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‘Geeks’ getting together for comic convention

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Tammy Robert Saskatoon Express

he Saskatoon Blitz is Saskatchewan’s first and longest-running comic, anime, gaming, sci-fi and pop culture convention. Founded in 2009 by Saskatoon resident Laura Petrishen-Ha, this year’s event runs for the first time for a whole weekend — June 8-9 at the Saskatoon Inn, with a bonus evening of events on Friday June 7 at the Roxy Theatre. “I was always a geek, both in high school and university,” said Petrishen-Ha, whose effervescence and enthusiasm is contagious. “Growing up, I never had a group of peers who liked what I liked: Comics, anime (Japanese animation), science fiction. I thought it would be cool to have a community of likeminded individuals, so I started a little club in 2008. It was an instant success, like we were just waiting for something or someone to unite everyone.” Soon the members of Petrishen-Ha’s club wanted an event, similar to the comic conventions held in cities such as Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto. Having just finished university, with a bit of spare time on her hands and a self-declared “workaholic tendency,” she made it happen. “The very first event was simply anime. It took place at Rusty McDonald Library, and

we maxed out our capacity,” Petrishen-Ha said. “The following year, we decided to branch out to comics and science fiction, and the Saskatoon Blitz was officially formed in 2010. Held at Prairieland Exhibition, the amount of people that turned out blew me away. Our capacity was 700; we had 684 attend.” The Saskatoon Blitz, as much a trade show as a convention, aims to entertain geeks, comic, anime, gaming, sci-fi and pop culture enthusiasts alike. The three-day convention will be packed with celebrity and featured guests, including local artists Don Sparrow and Wes Funk. In addition, there are vendors, artists, panels, games, a concert, a masquerade and more. With nearly 2,500 attendees expected from throughout the province and the country, it will be the biggest Saskatoon Blitz yet. “Friday evening (June 7) we’re holding a bonus event at Roxy Theatre for weekend-pass holders only,” said Petrishen-Ha. “We’ll have screenings of anime, and will screen a documentary on Jeffrey Catherine Jones, an American artist best known for her fantasy and fine artwork from the late 1960s through 2000s.” On June 8, the main event kicks off at the Saskatoon Inn, featuring celebrity panelists, question-and-answer periods, photograph and autograph sessions. Artists Alley will

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feature artists from local and afar selling their work. Vendors from all over the country will also be selling “geek collectables” — things like back issues of comics, lunch kits, autographed memorabilia and figurines. “Attendees are both encouraged and very likely to dress up,” Petrishen-Ha said with a laugh. “8th Street Books & Comics are sponsoring some amazing prizes. Many dress up as their favourite characters; others make something up. Anything goes — last year a person was dressed up as a taco.” If you’re not a comic book aficionado, will you enjoy the event? “Absolutely,” emphasized Petrishen-Ha. “We’re an extremely welcoming group of people. Today ‘geek culture’ has come into the mainstream, but anyone who was a big geek back in the day knows what it’s like to not feel welcome. We go out of our way to ensure everyone’s welcome and there’s something for everyone, from shopping to workshops, expos, displays and teaching sessions. “It’s a lot of fun.” Admission Saturday is $32 and $30 on Sunday. Weekend passes are $50 and must be purchased in advance. They are available at Amazing Stories, Unreal City, 8th Street Books & Comics, Dragons Den Games and Next Level Games or online at www.saskblitz.com.


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June 3, 2013  

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