isn’t has always gone for more credit it? And here I’ve been handing regardless of the political party out millions and billions of of the president. Facing the Finance Zimbabwe money like popcorn music seems politically imposLS908353.K04 Liza over this past year. What have I sible. Sadly, the leader Obama done? My wife’s gonna kill me. referred in 2006 has yet to be elected. Yellow Warning Triangle Catch 22 But wait. An exclamation mark in the It’s a real catch-22 situation for the U.S. Military Service is a middle of a yellow warning triangle pops Don’t increase the debt ceiling and suffer commitment worthy of up when doing those currency conversions consequences now. Do increase the debt praise. Maybe you attend along with the notice: “The Zimbabwe ceiling and suffer worse consequences Remembrance Day Services, dollar has been suspended indefinitely.” later. listen to personal stories, or Sure enough, the ZWD is worthless. That’s Coincidentally, a few weeks ago I was own medals passed down what can happen when money is printed invited to be a guest on John Gormley’s rafrom a loved one. Maybe its out of thin air. dio show. We talked about how our money simply remembering the debt And Brent Loucks must have read that has lost significant value and is projected we owe our armed forces, or warning because he’s still on the radio. I’d to lose more even if low inflation were to its considering what honour, have felt terrible had he retired too early. prevail. (Radio interview archived at my valour and sacrifice really Speaking of yellow warning triangles, website.) mean. Memories and praise they’ve been popping up south of the borHere’s the problem: not only will the of our vetrans, past and der like a field of dandelions. Let’s take a U.S.-debt elevator likely continue higher present, should last forever. look at the recent U.S. debt ceiling crisis. and higher, but it’s gone beyond increasing Debt Ceiling Dandelion debt and also resorted to the emergency The debt ceiling is the maximum measure of printing mucho money out of amount of debt the U.S. government is thin air. Although extreme, the Zimbabwe authorized to accumulate. Except calling situation teaches us that printing money it a “ceiling” really is a joke. On a chart might not be good for its value or keeping it literally looks like a stairway blowing inflation low. Jw11183.k04 Exclusive 24 hour on-site guardianship through a ceiling and ascending to the With Canada being significantly inter(306) 244 5577 James heavens. It has gone from around $7 trilconnected to the well-being of the U.S., lion in 2003 to just about $17 trillion in you’d do well to keep your eye on it. But SASKATOON 2013. don’t just watch — act. Your portfolio invites you to... In 2006, only two years before he was might protest at taking the medicine at elected president, then-senator Obama first, but it will thank you for it later. voted against a debt-ceiling increase sayDerek Shevkenek is a Saskatoon ing: “The fact we are here today to debate Investment Advisor with RBC Dominion The Colours of raising America’s debt limit is a sign of Securities Inc. Member CIPF. Inquiries leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. are welcome at 956-7803 and at www. Christmas Government cannot pay its own bills.… Information is believed to be 2013 America has a debt problem.” accurate at the time of writing and is But recently, with the debt-ceiling issue subject to change. Past performance may again front and centre, Obama has warned not be repeated. Opinions are provided in A PROFESSIONALLY DECORATED of the “very significant risk” of not raising good faith but without legal responsibility. the debt ceiling. He also said, “My mesOpinions are the author’s, not that of RBC 7-FOOT CHRISTMAS TREE, WREATH sage to the world is the United States has Dominion Securities Inc. AND GARLAND

Derek Shevkenek

Lest We Forget



Bright! Shiny! Sparkly!


4 half peaches, canned 8 - approximately 5-ounce skinless and 1 cup cream cheese boneless chicken breasts ning or grill marks. Cut a brow nice some to get Sauté or grill chicken breasts just enough ned et. Chop peaches and mix them into the softe slit into the chicken breast to form a pock F 300 at dish the g bakin Finish t. breas chicken cream cheese. Stuff into the pocket of the for approximately an hour.

er stir until there are no lumps, bring to a simm Mix the cornstarch into the cold sauce and g. servin e befor en ened. Pour over the chick for three or four minutes until slightly thick

“Capitalism isn’t wrong. Capitalism without a heart and social conscience is. It’s a new world.” — Arlene Dickinson


Fill out the entry form below and deposit in the Saskatoon Express entry box at the Western Development Museum between November 24th-30th, 2013.


1. One Grand Prize draw will be made November 30th, 2013 from all eligible entries received. The Saskatoon Express Christmas Tree has an approximate value of $800. (Free delivery December 1st, within city limits. Otherwise, winner must pick up.) 2. Entry deadline is 12:00 Noon, Saturday, November 30th, 2013. Draw will be take place 2:00pm, Saturday, November 30th, 2013. 3. You may enter as often as you like. Clip this entry form or go online to www. and find the Festival of Trees raffle box, to print more entries. 4. Employees of the Saskatoon Express and Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation and their immediate family members are not eligible to enter. 5. The Grand Prize winner will be contacted by telephone. 6. The winner agrees to the use of his/her name or photograph for promotional purposes. The winner’s name and/or photograph will appear in the Saskatoon Express.


Peach Sauce Finely chop 2 peach halves, canned Juice from the canned peaches 1/4 cup apple juice 1 cup of chicken broth 1 tablespoon cornstarch

November 24th - 30th, 2013


A 7-foot tree, wreath and garland from the Saskatoon Express



The Breast Friends were honoured to be invited last week to a banquet with keynote speaker Arlene Dickinson of Dragons’ Den fame. This banquet was sponsored by the Humboldt Scotia Bank. Arlene is a great speaker and a positive role model for women in business. We were thrilled she remembered us and that she was interested in how the books have been doing since we were on Dragons’ Den. On top of all of that the chicken at the banquet was delicious. Judy and her team from the Bella Vista Inn graciously shared the recipe with us and said we could share it with readers. I (Patti Hack) made it for company, and it was a big hit. I rolled the chicken breasts in flour, egg wash and then bread crumbs. I baked them at 350F until cooked through (rather than browning them ahead). This was a suggestion of Judy’s; they do them both ways when they cater. I can attest that either way is yummy!

designed by Judy Tryon, Caren Tryon and Kelly Tryon.

Name _________________________________________________________ The Colours of

Street Address __________________________________________________



City / Town ______________ Postal Code _________ Phone_______________

Bring this entry form to The Festival of Trees, Western Development Museum

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Times change,

but music as good as ever


Tammy Robert Saskatoon Express

hen you think of legendary Canadian rock musician Matt Good, your mind might wander back to his stint as lead singer of the Matthew Good Band, one of Canada’s most successful bands of the angst-filled, alternative 1990’s scene. Today Good continues to enjoy a busy, successful musical career, recently releasing his latest album, Arrows of Desire. In addition to continuing to tour and make music, Good finds himself a dedicated husband and father. It’s a far cry from the angry guy whose reputation for being difficult preceded him, especially prior to his diagnosis of manic depression and bipolar disorder. Good (who will be in Saskatoon on Nov. 8 at the Odeon Event Centre) acknowledges that bridging the gap between 1990’s grunge-era full-album CD releases and today’s snippet-consuming, iTunesdownloading audience hasn’t really fazed him. “Bridging that transition wasn’t something that was on the forefront of my mind,” said Good in a telephone interview from his British Columbia home. “I was working so much I didn’t even notice the true impact of the phenomenon. I think a lot of artists of my generation made that mistake. You’re working, you’re on the road, you’re writing, all the ancillary aspects of what was going on in the industry were lost on you. I only started using iTunes in 2006.” Good reminisces on the time when a music lover didn’t know anything about an album when you bought it. “You listened,” he said. “You listened to everything, took it in stride. It helped you appreciate how they altered everything. It gave you a deep-seat-

ed appreciation for their evolution.” The conversation turned to a milestone in music consumerism: the late 1990s and early 2000s when music stores installed listening posts for customers to sample the album before purchasing. “I found that very interesting,” said Good. “You could judge the whole album before buying. It was like looking at paintings and deciding you just liked the corner piece. It signalled a shift from a musicappreciation thing to more of a consumerappreciation thing. The artist’s intention gets lost. An entirely new generation came into being through this concept — a fragmented one.” Good considers that a disservice to the relationship between the musician and the audience. “These days if someone comes along that is the new cool thing, then it’s a lot easier to jump ship,” he said. “It disempowers artists with regards to them doing new things and knowing their fan base will stick with them.” Good said he did not drink alcohol between the ages of 20 and 32 and has never done drugs. Yet at the rock bottom of his disease, he said he looked like a heroin addict, and it took a terrifying incident to save his life. “I accidentally overdosed on Ativan, which I was addicted to,” said Good. “I just kept taking more. I was so stoned I didn’t know what I was doing. I took a shower, put myself in pajamas soaking wet, went to get into bed and instead hit the floor. My mom and dad heard it. Next thing I know I was in hospital. I willfully admitted myself.” Good credits the fact that he hit the floor instead of the bed as the reason he is still with us today. “I was in a psychiatric ward with people who had mental problems, schizophrenics. All I had was a notepad and a deck of

Matthew Good is grateful for his loyal following (Photo Supplied) cards. I played some solitaire, and I wrote the lyrics for Hospital Music. Sometimes you have to go to hell to be saved.” With mental-health issues at the forefront of many Canadian’s minds, Good doesn’t shy away from discussing own experience battling the disease. “It’s not a touchy subject; I’m bipolar,” he said frankly. “The stigma should be challenged. When I was 16 and I was depressed, you listened to the Smiths. There’s a big difference between feeling bad and being born with a genealogical illness. Where mania and depression collide, you’re talking about neurology. Everyone knows I’m not big fan of conforma, but I will say my medication has changed my life.” While Good may not have the angst or the anger he did 20 years ago, his music continues to win over both old and new

fans. The new album feels familiar. And the voice, unmistakable — a style that true Good fans have been respecting for 20 years. He says Arrows of Desire was inspired by alt-bands of the 1980s, such as The Replacements, Afghan Whigs, and the Pixies specifically. Despite what he referred to earlier in the interview as a new, perceived lack of staying power between music and listener, Good acknowledged his fans have been loyal. “I’ve been very, very lucky that I have such die-hard fans willing to travel the journey with me. I’ve had parents come up to me with their teens. It’s been a generational thing.” Good’s concert at the Odeon is for all ages. Opening for him will be Gentlemen Husbands. The show begins at 7 p.m. For tickets visit

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Photo courtesy of f:11 Photographic Design The RUH Foundation’s 15th Annual Royal Ball - UNDER THE BIG TOP raised $120,000 after expenses! Your support will fund sub-specialty training for four specialists in Geriatric Psychiatry and in Laboratory Medicine for Gynecology and Gastro Intestinal/Liver Pathology to advance care for our Saskatchewan patients right here at Royal University Hospital. Please visit for more photos or to make a donation to RUH Foundation.

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I remember when I admired Pamela Wallin


n fighting to keep himself feeding at them of their paycheques and especially the public teat, Mike Duffy challenged their health benefits. In the real world no his Senate colleagues by asking, “Are one is guaranteed a job for life. You screw we independent Senators or are we PMO up, you lose your job. And excuse me, but puppets?” He then proceeded to answer his Duffy and Wallin can avail themselves of own question. the same benefits the rest of us get through “The sad truth is I allowed myself to the public-health system. be intimidated into doing what Speaking of justice, these I knew in my heart was wrong, Senators are asking for “due out of fear of losing my job process” and the opportunity to and out of a misguided sense of defend themselves against alleloyalty,” he said. gations of wrong-doing before a What a load of crap. Duffy Senate committee. Duffy, Walknew he couldn’t lose his job lin and Brazeau each have alon Harper’s say-so. His apluded to their Senate colleagues pointment guaranteed him the that each of them might find position until age 75 (with a themselves facing suspension if juicy pension thereafter). And their expense accounts are auhe can’t lose his Senate seat undited. (We will soon find out as Columnist less he is caught and convicted Harper has ordered an audit on of wrong-doing. all Senators’ expense accounts.) But asking Duffy now acknowledges that earlier he for a Senate committee to determine the lied to the Canadian public, but claims he plight of these three is like asking the fox did so at the behest of the Prime Minister’s to guard the hen house. All these SenaOffice (PMO.) That begs two questions: tors know that they are setting a precedent How do we know he isn’t lying again? which down the road may impact them. And how can he be a competent Senator As a mere mortal if you got caught providing sober second thought to the acwith your hand in your employer’s cookie tions of Parliament if he takes his marchjar you would probably be fired the same ing orders from the PMO? day. Your “due process” would to sue your When the scandal first came to light, I employer for wrongful dismissal. Most wanted to believe Pamela Wallin (a woman would just hope not to be charged with I admired) only made an innocent error on theft or fraud. her accounts. But roughly a $150,000 in Both Wallin and Duffy say that the overages put that belief to bed. And I was expense rules are ambiguous and any inapembarrassed for her when she then accused propriate charges were simply mistakes other women in the Senate of being mean and errors. If these people are not smart and nasty to her, and trying to make her look bad. News alert Pam: you are doing a enough to figure out how expense reimbursements work, how can we be confident good job of it yourself. Patrick Brazeau doesn’t seem to know that they are smart enough to perform the duties of a Senator? what he did wrong and suggests that he Each and every one the three Senators was thrown under the bus by the PMO because he didn’t raise enough money for proclaims innocence and each claims the PMO set them up for suspension and to the party. He also alleges because of his aboriginal ancestry and his attempts to ad- besmirch their reputations. But they, and vance aboriginal issues in the Senate, some only they, filed their expense claims, not of his bigoted Senate colleagues want him the PMO. And in the case of Duffy, as reported by Andrew Coyne of Postmedia gone. This may be a situation where the axiom “the best defence is a good offence” News, the RCMP report suggests he has a pattern of egregious behaviour when applies. What is most annoying is their plea for it comes to expense claims. Nary a one entitlements. There are some members in has offered a mea culpa or truly accepted the Senate and Parliament who think that responsibility for their actions. Instead we BOOK AND MUSIC SALE since Duffy claims to have a heart condi- are asked to believe that the BOOK government AND MUSIC SALE 40820th 20th St orchestrated a scandal on itself inStorder 408 W W to tion and Wallin is a cancer survivor, if sabotage these challenged Senators. they are suspended it is unfair to deprive SSO




SSO Building Building

$6.5M Goal

AVED D AVE TH 20 20 TH ST ST West West


United Way of Saskatoon and Area has raised $2,545,750 to date, representing 39% of the 2013 Community Campaign goal of $6.5 million.

RoxRox y y Theat Theat re re

Campaign Goal Update: Goal

$6.5 Million

$ Raised to Date


% of Goal


Campaign Week

This is week eight of our 13-week campaign


LS907361.K04 Liza

from this? If you back a rat into a corner, the rat will come out fighting. And of course, that a cover up is always worse than the crime. In the arts world this sordid saga might be billed as a tragic comedy. One poorly presented and not worth the price of admission.

Daily Living Personal Care

“Professional and Personal care when you need it”

• SGI Insured • Personal Care Needs • Consistent Caregivers • Companion Care • Ask us about Preferred • Respite Customer Rates and • Community Support Veteran Services • Light Housekeeping JW11143.k04 Est. 2005 Call us today at 306.370.0314 James

Make it Happen!

VOLUNTEER There are many ways you can volunteer for your Community Association: ▪ coach soccer ▪ flood the outdoor rink ▪ clean up your park ▪ help organize special events ▪ help coordinate recreation programs ▪ write a newsletter article ▪ take meeting minutes

... and more!

To find out how you can volunteer for your Community Association call 306-975-3378 or visit

JW11163.K04 James


oUT STA bAl NDiN ANC g E el












a rD

ne ed by n i D ent

mer FarFar mer s s Mar Mar ke ke t t

United Way of Saskatoon & Area. Change starts here.

JW11172.K04 James


What we can reasonably believe is that these greedy Senators collaborated with Harper or the PMO staff to cover their butts in an attempt to prevent personal and/ or political scandals. The end result, in short, is that Harper’s Judas goat turned out to be his Judas. What should any prime minister learn




(Article submitted)



the n r lea eating . d n r e ay a la to c alanc W b d u nite t form nding U Join secre outsta s’ an own

Midtown Midtown Plaza Plaza


Thurs-Sat, Nov 7-8-9 Thurs Nov. 7 & Fri, Nov. 8: 10 am–8 pm Sat, Nov. 9: 10 am–6 pm


- 20TH ST W AT PROCEEDS AVE D SUPPORT For more408 information visit PROCEEDS SUPPORT For more information visit

For book categories in sale visit:

Proceeds support

WEDNESDAY, NovEmbEr 27, 2013 - TCU PlACE PotashCorp Champagne Reception – 6 p.m. Dinner – 7 p.m.

TiCkETS oN SAlE NoW $175 per ticket | $1,400 per table of eight A charitable receipt will be issued for $100 per ticket.

order by calling 975-7700, or emailing Please RSVP by November 15, 2013. Concept and design courtesy of Tap Communications. Ad courtesy of Saskatoon Express.

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Market on 33rd Street

offers one-of-a-kind shopping Tammy Robert Saskatoon Express


here’s a new market in town, but not one where you can expect to pick up potatoes and pies. Saskatoon residents Lori Lynn and Wade Farwell have launched The 33rd Street Market at 404 33rd Street West. Their goal is twofold: to assist the revitalization of the Mayfair and Caswell neighbourhoods, and to rebrand as the place to go to scout out fabulous vintage and antique pieces. Lynn and Farwell originally opened a full-time retail store in the Owl & Crate space, selling antique and vintage (but on-trend) home furnishings and accessories. Finding themselves with a bit more space than they needed, the duo grasped the opportunity to launch a new indoor artisan and craftsmanship market. “Owl & Crate began as something that we did out of our home,” explained Lynn. “It just expanded so rapidly that we knew we needed a storefront. There was no question that we wanted to be in the Mayfair and Caswell neighbourhoods. This location is perfect: right on the cusp of both communities and providing the ideal circumstance to launch the 33rd Street Market at the same time.” The market boasts artisans and crafters of every kind, from knitting, crocheting and handcrafted

body products to handmade, upscale handbags and repurposed jewelry. “Mid Mod Sask has just opened a space as well,” said Lynn. “Owned by Saskatoon resident Cindy McCoy, she sells mid-modern century furniture and accessories, specializing in retro, vintage and mid-century designs.” Lynn states that in addition to offering Saskatoon an option for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, she and Farwell wanted to do more for the community. “We want to bring some good energy to the neighbourhood, while creating a vintage and antique district to support local crafters and artists,” said Lynn. “It’s an alternative to big-box furniture and home accessories. And a great way to support local artists and crafters. It’s such a nice neighbourhood: you can walk one end to the other, dropping in on places like Better Off Duds for vintage clothing, 2nd Chance on 33rd, to Funks Furniture and Antiques, and Back to Coffee Beans for something warm to sip.” “We’re still looking for more vendors,” said Lynn. “If you are a local artist, crafter or musician, we would love to chat with you.” If you’re interested, call Lori Lynn at 306-220-2228. The market is open on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. More information can be found at www.facebook. com/33rdstreetmarket.

RS31372.K04 Rob



550 Brand Road, Saskatoon Auto Mall

1st Month Lease Pmnt.


plus freight Finance from



b/w 0% 84 mo. OAC

Lorna Sommerfeld died on Sept. 30, 1906 at the age of four months and two weeks. She is one of 162 known burials between 1884 and 1948 at the Nutana Cemetery (next to Diefenbaker Park). Of the 162 burials, 144 of the graves have been positively identified. There are at least 51 babies and 14 children under 16 years of age buried in the cemetery. Source: City of Saskatoon. (Photo by Sandy Hutchinson)

“SIGN & DRIVE” EVENT on $ Security $ Due $ DOWN Deposit Delivery


2014 Chevrolet Cruze LS From $

Flowers for Lorna

2014 traxx From

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2014 Equinox From

2014 traverse From

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b/w (48 month lease)


83 b/w


Lease rate based on 0%, 0 down, 0 due on delivery and we make your first payment!

ASK AbOut thE nEw CRuzE dEISEL


*Lease payment based on 60 month term, 20,000 km per year, plus administration fee, and all applicable taxes. See dealer for details.

Introducing the ALL-nEw

2014 Chevrolet Silverado 4x4 double Cab on display now. Lease From



2014 Sonic

Lease from



73 b/w


159 b/w






2013 ChEVROLEt SPARK, Stock #3008 - MSRP $19,545 - $14,499 or $105 bw oac - OnLY 4 LEFt!! 2013 ChEVROLEt SOnIC, Stock #3238 - MSRP $24,610 - $19,999 or $140 bw oac - OnLY 2 LEFt!! 2013 ChEVROLEt MALIbu ECO, Stock #3029 - MSRP $31,840 - $25,999 or $179 bw oac - OnLY 3 LEFt!! 2013 ChEVROLEt CAMRO SS - Stock #3218 - MSRP $42,945 - $36,999 or $255 bw oac - OnLY 3 LEFt!! 2013 ChEVROLEt EQuInOX Awd - Stock #39574 - MSRP $30,635 - $24,999 or $175 bw oac - OnLY 5 LEFt!! 2013 ChEVROLEt SILVERAdO 1500 Lt EXt CAb - Stock #39668 - MSRP $49,835 - $35,999 or $249 bw oac - OnLY 2 LEFt!! 2013 ChEVROLEt SILVERAdO 2500 Ltz - Stock #39347 - MSRP $55,685 - $46,999 or $325 bw oac - OnLY 3 LEFt!!


Fully redesigned - 5 Star Safety Rating. Includes 2 year maintenance. See dealer for details. **60mos/20,000 KM Lease. All rebates to dealer. $1,000 truck bucks used as cash down. Monthly payment is plus any applicable taxes and fees. See dealer for complete details.

3 Month GM Warranty | 30 Day Exchange | 150pt GM Inspection | 24 Hr Roadside Assistance *Includes $1000 G.M Truck Bucks **Includes $1000 G.M Loyalty Program. See dealer for details

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Cam Hutchinson & Friends: Lloyd Robertson, Bob Barker and aging tickers

a Halloween Party and dangling a child upside down from an overpass: “Presume he was dressed up as Michael Jackson?” • Rolfsen, on the Raptors and Bucks game having to be cancelled because the playing surface was too slippery: “That’s the same excuse the Buffalo Sabres are using.” • My favourite new television show: The Blacklist. • From Hough: “In Mexico Nov. 1 is known as Day of the Dead. In the U.S. and Canada it’s National Half-Price Candy Day.” • Forty per cent of McDonald’s profits come from Happy Meals. The other 60 per cent come from me. • Hough, on San Diego State playing its third annual Halloween baseball game with everyone on the field in costume: “Big deal, say Cubs fans. For 100 years we’ve been watching guys dress up like professional baseball players.” • The first prank phone call is believed to have been made in 1884, eight years after the phone was invented. I’m guessing it was a kid having a pizza delivered to a neighbour’s home. • A new watch called Tikka claims to be able to count down the time of death of the wearer. Gives new meaning to clock watcher, doesn’t it? • Hough, on Bob Barker returning to the Price is Right for his 90th birthday: “It will be like he never left. Especially for Bob himself, who probably won’t remember leaving.” • I remember the good old days when the show’s producers wanted Barker spayed or neutered? • My three favourite NHL players (2013 version): PK Subban, Roberto Luongo and Paul Bissonnette. • From Rolfsen: “With Canadian star Andrew Wiggins on the team, TSN is planning to broadcast every Kansas Jayhawks college basketball game this season. It will be the first thing from Kansas on Canadian TV since the Wizard of Oz.” • Here is something I have been asking myself: If the Maple Leafs and Sharks were in the Stanley Cup final, who would I want to lose? • Hough, on Dell Computers admitting that some of its new laptops smell like a cat litter box: “Are they sure it’s the machine and not the latest version of Windows?”


• The Seminole Tribe in Florida owns the Hard Rock Cafe chain. Does that mean we would have a referendum should downtown Saskatoon ever be considered for a franchise? • Torben Rolfsen, on the San Francisco Chronicle’s decision to no longer refer to Washington’s NFL team as the Redskins: “In a related story, the Minneapolis Star Tribune will no longer refer to Josh Freeman as a quarterback.” • From Janice Hough: “Now that there is medical marijuana for pets, what’s the next product? Cat and dog food flavoured like Doritos?” • TC Chong, on the Jacksonville Jaguars having the dubious honour of failing to win in two countries: “Team owners are rumoured to be scheduling a game in Winnipeg against the Blue Bombers.” • Queen ants can live up to 28 years. “Tell me about it,” said Prince Charles. • From Hough: “Will Tim McCarver’s next act be telling Americans how much more he knows about retirement than any of us?” • From Bill Littlejohn: “Officials in a Chinese province faced online ridicule for releasing a poorly-doctored image of administrators meeting with a 103-year-old woman. Apparently you can see traces of her women’s gymnastics team uniform.” • Rolfsen, on EA Sports dropping Tiger Woods from the title of its golf game after 15 years: “It’s about time Carl Spackler got his due.” • From Hough: “An NFL game ended in overtime on a safety? That’s almost as unbelievable as a baseball game ending on an obstruction call.” • Ithyphallophobia is the fear of erect penises. The disorder is most common among inmates. • From Chong:” Game 6 tickets for the World Series went for a record high $1,800 average each. The next day I kept getting emails from Groupon for 50 per cent off Game 7 seats.” • A group of owls is a parliament. Can’t you just hear John Diefenbaker now: “Frankly Ms. Wallin, I don’t give a hoot.” • On behalf of all Canadians I would like to thank Mike Duffy for providing the best television in Canadian political history. I’m told it’s even better than Lloyd Robertson’s live report as John A. Macdonald drove in the last spike. • Hough, on a Wisconsin man being arrested after coming home drunk from

Views of the World

Hunter mooses badly By RJ Currie

• According to an Oct. 31 newsmax. com report, four things happen just before a heart attack. Top of the list is the Toronto Maple Leafs having a winning record. • The championship hopes of St. Louis ended without much of a fight in Game 6 at Fenway. It just wasn't in the Cards. • is offering a day with Mike Tyson on his Undisputed Truth tour for $50,000, which includes a tête-à-tête over lunch. Add $25 and you get ear muffs. • Maria Sharapova appeared at the Dream for Future Africa Gala in a seethrough dress. Might be the only time Sharapova didn't have much coverage. • The Red Sox finally won the World Series at Fenway, ending a 95-year drought at home. Meanwhile I lost another argument with my wife, extending a 22-year drought. • Miami beat the Bengals on Thursday, ending a four-game skid amid reports of dissension in the locker room. Maybe the Dolphins found their sense of porpoise. • Here's an item from the oddlyappropriate files. Rearrange the letters in Dez Bryant and you get Rant By Dez. • Last week Metro News offered women tips on how to get supermodel Miranda Kerr's lips. Men just want to know how to get the rest of her. • San Diego State played its annual Halloween baseball game with everyone in costume. So what? For eight straight games the Jacksonville Jaguars have JW11098.j28 looked like clowns. • Reuters reports a hunter aiming at James

Miranda Kerr (Wiki Photo) a moose accidentally shot a senior in a distant house. Who was the hunter? Tim Tebow? • Andrew Bynum played for the Cavaliers Wednesday after being sidelined with an injury from bowling. Let's hope he's more careful driving the lane. • The DIY Network will reportedly air a few episodes on restoring old wood. Isn't that what Viagra is for? • An Atlanta cheerleader set a world record by completing 44 consecutive reverse handsprings. Hey, it's not like she's been too busy having things to cheer about. • Alan Iverson announced his retirement from the NBA. We're talking about retirement; not playing, not playing, not playing — retirement. Not playing; retirement. • The Huffington Post says on-ice insults are a growing concern in hockey. I’m thinking they’ve been watching the Buffalo Sabres play.


Height: 6’4’’


Weight: 201 lbs


DOB: 06/29/1995 Hometown: Plzen, Czech Republic 2012-2013 Season: Sarnia Sting League OHL: 34 GP • 0 Goals • 2 Assists • 24 PIM

Favorite hockey memory Got drafted by Saskatoon Blades

Favorite pro athlete Nick Lidstrom Best part of my game Skating

My last meal would be... Beef steak Worst habit Love sweets Biggest pet peeve Lying

Answers on page 23

Any nicknames? Favorite holiday destination Nemer, Nemo, Dave Lake Garda, Italy Blades Home Game This Week: Saturday, November 9th @ 7:05 p.m. vs Moose Jaw Warriors

w w w. s a s k a t o o n b l a d e s . c o m SW10006.K04 Sheri



LS908368.K04 Liza

of Saskatoon

Professionally Removed...

Complete Automotive Service and Maintenance

Shuttle service available

#2-402 43rd St. E


Spot Paint Repair Plastic Bumper Repair Spray In Box Liner Windshield Replacement & Chip Repair

#1 - 702 1st Ave N Located Just North of SGI

Door Ding

Specializing in automotive injection and carburation



Clear Bra Protection Film Premium Automotive Window Films 306.683.3456

1935A Quebec Ave.

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Palma, Mallorca Invading a paradise near Barcelona


ALMA, Mallorca — After order- Bastions and dine on fresh sea food 365 ing a couple of paellas and glass- days of the year. es of wine at the sidewalk café The archipelago’s three main islands where we’d stopped for lunch, we were (Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca) have finally beginning to settle about 1,200 kilometres of into vacation mode. coastline, with sandy beaches All the weariness of our and rocky coves that these long flights to get to this days draw millions of sunrestaurant table gently eased seeking tourists every year. away into history as we Going back in history, the lapsed into the holiday spirsame coastline has also atit. Warmed by the Spanish tracted some uninvited callsun, amused by our energeters, folks who were after a ic waitress and sighing over little more than a good tan the soft and subtle flavours and a glass of cold sangria. of the dishes we’d ordered, Located in the western Travel our bodies went along with Mediterranean, the Balearics our minds and decided that have been a prime piece yes, we were on vacation. of real estate for invaders since 1300 I don’t know if you have ever BC. That’s when warrior tribes started crossed that line at the beginning of a a trend which was followed by the holiday that signifies that home and Carthaginians in 654 BC and 500 years work is somewhere else, somewhere later by the Roman Empire. A few cenfar away. Suddenly where you are is all turies later, the Romans were turfed out about tranquility, carefreeness and well- by a Vandal invasion, an army which being. For us it was that first forkful of in turn quickly met its match when the paella paradise and the gentle coolness Byzantine Empire decided to make a of the vino blanco that slipped so easily foray to the island chain. down the parched throat. Byzantine rule was also brief, thanks We were in Palma, the capital of to a successful landing by a powerful Mallorca, just a half-hour jet flight Arab force in 707. There would be more away from Barcelona. It is the largest invasions, more conquests and a lot city in Spain’s Balearic Islands. For us more real estate involuntarily changing it was the line in the sand where our va- hands among the islands before things cation really began. eventually settled down. However, no And talking about sand, there are defending force could resist the powerenough beautiful beaches here you ful free-market juggernaut of the tourcould build a sand castle real-estate em- ism industry when it began taking the pire if you stuck around long enough. Balearics by storm in the 1960s. Or if beaches aren’t your thing, you The historical invasions of the past JW11157.K04 could tour centuries-old citadels and made another lasting mark on the



Warm fall sunshine, a tasty meal and glass of good wine provide the perfect combination to ease you into the right vacation mood (Photo by Peter Wilson) Balearic Islands’ character. The cuisine which the Balearics inherited is a melting pot, representing the best of the cultures that have occupied the region and now provide another modern-day reason for visiting here. The bars and restaurants offer some memorable feasts with a heavy emphasis on seafood. Lobster stew, paella with fresh mussels and calamari, grilled fish platters and fabulous tuna salads drizzled with locally produced olive oil are big hits with locals and visitors alike. If these dishes sound a little heavy try some simple tapas, the highly di-

verse savoury snacks that can include simple delights like olives, spicy sausage, calamari, cheese or any of a hundred other taste treats. With a glass of locally-made wine you can munch your way through an entire afternoon, building up the necessary strength to take on another Balearic castle tour or perhaps to construct one of your own design out on a beach.

Brought to you by




WIN Dinner and a Movie TRIVIA QUESTION Where does the butler in the movie The Butler work?

Saskatoonʼs REAL Community Newspaper

• Wayne’s Manor • Château de Versailles

Local content

• Buckingham Palace • The White House

Visit to enter

Local people

Local commitment




Credit Union Centre Friday, November 29 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

R U O Y T E G N O S E V O M • register

Saturday, November 30 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

Sunday, December 1 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

200 booths! 50 new artisans! ★ Dee Dee’s Destination Bus Tours Major Door Prize

★ Over $4000 in hourly draws ★ Non-Stop Entertainment Stage ★ Ethnic Food Court ★ Special Children’s Area ★ Free Bus Service from Downtown ★ Plenty of Free Parking

• collect pledges • form teams • fitness fun for all

2 DAY PASS $ 12

SiGN Up AT: Saturday, April 12, 2014 @ Saskatoon Field House We are creating a wellness movement including being fit, eating well and focusing on breast health.

Admission $8.00 Per Adult

A joint initiative of:

Children Under 12 FREE When Accompanied by an Adult

Friend us on

384-SDOG (7364)

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NOV 14, 2013



More information at










Nov. 7-10

What: There are jazz piano stylings, with Neil Currie on Nov. 7 at 5:30 p.m., Brett Balon on Nov. 8 at 4:30 p.m. Maurice Drouin on Nov. 9 at 5:30 p.m. and Martin Janovsky on Nov. 10 at 5:30 p.m. Where: The Bassment, 202 4th Avenue North. No cover charge.

Nov. 8

What: Belle Plaine is a Regina songstress, with a background in classical voice and sound recording, and she’ll be joined by Elizabeth Curry on bass and Jeremy Sauer on piano in a show at 9 p.m. Where: The Bassment. Tickets: $17 for SJS members, $23 for non-members.

Nov. 9

What: Prince Albert’s Heidi Munro began in country music, has shifted into jazz and blues, and delivers in powerful style in front of a five-piece band at 9 p.m. Where: The Bassment. Tickets: $17 for SJS members, $23 for non-members

Nov. 11

The Saskatoon Chamber Singers would like to invite you to attend our Remembrance Day concert entitled Elegy. It will be held at Knox United Church, 24th Street & Spadina Crescent on Monday, November 11th. There will be two programs — at 2 p.m. and a

repeat at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available at St. John’s Music, McNally Robinson Booksellers, from any choir member or at the door or on line

Saskatoon Spinners and Weavers Guild annual show. 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Albert Community Centre (2nd Floor Auditorium, 610 Clarence Ave. South). The sale coincides with the first day of the Saskatoon Potters Guild’s Christmas sale. Nov. 13 For more information, contact Jonina at 306What: Michael Kaeshammer delivers boogie 934-1667 ( or Shelley woogie and stride piano in New Orleans style at 306-244-5641 ( and also sings. His self-titled album from ***** 2011 has been a winner. Show time is 8 p.m. Collectively Green Holiday Craft Sale (Earth Where: Broadway Theatre. Tickets: $38 for Friendly Wares) from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at SJS members , $43 for non-members. Grace Westminster United Church, 505 10th ***** Street East. Free Admission. What: The Paper Lions are Indie rockers from Prince Edward island, and their seventh Nov. 17 album, My Friends, is due out soon. They’re ST GEORGE ARTISTS’ invite the public to attend their 15th and final Open Studio. part of the Roots series at 8 p.m. Where: Recent work by each artist will be exhibited The Bassment, 202 4th Avenue North. Tickets: $20 for SJS members, $25 for non- and for sale. Studio artists are: Bridget Aitken, Nicki Ault, Jan Corcoran, Gale members. LS908306.k04 Hagblom, Jane Harington, Miranda Jones, Nov. 29-30 Degen Lindner, Jacqueline Faye Miller and Liza Best of Broadway is a concert featuring songs from a variety of popular musicals. The concert is at 7:30 p.m. on November 29 and 30th in the Fr. O’Donnell Auditorium at St. Thomas More College in Saskatoon. Tickets are $10 general and $5 students, seniors and children. Call 306-966-8900 or visit for tickets and information. Presented by Newman Sounds Glee Club.

Saskatoon Travelodge. The luncheon will feature guest speaker Christian Braid, as well as an opportunity to meet achievers at the student-run company trade show (11 a.m.) The meal and program being at 11:45. For tickets visit or call 306-955-5267.

MISCELLANEOUS First Saturday of every month

What: The MindFULL Café, part of the international Alzheimer Café movement, is an opportunity to meet in a relaxed social setting for persons with dementia, family, care partners and other interested people. The Café is a two-hour get together with refreshments, entertainment and information. First Saturday of the month from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Where: Sherbrooke Community Centre.

EVENTS Only Available at 8th Street East Location

Nov. 7-9

The SSO Fall Book and Music Sale at the SSO Community Centre, 408 – 20th Street West. This three-day overstock sale features fiction and non-fiction hardcover and paperback books, sheet music, records, CDs, cassettes and VHS. Sale hours are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Nov. 7-8, and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Nov 9. All proceeds support the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra. For more information visit

The Saskatoon Mood disorder support group for people with bi-polar, depression and other related mental health problem meets at the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church at 323 4th Ave. South (south entrance) at 7:30 p.m. For more information call Al at 306-7160836 or Lindi at 306-491-9398. ***** What: Singles Social Group - “All About Us” for people in their 50s and 60s. Events such as weekly Wednesday restaurant suppers, monthly Sunday brunches, movie nights, dances, pot luck and more. Meet new friends. No membership dues. For more information email or phone (306) 978-0813.

Third Thursday of the Month

What: Monthly Drop-In Caregiver Support Group. Who: Caregivers for adult family members or friends. Cost:  Free (presented by Saskatoon Health Region). To Register: Jeanne (306-655-3426) or Karen (306-6553427). **** The Saskatoon Prostate Cancer Support Group is a local community group of men who have or who have had prostate cancer, and their spouses/partners/caregivers. We meet monthly for sharing, for support, and for information. Location: W.A. Edwards Centre, 333 – 4th Avenue North.

Every Second Wednesday

Nov. 6

Christmas Craft & Bake Sale hosted by Sherbrooke Community Day Program. Where: Sherbrooke Community Centre in the Tawaw Centre (401 Acadia Drive) from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Crafts, baking, jam, jewelry. Chili & Bun Sale $5.

Every Wednesday

Carol Wylie. The studio is located at 1932 St. George Avenue. Please note access is located via the alley behind Adam’s Lumber. Phone 306-664-3646. The show and sale is from 1 p.

Nov. 21

Who: Joe Schmutz. What: Community Pastures: Why Do Grass and Birds need Cowboys? When: Thursday, Nov. 21 at 7:30 Nov. 9 p.m. Where: Room 106 Biology Building, U Nutana Lions Flea Market: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. of S Campus. Why: “In our era of biodiverat the Prairieland Park (Hall D). For informa- sity in crisis and a ‘ new climate normal’ tion call just around the corner, is being grounded in communities and respectful of nature 306-292-3964. truly obsolete? How can we wrest a once Nov. 11 world-class program from the fire? Come bring your words of advice!” — Quoted from What: A free event at Persephone Theatre. the newsletter introduction to the speaker’s An evening of remembrance and renewal with the Saskatoon Muslim and Jewish com- presentation. munities. Saskatoon playwrights will read Nov. 22 scenes from My Rabbi. Enjoy homemade “Sea Sick: When Oil and Water Don’t Mix” Middle Eastern dishes followed by informal with Alanna Mitchell. 6 p.m. Prairieland discussion. When: 7:30 pm. Supported by Park.              Banquet, talk by Alanna Congregation Agudas Israel Synagogue, Mitchell, music by Nephesh Spirit, Silent CIJA and Think Good. Do Good. *Mature Auction. Presented by Calling Lakes Centre Content - An Educational Centre of the United Church Nov. 14-17 of Canada. Tickets cost $50 and are availThe Phantom Tollbooth is a fantastical family able at McNally Robinson or by calling 306373-6365 or 306-343-6301. theatre adventure playing Nov. 14-17 in the Fr. O’Donnell Auditorium at St. Thomas More Nov. 23 College in Saskatoon. Shows are at 7 p.m. Thursday to Saturday and 2 p.m. on Sunday. MENSA is an international, non-profit society for people who score among the top two per Tickets are $10 general, $5 students and cent of the general population on a standardseniors, and $2 for children (Grade 8 and younger).  Call 306-966-8900 or visit www. ized IQ test. A supervised IQ testing session for tickets and is being held in Saskatoon on Nov. 23 at 2 p.m.  The cost is $90 or $70 for students.  If information. you are interested in attending this session Nov. 15-17 call Tim at 306-242-7408 or e-mail trf674@ At The MIX: THE 4th Annual Little Gems Art Show and Sale featuring small works by over Dec. 1 40 artists. The various media included are The Saskatoon SPCA Auxiliary invites you to glass, metal, fabric, three dimensional and attend the 2013 “Christmas for the Animals” two dimensional works. Opening Reception Open House, Sunday, Dec. 1 from noon to -  Friday Nov. 15 from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.; 4 p.m. at The Saskatoon SPCA. Highlights Saturday Nov. 16 and Sunday Nov. 17 from noon  to 4 pm. Located at 539 - 24th Street of the Open House will be a bake sale, treasure sale and Christmas raffle. Your East.  donation of items on our “wish list” for the Nov. 16 animals gets your name on our Christmas Tree. Donations of baking can be dropped off St. Joseph’s Craft Fair on the corner of before noon Dec. 1 at the Saskatoon SPCA , Broadway Avenue and Eighth Street will 5028 Clarence Ave South.  For further inforbe held on Nov. 16 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tables are $ 25. For more info please contact mation, please call Lesley at 306-934-1107. Maureen at 306-244-8536 or the secretary Dec. 12 306-244-1556 to book a table. All crafters Seventh annual Jingle Bell Lunch supporting are welcome. Junior Achievement of Saskatchewan at the *****

First and third Saturday of the month Lions Clubs of Saskatoon Texas Holdem Poker Tournaments at the Coachman Bar in Market Mall. $60 buy in, $40 goes to the cash payouts and $20 to the Lions clubs. Dealers provided, freeze-out format no rebuys. Registration opens at 6 p.m., tourney starts at 7. Must be 19 or older. Call 306668-0015 for more information.

First Monday of every month

What: Friendship Force International, Saskatoon and Area Club. We are a nonprofit cultural exchang organization promoting friendship and goodwill through a program of homestay exchanges. We are an organization of more than 360 clubs in more than 50 countries throughout the world. FFI allows you to enjoy economical travel while forging new friendships with club members from around the world. Visit our website at Find out more about us or come join us at our next meeting by contacting Bill Gulka at 306-249-0243 or by email

Every Tuesday and Thursday Bridge City Senioraction Inc: Classes every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.  Registration is $20, drop-in fee is $2. For information, call Sheila at 306931-8053 or Kathy at 306-244-0587.

Saskatoon Ostomy Association meetings. 7:30 p.m. at Mayfair United Church. We meet the first Monday of the month except when there is a holiday. Then it is the second Monday.

First Tuesday of every month

What: FROMI - Friends and Relatives of People with Mental Illness. These meetings run from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Where:  W.A. Edwards Family Centre, 333 Fourth Avenue North (wheelchair accessible).If you have a loved one or friend with a mental illness and you need understanding support, contact Carol at 306-249-0693, Linda at 306933-2085, Lois at 306-242-7670 or e-mail

Saturday, April 12th, 2013


First and Third Sunday of each month

What: Pet Loss Support Group, Support and comfort to people who are struggling with 3can13j La Belle Province the loss of a beloved companion animal due to old age, sickness or other sad reasons. The no-obligation support group meets the first and third Sunday of every month 2 p.m. at the W.A. Edwards Centre, 333 4th Avenue North, Saskatoon. For more information or telephone support, call 306-343-5322.

Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays

What: Free art drop-in at the SCYAP Art Centre. All ages welcome, all materials supplied, no registration required. Every Tuesday, 5:30 p.m. - 9 p.m., Thursday 5:30 p.m. - 9 p.m., and Saturday 1 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Every Thursday

What: Depression Support Group — free group runs on the first and third Thursday of each month, from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. This is open to anyone struggling with depression and family members wanting to support them. Where: 311 – 38th Street East. This is a wheelchair accessible building. For more info, call 270-9181.

Answer to today’s puzzle











































































































































Page 24 - SASKATOONEXPRESS - November 4-10, 2013

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Cinemate 1SR

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CineMate 1 SR Digital Home Theatre Speaker System

Total 650 Watt 5.1 Channel Home Theater System with Boston Acoustics Premium Speaker System

• Spacious home theater sound from a sleek soundbar speaker • System sound customized to room size, shape and furnishings • Easily connects directly to your HDTV, no receiver required • Wireless Acoustimass® module for low-note performance • Flexmount™ technology ensures optimal performance wherever soundbar is positioned

Cinema™ 100 CT


A home theater system to meet your needs: budget, style and space! • 5 x Cinema 100 Satelite Speaker • 1 x Cinema Sub



• Includes four satellite speakers, one center speaker, and one subwoofer • Four HDMI inputs, including one on the front to connect mobile devices

Cinema 100CT

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• One-wire hookup and wireless subwoofer for hassle-free installation • Soundbar operates with your existing TV remote control • Dedicated movie and music modes for the best audio experience





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Soundlink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II Better sound, Whenever, Wherever, You’ve got your music on your phone, and you’re ready to play. Enjoy deeper, more powerful sound than you thought possible from a speaker this small. The SoundLinkR Bluetooth Mobile speaker II works wireless with Apple, AndroidT and BlackBerry R devices, or your tablet or laptop-and goes wherever you do for music when you want, where you want.




21900 Soundlink Mini

Soundlink Mini

• Advanced audio performance delivers a full-range listening experience • The most compact speaker from Bose easily goes where you go • Wireless connects to your Bluetooth device • Rechargeable battery plays up to 7 hours





Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker



BIG JAMBOX 88 Jawbone Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

• Wireless speaker and speakerphone • Huge hi-fi sound that can fill any room or outdoor space • Small and compact; easily move it from room to room or take with you • Up to 15 hours of continuous play on a single charge • Connects via Bluetooth or 3.5mm stereo cable JAWBONE BIG JAMBOX • Available in red, white and black







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5.1 Channel 3D Pass Through and Networking Home Theater Receiver with AirPlay

• Fully discrete power amplifiers for all 5 channels (120 W x 5 ch, 6ohm, 1kHz 0.7%). Delivers the lengendary sound quality you’ve come to expect from Denon. (75W x 5 ch, 8ohm 20-20kHz 0.08%). • 3D pass-through technology. Enjoy 3D video entertainment with dynamic surround sound.





Viera Class X60 Series





• 175 watts per channel maximum power (6 ohm, 1 kHz THD 10%, 1 channel driven) • 80 watts, 5 channel power (8ohms, 20kHz, THD 0.08%) • Networking with AirPlay, Pandora, Spotify & Sirius XM • Audyssey MultEQ XT, Dynamic Volume and Dynamic EQ • Front panel USB input with iPod digital direct and five rear panel HDMI inputs





7.2 Channel 4K Ultra HD Network A/V Receiver

1080P 120Hz Slim Smart LED HDTV

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229800 LC70LE550



Monster Beats Urbeats High Performance In-Ear Headphones • Remote and Mic • Deep bass, ultra clear





Monster Beats BY Dr. Dre Tour

Beats™ Tour™ High Resolution In-Ear Headphones with ControlTalk™





Monster Beats Solo HD

Beats™ Solo™ HD High Definition OnEar Headphones with ControlTalk™
























Monster Beats Studio Beats™ by Dr. Dre™ Studio™ High Definition Powered Isolation Headphones



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174800 UN60F6300

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Viera Class B6 Series Direct LED HDTV

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• 600Hz Sub-field Drive • 720p display • Two 10W speakers • Sound leveler • 2 HDMI, 1 component video, 1 composite and 1 RF antenna • USB port for quick connection of a digital camera or other USB device

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• Wireless portable speaker in black connects with mobile phone, computers, tablets, iPods or any other Bluetooth device • Seamlessly stream and share music, movies, games, phone and conference calls anywhere • Two highly powerful acoustic drivers and ultra-small dome produce a wide audio spectrum • Can be updated with apps, software and new features via Jawbone’s MyTalk portal • Up to 10 hours of power from internal rechargeable battery • Available in blue, red, black & white





SoundDock® Portable Digital Music System

AE2 Audio Headphones

7” Galaxy Tab 3

A new standard of audio performance immerses you in your music • Improved ear cushions for hours of comfortable listening


IE2 Audio Headphones High quality audio with instrumental and vocal detail • StayHear® tips for greater stability during exercise and other activities

SIE2 Sport Headphones Tonally balanced audio with crisp highs and deep low notes • StayHear™ ear tips remain in place • Sweat and weather resistent Reebock™ Fitness armband

Bose OE2 Over-Ear Headphones Enjoy your music with depth and clarity • Inline remote and microphone • Contoured headband and soft ear cushions

• Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OS, 1.2 GHz dual-core processor • 8 GB Flash Memory, 1 GB RAM Memory • Store photos, videos, music and more with up to 64GB of memory available through a microSD slot and 50GB of free Dropbox storage • Camera: 3MP rearfacing, 1.3MP front-facing


38800 GTP5210


10” Galaxy Tab 3

• Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS, 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Z2560 processor • 16 GB Flash Memory, 1 GB RAM Memory • Store photos, videos, music and more with up to 64GB of memory available through a microSD slot and 50GB of free Dropbox storage • Camera: 3MP rear-facing, 1.3MP front-facing



28800 SMT3100


18800 SMT210

8” Galaxy Tab 3

• 5MP primary camera with LED flash, 720 x 1280 HD video recording, auto focus, geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection and 1.9MP front facing camera • 8-inch TFT multi-touch capacitive touchscreen with 1280 x 768 pixels resolution and 16M color support • Android v4.1, Jelly Bean operating system with 1.5GHz dual core processor, 1.5GB RAM and 16GB internal memory expandable up to 64GB • 4450mAH battery providing talk-time of 24 hours on WCDMA

Store hours for both locations: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 10-6 • Thursday 10-9 Saturday 9-6 • Sunday 12-4


Saskatoon Express, November 4, 2013

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