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student body population: 1170 in grades 9-12 singapore american school, 40 woodlands street 41, singapore 738547 phone: (65) 6363-3404 fax: (65) 6363-6443 MICA (P) 012/10/2009 printed by C.O.S. printers pte ltd

Shocks, Trembles and Quakes

Quakes and natrual phenom ena shake the world as each student feels their own indep endent trembles at school

First was the Haitian Earthq uake that shattered one of the poorest nations in the world; next was the Chilean earthq uake that altered the earth’s axis and shortened the length of a day by 1.26 microseconds; then came the Chinese earthquake in the pro vin ce of Qinghai that reached 7.1 on the Richter. Though much of the news covered the toilet economy and how it got better, then worse, then better, then worse again, the past year was one of not onl y economic turmoil and the financial trem ors that shook the world, but also one of earthquakes and other natura l phenomena that literally roc ked the earth. But as we learned, earthquak es are rarely over after one Aftershocks follow, sometim quake. es smaller, sometimes larg er, than the initial. And while we’re in no way attempting to compare the dramas of natural disasters to the dramas of high school, we also learne d this through the shocks and trembles we exp erie nce d here at SAS. And everyone feels these sho cks and trembles differently freshmen, the initial quake . For is starting high school, the aftershock being the first time in the cafeteria, the first finals week, the firs t experiences on varsity or JV team, and being the youngest of the hig h school. For new students, it’s the quake of starting a new life in a new country, the aftershock of adjusting and starting over in a new environ ment. For seniors, it’s the quake of fina lly getting into, or being reje cte d from, your dream college, with the aftershock representing the reality of responsibility and change tha t ensues. Everyone in this school fac es sudden disturbances and shocks. But the actual disturbance, or the initial quake, usually las ts for the briefest period of time. The important part of it all, the par t that lasts the longest, the part that det ermines character, the part that dictates everything, is how we deal with that initial shock. We too k a look and remembered the good, the bad, the happy, sad, strange , funny, and random ways that students had for dealing with life. Thi s was our year. This was the aftershock. By: Jamie Lim

2 Introduction

on Filice

Junior Sim

Seniors Ted Chritton, Alex Rossinsky, Dominic Wong, and Junior Kai Dornell

Introduction 3

Letter from the Editors Summing up this school

Looking back at the afterm


year is not an easy task; and finding a the me wa s just as hard. Aftershock is defined as the effect, result or reperc uss ion of an event. Our aftershocks we re that spilt second of em otion upon hearing about something momentous in our young lives, good or bad. We felt it with death of cul tural icons - the king of po p Michael Jackson, style icon Farra h Fawcett, dance legend Patrick Swayze, and others. We felt it after hearing about the earthquake in Haiti, and the volcanic eruption in Ice land. The seniors felt it after submit ting their college applicatio ns, after receiving their first letter of admission, and after rea lizing that there was only one month left of high school. The fre shman felt it as soon as they took the ir first steps up the front of the high school in August. Whatever emotions follow ed, that heart-stopping fee ling is difficult to forget. This book captures all the craziness and commotion of the past year: the memorable dance off at the last pep rally of the year, the explosion of bo y bands, the new friendshi ps formed, the unity of the student bo dy. Whether you are a senior receiving your last Island er, or a freshman thumbing throu gh your first high school yearbook, we truly hope you enjoy this book and remember this unique year. Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

4 Introduction

McKenzie Finchum

John Liao

ent Ng

Junior Clem

Junior Alis tair Chew and Senior Stephanie Kendall

Junior Michael Too

Introduction 5

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6 Year in Review

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Year in Review 7

theeyein Review Singapore American School


The Eye goes online: High school publication follows newspaper trend in new web page home. Like other print publications, The Eye is taking the next step and is going online this year. “The truth is, I’ve known for about three or four years that The Eye would have to go online,” adviser Mark Clemens said. “It’s a pretty scary thing. But I’ve been reading about what newspapers are doing to survive, so I have a pretty good idea of what we need to do.” The Eye Online will feature stories from the print edition, as well as multimedia, photo galleries and blogs. It will be updated regularly to keep SAS up to date the latest news.

Senior writes, sells software for iPhone, iTouch on App Store Senior Sahil Lavingia is already making a mark by designing and selling iPhone applications though Apple’s application store, more commonly known as the “App Store.” “The App Store is the next big thing in the software development industry, just like Facebook applications once were,” Lavingia said. “So I really wanted to get involved.” He has developed applications including “Twizzle,” “Color Stream,” and “Taxi Lah!”.

Two students expelled for theft, one suspended for vandalism: Two junior males in-

volved in on-campus theft and off-campus vandalism expelled, while a third student given in-school suspension for vandalism. Two junior male students were expelled for stealing on campus grounds and another was suspended for breaking into a public residence. The two students were first seen on security camera moving through areas in the high school and the video footage was sent from the security office to the administration. Incidents of stealing vary at different levels and Merbach said that when a new case is opened, the entire incident is looked at closely. “When we have a situation with theft we look at a lot of factors,” Merbach said. “ Is there a difference between walking by a table in the cafeteria with a five dollar

Fool’s names in public places; 10 percent of top 500 ‘stalk’ applicants Rumors about college admissions officers who look students up on Facebook inspired some seniors to change their names. “It’s social knowledge, and it’s what my friends are talking about,” said senior Mitch Hulse, who had not changed his name at press time. In a Wall Street Journal article, “College applicants, Beware: Your Facebook Page is Showing,” reporter John Hechinger references a Kaplan survey that found 10 percent of college admissions officers

8 Eye in Review

bill and taking it and purposely going and stealing something.” In this case, the two boys who were expelled not only participated in an oncampus theft, but the two also joined another in an outside incident where the three vandalized and broke into a home. The third only received a suspension. Although they have been expelled, the two boys can re-apply to SAS next year. “I think that most of us here have that idea of compassion and honesty and I don’t think who we have here are people that go around stealing,” Merbach said. “Most of us learn in kindergarten that we don’t take things when they don’t belong to us.”

stalking applicants on social networking sites. Of that 10 percent, surveyed from the 500 top 500 U.S. colleges, 38 percent said what they saw had a negative impact on the applicant. While changing names seems to be the simplest solution, it might not be the best. Counselor Dale Ford said that eliminating inappropriate content or pictures is the best way. “Most colleges don’t have the time or inclination to Google or Facebook their applicant,” Ford said.

School leans green and saves energy, but costs go up: Facilities and

services office take aggressive steps to reduce energy, water consumption but electricity costs rise. The SAS Facilities and Services Office has recently took aggressive steps to reduce energy and water consumption on campus. Director Anthony Wong said the price hike in oil, the economic crisis and the growing price of utilities were initial triggers for the reduction of energy. Water consumption has fallen by half since 2007. In 2008-2009 the school consumed only 88,508 cubic meters, compared to 167,533 cubic meters the year before.

Hallam continues to teach and battle cancer: English teacher and mara-

thon veteran undergoes surgery for bone cancer.

An icon for healthy living at SAS, English teacher Andrew Hallam was diagnosed with a rare type of bone cancer called chomdrosarcoma. Hallam left for surgery on the Nov 14 and returned to teach this semester a month and a half later, wearing a device that looked like a centerion’s breastplate. “My first reaction when I heard that I had cancer was a purposeful one. I was slightly scared but my main response was to find out how they could remove the cancer,” Hallam said. Since chemotherapy is not effective for this type of cancer, doctors removed eight cm of three separate ribs, a small slice of his

lungs and a part of his spine taken out in a six-hour long surgery. Winner of last year’s J.P. Morgan Corporate Singapore challenge, Hallam is still keen to pursue running. “I would like to run a 5.6 km race at the end of April,” Hallam said. “If I place top 20 this year, it would be a greater achievement than to have gotten first last year.” While there is no clear idea about how the bones will respond to this therapy, Hallam is optimistic about recovering. “Obstacles are what you see when you lose sight of your goal,” Hallam said.







otal tudents xams per tudent otal xams

Average AP Score

Percent Students of scoring 3-5 on AP exam

2009 535 1239




2008 511 1215




2007 458 1104




2006 389






of AP teachers at SAS have been teaching an AP course for over 10 years


of AP teachers at SAS give all their AP students AP review books

SAS sees record number of students pass AP exams in 2009 Not only did SAS students take a record number of AP’s last year, but they also had record results in exams. While students have generally proven successful in AP exams scores with approximately 90 percent receiving a three or higher for the last decade, 2009 was still a remarkable year for AP students. In 2008, 91.6 percent of AP students received a passing grade - a grade between 3 and 5. This percentage rose to a record 95 percent in 2009. A 3.4 percent jump may not seem remarkable at first, but since 90 percent of students consistently place in the passing range between 3 and 5, even a small difference in scores is considered a significant achievement.

Eye in Review 9

Déjà vu: Same warring factions that moved IASAS softball from Bangkok to Singapore last year at it again.

A street protest in Bangkok the weekend of March 12th threatened to paralyze the city and bring down the government. Just as Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva canceled a planned visit to Australia because of the protests, the International School Bangkok (ISB) administration canceled a track exchange. Weeks later during the weekend of IASAS, the protests turned violent, as the Red Shirts stormed the Parliament and threw blood on the steps. The Thai government declared a state of emergency just as the softball and badminton teams arrived in Bangkok. ISB closed down on Friday, postponing the tournament. The school opened the next day for IASAS however, and altered the three-day schedule into a two-day tournament.

36.3 % of students said that they owned a fake ID 80 % of students said that they got fake IDs to go clubbing 26 % of students said that they use their fake IDs 1-2 times a week 74 % of students said that they got their fake IDs from a Singapore source 51.3 % of students said that their parents would not get mad at them if they got caught with a fake ID.

Sample Size: 432

Test driving an American Education: Students leave local

school under special circumstances. For some, local schools are a snug fit and academic success is a package deal. For others, local schools bind learning to an exam-oriented syllabus. By law, Singaporeans must attend local schools. Problems arise when students perform poorly on the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). A lengthy academic assessment, the PSLE streams sixth-graders into unofficially ranked secondary schools, including ACS-I and Raffles Girls’ School. “To come here [Singaporeans] have to convince the Ministry of Education (MOE) that there is a reason they should be allowed out of the local system,” Ford said.

theeye 10 Eye in Review

Fake IDs: Students use fake IDs to gain entrance into bars, clubs, movies, and to buy cigarettes.

It is not uncommon for students at SAS to own fake IDs. In an Eye sample of 432 students, 36.1 percent said they owned a fake ID. “My assumption is that there are a lot out there,” Deputy Principal Douglas Neihart said, “but I have no way of knowing, and I have nothing to base that assumption on.” Neihart said that students have been caught with fake IDs in the past. “In [a] situation recently, somebody ha`d turned in a wallet that they had found,” he said. “In our process of finding who the wallet belonged to so we could return it, it was discovered that there were multiple fake IDs in the wallet. Three to be exact.”

Did you know? -In 2007, Singapore ranked second worldwide with a score of 599 in the trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS). - A typical junior college student takes three major tests. 6th grade: PSLE (Primary school leaving exam) 9th grade: O levels 12th grade: A levels - After Secondary school students choose whether to enter into a Polytechnic school for three years or into a Junior College for two years before attending University

Print editors-in-chief: Melissa Huston, Ann Lee Web editors-in-chief: Caroline Hui, Jamie Lim News editors: Natalie Muller, Gretchen Connick Op-Ed editors: Sophia Cheng, Nihal Krishan Features editors: Gretchen Connick, Lauren Felice, Aarti Sreenivas A&E editors: Stanton Yuwono, Anbita Siregar Sports editor: Evan Petty, Sasha Jassem Copy editors: Jamie Lim, Natalie Muller Photo editors: Kenny Evans (Web), Danielle Courtenay (Print) Layout editors: Kathryn Tinker, Renee Hyde Reporters: Eleanor Barz, Sophia Cheng, Gretchen Connick, Kenny Evans, Lauren Felice, Caroline Hui, Melissa Huston, Renee Hyde, Sasha Jassem, Nihal Krishan, Ann Lee, Jamie Lim, Natalie Muller, Evan Petty, Danica Pizzi, Anbita Siregar, Aarti Sreenivas, Kathryn Tinker, Stanton Yuwono, Ryan Chan, Ali Verdoscia Adviser: Mark Clemens

A level up: Seniors Huston and

Farias’ play on rugby club leads to places on National team, trip to Australia’s National Touch League Championships As members of the National Touch Football Team, Melissa Huston and Erika Farias represented Singapore in the Australian National Touch League in Queensland, Australia from March 10-13. They placed 11th in the Women’s 20’s championship. While playing for a local club team called the Pirates, the two were offered the chance to try out for the Under-20 Opens National Team in October after being scouted in a game. “They are both very committed even with 101 other school activities going on,” Anne Goh, their National Team coach, said. “They’re both very coachable and respect feedback, I love having players with such integrity on the team.” As touch becomes more and more prominent, Huston and Farias will have chances to continue their playing career beyond this year if they wish.

Stepping behind the fog and mirrors: Students gain insight

into the filmmaking process when graduates students from NYU Tisch Asia shoot short film on campus From March 13 - 19, a film crew from New York University Tisch Asia turned the campus into their movie set. The short film tells the tale of a vivacious, popular blonde and a nerdy Asian student who, because of the unwritten laws of high school, cannot be seen together. Yet, they find a way to communicate through their made-up

game, “Skwobble,” the film’s title. The screenplay was written by Jessika Auerbach, mother of senior Olivia Auerbach. Jessika is a graduate student at Tisch Asia’s dramatic writing program. Olivia Auerbach and Jamil Schulze from Canadian International School star as the unlikely duo. Seniors Pierre Cassini and Alvi Hassan, juniors Kelly Schuster and Barbara Hoffer and sophomore Augusta Soeryadjaya played smaller roles.

Amalia Yunus, the film’s producer, said she was impressed by the enthusiasm of students. “The kids are really excited to help out,” Yunus said. “We’re trying to create an environment where it’s not separate between the students and the school. We wanted to get everyone involved as much as possible. I think that’s the aim of the shoot. It’s not something that’s exclusive; it’s a collaboration with the school.”

Eye in Review 11



12 Student Life & Academics


mythbusters16 ready set glow and sas got spirit 18 sas bucket list 19 homecoming and asia bowl 20 fashion fever 22 reality vs. media 24 singapore’s changing face 26 a red carpet affair 28 tioman and tye dye 30 technology at sas 31 asian vs. white parents 32 sas bids norcott farewell 33

Student Life & Academics 13

Not Just Average Students

School life may seem dull at tim es, but involved and diverse students make SAS an ything but an average high school.

Honestly, a day in the life of the average student could be dull. But SAS students were anythin g but average. Sure, they got up at 6.30 a.m. and went to clas s at 8.00 a.m. and cried when Powerschool was under mainte nance, but this year was so much more than just schoolwor k. Whether their polo shirts were orange, green, yellow, or red, students had plenty to make the days interesting. They cheere d on IASAS athletes during pep rallies, and watched spirit activities and break gigs during the day. Whether it was seeing Dominic Wong and the Backstreet Boy s dominate returning champs Joh n Creech and the Boys in SAS Idol, or witnessing ever-creative prom invitations, the days wer e full of new things to talk about. Not only did students get the clas sic American side of events, including Homecoming and Pro m, but because of the incredible diversity at SAS, there were also events like the traditional Chinese lion dance through the cafeteria and school holidays for Hari Raya and Vesak Day. As the school year wound dow n, freshmen grew out of their first year of high school, sophom ores were ready to become upperclassmen, juniors stresse d over SATs, and seniors said goodbye. It’s clear all we actual ly want to do is hang out with our friends all day, which is what stu dent life is truly about anyway . By Tika Marshall

14 Student Life & Academics

Sophia h Guggisberg, Hand Juniors Hanna ril Ap d an , Cheng

Sophomor es Maya K ale, Edwar Koo and C d arolyn Koh and senior Tika Marsh s all and Ann e Yeung

Seniors Caitlin Favati and Kerry McFetridge

Student Life & Academics 15


What do SAS Students think about common SAS stereotypes? Over the years, SAS has garnered many reputations for itself; some positive, and some negative. The Eagles are internationally known for having extremely competitive academics and sports programs, but with that comes the burden of being stereotyped as arrogant. The archetype for an average SAS student is a cultured, academically-driven, competitive, and overall well-rounded American. But exactly how accurate are these stereotypes about SAS? Here, SAS students have their say on common misconceptions, or truths, about the school.

By: Anjuli Finch

The Social Scene

Like many other high schools, SAS has a reputation for being extremely cliquey. Some students agree that SAS kids can seem isolated and unfriendly, but many completely disagree, saying that students here are more outgoing and friendly then they are given credit for.

“People told me SAS would be a social mire. It can be, but, once you get to know people, SAS becomes a community.” - Senior Ryan Chan

social work Sophomores Ruby Hohensee and Dominique Pratt make working at Food Fest fun. The annual fair was a great opportunity for friends to spend time together at an event for the whole SAS community. Extracurricular activities such as service clubs, sports teams and performing arts were a great way for students to form friendships. Photo By: Kate Mahler

“Before I moved here I heard that SAS was really snobby but I’ve come to find out it really isn’t. I’ve met a lot of nice people since I’ve been here that are completely down to earth.” - Junior Sofia van Tilburg

The Diversity

Although SAS does have a lot of diversity, with over 30 different countries represented by the student body, students still seem to sense a lack of racial interaction among SAS. This contradicts SAS’ reputation of having one of the most cultured student body’s in the world.

“Because SAS is an international school i thought it would be less segregated and much more culturally tolerant than a non international school. Instead everyone is separated by whether they are Korean, Indian, White, etc.”  - Senior Jessie Driesens “SAS is culturally diverse and I love it.” - Senior Heather Morris 16 Student Life & Academics

40% of students believe that SAS is racially segregated true colors Seniors Sarah Moseley and Tanya Zakowich watch the SAS Idol spirit activity together. Moseley, an American and Zakowich, a Singaporean, have been good friends throughout high school. At SAS, many students had friends from all over the world. Photo By Anjuli Finch

The Sports

Among other IASAS schools, SAS is known to dominate the sports field. However, the Eagles are infamous for being overly-proud of their achievements. Are SAS students really as arrogant as other schools think?

“kiss da baby” Blake Peters stands proud at the third season pep rally. Both SAS boys and girls track teams claimed gold at IASAS, marking the second year in a row for girls and the 12th year in a row for boys. Photo By: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

“At ISB, we thought that SAS was the cockiest of all the schools, they’re full of themselves, and they’re just eagles. I was actually intimidated moving here. Everyone was way more friendly than I had thought though.” - Senior Sara Gaines

“I don’t watch sports that much, but from what I’ve seen and heard from other IASAS participants, SAS seems to put good sportsmanship on the back burner.” - Senior Ben Adickes

The Campus

Since the new High School opened in 2004, SAS students have been privileged with unbeatable sports facilities, advanced technology in classrooms, world-class theaters, and quality food.

“The biggest stereotypes contributes to the idea that SAS is the biggest international school and that is has excellent facilities.” - Senior Nancy Li

“Someone from ISKL once asked me if there was a golf cart that drove around campus that dropped off late students to class.” - Senior Alexis Bell

“My general impression of SAS before attending was that the kids were spoiled because they got to eat in a nice, airconditioned cafeteria.” - Freshman Renata Lumanau

home turf The Auxiliary gym is among SAS’ newest renovations. This new addition provided students with additional space for gym classes as well as more practice locations for athletes. Photo By: Kate Mahler

The Academics

One of the most common stereotypes of SAS is students‘ competitiveness in the classroom. Many outsiders, and even students, believe that most SAS students cram their schedules with APs, teachers are tough, and the workload is intense. However, in an Islander survey, only 11% of upperclassmen said they take 4 or more APs, and as much as 8% of upperclassmen said they don’t take any APs.

“I was told it was really hardcore and sort of cutthroat, and I think it actually is. Everyone here is so smart, and we’re all competing to see who can get A’s.” - Senior Alix Cawthon e = mc2 Energy Science Students are shown how an electric car works by guest speaker Mr. K-W (standing for Mr. Kilowatt). Teachers often tr y to make academics more exciting for students by bringing in interesting props, taking field trips, or inviting in guest speakers.

Photo By: Jason Chang

“I heard that being in SAS would be really easy and slack, but I was wrong. The school here is way more tough than the schools in the states and in the local schools in Singapore.” - Sophomore Nicole Chan Student Life & Academics 17

Ready, Set, Glow Riady Performing Arts Foyer proves successful location for Executive Council sponsored welcome back dance

Neon jewelry, body paint, and bright shirts glowed on dance floor as students arrived to the annual back to school dance, Glow. The event drew students from all grades and sold 280 tickets, more than doubling last year’s 120. The biggest reason for its success was attributed to the new location, the Riady Performing Arts Center, which serves as the foyer between the drama theater and the auditorium. After just opening last year, the Riady Center had never

been used for a dance and student council saw it as an opportunity to try something different. “We wanted to have it somewhere new and interesting to pull more people” executive council secretary, Tika Marshall said. The Riady Center was well received by students, and preferred over the Black Box used in previous years. Senior Non Okumura thought other dances were

unoriginal but liked the way this year’s was set up like a dance floor. The new venue was not the only draw for students. Student council supplied neon glow-in-the-dark paint that students used to decorate their faces, arms and legs. “It was the best part of the dance,” according to sophomore Ruby Hohensee. Regardless of the reasons students came out, most seemed to really enjoy the night. Glow brought a new face to a longstanding tradition.

By: Kalie Riemer

lighting up the dancefloor (Far Left) Juniors Angela Kim, Yi Jie Liao, Alex Wong, and Iris Kwon dance with neon bracelets, which were available to students upon arrival. (Left) Throughout the night, students crowded the Riady Center enjoying the music with friends. The dance, DJed by senior Luigi Puno, featured techno remixes of popular songs. Photos by Tarush Sinha

SAS’ got Spirit

This year, SAS saw an increase in the number of performance-based spirit activities.

Screaming fans, talented singers, and dance moves that would make even Beyonce jealous. No, it wasn’t ‘American Idol’; it was an SAS spirit activity. This year saw an increase in the number of performance-based spirit activities with SAS’ Got Talent, SAS Idol, and the 3rd season pep rally. In both SAS’ Got Talent and SAS Idol, groups of students performed during lunch breaks, competing to win

the votes of spectators. Performances ranged from acoustic solos, to humorous boy-band dances. Student opinion on these spirit activities was split; some enjoyed the funny dances, while others preferred the more serious singers. “I like the funny ones because they get the crowd going, but when you see someone who really has talent, it’s like, wow”, senior Sara Gaines said.

bringing sexy back

grease lightning

Seniors John Creech, Ashan Fernando, Alvi Hasan, and Kelly Zhang, of ‘John and the Boys’, dance to Justin Timberlake’s ‘Sexy Back’ during SAS Idol. Photo By: Anjuli Finch

18 Student Life & Academics

Sophomores Anbita Siregar, Bo Hamby, Carolyn Koh, Elizabeth Creech, Maya Kale, and Ruby Hohense dance to a medley of Grease songs during the 3rd season pep rally. Photo By: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

Executive President Lauren Felice said the 3rd season pep-rally was the most successful spirit activity with participants from each class competing against each other, dancing to medleys of songs. “When classes compete against each other, they can bond more within their class, because they are competing against a common enemy.” Felice said.

By: Anjuli Finch

serenading the crowd Seniors Heather Morris and Rebecca Tay go crazy as senior Sidarth Shanker serenades them with The Backstreet Boy’s ‘I Want it That Way’ during SAS Idol. Photo By: Kalie Riemer

SAS Bucket List

Things To Do Before Graduating From SAS.

As high school students in Singapore we may not be able to drive, have snowball fights or eat Taco Bell but we have developed our own set of SAS rituals. We asked students to reflect on some of their favorite high school memories and complied an SAS bucket list. These are some experiences that no student should miss out on.

By: Anjuli Finch and Kalie Riemer





HOMECOMING Junior Francis Young


Seniors Mina Zorrilla and Lars Craw

Senior Melissa Huston, freshmen n Lacy Burkett and senior Alvi Hasa

ulding, junior Rodrigo Sophomore Dylan Go es Bowers Zorrilla and senior Jam

Junior Frances Young Junior Rodrigo Zorrilla

Senior Connor Murray and freshman Monica Chritton

Sophomore Anbita Siregar

20 Student Life & Academics

Seniors Christopher Kuan and Blake Peters

2009-10 Homecoming Court

Junior Alex Amstrup and senior Connor Murray


Senior Alvi Hasan

eld on to the fi owl. d e k c o fl ia B parents d the SAS As ore d n a p ts Studen t. 10, to atten t of the Singa c r a O Osan s, p ay, Saturd apore Falcon e, played the . The g gu rea The Sin Football Lea School in Ko times n n a a ic a s r m ny O Ame om the d each other t the game fr , s r a e lay r tha Coug have p rst yea f. fi ls e a iv th r was two e tur rs but this Couga ty n’s hom before, on the Falco ve lost to the ie a t of anx ld was he the Falcons h ere was a lo st home t, th ir fir Since was the pas rs before the in s e w up, I m e many ti ingapore play , I almost thre e S among efore the gam Shaulis said. rst B x “ e fi a . M e r m ga with th r Danny enio g s n ,” o s tr u s io o d by sen so nerv alcons starte g scored blisterin re e e m a th The F g g e in r th p u f a g o own o of end hen Sin w touchd . After a day d e d r rewa se inch Albane le fans were 0. juli F g y: An 2 a B 5 E 4 t, f a o he re h a sco won wit

o, ard Varg re Rich all across o m o h s the b by sop llowed line as he run ons, in the wn! ulis, fo touchdo a lc e in h a iv S F s x n played defe r Ma for the laying urgar’s ’s senio es were ged the Falcon rough the Co s’ first year p football gam a dam th uli rs, up and oturf breaks This was Sha previous yea ats tore the new astr le . c In ld ll . e a n n tb io o o it d s the fi fo e o y r, p weve re pla back running r stadium. Ho ar, games we e e c y c o is s th the , so sini o much field to to By: Pierre Cas o h P . s ld e fi

Student Life & Academics 21

o i h s Fa

r e v e F n

g n i k a pe S y l l a c i t s i t a t s : ds



33% 38%


top5 Trends Crop Tops TOMS Shoes 22 Student Life & Academics





* An Islander sample of 344 students


Plaid Skull Candy


wn six

cks do nder tra


ost fa of the m


‘1 e d i v ika H


i r o t c i V 2 1 ‘ a nat i r a V lle e h c i M

dents able stu

Wearing: Dress - Zara / Shoes - Zara Style icon: Most of my inspiration comes from old 50’s/60’s pictures and actresses, mostly because back then women were a lot more curvy and, despite not being rail thin, were confident in whatever they wore.


‘1 y e l n a Sta

at SAS

Wearing: Leather jacket - Topshop / Tank top - Kate Moss for Topshop / Belt - Marni / Skirt- actually made that skirt / Headband - Kim Robinson / Bracelet - Kidada / Shoes - Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Style icon: Courtney Love, I totally adore her edgy look from the early 1990s.

Wearing: High-waisted shorts - Topshop / Top - forgot, some store in Far East / Shoes - Urban Outfitters Style icon: Considering all the Daisy Lowes and Kate Mosses out there, it’s pretty hard to be “original” or “trendsetting,” but I do my best to keep my wardrobe filled in respect to my own personal style and comfortability.

Senior Spotlight ‘10 Marjhan Kausar

Lawrence Fan

Patrina Chan

Wearing: Top - Zara / Pants Miss Sixty / Cardigan - Calvin Klein / Shoes - new look booties / Necklaces - m)phosis & Topshop

Wearing: Shirt - some run of the mill cotton shirt from taka / Cardigan Comme des Garcons / Pants - Hugo Boss / Plimsolls - Fred Perry x Swear

Wearing: Tank top - DKNY / Dress shirt-Ralph Lauren / Necklace Warehouse / Jean shorts - Ksubi / Heels - Sam Edelman

Fan finds his inspiration from Frank Sinatra, Steve Mcqueen, Brandon Flowers and any James Bond from any of the movies except for “On Her Majesty’s Service George Lazenby. “That was a bad movie,” Fan explains.

Chan is attending Parsons The New School fin NYC to study Design and Management. Last summer, Chan did an internship with local label alldressedup. “I was very fortunate to experience various fields such as marketing, visual merchandising, branding, and sales.”

Kausar is attending University of the Arts London: London College of Fashion next year. “I’m hoping to study shoe design, but I’m taking a Foundation year first to become well-rounded in the fashion world.”

Student Life & Academics 23

Reality Media vs.

How does SAS compare to what we see on TV?

In “Mean Girls,” Rachel McAdams’ character, Regina George, and the “Plastics” abuse their roles as high school queen bees, and bully their classmates, going as far as creating a burn book criticizing their peers based on appearance, petty rumors, and sexuality. On the popular TV show “Gossip Girl,” money is wildly thrown around by teens who party every night and practically live in hotels, unsupervised by their wealthy and equally irresponsible parents who assume absent roles in their children’s lives. On “90210” it seems every high school student has stepped off the pages of a fashion magazine. Portrayal of high school life in TV shows and movies gave a warped image of what most students would consider to be a normal high school experience. While these media sources depict characteristics of student life accurately, stories are often exaggerated to fit the Hollywood standard, including such things as overly-talented leads, ultra-dramatic family issues, and, of course, excessive PDA. Students at SAS often complained that their lives weren’t as easy or glamorous as those of teenagers in their favorite TV shows and movies, though many understood that the fantasy created was unattainable. “There are so many hot

guys [on TV shows], and you look at this school and you are like ‘Where are they?’” junior Seira Wade said. In productions like “The OC” and “High School Musical,” despite a lack of attention to the academic side of school, students end up in ivy league schools. However, not every occurrence on TV shows is so enviable. Real-life SAS students were not constantly dealing with major upheavals such as death, pregnancy or illegitimate family members. Extreme situations as these are what most students considered to be most unappealing about the otherwise perfect lives of on-screen teenagers. Students were grateful that the bullying portrayed in the media was not as serious or violent in real life. Sophomore Will Pazos was pleasantly surprised that there was no hazing his freshman year, like being “stuffed in trashcans.” Behind every exaggerated depiction, though, there seems to be some truth. Senior Chris Kuan sees these similarities as a result of “people [trying] to imitate what they see in TV shows.” Most students, for instance, found cliques and drama to be a strong presence at SAS, which begs the question: Do movies create these standards in reflection of real high

TV Time Seniors John Creech, Brett Rothberg, and Ben Scieszka catch up on an episode of Gossip Girl during their free period. Even though many popular American shows are not aired in Singapore, SAS students are still able to keep up with the latest TV drama by watching shows online. Photo by: Anjuli Finch

24 Student Life & Academics

school life, or do they create a lifestyle that students aim to reflect? Just as “Mean Girls’” Janis Ian, played by Lizzy Caplan, explains the social caste system of her school in an explanation by cafeteria seating, “you can draw a map” of the SAS cafeteria, senior Kerry McFetridge said, “and everyone would understand.” Not only are cliques a recurring topic of discussion, but gossip and drama also assume a prominent role in student life. Wade found that “everyone is overdramatic here”, exaggerating stories to bring novelty to a banal incident, thus “changing the story as it goes along.” Although SAS students religiously watch high school TV shows, a majority seemed glad not to see these stories and events mirrored in real life. Most concluded that while the glitz and glamour of media portrayals might be enviable, the drawbacks of our favorite shows greatly outweighed the benefits. Despite this mature acceptance, however, a number of seniors still admitted to having high expectations of college life and the future, based on what they’ve seen in movies and television. Beware, though, seniors. Unlike Elle Woods, a video of you in a bikini will probably not land you a spot at Harvard Law School.

By: Sarah Moseley & Kate Mahler

A Day In The Life Of...

SAS Student

r a t S t s e t t o H ’s TV Drama 101

At school, you share all of your classes with your BFF, boyfriend, worst enemy, and 15 hot extras. The cast of One Tree Hill enjoyed most class periods with their entire circle of friends. zero distractions

Most of the time, you don’t know the majority of people in your classes. Though the students in Mr. Coppell’s AP Human Geography class know each other, they are not all best friends. Photo By: Anjuli Finch


Lunch time and other breaks take up about 95% of the school day. Blair and Serena, the stars of Gossip Girl, were rarely seen inside a classroom. Their school scenes depicted them enjoying an infinite amount of free time, either chatting in the hallways or gossiping on the school steps. Viewers were often left wondering if the characters ever had class at all. cramming before class

Your little free-time at school is spent catching up on homework. Junior Barbara Hoffer fits in some last minute work during her lunch period. At SAS, students are often spotted furiously finishing their homework at breaks. Photo By: Karisa Sukamoto



You may have dedicated your entire high school career to perfect grades, and extracurriculars, but your dreams of attending an Ivy League school are still out of reach. A senior mourns the loss of her Harvard dreams, as she reads over her rejection letter.

Even though you never do schoolwork, your biggest dilemma at the end of senior year is whether to join your boyfriend at Yale, please your parents and go to Harvard, or follow your heart and enroll at Stanford. In High School Musical, Troy Bolton receives a basketball scholarship to UC Berkeley, Gabriella Montez is accepted into the freshman honors program at Stanford, and their friends get into other prestigious schools including Yale and Juliard.

Photo By: Anjuli Finch

Student Life & Academics 25

Singapore’s Changing Face

15th April, 2008 Singapore Flyer

Tourism Receipts

15.2 14.1 12.4


Located at the junction of Orchard and Paterson Roads, ION is Singapore’s newest high-end shopping mall. It is 8 floors tall, with 66,000 square metres of retail space. Last year, ION was dubbed the “Best Shopping Centre” at the MIPIM 2009 Awards. Photo By: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

Nico Rosberg races for Williams Toyota during the 2009 Singapore Grand Prix. Singapore was added to the Formula 1 Grand Prix Circuit in 2008 as the first nice race. The Marina Bay Street Circuit is 5.2 km long. Photo by: Kalie Riemer







10.9 9.8

21st July, 2009

26-28th September, 2008

26 Student Life & Academics


Money Spent (billions)

Standing at 165 meters in height, the Singapore Flyer is currently the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. It initially rotated counter-clockwise but on August 4, 2008 the direction was switched for purposes of Feng Shui. Photo by: Kalie Riemer


By: Kalie Riemer


Singapore’s Timeline

Hub Racetrack, and Changi Airport Terminal Four. Though the new attractions drew more tourism, some students are not sure how beneficial the changes will be in the long run, “the shopping malls are all the same...[the changes] don’t make it any better and there’s too many people here,” said Senior Yasmin Venema. But others see the benefit of Singapore’s new face, “It used to be more simple living here, but there are more malls and so many skyscrapers now. There’s a lot more to do,” said Senior Melissa Huston.


between $17.5 and $18.5 billion. Their confidence seemed fitting after the response from the opening of Singapore’s first casinos and the Universal Studios theme park. During the Chinese New Year holiday, visitor arrivals reached a record high 857,000, 24.2% higher than February 2009. The new attractions seem particularly appealing to visitors from nearby Asian countries. Visitors from Indonesia increased by 39% [144,000] from February 2009, while visitors from Malaysia increased by 50% [69,000] and those from China by a hefty 79.9% [143,000]. “Asians do have a bit of a gambling streak in them,” said National Association of Travel Agents Singapore President Robert Khoo. The island state was just getting started. Other developments were well underway: the International Cruise Terminal, Gardens by the Bay, National Art Gallery, River Safari, Youth Olympics, Changi Motorsports

Money Spent (billions)

In four years of high school, seniors saw the opening of Vivo City, the Singapore Flyer, Ion, Resort World Casino and Universal Studios. Though Singapore has always been popular as a short stopover destination, these changes have transformed into its own top tourist location. In January 2005, Singapore announced its plan to triple its tourism receipts, double its visitor arrivals and create 100,000 new jobs in the tourist industry, all by the year 2015. Tourism receipts for 2004 totaled $9.8 billion and the following years saw that number increase, reaching $15.2 billion by 2008. Singapore suffered the worst of the economic downturn in 2009 and the decline in travel saw earnings drop to $12.4 billion – the same as in 2006. The global recession didn’t seem to worry the Singapore Tourism Board, who predicted that tourism receipts from 2010 would reach

In recent years, Singapore has developed into one of Asia’s busiest tourist destinations. Taller buildings, busier streets and rising tourism receipts are all a part of Singapore’s new face.

Future Plans

• The International Cruise Terminal • Gardens by the Bay • National Art Gallery • River Safari • Youth Olympics • Changi Motorsports Hub Racetrack • Changi Airport Terminal Four

Did you know? The STB also announced the evolution of Singapore’s destination brand, from “Uniquely Singapore” to “Your Singapore”, at the Tourism Industry Conference 2010. “Your Singapore” was unveiled by Senior Minster of State for Trade & Industry and Education, Mr S Iswaran, to close to 800 industry partners.

The Sands

27th April, 2010

20th January, 2010 Resorts World Sentosa

Resorts World is the first integrated resort in Singapore including two casinos, a Universal Studios theme park and the world’s largest oceanarium. The casino requires Singapore citizens to pay a $100 daily fee in order to enter. Photo By:

14th February 2010

The Sands, located at Marina Bay, will be the second casino to open in Singapore. The first 963 rooms opened on April 27th but the Resort won’t be fully opened until December 2010.

Kalie Riemer

Resorts World Sentosa Casino

18th March, 2010 Universal Studios

Singapore is the first location in Southeast Asia to open a Universal Studios. The park has seven themed zones including Sci-Fi City and the Lost World. Photo By: Kalie Riemer

Student Life & Academics 27

A RedCa A Red Carpet Affair making an entrance Junior Jasmine Timan and her date arrive outside the function room at the Conrad Hotel. The outside of prom was decorated like a movie premiere. “They had a really cool sign that said ‘Now Prom-eirng” said Senior Connor Murray.

holding court Prom Jester Danielle Courtenay, Princess Jenny Alberts, Prince Zach Nelson, Queen Aisling Leow, and King Jamie Lim accept their prom court awards. Students nominated and voted for prom court during homebase meetings, and the awards were presented at the end of the night.

With the theme of a Red Carpet Affair, Prom 2010 replicated a night with the stars in Hollywood. As students ascended the stairs of the Conrad hotel, they were greeted by the flash of cameras, video cameras, and a rolled out red carpet. Incorporating the theme of a Red Carpet Affair, the junior council created a prom resembling a night with all the fame and glamour of Hollywood. For junior president Alex Amstrup, the planning process started before the school year even began. He first started looking for prom venues in August of 2009, and then when the entire junior council was elected, they confirmed the Conrad hotel for the event. The next step was brainstorming

28 Student Life & Academics

for and choosing a prom theme. In this process, members of the junior class could throw out their own ideas by submitting them in a suggestion box. The junior council filtered through them, that hoping they could use some, or that the suggested ideas would inspire them to think of others. Amstrup said some of the crazies themes they received were pirates versus ninjas, the price is right, and kim chi mud wrestling. The total cost of prom was about $40,000, the majority of the junior class’ budget. The most of this money went towards paying for the function room at the Conrad, and the rest

was for decorations, prom gifts, the photographer, the D.J., and food and beverages. One of the features of prom included a video camera set up right outside the function room, which filmed students arriving at prom. The live stream video was then projected on a screen inside the actual room, so students could see what was going on outside. Two separate photo booths were also set up; one projected the pictures onto the other screen in the room, and the other immediately printed and framed the pictures for students to keep as a souvenir. By Anjuli Finch

arpetAffair snapshots Juniors Steffi Lee, Rodrigo Zorrilla, Gainya St. Clair, and Ryan Prudhomme get their picture taken at one of the photo booths. During prom, photobooths were available for students to take and order pictures.

say cheese! Senior Becca Stratton, Junior David Shum, and Seniors Darin Lewis, Brittany McConville, Matthew Rock, Kara Marushi, Vanessa Ceithamer, and Zachary Gilbert pose for a group shot at one of the two photo booths.

prom? Top left: Senior Will Bradley organized a human sign during lunch break, to ask Senior Anjuli Finch, “Prom?� Photo By: John Liao. Bottom Left: Senior Ishaan Gupta asks Senior Akane Otani to prom during an SAS Idol performance. Photo By: Anjuli Finch. Bottom: Senior Nico Daily dons his cupid outfit and swings from the second floor of the cafeteria to ask Senior Lauren Lee to prom. Photo By: Nina Miller. The months of March and April were filled with extravagant displays of affection, as upperclassmen boys asked their dates to prom.

Student Life & Academics 29

Welcome to Beautiful

TIOMAN! Standing at the edge of the boat, senior Senior Cecilia Gregg peered into the clear ocean, and saw waters teeming with colorful fish and coral. But what caught her eye were the dozens of ominous, stinging jellyfish, drifting freely with the current. Gathering all of her courage, Cecilia adjusted her snorkel, drew in a deep breath, and took the plunge. This year, AP Environmental Science teacher Martha Began and her two APES classes, were the pioneers for the five day, 4-night field trip to the biologically rich island of Tioman, Malaysia. Students left school mid-day on Wednesday, and boarded the bus for a five hour drive to the Mersing Ferry Terminal in Malaysia. But the trip was not all smooth sailing; there

AP Environmental Science students venture outside of the classroom for first ever 4-night field trip to Tioman, Malaysia.

were a few bumps along the way. One student forgot her passport and had to take a separate taxi ride up to the ferry terminal. Once everyone was safely at the ferry terminal, an hourlong ferry ride took the students to the remote volcanic island of Tioman, accessible only by ferry, with no air con, TV or even cars. “There was never a dull moment on the trip, and all our activities were so educational and interesting” said senior Suzanne Shaffer. Activities included digging holes on the beach of a turtle hatchery, snorkeling in the ocean and mangroves, and hiking through primary and secondary forest. In addition, students also had lectures for at least three hours a day, given by the resort’s experienced guides.

scientists in the making Seniors Sara Gaines and Mina Zorilla adjust the settings on their GPS devices. Students used GPS to track their route while hiking so accurate data could be gathered and recorded. Photo by: John Liao

“The schedule for the students on this trip has been the busiest of any other group, and we’ve been so impressed by the student’s constant enthusiasm and energy throughout the entire trip” said tour guide Samantha Craven. Even though the schedule left minimal space for free time, many students, including senior James Fan, liked it this way. “If I could, I wouldn’t change anything about the schedule. We always had something to do, and if we were given more free time, I wouldn’t have known what to do with it.”

By: Anjuli Finch & John Liao

leader of the pack Tour guide Richard stops to educate students about the local flora. “The guides were always really helpful, and knew the answers to all our questions.” Senior Cecilia Greg said. Photo by: John Liao

As the SAS Falcon Football Team took on the Osan Panthers in Asia Bowl, Senior Sara Gaines dipped a clean white t-shirt into a container filled with red dye. After the APES trip to Tioman, senior Sara Gaines took initiative in helping out with the endangered turtles species living in Melina Beach, Tioman. “While we were at Tioman, we were really moved by the

struggles these turtles face, and what little is done to help them” said Gaines. The APES students joined forces with SAVE Club to provide funding and materials for creating a tie-dye t-shirt booth at the Asia Bowl game. In total, the tie-dye for turtle team made over $500 during Asia Bowl, all of which went to the Melina Beach Turtle Hatchery.

dying for a cause Senior Anjuli Finch soaks a white t-shirt for tie-dying at the Asia Bowl booth. In an effort to be environmentally-concious, minimal water was used and the shirts were wrapped in newspaper instead of traditional plastic bags. Photo by: Kalie Riemer

30 30 Student StudentLife Life&&Academics Academics

By: Anjuli Finch


SAS & ning take over SAS. New sites make technology even more dominant in students’ lives, both socially and academically. “Will be taking questions in 15 minutes roflcopter” As students logged onto their Facebook accounts in the evening during the fourth quarter and took a look at their home feeds, statuses like this one with links to their Formsprings were common. In addition to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, Formspring exploded this year as it gave anyone the ability to create a page to receive anonymous questions and give their answers in a public forum. One of the first users of the site, Ted Chritton, said he started joined Formspring to entertain himself as well as others. “I used it to procrastinate,” Chritton said. “And it was funny, all of my close friends would go on it asking me the most random questions, like which Power Ranger I would most want to be, and apparently, they found my answers funny too.” But, as students caught on to the hype and started creating

subway, with a side of WOW Freshman Bryan Lau plays a computer game in the cafeteria. Students often turned to technology for entertainment playing anything from WOW to Robot Unicorn Attack. Photo By: Tarush Sinha

their own pages, things quickly got out of hand. Something that started off as a fun and interesting forum with witty replies to random questions turned into the perfect medium for cyber bullying. Several accounts with anonymous owners were created solely for the purpose of gossiping about students in the high school. The situation was diffused somewhat as other students left comments publicly urging the abuse to stop, and the administration called a discussion in every class about cyber bullying. Academically, blogging sites were used in a number of classes, from AP Literature to History of China, as a way for teachers to post discussions and threads for students to answer at home. The site, or the Ning, as it came to be called, was another forum-site that let students post assignments online and respond to their classmates’ posts. External links, images, videos, even instant messaging with other users in the class group

getting down to business Junior Sharon Yoo works on her Mac in the library. A large portion of school work was done on computers this year. Many teachers assigned online homework, like the Ning posts. Photo By: Karisa Sukamto

were other features on the Ning. “It’s convenient that we can just post things and not have to print out small writing assignments,” junior Taylor Baildon said. “But other people can read what you write so a lot of people just paraphrase what they see on other posts and get by without much effort.” Though it proved to be a good medium for continuing class discussions when the 84-minute blocks just weren’t enough, some found it a hassle to keep up with everyone else’s comments and having to write out arguments instead of having oral, face-toface discussions. Nonetheless, the site’s plans to go pay-only will force teachers to rethink their lesson plans for next year. “I think the push of technology is good for some classes,” Baildon said. “But it shouldn’t be forced in every class, because some classes like math classes don’t use computers often and are doing fine.”

By: Jamie Lim

social-networking Sophomores Nicole Hussey and Alexis Auslander use laptops during free. The internet made socializing easier but less personal. Friends communicated with sites like facebook and chat programs like Skype. Photo By: Corey Burkett

Student Life & Academics 31

Asian vs. White Parents

Though there are many stereotypes on Asian and Western parenting, surveys reveal that race doesn’t play as big a role in family values as students think. Asians hung out in the library. White kids had no responsibilities or academic ambitions. Asians locked themselves in their room and studied during the weekends. White kids go crazy clubbing three times a week. Regardless of how openminded we claim to be, we all have certain notions in our head about how different cultures behave. We believe that people from different backgrounds behave a certain way, but we were quick to form misinformed opinions. In a survey conducted by the Islander, 315 students talked about their parents and their parents’ expectations. Surprisingly, both Asian and Western parents have similar outlooks on how their children should act on their academics and social life. One explanation for this finding is that we all attended an international school where our parents constantly interacted with each other. This exposure allows them to learn expectations for different cultures, which eventually leads to a similar treatment for people from both Western and Asian countries. “Although both my parents are white, because we’ve lived in Asia for so long, they treat grades with more severity…like Asian parents,” senior Paige Hicks said. Take grades for example. There’s a common misconception that Asian parents are a lot stricter than their

western counterparts, and that they set unreasonable goals for their children to achieve. But, based on the survey both types of parents have similar expectations for their kids. Asians think an A- is a bad grade - 52 percent of them, while 51 percent of western parents think that a B is a bad grade. Shockingly, the division of “bad grades” are basically equal to each other for both backgrounds. Even the punishments for

“We all have certain notions in our head about how different cultures behave” academic failure – however failure might be described in a household – don’t seem to differentiate according to a family’s country of origin. Punishments vary from “being lectured,” to having your parents get “disappointed,” to having electronics taken away. It’s beneficial to both cultures that their parents have learned from each other. Junior Jennie Park said that she was “lucky that [her] parents aren’t orthodox Koreans…[who] pull out the wooden spoon or make me memorize 100 SAT vocab words”. Even when it comes to social life, both types of parents tend to have similar rules for behaviors.

old kingdom Seniors Sarah Chuah and Jennifer Ho read up about hypostyle columns from their AP Art History Textbook. Asians are often stereotyped for prioritizing academics and spending their frees and lunch periods doing homework or studying. Photo By: John Liao

32 Student Life & Academics

The surveyed students said they did not have specific curfews but had to tell their parents where they are at, and what time they will be home. Westerns kids aren’t allowed to run amok, just the same way that Asian kids aren’t locked up in their room on weekends. As long as parents know their child’s whereabouts, they have a freedom to do as they please. As parents behaviors were similar, so were those of their children. They tell their parents where they are, but a lot of them omit certain details that might get them into trouble. And when they are about to get caught for breaking curfew, the excuses tend to be the same. There’s the ever popular “I couldn’t get a taxi”, to blaming it on traffic jams and red lights, to putting the blame on a friend who is having a little out of it. Whatever the excuse, most of the time they tend to work on all types of parents. So, despite the stereotypes, the survey has shown that in our shared days and experiences, we also share similar solutions and behaviors. Our misjudgments come from segregating ourselves and sometimes not having that much contact with other groups, because at the end of the day, our activities and academic responsibilities tend to be the same. By: Kate Mahler

thinking it through Junior Taylor Baildon works on an assignment during her free period. Students of all nationalities could be spotted concentrating on schoolwork proving that the academic culture of SAS had more of an effect on study habits than race. Photo By: Karisa Sukamto

saying goodbye A student pauses to chat with Mr. Norcott on her way to the buses. Each day at 3:05, Norcott could be found at the high school steps saying goodbye to students. Whether it was just a normal day at school, a sports game, or a dance show, Mr. Norcott always seemed to be around, greeting students, wishing them good luck or congratulating them on a job well done. Photo By: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

SAS Bids Norcott Farewell At 7.45 am every morning, as SAS students climb the high school steps, where they are greeted by the friendly face of Principal Dave Norcott wishing them a good morning. In his eight years at SAS, and four years as high school principal, Norcott made it a priority to get to know and support students, as they figured out their way through high school. This year was Norcott’s last as he packs his bags for a new job as principal at the International School of Amsterdam. “As principal you could get locked in these offices, but I try my best to get out and get to know the people and community” Norcott said. Norcott dedicated countless hours of extra time to cheering on students at after school sports events or performances and supporting student council activities. “He was never negative towards anything we wanted to accomplish, and came to events to support us,” Executive Council sponsor Kent Knipmeyer said. “He was definitely a

After eight years of service, Principal Dave Norcott leaves SAS, and will start a job next year as principal of the Amsterdam International School.

the emergence of new technology and how it has impacted the way students communicate, socialize and learn, and watching students in IASAS cultural and athletic events. Norcott said that one of the most enjoyable aspects “He is the perfect Prinof his job has just been talking to ciple in every way. He is students at lunchtimes and breaks in the cafeteria and library, or hanging kind, understanding and out after school watching practices so helpful. SAS is definite- and games. “Those have been special ly going to miss him!” because I’m a real people person, and - Senior Natasha Irani I love watching and being a part of [the community].” As Norcott moves on from “While my coaches were busy SAS, he leaves a few words of warming up with the other players, Mr. Norcott would shoot goals to help advice for SAS students: “Be true to yourself...challenge yourself to be me warm up” said Dawe, who plays successful...and never stop helping goalie. “He’s super supportive; for your fellow man.” every sport I’ve ever played [soccer, “I believe in service”, Norcott rugby, and softball], he’s come out to said. “I would like to expose people watch the games.” When reflecting over his years to the belief that you can and should at SAS, Norcott said that some of his make a difference.” By: Anjuli Finch most memorable experiences included the opening of the new high school, positive influence.” Girls Varsity Soccer captain Brittany Dawe said that Norcott often showed up at her team’s games to cheer them on.

Student Life & Academics 33

Stu 34 Freshmen


& Faculty

freshmen 36 sophomores 54 juniors 72 seniors 90 faculty & staff 170

Freshmen 35

We the noobs of HS... This year, we the freshman made leaps through the gates of High School and started making our mark. But this year was just the beginnin g of it all.

Freshmen. The supposed bot tom of the high school food cha in. The “noobs” of high school. The y tell us, “Keep your head dow n and do what you’re told” and “Re spect your upperclassmen”… hahaha. Good joke. Did we rea lly let things go that way? Did we hand over our lunch mo ney to the bullies? Did we let the fact that we’re Frosh bring us down? Did we let the upperclass men make fun of us because we worship Justin Bieber? Thi s stereotype is a thing of the pas t. These hazing rituals seen in movies like American Pie: Bet a House, no longer occur. In fac t for the most part we, got along well with the upperclassmen. We made the year our own. We tossed aside those plastic trophies and starting winning cold hard IASAS medals. Although only a few of us became elite and went to IASAS, a larger number of us held their own thro ughout the JV teams. No longer do we dance to Kidz Bop; MJ is our god. Traveling is no longer defined by traveling across tow n to UWC. Jakarta and Manila are just a few of the places we frosh got to see. Being in high school was not the only new thin g for us this year. The 2nd Twilight movie came out! :) In all seriousness Not only that, new friends came and some faded away. But no matter what, we ‘let the good times roll’. Freshmen we are the Frosh and the new kids on the block. Round one down, three to go. If this year was this much fun, think ahead. If you missed that dance with that special someone, Missed your chance to speak out, Didn’t have the courage to try out for a spot, have no worries. There’s always next year. By: Sachith Siriwardane

36 Freshman Freshmen

an Shekahr

usi and Iisha

Pramana San

Samuel Kim

Dean Chang and Elton Wang

Olivia Nguyen and Seung Joo Lee

Freshmen Freshman 37

track and texting

Frosh My Life

Joy Angelica Chan replies to a text while Eleni Rigopoulos and Irene Kwon watch IASAS track after an early dismissal from class. Photo By: Tarush Sinha

Today I was eating cereal for breakfast when suddenly I came upon a piece that was particularly hard and stringy. When I took it out of my mouth, I discovered it was the leg of a cockroach. I don’t know where the rest of its body is. FML.

rest between shifts Chris Couch and Kei Yoshikoshi take time to rest in a stand while waiting for their next shift when they will have to help set up the starting blocks. Photo By: Tarush Sinha

Today, I had to climb all the way up to the fourth floor to get something from my locker carrying a heavy book bag to get something only to realize that it was in my bag the whole entire time... FML. Today, my friends and I were hungry but couldn’t find a McDonalds anywhere. We were really hungry so thats where we wanted to go. After giving up, one of my friends settled for some donuts from a nearby bakery shop. As we were leaving and tuned the corner, there was a huge McDonalds right in front of us. FML. Breaking my leg on my first interim. FML Today, I woke up at 6, the time when I normally wake up, and got ready for school. Then I realized it was a late start day and I could have slept for 2 more hours. FML.

Today, I was changing out of my costume in the auditorium during dance practice. I was wearing a leotard and while taking off my pants to change them, a potential new family to SAS walks into the auditorium on a tour of the school right as I am putting on my pants on the front of the stage. Guess they won’t be joining SAS anytime soon. FML

pwning in dota Young Ju Sohn, Kevin Tung, Young Min Kim, and Sophomore Gordon Lo play a 2 vs 2 game of DOTA after school in the Library while Edgar Chan and Dean Chang look on and help out. Photo By: Tarush Sinha

38 Freshmen

bring it on Zachary Ang and Terence Tien prepare for their opponent from Anglo-Chinese School to serve and being the match. Confident and ready, Zach and Terence wait in ready position. Photo By: Tarush Sinha

rock n’ roll Kristen Jackson goes crazy with her friend’s guitar during the lunch break and starts playing Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus on the acoustic guitar. Photo By: Tarush Sinha

i call it Sylvia Shim throws her folder and pencil case onto the desk in Freshman Health to claim the seat for herself. If you don’t claim the seat, you miss out. Photo By: Tarush Sinha

put a ring on it Aimee Cheng-Bradshaw and Jane Foo perform during the HS Dance show, I’m Too Sexy For My Costume and dance to Single Ladies by Beyonce. Photo By:

Carson DeBerry

voice yourself Faran Hannani performed during the SAS Idol competition on the first day in front of the rest of the school. Photo By: Tatianna Nasr

bored so, let’s talk John Roberts looks down at his notes during Freshman Health and Wellness while Lianne Adamopoulos turns to talk to him because she is quite bored from the lesson. Photo By: Tarush Sinha

The Healthier Choice

The class of 2013 pilots the first Freshman Health and Wellness health class Rewind to March 2009. Though some of your memories may not stretch back that far, March 2009 was when we were handed our first Program Planning Guides from the High School. When you finally decided what classes you wanted to take during your Freshmen Year; you may have forgotten that three classes were mandatory during the 9th Grade. English 9, Western Civilization, and Freshmen Health and Wellness. So, you re-picked. Freshmen year came along and kicked off for us in Fall 2009. High School was a tremendous change for us all. Try recalling your first Health and Wellness class of the year. When

you first saw the syllabus, what were your thoughts? Did they sound something like, “Didn’t we already learn this?” Or did it sound more like, “This is a recap of health from every year since 7th Grade,” Whatever it may be, this year’s Health class was to give us an in-depth explanation and help us become better prepared to face whatever challenges life may propose. The topics covered were Self Advocacy and Choices, Physical Activity and Nutrition, Alcohol and Tobacco, Substance Use and Abuse, Relationships and Sexuality, and Stress and Disorders. No, this won’t help us in business and financing; but it will help with our social lives.

financial advisor Akshay Lalwani presents his speech to the Freshman Class during the first quarter and selling himself as the best candidate for Freshman Class Treasurer. Photo By: Tarush Sinha

shake it baby! As the year closes, Zach Ang, Ryan Ong, Sachith Siriwardane, Kevin Tung, and Chris Couch dance the night away. Photo By: Tarush Sinha

Moreover, the class is so designed as to help us better than the Specialized Health Courses that help with one aspect of everything that Freshmen Health has to offer. Even though we may have apparently ‘wasted an elective choice’ this year by opting for this, it really saved us from taking individually specialized Health Classes. So, regardless of how you see it, Health class was truly for the better. A clear example of how worthy the class is, it is staying on next year while Western Civilization is being shown the door and being replaced by World History for the future Freshmen.

By: Tarush Sinha

cheesy delight Kylee Southwell dives for the nachos during County Fair and snacks on them in the High School Gym while waiting for the rest of her friends to finish buying their food. Photo By:

Tarush Sinha

Freshmen 39

party jeopardy Katie Lewis and Daniel Kim compete on two separate teams during Jeopardy in Freshman Seminar. To answer, they have to be the first to blow the horn. As they blow, Tobin Hamby, Celine Kwon, and Lauren McMullen watch on. Photo By: Tarush Sinha

Is The First Free A Charm?

During the 2009-2010 school year, the first semester contained a new addition to the Freshman Free Periods.

Fall 2009, Freshmen year started. We had new classes, new friends, new teachers, and a free period. In the opinion of about 88 % of the Freshmen, having a free period on the days we didn’t have seminar, was the best part of the year. Upon further investigations, you would find that the reason the free was so popular was because you could pretty much do anything. Sit in the cafeteria and eat, walk around school with friends, watch TV shows and movies online, play DOTA, and of course, do your homework. At the start of the year, most of us were very conscious of the fact that free period is for working ahead

40 Freshmen

and finishing projects. However as time passed on and stress levels increased, free period became a breather period for us where we would be able to relax and have fun. Though it seemed okay, we were actually making our lives harder. In the end of September, the freshmen counselors called the first Freshmen Seminar of the year. None of us really expected this and so we walked in completely clueless as to what was going to happen. After the first session during which we were taught Facebook etiquette with Alice (Youtube Video) and how to effectively use a free period, almost all of us despised it. But truth be told,

it wasn’t as bad as it seemed. After the first few seminars, Freshmen started effectively using their free periods with methods they learnt in the seminar. The seminars were thus both, effective and slightly entertaining. Some Freshmen however, believe that there are different ways through which we can learn all that we were taught during seminar. Though the seminar was quite effective, you can still find a small group of people playing DOTA or watching movies during their free period. By: Tarush Sinha

movie time Desiree Peh and Bryan Lau take advantage of having their laptops at school by watching a movie during their free period. Next year every student will be required to bring laptops as a part of their school supplies. Photo By: Tarush Sinha

prom dress Pia Wong showcases Dylan Flippo’s first choice prom dress to their friends during lunch break.

Photo By: Tarush Sinha

Tobin Hamby

Nicky Muller

cat-like reflexes Josh Cho and Andrew Engen test Krutika Umashankar’s reflexes during an experiment in Biology Class. The point was to find out how many pins are you being poked by. It seems quite apparent by the end of the experiment that Krutika has dead cat-like reflexes. Photo By: Tarush Sinha

Andrew Lydens

skippin on saturday Saki Mihori skips across the track between events towards her friends on Saturday morning during. The bright attitude made the day seem shorter. Photo By: Tarush Sinha

Job Lau

crushed Jane Foo steps on Sachith Siriwardane’s head while he is sunbathing during lunch by the edge of the track while his friends laugh at them. Photo By: Tarush Sinha jump kick Jeffrey Scott jumps high in the air and aims a kick at Wendy Sung-Clarke’s face and then pulls his foot back at the last second. She is completely unphased. Photo By: Tarush Sinha k-pop

Dean Chang, Young Min Kim, and Elton Wang dance to a K-Pop song during season 3 Pep Rally. The freshmen beat the other classes. Photo

By: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

Freshmen 41

Maryam Abdul-Rahman Ottawa, Canada

Margaret Abeles

Wheaton, Illinois

Lianne Adamopoulos

Groveland, Massachusetts

Ayesha Agarwal

Portland, Oregon

Vivian Agnew

Manila, Philippines

Tanvi Ahuja

Mumbai, India

Elizabeth Albanese Orlando, Florida

Amanda Alberts

Chicago, Illinois

Justin Alexander Jakarta, Indonesia

Ahilan Amirthanayagam Washington D.C

Aditi Anand Catherine Andrade

Chicago, Illinois

Rishabh Aneja

Sydney, Australia

Zachary Ang Singapore

Vincent Asselin Lauzon Quebec, Canada

Farhan Attamimi Jakarta, Indonesia

Tyler Auslander Austin, Texas

Ford Avery

Arlington, Virginia

Carsten Bahl

Portland, Oregon

Jessie Baicy Singapore

Sadhana Bala Singapore

Nandita Baloo

Chicago, Illinois

Carlitos Basilla

Manila, Philippines

Lakshmi Batachari Houston, Texas

Brenden Baxter Naples, Italy

Alexandre Berenger

Anaheim Hills, California

Adam Bergere

Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Rohan Bharvani Mumbai, India

Megan Birdsell Austin, Texas

Andrew Blackmon Hague, Holland

42 Freshmen

Katherine Blakeman Carlsbad, California

HannahMarie Blundon Honolulu, Hawaii

Brittany Bohn

San Francisco, California

Isabella Boladian Singapore

Aidyn-Joy Bradford Sydney, Australia

Arianne Brakstad Singapore

David Brennan Fort Hood, Texas

Jared Broadman

Livermore, California

Isaac Brown Taipei, Taiwan

Emma Bryans

Vancouver, Washington

Lacy Burkett

Kingwood, Texas

Sophia Bustamante Gilbert, Arizona

Julianne Butt Singapore

Amanda Camacho Sparta, New Jersey

Rafaelle Castano Manila, Philippines

Alexandra Chadwick Gold Coast, Australia

Courtney Chambers Austin, Texas

Jonathan Chan

Hong Kong, China

Joy Angelica Chan Singapore

Jun Yan Chan

Hong Kong, China

Procrastination: How Long Do You Do It? 24% procrastinate for less than an hour

40% procrastinate for 1-2 hours

6% procrastinate for 4-5 hours

20% procrastinate for 2-3 hours

Top 10 Websites to Waste Your Time On: Facebook Myspace YouTube Twitter One Manga

10% procrastinate for 3-4 hours

Freshmen 43

Matthew Chang

Surabaya, Indonesia

Sae Hyoung Chang

Seoul, South Korea

Philippa Chanin

Worthing, England

Nicholas Chao

Fort Worth, Texas Bonita Buolada Charoenwong Memphis, TN

Albert Chen

Taipei, Taiwan

Kevin Chen

Taichung, Taiwan

Nicholas Chen Taipei, Taiwan

Ethan Cheng Singapore

Aimee Cheng-Bradshaw Manchester, England

Ambrose Cheung

Auckland, New Zealand

Elaine Chiu

Palo Alto, California

Hyung Won Cho

Seoul, South Korea

Joshua Cho

Palos Verdes, California

Stephanie Chong Singapore

Ji Won Choo

Seoul, South Korea

Mallika Choudhary

New Delhi, India

Monica Chritton

Madison, Wisconsin

Gregory Chumakov

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Meaghan Cole

Aurora, Colorado

Matthew Conklin

Boston, Massachusetts

Megan Cosgrove

Los Altos, California

Christopher Couch

Detroit, Michigan

Andrew Crema

San Jose, California

Felicia Danielle

Devon Darira

Darien, Connecticut

Allison Davis Dallas, Texas

Lorraine De Velez

Manila, Philippines

Kelsey DeBerry

Houston, Texas

Yana Demeester

Zoersel, Belgium

44 Freshmen

Jacob Derksen

San Diego, California

Rohan Desai

Voorhees, New Jersey

Alexander DiBiagio

What would you do if: The world ended tomorrow and you had a billion dollars? Find a cure or solution to whatever was killing me. And if I did have all the money I wanted, it would devaluate currency worldwide so I don’t think that’s a very wise idea. Just printing money is what got Germany into the financial hole before WWI. This is anonymous right?

Gothenburg, Sweden

McKenna Donahue

Bellingham, Washington

Buy a ticket to Heaven

Liam Du Preez

Pretoria, South Africa

Felicity Dunbar Sydney, Australia

Blow up something...

First, my friends and I would go to Japan and learn how to become ninja, then visit the hot springs in Hokkaido and gorge on enormous amounts of sushi. I’d then order a private jet to fly all my friends and I to go to the French Riveria to eat yummy pasta and baguettes and hang out by the beach. We’d also travel all around the world and secretly trash celebrity houses because we are all ninjas. Then I’d call Kanye West to interrupt the end of the world.

I will bring my entire family to go to the most expensive restaurant to have the ‘last supper’

Alexander Dunderdale Houston, Texas

Ryan Dunn

Cincinnati, Ohio

Carrie Dwyer Singapore

Theresa Ellsworth San Diego, California

Andrew Engen Austin, Texas

Ceilidh Evans

The Woodlands, Texas

Deniz Evren Singapore

Katherine Fickel Peoria, Illinois

Elina Filice

Hamilton, Canada

Dylan Flippo Connecticut

Christopher Fong

San Francisco, California

Jane Foo Singapore

Lauren Fremont Miami, Florida

Sami Fuller

Miami Beach, Florida

Rachel Fulton

Carlsbad, California

Freshmen 45

Freshmen Food Findings 79%

of the freshmen class prefer food from the High School Cafeteria while the remaining prefer food from the Middle School Cafeteria.


Lemon Chicken Teriyaki Chicken

Sachith Siriwardane

Kevin Tung Sean Gallagher

Baldwin, Michigan

Christopher Gan Singapore

Mehek Gidwani

Jakarta, Indonesia

Kaneen Gomez-Hixson

Wethersfield, Connecticut

Michael Gomez-Hixson

Wethersfield, Connecticut

John Goode Salado, Texas

Alistair Graham Topeka, Kansas

Gabrielle Greaney Mahwah, New Jersey

Sophia Greaney

Mahwah, New Jersey

Haddie Marie Hamal

Tobin Hamby Selca, Croatia

Faran Hannani

Gothenburg, Sweden

Stephanie Hao Taipei, Taiwan

Adam Hardy

Queenstown, New Zealand

Ebony Harris

Sydney, Australia

Jessica Hartman Singapore

Cathryn Harvey Broadstairs, UK

Angela Hawthorne Palm Harbor, Florida

Philip Michael Hewitt

Georgetown, Illinois

Michael Hoefling

Peoria, Illinois

46 Freshmen

Most Favorite Dishes Campus Signature Pizza • Beef Fried Rice Black Pepper Chicken • Subway

Ryan Suwito

Zachary Ang

Anna Kook

Raymond Hohensee Singapore

Erica Huston

Los Angeles, California

Annika Hvide

Bergen, Norway

Rachael Hyde Houston, Texas

Benjamin In De Braekt Chester, New Jersey

Kengo Itakura

Yokohama, Japan

Lea Jackson

Lafayette, Louisiana

Rachel Jackson

The Woodlands, Texas

Victoria Jackson Mobile, Alabama

Nikita Jacob Delhi, India

Shashank Jejurikar Mumbai, India

Yoon Ho Jo

Seoul, South Korea

Jake Johnston

Surabaya, Indonesia

Donghyeok Jung Seoul, South Korea

Jae Yong Jung

Seoul, South Korea

Lena Jung

Seoul, South Korea

Radhika Kalra Delhi, India

Clare Kang

Lansing, Michigan

Eric Kerger

Schwalbach, Germany

Carmen Kertadjaja Jakarta, Indonesia

Michael Ketchum

Mendham, New Jersey

James Khoo Singapore

Daniel Kim

Saratoga, California

Dong Young Kim Seoul, South Korea

Eun Young Kim

Seoul, South Korea

Jie Ho Kim Singapore

Min Jee Kim

Seoul, South Korea

Samuel Kim

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Tae Yeon Kim

Seoul. South Korea

Young-Min Kim

Seoul, South Korea

Freshmen 47

Sasha Kingsley Chennai, India

Carissa Kong

Edgewater, New Jersey

Anna Kook

Seoul, South Korea

Alexander Korn

Portland, Connecticut

Raghav Kumar

Joseph Tze Heng Kwee Singapore

Celine Kwon

Seoul, South Korea

Irene Kwon Ayushman Lahiri Mumbai, India

Akshay Sky Lalwani

Menlo Park, California

Tamara Lam Singapore

Bryan Lau Singapore

Job Lau

San Francisco, California

Rachel Law

Los Altos, California

Juhee Lee

Suwon, South Korea

Seung Joo Lee

Seoul, South Korea

Katelyn Leong Singapore

Kathleen Lewis Houston, Texas

Rachel Yuan Fang Liem Singapore

Chelsea Lin

Cincinnati, Ohio

Murray Livingston Durban, South Africa

Teresa Lo

Taipei, Taiwan

Spencer Long

Fairfax, Virginia

Renata Lumanau

Jakarta, Indonesia

Andrew Lydens

Patagonia, Argentina

Daniel Lyons

Charlotte, North Carolina

Murli Mahesh Mumbai, India

Ritika Malkani Pune, India

Sarah Mallard

Atlanta, Georgia

Julia Marcou

Bethesda, Maryland

48 Freshmen

Raylen Margono Singapore

Tayla Marsh

Queensland, Australia

Ryan Martawibawa Singapore

Danielle Monique Martin Picayune, Mississippi

Emily Martin

Reading, Pennsylvania

Julie Martin

Pleasanton, California

Antonio Martone La Quinta, California

Harry Matheson

Christchurch, New Zealand

Alexandra McConaghy North Andover, Massachusetts

Patrick McFetridge San Diego, California

Amanda McKenzie Singapore

Lauren McMullen Beulah, Michigan

Alsha Meidina

Jakarta, Indonesia

Saki Mihori Singapore

Matthew Mikrut

Hazelton, Pennsylvania

Michael Mikrut

Hazelton, Pennsylvania

Joseph Kyong Tae Min Seoul, South Korea

Maayan Misra Singapore

Sook Hyun Moon Seoul, South Korea

Isabelle Mulder Houston, Texas

Ke$ha vs. Justin Bieber

57% of the Freshman prefer Justin Bieber over Ke$ha.

Sherlock Holmes vs. Avatar

52% of the Freshman prefer Sherlock Holmes over Avatar.

”Sherlock Holmes was better because Avatar was the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen,” Deniz Evren. “Sherlock Holmes because Jude Law is hot,” Cassidy Wetzell. “Sherlock Holmes was a classic, and it was an amazing movie,” Irene Kwon.

”I prefer JB because he is cute in a kiddy way,” Kiran Siddique. “JB is the love of my life,” Joshua Cho. “I have Bieber Fever. Don’t you? Submit to him.” Sachith Siriwardane

Glee vs. American Idol

52% of the Freshman prefer Glee over American Idol.

”Glee! A.I. has gone on too long. I <3 Kurt,” Jessica Hartman. “Glee, music is a whole lot better,” Matthew Ooi. “Glee is really entertaining,” Eleni Rigopoulos.

Freshmen 49

Nicholas Muller

Vero Beach, Florida

Naina Mullick Singapore

Ahren Natarajan

San Francisco, California

Aysha Nesbitt

Ottawa, Canada

Timothy Ng Singapore

Olivia Nguyen Houston, Texas

Nikhil Nilakantan Singapore

Daniel Northwood

Los Angeles, California

Kwang-Hyun Oh

Seoul, South Korea

Ryan Ong Singapore

James Onischuk

Westport, Connecticut

Matthew Ooi Singapore

Justin Ou

San Francisco, California

Sonia Parekh

Stamford, Connecticut

Alexis Park

New York, New York

Kipeum Park

Seoul, South Korea

Carter Peeler Houston, Texas

Desiree Peh Singapore

Rathana Pen-Amelio Siem Reap, Cambodia

Candace Perry

Los Angeles, California

Joe Phuong

Rocklin, California

Perrin Pierson

Kansas City, Missouri

Alejandro Piguillem Valldemossa, Spain

Ashton Leigh Pope Silvana Prieto Quintero Yopal, Columbia

Laura Prudhomme

Chicago, Illinois

Bryan Quah Singapore

Apurva Raghupathi Mumbai, India

Maliha Rahim

Westchester, New York

Sudeep Raj

Foster City, California

50 Freshmen

Vikas Rajgopal Singapore

Smruthi Ram

Los Angeles, California

Fumie Reyes Maui, Hawaii

Lauren Richardson New York, New York

Eleni Rigopoulos

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

John Roberts

Birmingham, Alabama

David Robinson Ventura, California

Alexandre Roche Paris, France

Karen Routhier

Westerly, Rhode Island

Katelyn Rowatt Houston, Texas

Alyssa San Jose Waipahu, Hawaii

Pramana Sanusi Jakarta, Indonesia

Nicholas Sardjono Jakarta, Indonesia

Atikah Scott

Sydney, Australia

Jeffrey Scott

Wichita Falls, Texas

Danni Shanel

Las Vegas, Nevada

Melanie Shea

Sugar Land, Texas

Iishaan Shekhar New Delhi, India

SeoYeon Shim

Seoul, South Korea

Ragini Shyamsunder Mumbai, India

Kiran Siddique

Chevy Chase, Maryland

Tarini Singhania Tarush Sinha

Cupertino, California

Sachith Siriwardane Saint Louis, Missouri

Matthew Siu Singapore

Tara Sivaskandan Marshalltown, Iowa

Stephanie Lauren Slaven Melbourne, Australia

Jessica Smart

Jacksonville, Florida

Gregory Smith Jr

New Orleans, Louisiana

Margaret-Anne Smith

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Freshmen 51

Young Ju Sohn

Seoul, South Korea

Sung Bean Son

Seoul, South Korea

Yeong Gyeong Son

Seoul, South Korea

Jinny Song

Seoul, South Korea

Kylee Anne Southwell

Livermore, California

Isabella Speciale Singapore

James Stanley Singapore

Evan Steinke

Calgary, Canada

Wendy Sung-Clarke

Silver Spring, Maryland

Philip Sutanto

Jakarta, Indonesia

Ryan Suwito

Jakarta, Indonesia

Saoli Suzuki

Washington, DC

Laken Sylvander

Saint Louis, Missouri

Megan Talon

Boston, Massachusetts

Piyush Talwar Lucknow, India


2013 Code

Jonathan Tam Toronto, Canada

Patricia Tecson

Manila, Philippines

To the Future Freshman, Failure to adhere to the code will most likely lead to something very bad happening to you. The Class of 2013 is not responsible for any injuries you may have from not following these rules. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t say we didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t warn you!

Respect the class colors. Orange was our life for this year.



Grant Thain Katy, Texas

Hans Thieme Singapore

Never, EVER upset an upperclassman, or bear the consequences.

#4 #3

Make Sure that you always sit on the bottom floor of the cafeteria, or bear the consequences.

52 Freshmen

Never forget your freshman year, its only the begining! Keep up the hype, flaunt your higher status as soph, and keep on rocking Class of 2013!

Matthew Thomas

Seattle, Washington

Terence Tien Taipei, Taiwan

Yu En Kevin Tung Taipei, Taiwan

Yu Jung Um

Seoul, South Korea

Ashwin Umapathi Singapore

Krutika Umashankar New Delhi, India

Vicente Valenzuela Santiago, Chile

Alexandra Valone

Deerfield, Massachusetts

Celine Van Zadelhoff Utrecht, Holland

Celine Vang

Copenhagen, Denmark

Vanessa Vargo Singapore

Sana Vasi

Fremont, California

Tanay Venkateswaran Chennai, India

Chakrya Veoun-Amelio Siem Reap, Cambodia

Claudia Vesga Houston, Texas

Morgan Wait

Montclair, New Jersey

Angela Wang

Chino Hills, California

Elton Wang

Fremont, California

Kevin Wang

Palo Alto, California

Ding Wei Wee Singapore

Cassidy Wetzell Phuket, Thailand

Pia Wong

Hong Kong, China

Holly Wood Singapore

Feiyu Xie

Tianjins, China

Tiffany Yen

Los Angeles, California

Vanessa Yen Taipei, Taiwan

Kei Yoshikoshi Odawara, Japan

Timothy Cyrillis Young Singapore

Austin Yu Singapore

Brandon Zhang Detroit, Michigan

David Zhu

Melbourne, Australia

Pablo Zorrilla Gonzalez Mexico City, Mexico

Freshmen 53

We’re Moving Up

The half way line has been drawn , the two year stretch begins. Were almost there Class of 2012.

Sophomore hands tremb led less than freshmens’. The ground under our fee t still shifted, but we were calmer. Past the earth shatteri ng transition into high sc ho ol, we had a better perspective of what was going on an d what was expected. There was more freedom to choose classes and extracurricular activities, but that also meant we had more responsibility as we ll. APs and SATs loom fol lowed by mocks and prep class es. Staying up past midn ight became a habit, and after school naps grew as frequ ent as eating. Backpack loads were heavier, and we fel t ou r stress levels move close r to a breaking point. To deal with the pressure s of high school though, we made new friends. Th e Subway aunties memo rized our orders, we finally did n’t have to wear that tac ky orange anymore, Fridays were sp ent chucking dodge balls at one another, and who could forget our very own Bo Ha mby flaunting his curves as Sa ndra Dee during the third season pep rally? We have begun to mold ou rse lve s and make a mark in school, and alrea dy halfway through high school, we did not have a lot of tim e left. We have survived the big earthquake into high scho ol and now, we are ready for our next challenge: overtaking the seniors in spirit point s. And that, future upperclas smen, is a challenge we can surely overcome. By Anibita Siregar

54 Sophomores


Jack McCab

Missa Stratto


Paul Gregg


Carolyn Koh, Elizabe Anbita Siregar, Bo Hamby, y Hohensee Creech, Maya Kale , Rub

Sophomores 55

“study” session

Taking a break from studying, sophomores Nicole Hussey and Cassidy Dimond tune into a TV show on their laptop. With the popularity of online streaming websites, many students catch up on their US television shows on the internet. Photo By: Cassi Miller

Easy,Brezzy & Stress-free Is sophomore year really as easy as everyone says? While upperclassmen debated whether or not sophomore year was the “slacker” year, time to take a breath and relax, sophomores buckled down and worked. Juniors and seniors weren’t the only ones worried about college admissions; sophomores were also thinking about making the grades for college. Sophomore year’s difficulty depends on the classes you take,” Nicole Hussey said. “Many sophomores have a heavy workload because they are taking advanced placement classes.” “Freshman year is rough and awkward; you are in a new building,

56 Sophomores

taking new classes, with new teachers school, new students and more of and new classmates” Cassidy Dimond them - all while trying to finding your said. “The work load this year has own place among all the chaos. been much more difficult.” Freshman year was transitional, while sophomore year saw prep-tests, the start of SAT’s and more college prep materials handed out by teachers. After sophomore year, junior - Nicole Hussey year seems less threatening, and senior year might just be Many sophomores said there really the easiest year, especially if you only wasn’t much of a difference between have a few credits to complete by that 8th grade class work and freshmen year. Maybe high school is only as work, but that wasn’t the difficult part hard as you make it for yourself. By: Cassi Miller anyway. The real challenges were getting used to a new building, a new

“Sophomore year’s difficulty depends on the classes you take.”

game stop Shane Soetaniman and Chi-Chan Chen take a break from homework to play computer games. One of the up sides to spending your free in the cafeteria is the study help you can get from friends. Photo By: Cassi Miller break- free With no time to even breathe, Alex Leonard quickly prints his essay for next period class. Some sophomores have a very stressful work load they have no time to do homework at home. Photo By: Cassi Miller stressed for success Very concentrated, Alex Schindele answers questions in his notebook for English class during his free. Sometimes a seat can be hard to find in the library because so many students have lots of work to do. Photo By: Corey Burkett road to sucess

Maria Riabtchenko releases stress with her peers Lucy Pickering, Athelia Pauli, Katie Fink, Cassidy Dimond and Dominique Pratt during free Period. Many students use the time to catch up with class work and hold group study sessions Photo By: Cassi Miller

free time Ed Khoo and Peter Hunt share a computer in the cafeteria as they concentrate on their C.O.D battle. Some students use there free as â&#x20AC;&#x153; free timeâ&#x20AC;? and watch tv or play computer games.Photo By: Cassi Miller

using time wisely Not wasting a minute, Augusta Soeryadjaya works on his math homework during lunch. Many students have no time to eat during the day because they are in the library studying for upcoming classes. Photo By: Corey Burkett

Sophomores 57

spirit overload Carolyn Koh paints Bo Hamby’s face in preparation for the upcoming pep rally. Many sophomores show their school spirit by wearing green, painting their faces, cheering and participating in the spirit activities. At the beginning of the year the sophomores took the lead, but soon started to lag behind. Photo By: Andisya Siregar

Sophomores Take An


Sophomores show off class pride by cheering loud and wearing there green. Pep rallies make for some of the most memorable moments in American high schools. They are full of traditions and noise, creating an atmosphere that SAS has tried to imitate over several years. Modifications to the program by Executive Council did the job this year. More students wore class polos and dressed in red and blue for IASAS events. More students have joined in the noise-making, dancing and stomping during spirit rallies. As the competition heated up freshmen became “outraged” by sophomore wins in spirit competitions

58 Sophomores

and planned ways of overcoming sophomores and snatching first place. Sophomore wins in early spirit activities faded as they began to give up points. Past school years seemed to always end with senior victories leaving underclassmen to question the idea of rigged or fixed scores. A new tool, the Cheer-O-Meter was introduced this year to measure class noise levels in rallies more accurately. More precise measures still put the sophomores far behind and students asked why. “Sophomores have lost their faith

in winning,” said sophomore Lucy Pickering But class president Bo Hamby was hopeful as the year drew to a close. “The sophomores can still pull through. If we give it our all, we can still win!” Following a great showing at the third season pep rally, the sophomores finished the year strongly. Led by president Hamby, they choreographed a hilarious dance to a mash-up of songs from Grease. Favored to win the contest, sophomores finished the overall competition clinching second place for the grade.

By: Cassi Miller

faster, faster, faster, Anbita Siregar races past the roaring sophomores to take second place during the first season Pep Rally Spirit activity. The sophomores went on to win the title of loudest class. Photo By: Cassi Miller

just for laughs Valerie Kwee and Maggie Cham chat while waiting for the spirit activities to start. To step up the competition the sophomore student council provided paint, pom poms and green accessories to the sophomores. Photo By: Cassi Miller

keep on cheering

Chatting about the events ahead, Megan Dauenhauer and Elizabeth Creech talk with anticipated smirks on their faces. Many students said that first season pep rally was the best yet.

Photo By: Cassi Miller

tennis proâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Ishan Krishan and Bianca Barletta discuss their strategy at the first season pep rally. Events included a tennis rally, F1 bike races, relays and cheering competitions to psyche up the athletes that were competing in the upcoming IASAS tournament. Photo By: Cassi Miller

time of our lives Laughing hysterically, Hannah Hunt and So Jin Park cover there faces in disbelief of the events. Many students were shocked about the lengths that many students had to go to for some of the spirit events. Photo By: Cassi Miller

Spirit Points 1st Season 2nd Season



900 910 1040 Sophomores 59



Luke Abdelnoor

Oak Harbor, Washington


Karel Abdi

Jakarta, Indonesia

to live and die by

“Don’t be scared of the upperclassmen, there not as scary as they look. Just relax, clam down and don’t be intimidated. Just be yourself.” -Augusta Soeryadjaya

Nicole Albrecht

Baltimore, Maryland

Joseph Alley

New Orleans, Louisiana

{“learn some basic rules”} Ander Alrutz-Stierna Fulda, Germany

“Ask questions if you don’t know the answers. No one likes to look stupid. You won’t learn until you ask. This is especially smart if you don’t understand the homework. Not only does this apply to homework, also dont be affraid to ask upperclassmen questions.” - Missa Stratton

{“Ask questions”} “Sophomore year is not as troublesome as many people say. If you didn’t have good study routines in your first year of High School, it turns into a bad habit. You must learn some basic rules and try to stick with them for the next two years of high school!” - Nicole Ongko

{“Just Relax”} “Don’t wear so much make-up! it’s funny when I see girls trying so hard with a full face of makeup and curling their hair for school. I know you want to make a good impression, but it looks better if you just wear minimal makeup.” - Hannah Hunt

{“ Don’t wear so much make-up”} 60 Sophomores

Alexis Auslander Austin, Texas

Ami Baba

Cupertino, California

Soo Kyung Bae

Seoul, South Korea

Abhishek Baral

Des Moines, Iowa

Robert Barber

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bianca Barletta

Cape Town, South Africa

Melad Bassiri Puerto Rico

Lauren Beck

Tucson, Arizona

Ameya Benegal Bombay, India

Tessa Bertamini

Nacogdoches, Texas

Alexander Bettadapur Detroit, Michigan

George Bock Tokyo, Japan

Surya Boesman Jakarta, Indonesia

Sanuja Bose Singapore

Daniel Bourgeois

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Matthew Bukovitz Colver, Pennsylvania

Corey Burkett

Kingwood, Texas

Ji Weon Byun

Seoul, South Korea

Marcus Campbell Belfast, Ireland

Morgan Cawthon Dallas, Texas

Maggie Cham

San Francisco, California

Dennis Chan

Scarsdale, New York

Nicole Chan Singapore

Stefanie Chan Singapore

Masatoshi Chang Tokyo, Japan

Chi-Chan Chen Houston, Texas

Kevin Chen

Christchurch, New Zealand

Alistair Chew

Edinburgh, Scotland

Han Qiang Chew Singapore

Joshua Choe

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Youn Jae Choi

Seoul, South Korea

Hangil Chung

Seoul, South Korea

Yoo Jin Chung

Seoul, South Korea

Sarah Corona

San Jose, California

Elizabeth Creech

Bakersfield, California

Sebastian Dangond Santa Marta, Columbia

Fidella Darmawan Jakarta, Indonesia

Sophomores 61

Carlos Datu

Manila, Philippines

Megan Dauenhauer Las Vegas, Nevada

Nico De La Pena Taiwan, Taipei

Christopher Dee Houston, Texas

Matthew Dee

Houston, Texas

Daniel Deluty

Fairfield, Connecticut

Lily Devins

Toronto, Canada

Cassidy Dimond

Fairbanks, Alaska

Jonathan Edwards Catania, Italy

Cooper Ehrendreich

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Alicia Elms

Seattle, Washington

Jose Escaler

Manila, Philippines

Dakota Fink

Parker, Colorado

Katelyn Fink

Parker, Colorado

Trent Fish

North Shore, Hawaii

Jade Fogle

Chicago, Illinois

Kyle Forgeron

North Hero, Vermont

Ian Friddle

San Diego, California

Octavia Fuller

Chesapeake, Virginia

Sarah Gabert Austin, Texas

Jacqueline Geday Montreal, Canada

Christian Gilbert

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Amanpreet Gill Toronto, Canada

Surya Giri

Bangalore, India

Ian Go

Manila, Philippines

Dacia Goh Singapore

Dylan Goulding

Rossville, Ireland

Emma Graddy

Portland, Oregon

Jonathan Grant London, England

Paul Gregg

New York, New York

62 Sophomores


e l b a t t e Regr

Have you ever sent a text and regretted it?

“Oh God, I cant believe I just sent that text message to him!” your best friend mumbles to you on the bus. You look around to make sure he isn’t on the after-school bus. The embarrassment of saying “ I Love You” to a guy she barley even knew was all over her face. All right, it has now been proven that it is not the smartest idea to save fake messages on your cell phone. The result is ultimate humiliation! Have you every wished that you could go back in time and stop yourself from

sending a text message? For teenagers stressed with homework and extracurricular activities; sleep was not one of the priorities. Sometimes emotions tended to get a little out of hand and chaotic when were sleep deprived, which is just part of being a teenager. This is why we advise you not to text whilst on an emotional rampage! Text messages are permanent, once there sent; there is no going back.

Missa Stratton

By: Cassi Mille

Vincent Gurle Cannes, France

Hannah Hallenbeck Orlando, Florida

Bo Hamby

Palos Verdes, California

Aidan Hanley

Ganske, Massachusetts

Jade Hardy

Queenstown, New Zealand

John Hartinger

Charles Town, West Virginia

William Haryanto Jakarta, Indonesia

Melissa Ho

New York City, New York

Ruby Hohensee Nagano, Japan

Kevin Holt

Mission Viejo, California

Chen Ju Hou Taipei, Taiwan

Michael Hsun

Sugar Land, Texas

Doojin Huh

Seoul, South Korea

Hannah Hunt

Boston, Massachusetts

Peter Hunt

Boston, Massachusetts

Sophomores 63

Nicole Hussey Singapore

Stephanie Irwin Austin, Texas

Jacob Issenberg Sydney, Australia

Madeline Jackson

San Francisco, California

Shruti Jayakumar Chennai, India

Karen Jeong

Pyeongtaek, South Korea

Hayoung Joh

Seoul, South Korea

Katherine Joyce Houston, Texas

Seong Hyun Ju

Seoul, South Korea

Lauren Jung

Seoul, South Korea

Tanmaya Kabra

Princeton, New Jersey

Katy Aileen Kaestner Katy, Texas

Maya Kale Singapore

Hyo Bin Kang

Seoul, South Korea

Jonathan Kang Toronto, Canada

Sung Hun Kang

Seoul, South Korea

Yoon Ku Kang

Seoul, South Korea

Marnfah Kanjanavanit Bangkok, Thailand

Karan Kant

New Delhi, India

Saya Kashiwamura Yokohama, Japan

Amar Mohan Kaul

New Delhi, India

Marcin Kedziera

Stalowa Wola, Poland

Daniel Kelley

Londonderry, New Hampshire

Calvin Kertadjaja Jakarta, Indonesia

Edward Khoo Singapore

Bo Kyung Kim

Manila, Philippines

Daniel Kim

Seoul, South Korea

Dong Yub Kim

Seoul, South Korea

Joon Ho Kim

Seoul, South Korea

Oliver Kim

Hong Kong, China

64 Sophomores

Sam Kim

Edgewater, New Jersey

Young Hun Kim

Seoul, South Korea

Madison Klimczak Houston, Texas

Carolyn Koh

Seoul, South Korea

Hui Fang Koh Singapore

Jong Won Koh

Seoul, South Korea

Spencer Koh

Grand Prairie, Texas

Madeline Kotarski

Ponca City, Oklahoma

Ishan Krishan India

Adharsh Kumar Detroit, Michigan

Akshaya Kumar Detroit, Michigan

Valerie Kwee Singapore

Meghna Lall

Ontario, Canada

Nicholas Lau

San Francisco, California

Samir Lavingia Singapore

David Lee

Somerset, New Jersey

Dong Woo Lee

Seoul, South Korea

Ji Soo Lee

Seoul, South Korea

Jonathan Lee

Somerset, New Jersey

Jung Hoon Lee

Seoul, South Korea

Emily Lemaire

Montreal, Canada

Alexander Leonard Dallas, Texas

Christopher Leong New York, New York

Cian Yong Leow Waterford, Ireland

Jason Li

Sapporo, Japan

Nancy Li

Toronto, Canada

Zi Han Li

Chengdu, China

Sara Lieberman Katy, Texas

Mark Lim Singapore

Kyle Lin

Moskva, Russia

Sophomores 65

Charles Lindholm

Jacksonville, Flordia

Tenny Liu

Montreal, Canada

Colin Lo


Gordon Lo Singapore

Stephen Long

Fairfax, Virginia

Timothy Lynch

San Francisco, California

Josh Magbanua

Manila, Philippines

Solange Majewski

San Francisco, California

Sanjna Malik Singapore

Jack McCabe

Red Cloud, Nebraska

Rylan McConville Houston, Texas

Kalli McCoy

Evergreen, Colorado

Shreshth Mehrotra New Delhi, India

Cassandra Miller

Orange County, California

Tyler Miller

Seattle, Washington

Andrew Milne

Belleville, Canada

Sonia Mirchandani Mumbai, India

Caitlen Monnone Houston, Texas

Kelly Murphy

San Diego, California

Nabil Sean Muzayyin Faizan Nael

Liverpool, England

Yun Jee Nam

Seoul, South Korea

Stanzin Namgyal

New Delhi, India

Haley Naughton

Rochester, New York

Connor Nechelput

London, England

Emily Nelson

Denver, Colorado

Eunice Ng

Lexington, Massachusetts

Cameron Noble

Vienna, Austria

Steven Nowak

Chicago, Illinois

Emma Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Connell

Randolph, New Jersey

66 Sophomores

Upperclassmen Crush “Danica Pizzi is so nice and we get along so well!” - sophomore Bo Hamby “Nina Miller’s a hottie and my BFF. We hang all the time!” - sophomore Kyle Pizzi

Aishwarya Oberoi Bombay, India

Sue-In Oh Young Oh

Seoul, South Korea

Kento Oimatsu Tokyo, Japan

Ji Wan Ok

Seoul, South Korea

Rin Okumura Nagoya, Japan

Kyle Ong Singapore

Nicole Ongko

Menlo Park, California

Sheela Ooi

Penang, Malaysia

Nathaniel Osachoff Vancouver, Canada

Czarina Oyad

Manila, Philippines

Hyo Jin Park

Seoul, South Korea

So Jin Park

Seoul, South Korea

Shelby Patanella Austin, Texas

Athelia Paulli

New York City, New York

William Pazos Miami, Florida

Katherine Penniall Houston, Texas

Jane Petty

Newburyport, Massachusetts

Lucy Pickering

New Haven, Connecticut

Kyle Pizzi

Annapolis, Maryland

Sophomores 67

Top TV Shows

Dominique Pratt Dallas, Texas

Jeffrey Qiu

Honolulu, Hawaii

Natalie Quach

Belmont, California

Abbygail Quick

Chicago, Illinois

28% of Sophomores think Kurt is the funniest character Lia Quijano

Manila, Philippines

Carly Ragsdale

45% of Sophomores want Dan and Serena to get back together

Round Rock, Texas

Daniel Ramachandran

54% of Sophomores like Ellen on American idol better then Paula

34% of Sophomores want Lucas and Peyton back on One Tree Hill

17% of Sophomores favorite Desperate Housewives family is Lee and Bob


Nicolas Razon Kobe, Japan

Adam Reed

Tacoma Park, Maryland

Matthew Rees

Reading, England

Quin Reidy

Lafayette, California

Yoon Woo Rhee

Seoul, South Korea

45% of Sophomores say McDreamy and Meredith are their favorite couple 68 Sophomores

Maria Riabtchenko Moscow, Russia

Tobias Ringheim

Copenhagen, Denmark

Sandisiwe Ripinga Pretoria, South Africa

Andrew Roberts

Birmingham, Alabama

Ciaran Ross

Sydney, Australia

Maximilian Rossinsky New York City, New York

Georges Roulet Magides Chateau-dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Oex, Switzerland

Scott Rozen-Levy

Concord, Massachusetts

Irene Rozett

Jacksonville, Florida

Nicolas San Jose Honolulu, Hawaii

Kyle Sansom

Sisters, Oregon Varagunan Satchithanandan Detroit, Michigan Alexander Schindele-Murayama

Tokyo, Japan

Abby Schmidt Chicago, Illinois

Claire Schollaert

East Greenwich, Rhode Island

Jessica Schult

Orefield, Pennsylvania

Monica Scieszka Riverside, Illinois

Abraham Selby Singapore

Jin Ho Seo

Seoul, South Korea

Marc Shaffer II

Alpharetta, Georgia

Reem Shalabi MalĂŠ, Maldives

Varun Sharat

Bangalore, India

Aashman Sharma New Delhi, India

Nikita Sharma Singapore

Isabella Shaulis

Vero Beach, Florida Sharmishta Sivaramakrishnan Chennai, India

Lauren Smith

Sydney, Australia

Christopher Sio Singapore

Anbita Siregar

Jakarta, Indonesia

Scott Smith

San Francisco, California

Sophomores 69

Augusta Soeryadjaya

Los Angeles, California

Shane Soetaniman Jakarta, Indonesia

Shreya Soota

Jakarta, Indonesia

Owen Sperling

New York, New York

Albert Stanley Houston, Texas

Nicholas Stearns Lovell, Maine

Christian Stingl Berlin, Germany

William Stolarski

Libertyville, Illinois

Melissa Stratton

Phoenix, Arizona

Insha Subaiah Singapore

Jeeth Suresh

Santa Barbara, California

Nastassja Suri

Bangalore, India

Junko Suzuki Tokyo, Japan

Marietta Tanudisastro Sydney, Australia

Liberty Taylor

Kearney Nebraska

Madison Thain Houston, Texas

Kathryn Thieneman Peoria, Illinois

Edward Thome

Fredrikstad, Norway

Marissa Tinger

Malaga, New Jersey

Allen Tsai Singapore

When we hear


“ Happiness”

“ College”


“Doomsday” 70 Sophomores

“Finally Free” “ G r a d u at i on” “End of the World”

Ismini Tsakiris Athens, Greece

Kayla Utama

Bangkok, Thailand

Richard Vargo Singapore

Michelle Varinata Singapore

Arriel Vaz Singapore

Michele Verdoscia Chicago, Illinois

Mateo Villegas

Bogotรก, Colombia

Douglas Waterston

Wethersfield, Connecticut

Kasey Waychoff

Flower Mound, Texas

Ding Yu Wee Singapore

Maximillian West Pasadena, California

Shang-Ju Wu Taipei, Taiwan

Victor Wu

Tianjins, China

Yonghan Wu Singapore

Yu Jian Wu Singapore

Michael Yang

Denver, Colorado

Sung Wook Yang Seoul, South Korea

Aaron Yappert

Boulder, Colorado

Dong Woo Yeon Seoul, South Korea

Jimmy Yoon

Chicago, Illinois

Jong Hyeon Yoon Seoul, South z

Forrest York

Jakarta, Indonesia

Kar Yin Yu

Hong Kong, China

Amy Yuan

San Diego, California

Nallie Yue

Hong Kong, China

Amanda Zakowich Singapore

Yi Hang Zhu

Montreal, Canada

Ju Yeon Kim Anna Quijano Lucca Allevato

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sophomores 71

Congratulations, We Survived ... and to those who second guess ed our abilities to pass APs and SATs and exams... HA .

How can we ever forget the chil ling memories of all-nighters, excessive amount of caffeine and mornin gs when we would trade anythin g for an extra minute of sleep? And we have “the numbers.” Som ehow they seem to be everyw here. The beautiful 5s, the ugly 2s, and oh – the perfect combination of inte gers: 4.0 and 2200. Never again in our lives will we freak out about a decimal point so much – 3.99 and 4.0 are com pletely different. Then we had our prom. It mig ht have been a first for some, but this is the first prom where each and eve ry one of us could rightfully call MY prom. This year, we managed to see the sweeter and softer sides of the junior male population – a side so rare that we probably won’t see mo re than twice in our whole high school career. Who would ever expect that jester from across the table to offer a dozen of roses; or that shy boy from interim to sing a song that’s about you ; or a close guy friend to dress up as “your hero”? All of them had one que stion: Will you go to prom with me ? And all of them, with knots in their sto mach, pride aside, praying you ’ll say – YES. We might not be the most spir ited class, trailing behind the eve r-so-loud sophomores during spirit activiti es and cheers, but we are the big, the bold and the beautiful class of 2011. Even Beyonce would hav e been impressed by the smooth twis ts of hips during the oh-so-sex y single “men” dance. As juniors, we mastered the art of procrastination. We don’t just leave that research paper document blank until the day before, we leave it blank until midnight – that’s whe n the party begins. That’s whe n you start hyperventilating, and an occasio nal tear might roll down your che eks. But the sight of the long list of gre en check marks on Skype com forts you; you know you’re not going to be alone in this long, dark night. The n you run into your fellow owl-mates the next morning, laughing unc ontrollably. Partly it’s because you’ve reache d a point of tiredness where eve rything’s just hilarious; partly because whe n you see zombies wandering around the halls, you know you look like one too. Now, we’re all glad that it’s ove r. Juniors, we are finally seniors . That means we can walk around sch ool with an air of superiority, and finally – we get to wear red: the color of power. Before you can step off the bus in August, savor the last mome nts of immaturity, the last moments whe n you can still flip through cha nnel 32 and 33, deciding whether to wat ch Aladdin or SpongeBob Squ arepants. Congratulations. We are survivo rs.

72 Juniors

By Sophia Cheng


e Byw


Viraj Bind ra

Samantha Martin, Kelly Womack

Juniors 73

DE-STRESS The Rule of Thr33


Teenagers seek balance between three entities: School, Sleep, and Social Life Unfortunately, they see that balancing all three is near impossible.

The Rule of Three has been to finish all my work... I start taking schedules that only allowed sleep on challenged by the growing things out on my family because weekends. expectations for better education. there’s so much stuff to do for school “I stay away from distractions. [I] As the college admission process and it feels like you never get it done,” switch off my phone, shut down the became more competitive, stalwarts junior Caitlin Crow said. computer, put myself into a bubble, of SAS felt pressured to rebalance Whether it was breaking pencils, give myself power-work time, and the Rule of Three. With these then I rest for 5 minutes,” high standards and intense junior Sophia Cheng said. pressures, students achieved Maladaptive ways did “Stress is this nebulous, sort of the opposite of intended results: not get rid of the problem. lower grades, less sleep, and Exercising, hanging out thing that’s hard to identify.” fewer friends. More stress. with friends, playing video - Dr. Jeff Devens Stress is the mind and body’s games, sleeping, and finding response to factors that alter an commonality with others individual’s existing equilibrium. helped students cope. “Stress is this nebulous, sort of thing punching walls or biting nails, it would Once students discovered that that’s hard to identify,” high school balancing friends, school, and sleep be a lie to say that stress was never psychologist Dr. Jeff Devens said. was close to impossible, they started the cause of those damages. “Stress is a component of school. It picking one over the other. “There’s never a chance for can be healthy, doesn’t have to be a Dr. Devens said if we take on downtime... One time I freaked out on bad thing. It can motivate you to do my computer, and I started slamming challenges, we have to keep in mind something, but too much of it can be that we chose those courses and the keyboard and the screen flipped GRRRR [frustrating].” therefore have to own the emotions 180 degrees. I had to work upside Dr. Devens said comparing yourself down,” junior Hannah Guggisberg that go along with it. to another only elevates competition, “I don’t know, I just do it,” senior confessed. and thus increases stress in the Lauren Felice who managed being Some students resorted to alcohol environment . Students took on more or drugs to run away from the president of executive council, responsibilities which led to frustration pressure while others consumed too president of peer support, captain of and isolation, whether it was towards much caffeine to stay alert. Some girls varsity rugby, etc. said of how family, friends, or even themselves. students even became hermits during she balanced her hectic schedule. By: Karisa Sukamto and Andisya Siregar “I feel like I don’t have enough time the school year due to rigorous

ahh exams! Randall Leung and Han Young Lim study in the library for an upcoming AP Biology exam. Fellow peers sitting at the next table were anxious and jittery for the essay too which caused distraction. Han Young finally yelled out a friendly, “Shut up!” Photo By: Karisa Sukamto

74 Juniors

it’s crunch time April Hand, Serena Grace, and Victoria Stanley compare multiple choice answers before an AP Biology test. AP Biology was a more demanding course which required much understanding and memorization. It was intense hat it became two class periods. Any last minute cramming always helped. Photo By: Karisa Sukamto

break-time power nap Taylor Baildon and Kanika Chandaria find it necessary to take a quick rest. Long classes and late nights were exhausting. Closing their eyes for a few minutes gave their mind and body a second wind and helped them be less zombie-like in their next class. Photo By: Karisa Sukamto

“When I get stressed out, I get a really bad migraine and just can’t do anything. I want to die.” - Gainya St. Clair

“When I get really stressed I dance around in my room in my underwear....... just kidding?” - Natassia Siu

last minute reading Brandon Meehan uses the 20 minute break to his advantage as he does some last minute reading. Junior year was a year full of homework, tests, and quizzes. It was the year academic performance mattered more than ever. Students had to be productive at all times or risked staying up until too late in the night. Photo By: Karisa Sukamto

spark notes please Wesley Waychoff and Nathan Roberts use their precious 15 minute break to finish reading a handout. Many students found Spark Notes to be a nice short cut. However, teachers became more aware and sculpted their test and quizzes so only those who read the actual material could ace them. Photo By: Karisa Sukamto


Stressed? Two juniors respond to how they deal with the stress of 2010

y=acos(b(x-c))+d Kelsey Labranche concentrates in math class. As the year progressed, math became even more complicated. Many students reminisced of the days when they could solve all equations on their fingers and occasionally, their toes. Photo By:

Karisa Sukamto

Juniors 75

go class of 2011 The juniors prove they have the most spirit by shaking pom poms and screaming for victory. At the beginning of the year the juniors lacked spirit, but by the end no one was shy to cheer. Juniors would not let the underclassmen beat them with spirit points.

+ SKYPING FOR AN A Skype study sessions may not be the most productive when one takes to account how off-topic conference calls can get. However, productive calls are possible. Ultimately, it’s the student’s job to find the balance between skyping to study and skyping to plan the weekend. With “two minds are greater than one” in thought, you and your friends log on to Skype with intentions to study for that unit test everyone’s been stressing about. However, how true are those words of wisdom when you quickly find the conference call spiraling wildly out of control. “FML. I’m so screwed for this test!” your friend complains. Within minutes the conversation wanders off into talk about Studyworks vs. Test Takers, when we’re going to find that special someone, what we’re aspiring to be, gossip, and plans for the weekend. Skype calls became a new genre of collaborative studying, but its productivity was arguable. Some students said these sessions cleared up many questions while others said they inevitably ended up in aimless conversation.

76 Juniors

Juniors leaned towards the idea that the efficiency of Skype calls depended wholly on the individual’s studiousness. “It [the productivity of Skype] depends on who you’re talking to and if you know you can stay on track with them or not,” junior Hannah L’Heureux said. Some others were already aware that studying with buddies inescapably lead to laughter and jokes. Junior Joun Lee was no stranger to sleeping at wee hours of the night due to too many failed Skype study sessions. “Skype and AP Bio are not compatible. Yet, we keep making the mistake of doing it anyway,” Lee commented. There were also students who did not have a penchant for collaborative studying. “I’m a lone wolf when it comes to studying,” junior Nicholai

DiBiagio said. Skype study sessions were encouraged by peers if students knew they were capable of staying on task. After all, what you get out of it is how much you put into it. Though Skype was the riskier choice of studying, if you and your friends were able to keep on track for a necessary period of time until everyone gained a better understanding of the test material, then the phrase “two minds are greater than one” held true. An insightful conversation with friends could always help lessen anxieties because it showed you that you were not the only one anxious of the independent life soon to be faced. These talks, however, did not lessen your anxieties on the test you’d take the next day when the school bell rang at 8:05 am.

By: Karisa Sukamto

yeeahh! Rodrigo Zorrilla races around the gym on a miniature bicycle custom designed by student council to win junior class spirit points during the first season pep rally. Events included F1 bike races, sports relays and cheering competitions to psyche up the athletes who would be leaving on IASAS. Photo By: Karisa Sukamto

call me

Laughing at a video they saw online, Raffy Basilla, April Hand, Devansh Pasumarty, and Caroline Barrett place a video chat during their free. The 2009-10 school year was the first year laptops were heavily integrated in the classroom, and students were not shy about taking advantage of this privilege. Photo By: Karisa Sukamto

cheer on! Michael Too puts his hands together for the ‘Single Ladies’ performance during SAS Got Talent, a lunchtime event held in December. Ironically, the group consisted of four junior males who danced to Beyonce Knowles’ popularized music video. Photo By: Karisa Sukamto

go, go, GO! Angela Webb and Lacy Uken take to their feet while proclaiming their junior pride during a second season pep rally. As the year progressed and rivalries grew stronger, juniors stepped up their game against the zealous, energized underclassmen. Photo By: Karisa Sukamto bang the drum Class representatives Klevrin Sitohang and Alex Amstrup, decked out with yellow helmets and vests, set an example for the rest of the juniors during the second season pep rally. To step up the spirit, student council provided water drums, paint, and pom poms. Photo By: Karisa Sukamto

no paparazzi! Radhika Agarwal waits in the long pizza line for lunch while chatting with fellow peers about track season. She is a well-rounded student who, along with other committed athletes, is no stranger to pushing herself to her limits. Photo By: Karisa Sukamto

team falcon Hayes Kimball, Adam Boothe, Alex Wong, Julian Byrns, and fellow Falcons football team members are highlighted during the first season pep rally. The Korean team flew to Singapore to play us on our home field during the Asia Bowl tournament in September. Photo By: Karisa Sukamto

Juniors 77

Jerone Abueva

Manila, Philippines

Kriti Agarwal

New Delhi, India

Radhika Agarwal Portland, Oregon

Jennifer Alberts

Chicago, Illinois

Jeanne Almeida

Lansdale, Pennsylvania

Alexander Amstrup Egtved, Denmark

Philip Anderson Sao Paulo, Brazil

Nicholas Ang Singapore

Rica Ang

Taipei, Taiwan

Natasha Anthony Singapore

Issa Antonio

Manila, Philippines

Cameron Arnold-Nevil

Thompsonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Station, Tennessee

Fadri Attamimi

Jakarta, Indonesia

Sean Auyash

Ithaca, New York

Joong Hoon Baek Busan, South Korea

Taylor Baildon

Quincy, Michigan

Michael Baker

Nantucket, Massachusetts

Caroline Barrett

Santa Cruz, California

Joaquin Basilla

Manila, Philippines

Tasha Benfield

Leesburg, Virginia

Danielle Bergere

Gwynedd, Pennsylvania

Viraj Bindra

Millburn, New Jersey

Adam Boothe

Richmond, Texas

Julian Byrns

Belmont, California

Donna Bywater Baytown, Texas

Alexander Campbell

Indianapolis, Indiana

Ryan Carbon

Rutland, Vermont

Khrishina Carpio

Baguio City, Philippines

Akshay Chalke

Brookfield, Wisconsin

Kelly Chan Singapore

78 Juniors

Junior Advice Chris Choo, Marcus Maceyko, Kriti Agarwal, Hayes Kimbal, Clint Walling

Photo By: Karisa Sukamto

Debra Chan Hong Kong

Kanika Chandaria Singapore

Vedika Chandran Chennai, India

Christopher Chanin London, England

Taylor Chapman Calgary, Alberta

Sophia Cheng Singapore

Bonnie Chiu

Hong Kong, China

Christy Chiu

Hong Kong, China

Hyeong-Sun Cho Seoul, South Korea

Mi Sun Cho

Seoul, South Korea

Hyung Yul Choi

Forks, Washington

Ugeun Choi

Seoul, South Korea

Christopher Choo Portland, Oregon

Natasha Chopra Singapore

Catherine Chumakov

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Rauson Eiork Clower Chicago, Illinois

Elizabeth Conklin

Boston, Massachusetts

Gretchen Connick

Raleigh, North Carolina

Samantha Conrad Houston, Texas

Alexandria Couch Tampa, Florida

Juniors 79

Kendall Covington Houston, Texas

Matthew Crema

San Jose, California

Caitlin Crowe

Livermore, California

Torrey Cullen

Los Angeles, California

Renae Cummins

Perth, Australia

Kartik Das

New Delhi, India

Kancana Dasgupta New Delhi, India

Leonel De Velez

Manila, Philippines

Maiki Del Rosario

Manila, Philippines

Michael DeNoma

Alexandria, Kentucky

Natasha Desai Singapore

Nicolas Devine Union, Maine

Nicholai DiBiagio Stavanger, Norway

Brittney Dimond

Anchorage, Alaska

Olivia Ding

Saint Louis, Missouri

Matthew Djuang Singapore

Kai Dornel Singapore

Wilson Driesens

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Sneha Easwaran Singapore

Alexander Ellsworth

What’s your

CRAZIEST Excuse for Missing Homework?


80 Juniors

“I folded it into a paper airplane and it got hijacked.” Sam Wright

“Simply that I wanted to take a nap instead of doing it.” Samantha Conrad

“I’m on my period.” Michael Too

“Uh, lao shi wo de xiao gou chi le wo de gong ke.” Angela Kim

Sarah Ennis

Austin, Texas

Heather Erdmann Cumberland, Maine

Alexander Evans

Huntington Beach, California

Andrew Farrell Atlanta, GA

Matthew Fay

Rochester, New York

Simon Filice

Hong Kong, China

McKenzie Finchum

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Kathryn Fischer

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Christiane Fong Hong Kong, China

Ian Foo


Michelle Gabriela Jakarta, Indonesia

Aditi Gang

Jodhpur, India

Nathan Garlick

Seattle, Washington

Nicholas Gentry Tucson, Arizona

Abigail Gigante Lothlorien, Ireland

Rahul Gomez

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Johannah Goode Austin, Texas

Nicholas w Singapore

Serena Grace

Antioch, California

Gene Grant III

West Palm Beach, Florida

Hannah Guggisberg Wilmington, North Carolina

Hayley Haaland Bergen, Norway

Annie Hamby

Rancho Palos Verdes, California

April Hand Singapore

Kaho Hashimoto Osaka, Japan

Wook Her

Seoul, South Korea

Mark Hernandez

Paramus, New Jersey

Jason Hjelm

Johannesburg, South Africa

Samantha Hoefling Peoria, Illinois

Barbara Hoffer Vufflens-Le-Chateau, Switzerland

Juniors 81

Kyung Hyun Hong Seoul, South Korea

Zachary Houle

Jacksonville, Florida

Ryan Ibara

Missouri City, Texas

Willow Johnston

Surabaya, Indonesia

Sagar Kalia

Auckland, New Zealand

Ingrid Kao

Taipei, Taiwan

Katherine Keefe Carley Kennedy

Honolulu, Hawaii

Christopher Kennedy

Belle Mead, New Jersey

Rachel Khan Singapore

Angela Kim

Seoul, South Korea

Linda Kim

Seoul, South Korea

Chan Woo Kim

Seoul, South Korea

Min Seok Kim

Seoul, South Korea

So Yeon Kim

Seoul, South Korea

Christine Kim

Blacksburg, Virginia

Hayes Kimball

Juarez, Mexico

Kaori Komatsu

Yokohama, Japan

Abhishek Kothari Singapore

Rebecca Kreutter

Baltimore, Maryland

Vaishnavi Krishnan

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Gu Hyug Kwon

Seoul, South Korea

Iris Kwon

San Jose, California

Joorhee Kwon

Seoul, South Korea

82 Juniors

Youngjun Kwon

Seoul, South Korea

Hannah Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Heureux Biddeford, Maine

Kelsey LaBranche

Simsbury, Connecticut

Valerie Lamoureux Quebec, Canada

Kevin Lancon Nice, France

Changhee Lee

Seoul, South Korea

Hyun Lee

Seoul, South Korea

Hyun Kyoung Lee Seoul, South Korea

Ji Su Lee

Daegu, South Korea

Joun Yean Lee

Seoul, South Korea

Min Jae Lee

Suwan, South Korea

Rose Minjoo Lee Dallas, Texas

Yun Joo Lee

Seoul, South Korea

Nicholas Leu

Los Angeles, California

Randall Leung Singapore

Wei Li

Beijing, China

Yi Jie Liao

Zurich, Switzerland

Mary Lieberman Katy, Texas

Avery Lim

Houston, Texas

Han Young Lim

Seoul, South Korea

Leah Zulkouski, Nathan Garlick, Issa Antonio, Kais Yusuf, Danielle Bergere, Nicholas Oravetz, Karisa Sukamto

Heather Lim Singapore

Kelvin Lim

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Emily Lin Singapore

Jessica Lin

San Jose, California

Juniors 83

Ta-Wei Lin

Taipei, Taiwan

Jeremy Lincoln

Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

Eric Liou

Victoria, Canada

Jackson Liu

Montreal, Canada

Jisheng Liu Singapore

Soklyda Long

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Christy Luong

San Jose, California

Erik Lynch

El Paso, Texas

Erin Lynch

Danville, California

Marcus Maceyko Singapore

Julia MacMeekin

Golf Juan, France

Sangeetha Madhavan New York, New York

Jiselle Magbanua

Manila, Philippines

Retika Majed

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Gabrielle Malaki

Celeste Marsh

Brisbane, Australia

Tyler Martawibawa Singapore

Samantha Martin Atlanta, Georgia

Adrian Madagascar Photo, Missing

Nicholas Matthews

Melbourne, Australia

Samuel Maus Singapore

Haani Mazari

Karachi, Pakistan

Braedon McCoy

Lafayette, Louisiana

Linsey McMullen

Beulah, Michigan

Brandon Meehan Atlanta, Georgia

Ava Mehta

Danville, California

Hannah Milton

New Orleans, Louisiana

Robert Morris

Seattle, Washington

Chan Woo Nam

Seoul, South Korea

Zachary Nelson Singapore

84 Juniors

Who is your Underclassmen Crush?

Clement Ng Singapore

Jacob Noah

Windsor, Colorado

Patricia Nocete

Long Beach, California

Shoko Oda

San Francisco, California

Mizuha Ogawa Kanagawa, Japan

So Yeon Oh

Busan, South Korea

Johnny Goode ‘13, Laura Prudhomme ‘13, Meggie Lall ‘12, Monica Scieszka ‘12 Michael Onischuk

Westport, Connecticut

Nicholas Oravetz Dallas, Texas

Shreya Padmanabhan Saint Louis, Missouri

Neil Parekh

Greenwich, Connecticut

Jennie Park

Houston, Texas

Sung Min Park

Seoul, South Korea

Devansh Pasumarty

New York City, New York

Sarshan Pather

Cape Town, South Africa

Jose Perucho

Manila, Philippines

Trevor Peters Austin, Texas

Andrew Picard Tokyo, Japan

Courtney Poli

Sewickley, Pennsylvania-

Chase Pope Ryan Prudhomme Vernon Hills, Illinois

Kenneth Purganan Cebu, Philippines

Juniors 85



Juniors speak out about the yellow polos

Thoughts on our yellow polos?

Elizabeth Quick

Chicago, Illinois

Robert Quinones Miami, Florida

Nishant Rajkumar Irvine, California

Vindhya Rao

Naperville, Illinois

Kerry Remson Frisco, Texas

Karlmaine Revillo Manila, Philippines

Anna Rinehart

“Cool, but pink would be ownage.” - Nicholas Gottron “I love yellow! It makes me look tan(er).” - Frances Young and Becka Ruan “It’s better than freshman orange and sophomore green.” - Sharon Yoo “It was the same color as Michelle Obama’s dress on Obama’s Inauguration Day...” -Shoko Oda “Very Asian. I love it.” -Angela Kim

“All my single ladies!”

Corpus Christi, Texas

Nathan Roberts

Athens, Pennsylvania

Katherine Rualo

Sacramento, California

Becka Ruan

Chicago, Illinois

Febyan Rustandi Singapore

Alix Ryan

Portland, Oregon

Jeffrey Sabol

Chicago, Illinois

Keigo Sasaki Tokyo, Japan

Sebastian Savage Portland, Oregon

Kelly Indah Schuster Jakarta, Indonesia

Samantha Seow Singapore

Ian Wu, Rauson Clower, Clement Ng, and Zac Houle steal the show with their rendition of Beyonce’s Single Ladies. For SAS Got Talent, they started off mocking the infamous scene of Kanye West robbing Taylor Swift , played by Devansh Pasumarty in a blonde wig, of her award winning grammy, which created roars of laughter. Photo By: Karisa Sukamto

86 Juniors

Iby Shalabi

The Maldives

Jenny Shin

Seoul, South Korea

David Shum

Hong Kong, China

Sejal Singh

Orlando, Florida

Ernesto Singson Manila, Philippines

Dineth Siriwardane Chicago, Illinois

Klevrin Sitohang Jakarta, Indonesia

Natassia Siu Singapore

Kristen Skill

Cornelius, North Carolina

Jeffry Smith

Austin, Texas

Dustin Sodano

Brooklyn, New York

Hye Min Sohn

Seoul, South Korea

Mark Sohn

Seoul, South Korea

Bethany Sommerfeldt Star Prairie, Wisconsin

Anthony Sridjaja Jakarta, Indonesia

Nandini Srinivasan Davis, California

Gainya St.Clair

Vero Beach, Florida

Victoria Stanley Houston, Texas

Brandon Steinke Calgary, Canada

Saachi Subramani London, England

Karisa Sukamto Singapore

Melody Sun

Hang Zhou, China

Jia Sung Singapore

Kenneth Surajat Jakarta, Indonesia

Ritesh Talwar Lucknow, India

Stephanie Tan Singapore

Pelagio Tecson

Manila, Philippines

Benjamin Teo Singapore

Sarah Thieneman Peoria, Illinois

Zoey Thompson

San Diego, California

Jasmine Timan Singapore

Juniors 87

Shachi Tiwari

Sydney, Australia

Clarissa Tjandra Jakarta, Indonesia

Michael Too

New Delhi, India

Megan Trgovich

The Woodlands, Texas

Yi Ling Tung Taipei, Taiwan

Lacy Uken

Saint Louis, Missouri

Therese Vainius

Manalapan, New Jersey

Antonio Valenzuela Santiago, Chile

Nigel Van Broekhoven Singapore

Sofia Van Tilburg Chicago, Illinois

Philip Van Zadelhoff Utrecht, Netherlands

Nicklas Vang

Hellerup, Denmark

Preeti Varathan

Summit, New Jersey

Javier Vesga

Bogota, Colombia

Isaac Virshup Park City, Utah

Seira Wade

Verona, New jersey

Jacqueline Wait

Mont Claire, New Jersey

Jacob Walker

Istanbul, Turkey

William Walling Houston, Texas

Katherine Walters Pelham, New York

Wesley Waychoff Sparta, Greece

Angela Webb

Yokosuka, Japan

Karin Weber Dallas, Texas

Robert Williamson Tuscon, Arizona

Savannah Wingo

Corpus Christi, Texas

Sophia Wolf

Newton, Massachusetts

Kellie Womack

Washington, D.C.

Alexander Wong Singapore

Felix Wong

Hong Kong, China

Sam Wright Singapore

88 Juniors

Ian Wu

Xiamen, China

Monica Xie

Edmonton, Canada

Michael Xu

Concord, North Carolina

Dan Yamamoto

Andover, Massachusetts

Chun Fang Yang Taipei, Taiwan

Jia Wei Yee Singapore

Christian Yenko Singapore

Emily Yeon

Seoul, South Korea

Sung Jun Yoh South Korea

Seo Won Yoo

Seoul, South Korea

Frances Wallis Young Manila, Philippines

Kais Yusuf

Houston, Texas

William Zimmerman Anchorage, Alaska

Rodrigo Zorrilla Gonzalez Mexico City, Mexico

Leah Zulkoski Singapore

“What are you doing this weekend??”UPPERclassmn “OH MOI.” IASAS STRESS. When We Hear STRESS STARBUCKS homework ACT “OH MOI.” CollegeApps APs all-nighters. SAT

2011 PowerSchool FML.

we think.. Family Connection Prom! @ the Conrad Hotel

ZOMG Freedom. Kellie Womack

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Movie!!! Hannah Milton

College! Jeremy Lincoln

Graduation and moving back stateside.

Robert Quinones

Junior Class Bananas?

FINALLY! Angela Kim

Chris Couch

Second Semester Seniors


The year before the world ends.

Finally HS is over.



Kriti Agarwal

Aditi Gang

Michael Too

Nandini Srinvasnan

Chris Kennedy

Shachi Tiwari

Juniors 89

A Year Full of ‘Lasts’

As we write the final pages of ou r twelve-year journey, we reflect on the end of a remark able era and look forward to a fresh new beginnin g.

Graduation has been a long tim e coming. Our Pokémon cards are battere d, and our Furbies are hidden in the deepest, darkest corners of our closets. Most of us are ove r the Backstreet Boys, but for a few of us, they’ll always be “ou r fire.” Barney’s drug addiction has turned us into cynics, but secretly we still believe Pluto is a planet. We are the class of 201 0.  Somehow, we survived puberty . That zit in the middle of your forehead didn’t kill you, and tha t time your voice cracked in fron t of the class, you didn’t quite die of shame. Every photo on Myspace and Xanga was taken from the same angle, and when you talked to your friends, u rote lyk dis.  As June 3 looms, we realize we’ ve grown up. Now, we use Facebook, not Myspace, and boys want to collect numbers, not cards. Our senior year has bee n filled with so many lessons. We learned persistence while pressing ‘x’ and ‘z’ to ‘chase our dreams’, and patience while wai ting for our senior sweatshirts. We’ve been through break-ups and break-downs, becoming stronger because of them. We brought ‘sexy back,’ and we painted the school red at pep rallies. We, as a class, have tak en this year and made it our own .  It’s been a year full of ‘lasts’ – the last AP exam, the last inte rim trip, the last day of white polos and navy blue bottoms. It’s sad , but remember years to come will be full of ‘firsts’ – the first day of college, the first new friend you make, the first load of lau ndry you do yourself. Each of you is more than ready for the ‘real world. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.   Good luck, Class of 2010. Kee p in touch! By: Aising Leow

90 Seniors

, Natasha Irani ge rid et Kerry McF

Kathryn Tink


Ishan Gupta, Ashan Fernand o, Alvi Hasan and Jamie Lim

Hicks, Rebecca Tay, Paige aulis Sh x Ma , ech Cre John

Seniors 91


For Undergraduate College Admission The moment you stepped foot into the hallways of high school, everything you did for college. All the sleep you sacrificed for nights of studying, all the days you gave up for SAT prep – it was all for your future. Despite common misconceptions, a 4.3 GPA and 2350 SAT score were not golden tickets into Ivy League schools. Colleges didn’t want robots with just perfect grades and scores; they wanted us to have character and diversity. The most competitive schools accepted less than 10 percent of their applicant pool. This year, SAS students applied

to colleges all over the world. No matter where they applied, most seniors felt that the process was a stressful life-or-death situation with their futures hanging on a few test scores, a 2000-word paper, and maybe a meet-and-greet session. Some students who applied to their limit of ten colleges had to complete ten different forms, all with different essay questions. With all the requirements needed to fulfill the application, college admissions should have been a class all of its own. On Dec. 31, the night most

FC madness Tapping her foot impatiently, Tricia Sverre checks Family Connection for college updates. Family Connection almost surpassed Facebook in website popularity during college application season. Photo by: Andisya Siregar

applications were due, more than a handful of seniors rushed to finish and polish their work on the Common Application website. But the process didn’t stop there. The worst part was next: waiting. Students wandered to their emails or Family Connection pages constantly between January and April, impatient to receive any news from schools. When decisions trickled in during the first week of April, most were content with the letters they received. So juniors, remember that one math test you failed freshman year? Stop worrying, it’s not worth it.

searching the future Excited about her acceptance, Sara Gaines reads the Northeastern informational pamphlet to prepare herself for orientation this summer. Students use brochures and college web sites as resources to help them decide on housing and course selection. Photo by: Andisya Siregar

SAS’s Top 12 Most Applied Colleges 1. Boston University

7. Cornell University

2. New York University

8. University of Michigan

3. Northeastern University

9. University of Washington

4. University of Southern California

10. University of California at Berkeley

5. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

11. Carnegie Mellon University

6. Boston College

12. Northwestern University

92 Seniors

Early Graduation Marvella Luhur Marvella Luhur’s parents encouraged her to think about graduating. “They were right” Luther said. “If I can better myself by graduating early and studying something I find useful, why not?” Marvella Luhur spent the months following the early graduation ceremony studying Mandarin.

Tia Iwan Tia Iwan graduated early, with similar reasons as Marvella and Aki- to presue a language. But instead of studying Mandarin, Tia chose to head to Japan and learn Japanese. She’s been accepted to college in the states, where she says she’ll continue studying Japanese.

Aki Maedomari Aki Maedomari saw no point in staying in school if she could graduate early. “My parents were okay with the idea because they thought I could stay [in Singapore]” Aki is among three of the four graduates who chose to study a language for the remainder of the school year.

Cory Robinson Cory Robinson’s family was the reason for his decision to graduate early. “My family decided it would be best to move back to the States, but because I’m a senior, the only way I can graduate is to do it here.” So Cory finished his credits early so that he could graduate and leave with his family.

one last bow Cameras flash as early graduates Marvella Luhur, Tia Iwan, Aki Maedomari, and Cory Robinson take their final bow before heading off to the real world. Graduating in December is an option some students chose to take for many different reasons. Photo by: Mrs. Maedomari lights, camera, action Filming for the morning show, Kathryn Tinker takes a shot of Danielle Courtenay as the two play with their cameras. It was not uncommon for students to film during school events. Photo by: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

rooting for red Donning the senior red, the class of 2010 shows their spirit during the last pep rally of the year. Students competed for spirit points until the end while dance competitions were held against grade levels as well as with teachers. Photo by: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

keeping the beat Exercising his vocal chords, Marc Wilson uses a break gig opportunity to ask Stephanie Maissen to prom. Senior boys went all out in their asking to impress their potential prom dates. Photo by: Tatianna Nasr

master of ceremonies Pumping up his class, Ishan Gupta takes over as MC during the pep rally. Over the course of the year, seniors earned more spirit points than any other class and won themselves a free barbecue. Photo by: Andisya Siregar helping the homeless Yelling for customers, John Liao helps Japanese Honor Society sell Yakitori during Homecoming. Many clubs took used this event as a chance to earn money for their organization. Photo by: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

Seniors Seniors 93 93

D ip

b u


At 3:05 on the afternoon of Monday, April 26th, despite the characteristic warm and humid weather of the monsoon season, a group of almost 100 seniors flocked to H301 to change out of their school uniforms into capes, cowboy hats, sombreros, prom suits, Hawaiian skirts, tutus and oversized sunglasses. What were they doing? Senior Lip Dub 2010. “We wanted to make the best senior video ever,” student producer Kathryn Tinker said. “After the last pep rally, we saw how musical everyone was, and how much people get into singing and dancing in front of the whole school, and that made us believe in it a lot more.” Tinker worked with fellow senior Melissa Huston to plan and organize the entire video in just two weeks. Yearbook advisor Tate Sonnack helped film, carrying the Steadicam across campus. The entire video was filmed in a single shot that started down by the high school steps, trailed to the atrium and through the first floor cafeteria, then on to the track for the final scene. After a few hours of rehearsing and just three takes, the shooting was complete. The lip dub was done to the cover of “Don’t Stop Believin’” by the cast of Glee, and will premier at graduation. “The main thing that I took away from lip dub was that I learned how energetic and how unified everyone in our grade is,” Tinker said. “I truly believe this is something that will make our class legendary at SAS.”

By: Jamie Lim

The last take of the night, shot by Tate Sonnack, brought up some serious emotions for the seniors.

The girls mastering their routine in anticipation for the camera man to come by.

“On a scale from one to ten this video is obese.” -John Creech Danielle Courtenay and John Liao

94 Seniors

“We wanted to make the best senior video ever.” -Kathryn Tinker Kerry McFetridge

Brooke Schmidt and TIka Marshall

“It was insanely EPIC.”

-Kerry McFeteridge

Rachel McCabe and ‘Rex’

Rushi Krishna and Nick Zulkowshi The boys suit up for their big shot in the spotlight

Thomas Rees and John Creech

Photos by: John Liao, Jason Chang and Kate Mahler

Seniors 95

Senior Advice The 2010 graduating class impart their words of wisdom to next year’s senior class. Don’t slack off too much your second semester. Despite popular belief, a C in math can get you rescinded from Columbia. Keep your priorities straight. Facebook stalking is more important than doing homework. The silent reading room is a good place to study...or take an after-lunch nap. “Take an awesome senior trip with your friends for spring break.” -Courtesy of the 2010 Bali-goers College applications should never keep you home on a Saturday night. Intimidate the underclassmen every chance you get. Their time to rule the school will come when you’re gone. If it’s past 10:30 and you haven’t started your homework, you probably never will. Just give up and go to bed. “Don’t be in a hurry to finish senior year because it may be the greatest year of your young life thus far.” -Courtesy of Danielle Courtenay

shop-till-you-drop ng in bulk buyi Stocking up, senior Brad Bahl buys a pair of PE shorts. Preparing himself for college, Students go to the Booster Brad BoothBahl for school supplies, purchases a plethora of PE shorts to by last him Siregar uniform and confectioneries Photo : Andisya throughout college. Photo by: Andisya Siregar

Alumni Advice SAS Class of 2009 Alumni Sajan Shah and Adrian Bautista share their insight to this year’s graduating class on life after high school. Buy an unlimited supply of PE shorts. Just because there is no Azizah to mark your attendance doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to class. Don’t be surprised if people ask, “Do you speak Singaporean?” Don’t be worried if you don’t know your major, taking Introduction to Thai Massages is a great way to spend your parent’s tuition money. “Freshman forgiveness” does not apply to the freshman fifteen. Beware of the fifteen. Set your parents up with a Skype account, SingTel phone cards are a rip off. Ho food has a completely different meaning outside of SAS. Find one or two organizations you feel passionately about; though it may be a resume booster, Hillel isn’t looking for non-Jewish member.

sleeping off the stress Tired from a long day, Non Okumura takes a power nap in the silent reading room during her last period free before heading to sports practice. Photo by: Andisya Siregar

96 Seniors

The Feds won’t bail you out in college, spend your money wisely.

rg ar te n CrKin ewde Back Row: Sujoy Bose, Max Robertson, Christian Hvide, Michael Chang, Mitch Hulse. Third Row: Rachel McCabe, Sidharth Shanker. Second Row: Chelsea Leonard, Belinda Eg, Nick Zulkoski, Aditya Subramanian, Stephanie Maissen. Front Row: Dymock Dibb, Jason Chang, Lars Crawford, Alvi Hasan

Old Timers

Sujoy Bose, Jason Chang, Stanton Yuwono, Ali Ukani, Sidharth Shanker, Mitch Hulse, Dong Hyun Kim, Marjhan Kausar, Christie Lee, Koon-Lam Lee, Dan Dinsmore, Brian Premkumar, Mishal Iyer, Alex Chadwick, Dennis Chu, Duncan Clydesdale, Yun Hoi Koo, Carson DeBerry, Kirsten Miranda, Kendrick Wang, Dominic Wong, Ted Chritton, Ian Bryson, John Liao, Alex Rossinsky, Virginia Cucchi, Young Seo Lee, Sarah Chuah, Audrey Hsia, Jati Darmawan, Dev Tiwari, Heather Morris, Stephanie Kendall, Mina Zorrilla, Kelly Zhang, Josh Abueva, Alvi Hasan, Lucas Chiang, Nick Zulkoski, Rohana Radhakrishnan, Tatianna Nasr, Sahil Lavingia, Josh Dwyer, Jamie Lim, Tanya Zakowich, Yasmin Venema, Anjuli Finch, Caitlin Favati, Brittany Dawe, Victor Tan, Young Won Kim, Kathryn Tinker, Akane Otani, Momo Ozawa, Carol Baicy, Kalie Riemer, Andisya Siregar, Kyung Jin Lee, Jenny Shin, Lars Crawford, Danica Pizzi, Lauren Betts, Austin Cox, Max Shaulis, Natalie Muller, Tika Marshall, Christina Tan, Patrina Chan, Min Ju Park, Belinda Eg, Chelsea Leonard, Young Rock Lee, Ishaan Misra, Scott DeNoma, Marc Wilson, Gabriel Lee, Aaditya Chowdhry, Michael Chang, Christian Hvide, Max Robertson, Khyber McHugh, Lauren Lee, James Fan

Seniors 97

Aditi Abrol Bombay, India February 3, 1992 Dee, Deetz Activities: Dance Club (12), SAVE (12), SCAW (12) Interim: Sweden (12)

Joshua Abueva Manila, Philippines April 28, 1991 Activities: Peace Initiative (9-10), SAVE (9-11), Bintan Club (11-12) SHS (10-11), JV Volleyball (9), Varsity Volleyball (10), JV Basketball (9-10), SACAC Football (12), Varsity Rugby (12) Interim: Adventure Racing Thailand (9), Reefs and Rainforest (10), Trekking in Tibetan-India (11), South Africa: Cape and Coast (12)

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light” –Dumbledore Family and Friends, thanks for your support, much love! TO THE CLASS OF 2010, CHEERS!

Benjamin Adickes Shanghai, China February 17, 1992 Scruffy Tank Ben Activities: ITS (11-12), Theater Make-up Club (12), Cultural: Drama (11-12) Interim: Cambodia: Faces of Cambodia (11), Turkey (12)

The two years I was fortunate to spend here have been phenomenal. My friends and family have all had played key roles in shaping who I am—and they all deserve my deepest and most heartfelt gratitude. Thanks guys!

98 Seniors

I would like to thank my parents for supporting me in whatever I do throughout my life. Thank you for everything. To my two sisters, Jerone and Julia, I will really miss you guys next year. To my friends thanks for a great high school experience.

Arshia Ahuja Mumbai, India

November 24, 1992 arshia.ahuja Arshi Activities: JV Tennis (9), Varsity Tennis (10-12-Co-Captain 12), MUN (9-12), NHS (10-12), SHS (10-12), HART India (9-10), Wish for Kids (9-10) Interim: Malaysia: Sabah Sea to Sky Adventure (9), Spain: Immersion Week in San Sebastian (10), NZ: Meeting of the Nations (11), South Africa: Cape and Coast (12)

Growing up in Bombay and Singapore has been full of amazing experiences and memories. To my friends, I love you. To Mom and Dad - Thank you for supporting & encouraging me in everything I’ve wanted to do. To Harsh – I love you and I miss you already!

Daniel Albanese Orlando, Florida November 6, 1991 milkmanmilanesi Danny, Baness, Tampa, Albafew Activities: Chinese Club (9), SACAC Football (10-12), Varsity Basketball (10-12) Interim: Thailand: Langkawi Sailing Adventure (10), NZ: Meeting of the Nations (11), South Africa: Cape and Coast (12)

Mom and Dad, I appreciate the guidance. Elizabeth, have fun the rest of high school. Jack and Michael, enjoy puberty while it lasts, I know I did. Maddie, I’m glad you came out of your bubble last year, I had fun roaming Singapore with you.

Stephanie Anderson São Paulo, Brazil July 17, 1991 stephanie.moira. anderson Steph, Stephie, Loira, Flash

Miracle Anderson Savannah, Georgia

February 23, 1992 Merkle, Swiss Miss, Hot Chocolate, Miracle-Whip, Mirdi, Sparkle, Mira-Kal, Chocolate Thunder, Tim-Tam Activities: Dance Club (9-12), Peer Support (10-12), Athletic Council (9-12), Wish For Kids (9), Middle School Dance (10-12), Middle School Dance Director (12) Interim: Philippines: House building (9), Thailand: Cultural Adventure (10), Nepal:Everest (11), Asian Cultural Cruise (12)

SAS has been my home for the past 4 years and I don’t want to leave. There have been so many people that I have encountered within these years that I can call my family. Thank You, Thank You! I just want to thank my family for being there for me!

Vincent Andrade Chicago, Illinois

December 15, 1991 vincent_andrade Vince, Vinny, Vin, Janos, Raptor Vince

Activities: Dance Club (11-12), Boxing Club (11-12), STAND Club (10-11 President, 12CD), Athletic Council (11)

Activities: SACAC Bowling (9-10), Ultimate Frisbee Club (10-12), JV Volleyball (10), Varsity Rugby (12), SACAC Football (12)

Interim: MalaysiaLangkawi (10), Tibetan India: Dharamsala (11), Sweden: the Arctic Circle (12)

Interim: South India (9), NZ: Meeting of the Nations (10), Australia: Surfing (11), Switzerland (12)

Contrary to my vocal self, when it comes to writing, I have few words. What do I say to the people who always carry my eccentric persona with grace? There is not much to say except, thank you. Thank you Mom, Dad, Philip, and Michael; I will undoubtedly miss you all. You are the rock, upon which I stand.

After four long years it’s finally over!! I want to thank my family for supporting me through those years and the years before that. I would never have made it through without you guys. To my friends- thanks for making high school bearable. BYE!

Seniors 99

John Ang Singapore

Alexis Asselin-Lauzon Montréal, Canada

March 24, 1992

April 16, 1992



A.J. Activities: Creative Memories (10-11, Vice President), MUN (11-12) Interim: China B (10), Western Australia: Outdoor Adventures (11), Poland/Czech Republic (12)

My time in SAS has been a life-changing experience. Thank you, Dad and Mom for giving me this opportunity and for all your support. To all my friends, thank you for giving me the best times of my life. I will hold these memories forever.

Olivia Auerbach New York City, New York February 7, 1992 liv229 Liv, Holivia, Oxy Moron, Meow Activities: ITS (10-12), Thespians (9-12, Officer), Absolute Art (11,12- Officer), SCAW (10-12, VP), Morning Show (1012), Houses for Hope (9-10) Interim: Cambodia (9), India (10), New Zealand (11), Poland/ Prague (12)

Mommy and Papa, thank you for everything. I don’t know how I would still be breathing without you two. My sisters, you guys better bargain for a better curfew and keep arguing your way through the rules, and keep your room messy, I love you girls.

100 Seniors

Activities: Blue Dragon (10-12), NHS (11-12), FHS (11-12), SAVE (12), Floor Hockey Club (12), JV Soccer (9), Varsity Soccer (10-12, Capt. 12), Track & Field (9-12, Capt. 12) Interim: Faces of Cambodia (9), Nepal: Annapurna (10), Routeburn Trek (11), Sweden: Arctic Experience (12)

My family- I’m forever grateful for the life you have given me. Soccer and Track: Epic- thank you to those who have contributed, you’ve made my life here. Once all is done, I think I will come to miss this island. It’s been a good run, I thank you all.

Rina Baba

Cupertino, California February 27, 1992

beaver-.-cat@hotmail. com Beaver, Nini Activities: Dance Club (10-12), MedEx (10-12), Usher Society (10-12), Canossaville Children’s Home VP (10, 12) Interim: Sailing in Singapore (9), NZ: Meeting of the Nations (10), Nepal A (11), South Africa: Cape and Coast (12)

These 4 years were by far the best time of my life. Ma, Pa, and Ami, thank you so much for supporting me always. I couldn’t have come this far without you. To friends – you made my time at SAS special. Thanks everyone!

Bradford Bahl Washougal, Washington

Caroline Baicy Baguio City, Philippines

June 6, 1992

October 9, 1992


Rollie, Gyp gyp

Lord Bale 66 Activities: SACAC Football (11, 12), Rugby (11, 12), Grassroots Soccer (11), Flag Football Coach (12)

Activities: Art Club (910), NAHS, (11-12) Interim: Singapore: Photography (9), Northern India (10), Singapore: Visual Arts (11), Egypt (12)

Interim: Nepal A (11), Jordan (12)

Thanks to my family for all the love and help you’ve given me through the years. Mom hopefully I can come visit you in Kosovo. Dad thanks for all the advice you told me throughout high school. Carsten, continue on with the COD dynasty. I will miss you all. I’ll never forget SAS and all the friends I had here.

Brittney Bailey Sellersville, Pennsylvania June 2, 1992

To my momma and pop, you guys are the cat’s pajamas; I love you two so much. To my little brother and my cousin, be good, I love you. I want to say thank you to Google translator for helping me pass 3 years of French, triangles, and the hawks.

Alexander Bakshi Atlanta, Gerogia May 1, 1992

brittney.bailey1 B, Bbails, Cinderella, Crazy Girl Activities: Dance Club (10-12), JV Dance (10-11), Cultural: Dance (12), Twinkle Toes (10-12), Fashion M.I.N.D.S (11), SCAW (10-12). Interim: Visual Arts in Singapore (10), Nepal A (11), Winter Sports in Switzerland (12)

Dad: Go B still waiting for the finger slam apology. Mom: My best friend My other half. A: I know hand over shot gun. Teeg: Please don’t beat me up. Fi: Who’s gonna do your hair? Tristyn: My loud mouth.

Seniors 101

Shannon Rosie Barge Sydney, Australia

November 30th, 1991 shan.rb Shan, Sue, Sparkle Activities: Absolute Art Interim: Cambodia (9), North India (10), New Zealand: South Island Adventure (11), Poland & Czech Republic (12)

Mum, I have no idea what I’m going to do without our daily talks to keep me sane. Dad, you know I’ll always be a Daddy’s little girl. Billy, never give up and give all the girls a good chase, that’s the best part. I love you all to the moon and back.

Alexis Bell

Tauranga, New Zealand October 27, 1992 lexiebeex Lexie, Ayek

Activities: Art Club (9), Riding for the Disabled (11), GayStraight Alliance (11), Absolute Art (12), Cultural: Art (12) Interim: Housebuilding in Cambodia (9), Visual Arts in Singapore (10), Outdoor Adventures in Western Australia (11), Jordan: The Hashemite Kingdom (12)

Hi mom, hi dad. It’s been a long 17 years but here I am, ready to graduate. Thank you for putting up with me and guiding me, I love you! And to my big sister, I love you and thank you for being the best sister anyone could ever ask for. -Ayek

102 Seniors

Eleanor Barz Canberra, Australia July 21, 1991 eleanorbarz Nell, Ellie, E, Kimberley Activities: MedEx (911), Technical Theatre Club (11-12), GayStraight Alliance (11, 12-Co-President) Interim: China A (9), India: Rajasthan Discovery (10), Faces of Cambodia (11), Jordan (12)

When I came to SAS in the middle of 9th grade, I had no idea what an amazing 3 ½ years I’d have here. I’d just like to thank everyone who has made my time in Singapore so memorable, particularly my friends, family and teachers. I’ll miss all of you!

Lauren Betts Singapore

October 15, 1991 lauren-betts LB, Lo, Bettsy Activities: Cross Country (9-12, Captain 12), Dance Club (9-12, CD 11-12), Peer Support (1012), SCAW (10-12), Special Olympics (9-10) Interim: Adventure Racing in Thailand (9), Routeburn Trek, NZ (10) Nepal A (11), Switzerland (12)

Mama, you showed me how to always have a smile on my face and to do the right thing. Dad, you taught me how to keep going when I felt like quitting. I’m stronger because of you both, so thank you for being the good parents you always knew how to be.

Sumanjeet Bose Singapore

James Bowers Orlando, Florida

March 22, 1992

April 15, 1991



Sujoy Interim: South India (9), NZ: Meeting of Nations (10), Trekking in Tibetan India (11), Sweden (12)

Bowers, L.J. Activities: SACAC Football (9-12), Rugby (10,12), Caring for Cambodia (11-12) Interim: Taiwan (9), Sailing in Lankawi (10), NZ: South Island Adventure (11), South Africa Cape and Coast (12)

I am so awesome. Don’t forget that future self. Some of the best times of my life have been at SAS. I Also, tell Ma and Baba that they did a good job being strict have had a great high school experience because of it on me when I’m a millionaire. and it’s a bummer I won’t have my friends anymore. I’m very thankful to my family for giving me such an amazing opportunity. I love you guys

Frank Boyd Yokosuka, Japan

November 14, 1991 Frboyd91 Tank, Beast, Godzilla, Franklin Activities: Track & Field (9-12), Football (9, 11-12), Rugby (10-11), Boy Scouts (Eagle Scout) Interim: India: Rajasthan (10), NZ: South Island Adventure (11), Sweden (12)

William Bradley Singapore

November 26, 1991 wiwbradley Glexandren, defense specialist, monokid, willmoh, hottie Activities: Philosophy Club (11-12 Treasurer), Rugby (9-12), Volleyball (10), Octagon (9-12 Defensive Specialist), Getting Buff (11-12), SAVE (9-12 Paper Recycler), Interim: Thailand: Habitat for Humanity (9), Western Australia: Cycling (10), Tibetan India: Trekking (11), South Africa: Cape and Coast(12)

Life these last 3 years was legit. I’ve met tons of awesome people, gone to tons of awesome countries, and had an amazing high school experience. I’m gonna miss you all. Enjoy the rest of high school everyone, because it went by FAST. THROWERS!

Mom and Dad, thanks for supporting me in whatever I do and for always being there for me. Julia, party hard as these will be your best years. When I look back on the past 18 years, I am so grateful for the life I’ve had, the awesome friends I’ve made and the coolest family ever. I love all of you. Peace Out SAS.

Seniors 103

Christopher Briggs Sasebo, Japan March 10, 1992 CB, Briggs, Briggsy Activities: SACAC Football (11-12-Oiler) Interim: Singapore: Food Trail (9), Singapore: Challenge(10), NZ: Ultimate South Island Adventure(11), Sweden (12)

This is it; all we worked for comes to an end. Emotional or not; an end is where the road stops so enjoy the drive. There is so much to learn other then the text. Take the years left in high school and discover something new about yourself. Bye SAS

Ian Bryson

Thibodeaux, Louisiana

November 12, 1991 Muskrat Activities: Basketball, Volleyball, Business Club, Home Club Interim: Thailand Adventure Racing (9), Thailand Sailing in Langkawi (10), Nepal Everest (11), South Africa Cape and Coast (12)

Mom/Dad thank you for taking me to Singapore and staying here so I could finish HS. Volly/B-ball guys I will miss you all, stay in touch. School would not have been the same without yall. Everyone else I love you all. SG I’ll miss you. It’s been good.

104 Seniors

Alexander Bryans Vancouver, Washington April 24, 1992 alex.bryans Bryans Activies: Volleyball (11-12), Baseball (911), Softball (10-12) Interim: South India (9), North India (10), Nepal A (11)

Mom & Dad, thank you so much for choosing to stay behind me through one of the toughest challenges our family has faced. I love you both so much and i will miss you so much next year: Emma have fun next year and be safe. Never be afraid to be a stranger. Im sorry for putting you what i did this year. going to miss you next year.

Cody Burkett Houston, Texas August 20, 1991 Codyb933 Activities: Softball JV and Varsity(11-12), SACAC Baseball (11-12), Hong Kong Baseball (12) Interim: Australia: Outdoor Adventures (11), Switzerland (12)

These last four years have truly been an adventure. Meeting new friends and sharing unbelievable experiences with them will stay with me for the rest of my life. Although High School was amazing, it’s time to move on to bigger adventures in college!

Pierre Cassini Cote d’Azur, France March 27, 1992 pierre.cassini frenchy, viva la france, P, french Interim: Saba Sea to Sky (9), Study Hall (10), Australia: Surfing/Ocean Safety (11), Skiing in Switzerland (12)

Mom, Dad, and Shaun, thank you so much for being there. To my teachers, you guys did a great job and helping me through those years, I really appreciate it. And to all my friends, I’ll miss y’all. Lot of you really taught me something, thank you.

Alexander Chadwick Somerville, New Jersey November 8, 1992 chadwick1108 Chadwick Activities: Homework Help Club (10-12-Vice President), SAVE (1012), Athletic Council (10-12), Aiding China (11, 12), CHS (12) Interim: Thailand: Habitat for Humanity (9), Malaysia: Langkawi Sailing Adventure (10), Singapore: Food Trail (11), Jordan (12)

Mom and Dad, thanks for all the love and support my whole life and for going through so much trouble to making sure that I’d have a great four years in high school. I couldn’t have asked for more from you guys than for making me who I am today.

Vanessa Ceithamer Jacksonville, Florida March 4, 1992 ceithamerv Nessa, V-Dogg, V, V.Marie Interim: IndiaNorthern India: Camels, the Taj & Community Service (10), New Zealand: The Ultimate South Island Adventure (11), Egypt (12)

High school has been a fun and great journey for me, but I am so happy that it’s finally over. Mom, Dad and Chris, thanks for everything you do for me, and putting up with me for 18 long years. Next year will be hard without you, love you guys.

Patrina Chan Singapore

June 27, 1992 patrinachan Trina Activities: SAVE (10), Children of Mother Earth (11, 12- Vice President), Absolute Art (11), NAHS (12), Executive Community Service Council (12VP) Interim: Habitat for Humanity: Udon Thani (9), Australia: Reefs and Rainforests (10), Singapore: Visual Arts (11), Italy: Rome and Florence (12)

I’m blessed to have such a supportive and insanely talented family: Mom, UA, Cilla, Pam, Howard, I love all of you so much. To my friends, I’ll never forget the times we had. To the majesty of colors, Ut amem et foveam.

Seniors 105

Ryan Chan Singapore

Calvin Chang

Mountain View, California

July 29, 1992

April 30, 1992


Activities: SAVE (11-12)

Activities: MUN (9-10, 11-12 IASAS, CoSecretary General), Film Society (9, 10VP, 11, 12-President), Peace Initiative (9-10, 11-Secretary, 12-VP), FHS (910, 11-Secretary, 12-President), Original Oratory (12)

Interim: Singapore: Water Sports (11), Egypt (12)

Interim: Digital Photography: Singapore (9), Habitat for Humanity: Lampang (10), Habitat for Humanity: Udon Thani (11), Jordan (12)

A resounding ‘thank you’ goes to Mom and Dad. I couldn’t have done it without your love and support. Aunty Ling and John, you’ve meant more to me than you may think. SAS molded me, and I’m forever grateful to all who helped. Farewell, Comrades!

Jason Chang

San Francisco, California March 7, 1992 jchang3792

JChang, JJ, PBear Activities: Student Council (9), Class Cabinet (10-12), SAVE (10-12), Shooting Club (9-11), Athletics Council (1012), JV Rugby (10), Swimming (11-12), Aiding China (1112), Chinese Honor Society (11-12)

It’s been 2 years since I transferred to SAS. I’ve made friends that made HS much more enjoyable for me. I’d like to thank all the teachers and counselors that have helped me. Most of all, I would like to thank my parents for their support.

Michael Chang Chicago, Illinois

September 19, 1991 mikechang919 MC, MChang, Changer Banger, Trevor Activities: SEAYBST (10-11), SACAC Baseball (9-12) Interim: Adventure Racing in Thailand (9), Routeburn Trek (10), Turkey (11), Switzerland (12)

Interim: House Building in Thailand (9), Langkawi Sailing Adventure (10), Trekking in Tibetan India (11), Jordan (12)

Mom & Dad, I just wanted to say thank you for taking care of me for the past 18 years and helping me make the right choices. Jacky, best of luck as you create your own path through life. To all my friends, thanks for being there & keep in touch.

106 Seniors

It’s finally the end of my last year. I’ve had a lot of great times here at SAS and I want to thank my parents and teachers for giving me support. Ryan, don’t stop being a boss! Finally, I want to thank my friends for giving me some great memories.

Christopher Chee Houston, Texas April 2, 1993 cchee_93@hotmail. com Chee Activities: Math Club (9-12), Mu Alpha Theta (11-12), SAVE (9-12) Interim: South India (9), NZ: Meeting of the Nations (10), Western Australia: Outdoor Adventures (11), Egypt (12)

Yvonne Chen

Christchurch, New Zealand

December 22, 1991 iyiy Duck Activities: Technical Theater Club (10-11, 12-Officer), ITS (1112), Art Club (10) Interim: Habitat for Humanity: Philippines (9), Habitat for Humanity: Thailand (10), Digital Photography (11), Sweden: Arctic Experience (12)

Thanks, everyone! Goodbye! SAS was a good school. Friends, techies, teachers: good job, good luck, have fun. Thanks for the memories! Mum, dad, Kevin, love you. Kevin, make me proud: grades, gaming, church, badminton etc. Being best doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t matter; work hard, enjoy your achievements. Be a good boy.

Tommy Cheng Taiwan, Taipei July 31, 1992 Tommy C Interim: Cambodia: House Building (9), Thailand: Habitat for Humanity (10), Western Australia: Outdoor (11), Italy: Rome/Florence (12)

To my family, thanks for making me who I am. To my friends, thanks for being there and making high school the best time of my life. To the 5 best friends, I love you all and will never forget the times. I hope we never lose each other. Seniors 2010.

Bei-Er Cheok San Marino, California October 23, 1992 muhrr7 bear

Limits, like fears, are often an illusion. -Michael Jordan Thanks mum, dad, and all my friends from SAS and back in the states!

Seniors 107

Cindy Cherng Taipei, Taiwan January 25, 1992 Activities: Art Club (9, 11-12), NAHS (10-11, 12-Communications Director), Technical Theater (12) Interim: SG: Food Trail (9), ID: The Riau Encounter (10), SG: Visual Arts (11), IT: Rome and Florence (12)

Lucas Chiang Singapore

July 5, 1992 Chachiang Luke, LZC, Elukaphant, El Boonay Activities: Business Club (9-12), Peace Initiative (9-10), SAVE, Class Cabinet (10-12), Stu-Co (12-Treasurer), JV Basketball (9-10), Varsity Volleyball (1112), Varsity Basketball (11-12), Varsity Softball (11) Interim: Thailand: Habitat for Humanity (9), Cycling in W. Australia (10), Tibetan India: Dharamsala (11), South Africa: Cape & Coast (12)

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. You are the guy who’ll decide where to go.” - Dr. Seuss

Daniel (Jung Hyuck) Choi Seoul, Korea

May 15, 1992

Mom & Dad, I love you. Thank you for loving, supporting, guiding, and being there for me. Travis, you’ve taught me a lot over the last 18 years–thanks for everything. My friends, you all made high school an amazing and unforgettable experience.

Aaditya Chowdhry New Delhi, India November 6, 1991 aadityachowdhry Beta, Aadi, Little Bungi, Ditty Activities: Varsity Tennis (9-12), Track & Field (9), Philosophy Club (11, 12-Communications Director), Peer Support (9-12), SAVE (9-12), Class Cabinet (9-12), Peace Initiative (9) Interim: Thailand: Habitat for Humanity (9), Cycling in Western Australia (10), Trekking in Tibetan India: Dharamsala (11), South Africa: Cape and Coast (12)

Ma and Paps, thanks for putting up with me for the past 18 years. I will cherish all the memories you guys have given me. Anku, enjoy the next 4 years as much as you can. To all my friends, thanks for being there for me. I will miss you all. Bye SAS.

108 Seniors

Theodore Chritton New York City, New York August 7, 1992 tedxc88 Ted, Teddy, X-Man, Superted, Tedward, Tedford Activities: Varsity Swim Team (9-12, Captain 11-12, MVP 10-12), Varsity Cross Country (12), CHS (12), SAVE (10-12), MedEx (11-12), Aiding China (12) Interim: Beginning Scuba Diving (9), Langkawi Sailing Adventure (10), New Zealand: South Island Adventure (11), Jordan (12)

I can’t believe it has been four years already. Thanks Mom and Dad for raising me this far, I couldn’t have done it without you. Monica, keep your chin up, work hard, swim fast, but have fun too. Tommy, keep on swimming and being a great brother.

Sarah Chuah Creve Coeur, Missouri

December 31, 1991 Awah, Sarahjane, Sarahi Activities: SAVE (9), Class Cabinet (9), MedEx (9-12), Usher Society (9-12), NAHS (12) Interim: Taiwan (9), Northern India (10), Nepal: A (11), Jordan (12)

Mom & Dad: Thank you for the chance to let me become who I am. Steph: Thanks for building blanket forts for me when I was 5, you’re amazing. Teachers: Thank you so much for believing in me. Friends: Thanks keeping me alive. I love you all infinitely.

Dennis Chu

Tarrytown, New York June 24, 1992

Activities: Aiding China (11-12-Copresident), Business Club (11), French Honor Society (9-12), Math Club (9-10), National Honor Society (11-12), Special Olympics Swimming (9-12), Varsity Swimming (9-12,) Interim: Thailand: Habitat for Humanity - Udon Thani (9), Northern India: Camels, the Taj & Community Service (10), Nepal: Everest Region (11), Jordan (12)

Mom and Dad - Everything I am today I owe to you two. Thank you for always supporting me, challenging me, and nudging me in the right direction when I needed guidance. To my friends, you made these four years the best years of my life. I love you guys.

Phoebe Clark Sydney, Australia January 16, 1992 phoebe.clark1 Feebs, Fi, Sue, Blondes Activities: Varsity Soccer (9-12), Varsity Tennis (10), Varsity Track (10), Varsity Touch (11), Athletic Council (11-12) Interim: Nepal A (11), Poland/Czech Republic (12)

Mumma, to your full satisfaction I’ll admit, I’m not looking at a bad future. I love you. Dad, I love you. Don’t ever forget that I am your baby. Soph, you always bring the crazy out in me. Please continue to shower. I love you. SG- it’s been great.

Seniors 109

Duncan Clydesdale Taipei, Taiwan May 30, 1992

Michael Conrad Houston, Texas

February 10, 1992

duncan-clydesdale Dunc, Big D Activities: Varsity Swimming (9-12), JV Softball (11), Tri-M (11-12), Jazz Band (11-12), Special Olympics (9-11), SAVE (9-11) Interim: Taiwan (9), Northern India: Taj Mahal (10), New Zealand: South Island Adventure (11), Jordan (12)

Mom and Dad, thanks for being so supportive all these years. Kevin, keep swimming, playing baseball, and do well in school. Ian, good luck with school and swimming. I will miss SAS so much: friends and people I’ve met in my years. Keep in touch!

Danielle Courtenay Singapore

March 12, 1992 daniellecourtenay d-court, Queequeg, “Dahn-yell”, “Abe” Activities: ITS (9-11, VP-12), Shakespeare Abridged - Hamlet, Oral Interp (11-12), NHS (10-12), SHS (10-12), Peace Initiative (9, CD 1011), SAS Singers (12), Tri-M (11-12), Morning Show (11-12) Interim: Singapore: Digital Photography (9), Thailand: Habitat for Humanity (10), Singapore: Visual Arts (11), Jordan: The Hashemite Kingdom (12)

Mom: Despite what you say, you have been and continue to be the greatest, strongest, (craziest) mother and woman I know. Papa: Buddies from the start, buddies for life - you might just be the greatest dad ever. All: Endless love, laughter, and wah-lao.

110 Seniors

Austin Cox Dallas, Texas August 5, 1992 Austin.Cox1 Cox Activities: Varsity Rugby (10-12 Captain), SACAC Football (10-12 Captain) Interim: Thailand: Adventure Racing (9), Langkawi: Sailing (10), Nepal A: (11), Switzerland: Winter Sports (12)

Mom and Dad, you have made me the man I am today, thanks for always being there. Melina and Kara, since I wont be here to watch you two, make sure all the guys that go after you are worthy and keep your heads up. I love you guys and I’ll miss you.

Lars Crawford Santa Barbara, California August 13, 1991 lars_crawford larsy buddy, bars, ilat Activities: Varsity Volleyball (9-12), Varsity Swimming (9-12), SAVE (9-12), Student Council (9-VP) Interim: Adventure Racing in Thailand (9), Routeburn Trek (10), Nepal A (11), Study Hall (12)

Mom and Dad thank you so much for helping me through these 18 years. The first few were easy going, but this year was much harder. There is no way I could thank you for everything you have done for me to get me back on my feet, I love you both a lot.

Virginia Cucchi Parma, Italy

July 13, 1992 phoebe.clark1 Feebs, Fi, Sue, Blondes Activities: Varsity Soccer (9-12), Varsity Tennis (10), Varsity Track (10), Varsity Touch (11), Athletic Council (11-12) Interim: Nepal A (11), Poland & Czech Republic (12)

Mumma, to your full satisfaction I’ll admit, I’m not looking at a bad future. I love you. Dad, I love you. Don’t ever forget that I am your baby. Soph, you always bring the crazy out in me. Please continue to shower. I love you. SG- it’s been great.

John Creech

Bakersfield, California

December 30, 1991 johncalvincreech Activities: Tennis (9-10), Soccer (9-12), Mock Trial (9), Class Cabinet (9), Choir (911), Softball (11-12), Rugby (12) Interim: Trekking in Tibet, India (11), Switzerland (12)

Dear Mom and Dad, thank you very much for always being there for me – through the ups and downs. I can’t thank you enough for everything. Liz - make good choices, and James - fight on. I love you all very much. Thanks for everything.

Nico Daily

Balikpapan, Indonesia March 28, 1992 nicodailee Baby Neeks, Baby Nico, Coco Nico

Activities: JV Soccer (10), JV Rugby (10), Varsity Soccer (1112), Varsity Rugby (11-12) Interim: Telunas Beach (9), Northern Thailand (10), Surfing in Australia (11), Greece (12)

Thanks mom and dad for giving me the opportunity to stay overseas on my own. Your trust means a lot to me. Thanks Marcel, Ursula and Kilani for the greatest four years of my life. Without you all, this would have not been possible.

Seniors 111

Jati Darmawan Jakarta, Indonesia August 15, 1992 jati. darmawan Yati, Oreo, Mario Activities: SACAC Bowling (9-12), SAVE (12), MedEx (12) Interim: Malaysia: Island in the Sun (9), China A (10), Australia: Outdoor Adventures (11), Switzerland (12)

Thank you so much mom and dad for supporting me through my studies in high school. Without your support I wouldn’t know what to do in life, especially my decision to go to art school. Thank you to all my friends, you were great. See you.

Brittany Dawe Calgary, Alberta May 27, 1992 brittanydawe B-dawe, Lemon Activities: Varsity Soccer (10-12, Co-Captain), Varsity Rugby (10-11), Varsity Softball (9-12, Captain) Interim: Riau Encounter (9), Routeburn Trek (10), Surfing in Australia (11), Switzerland (12)

Mom and Dad, thanks you for all your love and support throughout the years. Jordan, I hope I’ll be seeing you soon. Josh, the house is yours now, don’t go too crazy. To my friends, you guys are the best. Thanks for all the memories. I love you guys.

112 Seniors

John Daniel Davis Dallas, Texas February 20, 1992 d_davis292 Activities: China Cup Baseball (1112), Harvard Model Congress Asia (12-Senator), Jazz Band (11-12), Wind Ensemble (11-12), Tri-M (12) Interim: Spain: Immersion Week in Barcelona (11), South Africa: Cape and Coast (12)

Thank you God for guiding me through these formative years. Thank you Dad for setting an example for me to aspire to. I hope someday I can be the father you have been to me. Thank you Mom for your steady love and devotion. I cannot thank you enough.

Morgan Deary Stewartsville, New Jersey March 31, 1992 morgan.deary Morgie Activities: Field Hockey (9), JV Lacrosse (9), Creative Memories (10,11), Film (10-12) Interim: China A(10), Australia: Learn to Surf/Ocean Safety(11), Spain Exploration: Toledo/ Seville/Madrid(12)

I would not have made it through my three years at SAS without the love and support of my parents and sister. Thank you mom, dad, and Taylor for always being there for me and loving me no matter what. You all mean the world to me!

Sydney DeBell Santa Cruz, California

November 27, 1991 sydney.debell Syd, DeBell, Baby DeBell, Activities: Dance Club (11-12), Project Sowetto (11-12), Wish for Kids (9) Interim: Indonesia: Riau Encounter(9), Thailand (10), Australia: Learn to Surf(11)

I owe everything to my parents. You’ve given me love and support for the past 18 years and I can’t thank you enough. Andrew you can always make me laugh with your awesome faces, songs and quotes (“Bav!” super weird...). My experience at SAS has been one I’ll never forget. I love you all and will never forget you!

Scott DeNoma Alexandria, Kentucky May 2, 1991 squigee Scotty too Activities:JV Soccer (10), JV Rugby (10), Varity Track (12) Interim: Advanced Scuba Diving (9), Advanced Scuba Diving Komodo (10), New Zealand: Meeting of Nation (11), Switzerland (12)

Without my families constant support i would not have been able to make it through the last 4 years here. Thank you mom and dad for always believing in me even when i gave you so much evidence to the contrary. Thanks Michael for all your support . Thank you Meg and Jack for always bringing a smile to my face when i was feeling down. Matt and Sara for your advice and comradery.

Blake Carson DeBerry Houston, Texas April 3, 1991 carsondeberry Activities: Technical Theater Club (9-12 Officer), Peer Support (10-12), ITS (10-12), Athletic Council (1012), Islander (12) Interim: Sahba: Mt. Kinabalu (9), NZ: Routburn Trek (10), Nepal: Annapurna (11), Sweden: Arctic Experience (12)

Thank you to all at SAS for their great support and teaching to guide me through High School. Mom and Dad I thank you again for this great adventure of living overseas and will never forget it, and hopefully I will be back soon.

Dymock Dibb Durban, South Africa March 15, 1992 dymock.dibb Activities: Frisbee Club (9-12), Rugby (9-12), Boy Scouts of America (9-12), Boxing Club (11-12) Interim: Exploring Singapore’s Food Trail (9), The Riau Encounter (10), Cycling in Western Australia (11), Switzerland: Winter Sports (12)

To my family- it’s been a good 18 years and I’m going to miss you all so much. To my teachers- thanks for making school as fun as it was. To my friends- it’s been a good run with it’s ups and its downs; I’ll never forget you guys.

Seniors 113

Dan Dinsmore Wausau, Wisconsin February 5, 1992 dan.dinsmore B-Knucks Interim: Singapore: Food Trail (9), Indonesia: Riau (10), Australia: Biking in Western Australia (11), Switzerland: Skiing in Switzerland (12)

Jessie Driesens Grand Rapdis, Michigan April 29, 1992 Jess Interim: South India (11), and South Africa: Kruger National Park (12)

Mom, Dad, Erika, Christian, all my friends. Thank you so Thanks Mom and Dad for everything!! Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m going to miss much for an amazing 18 years. So many good memories, you so much!! Good-bye SAS! I will miss all of you. To the friends that are still here next year, we can still hang out. Two years of NS here I come.

Serge du Preez Boise, Idaho

Nisha Duara Chicago, Illinois

August 20, 1992

November 5, 1991

Boise, Master of Facebook

nish, nish nosh, mings

Interim: NZ: Meeting of the Nations (11), Switzerland: Winter Sports (12)

Activities: Asian Student Association Chicago (9-10), Service Corps Chicago (9- 10), Bhangra Team Chicago (9-10), Kalapriya Dance Chicago (3-10), Sifas-Classical Indian Dance (11) Interim: NZ: Meeting of the Nations (11), Turkey (12)

Down with hipsterdom. I would like to give credit and thanks to my amazing and driven parents, I love you Mama and Dita. Thank you so much for staying up late nights helping me study for tests, edit essays, and check homework. You guys knew I could do it and helped me reach and realize my full potential. I am finally going out into the world by myself but it was you guys who have prepared me to face it! Carpe Diem

114 Seniors

Joshua Dwyer Burnt Hills, New York August 3, 1992 Activities: SACAC Bowling (9), JV Soccer (10), JV Tennis (11), Grassroots Soccer (11), Varsity Reserve Soccer (11,12-Captain), Varsity Rugby (12) Interim: Thailand: Adventure Racing (9), NZ: Routeburn Trek (10), Australia: Outdoor Adventures (11), Switzerland: Winter Sports (12)

Mom, Dad, and Carrie, I love you all so much and I’m going to miss you guys when I go off to CLU. You have no idea how great you made life for me here in Singapore. Try not to have too much fun without me.

Kenneth Evans Houston, Texas

September 15, 1991 kennyseven Kenny Activities: Cross Country (9-10), Track & Field (12), Newspaper (11-12), IPAU (9-12) Interim: Sabah Sea to Sky Adventure (9), NZ: Routeburn Trek (10), Western Australia: Outdoor Adventures (11),

But where was it when I first heard that sweet sound of humility? It came to my ears in the loveliest melody. How grateful I was then to be part of the mystery, to love and to be loved. Let’s just hope that is enough.

Belinda Eg Irvine, California January 2, 1992 belindaeg Berinda, Bels, Belinder Activities: Varsity Soccer (11-12), Varsity Basketball (10-12), Track & Field (10-12-Captain), CHS (10-12, 11-Service Director), NHS (11-12), Grassroots Soccer Club (11-12President) Interim: Malaysia: Island in the Sun (9), NZ: Routeburn Trek (10), Surfing in Australia (11), Sweden: Arctic Experience (12)

Ma & Ba: I am who I am today because of your guys’ support. Ge: You are the best and I’ve really missed you these past three years. I love and will miss you guys very much; words can’t explain. Friends: You know who you are; these years have been great. Lady Eagles: We did it – back to back. Thanks everyone.

James Fan Taipei, Taiwan June 22, 1992 kikomager Chien Hao, bruddah, MFJF, EV

Activities: SAVE (9-12, President), Business Club (9-12, CoPresident), Math Club (9-12), JV Volleyball (10), Varsity Volleyball (12), Varsity Rugby (12), NHS (10-12), Tri-M (11-12), JNHS (11-12), MAT (11-12) Interim: Thailand: Adventure Racing (9), Malaysia: Langkawi Sailing Adventure (10), Australia: Surfing (11), South Africa: Cape and Coast (12)

To my mother, thanks for everything you’ve done. Its been a hard thirteen years in Singapore but we’ve made it through. To my father, you’ve always given great guidance, thanks so much. Celine, have fun growing up, you’ll be the one writing soon.

Seniors 115

Lawrence Fan Singapore

August 28, 1992 the majesty of colours Activities: Cross Country (9-11), Track & Field (9) Interim: Thailand: Adventure Racing (9), NZ: Routeburn Track (10), Western Australia: Outdoor Adventures (11), Italy (12)

I’d like to thank my family for their varied degrees of support through thick and thin, mostly thin. To my friends, the very people who got me through high school. To the majesty of colors, where falling in love with it’s charms felt being alive.

Caitlin Favati Los Angeles, California March 12, 1992 caitlinfavati fav Activities: JV/Varsity Soccer (9-12, 12Captain), JV/Varsity Rugby (9-12), SAVE (10-12), Global Giving (9-10), Athletic Council (9-11), Grassroots Soccer (11) Interim: South India (9), NZ: Routeburn Trek (10), Surfing in Australia (11), Winter Sports: Switzerland (12)

Mom, Dad, Crista, and Nat thanks so much for always believing in me and supporting me. You’ve guided and pushed me to be a better person. Vince, good luck, work hard, be smart. I love you all so much.

116 Seniors

Erika Farias Portland, Oregon

December 28, 1991 tacoroko E Activities: Varsity Touch Rugby (10-12, Captain), Track & Field (10-12) Interim: China A (10), Australia: Surfing (11), Jordan (12)

Thank you Mom and Dad for always being there for me even though I wasn’t always the best daughter. Brenda I know we annoy each other but I’m going to miss you. To my old friends and my new ones, thanks for the great memories, I’ll miss you guys.

Lauren Felice Austin, Texas July 28, 1992 laurenfelice Activities: Student Council (11-Treasurer, 12-Exec. President), Soccer (9-12), Rugby (9-12,Captain), Peer Support (9,1012-Officer), Eye: Newspaper (12), NHS (10-12) Interim: Adventure Racing in Thailand (9), NZ: Routeburn Trek (10), Surfing in Australia (11), Winter Sports in Switzerland (12)

To my parents, who supported and encouraged me, my teachers, who inspired and challenged me, and my friends, who made this time memorable, thank you. I’m so lucky to have had these experiences at SAS, it’s been an amazing four years.

Ying Feng Beijing, China April 5, 1992 feng.katherina Duimalina, Matherina Activities: FHS (10-12), Migrant Workers Club (10-12), Prism (11-Business Manager, 12-CoEditor), Writer’s Ink (10-12), NHS (11-12), Math Club (12), Mu Alpha Theta (12) Interim: Malaysia: Island in the Sun (9), Western Australia: Outdoor Adventures (10), Trekking in Leaping Tiger Gorge (11), Sweden: Arctic Experience (12)

Myles Fenwick Toowoomba, Australia

September 24, 1991 mfenwick18528 Activities: VR Soccer (11,12), Varsity Rugby (12) Interim: Advanced Scuba Diving (9), Northern Thailand Cultural Adventure (10), Western Australia Outdoor Adventures (11), South Africa: Cape and Coast (12)

In the end, I may just leave less than 250 characters and Mom and Dad, thanks so much for supporting me and some pictures behind. I take with me, however, a lot more. helping me through High School. Without you guys I don’t Mom and dad – “love tiger oil.” know what I would’ve done. Ryan, thanks for being a good brother (most of the time) and being there for me. I love you guys. Thanks Everyone.

Ashan Fernando Los Gatos, California June 21, 1992

James Fickel Romania

July 30, 1991

ashan.fernando17 Ash Ketchum, Sophomore Activities: Varsity Rugby (12), Octagon Basketball (9-12), JV Volleyball (9-10), Varsity Volleyball (11-12), JV Basketball (10-11), Peer Support (9-12), NHS (10-12), Getting Buff (11-12) Interim: Thailand: Adventure Racing (9), Sailing in Langkawi (10), NZ: Muddy Wheels (11), South Africa: Cape and Coast (12)

Mom and Dad, you put up with everything for four years. To the Family, I could not have done it without you. I’ll visit soon, don’t worry. To my friends, and you know who you are, thanks for making school worth coming to. I love you and thank you.

Seniors 117

Anjuli Finch Singapore, Singapore August 21, 1992 anjuli821 JoFinch, JuJu, Brown Bear Activities: Project Soweto (10-12), Track & Field (9-10), Athletic Council (9-11), TieDying for Turtles (12) Interim: Indonesia: Riau Encounter (9), Teacher Apprentinceship (10), Australia Surfing and Ocean Safety (11), South Africa: Cape and Coast (12)

Mama, Daddy, Alex, Son-son and Willy, you guys are the best family anyone could ask for. I’m so lucky to have all of you, and I’ll miss you so much. To my friends, you guys are amazing; these past 7 years have crazy fun. Keep in touch!

Sara Gaines Bangkok, Thailand January 21, 1992 sara.gaines Activities: Varsity Touch Rugby (12), Tie Dye for Turtles (11-12) Interim: Malaysia: Island in the Sun (11), Spain: Toledo, Seville, Madrid (12)

Mom & Dad, thank you for giving me opportunities, supporting me & always considering my happiness. Sam, my kind & inspiring big brother, never change. I love you all so much. Friends & loved ones, I’m so lucky to have you all in my life.

118 Seniors

Harry Fischer

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

December 29, 1990 harryfish18 Sixpack, +65 Activities: JV Soccer, Varsity Soccer, Varsity Rugby, Caring For Cambodia Interim: Vietnam (9), Langkawi (10), NZ: Meeting of the Nations (11), South Africa: Cape and Coast (12)

Mom and Dad, you are the the best parents I could ever wish for. Thank you for all your support and help. Kath, always strive to do your best, but enjoy senior year and don’t worry about colleges too much! Al, have fun in highschool and keep up with the rugby! Love you all.

Kimberly Gellenbeck Fairfax, Virginia May 26, 1992

Zach Gilbert

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

September 16, 1991 zach_649 Interim: NZ: Muddy Wheels (11), Egypt (12)

Cecilia Gregg

Massapequa, New York

December 25, 1991 Activities: Tri-M (1112), Flute Club (12), JV Tennis Our Lady of Mercy Academy (9-10), Varsity Tennis OLMA (11), Band (9-12), Chorus (9-11), Mercy Players Pit Orchestra (11) Interim: Singapore Food Trail (11), Turkey (12)

Mom, Dad, and Christain-Thanks for all the support, I Mom and Dad, I love you both so much. It’s been a long really couldn’t have done it without you guys. To my time since St. Rose but I still remember every time you friends- Thanks for an amazing year. stayed up late doing homework with me in fourth grade, and everything about Louisiana. Thank you. Paul, Harry Jack, and Sophie, I love you!

Matthew Grgas Lexington, Kentucky January 18, 1992

Aabir Gupta New Delhi, India

September 30, 1992





Activities: Technical Theater Club (9), Bintan Club (10-12), Rugby (10-12) Interim: Malaysia: Island in the Sun (9), NZ: Muddy Wheels (10), Nepal: Everest Region (11), Oman: Kayak Expedition (12)

It’s been an amusing six years at SAS. For that, I thank my mom and dad, and my dear sister, Alice. Without you guys, I doubt I would have finished high school. Also, thanks to all my friends who supported me through my journey. Enjoy your life.

Activities: Student Council (11 Secretary, 12 VP), Forensics (9-12-IASAS), MUN (9-12-IASAS), Varsity Badminton (11), NHS (11, 12-VP), ITS (9-12-Treasurer) Interim: NZ: Milford Trek (10), Trekking in Tibetan India (11), Austria-Hungry (12)

Mama, Papa, and Tanvi: you three have been the metaphorical tripod that has supported me throughout my life and I never would have made it this far without all of you. Eternus Veneratio: you’ve been a band of brothers. I love you all.

Seniors 119

Nishant Hardikar Houston, Texas

December 27, 1991 Activities: VR Soccer (11-12), Habitat For Humanity (11-12Leader), Business Club (11-12), Grassroots Soccer (11), Class Cabinet (11-12), Athletics Council (11-12), HSBC Golf Tournament Group (12) Interim: Tibet (11), Germany: Berlin and Munich (12)

Thanks mom and dad for supporting me throughout high school and for making the move to SAS successful. I can’t thank you enough for the love and support these last 4 years. Thanks to all of the people at SAS who made coming to school everyday not so bad.

Raymond Harless Farmington, New Mexico June 20, 1991 ray.harless1 Heartless, Whiskey Tango Activities: JV Rugby (9-10), Cross Country (10), Technical Theater Club (10), SACAC Football (Steelers 11-12)

Matthew Hardy Nutley, New Jersey May 12, 1992 mchardy592 The White Guy Activities: Cross Country (9,10,12), JV Basketball (9- 10), Swimming (12), Track and Field (12), Habitat for Humanity (9-10), JHS (11-12) Interim: New Zealand: Routeburn Treak (11), Oman: Kayaking (12)

I want to thank my parents for giving me support and providing so many opportunities. Kameron, I will probably miss you the most. You’ve made life at home fun. Thanks all my friends at SAS and ASIJ for all the great times. I’ll miss you all.

Daniel Hartman Singapore

April 4, 1992 daniel hartman DJ Interim: Sea Kayaking Thailand (9), Singapore’s Food Trail (10), NZ: Ultimate South Island Adventure (11), Study Hall (12)

Interim: Western Australia: Outdoor Adventures (10), New Zealand: Ultimate South Island Adventure (11), Germany (12)

Mom and Dad thank you for all the support you have given Mom, Dad and Caca: I have no words for how thankful me throughout my entire life. I couldn’t have gotten this far I am. I don’t deserve you. Also, thank you to Google without you. Jerrod, I couldn’t have had a better brother. translator, Sparknotes, Wikipedia, Riverside, Azizah (you run the school) and the silent reading room and nurse’s office for all the naps.

120 Seniors

Alvi Hasan Dhaka, Bangladesh

November 29, 1991 alvi.hasan Mr.Prez, EV, Bengi Activities: Peer Support (10-12), Peace Initiative (9-10), SAVE (10-12), ITS (10-12), NHS (10-12), Cultural: Drama (1112), Student Council (10-Treasurer, 11-12President)

Alexandra Hein Houston, Texas

November 12, 1991 alexheintx Alex, Heiney, Heinz, Heineken Activities: Girl’s Golf (9-10) Interim: Nepal: Everest (11) South Africa: Kruger Park (12)

Interim: Malaysia: Island in the Sun (9), NZ: Milford Trek (10), India: Trekking in Tibetan India (11), Austria and Hungary: Vienna/Budapest (12)

To each one of the faculty, the family, each friend, no written storybook could have a more fulfilling end. Thirteen long journeys from August to June, thirteen short years ends a little too soon. Minus that calc test he would rather forget, Alvi can say he has no high school regret.

Roxanne Hesh San Rafael, California May 26, 1992

I’m finally done with my twelve years of school... and now onto another four. Hallelujah. I want to thank my mom and dad for everything they’ve done for me. Sending me across the world was a good decision even though I put up a fight. You’ve always supported me in everything I’ve done and I’ll miss you so much.

Paige Hicks The World

October 3, 1991



Roxy, Rox

Roo; Pagina; Hicks; Paigey

Activities: Morning Show (11-12), Varsity Swimming (9-12Captain), SHS (11,12Secretary), Special Olympics Swimming (9-12), Quill & Scroll (11-12) Interim: South India (9), Western Australia: Outdoor Adventures (10), Trekking in Tibetan-India (11), Egypt (12)

Thanks to my good friends and teachers-these 4 years were AMAZING! Mom, Dad-thanks for pushing and supporting me! I wouldn’t have gotten here without you. Rod-you’re the BEST brother; thanks for being there for me! I LOVE YOU ALL!

Activities: Softball (11-12), First Grade Painting (12), Basketball (11-12), Blood Drive (12), Leprosy Home (12), Blue Dragon (12), Dance Club (11) Interim: Japan (11), Egypt (12)

Maths, Ceramics, US History, AP Biology – you are the teachers that have inspired me to go further and love learning, thank you. Mom & Dad, you have been my guiding lights, thank you for preparing me for life outside the nest. I’ll love you always.

Seniors 121

Jennifer Ho

Hartford, Connecticut October 20, 1991 jennnho

Jenn, JHo, jtotheho Activities: Art Club (9, 10-11 VP, 12President), Dance Club (10), Usher’s Society (10), C.O.M.E (11-12) Interim: Taiwan (9), NZ: Meeting of the Nations (10), Nepal: Everest (11), Turkey (12)

Dad: Thanks for spoiling me with everything I have. Mom: I guess it’s just you and the boys. Dave: Rock on. Kev: You’re my greatest influence. Thanks for showering me with love despite my messes and fusses. I love you all deeply.

Audrey Hsia Taipei, Taiwan June 20, 1992 audreyhsia Mom, Aud Interim: Taiwan (9), Northern India (10), Nepal-Everest, (11), Turkey (12)

To all my friends, thanks for making high school less like a scene out of Mean Girls. I enjoyed it almost as much as I enjoyed filling out this really annoying Senior Memory form.

122 Seniors

Dylan Howell Houston, Texas

September 30, 1991 dylanhowell D-Ho, DeezeNutz, D Activities: Rugby, Baseball Interim: Great Barrier Reef Australia (10), Nepal A (11), Spain (12)

Mom, Dad, Justin - I love ya’ll thanks for raising me right. Thanks for the memories. Moving to Asia has truely changed my life. Thank ya’ll for the opportunity and allowing me to see the world. To my bros, ya’ll know who you are. I love you guys. RIP Sonic

Caroline Hui

Princeton, New Jersey March 5, 1992

Mitchell Hulse San Rafael, California

Hannele Hupanen Porvoo, Finland

September 12, 1991

June 24, 1991

Activities: Jazz Band (9-12, Drummer)


Interim: Adventure Racing in Thailand (9), NZ: Milford Trek (10), Nepal: Everest (11), Austria/Hungary (12)

Hannah Activities: Grassroots Soccer (12) Interim: South Africa Kruger National Park (12)

It’s been a challenging 13-year journey, but with the Thank you mom and dad for everything, for your support support of teachers, friends, and family, my journey has and for just being there. Thank you my little brothers for been well worth the effort. I set forth now to discover and everything, and I won’t be far next year, so behave. experience the next chapter of my life and whatever it may hold -- farewell.

Melissa Huston Los Angeles, California February 4, 1992 melissahuston Huston Activities: Eye: Newspaper (11-12, Editor-in-Chief), Peer Support (11-12), Executive Council (12-CD), JV Rugby (9), Varsity Rugby (1012), JV Soccer (9-10, Captain), Varsity Soccer (11)

Christian Hvide Singapore

May 8, 1992 hans.christian.hvide steak Activities: Varsity Softball (10,12), Wish For Kids (10), Business Club (12) Interim: South India (9), Australia: Reefs and Rainforests (10), Turkey (12)

Interim: Sabah: Sea to Sky (9), New Zealand: Milford Trek (10), Tibetan India: Trekking in Dharamsala (11), Spain: Madrid, Seville, Toledo (12)

Mom, Dad, thank you doesn’t seem like enough, but not even a million words can express how much I love you both for getting me this far. Erica, my high school glory days are over but yours are just beginning, enjoy each and every one of them. I love you

I have attended SAS since I was in kindergarten and I have loved every minute of it! Thanks mom and dad for supporting me through it all and I am really going to miss you. Annika have fun through your high school years!

Seniors 123

Renee Hyde Houston, Texas December 4, 1991 renee.hyde Nay No, Nay Nay Activities: Athletic Council (10-11), STAND Club (10-CD, 11), Dance Club (10-11), Boxing (11), Absolute Art (12), Eye: Newspaper (12)

Natasha Irani Bombay, India March 16, 1992 natashairani Natu, Tuzzi Interim: Riau, Indonesia (9), Western Australia: Outdoor Adventure (10), Nepal: Everest (11), Austria and Hungary (12).

Interim: Riau Encounter (9), India: Rajasthan (10), Bhutan: Land of the Thunder Dragon (11), Oman: Sea Kayak Adventure (12)

Mom, Dad and Brendan, thank you for all the love and support you’ve given me. Rachael, thank you for acting like my big sister. To all my friends- I’ve had the time of my life; I couldn’t imagine having my high school experience without you all.

Tia Areta Iwan Puteri Banjarmasin, Indonesia December 8, 1991 Tia Areta Iwan Puteri Jay’s Wife, Taiwan, spikyyboy Activities: Aiding China (9-12), Theatre Make-Up Club (10, 11-Secretary), Dance Club (9-12), Migrant Workers (10-12) Interim: Taiwan: Treasure Island (9), Northern India (10), Nepal: Everest (11)

Thank You Papah, Mama, C Ayu, Koh Aya for all the support and THANKS for being patient with me. It means a lot to me. For all of those I met in SAS – it’s hard to forget all those UNFORGETTABLE days. Hope to see you soon. Good luck!

124 Seniors

It’s now been eighteen years. Eighteen years that you, my parents, have cared for me. I know they say nothing is impossible, but trust me when I say the appreciation you deserve can’t be summed up in these mere 250 characters. I love you always.

Mishal Iyer Mumbai, India March 17, 1992 i_mish iMish, Mish, Taj Activities: SAVE (1012), Indoor Soccer Club (9-12), MINDS (11-12-Treasurer), Philosophy Club (11-12-Secretary), Global Giving (10-12), Grassroots Soccer (11-12), SHS (9-11), JV Soccer (10), VR Soccer (11-12) Interim: South India (9), NZ: Meeting of the Nations (10), Nepal: Everest (11), Austria and Hungary: Vienna and Budapest (12)

It’s been an amazing and emotional 10 years at SAS. Thanks SAS, I will always cherish the wonderful memories. Last but not least, thank you Mom and Dad for the love and support for all these years.

Woo Won Jang Seoul, Korea

December 19, 1992

Sasha Jassem United States May 6, 1992

woowon.jang W squared, Lee Seung Gi Activities: Special Olympics (10-12 President), Math Club (10-12 President), MedEx (9-12 Secretary), Tri-M (1112), CHS (11-12), Mu Alpha Theta (11-12), Swimming (10-12), Honor Orchestra (11) Interim: Vietnam (9), China B (10), Nepal: Annapurna (11), Greece: The Greek Odyssey (12)

God: Thank you for all the answers to my prayers, endless love and guidance. M&D: Thanks for your supports and for believing in me. Yooshin: The best sister in the world. And thanks to all my friends for making my high school unforgettable.

Shivika Jhunjhnuwala Hong Kong

April 15, 1992 shivika.jhunjhnuwala Shiv, Shivz, Jhun, Brownie Activities: SAVE (10-12), Creative Memories (9-11Secreatry), Women In Action (10-12Secretary), Wish for Kids (9-11), Hart India (9-11), Art Club (9-11) Interim: Taiwan (9), China B (10), NZ:Meeting of the Nations (11), Spain:Toledo, Madrid, Seville(12)

Mum & Dad-It’s only with your love/endless support that I’ve come this far. I love you both so much and hope I continue to make you proud. Bro&Sis-my other half & confidant, it’s time to join you both. It’s been four truly amazing years! We did it!

Thanks Mom and Dad for putting up with a lot of stuff over the years, you deserve a cake and I hope the little ones give you more trouble than I did. Also thanks to the rest of my family for making the schooling years bearable.

Nooree Kang Seoul, Korea

April 28, 1992 nooree92 Activities: Wish for Kids (9-10), Korean Club (9-12), SAVE (9-11), Tri-M (10-12), Houses for Hope (9), Mandarin Club (9-11), Homework Club (12), MDMA (12), Leprosy Home (9,11-12), Art Club (9-10), Dance Club (9-10) Interim: Cambodia (9), Northern India (10), Singapore: Teacher Apprenticeship (11-12)

Dad, you were in Korea alone, and I know it wasn’t easy for you. Mom, you had to come here without dad, but with me and Danny. It should have been hard for you, but you were still supporting us. You deserve to be the best parents. Lastly, Danny, I hope you are enjoying your college life. I love you all<3

Seniors 125

Priscilla Kang Seoul, Korea

May 30, 1992

Marjhan Kausar Rome, Italy

July 18, 1992



Cilla aegi pig

Activities: FHS (1012), NAHS (11-12), Blue Dragon (11-12), Art Club (9-10), Peace Initiative (9)

Activities: Leprosy Home (9-12 VP), Houses for Hope (9-10 President), ECC Club (9-11 President), FHS (9-12), NHS (10-12), JVBadminton (10), Athletic Council (9-12) Interim: Amazing Race (9), Teacher Apprenticeship(9), Tibet (11), Austria & Hungary: Vienna and Budapest (12)

First, thank you God. Mom & Dad-Your endless support and trust made me who I am, love you. Eunice & Hannah - my stars, I hope I can be the sister you both deserve. To friends: You guys take so much part of who I am, you’ve taught me how to listen and love.

Stephanie Kendall Singapore

November 20, 1991 kendallstephanie SK, Steph, Kendy, Snowflake Activities: Dance Club (11-12), Caring for Cambodia (11, 12- Secretary), SAVE (11-12), NDAHS (12Secretary), Cultural: Dance (11-12) Interim: Nepal B (11), Spain Exploration: Toledo/ Seville/ Madrid (12)

Mum, Dad, and Coco thank you so much for always being there to support me with my ambitions in life. Mum- you are my mother, my friend, and my role model in life. Dad- your drive to strive for the best has impacted my life greatly, thank you. Coco- you are not only my sister but also my best friend.

126 Seniors

Interim: Singapore: Photography (9), Singapore: Art (10), Japan (11), Italy: Florence and Rome (12)

Mom & Dad, love you more than life. I’m grateful to have you as parents. Mikal, we fight, but it’s out of love. Dadi, Nani, & Grandpa, thanks for believing in me. Dada, you’ll always be in my heart. Love my friends; you’ve made high school amazing.

Dong Hyun Kim Seoul, Korea

September 6, 1991 dong_hyun91 DDONG! Activities: Korean Club (9-12), Math Club (9-12), Magic Club (10-12), SAVE (9-12), Leprosy Home (10-12) Interim: Singapore: Amazing Race (9), Northern India (10), Tibet (11), Germany: Berlin & Munich (12)

Thank you God for all you have given. Mom&Dad, thanks for all your love. DY, work hard and good luck! I love you guys and I’ll miss our idle days. German partners in crime, a trip we will take to our graves. Thanks everyone and Keep in touch!

Jong Chan Kim Suwon, Korea

Kevin Kim Seoul, Korea

September 2, 1991

March 7, 1990



Activities: Math Club (9-11,12-Assistant), SAVE (9-11,12Paper Head), Mu Alpha Theta (11,12President), NHS (1012), Tri-M (10-11,12Secretary), Cultural: Vocal (10-12), IASAS Math (11-12) Interim: SG: Tropical Adventure: Canoeing and Sailing (9), Western Australia: Outdoor Adventures (10), Singapore: Teacher Apprenticeship (11), Germany: Munich and Berlin (12)

Mom, the numerous late-night conversations we had about life enriched my mind and soul and enabled me to navigate on my own. Dad, you taught me to be ambitious and dream beyond, but you have to stop smoking. Hyung, my mentor/best friend. Thank you.

Minji Kim Seoul, Korea

January 23, 1992 Activities: Leprosy Home (9-12), Korean Club (9-12), SAVE (10-12), CCC (10-11), Melrose Children’s Home (10-11) Interim: Singapore: Amazing Race (9), Cambodia (10), Singapore: Digital Photography (11), Vienna & Budapest (12)

KK, Magician, Renaissance man, Obama Activities: Varsity Soccer (10-12), Varsity Badminton (1112), Student Council (11-12), Korean Club (9-11, 12-President), Magic Club (9-12President), Tri-M (1011,12-Treasurer), NHS (11-12), Business Club (9-12) Interim: Vietnam (9), Western Australia: Outdoor Adventures (10), Japan (11), Germany (12)

Thank you mom and dad for everything you have done for me. I wouldn’t have been able to make it this far without your support. I will never forget all the sacrifices you have made for me. Love you mom and dad! My sister! Enjoy your life in Japan!

Sung Yeon Kim Seoul, Korea

April 10, 1992 sy.k.xo SYKay, Sungyy, Pankake Activities: Dance Club (9-11), JV Dance (10-11), Creative Memories (9,11President), CHS (10,12-President), NAHS (10-12), NHS (11-12), Korean Club (9-11), Mandarin Club (10-11), ECC club (10,11) Interim: Tropical Adventures in Sailing (9), China B (10), Teacher’s Apprenticeship (11), Spain: Toledo/Seville/ Madrid (12)

Mom & Dad, thank you for your love, support, and sacrifice. I love you, and love you. GY the Best, be a bro that I’m proud of. The Parks, thank you for giving me the opportunity, and making me a part of you. Friends, my saviors, I love you all.

To my parents, who I love and look up to the most, thank you for everything–for the constant support, care and so much more. You too big sis DY, my other half. Thanks to friends at SAS for the memories. I love you all and God bless the years to come!

Seniors 127

Young Won Kim Gwang Ju, South Korea January 23, 1992

Hannah Koh Singapore

March 19, 1991

Young Won


Youngy, yw

koh, hkoh, kohkohpops, hanes

Activities: SAVE (9-12-Plastic Recycling Head), Math Club (9-12), JV Soccer (10), Varsity Soccer (11-12), NHS (11-12-Treasurer), JV Basketball (10), Knowledge Bowl (12) Interim: SG: Sailing in Singapore (9), Australia: Outdoor Adventure (10), Nepal: Annapurna (11), Egypt (12)

SAS! It’s been an awesome 7 years! I’ve never went to a single school this long and I’ll miss it forever. SAVE, Math club and Soccer have helped me get pass each day. Thank you SAS for giving me great experiences that I’ll cherish for LIFE!

Samantha Koh Grand Prairie, Texas April 28, 1992 Samikoh Sam, SamKoh, Sammy Activities: Student Council (10-12, VP), Peer Support (11-12), MUN (11-12, NHS (10-12), CHS (11-12), Mu Alpha Theta (12), Tri-M (12), String Ensemble (9-12) Interim: Phuket: Scuba Diving (9), Nepal: Annapurna Trek (10), South Africa: Service in Soweto (11), Austria & Hungary (12)

I am so blessed to have spent this time in Singapore with such inspiring teachers and friends! It’s been a time of much growth and happiness; I continually thank God for those I shared this time with, especially my Dad, Momma, Spencer and my friends.

128 Seniors

Activities: Chinese Cultural Club (11), Aiding China (12, Head of CCC), Dance Club (11) Interim: Nepal: Annapurna (11), Spain Exploration: Toledo/ Seville/Madrid (12)

Thanks parents for taking care of me the past 19 years. Jon and Mike, you are the best brothers. To my other favorite people (you know who you are) thanks for the memories; here’s to many more (you will get individual letters later). KEEP IN TOUCH!

Yun Hoi Koo Seoul, Korea

August 23, 1992 Yun Hoi Simon. Mr. Qoo. Dooli. EV. Activities: Peace Intiative (9-10, 11-12 Service Council Rep), Math Club (9-10, 11-Vice President, 12-President), Korean Club (12-Vice President), Business Club (9-11), MUN (9-11), NHS (11, 12-Secretary), CHS (12), Mu Alpha Theta (11-12) Interim: N. Thailand: Udon Thani Habitat for Humanity (9), Northern India (10), Tibet (11), Germany (12)

God-thank you for responding to my immature prayers at all moments. Dad, Mom-too much to thank and so much to love. Nahoi-be well, don’t go over the edge. Everyone – friends, teachers, strangers, and especially family – love you, and sorry for not mentioning more.

Nihal Krishan Gurgaon, India

Rushi Krishna Drailand, India

May 9, 1992

September 27, 1992



Nihi, Hairi, Nihau, Nihaly Activities: MUN (9-12-Chair MYMUN), Knowledge Bowl (10-12-President), Cultural: Impromptu & Extemp (11-12), Blue Dragon (10-12), SAVE (10-12-Plastic), Eye: Newspaper (12-Op/Ed Editor)

rushi, sushi, rooshi, gahh Interim: Egypt (12)

Interim: Indonesia: The Riau Encounter (10), Nepal: Everest (11), Spain: Exploration - Toledo, Seville and Madrid (12)

“Challenge brings opportunity” Thank you God for all the opportunities. Mama, Papa words cannot express my gratitude for all that you have given me. Ishan ,I’m glad we finally ended up in the same school. Class of 2010,I hope you rise to the challenges.

Chris Kuan Belmont, California

September 19, 1991 chriskuan3 CK, Kuan Interim: Tibet: China (11), Turkey (12)

School has been a rollercoaster, but I’m glad things happened the way they did. Can’t fight fate right? Mom, Dad, and Sis constantly by my side with guidance and support, I know you’re there. No regrets for Singapore. With the greatest love, Chris.

To all the great people I’ve met this year – thanks for an awesome first/last year at SAS. Also, thanks Mom and Dad for being there for me during all the ‘tough times’. I love you both. Good luck to everyone (let’s try and keep in touch).

Mark Laing Singapore

June 16, 1992 Activities: IPAU (12), Track & Field (12) Interim: Italy: Florence and Rome (12)

I’d like to thank colors, space, Catholicism (love), kittens, tacos, spikes, disc jockeys, cattle ranches, expensive shoes, Singaporeans (very handsome), the stars, short people, Azizah, warbeasts, seven and most importantly my mom and dad.

Seniors 129

Sahil Lavingia New York

August 25, 1992 sahillavingia Activities: Varsity Rugby (12) Interim: Australia: Reefs and Rainforests (10), Nepal: Annapurna (11)

Calvin Law Berkeley, California August 10, 1992 Calvin10892 Activities: SACAC Bowling (11-12), Climbing Club (11-12), SAVE (12), Leprosy Home (11), Homework Help Club (11) Interim: Adventure in Nepal B (11), Germany (12)

Thanks for everything, everybody. See you around, Sahil. Thank you mom and dad for your unwavering support in my upbringing and providing me with innumerable opportunities. I also wish to thank my teachers for their guidance and my friends for an awesome two years in SAS. I will definitely miss everyone!

Brandon Lay San Diego, California April 22, 1992 B-Lay, -W-

Allison Lee Singapore

September 28, 1991 allisonldx

Activities: SACAC Football (10-12, Captain of Oilers, Captain of Asia Bowl Game), Rugby (1012, Vice-Captain), SACAC Flag Football Coaching (11-12, CoCoordinator), Bintan Service Club (10,12)


Interim: MalaysiaLangkawi: Adventure Sailing (10), Nepal A (11), Turkey: Istanbul and Bursa (12)

Interim: Thailand: Habitat for Humanity - Udon Thani (9), India: South India (10), Nepal: Nepal Annapurna Trek (11), Spain Exploration: Toledo/Seville/Madrid (12)

Mom & Dad, I simply would not have been able to make it without you. Mikayla & Syd, you are the best sisters I could ever ask for. My special somebody, thank you for an amazing 3 years. Lastly, to my friends & my â&#x20AC;&#x153;brosâ&#x20AC;?, I will never forget you.

130 Seniors

Activities: Cross Country (9), ITS (9-10), SAVE (9-10), Dance Club (9-12), Twinkle Toes (9-12), CCC (11-Secretary), CHS (11-12), Aiding China (12-VicePresident)

Mom & Dad-Thank you for being such supportive parents. Your selfless guidance, love and nurture have molded me to the person I am today. Chris & Dan-You two have been such role models to me. I appreciate all the words of wisdom. Family, I love you all!

Christie (Yun Hwa) Lee Seoul, Korea

May 2, 1991

Gabriel Lee Hong Kong

August 10, 1992 gablee007 Activities: Varsity Volleyball (9-12, All Tournament, Captain), Varsity Basketball (11-12), JV Basketball (9-10, Captain), Bintan Club (9-12, Vice President), NHS (1012), SHS (10-11) Interim: Thailand: Habitat for Humanity - Udon Thani (9), Australia: Reefs & Rainforests (10), Tibet (11), Austria & Hungary (12)

I’d just like to say thank you to all my teachers, friends, and faculty who have supported me through my high school journey. To Mom, Dad, Colin, I couldn’t have asked for a better family. You guys are the best!

Given Lee North Carolina October 11, 1991 glee369 Givvy, GLee, Giv, Jing Jing Activities: Tri-M (12), PI Slideshow (11-12), SAVE (9-11), MedEx (9-11, 12-Marketing Director), NHS (1112), Peer Support (1012), Badminton Club (11, 12-Co-president), Varsity Badminton (9-11, 12-Co-captain) Interim: Taiwan: Treasure Island (9), Thailand: Habitat for Humanity Lampang (10), Singapore: Teacher Apprenticeship (11), Egypt (12)

Ma&Ba: Love you both for 18 years of support even when I’ve been difficult. Ko: The spirit & vigor within me wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for your help to pull me through the difficulties I’ve faced; I’m very lucky to have a bro like you.

Hyunji (Ann) Lee Seoul, Korea

August 31, 1991 ann.hyunji.lee Ann Activities: Eye: Newspaper (10-12, 11-Features Editor, 12-Editor-in-Chief), MUN (11-12), Debate (11-12), Migrant Workers Club (1112), CHS (12), NHS (11-12), Quill & Scroll (11-12) Interim: Exploring Singapore’s Food Trail (10), Nepal B (11), Spain Exploration: Toledo/Seville/Madrid (12)

Mom, Dad- thank you for always believing in me. Christina- I couldn’t ask for a better sister. Teachers- thank you for your amazing classes. Friends- you guys made my day every day. Don’t worry, I’ll learn my street smarts. I’m going to miss you all.

Seniors 131

Jean Lee Singapore

February 22, 1992 jeanhl1992 Jeaners, Jeanbean, Jeanhee Activities: Wish for Kids (9-11), STAND Club (11,12secretary), Dance Club (9-12), Twinkle Toes (9-10), NAHS (12), Interim: Malaysia: Island in the Sun (9), Thailand (10), Tibet (11), Greece (12)

Mom and dad, thank you so much for all the support you have given me. I could not have asked for better parents. Also, thanks to my best friends, these four years has been amazing. I’m so glad to have friends like you guys. Love you all!

Kyung Jin Lee Seoul, Korea

October 3, 1992 kjlee. KJ Activities: Leprosy Home (10-12), SAVE (9-11), Korean Club (9-12), Athletic Council (9-10), Wish for Kids (9-10), Houses for Hope (9-12) Interim: Cambodia: Faces of Cambodia (9), India: Northern India (10), Tibet: The Holy City (11), Austria & Hungary (12)

Thank you Mom&Dad, I’m forever grateful for the opportunities, love and support you’ve given me. I love you. Friends, I’ll always cherish the memories. I wish you best of luck in your future undertakings. Thanks for making HS the time of my life.

132 Seniors

Koon-Lam Lee Singapore

September 22, 1992 Kailean Grey KL Activities: MedEx (9-11), Ultimate Frisbee (9-12), Blue Dragon (12), SAVE (9-10) Interim: SG: Amazing Race (9), Sabah: Sea to Sky Adventures (10), NZ: Meeting of the Nations (11), Australia: Surfing/ Ocean Safety (12)

For these 4 years, I’d like to thank Mom for constantly nagging at me to do my homework. It really kept me on task. I’d also like to thank Dad for giving me good advice. To friends and teachers, thank you for all the support you’ve given me.

Lauren Lee

San Diego, California May 28, 1992 lauren.el

Activities: Muay Thai (9-11), Boxing Club (11-12), MedEx (10, 12), Puppy Love (11-12), Children of Mother Earth (11,12Secretary), SAVE (1012), Dragonboating (10-12), Wish for Kids (9) Interim: Faces of Cambodia (9), Australia: Reefs and Rainforests (10), Trekking in Tibetan India (11), Greek Odyssey (12)

Thanks to everyone that has supported me throughout my life. Mom, Dad, these experiences have been amazing. I appreciate the sacrifices you’ve made for me, especially senior year. Siblings, I’ll miss the fun we have! I love and will miss you all.

Young Rock Lee Seoul, Korea

August 14, 1992 youngrocklee Little Rock, Baby Rock, Stone, Pebble Activities: Dance Club (11,12), Crew Chaotic (12 - Choreographer), Middle School Dance (12 - Choreographer), Alto Saxophone (9-12), Floor Hockey (12), Polo Country Club (9-12), SAVE (9), Track & Field (9,10)

Young Seo Lee Seoul, Korea

January 20, 1992 Ysl2234 YS Activities: SAVE (9-12) Interim: Tropical Adventure in Watersports (9), China A (10), Japan (11), Germany: Berlin & Munich Cultural Adventure (12)

Interim: Sea Kayaking in Thailand (9), India: Rajhastan (10), Trekking in Tibet (11), Austria, Hungary (12)

Mom and Dad, thank you so much for guiding me through high school in such a diverse community such as Singapore. To Rock, you are and always will be my role model. I have grown so much from listening to your advice and will make you proud!

Chelsea Leonard Surrey, England

December 22, 1991 chelseavv Activities: Peer Support (9-12), Dance Club (9-11), Athletic Council (9-11), STAND Club (10-12), NHS (11-12). Interim: Philippines: Habitat for Humanity (9), NZ: Routeburn (10), Tibet (11), Austria & Hungary (12)

Mom, Dad and to my brother Andrew: Thank you for all your support over the years, you don’t know how much support you have given me over my years in high school. Mom and Dad: Thank you for working hard to send me to this great school.

Aisling Leow Dublin, Ireland January 26, 1992 aislingleow Ling Ling, Ice Activities: NHS (1011,12-President), Shoebox Inc. (10-12-President), Varsity Basketball (9, 11), MUN (11-12), Impromptu (10-12), Original Oratory (1112), Prism (11-12- Coeditor), NAHS (10-12), CHS (12) Interim: Singapore Food Trail (9), Nepal: Annapurna (10), India: Trekking in Tibetan India (11), Austria and Hungary: Vienna and Budapest (12)

Mom and Dad-thanks for the unconditional support. Alexander and Sarah-please don’t take over my room when I’m gone. I love you. To everyone else, I thank you for the memorable times that comprised my high school experience and look forward to many more.

So many people to thank, and so few characters. Firstly, Mama and Baba, thank you for raising me as you have. I love you. Cian and Cillian – be good, work hard. To my teachers and friends, thank you for a great time at SAS. Good luck Class of 2010.

Seniors 133

Darin Lewis

John Liao Taichung, Taiwan

Rockport, Missouri May 22, 1992

October 17, 1991




Jliao, PM3K, ‘johnliao’

Interim: Northern Vietnam (9), Thailand: Habitat for Humanity (10), Nepal B (11), Singapore: Water Sports (12)

Activities: SAVE Club (10-11 - Publicity Head 12), Special Olympics (10-12), JNHS (VP 11-12), Swimming (9-12), Islander (Head of Advertising 11, Editorin-Chief 12), Athletic Council (10-12) Interim: Taiwan: Treasure Island (9), New Zealand: Muddy Wheels (10), Nepal B (11), South Africa: Kruger Park (12)

I love you guys. Thank you mom for always being there for me. Living in Singapore would be impossible without you. Dad, thank you for your overseas love and support. Asian Swimmer Bros- high school has been epic.

Franchesca Liauw Los Angeles, California October 4, 1992 Frankie, Taco, Ptaco, Chesca, Tanks, Franks, Frankithy, Frankfurter Interim: Singapore: Digital Photography (9), Thailand: House-building (10), Singapore: Visual Arts (11), Italy (12)

To my family: For all of the sacrifices and hard times I’ve put you through. I’ll never forget all of the love you’ve given me. I’ll always be there for you. To my best friends, I love you guys forever and always.

134 Seniors

Kelsey Lightfoot Lake Jackson, Texas April 9, 1992 kelsey.light K-Foot, ADHD Girl Activities: Tech Club (10) Interim: Advanced Scuba (9), India: Rajasthan Discovery (10), Japan (11), Greece Odyssey (12)

Mom and Dad: You have supported, encouraged, and believed in me. You guys are the best parents around. Clayton and Brent: You guys are not only amazing brothers, but great friends too. I couldn’t ask for better. SAS: Thanks, it’s been a blast.

Jamie Lim Yokohama, Japan October 16, 1991 jamie.lim91 Judith Activities: JV Soccer (9, 10-Co-Captain), Varsity Soccer (11-12), Varsity Rugby (1011), Student Council (9-10, President), Peer Support (9-10, 11&12-Co-President), Islander (11-CoEditor-in-Chief, 12), Eye: Newspaper (12Co-Editor-in-Chief) Interim: Malaysia: Sabah Sea to Sky (9), Western Australia: Outdoor Adventures (10), Tibetan India: Trekking (11), Greece: Odyssey (12)

Mom & Dad- I’ll be forever grateful for the life you’ve given me. Kay- thank you for leading the way. My teachers, counselors, and friends- thank you for helping me discover that it’s people I love. Indah- now the spotlight shines upon you.

Calvin Lo Singapore

February 28, 1992 Shawty Got Lo, Princess, C.Lo Activities: Blue Dragons (10-12), MedEx (10-12), JV Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton (9-10), Varsity Badminton (1112), NHS (11-12), Mu Alpha Theta (12) Interim: Island in the Sun (9), Habitat for Humanity, Thailand (10), Nepal B (11), Surf/Ocean Safety (12)

Dear Ma and Pa, I am forever grateful for the boundless love and support that you’ve given me. To my siblings, remember that you can’t turn time but you can start now and make a new ending. To my peers, thanks for the magical moments we’ve shared.

Sarah Lindholm Jacksonville, Florida July 11, 1992 sarahkathrynn Katie Bell, KatieKatt, Blondie, Church Girl Activities: Track & Field (9), Interact Club (9-10), Dance Team (10), SJ Singers (9-10), Dance Club (10-12), Bintan Club (11), ECC (11), SAS Singers (12), NDAHS (12-President) Interim: Cambodia (10), Nepal: Annapurna (11), Italy: Rome and Florence (12)

Mom, Dad, thank you for guiding me through crucial years. Ryan, Megan and Patrick: be good, enjoy it all, and know we will always have each other. My best friends, you are the most important people in my life; I can’t say how much I love you all.

Karina Lo Singapore

September 5, 1992 karinalovesdance. Curry-na, Curry Puff, China 1 Activities: Dance Club (11, 12-Community Service Officer), SAVE (11, 12), Cultural: Dance (11, 12), NDAHS (12Community Service Officer) Interim: Nepal: Annapurna Trek (11), Austria/Hungary: Vienna and Budapest (12)

Two years came and went, and now, my time here is done. To my dearest Mom and Ba, I truly do love you; to my silly brother, enjoy every moment; and to all the people I have met along the way, I’ve had a blast. Goodbye SAS, I will miss you.

Seniors 135

Cameron Lower Indianapolis, Indiana

September 22, 1992

Marvella Luhur Jakarta, Indonesia March 15, 1992

cameronlower Activities: JV Soccer (9-10), Varsity Soccer (11-12), Basketball (10), Track & Field (11) Interim: Thailand: Adventure Race (9), India: Rajasthan Discovery (10), Tibet (11), Turkey (12)

Mom/Mike: words can’t even describe how much I love and respect you. Despite what I say, I’ll miss you two incredibly! Shelby: you’re the best sister possible. I love you more than anything. I’ll miss you so much! Sleep in my room next year.

Aki Maedomari Los Angeles, California

Michelle Magsamen Flower Mound, Texas

July 11, 1992

February 16, 1992


Mags, Dumpling, Michellers

Activities: MedEx (9-12), MDMA (11), Peace Initiative (11-12), Wish for Kids (9-10), String Ensemble (9-11), Leprosy Home (10), Chess Orchestra (9), Tri-M (9-12), Yulefest (9), Cultural: Music (9-11), AMIS (9-10)

Activities: Varsity Volleyball (12-Middle hitter, Starter, Coach’s Choice) Interim: China A (11), Turkey (12)

Interim: Singapore: Tropical Adventures in Sailing (9), New Zealand: Milford Trek (10), Singapore: Teacher Apprenticeship (11)

Mom,Dad Thank you so much for your love and endless support. I am incredibly thankful for your encouragement. I would have never made it this far without you. Kevin, work hard. Whatever you do, you’ll be great. Thanks for your hugs. I love you all.

136 Seniors

From being a public school kid it was a big change moving to SAS junior year. When I switched, it was a challenge but I met some great friends that helped me through the process. I will be going to college up near Chicago! Congratulations 2010!

Kate Mahler Sao Paulo, Brazil February 17, 1992 kate.mahler Activities: Project Soweto (10-12 officer), Athletic Council (9-12), Class Cabinet (11-12) Interim: Indonesia: Riau Adventure (9), India: Rajhastan Discovery (10), Nepal B (11), South Africa: Kruger Park (12)

Stephanie Maissen Zurich, Switzerland January 3, 1992 stephanie.maissen Snow White, Frugelpop, Stephers, Stef Activities: Dance Club (9-12-Secretary), Peace Initiative (10), Caring for Cambodia (12), SCAW (10-12), Twinkeltoes (9-12), NDAHS (12), JV Dance Team (10-11) Interim: Thailand: Beginner Scuba Diving (9), Western Australia: Outdoor Adventures (10), Nepal: Annapurna Trek (11), South Africa: Krugar National Park (12)

Mommy and Papi, I don’t know how I’m going to make it next year without you.Expect calls every day, I’ll need the advice you give when no one else even knows there’s something wrong. I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for you. Love, cachorrinha.

Kristine Nae Maramot Dededo, Guam December 2, 1992

Mom and Dad, thank you for always being there for me! I love you and will miss you! Brian, how did I end up with such an amazing brother? We always manage to have fun. Friends, thanks for the memories, you’re all amazing! I will miss you!

Kartika Marshall Jogja, Indonesia June 28, 1992



Kris, Krissy, Chi, ms. kristine, KM

Tika, Tiks, Kiki Lamsley Chow

Activities: MedEx (9-12), Usher Society (9, 10-12 President), Peace Initiative (10, 11-12 Webmaster), SHS (10-12), JV Badminton (10), Service Council (10, 11-12 Exec. Secretary), Absolute Art (12)

Activities: Dance Club (9-12), Athletics Council (9-12), Peer Support (10-12), Student Council (10-Secretary, 12Exec Sec) CHS (11, 12-Secretary), NHS (11-12), NDAHS (12)

Interim: Exploring Singapore’s Food Trail (9), Spain: Immersion Week in San Sebastian (10), Japan (11), Italy: Rome and Florence (12)

First, thank you Lord for the blessings you’ve given me. Mom&Dad, thank you both for everything. Kuya&Ateh, thanks for watching out for me when I was young; I’m lucky that I’m your baby sister. To my friends, thanks for always being there for me.

Interim: Riau Encounter (9), NZ: Milford Trek (10), Turkey (11), Spain: Toledo, Seville, Madrid (12)

I love you all: Dad, don’t lose your funky cold medina when I leave; Mom, I’ll miss you most, call me daily; Hendra, thanks for putting that stupid smile on my face; my sisters, never back down; everyone who means something to me, I’ll remember you.

Seniors 137

Hayden Marushi Virginia Beach, Virginia February 11, 1992 hayden.marushi More Sushi, The Irish Dancer Activities: Dance Club (10-12), STAND Club (10-11,CD), Leprosy Home (12) Interim: Australia: Reefs & Rainforests (10), Nepal: Annapurna (11), Poland and Czech Republic (12)

SAS has been an amazing experience. Thank you to all my friends who made SAS a blast. Thank you mom and dad for everything. I love you guys so much. To my twin: we may not always get along but I still love you. Thanks for a great 3 years.

James McAdam Lafayette, California August 18, 1991 james.ryan.mcadam Activities: Football (9), IPAU (9-12), Visual Performing Arts Council (11-12) Interim: Singapore Food Trails (9), NZ: Milford Trek (10), NZ: Ultimate South Island Adventure (11), Poland and Czech Republic (12)

Mom, Dad and Ash – you have always been there for me in more ways than I can count. You are the best family anyone could ask for. All my friends, you guys are irreplaceable. Never will there be a group like us again. Thanks SAS for 6 great years.

138 Seniors

Kara Marushi Virginia Beach, Virginia February 11, 1992 kara_marushi47 kur-uh, kara bear Activities: Dance Club (10-12), STAND Club (10-12) Interim: Langkawi Sailing Adventure (10), NZ: South Island Adventure (11), Egypt (12)

To my friends, thank you so much for amazing memories I will never forget. Whenever I eat sushi or see sugar packets I’ll think of you guys. Also thanks Mom, Dad, Hayden and Cole for always being there for me, I will miss you very much. I love you!

Rachel McCabe Chicago, Illinois

September 9, 1992 rachel.mccabe1 McPhat, VanillaBear, Taquito, Flash Activities: Volleyball (9-12, 11-12 Captain), Basketball (9-12, 1112 Captain), Softball (9-12), NHS (12), SHS (11-12), Project Soweto (10-12) Interim: Indonesia: Riau Encounter (9), India: Rajasthan (10), Nepal B (11), Vienna and Budapest (12)

Dad-I loved kicking your butt in basketball Mom-you are my best friend in the whole world. Big J-when it comes out of the microwave, it’s hot. Sammy-I love you. You’re my Mini-McPhat. I will miss you guys next year and remember to think before you...

Daniel McCarvel Boise, Idaho

August 26, 1992 Activities: Frisbee Club (10-12), SACAC Football (9-12), SAVE (9-10), Boxing Club (11-12) Interim: Singapore: Food Trail (9),Indonesia: The Riau Encounter (10), NZ: Routeburn Trek (11), Germany (12)

Thomas McCarvel Boise, Idaho

August 26, 1992 crocstm 8-balluh Activities: SACAC Football (11-12), Ultimate Frisbee (10-11) Interim: Singapore food trail (9), Riau (10), NZ: South Island Ultimate Adventure (11), Germany: Berlin and Munich (12)

Thanks to everyone who made my high school years so special. Thanks Dad for being the best anyone can ask for and thanks mom for putting up with my all these years, I love you both a lot. To all my friends, I love you and wish you good luck in life.

Brittany McConville Houston, Texas April 1, 1992

Kerry McFetridge California, Georgia

December 19, 1991



Activities: String Ensemble (11-12), Track & Field (11), Tri-M (12)

Mcfet, Spaghetts, K.Mac, Pocahontas

Interim: Nepal A (11), Turkey (12)

I would like to thank my friends and family for making my two years in Singapore great. A special thanks to my mom, dad, sisters, and brothers for being awesome. Thank you to my amazing friends as well, you guys rock. I love you all.

Interim: South Africa: Kruger (12)

This goes to... My unforgettable Mom; My all knowing Dad; My original Sister; My BFFL who will own you one day, Patrick; My inspiring brother. My lumpy custard heart beats for â&#x20AC;&#x153;you.â&#x20AC;? Friends can be chosen & my friends are my family.

Seniors 139

Khyber McHugh Friday Harbor, Washington

November 15, 1991 khyberjm

Brooke McManigal Seattle, Washington January 12, 1992 brooke.mcmanigal


Bmac, Brookie, Borkie

Activities: Dance Club (9-11), NAHS (11-12), Photography Club (11), Children of Mother Earth (11-12), Migrant Workers Club (11), Track & Field (9-10)

Activities: Varsity Softball (10-12Captain), Cross Country (10-12Captain), Varsity Rugby (12), NHS (11-12), SHS (11-12), SACAC Softball Coach (11), Riding for the Disabled (10)

Interim: Philippines: House building in Cebu (9), Western Australia: Outdoor Adventures (10), Austria and Hungary (11), South Africa: Kruger National Park (12)

I would like to thank my parents and my awesome brother for always being there when I need it the most. I love you all so much and there are not enough words to express how much I love you. I love you all, and will miss you a lot, thank you for my great Singapore experience.

Prakhar Mehrotra New Delhi, India May 16, 1992 Activities: Film Society (10-12), Knowledge Bowl (10-12), Math Club (11-12), Global Giving (12) Interim: Singapore Explorers Challenge (10), Nepal: Annapurna Trek (11), Jordan (12)

Interim: NZ: Milford Trek (10), Nepal (11), Oman: Kayaking (12)

A special shoutout to my athlete friends, keep the gold medals coming! To my friend, thanks for three incredible years. And most importantly, Mom, Dad and Tyler, I couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t ask for a more supportive and loving family. I love you all so much.

Ria Mehta Tel-Aviv, Israel

November 15, 1992 xoxriaxox Riri, Ri, R, Riyu Activities: Israeli National Karate Team (9-11), Blue Dragon (12), Singapore Karate Club (12), MUN (9-12), Israeli Dance Club (9, 10), Piano (9-12), WBAIS Volleyball Team (10, 11) Interim: Germany (12)

For my last Will and Testament as a high school student, I would like all of my thanks to go to my teachers for guiding me through my education. My appreciation goes to my friends and family, who have always been there for me. Thank You Everyone.

140 Seniors

Dear family and friends, thank you for all the support, limitless love, and faith. Mom and Dad, thank you for all your wisdom and love. I care for you so much! Rishi and Anyaa, you are the sweetest siblings ever and I will miss all of you so much.

Nina Miller

Orange County, California March 29, 1991 ninajeanmiller

Christina Alexa Miranda Singapore

May 25, 1992 Duskmite

Nins, Peanut, Nenner, Paninees, Snowangel

Kirsten, Kiersten, Kirs, K, Dunk

Activities: Dance Club (9-12), Middle School Dance (9-10), Caring for Cambodia (10-12, VP), Islander Yearbook (11-12Senior Editor), Thespians Society (12), The Morning Show (12)

Activities: Leprosy Home (9), Dance Club (10-11), “Seussical The Musical” (11-Nool), Theatre Make-Up Club (9-11), Art Club (9-12), ITS (11-12), NAHS (10-11, 12-Co President)

Interim: Advanced Scuba Diving: Malaysia (9), Spanish Immersion Trip: Spain (10), Nepal B (11), South Africa: Kruger (12)

Mama and Daddy thank you for everything you have done for me, you have gotten me through so much. To my beautiful sisters I am going to miss you so much next year. Good luck in high school next year Cass and Mad and in first grade Lita Bug! Just remember you’ll always be my best friends. I love you all so much!

Siddhant Mishra Singapore

November 12, 1991

Interim: Singapore: Makan Food Trail (9), Singapore: Photography (10), Austria and Hungary: Vienna and Budapest (11), Italy: Florence and Rome (12)

I regret nothing, and cherish all memories, because I believe everything happens for a reason. Mom: my mentor, roommate and shoulder to cry on. Dad: my musical inspiration. Elliot: my original best friend and bro. Friends: you ready for any of this?

Ishaan Misra Singapore

May 16, 1992

Sid Мишка


Sid the Kid

Activities: JV Soccer (9), Varsity Soccer (10-11, 12-Captain), Business Club (9-11, 12 Co-Presdient), Peer Support (9-12), Knowledge Masters (10-11), Peace Initiative (9-10)

Interim: Austria and Hungary (11), Poland and the Czech Republic (12)

Interim: Riau Encounter (9), NZ: Muddy Wheels (10), Tibet (11), Oman: Sea Kayaking (12)

Whoa, it’s been 12 years already… 4 schools in 2 countries and it’s time to finish this operation--couldn’t have done it without my mom, dad, and my two kid siblings, and all of my best mates so here’s a shout out to you all!

Naming everyone who has contributed during my time at SAS in only 250 characters is impossible. So, in typical second-semester senior style, I won’t even try. Thanks Mama, Papa, Maayan, and everyone else who has made the last four years truly great

Seniors 141

Daniel Moore Great Yarmouth, England August 10, 1992

Emily Moore Conway, Arkansas

December 14, 1991 emoore331 Em, Emi, Myrtle, Emstan, Beany Activities: Dance Club (10-12), MedEx (10), Photography Club (9,10-CD, 11-VP, 12), Class Cabinet (9-12), Absolute Art (12), Boxing Club (11-12) Interim: Taiwan (9), Spain: Immersion Week in San Sebastian (10), Australia: Learn to Surf/Ocean Safety (11), Oman: Kayak Expedition(12)

Mom and Dad, I will actually miss you next year, thanks for your love. Austin, Hannah, and HuiEn I will miss the craziness of our home. To my friends, thanks for all the unforgettable memories, can’t wait for our reunions. Love you all!

Greg Morgan Dundee, Scotland March 12, 1992

Activities: Varsity Rugby (12) Interim: China A (11), Germany: Munich and Berlin (12)

Heather Morris Winnipeg, Canada April 25, 1992 heather-morris Team Canada, H-Mo, Heat, Handywoman, Maple Leaf Activities: Dance Club (9-12, 12-President), JV Soccer (9), SCAW (11-12), Cultural: Dance (10-12) Interim: Beginner Scuba diving in Phuket (9), NZ: Muddy Wheels (10), Turkey (11), South Africa: Kruger (12)

Thanks Mum and Dad for all your help with the last four years of highschool. I really appreciate all that you a have done. The last three years in Singapore have been amazing and I am looking forward to moving back to America. Thanks for everything!

142 Seniors

To my teachers, friends, and family: thank you for making my high school experience some of the best years of my life. I will never forget you. I’ll miss making puppy chow, dancing in the studio, and eating Mr. Ho’s. SAS will always be home.

Sarah Moseley New Orleans, Louisiana

Sarah Mountjoy Melbourne, Australia

August 12, 1992

October 14, 1991



Activities: JV Volleyball (9-10), Varsity Volleyball (1112), Dance Club (1012), Stand Club (10, 11-VP, 12-President), Wish For Kids (10) Interim: Riau Encounter (9), Rajasthan Discovery (10), Nepal B (11), South Africa: Kruger Park (12)

Mom, Dad, Meg, Alex, Ben, and Sam: Thank you all for putting up with me all these years. I’ll miss you so much and I hope we’re together often. To all my friends and teachers, thank you all for making these past four years amazing.

Natalie Muller Singapore

M.J. Activities: Bintan Club (11, 12-President), Varsity Volleyball (10-12), NHS (11-12), FHS (9-12), Track & Field (11), Scenes and Monologues (11-12), Blue Dragon (10-11), U16 Tennis Team (10), Swimming (10) Interim: Nepal: Trekking in Annapurna (10), South Africa: Service in Soweto (11), Oman (12)

I’ll never forget my 3 years at SAS! Volleyball, Palm Resort, AP Physics, surviving French class, going natural in Oman – it’s all been fun. Thanks Mum and Dad for the wonderful opportunities and support the whole way through 12 years of school!

Connor Murray Cincinnati, Ohio

August 26, 1992

January 4, 1992





Activities: Softball (9-12), Soccer (9-12), FHS (10-11, 12-VP), CHS (10-12), NHS (11-12), Grassroots Soccer (11-12-CoPres.), Homework Help Club (9-10, 11VP), Eye: Newspaper (12)

Activities: Project Soweto (11,12Officer), Varsity Rugby (11, 12-Vice Captain), Varsity Soccer (1112), JV Rugby (10), JV Soccer (9-10), Class Cabinet (9-12), Grassroots Soccer (11-12)

Interim: Riau Encounter (9), NZ: Milford Trek (10), Turkey (11), Spain: Toledo/Seville/Madrid (12)

Interim: Riao Encounter (9), Western Australia: Outdoor Adventure (10), Nepal B (11), Sweden (12)

Mom and Dad- thank you for pushing me and putting up with my groaning. I’ll miss the belly hugs and batting practices. Nicky- please don’t let Bailey replace me. My other family- there isn’t anyone I would have rather spent high school with.

Caitlin and Shannon, thank you for everything, making vacations fun and interesting and or just hanging out when we are bored, you guys are the best. Mom and Dad, you have taught me so much and have been the best parents and even better friends.

Seniors 143

Tatianna Nasr

Jessica Nguyen-Phuong Singapore

Athens, Greece April 22, 1992

February 3, 1992


Smiles, Tati, Greek, BB, Nas

JNP, Jess, J-Phuong Islander (11-Student Life Editor, 12-Editorin-Chief/Photography Editor), Absolute Art (12-Film Head), Quill and Scroll (1112), Class Cabinet (10, 11-12 Class Photographer), Media Lab Society (11-12)

Activities: Art Club (9-11), Photo Club (9-10, 11-CD), Absolute Art (10-11), VPAC (11), GSA (11), MDMA (11-CD), NAHS (11-12), NHS (11-12), Blue Dragon (12), Global Giving (12), IASAS CC (12), Islander (12-Interim Semester Editor)

Interim: Phuket: Beginner Scuba Diving (9), NZ: Meeting of The Nations (10), Tibet (11), Jordan (12)

Interim: Singapore: Digital Photography (9), Northern Thailand (10), South Africa: Service in Soweto (11), Poland & Czech Republic (12)

To the parentals, I am forever in debt; Dani, I’ve got a lot to live up to. To my rebels, strangers, haters, locals, deviants, alluring ghost. To those I’ve yet to meet & those I’ve had the pleasure of knowing: live it, love it, leave it. No regrets.

Mummy & Papa: Having both of you all to myself for the past two years was amazing and I’m forever grateful for all of the opportunities and support you have given me. I’ll always be your em bé baby Chou and I love you both very much. LS & CL: You’re the best brothers I could ask for. Singapore, I love you.

Claudia Nijsten

Christina Nowak

Toronto, Canada

June 7, 1991

Lago, Gris

October 29, 1991



Activities: Dance Club (11-12) , STAND Club (10-12), NAHS (12)

Christy, Xteeny, Ribena, Mings

Interim: NZ: South Island Adventure (11), South Africa: Kruger (12)

Mom: To me you are more than just my mom, also a best friend. I’ll miss you. Paps: I will miss your jokes, your words of wisdom. Both of you, thanks for your unconditional love and support, love you both. These 2 ½ years at SAS have been unforgettable!

144 Seniors

Activities: JV Volleyball (11 Captain), Chanterie, (11), SAS Singers (12) Interim: Japan (11), Turkey: Istanbul and Beyond (12)

To Nick, Steven, Mom and Dad, you are the strongest people I know. I’m so glad you are in my life. Thanks for putting up with everything. To my friends, you know who you are. I don’t know what I would do without you, I love you all.

Edward O’Connell

Hyeok Oh

Randolph, New Jersey

Seoul, South Korea

April 13, 1992

June 4, 1991




Hakenkreuz Obelus, EV

Activities: Varsity Soccer (11-12), Varsity Softball (12)

Activities: SAVE (1012), Blue Dragon (12), Knowledge Bowl (12)

Interim: Poland and Czech Republic (12)

Interim: Digital Photography (9), China B (10), Bhutan (11), Study Hall (12)

Mom, thank you for being you and for all the support this year. Dad, I know it has been a busy year for you and thanks for working so hard. I love you both. Emma, keep up the good work and I’m sure you’ll succeed in everything. I’LL MISS YOU ALL!

Non Okumura

Nagoya, Japan

The results of my endeavors have satisfactorily harmonized with the forecast that I generated and actedupon in accordance to a detailed analysis of the situation at hand and the desired goals that were stated by key stakeholders and interested parties at the outset of the events that previously unfolded!

Amanda Ongko Jakarta, Indonesia

July 15, 1992

June 20, 1992



bread, utitilizer, nonnie

manda, ongko

Activities: Bintan Club (11-12), Varsity Touch Rugby (10-12), Varsity Volleyball (11-12), CHS (11-12)

Activities: MedEx (11,12), Peace Initiative (11), SAVE (11), Usher’s Society (11, 12-Treasurer), MINDS Recreation (11, 12), CHS (12), JV Badminton (11), Varsity Badminton (12)

Interim: Singapore: Amazing Race (9), NZ: Muddy Wheels (10), Bhutan (11), Austria & Hungary (12)

Mom and Dad, thank you so much for being there for me. Without you guys, it wouldn’t have been the same. Rin, you are the best sister I could ever ask for. Be good. I love you all and I’ll miss you lots.

Interim: Japan (11), Turkey (12)

Mom and Dad thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I love you both. Cici, we will be geographically closer like you said and thanks for being such a great sister. To all my friends in SAS, I will miss all the times spent together.

Seniors 145

Michael Osachoff Vancouver, British Columbia August 21, 1991 mosachoff Mike Activities: H.O.M.E., Blue Dragon, Philosophy Club Interim: Advanced Scuba Diving- Pulau Tiga (9), Muddy Wheels (10), Annapurna (11), Poland and the Czech Republic (12)

Thanks Mom and Dad for all the help and support you’ve given me over the past 18 years. I’ve been a lot to put up with, but I’m where I am today because of you. Nathaniel, thanks for being a great brother and enjoy your last two years in high school.

Momo Ozawa Singapore

June 23, 1992 Activities: Cross Country (9-11), Rugby (10-12), Track & Field (9-11), SHS (10-11,12Co-President), NAHS (11-12), Bintan Club (11) Interim: Riau Encounter (9), NZ: Milford Trek (10), Teaching Apprenticeship (11), Oman (12)

Akane Otani Tokyo, Japan

September 8, 1992 kanitani223 Activities: JNHS (9-10, 11-VP, 12-President), Wind Ensemble (9-12), Tri-M (11, 12-President), Migrant Workers (10-12), Service Council (11-12 CD), Cultural: Music (11-12), Jazz Ensemble (11-12), NHS (11-12). Interim: Singapore: Digital Photography (9), NZ: Meeting of the Nations (10), Austria and Hungary (11), Jordan (12).

Mom & Dad, you’ve given me unconditional support for 17 years; I’m indescribably grateful. Lan, you’re the perfect little sister—exasperating, but only because you know me so well. I love you three. To all: thanks for the laughs, music & memories.

Min Ju Park Seoul, Korea

November 19, 1992 minju park ori, xiao long bao Activities: Leprosy Home (9-12, 11- Vice President, 12President), Houses of Hope (9-12), 9-10, CHS (10-12), Mu Alpha Theta (11-12), NHS (11-12), Math Club (9-12), MedEx (9-11), Korean Club (9-12), MDMA (10-12) Interim: Cambodia (9), Singapore: Teacher Apprenticeship (10), Egypt (11), Singapore: Teacher Apprenticeship (12)

Mom and Dad: thank you for all your love and support. Lily: I love you, and you will always by my baby sister. Friends: thank you all for making high school an amazing experience. I will miss you all dearly, and will never forget all the memories.

146 Seniors

Thank you Lord for never letting go of me. Mom & Dad, although I don’t express it, I appreciate everything you have done for me and I can never thank all your endless sacrifices enough. Sung Bae, you are my inspiration. To all my friends, thank you for making life bearable. Thank you SAS.

Bertrand John Peh Singapore

William Blake Peters Austin, Texas

January 21, 1991

August 3, 1991

Bert.P, bertocaster

William Blake Peters


Bj, blake the snake, 6 pack, +65

Activities: IPAU (1112), Global Giving (11-12), MDMA (1112), Beyond Social Services (11-12)

Activities: Volleyball (9-12), Basketball (9-12, Captain), Track & Field (9-12, Captain)

Interim: Italy (11), Turkey (12)

Interim: Saba Sea the Sky (9), Sailing in Langkawi (10), Nepal A (11), Spain (12)

I’ve had an awesome experience at SAS and really appreciate my teachers and friends who’ve believed in me and encouraged me to do my best. I can never thank you enough Mom and Dad, and family for your never-ending love and support. Special thanks to my buddies for always being there for me. My very best wishes to all!

Four years were fun now it’s time to party even more ok tight, good times with my friends never regret anything me and my friends did. Thanks Mom and Dad love you both, Trevor let your senior year be something to remember and go all out have no regrets.

Evan Petty

Kabilan Pillay

Newburyport, Massachusetts


November 13, 1991

July 18, 1992


Kabilan Pillay

Activities: SEAYB&ST Baseball (11-12), China Cup Baseball (11-12), Varsity Softball (12), JV Basketball (11), SACAC Baseball (1012), Eye: Newspaper (12), Global Giving (11-12) Interim: Spain Immersion (10), Egypt (11), Sweden (12)

Kabi/Kabilan the Megatron Activities: Wish for Kids (9-11), SAVE (9,10), Sensory Trail (Co-Head 11, Head 12), IPAU (12), MDMA (11,12), Extemp. Speaking (11,12- Cultural 2010 Alternate), Athletic Council (12), Ultimate Frisbee (12), Track & Field (12) Interim: Philippines: House building in Cebu (9 & 10), South Africa: Service in Soweto (11), Turkey: Istanbul and Beyond (12)

Mom&Dad: I still remember when you said I would thank you for moving here. I was convinced you’d be wrong but now I can admit that you were right for once. I won’t let you down. Friends, teammates: you made my last 3 years great. You’re the best.

First and foremost, I owe all of my efforts to my parents, as without them, I would not be the sort of character I am today. To all of my teachers - a very special thank you - I appreciate all of the advice that you’ve given. Lastly, to all of my friends - you all know who you are - I thank you all and respect for who you are.

Seniors 147

Danica Pizzi Annapolis, Maryland August 4, 1992 danigirlnsing Danz, D Piz Activities: SCAW (10-12 Secretary), Special Olympics (10), Cross Country (9-12), Athletics Council (9-12), SAVE (10-12), Morning Show (12), Eye: Newspaper (12) Interim: French Immersion (9), NZ: Routeburn Trek (10), Japan (11), Sweden (12)

Mom, you know me best. I can never thank you enough for always being there for me. Dad, I’ll always be your little girl and curl up on your shoulder to watch Love Actually. Kyle, you’re the greatest and I will miss our sushi dates. I love you guys.

Brian Premkumar Bangalore, India

September 7, 1992 brian.premkumar Activities: SAVE (9-12), Global Giving (12), String Ensemble (12) Interim: South India (9), Digital Photography (10), Egypt (11), Poland and Czech Republic (12)

Jonathan Png Singapore

June 10, 1992 JP (H) JP Activities: Akido Club (9-12), Varsity Badminton (11-12), Boxing Club (11-12), SAVE (9-12) Interim: Cambodia (9), India: Rajasthan Discovery (10), Bhutan (11), Egypt (12)

Farewell, friends, and thank you for all the joyful experiences. Farewell, teachers, and thank you for all your continuous support and faith. Mom and Dad, thank you for always being there for me. Farewell, SAS, and thank you for all the memories.

Luigi Puno Manila, Philippines May 10, 1992 luigi.puno LP, DJ Poon, Craven, Laidback Luigi Activities: Varsity Swimming (9-10), IPAU (10-12), MDMA (10 -12, President), “Seussical The Musical!” Pit Orchestra (11), Jazz Ensemble: Guitar (1112), SACAC Football (12) Interim: Australia: Reefs and Rainforests (10), Tibet (11), Jordan: The Hashemite Kingdom (12)

Mom and Dad, thank you for everything you’ve done over the years. I love you both. Josh, thanks for the support, although you were far away. I love you too. Thank you God, for helping me get through everything. To everyone else, I love you all.

148 Seniors

Mom and Dad, sometimes we didn’t agree on things, but I want to know that you two are the people I love most. Thanks for everything you’ve done for me. Lanz, I couldn’t ask for a better brother and friend. Enjoy high school! To my friends, you guys are what made high school special. Keep in touch always.

Rohana Radhakrishnan Chennai, India May 27, 1993 rohanaradha Rowboat, Princess, Rolex, Figoro, ρ Activities: Homework Help Club (11), ECC Club (11), Sensory Trail (11), SHS (12) Interim: Amazing Race Singapore (9), Teacher Apprenticeship (10), Teacher Apprenticeship (11), Spain Exploration: Madrid/Toledo/Seville (12)

Amma and Appa, thank you for giving me unconditional love and support for the past sixteen years of my life. Thank you also to all my teachers and friends who have helped me improve as a person and made the last eight years at SAS memorable. Bye!

Amith Ravindar York, Pennsylvania

Ellie Rava

Coffs Harbour, Australia April 1, 1992 elle elle, eskimo java, ellebelleee

Activities: Leprosy Home (9), Art Club (9), Children Of Mother Earth (12), Riding For the Disabled (11), NAHS (10-12 Secretary) Interim: Food Trail (9) Spanish Immersion (10) Greece Odyssey(11) Jordan: Hasimite Kingdom (12)

Thank you mum for always caring and believing in me! Jen and Alex, I love you both so much! Thanks for being the most awesome sisters of all time. And dad, I really do appreciate all that you have done for me Thank you! And my puppies, I love you all!

Thomas Rees

Northshire Abbey, London

February 4, 1993

December 28, 1991


Danger, Ke$Ha, EV

Amith, Amyth, Amth Activities: Debate (12) Interim: Sweden: Arctic Experience (12)

Activities: Cross Country (9-11, 12captain), Rugby (12), Project Soweto (11-12), Class Cabinet (9-12) Interim: Thailand Habitat for Humanity Udon Thani (9) Cycling in Western Australia (10), Nepal B (11), Cape and Coast (12)

Had an awesome time at SAS! Good bye! Mum and Dad, without you I would not be here. Thanks for never giving up and helping me get ready for life. You’re the best. Matthew and Harry, you’ve been great and I promise not to miss out on family trips. To my friends, I will miss you all.

Seniors 149

Kalie Riemer Walnut Creek, California

Austin Roark

Powder Springs, Georgia

February 18, 1992

November 1, 1991


Interim: Egypt (11), Poland & Czech Republic (12)

Ribena, Lakid Activities: Project Soweto (10, 11-12 Officer), Touch Rugby (9-12), SHS (10-12), Quill & Scroll (11-12) Interim: Indonesia: Riau Encounter (9), Northern Thailand (10), Nepal B (11), South Africa: Cape & Coast (12)

Mom & Dad, thank you for allowing me to be independent. You’ve more than prepared me for the real world. Kris, you’ve taught me how to make the most of life. Thank you for reminding me to loosen up - my high school years were better because of it.

Maxwell Robertson Singapore

June 28, 1991 maxrobertson6468 Max Activities: Baseball (9-12), JV Softball (9, 11), ITS (11-12), Cultural: Drama (1112), Thespians (9, 11-12), Leprosy Home (9-12) Interim: Pulau Tiga: Advanced Open Water SCUBA (9), India: Rajasthan Discovery (10), Japan (11), Sweden: Arctic Experience (12)

Mom and Dad, thank you so much for all you’ve done for me in the last four years. I never could’ve done it without your undying support. Marisa; thanks for being the world’s greatest sister and helping me through everything. I love you guys!

150 Seniors

Dear World, thank you for what you have provided so far. The trials and tribulations, the ups and downs, the lefts and rights. I also want to thank you so much, you know who you are. PS – Oh and thanks, SparkNotes. PSS – Riverside.

Cory Robinson Ventura, California December 6, 1991 Activities: Rugby (10-12), Track & Field (11), SACAC Football (12), Ultimate Frisbee Club (9-12), Honor Code Committee (10-12), Bintan Club (9-10), Business Club (11-12) Interim: Housebuilding in the Philippines (9), Cycling in Western Australia (10), Italy: Rome and Florence (11)

All I have to say is: Thanks. Thanks to teachers, counselors, and mentors for your guidance and efforts. Thanks to great friends from school, church, clubs, rugby, football, and everywhere else. And finally, a great thankyou to my family, enough said.

Matthew Rock Midlothian, Virginia

December 11, 1991 Matt Activities: Climbing Club, SAVE, Track & Field, MINDS, Psychology Club Interim: Kayaking in Thailand, Egypt, Germany

This is my opportunity to thank everyone for making my high school experience a great one, you know who you are. A big thanks to my parents for keeping me on top of my work as best you could, I know I can be frustrating most of the time and how you dealt with it for these past 4 years I’ll never know. Peace guys.

Brett Rothberg Nashville, Tennessee July 29, 1992 brettarothberg Brit Activities: Varsity Soccer (12), Philosophy Club (President,11-12), MINDS Recreation Club (11-12, VP) Interim: Japan (11), Poland and Czech Republic (12)

Mom and Dad, thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. You both have sacrificed and provided so much, and I love you more than mere text can express. Lauren, you’re the best sister in the world. You’ll go on to do great things, I know it.

Alexander Rossinsky New York

December 27, 1991 alexandsing AR, Breaststroker, Activities: Varsity Swimming (9-12, 12Captain), SAVE (9-12) Interim: Teacher Apprenticeship (9), Rajasthan Discovery (10), The Holy City (11), Sweden (12)

Mom and Dad thank you for everything that you have done for me over these past 18 years. I truly think that I could not have accomplished what I have without you pushing me. Maxi, when I’m gone I’m going to miss you even though you think I won’t. You three are amazing. I love you all.

Mary Russell

San Francisco, California August 13, 1992 Mar

Activities: D.I. Club (9), Dance Club (10), Tech Club (11), Dress For Success (12President), Theater Make-up Club (12), Thespians Interim: Singapore: Exploring Singapore’s Food Trail (9), Philippines: Propagating Literacy in Maravilla, Tabuelan in Cebu (10) , Austria and Hungary: Vienna and Budapest (11), South Africa: Kruger National Park (12)

Thanks, Mom and Dad for giving me support throughout the years (and for paying for everything). Thanks Teddy for playing British Soldier with me. Thanks Love and Roxy (my dogs) for eating part of the kitchen door. Thanks to my friends, old and new.

Seniors 151

Sharukh Saleem Buffalo, New York October 22, 1992 Interim: Turkey (12)

Lourdes Santos Makati, Philippines January 25, 1992 superlourdes1 Luds, Lordy, Des Activities: MedEx (9-12), Migrant Workers (11-12), Usher’s Society (9-12 Co-President), FHS (9-12 secretary), Varsity Rugby (10), JV Badminton (9), Varsity Badminton (10-12 CoCaptain) Interim: Philippines: Habitat for Humanity (9), NZ: Milford Trek (10), Japan (11), Egypt (12)

What an interesting year it’s been! I never expected to be here in Singapore but the experience has been awesome so far. I thank my parents a lot because if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be writing this bio.

Indira Ary Saraswati Jakarta, Indonesia

Mom and Dad, thank you for your patience and support. I promise to return the favor and let you guys live in my mansion. Kuya, thanks for putting up with me. To my friends, thank you for caring, for making me happy, and for the memories.

Jesse Scarborough Asheville, North Carolina

November 11, 1992

July 1, 1992

Indira Ary Saraswati


Indo Buddy Activities: Aiding China (9-12), Migrant Workers (10-12Lab Leader), Usher Society (10-12), FHS (10-12), Theater Make-up Club (9-10) Interim: Philippines: Cebu (9), India: Camel, Taj, and Rajasthan Discovery (10), Japan (11), Turkey: Istanbul and Beyond (12)

I would like to thank both of my parents, thank you so much for everything! And also to my sisters, thanks for always being there for me. To all of my SAS friends, I will miss you guys and I hope we get to see each other again.

152 Seniors

Scesse, Jessebob, Bagel Activities: IPAU (12), Tech Club (11-12), Thespians (12), Climbing Club (11-12) Interim: Western Australia: Outdoor Adventures (11), Routeburn Trek (12)

It’s been a great two years. I’ve had so much fun with so many people. I won’t forget anyone, unless I get hit over the head with a brick or something. But here’s hoping nobody dies, and we all meet up again in the future. Bye everyone. L’chaim!

Brooke Schmidt Chicago, Illinois

November 20, 1991 brookschmidt1 Brooksey, Scooty, Schmookie Activities: Athletic Council (10-12), Band (9-12), SCAW (10-12, President) Interim: France: Immersion (9), Australia: Reefs and Rainforests (10), Nepal A (11), South Africa: Krugar (12)

Mom: My best friend, my role model. I’ll be lost without our Sunday night talks. Dad: Props to surviving a house with three girls. I’ll miss our kitchen talks after school. Abby: The best little chef there is. Thanks for always looking out for me.

Madeline Senior United States July 10, 1992 maddie.senior Maddie Activities: Cross Country (9-12), Track & Field (9-12), Choir (9-12), NHS (11-12), STAND Club (12), Habitat for Humanity (12), Grassroots Soccer (12), Student Council (9), SADD club (10)

Benjamin Scieszka Philadelphia, Pennsylvania April 2, 1992 Poppa Fresca, Big Ben, Sketchy Activities: Volleyball (9-12), Soccer (9-11), Basketball (9-10,12), Best Buddies (9-11President), MUN (11), Spanish Club (10-11), Choir (9-12), Special Olympics (11) Interim: Oman (12)

I found moving to Singapore to be quite a change of scenery but once I settled in, I could not be happier that I came. I want to thank all of the teachers, coaches, friends and my family for making this an exceptional ending to my high school career.

Suzanne Shaffer Alpharetta, Georgia November 8, 1991 Thor Activities: NHS (1112), Math Club (11), Habitat for Humanity Builds (11), Young Life (11-12) Interim: Egypt (11), Poland and the Czech Republic (12)

Interim: South Africa: Kruger National Park (12)

Mum: After every first day at a new school you were there to comfort me and make me laugh. You’re my best friend. I’ll miss you! Daddy: despite the eye rolling some of the jokes were actually funny. Will and Camoo- I love you! Good luck next year!

I want to thank every person that has helped me push through these two years. Of course I want to directly thank my family for supporting me for 18 years and loving me and encouraging me. I hope for the best to everyone!

Seniors 153

Sidharth Shanker Montclair, New Jersey April 11, 1992 sid9292 Sanguiferous Scaffmaster, EV, Sid Activities: Varsity Tennis (9-11, 12Captain), Debate Club (10-12), Business Club (9, 10-12-VP), Peer Support (9-12), NHS (10-12) Interim: Philippines: Habitat for Humanity (9), NZ: Milford Trek (10), Nepal: Annapurna Trek (11), Oman (12)

Mummy and Daddy, you are the two best friends anyone could hope for. Maya, I don’t know how I’ve managed without you there to help me make thank-you cards and wrap gifts. Friends, thanks for all the laughs; I’m really gonna miss you clowns.

Todd Shell Austin, Texas

September 29, 1991 todd.s5 Slimthug, EV Activities: SACAC Football (9-12), JV Track (9), Track & Field (10-12), JV Rugby (10), Varsity Rugby (11-12), Blue Dragon (10-12 Co-Founder), Flag Football Coach (9-12) Interim: Beginning Scuba (9), Sailing Langkawi (10), Nepal B (11), South Africa: Kruger (12)

Mom and Dad, you made me who I am today, so I just wanted to say thank you and that I love you; I don’t think I could be the man I am today without you. To my friends, I’m not sure I could ever really express how much you mean to me, I love you all.

154 Seniors

Maximilian Shaulis Singapore

August 23, 1991 mshav02 HBK, MShav, Bomberman,Ma Activities: Varsity Volleyball (9-11), Varsity Rugby (9-12), Varsity Track&Field (9-12), SACAC Football (12), Peer Support (9-12), Children of Mother Earth (10-12) Interim: Beginners Scuba, Thailand (9), Reefs and Rainforests, Aust (10), Nepal A (11), Krakow and Prague (12)

Momma and Pop you already know how much I’ll miss you, thanks for everything, I would be nowhere without you two.Chubbs I will be joining you soon! Baby chubbslegacy! Keep our name strong and never let SAS forget it.I love you all and will miss you!

Matthew Shen Brisbane, Australia

November 28, 1991 Matt, Matty, Thesmant Activities: SAVE (9-12), Badminton Club (9-11, 12Co-President), JV Badminton (9-10), Varsity Badminton (11-12), JHS (11-12Secretary), Magic Club (9-12), Boxing Club (11-12), Bintan Club (9-10) Interim: Singapore: Amazing Race (9), Thailand: Habitat for Humanity (10), Western Australia: Outdoor Adventures (11), Japan (12)

Ba&Ma: Thank you for 18 years of supporting me and providing several opportunities most people my age don’t have. I love you both. Jackson: Try not to argue with dad and mum too much. Stay out of trouble and good luck with high school and badminton!

Amber Ye Won Shin Seoul, Korea

March 20, 1991 amberlove320 Activities: Leprosy Home Club (12), Korean Club (12), Homework Help Club (12), SAVE (12) Interim: Teacher Apprenticeship (12)

Mom and dad, I couldn’t have asked for better parents. Jiwon, I’m blessed to have you as my older sister. All of you are the best. My friends, you guys mean the world to me. Thank you for always being there for me everyone. I love all of you dearly.

Arishma Singh Sydney, Australia May 19, 1992 rish.ksingh

Jenny Shin Ulsan, Korea

November 16, 1991 Jennyshin Activities: Leprosy Home (9-10), Wish for Kids (9-10), SAVE (11-12), Korean Club (10-12), Melrose Children’s Home (10) Interim: Singapore: Amazing Race (9), Cambodia: Faces of Cambodia (10), South Africa: Service in Soweto Township (11), Austria and Hungary: Vienna and Budapest (12)

Mom and Dad, thanks for everything you’ve done for me. I don’t know how I will survive without you two. Chan Ho, you are the best brother ever and thank you for your supports. Also, thanks to all my friends and people I know. I love you all.

Mohineesh Singh Oslo, Norway July 13, 1992 Mo, hineesh

Rish,Rishi Activities: Womens In Action (10-11), Creative Memories (11), FHS (11-12) Interim: Philippines: Habitat For Humanity (9), France: Immersion week (10), Austria and Hungary: Vienna and Budapest (11), Spain Exploration: Toledo/ Seville/Madrid (12)

Papa and Mum thank you for your support and love throughout the years. You are the best parents and I love you both very much! Pix you are an amazing big sister, I love you and see you soon!

Thank you God for everything. Mom: Thank you for waking me up. Dad: Thank you and I have to do this again “thank you for standing up for me even when I was wrong” ha! Simreen: NO I will not listen to fightstar and do some exercise seriously.

Seniors 155

Andisya Siregar Jakarta, Indonesia May 13, 1992 andisyasiregar Andonesia, Gypsy Activities: Dance Club (9-12), Student Council (10,12 - CD), Peer Support (11,12 Officer), Twinkle Toes (9-12), NDAHS (12), MINDS Recreation (11, 12 - Officer) Interim: Sabah Sea to Sky Adventure (9), New Zealand: Milford Trek (10), Adventure in Nepal B (11), Spain: Toledo, Sevilla, Madrid (12)

Jon and Bun, even after I got rejected from Kindergarten, you never stopped believing in me. Anbita, enjoy high school (but behave!); Columbia will come soon enough. ANTM, to be continued. 2010, the years went by too fast. Thank you for everything, I love you all.

Sarah Slaven Melbourne, Australia March 12, 1993 sarah.emma.slaven65 Dragon rider Activities: Varsity Tennis (9-12), Varsity Soccer (9-12), Varsity Badminton (10), SAVE (9-12)

Sandhya Sivaskandan Marshalltown, Iowa January 3, 1992 Sandy Sivaskandan Activities: HART India (9), Technical Theater (10), Global Giving (10-12, 12 Treasurer) Interim: Philippines: House building in Cebu (9), Spain: Language Immersion in Bilbao, San Sebastian (10), South Africa: Soweto (11), Egypt (12)

Dad, Mom, Tara, Hari and Bobo, thank you for supporting me throughout and encouraging me to become better everyday. I love you very much. To my friends, you guys are the best. I love you all.

Taylor Smith Thibodaux, Louisiana

September 20, 1992 taylordelayne Interim: Turkey: Istanbul and Beyond (11), South Africa: Kruger National Park (12)

Interim: Philippines: House Building (9), NZ: Milford Trek (10), Nepal: Everest (11), Singapore: Water Sports (12)

Mum and Dad, thank you for all the love and support you have given me through the years, I wouldn’t be where I am today without you both. Linds, I miss my partner in crime. Steph, keep the Slaven legacy going. I love you all!

156 Seniors

Mom and Dad, I can’t thank you two enough for everything. I love you guys very much! To my little bro, I know it sucks to have to stay in Singapore without me, but we’ll be kicking it in a few years! Exciting, right? And my P.I.C. I’m going to miss you so much next year. We definitely have to plan QT time.

Edward Sperling New York City, New York July 20, 1992 esperling20 Guido, Bro, Senor, Ed, Edd, Eddie Activities: Rugby (1112), Football (9-12), Room to Read (9-10), Habitat for Humanity (9-10), SADD Club (9-10), SAVE (11) Interim: Switzerland (10), Nepal: A (11), Spain: Toledo, Sevilla, Madrid (12)

Aarti Sreenivas Bombay, India February 15, 1992 aarti.sreenivas rt, aartistotle, naartie Activities: Peace Initiative (9, 10 -Charity Head, 11&12 -President), MUN (9 -Thimun, 10 -Beimun, 11&12 -IASAS), Debate (10 –Arena, 11, 12), Eye: Newspaper (12), Dance Club (Heroes vs Villains), JV Badminton (9-10) Interim: Sailing in Singapore (9), NZ: Milford Trek (10), Singapore: Teacher Apprenticeship (11), Egypt (12)

Mom, dad and Owen thanks for everything. High school has been great for me, and you have all helped me a lot. It has been a great four years and I will miss you all in college. I will always remember you guys. Oh yeah there is also you Eliot. Bye.

Rebecca Stratton Phoenix, Arizona

November 25, 1991 Becca Activities: Swimming (9-12), Special Olympics (9-12), Athletic Council (1012) Interim: South India (9), Spain: Immersion Week in San Sebastian (10), Turkey (11), Egypt (12)

These past four years have been great and thanks to everyone who has been there for me. I especially want to thank my family who have supported and given me guidance; I could not have done it without you. I am going to miss everyone next year.

Walking long distances, having deep talks, laughing about bagodar and mamuti, lighting up crackers at Diwali- Ma & Daddy, in all these amazing childhood moments, you were there. ‘Thank you’ is not enough to convey my gratitude for you. Love you both.

Aditya Subramaniam New Delhi, India February 3, 1992 adityasg Activities: Melrose Children’s Home (9), SAVE (10), Blue Dragon (11-12),IPAU (11-12), MDMA (1112) Interim: Sabah Sea to Sky Adventure (9), NZ: Muddy Wheels (10), Soweto, South Africa (11), Poland and Czech Republic (12)

Four years isn’t a long time really. Compared to the average life expectancy, which is probably going to change everytime I read this, four years is nothing. But the intrinsic value of these four years will always stay constant. And its a big number.

Seniors 157

Patricia Sverre Vancouver, Canada January 4, 1992 tricia.sverre Tricia, Team Canada Activities: Dance Club (10-12), Boxing Club (11-12), Track & Field (11-mid distance), Class Cabinet (1012), Project Soweto (11), Riding for the Disabled (10) Interim: Western Australia: Outdoor Adventures (10), Nepal B (11), Oman: Sea Kayaking Adventure (12)

Mom thanks for the love and support. I wouldn’t be me without you. Your positivity keeps me going. Dad you are probably the most driven guy I know. I love your sense of adventure, and will miss our wild trips. Carl I’m stoked for UVIC! Love you all .

Michael Szopiak Sugar Land, Texas October 5, 1991

Ken Sweigert Tokyo, Japan March 10, 1992 Ken Sweigert Ken Activities: SAVE (10), SACAC Bowling (10-12) Interim: Singapore: Amazing Race (9), New Zealand: Meeting of the Nations (10), Western Australia: Outdoor Adventures (11), Austria & Hungary (12)

Mom & Dad: Thanks for the love and support you’ve given me the 4 years of high school. I’ve learned a lot here in Singapore, and I’m thankful to everyone I’ve met here. I’m going to miss you all. I really enjoyed living and studying here in Singapore, and SAS has been a memorable and amazing experience for me.

Christina Tan Singapore

October 16, 1991



Activities: SEAYB&ST Baseball (1112), China Cup Tournament Baseball (11-12), Global Giving (11, 12-President), Varsity Softball (12), NHS (11-12)

Chrissy, Teenz

Interim: Adventures in Nepal B (11), Oman: Kayak Expedition (12)

Mom and Dad – Thanks so much for your loving support over the last two years here in Singapore. I’m excited to go off the college, but I don’t think you know how much I’ll miss you guys. Thanks a bunch to all my teachers, coaches, and friends, too.

158 Seniors

Activities: Children of Mother Earth (11-12), Honor Code Committee (11-12), Dance Club (9-12), SAVE (9-12), NHS (11-12), FHS (11-12), Peer Support (10-11) Interim: Philippines (9), New Zealand (10), Egypt (11), Italy (12)

Mom- you are the best thing in my life, my greatest source of inspiration and love. Deepak- my life counselor and best friend. Daddy- heart of gold. Geoff- many lessons from my big brother. Steph- baby sis has taught me how to smile and laugh.

Timothy Tan Singapore

June 17, 1992

Victor Tan Singapore

October 27, 1992



Tim Tan, T.T.

Vic, Vicky, Victor Tan

Activities: MINDS Recreation (11, 12President), Philosophy Club (11,12-VP), JV Soccer (10), VR Soccer (11), SACAC Bowling (10), SAVE (10) Interim: Northern Thailand: Cultural Adventure (10), Japan (11), Krakow and Prague (12)

I want to thank God and my parents for getting me through HS. Mom and Dad, it would have been impossible without your support. Steph, thanks for being a great sister and being there for me. To all my friends-thanks for all the good times. Goodbye SAS

Rebecca Tay Pasadena, California December 8, 1991 rebeccaaiko Bekerry, MsNewBtay, Charlies Angels

Activities: SACAC Bowling (9-12, Leader 9-12), Service Council (10-12, 11-Secretary, 12-President), SAVE (10-12), Film Society (10-12) Interim: Singapore: Amazing Race (9), NZ: Routeburn Trek (10), Western Australia: Outdoor Adventures (11), Singapore: Teacher Apprenticeship (12)

Mom and Dad, thank you for your dedication and care you’ve given me. Winston, thanks for being a great brother. Friends, thank you. Special friends, without you, I wouldn’t be here. If you ever need me, I’ll be there, anytime, anywhere.

Shawn Teng Taipei, Taiwan June 12, 1992 shawnytengy Shawnee, Shawn, Tengy, SKT

Activities: Peace Initiative (9), Class Cabinet (9-11), SCAW (10-12-Officer), SAVE (12), Dance Club (9, 10, 11-Treasurer, 12-Vice President), Twinkle Toes (9-12), NDAHS (12)

Activities: VR Soccer (11-12), Varsity Tennis (10-12), JV Badminton (9-10), Varsity Badminton (11-12), Wish for Kids (12), Global Giving (12), Athletics Council (9-12)

Interim: Sabah: Sea to Sky (9), Western Australia: Outdoor Adventures (10), Nepal: Annapurna Trek (11), South Africa: Kruger National Park (12)

Interim: Singapore: Amazing Race (9), NZ: Meeting of the Nations (10), Tibet (11), Oman (12)

Mom and Dad, I will always be grateful for everything you’ve given me. No matter how I get, know that I love you with all my heart. Tiff, best sister I could ask for, unless of course, I could ask for Joe Jonas. Friends, love beats 250 characters.

It has been an exciting four years here in SAS. With many highs and lows, this experience will forever be remembered and I’d just like to thank my dad, my sister and the rest of my family. Thank you, to my friends and my Taiwanese brother’s. SENIORS 2010.

Seniors 159

Claudia Thieme Boston, Massachusetts March 13, 1992 claudia.a.thieme23 Activities: Harvard Model Congress (11-12 President), SAVE (10-12), Chess the Musical, Yulefest 2008, Suessical the Musical, Dance Club (9-12), Math Club (11-12), FHS (10-12), Mu Alpha Theta (12), NHS (11-12), ITS (11-12) Interim: French Immersion: Nice and Paris (9), New Zealand: Milford Trek (10), Nepal (11), Spain: Madrid, Seville, and Toledo (12)

Mom: You’ll always be my best friend; thanks for teaching me to surf, speak Japanese, wakeboard, dance and live life without limits. Pop: I can count on you forever; you’re my rock. I love you both. Hans: I’m always here for you. You’re my #1.

Kathryn Tinker Singapore

January 15, 1992 kathryntinker Activities: Peace Initiative (10, 11&12Charity Head), Film Society (10, 11-CD, 12-VP), NAHS (11, 12Treasurer), Morning Show (11-12), Quill & Scroll (11-12), Eye: Newspaper (12) Interim: Sabah: Sea to Sky (9), Nepal: Annapurna Trek (10), Greece (11), Jordan (12)

Facebook sabotage, 72hrfilmfests, renegade ice toss, marathon layout sessions, Abe Lincoln, the Flamingo, redeye chicken dinners, Jordan. Fellow Media Lab Savants: Change the world -- you’re the greatest! High school rocks.

160 Seniors

Sophia Tinger Malaga, New Jersey February 7, 1992 Activities: Cultural: Music (9-12), Tri-M (9-12), Mu Alpha Theta (12), Southeast Asia Honor Band Festival (9-12), Math Club (9-12), MDMA (11-12), Symphonic Orchestra (11-12) Interim: France: Immersion Week (9), New Zealand: Milford Trek (10), South Africa: Service in Soweto (11), Egypt (12)

Marissa, Bradley, Julianna, and Davis: I love you guys! I don’t know what I’ll do without you! Mommy, Daddy: thanks for always supporting me, always being there to encourage me. I love you, too, Rumi! Thank you all for being there to make me smile.

Dev Tiwari Sydney, Australia November 1, 1991

Devaron, Dev, Activities: SACAC Bowling (9-12), Children of Mother Earth (11), SAVE (10), JV Tennis (9), VR Soccer (11), Film Society (10-11) Interim: Thailand: Beginner Scuba Diving in Phuket (9), Western Australia: Outdoor Adventures (10), Austria and Hungary (11), Italy (12)

2010 is finally here! Time really does fly! I would like to thank my parents, sisters, grandparents, aunt, uncle and two baby cousins for always supporting me and helping me turn into the guy I am now. I love you all and will keep you in my heart!

Yuvika Tolani Mumbai, India

December 23, 1992 yuvikatolani yuvi y-tol shoevika migrant-worker

Camille Orrin Tureikis Milan, Italy

June 23, 1992 Camy Activities: Art Club

Activities: ITS (1012, 11-Secretary, 12-President), Wish for Kids (9-12, 12Co-President), FHS (9-12), NHS (11-12), Blue Dragon (11), Cultural: Drama (12), Media Lab Society (11-12) Interim: French Language Immersion (9), Western Australia: Outdoor Adventure (10), Greece: The Greek Odyssey (11), Oman: Kayak Expedition (12)

It’s a bit ridiculous that it’s over-that 4 years ends with a date; a ceremony; a hat. Mom, I’d never trade you in; Dad: ok-you’re funny. I love you both & owe you everything. Jivs thanks for being my best friend even when you don’t want to. SAS ‘10

Ali Ukani

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma May 31, 1992

Mom, Dad, Teddy thanks for all I love you guys. Ms Harvey thank you for opening the doors to your classroom you gave me a future and you have no idea how much I thank you for it, I will never forget it. Mrs Betts thanks for your wise words. For all my friends I love you guys and I will not forget you. Now i’m gonna live my life so... Peace.

Natalia Umeoka São Paulo, Brazil February 10, 1992


Activities: IPAU (12), Tech Theater (12)

Na, Nati, Nat

Interim: Photography (9), Teacher Apprenticeship (10), Italy (11), Poland (12)

Activities: STAND Club (10-12 Treasurer), FHS (10-12), SAVE (9-11), Athletic Council (9-10) Interim: France: Immersion Week in Nice(9), India: Rajasthan Discovery (10), South Africa: Soweto (11), Oman: Kayak Expedition (12)

Thank you to my family for all the love and support. Thank you to my friends for being excellent. Thank you to those who taught me that some aren’t worth my time. Thanks to people who were the opposite. Gratitude is important.

Mom and dad, thank you for the love and support you have given me throughout these years. Fe, you are the best sister I could ever ask for. I love you all! Thanks to my friends who were always there for me. I will cherish these memories forever.

Seniors 161

Daryle Utama Jakarta, Indonesia

September 17, 1992 Activities: SAVE (11-12), SAS Singers (12), Peace Initiative (11), Golf Club (9-10), Chorale (11) Interim: Food Trail (11), Japan (12)

Yasmin Venema Singapore

February 21, 1992 yasmin_venema Yazzy, awesomehorse Activities: Dance Club (9-12), Peace Initiative (9-10), JV Soccer (10), Athletic Council (10-11), Grassroots Soccer (11-12), NHS (11-12), NDAHS (12) Interim: Sabah- Sea to Sky (9), Cycling in Western Australia (10), Nepal Annapurna (11), Oman- Sea Kayaking Adventure (12)

I give all my thanks to Jesus for everything that He has provided for me. As for mom and dad, you are the best parents a son could ever ask for, and I thank you both for the sacrifices you have made. Sis, you’re the best, and know it. Thank you all!

Akshay Venkatesh New Delhi, India August 28, 1991 Akshay akshay91 Activities: Aikido Club (9-12), MUN (9-11), Psychology Club (10), Honor Code Committee (11), SAS Wrestling (10), SACAC Wrestling (12) Interim: French Immersion: Nice (9), French Immersion: Chambery (10), Egypt (11), Dharmasala: Trekking in Tibetan India (12)

Despite not being a morning person, having constant assignments and having sit up nights to finish that one essay, I still feel SAS has been my home. I may have been grumpy during the pep rallies, but I shall always have my senior ring with me.

162 Seniors

Mom and Dad, I know we’ve had our ups and downs but I want you to know that I love you and really appreciate everything you’ve done for me. Johan and Danial, I’ve had some good laughs with you as my brothers and I’m going to miss you in college.

Alexandra Verdoscia Chicago, Illinios October 16, 1991 alli1016 Alli, Bear, Vwoman, Aiya Activities: Dance Club (10-12), Volleyball (10-11), Wish for Kids (9-11), STAND Club (11-12) Interim: Riau (9), India: Rajasthan (10), Tibet (11), South Africa Kruger National Park (12)

Mom, Dad: I am forever grateful for all you have done for me and shown me. You have helped me grow into the person I am today. Michael: I already miss you. Please know despite the distance I’ll always be here for you. I love you three very very much.

Edwin Wang Fremont, California

Kendrick Michael Wang Palo Alto, California

August 1, 1992

July 17, 1992



Edwin, Ed

Ken, Kenny, Spidermonkey

Activities: SAVE (10-12, 12-Paper Recycling Co-Head), Jazz Ensemble (1012), Math Club (1012), Mu Alpha Theta (11-12), Boxing Club (11-12), Swimming (9-12), Aikido Club (9), MedEx (9-11), Knowledge Bowl (12) Interim: Singapore: Amazing Race (9), China B (10), Nepal: Annapurna (11), Egypt (12)

Four years of high school passed by too quickly. I definitely have thank my parents for bringing me this far. I never thought high school would be over so soon. But here I am. Goodbye SAS, it was a good four years.

JD Ward

Rochester, New York August 2, 1991 joseph.david.ward JDizzle

Activities: Volleyball (9), Track & Field (9) Interim: Singapore: Photography (9), NZ: Meeting of the Nations (10), NZ: South Island Adventure (11), Poland Czech Republic (12)

I am God, and all other gods are my imagery. I gave birth to myself. I am millions of forms excreating; eternal; and nothing exists except through me; yet I am not them - they serve me.

Activities: Climbing Club (9-12,11-12 President), Aiding China (10-12 Founder and President), MedEx (9-12, 12 Fund Raising Manager), MUN (10-11), Math Club/Mu Alpha Theta(9-12), CHS (11-12) Interim: Advanced Scuba Diving in Pulau Tiga (9), Cycling In Western Australia (10), Bhutan (11)

Thank you Mom Dad and Kevin for guiding and believing in me. All my special friends: it wouldn’t be the same without you. Family friends SAS and teachers you’ve filled in the blank pages of the 1st chapter in my life and shown me the world. Thank you

John Widjaja Cupertino, California June 23, 1992 sparkplugfish Activities: Math Club (9-12), Mu Alpha Theta (11-12), Homework Help Club (9-12), MVCHS (10-12) Interim: Habitat for Humanity: Philippines (9), Routeburn Track (10), Japan (11), Egypt (12)

Hello God. Thanks for everything. Hi Mom and Dad. Thanks for putting up with and believing in me. I’ll miss you guys when I go to college. Hey Wes. Thanks for all your advice. Hello teachers. Thank you for all your support and time.

Seniors 163

Nicole Widjaja Jakarta, Indonesia

November 22, 1992 Kitty Nicole Cecilia Widjaja Kitty Interim: Singapore: Food trail (9), Malaysia: Island in the Sun (10), NZ: South Island Adventure (11), Italy: Florence and Rome (12)

What is my age again? It’s surely not 23 and I’m glad. Where do we go from here? You’ll be feeling it: College. I’d like to thank lollipops as they brighten up my life with sunflowers, my wonderful friends for the best times, and my family for everything they’ve done to get me here today.

Marc Wilson Singapore

Andrew Wilson Honolulu, Hawaii

November 12, 1992 Wilson Activities: Rugby (11-12) Interim: NZ: Routeburn (11), Sweden (12)

So why are you reading my senior bio message? You knew me? Just randomly landed on mine? You’re bored and have nothing else to do? Does it matter? Why am I asking you these questions anyway? Why has everything so far been a question? I don’t know.

Dominic Wong Hong Kong, China

September 12, 1992

March 1, 1993




Dom, DomDom, Domo

Activities: Varsity Volleyball (9-12, Captin 11-12), Varsity Basketball (10-12), Peer Support (10-12) Interim: Sabah: Sea to Sky (9), Langkawi (10), Nepal A: (11), South Africa: Cape and Coast (12)

Activities: Cultural: Vocal (9-12), SAS Singers (10-12President), Swimming (JV-9-10, Varisty-1112), NHS (11-12), Tri-M (11-12-Service Director), CHS (1112), Aiding China (11-12-Treasurer) Interim: Philippines: Habitat for Humanity (9), Rajasthan India (10), Nepal B (11), Oman (12)

Thank you Mom, Dad, and Natasha for always being there all my life to make sure I always had what was good for me, I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my family. As for the rest of my entourage, high school was an unforgettable experience.

164 Seniors

Mom & Dad: I love you both dearly. I wouldn’t have made it through these 17 years without your love and guidance. Denise: What more could I ask for in a sibling? Work hard and make me proud. To all my friends: You guys are the best. Keep in touch!

Kohei Yamashita Osaka, Japan August 31, 1990 <FISH--< Fishy Activities: SACAC Football (9-10), Rugby (11-12) Interim: SG: Waters ports (9), NZ: Rout Burn (11), Sweden: The Arctic Circle (12)

Carolyn Yan Singapore

June 24, 1991 Carol Activities: Climbing Club (9-12 President), MDMA (12), Tri-M (12), SAS Singers (12), Chanterie (9-11) Interim: Sabah: Sea To Sky (10), NZ :Routeburn Trek, Nepal: Everest (11), Turkey(12)

Mom, Dad thanks for supporting & letting me go to an art Mom, Pa and Chris, thank you so much for your love and school. Love you guys support in everything I do. You are all my pillars of strength and comfort. Table guys, thanks for putting up with me. Lord, thank you for all your wonderful blessings. I love you all so much.

Anne Yeung

New York City, New York July 31, 1992 anney4 anneyeung

Activities: Varsity Basketball (11-12), Track & Field (11), Student Council (12), Aiding China (11, 12-Service Director), NHS (11-12), CHS (12), Blue Dragon (11-12) Interim: Soweto, South Africa (11), Oman (12)

Dad, Mom, Michael-I love you, thank you for helping to make me somebody I can be proud of & loving me even when I’m not. Friends & teachers-thanks for the memories & lessons learned. Lady Eagles Bball, you’re why I love SAS & will always remember it.

Yoo Young Yoon Seoul, Korea

September 21, 1992 yoo.young.yoon Molly Activities: SAVE (10-12), Korean club (9-12), Leprosy Home (11), Wish for Kids (11), Chinese Cultural Club (10) Interim: Singapore: Amazing Race (9), Cambodia (10), Singapore: Teacher Apprenticeship (11), Austria and Hungary: Vienna and Budapest (12)

A big thank you to my parents for their endless support. I’m afraid how I’d go through the upcoming college life by myself but I’ll always remember some of the potentials that you two helped me realize. I love you both from bottom of my heart!

Seniors 165

Ji Sun Yu Seoul, Korea

October 8, 1992 jisunnnyuuu Activities: Korean Club (10-12, VP), Canossaville Children’s Home (10-11, President), Houses for Hope (10-11, Treasurer), Leprosy Home (9-12), Art Club (9-11), Mu Alpha Theta (12) Interim: Housebuilding in the Philippines (9), Teacher Apprenticeship (10), Egypt (11), South Africa: Cape and Coast (12)

Mom, you’re my best advisor and my best friend. Thank God I was born into your arms. Dad, I appreciate all you’ve shown me, all you’ve taught me. Lucy, you’re a sweet, smart kid – don’t change. Friends, I survived school because of you – thank you.

Tanya Zakowich Singapore

Stanton Yuwono Penang, Malaysia December 3, 1992 stanyuwono Stan Activities: SAVE (9-12-Treasurer), Film Society (9-12 - CD/ Treasurer), MUN (1012), Knowledge Bowl (10-12) Interim: South India (9), New Zealand: Routeburn Trek (10), Nepal: Annapurna Trek (11), Jordan (12)

Ma, I thank you for everything. Thanks for supporting me and giving me the freedom to make my own choices. Thanks for all the valuable lessons you have taught me and of course, for always being there. Finally, thanks teachers for the fine four years.

Kelly Zhang Orem, Utah

June 21, 1992

November 23, 1992



Tanners, Tzak, Zako, Zwoman, TZ

fuzzmonkle, dbzkelly, buddha, kz

Activities: Dance Club (9-12), Wish for Kids (9-11), STAND Club (11-12), Twinkle Toes (9-10), Mu Alpha Theta (12), Middle School Choreographer (10-11)

Activities: Tri-M (1012 - VP), Math Club (9-12, Tutoring Officer 11-12), SAVE (9-11), Jazz Band (11-12), VR Soccer (12), Swimming (12), Track & Field (12)

Interim: Riau Encounter (9), Rajasthan India (10), Annapurna, Nepal (11), Oman (12)

Interim: Immersion in France (9), Sailing in Langkawi (10), Adventure in Nepal B (11), Oman (12)

Mom and Dad, thank you for always being there for me the last eighteen years, there is nothing more I could ask for; Amanda, I will miss your craziness, best sister ever; and to all my friends thank you for making high school amazing I love you all!

166 Seniors

My history at SAS begins in 6th grade. Growing up with you guys has been the greatest thing in my life. I could never ask for better friends and family. SAS has been a home and it will always be. I’ll miss you guys!

c t n

Mina Zorrilla Gonzalez Mexico City, Mexico

December 31, 1991 minazglz Mizo, Charlie’s Angels, AZN Activities: Dance Club (9-12-Service Officer), Twinkle Toes (9-12Officer), Peer Support (9-12), SCAW (10-12, Co-President), SAVE (12), Class Cabinet (9-11), NDAHS (12), JV Dance (10-11), Peace Initiative (9) Interim: Phuket: Beginner Scuba Diving (9), Australia: Reefs and Rainforest (10), Japan (11), Poland and Czech (12)

Ma and Pa, I love you so much; Ma, thank you for putting up with my stubbornness. Pa, believe it, everything you teach me is always with me. Ro, Pa, Fer: I love you three to death, don’t have too much fun without me. Friends, my loves for life, I expect to someday meet up with every one of you.

Nicholas Zulkoski Astoria, Oregon June 30, 1992 nicodemuz1 Nick Activities: MUN (9-12), HOME Club (11-12), Baseball (9), Rugby (10) Interim: Sabah Sea to Sky Adventure (9), Cycling in Western Australia (10), Study Hall: Introspection in Singapore (11), South Africa Cape and Coast (12)

Sappiness aside, I enjoyed my time here a lot. But I can’t help but feel that my high school experience was made great thanks to the awesomeness of other people, rather than just the apparent awesomeness of myself. Give yourself a pat on the back.

coNgra tulAtio nsclass Seniors 167

Class of


High School Administration

High School Administration

Dave Norcott Vancouver/HS Principal; Doug Neihart Wyoming/HS Deputy Principal; Lauren Mehrbach New York/HS Deputy Principal

Nora Anur Singapore/Deputy Principal’s Secretary; Azizah Sultan Singapore/Administrative Assistant; Kristin Tan Singapore/Principal’s Secretary; Margaret Phang Singapore/Deputy Principal’s Secretary; Rozila Kosnan Singapore/Receptionist

Counseling Department Beth Kramer North Carolina/HS Counselor; Trevor Sturgeon New Brunswick/HS Counselor; Nathan Schelble New York/HS Counselor; Rachel Tan Singapore/Counseling Secretary

170 Faculty & Staff

Counseling Department

Frieda Dietrich Colorado/HS Counselor; Dawn Betts Oregon/HS Counselor

Counseling Department

Counseling Department

Linda Lajim Singapore/HS Counseling Secretary; Dale Ford Illinois/HS Counselor; Sue Nesbitt Ontario/HS Counselor

Jeff Devens North Dakota/Psychologist; Mario Sylvander Wisconsin/HS Counselor

English Department Nanette Ruhter Hawaii/Asian Literature; Tragedy and Comedy; English 11; Jeri Kett Michigan/English 10; Speech; Contemporary American Literature; Shelley Griffin Massachusetts/English 11; English 9; Andrew Hallam British Columbia/English 11; Englsih 10; Mark Guggisberg North Carolina/AP Language; Satire

English Department

Rick Silverman Colorado/AP Language; Modern European Literature; English 9; Doug Mabie Wisconsin/AP English Literature; English 9; Michael Clark Washington D.C./AP English Literature; British Literature; English 9; Creative Writing

Faculty & Staff 171

English Department

English Department

Troy Blacklaws South Africa/English 11; English 10

Amy Zuber-Meehan Ontario/English 11; English 10; Joe Thomas Massachusetts/AP Language; English 10; Anne-Marie Russell Australia/ English 10; English 9

Social Studies Department

Social Studies Department

Jason Adksion Florida/Modern Asian Perspective; Western Civilization; Kent Knipmeyer Louisiana/AP Psychology; Western Civilization; Kristen Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Connor Virginia/History of China; US History and Government; Western Civilization; Ian Coppell England/AP Human Geography; Western Civilization

172 Faculty & Staff

Jim Baker Singapore/AP Economics; AP US History and Government; Clay Burrell Massachusetts/Western Civilization; History of China; Eric Burnett California/History Through Film; US History and Government; Western Civilization

English Department

Social Studies Department

Kelly Nash Illinois/English 9; English 11; Jennifer Hutchison Ontario/ English 9

Dale Smith Pennsylvania/AP Psychology; Psychology; Rick Bisset British Columbia/AP European History; AP Art History; Western Civlization; Jack Fee Texas/ History of Japan; US History and Government

Social Studies Department Erik Torjesen Minnesota/AP World History; AP Government & Politics; Economics; Michael Stagg England/US History and Government; History of India; Modern Asian Perspective

Math Department

Will Norris Texas/Algebra I; Geometry; Joe Lingle California/Functions, Statistics, and Trigonometry; Pre-Calculus; Algebra II/Trigonometry; David Rops Ontario/AP Statistics; Geometry; Algebra II/Trigonometry; Kim Schult Pennsylvania/Algebra II; Pre-Calculus

Faculty & Staff 173

Math Department

Math Department

James Kett Michigan/AP Statistics; Algebra II/Trigonometry; Julie Goode Texas/Algebra I; Geometry; Tim Zitur Minnesota/AP Calculus; Pre-Calculus; Discrete Math

Paul Terrile Massachusetts/AP Statistics; AP Calculus; Algebra II; Don Adams New York/Geometry; AP Calculus; Pre-Calculus; Karl Wischki Transylvania/Functions, Statistics, and Trigonometry; Algebra II; Roy Tomlinson Alabama/Functions, Statistics, and Trigonometry; Algebra II; Algebra II/Trigonometry

Science Department Ian Page Ontario/AP Physics; Conceptual Physics; Fred Crawford California/AP Physics B; AP Physics C; Physics; Edwin Bywater Texas/ Physics; Physical Science

174 Faculty & Staff

Science Department

Dennis Steigerwald Texas/Physical Science; Chemistry; Simon Bright / Chemistry; Energy Science; Michael Cox Ohio/AP Chemistry; Accelerated Chemistry; Kim Melsom British Columbia/AP Biology; Biotechnology; Criminal Forensics

Math Department

Science Department

Erin Bright British Columbia/Algebra II; Pre-Calculus; Lehing Tu Ontario/ Algebra I; Geometry; Kristian Ganske Alberta/Algebra I; Geometry

Steve Early Washington/Marine Biology; Molecular Biology; Enviromental Science; Jay Kumpel New Jersey/Biology; Introduction to Biology; Martha Began California/AP Environmental Science; Biology; Scott Hutchison Alberta/Biology; Chemistry; Craig Olsen Auckland/Biology, Criminal Forensics; Zoology

Science Department

Annie Wan Singapore/Lab Aide; Michael Khong Singapore/Lab Aide; Komala Supramaniam Singapore/Lab Aide

Language Department

Cindy Bai China/Chinese I; Chinese III; Michael Norman California/AP Spanish; Spanish II; Philippe Moineau France/Spanish II; Spanish III; Zhu Wenhong China/AP Chinese; Chinese IV

Faculty & Staff 175

Language Department

Language Department

Jean Rueckert Maryland/Spanish IV; Spanish I; Yan Shi China/Chinese IV; Chinese II; Christina Popowski Illinois/French III; French II; Emiko Enomoto Japan/Japanese I; Japanese II; Japanese III; Japanese IV; June Wang China/ Chinese II; Chinese V

Pele Hallam-Young Pennsylvania/Spanish I; Spanish III; Laurence Patrick France/AP French; French I; French IV; Yolante Pan Taiwan/Chinese II; Chinese III

Visual and Performing Arts

Brian Hill Wisconsin/Concert Band; Strings Assist; Wind Ensemble; Music Performance & Recording; Symphonic Band; Philip Green Australia/ Concert Choir; AP Music Theory; Choral Ensemble; SAS Singers; Steve Bonnette Michigan/Strings Ensemble; Guitar; Advanced Guitar; Wind Ensemble Assist; Concert Strings

176 Faculty & Staff

Visual and Performing Arts

Tracy Van Der Linden Australia/Dance Performance; Dance I; Dance II; Dance III; Freshman Health and Wellness

Visual and Performing Arts

Visual and Performing Arts

Paul Koebnick Michigan/Stagecraft; Theater Assist; Technical Theater; Lucy Luo Ruo China/Theater Engineer; Leo Lei Yu China/Theater Engineer; Tracy Meyer New York/Theater Arts I; Theater Arts II; Theater Arts III; Theater Improvisation; Tragedy and Comedy; Paula Silverman Nebraska/Theater Coordinator

Zul Monsor Singapore/Visual Performing Aide; Micha Roach California/ Ceramics I; Ceramics II; Art I: Foundations; Paul Griffin Massachusetts/ Advanced Photography; Photography; Advanced Digital Photography; Digital Photography; Barbara Harvey New York/AP Studio Art: Drawing; Studio Art; AP Studio Art: 3D Design; AP Studio Art: 2D Design

Visual and Performaning Arts


Tate Sonnack California/Journalism: Yearbook; Mark Clemens Texas/ Journalism: Newspaper; Advanced Filmmaking; Filmmaking; Journalism: Broadcast; Firdaus Bahri Singapore/Media Lab Manager

Mimi Molchan Washington/Athletic/Activities Director; Mike Molly Nova Scotia/Athletic/Activities Director; Tomomi Tanabe Japan/Athletic Trainer

Faculty & Staff 177

Physical Education

Technology, Education & Careers

Keith Hynes Newfoundland; Jill Friend British Columbia; Charles Shriner Arizona; Kim Criens Netherlands; Ursula Pong Ontario; Frans Grimbergen Netherlands; Tim Thompson Iowa; Freshman Health and Wellness; Indoor Sports;

Paul Welsh Ontario/Computer Technologies; Desktop Publishing & Design; Computers: Hypermedia; Web Page Authoring; Mark Devine Maine/Robotics; Technical Design; Electronics Engineering; Architectural Design; Mechatronics; Tico Oms Cuba/Business; Law; Independent Study: Finance/Business; Entrepreneurship

Field Hockey, Softball, Golf; Body Systems/Diseases; Personal Defense; Weight Training; Safety/First Aid; Fitness; Group Fitness; Life Skills; Track & Field; Soccer, Football, Rugby; Lifeguard Training; Racquet Sports; Aquatics; Nutrition/Wellness; Orienteering/Climbing

Information Technology

Linda Lee Singapore/System Specialist; Mary Grace David Philippines/ Systems Engineer; Cynthia Chow Singapore/Secretary; Ed Gilbreath Nebraska/Director of Information Technology

178 Faculty & Staff

Information Technology

Amin Ribot Singapore/A/V Speacialist - TDC; Steven Tan Chye Eng Singapore/TDC Studio; Lay Ling Chew Singapore/A/V Specialist TDC

Technology, Education & Careers


Duane Melsom Texas/AP Computer Science; Building a Personal Computer; 3D Graphics and Animation; Linda Clarke Florida/Accounting; Personal Finance; Independent Living; MS Office Fundamentals; Textile Design

Sarala Nair Singapore/Library Assistant; Josephine Soh Singapore/Library Assistant; Jess Loo Singapore/Library Assistant; Fiona Kwan Malaysia/ Library Assistant; John Johnson Minnesota/Library Media Specialist; Gary Dwor-Frecaut Washington D.C./Library Associate

Information Technology

Information Technology

Benedict Terredano Philippines/Systems Engineer; John Mendez Philippines/Systems Engineer; Lee Young Yam Malaysia/Software Specialist; Ron Ng Singapore/Project Engineer; Lie Wei Li Singapore/ Assistant Systems Engineer

Keith Lee Singapore/Systems Technician; Desmond Leong Malaysia/ Systems Technician; Lim Ming Wei Singapore/Lead Systems Technician; Jorge Magno Philippines/Senior Systems Engineer

Faculty & Staff 179

HS Technology Office

Special Services Department

Jerry Szombathy Saskatchewan/Technology Coordinator; Lavinia Vasundran Singapore/Technology Assistant

Rebecca Clark Maryland/English 9; Guided Learning; Sara Heerens Colorado/Guided Learning; Guided Learning II; Christopher Bok New York/ Physical Science; Karen Olah Connecticut/English 11; Guided learning II; Frank Olah Connecticut/English 10; Guided Learning II; Physical Science

Human Resources

Communication & Development

Doris Tay Singapore/Human Resources Manager; Teresa Sim Singapore/ Human Resources Officer; Nana Lee Singapore/Human Resources Assistant; Margaret Yeo Singapore/Executive Assistant; Rhonda Norris Texas/Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources; Ong Pei Ling Singapore/Human Resources Asisstant; Jenna Lim Shu Gyn Singapore/ Human Resources Assistant

180 Faculty & Staff

Lauren Thomas Missouri/Associate Director of Alumni Relations (2009); Lauri Coulter New York/Associate Director of Alumni Relations (2010); Alfi Dino Singapore/Communcation Assistant; Beth Gribbon New York/ Director of Communcation & Development Heather Presnail Victoria/ Development Assistant; Joey Hong Singapore/Communcation Specialist

Print/Book Room

Peter Tok Singapore/Book Room; Azmee Bin Hamzah Singapore/Print Room; Din Bin Abdul Rahim Singapore/Print Room; Sim Siew Tin Singapore/Book Room

Curriculum Office

Joyce Kwik Singapore/Curriculum Assistant; Linda Tan Singapore/ Curriculum Assistant; Louise Perdana Australia/Director of Curriculum; Jennifer Sparrow Washington/Director of Assessment & Education Data; Mark Boyer Arizona/Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction


Brent Mutsch Colorado/Superintendent; Ann Tan Singapore/Executive Assistant

Admissions Office

Suriyati Matrawee Singapore/Central Office Assistant; Sharmilla Abdul Singapore/Admissions Assistant; Ellen White Ohio/Director of Admissions; Maricar Farouk Singapore/Admissions Specialist; Ylva Bracken Sweden/Admissions Specialist; Catherine Mendez Philippines/ Admissions Assistant

Faculty & Staff 181

Finance & Business Operations

Accounts Department

William Scarborough North Carolina/Director of Finance & Business Operations; Richard Hogan Singapore/Food & Services Co-ordinator

Wennie Lim Singapore/Finance Assistant; Kris Koh Singapore/Finance Assistant; Sheila Said Singapore/Finance Assistant

Mr. Hoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

Mr. Hoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

Hoo Juan Ang Singapore; Ho Juan Sim Singapore; Tan Teck Meng Singapore

182 Faculty & Staff

Lim Geok Wah Singapore; Toh Yuet Ying Singapore; Lim Lay Poh Singapore; Yu Hai Bo China; Ngian Heng Hiang Singapore; Tan Ah Chau Singapore



Salmah Singapore; Goh Chai Hoe Singapore; Junaida Singapore

Michael Ang Singapore; Andrick Tan Singapore; Shaikh Rafik India; Zaiton Miralam Singapore; Cindy Lim Singapore

Mr. Ho’s

Mr. Ho’s

Ling Sam Nee Singapore; Toh Cheau Lin Singapore; Tey Ah Lan Singapore

Qu Lan Yin Singapore; Sui Lixian China; Qi Yu Quan China; Chen Xiu Zhen Singapore; Xu Saie Singapore; Low Tee Tiang Singapore

Faculty & Staff 183



Cecilia Toh Hong Singapore; Lin Shuping Singapore; Serene Teo Poh Kheng Singapore; Chia d/o Isong Singapore

Henry Seow Singapore/Services Supervisor/Manager; Radzali Bin Dolah Singapore/Head Custodian; Jumat Hamid Singapore/Maintenance Engineer; Anthony Wong Singapore/Director of Facilities/Services; Francis Ang Singapore/Project Supevisor


Maggie Chow Singapore; Yeo Ah Chong Singapore; Dino Jaman Singapore; Yusoff Shah Singapore; Eugenio Ramos Philippines

184 Faculty & Staff


Muhamad Fazalee Singapore; Rahim Yahya Singapore; Morgan Chandra Malaysia; Ismail Othman Singapore



Hainon Bte Osman Singapore; Rosnah Othman Singapore; Rohaidah Abd. Karim Singapore; Peremalata Pachippan Malaysia; Maimunah Bte Mohamad Singapore; Zaihasra Singapore; Kalsum Maja Singapore; Noryati Kechot Singapore; Maimon Abdullah Singapore; Noriah Mohd Singapore; Rohana Baharom Singapore; Manimegalai Malaysia; Zaleha Aman Singapore

Rosedah Abd. Majid Singapore; Ngaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ijah Bakri Singapore; Fatimah Bujang Singapore; Rosmah Barum Singapore



Edward Paul Malaysia; Faridah Singapore; Isaac Benjamin Singapore

Sam Leong Singapore; Tuhaimi Singapore; Sivanesen Silva Malaysia; Rushdi Singapore; Michael Louis Singapore; Samzath Begam Singapore

Faculty & Staff 185

C lu

bs &

186 Clubs & Organizations


sports clubs 190 honor societies 192 student council 194 school a-fair 196 pitching in 198 behind the scenes 198 media 200 reaching out in singapore 202 service clubs 204 social clubs 206

Clubs & Organizations 187

Clubbing at SAS

With a wide breadth of clubs, ran ging from Magic Club, to football, to Project Sowe to, SAS had no shortage of extracurricular oppo rtunities.

When the bell rang at 3:05pm , the day was hardly over for the average student. It was a testam ent to the breadth of our extracurricular program that studen ts not headed toward the yellow buses dispersed in a dozen diff erent directions—lacing up clea ts, rolling out film equipment and tuning violins. Whether you wer ea budding entrepreneur, dancer extraordinaire, the ultimate mathlete, or a bit of everything , there was bound to be an organization for you. It was just one of the perks of going to a high school of 1,300. Yet sometimes there seemed to be too much to do in too little time. Take service: should you be Caring for Cambodia, Wish[in g] for Kids, or Aiding China? With over 40 service clubs at SAS, it could be hard to make the cho ice. It was tough enough trying to keep up with ever-growing mo untains of homework while kee ping an eye on Facebook. Try add ing an activity, or two, or twenty. Like most other aspects of sch ool, after all, extracurriculars wer e a balancing act. Those who aim ed to save the environment, fee d the hungry, and visit three eld erly homes a week would be qui ckly stretched too thin, while those who only pursued the interests they found most com pelling often found themselves more rewarded. Ultimately, clubs added dimens ion to students’ lives. They gave us a chance to get to know our peers outside of the classroom - on the track, in the art studio, or in the theatre. The y gave us a chance to associate our peers beyond being “that kid in my math class”--a chance to see them as musicians, debate rs and leaders as well. With the number of clubs, sports teams , and organizations available, we trul y had the best of both worlds: a huge school with endless nich es to explore. Story by Akane Otani

188 Clubs & Organizations


Danny Alb

Caroline B


Emma Graddy

Raylen Margono

Clubs & Organizations 189

Sports Clubs

Students of all skill levels and experience take advantage of club opportunities to get involved in sports not offered at the varsity level.


True to casual club form, Floor Hockey Club aimed to create a place for hockeyloving students to relax in a non-competitive environment and play their favorite sport. With open membership, the club saw up to 25 students at each of their weekly play-days, all with different experiences and skill levels. A student-created club, Floor Hockey was a chance for students to get in shape while playing the game with other students free of varsity sport pressures or commitments. Blurb by: Sarah Moseley

gettinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; in the game Junior Nandini Srinivasan battles for the puck. Members with different skill levels helped each other improve during play-days.

Photo by: Sarah Moseley

in the Zone Sophomore Irene Rozett warms up her boxing arms, getting ready to try out her moves on a punching bag. Members of Boxing Club learned a number of techniques during their meets. Photo by: Sarah Moseley


punch It Sophomore Abby Schmidt hits one of the schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s newly bought punching bag. SAS strongly encouraged students to participate in extracurricular activities, and the Boxing club was an easy way to let off some steam.

Photo by: Sarah Moseley

sweeping it

Senior Michael Osachoff and freshman Nicholas Chen battle it out for control of the puck. Floor Hockey Club, initially laid back, got competitive as students fought for goals. Photo by: Sarah Moseley

Ultimate Frisbee

Every week, twice a week, in the heat of the sun, a group of highly devoted SAS students could always be found on the turf field, tossing a frisbee with smiles on their faces. This group was the Ultimate Frisbee Club, an organization of students who got together with no other purpose than to unwind while playing a sport they love. Sponsored by teacher and alumnus Edwin Bywater, the group sometimes played organized ultimate, other times just throwing around the frisbee, trying out new tricks and skills in the process. Blurb by: Sarah Moseley

Reaching a wide audience, Boxing Club attracted students of many interests, from those looking to improve personal fitness, to those looking to expand their athletic horizons and to those looking to learn some defense techniques. This year-old club began as a weekly trip to Turf City, where the necessary equipment could be found and non-faculty trainers could give pointers. Thanks to brand new, on-campus equipment, as well as guest instructors, including Michelle Thavasi and Muhamad Ridhwan, though, club members this year were able practice the sport a little closer to home. Blurb by: Sarah Moseley

scurvy Senior Dymock Dibb drops low to catch a frisbee as it flies past him. Members spent whole afternoons playing games against each other and learning new drills. Photo by: Kate Mahler

corkscrew Giving it his all, junior David Shum dives to the floor to get the disk. Students who played the game took it seriously and tried their best to beat the other teams. Photo by: Sarah Moseley

pick six Repping the Steelers, Junior Hayes Kimball runs for a touchdown as Vikings sophomore Steven Nowak and junior Julian Byrns go in for a tackle. The Steelers remained on top for the season and even took first place in the championships. Photo by: Corey Burkett

SACAC Sports

Students interested in sports beyond the realm of SAS athletics, find comfort in SACAC

American Football was the most winning 45-20. The Falcons could For those who couldn’t find their claim the tropical heat as an ally. favorite sport on school-sponsored or popular program for high-schoolers, allowing SACAC to run four teams Players were thankful for the extracurricular menus, or those who just couldn’t get enough playing time, through the season. At season’s end chance to play sports that they loved players from those teams filled the playing but weren’t offered at the there were other places to look on varsity level, and senior James campus. The SACAC office in the high school ran three seasons “It gave me a chance to grow every Bowers said that “it gave [him] a of club sports. year as a player and as a person. ” chance to grow every year as a player and as a person. The 37-year old Singapore -James Bowers, 12 At the peak of the season, American Community Action football overshadows other, Council is a parent organization ranks of a team called the Falcons for non-team sports sponsored by that employs a full-time staff to SACAC including fencing, gymnastics, manage a sophisticated sports offering the traditional, annual game against another international school, this time golf, speed training, wrestling and that included baseball, American Osan High School from Korea. The cheerleading. football, basketball, swimming and By Corey Burkett Falcons played at home this year, softball.

SACAC sunset Freshman Daniel Northwood, juniors Chris Kennedy and Andrew Bolt watch a sunset from the sidelines during a game. Football games were played in the evenings to avoid the Singapore heat. Photo by: Brandon Lay strike! Winding up for a pitch, junior Nicholas Devine starts off the inning with a speedy toss. SACAC baseball allowed teams to play at a level much faster than the slow-pitching of Varsity Softball.

hittin’ it out of the park Hoping for a home run, senior Cody Burkett swings at the ball. The three baseball teams played each other in weekly games. Photo by: Corey Burkett

Photo by: Corey Burkett

Clubs & Organizations 191

National Honor Society Consisting of over 120 members, the National Honor Society (NHS)

keeping the tradition alive

Senior Yun Hoi Koo lights the “eternal flame of knowledge” during the NHS induction. At inductions, students partook in decade-old rituals. Photo by: Tatianna Nasr

was the largest of all honor societies in the high school. Members were chosen from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes through a selective process based on applicants’ academics, character, leadership and service. NHS supports a charity in Cambodia called “Hearts and Hands.” Throughout the year, members raised money, selling review books, holding bake sales and participating in school fairs. All proceeds went toward financing the education of Cambodian students and funding the lunch program at a day-care centre. NHS also sponsors the annual SAS “Teacher Appreciation Day,” in which teachers are presented with compliments and thoughtful comments from students. Blurb by: Aisling Leow

National Dance Association

The newest honor society at SAS, National Dance Association inducted its first 16 members on this January, although an impromptu lunch induction for Marvella Luher was hosted before she graduated in December. Their main focus as a new society this year was to help out with the middle school dance club. In each of the dance inductees’ essays, they included a quote that they felt summed up their attitude toward dance, one was which was George Balanchine’s “I don’t want people who want to dance, I want people who have to dance.” Balanchine would have liked the NDA kids who when they weren’t in studios could be seen dancing down the halls or doing jigs in class. “Dance is our art, our sport, and our life.” Blurb by: Katie Lindholm


roses, candles, signatures Dance honor society inductees take a break from their usual dance attire to take an oath at this year’s induction. These fifteen dancers felt grateful to finally have an honor society devoted to their passion. Photo by: Sarah Moseley

In SAS’s competitive atmosphere, many students focused their attention on a couple of subjects. These were students who excelled in what they did, and it won them membership in these societies.

National ART Honor Society

masterpiece After a year of hard work, sophomore Soo Kyung Bae assembles her collection to have it displayed at the Art Show. NAHS paintings from alumni can be found adorning the campus. Photo by: Kate Mahler

National Art Honor Society members were those who have demonstrated a strong passion for the arts, and were willing to dedicate themselves to the SAS art community, not only to create art for their portfolios but to give something back. They raised funds during County Fair by drawing caricatures of fairgoers, and later teamed up with Caring For Cambodia to take part in an off-campus exhibition. Each student contributed a work of art to the exhibit, some auctioning their work to raise money for the service club. Through experiences such as this, NAHS continued to grow as both an art society and community service club. Blurb by: Jennifer Ho

Thespian Honor Society

“WE ARE THE BEST CLUB IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. Okay, we exaggerate a bit-it’s called being dramatic.” The Thespian Society is an organization for students who invest a significant amount of time in theater: the cross-dressing drama geeks of the school, who spend their days, not baking in the sun, but basking in the stage-lights. In order to be inducted, students must have a passion for the stage. Thespians this year focused on maintaining traditions like popcorn-selling at school fairs, as well as cultivating new ones like hosting the first 21-hour theater lock down. “Most importantly, we bring character to this school. Get it? ‘Character’-as in characters... like, in a play? Because we’re actors...Never mind.”

Blurb by: Yuvika Tolani

192 Clubs & Organizations

to be or not to be

Seniors Ben Adickes and Danielle Courtenay, and junior Willow Johnston reenact “Hamlet” during a school production. Thespian members were able to show their comedic side in this hilarious Shakespeare parody. Photo by: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

fiesta! Adorned in Mexican attire, senior Michael Szopiak dishes up a Cafe Iguana taco at the SHS booth during this years Food Fest. Holding true to the culture they represent, SHS sold Mexican food at events in order to raise money for their organization. Photo by: Kate Mahler


The notion that joining honor societies is just for resume patting is prevalent amongst students and teachers alike in the high school. While there was truth in the belief that students were more interested in accumulating resume items for prospective colleges, the by-product was the promotion of their respective language and culture in the SAS community. In an annual exchange with the French School, French IV and AP students skip a day at SAS for a day at the French School. Students buddy up with a French student and follow them, experiencing a day in the life of

Language honor societies bring together people who want to share other cultures with SAS students

a French student. “It was a good experience to meet French students,” senior AP French student Dennis Chu said. “We’re lucky that we live in an international place like Singapore because it gives us chances like these to meet real French speakers. And the girls were goodlooking.” Chinese Honor Society hosted the annual Asian Film Fest. “It’s a way for us to spread culture throughout the high school in an interesting way,” CHS secretary Tika Marshall said. “We show one movie a day for three days, and they’re often Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Indian.”

je t’aime crêpe Senior Christina Tan and junior Hannah Goode prepare crepes for the FHS fund-raising. Students anxiously waited for the few days each year that FHS made their delicious crepes. Photo by: Kate Mahler

The small entrance fee went towards buying refreshments and donating it school in Cheng-Du Providence.. Language societies also celebrate language week, a week dedicated to spreading the culture of their respective languages. The Japanese Honor Society passed out free cup noodles, the Spanish Honor Society showed comical Spanish commercials on the Morning Show, French Honor Society sold crepes, and Chinese Honor Society hosted a Chinese calligraphy competition.

By: John Liao

viva la vida! Participating in one of the SHS’s activities, senior Shawn Teng takes a swing at a traditional Spanish piñata. During language week, each language society had a day were they taught the SAS community about their countries’ culture. Photo by: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

Clubs & Organizations 193


on top of it all President: Lauren Felice Vice-President: Samantha Koh Secretary: Tika Marshall Communications Director: Melissa Huston Treasurer: Kevin Kim

With a packed year ahead of the Executive Council, the goal from the start became to give students a chance - a chance to voice their opinions, to cheer at Pep Rallies, to belt it out at SAS Idol, to get involved. With Homecoming and the back to school dance, Glow, kicking off the year, the tone was set for an exciting time that brought the best of the old and the creativity of the new. SAS saw traditions like two spirited IASAS tournaments and Winterball, new events like Water Wars, Asia Bowl and SAS’ Got Talent, and improved activities like a wild Homecoming Week and a final Pep Rally that had SAS cheering more than ever. The sentiment of the year was best expressed through the dancing of exec sponsors Eric Burnett and Kent Knipmeyer in the teacher’s Pep Rally performance. 2009-2010 proved to be full of fun and involvement, leaving SAS ready to start another great year next fall. Blurb by: Lauren Felice


Photos by Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

senior power President: Alvi Hasan Vice-President: Ishan Gupta Secretary: Anne Yeung Communications Director: Andisya Siregar Treasurer: Lucas Chiang

194 Clubs & Organizations


Life as a Senior Council representative was filled with glamour, excitement and action. In Student Council, we liked to give, and so to help along an awesome Senior class, we worked hard on giving out senior sweatshirts, senior gifts, a senior class gift to the school, senior memories, and helped make the year more fun by planning Senior Appreciation Day and of course, graduation. We could not have asked for a better, more fun class to work with. At the first tone of “I Gotta Feeling” seniors were willing to jump out onto the gym floor and dance their hearts out. As a group we saw a huge change this year with a measurable increase in spirit. Some things will always remain the same: the Class of 2010 ruled the school year. Blurb by: Alvi Hasan

Blurb by: Alex Amstrup

“really, really good” President: Alexander Amstrup Vice-President: Frances Young Secretary: Hannah Goode Treasurer: Rebecca Kreutter Communications Director: Klevrin Sitohang


COUNCIL Freshman. We were at the bottom of the high school food chain, and expectations for our class were pretty low. “The freshman class has no spirit,” the other grades complained. But we always dressed in orange. “The freshman class never plans enough activities,” was the rumor constantly going around. And we planned the ‘2013 club’ and the freshman dance. “The freshman class is always last for everything” everyone would say. And yet we beat all the other grades at a dancing competition in the pep-rally. This year was not only a year of new experiences for our class, but it was also a year to give the other grades a new view on the freshman. Our council has done a terrific job, and we can’t wait for the next three years of high school. Blurb by: Nicky Muller

Sophomore Council had a good year, starting off the year by mainly focusing on raising our class’ spirit and helping with homecoming and pep rallies. We also participated in Food Fest and County Fair and staged fund-raisers to raise money for our class. When the second semester started, we started the club ‘Sophomore Dodgeball’ which was a so popular that around 100150 sophomores out every Friday to play dodgeball. In the fourth quarter we organized a Clash of the Classes dodgeball tournament. We like dodgeball. Our main goals this year were to raise more money and to promote our classes spirit, which we did. Sophomores ended up second overall for spirit points and we were all really happy with how we finished. Overall, it was a pretty good year. Blurb by: Bo Hamby



fresh meat President: Faran Hannani Vice-President: Anna Kook Secretary: Juhee Lee Communications Director: Nicky Muller Treasurer: Akshay Lalwani

grease lightning President: Bo Hamby Vice-President: Maya Kale Secretary: Carolyn Koh Treasurer: Marietta Tanudisastro Communications Director: Edward Khoo


Besides being the most influential and important class council of the past decade or so, this year’s Junior Class Council actively promoted school spirit through our numerous pep rallies and raised funds for the year’s most unforgettable event: prom. Prom 2010, also known as “A Red Carpet Affair,” took place in the Conrad Hotel’s grand ballroom and was a huge success. It was classy, lively, elegant and fun, and was certainly the council’s proudest achievement. The second major focus of this year was fund raising. This year the Juniors organized Gecko’s Night Out, a night dedicated to providing intermediate school students with entertainment through games. The event proved highly successful and was a major contributor to the class’ funds. If this year’s Junior Council was to be described in a phrase, it would be “really really good”.

Clubs & Organizations 195

ball toss Senior Christopher Chee gives the winner of SAVE club ball toss one of the many donated stuffed animals. County Fair is known for food as well as fun activities for kids. Photo by: Kate Mahler

A School A-fair

Clubs come together twice a year to raise money during county fair and food fest.

Twice this year, the middle school required of the moms. The PTA offered all clubs the and high school gyms filled with food opportunity to work a booth to raise stands selling everything from cotton money for their cause. The first $300 candy to fried rice to nachos. Kids tried their luck at the dunk tank hoping earned went to the club along with 75 percent of the earnings above $300. to win a prize. Parents and teachers shopped with vendors lining the foyers The money that the PTA collected outside the office. These annual events, Food Fest and County Fair, “The number of activities our provided students and parents with PTA promotes is also much a stress-free afternoon and raised larger [than most PTA groups.” nearly $50,000 for SAS funds. -Kim Hamby The events took months of planning and hard work from members of the PTA, none of whom went to a variety of funds, including earned a salary for their efforts. the Interim Semester scholarships, Senior Awards scholarships, early Advertising, preparing coupons, printing t-shirts, renting equipment and graduation and art & dance receptions. Money left over at the end of the year coordinating with high school clubs was given back to each division by were just a few of the many tasks

childhood memories Juniors Rebecca Kreutter and Jasmine Timan sell tickets for the air filled obstacle course, a tradition at County Fair. Each class council is in charge of a specific activity, and the juniors always rake in the bucks with this one. Photo by: Anjuli Finch

196 Clubs & Organizations

granting requests from the principals. While the PTA looked much the same as any U.S. PTA group, there was a significant difference. “The SAS PTA has the highest earnings of any PTA I have ever been involved with and the number of activities our PTA promotes is also much larger,” Kim Hamby said. The PTA also organized Pumpkin Patch, the October sale of pumpkins donated by APL, a global transportation company. Participants in each service club moved and cleaned the pumpkins in preparation for selling. Pumpkin Patch’s earnings this year reached $31,434, a new record, all of which went directly back to the service clubs and the organizations PTA supported. Story by Kalie Riemer

fiesta! Sophomore Shruti Jayakumar and Sonia Mirchandani work together to make a non-alcoholic margarita. At County Fair and Food fest, chains such as Outback, Cafe Iguana’s and Marble Slab faithfully provided the clubs and organizations with food. Photo by: Anjuli Finch


Students with a wide range of interests get together to share their talents and views with their peers.

Chalk For PEACe

For the third consecutive year, Peace Initiative sponsored the popular event Chalk For Peace, in which students gathered in the high school’s “town center” to write their words of peace on the floor of the foyer. Getting the school involved in a dedication to peace, as Charity Head Kathryn Tinker puts it, “is a fun way for students to celebrate International Peace Day.” a finished product After a long day of drawing and writing, SAS students were able to see the final scene of the Chalk for Peace mural. Apparently, over 200 pieces of chalk were used to create this enormous peace sign. Photo by: Aarti Sreenivas


Putting its fundraising power to good use, SAS came together this year to raise funds for Haiti following the devastating earthquake in January. While some people donated money directly, a number of SAS students and service clubs devoted hours of time to raising money in their own ways. Overall the school was able to send over $100,000 to a relief fund in Haiti.

searching for hope Survivors of the tragic earthquake line up for food, a rarity in the affected area. Students at SAS worked to ensure the safety and well-being of the victims, together raising more than the Singapore government donated to Haiti.


Every other Wednesday, the sounds of SAS musicians could be heard throughout the halls during each break, as the members of the Independent Performing Artists Union displayed their musical talent for the school. These gigs became a major attraction throughout the school, as students provided entertainment for their classmates and gained performing exposure. rocking out Junior Alexander Ellsworth leads his band “The Best Kind of Accident” on the guitar. IPAU break gigs acted as a great chance for bands to gain some experience and showcase their talents. Photo by: Sarah Moseley

SPEaker’s corner

For any student who ever had an opinion too strong to keep to themselves, Peace Initiative’s quarterly Speaker’s Corners were the perfect outlet. Covering the world’s most pressing and controversial issues, the open mic speaking opportunity allowed students to voice their opinions in an environment that encouraged openness and learning.

speaking her mind Ready to debate, senior Aarti Sreenivas sets the stage for a heated discussion on the controversy of teen pregnancy. Speaker’s corner was known for it’s contentious issues and intense debate. Photo by: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

Clubs & Organizations 197

Technical THEATER

Without the technical theater club, productions at SAS would be little more than a few performers on a black stage. Not only did the club add lighting, sound, and sets to each show, they spent weeks in advance preparing everything to help these show reach their fullest potentials, particularly during production weeks. Lucky members got to “play” with advanced technical gear, which is what lured a lot of them to the club. high tech Manning the tech booth, junior Isaac Virshup prepares the lighting for the SAS dance performance, “I’m Too Sexy for my Costume.” The technical theater club is responsible for all behind the scenes technology during drama and dance productions, including lighting, sound, sets, and video streaming. Photo by: Kate Mahler


Drama productions, IASAS, and new student orientation rarely focus a spotlight on the students who work behind the scenes in their nearly always flawless execution, but if it were not for these students, the show wouldn’t go on.

Blurbs by: Cassi Miller

thEATER MAKE-UP Before each SAS performer was allowed to grace the stages of the Riady Center, they first had to go through Make-Up club. This organization was in-charge of finding out what actors and directors had in mind, and then, with the help of professional make-up artists that came in for workshops, they used the experience they gained throughout the year to make the student’s face transform to different genders and age. a ladies’ touch

Prepping for his role as Juliet in Shakespeare: Abridged, senior Alvi Hasan sits for a make-up session with Junior Saachi Subramani. Theater Make-Up Club members learned different techniques that they would then apply to cast and dancers. Photo by: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

USHER SOCIETY Usher Society taught etiquette to students that wanted to help out with theatre and performance shows, but didn’t want to be actual performers. During performances they monitored the doors and handed out programs for the shows. Each student from this club had the option to choose which shows to participate in, and what job they wanted to do: sell flowers or DVDs, or hand out programs. cooling off Pouring lemonade, freshmen Buolada Charoenwong and Tiffany Yen set up the after-show refreshment table following the 2009 dance show, “Snapshots.” Usher Society’s main role behind-thescenes was to accommodate guests during each and every one of SAS’s many productions. Photo by: John Liao

198 Clubs & Organizations


moving the obstacles Members of Athletic Council help set up the hurdles for the Track and Field IASAS. These students helped the events run smoothly and on time by quickly moving the equipment wherever it was needed. Photo by: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

For anyone who’s ever wondered how SAS sporting events always went so smoothly, they have Athletic Council to thank for that success. Members of the club were responsible for helping out during games and tournaments, particularly IASAS events. Each of the more than 100 participants showed their support at sporting events by selling t-shirts, timing races, moving equipment, and motivating athletes. Throughout the year Athletic Council helped SAS host both IASAS Track and Field and Swimming, as well as a number of smaller sporting events.

NEW STUDENTS’ JUDGEMENT Peer Support hosts the new student orientation every year, which immensely helps these kids transition into their new life. A year later, we asked some of these students to give us their honest opinion on their Peer Supporters, and this is what they said:

Sophomore Emma O’Connell was testimony to the effectiveness of Peer Support. Over the summer she was able to talk to her peer supporter and get answers to all her questions about sports, academics and life in Singapore. During the first few weeks of school, her peer supporter helped her adjust to the lifestyle at SAS, and, a year later, O’Connell was still thankful for the help she received.

Transferring from another international school in Singapore, senior Rushi Krishna said that her peer supporter, senior Samantha Koh, was helpful, but since she already knew some people at SAS, Koh did not need extensive help. Krishna did agree, however, that the whole system was beneficial to those students who moved here and did not know anyone else.

the timing team Members pay close attention to a 100-meter dash heat. Athletic Council students had to carefully observe the runners, and time them and record where they placed. Photo by: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong


Moving into a free hugs new school is hard Sophomores Anbita Siregar, Carolyn for everyone, and Koh, Emma Graddy, Maya Kale, and Peer Support was Dominique Pratt don their group’s “Free shirt. Members got these shirts for known for helping Hugs” Wellness Week. Photo by: Kate Mahler new students to the high school adjust. They worked to help new kids fit in by showing them around, introducing them to students, and encouraging them to join new clubs and sport teams. But keeping tabs on new students wasn’t their only task. They helped incoming freshman adjust by going to their homebase for a week and talking about the myths of high school. And most importantly, they kept spirits up with events like Wellness Week, where “free hugs” were given out and TV shows like “Friends” were shown in the chill room.

Sophomore Lucca Allevato had a peer supporter who helped him branch out to other group of friends, while still offering a support system that he could always go back to. He said that he is still good friends with his peer supporter.

Freshman Aysha Nesbitt moved to SAS from India, and said she had an easy time adjusting. She appreciated her peer supporter’s messages over the summer, but once here, she branched out on her own and made friends through the summer volleyball camp, one of the many outlets that allow new students to fit in.

Clubs & Organizations 199

mEDia @ SAS

SAS’s dedication to technology and communications, SAS opened up new frontiers for students who were interested in media, which explains the popularity of these clubs. Students took on challenging tasks, and the result of their hard work always paid off. B : A S lurbs by




Photography club covered school and club events, providing professional photographic services, publishing the works of photographers, and training students interested in learning photographic skills. The club also promoted their photography around school and got the student body involved through a variety of themed photo contests that were judged by adults and sometimes even professional photographers. President Leo De Velez explained that he “worked with and formed a lot of connections with so many people in so many different clubs.” This year, Photography Club – along with Design Club – was also responsible for creating the A Red Carpet Affair prom posters. switching roles Members of the Photography Club step out of their usual behind-the-lens role and pose for a picture. Students in the club got to experience photography the old way as they developed their art-pieces in the darkroom. Photo by: Paul Griffin

THE EYE - Newspaper The Eye was a selective elective course joined by students interested in learning more about journalism. With six issues this school year, the Eye included stories on past or upcoming school events, happenings around Singapore, and interesting surveys. Every Eye Staff member was a reporter who spent about ten hours in and out of class getting interviews and writing multiple drafts for a single article. When asked if the staff had ever gotten into trouble for any published articles, Co-Print Editor-in-Chief Ann Lee said that “It is impossible to avoid ruffling a few delicate feathers for any article. That’s what happens when you’re involved in the media, but we try to be objective and fair in every article we write.” reaching new limits Editor senior Melissa Huston makes the final corrections before making the online IASAS edition of the newspaper public. 2010 was the first year the Eye started being published online, which allowed students access to more material then ever before. Photo by: Jamie Lim

thE morning sHOW

The Morning Show was one of the most public of clubs. Open to students who were taking or had completed the broadcast journalism class, the Morning Show was broadcast to all high school classrooms at 8:05 every morning to present school news to the student body. Clubs often used this ten-minute opportunity to promote upcoming events and activities. Although the audience saw only two anchors and the occasional cameraman, others worked off the set - scriptwriters, tech directors, character generator. and prompter operators. When asked what she got out of the club, host senior Sara Gaines said it helped her realize an interest in the craft and redirect her college interests to communications.

on the air Senior Ryan Chan operates the camera as senior Danica Pizzi and junior Hannah L’Heureux host the morning announcements. The Morning Show was a chance for students interested in broadcasting to gain hands-on experience both on camera and behind the scenes. Photo by: Kate Mahler

200 Clubs & Organizations


caught in action Film Society members show the school how to dance in this sample video for their “Where the Heck is SAS?” project. Film Society was known for taking on a number of projects such as the 8th grade graduation video. Photo by: Ryan Chan

Film society was open to any students interested in learning or teaching filmmaking. Members focused on “using film as a medium to make life at SAS a little more vibrant,” according to President Ryan Chan. During their after-school meetings, the club watched short and feature-length films, created promotional announcements for other clubs, and produced independent projects. Their most logistically challenging project of the year, “Where the Heck is SAS?” – an idea taken from YouTube’s “Where the Hell is Matt?” – included a majority of the high school population on their Interim trip dancing in locations from around the globe.

Where the Heck is SAS? scuba boogy Students from the beginning scuba interim get down in the underwater depths of Phi Phi Island, Phuket. Creative dance locations like this made the video especially interesting.

tanzparty! Dancing in front of the world famous Berlin Cathedral, students on the new trip to Germany get goofy for the camera. This landmark was one of many famous backgrounds in the SAS travel video.


art lovers Absolute Art members finally feel relaxed after having finished this year’s edition of their book. Although different groups took care of each section, members all got along and loved when they got the opportunity to get together. Photo by: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

Absolute Art [AA] was more than just a club that got knocks about sharing stories of sobriety while sitting in a circle—it was the home of connoisseurs of the arts. Lovers of music, fashion, film, art, graphic design, and architecture expressed themselves in the company of likeminded students. Created by SAS alumnus Hilary Go, it was intended as an outlet for the artsy, and was student run except for the occasional words of wisdom from AA sponsor, Paul Welsh. Meeting deadlines, discussing budgets, setting up interviews, and going to exhibits were expected of AA members and part of what made the club realistic and fun.

Film Society organized SAS’s very own version of the popular YouTube viral video, “Where the Hell is Matt” in which students, spanning four continents, mimicked the goofy “Matt Dance” at locations around the world.

“oh-man!” Seniors on the new interim trip to Oman take a break from snorkeling to show off their moves for the video. These eager students filmed a total of four dance videos at various locations on their Middle-Eastern trip.

nepal groovin’ Despite icy cold temperatures, the students on the Nepal: Annapurna trip give their all, dancing the “Matt dance.” Luckily weather conditions did not discourage their desire to be in the video.

Clubs & Organizations 201


Your time is one of the best things you can give someone who has been shunned by society, and that is what members of the Leprosy Relief Association had to offer. They reached out to people with leprosy by visiting and befriending them every Friday. At the home, students played bingo, took excursions and talked to those affected by the disease. In addition, they took leftover food from Mr. Ho’s kitchen, another thing many people at the home looked forward to.

lending a hand Serving a meal, junior Chan Woo Nam helps out at one of the Leprosy Relief Association’s visits to the Leprosy Home. Serving food is just one of the many ways that SAS students worked to keep the people at the home company. Photo by: Priscilla Kang

melrose Children’s home Melrose Children Home provided a supportive environment to children from ages four to 18 who required care in a residential environment. Despite some parents’ best efforts to give attention to their kids, some couldn’t balance their overwhelming work life with their children’s, thus it was up to members to spend time playing and supervising the kids. pushing boundaries Junior Shoka Oda pushes a young child during one of the club’s weekly visits. Members volunteered their time and attention to the kids, which is one of the things they needed the most. Photo by: Irene Tung


Though many SAS clubs have made it their mission to reach out to countries and foundations all around the world, these four clubs have focused on helping others a little closer to home, tending to those in need right here in Singapore.

Migrant workers

Teaching Migrant Workers provided support for maids and helpers in the Singapore community by teaching them basic computer skills, such as using Microsoft Word and the internet. While the club provided a caring environment for workers to unwind from a tiring week by teaching them how to deal with technology, members also gave them a skill that they can use to expand their career options in the future. computer tech Taking a break from teaching migrant workers, the members of the club pose for a picture. Every weekend, they donated their time and knowledge to help workers learn skills that could help change their lives. Photo by: Linda Clarke

Special olympics

Special Olympics was devoted to providing sports training and competitions for people with intellectual disabilities who needed a place to feel like they belonged. Members gave them opportunities to develop physical fitness, self-esteem and confidence, while becoming productive and respected members of society. doggie paddle Member of Special Olympic teaches a child how to paddle. Something that was so simple to members took a while for the children to learn, but the satisfaction students got when the techniques were learned was great, Photo by: Liz Quick

202 Clubs & Organizations


In addition to SAS’s challenging work, some students decide to add to their demanding schedules by joining academic clubs. These clubs aren’t all about specific subjects though, for organizations such as the Honor Code Committee also enforce academic standards we have.



contemplating Junior Ray Xu, and seniors Sahil Lavingia and Sidharth Shanker contemplate the choices. Knowledge Bowl was listed as a sport club in the SAS clubs handbook, perhaps because of the mental gymnastics involved. Photo by: Kate Mahler

too hard to count Senior Kelly Zhang tries to solve a difficult calculus equation. Members of math club met weekly to discuss and teach each other equations and tips on how to solve problems more easily.

Knowledge Bowl was an extra-curricular club which competed twice a year in a global competition called Knowledge Masters Open. For the competition, they answered 200 general knowledge multiple-choice questions in the shortest time possible. Topics ranged from history, economics, government to math, geology and physics even “Useless Trivia.” Those who participated in Knowledge Bowl know how thrilling it was to collaborate as a team and answer the weirdest, most confusing and absurd questions known to humans. Their team effort and collaboration on many occasions got their team valuable points. This fall, they scored 1403 points, placing 2nd in the International Division and beating long time rival Shanghai American School for the first time in years.

Photo by: Sarah Moseley

Math Club was a group of SAS kids who loved exploring and solving mathematics. Weekly meetings started with a student led presentation on a particular math topic, then continued with competitions. This year, the SAS Math Club team placed Jong Chan Kim as the 33rd top scorer on the American Scholastic Mathematics Association Competition and Sam Park 35th on the Mandelbrot Competition. Outside of meetings, members taught peers during their free time via the math club sponsored tutoring programs. Math Club also celebrated such events as Pi Day, a day on March 14th (3.14), where members handed out a slice of apple pie to students who could say pi to fourteen decimal points from memory. Blurb by: Yun Hoi Koo

Blurb by: Nihal Krishan


Like any other high school, SAS has its fair share of cheating, but some students displayed their dedication to the school cornerstone of honesty. The Honor Code Committee, a student organization dedicated to alleviating academic dishonesty at SAS, worked closely with deputy principals this year in recommending consequences for students accused of cheating. Students accused of cheating could meet with an honor code panel made up of club members - a jury of their peers. In the future, HCC intends to strengthen academic guidelines and promote integrity among the student body.

in the shadows Keeping the mystery alive, three anonymous Honor Code Committee members agree to have just their silhouettes in the yearbook. In order to avoid student’s bias when choosing a course of action, members of the club kept their identity secret, and few students knew how many people were part of the committee. Photo by: Kate Mahler

Clubs & Organizations 203




With dozens of service clubs to boast of, SAS raised thousands of dollars for a variety of charities and organizations all around the world

Bintan cLUB

friendship bracelets Senior Sarah Mountjoy puts a bracelet on to a kid during a trip to Indonesia. Through small gestures like this, Bintan Club members were able to demonstrate their commitment. Photo by: Emma Graddy duck, duck, goose Bintan Club members gather with some local Bintan children, playing games to keep them company. SAS students visited these children once a year to spend time with these them and learn about Bintan culture. Photo by:

Sarah Mountjoy

You might remember Bintan Club as “the club that sold pizza every Friday,” but they contributed much more than that to society. Members of the club were lucky to go on a rare two-night cultural immersion trip to the outlying island of Lengkang, Indonesia, where they entertained children with a jewelry-making workshop, face-painting, and s’mores, all the while learning about their culture. Another accomplishment was increasing the intake into our FIS program (an online school to teach English to students in Batam). Blurb by: Sarah Mountjoy

204 Clubs & Organizations

be my valentine Senior Mina Zorilla and Stanton Yuwono package roses for SAVE Rosegrams. Students waited anxiously for the yellow and red roses, always hopeful that someone liked them enough to send roses. Photo by: John Liao

Students Against the Violation of the Environment, or SAVE Club, aimed to foster respect for the environment by promoting the three R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle. In the school community, SAVE members voluntarily recycled paper, aluminum, and plastic. By encouraging the community to recycle their waste, club members helped reduce the staggering amount of natural resources used to manufacture new products. For over 19 years, SAVE Club has been fortunate enough to have a consistent group of volunteers who have shown activism year after year. Through affiliation with the Roots & Shoots Organization and Jane Goodall Institute, SAVE integrated services aimed towards servicing the community: guiding the visually handicapped through the Sensory Trails on Pulau Ubin, delivering sustainably-packaged roses during the month of love, holding a Hunger Banquet to raise awareness about the pressing issue of food security throughout the world, and showing documentaries such as The Cove and The Inconvenient Truth during Earth Week. SAVE Club is one of the most prominent clubs on campus, and despite students’ complaints about their passion once in a while, it was evident that they truly helped make SAS better. Blurb by: James Fan

going green Living up to the club’s eco-friendly reputation, senior Kabilan Pillay plants a tree on Earth Day. Students helped make the campus a little greener every year by encouraging members to come out and add plants to the Eco Garden. Photo by: John Liao

Medical ExplorerS

From presenting guest speakers (ranging from neurosurgeons to cardiologists), to arranging for students to watch surgeries and shadow surgeons at NUH, Medical Explorers offered students with interest in the medical profession a wide range of opportunities to learn and gain hands-on experience in the field. MedEx was the only student-run club involved with a hospital, something that they took great pride in. Not only did members raise over S$6,650 through their bubble tea sales for organizations such as the Singapore Heart Foundation, Operation Smile, and NUH patient care fund, but two lucky students every quarter got to shadow surgeons and watch surgeries that varied from aortic valve repair to hepatic arterial reconstruction. From guest speakers to hospital volunteering, club goers kept a pulse on the ever-changing health care industry. Blurb by: Calvin Lo

spreading the cheer Medical Explorers members sing carols to children at Singapore’s National University Hospital, raising spirits high for the Christmas season. Visiting the hospital was just one of the many ways that the group was able to learn more about medicine while also giving back. Photo by: Calvin Lo

grassroot soccer

Grassroot Soccer is a world-known organization founded by professional soccer players in 2002 that aims to educate HIV-affected countries. The SAS branch made its debut last year, and since then annually hosted a couple of events, such as Juggle-a-thon For the second year in a row Grassroot Soccer held a Juggle-a-thon and 3 vs. 3 Barefoot Soccer Tournament – a tournament in which three students could make their own team and compete for great prizes. Both events were extremely successful and the club was proud to continue contributing to the teaching of HIV awareness to youth in Africa. Blurb by:

Natalie Muller

barefoot games Senior Myles Fenwick and junior Fadri Attamimi both attempt to beat the other to the ball during Grassroot Soccer Club’s annual 3 versus 3 barefoot soccer fundraiser. The club was known for its fun events combining soccer with service. Photo by: Natalie Muller

Caring for Cambodia

“Making a difference one child at a time.” This is the founding statement that Caring For Cambodia - a nonprofit, charitable organization - lives by. Inspired by this foundation, SAS students helped organize a branch at the high school. The club helped ameliorate the lives of needy Cambodian children by organizing donated clothes to send over and by raising awareness of their cause. This year the club became a more prominent member of the school community, and their commitment to their cause was a role model for other clubs. Blurb by: Nina Miller final touch Sophomore Nicole Ongko, freshman Wendy Sun-Clark and Mrs. Miller finish packing donated clothes before sending them off to the children in Cambodia. Throughout the year, the club accepted donations from the SAS community, and high schoolers got to travel and personally hand them out to the children. Photo by: Cassi Miller

Service Council is a hidden council that works in the shadows. -Victor Tan, President

Note from service council :

Clubs & Organizations 205


As a way to de stress from the day’s hectic activities, SAS students join clubs that focus on their interests and hobbies. Clubs such as Law Club and Business Club help students figure out if they like certain aspects of what they could be doing in the future, while Magic Club and Book Club are good ways for students to meet other people with the same interests.


Students who took a business class not only perfected their lemonade stand skills, but also learned basic business concepts for marketing, human resources and finance. Business Club took topics beyond the basics and offered students interested in this field opportunities outside of the classroom to learn more about business theories and to participate in competitions. One of the competitions some members were invited to participate in was JA Titan. In this simulation, an SAS team competed against other schools in Singapore to see which participants could do the best job in allocating a firm’s budget, and the team with the most profit won. Blurb by: Sid Shanker business report

Senior Sid Shanker shares some business theories as his fellow members listen on. Business club acted as a great environment for members to share their ideas and learn more the topic of business outside of the classroom. Photo by: Ishaan Misra

book club

For once, students dumped their bags at the door and entered the library with a new goal in mind: to rediscover the joy of reading for pleasure. At meetings, book club members discussed, recommended, and fought over their favorite books, watched and analyzed movies and ate Italian ice cream. This year, one of the book members enjoyed reading the most was sci-fi thriller Bad Monkeys by Matt Ruff. One of their favorite movies was Man on Wire. The club brought together students who wanted to intellectually discuss books other than the required ones assigned in class. Fun with films and fiction in the library... now that was a novel idea. Blurb by: Eleanor Barz

book talks Taking a break from reading, seniors Sophia Tinger, Virginia Cucchi, and Eleanor Barz pose with librarians John Johnson and Gary Drow-Frecaut. This book-loving group met once a month in the library to discuss their current book.

Puppy love

When students first heard the phrase “Puppy Love” and club in the same sentence, they couldn’t help but snicker. However, the many dedicated members made Puppy Love a strong club that gave the misfortunate dogs of Singapore a second chance at life. Members traveled to a shelter called Animal Lovers League every weekend, not only to donate their time playing with dogs, but to do much needed work around the shelter such as washing the dogs, preparing food and painting kennels. Their work didn’t end there. They also raised awareness of the availability of adoption opportunities and animal welfare to the student body, and raised S$1,260 to help supply the shelter with food and medical care. Blurb by: Corinne Weber love shower Sophomore Seong Hyun Ju gives a beagle a shower during one of her visits. This was one of their weekly chores, and Puppy Love members loved spending time with the dogs. Photo by: Lauren Lee

206 Clubs & Organizations


MAGIC CLUB abracadabra Senior Dong Hyun Kim shows off his card skills. Members know a myriad of tricks and they practiced during their meetings in order to be able to impress their peers. Photo by: Kate Mahler

future leaders Members of the Law Club pose before getting ready to show all the hard work they put towards studying global issues throughout the year. Although there were no winners or losers in the conference, the knowledge each member gained was better than any prize they could have won. Photo Courtesy of Barbara Hoffer

Writing the State of Union? Iran out of OPEC? Passing a CHOCOLATE bill? Screaming at a Supreme Court Justice? Welcome to the 2010 Harvard Model Congress Asia, a student conference among Asian schools. Preparing for HMC Asia, sixteen SAS students, passionate about government and law, spent the year researching and debating global issues from carbon taxes to health care reform. When the big day of the conference came in January, these students represented the school as members of the U.S. government, voicing their opinions and displaying their knowledge of law. Blurb by: Barbara Hoffer

MAGIC TRICKS 101 step 1 Place one card in front of your fingers with your thumb and pinkie securing them into place in front of your palm. Make a show out of it and wave your hand around to show people that there is nothing behind your hand.

MAGO (SAS Magic Club) was first established in 2007 with a purpose of student interaction and social service. This year, their focus was on developing their skills, especially when it came to cards and coins. They also discussed and practiced various tricks from different sources like books and the internet. Magic Club gave students who liked magic but never had an outlet for it a chance to improve their skills and practice their tricks to perfection. Whenever a member of MAGO took their cards out during a class or at breaks, they were sure to have a number of students around, staring in awe. Blurb by: Kevin Kim

When asked to share some of his magic tricks, Magic Club president Kevin Kim told us a magician never reveals his tricks. But he did give us a few tips on how to perform a good stunt without getting caught.

step 2 Quickly move so that your stretched fingers are tucked behind the card and your hand is shaped like a knuckle. Make sure the card is being tightly held so that it doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t fall on the final part of your trick.

step 3 Swiftly straighten your fingers so that the card flips back and is resting on the back side of your hand. Once you have mastered the basics, you can try to play around and create suspense around your magic trick.

Clubs & Organizations 207

V is

ual &

208 Visual & Performing Arts

Performing Arts

drama 212 dance 214 art & photography 216 pop concert 220 cabaret 221 choir 222 band 223 orchestra 224 strings & jazz 225 group photos 222 cultural convention 228

Visual & Performing Arts 209

No one can escape art

Art, Music, Drama and Da nce courses capture students imagination, and dedication

A sweeping arpeggio, a streak of color on canvas , a perfectly executed pirouette, a sce ne that reverberates throu gh an audience - the energy, the adrenaline, the passion welcome to the arts. The arts department in its all-encompassing might is one of the most universal for ces on campus. Most eve ryone has found at least one thin g they like, love, or can’t live without, be it through full -on involvement or simple (bu indispensable) support. t No matter their role, the visual and performing arts members of SAS have exemplified qualities that many strive for years to find. They are dedicate d, logging hundreds of hours in a year of rehearsals, aft erschool work, or at home practice. They are lively, always willing to share their love for their craft to anyone wh o wants it. They are crazy, drama tic, and fiery in the best sen se possible. Of course, it go es without saying that the y’re talented - but perhaps mo st importantly, they are som e of the most passionate people you will ever meet. Ask a dancer how many injuries they’ve sustained practicing. Ask an artist ho w many nights they’ve go ne sleepless. Ask an actor wh y they keep going, terrify ing as auditions are. Ask a music ian how many years it too k them to finally become first cha ir. Ask a photographer ho w often they’ve stained their clothe s with chemicals. This is the department of passion and sensations - and whether we feel am azing, terrible, or require medical attention, we always fee l alive. And in the end, we always return home to the arts. By: Danielle Courtenay

210 Visual & Performing Arts


: Jessica Li

Artwork by

Junior B

arbara H

Sophomore Alistair Chew and

Seniors Jean Lee, Miracle Andreson and Tanya Zakowic h


Strings Ensemble

Visual & Performing Arts 211

36 Plays, 31 Actors, 1 Hour of Laughter

to be or not to be Hamlet, played by senior Danielle Courtenay, delivers the famous “to be or not to be” speech. “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare” was performed on October 29 & 30 to sold out audiences. Photo By: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

head pie yum! Titus Andronicus, played by senior Olivia Auerbach, along with sophomore Jeffrey Qiu reenact the self titled play rewritten as a cooking show for the performance. Photo By: Jessica


ready for my close-up Powder and eye liner transform sophomore Adam Reed into his character as the narrator. He opens the play by explaining what will happen during the show. Photo By: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

comedy? comedy! Sophomore John Hartinger, Madeline Jackson, and Junior Barbara Hoffer cheers with their stands as they finish combining all Shakespeare’s comedies into one short skit. Photo By: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

romeo, o romeo Romeo, played by senior Jesse Scarborough, second guesses himself before moving in to kiss his fair Juliet, played by senior Alvi Hasan. Photo By: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

Behind the Scenes Voices echo through the halls of the theater. Below, in the dressing room old clothes are pulled from dusty racks and makeup artists age, beautify, or distort. Upstairs the audience pours into the theater. Backstage, covered in black, the tech crew prepare props and ready costumes to be picked up by the actors. In the lighting booth, sound and light crew look through the glass window down onto the stage as they make their final preparations for the show. The stage is lit to resemble London’s Globe Theater, where many of William Shakespeare plays were staged. The narrator, played by sophomore Adam Reed, walks on stage, book in hand, ready to guide the audience through the Complete Works of William Shakespeare - Abridged, that is. He gets the first laugh with the usual pre-show announcement about cell phones, but adds caution that, in

212 Visual & Performing Arts

case of emergency, oxygen masks will fall from the ceiling. Romeo and Juliet, played by seniors Jesse Scarborough and Alvi Hasan, kick off the evening leading the audience through this romantic tragedy at a quick pace. In a scene that few recalled, Juliet barfs into the audience, then falls asleep. Later, upon seeing Romeo’s tiny, spring-loaded dagger, the audience was in hysterics yet again. But what many people will remember was the magical kiss between Romeo and Juliet. A quick run-through of Hamlet included audience participation and a puppet show. During one of the funniest moments, Hamlet misses his spotlight when attempting to deliver the famous “To Be or Not To Be” soliloquy. The play was a success with a packed house both nights. No one could have fallen asleep as each play was short and brief and kept the audience moving through all 36 of Shakespeare plays.

By: Carson DeBerry

I Facebook Stalk. Do You?

quiz bowl Junior Phillip Anderson hosts Quiz bowl, in a sketch adapted from Saturday Night Live. In it two teams, the public school with senior Sarah Mountjoy, Junior Willow Johnston senior Kirsten Miranda, take on the “Brethren of Ezekiel Compound” consisting of Adam Reed, Senior Lauren Felice, Sophomore Michael Verdoscia. Photo By: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

“dull, dull, dull!” Senior Kathryn Tinker advises senior Aaditya Subramaniam to pursue a dull life as a chartered accountant. Photo By: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

“men, who needs ‘em?” Sophomore Katie Penniall reveals to the audience the true purpose men serve in this world. Photo By: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

“ticking noise?” Sophomore Adam Reed tries to smuggle watches across the border without customs official John Hartinger realizing. Photo By:

Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

what a buzzkill Sophomore Michael Verdoscia and juniors Willow Johnston and Frances Young get excited for their trip to Disneyland while senior Kirsten Miranda plays “Debbie Downer”. Photo By: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

The Dining Room The play is set in a upper middle class dining room where they have their daily breakfast, dinner and special occasions. Each scene is interrelated, some funny some touching portray the vanishing species in the upper middle class. Actors are playing multiple roles and changing characters with ease. Play was written by Albert Ramsdell Gurney Jr. Hayden Marushi, Nina Miller, Nicholas Oravetz, Ken Sweigert, Max Robertson, Samatha Conrad, Heather Morris, Barbara Hoffer, Zoey Fong, Surya Giri, Benjamin Adickes, Sanjna Malik, Philip Anderson, Frances Young Teacher: Tracy Meyer

Visual & Performing Arts 213

Snapshots of History

1890 to 2009

shock of history The 9/11 dance, choreographed by senior Brittney Bailey, had dancers pointing in horror as planes flew into the twin towers. Photo By: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

school massacre Choreographed by senior Rebecca Tay, sophomore Abby Quick mimics holding a gun to her head, reenacting the 1999 Columbine tragedy. Photo By: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

we didn’t start the fire To open the show, members of the dance performance class jive to Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire”. Photo By: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

ring, ring Choreographed by senior Marvella Luhur, The Invention of the Mobile Phone, 1983. At the end of the dance the dancers dance to different phone ring tones. Photo By:

Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

rock n’ roll In 1956, Elvis was a Rock’ n’ Roll legend to fans all across America. Choreographed by juniors Lacy Uken and Tasha Benfield, the dancers show us how to rock. Photo

By: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

Dancing Through History The burgundy curtains open to “We Didn’t Start the Fire” as 20 choreographers begin the show. Backstage, Tech Club members and teachers are helping coordinate the 173 dancers, shushing them to keep their voices down. “How’s the audience!?” one asks peeking out of the curtains. In the make-up room, dancers apply finishing touches and make sure their hair is slicked back. The rule is: if there’s hair covering the face, the dance captains and teachers will slick it back and drown it with wet, sticky hair gel. The dancers who were ready in full costume stood outside the make-up room snacking on dance club’s traditional puppy chow. Chex Mix covered in Nutella, peanut butter, and powdered sugar were the

214 Visual & Performing Arts

magical ingredients. Whoever said “DO NOT FEED THE DANCERS” clearly have never met the SAS dancers. The idea of 2009’s annual dance show, Snapshots, came to HS dance coordinator Tracy Van der Linden’s mind as she was flicking through “The Visual History of the Modern World”. Snapshots touched on events from Apollo 11’s moon landing, 9/11, the invention of the iPod, to the tragic death of Michael Jackson. The tone was serious and brought tears to some parents and teachers who had a special connection with the event. Others smiled through the pieces as they saw the product of nine weeks of tough rehearsal, preparation, and a few injuries. By: Karisa Sukamto

I’m Too Sexy For My Costume

silver and maroon Choreographed by sophomore Alistair Chew and senior Karina Lo, dancers moved diagonally down the stage. Photo By: Carson DeBerry

deep in black Senior Heather Morris strikes a final pose at the end of the “black” dance based on costumes made of black fabric. Photo By: Carson DeBerry

full coverage From skirts to leotards, the unitard comes back in style. Dancers reused forgotten pieces from the costume room. Photo By:

Carson DeBerry

costume parede Seniors Lauren Betts, Stephanie Maissen, Stephanie Kendall, and Heather Morris pose on the runway in some of the most interesting costumes of the night. Photo By: Carson DeBerry

dancers runway Dancers open the show with a runway show, displaying just a fraction of over 4000 costumes SAS has collected since1986. Photo By: Carson DeBerry

Show Review E!’s fashion police might not have approved of second semester’s dance show theme “I’m Too Sexy for my Costume,” but the complete fashion faux pas resulted in a colorful, energetic performance - a complete success! With a collection of over 4000 costumes in storage, kept inventoried by superwoman Paula Silverman, high school dance coordinator Tracy Van der Linden thought it was necessary to take these outfits out of hiding. The clash of feather boas, shudder shades, army pants, and unitards filled the stage with memorable dance choreography. Renditions of Chicago’s “Cell Block Tango” and Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” did these songs justice. Michael Too’s and Young Rock’s hip-hop pieces were impossible not to tap your feet to. The perfectly synchro-

nized duets, captivating contemporary pieces and up-beat dances all had their great moments. “It was cool to see the final product of all the hard work especially because the theme was completely brand new and creative,” said senior Stephanie Kendall. Second semester was known to be the busiest time with AP exams, mocks and frenzied work to salvage grades. Committed dancers did not allow those stressors or the daily tech and dress rehearsals in the two weeks before show time to phase them. There wasn’t a better way to end the school year than by hearing the audience’s loud applauding and humming out of the auditorium to, “I’m too sexy for my shirt. Too sexy for my... ”.

By: Karisa Sukamto

Visual & Performing Arts 215

photoshop 101 Seniors Ryan Chan, Alex Bakshi and Cameron Lower work on a their digital photography skills in the art suite. Students enrolled in the Digital Photography class learn techniques including photo merges, selective colorization, and how to create 3-D images Photo By: Paul Griffin

photo art Junior Meghna Lall’s photo series, entitled “Shake It” was one of the pieces that went to the Art & Music Cultural Convention hosted at the International School of Manila.

Visions of Light

photoshop edit Photo teacher Paul Griffin shows sophomore Stephanie Tan the basics of working with Photoshop in order to bring out the full potential of her photos. Photo By: Zulkifri Monsor

Digital Photo by: Bert Peh

216 Visual & Performing Arts

production line Senior Lauren Lee works in the darkroom, setting her print in chemical fixer before washing and drying it. Photo By: Paul Griffin

wacom tablet Junior Christy Luong edits a digital photography collage for her AP art portfolio. Photo By: Paul Griffin

Digital Photo by: Chris Kuan

print making Seniors Sung Yeon Kim and Indira Saraswati and freshman Alex Roche in printmaking class creating their work of art. Photo By: Zulkifri Monso

Stroke of Genius

paint then print Freshman Matthew Conklin paints his design before he place it for his print. Photo By: Zulkifri Monsor

Artwork by: Aisling Leow

colors, colors Freshman Rachael Hyde puts the finishing touches on her acrylic painting during Studio Art. Photo By: Carson DeBerry

in the details Freshman Rathana Amelio concentrates hard to perfect the details of her painting. Photo By: Carson DeBerry

better to copy Junior Mi Sun Cho paints a picture from a photo to test her skills in shades and mixing colors. Photo By:

Carson DeBerry

Artwork by: Stephanie Anderson

Visual & Performing Arts 217

Mad Hats and Cheshire Cats Art Show

mad cats and hats The Riady Performing Arts Center was decorated to give the feeling like you were in wonderland. With tea and sweets to accompany the students artwork Photo By: Carson DeBerry

viewers Senior Lars Crawford and Scott Denoma enjoy junior Jia Sung’s art behind senior Shannon Barge’s panel. Photo By: Carson DeBerry

alice in wonderland Arts Council helped with the array of sweets, complete with “eat me” and “drink me” labels. An unbirthday cake was ordered for senior Ellie Rava who turned 18 the day of the opening. Photo By:

rubik’s cube Senior Jennifer Ho’s concentration for her 3D portfolio was cubes. You can see the theme in each work. Photo By: Carson DeBerry

blending together The first floor of the exhibit displayed works from both AP: Drawing classes. Photo By:

Carson DeBerry

Carson DeBerry

Jennifer Ho Ho is no stranger to late nights working on AP Art projects. She has taken art every semester of high school and finished almost all possible art related courses - studio art, AP Drawing, AP 2D/3D, print making, ceramics, photo-film, advanced photography and filmmaking. She hopes her skill and long hours of work will help hurry her down the path to a future in theatrical set or film production design. “I’m going to miss the great resources that the art community has provided for me over the years.”

218 Visual & Performing Arts

Cindy Cherng Cherng has been called a ‘true artist’ by her peers. She enrolled in all AP art classes plus computer classes in graphics, flash and web design. Most students have yet to find their calling, but Cindy claims art is and has always been the one thing she’s good at. “Arts keeps you sane. It lets you draw so you don’t flip out,” she said. Her artwork has been sent to IASAS and is displayed on the front of every senior’s 2010 sweatshirt. In the near future she hopes to fulfill her dreams of being a graphic illustrator, telling stories through her art.

teaching moment

Juniors Carley Kennedy and Sneha Easwaran help teach the younger students to paint, draw and cut.

Reaching Out

helping hands Freshman Murray Livingston helps an ECC student cut out some cloth to place on the kids artwork. Photo By: Zulkifri Monsor

putting it together Studio Art student, freshman Jonathan Chan, helps the ECC students with gluing paper cutouts onto the art pieces. Photo By: Zulkifri Monsor

Artwork by: Jennifer Ho

Photo By: Zulkifri Monsor

stacking Junior Christy Luong stacks up artwork to great ready to take to the Weave Silent Auction. The artwork shown here helped to raise over $2400 for Caring for Cambodia Photo By: Kathryn Tinker

“it’s not about you” AP Art students prepare for the Weave show by mounting work. In the background, auction sheets and artist bios are being made to accompany each art piece. Photo By:

Kathryn Tinker

Artwork by: Cindy Cherng

Visual & Performing Arts 219

Back to the 90’s

follow me Playing songs of our childhood Symphonic band gives the audience a bast from the past. Photo By: Carson DeBerry

smooth jazz Freshman Ryan Dunn performs a saxophone solo during the Jazz Band performance. Photo By:

hitting the high notes Sophomore Claire Schollaert and Maya Kale play the flute. Photo By:

Carson DeBerry

Carson DeBerry

Akane Otani Tri-M President Otani is a member of jazz band, Wind Ensemble and a Cultural Convention regular. While most three-year olds ask for toys and candy, Otani asked her mom for violin lessons. At age five she began piano, and in seventh grade took up her instrument of expertise - the flute. Otani says she can’t imagine her life without music. Starting an at such a young age has taught her to focus and be confident of her playing abilities. “There are different ways of appreciating music, and playing music is definitely one of my favorite ways.”

220 Visual & Performing Arts

power of the sax Senior Edwin Wang concludes the Pop Concert with the Jazz band. Photo By: Carson DeBerry

strings orchestra Strings conductor Stephen Bonnette directs the strings orchestra during the pop concert. This year’s concert was the first of its kind, with a number of contemporary pieces and arrangement. Photo By: Carson DeBerry

Sophia Tinger Somewhat of a prodigy on the french horn, Tinger played in Wind Ensemble and was a delegate in Cultural Convention in all four years of high school. She was also the youngest horn player in the Singapore National Youth Orchestra (SNYO) at the age of fourteen. She will be doing a double-major in music and science at Oberlin College. Her solo at Commencement will be one to remember for a long time. “I’m going to miss all the people I have met and been able to perform with for the past four years.”


Where Luxury Entertainment Begins

bosom buddies Seniors Patrina Chan and Danielle Courtenay sing a hilarious duet as two elderly women exchanging tongue-in-cheek insults. Photo By:

cats go meow Juniors Hannah Hallenbeck and JJ Baek engage in the feline version of a diva-off. Photo By: Carson DeBerry

Carson DeBerry

enjoy the show SAS Singers open the show by welcoming the audience with a lively show tune. Photo By: Carson

stairway to heaven Collaborating with the stings orchestra, the HS dancers artfully interpret Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven.” Photo By: Carson DeBerry

mack the knife Chorale performs the Bobby Darin classic “Mack the Knife”. Photo By: Carson DeBerry


A Night to Remember A theme of red flowed through the hall, and oversized golden tassels hung from each banister. Spotlights on the mezzanine lit audience members as they walked through the main entrance. Singers warmed up their voices, musicians tuned their instruments, dancers stretched and the emcees practiced their lines, all in preparation for the big night. The show opened large with a spirited rendition of the all time favorite “Comedy Tonight”. It was the first of two performances of Cabaret, the variety show that replaced Yulefest, this year. The SAS Singers wowed the audience with their melodic harmonies and scarlet red costumes. The emcees, seniors Alvi Hasan, Nina Miller

and sophomore Kate Penniall guided the audience the evening’s offerings and amused them with their banter and poetry recitation. Chorale entertained the audience with numbers like “Mac the Knife” and “Rhythm of Life”. “This was a fantastic experience, one which I learned so much from performing in. I believe that Cabaret was a success that should continue,” choir member Brooke McManigal said. Strings Director Steve Bonnette directed his musicians through four different pieces, including the audience pleaser “Smells like Team Spirit”. An eight minute performance by the strings ensemble and Dance 3 class concluded the evening.

By: Nina Miller

Visual & Performing Arts 221

School Unites in Song

come together From Intermediate to High School singers come together for their final song

Photo By: Carson DeBerry

musical Guest Guest conductor Steven Leek gives his opening remarks. He was impressed with the choir’s ability to pull together a concert in only three days. Photo By: Corey Burkett

follow me SAS Singers follow along as Mr. Leek guides them through the songs, many of which were his own original compositions. Photo

By: Carson DeBerry

Christina Nowak

Christina’s singing epiphany occurred when she was belting out opera at Orchestra Hall in Chicago. While she lived in the US, she toured with a choir school. Later when she moved to Singapore she joined the Lyric Opera and performed La Boheme and Les Conted D’Hoffman with them. She was a member of Chanterie and later joined SAS singers. “I feel like I can express myself in a no other way than I could when I sing.”

united as one Both middle and high school come together to create a full sound for the audience to enjoy. Photo By: Carson DeBerry

blending together All groups from Intermediate, Middle, and High School sing their final songs to conclude the performance. Photo By: Corey Burkett

Dominic Wong Danielle Courtenay said one might think that Wong sings just because “chicks love it,” but his passion for singing has existed since way before his infatuation for girls. Students were charmed with his performance at prom, his participation in the rendition of Backstreet Boys’s ‘I Want it That Way’, and many more performances. His perfect pitch and piano playing abilities have flown him to IASAS all four years, and he wants to continue serenading in Northwestern’s acapella group. Circa 2020, Dominic may just be a top music producer. “I like making music. It’s a way to express myself,” he said.

Music Festival Magic

starting off the night The band groups perform on the first night of the Music Festival with Brian Hill leading the way. Photo By: Kathryn Tinker

triangle rhythm Sophomore David Lee plays the symbols with the wind ensemble during the Music Festival. Photo By: Kathryn Tinker

musical talent Senior Sophia Tinger plays the French Horn during the Music Festival. She has been an active band participant all four years of high school. Photo By: Kathryn Tinker

From March 8th to 15th, all the musicians of SAS came together on stage for a line-up of performances. The sheer number of over 750 instruments along with 250 singers could have blown out the theater’s sound system, but instead, it brought joy to the auditorium’s full house. Along with parents and students, the audience included a group from the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped, accompanied by SAVE Club volunteers. “Every single SAS music student is playing this week,” high school band director Brian Hill said. “So, our band, strings, and choir are combined in a way never done at any other time of the year.” SAS brings in guest conductors each year and this year Steven Leek came for choir and William Jones for strings. These guest conductors spend time sharing their

maestro Hill Although the band groups did not have a visiting conductor Mr. Hill assumed the role as usual. Photo By: Kathryn Tinker

beautiful low notes Junior Wook Her from Wind Ensemble plays the base line during the Music Festival. Photo By: Kathryn Tinker

knowledge of music and to inspiring them. “You only get one shot at singing your best at the concert, so sing your best every-time,” Leek said in his Australian accent accompanied by furious hand gestures. Collaborating with the older students also encouraged the younger musicians from grade five onwards to continue their pursuit of music. Those students were able to see what was in store for them in their high school years if they continued their music. The music festival was a success and will continue to be a long lasting tradition at SAS. “School pride in playing music in a fine concert is the same as the pride in winning a football game,” choir director Phillip Green said.

By: Karisa Sukamto

Visual & Performing Arts 223

World Class Orchestra

Music Festival

stringing along

Guest conductor William Jones conducts the Strings ensemble through their multiple pieces of the night. Photo By: Carson DeBerry

row, row, row Sing ensemble and concert strings perform at musical festival, showcasing all they have learned in the past year. Photo By: Carson DeBerry

opera addition Eighth grader Deepti Varathan performs an opera song accompanied by strings students. Photo By: Carson DeBerry

concert strings Concert Strings performs their piece directed by William Jones during the Musical Festival. Photo By: Carson DeBerry

cultural contestants Juniors Zoey Fong, Phillip Lee sophomore Carolyn Koh, and freshman Lena Jung all traveled to Manila for Cultural Convention as the delegates for strings. Photo By:

Carson DeBerry

Philip Lee Phillip Lee picked up the violin in first grade, but switched to cello when he moved to SAS his sophomore year. He was a natural and found an immediate liking for the cello’s “sweet sound.” Since then, he has even tried the electric cello. Lee said that 2010’s IASAS Cultural Convention in Manila was the most fulfilling experience of his music career to date. To prepare for IASAS and his solo there, he said he practiced until his fingers were sore.

224 Visual & Performing Arts

Carolyn Koh Many know Carolyn as an athlete, but this IASAS track and swimming sophomore also happens to be an IASAS musician. Koh has been into music since she was a small child, but said she started to develop her hobby seriously ten years ago. Her instrument of choice is the cello, and her excellent musicianship was recognized by the Singapore Youth Orchestra who she has performed with for the past six years.

String Ensemble and Concert Strings

String Ensemble: Alexander Amstrup, Lakshmi Batachari, Nicole Chan, Masatoshi Chang, Sae Hyoung Chang, Christopher Chee, Ethan Cheng, Elaine Chiu, Joshua Choe, Belinda Eg, Zoey Fong, Woo Won Jang, Lauren Jung, Lena Jung, Yoon Kang, Joon Ho Kim, Young-Min Kim, Carolyn Koh, Jong Won Koh, Samantha Koh, Job Lau, Phillip Lee, Given Lee, Jung Hoon Lee, Rose Minjoo Lee, Young Seo Lee, Nancy Li, Avery Lim, Calvin Lo, Tyler Martawibawa, Brittany McConville, Saki Mihori, Emily Moore, Isabelle Mulder, Kelly Murphy, Brian Premkumar, Natalie Quach, Vindhya Rao, Becka Ruan, Abraham Selby, Jenny Shin, Young Ju Sohn, Preeti Varathan, Javier Vesga, Shang-Ju Wu, Jong Hyeon Yoon, Kei Yoshikoshi, Amanda Zakowich, Kelly Zhang, Leah Zulkoski

Concert Strings: Catherine Andrade, Katherine Blakeman, Hannah Blundon, Jun Yan Chan, Nicholas Chen, Megan Cosgrove, Matthew Dee, Christopher Gan, Alistair Graham, Faran Hannani, Cathryn Harvey, Carmen Kertadjaja, Dong Young Kim, Calvin Law, Ryan Martawibawa, Sook Moon, Timothy Ng, Daniel Northwood, Apurva Raghupathi, Vikas Rajgopal, Alyssa San Jose, Pramana Sanusi, Jeffrey Scott, Woojin Song, Philip Sutanto, Ryan Suwito, Elton Wang, Holly Wood Teacher: Stephen Bonnette Jazz Band: Radhika Agarwal, Alex Bettadapur, Duncan Clydesdale, Daniel Davis, Ryan Dunn, Elina Filice, Paul Gregg, Ruby Hohensee, Mitch Hulse, Kevin Kim, Oliver Kim, Spencer Koh, Henry Lee, Randall Leung, Avery Lim, Nicholas Matthews, Nikhil Nilakantan, Akane Otani, Devansh Pasumarty, Luigi Puno, Chris Sio, Sachith Siriwardane, Edwin Wang, Kelly Zhang Teacher: Brian Hill

Visual & Performing Arts 225

Symphonic Band Ford Avery, Rohan Bharvani, Jared Broadman, Julianne Butt, Ji Weon Byun, JoyAngelica Chan, Bonita Charoenwong, Aimee Cheng-Bradshaw, Ugeun Choi, Kartik Das, Christopher Dee, Andrew Engen, Elina Filice, Jane Foo, Paul Gregg, Raymond Hohensee, Madeline Jackson, Yoon Ho Jo, Seong Ju, Jae Young Jung, Maya Kale, Amar Kaul, Michael Ketchum, Dong Hyun Kim, Sam Kim, Samuel Kim, Youjin Kim, Alexander Korn, Meghna Lall, Tamara Lam, Kyung Jin Lee, Sara Lieberman, Kyong Tae Min, Nikhil Nilakantan, Shoko Oda, Kwang-Hyun Oh, Kento Oimatsu, Nathaniel Osachoff, Min Ju Park, Sarshan Pather, Claire Schollaert, Samantha Seow, Marc Shaffer, Minjae Sohn, Terence Tien, Kevin Wang, Aaron Yappert, Yoo Young Yoon Teacher: Brian Hill

Wind Ensemble Alexander Bettadapur, Ryan Carbon, Dennis Chan, Hyeoung Cho, Hangil Chung, Duncan Clydesdale, Austin Cox, John Davis, Ryan Dunn, Chien Fan, Ian Foo, Cecilia Gregg, Wook Her, Ruby Hohensee, Kyung Hyun Hong, Nooree Kang, ChaiYoon Kim, Dong Yub Kim, Kyung Ryun Kim, Min Ji Kim, Oliver Kim, Young Hun Kim, Young Won Kim, Spencer Koh, Hee Kyung Kook, David Lee, Hyun Lee, Juhee Lee, Min Jae Lee, Wei Li, Nicholas Matthews, Ava Mehta, Akane Otani, Devansh Pasumarty, Irene Rozett, Jeffrey Sabol, Brooke Schmidt, JinHo Seo, Suzanne Shaffer, Sidharth Shanker, Dineth Siriwardane, Sachith Siriwardane, Sandhya Sivaskandan, Marissa Tinger, Edwin Wang, Sung Yang, Jimmy Yoon Teacher: Brian Hill

Concert Band Ayesha Agarwal, Zachary Ang, Nandita Baloo, Carlitos Basilla, Philippa Chanin, Ambrose Cheung, Hyung Cho, Katherine Fickel, Christopher Fong, Octavia Fuller, Angela Hawthorne, Nikita Jacob, Saya Kashiwamura, Eun Young Kim, Min Jee Kim, Celine Kwon, Raylen Margono, Stanzin Namgyal, Matthew Ooi, Alexis Park, Carter Peeler, Joseph Phuong, Kabilan Pillay, Maliha Rahim, Atikah Scott, Tara Sivaskandan, Sung Bean Son, Evan Steinke, Wendy Sung-Clarke, Yu En Tung, Vicente Valenzuela Teacher: Brian Hill

226 Visual & Performing Arts

SAS Singers Joong Hoon Baek, Alexander Chadwick, Patrina Chan, Danielle Courtenay, Simon Filice, Hannah Hallenbeck, Willow Johnston, Jong Chan Kim, Mary Lieberman, Sarah Lindholm, Christina Nowak, Shreya Padmanabhan, Albert Stanley, Daryle Utama, Dominic Wong, Carolyn Yan, Seo Won Yoo Teacher: Phillip Green

Chorale Margaret Abeles, Isaac Brown, Lacy Burkett, Theresa Ellsworth, Ying Feng, Sung Hun Kang, Rachel Law, Murli Mahesh, Sarah Mallard, Brooke McManigal, Alsha Meidina, Sue-In Oh, Katelyn Rowatt, Indira Saraswati, Keigo Sasaki, Benjamin Scieszka, Madeline Senior, Shreya Soota, Cassidy Wetzell Teacher: Phillip Green

Chanterie Ami Baba, Megan Dauenhauer, Natasha Desai, Erica Huston, Hye Im Jeong, Tenny Liu, Julie Martin, Eunice Ng, Hyo Jin Park, Katherine Rualo, Saoli Suzuki Teacher: Phillip Green

Visual & Performing Arts 227


Nihal Krishan, Sagar Kalia, & Ishan Gupta

Oral Interpretation

Danielle Courtenay, Alex Amstrup, & Olivia Auerbach

228 Visual & Performing Arts

Original Oratory

Aisling Leow, Zach Nelson, & Ryan Chan


Nihal Krishan, Aisling Leow, & Ishan Gupta


Ava Mehta, Sejal Singh, Amith Ravindar, & Sidharth Shanker

IASAS Cultural Convention 2010


Ruby Hohensee, Akane Otani, Juhee Lee, Devansh Pasumarty, Nooree Kang, Jimmy Yoon, Oliver Kim, Min Jae Lee, & Sophia Tinger


Mary Lieberman, Joong Hoon Baek, Dominic Wong, Christina Nowak, Jong Chan Kim, Seo Won Yoo, Albert Stanley, & Shreya Padmanabhan


Lena Jung, Kelly Zhang, Zoey Fong, Phillip Lee, Preeti Varathan, Nancy Li, Carolyn Koh, & Vindhya Rao


Tatianna Nasr, Jennifer Ho, Helen Sohn, & Alexis Bell (not pictured Momo Ozawa)

Visual & Performing Arts 229

Deafening Silence

seeing is believing Senior Stephanie Kendall poses as each dancer completes their solo. The dancers had to rely largely on their movement to compensate for the silence. Photo By: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

power of being deaf IASAS Dancers portray hearing loss with their hands over their ears. The music was also muffled to enhance the effect. Photo By:

Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

lean on me Junior Michael Too and senior Stephanie Kendall lean on each other as they demonstrate the constraints of what they perceive of being deaf. Photo By: Jessica NguyenPhuong

Kendall Covington Junior Kendall Covington took up dance as a hobby at age five, but her passion for dance was unearthed when she moved to Singapore her junior year and made the varsity dance team. Covington said that the combination of art with physical movement sets dance apart from other activities. She can’t believe it took 16 years to realize her passion for dance, but now that she has, she can’t stop. “There’s no rule book that says you must do all turns this way. Sure there is ‘proper technique” but you can always mix it up, whatever feels right.”

230 Visual & Performing Arts

hold me Junior Brittney Dimond and sophomore Alistar Chew support each other in a time of deaf. Photo

By: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

understand my thoughts Senior Heather Morris reenacts in a dance of a speech by Darby J. Leigh. She talk about how living deaf is not a disability as it is a new way to see the world. Photo By: Jessica


Heather Morris Although told by her parent she started dancing before she could even crawl, Heather Morris said that she put her first ballet shoes on at age four. She demanded that her mom to enroll her in dance class because grooving to the Magic School Bus sound track in Montreal, Canada, didn’t quite cut it. The studio became her home and the stage a place of comfort. Morris said she is forever grateful to high school dance coordinator Tracy Van der Linden, aka Ms. V, for pushing her abilities and realizing her potential.

17 Minutes

we want our parents

Junior Barbara Hoffer, Kelly Schuster, and seniors Yuvika Tolani, Alvi Hasan, Jesse Scarborough and Max Robertson stand and watch as their parents are put to rest. Photo By: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

voices in my head Ulie, played by senior Jesse Scarborough, wants to know the sound Maureen, junior Kelly Schuster, makes when she is trying to save other from a mistake. Photo By: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

never coming home Junior Barbara Hoffer reads the half-hearted apology from her parents for never coming home. The kids are all left on their own. Photo By: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

opera, nike, josh groban All the IASAS Drama delegates begin the show at the edge of the stage watching TV, eventually imitating popular commercial catchphrases. Photo By: Jessica


Kelly Schuster Coming from a family who loves theater, it comes as no surprise Schuster is a self-proclaimed “drama queen.” Assuming a character’s persona and having only one shot at a perfect performance is what Kelly loves about theater. The costumes, the blinding stage lights, and the audience’s reaction simply enlarge her passion. She acted in several productions and co-directed two. Her resume includes roles in “Philadelphia Here I Come,” “Seussical the Musical,” “Bang Bang,” and “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged.” “I love plays because I love to play,” Schuster said.

let me see The fax finally arrives from the parents and everyone wants to hear what they have to say. They really hope that they are coming home, but the parents confess that they are not. Photo By: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

Yuvika Tolani Yuvika has a kin to watching shows from a different perspective rather than from back stage as an actress - a reason she has dived into the shoes of director. “The difference between being an actress and a director is focusing on the whole picture and whole stage instead of one character in the piece,” Tolani said. The organizational part of directing played to her strengths, and her first break was in her sophomore year when she codirector Scenes and Monologues with Danielle Courtenay. Tolani will be majoring in Theater Arts at Yale University and hopes to gain plenty of experience. Her purple notebook where she keeps all her directing, Thespian, acting and production notes will continue to fill as she uncovers new aspects of theater.

Visual & Performing Arts 231

Powerful Voices

bringing it all together The six IASAS Schools come together for their performances on stage after hours of prep for a successful song. Photo By: Michael Cox

singing master Senior Dominic Wong performs his solo piece to the audience that he has prepared in advance for this event. Photo By: Michael Cox

oboe Sophomore Jimmy Yoon plays the oboe during the practice session to prepare for their final performance on stage. Photo By: Michael Cox

soft voice of beauty Junior Shreya Padmanabhan sung her solo piece to the adjudicators. A great success for being her first year of IASAS Photo By: Michael Cox

horn power Sophomore Ruby Hohensee plays with the rest of the IASAS schools for practice before they perform finally in on stage. Photo By: Michael Cox

IASAS in Manila Music and art squeezed into three days made sure of a hectic, yet very enjoyable Cultural Convention. The little spare time was spent hanging out at the nearby mall Market Market, snacking on frozen yoghurt, and devouring excessive amounts of delicious Krispy Kreme. These select musicians spent long hours preparing for the final orchestra and honor recital. During the day, there were various workshops and showings of each musician’s work. Three musicians were chosen to shine solo on the final night - Minjae Lee on the clarinet, Akane Otani on the flute, and Sophia Tinger on the French horn. The compilation of talent left musicians feeling inspired and greatly improved. “Having more experiences playing with new people and different conductors adds a different perspective to how we view music,” said junior Becka

232 Visual & Performing Arts

Ruan. Although junior Devansh Pasumarty shared that it was extremely exhausting, Cultural Convention was amazing with the mix of talented, fervid musicians. Art delegates created an exhibition combining pieces from each IASAS school. The artists critiqued each others work, sharing compliments and suggestions, before opening the show to the public. Once the art show was over, artists were occupied by jewelry making, photo transferring, and public art workshops. “All the art kids learned not to judge art by technical terms or how pretty it looks,” said senior Tatianna Nsar. “SAS is the only AP school for art, and all the others are in the IB program. They have more historical background in each piece, but we have a lot of creativity. by Karisa Sukamto It’s really different.”

String Orchestra

bows rowing All IASAS schools come together for performance of their string pieces after practicing for many hours together. Photo By: Michael Cox

cello buddies Junior Phillip Lee practices with other student delegates in preparation for their final performances

violin solo Junior Vindhya Rao performs her solo piece to the adjudicators to get feedback on her playing technique. Photo By: Michael Cox

Photo by: Alexis Bell

jewelry making Senior Jennifer Ho during a workshop at Cultural Convention made jewelry after they hung all the art work for the show. Photo By: Michael Cox

Artwork by: Momo Ozawa

“Sleep” The choir delegates perform their piece “Sleep” by Eric Whitacre during the Cultural Convention. Photo

By: Michael Cox

Artwork by: Ingred Kao

Visual & Performing Arts 233

Athle 234 1st Season Sports


volleyball 238 cross country 242 soccer 244 tennis 250 swimming 254 rugby 256 basketball 260 softball 266 track & field 270 badminton 272

1st Season Sports 235

Whose Got the Guts?

Be like Prefontaine, work till it hu rts, aim for the stars, let nothing hold you back. The run ners, ballers and volleyballers did just that.

“A lot of people run a race to see who is fastest. I run to see who has the most guts, who can pun ish himself into exhausting pac e, and then at the end, punish him self even more.” Said Olympian runner, Steve Prefontaine. For the Eagles Cross Country tea m, running through punishment was something all too familiar. The cross country team has won IAS AS for the past six years and have been proving their guts thro ugh it all and this year was no exception. Conquering hills, swe ating through MacRitchie and laughing at Coppell all fall in bet ween the great XC seasons. For the soccer players of this season , going undefeated was something they became pros at.

Throughout IASAS, both Eagles soccer teams went undefeate d; however, the girls dealt with a crush and didn’t make it to fina ls while the boys tied against ISK L in the championships. The Eagles put up a stronger fight at IASAS than ever before and played like champions not onl y at IASAS but throughout the season. The volleball players this year grew stronger and stronger throughout the season with retu rning champions and new and improved players walking ont o the team. In Taipei, the Ealges played so well throughout eve ry tournament and were walking on clouds. Both the boys and girls teams won silver medals at the championships against Bangkok but kept their chins up because they knew they played like winners and performed like champions. Congratulations Eagles on a me morable first season, you played like champions, worked through the blood, sweat and tears and proved who had the guts at the end of the season.

236 236 1st 1st Season Season Sports Sports

Story by Lauren Betts


ha Isabella S Rachel McC abe, Monic a Scieszka, Michelle Mag sa Non Okumur men, Celeste Marsh an a d

Brooke McManigal, Linda Kim and Becky Kreutter

1st Season Sports 237

h g u o r Th Thickn & Thi

e air ball into th achine bump the to inst s a g le a st marsh m e u h m h IASAS ga eleste Mars gh to s during an u o te 1. Junior C n a e m t o m n a her te se were Cabe and pass to rts like the By: Mr. Mc loss. Photo unately, effo rt -0 fo 2 n a U . in B IS nents their oppo overcome

syball Captain e ll o V y it rs a ode Girls’ V Hannah Go d n a e b a C c Rachel M of you.

ry one ch and eve d with We love ea season fille g in z a m a an beat We’ve had . We finally rs a te d n a t, gh blood, swea tting silver, and althou e g y d, we the curse b had planne e w e lik ld o f you. in g we didn’t w every one o d n a h c a e f do during are so prou mories was e m te ri o v fa all went One of our er when we v o p e le s m ed the our first tea nd challeng a e c n a d l o as the to the scho e off. That w c n a d a to smack down cident’ soccer girls ut Sam’s ‘in o b a t u 5. Senior captain Rachel McCabe slaps o in d n r fou wate the incoming volleyball past the night we all Jakarta Dragons as her teammate er drink the v e n to to d s Hannah Goode, Erin Lynch, Non t e n rn e a w le e d w n r a Okumura and Celeste Marsh come s late in for support. Photo By: Mr. McCabe A few week exchange. ll a Indonesia. b y lle o v r u o r r fo e v ia ne Indones set. We will ven drop a e onica ’t M n h id it d w e W the net t a g in d n ta tening to forget s AK!’ and lis E T S ! K A E T midating chanting ‘S with her inti e n o ry e v e veryone Mags scare e showed e w S A S IA r ring our grunts. Ove we were du m a te a f o t st TAS. how grea game again n o o rn e ft a d worked Saturday ch other an a e r fo d re member We chee you guys re If ll. e w o s want you together eason, we s is th t u o b much fun anything a e and how m a g t a th r rts of the to remembe definitely pa re e w re e h nned, but we had. T o like we pla g ’t n id d t a veryone season th e showed e w e m a g t a ste, you during th ica and Cele n o M l. a ti n t and we our pote Tournamen ll A t a th d e h Hannahguys deserv r- along wit a e y t x e n t r the new know tha at leaders fo re g h c u rget s e you will b will never fo players. We e es w had the memori weeks over our six From of volleyball. ver e n e now on, wh p2 U p te we watch S e in a a, 2-0 SAS vs. ISKL te le for a serv b p the ball g u n built or drink bub s o e s a tr ss s w to irls team serving Agarwal k of our r varsity g ger in the n Ayesha 0-2 SAS vs. ISB io n a n we will thin ro m ju st e sh h w re T ro F 8. ame. ue to g e season n home g nly contin team and th mid-seaso who will o rs . d ye a la h p 2-1 SAS vs. TAS e ey g v n Mosel we ha up of stro By: Sarah






All Tournament: Celeste Marsh & Monica Scieszka

238 1st Season Sports

y t i s r a V r Junio me. Photo huddle years to co e Eagles mpions l team, th a h ca year c lo f is a o th t st m a chan ame again The close-knit tea g e m ssful o e h a in a succ other up. 9. Before r, resulting mp each e u p th e to g r to e ll togeth lay we e girls to p oseley allowed th arah M S : y B hoto season. P stretch e Eagles etchers onaghy, th team. cC ls M ir circle str g x l le A ca freshmen gainst a lo a y b g n d e yi L la . p 10 fore strings be their ham ah Moseley Photo By:


sh, Monica lay eleste Mar plan-the-p kumura, C O men huddle sa on N ag ecap eht gnittes s M ates d Michelle arsity player V an e 3. ab ing teamm er cC w with super a, Rachel M d-robin game. The to ed zk er ila n id es a h ci ns M S ra t co a a ll S spike and em to be ring a roun e stonewa tjoy hits a a Sciezka enabled th r. McCab together du arah Moun y play that ates Monic i m er s. Photo By: M e ip m ev ip a t sh te Ta ou on 2. Senior S in d ile pi t h n ne w e am r an m e ch a pl w e o rn th p u nd S to petition at strength a . The IASA ich the girls strong com ura look on locks and serves wh abe Non Okum b C c s, M . e r to By: M killer spik season. Pho was full of ughout the ro th d e ct e perf

up the steel abe tosses serve of ent. Rachel McC m in a ta rn p u ca to r 4. Senio the IASAS g n short in ri ll u d fe e st rv ju abe ball for a se ls played hard, they r. McC M : y e gir ish. Photo B fin l a d Though th e m r a silver the finals fo a stinging spike 6. Varsity girls Michelle Magsamen, Hannah Goode, Non Okumura and Rachel McCabe watch on as junio r Celeste Marsh spikes the ball to the other side of the net. The Eagles would continue to dominate the game, winning against Jakarta 2-0. Photo By: Mr. McCabe

take a bow 7. Sarah Mountjoy, Non Okumura, Sarah Moseley, Jerone Abueva, Michelle Magsamen, Mon ica Scieszka, Celeste Marsh, Rachel McCabe and Hannah Goode hold hands in front of spectators. After a heated game agai nst ISB, the girls gracefully showed their appreciation for the crow d. Photo By: Mr. McCabe

1st Season Sports 239

defend like a pro pacefacidunt nim veliquip euisl ut la 2. Senior ca ng the setti utatie magna take a knee ptain Marc Vel W ils to spike the on ju nissit in ut lobore ps zzriliq 3. Iauipsuscidunt ball for a poautpat admeum Bryson, Ja int. The boysquipsusci ntissecte would contin ck Maugait ullut cCabevendre together w vel ue to pressuvel exercilit, , Marc Wils ith re the Ja their teaminibh Dragons, ev on huddle feugue eliquisl karta velag mmateserat entually leadmagna ainst JIutS.praestrud to plan a p T in h win. Photo By g e to b lay o a 2-0 augait ys lortis autpat praesto consecte te tat la c to ca o : Sarah Mos k m si e home with lver at IAS eley AS but a handful o tournamen f memorie t. Photo By: S s from the arah Mos eley

set for the skies 1. Before an IA SA Bryson, and so S game in Taipei, seniors Be phomore Rob n Scieszka, Ia ert Barber prac n blocking. The tice their defe boys run drills nsive be IASAS with a fore each gam second place e, eventually finish. Photo By ending : Sar ah

spiker Bryson 5. Senior Ian Bryson practices spikes during a pre-game warmup. It was dicipline and hard work which allowed them to limber up and prepare for each challenge. Photo By: Sarah Moseley

240 1st Season Sports


height matters Scieszka 6. Junior Trevor Peters and senior Ben The boys ons. Drag rta Jaka the from spike a block ament tourn the t ghou throu defense was strong in the and helped the Eagles place second

championships. Photo By: Sarah Moseley

props and accolades 7. Seniors Ben Scieszka, Lucas Chiang and junior Trevor Peters congratulate each other s after a strong set against Jakarta. The Eagle ain maint to well did but IASAS at JIS defeated the a strong sense of sportsmanship throughout tournament. Photo By: Sarah Moseley

Nothing Hits the Floor

jumping bean s 4. Demonst rating his m id-air agility, Marc Wilson senior captai , attempts to n save the play teammates Ben Scieszk while a, Lucas Chian Fernando an g, Ashan d Lars Craw Photo By: S ford anticipat arah Mos eley e a return.

Boy ’s Varsity Volleyball C aptains Marc Wilson and Gabrie l Lee Coming into

team of gentlemen the Bangkok Panthers 8. The SAS Eagles shake hands with ISB would go on . game S IASA their of start the e befor championship, to beat SAS 16-14 in the final set of the Moseley clinching the gold medal. Photo By: Sarah

JuniorVarsity resting u 9. The JV boys p get some muc sidelines befo h deserved re re the start of st on the a tournament hosted by SA Photo pr S. ovded by the jv volleyba ll


setting th 10. Sophomor e pace e Kyle Pizzi le aps to return regular season th e game against ball in a the United W orld College team. Photo prov ded by the jv volle yball


point de 11. Sophomor nial e Kyle Sansom from their oppo leaps high to nents during block a spike a regular seas on game agai a local team. nst Photo provde d by the jv vo lleyball

the season , us vetera with a chip ns arrived on our sho ulders. La the Eagles st year, boys volley ball squad fourth plac finished e at IASAS , leaving a in our mou bitter taste ths. Subse quently, the came to wo Eagles rk hard at e very practi game. Phra ce and ses like “no thing hits th “5th set is our time”, a e floor”, nd “die hard our team v ” reflected alues and attitude. Te included Ia am jokes n Bryson’s injury when jumping dri doing lls and the team affec calling Jac tionately k McCabe ‘RJ’. Our h teamwork ard work a paid off du nd ri ng the sea the exchan son. Durin ge in Jakart g a , we won a games aga ll our inst ISKL a n d record was JIS. Our s eason 10-9, abou t eight wins what the va more than rsity boys v olleyball te achieves, o am usually ne of which included a win over In historic ternational Khakis, an team the E adult club agles had never beate After seven n before. weeks of in tense train games, we ing and 19 arrived in T aipei for ou IASAS tou r annual rnament. D uring the “r we ended ound-robin with ”, the quarterfi a record of 2-3, plac ing us in nals agains t ISKL. Th went to the e game fifth set, wit hT acing his ju mp serve to revor Peters win the gam carry us to e and the semifin als against Taipei. Th first-place e game ag ain went to with variou the fifth se s players s t, tepping up Taipei. In th to upset e finals aga inst Bangk game wen ok, the t again to th e fifth set, short 16-14 b u t we fell . Although we fell short of the gold, we le ft Taipei unbu rdened of la st season’s p ast, satisfie d with the wa y we playe d.












All Tournament: Blake Peters & Trevor Peters


1st Season Sports 241

h t g n e Str and ance r u d n E

mpions se the cha s, the cros here com y-fit uniform dr eet r m ei th IS S in C A ed e 1. Dress before th up d their le m ar ile w rr Te country team oaches Coppell and every at S. C their team held at SA running with on Chang e, pl am ex team by . Photo By: Jas the season practice of

e ptains - Brook a C y tr n u o C Cross Thomas Rees, s, tt e B n re u a L us McManigal, d Sammy Ma n a , is o e rg u o Daniel B try season

s-coun The 2009 cros rmalities; an a few abno th e or m ed es when experienc oved themselv pr s le ag E e e year. however, th xth consecutiv si e th r fo S A nges that they won IAS ing the challe er id ns co lly strength Especia is season, the th d ce fa n ai d strong. each capt hole remaine w a as am te Brooke of the t with captains ou d te ar st Rees The team Betts, Thomas en ur La , al ig e end of McMan tunately, by th or nf U s. au M Brooke, and Sami only included am te e th , on ent, Dan the seas ptain replacem ca ys bo d an etts and Thomas illness took B d an ry ju In . t non Bourgeois the season, bu of ity or aj m rength Maus from owed off the st sh s le ag E e th SAS with the less, n they won IA he w d ha y ul ains. that they tr e original capt only two of th at ration to say th not an exagge is ib It incred ly am practices te y tr un co sthe cros - specifically after season on as se , rd ha th training cus on streng fo e W . lls hi on on hills, n we practice he w e nc ra du and en tration and k. This concen ee w r te af k wee th it when to be well wor ed ov pr n io at thing but determin Taipei was no in se ur co S A ch a great the IAS is year was su th am te he T e runners hills! nd between th bo e th d an ily fam all of you, it re so proud of eâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; W . ng ro st durance to was st physical en ju an th e or m e crosstakes last through th country season so you should all be proud of reat yourselves! G ls ir G r ot ys Bo job on an he d an on gold seas 20 SAS 28 e SAS keep it up in th e. m co 51 ISM years to 62 JIS u! Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll miss yo 76 TAS 64 ISKL














All Tournament: (girls) M.Senior, C.Kennedy, R.Agarwal, B.Kreutter, L.Kim & R.Hohensee. (boys) T.Rees, T.Chritton, P.Hunt & J.Choe.

242 1st Season Sports

and the whistle blew 5. The girls start off the ACSIS race on the astro-turf field at SAS. The girls paced themselves well throughout the 5k course leading to a first place finish against Overseas Family School and United World College. Photo By: Nina Miller

ct up akes perfe a Kim warm practice m d junior Lind an nda e Li d se an en y oh e Ruby H eet. Both Rub team to a m IS S C A 9. Sophomor e th and led the track before r the Eagles on the SAS members fo am te ng ro er were st By: Nina Mill victory. Photo comfortable

ville, Dan gether ylan McCon sticking to Matt Rees, R t, r stances un ei H th er ke et ta ore P omas Rees Th 10. Sophom n the end ai d pt ke ca d senior e meet mar Bourgeois an tive and SIS race. Th si C A po e a th on at on istle ded the seas before the w en d an , on r seas By: John Liao of the regula IASAS. Photo note before encouraging

r oitrn padm eth heteig tleee s al tu lsiue piuqilev min tnudicaafe acnuagn tacntu V rwal, ro Radhika Aga Ruby t dy u e o ne se it en en K h erobol tur, nRi ub tisysin tnudicsuspiu qil3. irzC z ar mle uey da taptua, oh d H an stretc al ig an ta McM SIS ore supeers v tiabe gufo a re tullth u eleAvCeS tcIS essit icsuLi sp iuaq K,tim ilic,rB exroeok leev nd ring the AC 2. Sophom erdente du er am th ge to th S k st A ic ith S fir st w IA e s ed t a r e h b i n i m d u r t s e a r p t u l s i u q i l e l e v e u g u e f a n g a m e se he ac pl stretc Hohen ho made th t. The girls decided w c al sf taul t elyt e tcfe esnd noed c ohe tsrearp tcr iag usa co tapun tutr aysm itree ol de ng os race which ha C ason see succes Photo By: J cond year in team. Hohen in the meet. eet for the se m e th ng ni title, win By: John Liao a row. Photo

say cheese! 6. Freshman Adam Bergere and juniors Dan Yamamoto and Rodrigo Zorilla put on their best smiles for the team shot on the SAS track. Photo By: John Liao

gether spirit before coming to f their Eagle of s ow the sh team at the end of 4. The boys ed by SAS t. st ee ho m e ce th ra on to win the ACSIS ys would go bo he T . on seas Liao Photo By: J

Dan the Man 7. Sophomore Daniel Bourge ois sprints the last leg of the ACSIS cross country race. Bourgeois went on to mak e the IASAS team which clinched a gold metal for the Eagles. Photo By: Nina Miller


shoulder to shoulder 8. Senior captain Brooke McM anigal, Becky Kreutter, and Carley Kennedy set the pace during a mid-season practice. Photo By: Lauren Betts

circle up! forms a s-country team strong, the cros before ion cle dit cir tra a e th ed 11. Keeping t. The team form ee m run. a eir re th fo n be d pla circle to stretch n Chang to stretch out an Photo By: Jaso every practice

1st Season Sports 243

pacefacidunt nim veliquip euisl ut la ng the setti utatie magna corner kickVel of steel 2. Senior ca autpat ad eum zzriliq uipsuscidunt nissit in ut lobore ptai Caitlin quipsusci vel ullut augait vendre Fa corner kick vel nexercilit, vati maktissecte es a powerfu during the H l minibh erat omec vel eliquisl ut praestrud played befo magna feugue om in g ga re the boys me. The girls in augait autpat praesto consecte the early their match lortis evening, an te tat la c by a single d won goal. Pho to

By: Jessica

Nguyen Phu


speedy Shaulis 1. Sophomore Isabella Shau lis dribbles th opposing ISKL e ball through girls during th the e Homecomin year marked g game. This the first year th e annual Hom centered arou ecoming even nd a soccer ga t me. Photo By: Kali



aggressive Alberts ISKL defender for 5. Junior Jenny Alberts fights an would go on to win the es Eagl The ball. the of n possessio ing from sophomore com goal le game 1-0, with the sing -Phuong hoto By: Jessica Nguyen P . Elms a Alici ard forw

244 1st Season Sports

halftime hopes against 6. During the halftime of the Homcoming game with words of ISKL, Coach Don Adams inspires his team the game 1-0. encouragement. The Eagles went on to win Photo By: Jessica Nguyen Phuong

walking to victo ry 3. The varsity girls take the field to start their game ag ainst ISKL. Th e Eagles went on to win against Kuala Lumpur during the Hom ecoming gam e in front of a crowd of alm os t 2000 specta By: Jessica N tors. Photo guyen Phu ong

go getter 4. Junior Hea ther Erdman n drib through the IS KL defense du bles ring the Homecoming game. With a strong offense and solid defense, the Eagles were able to Photo By: Anju win with a clean sh eet. li Finch

Carry on the Traditions Girls Varsity Soccer Cap tains - Britta Dawe, Caitli ny n Favati, an d Jenny Alb Hey Butterc erts ups! Start

running strong for a pep talk by Coach 7. The girls hustle towards the sidelines the girls team for over a hing coac been has s Adam s. Adam Don on, with the girls finishing decade, and had another successful seas huong P guyen N third place at IASAS. Photo By: Jessica

JuniorVarsit y handle w 8. Freshman, Wen ith care dy Sung-Clarke launches a throw their daily practice -in during on the lower turf field. Photo By: Laur en words of


9. JV coach Mich wisdom ael Stagg explains Staggo’s return to a play to his team. SAS after a year in the U.S. bene girls soccer progra fited the m, as he continu es to help younge r players prepare for varsi ty. Photo By: Lauren Betts

10. The JV team team building circles up to stretc h before practice hard to perfect the . Working ir skills in hopes of becoming varsi where they will pla ty players y on the stadium field. Photo By: Laur en

ing off the quickly fou season, we nd out our team was s special. As omething old players stepped up new players and stepped in we began not only a to build team but a lso a family season wa . Our s filled with memories last foreve that will r. From our red felt bra our crazy in celets to box messa ges, our frie only grew s ndships tronger. It h as been a season an great d we could n’t have as much more ked for . Although it seemed the season as though ended whe n the whistl double ove e blew in rtime of ou r final gam Manila, we e against continued to stay a te Between d am. ancing at G low, silent wearing wa raving, cky tacky, shov with Krispy Kremes, cre ing our faces ating new c screaming heers, old ones u ntil we lost singing for our voices, the entire IS M cafeteria alumni lette , reading rs and play in g our heart out, I’m pre s tty sure we made Adam Toms prou s and d. Thank y ou for an a season Ea mazing gles. Every one of you something means to us and e very one o made this f you year specia l. All we ca is for you to n ask now carry on th e traditions can not de . Words scribe how much we w there playin ant to be g with you next year. be cheerin We will g for you e very secon way, wheth d of the er its durin g the whistl IASAS cha e drills or mpionship. Keep open the gates, ing up keep living on a praye shutting th r, keep em out, ke ep shooting a nd keep soaring. W e love you girls!












All Tournament: Natalie Muller, Isabella Shaulis & Amanda Alberts


1st Season Sports 245

The Clean n o s a e S

the play ker illustrate planning Geoff Rodoc d an r tu C. Zi Tim against UW 1. Coaches ring a game du their , e C im W lft U t ha a play at cally agains gi te ra st ed ay The boys pl Mr. Murray als. Photo By: long-time riv

xis aptains - Ale C r e c c o S y it cher Boys Vars nd Harry Fis a , ra is M n a ccessful Lauzon, Isha as a very su

This year w arsity boys ne for the v o g in rd a w ches and and re ryone – coa e v E . m a te son high soccer into the sea e m a c – rs e play ad a great The team h . e c n e d fi n o rs as well on c enced senio ri e p x e f o phomores. mixture niors and so ju c ti s ia s u gave the as enth ign definitely a p m a c e u g in terms of The lea experience d o o g e m o ams and team s ong, quick te s well tr s t s in a g a playing repared u nce really p especially this experie season was is h T . S A S returning for IA were many re e th e s u a c layers who fun be s a lot of t p a ll e w s a , m, so the players e varsity tea th to p u d e v mo high since always very s a w le ra o ach other. team m miliar with e fa s a w e n o s definitely every pionship wa m a h c S A S ith the team The IA e season, w th f o t h lig h except for the hig roup games g r u t o f o ll a ame agains winning nal group g fi s s e le th g r in fo n a mea ualified ad already q ISKL. We h loss did not th ame so e g ip h g s n io p cham much. Durin e team too th ) n S e A rt S a e d h dis KL an th teams (IS o b ly l, n a e n v fi e , e th titive very compe contested a nly due to a o s a w and it e m a g d e h ve them the matc ISKL that ga y b l s, a o g k a fre this final los ip. Despite h s d n e io h p is m rn a h c not ta as definitely w d n n o a s a rs e e s y pla the at all of the th re a u r s fo e it ’r r e e mb and w ed will reme lv o . v e in m s ti e g h n c lo coa











All Tournament: Alexis Lauzon, Harry Fischer & Klevrin Sitohang

246 1st Season Sports

super star skills 5. Junior Phillip Van Zadelhoff showing off his technique and impressive knee dribbling skills at a home game against Tanglin on the SAS turf field. Zadelhoff’s skills lead the Eagles to a strong win against Tanglin towards the end of the season. Photo By: Kalie Riemer

y t i s r a V r Junio as he to the box e Beckham l bends it lik crossing in el pb am C s am. e Marcu soccer te by the jv 9. Sophomor provded er kick. Photo rn co a in ts pu e the good, th ce reviews lls his team te on performan e. is m dk ga A r season coach Jason e of a regula 10. JV boys during half-tim ly ug e th d . er team bad, an e jv socc d by th

Photo provde

h Mehrotra defending and Shresht a stone wall r Nechelput no check during on in C e e ns or 11. Sophom ing their defe ep ke le hi w ard team. jv soccer hassle a forw d by the Photo provde scrimmage.

w in throweh itth cietoig tleero s al tu lsiue piuqilev min tnudicafeacnagapavi m tu anstu V ers a strong ’Connell deliv gh O ou ie Th dd E t. r us io erobol tu ni tissin tnudicsuspiu qilirzz 3. muSeen da taptua nglin Tr me against Ta himself ga a ed l g ov al rin e r d n e v t i a g u a t u l l u l e v e t c e s s i t i c s u s p i u q , t i l i c r e x e l e v pr b ll du e ne in th ns on eye on ra maintai this year, O’C SnAgSam tof a hban iniM misdurtseag arp tu lsiuW qiC le. lev ene ugwue spot on the ptaitnarIseha on to take a ch ainst U as at 2. Senior ca se m e a th g ut rin snca ocpt oai tsne ead rp tiaguth a ro taug ptuho a sitrol Mr. Murray e ball duc al tat et etetcraen, hoto By: control of th in October. P ity ve rs am va te . S ar S A A ye S S eIA IA Misra, a thre edal finish at solid silver m the boys to a ray r.

Photo By: M


t dvice lt momen es some a a heartfe hang shari ito S ith senior w in S vr A le S K t r a 4. Junio nt ing game Homecom e game we . -fought, th during the ss rd a lo h -0 h 2 g u g o . Th appointin Nico Daily ers, in a dis th n a P L K to the IS Photo By:

coach knows best 6. Coaches Zitur and Rodocke r review their team’s performance at half time in a gam e against Tanglin Trust. The Eagles fnished one of their most successful seasons in the Super League, which consists of SAS, UWC, OFS, and Tanglin Trust. Photo By: Mr. Murray

strong stanced 7. Junior Klevrin Sitohang keeps his composure during a mid-season gam e against Tanglin Trust. Sitohang has been on the varsity team since his fresh men year, and looks forward to leading his team next year as a senior. Photo By: Mr. M urray

Mr. Murra


swifty steal 8. Senior Nico Daily steals the ball from a UWC opponent at a home gam e. The Eagles have held an intense rival ry with UWC, but failed to overcome them this season. Photo By: Mr. Murray

1st Season Sports 247

A Winning Combination Family support, coaches wisdom or pure athleticism? What leads the Eagles to an award winning second season is up to the players. Together Everyone Achieves Mo re. This year the 2nd season spo rts played with the help of one word; team.

At the end of each day, SAS sta nds tall, gives it their all, and talks small. The sports of basket ball, tennis, swimming, rugby, and touch had a memorable sea son with their friends and family’s support. This year the 2nd season spo rts teams all played with one wor d in mind: team. At the end of eac h day, the athletes stood tall and gave their all. Basketball, tennis, swimming, rugby and touch all had memorable seasons with support from friends, families, and most importantly, their teamm ates. The IASAS tournament saw a successful end to the season with many of the teams bringing hom e the gold, silver and bronze medals thanks to the fans’ sup port. Even with IASAS and exchanges in different countri es, friends and families still cam e out to cheer on the Eagles. “I am very happy with how all the teams did this year,” Athletic s Director Mimi Molchan said. “Ev ery year I am even more impressed with the competition that SAS brings out during the season and in IASAS.”

Girls and boys basketball brough t home golds from the IASAS tournament hosted by Interna tional School of Kuala Lumpur . Battling it out in Jakarta, the rug by boys gave it their all in the championship game against Jak arta International School, coming back home with a silver medal, the girls with the bronze . With them in Jakarta, the boys tennis team finished a close fourth in a memorable match aga inst the International School of Manila, and the girls clinchin g the bronze metal, also against Manila. Back on our own hom e turf, boys swimming finished third, while the girls extended their 13-year winning streak with yet another first place finish. Story by Corey Burkett

248 248 2nd 2nd Season Season Sports Sports


Ben Scie



Duncan Dlydesdale

2nd Season Sports 249

s k n a Th e h t r o f s e i r o Mem

is ball perfect form lleys the tenn ia Parekh vo against on S S A S an at hm 1. Fres an exchange at g ed well in rm sw rfo ng with a stro ity players pe rs va e SAS. Th . IA r team ared well fo a local girls on and prep as se e th ut througho erry Photo by: Car



hia aptains - Ars C is n n e T y it Girls Vars aroline Hui Ahuja and C list

a had to create Ladies, if we ments emorable mo be of the most m son, it would from this sea M the an ithout: Lianne w te le p m co “Ray in book inboxes, Fan, two Face te s, am mixed double Tomlinson’s”, presents”, , “Christmas in ra , rs ke w a s, five h an Fan’s split Lianne the M bnoxiously s, grunting o ir a st f o ts h g fli EKH, tan e, NEIL. PAR ic ct ra p g n ri u getting d the Man Fan lines, Lianne ot and ause you’re h stiff-armed, “C you’re u’re yes and you’re cold, yo if we k, re rain, Tik To no”, Zoo, mo h uld ave serve, we wo urns, wanted a soft Queen, sunb gone to Dairy a or L utner an Fan + Tayl Lianne the M u for these nze. Thank yo e love boy, and bro memories.  W unforgettable e th hard are proud of you girls and support sted and the work you inve out the other through you gave each playing hard, keep p season.  Kee eeting other, keep m ch a e g IA supportin t a SAS aking friends people and m .  Carry with our boys and stay close oo and Z ons of IASAS on the traditi d next u . Make us pro team hawkers k n you to t not least tha year. Last bu ompson. coach Mr. Th our amazing


eps i Krishnan ke in control tar, Vaishnav avi rs hn pe is su Va is g. nn in 2. Junior te for her to sw n ng tio si ro st po ct ed rfe s and scor the ball in pe for the Eagle er ay ry pl er B e ng D n ro so was a st Photo by: Car AS at SAS. points at IAS

served cold 5. Junior Steffi Lee serves like a pro at the exchange at SAS against a local team. Though numerous practices were rained out, their intensity during practices and games lead them to a bronze finish at IASAS in Jakarta. Photo by: Carson DeBerry

Team Rankings













stance at s r preparation fierce focu s match huja taking he A le a ub hi do rs A ng n ptai played a stro ja 9. Senior ca ships and hu A on . pi rta am in Jaka ui at the ch H e in ol IASAS tennis ar iregar C S a isy aptain senior t. Photo by: And with her co-c e tournamen th r fo ts in po earned strong e AS court, th support son on the S ea and stadium’s -s ui id H m e in ge ol aptain Car nnis exchan -c co or hoto P ni . se ds 10. At the te Lee, ys from stan junior Steffi orted their bo pp varsity girls, su an hn avi Kris junior Vaishn by:

250 2nd Season Sports

Carson DeB


ce an swings strong stan Jasmine Tim swing, junior y the ht at ig ly m ct a 3. With ugh perfe ly, d follows thro ell individual w ed ay her racket an pl r IASAS. AS. The girls fo S s at am ge te s an exch double s had strong but the Eagle ry

h with lead follows throug at their a captainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s t Arshia Ahuja ur in co ta S ap A -c S co e 4. Senior d the ball on th ter swatting and compete af ly et ng ck ro ra st r he lead her team ja n DeBerry hu so A ar . C : ge exchan les. Photo by S for the Eag well at IASA

son DeBer Photo by: Car

brace yourself 7. Senior co-captain Caroline Hui keep s her eye on the ball before swinging her racquet and scor ing against the local Singaporean tennis team. Caroline led her team alongside Ahuja well throughout the season. Photo by: Carson DeBerry

young talent 8. Freshman Isabelle Mulder hitting the ball with all her power and scoring well at the exch ange at SAS. Mulder contributed strongly for the girls team this year and served as a promising playe r for the future. Photo by: Carson DeBerry

incoming strength 6. Freshman stronghold Margaret-Anne Smith prepares to take position on the court at the exchange before IASAS. Smith played stronger as the season progressed, building a solid young team for the years to come. Photo by: Carson DeBerry

ishnavi uble fing junior Va double tro ompson brie of their Th st id m Ti m e h, th ac in r ry 11. Tennis co abelle Mulde Is son DeBer an ar C m : by sh d fre at SAS. Photo ge Krishnan an an ch ex e at the doubles gam

2nd Season Sports 251

stretching fo r victory 1. Quickly sh uffling to the ball, senior S a back-hande hawn Teng pe d return in a Photo by: Sar rfo doubles mat ah Mosele ch with Spenc rms y er Koh.

ready to win with all his m the pace setti Vel veliquip euisl ut la igutatie htng magna facidunt3.nim Using all his 2. Waiting fo autpat ad eum zzriliq uipsuscidunt st inre utng lobore th, sophomor r just the rig Spencer Knissit e oh na moment, fres vel exercilit,htquipsusci tissecte vel ullut ils thevendre augait ball to the ot hman Sasha of the court her side agminibh Kingsley se magna feugue vel eliquisl ut praestrud ai ns erat t a local team. S rves the ba individually ga pencer ll to augait opposing si lortis the praesto consecte edlaexcperienc teintat de. Photoautpat the season an e by: Sarah d prepared fo during Moseley r the years to come. Photo by : Sarah Mos ele y

s head in the cloud senior hit, the for ing 5. Leap Shawn Teng swings his racquet with all his might during a serve. Games against the ACSIS schools helped the team prepare for IASAS. Photo by: Sarah Moseley

252 2nd Season Sports

hands held high for a 6. Junior Klevrin Sitohang winds up ol. scho local sing oppo serve against the d Although practices were often raine g out this season, their hard work durin games and practices helped them prepare for IASAS. Photo by: Sarah Moseley

just a split second 7. Freshman Adam Bergere shows . his skill by the technique of his serve Young players like Bergere helped l the SAS team have such a successfu season. Photo by: Sarah Moseley

eye on the ball 8. Sophomore Ishan Krishan braces himself for a hit to the opposing local team at SAS. Photo by: Sarah Moseley

a friendly shak e 4. Shawn Te ng and Spenc er Koh high effort after a five for a go point won. Th od e SAS doub successfully les team perfo throughout th rmed e season, an clinch fourth d helped the place at IAS team AS. Photo by: Sar



The Bounce Back

Boys Varsity Tennis Capta ins - Sidhart Shanker an h d Neil Parek h Th

working as one tya Chowdhry 9. Seniors Sidharth Shanker and Aadi match. The two les doub a in serve a ive set up to rece effort for much and rship veterans contributed leade Photo by: Sarah Moseley on. seas this g durin team their

JuniorVarsit y 10. Using all serving his might, Scot like a pro with all that he t Smith stretc hes to smack can. It is critica the ball l th at yo u are taught the of serving as proper way the SAS coac hes do. Photo by: Linda A nderson

11. After com pleting their fin closure al match of th team shares e season, the one last mom boys JV ent together P hoto by: L inda two is b


12. Working as etter tha a team, soph n one omore Scott Sm Anderson play ith and junior against a loca Philip l team. “There is no ‘I’ in team ” says Anderson. Pho to by: Linda A

ank you all so much g uys for an awesome s eason. We seriously c not have a ould sked for a better team very fact th . The at we could all still be fr with Shawn ien after he pu lled that stu ds little “stunt” pid on Lianne at the Pep is a testam Rally ent to how close we g a team this o t as year. We had so ma laughs, be n y tween our jokes abou Party”, Cra t “Neil’s zy Noonga , and “doin we wawnt. ’ what ” Thinking b ack over th is season’s memories, we begin to wonder wh all the tenn ere is went. An d we’re no saying that t ju st because h alf were raine d out; we ju our practices st h fun togethe r. But desp ad that much ite having a young team and having lost so man tennis prac y tices to bad weather, w did a great e still job with ou r tennis this We’re neve year. r going to fo rget that la match we p s t layed again st though we were only p Manila—even laying for fo we felt like urth, we end. We are were champions in th e so proud o f the way w all manage e d to bounc e back from losses of th the e previous day and win those close all matches. Thanks ag ain for all th e good tim was a true es; it honor to pla y with you For those o boys. f you who a re returning year, bring next home the g old - you c it, just rem an do ember to “p lay your game”, “sh ow some s ack,” and most im portantly, “d o not be afra id of doing something special.”


Team Rankings














2nd Season Sports 253

f o t r a St r e h t o An e d a c e D

akers Alberts record bre junior Jenny medley relay, ale reach 0m K 40 a e ay th M r d fte 1. A Koh an king of ores Carolyn ate the brea and sophom ius to celebr in AS. Va S e by es er before also for junior Th , set the year rd co re S A S ong the IA Nguyen-Phu Photo by: Jes


sh, ins - Roxy He ta p a C g in m sky Varsity Swim s, Alex Rossin iu in a V e s re e Th tton and Ted Chri

came around October 21st n e h w s, le g a this season E all knew that girls, this year, we IASAS. The to e d ri ild w ith fresh would be a very strong w as usual were e other th n e guys o h T . in g in m g talent co d four returnin rebuild aroun to ld u d o a h w , it d n w a e h ers. We kn out a varsity swimm ouldn’t go with w e w t u b , h nnual be toug by with our a w fle n so a se we got fight. The UWC where t a t e e m IS ACS n, both guys of competitio our first taste n’t stop there ning. We did Santa and girls win r, we went to te la ks e e w , er and though onded togeth b e w re e h w ained Claus a team. We tr s a y tit n e id n nning gained a ys we had, ru a d w fe e th h n. But throug Payne biathlo ra d n e K l a u to Palm the ann strong, went ck a b e m ca we mpions. ined like cha a tr d n a rt so karta Re , we flew to Ja ck a b e m ca e ing the When w hange, dread xc e rt o sh a r fo oices we SAS team ch IA g in d n e p im een the to make. Betw r the ve a h n o so would support fo s, the school port as Ted speeche as much sup t o g e w , m a d swam home te we took it an d n a t e g ld u nces by we co The performa t. u o s rt a e h our mazing. teams were a ls ir g d n a ys ntinuing the gu tulations on co ra g n co , ls ir G it’s time l streak, now a d e m ld o g r ecade. you for another d sa Guys, this wa r fo us, heartbreaker as but we swam ith w best we could ls ir G o L . ok Boys what we had agles, to the skies E 639.5 ve SAS 554.5 and soar abo ks n a the rest. Th 595.5 ISB 481 at re g for another n. so 378.5 JIS a se 468













254 2nd Season Sports

setting the pace 5. Junior co-captain Therese Vainius swims the 100 meter freestyle event during IASAS in Singapore. Vainius’s event summoned crowds to the pool to watch attempt to break the record. Photo by: Kenny Evans

k hair immers in Tung’s blac dye hard sw freshman Kev cated especially es dy e al K y, dedi e Maya 8. Sophomor nal Eagles da s had swimmers get at the traditio es de oc pr on y bl da ch e re nament. blea ’ hair. The th e IASAS tour ys th bo re e fo th g be ed zz to dyin bu d ed, styled an their hair dy Photo by: Joh



Monica day es, freshman shave the styling activiti e’s head in ir al ha sd e de th ly of C o nior Duncan 9. On day tw se es yl st d es an John Liao Chritton shav hoto by: for IASAS. P preparation

iles Sratton, anxious sm senior Becca e rest day to begin, al e K th a r fo ay d M e ite or 3. Exc and sophom first ts e er th lb A on y warm ups junior Jenn early morning was hosted at the e th r fo e ar prep ’s meet S. This year Kenny Evans day of IASA ool. Photo by: ch S an ic er m A re po ga in S

te’s bond ptain Ted a teamma t, senior ca t of the mee en Therese ev in ta al ap fin junior co-c 2. After the by ed rt r years, fo fo m er ts co team togeth e Chritton ge th ns on en ing be ther in doze Vainius. Hav inius have swam toge huong -P n ye Va gu d sica N Chritton an . Photo by: Jes d practices of meets an

e enduranc iota Payne biathlon Kendra Ch l a gh u n n a e th g pace throu n ri rs 4. Du swimme the ity n rs o va n o ru tw Biathlon, fore the 2km e b e yl st e fre 1000m of gar isya Sire by: And track. Photo

celebration 7. As a tradition at the end of every IASAS swimming championship, the Eagles splash their hands toge ther to celebrate the girls’ gold and boys’ bronze medals in the SAS pool . Photo by: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

streamline diver 6. With every muscle tensed, senior co-captain Alex Rossinsky dives in during a 100m breaststroke heat.

Photo by: Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

s bald eagle el ha ic M or ni ju l Chung and gi z an Li H or e ni or ju sophom Stratton, lint Walling, senior Becca n Liao by n ea to by: Joh 10. Junior C cl ho P . ed ts av da Alber eir heads sh shman Aman Baker get th Quick and fre

2nd Season Sports 255

it takes skills 2. Junior Kris ten Skill catc hes the ball exchange on with perfect the main fie technique at ld at SAS ag team. Throug the ainst a loca h the heat an l Kuala Lum d sun, the gi single game pur touch rls played w in the tourna ell, losing on ment. Photo ly a by: Kate Mahler

tries of gold 1. Senior co-c aptain Erika Fa rias makes a a local Kuala try against Lumpur touch team mid way game. The Ea through the gles beat all te ams at the ex for United Wor change except ld College. Pho to by : Kate Mahler

quick getaway ay from 5. Sophomore Isabella Shaulis makes a getaw touch ur Lump Kuala local a from ents oppon her two prepared team. The exchange, early on in the season, the girls well for IASAS. Photo by: Anjuli Finch

monkey in the midd 10. Freshman Atika le h Scott makes her way through two op OFS at an exchange posing players from at SAS. Scott gaine d experience, and play at the varsity lev was well prepared el. Photo by: M rs.

256 2nd Season Sports


teamwork for the win ball perfectly while 6. Junior Gainya St. Clair grips the senior co-captain Erika with er, play KtL l loca a running from . Photo by: Anjuli Finch mate team Farias ready to help out her


From Start to Finish

fast as lightning 3. Outrunning a KL opponent , senior Melis speeds away sa Huston and makes a pass during th hosted by SA e exchange S. The girls be at the local Ku team and wou ala Lumpur ld go on to do Photo by: Anju minate the to li Finch urnament.

Girls Varsity Touch Capta ins - Erika Fa and Lauren rias Felice Alt

hough som e of us tou ched a rug the first tim by ball for e while we w e it’s incredib re in high s le how imp chool, ortant touc importantly, h and, more all of you h ave becom What starte e to us. d as a grou p of players potential a with huge t the All As ian Schools soon turne Tournamen d into an in t credible te it was hang am. Wheth ing in there er for another Traffic Cop minute of , standing up to LFS’ or fighting hard touch hard in IAS dumping the ba es, AS, you alw ll your all an ays gave it d that’s all 4. Senior Non Okumura skillf w e c F o rom the big uld have w ully places th on the SAS m e ball down anted. moments, ain field after bein like finally Pepsi durin at the exchan ge. The Eagles g tagged by a JIS player p u g lli IA ng off S A S, to the sm would go on to Jakarta Drago throwing yo beat the ns at IASAS. all things lik Siregar u r Photo by: And b o d e y for a diving isya everything touch, you you had in put to each an Making the d every pla bus shake y. with our bla laughing a sting music t Lobster M , an’s classic screaming moments, our lungs o ut at IASAS an adapted , watching ET in Jaka rta hotel ro the list goe o ms... s on. In sh ort, it was a season. W n amazing e know it w as hard to whole seas play for a on unsure of what tea even on, b m you were y the end o f the seaso became on n our team e of the tig htest group been a part s w e’ve ever of and we thank you for that. W so much e loved figh ting with yo head to toe u. Covered in mud, pre wrap, tape sweat, scre and aming and running, div touching, w ing and e were pro ud to call o Eagles. Alt urselves hough we will miss yo go, fight, win! you for giv u , thank in g us an ama Felice, zing last se a season w Farias, Kristen Skill, Lauren a Erik , arta Jak in AS ason, e IAS ’ll always re 7. At their ychoff scream at the top of member, a that made Caitlin Favati and Kasey Wa r thei inst u te aga s am feel like we ity team playing couldn’t en lungs to support the boys vars a Siregar d on a bett rivals, Jakarta. Photo by Andisy er note. Next year, keep making Ha nagan and Selley prou d. They’re incredible c oaches, an d keep fightin 0-2 SAS vs. ISB g the way w e k Selley’s n o 8. Coaching hi w you will. It’s girls s young girls yours. 3-2 through a tour SAS vs. JIS local Singapor And most im nament agains ean team, Coa p Meidena, Kels o ta ch rt a Se n lle tl y y sh ows freshmen ey DeBerry an of course, Alsha d Ceilidh Evan 6-1 SAS vs. ISKL don’t stop s specific tech believing. niques. Photo by: Mrs . Speciale SAS vs. ISM 1-3

JuniorVarsit y


SAS vs. TAS crouchin

9. Two sophom g tiger ore JV touch at SAS half w players at a w ay through th eekend tourna e ment se as on. The JV gi hard for coac rls team prac h Selley will co ticed ntinue to impr ove in the year s to come. Photo by : Mrs . Speciale


Consolation: SAS vs. JIS 2-1 All Tournament: Erika Farias & Becky Kreutter

2nd Season Sports 257

r e b m Reme itch That P

lanning les together half time p e team hudd in Jakarta, th S The boys A e. S m IA t ga A 2. re a morning fo be lk g second ta in p for a pe a disappoint venge after ll short in the fe n ai ag looked for re ce year, but on st la Siregar h a is isy fin nd A place . Photo by: ips for silver championsh

ox, ins - Austin C ta p a C y b g Ru urray Varsity Boys & Connor M r e h c is F y rr Ha ll of Max Shaulis, nt to thank a

e just wa First of all, w this year. at came out , we the players th squad players Without the B a p pre red ever been as n ve a h ld u o w a. To our SAS in Jakart IA r fo re e w e w didn’t win : although we rs ye la p S A IAS we couldn’t inst Jakarta, a g a ld o g t a th son. From r a better sea fo d e sk a ve ha nt all the ns tourname nior ter the SCC Seve e honored to have y sevens, se oach’s mat annual rugb C e a ch th ’r g e oa C w rin , ds du S t ar urnamen e walk tow way to IASA ach and every 1. During a to e r club Andrew Miln e he ith ot or w of y om r la ph be p so m d ainst a nu been able to Todd Shell an e returning gar ys played ag ndisya Sire londey and th B ixon. The bo . D u re. Photo by: A id yo po in av f it ga D o in e S ve n a o in h s ys am u te g u ow yo players: we kn Dragons to those JIS it ke you to ta season. member this next year. Re n that pitch at it felt like o h w r e b m e m Re that memory l game. Use a fin e th r e ft a ar. To the ntage next ye to your adva one of you niors: Every rest of the se n we ever ore heart tha showed us m ginning of ible at the be thought poss ll for that. e thank you a the season. W oss again, r paths will cr Hopefully ou itch or not. on a rugby p whether it be Thank you on and Miss: To Coach Dix ll we know, teaching us a so much for es than we better coach you were both ally, players, reamt of. Fin could have d n take home t you guys ca n e fid n co e ’r we s proud. Go team of brothers year. Make u Eagles! the gold next 5. In mid play, Seniors Harry Fischer, Ed Sperling, James Bowers, Todd Shell and Brandon Lay rush in to gain possession of the ball. Photo by: Andisya Siregar











Final: SAS vs. JIS


All Tournament: Austin Cox, Max Shaulis & Harry Fischer

258 2nd Season Sports

y t i s r a V Junior s against a h care ll and defend handle wit grips the ba y le any before. an an H th an e Aid nger this year ro st e 8. Sophomor er w e JV boys local team. Th rs.

Photo by: M


ys re, the JV bo mmage t in Singapo sticky scri en m e. na ur ag m To by Sevens e of a scrim 9. At the Rug r in the middl to each othe ht tig ld ho team Hamby rs.

Photo by: M

ors re team, juni ss cal Singapo lo e a hit the gra th t ns ith ai w ag nt ys game eir oppone rgo tackle th 10. At a JV bo Va rd ha ic R and David Shum : Mrs. Hamby ound. Photo by ball to the gr

ehet ig ittlees al tu lsiue piuqilev min tnudicafeacnagpam tantu V erobol tu ni tissin tnudicsuspiu qilirzz mue da taptua d Sperling, erdnev tiagua tullu lev etcessit icsuspiuqor,tsiliC cron exno e lreM v urray, E t ni ll se a e ball agains , c S th close tare hbinim drta urtscreow arpd tat u lIA siuSqAile lev euke guep ef a neigraey m es on of th ay pl re ka a Ja ox in the tat et etcesno tintiaCgua taptua sitrm us dtsA e team, but an r c o e a r p o l 3. In front of c al H ho he e sc th Fi t iregar e agains ers, arry ndisya S a close gam James Bow Photo by: A s, JIS. It was Eagles placed second. al riv ch ar r thei , the ampionship last yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ch

s ted by to the skie -Levy gets lif e Scott Rozen arry Fischer at 4. Sophomor H d es Bowers an l, their teamwork seniors Jam ssfu e karta. Succe Ja in ll ahead of th IASAS catch the ba to s le ag E e enabled th gar isya Sire to by: And JIS team. Pho a helping hand 6. Trying to power through, soph omore Scott Rozen-Levy fights past TAS players with the help of seniors Dylan Howell and Ed Sperling. The Eagles play ed strongly against TAS and won the game against the Tigers. Photo by: Andisya Siregar

head in the game 7. At an IASAS game in Jakarta against the Jakarta Dragons, Harry Fischer, James Bowers, and Austin Cox rush over to push their teammate through with the ball. Photo by: Andisya


2nd Season Sports 259

gathering pacefacidunt nim veliquip euisl ut la ng the setti utatie magna around Vel 2. Grouped together, thautpat ad eum zzriliq uipsuscidunt nissit in ut lobore e lady Eagle Chad Brekk quipsusci tissecte vel ullut augait vendre s huddle up e and Rick vel exercilit, and listen to Bisset befo Coach Brekk re avel magna feugue eliquisl ut praestrudco minibh acheserat e and Bisse gam e ag ai nst a local te t are doing w w ou ld poinaugait consecte tat am t out sipraesto ell in and w lortis autpat . la c tuations whe here they ne re the ladies ed some w ork in. Photo by: Anj uli


getting in the op en 1. Making the cut, sophomor e Emma Gradd reach of senior y gets in Belinda Egâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s pass. This kind is what helped of offense the Eagles se Photo by: Kali ason be so su e Riemer ccessful.

dribbling down the side Goode 5. Running past the defense, junior Hannah n sets up an offensive position in a mid seaso games against a local team. Photo by: Kalie Riemer

260 2nd Season Sports

making the hard catch r Linsey 6. Jumping for the loose ball, junio ing and leap by n essio poss s gain McMullen Anjuli Finch blocking off the defense. Photo by:

racking up the points re 7. Waiting for the rebound, sophomo and Eg da Belin ors seni and dy Emma Grad and ready. Rachel McCabe stand anxiously Photo by: Kalie Riemer

In her own ha nds 3. Taking he r time, soph omore Mon the ball to th ica Scieszk e opposite a dribbles side of the quick moves court ready . New player to make s like Scies foundation zka provided for the year s to come. a solid Photo by : Kalie Riem


Back to Back Metals

Girls Varsity Basketball C aptains - Ra McCabe & H chel annah Goo de From the b e

making the decis ion 4. Freshman Alex McConag hy gets set up to pass the ba ll to junior Lins Photo by: Anju ey McMullen. li Finch

playing aggresive Celeste Marsh and Hannah 8. Using their heads, junior g local and slow down the opposin Goode play smart defense in a lted resu nse l as a strong offe team. Good defense as wel Photo by: Anjuli Finch . girls the for son successful sea

JuniorVarsit y zooming 9. Juniors Ke down th rry Remson, Er e side in Ly nc down the cour h an d Se ira Wade charge t to set up a pl ay. These type critical to get s of set ups ar right during ga e mes. Photo by: A nder Stie rna w ai tin g for the m 10. Sophomor oment e Ander Alrutz -Stierna sets up for a free throw. Photo by : And er


taking h er time e for the team , Kerry Remso n takes a shot at the free thro w line. Photo by : Ande

11. Taking on

r Stierna

shooting 12. Sophomor e Katie Fink th hoops rowing up her at a home ga layout perfect me against a ly local Singapor ean girls team . Photo by:

ginning, we all knew th were going at to have an amazing se we Starting off ason. in Hong Ko ng, we only Faith by 4, lost to but we all k n ow that if w another ch e had ance we w ould have them. You beaten MUST bea t the In the cons olation gam m next year! e we waite the second d until half to bea t TAS and w our 3rd pla in ce trophy. We had so fun during much our sleepo vers and w Love Actua atching lly. IASAS was the be started off st. We so well by beati Bangkok (6 9-29) and IS ng JIS (60-50), KL (70-17!! we were so ) and close to be a ting Taipei that Friday during morning ga me. If a few had gone th calls e other wa y, we would won that g have ame easy. But we will forget whe never n the ISKL moms play Gotta Feelin e d “I g” by the B lack Eyed before the Peas champions hip game a were danc nd we ing and sin ging while girls were s th e TAS itting on th e bench. T definitely h h a t song elped us w in our goal We took w medal. hat was ou rs and got BACK to B our ACK. We’re so p roud of eac h of you gu were such ys. We a great tea m and we our goal- B a c hieved ack to Bac k gold med of those m a ls orning prac . All tices and d suicides pa efensive id off. We w ish more th anything th an at all of us seniors will again with p lay you guys n ext year, b know that y u t w ou all will d e o amazing w ithout us. W e love you gu ys.












All Tournament: Rachel McCabe, Celeste Marsh & Michelle Bywater

Ander Stierna

2nd Season Sports 261

y r t s i Chem e h t n o Court

p lay it up akes a layu or Peters m other an g in Junior Trev or sc a cal school, Eagles had against a lo Eagles. The ld S A go S g e in th ch r two fo year, clin season this successful ler Mah oto by: Kate at IASAS. Ph

nt f the oppone junior blocking of sing team, o p p o e th st a nts p ri g sp lin d b Drib low an andez gets ahler M te Ka Mark Hern : by e net. Photo towards th

lake Captains - B ll a tb e k s a B son Clower Boys Varsity Peters & Rau

ne for SAS s a special o a w r a ye is h T part to the ks largely in n a th ll, a tb e Bask orman as ess of Mike N cc su g in st a e X’s and everl aside from th t u B . ch a co rarely in head emistry seen ch a s a w re e Searching O’s, th this season. m a te ll a tb e as there a bask of Narnia, it w ys lle va e th in far arrell found e Mandrew F th w re d n A t efforts off tha and it was his y, tr is m e ch this le to be so t we were ab the court tha who know court. Those e th n o l fu ss power of succe the awesome e liz a re im h f o of, at team , or lack there ce n se re p is h nce shown SAS domina IA e h T . rs e n din te to this. cord is a tribu re -0 6 r u o h g ning to the throu -riddled begin ry ju in n a it e Alb etball team ty of this bask ili b a , e th , n seaso er as a team come togeth d n a in ve e iv ro p ss to im impre ve, was most , a unit, one lo ur backbone o s a fense w e D s. e th ye e d r n u a o n as our weapo athleticism w Another r. e d a le r u so Mandrew wa e succ ss was ason for our re t n ca ifi n g si . In spite of Mista Coach the return of motivate and n, he helped ia d a n a C g in jokes and be his hilarious inspire us with conclusion, chest hair. In d e m o ro g lle w uch for SAS e achieved m w n so a se is th be proud of d y’all should d. basketball an accomplishe what you have











All Tournament: Ian Bryson, Rauson Clower & Dustin Sodano

jumping over the defense Leaping over a defender, junior Dustin Sodano takes a three pointer against a local school. Sodano played it smart and execute d his shots under pressure to win his team vital points. Photo by: Kate Mahler

y t i s r a V Junior pts to Crema attem reach man Andrew Over their sh fre a e, em ns Cr the defe oto by: Maria Jumping over local team. Ph et against a sk ba a e ak m nders the court face of defe taking it to kes it to the ta Crema r ria be Ma : ar B by t Rober ul shot. vPhoto sf es Sophomore cc su t ngerous bu making a da offense ead playing hard lay up while one step ah ria a Ma es : by ak m oto rent Fish e court. Ph SophomoreT nt’s side of th ne po op e th to and taking it Crema

262 2nd Season Sports

ehet ig ittlees al tu lsiue piuqilev min tnudicafeacnagpam tantu V erobol tu ni tissin tnudicsuspiu qilirzz mue da taptua erdnev tiagua tullu lev etcessit icsuspiuq ,tilicrexe lev tare hbinim durtsearp tu lsiuqile lev euguef angam dosc otsearp tiagua tapetutw o while an ert eethcea c ve al rtath te esn o up for th a sitrol ers reaches et hler P Ma ke te la Ka B : r by Senio k. Photo tempts to bloc opponent at

line le down the the court whi speeding ibbles down dr o by: an oto Ph od S ll. ba Junior Dustin e eye on the keeps a clos an opponent Kate Mahler

accuracy counts Keeping his eyes on the net, junior Trevor Peters takes a free throw from the line. Photo by: Kate Mahler

fouls for the win All eyes on Ben Scieszka as he confidently takes a foul shot. Scieszka, a new senior this year, played a crucial role in the Eaglesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; gold medal finish at IASAS.

Photo by: Kate Mahler

searching for the open Junior Andrew Farrell looks to pass the ball to an open teammate. Photo by: Kate Mahler

2nd Season Sports 263

Nothing to Hold them Back

Hours of rain storms, equatorial heat and even protests in Bangkok could not ho ld back our athletes from shining through season thr ee.

Third season is always a time of mixed emotions for athletes: fatigue for those that get a me re two-day break, if that, in between seasons, excitement for the others that have been waiting the entire year for their sport, frustration that the season coincides with the busiest (an d rainiest) time of year, and sadness with the realization tha t the school year is almost ove r. Especially for seniors. But that is not to say that they have nothing to be proud of. Track and field senior co-captain s and four year veterans Alexis Lauzon and Max Shaulis extend ed the boys winning streak to 13 years in front of the hom e crowd, badminton senior girl s captain and four year veteran Given Lee led her team to fina lly clinch a silver medal, while sof tball girls captain Rachel McCab e participated in her 12th and fina l IASAS, having attended every tournament for volleyball, bas ketball and softball since her freshman year. Not even the blistering Singap ore heat along with the infamo us monsoon season, not even the government protests in Bangko k were enough to faze our athlete s: the best finishes that boys and girls badminton had seen in years, double gold for girls and boys softball, and double gold for the track and field teams. Story by Jamie Lim

264 264 3rd 3rd Season Season Sports Sports


e McManig

Senior Brook


Keigo S


Senior Alexis Lauzon Senior Calvin Lo

3rd Season Sports 265

Fifth ht Straig Win

ore the air h, sophom hands in erfect catc open p e ve th lo g g r n e ki 1. Ma rints with h sp k a a y cz la p Maddy Klim ving quick feet can n a Husto a H ll. a y: Meliss B b e to th ho for softball. P in le ro t n significa

nd the grou nior glove to e play, se to make th rtstop o sh ys 2. Waiting la p ld. cManigal the SAS fie Brooke M l team at ca lo re e a w st again this year n e games a Husto y: Meliss Most of th hoto B P . e m o h t a d playe

sball Captain ft o S y it rs a V Girls igal oke McMan ro B d n a e w any Da r for the


er great yea t n was anoth am only los This seaso Since the te . g m n a o te tr ll s a a b d girls soft year, we ha rs from last e fortunate y re la e p w e e re th youts w tr t y A . m a te became ke returning w girls that e n t IS a J t re a g e e g ur exchan to find som d the team. O s. We playe additions to reat succes g f o a r s u a fo w ll n a inning w this seaso , e ic tw IS ecial nd J ling was sp both ISKL a e v ra T . e s a with e carry all the the games e freshman th g in ting k a m r e bus or ren this yea th n o s g n o ner. g out s our team din y r bags, beltin fo t n ra u ta z res s a little cra out an entire this year wa . Though it B IS t a S A IAS t protests the red shir we did because of nticipated, a d a h e w ament. e way great tourn didn’t go th a it e k a m still ous of our best to most strenu e th ’t n is ll ftba r took a Although so ree weathe g e -d 0 4 in ing t TAS, sports, play wins agains w a s y a d t 1s ur real toll. But our we played o y a rd tu a S M in the IS. On A loss to IS ISKL and J . B IS d n a ISB to , ISM win against competition ig b a d te p m ip game morning pro hampionsh c e th in t o austed r sp e were exh establish ou w h g u o h lt A g. for our that evenin urselves up o d e lli ra e intense at, w nings were from the he in e v fi t s 1 The ock in a final game. seem to kn ld u o c m a er te ller and when neith seniors Mu g in n in th 6 its that the hit two big h run. Then in d n a p u d e e won pp McCabe ste ning runs. W ted in w e th d re co bra -0 and cele ultimately s hip game 3 s n u girls io o p y f m o a h h the c in. Eac w t h ig a tr s ial to the SAS’s 5th ething spec m o s d e to d d a e are going team, and w s k n a ou. Th miss all of y e w , emories for all the m ! ls ir g love you











All Tournament: Brittany Dawe, Brooke McManigal, Kelsey LaBranche & Kasey Waychoff

266 3rd Season Sports

bonding time 6. After another win, the girls crowd around the coaches to talk. The coaches, after each game, would sit the players down to talk about what they need to work on and how they played well. Photo By: Melissa Huston

hoff asey Wayc all takes homore K p n Kasey ftb o so so , s a e re g y a e all ting st . Pitchin concentra Singapore in m a te 10. With a l ainst a loca to By: Melissa Huston pitches ag . Pho to perfect rs u o h long ously y la p nche anxi e for the lsey LaBra e ughout th K ro r th io waiting r n ju a key playe to By: Melissa the pitch, r s a fo w g e n iti ch 11. Wa . LaBran sition. Pho ady at first eing is a crucial po stands re b se a b st s fir season, a Huston is down xt move el Fulton g her ne man Rach sh layed very e p l fr e , preparin d ch ir a sprint to th . As a freshman, R to y undation d a fo e R 12. built a solid e ball to fly d th n r a fo n y so d and rea whole sea : Melissa Huston ghout the By well throu ture. Photo fu e th m in for the tea

Tinger gets dy n and rea ore Marissa e ball and w om o d ph so w e on th d thro position, all scoop an eping an ey ullets the b ls 4. In the ready second, ke ny Dawe b ir a g to tt t e ri h ton B rin T us r H sp t. io a u n to o iss el 3. Se ready et the to By: M in time to g this season. Photo ery play. Pho to first just reading ev ame g ry ve e played hard uston By: Meliss



agles! , three.. E IASAS, the one, two d game at ye la p ll ry e w a 5. After er. After eve eir up and che th le w d o d u sh h ld ls u ir o g Eagles w y d selves la m e e th th , n game n cheering o y b a Husto ip iss sh el n M sportsma . Photo By: m a te g n si po and the op

keep your eye on the ball 8. Sprinting past the defense , Brittany Dawe rounds second base and hea ds to third. The base coaches stood by third base to signal to run or to stop. Photo By: Melissa Huston

making the assist 9. Sophomore Kasey Waychoff mak es the throw back to home. Kasey played a key role in the infield and played well during all the games. Photo By: Melissa Huston

huddle in arms 7. After a successful season, the lady Eagles huddle around as a team. The girls played amazing games and represented SAS with pride and honor. Photo By: Melissa Huston

3rd Season Sports 267

gold for the win 2. After thei r successful wee number one after winning kend at IASAS, the so ftball boys ho protests forc first in all of ld up a their games ed the canc ellation of F . Though go for the next ridayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s gam vernment two days to es, the boys clinch the go played hard ld medal. P hoto By :P atti


props for the hit 1. Joining up at home plat e, senior Chr giving high-fi is ves to his te Photo By: P am for the ho tian Hvide runs by atti Szopiak me run he ju st hit.

in the nick of time 5. Eager to make the out, junior Keigo Sasaki bullets the ball to first. Agility and accuracy are critical in the game of softball. Photo By: Melissa Huston

268 3rd Season Sports

into the night 6. Pitching for a strike, senior John Creech makes the perfect pitch on an opposing local team. The boys played hard each and every game. Photo By: Melissa Huston

congrats for the victory the boys shake 7. Showing their team sportsmanship, S. The boys Bangkokâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hands before a game at IASA um to win stadi home their at ISB beat to on would go zopiak S atti the gold medal. Photo By: P

head in the ga me 3. Waiting fo r the pitch, so phomore Robert Barbe r keeps his ey e on the ball and gets ready for his Photo By: M bi g hit. elissa Hus ton

hit and run 4. After a bi g hit, senior Eva runs to first base. The bo n Petty ys would go on to remai n undefeated in the IASA weekend. P S hoto By : Patti Szopiak

Favorite Season to Date Boy ’s Varsity Softball Cap tains Nicolas Dev ine & Matt F a y As captain

concentration successfully pitches 8. Aiming for a strike, junior Ta-Wei Lin er can be a very pitch a Being . plate home the ball right over hoto By: Melissa Huston P all. softb in pressured and stressful position

run like the wind

ch sprints all the 9. Without looking back, senior John Cree fathers. Every year, way to second against the teachers and some fun. Photo By: the varsity team plays the parents for Melissa Huston

Junior Varsit y determin 10. Focusing ed to win on the pitch, ju nior Devansh ready to mak Pasumarty st e the opening ands pitch. The team season playin had a succes g against loca sful l teams. Photo By: Chan Ho K im. together 11. After a tirin as one g and well play together for a ed game, the talk with their team comes coaches. The played a big ro coaches’ mot le in keeping ivation spirits high. P hoto By: C han Ho Kim

12. Sophomor right on e Cooper Ehre target ndreich makes hitting the ball a successful into the outfiel swing, d while playin g a local team on SAS turf. Photo By: C ha n

s of this ye ars softball we can eas team, ily say that it has been favorite se our ason to da te. We had great group a of players that really together th came roughout th e length of season an the d bonded. Going into year, we did this n’t have hu ge expecta for our team tions , and we sa w it as a gro year with a wing lot of youn g players c up to varsit oming y. It ended up being o the stronge ne of st teams w e ’ve had in a time with a lo nd influx of baseball pla ng and a coup yers le new stud ents to SA Our coach S. es, Knips a n d Hynes, help everyone tr ansition to softball righ ed the start. W t from e wouldn’t have been win withou able to t them. Alt hough we at times, w struggled e were able to problems a nd for the b overcome our e tter as we better prep were ared for IA S A S. Which in opinion wa s probably our the best we our team p ’ve seen lay. Winnin g every on games eas e of our ily and pou ring it on in champions the hip the same je game as well. We w ore rsey with p ride becau our winning se of streak and by the end tournamen of the t it smelled like sweet In all, we a success. re proud to be part of a team and w great ill be sad to see our se leave, but niors we can’t w e till next y it again! ear to do











All Tournament: Evan Petty, Matt Fay & Christian Hvide & Ta-Wei Lin

Ho Kim

3rd Season Sports 269

d e h c t a M s ’ r e k Ba d r o c e R

ares for metal imball prep shots of an Hayes K ll threw m ba ng im ro K st . 1. Junior AS at SAS S IA g putter, rin ot t du senior sh the shot pu rned s as well as ea le d ag E oy B e d th well for ns Kimball an er th enny Eva K : ge y B To to Eagles. Pho Frank Boyd. e th r fo ts poin impressive

- Blake Peters, s in ta p a C ld g Track and Fie lis & Belinda E u a h S x a M , n Alexis Lauzo

g nding to playin From team bo hi us S e, us g at Max’s ho capture the fla Lai, Come i La ai “L Break, during Spring thank you s, we want to Support” shirt ack family. rt of the big tr all for being pa stronger we came back Each session, er’s “best , matching Bak than the next eing our never forget se score”. We’ll ou ar nd the ong the fence red jerseys al . We will ring every race power entire track du ber the IASAS always remem ys of da e through thre hool that carried us sc S o other IASA to domination. N ty ili to us in our ab e comes close W s. m or team that perf g rin ffe develop as a su t y day being ou nd bo will miss ever at th e and sharing through practic perience was a great ex of struggle. It ith w such a an institution representing hope that succeed. We strong drive to d ire some of we have insp in some way you. We the best within loped you to pursuit de ger guys ve hope you youn ason se is th yourself over e the ar confidence in ou Y d individuals. sis ba e as athletes an th s it’ e work ethic; ng ni in w r future. Keep th -yea s (and our 13 a d ha e w of our succes t out a doub e, us tradition). With ho r ou as our track, good run. It w how we do ed everyone and we show proud of so it. We are t forget, no o that. D you we believe in for all. Thank you our having made ls ir G ys bit Bo time here that le. It’s 144 SAS 147 more memorab ing an been great be 89.5 ISM eagle.  86


















MVP: Max Shaulis & Belinda Eg. Coaches Award: Alexis Lauzon & Jenny Alberts

270 3rd Season Sports

and the whistle blew 5. Freshman Andrew Lydens braces himself before the boys medley relay race at IASAS in Singapore. Lydens started off the medley quickly and gave the boys a good head start for the race. Photo By: Kenny Evans

lt sh, junior Liz be like bo 100 meter da ore Isabella rls gi e th at f n goes of d sophom 9. As the gu . Conklin an finished side off the blocks season and ps e m th ju ut in kl ho ug Con ro th er th ge ted to vans Shaulis sprin By: Kenny E e finals. Photo by side at th his ds id air during p leaps in m in the clou ru n the st he m A w er d the crowds mper Alexand ips. rup impresse sh st 10. Junior ju on m pi A . S am A ch S ring IA p at the long jump du the long jum AS junior won first time IAS Photo By: Joh



e istance die hard d see leads th uby Hohen R e . or S m A S ho 2. Sop SAS at run during IA nior 3000 meter closely by ju ed w llo fo as w d neck e an se ck en Hoh finished ne ho w Tolani dy ika ne uv Carly Ken n. Photo By: Y leg of the ru al fin e th at

a Goode hurdler 6. Junior Hannah Goode jumps over her hurdles during the 100 meter hurdles event at IASAS in Singapore. Hannah placed for finals at IASAS and earned a bronze medal for the Eagles. Photo By:

Jessica Nguyen-Phuong

le 400m e 200 full thrott a, finishes th cott DeNom S r oma ran eN D 3. Senio s. le or to t for the Eag e as a seni meter sprin the first tim r fo k ac tr ns IASAS : Kenny Eva AS. Photo By represent S

100m of muscle 7. Senior co-captain Max Sha ulis sprints through his highly-anticipat ed 100 meter dash at IASAS. Shaulis mad e finals and sprinted his way to first plac e. Photo By: John Liao

blocks mark ance on the take your takes his st SAS ll e he th S on dd S 4. Senior To during IASA s le even rd s hu ip 0m ampionsh before his 40 als at the ch fin e ad m iao L ll n track. She . Photo By: Joh vering injury with a reco

eagle mania 8. Sophomore thrower and hurd ler, Emma Graddy takes her well deserved first place on the blocks. With junior Hannah Goode, the two hurdlers wore their medals with pride. Photo By: Jessica Nguyen-P huong

share the glory th sophomore Max Shaulis wi ake Peters and Bl ley. The boys rs ed te m rin er sp et m ain r after the 400 11. Senior capt te rin sp team proud. e JIS th a ratulating e Eagles and didPhoto By: Kenny Evans th r fo e Kevin Holt cong on le s a memorab medley team wa

3rd Season Sports 271

hug it out 2. Sophom ore Rin Oku mura is com during a mid forted by he season prac r teammate tice after a court. Like sly birdie sh Okumura, th ot across th e girls team supported ea e played like ch other on a family an and off the d court. Photo By: Tar ush


Shrine-Dogâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s gi rls 1. After a mid season practic e, Coach Shrin girls together er gathers his for one of his famous pep ta his team. Shrin lks encouragin er prepared hi g s girls well for competition at a tight IASAS. Photo By: Tarush Sinh


serving Santos looks to smash during 5. Senior captain Lourdes Santos l Singaporean girls loca a nst agai nt ame tourn a weekend girls to a fun filled their lead Lee and team. Captains Santos By: Mrs. Lee hoto P al. season and well earned silver med

272 3rd Season Sports

a playerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s court r Amanda omore Marietta Tanudisastro and senio 6. Halfway through the season, soph h Shriner made sure the Coac e. mag scrim tice prac a g Ongko prepare for a serve durin Tarush Sinha clinch a medal in Bangkok. Photo By: girls practiced hard day after day to

silver server 4. Sophomor e Sonia Mirc handani bend preparation to serve the ing in birdie at a m practice. Pra id season cticing day af te to a strong r day led the silver medal Eagles .P hoto

By: Tarush


Burpees and Beauty Girls Varsity Badminton Captains Given Lee & Lourdes San tos To our bad

pretty birdie 3. Senior captain Lourdes Santos prepares her bir while wearing he die for her serve r famous white sweat band. Sa captains for the ntos was a grea Eagles that her t tea m season. Photo By looked up to thr : Tarush Sinha oughout the

winner’s circle tournament, the end week their 7. After conquering their opponents at and a winner’s tions ratula cong a for up circle girls varsity badminton ort that carried supp and bond g cheer. The varsity team had a stron Sinha them through to IASAS. Photo By: Tarush

Junior Varsit y

8. At a mid-seaso braced to n weekend tourna serve ment at SAS, the the court. Coach Eagles walk off Shriner lead his girls well on the court and prepared them well for IASA S. Photo By: Tarush Sinha

9.With a delicate follow throug arm but a strong h swing, junior Wei with her varsity tea Li warms up m before a week end tournament ag ainst a local girls badminton tea m. Photo By: Tarush Sinha

minton girls , thank you an amazin for g season! Badminton couldn’t ha at SAS ve been an y better tha was this ye n it ar! Our tea m is one o teams in o f two ur school’s history who achieved th has es silver meda uccess of winning a l. In additio n, no one c have predic ould ted that SA S would m twice in a ro edal w for badm inton until th year. It is a is chievemen ts like thes won’t be fo e that rgotten. Sin ce becomin part of bad g minton at S AS, we wo have neve uld r expected ending our badminton IASAS careers wit h two med so many g als and reat memo ries. From dinner to d our te readful mo rn ing practice am drills, footw s, ork, burpee s and sprin and trainin ts g over wee kends, holid and spring ays, break. We will miss all moments w the e’ve share d together the short s within ix week se ason. Than you all defi ks girls, nitely made us proud. Y guys worke ou d so hard a nd improve much. And d so look where it got us th We’re so p is year! roud to be p a rt of this te Although y am. ou guys co nsta us, we will miss your “b ntly teased eautiful” fa our eating ces, sessions o ff o f the court, our bondin g stretchin g sessions that stress , all about our s hirt design jackets, an s and d just chillin g with you We hope y ladies. ou guys ha d as much we did. All fu n as the GET GOLD best of luck girls, and NEXT YEA R!! There’s no other way to go but up!












10. At a tourname Zitur’s zeal nt against local Sin gaporean teams SAS court, the va held on the rsity girls listen int ently to their assis Mrs. Zitur who he tant coach lped the girls pla y hard Photo By: Taru sh S inha

3rd Season Sports 273

The DOTA Team

in! ys varsity all hands ther, the bo hands toge r in or loss, ei W th . g ed tin ay 1. Put mes well pl ga r d of the te en af e r team chee gether at th to e inha m ca s arush S way Photo By: T the team al uragement. co en e m so day for

ins inton Capta m d a B y it rs en Boys Va and Matt Sh Daniel Choi g part

d of bein e’re so prou ers. Even Hey team, w roup of play g t a re g a h IASAS, we of suc so close in e m a c e w ’ve had a though it our all. We e v a g ll a e are sad to know w seniors we s a d n a , n o een part great seas py to have b p a h t e y , e y ork drills say goodb ns, the footw ru le tt u h s e ut into this of it. All th ork we’ve p w rd a h e th proved as and all we’ve all im , ff o id a p s This year season ha teammates. a s a d n a and we’re a players and downs, s p u ’s it d a omplained has h one really c o n y a s to y at’s always happ thing and th y n a t u o b a finitely miss much . We will de m a te a r fo ting in such great ially compe c e p s e , n to will always badmin IASAS. We s a l e v le h KL. Guys, a hig change at IS x e e th r e b as possible remem much DOTA s a n y la p to try so that whe son’s over, a e s u o e y th , t in a aga now th ason comes e s n e c to ti in c m ra d ba on p ore focused m e b w o ill “H w s n guy ! Ha about DOTA than talking e funniest th ly b a re prob a u o ”y ’ in o and keep up You D e we know, d u d n a re o SAS is one Singap ! Being in IA n to in m d a b of our SAS the good ing moments you nonrt o p s t s e b of the ose of ers, so for th en you guys varsity care rd train ha th , rs e ke y la p S IASA opefully ma t year and h x e nd n a ll , e rd w a o tice h will d rk and prac o W S . A S m a IA te f so the there in term p u e s. v y o o b m n ill o we w t seas s for a grea k n a h T ! s g standin











274 3rd Season Sports

no I in team 5. Working as a team, Daniel Choi and Kevin Kim set themselves up in a doubles game against a local team. Photo By: Tarush Sinha

y t i s r a V r Junio ok at s high am take a lo with spirit badminton te ere very JV w e th am te e, le as on es. The who m ga 9. Walking in r e end of ei th th friends by nts before became good their oppone d an r he ot each familiar with ush Sinha to By: Tar the year. Pho arting moment sets up his st waiting for the Terence Tien s er an m ay pl sh g fre un t, g ou team. The yo re g 10. Reachin in po ay ga pl in S of t a local e challenge serve agains e through th nc rie pe ex a of arush Sinh gained a lot Photo By: T titive teams. other compe r e out to cove tact ary Ang spac ch close con g in Za ak an m m , sh s matches Tien and fre a key in double 11. Terence arush Sinh ication was Photo By: T un d. m re om ve C co t. as w t ur the cour co e ery inch of th sure that ev

ball in eye on the t, senior Kev right momen up to return e th r fo g 2. Waitin Choi sets nior Daniel . Kim and se ng local team si po op the the birdie toush Sinha

ready down and nior Calvin Lo the swing, se up g tin et S 3. stance. d in a ready leans forwar a Photo By: T



Photo By: T


ows best ordon coach kn , Coach G me pointers Teng, and junior so g in iv G . 4 wn senior Sha e. Cyr talks to ir techniqu e th n o g N Clement a Photo By:

hands held high 6. With racquets raised high, Sha wn Teng and Clement Ng work together to get the birdie on the other side of the court. Photo By: Tarush Sinha

up, up and away! 7. Leaping high, senior Kevin Kim takes a big swing against an opposing local team . These athletes played amazing games throu ghout the year. Photo By: Tarush Sinha

Tarush Sinh

starting it off 8. Setting up his serve, senior Shawn Teng places the birdie in the righ t position ready for a serve. Photo By: Tarush Sinha

3rd Season Sports 275


rim Seme


africa & middle east 280 australia & new zealand 285 europe 292 asia 303 in singapore 329 photo contest 332

What is Interim Semester?

What does interim mean to you ? It’s meant to be much more than an informative class trip, instilling perseverance, acceptance, and as a memory of its entirety: timelessness. Perseverance. Interim’s about testing your bou ndaries—acknowledging that they exist, and attempting to reach beyond them. These challenges have presented the mselves in countless forms: ath letic performance, personal interac tions, and cultural differences. Whether you’re trekking in Tib etan India, kayaking in Oman, scuba diving in Indonesia… it’s all one of the same. Each trip was purposely designed to cha llenge students and assess the ir abilities. Acceptance. Interim’s much more than just plain exploration. The focus of a culturally titled interim trip was not about taking city tours, and monument-hopping from place to place; it was an attemp t at embracing diversity. The open-m indedness of people of differe nt kinds: of different social circles, cultures and ages. Because truthfully speaking, after the trip s were over, the participants did n’t necessarily remember the nam e of that one building they visi ted on the second day of their one -week stay, but instead, the less ons learned in a newfound sense of tolerance, and acceptance of diff ere nce s. Tim ele ssn ess . Whether you spent your interim week in Singapore, exploring, and discovering new parts of the island; whether you flew out to Jordan and finally got to experience the mysteries of the Dead Sea firsthand; whethe r you went on a safari adventure through Kruger National Park; whether you spent your hours house building in the Philippines for tho se who, in sharp contrast, do not follow our materialistic ways… It was an experience; one tha t you will take with you into the future: the memories and opportunitie s for learning? Countless. Interim semester.

By: Tatianna Nasr

278 Interim Semester


Thomas Ree

Ted Chri tt


Austin Yu

Interim Semester 279


South Africa: Cape & Coast

parkour! Seniors Will Bradley, Ashan Fernando, Aaditya Chowdhry and Marc Wilson show off their mad parkour skills off one of the ledges.

putting on a brave face

Overtaken by fear, senior Thomas Rees clings for his life on an ostrich ride. Thomas was later witnessed running from a cockroach on the trip.

PARTICIPANTS Joshua Abueva, Arshia Ahuja, Daniel Albanese, Rina Baba, James Bowers, William Bradley, Ian Bryson, Lucas Chiang, Aaditya Chowdhry, John Davis, James Fan, Myles Fenwick, Ashan Fernando, Anjuli Finch, Harry Fischer IV, Thomas Rees, Kalie Riemer, Marc Wilson, Ji Sun Yu, Nicholas Zulkoski Sponsors: Jim Kett & Jeri Kett


DX. “Hottie! ow Ow!” Black magic. Parkour Parkour! Bontabok! “What is skype?” NWA. JPA. WMA. SSS. “This is a game of snaps.” “Where the girls at!” Happy families. Stealing pillows.

280 Interim Semester

sight-seeing Overlooking False Bay, seniors Kalie Riemer and Anjuli Finch take in the Capetown scenery. Throughout the trip, students experienced great views including the Cape of Good Hope and Table Mountain.

Africa: Kruger Suid-ASouth frika

the starting point About to begin on their safari tour, the entire group gathers for a shot with their sponsors on the truck itself. The safari truck took the group through all sorts of terrain, exposing the students to different kinds of local fauna and flora.

hello there Poking their heads out of the safari tour truck, seniors John Liao, Heather Morris, Kate Mahler, and Kerry McFetridge show off their excitement and enthusiasm for the enjoyable ride.


higher ground After driving for hours, Seniors Madeline Senior, Claudia Nijsten, Khyber McHugh, Hannele Hupanen, and Kerry McFetridge make a pit stop to admire outstanding view.

Jessie Driesens, Alexandra Hein, Caroline Hui, Hannele Hupanen, John Liao, Kate Mahler, Stephanie Maissen, Kerry McFetridge, Khyber McHugh, Nina Miller, Heather Morris, Sarah Moseley, Claudia Nijsten, Mary Russell, Brooke Schmidt, Madeline Senior, Todd Shell, Taylor Smith, Rebecca Tay, Alexandra Verdoscia Sponsors: Tim Thompson & Frans Grimbergen


Btay mauled by 4 wheeler. Chest bump. “What are you?” Emotional hunger. Stuart and Alli. Russian dance. Kate’s bf’s crotch. Future Krugers. Mr. G’s dance. Alan. “Would you fingers/no toes.”

Interim Semester 281



in the valley On an early morning tour, the group visits the Colossi of Memnon to learn more about Egypt’s ancient history.

camel tours Senior Sophia Tinger, followed by the trip’s tour guide, senior Paige Hicks, and sponsor Shelley Griffin enjoy a camel ride around the Great Pyramids of Giza.

PARTICIPANTS Carol Baicy, Vanessa Ceithamer, Calvin Chang, Christopher Chee, Daniel Choi, Zach Gilbert, Roxanne Hesh, Paige Hicks, Young Won Kim, Rushi Krishna, Given Lee, Kara Marushi, Jonathan Png, Lourdes Santos, Sandy Sivaskandan, Aarti Sreenivas, Becca Stratton, Sophia Tinger, Edwin Wang, John Widjaja Sponsors: Paul Griffin & Shelley Griffin


“How many camels are you worth?” Ramses’ butt. “Why must I cry?” The puking camel. Towel sculptures. “Hey blondie, looking for me?” Belly dancing competition. Van Diesel. Meat with gravy.

282 Interim Semester

peeking out Poking their heads out from behind the columns, the group takes a playful shot at the entrance of the step-pyramid of Djoser.

‫ّردن‬ ‫الأ‬

desert roamer Crossing the desert on camel-back, senior Danielle Courtenay is led by a sheikh, a local tour-guide.


the Dead Sea Exfoliating with mud, Seniors Jason Chang, Brad Bahl, and Ted Chritton enjoy the perks of the Dead Sea.

PARTICIPANTS Brad Bahl, Eleanor Barz, Alexis Bell, Alexander Chadwick, Ryan Chan, Jason Chang, Ted Chritton, Dennis Chu, Sarah Chuah, Duncan Clydesdale, Danielle Courtenay, Virginia Cucchi, Erika Farias, Prakhar Mehrotra, Jessica NguyenPhuong, Akane Otani, Luigi Puno, Ellie Rava, Kathryn Tinker, Stanton Yuwono Sponsors: Mark Clemens & Ian Coppell rolling down Seniors Prakhar Mehrotra, Kathryn Tinker, Ryan Chan, and sponsor Ian Coppell grab the attention of other classmates on their jeep adventure through the sand dunes.


Hummus. MEH. WAHLAO. Man tests. Jacques. “WHAT’S THAT SPICE?” Meat logs. Chapped lips. Bedouin jokes. Stalkers. Ted/Erica Rage. Ellie’s camel. PJ. Parkour. Boxxy. Trivia showdown.

Interim Semester 283



spray skirts Prepping to go out for the first day of kayaking, the group flaunt their “buoyancy aid” and spray skirts and attire for the camera.

bump in the road During the final off-road ride to the airport, guide Tay Bagheri shows off his 4x4 skills resulting in a punctured tire. Seniors Brooke McManigal, Anne Yeung and Natalia Umeoka show their approval.

PARTICIPANTS Matt Grgas, Matt Hardy, Renee Hyde, Brooke McManigal, Ishaan Misra, Emily Moore, Sarah Mountjoy, Momo Ozawa, Ben Scieszka, Sidharth Shanker, Tricia Sverre, Michael Szopiak, Shawn Teng, Yuvika Tolani, Natalia Umeoka, Yasmin Venema, Dominic Wong, Anne Yeung, Tanya Zakowich, Kelly Zhang Sponsors: Scott Hutchison & Tate Sonnack


“I do what I want.” “Share the pee.” “We don’t have Gatorade here, we have poverty...” “My name is not Jo-el, it’s Joel.” Science boy. Shiver Island. KLS. Jaaames Fan. Tom Marco Gundle. Tay! Joe! Dragons. Ishaaawwwn. Trail Mix.

284 Interim Semester

ahead of the game Fleeing the scene, senior Sidharth Shanker moves to the front of the pack after finding a washed up dead sea snake. Photo sessions with the snake soon followed the discovery. keeping ground Struggling to pitch her tent the first night of camping, senior Yuvika Tolani shows grace under pressure while the wind makes the task near impossible for one person to do alone.

Australia: Cycling Australia

lunch-time Over the course of the trip, the group got a chance to make their own packed lunches to eat along the way. These girls were ahead of the game in preparing theirs.

jumping for joy Juniors Samantha Hoefling, Gretchen Connick and sophomore Lily Devins express their joy for the end of a long day’s bike excursion.

PARTICIPANTS Ander Alrutz-Stierna, Alexander Bettadapur, Corey Burkett, Gretchen Connick, Christopher Dee, Lily Devins, Jade Fogle, Melissa Ho, Samantha Hoefling, Yoon Ku Kang, Daniel Kim, Oliver Kim, Young Hun Kim, Akshaya Kumar, Emily Lemaire, Chuo En Li, ZiHan Li, Ji Wan Ok, Reem Shalabi, Christian Stingl Sponsors: Frieda Dietrich & Gordon Cyr ready2ride Getting ready to burn some rubber, the gang prepares to ride off into the morning sun after a rich breakfast.


“Keep to the left!” “This is NOT a race!” GG, QQ. “Where is the moon?” “Ladies first.” You should let a girl check your bag. “Diamond 3, start, hurry.” Downhill!

Interim Semester 285


Australia: Surfing

pit-stop One of the few times where everyone is dry and out of the sun, the group gets ready for another day of some surfing fun.

goofballs Playing around, junior Jacob Walker takes a ride on the back of sponsor Jay Kumpel. “Ride or die, Jake, ride or die.”

PARTICIPANTS Hyun Lee, Koon-Lam Lee, Yi Jie Liao, Calvin Lo, Soklyda Long, Nicholas Oravetz, Trevor Peters, Iby Shalabi, David Shum, Natassia Siu, Jeffry Smith, Benjamin Teo, Zoey Thompson, Michael Too, Therese Vainius , Jacob Walker, Sophia Wolf, Yien Wu, Kais Yusuf, William Zimmerman Sponsors: Jay Kumpel & Ursula Pong


Mark and Dale, AGRO BRAH!, Fish and Chips, Cardboard Squares, Channel 3, Mac and Cheese, Baskin Robins, Colorful Zinc, Happy Birthday Mr. Kumpel, Supre, Tin Foil!, Target, The Surf Museum

286 Interim Semester

surf’s up With turbulent waves coming right at her, junior Soklyda Long manages to balance herself and remain upright during one of the group’s surfing sessions.

NZ : Routeburn Trek Niu Tirani

full packs Sophomores Jacqueline Geday, Ji Soo Lee and Sheela Ooi show off their full backpacks. Students that signed up for any of the trekking trips had to be prepared to carry several kilos of weight in gear.

pink fiesta Flaunting their pink sombreros, the girls flash their big smiles. The sombreros themselves were an inside joke between the students on the trip.


peace out Showing her excitement, sophomore Hannah Hallenbeck manages to throw a peace sign as she navigates a tough stretch of road. what a view After a long day of hiking, the boys settle down at the campsite to admire the glorious view of the snow-capped mountains.

Jacqueline Geday, Vincent Gurle, Hannah Hallenbeck, John Hartinger, Michael Hsun, Sung Hun Kang, Dong Yub Kim, Joon Ho Kim, Sam Kim, Adharsh Kumar, Nicholas Lau, Ji Soo Lee, Jung Hoon lee, Sheela Ooi, Jesse Scarborough, Jessica Schult, Lauren Smith, Insha Subaiah, Jeeth Suresh, Kathryn Thieneman Sponsors: Brian Hill & Joe Lingle


Salami, Cheddar Tortilla. Spaghetti. Mafia. Mao. Sombreros. Fergburger. Poker pro. Walkie-talkie messages. “Sweet as.” Peanut butter and cheese burritos. “Girls, lock your doors.” The folk.

Interim Semester 287

Niu Tirani

NZ : Milford trek

choice! Taking a break from trekking around, the girls find time to admire the gorgeous view of the mountains behind them.

sweet b(as)s Sophomores Ryan McConville and JinHo Seo stand alongside the “Taming the Trout” sign in Fiordland, New Zealand

PARTICIPANTS Jenny Alberts, Alexander Amstrup, Kanika Chandaria, Michael DeNoma, Ian Foo, Ian Go, Emma Graddy, Jonathan Grant, Peter Hunt, Maya Kale, Carolyn Koh, Samir Lavingia, Ryan McConville, Connor Nechelput, Alexander Schindele, Claire Schollaert, JinHo Seo, Aashman Sharma, Isabella Shaulis Sponsors: Craig Olsen & Jeff Devens


Fergburger. “Wow, mountains!” Man alive! Queenstown. Fire alarm. “Don’t wanna close my eyes.” Moro bars. 5 more hours up ahead. Sandflies. “This is for all the Christians out there...” Aggy’s shack.

waterfall fiends Sophomores JinHo Seo, Isabella Shaulis, junior Jenny Alberts and Kanika Chandaria admire one of the many waterfall encountered during their trek. thug lyfe Sophomores Peter Hunt, Nicholas Lau (Routeburn), juniors Alexander Amstrup, Michael Denoma whip out a “kiwi” 20.

288 Interim Semester

NiuNZ T: Meeting iraniof the nations

roughing it Battling through rough rapids with the guide, the gang tries their hardest not to capsize. White water rafting was one of several of the adventurous activities students participated in during the trip.

touchdown On the first day at the airport, the group meets up with tour guides Tuk and Jordy before heading off on their adventure-filled journey!

PARTICIPANTS Radhika Agarwal, Maria Antonio, Taylor Baildon, Michael Baker, Caroline Barrett, Joaquin Rafael Basilla, Tasha Benfield, Danielle Bergere, Donna Bywater, Kelly Chan, Vedika Chandran, Natasha Chopra, Catherine Chumakov, Rauson Clower, Samantha Conrad, Alexandra Couch, Matt Crema, Nathan Garlick, Shu Ying Khan, Zachary Nelson Sponsors: Kim Criens & Doug Mabie slip n’ slide Starting the trip on a exciting note, junior Matt Crema slides down a makeshift water slide on the first day of the trip


Moaning Myrtle. Kerplunk. Life goal: to knock out a horse in one punch. ISAF. “I am Sam the delivery man!” “Is it true?” Moko. Churrbro. Big Two. Party bus. Hangi. Haka. Shooting stars.

Interim Semester 289

Niu Tirani

NZ : Muddy Wheels

team B and M Racing down the frigid New Zealand Rapids, Brittney Dimond, Maiki Del Rosario, and Andrew Farrell splash water in each others faces.

huckleberry hound Riding “up the down hills” for most of the morning, the group takes a well deserved break.

PARTICIPANTS Sean Auyash, Christopher Chanin, Ana Maria Del Rosario, Nicholai DiBiagio, Brittney Dimond, Sebastien Dornel, Andrew Farrell, Matthew Fay, McKenzie Finchum, Jack McCabe, Tyler Miller, Andrew Milne, Caitlen Monnone, Faizan Nael, Steven Nowak, Rin Okumura, Nathaniel Osachoff, Kyle Sansom, Abby “Flabby” Schmidt, Augusta Soeryadjaya Sponsors: Simon Bright & Jill Friend


“I’m the hobit.” “What do you want to do to your bike?!” “Poli-poli-poli-politician!” 400%. “Is your arm lonely?” Ginga ninja. “Was it a wipe out or a bail?” OG: Orange juice? “Flabby.” “Okay guys, time to go up the down hill.”

290 Interim Semester

secret handshake After conquering a grueling 45 minute uphill, Nick gathers the guys around for a traditional New Zealand bonding handshake. sledging Pulling over to the side of the rushing river, guide Nick teaches the group how to maneuver our sledges down the upcoming rapids.

NZ : T South Island Adventure Niu irani

tree huggers Taking a break from their hike, a group of students finds a tree so they rest their tired legs.

i’m on a boat Juniors Hayley Haaland, Nick Matthews, Taylor Chapman, Linda Kim and Minjoo Lee sport windswept hair as they try their best to smile though chattering teeth.

PARTICIPANTS Philip Anderson, Muhammad Attamimi, Taylor Chapman, Hayley Haaland, Mark Hernandez, Kyung Hyun Hong, Angela Kim, Chai-Yoon Kim, So Yeon Kim, Gu Hyug Kwon, Iris Kwon, Youngjun Kwon, Changhee Lee, Hyun Kyoung Lee, Rose Lee, Heather Lim, Nicholas Matthews, Hye Yeon Shin, Minjae Sohn, Kellie Womack Sponsors: Kent Knipmeyer & Susan Carter ice ice baby Stepping in frozen slush, everyone piles into the narrow glacier to experience life as an icecube.


“Who wants to eat ice-cream?” Womanizer. “Epitome of lame.” Koreans. The dark alley. Mafia. “Hot air rises.” #9. Card games. The Avatar dance. L & P. “Sorrisorri.” Man-hunt. Knippy. Teach me how to jerk. “~~~”

Interim Semester 291

Austria & Hungary Ö sterreich & Magyarorszáag

getting the facts Seniors Ken Sweigert and Chelsea Leonard, listen to a little history of the square as the trip’s tour guide explains the significance of the area.

rollin like a g Senior Samantha Koh and junior Jiselle Magbanua bundle up in the cold in-front of a wall of graffiti art. Public art such as graffiti is popular in these parts of Europe.

PARTICIPANTS Aabir Gupta, Alvi Hasan, Mitch Hulse, Natasha Irani, Mishal Iyer, Myung-Ji Kang, Min Ji Kim, Samantha Koh, Gabriel Lee, Kyung Jin Lee, Young Rock Lee, Chelsea Leonard, Aisling Leow, Karina Lo, Jiselle Magbanua, Rachel McCabe, Non Okumura, Jenny Shin, Ken Sweigert, Yoo Young Yoon Sponsors: Shelly Donahue & Phillip Green


Ken’s eternal love. Asian group. Ice skating. “Don’t follow Mr. Green!” Laquisha. “Marry rich.” “Naht.” Teachers = Snowball shields. Dance off. “Wanna play some Rhythm Heaven?”

292 Interim Semester

chillin’ Seniors Gabriel Lee, Alvi Hasan and Ishan Gupta stand underneath an arch for a photo during one of their trip’s tours despite the freezing cold.


the boardwalk Seniors Kabilan Pillay and Sharukh Saleem sit with sponsor Jack Fee chilling on a boardwalk in Bursa, Turkey overlooking the sea.


all smiles Some of the senior girls huddling together for warmth in front of the sea in the evening.

PARTICIPANTS Benjamin Adickes, Nisha Duara, Cecilia Gregg, Jennifer Ho, Audrey Hsia, Christian Hvide, Christopher Kuan, Brandon Lay, Christie Lee, Cameron Lower, Michelle Magsamen, Gabe Malaki, Brittany McConville, Christina Nowak, Amanda Ongko, Bertrand Peh, Kabilan Pillay, Sharukh Saleem, Indira Saraswati, Carolyn Yan Sponsors: Don Adams & Jack Fee downpour Seniors Cameron Lower and Christopher Kuan stand by the exit of the incredible Hagia Sophia- holding up a pink umbrella and joking about being pregnant as rain pours down.


Doner kebabs. “What you know about me?” BA words of wisdom. “Do you want to change my life?” “This way is the best way!” DENSITY. “Welcome to Grand Bazaar, can I help you spend your money?”

Interim Semester 293



snowfall Juniors Megan Trgovich, Sofia Van Tilburg, Seira Wade and senior Thomas McCarvel enjoy the change in temperature from the Singapore heat by munching on some snow.

think fast Seniors Kevin Kim and Nishant Hardikar play a dangerous game of catch the giant ice cube. It’s all fun and games until someone crushes a foot.

PARTICIPANTS Nishant Hardikar, Ray Harless, Dong Hyun Kim, Jong Chan Kim, Kyung Ryun Kim, Yun Hoi Koo, Calvin Law, Young Seo Lee, Daniel McCarvel, Thomas McCarvel, Ria Mehta, Greg Morgan, Robert Morris, Matthew Rock, Nandini Srinivasan, Ritesh Talwar, Megan Trgovich, Sofia Van Tilburg, Seira Wade, Jia Wei Yee Sponsors: Rebecca Clark & Kelly Nash


“Say AHHH!” Bromance. German mugging. Hofbrauhaus. Sausages and sandwiches. Ray’s corner. The cold. Seira’s face.

294 Interim Semester

frosty in germany Students visited many of the popular sights in Berlin, including the Berliner Dom, more commonly known as the Berlin Cathedral, pictured here.

& Czech republic PolskaPoland & Ceská republika

huddle up Despite the cold on the way down from Petrin Hill, seniors Brett Rothberg, Phoebe Clark, Max Shaulis, Olivia Auerbach, Shannon Barge, Mina Zorrilla and Edward O’Connell huddle together.

schlecki “Schlecki” the group’s knowledgeable tour guide directs and talks of Prague’s grand city history, pointing out impressive monuments. Seniors Michael Osachoff, Timothy Tan and Max Shaulis laugh as he runs off information like no other.


oh, hey there After eating a quick lunch at a local cafe at the top of Petrin Hill, seniors Sid Mishra and Tatianna Nasr talk during their down time.

John Ang, Olivia Auerbach, Shannon Barge, Phoebe Clark, Hayden Marushi, James McAdam, Sid Mishra, Tatianna Nasr, Edward O’Connell, Michael Osachoff, Brian Premkumar, Austin Roark, Brett Rothberg, Suzanne Shaffer, Max Shaulis, Aditya Subramaniam, Timothy Tan, Ali Ukani, J.D. Ward, Mina Zorrilla Sponsors: Steve Early & Mark Guggisberg


“Concentrate!” “Quickly!” “Hurry!” Oh, Dave. “Look down at Prague... NOW!” Onion soup dilemma: cream or no cream? Goulash. Bread dumplings. Schlecki. The stairs. Wuduuuuup. Overnight train. Brett.

Interim Semester 295



snow angels Seniors Lauren Betts and Brittney Bailey on their last day on the slopes. Students enjoyed a barbecue in the middle of the run.

smile a rainbow Seniors Vincent Adrade, Josh Dwyer, junior Savannah Wingo and senior Jati Darmawan with their instructor after a long day on the slopes.

PARTICIPANTS Vincent Andrade, Brittney Bailey, Lauren Betts, Cody Burkett, Pierre Cassini, Michael Chang, Austin Cox, John Creech, Aryo Jati Darmawan, Brittany Dawe, Scott DeNoma, Dymock Dibb, Dan Dinsmore, Serge Du Preez, Joshua Dwyer, Caitlin Favati, Lauren Felice, James Fickel, Chase Pope, Savannah Wingo Sponsors: Paul Terrile & Dawn Betts


Wonderbar! “Don’t throw ice, ice kills.” Harold’s. Bambi. “Opa!” Single ladies. Mont Fort. “A face only a mother could love.” Les Elfes. “No need to be alarmed.” Love-stained curtains. Hives.

296 Interim Semester

balancing act Skiing veteran senior Lauren Felice shows off a trick all the instructors had perfected. She looked like a pro next to them.


just chillin Seniors Stephanie Anderson, Evan Petty and Belinda Eg catch their breath after a tandem ski race.


go fish Seniors Danica Pizzi and Aditi Abrol get a little squeamish over hooking some maggots in order to go ice fishing out on the frozen lake.

PARTICIPANTS Aditi Abrol, Stephanie Anderson, Alexis Lauzon, Alex Bakshi, Sujoy Bose, Frank Boyd, Christopher Briggs, Yvonne Chen, Michael Conrad, Carson DeBerry, Belinda Eg, Katherina Feng, Connor Murray, Evan Petty, Danica Pizzi, Amith Ravindar, Max Robertson, Alex Rossinsky, Andrew Wilson, Kohei Yamashita Sponsors: Mario Sylvander & Tomomi Tanabe speed demon Senior Frank Boyd demonstrates his need for speed as he skis down the slopes of Kiruna, Sweden.


Michael Conrad. The Northern Lights. All-nighter in Bangkok. Igloos. Hot pads. Kotas. Dogsledding. The official Interim Fight Club. -30째C. Free cookies and candy. Ice-fishing.

Interim Semester 297



the sun god

Juniors Karisa Sukamto, Jasmin Timan, Jia Sung, Sejal Singh, and Sarah Thieneman take in the picturesque views from atop Apollo’s Temple in Delphi.

water under the bridge

The girls of the trip line up over a bridge in a garden in Athens during a long walk through the city on the first day of their trip.

PARTICIPANTS Nico Daily, Woo Won Jang, Jean Lee, Lauren Lee, Kelsey Lightfoot, Jamie Lim, Kelly Schuster, Sejal Singh, Karisa Sukamto, Jia Yu Sung, Stephanie Tan, Sarah Thieneman, Mayasari Timan, Shachi Tiwari, Clarissa Tjandra, Lacy Uken, Katherine Walters, Karin Weber, Sam Wright, Sung Jun Yoh Sponsors: Joe Thomas & Nanette Ruhter


Room 213. Opa. “Oedipus, the original ____.” Mrs. Ruhter...Mrs. Ruhter... MRS. RUHTER! My little dumplings. What the Hades. “Oh my Zeus!” Teachers thong competition.

298 Interim Semester

a kind soul Senior Woo Won Jang escorts sponsor Nanette Ruhter down the steps of Agamemnon’s Tomb on a dark, wet day. posing with street art Seniors Lauren Lee, Jean Lee, and junior Kelly Schuster stand in front of graffiti art in a market square in Athens.


the Vatican Outside the Vatican, seniors Nicole Widjaja, Lawrence Fan, Franchesca Liauw, Tommy Cheng, Katie Lindholm and Mark Laing huddle up for a shot together. The group was let in for mass, and were able to see the pope.


when in rome Amidst a city tour, seniors Patrina Chan and Lawrence Fan share an umbrella as it rains one early afternoon outside the Colosseum.


et tu Brute Seniors Mark Laing and Tommy Cheng dress in full toga and gladiator costumes, fighting to the death to please the crowds.

Patrina Chan, Tommy Cheng, Pai Hsin Cherng, Lawrence Fan, Marjhan Kausar, Mark Laing, Franchesca Liauw, Sarah Lindholm, Kristine Maramot, Christina Miranda, Shreya Padmanabhan, Neil Parekh, Andrew Picard, Elizabeth Quick, Robert Quinones, Vindhya Rao, Katherine Rualo, Christina Tan, Dev-Vrat Tiwari, Nicole Widjaja Sponsors: Dale Smith & Tracy Meyer


“There’s more.” “The Pope will be on Facebook.” “Your grandmother was up there!” “Nice to meet you, you want to take a bath?” Andiamo! Gelato. Snow. The Colosseum. “Rewind!”

Interim Semester 299

Spain: Exploration

at the stadium Seniors Stephanie Kendall, Ed Sperling, Claudia Thieme and Dylan Howell stand at the top of the Bernabeu, the home of Real Madrid.


rest stop Sitting at the Province Alcoves at the Plaza de España, which is now the center of a number of government buildings, a group of seniors sit and relax during one of their many city tours.

PARTICIPANTS Morgan Deary, Sara Gaines, Dylan Howell, Melissa Huston, Shivika Jhunjhnuwala, Stephanie Kendall, Sung Yeon Kim, Hannah Koh, Nihal Krishan, Allison Lee, Hyun Ji Lee, Kartika Marshall, Natalie Muller, Blake Peters, Rohana Radhakrishnan, Arishma Singh, Mohineesh Singh, Andisya Siregar, Edward Sperling, Claudia Thieme Sponsors: Ian Page & Will Norris


Holaaaa! Blake’s Flamenco dancing. Sword shops. Bridge on the bus. Madrid Stadium. Jetlag. Estadio Santiago Bernabéu. Unlocked bathrooms. Punked.

300 Interim Semester

fountain of youth Seniors Shivika Jhunjhnuwala, Sung Yeon Kim and Arishma Singh visit a town square in the capital of Madrid.


Spain: Immersion

local senoritas Decked out in the local attire, sophomores Nicole Hussy, Madison Klimczak, Monica Scieszka and Alexis Auslander show off their new salsa moves.

salsa Getting introductory salsa lessons from a pro, the students dress up in traditional Spanish attire to show off their newly acquired moves.

PARTICIPANTS Jeanne Almeida, Cameron Arnold-Nevil, Alexis Auslander, Viraj Bindra, Sanuja Bose, Renae Cummins, Nicolas Devine, Bo Hamby, Aidan Hanley, Nicole Hussey, Stephanie Irwin, Katherine Joyce, Tanmaya Kabra, Madison Klimczak, Sanjna Malik, Kelly Murphy, Nicole Ongko, Monica Scieszka, Junko Suzuki, Madison Thain Sponsors: Julie Goode & Tico Oms hold me, jack! Reenacting the famous Titanic scene, junior Cameron Arnold-Nevil spreads his arms and reaches for the wide open scenery.


Flamenco. Glitter. Nausea. Spanking the monkey. Waffle nipples. RFAN. Metrosexuality. Ticoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Magnum face. Eduardo. Starbucks. Rain. Turbulence. Pillow fights. Sailboat. Airplane blankets.

Interim Semester 301

France: Immersion

snow day A first for some, students are ecstatic to be standing in falling snow. Experiencing the cold is one of the highlights of traveling far for interim.


tuning in Listening to the local guide, students are captivated by the rich amount of French art and architectural history.

PARTICIPANTS Puteri Maryam Q Abdul-Rahman, Tessa Bertamini, Aidyn-Joy Bradford, Heather Erdmann, Johannah Goode, Ebony Harris, Annika Hvide, Calvin Kertadjaja, Sasha Kingsley, Murray Livingston, Andrew Lydens, Sangeetha Madhavan, Jane Petty, Lucy Pickering, Natalie Quach, Quin Reidy, Maria Riabtchenko, Alix Ryan, Marietta Tanudisastro, Ismini Tsakiris Sponsors: Christina Popowski & Laurence Patrick


High five... Peacock! Bones. Game Ober. Eleven/ Hola. What can make a hippopotumus smile? Pantalons! Freezing. Glow. Snow. Eiffel tower. Metro. Lumberjack song. The final supper. Slice. 20 ?’s

302 Interim Semester

le château With fresh powder of snow on the ground, the group stands in front of the magnificent Palace of Versailles. l’arc de triomphe After a long tiring day of shopping, the group still has time for sightseeing, including at the famous Arc de Triomphe.

中国 Asian Cultural Cruise

medals ftw Juniors Haddie Hamal, Josh Andrew Magbanua, Leonel Cray De Velez, Sarah Ennis, Hayes Kimball, Elizabeth Conklin show off their medals in front the rock climbing wall on board the ship.

uno Juniors Kartik Das, Leonel Cray De Velez, and Kyle Forgeron play an intense game of Uno during their free time.

PARTICIPANTS Miracle Anderson, Adam Boothe, Ryan Carbon, Akshay Chalke, Nicholas Chao, Elizabeth Conklin, Kartik Das, Leonel Cray De Velez, Natasha Desai, Alexander Ellsworth, Sarah Ennis, Christiane Fong, Kyle Forgeron, Gene Grant III, Haddie Hamal, Jason Hjelm, Hayes Kimball, Charles Lindholm, Josh Andrew Magbanua, Sook Hyun Moon Sponsors: Duane Melsom & Kim Melsom bro it out Best of friends, juniors Hayes Kimball and Adam Boothe stand in front of a temple in Taiwan.


ALF. Free food! “They didn’t give me a wake up call.” “I’m on a boat.” “I’m swaying without a ship.” Optix. Big Loser. FroYo. Lean on me.

Interim Semester 303


China A

all for one! Sophomores Hye Im Jeong, Amanpreet Gill, Saya Kashiwamura and Fah, aka “the four musketeers” explore one of Mao’s favorite gardens in Hangzhou.

the comedians Sophomore comedians Mark Lim and Albert Stanley (aka awkward panda) goof around with Aman Gill, Emily Nelson and Kayla Utama in front of a Terracotta warrior in Xi An.

PARTICIPANTS Megan Dauenhauer, Simon Filice, Kathryn Fischer, Octavia Fuller, Amanpreet Gill, Hye Im Jeong, Marnfah Kanjanavanit, Saya Kashiwamura, Daniel Kelley, Christopher Leong, Mark Lim, Colin Lo, Haley Naughton, Emily Nelson, Cameron Noble, Nicolas San Jose, David Shaffer II, Christopher Sio, Albert Stanley, Kayla Utama Sponsors: Mike Norman & Rick Silverman


Hotel tag. Awkward panda. “Did they send me daughter...when I asked for sons...” The lumberjack song. “Quel-que fois, je suis une banane!” Incognito. Pandasaur vs Manzilla!

304 Interim Semester

terra-cotta army

Students witnessed the essence of the terracotta warriors from the Mausoleum of the First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty. The tour through the mausoleum, or tomb of the dead, was just one of the many tours led by the tour guides of the trip.

中国 China: Community Service

tech savvy! Celebrating their successful find, students show off their expert geocaching skills. After the trip the group became proficient in the use of GPS.

lift off Freshman Angela Wang practices her rock climbing skills as she scales up a mountain in the picturesque Yangshou region.

PARTICIPANTS Lakshmi Batachari, Megan Birdsell, Katherine Blakeman, Ji Weon Byun, Courtney Chambers, Kelsey DeBerry, Daniel Deluty, Alexander DiBiagio, Theresa Ellsworth, Christian Gilbert, Paul Gregg, Philip Hewitt, Meghna Lall, Karen Routhier, Nicholas Stearns, Celine Van Zadelhoff, Angela Wang, Kevin Wang, Kei Yoshikoshi, Austin Yu Sponsors: Paul Welsh & Jerry Szombathy boxed lunch Lunch is always a social gathering. The group gets together for a quick lunch in a cave with a conveniently placed stone table.


“So dry.” “Like a bobsled?” “Don’t forget to breathe.” Gotcha. The Chi master. Rock, paper, scissors for strawberries. So mainstream. Stomach flu. “Four of a kind?!” Ninja wolves. Too fast to be true.

Interim Semester 305


China: tiger leaping gorge

fear of heights? Stopping for a breather, the group is perched precariously on the edge of a cliff with only a rickety fence to stop them from falling over.

set up in lights Showing off their camera skills, everyone manages to stay still for the long exposure shot while adding a nifty light show displaying the name of their trip.

PARTICIPANTS Jared Broadman, Nicole Chan, Alistair Chew, Joshua Choe, Matthew Dee, Alicia Elms, Dylan Goulding, Angela Hawthorne, Lauren Jung, Amar Kaul, Daniel Kim, Alexander Korn, Alexander Leonard, William Pazos, Nicolas Gillian Razon, Ciaran Ross, Ding Yu Wee, Victor Wu, Forrest York, Amanda Zakowich Sponsors: David Rops & Tim Zitur


Zitur’s hats. Zitch goat. Empire. Egg & tomato. Hats. Beef beef beef beef, I love beef. Yum Yum. Egyptian Ratscrew. Cold mornings. Rocky the rock. Pineapple patrol. Make me a sandwich. Bromance.

306 Interim Semester

don’t rock the boat Split in half, the group sticks to their side with no sudden movements in order to avoid capsizing the boat.

香港 Hong Kong: eco challenge

blown away One of the many eco friendly devices seen during the trip, the group gathers here to observe a wind turbine.

tents up Successful in pitching their tents, sophomores Kasey Waychoff, Elizabeth Creech, Katelyn Fink, So Jin Park Arriel Vaz will stay protected from the wet, foggy nights.

PARTICIPANTS Vincent Asselin Lauzon, Adam Bergere, Rohan Bharvani, Elizabeth Creech, Rohan Desai, Liam Du Preez, Katelyn Fink, Dylan Flippo, Christopher Fong, So Jin Park, Carter Peeler, Alexandre Roche, Maximilian Rossinsky, Pramana Sanusi, Nicholas Sardjono, Iishaan Shekhar, Evan Steinke, Arriel Vaz, Tanay Venkateswaran, Kasey Waychoff Sponsors: David Dixon & Aaron Couch safety first Sophomore Katelyn Fink gets strapped up to her harness by the rock climbing instructor as she prepares to scale the cliffs with the ocean waves crashing below her.


“Where mah bucket?” Cheerios. The attack position! “There’s a shoe in the fan...” Robo-Rockstar. Rohan’s tip of the day. “Double time!” Nature Valley bars. Bedbugs. “What is happiness?” “You would.”

Interim Semester 307



doing it wrong Sophomore Adam Reed seems to have trouble mastering the art of eating with chopsticks

the passing The group takes one last shot with the children of Sok Sabay before they leave the orphanage.

PARTICIPANTS Sadhana Bala, Matthew Djuang, Victoria Jackson, Jieho Kim, Joseph Kwee, Katelyn Leong, Renata Lumanau, Kyong Tae Min, Nayantara Mullick, Daniel Northwood, Ki Peum Park, Adam Reed, Jeffrey Scott, Ragini Shyamsunder, Tarush Sinha, Sachith Siriwardane, Mishti Sivaramakrishnan, Kylee Southwell, Krutika Umashankar, Pia Wong Sponsors: Dale Ford & Doug Neihart


Renata’s baboon face. Plucking Tarush’s unibrow. Joseph and heartbeat. I will cut you. I wanna touch you. “Where’s Jason?” Peace sign Mr.V. “Ah! It’s coming!” Building houses. Truth or dare.

308 Interim Semester

angkor what? Sophomore Mishti Sivaramakrishnan, Freshmen Kylee Southwell, Pia Wong, Jeffrey Scott and Daniel Northwood at Angkor Wat


india: rishikesh

pit stop Sophomores Scott Smith and Hangil Chung stop for a minute to catch their breath after a long day riding their trail bikes.

hey! over there! Everyone stops and looks as the driver pulls over to point out some unique wildlife on the side of the road.

PARTICIPANTS Ami Baba, Robert Barber, Marcus Campbell, Maggie Cham, Youn Jae Choi, Hangil Chung, Yoo Jin Chung, Jose Ma Gabriel Escaler, Dakota Fink, Trent Thomas Fish, Madeline Kotarski, Ishan Krishan, Valerie Kwee, Aishwarya Oberoi, Scott Smith, Owen Sperling, Nastassja Suri, Richard Vargo, Kar Yin Yu, Yi Hang Zhu Sponsors: Karl Wischki & Amy Ferguson sun salutations Loosening their joints, sophomores Nastassja Suri, Magie Cham and Ami Baba stretch themselves to the limit with their newly acquired yoga skills.


Kim Il Sparkles I & II. Owen. Yoga. Raft wars. Ganges River. Jeep ride. Worms. Happy dance! “You are sinless.” Rob & Maddy. “Girls!” Snow Leopard sucks. Volleyball. Shopping trip. Railroad tracks.

Interim Semester 309


Northern India

woolen pants Freshmen Meaghan Cole and Amanda Alberts with sophomores Cassidy Dimond and Cassi Miller sing “party in india” at a bonfire.

taj mahal

Sophomore Cassidy Dimond and freshman Rathana Pen-Amelio, Min Jee Kim, Yuan Liem and Hannah Blundon stop at the entrance of the Taj Mahal

PARTICIPANTS Amanda Alberts, Hannah Blundon, Lacy Burkett, Morgan Cawthon, Monica Chritton, Meaghan Cole, Cassidy Dimond, Hannah Hunt, Min Jee Kim, Yuan Fang Liem, Cassi Miller, Emma O’Connell, Shelby Patanella, Rathana PenAmelio, Katherine Penniall, Daniel Ramachandran, Yoon Woo Rhee, Shane Soetaniman, Michelle Varinata, Aaron Yappert Sponsors: Roy Tomlinson & Kris Ganske


“Slowly, Slowly.” Travel Bible. “I was thinking” “Howl howl.” Curry. The carnival. Skits. Zip line. Oatmeal. Cold showers. Freezing pool. “Party in India!” Bargaining at the market. Camels.

310 Interim Semester

ready, set, zip Sophomore Katherine Penniall and freshman Meaghan Cole suit up in preparation to zip down the longest zip line in Asia. rickety ride Sophomore Emma O’Connell and Shelby Pantanella hitch a ride on the local rickshaw to cut down on travel down and see more sites.


gettin’ down Demonstrating their boogying skills, several students jump up to the roof of the bus for all to see.

South India

hold it During some early morning yoga, students practice poses including the inversesideways-highup-leg-strechercise.

PARTICIPANTS David Brennan, Rafaelle Luis Castano, Matthew Conklin, Felicity Dunbar, Andrew Engen, Rachel Fulton, Cathryn Harvey, Julie Martin, Alexandra McConaghy, Alsha Meidina, Isabelle Mulder, Vikas Rajgopal, Melanie Shea, Kiran Siddique, Tara Sivaskandan, Jessica Smart, Saoli Suzuki, Megan Talon, Feiyu Xie, Pablo Zorrilla Gonzalez Sponsors: Rick Bisset & Clay Burell dirt devils Modeling atop a termite mound, the students take a break from the warm Indian sun to have a few laughs.


My Name is Khan. “Yes” -LMFAO. Auroville. Jam spillage. 5 AM sunrise. “I lost my pants!” “I’m from Texas and I know how to use a gun.” “I’m from Iowa and I know how to use a tractor.”

Interim Semester 311


india: rajasthan

dune buddies Everyone celebrates after a long arduous climb up the side of a sand dune.

overnight train All stuffed in a cabin on a train, the group prepares to settle down in order to wait out the overnight ride.

PARTICIPANTS Karel Putra Abdi, Nicole Albrecht, Stefanie Chan, Yen Hua Chan, Bonnie Chiu, Christy Chiu, Olivia Ding, Chen Ju Hou, Karan Kant, Edward Khoo, Bo Kyung Kim, Hui Fang Koh, Jong Won Koh, Dong Woo Lee, Stephen Long, Yun Jee Nam, Varagunan Satchithanandan, Abraham Selby, Anbita Siregar, Michele Verdoscia Sponsors: Karen Olah & Frank Olah


Overnight train ride. Babu. Egyptian Ratscrew. “The Golden City.” Red Fort. “Oh my my!” Camel rides at sundown. Hot bucket shower. Forgetting Yun Jee. No shower for 2 nights. Market of confusion.

312 Interim Semester

befriending locals Sophomore Nicole Albrecht befriends a local merchant. The group had lots of spare time to wander the numerous marketplaces and buy souvenirs.


india: dharamsala

bleh time Juniors Barbara Hoffer, Julia MacMeekin and April Hand take a break from their grueling hike, making some faces to relieve the soreness.

local touch Juniors Antonio Valenzuela, Julia MacMeekin, Barbara Hoffer, Kriti Agarwal, get acquainted with the locals they meet at their campsite.

PARTICIPANTS Kriti Agarwal, Natasha Anthony, Khrishina Carpio, Yee Ching Cheng, Hyung Yul Choi, Christopher Choo, Serena Grace, April Hand, Barbara Hoffer, Sagar Kalia, Vaishnavi Krishnan, Randall Leung, Han Young Lim, Ta-Wei Lin, Jackson Liu, Marcus Maceyko, Julia Camille MacMeekin, Clement Ng, Antonio Andres Valenzuela, Akshay Venkatesh Sponsors: Mark Devine & Nathan Schelble peace out! After touring the Red Fort in New Delhi, juniors Clement Ng, Sophia Cheng and Vaishnavi Krishnan cool off from the hot Indian sun.


A cow in the middle of a trek - only in India. “I am not showering, we have our whole lives to shower.” Cricket in the village. “Lassi.” Number game. Color game. Hotpads. “Deli Beli.” “I can’t hold it!”

Interim Semester 313


Bintan: Service & Survival

say hello to my little friend

Gearing up for the upcoming competition, students gets psyched up to go paintballing, one of the many activities the group participated in during their trip.

suited up Rushing to pile on the boat, the group gets ready to embark on a river cruise in search of more fun and adventure.

PARTICIPANTS Luke Abdelnoor, Alexandre Berenger, George Bock, Albert Chen, Carlos Antonio Datu, Elina Filice, Jane Foo, Christopher Gan, Raghav Kumar, Ayushman Lahiri, Rachel Law, Chelsea Lin, Raylen Margono, Matthew Mikrut, Michael Mikrut, Stanzin Namgyal, Timothy Ng, Matthew Ooi, Justin Ou, Joseph Phuong, John Roberts, Sung Bean Son, Grant Thain, Brandon Zhang Sponsors: John Johnson & Sara Heerens & Mary Johnson


Team challenge pyramid. ATV. Hardcore enviornmentalists. Pranks. Geocashing. Bee Wariors. “It’s chicken... right?” Nasi Lemak... Nasi Lemak. Squat showers. Make a circle. Share victory; share defeat.

314 Interim Semester

wheeeee Everyone watches anxiously from below as they wait their turn to go on the zip line.


line-o-lantern Getting a closer look at the traditional shop houses, the group meanders through the cobbled streets of old Japan.


colorful shops One of the many brightly decorated shops that line the streets of Japan.

PARTICIPANTS Anne Marie Hamby-Real, Kelvin Lim, Retika Majed, Samantha Martin, Haani Mazari, Linsey McMullen, Michael Onischuk, Sung Min Park, Jose Angelo Perucho, Courtney Poli, Nishant Rajkumar, Sebastian Savage, Matthew Shen, Dustin Sodano, Anthony Sridjaja, Saachi Subramani, Yi Ling Tung, Daryle Utama, Isaac Virshup, Felix Wong Sponsors: Micha Roach & Troy Blacklaws hey geisha The group get a rare chance to encounter geishas in full costume and makeup. Here, the intricate makeup on their back can be seen.


Chasing down the geisha. “No underwear in the onsen!” Riding the pirate ship. Daryle at the girls’ school. “This game is harder than Calc!” “I just got owned by the beast.” “You can’t beat the shen-sei.”

Interim Semester 315


Malaysia: Island in the Sun

glare away Regretting to bring sunglasses, students shade their eyes from the bright Malaysian sun.

amputee Spending the whole day out playing in the water, the girls burry each other past the knees in the cool night sand to smooth their sunburns.

PARTICIPANTS Yana Demeester, Katherine Fickel, Jessica Hartman, Michael Ketchum, Sarah Mallard, Tayla Marsh, Danielle Martin, Emily Martin, Lauren McMullen, Shreshth Mehrotra, Saki Mihori, Aysha Nesbitt, Karlmaine Revillo, Yeong Gyeong Son, Isabella Speciale, Laken Sylvander, Vanessa Vargo, Sana Vasi, Shang-Ju Wu Sponsors: Jim Baker & Brian Donalson


Bobby fish. Mao card game. Spiders. Outside shower. Prank wars. Sensei. Maggie. Whatever/Watchout. Turtles. House of Horrors. Lord of the Flies. Yes! Tik Tok.

316 Interim Semester

go fish Sophomore Shang-Ju Wu and freshmen Vanessa Vargo engage in a friendly card game during their free time.

ने पाल

Nepal: Annapurna

hey kids Junior Jennie Park meets several children during a stop in a local village, teaching them a few tricks and throwing a few faces to keep them entertained.

snowball war With the abundance of snow, snowballs were a constant threat as various members of the group never missed a chance to pelt others.

PARTICIPANTS Abigail Gigante, Hannah Guggisberg, Wook Her, Carley Kennedy, Rebecca Kreutter, Kevin Lancon, Min Jae Lee, Mary Lieberman, Jessica Lin, Jeremy Lincoln, Erin Lynch, Hannah Milton, Jennie Park, Sarshan Pather, Kerry Remson, Anna Rinehart, Becka Ruan, Ray Xu, Wallis Frances Young, Leah Zulkoski Sponsors: Fred Crawford & Martha Began watch your step With the trail full of snow and ice, the group had to be careful with where they step to avoid slipping and sliding.


Racial slurs. Poon hill. Mama milky. Full house vs flush. Wook her. Raj. Annapurna’s Next Top Model. Korean dance-off. Pocket God! Namaste, Sati. “Why are you talking to your water bottle?”

Interim Semester 317


Nepal: Everest

man up Expressions vary from anxious to downright fearful as the group prepares to begin their hike up to Mt. Everest.

peek-a-boo Juniors Gainya St.Clair and Brandon Meehan share a rickshaw as they travel the streets of Nepal admiring the sights and sounds.

PARTICIPANTS Celeste Marsh, Brandon Meehan, Devansh Pasumarty, Keigo Sasaki, Dineth Siriwardane, Klevrin Sitohang, Kristen Skill, Gainya St.Clair, Victoria Stanley, Brandon Steinke, Philip Van Zadelhoff, Javier Vesga, Jacqueline Wait, William Walling, Wesley Waychoff, Alexander Wong, Dan Yamamoto, Chun Fang Yang, Christian Yenko, Rodrigo Zorrilla Gonzalez Sponsors: Keith Hynes & Eric Burnett


Intercontinental. Pimba’s DDR. Defecation. Vaseline. Choudi. Frozen Underwear. Yenko yodel. Keigo’s eatathon. Dutch. Yak Sizzler. Gainya’s nasal drip. snowball hypocrite Hynes.Bridgophilia. MSG

318 Interim Semester

towering high Juniors Javier Vesga and Celeste Marsh along with sponsor Eric Burnett share an amazing view together with the towering Himalayas in the background.

Northern Vietnam Viet Nam

traditional gals Still sporting their traditional outfits, the local Vietnamese women graciously greet the group as they make a quick stop at their village.

fruity art Freshman Carsten Bahl next to an artfully carved watermelon which he pretends to have carved by himself.

PARTICIPANTS Margaret Abeles, Lianne Adamopoulos, Ahilan Amirthanayagam, Carsten Bahl, Emma Bryans, Sophia Bustamante, McKenna Donahue, Alexander Dunderdale, Ryan Dunn, Carrie Dwyer, Ceilidh Evans, Mehek Gidwani, Stephanie Hao, Lea Jackson, Sonia Parekh, Laura Prudhomme, Eleni Rigopoulos, Katelyn Rowatt, Claudia Vesga, Morgan Wait Sponsors: Beth Kramer & Michael Stagg stagg(iant) Sponsor Michael Stagg emphasizes his towering height as he greets two local Vietnamese in a friendly yet a bit intimidating manner.


The Stagonator! Hotel hide and seek. Meeting the oldest, cutest lady in the tribe. â&#x20AC;&#x153;All the lonely people, where do they all come from? All the lonely people, where do they all belong?â&#x20AC;? Hanoi Hilton.

Interim Semester 319


Philippines: House Building

manly men The boys show off their muscles as they take on the test of removing rubble from the worksites.

bricks-fest The group hard at work under the sun laying cement and bricks. The process is then repeated another couple thousand times.

PARTICIPANTS Melad Bassiri, Lauren Beck, Ameya Benegal, Cooper Ehrendreich, Jacob Issenberg, Shruti Jayakumar, Hayoung Joh, Seong Hyun Ju, Hyo Bin Kang, Shoko Oda, Kyle Pizzi, Abbygail Quick, Carly Ragsdale, Tobias Ringheim, Andrew Roberts, Scott Rozen-Levy, Edward Thome, Marissa Tinger, Mateo Villegas, In Who Yeon Sponsors: Mark Swarstad & Eddie Bywater


“I gotta feeling.” The goat. The “Shruti experience” and the “Shruti shuffle.” Bogo: The best village with the best people. “Nobody, nobody but chew.” Mama Em.

320 Interim Semester

4x4 Perched atop a jeep, the group on top hangs on for dear life as it zooms to its destination.

Philippines: Changing Lives Pilipinas

spare time Sharing some of the photos she had taken, sponsor Linda Clarke sits with a few of the teenagers from Stairway at a waterfall while the rest of the group goes swimming.

street children Taking a tour of some of the Filipino slums, students make a stop to play games with the local children.

PARTICIPANTS Elizabeth Albanese, Joseph Alley, Kendall Covington, Caitlin Crowe, Kancana Dasgupta, Sneha Easwaran, Madeline Jackson, Yun Joo Lee, Jisheng Liu, Samuel Maus, Sonia Mirchandani, Eunice Ng, Czarina Oyad, Jeffrey Qiu, Jeffrey Sabol, Varun Sharat, Shreya Soota, William Stolarski, Melissa Stratton, Yu Jian Wu Sponsors: Trevor Sturgeon & Linda Clarke lending a helping hand Helping female teenagers, the group visits a shelter in the Philippines. The women they helped came from off the streets and the kids learned about their life stories and past.


Mosquito nets. Mosquitoes, mosquitoes. Sleeping in the attic. 6:30 in the morning. “We are the children, we are the future!” “Hey guys, can I use your shower?”

Interim Semester 321


Taiwan’s Treasure Island

don’t lose grip Catching the fresh ocean breeze, freshmen Young-Min Kim, Kwang-Hyun Oh and Young Ju Sohn look out across the South China Sea.

DDR Learning some traditional Taiwanese dance moves, freshman Murli Mahesh trade his clothes for more traditional ones.

PARTICIPANTS Alexander Campbell, Jun Yan Chan, Matthew Chang, Sae Hyoung Chang, Hyung Won Cho, Felicia Danielle, Lorraine De Velez, Young-Min Kim, Murli Mahesh, Kwang-Hyun Oh, Alejandro Piguillem, Ashton Pope, Silvana Prieto Quintero, Sudeep Raj, Alyssa San Jose, Seo Yeon Shim, Young Ju Sohn, James Stanley, Elton Wang, Yonghan Wu Sponsors: Yolante Pan & Cindy Bai


Taipei 101. Walking, walking, and more walking! “Chao-fan!” Karaoke. Murli <3 Ashton. “There were two worlds--- NO, three!” “I see dead people.” Eternal flames. The lighthouse.

322 Interim Semester

costal view The gang stops for a moment to look at the sea on the coast off Taiwan. They have finally reached the end of the island after long hours of travel.

Thailand: Adventure Racing ประเทศไทย

road rage Freshmen Farhan Attamimi and Tobin Hamby burn some rubber tire threads as they speed down the road.

easy as 1-2-3 During the trip, the students watch and learn how to make traditional baskets the old fashioned way.

PARTICIPANTS Zachary Ang, Muhammad Farhan Attamimi, Tyler Auslander, Carlitos Xavier Basilla, Andrew Blackmon, Ethan Cheng, Gregory Chumakov, Andrew Crema, Sean Gallagher, Tobin Hamby, Erica Huston, Ai Lin Hyde, Benjamin In De Braekt, Kengo Itakura, Shashank Jejurikar, Yoon Ho Jo, Eric Kerger, James Khoo, Dong Young Kim, Daniel Lyons Sponsors: Mike Molly & Lehing Tu jump for joy Freshmen Tobin Hamby perches precariously on the edge off the bridge seemingly preparing to jump.


“Touch my DJ.” Kengo the Ninja. Piak the Legend. So many bugs. Jumping off a bridge. Man in the mirror. “GET IT OFF!” “I want my mommy.” Monk cave. River Kwai.

Interim Semester 323


Thailand: beginning scuba

i’m on a boat Heading off to a secluded dive site, untouched by humans, the gang recuperates in the sun before the big dive.

sea life After roaming the ocean floor, two students happen upon a wild sea turtle. Living up to 80 years, the wild sea turtle is native to this region of Thailand.

PARTICIPANTS Ford Avery, Ambrose Cheung, Michael Hoefling, Katy Kaestner, Katherine Keefe, Patrick McFetridge, Nicholas Muller, James Onischuk Febyan Rustandi, Tarini Singhania, Piyush Talwar, Hans Thieme Sponsors: Paula Silverman & Mimi Molchan


“I’m on a boat!” “Keep your regulator in your mouth!” Phi Phi Island. Being 60ft under. “Microscopic!” “I’mma bee.” Patong. Tik Tok. Getting certified. Sharks, sea-snakes, and poisonous fishes.

324 Interim Semester

all smiles Freshman Nicky Muller, sponsor Paula Silverman and Michael Hoefling along with the rest of the group head off to the dive site. cast off Gearing up for the dive, students check on their gear, inflates their BCD and put on fins. This routine became second nature for the week they were out on the water.

Thailand: habitat for humanity ประเทศไทย

solid as a brick After spending a week building this brick house, students stand on the scaffolding to insure its stability.

foxhole Sophomores Gordon Lo, Rahul Gomez and Matthew Rees along with freshman Joshua Cho fortify themselfs in a hole with pickaxe’s and shovels.

PARTICIPANTS Justin Alexander, Isaac Brown, Jonathan Chan, Nicholas Chen, Ping-Kuan Chen, Joshua Cho, Ji Won Choo, Megan Cosgrove, Rahul Gomez, Gabrielle Greaney, Ruby Hohensee, Jae Yong Jung, Lena Jung, Spencer Koh, Hee Kyung Kook, Juhee Lee, Gordon Lo, Athelia Paulli, Dominique Pratt, Matthew Rees Sponsors: Michael Cox & Jean Rueckert brick by brick Freshman Megan Cosgrove works hard applying cement and stone, helping build a home for her designated Thai family. gratifying smiles


“In my head.” ABC games. Shabu-Shabu. Illegal immigrants on the friendship bridge. All you can eat of raw meat. Ice-cream earthquake. “Mix cement!” Ginger. Party in the USA.

Sophomores Ruby Hohensee, Dominique Pratt and Athelia Paulli work alongside each other in erecting a home in the Thai village they were assigned. Most of the day was spent house-building, leaving little time for free time.

Interim Semester 325


Northern Thailand

don’t look down Taking a break from walking, these freshmen Eun Yong Kim and Rachel Jackson decide to take a friendly elephant ride instead.

local pals Freshmen Kaneen Gomez-Hixson and Nandita Baloo got a chance to meet girls dressed in local outfits.

PARTICIPANTS Ayesha Agarwal, Catherine Andrade, Nandita Baloo, Amanda Camacho, Aimee Cheng-Bradshaw, Nico De La Pena, Lauren Fremont, Kaneen Gomez-Hixson, Sophia Greaney, Faran Hannani, William Haryanto, Rachel Jackson, Nikita Jacob, Radhika Kalra, Eun Young Kim, Seung Joo Lee, Candace Perry, Perrin Pierson, Maliha Rahim, Chakrya Veoun-Amelio Sponsors: Philippe Moineau & Yan Shi


Elephant whisperer. “I see it!” Horseradish. Yes. Blackwitch. “Don’t tell me what to do!” Frank & Paulina. Cute married couple. Noob. Bad boys. Stretching. Water bottles. Green laser-pointers. McD’s.

326 Interim Semester

rickety bridge Holding tightly to the bars, students carefully cross a wobbly bridge to visit a local village.

thailand: Sea Kayak ประเทศไทย

paddle hard Everyone has to keep paddling hard in order to keep together and not be washed away by the tide.

party boat Taking a breather from paddling in kayaks, students rock the support boat as they break it down on the roof of the boat.

PARTICIPANTS Abhishek Baral, Daniel Bourgeois, Dennis Chan, Chi-Chan Chen, Mun Sheen Goh, Samuel Kim, Akshay Lalwani, Tamara Lam, Cian Leow, Kathleen Lewis, Spencer Long, Young Oh, Hyo Jin Park, Sandisiwe Ripinga, Georges Roulet Magides, Allen Tsai, Douglas Waterston, Michael Yang, Jimmy Yoon, Amy Yuan Sponsors: Devin Kay & Kristen O’Connor piggyback Junior Cian Leow gets a piggy back ride as Chi-Chan Chen runs through the sand and off the beach.


Michael Yang. Rice balls. Sleeping young. Mosquitoes.

Interim Semester 327


cold butts Juniors Zachary Houle, Nathan Roberts, Ryan Prudhomme and Kelsey LaBranche face a dilemma between resting their sore legs or succumbing to the cold temperatures.


sup buddah Juniors Monica Xie, Ugeun Choi, Emily Lin, Kaori Komatsu, Wei Li and sponsor Paul Koebnick stop to admire the religious relics of Tibet.

PARTICIPANTS Ugeun Choi, Aditi Gang, Nicholas Gentry, Zachary Houle, Yun-Ning Kao, You Jin Kim, Kaori Komatsu, Abhishek Kothari, Hannah L’Heureux, Kelsey LaBranche, Ji Su Lee, Wei Li, Emily Lin, Christy Luong, Ava Mehta, Ryan Prudhomme, Nathan Roberts, Preeti Varathan, Monica Xie, Seo Won Yoo Sponsors: Paul Koebnick & Jason Adkison


“Godslight.” The Hangover and Stepbrothers. Nasty RedBull. Holy Lake. Fireworks on the roof. Photoheaven. Bus rides on the mountains.

party bus Juniors Monica Xie and Yun-Ning Kao kill time on the bus by telling jokes as they travel from sight to sight. nice dress miss

Over the course of the trip, the students got to meet locals dressed in traditional Tibetan clothing.

328 Interim Semester

Tropical Watersports Singapura MEMORIES

Watery. Sun burn. Full of jokes. Body tans. “Hey sexy”. “Sexy Beast”. Fun water. Splish splash. Tan lines.

PARTICIPANTS Tanvi Ahuja, Brittany Bohn, JoyAngelica Sue Chan, Philippa Chanin, Stephanie Chong, Christopher Couch, Wilson Driesens, Jonathan Edwards, Michael Gomez-Hixson, Donghyeok Jung, Marcin Kedziera, Christopher Kennedy, Tae Yeon Kim, Job Lau, Darin Lewis, Sara Lieberman, Nabil Muzayyin, Nikhil Nilakantan, Bryan Quah, Fumie Reyes, Danni Shanel, Matthew Siu,Sarah Slaven, Stephanie Slaven, Gregory Smith Jr, Wendy Sung-Clarke, Pelagio Tecson, Matthew Thomas, Vicente Valenzuela, Nigel Van Broekhoven, Timothy Young Sponsors: Charles Shriner & Sue Nesbitt


Visual Arts MEMORIES The clay flies off the pottery wheel. The pottery jungle. Clapping for Mr. Zul. Fun with Holgas. Arab Street. “Clay clay and more clay!. Scavenger Hunt. Happy Accidents. Relaxing. Merlion. Print-making. Fireflies.


Rica Ang, Soo Kyung Bae, Bianca Barletta, Bonita Buolada Charoenwong, Deniz Evren, Sarah Gabert, Kaho Hashimoto, Willow Johnston, Clare Kang, Carmen Kertadjaja, Nancy Li, Tenny Liu, Teresa Lo, Solange Majewski, Ritika Malkani, Desiree Jean Peh, Anna Louise Quijano, Lauren Richardson, Melody Sun, Kenneth Surajat, Angela Webb, Vanessa Yen, Nallie Yue Sponsor: Barbara Harvey

getting their hands dirty The students got to try their hand at many different art styles-- learning to mould clay was just one. Sophomores Sarah Gabert and Anna Louise Quijano demonstrate their defined skills with the coiling-method.

Interim Semester 329


Digital photography

candids Senior Sasha Jassem takes a shot of her subject while on the group’s field trip to Chinatown

MEMORIES Who’s got what it takes to be my guy?. What it takes to make me shine? What it takes to make this beat flooooooow?. Cheese. Smile!. Snapshot!.

PARTICIPANTS Isabella Boladian, Masatoshi Chang, Elaine Hweiyu Chiu, Mallika Choudhary, Sarah Corona, Devon Darira, Allison Davis, Sasha Jassem, Celine Kwon, Daniel Moore, Quynh Phuong Nguyen, So Yeon Oh, Kento Oimatsu, Camille Orrin Tureikis, Alexis Park, Atikah Scott, Margaret-Anne Smith, Patricia Tecson, Yu Jung Um, Alexandra Valone, Ding Wei Wee, DongWoo Yeon, David Zhu Sponsors: Steve Bonnette & Emi Enomoto


Teacher Apprenticeship MEMORIES Cute second graders. Subway subway. Mr. Hoe food. Chinatown fun!. Number 1 teacher!. 1+1.


star student Junior Joshua Kim diligently watches over his class as one of his students confidently gets up to present his project to his classmates.

330 Interim Semester

Jerone Abueva, Nicholas Ang, Bei Er Cheok, Hyeong-Sun Cho, Mi Sun Cho, Fidella Darmawan, Michelle Gabriela, Noo Ree Kang, Chan Woo Kim, Min Seok Kim, Joorhee Kwon, Joun Yean Lee, Avery Lim, Eric Liou, Tyler Martawibawa, Mizuha Ogawa, Min Ju Park, Samantha Seow, Ye Won Shin, Hye Min Sohn, Victor Tan Sponsor: Amy Zuber-Meehan


Food Trail MEMORIES Nasi Lamak. Chicken Rice. Pepper Crab. Laksa. Ice Milo. Yummy. OMG thats spicy. “Fang Pi. Jay Sean Down.Curry curry curry curry curry curry curry curry curry curry curry curry curry curry curry curry puff.


Vivian Lorraine Agnew, Aditi Anand, Jessie Baicy, Julianne Butt, Kevin Chen, John Goode, Raymond Hohensee, Doojin Huh, Jake Johnston, David Lee, Jonathan Lee, Ryan Martawibawa, Antonio Roberto Martone, Maayan Misra, Richard Nam, Ahren Natarajan, Ryan Ong, Woojin Song, Philip Sutanto, Ryan Suwito, Jonathan Tam, Terence Tien,Yu En Tung, Ashwin Umapathi, Cassidy Wetzell, Holly Wood, Tiffany Yen Sponsor: Erik Torjesen

feasting Junior Richard Nam samples a traditional dish called “popiah” which is a very popular Fujian/Chaozhou-style spring roll common in places like Taiwan, Singapore and neighboring Malaysia.

Adventure Racing Singapura MEMORIES

Paintball. Wavehouse. Kevin & Max’s sentosa adventure. The himalamazon. Skeet. Fail Simulation. Brewerkz breakfast. Laser tag. Henna. Banana boating. Tea eggs. Tree climbing and falling.


Rishabh Aneja, Brenden Baxter, Matthew Bukovitz, Jacob Derksen, Ian Friddle, Sami Fuller, Kimberly Gellenbeck, Surya Giri, Nicholas Gottron, Alistair Graham, Kevin Holt, Bryan Lau, Jacob Noah, Patricia Nocete, Kyle Ong, Kenneth Anjou R Purganan, Apurva Raghupathi, Irene Rozett, Maximillian West, Sung Wook Yang, Jong Hyeon Yoon Sponsors: Dennis Steigerwald & Wenhong Zhu

buckling up Safety comes first as the group prepares to go bouldering. Freshman Bryan Lau and junior Patricia Nocete look on as one of their instructors shows them the ropes, how to belay and how to climb.

Interim Semester 331

Interim Photo Contest 2009-2010

3rd place for people: senior jennifer ho 1st place for people: junior kendall convington

2nd place for people: junior caitlin crowe

1st place for nature/landscape: senior alex bakshi

332 Interim Semester: Photo Contest

1st place for service: senior virgina cucchi

3rd place for service: sophomore lauren beck

2nd place for service: junior jackson liu

2nd place for nature/landscape: senior alex bakshi

Interim Semester: Photo Contest 333

3rd place for nature/landscape: junior sean auyash

2nd place for experimental: freshman atikah scott

334 Interim Semester: Photo Contest

1st place for architecture: senior virginia cucchi

3rd place for experimental: junior sharon yoo

1st place for experimental: senior virginia cucchi 2nd place for architecture: junior alix ryan

3rd place for architecture: junior heather erdmann

Interim Semester: Photo Contest 335

Cecilia Gregg

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Cecilia Gregg

t Ads & In

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Cecilia Gregg

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Cecilia Gregg

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Cecilia Gregg

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Parent Ads 337

Josh Abueva Josh, I want you to know that I am very proud of you and watching you grow has given me so much joy. I admire your drive and determination, I enjoy your sense of humor and I respect how you’ve dealt with the challenges and disappointments you’ve had to take on. Be proud of who you’ve become and what you’ve achieved. I’m happy to see how much you’re looking forward to university... exciting times ahead of you! Expect that many things will be different but I know without a doubt you’re ready... and remember, thick or thin, even with thousands of miles between us, we will always be here cheering you on as we always have. I am grateful everyday for you and your life it well!

Josh Abueva Dear Kuya, I can’t believe you’re going to college! It seems like just yesterday when you were a chubby gummybear that couldn’t climb the rope during P.E. and now you’re all grown up. I’m so happy that you made it to the school you wanted to even though we thought you wouldn’t even graduate. Donde esta Chubbay, I’ll miss you sooooo much. I won’t have anyone to bug anymore... :( Stay safe in college and remember to talk to me still, or else.... Ima smack you. Btw i’m taking your tv and EVERYTHING. Love you Chubbay Love, P.I. ( JeronIe)

Love, Mom

Ben Adickes

Daniel Albanese Danny Albanese How did it happen so fast? Wasn’t it just yesterday that Maddie was cutting the curls off your head and Mom & Dad were rushing you to the hospital to remove the raisins you stuck up your nose?

You’ve risen to the challenges of international living- a life of constant “field trips” and become a more wellrounded, understanding and mature individual for having lived it. For most graduates, going to college is their first major adventure. For you, it will seem just another “normal” part of life. We are proud of your accomplishments, and that in theater you have found a true passion. Your love for acting shows. As you walk an increasing life of independence, remember: live your faith, live what you love, and remember the people who love you. WE LOVE YOU! Mom and Dad

338 Parent Ads

Daniel Albanese

Daniel Albanese

You may have been born in Orlando but Singapore is where you learned about Life.

Daniel Albanese

Congratulations on pushing to make yourself and those around you better and for finding out how good you can truly be. You are well on your way to becoming whatever success you choose.

Miracle Anderson

We have always been, are now and forever will be believers in you, proud of you and the ones who love you no matter where you go or what you do. Mom, Dad, Maddie, Elizabeth, Jack and Michael.

Miracle, these past 4 years have been wonderful, we all love you so much and are going to miss you next year when weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re all apart... even though I (Missa) will be going and living with you. We couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have gotten through these past years without your joy, friendship and advice. Even though we have all been through rough patches you were always there when we needed you the most, thank you. Never forget about your black, white, and red candles :) WE LOVE YOU. -Missa Becca Dy, Mom & Dad

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Stephanie Anderson

Stephanie Anderson

E a sua vez de deixar o ninho e voar com suas proprias asas. Voce leva muitas das cores de nossos dias e sentiremos tanto a falta de sua alegria, de seus bilhetinhos cheios de desenhos, do cheiro de doces assando na cozinha, das cadeiras e mesas sujas de tintas de suas pinturas e do No words can express how proud we are of you for what quarto com roupas you have achieved so far. We watched with admiration espalhadas. Agora how you worked hard to overcome the circumstances vamos desejar de novo and come out stronger and a better person, with courage a bagunca pela casa. Mas sabemos que esta preparada to pursue your dreams. You’ve demonstrated intelligence e madura para enfrentar esta nova fase da vida e sua and talent, perseverance and integrity, maturity and inteligencia, capacidade e determinacao a levarao onde compassion, and this will ensure you continue to improve almeja chegar. Te amamos muito e somos orgulhosos do and succeed whatever the route you choose to follow. que voce alcancou mas principalmente pela linda e forte You have grown so much and have become a beautiful, mulher em que voce se transformou. generous and fun person to be with and we will miss you tremendously. Mummy, Dad, Michael e Philip Mom and Dad

Stephanie Anderson Alexis Asselin-Lauzon Nem acredito que minha irmazinha virou essa linda mulher e ja vai para o College. Te desejo o melhor. Voce e muito especial e estou feliz que agora possamos estar mais proximos, vivendo no mesmo pais. Conte sempre comigo para o que precisar. Te amo, Michael. It feels like yesterday that you were studying Camila’s tarot cards, telling me we would be moving. You are more than my sister, you are my role model and my closest confidant. How I am going to survive without you, I don’t know. What I do know it is that I’m going to miss you sitting on your bed and eating Wheat Thins while watching Glee. I”m positive it won’t end now, but you know that from reading my palm. Love,Philip

This is the end of a journey that leads to a new beginning full of promises. To be your parents has been a pure joy! Seeing you becoming a young adult was one of the most rewarding experiences. You are smart, handsome, athletic and you have such a beautiful soul. We are blessed to have such a fantastic son! The sun is shinning for you and an amazing life lies ahead of you. “Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” -R.W. Emerson Eric & Mylene

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Olivia Auerbach amsterdam • NEWYORK • hongkong • FLORENCE • berlin • SINGAPORE You’re a girl from ALL of these places Since you were tiny you’ve liked to make faces. We’ve known: You’re an actress. You’re our lead, and the fact is – You’re a girl going far, all the way to the stars. You’ll turn into anything you want to, please! And you’ll stop at nothing in search of your cheese. Vegetable, mineral, human or animal, In flight or static, alive, automatic Whatever it says in the script, you’ll be it. Whatever the costume, you’ll wear it with wit. DRAMA QUEEN? Yes! Goes without saying, That’s one part we’re sure you’ll always be playing. We’ll miss your red hair, your noises and laughter Your fans round the world, from here everafter -

Rina Baba

Wherever you go, go with all your heart. Good luck in college, we will always be here for you. Love, Pa, Ma, Ami

We love you! Mama, Papa, Klara, Lou & Flo

Caroline Baicy Caroline, Your mother and I are proud of your achievements and will continue our support while you chase your dreams. We trust that you will remain close to us even though you will be half a world away at college. Remember always your safe secure lake house where you are surrounded by family and good neighbors. This will always be your safe haven. Love, Mom and dad

Caroline Baicy

Hey little sister, You’ve finally made it. You’ll be going out on your own journey and explore the world and discover things about it and yourself. Remember to have fun as well as apply yourself in whatever studies you take. I’m proud of you Carol, making it this far and succeeding in your art. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you or will see you but remember the fun times. Have fun in college but always remember your family. Love, Gary

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Caroline Baicy Carol, Congratulations on graduating! It’s been quite an adventure with you, but now you are going out on an adventure of your own. College! I don’t have any experience graduating so I can’t give you any advice but I wish you the best and hope you have a great time. I hope you cherished your moments as a senior because it only happens once in high school, and when you’re in college you’re back to being a freshman. Anyway I hope you had a great senior year. It’s been fun having you around. Love, Jessie Baicy

Brittney Bailey Words cannot describe how proud I am of you... not just because you’re graduating from high school and now on your way to college, but because of the wonderful person you have become. From the day you were born I knew you would always have a very special place in my heart. I will always treasure those days of “put the arm on my back” ... “flingos and wickers”... and especially shouting “out of Mama’s way!” I wish you happiness, love and success as you continue your journey through this life. Remember that I will always be here for you. I love you to the stars and back, B-Cakes. You will be in my heart forever. Love, Mama

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Brittney Bailey Brittney, As you graduate, we joyously reflect on your path thus far. We witnessed you exploring possible career paths: hairdresser, basketball commentator, Tammy Faye Bakker make-up specialist, ear piercing artist, and even enlisting your family as crash test dummies. We love knowing your friends: some earned status as honorary family members... others earned a special place under the tree. School was always fun: the Colorado knockout, your Pennsylvania IQ discovery, and all the weekend outings in Singapore. Let’s not forget the multiple dress code violations at every level. We treasured most seeing you hone your special talents; your growth as an artist and especially your hesitant first dance to your graceful presence in the spotlight. We love you and are very proud of you. Go BBBBBBBB! Love, Mom & Dad

Brittney Bailey

Beautiful Brittney, our beloved granddaughter. You are a Bewitching, beguiling young lady who is a Blessing to your family and friends; Best big sister to your siblings; Bright, intelligent, inquisitive student; Brilliant, budding artist and sculptor; Breathtaking, dedicated, talented dancer; Brave & accepting in meeting people, places, challenges; Balanced with high standards and principles. We love you and are so proud of you! Nonna and Granddad Glenn

Brittney Bailey Brittney Kalyn Bailey there are a million things I would love to put in here, but I can’t so I will have to stick to the most important. First I would like to thank the creators of Kingdom Hearts, without them we might not have become friends... scary thought! That whole summer could be summed up in the words Kingdom Hearts and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. I also want to say how glad I am that even through your move to the complete opposite side of the world we have remained the closest friends. Your visits here, our visits to Colorado, and my visits to Singapore are the three things I constantly look forward to. I love you southern speaking, greaser pumpkin of a best friend, end of story.

Alexander Bakshi

Brittney Bailey

B, I know we’ve had our ups and downs but I love you! I don’t know what I will do without you next year but I always have my Sumo photo of you to remind me of the fun times we have had. I love you too much for words. Love, Alexis B, I am so happy for you and I am proud to be your brother! Your Gemini twin brother, Teegan B, You are so nice to me! Thanks for loving and playing with me. Love, Sophia BITNE, BITNE, Hold me, luv you, more, sum XXOOXXOO Love, Tristyn Tyne

Shannon Barge

Alex, We are so proud of you! It seems like only yesterday that you learned to walk. For 18 years we have watched you grow, learn and become a remarkable young man. In such a short time you have mastered languages, music, math, and more. We marvel at what you have achieved and are eager to see what you will attain. It is wonderful to witness you reaching your high ambitions. We are fully confident that you have the determination and courage to succeed in whatever you pursue. As Walt Disney said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Shannon Rosie Sparkle Barge. You are the sweet sunshine of our lives! Yes, we’ve kept you spinning– five international moves, nine schools, in three countries! But, through it all you’ve kept smiling and worked hard, with the grace and charm, elegance and humor, compassion and sincerity that you’re known and cherished for. Now it’s your turn to take the pilot seat in your life’s journey. Whatever you decide, we know it will be beautiful, exciting, fun and challenging – just like the one-and-only you!

Love, Dad and Mom

We love you Shannon – you’ll always be our Koala Lou Mummy, Daddy, Billy xxx

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Shannon Barge

Dear Shannon, Your eighteenth, and now your graduation, have been such wonderful opportunities for remembering. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed wandering through my photo collection – reliving all of our adventures since you were born. We’ve certainly had lots of fun together! We’re so lucky to have shared SO MUCH and my wish is that your new adventures as an adult will include many more shared experiences for us both. I send you blessings and wishes for boundless power and joy in your future studies and life choices.

Alexis Bell Well Alexis, this was you in Grade 1, now you are a senior and getting ready to embark on the greatest adventure of your life. We will treasure all those memories of you growing up in Jakarta, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur & finally graduating High School in Singapore. With these life experiences you are truly a citizen of the world, go now and enjoy college & don’t forget to study hard along the way. This will prepare you for anything your future brings you. We are and always will be proud of you and your achievements All our love, Mom, Dad, Gracie & Poppa

Love always, Nina

Laruen Betts

Sumanjeet (Sujoy) Bose

You’ve been dancing through life with a big heart, laughter, a strong character and we’ve loved every minute. Painting the kitchen walls and floor with Braden in Kuwait, sitting on Robert Horn’s head, first bike ride at Samakee Gardens, skiing straight down at Mt. Bachelor and stopping with a face plant, “Love you this much”, Mr. Hamel “What do we do now?”, swimming with Lindsey after school, trips to Phuket with the gang, on the swings with Therese in Bangkok, you and Jessica screaming in soccer, movie star status in India, dead legs, appreciating country music while driving 75mph, XC Captain, Cultural Convention Dance, true to your friends, loved and respected, the best daughter we could possibly have. You da bomb!

Dearest Sujoy, On March 22, 1992, we were blessed with one of our greatest gifts in life – you. Every day since then has been filled with unbounded joy as you have grown to become a loving and dutiful son, caring sibling, good citizen, and true gentleman. Of all the memorable experiences, some truly exemplify the true Sujoy spirit – braving four different schools early on, passionately learning both piano and tabla, caring for two pets, achieving the Eagle Scout rank by 14, excelling at JHU, Stanford, and Cambridge Gifted Youth Programs, adventuring on vacations, and enjoying orthopaedic and colorectal surgery internships. Your extraordinary sense of humour has continuously brightened our lives. You have the gift of winning hearts and minds, and achieving great heights. Keep shining.

Lauren B, we love you! Mama and Dad

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Love, Ma and Baba

Sumanjeet (Sujoy) Bose

Dear Sujoy, Congratulations on reaching this milestone in your life! I am very proud of your accomplishments and I know that you will continue to succeed in your future endeavors and impress everyone with your good nature and aplomb. I could not have asked for a more fun, entertaining, and loving brother. Love, Saideep For sixteen years I have always had you right there with me, and I cannot imagine what life is going to be like without you at home. Congratulations on reaching such great heights. I’m going to miss you so much. I love you, Suj. Love, Sanuja

Frank Boyd Jr.

James Bowers Dear LJ, Congratulations! It’s hard to believe that time has passed so quickly and now you’re headed to college. When we found out that we were moving to Singapore, we had our reservations. You on the other hand, couldn’t wait. From the first day of school, it was apparent that you were going to love it here. Your four years at SAS has been a wonderful experience and has left you with lifelong memories and friendships. It’s been an amazing journey but the best is yet to come. This is just the beginning and we know that each chapter of your life is going to be better than the last. Remember that life is an adventure and it’s yours for taking. Love you, Dad, Mom, Brandon and Christopher

Cody Burkett Cody, If there will ever be a time to dare, to make a difference, to embark on something worth doing, it is now. Not for any grand cause, necessarily, but for something that tugs at your heart, something that is worth your aspiration, something that is your dream. You owe it to yourself to make your days count. Trust in the Lord, follow your passions. Have fun. Enjoy life. We are so proud of you son, and will always be here for you.

Frank I can’t begin to tell you how proud we are of you! It’s hard to believe that soon you will be off to college. You are a big, strong young man with your whole future ahead of you. We have so many great childhood memories with you. Remember that life is not easy sometimes and that you must always try your best and never give up! Watching you play football, rugby and throw the shot put, discus and We love you! Mom and Dad javelin has been a pleasure. I hope that you can continue on the next level. Keep the faith and stay focused and you will be successful in life! Love, Mom & Dad

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Pierre Cassini

Vanessa Ceithamer

Vanessa, Congratulations on your graduation. Hard to believe that our baby will be graduating High School. It seems like yesterday you were our cute little Baby Bop. You have been such a gift to us in your own special way; we love you dearly and are very proud of you. As you go off to I hope you get good grades in college! Don’t get too college please remember stressed! that this is just the Your little bro, beginning of your new Shaun life journey. The qualities you have will take you where you want to go in life and you will always succeed in whatever Congratulations Pierre and good luck in the world of creativity. Let yourself be carried by the enthusiasm of your you put your mind to. We will truly miss you but we will look forward to all the happy times to come as we reunite youth which will be transformed into a bouquet of ideas. Know that the road is long and hard but at the end of effort as a family no matter how far we are apart. there are discoveries. Love, Love, Grandma Mom, Dad and Christal

Alexander Chadwick

Ryan Chan

Dear Alex, You brought us great joy from day one and we have been very proud of you ever since! From your toddler years you amused us with an independent streak and wonderful capacity for laughter. There were unexpected turns of precociousness along the way – we’ll never forget “The monkey on the fence” episode! – but those just made the journey more fun. Watching you develop into a young man and high school graduate has been a fantastic... evolution. As you begin life’s next adventure be confident in the strengths that you have developed as a child of a global community, multi-cultural awareness, versatility, tolerance and a deep well of creativity inside. Wherever your path leads, our love and support are within easy reach.

Ryan, You have always been a boy who follows his dreams and figures out how to make them happen. We are so proud of you for listening to your heart and for never being afraid to ask yourself who you are and where you want to go in life. We admire you for your adventurous spirit and passionate determination and for always giving your absolute best in whatever you do. We are grateful to be blessed with your warmth and laughter and your ever-present smile. We love and support you 100% in whatever journey this great life takes you on.

We Love You Always, Mom and Dad

Love always Mom & Dad.

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Patrina Chan My Darling Trina... Cilla left hardly a year ago and already it’s your turn. It’s so hard to let go. Still, I’m filled with such confidence that with your determination of steel, you will do fabulously well! You’ve always been the daring, independent one, even protecting your older sis as a five year old standing up to a bigger kid at the HK Marina Club, remember? My little princess in pink grew up to be the artist and fashionista of the family. All your siblings run to you on designs and what to wear. It’s always “Ask Trina!” The quiet pillar of strength in the family, you’ve taught us what loyalty means. I’m so very proud of you and will miss you too much my sweet child.. Love you always, Mom

Patrina Chan Dearest Trina, In just a few years you have grown into this beautiful young lady off to college already. As long as I can remember, you’ve always been the confident one who takes over when the situation requires. That’s a rare quality for someone your age, and it certainly is a great prediction of the things to come. Your natural talent for the visual arts, design and photography never fail to impress me. Your unyielding determination and passion will see you to greatness. Picture this future Vogue editorial header: Patrina Chan - Creative Director. You go girl! Love Always, UA

Patrina Chan

Yeng So proud that you have completed an important phase of your learning experience. You will go on to explore many more fascinating aspects of learning and I hope that you will continue to cultivate your unique creative talent. It’s a true gift, which I am sure we will stand by to cheer your successes to come. Sliding down a slide before you could even walk, your school dance at the Repulse Bay Beach, your magnificent art works, and the cakes you baked at home – all seemed to have happened in a blink of an eye. Your eye for beauty and design will open up great avenues for you. Life away from home will be part of your growing up. Live happy and be the best you can. Love, Dad

Patrina Chan

To my little sister & soul-mate for life: I still remember us dancing in our Lion King overalls & singing “When You Believe” before we slept (you’re Whitney remember?!) Now it’s your turn to go out there & OWN the world. I’m SO proud of the person you are... Treens, you are AMAZING. This may sound corny, but sisters like us are different. I’ve cried with you & cried for you. I’ve lived through all your triumphs, tantrums, loves and losses. I know you inside out because you are a part of myself. And so, when you achieve this great victory, friends are delighted - but my whole being is glowing, no, RADIATING with happiness, because I know everything it took to get here. Congratulations Treens. I love you always, CIL

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Patrina Chan Patrina, I don’t even know what I’m going to do now that you and Cilla are both gone. The house is going to be so lonely without you. No one is going to help me do my hair and makeup so well before a special event, or stand up to the bus lady on the morning bus. I’m going to miss you so much. I know that whatever you set your mind to, you WILL accomplish it, and you CAN. Thank you for always being there for me in my times of need, and always pushing me to do my best in everything. An amazing future awaits you! I know it. You deserve it all, Trina. I’ll be right here with you always! Love your littlest sister, Pamela

Jason Chang

Patrina Chan

Dearest Trina, Now that you’re going off to college, I wish I spent more time hanging with you. I’m gonna miss dissing your art work (JK!) You’re actually a really amazing artist, AND the coolest sis :) Thanks for always picking out my clothes and putting my wardrobe together. And thanks for being there for me. “I’ll be there for YOU coz you’re there for me too~” Yeap it’s from one of our favorite shows, Friends, we always watched together but I mean it too. I’ll always be there for you. Love you. Your baby brother, Howard

Michael Chang

Dear Michael, Congratulations on your graduation! It’s hard Congratulations on to believe that it’s time making it though High for you to move on to School! It seems like your next adventure in just yesterday we were life. It seems like it was sending you off to just yesterday that you your first day of school came into our lives. The with your brand new years have flown by and backpack and crisp we are so proud of you uniform. But look at you for so many things and now! A young man that will miss you terribly is headed off to college when you go. You are soon, face life’s other a kind, thoughtful, and challenges and fulfill responsible young man. your dreams. We realize We remember how you always smiled through the years, how tough it must have been over the past 18 years, just remember that we are always here if you need help and will always trying your best. College life is a journey of self realization, learning, and a special time in your life. Follow always stand behind you with our support. your passions, dreams, and find happiness in whatever you do. Wherever you are and whatever you do, know that we Love, will always love and support you. Mom, Dad & Jacky Love, Mom and Dad Dear Jason,

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Michael Chang

Tommy Cheng

Dearest Tommy: I’ve tried many times to write words for your high school graduation. However, it has been difficult. You are not only my little one but also the angel of the family; you are the biggest comfort in my life. I still remember when I almost lost you in the Hong Kong airport and when you had that Dear Mike, sudden asthma attack. I’m writing this so when you are in your college dorm, or I remember every time on someone’s pull out couch and you find yourself missing you brought home new your baby brother, read this and you can remember how friends and every smile when you show me your report awesome I was and still am. Good luck in college, don’t card. I thank God for giving me such a beautiful son. Now screw up, and when you visit I will own you at every single you are going to graduate from high school and head into game you’re good at, even DotA. Watch out, be safe and a new stage of your life. In this crucial moment, I would check both sides of the road before you cross, and when say: Tommy, I am proud of you and wish you all the best. you need a wingman call me. Congratulations! Stay Golden Ponyboy, Ryan

Tommy Cheng

Tommy Tommy, Congratulations on your graduation! It is a very splendid accomplishment and I am really proud of you. You are a smart, charming, and fine young man. My only regret is that I was not able to spend as much time with you since we moved to Singapore – you were a five-year-old Kindergarten kid. I do appreciate your mom who devotes herself to you and your brother who gives you a great deal of happiness and comfort. Once again, I give you all my love and congratulations. I wish you enjoy your two years in NS.


Tommy Cheng Dear little one, No one could’ve asked for a better younger brother. While I was impatient, ill tempered, and difficult, you were always compassionate, caring, and understanding. I couldn’t be more grateful that we have grown much closer recently and with that, I proudly congratulate you on all that you’ve accomplished! Your diligence and intelligence has brought you much academic success, while your compassion and kindness has brought you many friendships. Never forget these exhilarating years in high school; but more importantly, never stop looking ahead. You’ve got the world at your feet; don’t let that go to waste. I know you’ll accomplish great things. Unfortunately, that’ll have to go on hold for two years. But just like everything else you’ve done, you’ll excel. Good luck! Botak + no. 4 Henry

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Lucas Chiang Congratulations, Lucas! We saw you... choose your dreams and pursue them with determination and resilience; challenge yourself, experience both victory and defeat, and keep moving; stay steady when life got crazy, never gloating or asking why me; take a stand, give a hand, accept responsibility; be gentle, generous and understanding; opt for the bright side. These things that make us proud also make us certain you have what it takes to succeed in life. You are a joy to live with and it has been a blast to be your parents—we can’t wait to see what you do next! Love, Mom and Dad

Aaditya Chowdhry

It’s been a joy to see you grow into such a confident, loving, and the most handsome boy in the world. Can’t believe you are already graduating, will be doing National Service and will be driving soon. Welcome to adulthood. Have lots of fun and make sound decisions. Always keep your spirits high and enjoy every moment of your life. We are there for you- always!! -Ma and Paaps BhaiyaSince you will be driving soon, you can be my personal chauffer; AND, hopefully you won’t feel the need to bully me anymore. I will miss you!! -Ankita (Pudd)

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Lucas Chiang Lucas, Way to go! I’m really impressed with everything you have done at SAS. We’ve come a long way since the days of Zbots, WWE and Snuffy. The little things that we have experienced together as brothers will always be as memorable as any of the famous places that we have been. Years from now, we’ll still be laughing at our epic snowboard jump recordings and “I will not be die,” among other things. Thanks for being a great little brother. Here’s my advice before you head off to college: don’t forget to take your cucumber out at the airport, take care of the toegres, be aware of things that could hit you in the eye, and whatever you do, DON’T STEP ON THE TREADMILL! I love you, bro. Travis

Theodore Chritton Super Ted. It’s the perfect nickname. Setting the school biathlon record, wearing down the IASAS competition in the pool, going out for cross country as a senior and making All Tournament. As swim captain, taking time after long swim meets to give the team a talk or write them an inspiring message. You have given us so much joy and made us proud more than you’ll ever know. Your curiosity, your humor, your tenacity will take you far. The world is yours, go out and get it. Love, Mom and Dad PS It won’t be the same at home without you... reading the newspaper at the table, chatting with Monica, playing Wii with Tommy. We’ll all miss you! “Ted, you’re the best big brother, ever.” --Tommy

Theodore Chritton

Theodore Chritton

Ted, it’s hard to believe you will graduate from high school. How time flies! We still remember the first time we met you at age one in Beijing. With your Mom holding you, threw yourself into our arms. Wonderful! You were such a clever and energetic kid. You knew different brands of cars at a glance. You never felt Ted, we recall when you first arrived on the scene at tired climbing the Capital Roosevelt Hospital in New York City. During the seventeen Mansion stairs, from the years since, we have watched with pride as you’ve become 38th floor to the 28th a fine young man. We remember your family pool and floor, and from the 28th floor to the 38th floor. Now you will your local swim team in Atlanta, when your enthusiasm for leave your parents, your friends, your teachers, your coach swimming began. We have enjoyed your summer visits to and swimming pool at SAS. Are you ready? The 800 meter the Chritton cottage on Lake Kegonsa in Wisconsin, where first place winner, you have conquered many hurdles. Uncle Bob taught you to drive his boat. Congratulations Now it’s time to plunge into the great waves. Push forward on all your successes and your graduation. We are proud courageously. to have you as our grandson. Love, Grandma and Grandpa Chritton

Love, A-Gong & A-Bu

Theodore Chritton

Dennis Chu

Ted: I can’t sum up everything here, but after knowing you for 14 years, I can say you’re quite the guy. You were my first best friend and you’re still my best friend; one I am proud to also call my brother. You’ve broken your own school records, been a twoyear team captain and given trademark team speeches. You’ve also inspired and guided me to become who I am today. No matter how much you disagree with me, make fun of me, or get embarrassed by me, I’m proud of what you’ve done and who you’ve become. I’m going to miss you incredibly (though getting your Blackberry and room will help). Good luck and hope you look forward to my visits at college!

Dennis, You are the young man that I wasn’t when I was your age. That pleases me since I knew from the day you were born that you would do much better than I did. And you have indeed. For the past years, I have begun to appreciate your discipline at work, your responsible manner, your sensitivity to others, and your consistent drive to achieve higher goals. With those qualities, Mom and I know that you will have a bright and exciting future. Love, Mom and Dad

Love, Monica

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Duncan Clydesdale It has been eventful, Big D. From Taipei to Philadelphia, Pleasanton and Minneapolis, you have since enjoyed an interrupted 1st-to-12th grade SAS experience, a fortuitously lengthy spell. You’ve made lifelong friends, travelled far and wide, competed in sports at many levels, learned a ton, and created memories for life. These memories have been enrichened by visits to food courts for Milo Dinosaurs, Cathay for lanning marathons, Clark Quay for nocturnal relaxation, and the American Club for “hanging out”. It is time now to explore what the wider world has to offer, and to find your true passion. Experiment, take calculated risks, keep an open mind, and never stop learning from those you encounter along the way. Go forth, blaze a trail, and keep making us proud.

Michael Conrad

We are proud of your accomplishments including your commitment to stay in Singapore to finish your senior year with guardians, Mr & Mrs. Olah. We miss you with all our hearts, but know you made the right decision. The global experience will be forever memorable. You are an amazing son. Through laughter & tears we have watched you conquer every challenge you’ve encountered. You have emerged to be a responsible, insightful & caring young man. As you graduate and enter college, remember we are always here to support your aspirations. Mom, Dad, Robert, Allison & Bogey

Mum & Dad

Danielle Courtenay

Austin Cox

Hard to believe... eighteen years old and off to university. It seems only yesterday we were coaxing our 3-year old teary-eyed Danielle onto the school bus to begin that adventure called ‘life’. Fast-forward 15 years... you’re now a confident, warm-hearted, talented, humorous and intelligent young lady. We are proud of what you have achieved. You’ve always shown such passion in everything you’ve committed to undertake. Maintain that passion, and success will follow, no matter what direction life might take you. Your exuberance for life is infectious and has brought much happiness and laughter to us and to those whose lives you’ve touched. We will miss you. Although you will be far away, you will be in our hearts always.

Austin, We are going to miss how you make us laugh and all your silly antics. Going into a store or navigating through different countries is not going to be the same without our “Mr. Talk to anyone about anything.” We’ve had so much fun watching and experiencing your outgoing nature. We’re so proud of you and your achievements. We’ve watched you over the years face challenges head on and become an outstanding young adult. You have the talent, brain power, and people skills to make a positive footprint in the world. Graduation is not the end; it’s the beginning and we can’t wait to see what exciting adventures you have ahead of you!

All our love, Mom and Dad

Love always, Mom and Dad.

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Austin Cox Austin, you have inspired me and opened my eyes to a humorous life. You taught me how to defend myself and you defended me. I will miss the way you make boring times fun and hilarious. I’ll miss you tackling me. I’ll miss you. I love you. Have fun in college. Your lil sister, Kara. Austy, I can’t believe you’re gonna be in college! Congratulations! It seems like just yesterday you were pushing me into drains and giving me dead arm...oh wait, that was yesterday. I’m really going to miss all the pranks you’ve played on me, your expert advice on everything and getting sunburns from watching your exhilarating rugby and football games! Have an amazing time in college. Love you and I’ll miss you! Melina

Lars Crawford Larsy We love your calmness and that you are unafraid. We will miss teaching you, learning from you, your unabashed hugs and honest laughter. Out of the night that covers me; Black as the pit from pole to pole; I thank whatever gods may be; For my unconquerable soul. In the fell clutch of circumstance/ I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeonings of chance/ My head is bloody, but unbowed. Beyond this place of wrath and tears Looms but the Horror of the shade, And yet the menace of the years Finds and shall find me unafraid. It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul. -Willian Ernest Henley We love you.

Lars Crawford Lars, There’s not much I’d rather do in the world than hang out with you. You’re the greatest brother ever and when we’re together the fun never ends. Whether it’s sharing Prathin’s food, playing games all day, tearing it up on the court, field and in the pool (and dance floor...), travelling the world with our oh so cool parents, or just plain chillin with you, I love every minute of it. We are so alike in so many ways and different in others, and it’s those differences that I love the most– the chances I get everyday to look up to you and to learn from you, and to do the same for you. Know that you’ll always be my little brother and my best friend. Congratulations! Love, Clay

John Creech Dear John, These past 18 years have been a blessing and a fun adventure! With so many treasured memories, your wonderful personality stands out. You light up a room with your smile and bring a sense of joy to everything you do. We are proud of your deep faith, strong work ethic, commitment to your friends, and goal of selfimprovement. Together we have travelled the world, experienced different cultures, and you have grown to be a man of conviction, honor, character, strength, and intelligence. Enjoy the journey of your life– make time for relaxation, refreshment, friendship, and joy. We look forward to watching your future unfold and pray for many blessings on your life. We love you and are very proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, James, and Elizabeth

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Jati Darmawan

Carson DeBerry

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.” -Thoreau The greatest reward is to see you grow to be the young man you are today; true to yourself, full of conviction and belief as you take the next step forward. We are so proud of you! As you embark on this new milestone in life; just a short random advice from your Mom and Dad that we want you to hold dear. We know that you will continue to grow up to be a kind, compassionate, principled, and smart man; and we hope you know that no matter what, we’re here for you, we support you and we love you. We cannot wait to see what life has in store for you! Mom and Dad

It seems like yesterday that you and Jack were playing on the swing set. Now Jack is a sleepy old dog, and you have grown into such a nice, thoughtful, and mature young man. How is it possible that you are graduating high school and heading off to college already? We are so proud of you! We wish you great success as you begin this next stage of your life. Hopefully, you will be really good at fixing our computer problems remotely, but we still don’t know who will run the foredeck and fly the spinnaker! Love, Mom and Dad

Carson DeBerry

Nisha Duara

Congrats to my big little brother! I’m oh so very proud of all that you’ve accomplished. We wish you all the best as you begin the next chapter of your life. Much love, Kristen & Erik

Our Dearest Nisha:

Congratulations brobro! I’ll miss you very much - who’s going to fix my computer/phone when I break it? Good luck. Love, Kelsey

We are so proud of you our beloved Nisha. Dita and Mama

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is for Natural: *the way you smile - *the way you laugh is for Immense: *our love for you - *your love for life is for Success: *What you enjoy - *What you strive for is for Hope: *What propels you forward - *What sustains us all is for Always: *our hearts will be with you - *love will abound

Josh Dwyer

Josh Dwyer

Dear Josh, Congratulations! It’s an exciting and special time that has arrived far too quickly from our point of view. As you go off to college it certainly won’t be the same at home without your jokes and great sense of humor and we’ll need you to keep us updated on all the sports action. We’ll definitely miss you but are so proud of the person you have become and look forward to your future. Keep your faith and trust in God as He has a wonderful plan for you. We love you and will always be there to support you.

Dear Josh, I can’t believe that I will have to go through three more years of High School without you! Not only am I going to be lonely without you but I will have all the attention from Mum and Dad. I also will have to go to all those boring sporting events that you usually go to with Dad. Oh no. I’m going to miss you like crazy. I’m going to miss your sarcastic jokes every five seconds, watching The Office with you, and just having you there as someone I can talk to. I wish you all the luck in the world at college and please enjoy being out of the house as much as you can. I’m so proud of you.

Love, Mom and Dad “Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best you are capable of being.” – Coach John Wooden

Chien-Hao Fan 我的兒子以經高中畢業 了。即將邁入大學 生活 新的旅程裨對於我們都 會非常高興也很期待 . 他 終於長大了 要去大家嚮 往的城市讀書 . 我很感恩 他把自己的功課做到不用 我煩惱 任何事都會自己 處理。並且很快樂過完高 中 我祝福他上大學後能 夠更成熟讀書更上一層樓 , 生體健康 , 生活平安. 在 這裡我要告訴兒子, 媽媽 有你這樣得孩子很驕傲也以你為榮 . 做任何事情要記得媽 媽永遠都會在你身邊之持你. 媽媽愛你喔!!!

I love you brother. Carrie

Erika Farias Dear Erika, It seems like just yesterday we were awaiting your birth with such enthusiasm. It has been such a wonderful blessing being able to see you grow up with your own unique personality; from an infant to the young intelligent woman you are today, always striving to do well in everything you apply yourself. We are so proud of all your academic accomplishments, and how you have become a passionate athlete and prospective leader. We have faith you will succeed in life making the right choices, learning from your experiences. Enjoy your college years; they also will be an unforgettable episode along your journey to success. We love you, Dad, Mom, Josue & Brenda

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Myles Fenwick Dear Myles, It’s hard to believe that you are graduating from high school already! You have had so many wonderful experiences and opportunities which will help to guide you on to your next exciting chapter. We wish you happiness and success always and hope that you will always remain true to yourself. The house will be too empty without you here! Lots of love always, Mom and Dad oxox Hey Myles, Wow, I can’t believe you’re already done with school. Time probably flew by but I hope everything was worth it. I know sometimes I can be a little hard on you but I hope you know if you ever need anything, I’m there for you especially the next few years. Congratulations and see you in Cali next year. Ryan

Ashan Fernando AshI can’t believe it’s time for you to graduate. I never thought this day would come; if only we could go back to the time where we would build forts, play videogames or dance around the garage. Over these past few years I’ve watched you change and grow so much; every time I come home from school you seem older, more confident in

yourself. I admire so much the person you’ve become- you are outgoing, genuine and just so cool. You are more than ready to take on the world, wherever in it you may be. I have and will always be proud to say you are my little brother even though you are not so little anymore. I love you. Akki

Ashan Fernando Dear Ashan, You are truly special and a great joy to our family. We have loved watching you grow into a smart, confident, caring and a handsome young guy. As you journey through life, learn, explore, laugh and have fun. Hold onto the great values you have and your “can do” attitude. Playing rugby this year is an exceptional achievement and an example of your “can do” attitude. Believing in yourself will guide your life journey with confidence and courage. Congratulations on all your accomplishments. You are an amazing son and we are so proud of you. We will always be beside you with our unwavering support. In our hearts you hold a precious place forever. Thanks for all the wonderful memories. We love you very much. Dad & Mom

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James Fickel From Peoria, Geneva to Singapore...what roads we have travelled together! As you continue your travels, may you keep your optimism and promise of the future, “show up” for the people you love and the causes you believe in, and approach life with an eye on the societal “us and ours.” Son, we have valued the moments shared with you and all the dimensions you have brought to our lives over the last 18 years. Big congratulations on your latest achievements! Transcend and go forth confident and know you are well-loved. Mom and Dad

Anjuli Finch Dear Cutie, You are bright, enchanting and engaging... kind, compassionate, and caring. You’ve made us so proud. You’ve grown up from an adorable little baby girl into a wonderful young lady. Now you’re embarking on an adventure that is the first step of the rest of your life. We’re going to miss you so much in so many ways: Daddy’s greatest fan, Mama’s BFF, Alex’s sidekick haha, Sonika’s movie companion, William’s ‘favourite sister’ who caters to his every whim... and Charley’s back scratcher! We love you sooo much! Daddy, Mama, Alex, Sonika, William and Charley

Anjuli Finch

Anju, Congrats on graduating you smart cookie you! Haha but seriously, well done on all you have achieved during your time in high school. You are such a hard working, kind, caring, and easy going young lady, and I’ve always been proud to call you my sister. I know you’ll go on to achieve great things in life as long as you maintain the amazing attitude and strong determination you have now. Enjoy the precious time you have left here with your friends and be sure to party like a rockstar - you deserve it! Much Love, Alex

Zach Gilbert

Cecilia Gregg

Zach, You’re finally there! It’s been fun watching you grow and learn these past 18 years. We’re excited for the next step you’ll be taking, going to and succeeding in college. We’re very proud of you and know you’ll continue ‘doing it your way’ and that your fun, compassionate spirit will take you far. Follow your dreams and goals – there is nothing that you cannot achieve if you set your heart on it. Your capabilities and your spirit can take you even further than you realize today. As you move to the next step in your life remember that we are always here for you and very proud of the person you have become. Never lose your spirit or that smile.

Cecilia, We are very proud of what you accomplished in high school. We are especially proud of you this past year and a half. Our surprise move to Singapore, mid-junior year, put tremendous stress on you, but you never showed it. You worked hard and made a very successful transition from OLMA in NY to SAS. Now you will be heading back home to go to college. Although life will not be the same without you here, and we will desperately miss you, we are very excited for you and know you will have the same successes in college.

With Love, Mom & Dad

Love, Mom, Dad, Paul, Harry, Jack and Sophie

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Nishant Hardikar

Matthew Hardy

Dear Nishant, It feels like only yesterday we held you in our arms as a baby and now you are all grown up to be a fine young man and off to college. We have had so many good times together from soccer, basketball games to travel overseas and spending time together with family. We are going to miss you so much, especially your sense of humor at the most unexpected times. We are proud of all your achievements, keep up the good work. It is time to test your wings and utilize your full potential. We are confident you will do well. Good luck at university and always remember we are here for you. We all love you.

From the moment you were born, it has been a joy to watch you grow. Every chapter is filled with experiences we will always treasure– reading Choo Choo so many times it fell apart, riding waves, watching the Daily Show. Since leaving New Jersey 14 years ago, your life has been a series of hellos and goodbyes. While it wasn’t always easy, you managed to find your way. We hope you’ve learned from each new country; but most of all, we hope you’ve learned it’s what you carry in your heart that is most important. We can’t wait to see how the next chapter in your life shapes the wonderful young man you have already become. We love you and congratulate you on your graduation!

Love, Mom and Dad

Mom, Dad, & Kam

Alvi Hasan

Roxanne Hesh

Alvi, You are ending your 14 years of SAS, we are so happy that you have grown as a wellrounded young man, but it makes us very sad when we think that you will be leaving our “nest”. Your wings are strong to fly high and far. We will miss your weekend cooking, awesome acting in school drama, dribbling of basket ball all over the house, your messy room & study table, and many more. Zahin will miss you the most. As I have always mentioned to you, “to be good in study is important but to a good person is more important”. You were the easiest kid to take care off. May “Almighty Allah” protect you and keep you in the right path.

Our Dear Roxy, Congratulations on your graduation! You are finally done with High School!!! We are very proud of your achievements and of the young lady, which you have become. We wish you all the best as you embark on your university education and hope that you truly enjoy the experiences of young adulthood. We are confident that you will achieve all of your dreams if you continue with the same determination and hard work, which you have demonstrated over the last 12 years. Remember to always dream big, persist in what you aspire to and trust in the amazing power of your mind to get you there. We will always be here for you. We are going to miss you a lot.

Zeenat & Sohail

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Love Always, Mom and Dad.

Roxanne Hesh Roxy There’s so much I wish I could write here but too bad this could only be so short... First, PROPS... you put up with mom and dad without me... PLEASE TELL ME HOW?! I have no idea how you did that alone... but growing up with you and watching you turn into who you’ve become today is just unexplainable... You’re the best sister I could ask for... everything about what makes you who you are is amazing. So many good things are coming your way in NY I know it. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH CONGRATULATIONS ON GRADUATING and GOOD LUCK! Love always, Rod

Paige Hicks Our lives changed forever when you entered this world on that cool autumn day in 1991. A change that has been the best thing that has ever happened to us! You are a special person, Paige... full of life, full of fun and, most importantly, full of compassion. The memories are unbelievable... Plano, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore... with so many moves, your flexibility has been amazing! We are very proud of your accomplishments and especially your university acceptance. Remember the words of Carl Sagan, “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” That something is out there waiting for you to find, Paige. Enjoy what college life has to offer... to the fullest! Phone home, set your alarm and wear your warm clothes! We love you tons... and more! Mom and Dad

Paige Hicks

Jennifer Ho

Paige you have always been a pleasure to us! We are very proud of your accomplishments and wish you the very best as you graduate from Singapore American School. We have so many fond memories of our yearly “Camp Granny and Papa” as I am sure you do! Spending time fishing on Lake Dardanelle, making mud pies, swinging on the sack swing, driving the golf cart for us and, the best memory of all, “hunting razorbacks!” You are the best grandchild any grandparents could ever have. We hope the coming years in college will provide you with the knowledge for a successful career and a happy personal life. We are very proud of you and love you so very much. Stay as wonderful as you are!

You were born at the time of the year when the leaves turn crimson and gold. You were the best baby any parent could have hoped for, a baby who slept soundly through the night almost from the first night. As you grew bigger, you would become the most energetic and fearless little girl. You were an absolute terror on the swings, pushing them to their absolute highest, just short of wrapping them around the pole. Today, your love of roller coasters is an extension of that. You have been the perfect daughter and the ideal student. You are gifted with talents that will take you far if you work hard to finesse them. Your love for Art is second to none and nobody works as hard as you. Go pursue your dreams and may all of them come true. We will miss you dearly when you depart for college, but we know that you will do us all proud. Love, Mom, Dad, Kevin and David.

Granny and Papa

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Dylan Howell

Mitch Hulse

Mitchman, What an incredible journey we have shared with you so far... from California to Singapore and thirteen packed years at SAS. You have grown from Legos to snowboarding, gaming and so much more. We are so very proud of your success in your Dear Dylan, demonstrated leadership, With immense pride we see you taking another giant your commitment to our step into the world. It has been a joy and a privilege to environment and your watch you become a global citizen. You stepped out passion for technology. You are truly your brother’s best of your comfort zone and exceeded the challenges friend. Your diligence and perseverance are admirable in all presented to you with perseverance and determination. of your pursuits such as achieving Eagle Scout rank. Your kindness, sensitivity and wonderful sense of humor Your fondness for music and jazz, and your caring of our bless those around you. Your multi-faceted talents as a “Mother Earth” add to your unique creativity and human musician, your amazing athleticism, and dedication to passion– we have learned so much from you! those who surround and inspire you will ultimately lead you May your high moral standards continue to guide your to accomplish your life goals.We are so very proud of your future. Live long and prosper... achievements. Love, Mom and Dad Love always, Mom and Dad

Mitch Hulse

Melissa Huston

Congratulations! High School graduation is upon us and you’re off to college, a career and a lifetime of adventures. You are a wonderful daughter and we couldn’t be more proud. Just yesterday you were a toddler. You’ve grown fast, but have grown up well. You’ve worked hard as a student; played hard Dear Mitch: as an athlete. You’ve I am very proud of how much you have grown into a done so many wonderful mature, intelligent, and wonderful young man. You have things. You will face such strong passions and I admire your perseverance. I many struggles ahead, take time to challenge them, always know that the traits of your strong character will stay with try and do the right thing and you will be successful. You you and help you attain amazing things. It means so much kicked butt in HS, now do the same at college. Enjoy! We’re to me to be a part of your life. You make the world so much going to miss you terribly while you’re away, but you always more exciting and fun to live in! Love from your brother, have a home and a loving family. Thank you for everything you have become. Matt We love you always. Mom and Dad

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Melissa Huston

Christian Hvide

The time has come to be separated, you’re going to college. Thanks for the infinite things you’ve done for me. I cherish every moment with you. Now that you’re leaving, home is not going to be the same. No sister to run to when We love you, it’s storming, to annoy, to help me with my homework, or guide me at school. Big phone bills for mom and dad. I’ll be Mommy and Pappa calling you a lot! You don’t know what you have until it’s gone; I’m coming to find that’s true. A sister is a friend given by nature.

Christian, We are so proud of you and know that it’s now time for you to begin a great adventure. Our house will be so much quieter without you here and we will miss you more than you could ever imagine but we also know that you will love college and do well. It’s a wonderful time in your life to enjoy to the fullest. Just remember to go to class once in a while!

I love you sis. Erica

Christian Hvide

Renee Hyde

Christian, I’m so proud of you that you’re graduating and entering the big scary world of college! You’ve gone from Ishan, Clist-on, WOW, and cheeseburgers without cheese to captain of your baseball team and incomprehensible amounts of Mami noodles. You’ll fit right in! Love, Brit

Dear Renee, Congratulations, we are very proud of you!! You have such a bright future and we know you will excel in college. Continue to be kind and thoughtful to others – cherish your friendships. Sorry for dragging you around the world while growing up but, we hope it has broadened your horizons. We will all miss you dearly, and your brother and sister will be Cheeseball Joe, you left Intermediate School as the lost without their big sister. Just remember to come back President of the Bus and now you are leaving High School to visit us. as the senior who all my friends LOVE. I’m going to miss you Love, Mom and Dad so much; the house is going be a lot quieter without you! Just watch out for tiger sharks and koalas! Renee, what will I do without you? I will miss your I love you so much big brother, Annika clothes and our spontaneous singing sessions. But really, I’m so proud of you, sister - keep your dorm clean! Oh, and Christian, I will miss you. Who’s going to walk me to 1st Brendan says bye, but he didn’t want to write this down. grade and jump on the trampoline with me? Love you ‘NayNay’! Rachael I love you, Isabella

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Mishal Iyer

Mishal Iyer

Congratulations baby!! Wow, you’re done with high school! When did you get so big?! I can’t tell you how proud I am of you, you’ve made it through school and now you’re ready to enter the “real” world. You’re going to have some great times and face some big challenges, just know that I am right here if you ever need anything; a patient listener, a bit of advice, or a good dose of bullying! Welcome to the world baby bro! (I should probably stop calling you that now)

CONGRATULATIONS on your graduation dear Mishal!!!!! 17th March 1992 was a special day in our lives and there’s no guessing why! (It was also the best birthday gift ever) Since then, you have filled our lives with joy, happiness and pride. It’s hard to imagine what it would be like when you leave home, first for National Service and then University. Mish, you know that we are there to support and encourage you in all your endeavors. However, please remember that there is no gain without pain so work hard to “score every goal”.

Much love, Kahini

Shivika Jhunjhnuwala Darling Shivika, We are extremely proud of your achievements! You had many trying days but you have learned to smile through them. Our decision to move you from your previous school to SAS was not an easy one for you but you handled it remarkably. You are our little baby and you have blossomed into a young lady. We will miss you when you go to USA to study. Our lazy weekends spent together at our family room will not be the same till you are back. Shivika, your caring and loving nature has brought us great joy. Believe and trust in yourself always. Remember our family value of being a responsible adult; this will guide you in your next journey. We love you loads Mom & Dad

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Tons of love, Mom and Dad.

Stephanie Kendall

success and happiness. All our love, Mummy & Daddy

Dear Stephanie, We are really going to miss you. It’s all gone far too fast but we have done and seen a lot and had some fun travels. We have been so lucky to live in so many different places and to experience so much, we are going to miss our travel adventures together. We are very proud of you and hope that you have a great time at college. We wish lots of

Stephanie Kendall Stephie! I can’t believe you are graduating already!! I didn’t realize how fast it would come, it feels like I just graduated and we were still in Texas! I’m so proud of you, I’m excited for you to go to Texas or come to Cali. Wherever you go I’m only a phone call away, hopefully within the same state. I still remember when we were younger running around Mormor and Grandpa’s house, climbing the avocado tree and sitting on the beach eating ice cream. It’s scary to think how fast we are growing up. You’ll do great wherever you go and what you do, I love you and don’t ever forget it, you are my sister and a friend.

Jong Chan Kim We have been and will always be proud of you, no matter what path you choose for your life. – Mom and Dad JC, I can’t believe that you are graduating from high school and moving on to the next stage of your life to enter college. Time flies, huh? Although I’m merely two years older than you are, you’ve always been my little brother. JC, we shared lots of indelible memories from the moment you were born, and I’m looking forward to making a new set of memories from now on. Lastly, keep in mind that you are much more capable than you think you are. –From your one and only brother

Good luck Stephie and Congrats! Love Coco

Kyung Ryun Kim

Kyung Ryun Kim

Our Dear Son Kyung Ryun, It’s unbelievable that you’re going to graduate from high school: it seems like yesterday that you left us for Singapore! We are proud of you having achieved so many things in your study, extracurricular activities and spiritual maturity that has grown inside you during your high school days. Now that you are spreading your wings to a wider world with your own dreams and visions, we hope that you find pleasure and value in whatever you do. Don’t be afraid of anything, because if you sail on the right way, we will sail on just behind you and so will the Grace of God. And thank you for all the pleasure and the happiness you gave to us.

Dear Kyung Ryun, It was an honor for me to have had a chance to teach you for years. In my memory, you have always been serious about what you were learning, respectful for your teachers and classmates, and most of all, very competent in every field of study, art and sport. That’s why I’m really sure that you’ll achieve a lot during college, and post-college life. At this very moment that you’re beginning another stage of life, I, who had spent so many years studying abroad, would like you to remember this for life: Health, Self-Control, and Respect for Others! May God be with you forever, Kyung Ryun Sincerely, Your teacher Park Jong-Kak

We love you!!! Dad and Mom

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Sung Yeon Kim It is amazing (thank God !) to think the time for our lovely daughter to go to the new world (so-called college) has come! Its quite sad that you will be leaving Singapore where you have lived for 15 years since you came here at the age of only 4 years old. You have grown well and given us a lot of happiness and satisfaction. Even if you faced difficult times with friends and school work, you managed to get over all those situations and have learned to cope well with them. Especially your experiences at SAS will be sure to make you feel confident when you start your career in college. We are very proud of you/love you/miss you at all times. All the best, our pretty daughter! Dad and Mom

Samantha Koh

Desiderata... cont yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism. Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love, for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment, it is as perennial as the grass. Take kindly the counsel of the years,

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Samantha Koh

Desiderata by Max Ehrmann Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than

Samantha Koh Desiderata... cont gracefully surrendering the things of youth Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be. And whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy. Love, Dad, Mom and Spencer

Nihal Jaytirth Krishan

For life is short and years rush past, A little boy grows up so fast, No longer is he at your side, His many questions satisfied. Eragon & Harry Potters are put away, No Gameboy & PS3 to play, No projects to aid, no presentations to cheer, That all belongs to yesteryear. Nihi, keep up your enthusiasm, curiosity, never-ending questions, resilience and zest for cramming the maximum into life..... Mama-Papya Nihal, we have had some fun times and it will definitely be weird not having you around anymore, gonna miss you. Have fun at college, party hard. Ishan

Brandon Lay Brandon, We are all so very proud of you and your accomplishments. It has been so rewarding to watch you develop into such a fine young man. Your pleasant manner, positive attitude and your fun sense of humor have been so enjoyable. It’s been exciting watching you perform in different situations, whether it’s at school, on the field or at home. You always seem to amaze us. Although it is hard to think that you will be gone from the house and off to college, we are all excited for you and what opportunities you will have waiting for you. Continue to work hard like you have always done. Always remember how much you are loved and that we are always here for support. Congratulations Son! We love you! Mom and Dad

Rushi Krishna

It has been a wonderful treat watching you grow from the little girl with the toothy smile to the beautiful, amazing young lady you’ve become, darling Rushi! It seems like it was only yesterday that you were in your red smock, off to kindergarten! As you leave home, our wishes go with you: for a life filled with Love and Laughter, Passion, Belief in Yourself, Strength to climb every mountain and cross every bridge, Will to persevere in the face of trouble and hardship and Courage to face truth and live by it. Love always, Mom, Pops & Aisha

Brandon Lay Bran- Congratulations! I cannot express how proud and excited I am for you to end and begin a new chapter in your life. Without a doubt, your determination, personality, and intelligence will lead you to your destiny. Have fun, try not to get distracted and enjoy each and every moment. Love Always, Your big sister, Mikayla Brandon, I can’t believe this day has come. My biggest inspiration in the entire universe is leaving me. I can’t explain in words how much I look up to you. Not only do I praise your amazing athletic talents but I truly admire you as a person. You are the nicest, coolest and most thoughtful brother anyone could dream for. I’m going to miss you so much! Have fun in college! Love, Your baby sis... Sydney

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Allison Lee Dear Allison, Your distinctive voice and infectious personality... your unpretentiousness... your care and concern for others... your passion, determination and pride to always give your bestacademically, as well as in dance, in service clubs, as a summer camp counselor, as an avid runner... Thank you for bringing much joy and encouragement into our lives. Soon you will be off on a new adventure. We have no doubt you will enthusiastically take on the challenges of college. May God go before you as you make new friends, gain new knowledge and experience life in all its fullness. All our love and blessings, Dad and Mom

Ann (Huynji) Lee

Allison Lee

Congratulations, Allie! I’m so proud that you’re my sister. You’ve been such a blessing in my life: your energy and ability to just be who you are makes you special. This is just the beginning and I’m excited to see how much more you’ll grow. Whatever happens, I love you and I’ll always be there for you. Chris College is an exciting place. Embrace the next phase of your life and take hold of all the opportunities that lie ahead. Enjoy the time you have left before you go off to college- make every moment count! Love, Daniel

Christie Lee

Dear Ann, I love you so much! You’ve always been my big sister. I’ll never forget you even when you’re in college. Thanks for taking care of me, and I hope you will do well in college. Love you! Christina Dear Ann, Congratulations! Two years ago, we moved to Singapore suddenly. We were so worried about you but you did so well in everything. Thanks so much, Ann. We are so proud of you. We believe that you will have a great time in college, although we will miss you very much. Love, Mom and Dad

WOW! What a journey it has been! We remember the first day you got on the yellow school bus not knowing a word of English, you were so nervous that you wouldn’t look out the window. I was so scared also. But when you came off that bus at the end of the day your face was so bright and had a big smile I knew everything would be fine. And now after we went through all of the things that normal teenagers go through, at that time we thought we were the only one that had to deal with the nightmares. Now you’re off to a bigger world with harder challenges. Hope you’ll make the best of your college life. Enjoy! We love you so much. Dad & Mom

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Gabriel Lee

Gabriel Lee

We are truly blessed and fortunate to have you as our son. Gabriel, you are truly our angel, bringing much joy to the family. We trust you will make the right choices in life. We are proud of you and LOVE you as who you are. We will always be there when you need us. Meanwhile, enjoy the boundless possibilites unfolding in front of you.

We were crossing the street. You were 9 years old and just behind me; I was supposed to take care of you. I heard a car screech. I looked back and saw you lying on the road. You grimaced in pain, cried, and called for my help. You pointed and clutched at your right ankle. You never complained about that incident, about my irresponsibility, or about that driver’s recklessness. You even said you regretted “causing” that driver to lose his license. Fortunately, you regained full mobility. You matured, became the quiet leader in volleyball, and excelled in academics. You know what you want. You keep our family grounded. Thank you, Colin

Jean Lee

Lauren Lee

Lauren, YOU ARE AN AMAZING PERSON! God truly blessed us when he picked us to be your parents. You have lived up to every bit of what we imagined a daughter could be. You have a grateful heart, a thankful smile and so much more. We are very proud of you and your Dear Jean, accomplishments. We can’t believe that you’re graduating from high school Moving back to since 18 years seems to have passed in a flash. As an only California without you child, we don’t have a “spare tire” but I don’t think we’d was heartbreaking and our family still feels so incomplete have it any other way. You have given us tremendous joy without your presence. Now, we are sending you out to the but most of all, because you have found your own voice. world to new beginnings, new opportunities and a whole You’re funny, bright, giving, sincere, and accommodating— new adventure. Have fun discovering what lies ahead for qualities that will prepare you for the journey ahead. As you you. Always remember to stay true, make time for God, your head off to college, we hope you will always retain your family, your friends and yourself. sense of balance and to always do what you really want to May God continue to bless you everyday and keep you do. safe. Love you tons, Mom and Dad.

Love always, Mommy & Daddy

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Young Rock Lee

Chelsea Leonard

Congratulations Chelsea Victoria on your many outstanding achievements in high school. We really admire your dedication and commitment to your studies and we know these attributes will serve you well through college and throughout life. We have enjoyed some amazing adventures The traditional Korean way of pulling out a tooth as a family and the consists of a few steps. Tying a string around the tooth enriching experiences and pulling it out all the while telling you a funny story. living in the USA, Europe We would then sing a song for the birds while throwing & Asia. Keep your unique sense of humor, love of style, the tooth on the roof of the house. The birds were to take and your faith close to your heart and take advantage of away this tooth and bring back a stronger tooth. all the opportunities that life has to offer. We love you our Young Rock, you have done well taking out all your baby beautiful daughter and we are going to miss you when you teeth in SAS, and we believe the strong wisdom teeth the leave home, but we know you have an exciting path ahead, crow has given you will bring much success in college. and that you have so much to offer the world. Your loving mother and father.

We love you Chelsea bear. Mummy, Daddy, Alex, Sarah & Winston

Aisling Leow

Aisling, You’ve been reading all your life and now you are heading off to read some more. We will miss you.

John Liao

寶貝!當你還是嬰兒的時候、常常抱抱你、 親吻你、說愛你、給你暖暖的愛。現在,

You are a Star. Keep shining.

我們還是心甘情願把愛掛在嘴邊,因為你是我們一輩子最甜 蜜的負擔。

Love Baba, Mama, Cian and Cillian

你是一個獨立的生命個體,做自己的主人,把決定權交給你, 尊重你的選擇, 肯定你、認同你、勇敢去追求你的夢。當你在外受到挫折時,家 永遠是你情緒出口的避風港。 永遠愛你的爸媽

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Franchesca Liauw

Kelsey Lightfoot

You have no idea how proud I am of you. I have seen you grow into a beautiful, smart, mature and talented woman. I admire you for wanting to be different and not being just part of the crowd. For never giving up on the things you set your mind on and never letting anyone tell you, otherwise. I see in you all the right qualities to succeed in the life you are about to start in college. Go for it! Don’t worry! I know that you will get there and be fine. I will always be here for you, with love, support, understanding and anything else you might need. You will never be a disappointment to me, no matter where you end up; I will be one proud mother.

Girlie, Where in the world has the last 18 years gone? You are such a blessing to our family. You keep us on our toes that is for sure! Life would have certainly been less interesting without you. Many fun memories... Houston, Puerto Rico, Tanggu, Beijing, China then onto Singapore. What is next for our girlie girl? Only God knows! We are praying for you and will always be here for or night. Learning what it means to bloom where you are is one of your gifts. :) So embrace this new chapter in your life with huge amounts of gusto. Trust God in all things. God loves you tenderly and so do we. You will always be our favourite darling daughter.

Jamie Lim

Jamie Lim

Jamie, Congratulations on graduation! This is the first of many more milestones in your life... We are proud of your achievements and your growth to becoming a fine young man. As you embark on college life, go and love, live, learn, enjoy and laugh...!! Have fun and learn as much as you can, observe, question & think, think, think... !!! Use “truth and logic” to guide you in your everyday life. And more than anything else... remember to be generous at heart at all times. One can never be rich in life until one learns to be truly generous at heart. We are proud of you son... go and enjoy college :-) It will be one of the best and a fun part of your life...! Dad and Mom

Love you, Mom, Dad, Clayton, Brent and Bax Proverbs 3: 5-6

Dear Ken Congratulations on graduating! It’s a major milestone, and you should be proud of what you’ve accomplished at SAS (a uniquely crazy school, believe me, I remember.) Still, I can’t believe how fast time flies. You, eighteen years old and a high school graduate! Ridiculous. I know, you should be eighteen with a diploma in hand but in my mind you are my little brother, not someone about to embark onto college life. That’s probably a reflection more on how I don’t want to think about growing up. You on the other hand, I’m sure, will do it with grace. Have fun in college, and just be your outgoing fabulous self, and it’ll all work out. Good luck, Herbal Essences! Your sis, Kay

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Sarah “Katie” Lindholm Katie Girl! Our little ballerina! Congratulations! We are so proud of you! We can’t believe just yesterday you were this little girl begging us to take “ballelet” lessons. Now look at you! We have made you move with us many times and through it all you have taken center stage and made the most of it. You have yet another move coming! Enjoy this move and make the most of it. You have worked hard for this. Don’t let it rush you by. Learn all you can and be true to yourself and what you believe. Remember that we may not be with you in person but we will always be there in spirit and mind to support you and love you and cheer you! Love, Mom and Dad

Calvin Lo

Congratulations on reaching an important milestone in your lifelong learning journey. Your consistent efforts and courage demonstrated in sports are amazing. Remember the cheers and joy you brought to your Blackburn team and all watching parents when we were in Shanghai in 2003? At the end of the championship match, you volunteered to replace Timothy to shoot the last and decisive 12 yard penalty kick. You’ve made it! We hope such confidence, perseverance and courage will stay with you in whatever you pursue in the future. We look forward to sharing many more of your life’s milestones and are confident you’ll continue to take them all in your stride. Love, Mom & Dad

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Calvin Lo

Cal Cal, watching you grow has brought us immeasurable joy & happiness. Your first smile, first word, first step and your first day to school without crying... those are all important milestones that we take pride of. We are so proud of the many accomplishments you have made these 18 years and the fine young man you’ve become. Your sensitivity, intelligence, positive energy, great sense of humor and eagerness in sharing your love in food, sports, music and movie clips are our constant source of laughter and inspiration. As you’ll soon begin your NS, may the Lord bless your journey and keep you safe. Live life to its fullest so you’ll continue to be a blessing for others. We love you very much and are always here to cheer for you. Love, Mom & Dad

Calvin Lo

Awesome job Calvin! You’ve finally finished High School. I will surely miss the badminton practices, summer sessions, gym workouts, and co-op Xbox360 games we played together during school breaks. When you finish NS, you can come BB gunning with me. Good luck in college and keep in touch! Gordon Congrats on your graduation Calvin! You have been a good older brother for my past 13 years. You took care of me and helped me with the most random things. Thank you! Amber

Karina Lo

Aki Maedomari

Karina, you have come a long way from your first dance recital at 3 ½ years old doing the “This little Piggy went to the market, this little Piggy stayed home...” We are very proud of how you have developed into a beautiful and graceful dancer and a wonderful, confident and intelligent young lady. Your passion and dedication for dance has defined who you are and these are qualities you can be proud of. We will miss seeing you perform as you leave Singapore for college. We are sure you will overcome challenges and achieve every success at college and beyond. We look forward to sharing in your future achievements. You have enriched our lives and we will always be there for you!

Congratulations! Since the day you were born in Denver, it has been almost 18 years. We have gone through a lot of things together. We had taken many cold baths to calm your constant high fevers but you have gotten healthier and stronger since then. You will go through many things in the future, but yo’ll be doing less and less with us. Please remember whatever you go through, by yourself, together with your friends, with your partner in the future, we are always here for you. We love you always, and we will help you anytime as long as we are here. Remember this.

Love always, Mom and Ba

Kate Mahler Kate, After so many years doing only reviews at school now we hope that you are going to learn something new at university (just kidding). We are very happy and proud to see you graduate. You have faced many challenges and achieved your goals with your hard work, so enjoy the next chapter in your life. You have brought so much joy and pride into our lives and we are confident that you will succeed in your goals. We wish you all the best in everything that you want to do for your future! Study hard and have fun at college. We will miss you more than words can say. We will always be here for you. We love you, Mom and Dad

Love, Your father and mother

Kate Mahler

Ke, Parabéns pela sua formatura! Estamos orgulhosas por mais esta conquista sua, e temos a certeza que seu futuro será brilhante e repleto de muito sucesso. Desejamos que você aproveite ao máximo a melhor fase da vida. Saiba que agora, mais do que nunca, continuaremos ao seu lado compartilhando todas as suas realizações, alegrias e conquistas! Felicidades, dos seus amigos do Brasil. Amanda, Barata, Carolina, Fernanda, Géssica, Mariana, Maira, Nilton, Pablo, Rafaela, Raoni, Sofia, Yuri

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Stephanie Maissen Dearest Stephanie, I can still remember how incredibly perfect your tiny head fit into the palm of my hand. What a blessing you are! You have become a beautiful young woman of integrity and grace. And now it’s time to fly. Believe in yourself. Dream big and strive to achieve those big dreams! Stay close to the Lord and be strong in faith. ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight” (Proverbs 3: 5-6). Know that we will always be there for you. We love you so very much and are extremely proud of you. Love, Mom & Dad

Stephanie Maissen

Dear Stephanie, Winnie the Pooh, Laurel & Hardy films, planting our summer garden, going for rides on the back of the lawn mower, donuts and more donuts. You’ve brought the sunshine into our lives and given us memories to treasure while we wait for another summer to roll around. We are so proud of you! We wish you every happiness as you begin a most exciting chapter in your life. Love, Grandma & Grandpa

Stephanie Maissen

Kristine Nae Maramot

Dear Stephanie, It’s been amazing seeing you grow into the mature young woman you are today. I’ve always enjoyed spending time with you, but I feel like we relate on a deeper, more mature level now and it’s pretty cool to consider you a good friend too. I’m so proud of the way you’ve dealt with adversity and obstacles you’ve faced. You’ve made better decisions than I did and that’s going to go a long way for you. You’re going to have a great time in college and I’m psyched to come visit you!

As you walk across that stage, the high-school chapter is ending and another unfolding. Life is full of possibilities - fifteen years ago you were just enjoying your first visit in Singapore without the slightest hint you’ll finish High School here. Times have gone so fast and we’re very proud of the caring and humble young lady you have become. We can’t believe you’re off to college now which will be totally different - but just remember what you were taught, continue that positive attitude and hard work and you’ll be successful. We love you - we’ll always be there to support!

Love, Your proud brother, Brian

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Mom, Dad, Ate, Kuya

Kara Marushi

Hayden Marushi

Our Dearest Kara, we are so proud of you!! You are truly one in a million and we are so lucky to have you as our daughter. Eighteen years ago we were just starting our life with you and Hayden and little did we know how quickly it would pass. You’ve always set your sights high and accomplished your goals with perseverance, hard work and dedication. We love that you have become a strong, self-reliant, freethinking, confident young woman! You’ve always adapted to our many moves with excitement and enthusiasm and we know that this will help you in your future endeavors at Virginia Tech. Keep that positive attitude because you will, without a doubt, accomplish anything you want in life!!!!!

To our wonderful son who we are so proud of in everything that you do! You and Kara were a double blessing, bringing so much joy and excitement to our lives and now the time has flown by like a flash. Through your quiet nature and observant manner you’ve matured into the sensitive, caring and delightful young man you are today. You have such an enthusiasm for everything you do that many can only aspire to! From your interest in Irish Dance, which has turned into quite a talent, to your love of roller-coasters and theme parks. Enjoy your college years to come and continue to pursue your dreams. The sky is the limit for you!!!!

We love you very much, Mom, Dad and Cole

James McAdam Dear James, You have accomplished so much in eighteen years! We will miss you so much when you go off to college. Your humorous approach to life is a delightful characteristic! Mom will always remember our bike rides when you rode the back child seat when you were in pre-school. We would whizz down the hills and laugh. You have become a natural at fly-fishing in New Zealand. Dad will always remember the trips you took together! You have compassion for others and your friends recognize this. You are a joy to be near! We are so proud of you! We wish you well in your next adventure in college. Love, Mom and Dad

We love you very much, Mom, Dad and Cole

Rachel McCabe

To our beloved Rachel, The past 17 years have been one crazy and joyous ride! You have grown into a bright, funny, beautiful, and kind young lady. The world is going to be a better place because of you. It is difficult to find the words to describe the depth of our pride and feelings for you, so we’d like to borrow a verse from one of our favorite books we read together when you were little: “I’ll love you forever; I’ll like you for always, as long as you’re living my baby you’ll be.” Congratulations. Love, Mom and Dad

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Rachel McCabe

Dear Rachel, Thanks for all of your help and advice in high school. Who is going to help me match my clothes when you’re gone? I will miss you. Good luck. -Jack Hi Rachel, You are such an awesome big sister. You are so goofy and funny, and it’s not going to be the same around here without you. I’m going to miss your wacky jokes at the dinner table and in the car. You, also, were always there when I needed you. I’m going to miss you very much. Love, Samantha

Thomas McCarvel Thomas, Today one journey ends and another begins. You used to think this day would never come. You have always had a smile on your face, a love for life, an enthusiasm and energy that will take you far in life. Our dinner conversations will never be the same - Mr. C or Bill O. You love to be creative and appreciate creative things- your junior and senior years without an iPhone?! You so enjoyed playing football and learned so much about effort and leadership. Your performance in the Korea game your senior year – amazing. Your friendships have always been very meaningful and important to you, especially Daniel and Kellen. We know you will continue to stand up for what you believe in. We are so proud of you. We are so grateful God gave you to us and now give you back into God’s hands. We love you, Mom & Dad

Daniel McCarvel Daniel &Thomas McCarvel

The time has finally come - freedom at last. And you thought this day would never come! Congratulations! Watching you grow up as a twin has been so very special. You have been a great brother to Thomas and to Kellen, always there and accommodating. Even though you have the ability to be stealth like, you were never out of our sites. From your earliest days your verbal skills have been amazing. Words are your trademark, few at times though they may be, yet carefully chosen (remember to keep “the wink” handy). Football gave you a passion and an avenue to grow and develop. We so enjoyed watching you play over the years. We are so proud of you. God gave you to us to do the best we could and now we leave you in his hands. We love you. Mom & Dad

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Thomas and Daniel, I can hardly believe you guys are graduating. No, it’s not because I didn’t think you guys would graduate but because you have always been my little brothers. Although, that probably won’t last too much longer. Even though you’re older, stronger, and smarter, I still feel I can take both of you in wrestling matches like when we were younger. Daniel, we will never forget the “stinkin’ oy” incident on the trip to Australia, thank you for always making us laugh. Thomas, Court McCarvel was always something I looked forward to as we debated at the dinner table. Thank you for always calling me on my foul-ups, most notably the Super Smash Bros incident. You guys are the best brothers I could ask for.

Brooke McManigal Brooke McManigal Brooke – 1992 to 2010... 18 fab years! Phase 1 of your life has been completed with so many accomplishments under your belt already. It has been incredible watching you develop your passion to change the wrongs in this world. You have shown that hard work and staying true to yourself prevails over all. We will miss your beautiful smile, your endless supply of energy, your Whoville quotes, and our worldly dinner conversations! Take with you ALL of the wonderful memories and experiences we have made as a family and put them to good use. Remember that your life is your message to the world, make it inspiring. We love you so, so much...

Brooke I can’t believe I am watching my little sister graduate from high school and is now ready to move on with life to bigger and better things. In the past few years, you have grown up to be someone I will always look up to; your drive, your passion, and your ambitions are all qualities that I envy. Keep up your hard work and it will pay off. I know you will succeed as you have with just about every challenge that came your way. I wish you the best! Good luck and have fun! Love, Your big bro, Tyler

Dad, Mom, Taj, Simon, Singa!!

Ria Mehta

Nina Miller

My Beautiful Ria, We as parents are happy to see the passion which you project in all aspects of your life. Ria, here’s the quantum leap in your life, we are confident you are going to be successful in all your endeavour’s. We are so proud of you! Remember one thing: learning is an active process and we do this till our last breath and during this course the letter L leaves and we stay with the “earn.” Good luck to you for your new horizons and we as a family are always there for you & wish that you get all you’ve ever dreamt for. You are the world’s best daughter Ria “we love you & are going to miss you very much baby.”

Once upon a time there was a Princess... our Princess! Princesses are usually the daughters of kings and queens but like in fairytales, there is more to being a princess than just that! Our Princess Nina has blessed our “little kingdom” with her many gifts, her beauty and her grace. Our Nina is as a princess is expected to be: good and kind, honest and honourable, true to her principles and those she loves. Princess Nina is not the one to sit in a tower waiting to be saved... she is the clever “Songstress” who has danced her way through life touching the hearts of all of us who have had the joy of watching her as she continues her journey on... “happily ever after”.

Mom Dad Rishi & Anyaa

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Nina Miller

Nina Jean Miller came into the world singing, dancing, and acting the perfect little angel. A custom that continues to this day. Nina has shown intellectual curiosity and a passion for social interaction. It’s amazing what she has already accomplished: touring internationally with the Australian Girls Choir, starring in a film in China, a cheerleader, ballet dancer, horseback rider, certified advanced scuba diver, and lead in numerous school plays and musicals. With that said, we are most proud of her faith in God, commitment to family, and commitment to helping the children of Cambodia. We love our bright and shining star.

Nina Miller

Nina Miller Nina, I can’t believe you’re going to college! I’m going to miss going on trips with you, swimming, scuba diving and lying out in the sun. You have to promise to come visit no matter what part of the world we might be in :) Have a great time at SMU! I’m going to miss you. You’re a great big sister. Love, Madi To my biggest sister Nina. I love you so much. You are a really great big sister. Thank you for all of the fun times you spent with me. I remember when you would swim with me and when I was in your film for school. I also loved it when you took me to New Moon. I will miss you soooo much. Solita

Christina Alexa Miranda Our muse and inspiration, from housebuilding in Cambodia to shopping for outrageous shoes; Van Gogh/Dali/ BillieJoe-gazing, baking madness and all-nighters! You have shown such courage this year, wisdom and compassion beyond your years, and astounding talent that just gets better and better. Keep your head, dream big, and always choose happiness, and music. We love you, Bubu! Mom & Dad

Did you know that you’re the craziest and funniest sister ever? Not to forget loving and caring. I love going back and watching our childhood videos again and again with you just to see your cute side. I love the funny inside jokes we have that no one would ever understand. I love the way you helped me my first couple years of high school. The I didn’t realize how much I’d miss my sister until I had most important thing to remember, when your eyes are a roommate that wasn’t you. You’re irreplaceable! From red from studying too late or from crying because you miss stealing your headbands at age six to stealing your dress home is that I’m only a phone call away. I love you. across the world today– OMG WE’RE SO OLD. You’re stronger than I am, surviving the year like you did, and I’m SO proud Your Little Sister, to be your sister. Let’s do a crazy Eurotrip soon. LOVE! – Elliot. Cassi (PS. Were you surprised?)

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Ishaan Misra

Emily Moore

Just yesterday you were performing impromptu dances and plays with friends, spying on Austin’s camp-outs, riding horses, go carts and bikes, and welcoming Hannah into the family. Life has always been an adventure for you. You approach the ‘new’ with Hey Ish, grace - whether it’s Welcome to the world of adulthood! Somehow I get the a new sister, foster feeling your last four years in High School have prepared sister, a move to you well for it! the other side of the world, or a summer job in Spain. May the next four be filled with fun, friends, and... good We always appreciated your sweet nature and know food! it hasn’t been easy growing up in the ministry. Your strong independence, eye for design, intelligence, and Health and happiness always, fearlessness will carry you a long now is your Love ya! time to step out and use these...and discover your Pops, Mama and Maayo future. Trust your instincts because they are usually right on... but more importantly trust Him (Proverbs 3:5-6). Remember that wherever you go, we are thinking about you, loving you and praying for you. Much love, Mom and Dad

Heather Morris

Dear Heather, It has been a true joy to watch you grow into the fine young lady we see today. Your family is very proud of you, your achievements, your zest for life and your kind heart. But the next great adventure begins. Go enjoy life, but never forget that, “We’ll love you forever; we’ll like you for always...“ You will be missed but you’ll never leave our hearts. Congratulations. Mom (the photographer), Dad and big brother Sandy. P.S. Treat every day like it’s your HARP day.

Sarah Moseley The determined, poised little girl is now a confident, lovely young woman. From the beginning, you made your mark in our big, boisterous family. You have stood toe-totoe with your brothers and sister, earning their grudging respect. You have made us all laugh with your incredible sense of humor. You have shared so much. And all the while, you were achieving your goals, showing focus and willpower. We couldn’t ask for a better daughter or sister, and we know you’ll be wonderful at whatever you want to do. Keep that beautiful smile on your face and the laughter in your voice as you face the world. All our love, Dad, Mom, Meg, Alex, Ben and Sam

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Sarah Mountjoy

Natalie Muller “Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground” -Theodore Roosevelt

Congratulations Sarah on your wonderful achievements throughout your years at school. From Australia to Houston to Singapore you have blossomed. We are very proud of the young lady you have become and all of your accomplishments. We have watched your footprints and guided your footsteps over the years, now it is time to take your own path. Your future is very bright, we are sure that you will continue to work hard and take advantage of all opportunities. We will delight in your happiness and celebrate your achievements. Of course we will miss you but we will always be here for you with unconditional love and support. Remember... Proverbs 16:9 Love Mum and Dad

Natalie Muller The 5 Most Important Reasons Why I Am Going To Miss You 5) Who is going to talk to me while watching CSI? 4) Who is going to play with Bailey? I can’t do it alone. 3) What’s the good of news if you haven’t got a sister to share it with? 2) Who is going to smile and laugh with me? 1) Who is going to be my loving older sister? Dear Natalie, I am going to miss you so much. You have always been there for me. We have always had great times together. I am sure that you will do really well in college. Love you always. Your brother, NICKY (An older sister is a friend and defender, a listener and a counselor)

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Dear Natalie, You have always made us proud. You have many talents- intelligence, good judgment and determination. You are a wonderful daughter, a caring sister and a compassionate friend. These traits will take you far. We know that you will succeed in whatever you set out to do. Go out and make a difference. Don’t hurry, don’t worry, and be sure to smell the flowers along the way! With love, Mom & Dad

Connor Murray Connor, We believe life is made of moments. Like that moment when you burst into our lives weighing an impressive 10 lbs. Like that moment when at 9 months you took your 1st steps into the middle of a soccer game. Or that moment in 7th grade with your team down 2 pts you shoot from half court to win the game. Or when you won the Coach’s Award for soccer. It’s moments like these that forged you into the wonderful person you’ve become. You’re a terrific son, a caring brother, and a loyal friend. You’ve heeded the call “to whom much is given, much is expected” and are living that challenge. We have given you roots and wings- now it’s your time to fly!! We love you!! Mom & Dad

Connor Murray

Connor Murray

Connor, we’ve had some great times together... from helping technologically challenged parents to other household dramas... from summer days in Rochester to family adventures in Asia... from the boiling heat of Australia to freezing temperatures of Africa... from elephant trekking in Thailand to hiking to glaciers in New Zealand... from dumpling a girl could have by far!!! banquets in Xi’an to Fergburgers in Queenstown... from Tomb Raider’s Ta Prohm to the forests of Lord of the Rings... I love you! from temples of Japan to beaches in Phuket... from Lions -Shannon of Botswana to being attacked by monkeys in Gibraltar (and Singapore and Zambia). Here’s to all our exciting adventures so far and for the many more to come. There’s nothing better than spending amusing family time with you. Congratulations. -Caitlin

Tatianna Nasr

Connor-C is for caring brother and friend O is for omg are you on Wow again? N is for nice there’s no one near as kind N is for net which you’re surfing all the time O is for outstanding athlete that you are R is for Rugby where you are quite the star ... And that’s why you’re the best brother

Tatianna Nasr

Dearest Tatianna, I treasure your special moments in my heart. From those little baby steps, your growing childhood days till today. You’ve grown up so quickly. And I am so happy and proud of you, and the young mature woman you’ve become. I admire your character. I respect your opinions and values. I have faith in your judgements. Time has come to move on into a new round of academic experiences; remember, no pain no gain. You are an achiever. “Success always comes with achievements.” Your parents love you and will always stand by you and support you.

My adorable baby girl has grown up right under my nose! I still remember as if it were yesterday: smiley yucca plucker, cassette unraveller, popcorn clutcher duckpond plunger, know how, jalama, Dani did it, antenna breaker, who will always make me smile & laugh. The memories are endless! Whoever thought my bundle of joy would become such a beautiful, grounded, thoughtful, considerate, mature young woman, ready to face yet another phase of her life so suddenly! I’m proud of you. I hope for smooth transitions, wonderful memories, great friendships, and a path to independence. I

Love, Dad

love you very much, Mom.

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Jessica Nguyen-Phuong Dearest Chou, You are as adorable as the day you were born, but you have also grown into an outgoing and confident young lady. Like a flower, you have bloomed. You are such a lively, generous, honest and responsible person. Everywhere you go, happiness just follows. You have taught us a lot and you make us extremely proud. Congratulations on entering a new phase in your life. Your journey ahead will have its ups and downs, but whatever happens, just stay happy. Our love will be with you always. Papa & Mummy

Claudia Ni jsten Dearest Claudia, You are such a special granddaughter. I am so proud of you. You are so beautiful and so sweet! – a very precious and caring person. You are so thoughtful of all the people around you. Whenever I see you, I am so happy. I feel so much love from you and I love you dearly with all my heart. I hope you find the future that you wish for and that you find much happiness in all that you choose to do. You are so special to me. I wish you lots good health, lots of love and lots of happiness. Good luck always! With much love, Boobie

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Claudia Ni jsten We are so proud of you! From that beautiful baby that came into our arms, you have grown into a gorgeous young woman and a caring, loving individual. We are so aware of your kindness and compassion for others, your loyalty as a friend, your infectious laughter and utter sweetness. With your great sense of style and warm personality, we know you’ll have a positive impact onto many people’s lives. Now, with your international upbringing and education, you are well prepared and eager to discover what the world has to offer. As this new adventure in your life begins, we wish you much success, joy and happiness in everything you do. You have been a true joy in our lives. Good luck , sweet girl! Mom + Paps

Non Okumura

Congratulations! We are very happy that you were able to have a lot of fun with your friends in the four years you were in Singapore. Keep in touch with all your friends. Even if you go back to Japan, we will always be supporting you from here in Singapore. With Love, Dad and Mum Non- Have fun in university! You’re FINALLY getting some freedom, with no one telling you when to work. You might not be the best model as a student, but you’re the coolest, lovable, bread-like sister ever! I’m proud to be your lil’ sis. Love, Rin

Amanda Ongko Dear Amanda, Congratulations! We are very proud of you and your achievements throughout these years from your schools in Montessori International School Jakarta, Methodist Girls’ School Singapore and finally graduating at SAS. It seems like it was only yesterday, the fond memories of an adorable & cheerful baby has grown up to a loving & nice young lady. You have been such a wonderful daughter to us and filled our lives with joy and happiness with your pleasant personality and good nature. We are confident that with your persistence and determination, you will continue to succeed in all your future endeavors. May God bless you always, we will miss you.

Amanda Ongko

Dear ndu, Finally you’ve made it... to where I was 3 years ago hahaha just kidding. I’m happy that you are one step closer to adulthood and closer to me geographically too! Congrats my lil’ sis! Love, cici.

With lots of love, Mami & Papi

Michael Osachoff

Akane Otani

Congratulations Michael! We are so proud to have seen you mature and become a confident young man with a positive attitude towards life. You have an enthusiastic approach to every new challenge and this characteristic is sure to set you on the path to success. As you step out into the world, this is your opportunity to not only encounter new adventures and live your dreams but to also make your mark in the world. Be strong; keep your convictions and your sense of humour. We will always be there for you with much encouragement and all our love. Love, Mom and Dad

Dear Akane, Time really flies! You were the most hottempered screaming baby we had ever seen... but now look at you. We would never have imagined that you would become such a beautiful, super talented, and confident young woman. We wish you all the best. Always believe in yourself, keep moving forward, and don’t forget that we are always behind you, supporting you 100%. We will miss you heaps but we’ll always be just on the other end of Skype!!!

Dear Michael, I won’t know what to do at home without you. We had so much fun together. I’ll miss you. Nathaniel

Love, Mommy and Daddy

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Momo Ozawa

Congratulations! It was a great time that you spent 9 years at SAS. We are really proud of you that you did your best in studying, sports and everything. You make us happy all the time. We hope that the time you spent in senior year away from us gives you a plus in your college life. Believe dreams can come true. Love, Mom and Dad Momo, I know we used to fight just because of something small, but I always wished I’d be as smart and cool like you. I’ll miss you when you’re in college. Good luck! Lily Ann

Bertrand Peh Our dearest Bert, It seems just a while ago when you first started school, and all too soon, you’re trundling along with time into manhood and National Service. Congratulations, son, on your high school graduation - the journey of life is rarely a smooth one or a bed of roses, and we’re so proud that you’ve always embraced the spirit of perseverance and optimism. In whatever you undertake, remember always to strive for wisdom. Thank you for being such a wonderful son. Thank God for the gift of you. Much love always, Dad and Mom, Melissa, Desiree and grandparents

William Blake Peters

Evan Petty Evan, We’ve brought you to the mountain; the climb is yours. We’ve brought you to the shore; the sea is yours. We’ve brought you to the sky; the wings are yours. We’ve brought you through the shadows; the light is yours. We’ve brought you to this day; tomorrow is yours. -Sandra E. McBride.

“Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget”

We are so proud Congratulations and best of luck to you all in the future. of you and the young man you have become. While in And remember wherever life takes you, you will look back college, remember to believe in your dreams, follow your at your times at SAS and the friendships that you made and passion and hold firm to your values. You will always have SMILE. our love and support. A Tribute to the Six Pack (Blake, Danny, Dylan, Harry, James, and Marc) All you have to do in life is go out with your friends; party hard and look twice as good as the guy next to you!

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Love, Mom and Dad

Kabilan Pillay

Danica Pizzi

Dear Kabilan, You have worked hard to reach this stage of your life. It was difficult in the beginning to adjust to the many changes as you grew up. With the grace of the divine and your personal effort you have succeeded and we are very proud of you. As you embark on your National Service and University education may you always be guided by swami. We are confident that you will achieve all your dreams.

Our Pumpkin Moonshine, you never cease to put a smile in our hearts! We do realize just how dull our lives would be without you... so allow us to thank you properly for all the drama you have brought to our dinner table over the years! We will miss you immensely, Danica! You are the light of our lives and what’s more, we rarely regret not trading you for forty goats! Meeh Meeeh! We love you, Taboota Poo Poo!

With Love, Appa & Amma.

Always, Mom & Dad

Danica Pizzi

Danica Pizzi

Danica, There are only a few things that I have ever thanked God for, and the one that stands out is how lucky I am to have been blessed with you as my sister. I admire you so much and I look to you to be the light that leads the way for me. You are a butterfly, ready to break free of your cocoon. Fly butterfly, fly. I will miss you so much for you are not only my sister, but my best friend. I love you, Sweetums.

Our entertaining and beautiful niece,’ve always brightened lives with your enthusiasm; as a child bursting into song without a care in the world... My Heart Will Go On - Somewhere Over the Rainbow... will forever be part of our memories. Special family trips to Bear Rock Lodge in Massachusetts, holiday get togethers at Mimi and Papa’s in Maryland, enjoying ski trips, trick-or-treating as Dorothy, Ledo Pizza and the Ocean City, NJ beaches are etched in time for us all. May all your future dreams be better than you can imagine!!... Congratulations “Donka”! : )

Love, Kyle

The Swords.... Uncle Randy, Aunt Lorri Ann, Ryan, Robbie and Coco

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Danica Pizzi

Danica Pizzi

You are unique, Danica! Your life will be what you want it to be. Discover your heart and have the courage to follow its passions. When you are troubled with a problem, remember that within you are the answers. Understand. Be strong. Do ordinary things in an extraordinary way. Have health, hope and happiness. Never lose sight of how very special you are!!

Dear Danica, We cannot believe how fast the years have gone, it seems like youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve gone from a little girl to a young lady overnight. We are so proud of your accomplishments and we know you will succeed in all your future endeavors. Your life has been full of wonderful experiences, but it really has just begun. We wish you luck during your college years and happiness in all you do.

Love, Mimi

All our love, Grandma & Grandpa Pizzi Uncle Cliff, Aunt Silvia, Aunt Lisa, Uncle Rick, C.J., Nick & Alex

Luigi Puno We remember dropping you off in kindergarten and your excitement at being chosen to raise the school flag. Now, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re graduating! Congratulations, Luigi! We enjoyed sharing your interests for trains, skateboards, guitars and more that has brought us excitement and joy! Through the years, you adjusted so well to life in four countries because of your enthusiasm for discovering anything new. This has prepared you to take on more challenges ahead! The world is your stage and we are cheering you on! We will miss you and the beat of the music that we hear from your room! We love you! Go for your dreams while keeping on the safe track! Your room will always be ready when you come home and iced tea, of course! Love, Dad and Mom

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Luigi Puno We will all miss you once you leave us! Have great college years ahead and have fun. New adventures await you. New challenges you will have to overcome. I will miss playing with you. PSP, Xbox, Wii, and jamming in your room are always exciting times! You have been a fun brother. Thanks for telling me about the older years. Come visit whenever you can. Love, your brother, Lanz Congratulations! This is just the beginning of a pursuit you choose to be in the future. We hope and pray that your choice is something you love doing. We know you can do it. Do your best always then success will await you. We love you and you will always be our #1 bubutski! Love, Lola Baby & Lolo Eddie

Luigi Puno

Rohanna Radhakrishnan

As you leave school, it is a time to reminisce– nappy changes, wobbly first steps, bleary-eyed mornings, projects, friends, parties, danceperformances, football, holidays, movies, Luigi is silent brilliance tears and laughter... with a big heart for You’ve accomplished others. You are one a lot– grades, spanish, who will surprise all bharatanatyam, of us with your future piano, volunteering, accomplishments! God and graduating as bless you throughout the youngest in your life’s journey! We love class. Beyond these, you! it is wonderful to see your focus, balance and good Love, Lolo Aury & Lola Marilyn cheer. Congratulations! Your next steps are at a time of historic global change, one that brings unprecedented Dear Luigi, congratulations on your graduation! Enjoy opportunity. Think well and choose the road that will make your college life! I have no doubt you will be successful in you happy. Thank God for the blessing that each day is. whatever endeavor you pursue! Ninong Vince Be a simple and compassionate human being. Always remember – the bird of paradise alights only upon the To my godson Luigi- going to college is one exciting journey in your life. We are here to provide guidance as you hand that does not grasp! Appa & Amma spread your wings. Live each moment to the fullest! We look forward to seeing you grow into a fine adult! Ninang Cathy Congratulations! I hope you enjoyed your best years in high school. College will even be more fun! Study well! -Tito Ed A.

Ellie Rava Ellie, we are so very proud of you. You have given us much happiness and fond memories of growing up in Singapore. It just seems like yesterday that you started school and now you are ready to embark on a life away from home. Your many artistic talents continue to amaze us and we are sure that you will continue to make us proud of your many achievements and accomplishments. Congratulations on your graduation! You’ve done it. Love, Mum, Dad, Jenna & Alexandra

Thomas Rees

Thomas we are so proud of you. We could not be any prouder of you. Time has flown by and now it is time for you to fly the coup. We have watched you grow from a waddling toddler into a strapping young man ready to take on the world. May you reach your full potential and be happy in your next stage of life. We love you and will miss you very much. Love, Mum, Dad, Matthew and Harry xx

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Kalie Riemer Dearest Kalie, We are so proud of you as a daughter and as a person, and we are confident that you will do terrific in life. You have a rare and wonderful balance: academically, you are intelligent, capable and hardworking; socially, you are the definition of a “good friend” and you are a truly caring and fun person; artistically, you have a natural talent that you apply to everything you do. College years are truly exciting and as you move into that phase of your life, we hope you will take advantage of all the opportunities available and enjoy yourself. Most importantly, no matter where you go or what you do, know that we are always there with you in heart and spirit! Love, Mom & Dad

Max Robertson

Kalie Riemer

Kalie, All grown up and off to college already! I am so proud to have a little sister like you. You somehow manage to have fun and still get all your stuff done. Someday you’ll have to teach me that trick. You are an intelligent, hard working, honest person and I know that you will go very far. If I have one piece of wisdom, it’s don’t let the little things get you, there is way too much to enjoy out there. Good Luck with college and starting your adult life. Love, Kris

Alex Rossinsky

Dearest Alex, Congratulations Challo! It feels like just a blink of an eye since your first day of kindergarten in Germany. We are so very proud of you– of your accomplishments, abilities but mostly for the warm and caring young man you have become. On the day you were born, heaven sent one of our Alex, you’re blessed life’s greatest blessings - you. And then our family was with a great set of complete and it has been filled with so much happiness tools; intelligence, and adventure. You are imaginative, fun, sensitive, kind and athletic ability, movie star looks and a personality that can wise. You remind us to live in the moment and to look for charm the devil. Use these tools well and have high selfthe good in everything. You will always be in our hearts and expectations. Keep yourself challenged and open to new prayers. We believe in you. ideas. Love and laugh a lot and try to keep a balance in life. Love, Family first. Play fair, be honest, be kind. Mom and Dad May all your hopes and dreams come true– we wish you everything wonderful the world can offer. Max, you’re one of the best people I know and I can’t wait We love you to pieces! to see the exciting things I know you’ll do with your life. Love, Marisa Momma, Poppie and Maa

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Alex Rossinsky

Alex Rossinsky

Cheers to you Alex! Dear Alex, It seems like yesterday Congratulations! when I got the call that You have reached you were born. Now a milestone. Today you’re leaving the small you have come to pond of high school an ending and also a and getting ready to new beginning in your swim with the big fish. life. It seems like only Your new adventure yesterday that you will be one of fun and were a small child. You excitement. It will have since grown into challenge you every day. a fine young man. We Aunt Susan and know that your athletic I are very proud of talents, academics and your achievements. personality will carry We know that great you far as you go on things are waiting for you as you turn this new corner of to college and eventually out into the world. Our best wishes for success and happiness in the future. May all your life. Remember to always stay true to yourself, family and friends. Best of luck and God bless. dreams come true. With all our love, Grandma and Grandpa

All our love, Aunt Susan, Uncle Richie, and Little Jenny

Brett Rothberg Brett, From the beginning, you were happy to be there. Nothing ruffled your feathers or caused complaints, instead a smile and flutter of those peepers. Later the sly grin turned into the off-handed comment or routine... Sammy, living like a rat, S. Hawking comes to mind. When you were not making us laugh, you were forcing us to marshal our arguments hoping to persuade you or win at least a point or two. You never cease to surprise us with the novel way you see things and what you can achieve. We know you have big things ahead, so grab that Krispy Kreme and show everyone what you can do. We are proud of you and hope you know that we will always be your biggest fans. Love, Mom and Dad

Brett Rothberg

Brett, It’s incredible that you are about to turn eighteen and go off to college. No longer are the days of timing you as you run up the stairs, hiding in the house from chavs and making up dances together in Grandma’s pool. To start life on your own is scary but you have everything it takes. I can honestly say that you are the kindest person I know. I hope to be there for you like you were for me during my first year of college. Here’s to good times when we are finally united... Stateside. I love you. Lauren

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Brett Rothberg Brett, Congratulations! I have had the privilege of watching you grow up. You have become an incredible person with great humor, intelligence, strength of character and a seriously wicked wit. I am truly proud of you! Set your goals high and look forward to the opportunities ahead. All my love, NeeNee

Mary Russell

Hey Mar Bear! It goes without saying that we will miss you immensely, whether we are in Singapore or the U.S. You are growing into such a wonderful young woman; incredibly kind and good in this crazy world. If there were a perfect daughter/ sister contest, you would win hands down! It’s great that you are pursuing your dream by going to film school in L.A.! Hollywood! You have a good eye and feel for what people are interested in, and are very disciplined from all your professional performing. We love you and are so proud of you that we are going to burst! Mom, Dad and Teddy

Lourdes Santos

Jesse Scarborough

We knew that the day would eventually come when you graduate from high school and go off to college. We savored every minute with you while you were our little baby. We watched over you as you grew taller, stronger, wiser. The little toddler that we used to carry has turned into a beautiful young lady that we are so proud of. We are proud of your achievements in academics and sports, of your drive and determination to do well. Congratulations on your graduation and we wish you all the best on your upcoming adventure.

Dear Jesse, As a baby, your curiosity led you to crawl away from the safety of the other babies and moms to explore the playground. As a toddler you waved and said “hi” to friends and strangers alike. Your favorite number was “infinity.” To this day, you remain curious about the world, you love to explore ideas, and you are always willing to be a friend to others. The boy who was Superman every day for 15 months is now a real “super man.” From North Carolina to Russia to Romania and then Singapore, we’ve spent a lot of time together “having and giving and sharing and receiving.” We know your confidence and joy in life will lead you to great places.

Love, Dad, Mom, and Miguel

Love, Mom and Dad

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Brooke Schmidt

Brooke Schmidt

Brooke, We can’t believe the time has come to write in your senior yearbook (and we’re NOT ready). It seems like yesterday that you were a little girl– begging to be called Scooty, yelling ‘cut dad cut’ when Abby disrupted your video, soaking Toah in juice, and hiding when your dad did the chicken dance (whoops, the Mick Jagger dance) in front of the middle school (ok, so we admit that must’ve been horrifying). We truly cherish each of these memories, and so many more. We are so incredibly proud of you. Your kindness, poise, humor and self-motivation will take you far in life. We will miss you terribly when you go to college but you are ready. Be amazing– we know you will!

You are overall, an amazing person! Although, we fight like there’s no tomorrow, I strive to be like you, to look like you, and be the best little sister you could have. In these last couple of months (we would wait 16 years before we actually start hanging out!) I’ve learned so many great things about you and learned to love our differences. Not only will we always be sisters, but we will always be friends. I love you so much... more than you can imagine. I’ll miss you everyday you’re not with me, but I know you’ll have a great time in college! Whether, we’re thousands of miles apart or just a bedroom away, I’ll always be here for you.

We love you! Mom and Dad

I love you, Abby

Benjamin Scieszka

Suzanne Shaffer

Ben Scieszka Quotes in Life We heard many times in Philadelphia “That baby is too pretty to be a boy” - you certainly turned into a most handsome young man. “I hit my head and my brain came out” you told Djadju on the phone. The scar endures but your brain was clearly unharmed. “I really don’t want a girlfriend, too much drama” you’ve told us many times. Is this because you live with Mom and Monica or just social observation? “Interviewing is my specialty.” Our wonderful son, so composed at an early age, has always had the gift for intelligent conversation. We are so proud and sad to see you off into adulthood.

Dear Suzanne: Congratulations!! We are so proud of you!!! Moving away from your friends for the last 2 years of high school and not being able to march was extremely difficult. You clearly sacrificed the most for Dad’s career. But the experiences of urban living, international travel, and a higher level of academic competition will also serve you. Watching you develop into a beautiful, confident and independent young adult has been our joy. Please know we will always be there for you no matter what.

Love, Mom, Dad and Monica

Love, Mom & Dad

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Maximilian Shaulis Maxie, Pops and I could not be more proud of you. We are amazed at the wonderful young man you have become. You have shown that you can do anything. The SAS years have been incredible and we have enjoyed every moment of them. We both know that these next few years in University will be as incredible as your years at SAS, and we plan to be there often to be a part of it. The house will be a bit quieter for now, and I don’t think we will be able to keep up with the WWE drama quite like we used to, but somehow I am sure you will keep us informed. Dad and I love you and we are so very proud of our little man!

Maximilian Shaulis

Ma, It’s hard to believe you are graduating. You have done it big at SAS - you’ll be remembered as an amazing athlete and a great person. You kept the Shaulis legacy alive and now its time for Baby Fats to step up. I can’t wait for you to move to California. So we live a life like a video, where the sun is always out and you never get cold and the champagne’s always cold and the music’s always good and the pretty girls just happen to stop by in the hood- we’ll stay forever young. Love, Alex (Ms Fats)

Maximilian Shaulis

Arishma Singh

Congratulations on your high school graduation. We are really proud of you and your achievements. You have matured into a beautiful, ambitious and responsible young woman. The time has come for you to embark on your journey to University and we are sure that Max, with your commitment, I will miss you more than you could ever know, but I determination and know that you will have a great time in college and be the persistence you will best at whatever you will do. It’s hard to believe that it’s just going to be pop, mom and me next year, I’ll miss watching achieve your desired goals. Life in University will be completely different from school; you will not have the HIMYM, playing rugby, running track with you, and just guidance of your teachers who have really contributed a lot hanging out. I love you and I’ll miss you so much Max! But, we both know that you’re so fat that no plane could towards your success to-date. We will miss you very much. We still can’t believe that our little girl has grown up. take you from Singapore to California, so it looks like your Love, Papa and Mummy staying! Rishi, I’m so proud of you and your achievements. I wish you all the best on your new journey. See you in Sydney! Love, ♥ Pix Isabella

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Andisya Siregar Dear eEkaa The day when you were interviewed to attend kindergarten in Jakarta is long over; the time when you asked your sister to keep you company wherever you went seems like yesterday. Now, as very proud parents, we are writing in your yearbook. You have grown to become a confident, independent and mature person with a great work ethic. Your strong character and determination will carry you far in life. Go and explore the world; learn, make mistakes and don’t be afraid of failures and disappointments. Fight for your dreams, have fun and be yourself. We want you to be successful and happy. Whatever the situations you are in, you have our love, pray, support and trust. We will miss you terribly. Love, Eejon and Eebudun

Sandhya Sivaskandan Dearest Sandy, Congratulations!! It is hard to believe you are graduating from High School and heading off to college. It seemed like yesterday we were pushing you in a stroller in Akron, Ohio. We are very proud of you. Your perseverance and yearning for knowledge will make you a life-long learner– an indispensible necessity for success and happiness in your journey through life. Love, Uthu and Chonna Dear Sissy, You are the best sister we could ever wish for. We hope one day we can be just like you, a person that is stronger than steel. Have an awesome time at college, “Fandi”! Lots of Love, T. and Hari P.S. “I’m not eating it. I’m only tasting it.” Yeah, right! :)

Andisya Siregar

Dear Fatsy Pats, I can’t believe you didn’t know South Africa was a country. I know you’re not good at geography, but come on. You’ve been creepy to live with, but I’m actually going to miss having you around. You’ve been an amazing sister. You never let me give up, and you always believed in me. I’m kind of mad at you for leaving. Now I have to cope with Jon’s constant talking by myself. And who’s going to make fun of me when I ask “intelligent but not really” questions. Don’t forget Hot Cheeto Time or the opposite of “illegal.” Thanks for always making me laugh with your model faces. I know you’ll have fun in college. Love, Toto

Aarti Sreenivas

If I said the Sky is the limit, you would reply back that the sky is not the limit! Now what do I say? I hope that sums up your personality. You have such zealous quests towards your passionate pursuits and go about achieving them so gracefully. Not many around you would probably know the depth of thought behind them all. You are filled with love, care, responsibility and a driving ambition; this gives us immense pride. Your constant expression of affection to your family makes you the apex of our life. In our eyes, you will continue to remain “Our little Kunju!”

Woof, woof! Don’t cover your ears! -Bobo

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Rebecca Stratton

High School graduation day is already here. Congratulations on this big accomplishment! It was just yesterday we were at your kindergarten graduation. We are so incredibly proud of you. When you were born it was one of the happiest days of our lives and you have continued to bring us years of joy and love. You have become such a wonderful young woman. You have a kind heart, are always honest and want to do the right thing. You worked so hard to accomplish your goals with school and swimming. This will serve you well in life. We can’t wait to see what you will accomplish next! Always remember how much we love you and that we are always there for you!

Rebecca Stratton

Hey big sis, well you have finally made it and we managed not to kill each other in the process. You’ve always been there for me in our ups and downs. You have always supported me when I needed you. Even though we may not have liked each other a lot of the time - living with you has been an amazing experience, I hope you have a good time in college. I love you and I’m going to miss you.

We will miss you terribly, Love Mom & Dad

Patricia Sverre

Michael Szopiak

What a wonderful eighteen years it has been watching you grow up. Independent and adventurous from the start you never let anything get in your way. There is nothing you can’t do! From horse-back riding, rock climbing, skiing, sailing, kayaking and traveling you have always had a good attitude. That will serve you well on the next leg of your life journey. We look forward to hearing about your accomplishments and experiences that lie ahead. Know that we are behind you all the way. We’ll miss you and your singing around here.

Dear Michael, When you were a freshman at Strake Jesuit we attended a meeting in which we were reminded that our role as parents was merely a step in the process of growing up. You were never ours to keep- just to nurture until you were ripe for the journey ahead. Now, four years later, you are eager to begin the next phase of your life. As always, we will be there for you to share in your joys and comfort you through your sorrows. God’s grace will see you through. Never stop listening - His voice will always be there to guide you. We hope your memories of high school both at SJ and SAS will serve as a reminder of how very blessed you are. Love, Mom & Dad

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Christina Tan Teenz, it’s amazing how quickly time has flown by since we first walked you to the school bus for your first day at SAS. Since then, your intellectual development and confidence has grown on a trajectory! As you prepare for college, do spend time cementing friendships you’ve developed here. The world is a small place after all, and there will be opportunities to rub shoulders again. Congratulations on graduating- we are so proud of all your achievements. As you move on to a new phase of life, remember that we will always be there for you. As you reach for new dreams that may begin to appear on the horizon, remember to reach far. We trust that you will always excel. With lots of love, Mama & Deepak

Timothy Tan Dearest Tim, You are a special gift from God to us and we thank Him daily for the privilege of raising you and being your parents these last 17 years. It has been a great joy watching the way that you have blossomed to become a compassionate, charming and responsible young man. We are incredibly proud of you. As you embarked on a new journey, remember that God goes with you and you will always have the unconditional love and support of your family. We love you. Mom and Dad Dear Tim, Congratulations! May you continue to have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and challenge the world around you as you strive for greater things. Wishing you every success. Enjoy your National Service. Love, Sis

Rebecca Tay

Rebecca Tay

Since you were five, you’ve been entertaining everyone both on and off the stage. With your flair for dancing and hilarious sense of humor, you have kept the family atmosphere fun and light-hearted. We watched you grow from a stubborn, mischievous little girl to a sweet, mature and responsible young woman (with a very smart mouth). You’ve shown us your perseverance in your hard work and your generous spirit in your willingness to volunteer your time helping others. Words cannot express how proud we are of you, you can be anything you aspire to be. We will miss you greatly when you go off to college - you are a very special girl and we will always love and support you.

Aww, widdle Becky’s all grown up now. Seems like just yesterday I was shooting nerf pellets at your bald baby head. I’m really proud of you for being the complete opposite of me and studying hard and being responsible, you’re gonna make it big, kid. We’ve had some good times, you’ve made family vacas a blast with warm apples and pantheons. You’d better not ever get too busy for us. Anyway grats on graduating from high school, you may think you’re big stuff now going to college and all but you’ll always be 12 to me.

Mom and Dad

Gute Nacht, Tiff

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Claudia Thieme

Dev Tiwari

Dear Dev, Congratulations on your graduation! It symbolizes the completion of a journey that marks the first phase of your life. But we also know the challenges and excitement that accompanied the journey over the past 18 years are but the opening lines to a book Dear Claudia, that is yet to be written We are so happy to see you taking off so confidently and in full. You are the author gracefully from our nest. You soaked up all the skill you of that book and it is need and now it’s time for you to perfect it at university. your cool temperament, resilience to setbacks and ability Be happy and be wise and be careful. to work hard that will set the stage for a truly outstanding Wish you a great life journey ahead of you. story to be told that deserves our ultimate praise and admiration. That we are sure of! We just hope we are able Love you unconditionally, to be there with you on the day that sees you reach your Mum, Dad, Hans, Sam highest mountain. You have made us proud, Sushma and Jaideep

Dev Tiwari Dear Dev, Congratulations on your graduation! These 18 years have seen you growing into a levelheaded, caring, honest and humble young man. And handsome too!! You have what it takes to succeed; you need to believe in yourself. Good luck and enjoy college. Study hard but don’t party too hard! Love always, Manisha, Sumit, Apsara and Tapasya. Dear Dev, As you graduate from SAS and look to pursuing further studies, we would wish that you persist with your dedication and devotion to hard work and diligence to fulfill your dreams. The world is yours and you can go as high as you wish. But, above all, remain humble with a loving and forgiving nature that gives you satisfaction and internal peace. Always with our best wishes, Vijaya and Amulya

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Dev Tiwari Dev, OMG seriously? You’re graduating already? Wow, time really flies. Believe it or not, I’m going to miss you a LOT when you leave! Have fun at college, bro, and I’ll be coming in a year! Love you heaps, Your favorite sister, Shachi Hey Big Bro, I seriously can’t believe that you’re graduating already. It’s too early for you to go! Well, have tons of fun at college and don’t get into that much trouble. I will miss you so much! Love, your little sis, Richa

Yuvika Tolani

Yuvika, you have a very special capacity to have your presence felt – commotion in the maternity ward, the special (single) orange plate for your KG snack, a perfect American accent after the first day at the American School in Mumbai, witty verses that find their way into the most endearing greeting cards, artwork (which you don’t want anyone to know about) that adorns our walls. The lanky self-assured girl is now set to be a young lady in exciting, new surroundings. Our very best wishes and all our love shall always be with you. xox Mom and Dad

Camille Tureikis

Dear sweet daughter Camille (Caca’): Congratulations for reaching another important milestone on your life; the hardest you and we could have ever imagined. You are great and strong and have overcome all those tough challenges and won! You found the arts, the way to pave your future and express your feelings and passion in life. It makes you confident and shows how capable and sensitive you are. With God in your heart, support from us and friends, including Teddy - your loved dog - your future is rosy and full of happiness. Best Regards, Alberto Tureikis

Yuvika Tolani

Yuvika, you are, and always will be, my younger sister. However, when I started thinking about what to write, it suddenly hit me; you’re not really that young anymore. Considering myself two years ago, I realize that I can’t think of you as a kid anymore. You’re done with high school and I can’t believe it. Not that I didn’t expect you to graduate or anything, (for the most part). You finally get to be independent. Of course now that you too are in the States, mom and dad will probably make excuses to visit often! Lots of Love, Jivesh

Ali Ukani Dearest Ali, Congratulations! We are very proud of you. You are already an inventor, an innovator and a great programmer. We look forward to many more of your accomplishments in whichever field you pursue. You are the greatest brother and son anyone could ask for, and we are fortunate that you are part of our family. You have helped us get through some of the toughest times of our lives. We pray that life brings you the very best. We love you. Mom and Dad. Dear Ali, You are the best brother ever. I will miss you and your funny jokes. I will also miss those random moments of you teaching me all kinds of interesting things. Hope we can still do this through Skype. Your loving sister, Alisha.

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Natalia Umeoka

Daryle Utama

Since you were young, we knew that you are a special person, intelligent, a fast learner and talented in many ways. We are so proud that you have finished your first level of education– high school. There is no doubt that you will also complete your college education with flying colors. Nati, congratulations for finishing High School, it seems Continue to build your like yesterday, we moved to Singapore. We are very proud personality and character on how you took up the challenge to moved once again with a positive attitude. overseas, you were very brave and determined as well. We always pray for your success. One thing that we want We wish you continue to excel in life: your tenacity, focus you to remember– God has you in His heart, and He always and passion really make us feel privileged to have you as blesses you wherever you are. Great job Daryle!!! our daughter. Love, Mami and Papi Enjoy NYU and Stern, we know you’ll do great and continue to represent our family values in this next step of Hey Daryle. You’re off to university! The house is going to your journey. Have fun! be very quiet without you... Who else is going to laugh at Te amamos muito e sentiremos muitas saudades!! your jokes when you’re in uni? Papai, mamãe e Fê -Your sis

Yasmin Venema

Akshay Rao Venkatesh

Congratulations Yasmin!! 18 years has passed by too fast. It seems like only yesterday that you were a child. We celebrate this momentous occasion with a special young woman with determination, intelligence, maturity, confidence and beauty. Your story telling is engaging and your jokes are funny. We couldn’t be more proud of the milestones you’ve achieved and obstacles you overcame to come out stronger. Another great phase of life has ended and with it a new chapter has begun. As always all of us love and support you as you meet new challenges and joys in your next stage of life. We hope the cherished moments together with us, brothers, aunties, cousins and friends will keep you grounded and brighten your day. Love, Dad, Mum, Johan & Danial.

As a little boy you were constantly asking questions and I was impatient at times. Now I don’t understand a lot of things, but you explain patiently. I’m sure you’ll learn to cope on your own. It will be much harder on us, especially since I still haven’t learnt to figure out my iPhone. We are blessed to have raised such a fine young man. Don’t stop asking those questions in College. I’m sure one day the world will look to you for solutions. We are proud of you. Love Mom.

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Akshay the Contrarian, you have steadily grown to becoming our pillar of strength. Our best wishes as you embark on this new journey. Do remember to always look ahead and set your own standards. Love from Dad.

Alexandra Verdoscia Born out of love, a babe so wee; who became a girl, then a woman with ease. At first the change was subtle, you did it with grace, you wore satin bows, and a bit of lace. Then suddenly who stood before me, a girl no more, but a woman with confidence with feet on the floor. So proud of you as your mother, your friend, you are leaving me now, but our love will transcend. So go, be complete, and make your own way, in my heart my darling I wish you would stay. Go you must, I did too, fulfill your dreams, make them come true. A woman, a child to me my gift, my life you will always be. Mom

Kendrick Wang Hey Kendrick, It has been an awesome fifteen years of my life hanging out with you. You have treated me sincerely with a respectful, fun attitude, and thus always made me admire you. This admiration of me towards you made our brotherly bond close, just like long-best friends. Since we were small, we triumphed together, we had fun together, and we even caused mischief together, such as when we snuck into the Science Center without paying. Such bondage has a sad part too. When you’re gone, it will just be me. It’s just like Singapore and Air Conditioners; both are complementary and need each other to endure. That’s why the last few months you’re with me, we are going to be closer than ever. WE COOL. Your Awesome-Smart-Bboying-Swimming Brother, Kevin Wang

Kendrick Wang

Dearest Kendrick, Kang Yu, GeGe You are the pillar in my heart. Your work ethics and intelligence have earned you a place at Stanford, and your compassion, integrity, aspirations, and diligence prepare you for a brilliant future ahead. Follow your dreams, reach for the stars, do your best, and enjoy the journey. Not a day, a moment, a second goes by without my love for you– always. Mama Generations of our family ventured across continents and oceans in pursue of our dreams, confidently facing challenges with our strong family values in learning, hardworking, love, and happiness - our best gift for you, and we know you will continue to make us proud. Daddy

Kendrick Wang

Dear Kendrick, You bring us immense happiness. Diligence and selfinitiative are your nature, and your hard work is yielding great results. We thank you and your parents for the joy, pride, and bliss you bring our whole family. Congratulations Kendrick. May you soar with the wings of success. Love, Grandpa and Grandma (x2) Congratulations on your accomplishments! You are extremely bright, talented, hard working and most importantly have a kind heart. You have leadership and genuine passion for helping the needy. We know that you will be successful in all that you set out to do. You make all of us so very proud! Uncle Sam

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Joseph Ward

JD, It’s a dangerous business going out your front door. J.R.R.Tolkein Bloody flaming ashes. Robert Jordon ...what if you could go back in time, and take all those hours of pain and darkness and replace them with something better? Donnie Darko

John Widjaja Dear John, You have finally completed high school in 2010. We thank God who has been guiding you since you were born. You have grown up to be a fine young man, and we are proud of you. This is the beginning of another chapter in your life. We pray that you will continue to grasp every opportunity to better yourself and be a blessing to others. We share this verse with you so you will continue to live your life according to this principle: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight. Love, Mom and Dad

LOVE YOU JD! mom and dad

Marc Wilson

Dominic Wong

Dear Son, Dear Dominic, Congratulations on Time really flies– we your graduation! We are still remember your first so proud of you. Your cry when our family was academic and athletic gifted with your arrival achievements have 17 years ago. With the always been a great blink of an eye, you have source of pride for all of grown up to be a bright, us. But what we are most decent young man proud of is the young heading for college this man you have become. summer. What a great You are a kind, loving, achievement to be proud caring and very smart of after all the hard work individual. You have a and sacrifice! We will miss great future ahead of you the joy and laughter that and we look forward to you bring to our family being there to offer our support and watch you light up the everyday, and of course your famous bathroom singing and world. piano performance. As you venture into your next chapter Dad & Mumsy of life and pursue your dreams, remember that Mom and Dad will always be there supporting and loving you. Thanks My baby brother is all grown up! I am such a proud sister for giving us all the sweet memories and so many things to and you’ve never failed to put a smile on my face at any be proud of. given time. Take on the world & show everyone how much of an amazing person you are. Love you brosef. Mom and Dad

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Dominic Wong Dom, Good job in getting into Northwestern! I knew you could. You were the best brother I could ever have- smart, nice, athletic, talented, and everything else. Now nobody can play the piano a lot for me and show off their perfect pitchness by playing their favourite songs on the piano and singing along just to prove he can. AND ALSO ABOUT YOUR ITUNES. I’LL NEVER HAVE YOUR SONGS AGAIN. You’d better send me some of the new songs. And I’ll have nobody to annoy anymore. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, I’M GOING TO MISS YOU SOOOOOO MUCH, BUT, GOOD LUCK FOR COLLEGE ANYWAY! Thanks for being such a great friend and brother. I am definitely gonna miss you, and I hope you’ll miss me too XD! Have Fun! Deni

Anne Yeung Dearest Anne, We vividly remember all the joy you have bought us - the meticulous sketches you made when you were barely five, your falling into the pond and letting go of Spot, your love for Booboo and Johnmerson- and many more. We are proud of your desire for a good education which led you to Hunter. Your selfsacrifice which enabled us to move still brings tears to Dad’s eyes. Your hard work in AP Bio, your devotion to the basketball team, and your speech for the Student Council elections were inspiring. You are a precious gift from God to us. We cannot have hope for a better daughter than you. Remember, you have tremendous internal strength from which you can draw on when you are down. Enjoy college!!

Kohei Yamashita

Sotugyou omedetou. Koremade kisogakysyuu de diabu kurushinndekita to omouga, korekara, jibun no sentaku shita michi de kiboudouri no benkyou ga dekiruyouninaru. Honmono no shoubu wa korekarada! Funnki wo inoru Dad We had a splendid time together whenever your dad was posted overseas. How time flies! My darling boy is graduating from high school and ready to embark his new phase of life... Kohei, congratulations, and good luck on the field you are pursuing. Mum

Anne Yeung

Thought people were supposed to get smarter once they grow older? How’d you manage to graduate? Tried to teach you to read, but 90% of the words that came out of your mouth for 10 years were “booboo!” Tried to get you to participate in extracurricular, like football- or art class, (whatever) but you went straight home on your own. Tried to get you to hurry and walk faster so we wouldn’t be late for school, but you were always “too far behind! Too far behind!” Whatever you did, you’ve done much on your own. Be proud. So, “GO MEI GO!”

Love, Dad and Mom

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Stanton Yuwono Dear Stan, As you are faced with infinite choices as to where you will be going, know that there is no right or wrong path to take in life, as all journeys can be great ones. I know that you will go far in life. Just follow your dreams for they will always lead you to the right direction. You deserve the very best that life has to offer and I know that you will get it. Just know that I am always there for you whenever and wherever you may be. I love you, I wish you only joy and success, however you choose to define it. Just do your best to recognize it when it comes. Love, Mom

Tanya Zakowich Tanya means “princess,” and this is what you’ve meant to us all these years. It’s hard to believe that 18 years ago, this precious angelic baby so totally dependent on us for every need, is now launching off on her own! Our journey together has been exciting and we hope you’ll always cherish the times we spent as a family. Indeed God has blessed you with beauty, intelligence and many unique gifts and musical talents which you’ve used to the fullest. We love you dearly and wish you every success in your future. Continue to “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6. Love, Mom & Dad

Tanya Zakowich Dear Tanya Congratulations on finishing high school! Fluffy would have been proud of you. So would the Black Swordsman or Sir Hammie, whatever that hamster was called. I can’t believe how fast our 10 years at SAS have gone by. Don’t forget our songs in gibberish, our crazy Chinese family reunions, our Neopets account, our awesome summers, our father’s passport and our trip to Africa with that kid who thinks lions are extremely beautiful! I hope you’ll have the time of your life at Colgate. Thanks for being an awesome sister and I will miss you when you’re gone. Always remember to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength” Mark 12:30. Love Amanda

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Mina Zorrilla Gonzalez

Gordita linda: En un pestañear de ojos te hiciste una hermosa mujer, llena de entusiasmo, alegria y perseverancia, cualidades que siempre te han caracterizado. Te has convertido en una persona carismatica, bondadosa, caritativa y simpatiquisima. Sigue como hasta ahora poniendote metas altas, cualquier objetivo que te fijes lo lograras y recuerda que nosotros siempre te amaremos,apoyaremos y te estaremos esperando con los brazos abiertos. Te vamos a extranar muchisimo: tus bailes, tu sonrisa y tu platica divertida en las comidas y tu compañia para ir de compras! Eres muy importante en la familia.. Orgullosos de ti , Papa y Mama.

Mina Zorrilla Gonzalez Mina Zorrilla Gonzalez

Mina, te vamos a extrañar muchisimo cuando te vayas. Ya no voy a tener con quien pelearme en la cena ni con quien quejarme de mi profesores. Ojala te la pases super bien y no te dejes agringar. Siempre recuerda que los tacos son suaves y taco bell no cuenta con comida mexicana. -Rodrigo

Nuestra GEMA PRECIOSA , cómo agradecer a Dios por tu llegada a nuestra vidas?, le pediremos que sigas llena de amor y de dulzura. La vida te sonrie porque tu le sonries a ella. Te amamos antes de nacer y te amaremos por siempre, orgullosos de tí. Abio y Kiki

Mina: Estas por comenzar una nueva etapa de tu vida. Great ideas often receive violent opposition from mediocre Estamos seguros que con el mismo entusiasmo, minds – Albert Einstein. So Mina, never give up! Te vamos a perseverancia y tenacidad que has tenido con los cambios extrañar. -Pablo de paises y costumbres que has vivido, superaras con mucho este nuevo reto. Mina I`m going to miss you! Best luck in college. F3R Te queremos y deseamos que Dios ilumine tu camino. Sergio y Mina

Nicholas Zulkoski

Nicholas Zulkoski

I was always sure you could soar to great heights if you wanted. You have great intelligence, a sophisticated wit, and a keen sense of what is going on (and thankfully you have your mother’s good looks). Dig deep, stay focused on goals befitting your capabilities, and do good Nicholas, things which benefit Congratulations on finding your way so brilliantly in high mankind. A positive school and for growing up to be the fine young man that attitude is a catalyst... a Dad & I are so very proud of. spark that creates extraordinary results. You are capable of Marty McFly summed it up better than I ever could: “If making extraordinary contributions to our society. Good you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.” I luck at American University. I have tears in my eyes, I am so just can’t wait to see what you do next. very proud of you. Love you, Ton Frere

Love, Dad

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Nicholas Zulkoski

Nicholas Zulkoski

Dear Nick, First, congratulations of course, but I would like to stress your responsibilities with regards to our shared problem, you know the one I mean, she resides in our house. It falls to you, as the heir to the Zulkoski name to uphold the safety of our parents and protect them from NIAK! The last thing I want to write is something long the evil that resides in and meaningful about our fondest memories and how the bosom of our family. sad I am that you’re leaving, because as we both know, I I hope you have made wouldn’t exactly be being true to myself- would I? All I need contingency plans that will protect them in your absence. to do is remind you of a few things before you go: Back to the congratulations I offered earlier: Great job 1) Pork do NOT have eggs. Nick, you have done more than a fantastic job growing up 2) “scared” is in fact a noun. into just who you should be and remember, if you ever 3) “crack babies” are babies which are born with gills. need family, I’ll only be a train ride away. 4) skype is free. 5) buy me a blouse while you’re away, okay?

No matter what you say, bestfwendews forever. -YUB.

Much Love Always, Your Sister (The older, whiter, fatter one)

Brittany Dawe

Brittany Dawe

Brittany, Wow, you’ve come a long way. Only seems like yesterday you were standing out in the snow in Canada, our princess in the green coat, trying to get you to smile. Well, some things never change! We are very proud of you and your accomplishments. We have enjoyed watching you on the soccer fields (always our #1 Goalie) and softball will never be the same (Freshman Champion). You have turned out to be a beautiful young lady, successful in your athletic endeavours, with your friends, and in school. University will be a wonderful experience for you. Work hard and set your goals high. Remember, “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me!” May God Bless You and keep you under his protection. Prov. 3:5-6 Love, Mom and Dad

Brittany, It’s crazy how time flies! I remember when you were a freshman, now look! You kept making fun of me for sticking around Singapore, but I’m glad I did. I got to pay you back for all the Football games you watched. I’m glad you enjoyed your time at SAS and made good friends. Hold them close because a true friend is one in a million. Even though we argue, I respect you as an individual. As life unfolds, I wish you all the best and pray that everything goes well for you in the future. I’m proud to have a sister like you! Love, Jordan

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Brittany, Sorry to see you go, but always remember, I was in a higher Math than you!! Have fun at University. Love, Josh

Congratulations Class of 2010 Ravi Agarwal Joseph Anderson Margrit Benton Shailesh Bettadapur Bart Broadman Kirk Hulse

Devin Kimble Rudolph Muller Bon Park Sheila Wang Maria Warner Wong Catherine Poyen Zemans

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Boys Cross Country: Back Coach Coppell, Timothy Ng, Ishaan Shekhar, Chris Choo, Ted Chritton, Matt Rees, Zach Nelson, Josh Choe, Bryce McConville, Gu Hyug Kwon, Richard Yoh, Ian Go Front Adam Bergere, Dan Yamamoto, Rodrigo Zorilla, Daniel Bourgeois, Thomas Rees, Sammy Maus, Peter Hunt, Jonathan Kang, Ian Foo, Felix Wong, Coach Terrile

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Girls Cross Country: Back Coach Coppell, Margarte-Anne Smith, Solange Majewski, Katie Blakeman, Becky Kreutter, Danica Pizzi, Carley Kennedy, Maddie Senior, Radhika Agarwal, Coach Terrile Front Danni Shanel, Linda Kim, Lacy Burkett, Candace Perry, Saki Mihori, Kate Rowatt, Ruby Hohensee, Brooke McManigal

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Daily, Nico (12) - 29, 111, 168, 247, 298 Dangond, Sebastian (10) - 61 Danielle, Felicia (9) - 44, 322 Darira, Devon (9) - 44, 330 Darmawan, Fidella (10) - 61, 330 Darmawan, Jati (12) - 97, 112, 168, 296, 354

Boys Varsity Volleyball: Back Coach Criens, Marc Wilson, Blake Peters, Ben Scieszka, Trevor Peters, Ian Bryson, Lucas Chiang, Jack McCabe Front Matt Crema, James Fan, Ashan Fernando, Lars Crawford, Gabriel Lee, Robert Barber, Alex Bryans

Das, Kartik (11) - 80, 226, 303 Dasgupta, Kancana (11) - 80, 321 Datu, Carlos (10) - 62, 314 Dauenhauer, Megan (10) - 59, 62, 85, 227, 304 Davis, Allison (9) - 44, 330 Davis, John Daniel (12) - 112, 168, 207, 225, 226, 280 Dawe, Brittany (12) - 25, 33, 94, 97, 112, 168, 245, 266, 267, 296, 402 De La Pena, Nico (10) - 62, 326 De Velez, Leonel (11) - 80, 200, 201, 303 De Velez, Lorraine (9) - 44, 200, 322 Deary, Morgan (12) - 112, 168, 300 DeBell, Sydney (12) - 113, 168, DeBerry, Kelsey (9) - 44, 238, 305, 422 DeBerry, Blake (12) - 94, 97, 113, 168, 228, 297 Dee, Christopher (10) - 62, 226, 285 Dee, Matthew (10) - 62, 225, 306 Del Rosario, Maiki (11) - 30, 80, 290 Deluty, Daniel (10) - 62, 305 Demeester, Yana (9) - 44, 238, 316 DeNoma, Michael (11) - 80, 288 DeNoma, Scott (12) - 97, 113,168, 218, 271, 296 Derksen, Jacob (9) - 45, 331 Desai, Natasha (11) - 80, 227, 303 Desai, Rohan (9) - 45, 307 Devine, Nicolas (11) - 80, 191, 269, 301 Devins, Lily (10) - 62, 207, 285 Dibb, Dymock (12) - 97, 113, 168, 190, 296 DiBiagio, Alexander (9) - 45, 305 DiBiagio, Nicholai (11) - 76, 80, 290 Dimond, Brittney (11) - 17, 80, 192, 228, 230, 290 Dimond, Cassidy (10) - 56, 57, 62, 290 Ding, Olivia (11) - 80, 312 Dinsmore, Dan (12) - 97, 114, 168, 296 Donahue, McKenna (9) - 45, 319 Dornel, Sebastien (11) - 3, 80, 290 Driesens, Wilson (11) - 80, 329 Driesens, Jessie (12) - 16, 114, 168, 281 Du Preez, Liam (9) - 45, 307 du Preez, Serge (12) - 17, 114, 168, 296 Duara, Nisha (12) - 114, 168, 293, 354 Dunbar, Felicity (9) - 45, 311 Dunderdale, Alexander (9) - 45, 319 Dunn, Ryan (9) - 45, 220, 225, 226, 319 Dwyer, Carrie (9) - 45, 230, 319

Dwyer, Joshua (12) - 51, 97, 115, 168, 296, 355


Easwaran, Sneha (11) - 80, 219, 321 Edwards, Jonathan (10) - 62, 329 Eg, Belinda (12) - 17, 97, 115, 168, 225, 260, 270, 297 Ehrendreich, Cooper (10) - 62, 268, 320 Ellsworth, Alexander (11) - 80, 197, 303 Ellsworth, Theresa (9) - 45, 227, 305 Elms, Alicia (10) - 62, 306 Engen, Andrew (9) - 41, 45, 226, 311 Ennis, Sarah (11) - 81, 303 Erdmann, Heather (11) - 81, 245, 302, 335 Escaler, Jose (10) - 62, 309 Evans, Alexander (11) - 81, Evans, Ceilidh (9) - 45, 238, 319 Evans, Kenneth (12) - 94, 115, 168 Evren, Deniz (9) - 45, 49, 329


Fan, James (12) - 30, 97, 115, 168, 204, 241, 280, 355 Fan, Lawrence (12) - 23, 94, 116, 168, 299 Farias, Erika (12) - 8, 94, 95,116,168, 256, 257, 283, 355 Farrell, Andrew (11) - 81, 263, 290 Favati, Caitlin (12) - 15, 25, 94, 97, 116, 168, 244, 245, 257, 296 Fay, Matthew (11) - 81, 191, 269, 290 Febyan , Rustandi (11) - 81, Felice, Lauren (12) - 18, 21, 74, 94, 116, 168, 194, 213, 257, 296 Feng, Ying (12) - 117, 168, 202, 227, 297 Fenwick, Myles (12) - 117, 168, 205, 280, 356 Fernando, Ashan (12) - 18, 29, 35, 91, 117, 168, 241, 280, 356 Fickel, Katherine (9) - 45, 226, 238, 316 Fickel, James (12) - 117, 168, 296, 356 Filice, Elina (9) - 45, 225, 226, 314 Filice, Simon (11) - 3, 81, 227, 304 Finch, Anjuli (12) - 28, 30, 94, 97, 118, 168, 280, 357, 422 Finchum, McKenzie (11) - 81, 290, 423

Girls Varsity Volleyball: Back Coach Friend, Sam Conrad, Kerry Remson, Michelle Magsamen, Sarah Mountjoy, Erin Lynch, Rachel McCabe, Celeste Marsh, Coach Carter Front Sarah Moseley, Nicole Hussey, Monica Scieszka, Hannah Goode, Jerone Abueva, Kasey Waychoff, Non Okumura

Index 405

Fink, Dakota (10) - 62, 260, 309 Fink, Katelyn (10) - 57, 62, 307 Fischer, Kathryn (11) - 81, 304 Fischer, Harry (12) - 118, 168, 246, 258, 259, 280 Fish, Trent (10) - 62, 263, 309 Flippo, Dylan (9) - 41, 45, 307 Fogle, Jade (10) - 62, 285 Fong, Christiane Zoey (11) - 81, 224, 225, 229, 233, 303 Fong, Christopher (9) - 45, 226, 307 Foo, Ian (11) - 81, 202, 226, 288 Foo, Jane (9) - 38, 41, 45, 226, 314 Forgeron, Kyle (10) - 62, 303 Fremont, Lauren (9) - 45, 326 Friddle, Ian (10) - 62, 331 Fuller, Octavia (10) - 62, 226, 304 Fuller, Sami (9) - 45, 331 Fulton, Rachel (9) - 45, 267, 311


Gabert, Sarah (10) - 62, 329 Gabriela, Michelle (11) - 81, 330 Gaines, Sara (12) - 17, 18, 30, 92, 94, 118, 168, 300 Gallagher, Sean (9) - 46, 323 Gan, Christopher (9) - 46, 225, 314 Gang, Aditi (11) - 81, 89, 328 Garlick, Nathan (11) - 81, 82, 289 Geday, Jacqueline (10) - 62, 287 Gellenbeck, Kimberly (12) - 118, 168, 331 Gentry, Nicholas (11) - 81, 328 Gidwani, Mehek (9) - 46, 52, 319 Gigante, Abigail (11) - 81, 317 Gilbert, Christian (10) - 62, 305 Gilbert, Zach (12) - 29, 119, 168, 282, 357 Gill, Amanpreet (10) - 62, 304 Giri, Surya (10) - 62, 213, 228, 331 Go, Ian (10) - 62, 288 Goh, Dacia (10) - 62, 201, 327

Gomez, Rahul (11) - 81, 325 Gomez-Hixson, Kaneen (9) - 46, 326 Gomez-Hixson, Michael (9) - 46, 329 Goode, Johannah (11) - 81, 193, 195, 238, 239, 260, 261, 271, 302, 331 Goode, John (9) - 46, 85 Gottron, Nicholas (11) - 81, 86, 331 Goulding, Dylan (10) - 20, 62, 306 Grace, Serena (11) - 76, 81, 313 Graddy, Emma (10) - 62, 189, 199, 260, 271, 288 Graham, Alistair (9) - 46, 225, 230, 331 Grant, Jonathan (10) - 62, 288 Grant III, Gene (11) - 81, 303 Greaney, Gabrielle (9) - 46, 325 Greaney, Sophia (9) - 46, 326 Gregg, Paul (10) - 62, 225, 226, 305 Gregg, Cecilia (12) - 30, 119, 168, 226, 293, 357 Grgas, Matthew (12) - 17, 119,168, 284 Guggisberg, Hannah (11) - 15, 74, 81, 317 Gupta, Aabir (12) - 21, 29, 93, 94, 119, 168,194, 228, 292 Gurle, Vincent (10) - 63, 287


Haaland, Hayley (11) - 81, 291 Hallenbeck, Hannah (10) - 63, 221, 227, 287 Hamal, Haddie Marie (9) - 46, 303 Hamby, Bo (10) - 18, 58, 55, 63, 195, 301 Hamby, Tobin (9) - 40, 41, 46, 323 Hamby, Annie (11) - 81, 315 Hand, April (11) - 15, 77, 81, 313 Hanley, Aidan (10) - 63, 259, 301 Hannani, Faran (9) - 38, 46, 195, 225, 326 Hao, Stephanie (9) - 46, 319 Hardikar, Nishant (12) - 120, 168, 294, 358 Hardy, Adam (9) - 46, Hardy, Jade (10) - 63,

Hardy, Matthew (12) - 120, 168, 284, 358 Harless, Raymond (12) - 120, 168, 294 Harris, Ebony (9) - 46, 302 Hartinger, John (10) - 63, 201, 212, 287 Hartman, Jessica (9) - 46, 49, 316 Hartman, Daniel (12) - 120, 168 Harvey, Cathryn (9) - 46, 225, 311 Haryanto, William (10) - 63, 326 Hasan, Alvi (12) - 18, 20, 21, 29, 91, 94, 97, 121, 168, 194, 198, 212, 231, 292, 358 Hashimoto, Kaho (11) - 81, 200, 329 Hawthorne, Angela (9) - 46, 226, 306 Hein, Alexandra (12) - 121, 168, 281 Her, Wook (11) - 81, 226, 317 Hernandez, Mark (11) - 81, 262, 291 Hesh, Roxanne (12) - 94, 121,168, 254, 282, 358, 359 Hewitt, Philip Michael (9) - 46, 305 Hicks, Paige (12) - 32, 91, 121, 168, 282, 359 Hjelm, Jason (11) - 81, 303 Ho, Melissa (10) - 63, 285 Ho, Jennifer (12) - 32, 94, 95,122, 168, 192, 218, 229, 233, 293, 332, 359 Hoefling, Michael (9) - 46, 324 Hoefling, Samantha (11) - 81, 285 Hoffer, Barbara (11) - 25, 81, 207, 211, 212, 228, 231, 313 Hohensee, Raymond (9) - 47, 226, 271, 331 Hohensee, Ruby (10) - 13, 16, 18, 20, 55, 63, 225, 226, 229, 232, 242, 243, 271, 325 Holt, Kevin (10) - 63, 271, 331 Hong, Kyung Hyun (11) - 82, 226, 291 Hou, Chen Ju (10) - 63, 312 Houle, Zachary (11) - 82, 86, 328 Howell, Dylan (12) - 122, 168, 259, 300, 360 Hsia, Audrey (12) - 97, 122, 168, 293 Hsun, Michael (10) - 63, 287 Huh, Doojin (10) - 63, 331

Hui, Caroline (12) - 12, 122, 168, 250, 251, 281 Hulse, Mitchell (12) - 17, 94, 97, 123, 168, 203, 225, 292, 360 Hunt, Hannah (10) - 57, 59, 63, 310 Hunt, Peter (10) - 63, 242, 243, 288 Hupanen, Hannele (12) - 123, 168, 281 Hussey, Nicole (10) - 31, 56, 64, 301 Huston, Erica (9) - 47, 227, 323 Huston, Melissa (12) - 9, 20, 26, 123, 168, 194, 200, 257, 300, 360, 361 Hvide, Annika (9) - 23, 47, 200, 302 Hvide, Christian (12) - 97, 123, 168, 269, 293, 361 Hyde, Rachael (9) - 47, 217, 323 Hyde, Renee (12) - 94, 95,124, 168, 201, 284, 361


Ibara, Ryan (11) - 82, In De Braekt, Benjamin (9) - 47, 323 Irani, Natasha (12) - 91, 124, 168, 292 Irwin, Stephanie (10) - 64, 301 Issenberg, Jacob (10) - 64, 320 Itakura, Kengo (9) - 47, 200, 323 Iwan Puteri, Tia Areta (12) - 93, 124, 168 Iyer, Mishal (12) - 97, 124, 168, 292, 362


Jackson, Lea (9) - 47, 319 Jackson, Madeline (10) - 64, 226, 321 Jackson, Rachel (9) - 47, 326 Jackson, Victoria (9) - 38, 47, 308 Jacob, Nikita (9) - 47, 200, 226, 326 Jang, Woo Won (12) - 125, 168, 225, 298 Jassem, Sasha (12) - 52, 125, 168, 244 Jayakumar, Shruti (10) - 64, 196, 199, 212, 320 Jejurikar, Shashank (9) - 47, 323

Seniors, We hope you had a

smashing year!

As you start your new adventures ride the waves the stars!

and shoot for

We know that you will take some hits some sand traps along the way

and fall into

We wish you all a grand slam miss you!

in your journey. We will

Love, The SACAC Team 406 Index

Boys JV Volleyball: Back Coach Cuthbert, Andrew Crema, Kyle Sansom, William Stolarski, William Pazos, Maximilian Rossinsky, Tyler Martawibawa, Kyle Forgeron Front Edward Thome, Scott Smith, Edward Khoo, Dylan Goulding, Kyle Pizzi, Jimmy Yoon, Changhee Lee

Jeong, Karen (10) - 64, 304 Jhunjhnuwala, Shivika (12) - 125, 168, 300, 362 Jo, Yoon Ho (9) - 47, 226, 323 Joh, Hayoung (10) - 64, 320 Johnston, Jake (9) - 47, 331 Johnston, Willow (11) - 82, 192, 205, 213, 227, 329 Joyce, Katherine (10) - 64, 301 Ju, Seong Hyun (10) - 64, 206, 226, 320 Jung, Jae Yong (9) - 47, 226, 325 Jung, Lauren (10) - 64, 122, 225, 306 Jung, Lena (9) - 47, 224, 225, 229, 233, 325 Jung, Donghyeok (9) - 47, 329

Kausar, Marjhan (12) - 23, 97, 126, 168, 299 Kedziera, Marcin (10) - 64, 207, 329 Keefe , Katherine (11) - 82, 324 Kelley, Daniel (10) - 64, 304 Kendall, Stephanie (12) - 5, 94, 97, 126, 168, 192, 215, 228, 230, 300, 362, 363 Kennedy, Carley (11) - 82, 219, 242, 243, 271, 317 Kennedy, Christopher (11) - 82, 89, 191, 329 Kerger, Eric (9) - 47, 323 Kertadjaja, Calvin (10) - 64, 302 Kertadjaja, Carmen (9) - 47, 225, 329 Ketchum, Michael (9) - 47, 226,316 Khan, Rachel (11) - 82, 289 Khoo, Edward (10) - 15, 57, 64, 195, 312 Khoo, James (9) - 47, 323 Kim, Angela (11) - 18, 80, 82, 86, 89, 291 Kabra, Tanmaya (10) - 64, 201, 301 Kim, Bo Kyung (10) - 64, 312 Kaestner, Katy (10) - 64, 324 Kale, Maya (10) - 15, 18, 55, 64, 195, 199, Kim, Chan Woo (11) - 82, 202, 330 Kim, Daniel (9) - 40, 47, 306 220, 226, 254, 255, 288 Kim, Daniel (10) - 64, 285 Kalia, Sagar (11) - 82, 313, 228 Kim, Dong Young (9) - 47, 225, 323 Kalra, Radhika (9) - 47, 200, 326 Kim, Dong Yub (10) - 64, 226, 287 Kang, Clare (9) - 47, 329 Kim, Eun Young (9) - 47, 226, 326 Kang, Hyo Bin (10) - 64, 320 Kim, Jie Ho (9) - 47, 308 Kang, Jonathan (10) - 64 Kim, Joon Ho (10) - 64, 225, 287 Kang, Sung Hun (10) - 64, 227, 287 Kim, Min Jee (9) - 47, 226, 310 Kang, Yoon Ku (10) - 64, 225, 285 Kang, Nooree (12) - 125, 168, 226, 229, 330 Kim, Min Seok (11) - 82, 330 Kim, Oliver (10) - 64, 202, 225, 229, 285 Kang, Priscilla (12) - 126, 168, 292 Kim, Sam (10) - 65, 287 Kanjanavanit, Marnfah (10) - 64, 304 Kim, Samuel (9) - 37, 47, 186, 226, 327 Kant, Karan (10) - 64, 312 Kim, So Yeon (11) - 82, 291 Kao, Ingrid (11) - 82, 328, 233 Kim, Young Hun (10) - 65, 285 Kashiwamura, Saya (10) - 64, 226, 304 Kim, Young-Min (9) - 38, 41, 47, 225, 322 Kaul, Amar Mohan (10) - 64, 226, 306 Kim, Christine (11) - 82,


Girls Freshmen Volleyball: Back Coach Billigsley, Ayesha Agarwal, Megan Cosgrove, Rachel Law, Nandita Baloo, Ceilidh Evans, Katherine Fickel, Assistant Coach Alix Ryan Front Yana Demeester, Celine Kwon, Tina Um, Kelsey DeBerry, Maggie Abeles, Kristen Jackson, Laura Prudhomme

Girls JV Volleyball: Back Coach Ryan, Caitlen Monnone, Marissa Tinger, Arriel Vaz, Amanda Zakowich, Emma O’ Connell, Tayla Marsh Front Tika Scott, Jessica Hartman, Katherine Joyce, Claire Schollaert, Alex McConaghy, Amy Yuan, Elizabeth Creech

Kim, Dong Hyun (12) - 97, 126, 168, 207, 226, 294 Kim, Jong Chan (12) - 127, 168, 227, 229, 232, 233, 294, 363 Kim, Ju Yeon (10) - 71 Kim, Kevin (12) - 127, 168, 194, 207, 225, 274, 275, 294, 363 Kim, Linda (11) - 82, 205, 237, 242, 243, 291 Kim, Minji (12) - 127, 168, 292 Kim, Sung Yeon (12) - 127, 168, 217, 300, 364 Kim, Tae Yeon (9) - 47, 329 Kim, Young Won (12) - 97, 128, 168, 226, 282 Kimball, Hayes (11) - 77, 79, 82, 191, 270, 303 Kingsley, Sasha (9) - 48, 52, 302 Klimczak, Madison (10) - 65, 266, 301 Koh, Carolyn (10) - 15, 18, 58, 55, 65, 195, 199, 224,225, 229, 233, 254, 288 Koh, Hui Fang (10) - 65, 312 Koh, Jong Won (10) - 65, 225, 312 Koh, Spencer (10) - 65, 225, 226, 249, 252, 253, 325 Koh, Hannah (12) - 128, 168, 300 Koh, Samantha (12) - 15, 21, 128, 168, 194, 225, 292, 364 Komatsu, Kaori (11) - 82, 328 Kong, Carissa (9) - 48, Koo, Yun Hoi (12) - 93, 94, 97, 128, 168, 192, 203, 294 Kook, Anna (9) - 46, 48,195, 207, 325 Korn, Alexander (9) - 48, 226, 306 Kotarski, Madeline (10) - 65, 309 Kothari, Abhishek (11) - 82, 328

Kreutter, Rebecca (11) - 17, 82, 195, 196, 237, 242, 243, 257, 317 Krishan, Ishan (10) - 65, 252, 309 Krishan, Nihal (12) - 129, 168, 201, 203, 228, 300, 365 Krishna, Rushi (12) - 94, 95,129, 168, 199, 282, 365 Krishnan, Vaishnavi (11) - 82, 250, 313 Kuan, Chris (12) - 24, 20, 129, 168, 216, 293 Kumar, Adharsh (10) - 65, 287 Kumar, Akshaya (10) - 65, 285 Kumar, Raghav (9) - 48, 314 Kwee, Valerie (10) - 59, 65, 309 Kwee, Joseph Tze Heng (9) - 48, 308 Kwon, Celine (9) - 40, 48, 226, 238, 330 Kwon, Gu Hyug (11) - 82, 291 Kwon, Iris (11) - 18, 82, 291 Kwon, Joorhee (11) - 82, 200, 330 Kwon, Youngjun (11) - 83, 291 Kwon, Irene (9) - 38, 48, 49, 190


L’Heureux, Hannah (11) - 49, 76, 200, 328 LaBranche, Kelsey (11) - 17, 77, 83, 266, 267, 328 Lahiri, Ayushman (9) - 48, 314 Laing, Mark (12) - 129, 168, 299 Lall, Meghna (10) - 65, 216, 226, 305 Lalwani, Akshay Sky (9) - 39, 48,195, 327 Lam, Tamara (9) - 48, 199, 226, 327 Lamoureux, Valerie (11) - 83, Lancon, Kevin (11) - 83, 317 Lau, Bryan (9) - 31, 41, 48, 52, 331 Lau, Job (9) - 41, 48, 225, 329 Lau, Nicholas (10) - 65, 287 Lavingia, Samir (10) - 65, 288

Boys Freshmen Volleyball: Back Coach Barber, Chris Gan, Albert Chen, Nicholas Sardjono, Matthew Ooi, Pramana Sansui, Front Young-Min Kim, Jo Yoon Ho, Rohan Bharvani, James Khoo, Ryan Martawibawa, Nicky Muller

Index 407

Boys Varsity Soccer: Back Coach Zitur, Ishaan Misra, Alex Amstrup, Brandon Steinke, Connor Murray, Harry Fischer, Philip Van Zadelhoff, Alexis AsselinLauzon, Edwaird O’ Connell, Brett Rothberg, Owen Sperling, Keigo Sasaki, Coach Rodocker Front Klevrin Sitohang, Ryan Ibara, Nico Daily, Rafael Basilla, Young Won Kim, Ta-Wei Lin, Kevin Kim, Min Jae Sohn, Andrew Milne, Nick Devine

Lavingia, Sahil (12) - 8, 97, 130, 168, 203 Law, Rachel (9) - 48, 227, 238, 314 Law, Calvin (12) - 130, 168, 225 294 Lay, Brandon (12) - 130, 168, 258, 293, 365 Lee, David (10) - 65, 223, 226, 331 Lee, Dong Woo (10) - 65, 312 Lee, Hyun (11) - 83, 226, 286 Lee, Hyun Kyoung (11) - 29, 83, 250, 291 Lee, Ji Soo (10) - 65, 287 Lee, Ji Su (11) - 83, 328 Lee, Jonathan (10) - 65, 331 Lee, Joun Yean (11) - 76, 83, 330 Lee, Juhee (9) - 48, 195, 226, 229, 325 Lee, Jung Hoon (10) - 65, 225, 287 Lee, Min Jae (11) - 83, 226, 229, 317 Lee, Rose Minjoo (11) - 83, 225, 291 Lee, Seung Joo (9) - 37, 48, 326 Lee, Yun Joo (11) - 83, 321 Lee, Allison (12) - 94, 130, 168, 300, 366 Lee, Christie (Yun Hwa) (12) - 97, 131, 168, 293, 366 Lee, Gabriel (12) - 94, 97, 131, 168, 241, 292, 367 Lee, Given (12) - 160, 168, 193, 225, 264, 273, 282 Lee, Hyunji (Ann) (12) - 94, 131, 168, 300, 366 Lee, Jean (12) - 132, 168, 210, 298, 367 Lee, Koon-Lam (12) - 97, 132, 168, 286 Lee, Kyung Jin (12) - 97, 132, 168, 226, 292 Lee, Lauren (12) - 29, 94, 97, 132, 168, 216, 298, 367 Lee, Phillip (11) - 241, 83, 224, 225, 229, 233, 241, 291 Lee, Young Rock (12) - 97, 133, 168, 292, 368

Lee, Young Seo (12) - 97, 133, 168, 225, 294 Lemaire, Emily (10) - 65, 285 Leonard, Alexander (10) - 57, 65, 306 Leonard, Chelsea (12) - 97, 133, 168, 292, 368 Leong, Christopher (10) - 65, 304 Leong, Katelyn (9) - 48, 308 Leow, Cian Yong (10) - 65, 327, 228 Leow, Aisling (12) - 21, 28, 133, 168, 192, 217, 228, 292, 368 Leu, Nicholas (11) - 83, Leung, Randall (11) - 76, 83, 225, 313 Lewis, Kathleen (9) - 40, 48, 327 Lewis, Darin (12) - 29, 134, 168, 329 Li, Nancy (10) - 17, 65, 225, 229, 233, 329 Li, Wei (11) - 83, 207, 226, 269, 273, 328 Li, ZiHan (10) - 65, 285 Li, Jason (10) - 65, 285 Liao, Yi Jie (11) - 15, 18, 83, 286, 422 Liao, John (12) - 93, 94, 97, 134, 168, 281, 368, 423 Liauw, Franchesca (12) - 134, 168, 299, 369 Lieberman, Mary (11) - 83, 227, 229, 232, 233, 317 Lieberman, Sara (10) - 65, 226, 329 Liem, Yuan Fang (9) - 48, 310 Lightfoot, Kelsey (12) - 134, 168, 298, 369 Lim, Avery (11) - 83, 225, 330 Lim, Han Young (11) - 76, 83, 313 Lim, Heather (11) - 83, 291 Lim, Kelvin (11) - 83, 200, 315 Lim, Mark (10) - 65, 304 Lim, Jamie (12) - 12, 21, 28, 91, 94, 97, 135,168, 298, 369, 422 Lin, Chelsea (9) - 48, 314

Boys JV Soccer: Back Connor Nechelput, Shreshth Mehrotra, Carlitos Xavier Basilla, Marcus Campbell, Faizan Nael, Maayan Misra, Raymond Hohensee, Zi Han Li, Coach Adkinson Front Amar Kaul, Adam Hardy, Farhan Attamimi, Faran Hannani, Sam Kim, Joon Ho Kim, Vincent Asselin-Lauzon, Brendan Lee

408 Index

Girls Varsity Soccer: Back Coach Oms, Katie Fink, Hannah L’Heureux, Kelsey LaBranche, Alicia Elms, Kerry McFetridge, Liz Conclin, Natalie Muller, Michelle Bywater, Belinda Eg, Isabella Shaulis, Coach Adams Front Amanda Alberts, Heather Erdmann, Kristen Skill, Lauren Felice, Brittany Dawe, Caitlin Favati, Phoebe Clark, Seira Wade, Jenny Alberts

Lin, Emily (11) - 83, 328 Lin, Jessica (11) - 83, 202, 211, 317 Lin, Ta-Wei (11) - 84, 269, 313 Lin, Wen-Yi (10) - 65 Lincoln, Jeremy (11) - 84, 89, 317 Lindholm, Charles (10) - 66, 303 Lindholm, Sarah (12) - 94, 135, 168, 192, 214, 227, 299, 370 Liou, Eric (11) - 84, 330 Liu, Jackson (11) - 84, 313, 333 Liu, Jisheng (11) - 84, 321 Liu, Tenny (10) - 66, 227, 329 Livingston, Murray (9) - 48, 219, 302 Lo, Colin (10) - 66, 304 Lo, Gordon (10) - 38,66,325 Lo, Teresa (9) - 48, 329 Lo, Calvin (12) - 135, 168, 205, 225, 265, 370, 275, 286, Lo, Karina (12) - 94, 135, 168, 192, 215, 228, 230, 292, 371 Long, Soklyda (11) - 84, 286 Long, Spencer (9) - 48, 327 Long, Stephen (10) - 66, 312 Lower, Cameron (12) - 136, 168, 216, 293 Luhur, Marvella (12) - 93, 136, 168, 214 Lumanau, Renata (9) - 17, 48, 308 Luong, Christy (11) - 84, 216, 219, 328 Lydens, Andrew (9) - 41, 48, 270, 302 Lynch, Erik (11) - 84 Lynch, Erin (11) - 84, 238, 239, 260, 317 Lynch, Timothy (10) - 66 Lyons, Daniel (9) - 48, 323


Maceyko, Marcus (11) - 79, 84, 313

MacMeekin, Julia (11) - 84, 192, 313 Madhavan, Sangeetha (11) - 84, 302 Maedomari, Aki (12) - 93, 136, 168 Magbanua, Jiselle (11) - 84, 292 Magbanua, Josh Andrew (10) - 66, 303 Magsamen, Michelle (12) - 136, 168, 237, 238, 239, 293 Mahesh, Murli (9) - 48, 227, 322 Mahler, Kate (12) - 22, 94, 137, 168, 281, 371, 422 Maissen, Stephanie (12) - 94, 97, 137, 168, 192, 215, 281, 372 Majed, Retika (11) - 84, 315 Majewski, Solange (10) - 66, 329 Malaki, Gabrielle (11) - 84, 293 Malik, Sanjna (10) - 66, 213, 301 Malkani, Ritika (9) - 48, 329 Mallard, Sarah (9) - 48, 227, 316 Maramot, Kristine Nae (12) - 137, 168, 201, 299, 371 Marcou, Julia (9) - 48, Margono, Raylen (9) - 49, 189, 226, 314 Marsh, Celeste (11) - 84, 237, 238, 239, 261, 318 Marsh, Tayla (9) - 49, 316 Marshall, Kartika (12) - 14, 18, 94, 97, 137, 168,192, 194, 300 Martawibawa, Ryan (9) - 49, 225, 331 Martawibawa, Tyler (11) - 84, 225, 330 Martin, Emily (9) - 49, 316 Martin, Julie (9) - 49, 227, 311 Martin, Samantha (11) - 84, 315 Martin, Danielle Monique (9) - 49, 316 Martone, Antonio (9) - 49, 331 Marushi, Hayden (12) - 138, 168, 213, 215, 295, 373 Marushi, Kara (12) - 29, 138, 168, 282

Girls JV Soccer: Back Rin Okumura, McKenna Donahue, Carly Ragsdale, Celine Van Zadelhoff, Rachel Fulton, Fumi Reyes, Abby Schmidt, Dominique Pratt, Lily Devins, Coach Stagg Front Alyssa SanJose, Saya Kashiwamura, Nicole Chan, Emily Martin, Kelly Murphy, Marietta Tanudisastro, Courtney Chambers,Megan Birdsell, Wendy Sung-Clarke

The choice is yours Congratulations Class of 2010 from The American Club! The American Club . 6737-3411 . Index 409

Varsity Reserve Soccer: Back Coach O’Connor, Michael Conrad, Myles Fenwick, Josh Dwyer, Shawn Teng, Mishal Iyler, Nishant Hardikar, Fadri Attamimi, Kelly Zhang, Front Dong Yub Kim, Alexander Leonard, Spencer Long, Matthew Mikrut, Dan Ramachandran, Brendne Baxter, Michael Mikrut, Jin Ho Seo

Matheson, Harry (9) - 49, Matthew, Djuang (11) - 84, Matthews, Nicholas (11) - 84, 225, 226, 291 Maus, Samuel (11) - 84, 321 Mazari, Haani (11) - 84, 315 McAdam, James (12) - 138, 168, 295, 373 McCabe, Jack (10) - 55, 66, 241, 290 McCabe, Rachel (12) - 94, 97, 138, 168, 237, 238, 239, 260, 261, 264, 292, 373, 374 McCarvel, Daniel (12) - 139, 168, 294, 374 McCarvel, Thomas (12) - 139, 168, 294, 374 McConaghy, Alexandra (9) - 49, 239, 261, 311 McConville, Rylan (10) - 66, 243, 288 McConville, Brittany (12) - 29, 139, 168, 225, 293 McCoy, Braedon (11) - 84, McCoy, Kalli (10) - 66 McFetridge, Patrick (9) - 49, 324 McFetridge, Kerry (12) - 15, 24, 91, 94, 139, 168, 281 McHugh, Khyber (12) - 97, 140, 168, 201, 281 McKenzie, Amanda (9) - 49, McManigal, Brooke (12) - 21, 140, 168, 227, 236, 242, 243, 265, 266, 284, 375 McMullen, Lauren (9) - 40, 49, 316 McMullen, Linsey (11) - 84, 261, 315 Meehan, Brandon (11) - 77, 84, 318 Mehrotra, Shreshth (10) - 66, 200, 247, 316 Mehrotra, Prakhar (12) - 140, 168, 283 Mehta, Ava (11) - 84, 226, 228, 328 Mehta, Ria (12) - 140, 168, 294, 375 Meidina, Alsha (9) - 49, 227, 311

Mihori, Saki (9) - 41, 49, 225, 316 Mikrut, Matthew (9) - 49, 314 Mikrut, Michael (9) - 49, 314 Miller, Cassandra (10) - 66, 310, 422 Miller, Tyler (10) - 66, 290 Miller, Nina (12) - 67, 94, 141, 168, 213, 281, 375, 376, 423 Milne, Andrew (10) - 66, 258, 290 Milton, Hannah (11) - 84, 89, 317 Min, Joseph Kyong Tae (9) - 49, 308 Miranda, Christina Alexa (12) - 94, 97, 141, 168, 201, 213, 299, 376 Mirchandani, Sonia (10) - 66, 196, 272, 321 Mishra, Siddhant (12) - 141, 168, 295 Misra, Maayan (9) - 49, Misra, Ishaan (12) - 97, 141, 168, 245, 284, 377 Monnone, Caitlen (10) - 66, 290 Moon, Sook Hyun (9) - 49, 225, 303 Moore, Daniel (12) - 142, 168, 330 Moore, Emily (12) - 25, 94, 142, 168, 225, 284, 377 Morgan, Greg (12) - 142, 168, 294 Morris, Robert (11) - 84, 294 Morris, Heather (12) - 16, 17, 18, 94, 97, 142, 168, 192, 213, 215, 228, 230, 281, 377 Moseley, Sarah (12) - 16, 94, 143, 168, 238, 239, 281, 377, 422 Mountjoy, Sarah (12) - 94, 95,143, 168, 204, 213, 238, 239, 284, 378 Mulder, Isabelle (9) - 49, 225, 251, 311 Muller, Nicholas (9) - 41, 50,195, 324 Muller, Natalie (12) - 94, 97, 143, 168, 205, 245, 266, 300, 378 Mullick, Naina (9) - 50, 308

Girls Varsity Basketball: Back Coach Bisset, Hannah L’Heureux, Emma Graddy, Kelsey LaBranche, Celeste Marsh, Rachel McCabe, Arriel Vaz, Lindsey McMullen, Coach Brekke Front Anne Yeung, Samantha Hoefling, Monica Scieska, Hannah Goode, Alex McConaghy, Belinda Eg, Michelle Bywater

410 Index

BoysVarsity Basketball: Back Coach Miller, Marc Wilson, Ian Bryson, Ben Scieszka, Alex Schindele, Trevor Peters, Rauson Clower, Blake Peters Front L-R Andrew Farrell, Lucas Chiang, Gabriel Lee, Phillip Lee, Mark Hernandez, Dustin Sodano, Matt Crema, Coach Norman


Murphy, Kelly (10) - 66, 225, 301 Murray, Connor (12) - 20, 21, 143, 168, 258, 259, 297,378, 379 O’Connell, Emma (10) - 66, 199, 310 Muzayyin, Nabil Sean (10) - 66, 329 O’Connell, Edward (12) - 145, 168, 295 Oberoi, Ash (10) - 67, 309 Oda, Shoko (11) - 85, 86, 202, 226, 320 Ogawa, Mizuha (11) - 85, 202, 330 Oh, Kwang-Hyun (9) - 50, 226, 322 Nael, Faizan (10) - 66, 290 Oh, So Yeon (11) - 85, 330 Nam, Yun Jee (10) - 202, 312 Oh, Young (10) - 67, 327 Nam, Richard (11) - 84, 331 Oh, Hyeok (12) - 145, 168 Namgyal, Stanzin (10) - 226, 314 Oh, Sue-In (10) - 67, 227, Nasr, Tatianna (12) - 94, 97, 144,168, 201, Oimatsu, Kento (10) - 67, 226, 330 229, 295, 379, 422 Ok, Ji Wan (10) - 67, 285 Natarajan, Ahren (9) - 50, 331 Okumura, Rin (10) - 67, 239, 272, 290 Naughton, Haley (10) - 66, 304 Okumura, Non (12) - 18, 94, 96, 145, 168, Nechelput, Connor (10) - 66, 247, 288 237, 238, 239, 257, 292, 380 Nelson, Emily (10) - 66, 304 Ong, Kyle (10) - 67, 331 Nelson, Zachary (11) - 28, 84, 228, 289 Ong, Ryan (9) - 39, 50, 331 Nesbitt, Aysha (9) - 50, 199, 316 Ongko, Nicole (10) - 60, 67, 301 Ng, Clement (11) - 5, 85, 86, 275, 313 Ongko, Amanda (12) - 145, 168, 293, 381 Ng, Eunice (10) - 66, 227, 321 Onischuk, James (9) - 50, 324 Ng, Timothy (9) - 50, 225, 314 Onischuk, Michael (11) - 85, 315 Nguyen, Olivia (9) - 37, 50, 330 Ooi, Matthew (9) - 49, 50, 226, 314 Nguyen-Phuong, Jessica (12) - 94, 144, Ooi, Sheela (10) - 67, 287 168, 201, 283, 380, 422 Oravetz, Nicholas (11) - 17, 83, 85, 213, Nijsten, Claudia (12) - 144, 168, 281, 380 286 Nilakantan, Nikhil (9) - 50, 225, 329 Osachoff, Nathaniel (10) - 67, 226, 290 Noah, Jacob (11) - 85, 331 Osachoff, Michael (12) - 17, 146, 168, 190, Noble, Cameron (10) - 66, 304 295, 381 Nocete, Patricia (11) - 85, 331 Northwood, Daniel (9) - 50, 191, 225, 308 Otani, Akane (12) - 29, 94, 97, 146, 168, 220, 225, 226, 229, 283, 381 Nowak, Steven (10) - 66, 191, 290 Nowak, Christina (12) - 144, 168, 222, 227, Ou, Justin (9) - 50, 314 Oyad, Czarina (10) - 67, 321 229, 232, 233, 293 Ozawa, Momo (12) - 94, 97, 146, 168, 229, 284, 233, 382


Boys JV Basketball: Back Coach Johnson, Andrew Crema, Jack McCabe, Nick Sardjono, Dakota Fink, Will Stolarski, Robert Barber Front Andrew Blackmon, Johnny Goode, Alex Berenger, Trent Fish, Vincent Wu, Kevin Holt

Index 411

Girls JV Basketball: Back Coach Bywater, Dakota Fink, Seong Hyun Ju, Kerry Remson, Ander Alrutz-Stierna, Elizabeth Albanese, Celine Van Zadelhoff Front Ji Weon Byun, Lakshmi Batachari, Megan Dauenhauer, Khrishina Carpio, Seira Wade, Katherine Joyce, Tayla Marsh


Padmanabhan, Shreya (11) - 85, 227, 229, 232, 233, 299 Parekh, Neil (11) - 85, 250, 253, 299 Parekh, Sonia (9) - 50, 250, 319 Park, Alexis (9) - 50, 226, 330 Park, Hyo Jin (10) - 67, 227, 327 Park, Jennie (11) - 22, 32, 85, 201, 317 Park, Kipeum (9) - 50, 308 Park, So Jin (10) - 59, 67, 307 Park, Sung Min (11) - 85, 315 Park, Min Ju (12) - 97, 146, 168, 226, 330 Pasumarty, Devansh (11) - 77, 85, 225, 226, 229, 268, 318 Patanella, Shelby (10) - 67, 310 Pather, Sarshan (11) - 85, 226, 317 Paulli, Athelia (10) - 57, 67, 325 Pazos, William (10) - 24, 67, 241, Peeler, Carter (9) - 50, 226, 307 Peh, Desiree (9) - 41, 50, 52, 329 Peh, Bertrand John (12) - 147, 168, 216, 293, 382 Pen-Amelio, Rathana (9) - 50, 217, 310 Penniall, Katherine (10) - 70, 67, 213, 231, 310 Perry, Candace (9) - 50, 326 Perucho, Jose (11) - 85, 315 Peters, Trevor (11) - 85, 241, 262, 263, 286 Peters, William Blake (12) - 17, 20, 147,168, 241, 262, 263, 270, 271, 300 Petty, Jane (10) - 67, 302 Petty, Evan (12) - 147, 168, 269, 297, 382 Phuong, Joe (9) - 50, 226, 314 Picard, Andrew (11) - 85, 299 Pickering, Lucy (10) - 57, 58, 67, 302 Pierson, Perrin (9) - 50, 326

Piguillem, Alejandro (9) - 50, 322 Pillay , Kabilan (12) - 147, 168, 204, 226, 293, 383 Pizzi, Kyle (10) - 67, 241, 320 Pizzi, Danica (12) - 67, 94, 97, 148, 168, 200, 297, 383, 384 Png, Jonathan (12) - 148, 168, 282 Poli, Courtney (11) - 85, 315 Pope, Ashton Leigh (9) - 50, 322 Pope, Chase (11) - 85, 296 Pratt, Dominique (10) - 57, 16, 68, 325 Premkumar, Brian (12) - 97, 148, 168, 225, 295 Prieto Quintero, Silvana (9) - 50, 322 Prudhomme, Laura (9) - 50, 85, 238, 319 Prudhomme, Ryan (11) - 22, 29, 85, 328 Puno, Luigi (12) - 94, 148, 168, 225, 283, 384, 385 Purganan, Kenneth (11) - 85, 331


Qiu, Jeffrey (10) - 68, 212, 321 Quach, Natalie (10) - 68, 225, 302 Quah, Bryan (9) - 50, 199, 329 Quick, Abbygail (10) - 68, 214, 320 Quick, Elizabeth (11) - 86, 255, 299 Quijano, Anna (10) - 71, 329 Quinones, Robert (11) - 86, 89, 299


Radhakrishnan, Rohana (12) - 97, 149, 168, 300, 385 Raghupathi, Apurva (9) - 50, 225, 331 Ragsdale, Carly (10) - 63, 68, 320 Rahim, Maliha (9) - 50, 200, 226, 326

Girls Freshmen Basketball: Back Katie Lewis, Vanessa Vargo, Nikita Jacob, Tiffany Yen, McKenna Donahue, Katherine Fickel, Coach Devine Front Rathana Amelio (Pen), Wendy Sung-Clarke, Lauren McMullen, Christine Park, Tara Sivaskandan

412 Index

Boys Freshmen Basketball: Back Coach Bok, Kwong Oh, John Roberts, Jake Derksen, Albert Chen, Matt Conklin, Timothy Ng, Raylan Margono Front Vikas Rajgopal, Chris Gen, Jessie Baicy, Kyle Jo, Pramana Sanusi, Raymond Hohensee

Raj, Sudeep (9) - 50, 322 Rajgopal, Vikas (9) - 51, 225, 311 Rajkumar, Nishant (11) - 86, 315 Ram, Smruthi (9) - 51, Ramachandran, Daniel (10) - 68, 310 Rao, Vindhya (11) - 86, 225, 229, 233, 299 Rava, Ellie (12) - 94, 149, 168, 218, 283, 385 Ravindar, Amith (12) - 149, 168, 228, 297 Razon, Nicolas (10) - 68 Reed, Adam (10) - 68, 201, 212, 308 Rees, Matthew (10) - 68, 243, 325 Rees, Thomas (12) - 94, 149, 168, 242, 243, 279, 280, 385 Reidy, Quin (10) - 68, 302 Remson, Kerry (11) - 30, 86, 260, 317 Revillo, Karlmaine (11) - 86, 316 Reyes, Fumie (9) - 51, 329 Rhee, Yoon Woo (10) - 68, 191, 310 Riabtchenko, Maria (10) - 57, 69, 302 Richardson, Lauren (9) - 51, 329 Riemer, Kalie (12) - 94, 97, 150, 168, 280, 386, 422 Rigopoulos, Eleni (9) - 38, 49, 51, 319 Rinehart, Anna (11) - 86, 317 Ringheim, Tobias (10) - 69, 320 Ripinga, Sandisiwe (10) - 69, 327 Roark, Austin (12) - 150, 168, 295 Roberts, Andrew (10) - 69, 320 Roberts, John (9) - 39, 51, 314 Roberts, Nathan (11) - 77, 86, 328 Robertson, Maxwell (12) - 97, 150, 168, 213, 228, 231, 297, 386 Robinson, David (9) - 51, Robinson, Cory (12) - 93, 150, 168 Roche, Alexandre (9) - 51, 217, 307 Rock, Matthew (12) - 29, 151,168, 294

Ross, Ciaran (10) - 69 Rossinsky, Maximilian (10) - 69, 199, 307 Rossinsky, Alexander (12) - 3, 97, 151, 168, 254, 255, 297, 386, 387 Rothberg, Brett (12) - 24, 151, 168, 295, 387, 388 Roulet Magides, Georges (10) - 69, 327 Routhier, Karen (9) - 51, 305 Rowatt, Katelyn (9) - 51, 227, 319 Rozen-Levy, Scott (10) - 69, 259, 320 Rozett, Irene (10) - 69, 190, 226, 331 Rualo, Katherine (11) - 86, 227, 299 Ruan, Becka (11) - 15, 86, 225, 229, 317 Russell, Mary (12) - 151, 168, 201, 281, 388 Rustandi, Febyan (11) - 86, 324 Ryan, Alix (11) - 86, 201, 302, 335


Sabol, Jeffrey (11) - 86, 226, 321 Saleem, Sharukh (12) - 152, 168, 293 San Jose, Alyssa (9) - 51, 225, 322 San Jose, Nicolas (10) - 69, 304 Sansom, Kyle (10) - 69, 241, 290 Santos, Lourdes (12) - 152, 168, 272, 273, 282, 388 Sanusi, Pramana (9) - 37, 51, 225, 307 Saraswati, Indira Ary (12) - 152, 168, 202, 217, 227, 293 Sardjono, Nicholas (9) - 51, 226, 307 Sasaki, Keigo (11) - 86, 227, 265, 268, 318 Satchithanandan, Varagunan (10) - 69, 312 Savage, Sebastian (11) - 86, 315 Scarborough, Jesse (12) - 94, 152, 168, 212, 228, 231, 287, 388

Boys Varsity Tennis: Back Coach Tomlinson, Sidharth Shanker, Shawn Teng, Neil Parekh, Ishan Krishan, Devansh Pasumarty, Kartik Das Front Rohan Bharvani, Spencer Koh, Sasha Kingsley, Aaditya Chowdry, Klevrin Sitohang, Adam Bergere

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Index 413

Girls Varsity Tennis: Back Sophia Cheng, Sonia Pareh, Steffi Lee, Nandita Baloo, Vaishnavi Krishnan, Isabelle Mulder, Coach Thompson Front MargaretAnne Smith, Arshia Ahuja, Celine Kwon, Liae Adamoploulos, Jasmine Timan, Caroline Hui

Schindele-Murayama, Alexander (10) - 57, 69, 288 Schmidt, Abby (10) - 69, 190, 290 Schmidt, Brooke (12) - 94, 95,153, 168, 226, 281, 389 Schollaert, Claire (10) - 13, 20, 69, 220, 226, 288 Schult, Jessica (10) - 69, 287 Schuster, Kelly Indah (11) - 15, 86, 228, 231, 298 Scieszka, Monica (10) - 69, 85, 237, 239, 261, 301 Scieszka, Benjamin (12) - 24, 35, 94, 153, 168, 227, 241, 249, 263, 301, 389 Scott, Atikah (9) - 51, 257, 330, 334 Scott, Jeffrey (9) - 51, 225, 308 Selby, Abraham (10) - 69, 201, 225, 312 Senior, Madeline (12) - 153, 168, 199, 227, 242, 281 Seo, JinHo (10) - 69, 226, 288 Seow, Samantha (11) - 86, 226, 330 Shaffer, Suzanne (12) - 30, 153, 168, 226, 295 Shaffer , Marc (10) - 69, 226, 304 Shalabi, Iby (11) - 86, 286 Shalabi, Reem (10) - 69, 285 Shanel, Danni (9) - 51, 199, 329 Shanker, Sidharth (12) - 18, 93, 94, 97, 154, 168, 203, 226, 228, 253, 284, 389 Sharat, Varun (10) - 69, 202, 321 Sharma, Aashman (10) - 69, 288 Sharma, Nikita (10) - 69 Shaulis, Isabella (10) - 69, 237, 245, 256, 288 Shaulis, Maximilian (12) - 17, 21, 91, 97, 154,168, 191, 258, 264, 270, 271, 295, 390

Shea, Melanie (9) - 51, 311 Shekhar, Iishaan (9) - 37, 51, 307 Shell, Todd (12) - 154, 168, 258, 271, 281 Shen, Matthew (12) - 154, 168, 274, 315 Shim, Seo Yeon (9) - 38, 51, 322 Shin, Amber Ye Won (12) - 155, 168, 330 Shin, Jenny (11) - 15, 87, 225, 291 Shin, Jenny (12) - 97, 155, 168, 292 Shum, David (11) - 29, 87, 190, 259, 286 Shyamsunder, Ragini (9) - 51, 308 Siddique, Kiran (9) - 49, 51, 311 Singh, Sejal (11) - 87, 207, 228, 298 Singh, Arishma (12) - 155, 168, 300, 390 Singh , Mohineesh (12) - 155, 168, 300 Singhania, Tarini (9) - 51, 324 Singson, Ernesto (11) - 87, Sinha, Tarush (9) - 51, 308, 423 Sio, Christopher (10) - 69, 225, 304 Siregar, Anbita (10) - 13, 18, 20, 55, 59, 69, 199, 312, 422 Siregar, Andisya (12) - 94, 97, 156, 168, 192, 194, 300, 391, Siriwardane, Dineth (11) - 87, 226, 318 Siriwardane, Sachith (9) - 36, 39, 46, 49, 51, 225, 226, 308 Sitohang, Klevrin (11) - 77, 87, 246, 247, 252, 318 Siu, Matthew (9) - 51, 329 Siu, Natassia (11) - 15, 77, 87, 286 Sivaramakrishnan, Sharmishta (10) - 69, 207, 308 Sivaskandan, Tara (9) - 51, 226, 311 Sivaskandan, Sandhya (12) - 156, 168, 226, 282, 391 Skill, Kristen (11) - 87, 256, 257, 318 Slaven, Sarah (12) - 156, 168, 329 Slaven, Stephanie Lauren (9) - 51, 329

Boys Varsity Rugby: Back Coach Dixon, Dymock Dibb, James Bowers, John Creech, Brandon Meehan, Todd Shell, Thomas Rees, Austin Cox, Dylan Howell, Max Shaulis, Harry Fisher, Brandon Lay, Vincent Andrade, Bradford Bahl, Connor Murray, Ed Sperling, Matt Grgas, Scott Rozen-Levy, James Fan, Josh Dwyer, Corry Robinson, Ciaran Ross Coach Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Connor Front Myles Fenwick, Sahil Lavingia, Kiego Sasaki, Nico Daily, Andrew Wilson, Ashan Fernando, Aidan Hanley, Andrew Milne, Steven Nowak, Josh Abueva

414 Index

Girls & Boys JV Tennis: Back Coach Grimbergen, Ayushman Lahiri, Scott

Smith, Ameya Benegal, Nikhil Nilikantan, Phil Anderson, Faizan Nael Front Benjamin In De Braekt, Kar Yin Yu, Radhika Kalra, Amy Yuan, Nastassja Suri, Antonio Martone

Smart, Jessica (9) - 51, 311 Smith, Jeffry (11) - 87, 286 Smith, Lauren (10) - 69, 287 Smith, Margaret-Anne (9) - 51, 250, 330 Smith, Scott (10) - 69, 309 Smith, Taylor (12) - 156, 168, 281 Smith Jr, Gregory (9) - 51, 329 Sodano, Dustin (11) - 87, 262, 263, 315 Soeryadjaya, Augusta (10) - 57, 60, 70, 290 Soetaniman, Shane (10) - 57, 70, 310 Sohn, Hye Min (11) - 87, 229, 330 Sohn, Mark (11) - 87, 291 Sohn, Young Ju (9) - 38, 52, 225, 229, 322 Sommerfeldt, Bethany (11) - 87, Son, Sung Bean (9) - 52, 226, 314 Son, Yeong Gyeong (9) - 52, 316 Song, Jinny (9) - 52, 225, 331 Soota, Shreya (10) - 70, 227, 321 Southwell, Kylee Anne (9) - 39, 52, 199, 308 Speciale, Isabella (9) - 52, 316 Sperling, Owen (10) - 70, 309 Sperling, Edward (12) - 157, 168, 259, 300 Sreenivas, Aarti (12) - 157, 168, 197, 282, 391 Sridjaja, Anthony (11) - 87, 315 Srinivasan, Nandini (11) - 87, 89, 190, 294 St.Clair, Gainya (11) - 29, 77, 87, 256, 318 Stanley, Albert (10) - 70, 227, 229, 232, 233, 304 Stanley, James (9) - 52, 322 Stanley, Victoria (11) - 23, 76, 87, 199, 201, 318 Stearns, Nicholas (10) - 70, 305 Steinke, Brandon (11) - 87, 318 Steinke, Evan (9) - 52, 226, 307 Stingl, Christian (10) - 70, 285

Stolarski, William (10) - 70, 241, 321 Stratton, Melissa (10) - 55, 60, 70, 321 Stratton, Rebecca (12) - 29, 157, 168, 255, 282, 392 Subaiah, Insha (10) - 70, 287 Subramani, Saachi (11) - 87, 198, 315 Subramaniam, Aditya (12) - 97, 157, 168, 213, 295 Sukamto, Karisa (11) - 83, 87, 201, 215, 298, 422 Sun, Melody (11) - 87, 329 Sung, Jia (11) - 87, 298, Sung-Clarke, Wendy (9) - 52, 226, 244, 329 Surajat, Kenneth (11) - 87, 329 Suresh, Jeeth (10) - 70, 287 Suri, Nastassja (10) - 70, 309 Sutanto, Philip (9) - 52, 225, 331 Suwito, Ryan (9) - 46, 52, 225, 331 Suzuki, Junko (10) - 70, 301 Suzuki, Saoli (9) - 52, 227, 311 Sverre, Patricia (12) - 92, 94, 158, 168, 284, 392 Sweigert, Ken (12) - 158, 168, 213, 292 Sylvander, Laken (9) - 52, 316 Szopiak, Michael (12) - 158, 168, 193, 284, 392


Talon, Megan (9) - 52, 311 Talwar, Piyush (9) - 52, 324 Talwar, Ritesh (11) - 87, 294 Tam, Jonathan (9) - 52, 331 Tan, Stephanie (11) - 87, 216, 298 Tan, Christina (12) - 97, 158, 168, 193, 299, 393 Tan, Victor (12) - 97, 159, 168, 330

Boys JV Rugby: Back Coach Sylvander, Will Pazos, Nick Lau, Owen Sperling, Alex Wong, Ciaran Ross, Robbie Williamson, Grant Thain, Liam DuPreez, Scott Rozen-Levy, Aaron Yappert, Murray Livingston Middle Ed Thome, Bo Hamby, Dylan Goulding, Kyle Pizzi, Richard Vargo, Aidan Hanley, Andrew Milne, Andrew Lydens, David Robinson Front Greg Chumakov, Antonio Martone, Steven Nowak, Adam Hardy, Dan Kim, Toban Hamby, Spencer Long, Jake Issenberg, Chris Rhee, Stephen Long, Chris Dee

Index 415

Girls Varsity Touch: Back Coach Selley, Isabella Shaulis, Kalie Riemer, Non Okumura, Becky Kruetter, Liz Conklin, Kerry McFetridge, Fumie Reyes, Atikah Scott, Rathana Amelio (Pen), Sara Gaines, Rin Okumura, Jennie Park, Coach Hanagan Front Gainya St. Claire, Catherine Chumakov, April Hand, Brooke McManigal, Caitlin Favati, Erika Farias, Lauren Felice, Melissa Huston, Kristen Skill, Kacey Waychoff, Ruby Hohensee, Momo Ozawa, Dominique Pratt, Kathryn Fisher

Tan , Timothy (12) - 159, 168, 295, 393 Tanudisastro, Marietta (10) - 70, 195, 272, 302 Tay, Rebecca (12) - 18, 91, 94, 159, 168, 192, 214, 281, 393 Taylor, Liberty (10) - 70 Tecson, Patricia (9) - 52, 330 Tecson, Pelagio (11) - 87, 329 Teng, Shawn (12) - 93, 94, 159, 168, 193, 252, 253, 275, 284 Teo, Benjamin (11) - 87, 286 Thain, Grant (9) - 52, 314 Thain, Madison (10) - 70, 83, 301 Thieme, Hans (9) - 52, 324 Thieme, Claudia (12) - 94, 160, 168, 207, 300, 394 Thieneman, Kathryn (10) - 70, 287 Thieneman, Sarah (11) - 87, 298 Thomas, Matthew (9) - 52, 329 Thome, Edward (10) - 70, 241, 320 Thompson, Zoey (11) - 87, 286 Tien, Terence (9) - 38, 52, 226, 275, 331 Timan, Jasmine (11) - 29, 87, 196, 201, 251, 298 Tinger, Marissa (10) - 70, 226, 267, 320 Tinger, Sophia (12) - 160, 168, 206, 220, 223, 229, 282 Tinker, Kathryn (12) - 17, 19, 91, 93, 94, 97, 160, 168, 213, 283 Tiwari, Shachi (11) - 88, 89, 298 Tiwari, Dev (12) - 97, 160, 168, 299, 394 Tjandra, Clarissa (11) - 88, 298 Tolani, Yuvika (12) - 16, 94, 161, 168, 192, 228, 231, 284, 395 Too, Michael (11) - 5, 77, 80, 88, 89, 192, 228, 230, 286 Trgovich, Megan (11) - 88, 294

Tsai, Allen (10) - 70, 327 Tsakiris, Ismini (10) - 71, 302 Tung, Yi Ling (11) - 88, 315 Tung, Yu En Kevin (9) - 38, 39, 46, 53, 226, 255, 331 Tureikis, Camille (12) - 161, 168, 330, 395


Ukani, Ali (12) - 97, 161, 168, 295, 395 Uken, Lacy (11) - 77, 88, 192, 214, 298 Um, Yu Jung (9) - 53, 238, 330 Umapathi, Ashwin (9) - 53, 331 Umashankar, Krutika (9) - 41, 53, 308 Umeoka, Natalia (12) - 161, 168, 284, 396 Utama, Kayla (10) - 71, 207, 304 Utama, Daryle (12) - 162, 168, 227, 315, 396


Vainius, Therese (11) - 88, 254, 255, 286 Valenzuela, Antonio (11) - 88, 313 Valenzuela, Vicente (9) - 53, 226, 329 Valone, Alexandra (9) - 53, 330 Van Broekhoven, Nigel (11) - 88, 329 Van Tilburg, Sofia (11) - 16, 88, 294 Van Zadelhoff, Celine (9) - 53, 305 Van Zadelhoff, Philip (11) - 88, 246, 318 Vang, Celine (9) - 53, Vang, Nicklas (11) - 88 Varathan, Preeti (11) - 88, 207, 225, 229, 233, 328 Vargo, Richard (10) - 21, 71, 259, 309 Vargo, Vanessa (9) - 53, 200, 316 Varinata, Michelle (10) - 23, 71, 310

Boys Swimming: Third Row Coach Clark, Nicklas Vang, Han Young Lim, Hangil Chung, Kevin Wang, Kevin Tung, John Liao, Matt Hardy, Alex Chadwick, Tarush Sinha, Coach Couch Second Row Dan Yamamoto, Alex Rossinksy, Chris Yenko, Dominic Wong, Michael Baker, Clint Walling, Maxi Rossinsky, Matt Dee Front Duncan Clydesdale, Kai Dornel, Kelly Zhang, Michael Osachoff, Ted Chritton, Jason Chang, Ryan Prudhomme, Dennis Chu

416 Index

Girls JV Touch: Back Isabelle Speciale, Kelsey DeBerry, Jessica Hartman, Melodie Suzuki, Celidh Evans, Laken Sylvander, Coach Selley Front Angela Wang, Alsha Meidena, Rachel Hyde, Erica Huston, Courtney Chambers, Cherry Veoun-Amelio

Vasi, Sana (9) - 53, 316 Vaz, Arriel (10) - 25, 71, 207, 307 Venema, Yasmin (12) - 26, 94, 97, 162, 168, 284, 396 Venkatesh, Akshay (12) - 162, 168, 313, 396 Venkateswaran, Tanay (9) - 53, 307 Veoun-Amelio, Chakrya (9) - 53, 326 Verdoscia, Michele (10) - 71, 213, 312 Verdoscia, Alexandra (12) - 162,168, 281, 397 Vesga, Claudia (9) - 53, 200, 319 Vesga, Javier (11) - 88, 200, 201, 225, 318 Villegas, Mateo (10) - 71, 320 Virshup, Isaac (11) - 88, 198, 315


Wade, Seira (11) - 24, 88, 260, 294 Wait, Jacqueline (11) - 88, 318 Wait, Morgan (9) - 53, 319 Walker, Jacob (11) - 88, 204, 286 Walling, William (11) - 79, 88, 255, 318 Walters, Katherine (11) - 88, 286 Wang, Angela (9) - 53, 305 Wang, Elton (9) - 37, 41, 53, 225, 322 Wang, Kevin (9) - 53,226, 305 Wang, Edwin (12) - 163, 168, 220, 225, 226, 282, Wang, Kendrick Michael (12) - 97, 163, 168, 397 Ward, JD (12) - 163, 168, 295, 398 Waterston, Douglas (10) - 71, 327 Waychoff, Kasey (10) - 71, 266, 267, 307 Waychoff, Wesley (11) - 15, 77, 88, 318 Webb, Angela (11) - 77, 88, 329 Weber, Corinne (11) - 88, 206, 298

Wee, Ding Wei (9) - 53, 330 Wee, Ding Yu (10) - 71 West, Maximillian (10) - 70, 331 Wetzell, Cassidy (9) - 49, 53, 227, 331 Widjaja, John (12) - 163, 168, 282, 398 Widjaja, Nicole (12) - 164, 168, 299 Williamson, Robert (11) - 88, Wilson, Andrew (12) - 164, 168, 297 Wilson, Marc (12) - 93, 97, 164, 168, 241, 280, 398 Wingo, Savannah (11) - 88, 296 Wolf, Sophia (11) - 88, 286 Womack, Kellie (11) - 88, 89, 291 Wong, Alexander (11) - 18, 77, 88, 318 Wong, Felix (11) - 88, 315 Wong, Pia (9) - 41, 53, 308 Wong, Dominic (12) - 3, 94, 97, 164, 168, 222, 227, 229, 232, 233, 284, 398, 399 Wood, Holly (9) - 53, 225, 331 Wright, Sam (11) - 80, 88, 298 Wu, Shang-Ju (10) - 71, 225, 316 Wu, Victor (10) - 71 Wu, Yonghan (10) - 71, 322 Wu, Yu Jian (10) - 71, 321 Wu, Ian (11) - 86, 89, 204, 286


Xie, Feiyu (9) - 53, 311 Xie, Monica (11) - 89, 207, 328 Xu, Ray (11) - 89, 203, 317


Yamamoto, Dan (11) - 89, 318 Yamashita, Kohei (12) - 165,168, 297, 399 Yan, Carolyn (12) - 165, 168, 227, 293

Girls Swimming: Third Row Coach Couch, Amanda Alberts, Sylvia Shim, Saki Mihori, Tanvi Ahuja, Pippa Chanin, Hannah Blundon, Cassidy Wetzel, Coach Clark Second Row Megan Cosgrove, Monica Chritton, Carolyn Koh, Maya Kale, Missa Stratton, Irene Tung, Katie Blakeman, Lisa Paggeot Front Liz Quick, Jenny Alberts, Becca Stratton, Roxy Hesh, Therese Vainius, Carley Kennedy, Abby Gigante

5 6 9 1 e c n si n io it d ra T l o o h c S n A Singapore America

SIM & JOK HOE BROS. CATERING -The Official SAS CaterersCall Us at 9780-9160 or FAX Us at 6269-1855 Index 417

BoysVarsity Softball: Back Kyle Forgeron, Robert Barber, Jack McCabe, Matt Crema, Eddie O’Connell, Evan Petty, Christian Hvide, Matt Fay, John Creech, Coach Kent Knipmeyer Front Coach Keith Hynes, Cody Burkett, Keigo Sasaki, Ta-Wei Lin, Michael Szopiak, Nick Devine, Gabe Malaki

Yang, Chun Fang (11) - 89, 318 Yang, Michael (10) - 71, 327 Yang, Sung Wook (10) - 71, 331 Yappert, Aaron (10) - 71, 226, 310 Yee, Jia Wei (11) - 89, 294 Yen, Tiffany (9) - 53, 198, 331 Yen, Vanessa (9) - 53, 329 Yenko, Christian (11) - 89, 318 Yeon, DongWoo (10) - 71, 330 Yeon, In Who (11) - 89, 320 Yeung, Anne (12) - 15, 94, 165, 168, 194, 284, 399 Yoh, Sung Jun (11) - 89, 298 Yoo, Sharon (11) - 31, 86, 89, 229, 232, 233, 328, 334 Yoon, Jimmy (10) - 71, 226, 229, 232, 327 Yoon, Jong Hyeon (10) - 71, 225, 331 Yoon, Yoo Young (12) - 93, 165, 168, 226, 292 York, Forrest (10) - 71 Yoshikoshi, Kei (9) - 38, 53, 225, 305 Young, Frances (11) - 20, 86, 89, 195, 213, 317 Young, Timothy Cyrillis (9) - 53, 329 Yu, Austin (9) - 53, 279, 305 Yu, Kar Yin (10) - 71, 309 Yu, Ji Sun (12) - 166, 168, 280 Yuan, Amy (10) - 71, 327 Yue, Nallie (10) - 71, 329 Yusuf, Kais (11) - 83, 89, 286 Yuwono, Stanton (12) - 97, 166, 168, 204, 283, 400


Zakowich, Amanda (10) - 71, 225, 306

Zakowich, Tanya (12) - 16, 94, 97, 166, 168, 211, 284, 400, 401 Zhang, Brandon (9) - 53, 314 Zhang, Kelly (12) - 18, 91, 94, 97, 166, 168, 203, 225, 229, 233, 284 Zhu, David (9) - 53, 330 Zhu, Yi Hang (10) - 71, 309 Zimmerman, William (11) - 89, 189, 286 Zorrilla Gonzalez, Pablo (9) - 53, 311 Zorrilla Gonzalez, Rodrigo (11) - 20, 29, 77, 89, 242, 318 Zorrilla Gonzalez, Mina (12) - 20, 30, 94, 97, 167, 168, 192, 204, 295, 400 Zulkoski, Leah (11) - 82, 89, 225, 317 Zulkoski, Nicholas (12) - 94, 97, 167, 168, 280, 402, 401

Faculty & Staff

Adams, Don - 174, 245 Adkison, Jason - 172, 247, 328 Bahri, Firdaus - 177 Bai, Cindy - 175, 322 Baker, James - 172, 316 Began, Martha - 175, 317 Betts, Dawn - 170, 296 Bisset, Rick - 173, 311 Blacklaws, Troy - 172, 315 Bok, Christopher - 180 Bonnette, Steve - 176, 220, 229, 330 Bright, Simon - 174 Bright, Erin - 34, 175, 290 Bte Anur, Noraini - 170 Burell, Clay - 172, 228, 311 Burnett, Eric - 172, 318 Bywater, Edwin - 174, 320

Boys JV Softball: Back Coach Anna Criens, Dakota Fink, Andrew Crema, Wesley Waychoff, Melad Bassiri, Dylan Goulding, Daniel Northwood, Marcus Campbell, Coach Kim Criens Front Sam Kim, Ian Go, Cooper Ehrendreich, Piyush Talwar, Devansh Pasumarty, Jared Broadman, Sachith Siriwardane

418 Index

GirlsVarsity Softball: Back Coach Mark Swarstad, Emma Bryant, Vanessa Vargos, Marissa Tinger, Rachel Fulton, Kelsey LaBranche, Rachel McCabe, Celeste Marsh, Brittany Dawe, Natalie Muller, Coach Devin Kay Front Michelle Bywater, Maddy Klimczak, Alex McConaghy, Caroline Barrett, April Hand, Heather Erdmann, Claire Schollaert, Brooke McManigal, Kasey Waychoff

Clark, Rebecca - 180 Clark, Michael - 171, 228 Clarke, Linda - 179, 321 Clemens, Mark - 12, 177, 283 Coppell, Ian - 172, 242, 283 Cox, Michael - 174, 229, 325 Crawford, Frederick - 174, 317 Criens, Kim - 178, 289 Devens, Jeff - 171, 288 Devine, Mark - 178, 313 Dietrich, Frieda - 170, 285 Donalson, Brian - 316 Dwor-Frecaut, Gary - 179 Early, Steve - 175 Enomoto, Emiko - 176, 330 Fee, Jack - 173 Ford, Dale - 171, 308 Friend, Jill - 178, 290 Ganske, Kristian - 175, 310 Goode, Julie - 174, 301 Green, Philip - 176, 227, 229 Griffin, Shelley - 171, 282 Griffin, Paul - 177, 216, 282 Grimbergen, Frans - 178, 281 Guggisberg, Mark - 171, 228 Hallam, Andrew - 13, 171 Hallam-Young, Pele - 176 Harvey, Barbara - 177, 229, 329 Heerens, Sara - 180, 314 Hill, Brian - 176, 220, 223, 226, 229, 287 Hutchison, Jennifer - 173, 284 Hutchison, Scott - 175, 284 Hynes, Keith - 178, 318 Johnson, John - 179, 314 Kay, Devin - 327 Kett, Jeri - 171, 228, 280 Kett, James - 174, 280

Khong T S, Michael - 175 Knipmeyer, Kent - 172, 291 Koebnick, Paul - 177, 328 Kosnan, Rozila - 170 Kramer, Beth - 170, 319 Kumpel, Jay - 175, 286 Kwan, Fiona - 179 Lajim, Zalindah - 171 Lei Yu, Leo - 177 Lingle, Joe - 173, 287 Loo, Jess - 179 Luo Ruo, Lucy - 177 Mabie, Douglas - 171, 289 Mehrbach, Lauren - 170 Melsom, Kim - 174, 303 Melsom, Duane - 179, 303 Meyer, Tracy - 177, 228, 213, 299 Moineau, Philippe - 175, 326 Molchan, Mimi - 177, 324 Molly, Mike - 177, 323 Monsor, Zulkifri - 177 Nair, Sarala - 179 Nash, Kelly - 34, 173 Neihart, Doug - 170, 308 Nesbitt, Sue - 171, 329 Norcott, David - 170 Norman, Michael - 175, 262, 304 Norris, Will - 173, 300 O’Connor, Kristen - 172, 327 Olah, Frank - 180, 312 Olah, Karen - 180, 312 Olsen, Craig - 175, 288 Oms, Tico - 34, 178, 301 Page, Ian - 174, 300 Pan, Yolante - 176, 322 Patrick, Laurence - 176, 302 Phang, Margaret - 170

Boys Varsity Badminton: Back Kyle Forgeron, Robert Barber, Jack McCabe, Matt Crema, Eddie O’Connell, Evan Petty, Christian Hvide, Matt Fay, John Creech, Coach Kent Knipmeyer Front Coach Keith Hynes, Cody Burkett, Keigo Sasaki, Ta-Wei Lin, Michael Szopiak, Nick Devine, Gabe Malaki

e h t o t s n o i t Congratula 0 1 0 2 f o s s a l C S SA

Index 419

Girls Varsity Badminton: Back Fang Yang, Rin Okumura, Given Lee, Wei Li, Vedika Chandran, Coach Shriner Front Dacia Goh, Sonia Mirchandani, Lourdes Santos, Amanda Ongko, Tina Um, Marietta Tanudisastro

Pong, Ursula - 178, 286 Popowski, Christina - 176, 302 Roach, Micha - 177, 315 Rops, David - 173, 306 Rueckert, Jean - 176, 325 Ruhter, Nanette - 171, 228, 298 Russell, Anne-Marie - 172 Schelble, Nathan - 170, 313 Schult, Kim - 173 Shi, Yan - 176, 326 Shriner, Charles - 178, 272, 329 Silverman, Rick - 171, 228, 304 Silverman, Paula - 177, 228, 324 Smith, Dale - 173, 299 Soh, Josephine - 179 Sonnack, Tate - 94, 177, 284 Stagg, Mike - 173, 244, 319 Steigerwald, Dennis - 174, 331 Sturgeon, Trevor - 170, 321 Sultan, Azizah - 170 Supramaniam, Komala - 175 Sylvander, Mario - 171, 297 Szombathy, Jerry - 180, 305 Tan, Kristin - 170 Tan, Rachel - 170 Tanabe, Tomomi - 177, 297 Terrile, Paul - 174, 242, 296

Thomas, Joe - 172 Thompson, Tim - 178, 250, 281 Tomlinson, Roy - 174, 310 Torjesen, Erik - 173, 331 Tu, LeHing - 175, 323 Van Der Linden, Tracy - 176 , 228, 215, Vasundran, Lavinia - 180 Wan, Annie - 175 Wang, June - 176 Welsh, Paul - 178, 305 Wenhong, Zhu - 175, 331 Wischki, Karl - 174, 309 Zitur, Tim - 34, 174, 246, 306 Zuber Meehan, Amy - 172, 330


Girls Volleyball - 238, 405, 407 Boys Volleyball - 240, 405, 407 Cross Country - 242, 404 Girls Soccer - 244, 408, 404 Boys Soccer - 246, 408, 410 Girls Tennis - 250, 414 Boys Tennis - 252, 412, 414 Swimming - 254, 416 Girls Rugby - 256, 416

Boys JV Badminton: Back Bryan Hou, Terence Tien, John Kim, Wook Her, Min Jae Lee, Ishan Krishan, Coach Zitur Front James Khoo, Zachary Ang, Ryan Ong, Anthony Sridjaja, Angelo Perucho, Eric Liou

Boys Rugby - 258, 414 Girls Basketball - 260, 410, 412 Boys Basketball - 262, 410, 412 Girls Softball - 266, 418 Boys Softball - 268, 418 Track & Field - 270, 420 Girls Badminton - 272, 420, 421 Boys Badminton - 274, 418, 420


Asian Cultural Cruise - 303 Australia: Cycling in the West - 285 Australia: Surfing - 286 Austria and Hungary - 292 Bintan: Service & Survival - 314 Cambodia: Faces of Cambodia - 308 China A - 304 China: Climbing, Caves & Community Service - 305 China: Leaping Tiger Gorge - 306 Egypt - 282 France: Immersion Week in Paris - 302 Germany: Berlin & Munich - 294 Greece: The Greek Odyssey - 298 Hong Kong: Extreme Eco Challenge - 307 India: Rishikesh - 309

India: Northern India - 310 India: Rajasthan Discovery - 312 India: South India - 311 India: Dharamsala - 313 Italy: Rome & Florence - 299 Japan - 315 Jordan - 283 Malaysia: Island in the Sun - 316 Nepal: Annapurna - 317 Nepal: Everest - 318 New Zealand : Meeting of Nations - 289 New Zealand : Routeburn Trek - 287 New Zealand: Muddy Wheels - 290 New Zealand: The Milford Trek - 288 New Zealand: South Island - 291 Northern Vietnam - 319 Oman: Kayak Expedition - 284 Philippines: Housebuilding - 320 Philppines: Changing Lives - 321 Poland and Czech Republic - 295 South Africa: Cape & Coast - 280 South Africa: Kruger National Park - 281 Spain: Immersion Week - 301 Spain: Toledo/Seville/Madrid - 300 Sweden: Arctic Experience - 297 Switzerland: Winter Sports - 296 Taiwanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Treasure Island - 322

Track & Field: Fourth Row Ian Food, Chris Choo, Kerry Remson, Emma Graddy, Daniel Bourgeois, Frank Boyd, Alexis Lauzon, Blake Peters, Kevin Holt, Ted Chritton, Sam Wright, Hayes Kimball, Matt Hardy, Michael Hoefling Third Row Max Shaulis, Todd Shell, Job Lau, Liz Conklin, Samantha Hoefling, Jennie Park, Erika Faris, Herry McFetridge, Isabella Shaulis, Hannah Goode, Josh Choe, Belinda Eg, Rodrigo Zorilla, Klevrin Sitohang, Alex Amstrup, Young Min Kim, Carley Keneddy, Solange Majewski, Ayesha Agarwal, Danni Shanel, Adam Bergere, Peter Hunt, Bryce McConville Second Row Lacy Burkett, Candace Perry, Atikah Scott, Seira Wade, Jenny Alberts, Kristen Skill, Linda Kim, Ruby Hohense, Carolyn Koh, Dan Yamamoto, Becky Kruetter, Radhika Agarwal, Shruti Jayakumar Front Nikki Muller, Isabelle Mulder, Amanda Alberts, Andrew Milne, Andrew Lydens, Kelly Zhang, Dominic Wong, Raffy Basilla, Dominic Singson

420 Index

Girls JV Badminton: Back Akshaya Kumar, Ji Weon Byun, Apurva Raghupathi, Tenny Liu, Tiffany Yen, Seong Hyun Ju Front Wendy Sung-Clarke, Saya Kashiwamura, In Who Yeoh, Holly Wood, Sadhana Bala, Coach Zitur

Thailand: Adventure Racing - 323 Thailand: Beginning Scuba - 324 Thailand: Habitat for Humanity - 325 Thailand: North Thailand - 326 Thailand: Sea Kayak Phang Nga Bay - 327 Tibet - 328 Turkey: Istanbul & Beyond - 293


Art - 217 Art: Working With The Community - 219 Art Show - 218 Band - 223 Band Pop Concert - 220 Band Group Shots - 226 Cabaret - 221

Choir Concert - 222 Choir Group Shots - 227 Cultural Choir - 232 Cultural Convention Group Pics - 228, 229 Cultural Dance - 230 Cultural Drama - 231 Cultural Music & Art - 233 Dance Show: Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m Too Sexy For My Costume - 215 Dance Show: Snapshots - 214 Drama: The Dining Room - 213 Drama: Scenes & Monologues - 213 Drama: Shakespeare Abridged - 212 Orchestra - 224 Photography - 216 Strings & Jazz - 225

Subway-SAS @ High School Cafeteria

Congratulations Class of 2010!

Congratulations Class of 2010!

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Cindy Zu Class of 09 Index 421

Islander Staff

Lauren Betts Sports Editor Kalie Reimer & Anjuli Finch Student Life Co-Editors

Andisya Siregar & Nina Miller Senior Co-Editors

Tatianna Nasr Interim Editor Cassi Miller & Corey Burkett Sophomore Co-Editors

Carson DeBerry VPA Editor Jason Chang & Karisa Sukatmo Junior Co-Editors

422 Index


Tarush: OMG ROOSHIE! Thanks for all your help with the freshman section. Your knowledge of every kid in the freshman class amazes us. Your layouts are so dang inventive, We really hope you don’t move and get to stay another year in yearbook. Cassi: Thanks for coming back for a second year, this book could not have been completed without your help! Even though you usually work quietly on your computer, we know that you are hard at work and we thank you for that. Sarah: The club section looks really good. Thank you for all your hard work, doing weekend sessions and staying after school. You are always on top of things and we can always trust you when we need something to be done. Hey, “who’s hungry?” Jason: You’ve endured our yelling, bossing, whining, and managed to get interim looking outstanding. Thank you for all your help and jolly personality. IM IN A BOOK. Wasn’t that freshman dance hopping?! - we love you.

Kate: We will always remember how mad you get whenever John said you’re layout looks like a scrapbook, or when you finally finish a layout, he ask you (nicely) to redo it. But, you pulled through and the club section looks great. Thank you for getting those club photos, writing stories, and coming up with “witty” caption subheads.

Sarah Moseley & Kate Mahler Clubs Co-Editors Tarush Sinha Freshman Editor

McKenzie Finchum Co-Editor-in-Chief (Layout) Jessica Nguyen-Phuong Co-Editor-in-Chief (Photo)

Andisya: Hey snookie, we will miss you when you go back to the shore. Thanks for sending out all those emails and getting people to submit their stuff. You were basically our go to person when we need to contact the senior class. Jamie: Traitor, we are so glad you came back second semester. The islander was lost without your writing abilities. We editors can always rely on you whenever a story needs to be written, or anything for that matter. lyke oh em gee ja’mie u r awesum. J3FOREVER Nina: NINA, we’re so glad you came back this year. Honestly the senior section looks better than it ever has, all thanks to you. It was a bit of a bumpy start because it was four-a-page this year, but it turned out AMAZING. Thanks for all the late hours you spent in the lab and all your hard work ninners.

Carson: Carson, VPA looks so amazing this year. Thanks for all those late nights you spent in the lab writing profiles and captions. We never had to worry about this section, we knew you had it covered. Corey: we know yearbook is a lot to handle for your first year, but thank you so much for all your help. The sports section looks GREAT. You have been a trooper through all the crap we put you through. THANKS. Tatianna: Your love for Justin Bieber overwhelms us. Your dedication to the interim section is evident, because it looks awesome; plus, if you weren’t here to write captions, we would have a million “I’m on a (insert mode of transport here)”. Thanks for putting up with our mainstream music. JUSTIN BIEBER FOREVER. Kalie: Despite your constant arguments with Anjuli - which, by the way, are extremely entertaining - the student life section looks hella sweet. All the hours you put into yearbook were worth it; Ke$ha would be so so proud. Anjuli: Your bubbly personality and your out of the box thinking really brought a lot to the student life section. whenever you owned Kalie, in an argument, it brought a smile to our faces. Thanks for loving glee, the best show EVER. Karisa: Whether we were staying in the lab after hours hacking Jason’s Facebook, or debating whether or not to crash the Freshman dance, or just singing cheesy songs, you are always so much fun to be around. Without you, the junior section wouldn’t ooze with yellow. SO excited you are coming back next year! Sonnack: Thank god this year is finally over! It was slow going in the beginning because of all the indesign sessions and a little rough due to the senior section, but looking at this amazing finished product, it was all worth it. Thank you for all your hard work, we couldn’t have done it without you. Lauren: How could we have done sports without you? We couldn’t have. You also seemed to lighten the mood of the classroom. Thank you for all the late nights you spent here slaving over sports, it was so worth it.

John Liao Co-Editor-in-Chief (Business) & Jamie Lim Copy Editor

Index 423



424 Index



We survived. Though there might have been more surprises, or shocks rather, throughout the year than anyone could have ever expected, we made it to (for now) the end. And just as the Chilean earthquake did to the earthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s axis, the tremors we dealt with at school also slightly altered our own axis. While some of us were broken down to a point where life seemed past any possibility of salvation, we managed to build ourselves stronger, smarter, better, ready for the next challenge to come, whether it be college, national service or another year in high school.

Index 425


426 Signatures

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428 Signatures

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430 Signatures

Signatures 431


432 Signatures

Signatures 433

islander 2010 staff book editors john liao (business) mckenzie finchum (layout) jessica nguyen-phuong (photography) student life editors anjuli finch kalie riemer senior editors nina miller andisya siregar junior editors karisa sukamto jason chang sophomore editors cassi miller corey burkett freshmen editor tarush sinha clubs editors kate mahler sarah moseley vpa editor carson deberry sports editor lauren betts corey burkett (assistant) interim editor tatianna nasr jason chang (assistant) jack-of-all-trades jamie lim

colophon The first Islander was produced in 1958. It was 76 pages in length, all black and white and softbound. The editor, Louise Feng, was the only senior and the first graduate of Singapore American School. This year’s Islander, the 52nd volume, is 432 pages long and was produced by a student staff of 18. 1,400 copies were printed by C.O.S. Printers on Heidelberg Speedmaster printing presses. The binding was done on Kolbus Compace 2000 Hardcover Line, the cover is 128 gsm art paper plus spot UV varnish; text pages are printed on 105 gsm art paper. Layouts were created on Apple Macintosh iMac computers using Adobe’s CS3 software. Most images were shot on Nikon digital cameras; D50, D60, D70, and D5000s Underclassmen portraits were done by Techni Photo of Hong Kong. Parents, students and teachers contributed some of the images used in the sports section, and all the photos in the interim section. The last page was sent to the printer on May 7th at 3:30pm.

thank you Whew, what a wild ride it has been. Being my first year as a yearbook adviser, I walked into this year not quite sure of how the year would unfold. But as the year progressed, it was soon apparent what a great group of students I had on staff. Armed with their creativity, good-natures, and willingness to learn, we came together as a staff and produced a great book each of you should be proud of. It was a pleasure working with each and every one of you; your dedication and hard work are showcased in the pages within. It was a delight to have shared this experience with you. Producing a book of this magnitude employes the help of many people across campus. A very big thanks to: Azizah, Rozila, Kristin, Nora and Margaret- without you, the school would cease to function; Mimi Molchan and Mike Molly- you are an abundance of resources and always remain positive; Dave Norcott, Dough Neihart and Lauren Mehrbach- your strong leadership sets an example for us all; Jerry Szombathy- always willing to share your wealth of knowledge; Kim Hamby and the ladies of the PTA- assisting with class portrait days; Paul Griffin- allowing us to intrude on your photo studio and doing so with grace; Joe Lingle- keeping us honest and out of debt; and finally but certainly not least, Mark Clemens for your advice and guidance these last 10 months, I couldn’t have survived without you. This is book editors John Liao and Jessica Nguyen-Phuong’s second year on staff, Kenzie Finchum’s third. They tackled the tasks of being editors-in-chief with grace: working well together, picking up each others slack and always lending a helping hand. Many long hours were spent in the Media Lab putting the final touches on the book. I appreciate all the sleepless nights you spent awake thinking of design ideas and color swatches while the homework for your other classes went unfinished. I will miss both John and Jess next year for their enthusiasm, never-ending supply of great ideas, and very own jam sessions to the Glee soundtrack. Kenzie will be returning next year and I am already looking forward to her expert eye for design, leadership skills, and insight as a yearbook veteran. Glenn and the amazing employees of C.O.S. Printers are always accommodating to our numerous requests and put out gorgeous work year after year. It has been quite a roller coaster of emotions this year, and I’m proud to have had such an amazing group of students to take the ride with. ~Tate Sonnack, yearbook adviser

2010 Islander  

The official high school yearbook of the Singapore American School

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