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*A decade ago, the Islander was mislabelled. As a parting legacy, Mr. Clemens is correcting this mistake on his last yearbook. This year’s book is actually Volume 49.

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More than meets the eye A walk through the hallways of the Singapore American School revealed only the superficial details of our student body. Artists put finishing touches on their canvases, athletes perfected their technique, and overachievers seemed to spend every spare moment studying. A closer look would have seen that artist put her creative vision on hold when she hurried to her Medical Explorers’ Club meeting, or that athlete, who one second dreamt of making it to the Big Leagues and the next to the big screen, running lines for his upcoming drama performance in the locker room. And the studious among us? Sometimes they proved to be the wildest and most outgoing of all. Stereotypes rarely stuck. Much can be said about our school’s surface, but far more essential was our interior. The diversity of our student body extended beyond our nationalities. A walk through our hallways was just a glance of the Singapore American School - the only way to understand the complexities of it was to take a closer look. Thousands of students passed through the polished surface of our school every day. Within our newly built high school with its stateof-the-art facilities, we each lent our dreams, accomplishments and failures to create the true SAS. The one that is living, breathing, and constantly evolving. At the largest international school in the world - 37 acres representing the 52 nationalities of the 3698 students and more than 300 faculty members - it was easy to get lost in the numbers. What saved us was our individuality. Each of us gave something indispensable to our school by being the personality, talent and brains of 40 Woodlands St. 41.




Another year of change This was our third year in the new high school building. The track was re-surfaced and the South field was ‘planted’ with artificial turf. Hefty tuition fees and generous funding made the purchase of new science lab equipment, publications cameras and library books possible, and insured the hiring of the best international teachers. These changes became even more evident as the year progressed. The student body elected new presidents to class councils and determined those most qualified to serve on the executive council. While these yearly decisions seemed no different from 2005 or 2006, the new bunch of student ambassadors organized a spirit system that not only raised school spirit and gave classes a chance to compete against each other, but included the faculty. Students and teachers had a chance to get to know each other outside of the classroom. Students saw principal and social studies teachers get down and dirty in Dance Dance Revolution challenges as well as English and science teachers exhibit their childcare expertise on an extremely large Elmo. This school year has given everyone a chance to take closer looks and see sides of people that aren’t totally obvious. But on the same note, change has also brought about a flurry of new rules. As evident from the number of people in the detention rooms during frees and after school, the school has been more strict when it comes to just about everything. Students have been given detention for sitting on tables, shooting their garbage (and actually making it) in the trashcan. Others were sometimes reminded, with detention, to quit leaving bags alone in the café. Its been made clear, with detention, that elevators are off limits to those without disabilities. Occasionally hiking up the stairs from the basement and sprinting across the campus was necessary to avoid hours in detention. Despite the student body’s occasional run-in with the enforcers, representatives from 11 sports, MUN, Cultural Convention and Interim Semester traveled the world, experiencing an international student lifestyle. Unlike those graduates/seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshman from the previous years, all those enrolled from August 14 to May 30 of 2007 have experienced something new – a little bit the same with a few changes mixed in.




Take a closer look This year, the yearbook staff decided to put a magnifying glass on the high school and those who make it what it is. Throughout the following pages, we sprinkled profiles on students and teachers, from Irish dancers to a budding human rights activist, from a yoga teacher to an anonymous senior who was infamously absent a record number of 54 class periods in the span of one and a half months. The yearbook this year is more personal. We wanted to highlight what made each student unique to our school and why, without them, our year simply wouldn’t have been the same. Staff members as well as other students chose the individuals who were selected for the profiles. Whether it was for being exceptional in a particular subject, or for being unique in a certain activity, this yearbook shows the diverse population that makes SAS so different from other schools. Our school is what many would consider academically challenging. Although this is true, the students at SAS still find ways to participate in many extra-curricular activities. As you will undoubtedly recognize some of these individuals and what they have done, you will be surprised to see what many others have accomplished. And remember, these are just a few of the multifarious individuals that make up the school we like to call ours. Take a closer look...




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Gross........Out A small girl walked up to Superintendent Bob Gross at parent night last year and asked him what he did at the school. He smiled, bent close and looked her in the eyes. “I’m in charge of this whole school,” Gross said. Gross is a familiar figure at every SAS event. He knows the names of many high school students, and attends their concerts, recitals, and games. Gross creates a sense of community within the school by making sure he stays connected to the school’s activities. “I love going to student events and watching kids perform – drama productions, IASAS events,” he said. On June 6, the Board of Governors officially announced Gross’s resignation and posted a vacancy announcement on the website. When Gross moved to Singapore, it was his first time in Asia. “We’ve had a whole new world opened up to us,” he said. “It’s been fascinating.” Gross said that, after eight years at SAS, he was ready for a change. “I’m 64 years old. If there is one more adventure out there for me, I better get to it,” he said. Gross said that among many things, he would miss the food in Singapore. “I am surprised I am not 15 pounds heavier,” he said. “Dumplings and roti prata are my favorites.” There is a job waiting for Gross this summer at the U.S. Department of State in the Office of Overseas Schools. Gross will act as a liaison between State and international schools in Western Europe. He was also offered a position in Africa and was tempted to accept the unique opportunity. “I would love to go to Africa because it isn’t every day you get to visit with Americans, living in such a different culture,” he said. “I could book a trip to Western Europe any day.” Ultimately, though, Gross decided to take the job in Western Europe. “I’m leaning towards Western Europe because both of my parents are still alive, but with deteriorating health,” he said in September. “If I need to get home quickly it would be easier to get out of Western Europe than Africa.” During Gross’s tenure, the SAS student body grew by over 25 percent and took on a more international makeup. SAS is now the largest international school in the world. A new high school, early education center and additions to the three other schools added space in the last four years. “I am proud of having identified as good a faculty as we can find and supporting them and giving them resources,” Gross said. “We have a strong set of teachers here.” Teachers have the same praise for Gross and said they would miss him on both a professional and personal level. “He [Gross] had a personable quality about him,” strings teacher Stephen Bonnette said. “You could start a conversation with him, not see him for two months, and pick up where you left off.”

12 ISLANDER 2007

14 ISLANDER 2007

ISLANDER 2007 15



a day in the life islander staff documents a typical day in the life of sas

Photo by Winny Tan



Before the school day began, students found their own place to hang out with their friends, finish up homework, or catch some last minute shut-eye. Left: Seniors Tina Starkey and Rachel Black catch up outside the cafeteria before first period. Photo by Adam Schwarz

1 school year. 174 days of school. 696 class blocks. 18 days of IASAS conventions including 3 seasons of sports tournaments, 1 Cultural Convention, 1 Model United Nations, and 1 IASAS Leadership conference. 11 days of Interim Semester. 15 Alternate Dress Days. 336 minutes of classes and 75 minutes of breaks every day. 1124 High School Students. 1 Singapore American High School. With classes, breaks, meetings, lunch, free periods, before and after school activities, sports practices and games, rehearsals, and chill out time intermingled throughout it all, a day in the life of an SAS High School Student is packed full. Unmatched faculty, staff, facilities, and programs across the board give the students at SAS the opportunity to engage in nearly anything and everything they are interested in. The Islander took a snapshot of the busy lives of the Eagles that give our school its sterling reputation. This is a Day in the Life at Singapore American School. by Clay Crawford



This year, students no longer started off their school day in homebase. Instead, students went directly to their first period class. Above: For Junior Pedro Katsuki Kubota, this class was robotics. Photo by Adam Schwarz


The school band performed in four major concerts this year and played a variety of styles, from popular to classical. Right: Band teacher Brian Hill takes a minute from his class to give a student direction. Photo by Cindy Sunogo


8:31 8:43




Left: Seniors Clarissa Ruslie and Na Hoi Koo learn by doing in Mr. Crawfordâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s AP Physics B class. Experiments help students understand concepts by seeing them firsthand. Photo by Brian Riady.

< <

Right: Juniors Soojin Hong and Adam Frogly exercise their artistic side in Studio Art. Photo by Clay Crawford.



This year, the library was no longer a place for students to chat with friends. Instead, students studied, worked on homework, or browsed the internet. Right: Hayden Ng, Sneh Shah, and Ali Taqi use their library time productively. Photo by Mitch Samson

Right: Exhausted students often caught some much-needed sleep whenever and wherever they could. Right: Junior Alison Tan takes advantage of such an opportunity in the art classroom during first period. Photo by Clay Crawford


Mr. Steigerwaldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Chemistry class incorporates technology into science by using calculators in their experiment. Photo by Cindy Sunogo


Below: Junior Dorothy Dugard rests on her tuba while waiting for her turn to play in band class. Photo by Cindy Sunogo





At lunchtime, students had plenty of time to eat and take a breather from the school day. Left: While waiting for the break gig to begin, senior Ellen Wuest finds something to laugh about with her friends. Photo by Clay Crawford. The last few minutes of lunch were filled with last minute gossip, homework help, and relief that the day was halfway over. Below: Senior Sung Won Hong sits in the cafeteria with his backpack on while waiting for the bell to ring. Photo by Clay Crawford.



11:30 11:52




Once a month, live music filled the cafeteria from the patio outside. Break gigs were brought to students by IPAU, and were always a nice escape from the stress of the school day. Above: Senior Peter Vaz pleases the crowd with his guitar skills. Photo by Clay Crawford.


Weight Training was a popular choice of PE class for students. Right: Junior Josh Smith pumps iron. Photo by Clay Crawford.




Kyle Smith, Gaby Loscalzo, Kelson Nef, Tanner Britton, Anna Simpson and Mary Russell do a skit in Ms. Kuester’s Improv class Photo by Brian Riady.


Photo by Brian Riady. In health class students sit in a cirlce to discuss the body and its functions.




Mr. Griffin’s photography class uses the school’s dark room to develop their own black and white photos. Left: Mr Griffin helps senior TJ Son go through his negatives. Photo by Clay Crawford.




Speech class Left: Senior Jamie Shah gives a classmate constructive criticism in speech class. Photo by Rachel Liou.




Above: Dance is an alternative to the required PE courses that many students opt to take. Students in Mrs. Van der Linden’s class take a break from dancing to relax. Photo by Devi Wulandari.

Right: “Crouch!” “Touch.” “Engage.” Looks like its try time for Senior Nicholas Soderberg in Soccer Rugby Class, a popular course amongst seniors at SAS. Photo by Clay Crawford


Right: The Pit plays during one of the musical numbers during Chess. Photo by Brian Riady








Left: Senior Daichi Moriyama and Ai Hosokai take advantage of their free time by studying in the library. Photo by Mitch Samson.


Right: Theatre make-up club does the make-up for all students in performances. Sophomore Victoria Williamson applies stage make-up to senior actor Sean McCabe. Right: Photo by Clay Crawford.


Left: Ms. Harveyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s studio art class is a popular outlet to express artistic creativity. Harvey offers help to senior Nicole Bryson and Leah Marisa Sacks. Photo by Clay Crawford.

3:33 3:41



Below: Junior Chelsea Curtoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s character advises her boyfriend and coworker, played by Senior Peter Ayer, to make peace with the opposing party. Photo by Brian Riady.

Right: Technical Theatre Club is in charge of sound and lighting for all high school performances. Techie Michelle Conway adjusts the settings for Chess. Photo by Clay Crawford.





Above, Middle: The choir group lends their voices to the musical as one of the leading characters performs. Photo by Brian Riady.


Above: Junior Jane Hurh plays the arbiter who moderates the chess match that occurs between senior Sean Mccabe and senior Peter Ayer. Photo by Brian Riady.


Right: Peter MaCarthur and Patrick Linton stick together during IASAS in Jakarta. Bottom Right: Jamie Shah lays on the field, covered in cool towels, moments after crossing the finish line.

Coach Terrile’s philosophy of running in a pack speeds the Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country teams to gold medals by Mitch Samson After half of week of tryouts, local runs at Turf City and an Exchange at the International School of Bangkok (ISB), Coach Paul Terrile realized the team had the depth for another IASAS championship. The 2006 Singapore American School Cross Country team began their season on Aug 14. The veteran runners knew that the top priority for the team was to defend both the girls and boys’ 2005 gold medals. The boys and girls who tried out for the team were required to complete seven-minute and eight-minute miles respectively. “Just about everyone made the cut off time,” said Paul Terrile, head coach of the Cross Country Boys and Girls teams. “It was the first time we didn’t have to shorten the workouts,” Terrile said. Middle School teacher Ian Coppell once again joined Terrile as the team’s assistant coach. The 2006 season was Coppell’s fifth and Terrile’s ninth. They kept 46 kids of those who tried out: 10 seniors, 14 juniors, 10 sophomores and 12 freshmen. Later that number was narrowed down to an IASAS number of 14 that traveled to Jakarta International School (JIS). The balanced number of runners from each class allowed older runners to lead and the younger, newer runners to learn and train for the future of the program. Because of the shortened first seasons at each of the IASAS schools, Ter-


Right: Evan Shawler, Sam Lloyd, Sonny Han and Warren Ho lead the pack with their teamates close behind. Left: James Golden, a new junior teammate, runs during the Turf City Exchange.

rile added that the team had to “get crackin right away!” They began training with tough workouts. “Ten kilometer runs for time, track workouts including four by one mile runs and straight sprints and jogged curves made up practices,” freshman IASAS runner Peter Macarthur said. “The goal of the workouts was mostly to increase endurance.” The members of the team felt running everyday was adequate preparation for the IASAS run. After six weeks of practice, the Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country teams left on Oct 6 in order to arrive and complete their pre-event run-through on the course. A day later, the two teams ran their final event around JIS’s campus in smoggy and hazy conditions. SAS placed first in the Girls’ division, scoring a total of

36 points. They had a comfortable spacing of 10 points between themselves and the second place school, ISM. Completing a sweep of the 2006 IASAS Cross Country Tournament, the boys followed by also taking first with 42 points. The boy’s also had a large gap – 22 points – between themselves and TAS. Runners in SAS colors ran away with the gold medals for the third consecutive year. The cohesiveness throughout the season and during the final run was what Sam Lloyd attributed the team’s first place finish. “It forced runners to keep up with the teammates who they had been running with the whole year,” Lloyd said. Warren Ho, Sam Lloyd and Evan Shawler’s finish in 5th, 6th and 7th as well as Renuka Agarwal, Jamie Shah and Devin Hardee’s placing 4th, 6th and 7th demonstrate the teams cohesiveness while running.

Side By Side Below: Sam Lloyd stands by as Sonny Han and Warren Ho congratulate each other.


1. SAS

2. TAS

3. ISM

4. JIS


6. ISB

1. ISKL - William Seimer 2. ISKL - Tom Boyd 3. TAS - Joseph Liu 4. ISM - Hisashi Yoshida 5. SAS - Warren Ho 6. SAS - Sam Lloyd 7. SAS - Evan Shawler


Side By Side

Renuka Agarwal

Sitting in the next to last row of Paul Terrile’s AP Calculus AB class, junior Renuka Agarwal slowly packed up her notebook and textbook as the other students raced out of the room. This was one of only a few occasions in which Agarwal did not finish ahead of the pack. Agarwal began running cross country at the beginning of her freshman year. She chose the endurance-based sport coached by Terrile and counselor Dawn Betts. “It was a friendly sport and a way to stay fit,” Agarwal said. She noted that she chose to run cross country because no cuts were made. In her first season, she had just shed her back brace from


7th and 8th grade. After minor surgery for a condition similar to scoliosis in the summer before 7th grade, Agarwal was required to wear a brace. If the brace had not been prescribed Renuka Agarwal might have traded her ASICS running shoes for dance shoes. The IASAS tournament in Bangkok was the most memorable run up to this point for Agarwal. Not only did Agarwal place first out of her fellow SAS runners, but she placed first overall among the 41 members in the girls field. Agarwal said the event was special because, “the team placed well.” Renuka grew from an injured middle school student into a timid freshman afraid of cuts and finally to a dominating teammate of the Eagles Cross Country team.

“The thing about Cross Country is that you don’t think while you run.” - Sam Lloyd

Clockwise from Left: The Girls Cross Country team circles up before the Turf City run. Renuka Agarwal easily harnesses 4th place by seperating herself from the rest of the pack. Devin Hardee, and Jamie Shah run at the JIS campus in a mix of JIS and ISB runners.

Team Rankings 1st: SAS 2nd: ISM 3rd: JIS 4th: ISKL 5th: ISB

Top Corner: Evan Shawler lies on the field, exhausted, after the 5 Km race around the JIS campus. Above: Winnie Ma competes on the gravel course during the exchange at Turf City.

IASAS SCOREBOARD GIRLS 1. JIS - Amelia Clark 2. JIS - Brianna Florida 3. ISM - Patricia Limacacco 4. SAS - Renuka Agarwal 5. ISM - Morika Ohmura 6. SAS - Jamie Shah 7. SAS - Deven Hardee

6th: TAS SPORTS 27

At an International Level Multicultural boys brought together by the “soccer connection” by Clay Crawford

The 2006 boys soccer season was all about improvement and enjoyment. Admittedly, it is hard to improve from winning IASAS the previous year, yet the loss of key seniors along with untimely injuries provided unwanted setbacks for the diverse soccer boys. Still, they made the best of their short season and finished with a respectable second place in the IASAS tournament. Senior, four year varsity, co-captain Paul Charbonnet said himself the season “got off to a slow start” because of a “bunch of new players.” Midway through the season the team suffered a disheartening knee injury to senior cocaptain Gonzalo Carral, the right-footed Mexican goal scorer. “We lost a lot of leadership when Gonzo got injured,” said Charbonnet. “Without Gonzo, we struggled some, but once he left we started playing more as a team.” During the second half of the season other forwards like quick American Terence Einhorn, speedy half-Brazilian Daniel Tsukuda and left-footed Korean Tae Jin Son picked up the slack and started scoring. Their newfound determination could be seen in games against local rivals United World College (UWC). At the beginning of the season the boys lost 6-2. In the second game they lost narrowly 3-2. As IASAS crept closer the Eagles found themselves up against their rivals in the final of a UWC hosted tournament. When the final whistle was blown cheers erupted as SAS came out on top, winning 2-0. Other highlights included a goal from Tae Jin Son within seven seconds, a saved penalty in the JIS exchange by goalkeeper Ian McCoy, and the “EEEAAGGLLEES” cheer before every game. One of the best goals of the

season came from excellent teamwork: senior Marcus Bech sent a throughball to Paul Charbonnet who passed to senior Hayden Ng on the wing. Ng crossed the ball back to the middle where Charbonnet pounded a volley into the back of the net. At the end of season IASAS tournament at the International School of Bangkok, the team faced a competitive three days. They played “just well enough to get the victory,” according to Charbonnet. Due to a total score default the Eagles made it through a three-way tie and were in the final against the home team. “We set the tone of the game by playing really tough, dominating throughout the 1st half, but the referee sided against us the 2nd half,” said Charbonnet. One strategy that was shut down by the strict calls was throw-in’s by U.S. junior Jordan Reed. “This kid could throw a mile,” said Charbonnet. They used his throw to score goals, yet during the final the referees blew fouls left and right as the players battled for header position near the goal. Even after they kept their arms at their sides the referee’s whistle sounded time and again. The Panthers went on to score two goals before the end of the game. “We didn’t end it right, but it was a fun season. We needed Gonzo in that final,” added Charbonnet. All team members agreed they would miss “the guys” and “being an international player.” “We’ll have the soccer connection forever,” concluded Charbonnet.

“We’ll have

the soccer connection forever













ALL TOURNAMENT Sang Hoon Lee Kris Keiser Marcus Bech

From Top to Bottom: Junior Kyo Joong Kim runs into position for a throw in by senior Gonzalo Carral (foreground) during a game against a local team at SAS. The team plays under the lights at home on the Eagle stadium field. Clad in their white home-field jerseys, team members look on as they catch their breath. After a long away game the Eagles gather to shake their opponents hand in a show of true sportsmanship.



lean Sweep

IASAS sweep finishes off an almost perfect season by Adam Schwarz

and cruising through the round robin undefeated. It wasn’t that the level of play had dropped from last year; it was that the girls were playing better together. By scoring more than three goals against every team except for Taipei American School, the girls built up a reputation as a force to be reckoned with. “I think we played a lot better this year than last year. We were more of a team,” senior Sara DeNoma said. “We lost some really good players, but underclassmen filled their places really well.” “We pretty much knew who we were going to play in the finals,” junior Alex Shaulis said. “KL made drastic improvements from last year but we still kicked their ass.” As they prepared for the championship game against the home team, rumors were flying that the Bangkok girls were talking about how their earlier 3-0 loss to SAS was a fluke. “Bangkok girls said that it was a fluke when we beat them in the round robin. Had we beat them by one, I would have understood what they were saying,” senior co-captain Gaby Loscalzo said. “But we beat them 3-0.” Throughout the finals, the game remained even as the girls traded shot for shot. Both sides were held scoreless and the game went into overtime. Finally, in overtime, our girls were awarded a free kick from just outside the penalty box. All eyes were now on sophomore Erin Morris From Top Left Clockwise: Senior Sara Denoma during a as she got ready to take the soccer game in IASAS. The team bows to the referee’s during kick. As the ball sailed right an iasas match. Gaby Loscalzo takes a shot during a home game. Kacey Whitaker and Gaby Loscalzo tying their goalie, through the goalies hands, Kristie Boston’s shoes. Keri Dixon pulling an ankle breaker the girls started to celebrate during a regular season game. The girls huddled up before a their fourth consecutive IAhome game. SAS gold.

Having lost eight players from last year, any other school would have considered this a re-building year. But our girls had a plan in mind. With underclassmen stepping up and the seniors filling leadership roles, our girls became the first SAS team in 13 years to win all three major tournaments they played in. After winning the seven-a-aside tournament and the Young Women’s League, the girls began to build some confidence as they prepared for IASAS in Bangkok. They were ready to end what had been an almost perfect season. “I felt we worked really hard throughout the season and that it was ready to pay off,” senior Aubrey Doyle said. The girls finished up a strong season by shutting every team out at IASAS

“We lost some really good players, but underclassmen filled thier places really well.” - Sara DeNoma


Girls pump themselves up for a game before IASAS


3-0 5-0 3-0 4-0 1-0

Championship Game



Player In Focus: Erin Morris Morris, a sophomore transfer, led her team in goals scored (19) during the season including 6 at IASAS. The most memorable one coming in the championship game of IASAS which won the game in ovetime.

All Tournament

Kacey Whitaker Erin Morris Alex Shaulis Natalie Favati SPORTS 31

P P P ride



Disciplined fundamentals bring home 7th straight championship BY CLAY CRAWFORD These three words ruled the boys varsity volleyball team of 2006. A new coaching staff consisting of two very experienced players, Simon Bright and Kim Criens, taught the high flying eagles to take pride in the basics of volleyball: passing accurately and pressing over the net while blocking. Though more complex skills and plays came later, it was their solid fundamentals that led them to a seventh straight gold medal. Thanks to a new gym, new coaches, and new players this years team, through rigorous practice, was a testament to the SAS athletic tradition. Innovations to the Eagle’s gym, new nets, and the mysterious appearance of a whole new set of balls adorned with Canadian maple leaves gave the team everything they needed to perfect their game. All they needed was practice time. But time is what they didn’t have, this weeks season being cut down to a short six weeks. Coach Simon Bright moved up from assistant to head coach, bringing his experience as a Canadian national volleyball team player and intense, fiery attitude beneath a charming smile to the Eagles this year. Assistant Coach Kim Criens added his expertise from college level play while implementing a tough agilitytraining program. The in-Singapore competition prepared the team well for IASAS teams. Competing in two full-day “play days” with three local teams, like St. Hilda’s, the Eagles learned to accept defeat with dignity and stay determined until the end. The exchange at ISKL was an eye opening experience as they came up against surprise rivals the KL Panthers, who they faced in the 2005 championship. This intensive day gave the Eagles important experience into the new IASAS format, which altered matches from best of five to best of three games. The Panthers proved they were a force to be reckoned with, beating SAS in all three games they played.

Coaches and players now knew what they had to work on, and they had four quick weeks to do it. Upon arrival at the IASAS tournament at JIS, the boys were anxious and excited for three full days of volleyball competition. They came out hot, rallying to beat ISB two sets in a row, but losing their focus in the end to drop the final game. A fierce pep talk from Coach Bright determined the boys to never let up. They breezed through the rest of their round robin games against ISM, TAS and JIS yet lost to rivals ISKL 2-1. With the new IASAS format they earned a bye in the quarterfinals and went on to beat TAS in the semifinal 3-0. It was SAS versus ISKL in the 2006 boys championship. Half the stands slowly filled to the brim with Panther supporters, leaving the other half to a handful of Eagle parents and the girls team. They faced six Panther starters they had never beaten before. The crowd was definitely not on their side. The odds were against them. Coach Criens smiled and said,“Three words boys. Pride. Pressing. Passing.” The final was played the Eagle way, with precision passing and excellent blocking. Time and time again defensive specialist and libero Colin Lee passed a “dime.” Time and time again setters Adam Schwarz and Mitch Samson set “nectar” sets. Time and time again outside hitters Kelson Nef and Clay Crawford spiked “kills” into Panther territory. Time and time again middle blockers Chris Grandidge and Ian Gillis “roofed” hard hits Bottom Left: Senior Mitch Samson sets with smothering blocks. up junior Chris Hussey for a spike in a And for the seventh time game against Bangkok. Bottom Middle: Senior Colin Lee hits a in a row, the Eagles ball during warm ups before an IASAS brought home the gold.

“Three words...” -Coach Criens


game. Bottom Right: Senior Adam Schwarz serves a ball during a home game.

Above: Senior Clay Crawford hits a ball for a kill during a home game as his team mates look on.

Bottom Left: The Eagle boys shake Bangkoks hands after a game at IASAS. The boys defeated Bangkok 2 sets to 1. Bottom Middle: They boys huddle up duirng a time out in Jakarta. Bottom Right: Max Shaulis, Lars Crawfor, Gabe Lee and Zach Moilenen listen closely in a hudddle before a home game.

IASAS Scoreboard Semi-Finals SAS vs TAS 3-0 SAS vs ISKL 1-2 Championship Game


3-0 2-1 3-0





Adam Schwarz Clay Crawford Ian Gillis

All Tournament


Comeback Queens

New players step up as girls come from behind to win Gold BY ADAM SCHWARZ

After the girl’s volleyball team finished second place at IASAS last year, they sent a prayer to the transfer god’s. This year, their prayers were answered. Three new students became starters for the lady Eagles as they fought their way to a first place finish at IASAS. “Without the new girls, we wouldn’t have been able to win,” said co-captain Barb Lodwick. “Anna Simpson made a big difference in the back row and Alex Boothe came through in the clutch.” Before the first practice started, the girls got a scare as Tina Starkey, one of the new girls who had shown some promise, went down with an ankle injury. She was back in two weeks and although the injury bothered her the whole season, she came through at IASAS. IASAS officials revamped the tournament this year by including a quarter and a semi final instead of just a final. The girls showed everyone why the new format is much more successful than the old one. In previous years, the two teams with the best records played for first and second place. If two or more teams were tied, it would then go to records against each other. If there were more than two teams tied with best records, it would

then go to sets for and against, and lastly, points for and against. The Lady Eagles, having finished with a record seeding them fifth, would not have been able to place any higher than fifth in the old tournament. “I loved the new format. I think it really makes the tournament feel more like a tournament because if you screw up one game, you still have a chance,” junior Barb Lodwick said. After the round robin, many coaches and players had written the girls off as a team that wouldn’t be able to contend for the championship. The girls proved them wrong. They took the hardest path to the finals playing JIS at home in the quarter finals, Taipei, the first seeded team in the semi finals, and finally, ISKL, the second seeded team in the finals. “I think after the round robin, we saw we were beatable,” said senior Tina Starkey. “It showed our weaknesses. Losing made us stronger as a team.” With their 3-1 upset over JIS in the quarterfinals, the girls began to gain some momentum taking Taipei 3-1 in the semis as well. They completed their Cinderella story in the finals by not dropping a single set to ISKL. “Everyone doubted us going into the playoffs,” said junior Alex Boothe. “Everyone had us down to lose the first game. We were the only ones who knew we could come through.” They were right.

“Everyone had us down to lose the first game. We were the only ones who knew we could come through” - Alex Boothe

Left: Rachel Black perpares to hit a ball during an IASAS Game Below Left: Sophomore Nicole Banister spikes a ball during a home game at SAS. Below: Cross Country Boys cheer during the championship game


IASAS Scoreboard SAS vs ISKL 0-3


1-2 1-2 2-1 1-2

Quarter FInals








Above: Girls huddle up afer a point at IASAS in Jakarta

Championship Game

All Tournament

Barbara Lodwick Alex Boothe Catherine Ward



BACK L-R: David McKenzie, James Linton, James Golden, Sang Ho Lee, Lawrence Fan, Nick Soderberg, Rishad Irani, Daniel Yeheskel-Hai, Alexander Kua, Arjun Khanna, Joeseph Hakam, Thomas Rees. FRONT L-R: Coach Ian Coppell, Peter Macarthur, Eric Comstock, Justin Hill, Richard Skill, Jordan Wills, Warren Ho, Sam Lloyd, Nate Mahoney, Evan Shawler, Sunny Han, Nick Lesiuk, Coach Paul Terrile


BACK L-R: Coach Tim Zitur, Taka Miyauchi, Jose Acevedo, TJ Son, Ian McCoy, Marcus Bech, Anshul Parikh, Markus Friis, Terence Einhorn, Hayden Ng, Gonzalo Carral. FRONT L-R: Kyu Min Kim, Kris Keiser, Chris Merendoni, Paul Charbonnet, Alex Lopez, Daniel Tsukuda, Kyo Joong Kim, Jordan Reed, Daichi Moriyama, Sang Hoon Lee, Coach Geoff Rodocker


BACK L-R: Coach Kim Criens, Ian Gillis, Marc Wilson, Chris Hussey, Chris Grandidge, Adam Schwarz, Zac Moilanen, Clay Crawford, Coach Simon Bright FRONT L-R: Kelson Nef, Lars Crawford, Mitch Samson, Chris Davis, Gabriel Lee, Colin Lee, Max Shaulis, Anka Uozumi



BACK L-R: Coach Bill Hanagan, Aubrey Doyle, Bella Reid, Nora Hanagan, Erin Morris, Samantha Tierney, Keri Dixon, Sara DeNoma, Natalie Favati, Megan Anderson, Coach Don Adams. FRONT L-R: Christi Boston, Tolley St. Clair, Alex Shaulis, Jackie Whitaker, Kacey Whitaker, Gabby Loscalzo, Crista Favati, Wakana Sasaki, Lindsey Webb, Vanessa Peck, Elizabeth Stocking


BACK L-R: Coach Jamie McDougald, Nicole Bannister, Cat Ward, Rachel Black, Victoria Kent, Coach Lynn Lodwick. FRONT L-R: Barb Lodwick, Ciera Walker, Anna Simpson, Michelle Lee, Nagasaki Hikari, Tina Starkey

GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY BACK L-R: Coach Ian Coppell, Ali Schodorf, Laura, Alix Smith, Allison Lee, Kalie Riemer, Devin Hardee, April Lesiuk, Chi Chi Lin. FRONT L-R: Patricia Mar, Renuka Agarwal, Lauren Betts, Rachel barry, Julia Tan, Pauline Mar, Jamie Shah, Momo Ozawa, Winnie Ma, Avery shawler, Coach Paul Terrile


BACK L-R: Coach Gordon Cyr, Danny Kong, Connor Murray, Alexis Lauzon, Upa, James Burtch, Joon Ho Choi, Rohin Dewan, Kevin Kim, Cameron Lower. FRONT L-R: Scott DeNoma, Mike Bock, Ishaan Misra, Robbie Mehring, Chris Thome, Chris Sohn, Allen Koh, Dan Sohn


BACK L-R: Katy Lydens, Michelle Reade, Belinda Eg, Natalie Muller, Brittany Dawe, Meridith Hayward, Kelly Procida, Anne Lydens, Coach Patrick Hopkins FRONT L-R: Melissa Huston, Lauren Felice, Heather Morris, Rachel Fink, Lindsey Andersen, Caitlin Favati, Amber Jack, Tara Smith, Lexi Guerrisi


BACK L-R: Coach Mark Forgeron, Josh Abueva, Ricky Acevedo, Blake Peters, Hyun Soo Kim, J.D. Ward. FRONT L-R: Ashan Fernando, Josh Wolf, Sajan Shah, Michael Jeong, Shen Wei Lai, Julian Goh

BACK L-R: Leah Sacks, Aisling Leow, Rachel McCabe, Kaitlyn Newlin, Megan Spencer, Carissa Teng FRONT L-R: Chao Dou, Kathryn Bordwell, Rachel Liou, Sarah Moseley, Kerri Iha, Coach Sue Carter


FRESHMEN Freshmen 38

Le Freak! Yes, that’s right. We totally owned campus this year as the new meat in high school. And hey, we’ve still got our sanity, body parts, and our mad foo’ skills to top it off. Now ask yourselves: did we, or did we not bring sexy freshmen back this year? We started off as most freshies do, wandering aimlessly around the hallways; fumbling into class just as the bell rings; and of course huddling in our little middle school groups that we’ve managed to keep up with over the summer. One would have to admit...we were pretty boring. But as the year kicked up, we got used to the system, and soon blended into the crowd of high school students that dragged themselves up the steps. We actually became part of something – even if we were at the end of the food chain. We came into class on time – or at least most of us did – and did our work hesitantly as surely most high school students do. Our first year in this composite campus caused us to cringe at the complexity of its size, but we came to see it as more or less of a crude camp-out or secondary home where we had to learn in, instead. We kept on going strong and made a few friends of our superiors, even if those same upperclassmen may have found us to be a tad ecstatic and carefree, or just plain lazy and creepy. In whichever situation they’d first found us in, we still managed to get along and eventually shrug off the silly things we did in the past, even if some random grudges were held afterwards and kept as terrible little jokes in the end. Speaking of the end, we dreaded its coming. We dreaded it to the extent that we’d even protest leaving school on the last day of the year by threatening to leap off of the fourth floor and into the atrium by the art room on the first floor. Oh yes, we would do that just to keep as easy going freshmen – minus the school work, of course. Actually, no – we wouldn’t do that. We know our limits and still have some things to learn, but as the class of 2010, we started with a blast. By Kristen Mirenda




Josh Abueva Philippines

Pt. Vallarta, Mexico

Los Angeles, California

Chris Aholt

Arshia Ahuja

Jake Anderson

Miracle Anderson

Vincent Andrade

Alexis Asselin Lauzon

Sydney, Australia

Caroline Baicy

Baguio City, Philippines

Sean Binnig

Curtis, Pennsylvania

Mandy Brown

Ricky Acevedo

Shannon Barge

Chicago, Illinois

Gillian Barret

Rachel Barry

Alexis Bell

Sydney, Australia

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Fayetteville, Georgia Tauranga, New Zealand

Mike Bock

Sumanjeet Bose

James Bowers William Yang Bradley

Seoul, Korea


Orlando, Florida

Alex Bryans

Ian Bryson Louisiana

Westchester, Pennsylvania

Alexander Chadwick

Edward Chan

Patrina Chan

Ryan Chan


Olivia Auerbach

Westport, Connecticut

Vancouver, Canada


Dubai, U.A.E

Quebec, Canada

San Marcos, Texas

Summerville, New Jersery

Rawan Al Ramahi


Hong Kong

James Burtch


Johanna Alcaraz

Manila, Philippines

Rina Baba

Tokyo, Japan

Lauren Betts

Portland, Oregon

Chris Briggs

Sasabo, Japan

Pierre Cassini

Megan Cavazuti

Jason Chang

Michael Chang

Cote Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;azur, France

San Francisco, California

Tampa, Florida

Chicago, Illinois

Class of 2010

Chris Chee

Melissa Chen

Natalie Chen

Vanessa Chen

Tommy Cheng

Cindy Cherng

Lucas Chang

Jung Hyuck Choi

Aaditya Chowdhry

Ted Chritton

Dennis Chu

Sarah Chuah

Duncan Clydesdale

Nicholas Colletti

Danielle Courtenay

Austin Cox

Lars Crawford

Virginia Cucchi

Steven Curto

Nico Daily

Jati Darmawan

Brittany Dawe

Sydney DeBell

Carson DeBerry

Scott DeNoma

Dymock Dibb

Dan Dinsmore

Ryan Dolph

Sean Doyle

Chelsea Dubois

Josh Dwyer

Belinda. C. Eg

Kenneth Evans

James Fan

Lawrence Fan

Caitlin Favati

Houston, Texas

Rochester, New York

St. Paul, Minnesota

Houston, Texas


Burnt Hills, New York

New York City, New York

South Korea

New Orleans, Louisiana

Balikpapan, Indonesia

Durban, South Africa

Irvine, California

San Benardino, California

New Delhi, India

Long Island, New York

Jakarta, Indonesia


Glasgow, Scotland

Hong Kong

New York City, New York

Dallas, Texas

Alberta, Canada

Teldata, Alaska

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan

New York City, New York

Santa Barbara, California

Santa Cruz, California

Phoenix, Arizona


Taipei, Taiwan

St. Louis, Missouri

Parma, Italy

Houston, Texas

Santa Monica, California

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Lauren Felice

Ying Feng

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

State College, PA

Sarah Gibson

Catherine Gilchrist

Phoenix, Arizona

Pallavi Gummalam India

Roxanne Hesh

San Francisco, California

Caroline Hui

West Windsor, New Jersey

Christian Hvide Singapore



Calgary, Canada

DS Hartman

Omaha, Nebraska

Jennifer Ho

Hartford, Connecticut

Mitch Hulse

San Rafael, California

Renee Hyde

Houston, Texas

Myles Fenwick

Brisbane, Australia

John Golden

Walnut Creek, California

Alvi Hasan

Ashan Fernando

Los Gatos, California

Matthew Grgas

Lexington, Kentucky

Max Hasan

James Fickel

College Station, Texas

Jamie Griggs

Kinney Guerrero

Brooklyn, New York

Alexander Havas

Dhaka, Bangladesh

San Diego, California

Los Angeles, California

Suzie Hong

Stephen Hryshchyshyn

Audrey Hsia

Seoul, Korea

Melissa Huston

Los Angeles, California

Kerri Iha

Aiea, Hawaii

Mandeville, Louisiana

Anjuli Finch

Chicago, Illinois



Lauren Hayes

Melbourne, Australia

David Huang

Tai Chung, Taiwan

Class of 2010

Natasha Irani

Bangalore, India

Tia Areta Iwan Puteri Harini Iyer

Banjarmasin, Indonesia Chicago, Illinois

Mishal Iyer

Amber Jack

Emily Jamieson

Mumbai, India

Houston, Texas

Woo Won Jang

Hannah Jeong

Shivika Jhunjhunwala

Priscilla Kang

Noo Ree Kang

Marjhan Kausar

Dong Hyun Kim

Jae Won Kim

Jin Yoo Kim

Jong Chan Kim

Kevin Kim

Min Ji Kim

Sung Yeon Kim

Young Won Kim

Novanata Kit

Samantha Koh

Yun Hoi Koo

Zachary Kwok

Ben Langford

Alison Lee

Gabriel Lee

Given Lee

Jean Lee

Koon - Lam Lee

Seoul, Korea

Seoul, Korea

Seoul, Korea

Seoul, Korea

Hong Kong

Seoul, Korea

Seoul, Korea

Kwang Ju, Korea

New York City, New York

Raleigh, North Carolina

Hong Kong

Seoul, Korea

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Greenwich, Connecticut

Seoul, Korea

Seoul, Korea

Suwon, Korea

Seoul, Korea


Seoul, Korea

Grand Prairie, Texas



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Kyung Jin Lee

Seoul, Korea

Aisling Leow

Lauren Lee

San Diego, California

John Liao


Taichung, Taiwan

Calvin Lo Ka Wai

Jessica Long


Young Rock Lee

Seoul, Korea

Franchesca Liauw

Los Angeles, California

Cameron Lower

Indianapolis, Indiana

Aki Maedomari

Los Angeles, California

Kartika Marshall

San Francisco, California

Thomas McCarvel Boise, Idaho



Young Seo Lee

Yun Hwa Lee

Chelsea Leonard

Tokyo, Japan

Jamie Lin

Laarnie Limson

Melbourne, Australia

Marvella Luhur

Peter MacArthur Houston, Texas

Broomfield, Colorado

Kate Mahler

Stephanie Maissen

Kristine Nae Maramot

James McAdam

Rachel McCabe

Daniel McCarvel

Khyber McHugh

Michael Merdink

Seoul, Korea

Jakarta, Indonesia

Sao Paolo, Brazil

Lafayette, California

Seattle, Washington

Seoul, Korea


Zurich, Switzerland

Chicago, Illinois

Newberg, Oregon

Plano, Texas

Rebekah Linsell

Emily Maccabe

Deacdo, Guam

Boise, Idaho

Nina Miller

Austin, Texas

Class of 2010

Mikal Minhas

Kristen Miranda

Ishaan Misra

Nich Moilanen

Soo Hyun Moon

Daniel Moore

Wataru Moriyama

Heather Morris

Sarah Moseley

Natalie Muller

Connor Murray

Tatiana Nasr

Cheng Yen Ng

Jessica Nguyen Phuong

Kaitlin Noel

David Nowak-Laird

Hyeok Oh

Non Okumura

Kyle Dylan Oliver

Daniel Ong

Michael Osachoff

Akane Otani

Momo Ozawa

Rohan Parikh

Min Ju Park

Richard Patterson

Victoria Pena

William Blake Peters

Kabilan Pillay

Danica Pizzi

Jonathan Png

Brian Anuraag Premkumar Kyle Pritts

Ashley Protonentis

Rohana Radhakrishnan Ellie Rava

Oakland, California

Osaka, Japan

Manila, Philippines

Winnipeg, Canada

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia London, England

Seoul, Korea



New Jersey

Bangalore, India

New Delhi, India

Kingwood, Texas

New Orleans, Louisiana Singapore

Nicholasville, Kentucky

Vancouver, Canada

Barcelona, Spain

Detroit, Michigan

Melbourne, Australia

Tokyo, Japan

Austin, Texas

Raleigh, North Carolina

Seoul, Korea

Cincinnati, Ohio

Seoul, Korea




Yarmouth, England

Athens, Greece

Nagoya, Japan

Mumbai, India


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Michelle Reade

Cory Robinson

Thomas Rees

Reading, England

Alex Rossinsky

Ventura, California

Manhattan, New York

Katie Sarkhosh

Brooke Schmidt

Highlands Ranch, CO

Todd Shell

Chicago, Illinois

Matthew Shen

Adam Reid

Walnut Creek, California

Mary Russell

Leah Marisa Sacks

Andi Schodorf

Alpharetta, Georgia

Jenny Shin

Brisbane, Australia

Seoul, Korea

Mohineesh Singh

Andisya N Siregar

Sandy Sivaskandan

Christella Soriano Manila, Philippines



Jakarta, Indonesia

Marian Spencer

New Providence, NJ

St. Louis, Missouri

Lourdes Santos

Max Roberston Singapore

Indira Saraswati

Jakarta, Indonesia

Sidharth Shanker

Aadya Sharma

Max Shaulis

Hyesung Shin

Saki Shiobara

Montclair, New Jersey

Seoul, Korea

Sara Slaven

Canton, Ohio

Melbourne, Australia

Megan Spencer

Aarti Sreenivas

Santa Cruz, California

Elise Ringenberg

Makati, Philippines

San Franscisco, California

Houston, Texas

Norway, Oslo

Kalie Riemer

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Bombay, India

Tokyo, Japan

Melania Smith

Mexico City, Mexico

Jack Starkey

Chicago, Illinois

Arishma Singh

Sydney, Australia

Tara Smith

Alexandria, Virginia

Rebecca Stratton

Alpharetta, Georgia

Class of 2010

Aditya Subramanian

Ken Sweigert

Scott Swingle

Christina Tan

Victor Tan

Rebecca Akio Tay

Shaun Teng

Natalie Teonadi

Tate Theisen

Claudia Thieme

Max Thoman

Natalie Thrash

Sophia Tinger

Kathryn Tinker

Dev Vrat Tiwari

Yuvika Tolani

Morgan Tyler

Ali Ukani

Yasmin Venema

Akshay Venkatesh

Alexandra Verdoscia

Clinton Wagoner

Edwin Wang

Kendrick Wang

JD Ward

Andrew Warshawsky John Widjaja

Nicole Widjaja

Jordan Wills

Marc Wilson

New Delhi, India

Taipei, Taiwan

New Jersey


Rochester, New York

Dallas, Texas

Taipei, Taiwan

Houston, Texas

Detroit, Michigan

Carlisle, Massachusetts Sydney, Australia

Bangalore, India

New York, New York

Cupertino, California



Mumbai, India

Oak Harbor, Washington

Jakarta, Indonesia


Corvallis, Oregon

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Fremont, California

Chicago, Illinois

Roseville, California

Kiln, Mississippi

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

San Franscisco, California


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Danny Witt

Menomonie, Wisconsin

Francis Yang

Dominic Wong

Hong Kong

Hyun Ji Yee Yoo Young Molly Yoon

Anaheim, California

Seoul, Korea

Kelly Zhang

Enkhlen Zoriglon

Orem, Utah



Ashley Wood

Meguon, Wisconsin

Seoul, Korea

Mina Zorrilla

Mexico City, Mexico

Lauren Woon

Kohei Yamashita

Carolyn Yan

Ji Sun Yu

Stanton Yuwono

Tanya Zakowich


Seoul, Korea

Nick Zulkoski

Hartford, Connecticut

Osaka, Japan




Class of 2010

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52-53 Current Events 54-57 Spirit 58-59 Audience with an Audience and “Nobody’s on Nobody’s Side” Profile: Sean McCabe 60-61 A Change of Scene from the Disney Musical 62-73 Sophomore Class 74-89 Second Season Sports 90-91 Second Season Team Pictures 92-101 Junior Class 102-109 Cultural Convention







An Audience Within an Audience

by Arunima Kochhar

In the ‘audience’ sat a professor and his student, “It was hard work trying to find a subtle part rather than a clichéd one, but I had a lot of fun.” an adulterous couple slinking in the shadows, a Director Curto said she thought her first producmother and daughter squirming in each others company, a newly-married old couple celebrating their tion went off well. “Being the director, you get to become every wedding, a father, mother and reluctant teenager celebrating her birthday, and a director watching in character and learn their emotions,” Curto said. “Overall it went off really well, and the cast was distress. Student-led production “Audience,” directed by amazing at developing their characters.” junior Chelsea Curto, was performed from Friday, Freshman Alvi Hasan and Oliva Aueerbach finally getting the opJan. 19 to Jan. 20. The forty-five minute producpertunity to get close.. tion illustrated ‘audience’ members watching a play about audience members. “The story line seemed a little confusing at first,” senior Shabiba Hasan said. “But by the Senior Steven middle of the play it began to flow really well.” Costello and The cast of 12 “audience” members brought Sophmore Emily Usher - Stephen Curto their own personal lives into the production and Brotman play an Quentin - Devon Morris had their own conversations throughout. elderly newlywed Keith - Brian Gamble couple. “[The play] was so different and unique,” Lee - Alvi Hasan Hasan said. “I didn’t know where to look, I was so Charles - Miguel Menez Juniors Kat Joan - Hannah Groch - Begley fascinated by all the characters.” Patterson and Amanda - Priscilla Chan “I thought each person created their character Hannah GrochHelena - Kat Patterson perfectly and exceeded my expectations,” senior Begley play a Bobbie - Emily Brotman Chandrika Chandran said. mother- daughter Reginald - Zubin Chand duo. “They were hilarious,” freshman Rebecca Tay Merrill - Steven Costello added. “I also especially liked the old guy.” Eileen Esha Sondhi Senior Steven Costello played the role of Wendy - Olivia Auerbach Merrill, the newly wed 76-year-old man who had trouble staying awake during the production. “Since my character was so old,” Costello said.


58 ARTS2007


Frederick Trumper – Peter Ayer Florence Vassy – Chelsea Curto Anatoly Sergievsk – Sean McCabe Alexander Molokov – Nathan Chloe/Daniel Dugard Aribter – Jane Hurh Svetlana Sergievskaya – Alice Jeong Walter de Courcey – Jason Tsai

Both sides of Chess are presented as Daniel Dugard and Jason Tsai stand proud for the upcoming chess match.

“Nobody’s on Nobody’s Side” With just two weeks till opening, student director Daniel Dugard stepped into the spotlight and took on the role of Molokov after the previous actor had to drop out due to health reasons. “[Taking on the role of] Molokov was challenging but Ms. Kuester and I both knew I could do it and do it well,” said student director Daniel Dugard. Although the show suffered minor hiccups such as the loss of main character Molokov, originally played by Nathan Choe and minor illnesses such as the flu spreading about backstage, the show was pulled together just in time for opening night. “Chess” opened to an audience of over 300 students, parents and teachers on October 27th and ran for three shows. The matinee held on Sunday the 29th was preformed with precision and experience. Audiences received the show with enjoyment and found that the simplicity of the set brought the various meanings of the show out with boldness. Former ABBA stars Tim Rice, Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Anderson wrote the lyr-

ics to Chess. The musical involves a romantic triangle between two players in a world chess championship and a woman who manages one and falls in love with another. Senior Sean McCabe played the role of Anatoly Sergievsky the Chess delegate for the Russian side who is caught in a love triangle between his wife Svetlana Sergievsky played by senior Alice Jeong and assistant to the American delegate Florence Vassy played by junior Chelsea Curto. “[Throughout the performance I enjoyed] the ladies,” said McCabe. “When you’re a sexy Russian stud, your hard to resist. I had to fight them off with a yard stick.” Even though there was a loss cast members, prop mix ups, crewmembers on stage during scenes and missed cues in the orchestra; the entire production team felt the production went off very well. “Initially, people weren’t too into it so [the performance] had a slower start,” said Hurh. “But after the first show it went off really well and I wish it had lasted longer.”

Left to right: Senior Alice Jeong sings our with despair. Senior Peter Ayer performs “One Night in Bangkok”

Profile: Sean McCabe

It was impossible to attend the high school at SAS and not know who Sean McCabe was. Whether it’s participated in cultural convention drama, oral interpretation and impromptu, narrating the dance performance, or emceeing the pep rallies, he seemed always to be in the spotlight. McCabe, a senior, was an SAS Singer since his freshman year, a feat only achieved by a handful of other students. McCabe demonstrated his singing abilities, along with his acting abilities, by appearing in this year’s musical, “Chess.” “I love to try new things and devote my time to things I’m really passionate at,” McCabe said. “I’d like to think that I’m my own force of nature.” Clad in his trademark blazer, he often wandered the halls and cafeteria, striking up conversations and cracking jokes, a habit that won him the Prom Jester title. “I think I’ll be remembered as ‘the kid with a blazer that never amounted to anything,’” McCabe joked. “Teachers may remember me as a ‘loveable slacker.’ I hope the kids on campus will remember me as ‘that personality on campus that did a lot of things...[that wore] that blazer.’” Right to left: Juniors Chelsea Curto and Jane Hurh sing in a duet. Senior Sean McCabe and Sophomore Matthew McHugh battle it out on the chess board.

ARTS2007 59

Abigail Murray

Ahilya Kaul

Shi Yiu Liu

Anushka Bharvani

Anna Allen

TITLE2 Esha Parikh

The illuminated question mark represents the question on everyone’s mind who killed Mr. Body?

Three of Reverend Green’s dancers perform the contemporary/modern dance.

The Colonel Mustards fall into line military style.

A group of Miss Scarlet’s dancers strike a confident and sexy pose.

Things get a little crazy with the wild dance movements of the Professor Plumbs.

Esther Lukman

The elegance and grace of Miss Peacock’s dancers shine through the dance.

A group of Detectives hoist up the main detective in hopes of catching the killer.

Clue Dancers: Krisna Bharvani, Amanda Ho Sang, Emily Woodfield, Hyun Ji Yee, Kathryn Jackson, Danielle Szulanski, Daphnie Pan, Shreya Gandhi, Priyanka Arya, Natalie Muller, Natalie Teonadi, Marvella Luhur, Andisya Siregar. Ashley McClelland, Rachel Barry, Katy Dickson, Lauren Betts, Megan Cavazuti, Mina Zorilla, Stephanie Maissen, Nina Miller, Sung Yeon Kim, Kai Ying Lau, Evelyn Toh, Dani Rodriguez, Jessica Lin, Cindy Nguyen, Calli Scheidt, Tina Kirwin, Alyssa Binnig, Elise Ringenberg, Karen Ngo, Christina Tan, Claudia Thieme, Megan Warshawsky, Jennifer Nockels, Tanya Zakowich, Rebecca Tay, Ashley Protonentis, Caitlin Fay, Juvenalia Brito, Daniela Lopes, Brea’ Jackson, Nikita Due, Rebecca Priestley, Chloe Dunderdale, Jhila Farzaneh, Simreen Kaur, Rushika Shekhar, Bella Lee, Priscilla Chan, Denise Borsuk, Katie Sarkhosh, Theresa Kotulla, Tika Marshall, Christie Lee, Alison Chin, Cheng Yen Ng, Chelsea Leonard, Sophie Greene, Heather Morris, Allison Lee, Jully An, Hee Soo Chung, Jelita Adams, Deviani Wulandari, Stephanie Hue, Yasmin Venema, Lindsey Farriss, Rachita Mallya, Lauryn Reay, Puja Kumar, John Kwack.

A change of scene from the Disney musical

by Kathy Bordwell

The cast of clue strike a grand finale pose in celebration of catching the criminal.

A haunted house is projected on a screen at the back of the stage. Heart-racing music fills the crowded auditorium as the lights dim and the “Clue” experience begins. What followed was a night full of colorful costumes - green, red, yellow, purple, pink, black and blue - as dancers moved through rooms inspirerd by those of the mansion in the board game Clue. The billiards room with darts and pool tables filled one’s imagination during the strict, military-like dance of colonel Mustard. The bright colors, fitted costumes and set designs all contributed to an overall entertaining dance. “Clue” is a well-known board game in which each player is a suspect in the murder of Mr. Body. Throughout the dance, the audience wondered who could have murdered him, looking closely at the dances for clues pointing them to the guilty party. Audience-goers couldn’t simply ask a friend who saw an earlier performance; the murderer changed each time. In the four o’clock show, the culprit turned out to be Colonel Mustard. The detective was correct, and a younger kid in the audience won a “Cluedo” board game for his correct guess. The Dance Performance groups all rehearsed twice a week from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. and attended two Saturday rehearsals running two hours each, said dance teacher Tracy Van Der Linden. With fewer rehearsals than prior years Van Der Linden found that the dancers were less stressed and could find more time for homework between rehearsals. She also attributed their success to students’ hard work on details right from the beginning.

Clever costuming was used to denote the lead character out of the group of dancers. For example red gloves identified senior Anushka Bharvani as lead Miss. Scarlett. Dancers wore a different style for each character. “I’m so proud of all the choreographers and all the dancers,” Van Der Linden said. “They really developed their own version of their character.” “I thought it was good,” senior Lauren Johnson said. “I could see how much [the dancers] worked on it.” But Johnson found the plot confusing. “I thought it was different and a little bit confusing because you didn’t really know what was going on,” she said. The Art Club designed the sets which were used to show which room each scene took place in. The clever symbols to show which room each dance was in, such as the backdrop of a roaring fireplace to symbolize the library, was well suited for each set and Van Der Linden thought they were wonderful. The dancers chose the music to suit their characters. The song, “Insane in the Membrain”, sung by Cypress Hill and danced to by the Professor Plums, was a special favorite with the audience. Sophomore Sanskriti Ayyar gave the dance a mixed review. “I liked it because the choreography was really good, but the dancers weren’t very coordinated,” Ayyar said. Most students enjoyed the new and varied dance. “The performance went extremely well, all of the students were really happy with themselves and the show,” Van Der Linden said.

ARTS2007  61




We were wise fools. The kids in the middle. Getting smarter by the day, but still sometimes foolish and immature. No longer were we the new kids on the block, or at the stage where we have to be serious about colleges. We had to deal with the changes: breaks, schedules, dress code, and supervised study. We grew accustomed to Mr. Neihart following us around with his blue notebook and pen, hoping to catch us sitting on the tables or being out of dress code. We had our issues with friends, but we found out who our true friends are. They were the ones who stuck by us. At the beginning of our sophomore year we didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know what to expect. Will the homework be more strenuous? Will the backstabbing become sharper? Will we be laughing harder? As we moved towards the middle we realized that the year was challenging, exciting, and fun-filled. As we are at the end we are in two minds, looking forward to moving on, but upset to be leaving behind our adventurous sophomore year. We are going to be juniors. The kids nearly at the end. Are we ready? By Rebecca Priestley




Connor Abdelnoor

Jelita Adams

Viendy Alim

Colville, Washington

Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia

Priyanka Arya

Mary Ann Asai

Sanskriti Ayyar

Nicole Banister

Peter Bardon


Tokyo, Japan

Houston, Texas Mercer Island, Washington

Patrick Bousky

Brian Briggs

Longmont, Colorado

Marquette, Michigan

Michael Bukovitz

Jonathan Butt


Alex Casella

Overijes, Belgium




Kenneth Chan

Scarsedale, New York


Adrian Bautista

New York, New York

Tanner Britton

Cottage Grove, MN

Andrea Aloisi

Jully An

Spencer Anderson

Brady Baildon

Aishwarrya Balaji

Alexis Ball

Duncan Benjamin

Krisna Bharvani

Calin Brown

Martis Buchholz

Kyle Carbon

Alicia Card

KJ Chang

Nicholas Chang

Starkville, Mississippi Shaanxi Province, China Hanover, New Hampshire

Holt, Michigan

Laura Bell

Negishi Yokohama, JP

Emily Brotman

San Jose, California

Thomas Bynum Lillianne Cadieux-Shaw Houston, Texas

Priscilla Chan

San Fransisco, CA

Toronto, Canada

Zubin Chand

New Delhi, India


San Diego, California

Taipei, Taiwan

New Haven, Connecticut

Seoul, Korea



Hong Kong

Orem, Utah


Class of 2009

Jon Charleston-Coad Ben Charoenwong

Memphis, Tennessee

Eric Chen

Jeremy Chen

Charlotte Cheng

Jon Cheng

Big Spring, Texas

Alex Cheung

Michael Chi

Kevin Chin

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Are you technology dependenT E C 56% Very 42% Somewhat H 2% Never N O L O G Y Do you have your own computer? Desktop 47% Laptop 21% Both 21% None 11%


What brand is your cell phone? Nokia 41% Motorola 15% Samsung 19% None 8% Other 16% 66

What console do you prefer for gaming? PC 27% Xbox 13% Play Station 10% Nintendo 10% Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t game 37% Other 3%

Personal MP3 Player? Ipod 76% Creative 3% Other 13% Both 2% None 6%

Do you have a camera? Digital 56% Film 4% Both 21% None 19%

What messenger do you use the most? MSN 89% AIM 4% Yahoo 4% None 2% Other 1%


Bosie, Idaho

Joseph Hakam

Big Spring, Texas

Michael He

Taipei, Taiwan

Mac or Windows? Mac 7% Windows 86% Both 7%

Do you have a TV in your bedroom? Yes 18% No 82%

Class of 2009

Lindsay Henson

Charles Hewitt

Amanda Ho Sang

Alex Hoffer

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Steve Hong

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Mumbai, India

Class of 2009

3’s Not A Crowd A

t the beginning of the year the triplets Allie, April, and Nick Lesiuk were in the same Chemistry class. April did not want to be in the same class as her brother and sister. So she switched out. People are generally surprised when they find out that they are triplets, as they do not look alike. Although Nick and Allie are both of similar height and both have brown hair, April is shorter and has blonde hair. “We were all cute babies and then ugly children,” April said . The triplets are close and say they talk to each other about everything. They also share the same group of friends. Being in the same grade as one another and sharing a few of the same classes they are able to help one another with homework. “Well I do my homework and they (Allie and April) copy sometimes,” Nick said. By Rebecca Priestley

Meiko Masuno

Mackenzie McAllister Ashley McClelland Leesville, Louisiana

Charlotte, North Carolina

Iain McCoy

Francesca McGrath

Matt McHugh

Robbie Mehring

Arthur Hsien Meng

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Erica Padgett

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69 Sophomores


Akhilesh Pant

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Class of 2009

Spenser Silverman

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Gorby Simangunsong Vivien Ysabella Singson Rinku Sinha Saginaw, Michigan

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Melbourne, Australia

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And the Award goes to... Best Teacher:

:Best Couple Ottawa, Canada

Best Caf Meal:

Tokyo, Japan

Hong Kong

:Best Class

Most Spontaneous Moment:

:Best Sophomore hang out Meyrin, Switzerland

Best Free Period Memory:

Jakarta, Indonesia

Montreal, Canada

:Supporting Friend Best Friend

Theresa Tan-Angela Sumarang, Indonesia

Benny Jun - Hong Tang Mitchell Tang


Toronto, Canada



Top Excuses For missing assignments

Roseanne Tang

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Darlene Teddy

Chris Thome


St. Louis, Missouri

Aaron Tsai

Wang-Ting Tsai

Ernest Tien

Taipei, Taiwan


“ left it in my printer/at home”

“I was sick and I

Samantha Tierney

Kingwood, Texas

Redondo, California

Gigi Tsakiris

Taipei, Taiwan

Athens, Greece

Robert Uram

Jasmine Vahdati

Meghna Vaidynath

Ciera Walker

Douglas Wang


Corning, New York

Alexa Whitt

Vici Williamson

Adrienne Wilson

Eugene Wong

Kylie Woon

couldn’t get out of bed the whole night”


“ ou never taught us the material so I did not understand it”


Billy Tsao

Taipei, Taiwan

East Fishkill, New York


Bombay, India

y head “ exploded!”


“ y internet was not working”


Nihal Varkey

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia

Zack Warunek

“ irections were unclear but atleast I tried” “

Iactivities had too many to do

Jackie Whitaker

Calgary, Canada

Detroit, Michigan

Doylestown, PA

Oahu, Hawaii

last night, sports, rehearsals, etc... can i get it to you tomorrow morning?” Joshua Wolf




Austin Wong

New York City, New York

Long Island, New York


Class of 2009

Ben Wowk

Morristown, New Jersey

Jake Wright

San Francisco, CA

Vera Xu

Shanghai, China

Tung Han Yang Taipei, Taiwan

Samson Yuwono

Jakarta, Indonesia

Second Semester Students Cristina Ardon

Soo Yeon Bae

Taylor Escalante

Brent Lightfoot

Lindsey Mena

Malavika Singh

Caitlin White

Cynthia Zu

Tucson, Arizona

Alex Lim

Denver, Colorado

Shannon Lynch Boise, Idaho

Seoul, Korea

New Orleans, Louisiana Bangkok, Thailand

New Orleans, Louisiana Lake Jackson, Texas

San Diego, California

Rochester, New York


Clockwise from top left: The sophomore class shows their school spirit dressed in green • A group of sophomore girls pose for a photo at the Welcome Back Dance • Michael Jeong, Erica Padgett, Alex Casella, Meredith Hayward, and Adrian Bautista choose music for the Welcome Back Dance • Brady Baildon plays dodgeball to earn spirit points for his class • Evan Shawler signals the “thumb-up” after finishing third at the cross-country race at Turf City • Caitlin Kobylarz playes Jeopardy to earn spirit points for her class • Nicole Banister, Nora Hanagan, and Erica Padgett watch the Literature Jeopardy spirit activity • All photos by Brian Riady

73 Sophomores

Deep Bench Makes For Memorable Season

Veterans and newcomers combine for a tight team by Clay Crawford A tight-knit team made the 2006-2007 SAS basketball season one to remember. Since day one of tryouts new and returning players alike enjoyed every moment, on the court and off, ultimately making it an unforgettable experience. The season began with a large turnout at tryouts including many new, and talented, newcomers. By the time the varsity squad was assembled both players and coaches were confident in the raw talent and athleticism on the team. Move-ins from other international schools, a JV promotion, and freshmen ability added to the already strong base of returning IASAS participants. Brady Baildon, a sophomore transfer from Taipei American School, and Adam Frogley and Andrew Debell, new juniors from the U.S., were all welcome additions from the transfer gods. Junior Kelson Nef moved up from JV to varsity, adding playing experience to the mix. Freshmen Jake Anderson continued a three-year tradition of gifted freshmen to make the varsity team, after sophomore Ian Gillis and junior David Small, in addition bringing an element of humor and camaraderie to the team. Finally, a foundation of nine returning varsity players, eight of which were on the IASAS championship team the previous year, filled out the deep Eagle bench. Home games against Singaporean men’s club basketball teams gave the team healthy competition throughout the season, testing their man-to-man defense and repertoire of offensive plays. The Holiday Invitational Tournament at Hong Kong International School during Thanksgiving break

gave the Eagleballers a time to bond in the midst of excellent competition. Games against other high school players encouraged intensity on the court and friendship off it, especially with fellow IASAS school International School of Bangkok (ISB). The weeks before and immediately after winter break were spent practicing offense, instituting new defenses, and rigorously staying in shape for the IASAS tournament at ISB. Coming off eight straight gold medal seasons the boys felt confident. It was all about teamwork as the tournament progressed, especially after two unfortunate knee injuries of the Eagle’s big men, Ian Gillis and David Small. With only eight players SAS fought through and made their way to the championship on Saturday night, losing only to Bangkok on the first night. It was the SAS and ISB in the final. Each and every player contributed throughout the game, as the deep bench allowed Coach Mike Norman to play any of the eight players interchangeably, unlike Bangkok which played five players nearly the entire tournament. Although up by six at halftime, untimely foul-outs and remarkable shooting by the Panthers gave ISB the edge at 73-66 as time ran out in their home gym. A silver medal wasn’t the only thing the boys returned home with the next day. They had with them the memories of outstanding basketball, great teammates and friends, and an unforgettable season.

Coach In Focus: Mr. Mike Norman

Coach Mike Norman has become an institution at SAS. Coaching the boys Varsity Basketball team for 25 years, he has won 11 championships. Born in 1947 in St. Helena, California, Norman fast became interested in sports. At St. Helena High School he was “a big fish in a small pond,” playing star roles on the football and basketball teams. He graduated and went to University of the Pacific, and eventually became a spanish teacher at SAS, yet never lost his passion for athletics. Why does he like coaching basketball so much? “I like the complexity of the game,” said Mr.


Norman. Mr. Norman is known by his students and team members for his eccentric sayings and fundamental coaching style. He has famously used some of the same plays and conditioning drills for his entire coaching career. “His coaching style is very traditional and instills discipline in the players,” said Senior Colin Lee, captain of the Varsity basketball team this year. “[His sayings] are pretty humorous. It’s a way to lighten up the basketball training and produces good memories from the season.”

Above: The boys basketball team huddles up during a time out in Bangkok. Left (embedded): Junior Chris Hussey shoots a high-arching free throw











CHAMPIONSHIP Above: Senior Jonathan Eg drives to the hoop in a game against ISB. Right: Senior Clay Crawford makes a reverse layup against ISB. Below: Senior Jeff Kreutter shoots a jump shot against JIS.

SAS 66 - ISB 73

ALL TOURNAMENT Clay Crawford Chris Hussey


The heart of a Champion New Coaches’ philosophy teaches girls discipline both on and off the court by Clay Crawford

Coach Brekke’s speech sent shivers down the spines of the 06-07 girls varsity basketball team. On this team there were no quitters. On this team every single girl gave their best. On this team it was full tilt from the jump ball to the final buzzer. On this team the Eagles played with the hearts of champions. This year the girl’s varsity basketball team was led by a new coaching staff: Coach Chad Brekke from Taipei American School and Coach Rick Bisset, transferred from International School of Kuala Lumpur. They brought to SAS their own philosophy for basketball: to give your all and play with intensity and respect. From the very first day of try outs the players were drilled hard with discipline for the game of basketball, both on and off the court. They were coached to play with level heads and control on the court and to discipline themselves off the court by eating and sleeping right. “It was like we all had a basketball Jones,” said junior Tina Kirwin. “Basketball was our lives for those few months.” The devotion to basketball showed in the team’s winter break assignment: to read and comment on the Girls Varsity Basketball Handbook ’06-‘07, filled with sports advice, basketball strategy, nutritional guidance, and inspirational writing put together by the coaches themselves. One such example of the dedication to basketball was an agreed curfew for the entire team during the season. The girls had to be home by 12 am on normal weekends, 10:30 pm on weekdays, and 9 pm on nights before games. “I like the pressure that he put on us as a team to conduct ourselves better,” said Junior Co-Captain Barbara Lodwick. “[It made us] really focus on the season and put aside any distractions.” Practices were filled with drills that focused on fundamentals and lots and lots of conditioning. On top of making sure they were in better physical condition than any of their opponents, the girls prepared themselves mentally each and every practice, conditioning themselves to push through adversity and stay calm under pressure. A trip to the annual Hong Kong Invitational Holiday Tournament during late November gave the girls a chance to see real High School competition. Although not among the top three finishers against tough competition, they came away from the tourna-

ment with more playing experience and a more cohesive team. The season culminated in the IASAS tournament at ISB in Thailand. Coaches and parents alike commented on the team’s tenacity during round-robin play and their never-ending will to win. With a 3-2 record after the first five games they faced ISM in the consolation game, and even though they were out of the running for the championship, the coaches and captains needed no pump-up pep talks to get the girls to play like champions in their last game. As the final buzzer sounded the Eagles were ahead, 43-37, clinching third place in the tournament. More important than the medals around their necks were what the lady eagles brought home in their hearts – determination, respect, and discipline, both on and off the court.

“Basketball was our lives for those few months“


Player in Focus: Barb Lodwick

It’s not often that you find a team captain who is a junior; it’s even rarer to find that junior is a captain in three varsity-sports. Barbara Lodwick found it easy to step into leadership positions. Since moving here her sophomore year Lodwick has played varsity volleyball, basketball and softball. This year, after a summer of intense sports camps, Lodwick stepped up to the plate. “For some of the sports I was voted captain. This showed that I had the respect of the team,” Lodwick said. Her confidence in her skills earned her All Tournament and MVP recognition in volleyball, basketball and softball. “A lot of players that good get caught up in themselves, but Barb does not. She is intense and wants to win but she is not selfish,” said Cat Ward, co-captain of volleyball and basketball. Lodwick said the basketball girls were also a tight team. “For the first time in my sports career everyone wanted the best for everyone else,” Lodwick said. Lodwick found a big difference in the way sports are played in American high schools and IASAS schools. She said that in the States, the competition is not as intense but “you have to earn your spot.” Lodwick said she likes it better here. “There is a lot of talent, and coaches are always looking forward. They build their teams younger here.”











Above: Junior Co-Captain Barb Lodwick takes off down court on a fast break. Below, left: Sophomore Sam Tierney tenaciously guards an ISM player. Below, right, top: The Eagles bring it in for a cheer at IASAS. Below, right, bottom: Senior Co-Captain Cat Ward reaches for a loose ball against ISB


ALL TOURNAMENT Barb Lodwick Nicole Bannister


Experience only goes so far Veteran team leaves IASAS with a silver medal by Adam Schwarz

Returning to IASAS as champions puts extra pressure on a team to perform well. Expectations are higher for them than any other team and they are expected to be in that championship game. With eight IASAS returning players, the boys were looking to make IASAS history by becoming the first team to win back-to-back Tens championships. But injuryplagued is the best way to describe the boy’s rugby season. Even before they played their first game, they already had three players out with injuries, including two starters. At the pre-IASAS exchange in ISB, the boys finished with one victory against manila. They tied JIS and lost to ISB, but the biggest loss came during the week after the exchange when the team found out senior Dan Lee had broken his wrist. “I didn’t think it was that bad right after I hurt it.” Lee said. “It was just a little sore the next day. When I went to the doctor the next week and found out it was broken, it was a big shock.”

Above: The boys rugby team faces their opponents before the championship game

The exchange was the first weekend back from winter break. The team had not played together for a month and fitness was also an issue. They weren’t playing at the level they knew they could. “The exchange didn’t really show what kind of team we were,” senior Dave McNicol said. “I wasn’t too worried about it because I knew we didn’t play to our potential. We were all a little off because we hadn’t played together for a month.” With the exchange behind them, the boys started practicing hard every day for the three weeks before IASAS, but they faced a major obstacle in the weather. They lost about a week worth of practice as almost every day at about 4:15 p.m., rain started to fall or the lightning siren sounded. At IASAS, the boys ran into trouble early losing to JIS on the first day, but they cruised through the second day undefeated.

“You could feel the energy flowing during our warm-up.”


“It didn’t really bother me too much,” said senior Adam Anderson. “ I wasn’t worried because it was the first day. We had the whole tournament ahead of us to come together as a team. I knew we would win out because JIS was our only real competition.” The Saturday morning game against Bangkok was a must win for the boys to secure a spot in the finals. Senior Jordan Dawe, who had hurt his shoulder the night before, would not be playing with the team this game. Having lost to ISB in the exchange, their preparation for this game was different. “You could feel the energy pumping during our warm-up,” senior Phil Norman said. “I knew we were going to win that game. No one said a word; everyone was focused, the guys were just concentrating on the game ahead of them.” The game against ISB was even and could have gone either way until senior Rhys Holding scored a try that put them up 19-10. That was the last time any of the teams would score. The boys held on to win by 9. They didn’t have much time to celebrate as later that day they would be playing JIS, the only team that beat them in the round robin, in the finals. The boys received bad news before the championship game started. They found out that two of their players would not be able to play. Senior Jordan Dawe came back from the hospital with news that his collarbone was broken, and freshman Max Shaulis re-aggravated his collar bone he broke during the season. The first half of the game saw both teams evenly matched until JIS scored a try right before halftime that put them up 7-0. They scored once more in the second half increasing their lead to 14. The boys did not give up though and a try by Rhys Holding and a kick by senior Gonzo Carral gave them hope. With a minute left to go in the game and the boys down by a try, there was a chance to tie the game but their efforts came up short. Time ran out and JIS had become the new champions.


24-7 5-18 19-10 36-0 24-0

Championship Game



All Tournament

Adam Anderson Adam Schwarz Dave McNicol

From left to right: Junior Anshul Parikh breaks away during an IASAS game versus Tapiei. Senior Gonzo Carral perpares to kick before the start of a game. Senior Peter Vaz lifts Parikh during a lineout. Senior Phil Norman shakes off a tackle during an IASAS game. Vaz and senior Dawe celebrate a try.


Two Teams, One Goal Contraversial try leads girls to silver finish by Mitch Samson

IASAS Scoreboard


3-0 3-0 1-1 2-1 1-0

Championship Game



All Tournament


Kacey Whitaker Alex Shaluis Nora Hanagan

Nora Hannigan touched the ball to her boot to start the first half of a Girls Rugby match. Moments after the match started, the ref pointed at the try zone and signaled with a sharp blow of the whistle that Nora Hanagan’s touch and go run was the first try of the game. Comprised of a mix between little tournaments and individual games, the 2006 – 2007 regular season allowed a group of twenty girls to compete in many of the scheduled games thanks to a divided varsity team. Varsity A and Varsity B teams were formed with twelve players on each team. Sixteen of the players competed for one team or the other while Sylvia Chew, Alannah Sawhill, Kelly Procida and Elisabeth Stocking had jerseys for both teams. “The team came together really early,” junior captain Alex Shaulis said. Last year’s team lost many seniors; however, a successful Junior Varsity team graduated nine players to the varsity system. “Losing players didn’t affect us too much,” Shaulis said. Coaches Bill Hanagan and Anthony Selley structured practices to increase the girls’ fitness, but, according to the players, the practices were fun. Beginning with high knees Below: Girls huddle up before an IASAS game

From Left to Right: Senior Gaby Loscalzo picks up a ball during an IASAS game. Sophomore Vanessa Peck looks for an opening in a game in ISKL. Senior Tina Starkey prepares to pass the balll. Senior Sylvia Chew waits for the ball.

or back peddling, a warm up followed and then progressed into drills like two vs. one, more fitness and eventual scrimmages. Observers described the teams as fast, in excellent shape and having good technique in skills like passing. The drills, scrimmages, in-Singapore tournaments and tough training program all contributed to the work done prior to the IASAS touch tournament in ISKL and would be put to the test during the intense three-day tournament. The International School of Kuala Lumpur housed the five other Girls Touch teams from JIS, SAS, ISB, ISM and TAS from January 25-27. The Eagle girls fought their way past the other teams and into the finals with a record of four wins, one tie and no losses. Impressively the twelve girls taken to KL scored 10 times while allowing all other opponents to score only twice.

The ISB touch team met the Eagles touch team in the finals on Saturday. Bangkok had a worse record of three wins, one tie and one loss, but the game went their way. A controversial try was what made the difference in the game. One referee was saying it wasn’t a try while the other said it was. The head referee had the final decision and ruled it a try. “The finals against Bangkok could have gone either way, they were good competition,” Shaulis said. Highs and lows of the season included finishing second in IASAS, which was better than the previous six years, and again finishing second behind Bangkok. “Everyone was near the try line . . . They all got low and dived,” Shaulis recalled during IASAS. In the team’s successful season everyone contributed to the final second place finish. SPORTS 81

Shintaro Masuno 2nd Singles

Singapore Weather

Phillip Kwee 2nd Doubles

Jake Wright 2nd Doubles

Michael He 3rd Singles

in some way been hindered as well. Soccer, rugby, track and softball can continue practices and games during rainfall, but once lightening is detected, all activities must stop to get undercover. All outdoor sports may fear competition, inju“At least twice a week” rain will delay ries, or intensity, but they all training says senior Tiffanie Wu. The have another terror in comtennis team considers a week with at mon: mother nature. The least three viable practices “lucky.” Northeastern monsoon goes Lightening and thunder from December to March. have become such a concern for For the rest of the year, the SAS that a siren was placed to detect country is blessed with an “inthe weather conditions. Whenever ter-monsoon” season, which poor conditions are sensed, the siren is characterized by late afsounds off loud enough so that every ternoon and early evening point on campus can hear it. This year thunderstorms. According to Weather Un- The Rainfall Distribution of December 2006 ac- the swim team has even paid tribute derground, precipitation can cording to the National Environment Agency to the alarm by designing their team shirts around the quote “Praying for the peak to 304 mm of rain during Siren.” the monsoon season compared to 141 mm of rain dur Whether it be passing off a ball, ing the “driest” month of June. swimming in a pool, or swinging a bat, once the Although swimming and tennis are the sports siren is sounded, SAS becomes empty as all sports most affected by the weather, almost all sports have stop. By: Rachel Liou


Fitness for the Finish

Boys Tennis grasps the bronze medal by Rachel Liou

Shogo Kikui 1st Doubles

“READY... AND... GO!” Coach Franz Grimbergen bellowed at the boys teams. In a new drill, the boys ran down the five flights of stairs, around the track once, and back up the five flights of stairs within three minutes and thirty seconds. This year, fitness was key to the team. Coach Grimbergen had a history of evoking different emotions throughout the year. He always begins the season with harsh comments. But as the season progresses, support and faith appears, especially during IASAS. As opposed to last year’s focus of “positioning,” the team was drilled based on the new motto of “getting the ball in.” The boys were able to experience match play many times this year. They played against JIS, ISB, and ISKL. Matches were coordinated against rival school UWC and one of the top local school, ACJC as well. By experience and knowledge from the years before, captains Philip Kwee and Thomas Lindh knew the boys team would have a difficult time medaling at IASAS. The ISM matches were held at three different venues: the rooftop courts, covered courts and polo club. The large number of incoming freshmen meant tougher and younger competition. The gold and silver medal of the first singles were freshmen, both nationally ranked in their countries. The boys fought hard against those two teams but unfortunately was up against ISM for the 3rd place. On the last day of the tournament and ISM and SAS played for third place. The matches went well but the 2nd doubles was particularly special. Made up of sophomore Jake Wright and Phil Kwee, this matc provided an SAS comeback. Losing the first set 6-2 and down the second 5-2, defeat was near. Amazingly, both players suddenly turned the match around to win the second set 7-5. In the third set, they defeated ISM 6-3. Overall, the first doubles, made up of sophomore Andrew Ni and junior Shogo Kikui, and the second doubles team came closest to winning the All-tournament. They both had a win loss record of 4-1, with their only loss to the top two teams of the tournament, JIS and ISB. The boys finished the season with a bronze medal and the team captain won the coaches award.

The infamous siren that sounds off at the striek of lightning and the buildup of static electricity in the air. The siren is known to have a love-hate relationship with athletes and spectators.












Young Girls team takes fourth at IASAS

Rainfall causes girls to miss multiple practices by Rachel Liou Discouraged by incessant rainfall that limited them to

three or less practice days a week. And they were a green team with only three players of the eight-person IASAS team were returning. Coach Tim Thompson knew from three years of experience how to deal with the rain. He utilized the ball machine and many different drills and games to perfect the technique as best as he could. Matches during exchanges and against other international schools were organized to further improve the team. The team receieved two Australian sisters who had been playing tennis competitively for many years. Freshman Sarah Slaven and sophomore Lindsay Slaven were chosen for 2nd and 3rd singles for the IASAS tournament. This year, the team changed their uniforms. Two new dresse were designed in the SAS colors of red and navy blue. A poll was taken at IASAS naming SAS as the second best-dressed team this year. Of course, looking the best isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t as important as playing the best. During IASAS in Manila, teams from all the schools seemed to have returned stronger. The opposing teams also seemed to be younger, adding additional insecurities. For the opening matches, SAS faced TAS and JIS, the two hardest teams to beat. Fortunately, the next matches were less of a threat. For the bronze medal, the girls knew they had to beat ISM, but lost 2-3 in a close and hard fight. Although the girls were awarded 4th place in this years IASAS tournament, the team believed that it was the best year in terms of bonding. Without any seniors, the twelve girls managed to become extremely close with each other, which made them proud of the overall season.

Meiko Masuno 1st Singles











At ISM, Helen Knight, Rachel Liou, Meiko Masuno, and Clarissa Vainius wait with Mr. Kim Criens in their new self-designed red uniforms.


Lindsay Slaven 3rd Singles

Clarissa Vainius 1st Doubles

Rachel Tam 2nd Doubles

Caroline He 2nd Doubles

Player in Focus: Sarah Slaven At the age of five, freshmen Sarah Slaven developed an interest in tennis. She says her interest was encouraged by a history of tennis players in the family. “My mother got me into it,” she said. “I was fat, and it was a good form of exercise. Once I got good, I really started enjoying the sport.” She began playing competitively at age eight. Slaven participated in two or three tournaments each year and eventually attained the position of top five in the Under-12 division for the East Coast of the United States. As a third culture kid, Slaven was able to take part in other tennis teams around the world as well. In Beijing, she trained with the Chinese National Team. In New York, she trained with the Concordia College Tennis Club. She also held the second singles position on the Bronxville school team in New York. In Australia, she trained with the Melbourne Academy, the venue for the grand slam Australia Open. This year, Slaven held the second singles position on the varsity team at SAS. Slaven feels power and direction while playing the sport. “I love it,” said Slaven. “You feel completely in control. It’s great knowing that when you hit the ball, it’s going to go exactly where you want it, and how you want it.” Slaven focuses on the experience her matches entail, rather than the outcome. “It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, every match is exhilarating.”


Young & Victorius Swim teams soar to victory

IASAS Boys Scoreboard SAS 1




1 2 3 4 5 6

by Jack Pitfield It was 335,000 meters over 105 days and 67 practices during the 15 weeks of 2nd season. All for 24 hours of swimming over 3 days to bring back IASAS Champion’s Trophy. Over those 3 days, the SAS swim team brought back 14 gold medals, 12 silver, and 11 bronze. Even though the girls won a majority of the medals – they tallied up 23 of the 36 medals brought home by SAS – the boy’s team maintained the lead they had on the first day and both teams ended up in first place. The girls entered IASAS far more confident than their male counterparts. “We went in confident that we were going to bring home the gold,” Megan Woodard said. Not only did they have a strong base of upperclassmen with Captain Michelle Ong cleaning up with 5 gold medals, the younger girls were also incredibly strong. Kathy de La Hose, Kirsten Johnson and Roxy Hesh all won gold medals. The boy’s team entered IASAS with only two returning swimmers. “The boys team wasn’t as strong as last year,” said Woodard. Of the twelve, half of the team was freshman. However, they held their own in every event. During the last event, the 4 by 100 freestyle relay, the all underclassmen team came third. “We bonded a lot more this year,” co-captain Nicole Bryson said. “The results show how good the training and coaches are at SAS,” Alexander Rossinsky said.

Swimmer Profile: Michelle Ong

(Upper right) The IASAS team makes its enterance during the meet at Taipai American School; Ted Critton, Dennis Chu. Becca Stratton, Marina Loyd, Kirste Parkinson, Kathy de la Hose, Natalie Ong, Anna VonEssen, Rod Hesh, Terrian McArther, Jack Pitfield, Michelle Ong, Brian Maison (Left above)After warm up swimmers make noise and waves during a cheer. (Left below) Swimmers line up to form a tunnel for their teammates in the finals; Natalie Ong, Rod Hesh, Kenny Chan, Becca Stratton , Roxy Hesh, Megan Woodard

SAS was full of athletes who also achieved academic honors, but Michelle Ong took this to the extreme. Ong was girls captain and a vital part of the girls’ swim team. She brought home six gold medals and made the list of the top ten fastest swimmers in Eagle history in the 50 free, 100 free, 200 free, 50 fly, 100 fly and 2000 free. Along with being an accomplished athlete Ong also managed to succeed academically. She said it was more challenging to keep her grades up. “I had to stay up until one or two most nights during swimming,” Ong said. Another aspect that contributed to Ongs scholarly reputation was scoring a 2380 on the SAT. “Its pretty embarrassing. I wish I hadn’t told Rod [Hesh]. Now everyone knows it. Everyone thinks of me as the freak,” Ong said. If missing only 20 points on the SAT isn’t enough to be known as a brainy person to all your peers Ong was also accepted to Columbia University, an Ivy League that only accepts 11 percent of their applicants. “ I was ecstatic, I started crying in the computer lab. I wasn’t expecting to find out so early so I was really shocked too,” Ong said.vv


Swimmer Profile: Rod Hesh They say that by the end of the season they were like a family. But they looked like twins – all twelve of them. Friends and parents found it tough to tell them apart. Every year, all of the IASAS Boy’s Swim Team shave their heads, not only sporting the same look but also the same Speedo jammer, shirt, and beanie. One of the twelve bald eagles was Rod Hesh. The junior came to SAS from California, a state with a solid reputation for its competitive swimming. Hesh was unsure what to think about his new team. Fellow swimmers and students warned him that Coach Steve Betts was a tough and intimidating figure. He steeled himself for practices that would be similar to the ones in California, but he was still surprised. “They were more intense than I thought,” he said. But he explained they had to be – there were only two returning IASAS veterans on a team of 12 and everyone from freshman to seniors were trying to get on one of the available 10 spots. Coming into IASAS, the boy’s team saw themselves as the underdogs. Not only had they failed to win a pre-IASAS meet in Manila, their team was composed manly of underclassmen: seven freshmen, one sophomore, three juniors, and one senior. Hesh swam in five events and made finals in each:


4 by 50 meter freestyle relay, 4 by 100 meter medley relay, 100 meter breaststroke, 200 meter individual medley, and 50 meter freestyle. On the second day Hesh’s confidence was shaken with a hurt knee, but he came back during the 50 meter freestyle and took the gold, becoming the fastest swimmer at the IASAS meet with a time of just under 26 seconds (25.98). Hesh was not the only one with the gold. After nervously keeping their eyes on the scores throughout the meet, the boy’s team came away with a decisive victory. “The hard work paid off,” Hesh said “and we won by a big margin.” He attributed this to an “energy the week before IASAS that we unleashed.” Next year is not so uncertain. 11 of the 12 swimmers will not graduate and most of those 11 plan to return next year. Hesh smiled and nodded when asked about next year. “Champions again!” (Above) Rod Hesh smiles for the camera after winning the 50 meter freestyle (Right) Hanoel Chung takes a breath while swimming breaststroke (Below) IASAS swimmers celebrate a victory at the end of the day with cheers and dancing in the pool

Swimmers get ready for practicce

Nicole Bryson is content after a hard race


The winners of the200 meter freestyle relay; Michelle Ong, Natalie Ong, Roxy Hesh, and Megand Woodard

Mr. Betts and Mr. Kumpel watch a race

Nick Colette and Brian Maison on the podium at IASAS

Kirste Parkinson takes a break at practice

The Ongs make a face; Natalie Ong, Michelle Ong, and Daniel Ong



BACK L-R: Coach Steve Betts, Dominic Wong, Alex Chadwick,John Liao, Duncan Clydesdale, Peter MacArthur, Nick Coleti, Dennis Chu, Ted Chritton, Coach Jay Kumpel. MIDDLE L-R: Edwing Wang, Daniel Ong, Stephen Hryshchyshyn, Eugene Wong, Kenny Chan, Kyle Smith, Michael Osachoff, Alex Rossinsky, Lars Crawford. FRONT L-R: Colin Shea, Rock Lee, Eric Comstock, Vishal Chandaria, Brian Maissen, Jack Pitfield, Hahneol Chung, Rod Hesh


BACK L-R: Coach Peter Cuthbert, Jay Yen, Anshul Parikh, Algie Darby, Jordan Dawe, Rhys Holding, Robbie Whitehead, Adam Anderson, Adam Schwarz, Dave McNicol, Peter Vaz, Alex Ettlin, Gonzalo Carral, Phil Norman, Coach Cam McNicol. FRONT L-R: Alex Finch, GT Moon, Daniel Charbonnet, Sang Ho Lee, Max Shaulis, Jordan Reed, Paul Charbonnet, Jeff Hamilton, Nick Chang, JJ Subaiah, Patrick Doyle, JP Smith, Charles Reinert


BACK L-R: Coach Will Norris, Kenny Chen, Jeff Kreutter, Chris Hussey, David Small, Ian Gillis, Jake Anderson, TJ Son FRONT L-R: Kelson Nef, Brady Baildon, Adam Frogley, Andrew Debell, Colin Lee, Clay Crawford, Jon Eg, Coach Mike Norman



BACK L-R: Coach Steve Betts, Roxy Hesh, Kirsti Parkinson, Kristen Johnson, Mii Kale, Becca Stratton, Natalie Ong, Avery Shawler, Maria Lloyd, Coach Jay Kumpel MIDDLE L-R: Anna Von Essen, Kirsten Soderlund, Lydia Hryshchyshyn, Mairead Ross, Lena Byrne, Megan Woodard, Phoebe Johnson, Madeleine Kleinhample, Lindsey Andersen. FRONT L-R: Taryn MacArthur, Nicole Bryson, Michelle Ong


BACK L-R: Coach Anthony Selley, Emma Sheldon, Soojin Hong, Tiffanie Wu, Alex Shaulis, Kacey Whitaker, Nora Hanagan, Elizabeth Stocking, Kelly Procida, Julia Vasko, Meridith Hayward, Coach Bill Hanagan. FRONT L-R: Gabby Loscalzo, Ali Schuster, Katy Dickson, Aubrey Doyle, Silvia Chew, Vanessa Peck, Bella Reid, Natalie Favati, Alannah Sawhill


BACK L-R: Coach Rick Bisset, Coach Hanna Stagg, Kaitlin Newlin, Rachel Witt, Amelia Newlin, Cat Ward, Rachel McCabe, Sam Tierney, Coach Chad Brekke. FRONT L-R: Erin Morris, Nicole Bannister, Jackie Whitaker, Sara DeNoma, Barb Lodwick, Megan Anderson, Tina Kirwin, Ciera Walker, Miracle Anderson



BACK L-R: Coach Frans Grimbergen, Jake Wright, Thomas Lindh, Ben-Li He, Andrew Ni, Phillip Kwee FRONT L-R: Tzu-Chi Huang, Francis Yang, Aaditya Chowdhry, Sidharth Shankar, Shintaro Masuno, Jae Won Hur, Shogo Kikui


BACK L-R: Rachel Tam, Nikita Sahgal, Helen Knight, Lindsay Slaven, Sarah Slaven, Clarissa Vainius, Coach Tim Thomson. FRONT L-R: Beatrice Ding, Meiko Masuno, Rachel Liou, Caroline Hui, Amanda Brown, Asuka Shraihi


BACK L-R: Coach Dylan Evans, John Starkey, Sun Woo Kim, Sydney Gourgel, Breno Cavalheiro, Gorby Simangunsong, Patrick Bousky, Connor Liu, Drew Cumming, Oliver Evans, Jason Tsai, Sean Doyle, Michael Andrew, Thomas Swenson, Patrick Gilligan, David Momberger, Wyatt Guggisberg, Adrian Bautista, William Bradley, David Nockels, Matt Bardon, Siddartha Chattopadhyay, Sung Min Son, Pierre Cassini, Yusuke Oimatasu, Chris Thome, Hunter Hughes

BACK L-R: Coach Judy Ridgway, Lauren Felice, Sara Gibson, Kalie Riemer, Natasha Irani, Marvella Luhur, Anjuli Finch, Carolyn Yan FRONT L-R: Melissa Huston

FRONT L-R: Nick Chang, Ricky Acevedo, Scott DeNoma, Richard Skill, Jamie Lin, Chris Merendoni, Belal Hakim, Austin Cox, Spencer Silverman, Grant Richey, Will Hamberlain, Dymock Dibb, Robert Uram, Sean Doyle, JP Smith, Eric Riemer, Coach David Dixon


BACK L-R: Samson Yuwono, Russel Kreutter, Blake Peters, Marc Wilson, Ian Bryson, Hyun Soo Kim, Coach Shawn Graham FRONT L-R: Chris Davis, Lucas Chang, Hardeep Dhani, Sajan Shah, Danny Witt, Gabriel Lee, Josh Abueva

BACK L-R: Coach Ed Bywater, Alice Grgas, Aisling Leow, Alicia Card, Lauryn Reay, Cate Graddy, Jelita Adams, Kayla Schilling. MIDDLE L-R: Katy Lydens, Lexis Guerrisi, Belinda Eg, Hikari Nagasaki FRONT L-R: Tolley St. Clair, Erica Padgett, Tara Smith




Juniors 92

The third lap of the mandatory P.E. mile is always the hardest, as is the third year. Junior year will be your most painful and agonizing 165 days out of your high school career. At least that’s what I was told! True, we worked hard, but we partied even harder. Along with the added pressures (and the added added pressure of being well-balanced), we also reaped the benefits of being juniors. Junior year meant: Studying for AP tests (and early AP mocks that happened to be scattered conveniently around Prom night). But also... Enjoying that maaaaarvelous AP curve and AP weighting (ah, grade inflation!). Always being status: (busy) and never arriving home before 7 P.M. But also... Taking leadership roles as club officers. Being respected role models. Becoming team captains and starters. Snatching that coveted lead role. Taking center stage on national TV. Stressing about those ‘special’ months: October, November, December, January, May, and June. But also... Finding out that Ivy League schools are not the only colleges out there from numerous counselor meetings (and having to explain that to our parents). finding out about your own goals and wishes. Organizing your aspirations. Learning to organize and actually use those planners! Having a reserved niche at lunch. Knowing all the loopholes in school including how to get on to Facebook in the library computer lab. Having friends from each grade. Actually recognizing and knowing people who come back to SAS to visit. Having teachers’ handphones numbers on your phone. Being upgraded in the social heirarchy and nightlife scene (cough cough). Thinking up creative ways to ask that special girl to prom. Owning yellow shirts. Yelling out “OHEIGHT, LET’S DOMINATE!” and knowing that our class of 302 people really does dominate. By Chi Chi Lin



Jose I. Acevedo

Renuka Agarwal

Portland, Oregon

Seoul, Korea

Jonathan Amidjojo

Lindsey Anderson

Megan Anderson

Bogoto, Colombia

San Francisco, California

Gary Baicy

Wynn Ahn

Denver, Colorado The Hague, Netherlands

Shina Akagawa

Sultan Al Ramahi

Nicholas Alli-Shaw

Michael Andrew

Shannon Angdrea

Cameron Bach

Nagoya, Japan

San Diego, California

Baguio City, Philippines

Bombay , India

Dibya Banerji

Amber Mia Bang

Matthew Bardon

Aditi Basu

Camille Beinhorn

Kendra Black

Alexandra Boothe

Melanie Brown

Erica Brunoehler

Maritz Buchholz

New Delhi, India


Tyler Cardinas

Mexico City, Mexico

Juniors 94


Tulsa, Olkahoma

Charles Carver

Village Bay, Ohio

California Mercer Island, Washington

Dublin, Ireland

Richmond, Texas

Lena Byrne

Hong Kong

Belville, New Jersey

Breno Cavalheiro

Kelly Chan

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Dubai, U.A.E.

Jakarta, Indonesia


New Zealand

Byron Barrett Rudona Christine Basilio

Semora, North Carolina

Christi Boston

Sylvania, Georgia

Woo Jeong Byun

Pasig, Philippines

Juvey Brito

Luanda, Angola

Amanda Cain

Seoul, South Korea

Vancouver, British Columbia

Leon Chan

Natasha Chan

Richmond Hill, Toronto Orange County, California

Class of 2008

Kevin Hua Wei Chang Daniel Charbonnet

Siddhartha Chattopadhyay Hsien Ching Chen

Henry Cheng

Tiffany Cheng

Hye-In Cho

Jesse Choe

Jun Yul Choi

Michael Ciputra

Jessica Contrino

Chelsea Curto

Algie Darby

Andrew Debell

Luigi DeGuzman

Katy Dickson

Min Hee Do

Chao Dou

Patrick Doyle

Nikita Due

Dorie Dugard

Terence Einhorn

Matthew Eng

Luke Ettensperger

Alexander Ettlin

Tiffany M. Fan

Lindsey Farris

Natalie Favati

Caitlin Fay

John Foo

Taipei, Taiwan

McLean, Virginia

Melissa Cheong

Alison Chin

Martina Chiu

Thaddeus Chua

Hahneol Chung

Maximilian Davies




Scottsdale, Arizona

San Mateo, California

Milford, Connecticut

Seoul, South Korea

Santa Cruz, California

Ottawa, Canada


Montreal, Canada

Hong Kong

Jakarta, Indonesia

Palms, California

Memphis, Tennessee

Redlands, California

Seoul, Korea

Detroit, Michigan

St. Albert, Alberta

Greenwich, Conneticut

Taipei, Taiwan

The Midwest

Houston, Texas

Seoul, South Korea


Santa Monica, California Rochester, New York

Dallas, Texas


Stravanger, Norway

Da Lian, China




Juniors s

What Jun ior

51 percent think they will be married


a 10 ye rs in

“I would like to see myself as a lawyer.”

“Working with the United States military”


70 percent want to live in the US

they will be d k oi in th

Daniel Fordney Wyoming

Rick Garcia

“We’ll see what happens”

Markus Friis

Middleburgh, New York

Danielle Gay

Alexandra Gillchrist

Sherwood, Oregon

James Golden

Synne Grefsrud

Christina Han

Sunny Han

Orange Beach, California


Juniors 96

Adam Frogley

Helsinki, Finland

Naples, Florida

Oslo, Norway

New Jersey

“Practicing Kung-Fu in the mountains of China”

12 percent want to live in South-East Asia

“Having Fun!” 22 percent want to be in Visual Design

“Hopefully I’ll still be pursuing my dream”

Calgary, Canada

William Frost

Jonathan Fu

Kailen Gilde

Patrick Gilligan

Houston, Texas

Nashville, Tennessee

Alice Grgas Hannah Groch-Begley

Yokosuka, Japan

Devin Hardee

Arlington, Virginia

“To be a fortune 500”

Athens, Texas

Belal Hakim

Pittsburgh, Pennslvania

Fremont, Califiornia

Larissa Hardesty

Ben Hartung

Black Hawk, Colorado

Bryan Gamble

Dallas, Texas Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Jordan Glick

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Brittany Hale

Beaumont, Flordia

Wilson Hasan

Jakarta, Indonesia

Class of 2008

Shuma Hasegawa

Rod Hesh

Justin Hill

Soo Jin Hong

Kelsie Householder

Michael Howard

Lydia Hryshchyshyn

Katherine Hsieh

Kai Yang Hsu

Jane Hurh

Chris Hussey

Brit Hvide

Catalina Hwang

Rishad Irani

Karim Ismail

Brea Jackson

Jonathan Johncock

Phoebe Johnson

Joo Hee Jun

Koki Kamata

Min-Seon Kang

Vincent Kao

Simreen Kaur

Victoria Kent

Shogo Kikui

Da Ham Kim

Da Yeon Kim

Dong Ho Kim

Hye Soo Kim

Jong Woo Kim

Joo Hyun Kim

Kyo Joong Kim

Kyu-Min Kim

Na Young Kim

Seung Heun Kim

Sun Woo Kim

Tokyo, Japan


Pittsburgh, PA

Seoul, Korea

Osaka, Japan

Seoul, Korea

San Rafael, California

Laurel, Maryland

Bombay, India

Yokohama, Japan

Seoul, Korea

Seoul, Korea

Bakersfield, California


Cairo, Egypt

Seoul, Korea

Seoul, Korea

Seoul, Korea

Seoul, South Korea

Hampton, Virginia

Taipei, Taiwan

Seoul, Korea

Seoul, Korea

Georgetown, Texas


League City, Texas

Oslo, Norway

Seoul, Korea

Seoul, Korea

Ottowa, Canada



Redmond, Washington

Gumi, Korea

Seoul, Korea



Kristina Kirwin

Maddie Kleinhample

Hui Xiang Koh Singapore

Seoul, Korea

Yuka Kyoya

Brendan Lam

Dexter C.K. Lam

Will Langford

Plymouth, Minnesota

Tokyo, Japan

Libertyville, Illinois


Ji Na Lee Jonathan Chii-Hwa Lee

Andromeda, Korea

Taipei, Taiwan

Rickie Leung

Mei Fung Mary Li

Toronto, Canada

Chi Chi Lin

Cincinnati, Ohio

Barbara Lodwick

New Palestine, Indiana

Juniors 98

Hong Kong

William Lin

Taipei, Taiwan

Daniela Lopes

Luanda, Angola

Ha Na Koo

California Greenwich, Connecticut

Kyu Ho Lee

Seoul, Korea

Guan Lian

Rock Lee

Seoul, Korea

Austin Lim

Beijing, China

Austin, Texas

Gaby Linnard

Rachel Liou

Houston, Texas

Esther Lukman

Jakarta, Indonesia

Niyomi Kothari

Yuka Kumano

Sharon Lau

Jae Won Lee

Lemual Lee

Lyndon Leung

Mumbai, India

Foster City, California

Huei Yu Lin

Taipei, Taiwan

Shih Yiu Liu

Chiba, Japan

Seoul, Korea


Jeffrey Lin

Sunnyvale, California

Evelyn Lo


Taipei, Taiwan

Grinnell, Iowa

Katy Lydens

Charles A. Maher IV

Pradeep Mahtani

Bozemon, Montana

Alexandria, Virginia


Class of 2008

Patricia Mar

Pauline Mar

Maung Maung Lay

Nathaniel McAdam

Colin McDowell

Kathleen McGurk

David McKenzie

Mike Meguid

Brytannie Mehring

Shannon Middleton

Houston, Texas

Mandalay, Myanmar

Bedford, Massachusetts

Houston, Texas

Hendra Marshall

Jakarta, Indonesia

Cumbernauld, Scotland Virigina Beach, Virginia

Toronto, Canada

Washington State

Jacob Massobrio

Maldonado, Uruguay

Montreal, Canada

Orange County, California

“[student council] definitely had a lot to do and we did it!” (Above): Members of Junior Cabinet selling cotten candy during County Fair (RIght): Jane Hurh playing Arbitar, a lead role in Chess Performance (Below Right) Belal Hakim prepares to give his speech for Junior Class Officer Elections (Below Left): Alison Tan gives directions during a Student Council break activity.

Leadership “Juniors strive to be the best” “Everyone’s got their own specialities”

Chie Miyauchi Tokyo, Japan

Bryant Molloy

Yashika Mody Mumbai, India

Gun Tae Moon

Bloomfield HIlls, Michigan Busan, South Korea

Brandon Mulder Houston, Texas

Abby Murray

Zac Molianen

Kingwood, Texas

Alexander Morris

Caitlin Murray

Wilmington, North Carolina Cincinnati, Ohio

Jacque Moll

Norfolk, Virginia

Devon Morris

Fairfax, Virginia

Kanako Nakajima Shizuoka, Japan

(Above): Alice Grgas sits in during an NHS meeting (Below Left): Captain Alex Shaulis gives an inspirational talk during one of the pep rallies (Above Left): Co-President Patricia Mar sells food during Foodfest for her club Aiding China.

“Our grade is in charge of a lot of events” 99 Juniors


Andrew Nazarechuk

Kelson Nef

Kaitlyn Newlin

Christy Newman

Daniel Noel

Yusuke Oimatsu

Natalie Ong

Anshul Parikh

Jane Park

Min Jae Park

Sung Bae Park

Ivan Pesik

Olivia Pickering

Las Vegas, Nevada

Nicholasville, Kentucky

Chae Ho Park

Seoul, Korea

Andres Pazos

Hong Kong Santa Monica, California

Fukui, Japan

Seoul, Korea

Miami, Florida

Jakarta, Indonesia

Abhay Puri

Daksha Rajagopalan

Mumbai, India

Jordan Reed

Big Springs, Texas

Juniors 100

Mountain View, CA

Isabella Reid

Melbourne, Australia


Seoul, Korea

Houston, Texas

Bombay, India

Seoul, Korea

Bay Village, Ohio

Benyamin Ramli

Maya Ranganath

Brian Riady

Jakarta, Indonesia


Thomas Ringheim

Copenhagen, Denmark

Emily Noble

Houston, Texas

Esha Parikh

Candice Park

Kat Patterson

Marina Patterson

Lake Jackson, Texas

Seoul, Korea

Rochester, New York Flemington, New Jersey

Jack Pitfield Prasanna Priyamvadha

Darien, CT

Jakarta, Indonesia

Isaac Ng

Lexington, MA

Kelly Procida

Chennai, India

Greensboro, North Carolina

John Ratley

Lauryn Reay

Bryce Robinson

Daniella Rodriguez

Austin, Texas

Hong Kong

Ventura, California Quezon City, Philippines

Class of 2008

Mairead Ross

Paul Ruan

Tom Ruan

Nikita Sahgal

Bobby Samit-Ampaipisawn Miguel Santos Bangkok, Thailand

Makati, Philippines

Sarah Sarkhosh

Calli Scheidt

Carolyn Schmidt

Andrew Schollaert

Kea Scullion

Victor Seet

Ang Jun Seow

David Seto

Ravindran Shanmugam Alex Shaulis Singapore

Vero Beach, Florida

Colin Shea

Rushika Shekhar

Kunal Sheth

Shane Shibazaki

Asuka Shiraishi

Apiksha Singh

David Small

Alex Smith

Josh Smith

Kiersten Soderlund

Shaun Soetaniman

Sae Gyul Song

Ellie Stanton

Melissa Steckler

Elisabeth Stocking

Esther Sutanto

Taisuke Suzuki

Tom Swenson

Andy Szombathy

Danielle Szulanski

Sydney, Australia

Highlands Ranch, CO


Bombay, India

Brooklyn, New York

Philadelphia, PA

Davis, California

Potomac, Maryland


Tokyo, Japan

Chicago, Illinois

Jakarta, Indonesia

Davis, California

San Jose, California

Saitama, Japan


Fairfax, Virginia

New Delhi, India

Ho Chi Ming, Vietnam

Sydney, Australia

Seoul, Korea

St. Paul, Minnesota


Washington D.C.

Boca Raton, Florida

McLean, Virginia

Moose Jaw, Canada


New Delhi, India

Fairfax, Virginia

Great Falls, Virginia

Fountainbleau, France



Tomohiro Tachibana

Alison Tan

Chiba, Japan

Louis, Delaware

Mariko Thomas

Evelyn Toh

Hood River, Oregon

Kaitlyn Underwood Houston, Texas

Teng Yuan Wee


Clarissa Vainius

Marlboro, New Jersey

Carissa Teng

Jakarta, Indonesia

Jivesh Tolani

Rory Tredinnick

Manhattan, New York

Tiffany Varinata

Jakarta, Indonesia

Pony Weng Thomas Whalen-Bridge


Tainan, Taiwan

Los Angeles, California

Clarissa Wong

Megan Woodard

Jakarta, Indonesia

Daniel Yehelskel-Hel Israel

Juniors 102

Midland, Texas

Jay Yen

Fremont, California

Edward Teonadi

Taipai, Taiwan

Perth, Australia

Tammy Tew

Madison, Wisconsin

Amanda Tsao

San Diego, California

Julia Vasko Vysak Venkateswaran Singapore

Robert Whitehead

Tiffanie Widjaja

Barron Witherspoon

Emily Woodfield

James Wu

Wanwen Wu

Ken Yeoh

Genevieve Yip

New York City, NY


Anna Von Essen

Stockholm, Sweden

Jakarta, Indonesia


Will Tsay

Doylestown, PA

New Delhi, India

Cleveland, Ohio

New Zealand

Chris Theisen

Detroit, Michigan


Andy Yu

Atlanta, Georgia

Houston, Texas

Kiyoko Yasuda

Yokohama, Japan

Jonathan Zaman

Stockholm, Sweden

Class of 2008

Robert Zimmerman

Alex Zulkoski

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Y of

Junior Year

New juniors expect a year of stress and intensity. It is a year of making the highest possible grades before college. It is one of multiple AP’s and limited social lives. In an Islander survey, juniors most often described the year as “stressful.” Even under all that pressure and strain, juniors were able create memories that made the year unforgettable. Fifty-five percent said that Interim Semester was their most memorable experience. Fiftytwo percent said that just hanging out with buddies proved to be the top. And forty-two percent said that their favorite part was of the year was making new friends. One of Interim Semester’s objectives is to promote “positive interactions among students.” Survey data points to the success of interim in bringing people together. “My interim this year was absolutely amazing,” junior Marina Patterson said. “I made a TON of new friends ...[they] have really made a difference... [I] love to hang out with all of them.” Juniors enjoyed the title of “upperclassmen.” Fifteen percent of juniors said being on the top floor of the cafeteria was their favorite part of the year. Aside from homework, juniors were busy falling in love. Forty-four percent - nearly half of the student body – were in a relationship this year. Eleven percent – the licentious few - stated they were involved in more than one relationship.

103 Juniors


The music program at SAS involves three branches of music: strings, band, and choir. Each branch consists of different classes that come together for a performance in the auditorium

String Ensemble


Conductor: Stephen Bonnette Ya Chun Chang, Paul Charbonnet, Christopher Chee. Michael Chi, Cindy Hsiun Chu. Dennis Chu, Belinda Chuan Eg, Edrick Mun Shuen Goh, Amanda Ho Sang, Kai Yang Hsu, Jason Kuo-Tsai Hung, Catalina Hwang, Tae Koo Kang, Da-Young Kim, Michael Kim, Jin Yoo Kim, Julie Kim, Samantha Koh, John Kwack, Jordon Lee, Kyu Ho Lee, Young Soo Lee, Marissa Leow, Brian Leung, Jamie Lim, Rachel Liou, Calvin Lo, Lionel Meng, Elliot Miranda, Emily Moore, Isaac Ng, Andrea Schodorf, Maya Shanker, Danielle Szulanski, Vanessa Tan, Jasmine Vahdati, Rachel Witt, James Wu, Celine Yeh, Genevieve Yip, Tanya Zakowich, Kelly Zhang, Cindy Zu, Duncan Benjamin, Thaddeus Chua, Jonathan Eg, Katherine Hsieh, Jae Won Hur, Claire Jun, Steve Kim, Helen Knight, Given Lee, Lauren Lee, Kirstie Parkinson, Jonathan Png, Nicole Schmitz, William Tsay, Mary Ann Asai, Nicholas Chang, Malissa Chen, Sung Won Hong, Nicholas Lesiuk, Mei Fung M. Li, Aki Maedomari, Soo Bean Oak, Jason Chi-Hsuan Tsai, Francis Yang, Kenneth Chen, Nicholas Moilanen, Benjamin Moseley

The string ensemble concentrates as they perform in thew winter collage assembly.

Must Hear!

Nelly Furtado Loose

104 ARTS

Justin Timberlake Futuresex/Lovesound

Akon Konvict

Snow Patrol Eyes Open

The Fray How to Save a Life

Gwen Stefani The Sweet Escape


The concert band performing during the winter collage night concert

Wind Ensemble Conductor: Brian Hill

Flute: Hye-Sung Ahn, Alice Grgas, Anna Kang, Noo Ree Kang, Hye Soo Kim, Sharon Lau, Huei-Yu Lin, Akane Otani, Michelle Schmitz, Alyssa Schodorf Oboe: Mariko Thomas, Rachelle Yu Clarinet: Wynn Ahn, Woo Jeong Byun, Hahneol Chung, Julian Goh, JJ Han, Sunny Han, Joo Hyun Joseph Kim, Allen Koh, Sang Ho Lee, Jeffrey Lin, Ellen Wuest Alto Clarinet: Megan Woodard Bass Clarinet: See Young Lee, Kate McGurk, Jun Hyung Oh, Emily Woodfield Contrabass Clarinet: Rock Lee Bassoon: John Foo, Dominick Perrocco Alto Sax: Azhani Amiruddin, Terence Einhorn, David McKenzie, Ming Chin Yen Tenor Sax: Kenneth Chan, Michael Jeong Bari Sax: Kevin Chin, James Linton Trumpet: Peter Ayer, Alex Hoffer, Jae Hur, Sang Hoon Lee, Arthur Meng, Kaitlyn Newlin, Young Bean Oak, Robert Rathvon, Dustin Roberts Horn: Brittany Balcom, Jun Choi, Danielle Gay, Sein Kim, Guan Lian, Sophia Tinger Trombone: Doogie Momberger, Andrew Szombathy Euphonium: Tarang Agarwal, Shruti Ayyar, Jay Yen Tuba: Tiffany Cheng, Dorothy Dugard Percussion: Michael Bond, Mitch Hulse, Ian McCoy, Peter MacArthur

Junior Anna Kang and junior Huei Yu play on the flute; Junior Caitliln Newlin, Senior Robbie Rathvon, and Sophomore Arthur Meng blow on their trumpets; sophomores Kenny Chan and James Linton harmonize their saxophones at the winter collage.

Concert Band

Conductor: Brian Hill

Anjuli Finch, Suzie Hong, Yoon Jung, Da Yeon Kim, Christie Lee, Kyung Jin Lee, Allie Lesiuk, April Lesiuk, Mackenzie McCallister, Francesca McGrath, Christine Moon, Michael Nguyen, Ali Pendergrass, Brooke Schmidt, Kea Scullion, Marian Spencer, Natalie Teonadi, Molly Yoon Daniel Choi, James Fan, Young Kyun Hur, Harini Iyer, Danny Kang, Alex Kim, Jae Kim, Kevin Kim, Min Ji Kim, Will Langford, Da Hee Lee, Chae Ho Park, Sung Bae Park, Thomas Rees, Leah Sacks, Sarah Sarkosh, Joey Schmidt, Anna Shin, Spenser Silverman, Sandy Sivaskandan, Carson DeBerry, Melissa Huston, Brittany Dawe, Joseph Hakam, John Hardee, Chan Lee, Jae Won Lee, Jon Lewis, John Liao, Christopher Sohn, Daniel Sohn, Alex Suter, Edwin Wang, Danny Witt, Sean Binning, Matthew Grgas, Daniel Ong Bari Sax: Josh Abueva, Lars Crawford, Hunter Hughes, Brian Briggs, Duncan Clydesdale, Stephen Hryshchyshyn, Young Won Kim, Akhilesh Pant, Christella Soriano, Cory Robinson, Jelita Adams, Myles Fenwick, Jong Woo Kim, Jae Hee Lee, Connor Liu, Morgan Tyler, Kendrick Wang, Marc Wilson, Austin Cox, Jessica Long, Kabilan Pillay, Ben Langford, Joon Park, Sidharth Shanker Peter Bardon, Christopher Briggs, Jonathan Butt, Chris Davis, Ashan Fernando, John Golden, Brea Jackson, Kyu Min Kim, Tiffany Lin, Clinton Wagoner

ARTS 105

Choir Chorale

Conductor: Nanette Devens

Caitlin Favati, Brea Jackson, Madeleine Kleinhample, Alison Pendergrass, Daniele Selby, Kelsie Householder, Lauren Johnson, Caitlin Kobylarz, Kanako Nakajima, Mary Quach, Koyoko Yasuda, Mariko Bock, Natasha Chan, Jean Lee, Chelsea Leon-


ard, Emily MacCabe, Chie Miyauchi, Kana Nagashima, Jaque Moll, Sanskriti Ayyar, Alicia Card, Beatrice Ding, Katherina Feng, Jacque Moll, Katie Sarkhosh, Carolotta Piguillem, Nina Millar, Alexander Chadwick, Maxwell Robertson, Dominic Wong, Joon Choi, Kyu Hyun Lee, Min Jae Park, Ee-Chien Chua, Steve Hong, Levin Huang, JC Kim, Matt McHugh, Yusuke Oitmatsu

Juliana Kim: Choir By: Mitch Samson

The ideal student is one involved in all aspects of school. Dance, choir or Singers, service clubs and honor societies. Juliana Kim, a senior of the class of 2007, has participated in all of these events. As a student vocals teacher Mrs. Brown, in 8th grade Juliana took her first choir class as an elective. Kim had to make a choice of remaining in choir or ending her involvement before her freshman year. Since she had tried out for the SAS Singers before entering High School, but failed to make it, she was compelled to remain in Chanterie and work towards becoming one of the more elite and impressive members of Singers. What did she like best about choir? “Starting with the people and activities...the types of songs we sing,” she said. Her dedication to the program was rewarded and her talent noticed this year by making the 2007 SAS singers. These best of the best performed in four performances this year and finished the year performing in front of friends, classmates, parents and teachers in a Cultural Convention hosted by SAS and again at the American Club Jazz Night. Besides her musical Talent, Kim oversees the Project Soweto service club as their President. Established after the first interim trip to the South African community, Juliana began the club with another student and continues to contribute to the community that she visited in 2006. Her involvement in clubs also includes Tri-M, an honor society for students involved in Arts, and in her first years of high school: Dance Club, Save Club, Theater Makeup Club and finally, Animal Rights club. Her contribution to SAS arts, clubs and the student body were made in the midst of a family tragedy as well. Kim had known since 3rd grade that her mother was diagnosed with first stage cancer. She was fortunate enough to spend seven years with her mother before she passed away. “There was a denial stage.” Although faced with a situation that not many others can imagine, Kim kept her composure. “I didn’t want to make drama out of it.” After four years of volunteerism, hard work and performing, Juliana Kim studies for admission in March of 2008 at either Yon Sei University or Lee Hwa University and as of now plans to study education in English.

106 ARTS

Top Picture; Juliana Kim, Sean McCabe and Jane Hur dance as the perform during the winter collage assemblly. Picture directly above: The Chanterie singers line up in rows in the balcony of the auditorium for winter collage.


Conductor: Nanette Devens Aishwarrya Balaji, Alexis Ball, Chloe Horowitz, Valerie Mahillon, Julia Vasko, Jina Lee, Kezia Callahan, Pallavi Gummalam, Ahilya Kaul, Bella lee, Patricia Leone, Carolyn Yan, Pei Zhu, Martina Chiu, Renee Hyde, Lee Tien Yi, Erica Ng, Mallika Rao, Winny Hasan, Shina Akagawa, Nicole Banister, Juvenalia Brito, Charlotte Cheng, Priscilla Kang, Yuka Kyoya, Sara Tan, Mary Russel


And all that

Anit Das, Sang Ho Lee, and ellen Wuest are all smiles during their county fair performance Conductor: Brian Hill Azhani Amirudidin, Sang Ho lee, Terence Einhorn, Michael Jeong, David Seto, Anit Das, Ellen Wuest, Robbie Rathwon, Arthur Meng, Kaitlyn Newlin, Jae Hur, Alex Hoffer, Andy Szombathy, Doogie Momberger, Jason Tsai, JJ Han, Justin Hill, Anup Suresh, Brittany Balcom, Ben Moseley, Hyun Soo Kim, Mitch Hulse

Jazz Ensemble

SAS Singers

Conductor: Nanette Devens Renuka Agarwal, Chelsea Curto, Juliana Kim, Tiffanie Widjaja, Nora Yin, Jane Hurh, Simi Oberoi, Priscilla Chan, Alice Jeong, Da Yeon Kim, Stephen Curto, Sean McCabe, Peter Ayer, Corey Householder, Colin Lee, Hyeong Seok Oh, Tae Jin Son

The SAS Singers put on their red dresses and tuxes to put on a great performance at the County Fair.

ARTS 107

Profiles: Artists Ji Ye Kim & Alison Tan

By Shruti Shekar

Art is everything around us. It’s about expressing emotions and thoughts and for junior Alison Tan and senior Ji Ye Kim, art is life. Art can have many meanings and it can come in any form or shape, or color or size. “Art that has one meaning and one purpose becomes didactic art,” Tan said. It is supposed to elevate you to a higher plane of existence. You should just look at it and enjoy it and draw your own meaning from the work.” Tan said her passion for art started when she was around ten years old. Kim’s interest is only two and-a-half years old, starting when she first came to Singapore. “I’m so happy. I never get tired when I do art,” Kim said. “My thought process is different for every piece. I want my art to be moving, so when I look at it I try to think what moves me. The only thing that ever overwhelms me it the number of ideas and the number of things there are to do. There’s too much to do and too little time, and I really want to do everything,” Tan said. Both seniors said they learn something new from each piece they create. “Sometimes I tell myself to try new mediums and be different and challenge myself in a different scale, I try to learn new things all the time with each of my pieces and every piece I have done, I have grown and learned how to face different obstacles. I also am able to develop my ideas and let my creativity grow,” Kim said. Kim graduates plans to pursue some form of industrial art while Tan’s interests lie in graphic design and illustration.

Evelyn Toh & Esther Lukeman

By Kathy Bordwell

A sign that read “We Love E Squared!” hung on the wall of the cafeteria for the two new celebrities at SAS, juniors Esther Lukman and Evelyn Toh. The duo had made it to the Top 7 of dance competition “The Dance Floor.” In February 2006, Mediacorp’s Channel 5 launched “The Dance Floor,” inspired by U.S T.V. show “So You Think You Can Dance?” Lukman and Toh were among the thousands that auditioned for a place in the top ten and a chance to win the $50,000 prize. “I saw the ads on T.V. and I thought why not?” Toh said. After discovering that the competition required at least two participants per team, Toh and Lukman began working together under the name “E squared.” “E squared” made it into the top ten with the highest votes. “It was so unbelievable. No words can describe it,” Toh said. Lukman’s love for dance stems from tap dance lessons, along with jazz and surprisingly, ice-skating. However, when Lukman’s friend got a concussion while practicing her double axles, she decided to switch passions and ended up trying ballet. Toh’s love for dance also began at an early age when her mother put her in lessons at age four. “It was when I turned eight that I realized how much I liked it,” Toh said. Each week “The Dance Floor” assigned a theme to the contestants. “In the dances you don’t have to actually do disco or whatever the theme is, but we have to incorporate elements [of the theme] in the dance,” Lukman said. Lukman and Toh were both forced to leave Cultural Convention in order to be a part of the show. “It’s horrible,” Lukman said. “We knew we’d have to drop when we got our schedule. It’s hard to give up either.” The duo also faced another obstacle: the judges of “The Dance Floor.” “The judges are new. They’ve told me to be more controversial,” Lukman said. “As a dancer you have to have hard skin. They told me I had to ‘trim it down.’” The judges had misplaced Lukman and Toh, a lyrical contemporary duo, as a ballet contemporary grup, in which the idea of “the slimmer, the better” is generally held. “Sometimes their comments, because it’s TV, are more exaggerated. Once you analyze it, they make sense. Sometimes it’s hard to understand, but they are qualified,” Toh said. The girls described the experience as one of the biggest challenges they had faced and something that they would never regret doing.

108 ISLANDER2007

Additional reporting by Deviani Wulandari

The Irish Dancers By Cat Ward They opened dance showcase dressed in traditional red velvet Irish dresses, their blond and red ringlets bouncing with each stomping step. They hopped, jigged, reeled and twirled. Sophomore Chloe Dunderdale and junior Lydia Hryshchyshyn started dancing before they could ride bikes. Sophomore Kiersten Soderlund began Irish dancing when she was five, but was unable to open the showcase with Dunderdale and Hryshchyshyn due to illness. Soderlund said that take classes at Tanglin every Monday together from 5:45 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The three young women came to Singapore from different places in the States but continue to dance here. In January they introduced Irish dancing to SAS through the second season pep rally. “You need to have a lot of leg strength, also have to have stamina,” Dunderdale said. Through homemade costumes, wigs and traditional dances these three have introduced SAS to a new extra-curricular activity and dance style.

Stevie Day & Chris Hussey

By Alex Boothe

SAS students Stevie Day and Chris Hussy began their filmmaking career trying to make movies out of their weekend hobby of biking. Both thought that the videos “sucked” so they decided to take up filmmaking class where they began making short films like “Left Behind” a horror movie and “Snow Globe” an emotional drama. All of their inspiration comes from other films they have seen as well as their own life experiences. Although they said they have a weird relationship both agree that they make a good team: Chris is the producer and the editor and Stevie’s the writer and the idea man. Currently they are working on a film that they describe as an emotional journey of discovery, another short film. This summer they plan to create a feature-length film planned for completion by the end of the summer.

Rachel Black

By Caitlin Hale

As soon as senior Rachel Black saw her name cast as the lead character in the Cultural Convention play, “Isn’t it Romantic?”, she called her mother to share the news. Clearly ecstatic, her mother promised to be in Jakarta the following March to watch her daughter perform. Black says she had her first acting experiences in eighth grade, but did not get serious until freshman year. Among her roles have been Michelle in “Scenes and Monologues Night,” Sarah Siddens in “Actor’s Nightmare,” and, most recently, Janie Blumberg in “Isn’t it Romantic?” “I really liked getting to play in ‘Actor’s Nightmare’ because I got to explore so many characters but Michelle and Janie were the most realistic and easiest to relate to,” she says. Rachel’s mother never made it to her performance in Jakarta. In December, she checked into the hospital complaining of stomach pains and later learned that she had acute myeloid leukemia. Following three weeks of medical complications, Rachel’s mom, Felicia Burch, passed away on Feb 1. Black, who plans to double-major in acting and communications next year at the University of Arizona, says the fact that her mom wouldn’t be in Jakarta to watch her performance set in just before she went on stage. “I think the true bitter sweetness of it was right after the play when we had rejoined the audience and my step dad came up to me with tears in his eyes saying how proud of me he was,” she says. “That’s when it hit me that my mom wasn’t there to physically see it.”

ISLANDER2007 109

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Current Events Singapore Changes Clubs Peace Concert: Rest in Peace? SAVE Club Choir and Strings Band and Art Drama and Dance Debate and Forensics/Showcase Third Season Sports Third Season Team Pictures Interim Faculty Senior Class Introduction Senior Memories



Our Humid Home In an international school, we aren’t linked by a sense of home. The make-up of our student body is constantly changing as people transition in and out. It’s a huge understatement to say that our “kindergarten bunch” is a minority. We “go home” during summer vacations. We’re gathered from everywhere, and after graduation we will disperse around the globe. So what do we share? We share Singapore. It may be home or just a temporary post, but it has been the site of our high school experience. We missed snow and four seasons. Lacking the proper winter wear, we’ve bundled up in mismatched jackets and scarves to slide down the hills at Snow City. During the Christmas season, we waited outside Tanglin for the bubble snow to spray (not quite as good as the real thing because you can’t catch those flakes on your tongue). We’ve all been questioned by people in our home countries as to whether we really live in the tropics—because after all, it makes perfect sense that we spend our days outside by

114 ISLANDER2007

the pool working on our tans. Although we wish for a winter wonderland, our cold tolerance is ridiculously low. When it’s warm year round, we can host pool parties in January and choose between jeans and shorts. Singapore has been our gateway to the world. Using our passports to travel to away games and field trips, we learned more about our world outside of the school than we did while sitting in social studies class. Our participation in IASAS conventions and tournaments gave us confidence in unfamiliar situations. These events valued camaraderie over competition, and we extended our friendships beyond Singapore American School. Singapore has given us the opportunity to make our own way and explore our independence. Exposed to a blend of unique cultures and a wide spectrum of religious beliefs, we defined our own sense of identity. We have followed the Thaipusam procession, danced at Diwali ball, and exchanged hong bao at Chinese New Year. We call shopowners and cab drivers “uncle,” order our chicken rice at outdoor hawker stalls, and sip

bubble tea. We did the tourist things, playing volleyball on Sentosa, riding the bumboats along the Singapore River, and visiting the animals during night safari at least once during our time here. Although we appreciate living in Asia, we’ve had all the benefits of an American education and upbringing. The Starbucks on Orchard is frequented by Singapore American School students on a nightly basis, looking for a caffeine kick to get them through the hours of homework or just wanting somewhere away from home to chill with friends. We’ve gone to Friday night movies, choosing between Korean and Japanese films and the latest U.S. blockbusters (although the term “latest” is relative, considering that you’ve probably already heard the plot line of every movie from stateside friends who saw it months ago). In twenty years, we won’t remember places. But the places will be the settings for our memories. We have had the American high school experience in an international setting. We have the best of both worlds. By Rachel Witt

to Singapore after the end of World War II. 1942 Singapore falls to Japan.

2007 Construction of Intergrated Resort starts. 2003 Outbreak of pneumonialike Sars virus; Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong says outbreak is worst crisis country has faced. 2001 Malaysia and Singapore agree to build new bridge and tunnel.

1994 - Caning of Michael Fay. 1965 Singapore becomes an independent republic and joins the United Nations. 1959 -  Singapore gain full selfgovernment. Lee Kuan Singapore’s 1st Prime Minister.

1941 - World War II. Japan bombs Singapore. 1922 Singapore becomes main British naval base in East Asia. 1869 - Suez Canal opens, trade blooms in Singapore.

1832 – Singapore’s port attracts thousands of migrants from China, India and other parts of Asia. 1826 Singapore become British Colony of the Straits Settlements. 1819 - Sir Stamford Raffles establishes trading post on Singapore.

1945 - Japan defeated. The British returned

ISLANDER2007 115



Crowds thin, 200 shirts unsold

Peace Concert: Rest In Peace? by Nicole Schmitz

This year’s Peace Concert raised $10,000 and entertained 600, but “Shatter the Silence” may be the last of the 13 Peace Concerts. Two hundred unsold t-shirts tumbled from overflowing bins in Dr. Dewan’s class room as Peace Initiative students and sponsors met on Nov. 24 to discuss the possible obstacles that kept “Shatter,” from being a success. “If the Peace Concert takes so much effort and doesn’t produce results, maybe we should completely rethink what we’re about,” Dr. Dewan said. Peace Initiative sponsors are considering options such as a “Battle of the Bands,” and might invite celebrity judges to judge the bands in an “American-Singapore Idol” to keep the school and music linked to the local music scene. “We always review [the concert] every year to see what things went well and what we may have to change,” sponsor Anne Marie Russell said. The Peace Concert began as a way to raise money to buy stamps for letters requesting that prisoners of conscience be released. Over 1,000 people crowded into the King’s Road gym to listen to local

118 CLUBS2007

bands at the first Peace Concert in 1994, when the music scene was almost non-existent in Singapore. The student-run, student-led fundraiser raised money for 11 charities that educate and empower children in Ethiopia, India, Vietnam and the Philippines. New organizations are added and old groups are maintained every year. Themes from previous concerts have been “Respect” and “The Power of One.” Peace Initiative made between $8,000 and $10,000 in profit in last year’s concert, “The Power of One”. The $10,000 profit from “Shatter” was money left-over money from corporate sponsorships rather than from selling t-shirts and tickets. Dewan said that the excellent organizational skills and the quality of the music for both bands and interludes made the concert successful for those who attended, but it failed to raise large crowds and money for charities. “Maybe because the music was so good, our expectation was that the concert would be a huge draw,” Dewan said. But the high expectations fell short.

“We couldn’t understand it,” Dr. Dewan said. “We had the best music ever, and we didn’t have the crowds. We kept the best for the last, thinking that the crowds would stay.” Russell was disappointed by the turnout this year. “The last band, Say Whale, was fantastic, but they didn’t have a good sized audience to appreciate them,” Russell said. Peace Initiative Treasurer Esther Lukman helped pick the bands that performed in the concert. She acknowledged the time and effort by students. “It is amazing that students manage to pull it off every year,” she said. Despite the small crowd, Rose Nassir, lead singer of “The Breakfast Club” enjoyed the energy of the crowd. “I don’t know how to judge a performance,” she said. “But judging by the audience’s reaction, they enjoyed it.” Sponsors and students talked about bringing back old traditions and speculated about

having an open mike where students could give an impromptu performance in the hour before sunset. “It used to be the entire hour of people doing speeches, hence the ‘Hour of Peace,’” Rajagopalan said. Dr. Dewan sees the “failure” as a chance to return to the club’s former grass rootsactivism past. “The focus is now the Peace Concert, not so much awareness,” said Dr. Dewan. “We are really a human rights club.” “We’ll continue with other stuff,” she said. “We’ll put our energy somewhere else.”

Top to Bottom: Bobby Samit-Ampaipisarn watches a performance • The smoke machine adds ambience to performances • Robbie Rathvon, Marissa Leow, and Andy Szombathy perform an Irish trio • Lead singer in her performance • The lead singer of Pug Jelly directs his performance at the audience. He was a hit at this year’s “Shatter the Silence” Peace Concert

CLUBS 2007 119

Int’l Coastal Cleanup Mangrove Cleanup Removes Plastic and Raises Environmental Awareness by Clay Crawford

2006 INTERNATIONAL COASTAL CLEANUP STATISTICS: 5,757 plastic bags; 1,702 food wrappers/containers; 2,225 straws/stirrers; 140 Cigarette lighters; 2 55-gallon oil drums; 42 syringes; 98 fishing nets; 16 tires; 365 plastic beverage bottles; 512 plastic sheets/tarps; 7 dead Horseshoe crabs in nets and plastic bags. Source: NUS Coastal Cleanup Website

On a humid Saturday morning in September volunteers from the SAS community, including members of the SAVE (Students Against Violating the Environment) Club, hiked out to the Kranji Mangroves to participate in the 15th annual International Coastal Cleanup in Singapore. Each year the cleanup aims to remove and collect data on the debris from the shorelines, waterways and beaches of the world’s lakes, rivers and oceans. This data serves to educate the public on marine debris issues and to encourage positive change by submissions to governmental and international organizations that will reduce debris in waterways and enhance aquatic environments. Ms. Martha Began, SAS AP Environmental Science teacher, SAVE club sponsor, and avid environmentalist, played a large role in organizing the service event this year. “The annual contribution of the Singapore cleanup has a direct connection to policy making on a global scale, as the data we collect is sent to The Ocean Conservancy, which compiles the worldwide data,” said Ms. Began. One of the worst polluters cleaned up was plastic of all shapes and sizes.


“On a local scale, the mountains of plastic suffocate the specially adapted pencil roots of the mangrove trees,” said Ms. Began. “The ICCS raised awareness of the plastic issue, and prompted SAVE to design and sell canvas bags to cut down on the SAS community’s plastic consumption.” As well, SAVE club included education about the pollution caused by non-renewable resources, such as plastic, in their Eco-Ed program. Set up in the primary school library, Eco-Ed was designed to allow High School science students teach the kids about environmental problems and simple solutions they and their families can use. SAVE Club is an institution here at SAS, including the greatest number of members of any club. Through student led clubs, like SAVE Club, students can gain an education beyond theorems and textbooks. “It is not only the action but the awareness that we must stop the pollution at the source that makes ICCS such a great event,” concluded Ms. Began. As they emerged from the dense mangrove wetlands covered in sweat and mud students and volunteers alike agreed the ICCS was a worthwhile experience.

Roots and Shoots Day

Jane Goodall visits SAS sensory trail By Sam Lloyd

The call of the red jungle fowl, resembling a strangled rooster’s crow, rang out from hundreds of voices to greet Jane Goodall to Pulau Ubin on Nov. 4. She responded in turn with the call of the chimpanzee just as she did when she last visited SAS two years ago. This time, though, she did not visit the school. Instead, she took a bumboat ride to Pulau Ubin to experience the Sensory Trail, a path designed for guiding the visually handicapped (VH) through a little piece of nature. The event was called Roots and Shoots Day, attended by members of various local schools as well as VH, and organized by the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH) and the National Parks Board. In order to fully experience the trail as the VH do, she opted in a surprise move to be guided around the trail blindfolded. As she was led around the trail, she passed different stations where “interpreters” from different grade levels at SAS and from Raffles Junior College read a description of various plants. To enhance the sensory experience, she also smelled fruit and felt bark. “She knew a lot more than we bargained for,” said SAVE Club Sensory Trail head senior Michelle Schmitz. “She’s had all this experience; she could tell us as much about the trail as we could tell her.” “I’m very happy that I was here,” Goodall told those who attended and shared

anecdotes about her experiences in conservation after being guided. “This trail is so much at the heart of Roots and Shoots and the idea that every individual makes a difference, every individual matters, every individual changes the world every single day,” she said The Pulau Ubin Sensory Trail was created and is maintained by the SAVE Club and the Greenfingers and Eco-Club of the Middle School. Both Eco-Club and SAVE Club are affiliates of the Roots and Shoots Foundation, a branch of the Jane Goodall Institute that organizes youth to take action on behalf of animals, the environment, and human interaction with the environment, for which Roots and Shoots Day was named. According to Goodall, there are 9000 active Roots and Shoots groups in 90 countries throughout the world. “The greatest joy of Roots and Shoots is that I want to help everybody. Through Roots and Shoots and the passion of young people, we can help just about everybody out there,” Goodall said. Senior Jamie Shah said that while the experience had been a worthwhile one, she had expected more interaction with Goodall. “I wish I got to meet her, but I guess everyone’s disappointed about that,” Shah said. “You can’t expect that much one-on-one interaction,” Schmitz said. “I was expecting it to be chaotic and it was chaotic. It wasn’t as organized as you would like it to be.” SAS’s environmental clubs have been conducting tours of the Sensory Trail for many years, guiding VH from SAVH. SAVE Club is also investigating other locations to set up new Sensory Trails.

(Left Page, Upper Left) Denise Borsuk ducks under a Mangrove branch to reach plastic pollution, (Left Page, Upper Right) Volunteers collect trash by the bag-load and haul it out, (Left Page, Lower Left) SAVE club members mire in the mud while collecting trash, (Left Page, Lower Right) Michelle Schmitz records data, (Upper Left) Jane Goodall fully experiencing the sensory trail, (Upper Right) Ellen Wuest takes a closer look at a praying mantis, (Middle Right) Devin Hardee holds a plant sample from the sensory garden, (Lower Right) Sang Hoon Lee enjoys his green fruit


Cultural Convention : Choir

Above top to bottom: Senior Ee Chien Chua being judged during his turn to sing. Senior TJ Son being judged and given tips bymiddle school choir director Pat Brown. Photos by Brian Riady.

Seniors Alic Jeong and Nora Yin perform during the CC choir Music concert. Photo by Brian Riady

Left to right: The entire CC choir group performing together during their adjudication. Senior Alice Jeong awaits her turn to sing in front of everyone. Seniors Juliana Kim and Corey Householder wait to hear what the judges have to say about their singing. Photos by Brian Riady

DELEGATES: Renuka Agarwal Ee Chien Chua Corey Householder Alice Jeong Juliana Kim Hyeong Seok Oh TJ Son Nora Yin



Delegates de-stress as they participate in drums alive

By Megan Anderson Dancing around to hightempo music and wildly beating exercise balls does not quite sound like a typical cultural convention activity, but that is because this year’s cultural convention held at SAS was far from ordinary. To de-stress and blow off steam, the Cultural Convention music delegates congregated in the gym to participate in a Drums Alive session. Drums Alive is a unique combination of music, drums and aerobics that improves blood flow, fitness and coordination. “It is so fun you don’t even realize how much of a workout

you are getting,” junior Devin Hardee said. Along with the fun and exciting came the nerve racking. All musicians each had to prepare a solo to perform in front of three judges. The judges then picked the best musicians and singers from each category to perform at the festival showcase on the last day. Arthur Meng was chosen to perform a trumpet solo, Catalina Huang was selected to play the violin and the SAS octet was chosen to sing. Participants were able to relax and have fun at the IASAS coffee house. Musicians and artists performed everything

from acoustics to A cappella to Korean Pop. This year’s Cultural Convention, no matter how well it went, still had its fair share of disciplinary issues. “We had a slight problem on the very first day,” said Azhani Amiruddin the student music convention director. “Two kids were sent home and one was pulled out of Cultural Convention because they were out after curfew.” Despite this minor mishap Cultural Convention music ran very smoothly.“It went very well,”Amiruddin said. “Compared to last year it felt more organized.”

Junior Catalina Hwang has dedicated half of her life to her passion, the violin. Hwang was selected for the prestigious position of first chair for Cultural Convention strings. “My dad thought that because my sister had some talent in the violin, I must therefore have some talent in the violin. When I first started, I cried a lot because I really didn’t want to do it, but then I eventually liked it a lot,” Hwang said. Learning to play the violin, according to Hwang, was just a matter of becoming accustomed to the geography of the instrument. To make it even more challenging, playing the violin requires standing for 40 minutes at a time, which Hwang originally found bothersome. “I didn’t like standing for so long, and I didn’t like moving my hands as much as I had to, but once you get past that little hump it’s much easier, and it’s much easier and I just ends up coming naturally,” Hwang said. Though she is a very competent violinist, Hwang does not see her skill as a career choice. “[I can see it] as a hobby, yes, but not as a big thing. I have no idea what I really want to do but probably something related to science,” Hwang said. Years of practice have made Hwang comfortable with the violin. She sometimes uses it to relieve stress. “Sometimes, when I’m not practicing for a performance or an audition, I don’t really have to focus on how well I do, I can play and I feel less stressed,” Hwang said.

Cultural Convention : Strings

Performer Profile: Catalina Hwang

Above top to bottom, left to right: Senior Jon Eg performs a piece with other delegates. Senior Jason Tsai focuses intently on the sheet music in front of him as he performs a song with other cellists. Senior Kenneth Chen plays a piece with fellow basists. A group of violinists work together to play a song. An orchestral ensemble performs a piece on stage for the audience’s enjoyment.

DELEGATES: Jonathan Eg, Kai Yang Hsu, Jae Won Hur, Catalina Hwang DaYoung Kim Julie Kim, Steve Kim, Aki Maedomari, Jason Tsai

ARTS2007  123

Cultural Convention : Band

Sophomore David Momberger and junior Andrew Szombathy play for gallery visitors during the Cultural Convention Art show. Photo by: Chi Chi Lin

Performing Together

Cultural Convention Band this year was held here at SAS. Delegates from ISB, JIS, ISKL, ISM, and TAS attended workshops with best known and sought after composer/conductor Robert W. Smith. Students enjoyed having the composer there as they were learning three of his compositions. “It was like having an author of the book explaining his writing while you were reading the book,” said Mr. Hill. SAS participants had been working hard on solos and ensembles since last September. Getting close to the actual event students were practicing up to six hours a day. There was a lot of improvement made and the performances went smoothly and were thoroughly enjoyed by all. Although, “Drums alive was a little weird,” Robbie Rathvon said.



by Rebecca Priestley

Even though participants enjoyed the traveling of previous years, it was easier having CC here at SAS on familiar territory. The efficiently run CC was due to the lack of major conflicts, only minor ones such has miscommunication of where students were meant to be. “It was a great experience,” instrumental director Brian Hill. Junior Terence Einhorn plays the saxaphone during the CC art show. Photo by Brian Riady.


Music releases stress for IPAU president Music is something Senior Anit Das can relate to since middle school. His passion has grown over the years and is now the president of the Independent performing artist’s union. “It’s a fun way to get with people and just release energy, music is a huge part of my life and it is a very big passion,” Das said. The adrenalin rush, the crowds screaming, it’s all about what Das thinks about music. He wanted to be a part of IPAU when he first saw a bunch of guys pushing amps into a practice room when he was in 7th grade, and since then music has never been able to leave his system. “Playing music, especially playing music well is an escape because you are completely detached with everything moving around you except your fingers moving the instrument or singing your heart out. ”

Senior Anit Das plays during the Junior/Senior Prom. Photo Courtesy of Facebook.

DELEGATES: Hye Sung Ahn, Micheal Bond, Tiffany Cheng, Sunny Han, Sharon Lau, Sang-Ho Lee, Arthur Meng, Robbie Rathvon, Sophia Tinger

Artists unite under one roof One challenge for the artists From hanging to critiquing, was painting the edges of their from toy cameras to pinhole photography, or from print making panels so that they would connect to acrylic painting, this year’s with those of other schools and IASAS Cultural Convention unify the image on the house. “Many different kids and Art delegates got to engage in a variety of activities when they countries being together made it one,” Correa visited SAS said. “I think from March that little house 8 to 10. symbolizes The largest what Cultural activity that Convention is. all worked It’s about being on at once different, and was the celebrating our brainchild differences, but of visiting Guest Artist Arturo Carrea from Venezuela gave artist Arturo advice to art delegates during cultural convention coming together and working Correa: to as one, celebrating our feeling of make an easel out of a house. As their first activity, each being one.” When they were done painting, school’s five delegates painted their school’s own panel of a the artists joined SAS students in simple house-shaped structure, writing hundreds of comments such as “Keep writing, keep living” within two hours. “Each place comes with its or “I am made of awesomeness” own background,” Correa said. on the interior of the house. It is “The artists represented what currently standing in the high they thought was important about school foyer. their country.”

Cultural Convention : Art

Above: Art delegates from all six schools participate in creating the “little house [that] symbolizes what cultural convention is.” Photo by Chi Chi Lin

by Sam Lloyd

Above: Art delegates help out to display many of the different artworks of the delegates. Photos by Brian Riady

Delegates: Stevie Day Gabby Loscalzo Sam Sheldon Xenia Stafford Alison Tan

ARTS2007  125

Cultural Convention : Drama

In an angry dinner scene the relationship between Jeff Hamilton and Mariko Thomas takes a turn for the worse. Photo curtosey of JIS.

Drama production “Isn’t it Romantic?” give CC delegates a round of applause by Jeff Hamilton

production is the more concrete themes of the play as opposed to the abstract characteristics of plays past. Actor, Sneh Shah who plays Simon Blumberg said that choice of play was a good one. “It was a good change because it is nice when the entire audience can understand the play,” Senior Sean McCabe deep in conversaShah said. In past tion with senior Rachel Black during the years, a performance. Photo courtesy of JIS. preview show took place prior to Cultural. This year a post view of the Things get intimate as Jeff Hamilton and Mariko Thomas show was Wasserstein’s start to get close and personal. Photo curtosey of JIS. performed play, “Isn’t It instead Romantic,” a story of two intelligent young women on March 15, the Thursday following living in New York and their efforts to Cultural Convention. Kuester said find a balance between work and play, the change in audience presented a Seniors Rachel Black and Crystal Clower relax between scenes. romance and life. According to senior challenge to the actors who were use Sean McCabe, who played Marty to the overwhelming response from Delegates: Sterling, the “nice Jewish doctor,” one the Cultural Convention audience, a Rachel Black major change from last year was the response that does not always occur Crystal Clower type of play chosen by director Patricia outside of Cultural Convention. “The performance in Jakarta was Mariko Thomas Kuester. “ In comparison to last year’s more certainly stronger,” kuester said. Sean McCabe cerebral production of Kafka’s “The “Actors felt more energized and were Jane Hurh Trial,” this was a more lighthearted more focused because the audience Sneh Shah response was so strong.” piece.” McCabe said. Chelsea Curto The lighthearted characteristic of the This year’s IASAS Cultural drama production brought to life the trials and tribulations of a generation stuck between the “old” and the “new.” The audience was able to sit back, relax and enjoy a night at the theater courtesy of the SAS cultural d r a m a ensemble. Oh, isn’t it romantic. T h e nine-strong cast of SAS Cultural D r a m a brought to life the pages of W e n d y



Jeff Hamilton JJ Subaiah

Cultural Convention : Dance

Dancers lean into a fall during a portion of the dance piece. Photo courtesy of JIS.

Dance movements become more loose and lyrical in contrast with the previous sections. Photo courtesy of JIS.

Dancers come together to face the audience in an intense dance sequence. Photo courtesy of JIS Senior Jessica Lin strikes an expressive pose during one of the dadnce portions. Photo by Brian Riady.

Delegates: Abigail Murray Anushka Bharvani Anna Allen Ashley McClelland Daphnie Pan Esha Parikh Jennifer Nockels Jessica Lin

Delegates recieve warm welcome from Cultural Convention crowds

each other. The dancers attended workshops together where they studied different styles with a guest artist and participated in critique sessions where they evaluated each school’s performance. Senior Anna Allen and Parikh “Kentucky Fried Eagles!” the were particularly impressed with crowd of athletes chanted in unison the TAS dance, which was themed at last year’s IASAS basketball “Fear.” tournament. Athletes from the five “TAS is always good. They other IASAS schools had joined really made you feel afraid,” Allen together against the SAS Eagles. said. “You even felt uncomfortable But at Cultural Convention in watching it.” Jakarta this year, instead of jaunts, “It was really cool. They took SAS dancers were welcomed with a a risk in doing something really personalized room that had pillows, different and it worked,” Parikh mattresses and flowers. said. “Apparently with sports it’s all Although the dancers did rivalry,” junior Esha Parikh said. not spend much time with other “But since we go to workshops we schools’ participants, Allen said all just get to hang out and support there was never any rivalry between each other.” the groups. From Mar 7-10, 48 dancers from “I never felt any animosity,” the six IASAS schools gathered she said. “We didn’t really mix that at the Jakarta International School much but it wasn’t negative. It’s more that we were all just shy and (JIS) for Cultural Convention it was easier to stick to your own Dance, where they performed for

By Denise Hotta - Moung

group.” Cultural Convention dance is not a competition, which Parikh said allowed the dancers to appreciate each other’s work. “I like that it’s not a competition. We get to just share with each other,” Parikh said. “Although, sometimes I wish we got medals. People always ask you how you did when you get back.” Allen said she liked that Cultural Convention gave an opportunity for non-athletes. “If you don’t play sports, Cultural Convention is another way for schools to interact,” she said. To conclude the event, the dancers all learnt a routine on Saturday which they performed at their final show. Overall, Parikh was pleased with SAS’s performance. “I honestly think it was the best we’ve even done,” she said. “After it was done, we all felt really good.”

ARTS2007  127

Cultural Convention : Debate & Forensics

DELEGATES: Chealsea Curto, Sean McCabe, JJ Subaiah, Spencer Anderson, Brittany Balcom, Abhinav Kaul, Julia Knight, Simi Oberoi, Rhoda Severino, Tarang Agarwal, Akshay Kumar, Brian Leung, Vysak Venkateswaran left to right: Seniors Abhinav Kaul, Julia Knight, and Sean McCabe giving their speech during CC held in JIS. Photos courtesy of JIS and Julia Knight

SAS strikes straight in all categories Senior Julia Knight won first place in the impromptu category, the event in which contestants must make a speech from a prompt such as “veil” or “The path is the obstacle” with only one minute to prepare. “I did not expect that,” she said. “It was just something I enjoyed doing. I did not expect the gold medal.” Knight also reached the finals for Original Oratory (OO), where she wrote and delivered a persuasive speech on the pros and cons of celebrity activism. “I was slightly disappointed with not placing but I was happy with my performance,” Knight said. “I thought the competition was very intense. There were some wonderful OO speeches, some of which should have made the finals.” Senior Simi Oberoi won the silver medal in the OO category for her speech about rap, finishing her speech by actually rapping. Though she is happy about her overall performance, Oberoi questions the objectivity of the judges. “I felt confident but being judged is such a subjective thing and you have to deal with biases from the host school so you can never go in with too many expectations,” she said. Oberoi added that there were candidates who reached the finals who she thought did not deserve to and others who did not but should have. Senior Abhinav Kaul won the bronze medal in the extemporaneous category for his speech on the war in Iraq. He only had 30 minutes to prepare. “I was pretty happy with how I did,” he said. “I knew I could’ve done better on a couple of speeches but I was pretty happy.” Senior Brittany Balcom also made the extemporaneous finals and delivered a speech on how to reverse Zimbabwe’s economic slide. OI coach John Hurst said he was



pleased with his three contestants’ performances and found that this year’s competition was mixed. “There were some very, very good OI’s then there was a group of really, really poor ones,” he said. “Half really strong competition, half really weak competition.” Both the SAS debate A-team and B-team won bronze medals after they were defeated in the semi-finals by the International School of Kuala

Lumpur (ISKL) debate teams. This year’s debate topic was whether a just government is required to provide health care to its citizens. B-team member senior Brian Leung said that he did not expect to get as far as the semi-finals. “This is my first year and other people make it sound very intimidating but I made it through,” Leung said. “I had no expectations when I went there.” by Rhoda Severino

PROFILE: Kea Scullion

Student finds passion in MUN

For junior Kea Scullion, joining Model United Nations brought her closer to learning about her passion, “It was definitely MUN that helped me make up my mind about my career goals, although I had always been interested in some form of government,” Scullion said. Joining her freshman year, she said she was nervous and barely spoke for that first year. Still, she was strong enough to make it into BEIMUN for her first conference. “When I first joined, I was really overwhelmed, the other kids in the room seemed to know what they were doing, and debate was moving along at what I thought was a fast pace,” Scullion said. “I felt quite small and it made me realize how big the world really is and unfortunately, how plagued a state it is in.” As one of the youngKea Scullion hard at work preparing a est delegates she was at first speech during IASAS MUN. Photo Couroverwhelmed, but in her first tesy of TAS. conference she co-submitted a resolution and spoke in front of other delegates and was able to answer trivial questions posed by other delegates. “MUN is a lot of work because I have to do country reports, research, write clauses and speeches, but during debate it is so worth it, because when you go up there and you know you totally kicked butt during your speech and points of information. It’s an amazing feeling. I love thinking about a complex global issue and coming up with a viable solution to it while debating it with my peers and having an exhilarating time,” Scullion said.

Smile, winter drive first theme-based Showcase Chaos and bustle surround a table covered in costumes as dancers call out sizes and designs. Leotards are passed and shirts fitted as someone utters a fitting phrase to this scene: “Welcome to the world of dance.” For their first theme-based showcase, the dancers split into two large groups with different themes - Smile and Winter, where they were part of different dances. Though some dancers appeared in both, the two half-hour dances were not thematically connected. Dance teacher Tracy Van der Linden said the reason for this change was that this year’s Dance Performance class was the biggest on record with 20 students. As they rehearsed for the April 27-28 Dance Showcase, the choreographers and dancers started to feel the heat. “Some dances aren’t finished yet,” choreographer Devi Wulandari said. “ We just changed a dance, the entire song and themes so we’re starting from scratch. I hope that we pull it off.” For one of Winter’s other choreographers, senior Jessica Lin,

the most difficult part was their theme. “This is the first year [showcase] is theme based,” Lin said. “It’s hard to keep a theme with a wide range of styles; its hard sticking to the theme and making sure it works.” Wulandari agreed that choosing a theme is difficult, but only one of the things among picking songs picking costumes, and picking the right choreography. “We have two scenes, one in the street and one in a café,” Wulandari said. “It’s the essence of winter. Other than using props, like a scarf, and scenery we use movements like isolation.” She demonstrated making an X across her torso with her arms to show how they will portray winter. “We go over i-Tunes and find music with no lyrics.” “We have to put together costuming,” Lin said. “It’s mostly what we already have. We talk to Ms. Silverman and Ms. Van der Linden about our ideas and see what we have.”

Both agreed on the difficulties in rehearsal. In order to make the group rehearsals easier, each dancer is given a label, like “air,” “wind,” or even “Prada” so that it’s easier to call a few dancers at a time to rehearsal. “We cannot go over formation when people are talking while we’re teaching,” Wulandari said. “It defines who meets when to rehearse.” Practice times for winter were Monday and Wednesday, while practice for Smile were Tuesday and Thursday. Part of the difficulties in practice came not only from the amount of time put in, more than four hours a week, but making sure each group went together for the dance. “There are four dances [in Winter] and it’s harder to coordinate,” Lin said. “Winter has a total of forty dancers; it’s hard to keep track of attendance. This year we were forced to be more flexible.” Wulandari agreed that the number of dancers needed to be balanced on stage. “We’ll use lighting so it will focus on one scene of a street, and another for the café,” she said. Though they had to start part of their choreography from scratch, the two dancers look to the positives of showcase. “Some [dances] are far along,” Lin said. “Costumes are set, the music is all done and 60-70 percent of Showcase is done. It will be done on time.” “The seniors are busier than most,” Van der Linden said, “but it’ll come together.”

by Kathy Boardwell

Above left: A group of dancers strike a strong pose in to My Chemical Romance’s “The Black Parade.” Far above right: The breakers bust a move in the pre-show performance. Above right: Ahilya Kaul, Alyssa Binning and Esther Lukman reach up gracefully. Left: Some of the Dance Performance class students perform the opening dance to the ‘Smile’ piece.

ARTS2007  129

An Arabian Night in a Singapore Palace

Despite a Hooka Mix up and difficulty for Bands, Junior Council pulled off a Night to remember By Rebecca Priestley Prom 2007. Was it the best prom ever? At around 9 pm on April 14, students started filing down the stairs of The Fullerton to go into the Arabian Nights-themed ballroom. Junior Council did everything they could to tie the theme in. At one point there was a belly dancer that went around the dance floor and the ballroom. And of course the prom gift, a functional hookah, which stirred up confusion. However, there were mixed reviews about the event, from it being horrible to nice and creative. “It was different because of the set up, I really liked the organization part, but I wish there had been more DJ songs rather than the band” said senior Shruti Shekar. Highlights of the night were finding out who prom king and queen was, and prince and princess, as well as court jester. Prom King and Queen were Peter Vas and Denise Hotta-Moung. Prom Prince and Princess were Daniel Fordney and Elizabeth Stocking. And there was no surprise as to who Court Jester would be – Sean McCabe. As a joke, junior Jeffery Lin was nominated for Prom Princess and received a high number of votes. Two full bands played this year - Permanent Bliss and

Ska - as well as a couple of acoustic sets. The crowd was at the front of the stage cheering them on as they played. “The only reason I went was to watch my brother (guitarist Jarrod Underwood) play, I thought that was worth the money,” said junior Kaitylin Underwood. However, the bands didn’t appreciate the organization and the hectic last minute changes. “Poorly put together, no one was informed about anything, no one knew what was going on,” said Permanent Bliss drummer, Jordan Dawe. Another controversial topic is how long students attended prom. Some were there from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. The majority of the students were there for a short time. Some took pictures, went or were escorted home by dates or continued on to other events. “I’ve now been to three proms and I’m quite confident saying that this year’s was the best,” said Junior, Brian Riady.

ISLANDER 2007 131

132 ISLANDER2007

On April 19th, 350 athletes and over 100 coaches streamed through the red, white, and blue gates of Singapore American School for the 25th anniversary of the formation of the International Association of South East Asian Schools, or IASAS. Over the past 25 years IASAS has stood for unforgettable athletic, academic, and artistic experiences with High School students from schools in other countries. Participants have had the chance to travel to Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, The Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore to compete and make lasting friendships during the tournaments and conventions. This year, the third season sports, Badminton, Track and Field, and Softball, held their tournaments at SAS. The participants came together to celebrate the friendly competition and experiences that IASAS has brought to international students in South East Asia for twenty-five years. Although rivals on the field, once the final whistle blew, this IASAS tournament proved that the Tigers, both Panthers, Bearcats, Dragons, and Eagles could work together and celebrate the success of IASAS.

ISLANDER2007 133

134 ISLANDER2007

ISLANDER2007 135



E agles make IAS AS histor y at home

The 2007 Softball season was one to remember: they had a cohesive team, a 25h IASAS anniversary tournament at home, and a gold medal to top it all off. It began with the first day of tryouts, seeing many old faces and few, but very welcome, newcomers. A strong base of six seniors, all of which played in IASAS last year, provided the core of the team. Also returning from last years team were three talented juniors and three upcoming sophomores. Brady Baildon, a move-in from TAS, and Brandon Mulder, an avid SACAC baseball player, finally added to the mix. The addition of a JV softball program coached by our very own activities director Mimi Molchan Also new was assistant coach Kent Knipmeyer. Knipmeyer was an IASAS softball veteran himself, having experience in the tournament from his days in High School in Kuala Lumpur. With his wily jokes and ghetto antics he lightened up practices and games. Coach Will Norris, the intense, experienced, yet light-hearted head Coach for the Eagles brought his technical expertise to the field. The mid-season exchange in Jakarta was a confidence booster for the team. They beat both JIS and ISKL over the oneday stretch, but not by much. It gave them the drive to improve for IASAS at home in four short weeks. Spring break did not bode well for the Eagles, as they lost precious practice time from vacation and rainouts and on top of that lost two starting players to injuries. Senior Co-Captain Brandon MacArthur tore his ACL while taking batting practice for baseball, and Sophomore Ian Gillis tore a ligament in his ankle on first base. However, they pushed through and bore down as IASAS loomed closer. “We showed everyone our depth by overcoming injuries and taking the gold,” said Senior Co-Captain Adam Schwarz. The 25th annual softball tournament started off smoothly for the boys as they cruised through their first game against TAS 18-3. In the afternoon they faced ISKL, their historical rival, in rainy conditions, yet after several lightning delays in extra innings Schwarz stepped up to the plate with a man on second. “Pressure? What pressure?” He thought as he ripped the ball to deep right-center field, driving in the run


and winning the game for the Eagles. The Friday morning game against JIS went smoothly enough, as the boys trumped them 11-3. Next, they faced ISM in the hot sun. The vastly different play of the Bearcats, who hit blooper singles as opposed to line drives, threw the boys off balance and they lost 0-4. Against ISB the next morning, they lost again by a one run difference in extra innings, meaning they would play them in the championship that night. It rained, and rained, and rained that afternoon, pushing back both girls and boys championship games to later start times. This made no difference as the players lined up on their home field, game faces on. The second ISB game, the one that mattered, was a much different story. Playing their game the Eagles stuck to tight defense and strong base hits, with accurate pitching from Senior Mitch Samson. Well-made plays from Senior short-stop Daichi Moriyama and Sophomore 3rd base Russell Kreutter left men on base for the Panthers. In the 3rd inning Senior Co-Captain Clay Crawford hit a long home run over the centerfield fence with two men on base, putting them well ahead. In the bottom of the last inning, up 9-0, Coaches and players met outside their dugout for the last time, cheering “D!’ for their flawless defense. With two outs an ISB batter hit a groundball to Junior 2nd baseman Sandy Morris, who threw to first-baseman Adam Schwarz for the final out. The home crowd poured out onto the muddy diamond and embraced their boys for their 3rd Championship in a row. They had made IASAS history by taking home the gold three consecutive times. “It made it special becuase our whole school was watching,” said Senior Jeff Kreutter. Left: Senior Jeff Kreutter steps up to the plate Bottom Left: Senior Co-Captain Adam Schwarz winds up in the batters box. Bottom Middle: EAGLES: IASAS SOFTBALLCHAMPIONS 2007 Bottom Right: Senior Co-Captain Clay Crawford tracks a fly-ball in the outfield

“We showed everyone our depth by overcoming injuries and taking the gold.” -Senior Adam Schwarz

“It made it special because our whole school was watching.” -Senior Jeff Kreutter

All T


S Sc

Ru ourn Je ssell amen Mi ff Kre Kreu t SA tch ut tte C t r SA S vs lay Sa er Left: Senior S v ISK Cr mso S short-stop A aw n S v s JIS L player Daichi S for AS s IS 3-2 Moriyama smiles for the d B v s 11 SA ISM camera -3 S v Bottom Left: Lefty batter Sophomore 6 s C -7 ham TAS Ian Gillis waits for the pitch 0 p S 4 AS ions Bottom Middle: Senior Co-Captain Brandon h v 1 i s MacArthur makes a powerful throw to home 8 ISB p Ga m -3 plate from left center field

Bottom Right: Senior Mitch Samson pitches underhand during a Sunday afternoon Men’s League game






Sophomore Erica Padgett prepares to hit a ball during an IASAS game

Barb Lodwick stretches for the ball while straining to keep her foot on the bag.

Keri Dixon, at short stop, gets ready as the ball is pitched

First baseman, Alex Boothe, stops creeping in just as the ball is hit.


There’s no place IASAS SCOREBOARD like home SAS vs ISM










Girls sweep IASAS tournament at home

Championship Game SAS 5 - JIS 4

ALL TOURNAMENT Barb Lodwick Keri Dixon Michelle Lee Aex Boothe

by Adam Schwarz With two seniors, the girl’s softball team was the youngest at IASAS. But with two seniors who were both four-year IASAS players, the girls had more than enough experience. This, combined with the depth they had from the underclassmen, and the girls were well on their way to winning their second straight IASAS championship. The girls started off a great season with an exchange in Jakarta where they won every game they played except for one against main rival JIS. In the next exchange in Bangkok, the girls went 5-0 beating every team they would play against at IASAS. “I felt pretty confident going into IASAS after we won all our games at the exchange,” said senior co-captain Keri Dixon. “But I still knew it was going to be tough to win IASAS. Jakarta had a very strong team.” At IASAS, the girls got off to a strong start by beating ISKL and then taking the night game against JIS 9-8. With their strongest competitors a game behind them, the girls were set to cruise the rest of the round robin until the championship game. But in the second game on the second day, the girls received a wake up call. Down 10-3 to ISB, the girls couldn’t get anything going. Finally, in the last inning, everyone started to hit. They went on an 8 run rally keyed by a homerun by junior Alex Boothe. For the second night in a row, they won by one run. “We were lucky we had such a strong

Coach Swarstad talks to the team in a huddle during IASAS.

group of underclassmen,” Dixon said. “Many of them had the highest batting averages on the team and they all performed really well under pressure.” After winning their last game on Saturday morning and completing a round robin sweep, the girls had little time to prepare for their championship game as it was scheduled to start at 3:30. But rain delayed the game an hour. When the game finally started, it was a defensive battle most of the way. Going into the last inning, JIS was up 2-1. As the home team, the girls had the last at bat. With two outs and the bases loaded, Keri Dixon stepped up to the plate. “When Dixon stepped up to the plate, I knew we had the game in hand,” junior Alex Shaulis said. “This was the perfect situation for us. She showed why she was our captain and an all tournament player.” Dixon took the first two pitches to make the count 1 and 1. On the third pitch, Dixon made perfect contact with the ball drawing the crowd to their feet. As the ball sailed to the outfield, everyone cheered as the game was tied. Everyone except for Boothe...she wanted the game over right now. As she rounded third and ignored the sign to stop given to her by Coach Swarstad, all she could think about was scoring the winning run. “When I left second, all I could think about was getting home,” Boothe said. “I didn’t even notice Coach Swarstad. All I could think about was getting across that plate.” Boothe made the right decision and as she crossed the plate safely, the girls began to celebrate their second straight IASAS championship.


Track & Field

Clockwise from bottom left: Alex Finch sports his track atire and relaxes between races, Adam Anderson passes the baton to Sam Lloyd during the Medley Relay, Adam Anderson continues the relay after Alexis Lauzon passes the baton, Seconds after a transfer of the baton between Brian Maissen and Alexis Lauzon, Freshman Max Shaulis lays on the track during down time, Senior David McNicol gives fellow senior Adam Anderson a congradulatory hug after winning the 200 meter, Sophomore Nicole Banister bends and turns before throwing the shotput, Junior Barron Witherspoon practices starting off the blocks before a 100 meter race.


Big Finish to a Big Event

By Michelle Lee

The weekend of the 25th IASAS anniversary was a platform for more than just sports. For the Eagle athletes it was the event of a lifetime. For the SAS boys Track and Field Team the success in this round of competition was the 10th year of winning tradition, equaling that of the girls’ prior run of gold medals. After the upsetting 4x400 relay, coach Jim Baker told the girls “You’ve just got to start over.” One was a bittersweet number for the girls’ track team. One was the number that separated the Champions from the runners up. One second was the amount of time that kept them from the number one position in the last race of the tournament. The longstanding tradition of rivalry that exists between the

two schools was clear—as the Jakarta International School (JIS) and SAS remain the only schools on the IASAS championship plaque. “Of all the schools, losing to JIS was less disappointing because they have been our toughest competition year after year. They’re the only other school on the IASAS plaque, and they do deserve it,” sophomore Nora Hannagan said. “We just weren’t completely confident going into IASAS because we knew there was tough competition in all the schools this year.” The four-year captain from the Jakarta International school, Amelia Clarke, won six gold medals alone, gaining 42 points for her team—40 percent of her team’s total points.


Track & Field Erin Morris gets her game face on while on the blocks for a 200 meter race.

Renuka Agarwal maintains her lead as she runs by the crowd in the stadium.

Patricia Mar, Renuka Agarwal, Pauline Mar, Avery Shawler and Belinda Eg approach the line for a middistance race. Tolley St. Clair jumps off the blocks as the gun signals the start of the 200 meter. The SAS girls team was said to have trouble recovering from losses of last year’s record-setting seniors. “The girls team was young and inexperienced,” veteran coach Jim Baker said. “The loss of time [due to the interruptions during the season] in learning new events like jumping, throwing and hurdles made it difficult for their success.” Though inexperienced, sophomore Sam Tierney had a successful tournament, coming in second place in three of her individual events, placing right behind Clarke in the 400-meter dash and 400-meter hurdles. She came in .34 seconds behind a senior ISM athlete in the 100-meter hurdles. She gained a total of 15 individual points for the Eagles. Tierney and Hannagan were two members of the 4x400 meter relay team that came second to a talented TAS relay team who came first by a mere .94 seconds. Hannagan came second to strong TAS runner, Cindy Yim in the 800-meter run, and placed fourth in the 400-meter hurdles. Tolley St. Clair and Elisabeth Stocking were the other two members of that last event. Even though the girls were upset, they too had successful weekeneds, as St.Clair placed third in the 100-meter and the 200-meter dash, and Stocking individually placed sixth and seventh in the 400-meter dash and 400-meter hurdles respectively. Stocking was also part of the 4x100-meter relay team who placed second. “At the [Bangkok] exchange that we won, we hadn’t seen the best talent of the TAS relay teams. They consistently came in first, and as hard as we tried, they were always one step in front of us,” Hannagan


said. The same exchange in Bangkok a few weeks into the season was a daunting reality check for the boys team, as the boys lost to the hosting ISB Panthers by 18 points. “After losing to Bangkok on their turf we knew that we had to step it up and do the same thing at IASAS— win at home, in order to win with a vengeance,” senior captain Gonzo Carral said. When first day of the IASAS tournament came around it went almost uninterrupted by the bad weather that had plagued the third season athletes throughout the season. The day held up until the late afternoon when light showers wet the track. The pressure felt by the Eagle track athletes was not due to the expectation of winning their 10th and 11th consecutive gold medals, but the desire to win for the home crowd. Senior captains Carral and Adam Anderson were victorious in many of their events, with Carral placing first in Discus and Shot put, and second in the Javelin. Anderson placed first in the 200-meter dash, 2nd in the 400-meter dash and 3rd in the 100-meter dash. “Sam Lloyd really stepped up. He had it in him to go all out against the toughest competition in all the hard races,” Carral said. “We were all humbled by his efforts.” Lloyd came first in both of the 800 and 1500-meter runs, and the senior captain headed 1st and 2nd place 4x800 and 4x400-meter relay teams. Lloyd was a major part of the Eagles’ success, having been involved in events—individual or group—that earned the Eagles 32 of 112 total points.












34 4

Boys Tina Starkey lets fly her shotput in front of the home crowd.










42 27

Above: Adam Anderson leads a Bangkok runner in a 200 meter heat, Far left: James Linton, Warren Ho and Evan Shawler run together during a mid-distance race, Left: Nora Hannigan, Elizabeth Stocking and Tolley St. Clair peek under the fence to watch the long jump.














Boys face disappointing finish

cause of unlucky miss

(Top Left, Right Page) Daniel Tsukuda toughs it out during the pacer. (Top Right, Right Page) Edward Teonadi lunges for the shuttle during a game. (Bottom Right Page) Jack Pitfield lunges for a shuttle during a home game. (Top Right Page) Ben Ramli takes a break during a game. (Bottom Left, Right Page) Brian Riady prepairs to receive a serve during IASAS. (Bottem Right, Right Page) Wilson Hasan talks to Coach Gordon Cyr in between his matches during IASAS.

Boys Before 4 p.m. they are already on the courts, lose playing intense games of badminton with friends. By 4:30 they are either running the pacer or doing lunges. medBy six o’clock, they will have played at least one and that was not enough. almatch, be “This year we have had the highest level of ef-

fort,” Captain Wilson Hasan said. Despite a disappointing result last year, the boy’s badminton team stepped it up. With many returning players and some younger boys from the JV squad, competition and skills were at an all time high. “There was a lot of competion between players,” Gautam Butalia said. Butalia – a senior – continued to work hard, even after he discovered he wasn’t going to IASAS. “This was an opportunity to work hard after a year of lazing around,” Butalia said. The week before IASAS he smashed the school record for the pacer running 141 laps. The previous record had been 135. This level of effort and competition was apparent thoughout IASAS. Despite a disappointing first day, the eagles continued to play hard. “We were expecting a medal,” said Coach Chuck Shriner. Unfortunately, the team did not win their first two games on Thursday. This effectively ended their chance of getting into the finals or consolation matches. On Friday, the match against ISM drew a huge crowd – especially to watch the first singles game. Hasan, who was first singles, said “It was great that our peers saw what badminton really is.” Playing in front of the home crowd, the boys won against ISM, 5-0. The next morning they won again against ISKL, 3-2. Although they won, it was bittersweet. ISKL eventually went into the finals to come in second.


Team rebuilds in tough season Girls start over with only two returning IASAS players

Last year the SAS badminton girls came in second. They were a strong team with a majority of seniors. This year they were going to be weaker – it was an acknowledged fact. There were two returning IASAS players and Coaches Chuck Shriner and Gordon Cyr planed to rebuild the team. Not only did the girls have to endure pacer at least twice a week, they had to go through a dynamic stretching routine that included too many lunges. “This was a rebuilding year and we were bound to have a low ranking,” captain Winnie Tan said. Tan moved from first doubles to first singles. “It’s a difficult transition but she showed great leadership and lead by example. During IASAS she had a lot of close games,” coach Chuck Shriner said. Despite a weak team, the girls played their hearts out. A vast majority of the team lost by a vary narrow margin. “The younger players did really well. I was surprised,” Tan said. Sophomore Neha Sethi and Freshman Christella Soriano were the girls 2nd and 3rd singles. Although they faced stiff competition from players older and more experienced, they both came out of IASAS with a 3-2 record. The other teams played hard but didn’t have the results. “I know we could have done better,” Tan lamented, “but we had no luck.” The first doubles team, composed of Seniors Marissa Leow and Cindy Sunogo, were both seniors and experienced players. Unfortunately, their score did not reflect the effort they put into each match. There was a silver lining Tan said. “There was so much more bonding during IASAS.” (Bottom Left, Left Page) Senior Marissa Leow, Winny Tan, Sophomore Neha Sethi and Freshman Christella Soriano pose for a picture in between games. (Bottom Right, Left Page) Sohphomore Neha Sethi reaches for a clear. (Top Left Page) Cindy Sunogo , Tiffany Fan, and Given Lee listen intently to Coach Gordon Cyr during IASAS. (Middle Left Page) Junior Tiffany Fan screams “Yes!” after winning a point. (Top Right Page) The crowds turn out during IASAS to watch the girls. (Bottom Right Page) Marissa Leow and Cindy Sunogo prepair to return a serve during IASAS.














BACK L-R: Danny Charbonnet, Lars Crawford, Henry

Cheng, Ricky Acevedo, Connor Abdelnoor, Alex Finch, Nicole Banister, Vicki Williamson, Natalie Ong, James Linton, Evan Shawler, Arjun Khanna, Warren Ho, Alexander Kua, Sun Woo Kim, Amber Jack, Wynn Ahn, Erin Morris, Cate Graddy, Ming Yen, Dave McNicol, Baron Witherspoon, Gonzalo Carral, David McKenzie, Lawrence Fan, Sara DeNoma. MIDDLE L-R: Max Shaulis, Nick Chang, Sunny Han, Rock Lee, Brian Maissen, Belinda Eg, Maria Lloyd, Megan Woodard, Tara Smith, Alix Smith, Laura Goodwin, Samantha Tierney, Tina Starkey, John Starkey, Alexis Lauzon, Todd Shell. FRONT L-R: Avery Shawler, Pauline Mar, Patricia Mar, Momo Ozawa, Megan Anderson, Natalie Favati, Kelly Procida, Jamie Shah, Elisabeth Stocking, Tolley St. Clair, Chi Chi Lin, Renuka Agarwal, Tiffanie Wu, Nora Hanagan, Sam Lloyd


BACK L-R: Coach Kent Knipmeyer, Ian Gillis, Brandon McArthur, Jeff Kreutter, Adam Schwarz, Clay Crawford, Coach Will Norris FRONT L-R: Sandy Morris, Hendra Marshall, Andrew Schollaert, Russell Kreutter, Mitch Samson, Brady Baildon, Brandon Mulder


BACK L-R: Coach Chuck Shriner, Brian Riady, Wilson Hasan, Gautam Butalia, Marcus Bech, Jack Pitfield, Ivan Pesik, Coach Gordon Cyr FRONT L-R: Daniel Tsukuda, Shen-Wei Lai, Josh Wolf, Ben Chareonwong, Ed Teonadi, Iskandar Ramli, Ben Ramli



BACK L-R: Coach Jim Ruhter, Megan Spencer, Rachel McCabe, Alex Boothe, Keri Dixon, Barb Lodwick, Coach Mark Swarstad, Coach Stacey Jensen FRONT L-R: Brittany Dawe, Erica Padgett, Gaby Linnard, Natalie Muller, Sophie Greene, Gabby Loscalzo, Alex Shaulis, Michelle Lee


BACK L-R: Coach Chuck Shriner, Angela Xu, Given Lee, Christella Soriano, Carissa Teng, Cindy Sunogo, Coach Gordon Cyr FRONT L-R: Michelle Ongko, Winny Tan, Neha Sethi, Marissa Leow, Tiffany Fan


BACK L-R: Jae Hur, Coach Tim Thompson, Josh Dwyer, Allen Koh, See Young Lee, Coach Jim Kett, Amit Parekh, Carson Deberry, Dev Tiwari, Alex Cheung FRONT L-R: Leah Sacks, Cindy Zu, Shreya Ghandi, Arshia Ahuja, Samantha Koh, Melissa Chen, Sara Gibson, Michelle Reade, Coach Frans Grimbergen


BACK L-R: Coach Mimi Molchan, Adrian Bautista, Samson Yuwono, Chris Davis, Will Hamberlain, Sean Son, Kyle Conner, Coach Mike Molly FRONT L-R: Michael Chang, Mikal Minhas, Christian Hvide, Sajan Shah, Ben Wowk, Maxwell Robertson, Grant Richey, Richard Skill


BACK L-R: Kunal Sheth, Chris Hussey, Kellen McCarvell, Coach Chad Brekke FRONT L-R: Coach Peter Cuthbert, Ryan Steingruby, Hardeep Dhani, Victor Seet


BACK L-R: Coach Kim Criens, Kevin Kim, Kyle Carbon, Matt Shen, Edric Goh, Upa Lahiri, Calvin Lo FRONT L-R: Daniel Sohn, Julian Goh, Sean Tang, Daniel Choi, Michael Jeong, Connor Liu

BACK L-R: Coach Kim Criens, Pallavi Gummalam, Aarti Sreenivas, Alika Savira, Darlene Teddy, Roseanne Tang, Daphne Shim FRONT L-R: Marvella Luhur, Lourdes Santos, Kai Ying Lau, Julia Tan, Hannah Jeong, Natalie Teonadi


Vanessa Tan

Semester Interim

1st place color

People >> Photo by Olivia Auerbach

150 INTERIM 150

1st place color Landmarks/Architecture >> Photo by

1st Place

1st place B & W Landmarks/Architecture

color Nature >> Photo by Sam Sheldon

>>Photo by Alex Zulkoski

It’s hard to appreciate how great INTERIM SEMESTER really is. For more than a week we travelled to other nations and cultures and experienced what most kids our age can only dream of. We lived big thrills, respectfully observed age old traditions, absorbed breathtaking global scenery, mixed and mingled with locals, lent a helping hand to the needy, and enjoyed meal upon delicious meal of international cuisine. We travelled with our classmates, those who began the trip as acquaintances and ended as friends. Our teacher sponsors who accompanied us to far off lands guided us through our adventures and only added to our unforgettable experiences. We flew, travelled, boated, trekked, toured, ate, skiied, scuba-ed, built, kayaked, cooked, explored, taught, helped, sailed, (didn’t) shower, surfed, raced, sun-tanned, stayed up, slept in, cycled, photo-ed, rafted, absailed, worked, laughed, learned and enjoyed. And now we will remember. INTERIM SEMESTER 2007.

by Clay Crawford

The following pages are filled with stunning photography from Interim Semester. Unfortunately, no photos from the following interims were submitted (but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have fun): Northern India: Camels, The Taj, and Community Service; Malaysia: Island in the sun; Phillippines: Habitat for Humanity



Rushika Shekhar

1st place B & W People >> Photo by

>> gigi tsakiris

2nd place color Nature/landscape

>> Leon chan

>> Alison tan

>> Ji Ye Kim

2nd place b&w monuments & architecture

2nd place color monuments & architecture

152 152 INTERIM

2nd place color people

>> Melissa steckler

2nd place b & w people



3rd place color nature/landscape >> sam sheldon

3rd place color monuments & architecture 154 154 INTERIM

>> Michelle conway

3rd place color people

>> Megan anderson

Tr i p L i s t 156

3rd place b & w people >> zac moilanen

Australia and New 162 172

4th place b & w people >> renuka agarwal 190 220



South Africa Cape and Coast







Group: Marcus Bech, Alyssa Binnig, Nicole Bryson, Gautam Butalia, Sara DeNoma, Keri Dixon, Aubrey Doyle, Crista Favati, Ryan Fenwick, Winnie Ma, Taryn MacArthur, Valerie Mahillon, Nathaniel Mahoney, Sean McCabe, Saagar Mehta, Takahide Miyauchi, Hayden Ng, Daniel Tsukuda, Lindsay Webb, Ni Zhan Sponsors: Will Norris, Judy Ridgway [6]

[1] Students enjoy the beautiful cape view, [2] A majestic giraffe, [3] Ms. Ridgway smiles nervously as she prepares to abseil down a cliff, [4] Takhide Miyauchi captains a speedboat, [5] The group takes a hiking break in sunny South Africa, [6] The dizzying abseiling cliff on the coast, [7] Aubrey Doyle, Keri Dixon, and Sara DeNoma strike an African warrior pose, [8] The scenic view from above the coast.




Kruger National Park

South Africa




Group: Tarang Agarwal, Peter Ayer, Michael Bond, Vishal Chandaria, Anit Das, Stevie Day, Eric Eifler, Brian Maissen, Kellen McCarvel, Amelia Newlin, Robert Rathvon, Charles Reinert, Sam Sheldon, Igor Tanzil, Jarrod Underwood, Yuting Wu, ellen Wuest, Caroline Yeheskel-Hai, Rachel Yeo, Gabriel Yip Sponsors: Steve Early, David Putnam [1]




[1] Evening time in Kruger Park, [2] Robert Rathvon handles a large vulture with extreme caution, [3] A snarling, but captive, leopard, [4] Traditionally-dressed locals welcome the group to Kruger, [5] Anit, ellen, Caroline, Michael, Jarrod, and Robert share lunch at the Bird Habilitation Center, [6] Unique river gorge formations, [7] Flying high, Robbie does flips on a trampoline during free time, [8] A tribal dish consisting of crocodile, impala, corn, and grub worm, [9] The golden sunset, [10] A predatory owl with wings outspread, [11] A beautiful waterfall around the Kruger area, [12] Most of the guys in the group on top a cliff in front of Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Window, [13] Students photograph a trio of Rhinoceros. along the game drive.





[9] [10]




In the midst of this township of contrasts lies the Bridgman Center. This lovingly-kept, unassuming building in Zola, Soweto provides after-school programs for young children, a quiet place for older students to study and a recreational space for the larger community. Outside of these tangible functions, it provides a sense of pride and hope for Zolaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s generally economically poor inhabitants. After working at the Bridgman Center with my Interim group, I have come to the conclusion that this hope and pride is contagiousâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;I felt it too. > by Julia Knight

South Africa

Service in Soweto Township

[7] 160 INTERIM

Group: Cristina Ardon, Brittany Balcom, Crystal Clower, Denise Hotta-Moung, Julia Knight, Patricia Mar, Nicole Merendoni, Candice Park, Nikita Sahgal, Kea Scullion, Mia Rhodora Severino, Alexandra Shaulis, Rushika Shekhar, Anna Simpson, Elizabeth Stanton, Elisabeth Stocking, Mariko Thomas, Tiffany Varinata, Catherine Ward, Tiffanie Widjaja


Sponsors: David Rops, Tracy Rops

[3] [1] Children outside of the Bridgman Center in Soweto, Johannesberg play in front of the SAS studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; cameras, [2] Candice Park hugs a young girl outside of the Bridgeman Center before departing on the van back to the lodging. Towards the end of each day after paintng, cleaning, gardening, organizing or making crafts, SAS students had the opportunity to play with the Bridgman Center children, [3] On the first day of the interim the SAS students met with the GASA Girls - Girls Against the Spread of Aids - and shared had a cultural exchange with them.

[1] [4]

[5] [4] Elizabeth Stanton plays with the children at the Bridgman Center after working at the center, [5] Patricia Mar plays with a little girl in Soweto, [6,7] Children played in the market outside of Market Theater in downtown Johannesberg. SAS students watched a play at the theater after shopping.

[6] INTERIM 161

Western Australia


Group: Jelita Adams, Nicholas Alli-Shaw, Xiao An, Priyanka Arya, Krisna Bharvani, Jonathan Butt, Kyle Carbon, Priscilla Chan, Eric Y. W. Chen, Bradley Cumming, Anna Downs, Chloe Dunderdale, Jhila Farzaneh, Benjamin Hartung, Helen Knight, Allen Koh, Joshua Latief, Tiffany Leu, Dustin Roberts, Shih-Ho Tsao. Sponsors: Frieda Dietrich, Ed Gilbreath

[1] [2]


[1] Surf crashing against the rocky Australian shore, [2] The sunny beach on Rottnest Island, [3] Card games in the tent, [4] Allen, Nick and Dustin try to stay cool in the water, [5] Mounted and ready to cycle for the first time in Perth, [6] Chloe and Jhila on a large rock, [7] Chloe Dunderdale prepares to rope swing. [4]

[7] [4]

[6] [5]


Lifeguarding Surfing & Ocean Australia [8] [1]




[8] The surfer boys chill while their guide explains the surf.

Group: Daniel Charbonnet, Rod Hesh, Christopher Hussey, Rishad Irani, Alexander Lim, Rachel Liou, Barbara Lodwick, Kelson Nef, Anshul Parikh, Abhay Puri, Jordan Reed, Calli Scheidt, Andrew Szombathy, Edward Teonadi, Jivesh Tolani, Clarissa Vainius, Julia Vasko, Barron Witherspoon, Jay Chin Yen Sponsors: Jay Kumpel, Ursula Pong

[1] Junior Rachel Liou glides smoothly into shore. [2] Junior Anshul Parikh takes a spill. [3] Sophomore Alex Lim dives face first ino Aussie waters. [4] Junior Calli Scheidt finishes off a wave ride. [5] Junior Daniel Charbonnet slips and falls backwards. [6] Junior Kelson Nef rests after a smooth get up. [7] Jivesh and Anshul learn how to surf from the pros. [5]




New Zealand Muddy Wheels


Group: Sultan Al Ramahi, Jonathan Amidjojo, Leon Chan, Hsien Ching Chen, Jesse Choe, Maximillian Davies, Andrew Debell, Jonathan Fu, Lydia Hryshchyshyn, Mithila Mahesh, Christopher Merendoni, David Momberger, Tyler Nelson, Daniel Noel, Nanami Oki, Bryce Robinson, Mila Rusafova, Ryan Steingrubey, Ernest Tien, Robert Uram Sponsors: Simon Bright, Kim Criens [1]


[3] [1] Ryan and Chris lead the group in the Waka paddle near Rotarua, New Zealand, [2] Students dismount their bikes and climb a steep hill for an overlook of the ocean, [3] Some of the group with their instructor, [4] The lift to top of the hill where the whole town of Rotarua can be seen.


New Zealand


Group: Katherine Hsieh, Hye Soo Kim, Na-Young Kim, Ha Na Koo, Jae Won Lee, Kyu Ho Lee, Jonathan Lewis, Jeffrey Lin, Charles Maher, Kathleen McGurk, Yashika Mody, Devon Morris, Laura Mulroy, Abigail Murray, Emily Noble, Katherine Patterson, Sarah Sarkhosh, Sae Gyul Song, Danielle Szulanski, Fernanda Umeoka. Sponsors: Carrie Thomas, Erin Millar

Land of the Long White Cloud A [1] A few girls trudging up the hills on a six hour hike. [2] Seen from a distance, the group walks up a dry grass field. [3] Guides pull the rafts to the side so the paddlers can look at the rapids ahead.






Group: Joshua Chan, Phoebe Johnson, Niyomi Kothari, Lyndon Leung, Guan Lian, Yu Chi Lin, Evelyn Lo, Chie Miyauchi, Christine Newman, John Pitfield, Benyamin Ramli, Shane Shibazaki, Kiersten Soderlund, Taisuke Suzuki, Tomohiro Tachibana, Phuc Ngoc Tran, Katilyn Underwood, Megan Woodard, Kiyoko Yasuda, Ken Chun Yeoh Sponsors: Jeff Devens, Craig Olsen

[1] A group photo of both the A and B trip before boarding a boat in Kaikoura. [2] Dusky dolphins seen from a boat off the coast of Kaikoura. [3] Jet boating on the Waiau river. [4] View of the coast from the Abel Tasman National Park. [5] A bridge for bungy jumping standing 35 meters over the Waiau river.

Land of the Long White Cloud B INTERIM 165


Milford Trek


New Zealand

Group: Terence Einhorn, Laura Goodwin, Wyatt Guggisberg, William Hamberlin II, Jea Jun Han, Nora Hanagan, John Hardee, Meredith Hayward, Seung Gon Hong, Alexander Kim, Hyun Soo Kim, Jong Eun Lee, April Lesiuk, Connor Liu, Maria Lloyd, Shannon Lynch, Erin Morris, Spenser Silverman, Richard Skill, Sungmin Son Sponsors: Fred Crawford, Martha Began



[4] [1] Student takes a break on the mountain of backpacks, [2] Mountains and grassy plains seen along the Milford Traill, [3] Crossing a suspension bridge during the trek, [4] Group photo at the end of the trail, [5] Studentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and sponsorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s boat ride home after their long trek.



Meeting of Nations

[1] The temporary campsite for the group, [2] Students receive guidance from the instructor before embarking on their journey, [3] Students paddle against the mighty current of a New Zealand river, [4] Students listen to their guide at the Museum rooftop as he discusses the Maori culture.

New Zealand


Group: Rudona Christin Basilio, Kendra Black, Lexis Guerrisi, Pallavi Karunakaran, Tun Tun Khaing, Da-Young Kim, Sein Kim, Mei Fung, Li, Samuel Lockett, Anne Lydens, Jian Magno, Elliot Miranda, Daniele Selby, Neha Sethi, Gyda Sim, Vivien Ysabella Singson, Esha Sondhi, Benny Tang, Darlene Teddy, Samantha Tierney Sponsors: Jean Rueckert, Roopa Dewan.




[5] The group sits and enjoys a fish and chips meal on the beach, [6] Flora, a community and a lake in New Zealand.




New Zealand Rocks & Rivers


Group: Aditi Basu, Natasha Chan, Hua Wei Chang, Tiffany Cheng, Jane Hurh, Brit Hvide, Dong Ho Kim, Meiko Masuno, Ashley McClelland, Hikari Nagasaki, Kayla Schilling, Sajan Shah, Joshua Smith, Sydney St. Clair, Chaz Suckow, Apurv Suri, Rachel Tam, Christopher Thome, Wang-Ting Tsai, Genevieve Yip Sponsors: Pele Young, Mario Sylvander

[4] [3]

[1] Mario Sylvander glides smoothly down the river , [2] Sajan Shah and group practice kayak flipping on a cold NZ river, [3] Apurv running the river rapids [4] Tour guide, student, and teacher alike enjoy the exhilarating luge ride. [5] Snug and warm in their sleeping bags, Ashley, Jane, Tolley and Rachel doze in the early morning.



Trek RouteburnNew Zealand


[1] Chris Davis soaks in the wild NZ landscape, [2] A fast, exciting ride on the Shotover Jet boat, [3] In the Antarctic Center, penguins were one of the main attractions, [4] Crazy Mr. Grimbergen dives off the Kawarau Bridge on a bungee jump, [5] Some of the group pose with the picturesque Routeburn lake-field-mountainand-blue-sky backdrop.





Group: Amanda Cain, Jun Yul Choi, James Davis, Katherine De La Hoz, Hardeep Dhani, Alexander Greene, Alex Hoffer, Kathryn Jackson, Hae Moon Jeong, Ahilya Kaul, Russell Kreutter, Akshay Kumar, Jermyn Tze Rong Kwok, Alexandra Lesiuk, Nicholas Lesiuk, Han Soo Lim, James Linton, Louis-Philippe Loeckx, Paul Ruan, Alexander Suter Sponsors: Frans Grimbergen, Mark Guggisberg



Group: Lindsey Andersen, Shannon Angdrea, Matthew Bardon, Lena Byrne, Kelly Lynn Chan, Meng Chen, Michael Ciputra, Per-Christian Darby, Katherine Dickson, Alexander Ettlin, Tiffany Fan, Lindsey Farris, Natalie Favati, Daniel Fordney, Adam Frogley, Sidney Gourgel, Moo Kyung Kang, Tae Koo Kang, Katsuki Kubota, See Young Lee Sponsors: Frank Thomas, Steve Betts



[3] [5]

Western Australia

Outdoor Adventures


[1] Steve abseils down a large cliffside, [2] The instructor explains the use of safety equiptment, [3] Adam Frogley prepares to swing, [4] Tiffany feeds the sheep, [5] Sheep herder and his dog helper show the group how it is done, [6] Natalie holding sheep [7] Team buliding activity at the campsite [8] More team buiding activities [9] Group at the top of the abseiling cliff [10] Tiffany climbs up the Australian cliffside. [6] [7]





Group: Kathryn Bordwell, Christopher Grandidge, Sophie Greene, Caitlin Hale, Jeffrey Hamilton, Barret Hammond, Kevin Ho, Warren Wei Lien Ho, Rhys Holding, Patrick Huckbody, Jason Kuo-Tsai Hung, Aubrey Jackson, Hae Yeon Jeong, Hae Won Kim, Jack Kim, Arunima Kochbar, Philip Kwee, Colin Lee, Daniel Lee Sponsors: Patricia Kuester, Yolante Pan


The Greek Odyssey

It was an extremely long hike in to Monemvasia. Especially with our fleet of bags, it was a cacophonous nightmare. But it was worth the effort as we began to see that it is actually a fortress with only one entrance. It is like a village within closed doors, almost a segregated community. With its one of a kind terrain, of course we had to play Capture the Flag, all twenty of us. As I ravaged for the opposing teamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s flag, I walked around and realized that it was beautiful. The planning and organization, not to mention the buildings, were gorgeous. This Greek fortress combines both purpose and form, science and art if you will. To the Greek, architecture must have been an art as much as a science, due to its nature. > by Philip Kwee


[1] View from the top of the ancient town of Monemvasia, [2] Seniors Jeff Hamilton and Warren Ho pose at a castle near Methoni Beach, [3] A rainbow emerges on a gloomy day, [4] Students visited the Parthenon in the Acropolis in Athens, Greece.






Republic & Czech PolandKrakow & Prague


Group: Shruti Ayyar, Anushka Bharvani, Denise Borsuk, Kezia Callahan, Ya Chun Chang, Kenneth Chen, Alvin Cheng, Alrick Cheung, Michelle Conway, Yun Ah Nam, Cindy Nguyen, Alannah Sawhill, Adam Schwarz, Jonathan Shim, Anup Suresh, Jason Chi-Hsuan Tsai, Rachel Witt, Peck Yang Sponsors: Stacey Jensen Tracy van der Linden

[5] [4] Shruti , Anushka i, Rachel and Anna in front of Prague Castle. [5] The barbed wire and look out guard towers of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp. [6] Prague townsquare .





[1] Prague seen from Charles Bridge. [2] The astronomical clock and its tower in Old Town [3] The group descends steps leading into the Salt Mines of Krakow, Poland.


Experiencing the Atrocity As I walked into the compound of Auschwitz I, a slogan of just three words loomed above me, Arbeit Macht Frei, in other words, Work Brings Freedom. Unsure of the real meaning of these words, I moved on to visit the museums and observe the facilities of the camp. Brick colored buildings were constructed in seemingly endless rows and every building has the same exterior design. The compound was enormous. However, carrying with me a knowledge that I was standing on a ground where the most hideous genocide commenced in history, I heard my heartbeat and felt chills in my bones. I proceeded to the museums; horrific images unfolded in front of my eyes. Pictures of emaciated children and women transported my imagination back in time to feel what it was to be malnourished, to be mistreated, and to be condemned. Enclosed spaces behind glass walls stored shaven hair of dead prisoners, empty cans of cyanide, confiscated shoes, combs, eating utensils, and empty luggage. Workers that arrived in this camp were deprived; instead of working for their freedom, they worked for their deaths. > Speech by Jonathan Shim INTERIM 175




[1] Light streams through the windows of the Karlskirche cathedral, [2] The Vienna Opera House, [3] Derek Wong and He Huang pose with a statue of Count Kรกrolyi Sรกndor, [4] Sightseeing is put on hold for a group picture, [5] The Austrian flag waves from the top of a building, [6] A fountain in front of the Hofsburg Imperial Palace in Vienna, [7] One of the many domes of the Hofsburg Imperial Palace.

[5] [4]



Group: Audrey Akman, Ya Han Hsu, He Huang, Yu-Hui Huang, Stephanie Hue, Young Kyun Hur, Arjun Khanna, Yi Tien Lee, Michelle Ongko, Victor Pesik, Iskandar Ramli, Michelle Schmitz, Jamie Shah, Cindy Sunogo, Sara Tan, Ali Taqi, Derek Wong, Angela Xu, Rachelle Yu, Pei Zhu Sponsors: Joe Lingle, Brian Hill

Vienna & Budapest



Winter Sports


Group: Adam Anderson, Gonzalo Carral, Clayton Crawford, William McArthur, David McNicol, Jennifer Nockels, Phillip Norman, Soo Bean Oak, Mallika Rao, Mitchell Samson, Christina Starkey, Jaidev Subaiah, Winny Tan, Nadia Tsao, Annette Tso, Tri Anka Uozumi, Peter Garrett Vaz, Kacey Whitaker, Nora Yin Sponsors: Paul Terrile, Dawn Betts






[1] The Les Elfes dorm after a late night snowfall, [2] Phil Norman and Anka Uozumi experience the chilly morning whiteout, [3] The center of Verbier at Dusk, [4] The group poses during a BBQ on top of the Ski Mountain, [5] Mitch Samson walks from the Les Elfes compound into the downtown Verbier, [6] A Sunrise, seen from the balcony of the Les Elfes dorm, showers the town and sky in pink and purple.





[1] [1] The group in the courtyard of an ancient palace, [2] A local guitar player serenades on a small town street, [3] Detailed sidewalk chalk drawings amazing passerbys, [4] In front of a majestic fountain, guys and girls celebrate, [5] Sothearo Kit, Cynthia Zu, and Olivia Pickering chat on a chilly park bench, [6] View of Granada through a large window. Many features of the town, especially the architecture, was influenced by Moorish culture, [7] Decorated courtyards, including manicured gardens and water features, are popular throughout Spain.

[3] [4]




Spain [7]

Group: Hyung Koo Choi, Ria Harakuma, Sung Won Hong, Jae Won Hur, Kohei Ito, Lauren Johnson, Jee Won Kang, Kyung-Woo Kim, Sang Cheol Kim, Sothearo Kit, Na Hoi Koo, Tae Sung Kook, Chan Lee, Kyu Hyun Lee, Tryphena Luhur, Chit Khaing Maung, Thandar Oo, Chase Ho Park, Olivia Pickering, Cynthia Zu Sponsors: Paul Griffin, Rochelle Griffin




San Sebastian

Immersion Week in Spain



Group: Divya Banjeri, Christi Boston, Alison Chin, Dorothy Dugard, Caitlin Fay, Janay Gamble, Shreya Ghandi, Kelsie Householder, Karin Ito, Kristen Johnson, Mili Kale, Victoria Kent, Puja Kumar, Shen Wei Lai, Sharon Lau, Karen Lin, Maya Ranganath, Alike Savira, Daphne Shim, Emily Woodfield Sponsors: Philippe Moineau, Tico Oms




[1] A quaint town street lined with thin, multi-storey shophouses, [2] Cathedrals, such as this one with an intricate spire, typically dominate largely Catholic Spanish towns, [3] The green Spanish countryside, [4] Maya Ranganath daringly leans out the window of a train to snap a photo, [5] Maya Ranganath, Divya Banjeri, Sharon Lau, Puja Kumar, and Emily Woodfield pose on stone crafted stairs, [6] The group with a sunny Mediterranean backdrop.



Group: Group: Paul Charbonnet, Eric Comstock, Steven Costello, Julie Grefsrud, Shabiba Hasan, Breda Hogan, Lionel Meng, Karen Ngo, Wakana Sasaki, Alyssa Schodorf, Sneh Shah, Maya Shankar, Shruti Shekar, Nicholas Soderberg, Thomas Soderlund, Tae Jin Son, Sean Tang, Veronica Toth, Tiffanie Wu, Ming Chin Yen Sponsors: Bridget Gambell, Ian Page 184 INTERIM

Exploring the Capitol Cities


Western Australia

“The Hermitage was probably the most impressive thing we saw. They had such a big collection with paintings by Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Monet, and Raphael. The palace itself is completely gorgeous - very ornate.” > Tiffanie Wu

[2] [1] St. Basils Cathedral against a stark white winter sky, [2] The entrance to St. Basil’s, a unique and colorful cathedral in Moscow’s Red Square, [3] Grand architecture dominates Russian cities, such as this huge yellow building encompassing a square, [4] A huge cannon, remenant from olden days, [5] The sun comes out on one of Russia’s many palaces, white and light blue against a similarly colored sky.






[1] Students visited the Colosseum in Rome on the first day, [2] In the Duomo in Florence students saw the Last Judgement by Giorgio Vasari and Federico Zuccari on the ceiling. Exterior right, [3] Students viewed a statue in front of a government building in Piazza Venezia commonly called ‘The Wedding Cake’ due to it’s white marble and large structure, [4] Trevi Fountain in Rome. [2]


Group: Isabella Amstrup, Rachel Black, Mariko Bock, Chandrika Chandran, Jiamin Chen, Vicky Cheng, Thitaya Chuensuksawadi, Caroline Gillot, Winny Hasan, Maiko Itani, Miguel Martin Menez, Vas’Star Moss, Michelle Ong, Carlota Piguillem, Mary Quach, Clarissa Ruslie, Xenia Stafford, Vanessa Tan, Deviani Wulandari, Shimpei Yamashita, Celine Yeh Sponsors: Joseph Thomas, Nanette Ruhter



Italy Rome and Sorrento




[3] [1] Lillianne Cadieux-Shaw, Alice Grgas, Natalie Ong and Emily Brotman pose among Roman ruins in Nice, [2] A fresh fish stand selling the dayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s catch from the Mediterranean, [3] The group heads towards the beach, [4] The harbor in Monte-Carlo, Monaco.


Immersion Week in France


Group: Emily Brotman, Lillianne Cadieux-Shaw, Jon Cheng, Bryan Gamble, Alice Grgas, Pallavi Gummalam, Rachita Mallya, Natalie Ong, Victoria Pena, Danica Pizzi, Michelle Reade, Brooke Schmidt, Tara Smith, Natalie Tan, Claudia Thieme, Sophia Tinger, Yuvika Tolani, Natalia Umeoka, Akshay Venkatesh, Kelly Zhang Sponsors: Christina Popowski, Laurence Patrick


[1] [2]



Land of the Thunder Dragon 190 INTERIM

Group: Jonathan Choe, Kelly Fan, Abhinav Kaul, Bradley Kobylarz, Myung Hoon Kwack, Marissa Leow, Jessica Lin, Thomas Lindh, Samuel Lloyd, Patrick McNulty, Jeremy Chi Linh Nguyen-Phuong, Simi Oberoi, Marina Patterson, Kelly Procida, Lauryn Reay, Mairead Ross, Carolyn Schmidt, Alexandra Smith, Amanda Tsao, Jonathan Zaman Sponsors: Mark Devine, Tim Thompson

[4] [1] Students climb to the monastery at Tigerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Nest nestled in a Paro cliffside, [2] A monk spinning a prayer wheel, [3] Students Alix, Mairead, Brad, Kelly, Marina and Abhinav share a moment on Tigerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Nest, [4] Local children wait at the entrance to a Dzong, [5] Students stop at Dochula Pass to play in the snow, [6] Buddhist prayer flags, [7] School kids posing for a photo at the school where SAS donated a TV and computer, [8] Bhutanese men practice their archery with compound bows, [9] Alix catches snow in her mouth.







Faces of Cambodia


[1] Mother and daughter serve bananas on the local river, [2] Sunset brings smiles from cheery girls on the trip, [3] Angkor Wat, the famous ruins of a lost civilization from ancient Cambodia, [4] Cambodian children dance with an SAS student, sharing their indigenous culture, [5] A young Cambodian girl calmly dances, [6] Climbing the steep steps up one of the numerous temples.

Group: Alexis Asselin Lauzon, Olivia Auerbauch, Shannon Barge, Alexis Bell, Amanda Brown, James Burtch, Woo Jeong Byun, Tommy Cheng, Paula Florez, John Foo, Brea Jackson, Han Young Jeong, Noo Ree Kang, Kyung Jin Lee, Lauren Lee, Min Ju Park, Phyoe Pwint Phyu, Zhanyi Png, Aye Nyein Pyu, Adrienne Wilson. Sponsors: Brian Combes, Dale Ford




China A [1]

[1] The cold group in a gigantic Chinese square, [2] Patrick Gilligan, William Langford, Young Bean Oak, Robert Mehring, and Bryant Molloy on The Great Wall, [3] A calm lake scene with pagoda on the horizon. [2]


Group: Eleanor Barz, Juvenalia Brito, Markus Friis, Patrick Gilligan, Brittany Hale, Wilson Hasan, Soo Jin Hong, Kai Yang Hsu, Kyo Joong Kim, William Langford, Mackenzie McAllister, Robert Mehring, Arthur Meng, Bryant Molloy, Michael Nguyen, Young Bean Oak, Yotaro Suzuki, Theresa Tan, Alexandra Zulkoski Sponsors: Michael Norman, Kim Tay Group: Dong Won Ahn, Cameron Bach, Breno Cavalheiro, Andrew Hahneol Chung, Patrick Doyle, Michael Fu, Danielle Gay, Sun Han, Larissa Hardesty, Joo Hee Jun, Da Ham Kim, Jong Woo Kim, Kyu Min Kim, Ji Na Lee, Noel Lee, Gabrielle Linnard, Pradeep Mahtani, Brytannie Mehring, Zachary Moilanen, Sung Bae Park Sponsors: Scott Duncan, Sarah Mar [2]


[1] A watchtower on The Great Wall of China, [2] An old Chinese man painting characters on the pavement, [3] The group, along with guide/translator, chilly despite the sun, [4] Terracotta warriors silently standing guard.

China B [3]





[6] [7]

South India

Group: Vincent Andrade, Sumanjeet Bose, Alexander Bryans, Christopher Chee, Shreya Chohan, Caitlin Favati, Roxanna Hesh, Christian Hvide, Harini Iyer, Mishal Iyer, Benjamin Langford, Marvella Luhur, Rohan Parikh, Anuraag Premkumar, Pongsathorn Samit-Ampaipisam, Christella Soriano, Rebecca Stratton, Ashley Wood, Stanton Yuwono Sponsors: Hung-Hwa Charbonnet. Richard Bisset

[1] A southern Indian Elephant and handler, [2] Marvella Luhur pretends to hold the golden dome of a temple [3] A hindu elder dressed in traditional orange robes, [4] Sunset over a South Indian town, [5] The group on the grounds of an Indian temple, [6] Christella Soriano investigates fresh local vegetables, [7] Two Indian locals before a carved stone statue. [2]







Group: Aishwarrya Balaji, Nicole Banister, Adrian Bautista, Thomas Bynum, Alicia Card, Alexander Casella, Hee Soo Chung, Samantha Fung, Charles Hewitt III, Ai Hosokai, Shiori Kodama, Ashley Lau, Sarah Scarsdale, Avery Shawler, Kyle Smith, Julia Tan, Mitchell Tang, Victoria Williamson, Eugene Wong, Tung Han Yang Sponsors: Beth Kramer, Michael Stagg [5]


Rajasthan Discovery [4]

[1] Sculpted window portals surround students high above the ground, [2] The camel caravan treks through the Rajasthan Desert, [3] Shiori Kodama and friends pose in a decorated doorway, [4] Jumping for joy on a cool desert evening, [5] An old Indian palace in the setting sun, [6] Shiori Kodama and Ai Hosokai dismount from their smelly desert ride.




A Cultural Odyssey


Group: Shina Akagawa, Michael Andrew, Chelsea Curto, Rick D. Garcia, Alexandra Gilchrist, Jordan Glick, Hannah Groch-Begley, Justin Hill, Koki Kamata, Shogo Kikui, Kyung Rock Lee, David McKenzie, Gun Tae Moon, John Ratley, Apiksha Singh, Melissa Steckler, Alison tan, Vysak Venkateswaran, Robert Whitehead, Ji-Hun Andrew Yu Sponsors: Paul Koebnick, Jason Adkison

[1] 196


Group: Viendy Alim, Miracle Anderson, Brady Baildon, Alan Chow, Brian Chow, Joseph Hakam, Christopher Jackson, Khyber McHugh, Jacque Moll, Joshua Moll, Jessica Nelson, Kabilan Pillay, Cory Robinson, Joseph Schmidt, Sandhya Sivaskandan, Sarah Slaven, Megan Spencer, Megan Sullivan, Scott Swingle Sponsors: Mark Swarstad, Ed Bywater

Cebu in House Building Philippines [1] [2]



[1] Filipino children and parents fill in the gaps of a housing frame, [2] A dome building of religoius paintings housing a large cross, [3] A local aged stone building covered in flora with the filipino flag hanging above, [4] Three young children pose a student.


India Tibetan in Trekking Dharamsala

Group: Group: Renuka Agarwal, Sakshi Agarwal, Soo Yeon Bae, Camille Beinhorn, Maritz Buchholz, Charles Carver, Henry Cheng, Katherine DeFord, James Golden, Belal Hakim, Devin Hardee, Michael Howard, Sun Woo Kim, Kristina Kirwin, Kristina Lydens, Esha Parikh, Thomas Ruan, Thomas Swenson, William Tsay Sponsors: Don Adams, Patrick Hopkins






[1] Magnificent Tibetan mountain views welcomed students each morning, [2] Tibetan mountain village that served great local tea, [3] Mr. Hopkins, Meritz Buchholz, Kristina Lydens, Casey Deford, Charles Carver, Tina Kirwin, and Soo Yeon Bae stop for some hot tea before continuing on their mountain trek, [4] The campsite high in the Tibetan mountains, [5] The group sipping Chai Tea in a local Tibetan tea shop, [6] Tibetan monks eating local fare.




[1] [3] [2]


Beginning Scuba Diving

[1] A student stands on a beach while watching the sunset, [2] Against a wall reef, a school of reef fish circle over a photographer below, [3] A large rock island fills the skyline as a small boat passes by the setting sun, [4] Two spotted moray eels swim among green soft coral, [5] During mid day, a member of the trip enjoys the sea side view of nearby islands and a sunny reflection.


Group: Christopher Aholt, Theodore Chritton, Samantha Koh, Stephanie Maissen, Mikal Minhas, Nicholas Moilanen, Wataru Moriyama, Heather Morris, Lan Anh Nguyen-Phuong, Adam Reid, Katherine Schodorf, Max Shaulis, Todd Shell, John Starkey, Tate Theisen, Dev-Vrat Tiwari, Aaron Tsai, Daniel Witt, Mina Zorrilla Sponsors: Paula Silverman, Mimi Molchan









Thailand Sea Kayak Phang Nga Bay [6]

[1] Kayaking in the South China Sea, [2] A beach in Thailand that was devastated by the 2005 tsunami, [3] Grant and Eric fight in a Thailand boxing ring, [4] Group takes a ride on a boat to get to their kayaks, [5] Students kayak through a valley on the last day, [6] Rachel, Vanessa, Rebecca, Eric, Grant and Stephen watch a sunset from the boat [7] Sunset in Thailand [8] Eric practices his kicks against training pads held by an instructor.

Group: Stephen Curto, Rachel Fink, Daniel Hartman, Massimiliano Hasan, Kai Ying Lau, Young Rock Lee, Erica Padgett, Daphnie Pan, Akhilesh Pant, Amit Perekh, Yeon Joon Park, Vanessa Peck, Alison Pendergrass, Dominick Perrocco, Alissa Polomieva, Rebecca Priestly, Grant Richey, Eric Riemer, Daniella Beatri Rodriguez, Roseanne Tang Sponsors: Cam McNicol, John Johnson [8]



[2] [3]


Habitat for Humanity


Group: Spencer Anderson, Duncan Benjamin, William Yang Bradley, Brian Briggs, Alexander Chadwick, Edward Chan, Patrina Chan, Jason Chang, Lucas Chiang, Aaditya Chowdhry, Dennis Chu, William Fergin, Yun Hoi Koo, Allison Lee, Gabriel Lee, Patrick Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien, Derrick Poe, Thomas Rees, Christopher Ryan, Joshua Wolf Sponsors: Michael Cox, Kent Knipmeyer


[1] Spencer Anderson and co-workers add mortar and construct a cinderblock wall, [2] Gabriel Lee makes finishing touches to one of the solid walls of the house, [3] Big hats and work gloves were necessary attire for the long, hard work days, [4] The machine that held it all together: the cement mixer, [5, 6, 7] From beginning to end, the house takes shape after hours of hard work.

AdventureThailand Racing [1] All geared up the group prepares to cross a thin bamboo bridge, [2] Michael Chang, Austin Cox, Lauren Betts, Sean Doyle, Cameron Lower and Chien Hao Fan share thai snacks, [3] Still waters and colorful kayaks, [4] The group poses in front of the river that dominated their trip, [5] A misty morning view of the river, [6] Hiking along a narrow jungle trail, [7] A small jungle Buddha shrine. [2]




Group: Joshua Abueva, Jake Anderson, Lauren Betts, Ian Bryson, Michael Chang, Nicholas Colletti, Austin Cox, Lars Crawford, Sean Doyle, Joshua Dwyer, Chien Hao Fan, Lawrence Fan, Lauren Felice, James Fickel, Mitchell Hulse, Amber Jack, Cameron Lower, Austin Moore, Richard Patterson Sponsors: Andrew Hallam, Tim Zitur [3]






Students view the Kinkaku-ji, also known as the Golden Pavilion Temple across the Kroko-Chi (Mirror Pond) in the temple grounds in Kyoto. Kinkaku-ji is the pavillion of the grounds, and is famous for being the retirement villa for Shogun Ashikaga. The entire pavilion except for the basement floor is covered with pure gold leaf. The structure functions as a shariden, as it holds relics of the Buddha, and the many islands and stones in the pond are there to represent the Buddist creation story. [1] Esther Sutanto visits a temple in Nara, [2] Students also visited the Kasuga Shrine in Nara Park. The path to the shinto shrine leads through a Deer Park and over a thousand stone lanterns line the way, [3] Thomas Reingheim warms his hands near a fire at a Shinto Shrine in Kyoto, [4] The group poses for a photo at a Buddhist temple in Kyoto. [3]



Group: Jonathan Johncock, Brendan Lam, Jonathan Lee, Esther Lukman, Pauline Mar, Maung Lay Maung, Caitlin Murray, Kaitlyn Newlin, Min Jae Park, Ivan Pesik, Daksha Rajagopalan, Brian Riady, Thomas Ringheim, Miguel Antonio Santos, Colin Shea, Shaun Soetaniman, Esther Sutanto, An Chi ten, Evelyn Toh, Thomas Whalen-Bridge Sponsors: Jim Kett, Jeri Kett


[2] [3] [1] [1] Sunset ends another day on the high seas, [2] Suntanning was a popular pasttime during lazy days of sailing, [3] The ship 20 kids called home, [4] In an attempt to seem manly, Patrick Bousky shows off his so-called â&#x20AC;&#x153;gunzâ&#x20AC;?, [5] Four guys take a breatk on the shady, port side of the boat.


Group: Connor Adbdelnoor, Peter Bardon, Patrick Bousky, Tanner Britton, Nicholas Chang, Christopher Comstock, Drew Cumming, Kimberley Dunbar, Oliver Evans, Alexander Finch, William Fulton, Casimir Fussner, Cathleen Graddy, Brent Lightfoot, David Nockels, Emma Sheldon, Douglas Wang, Jacqueline Whitaker, Benjamin Wowk, John-Patrick Wright Sponsors: Karl Wischki, Amy Ferguson


Sailing Adventure



Advanced Scuba Diving

Pulau Tiga Group: Scott DeNoma, Luke Ettensperger, Myles Fenwick, Kailen Glide, Ian Gillis, Alexander Havas, Kelsey Lightfoot, Nina Miller, David Nowak-Laird, Michael Osachoff, Kirstie Parkinson, Maxwell Robertson, Clinton Wagoner, Ciera Walker, Kendrick Wang, Austin Wong, Francis Yang


Sponsors: Linda Clarke, Jim Diebley


[1] Scott Denoma prepares to disembark the boat, [2] A starfish, one of the many beautiful sea creatures students saw, [3] After a long day of diving students relax on the beach by the camp fire, [4] The group poses in the clear ocean, [5] Luke Ettensperger under water in his full scuba gear, [6] Max Robertson checking his tank.

[4] [5]





Sea to Sky Adventure



â&#x20AC;&#x153;I feel that the teamwork and perseverance of everyone around me was incredible. Also the push to the peak and the incredible views made me think and see the world in a different light.â&#x20AC;? >> Carolyn Yan

Group: Arshia Ahuja, Rachel Barry, Pierre Cassini, Carson, DeBerry, Kenneth Evans, Catherine Gilchrist, Melissa Huston, Jamie Lim, Shunsuke Murakami, William Peters, Andisya Siregar, Aditya Subramaniam, Rebecca Tay, Kathryn Tinker, Yasmin Venema, Anna Von Essen, Jordan Wills, Marc Wilson, Carolyn Yan, Nicholas Zulkoski Sponsors: Paul Welsh, Julie Goode

[1] [2]

[3] [1] Student uses upper body strength to speedily climb a palm tree, [2] The group jumps for joy after climbing to the top of a beautiful hill, [3] Students pose for a picture while maneuvering their way down a steep mountain.



Sri Lanka Adventure Group: Alexandra Boothe, Erica Brunoehler, Matthew Cardenas, Synne Grefsrud, Shuma Hasegawa, Joo Hyun Kim, Dexter Lam, Mahendra Marshall, Colin McDowell, Michael Meguid, Alexander Morris, Brandon Mulder, Yusuke Oimatsu, Andres Pazos, Andrew Schollaert, Kunal Sheth, Christopher Theisen, Rory Tredinnick, Teng Yuan Wee, Robert Zimmerman Sponsors: Dale Smith, Eric Burnett

[1] Group journies down stream guided by locals, [2] Andrew handles a Ball Python with extreme caution, [3] Group on top of a destroyed US tank at Cuchi Tunnels, [4] Local vendor selling an assortment of vegetables.










North Vietnam


Group: Sanskriti Ayyar, Zubin Chand, Joon Ho Choi, Aashna Chopra, Harold Fischer, Lindsay Henson, Liam Howell, Woo Won Jang, Jae Won Kim, Kyung Ryun Kim, Yae Bin Kim, You Na Kim, Jessica Long, Serena Mirchandani, Nishant Rao, Christopher Sohn, Daniel Sohn, Meghna Vaidyanath, Nihal Varkey, Samson Yuwono


[1] Kevin Kim hugs one of the local children, [2] Local children are assisted by some members of the group, [3] Students and sponsors gather to take a group photo.

Sponsors: Duane Melsom, Kim Melsom





Group: Rawan Al Ramahi, Andrea Aloisi, Gary Rowe Baicy, Katrina DeVaney, Rohin Dewan, Beatrice Ding, Taylor Escalante, John Golden, Stephen Hryshchyshyn, Carolina Kumala, Yuka Kumano, Jae Hee Lee, Darin Lewis, Kanako Nakajima, Raehanna Reed, Jordan Reinert, David Seto, Asuka Shiraishi, Carl Smith, Hagan Smith



Sponsors: Rick Silverman, Erick Schreiber

[1] Northern Village overlooking rice patties, [2] Boats and rock islands in Hai Long Bay, [3] A lady with her baby seen while in a village, [4] Group poses for a photo along with Vietnamese villagers.


Group: Amber Bang, Sylvia Chew, Ee-Chien Chua, Corey Householder, YoonYoung Jung, Ji Ye Kim, Jeffrey Kreutter, Jordan Lee, Michelle Lee, Sang Ho Lee, Sang Hoon Lee, Brian Leung, Alex Lopez, Gabrielle Loscalzo, Benjamin Moseley, Hyeong Seok Oh, Jun Hyung Oh, Samantha Pena, Christel Ann Ridao, Nicole Schmitz Sponsors: Barbara Harvey, Micha Roach





Istanbul and Beyond [1]

[1] Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, [2] Dome of Hagia Sophia, [3] Group takes a photo before skiing in the Uludag National Park, [4] Sang Hoon and Alex pose with a Turkish local, [5] a muslim prays in the Green Mosque, [6] Across the Strait of Bosphorus, the Asian half of Istanbul seen from the European side. [6]



[2] [1]


The Riau Encounter

[1] Two of the locals sit on a run down jetty, [2] Students play around while taking a break, [3] Smiling local students befriended the group, [4] Rachel McCabe and Anjuli Finch take a leap into the ocean, [5] Students set sail on the beautiful blue ocean, [6] Local students sit and listen intently.


Group: Gillian Barrett, Ana Crivorot, Nico Daily, Britanny Dawe, Sydney Debell, Anjuli Finch, Sara Gibson, Mei Lin Hyde, Kerri Iha, Natasha Irani, Peter MacArthur, Emily Maccabe, Kate Mahler, Kartika Marshall, Rachel McCabe, Lindsey Mena, Michael Merdink, Ishaan Misra, Sarah Moseley, Natalie Muller, Connor Murray, Kaitlin Noel, Camille Orrin Tureikis, Momo Ozawa, Kyle Pritts, Ashley Protentis, Kalie Riemer, Alexandra, Caitlin White, Tanya Zakowich

Sponsor: Dennis Steigerwald, Jenella Taylor, Doug Neihart

[5] [6]



Treasure Island




Group: Byron Barrett, James Bowers, Kenneth Chan, Jeremy Chen, Kevin Chin, Sarah Chuah, Duncan Clydesdale, Luigi Benjamin DeGuzman, Julian Goh, Ben Li He, Jennifer Ho, Audrey Hsia, Caroline Hui, Tia Iwan, Shivika Jhunjhnuwala, Seung Eun Kim, Given Lee, Shou-Han Liao, Emily Moore, Christopher Seet Sponsors: Ellen White, Zhu Wen Hong 216 216 INTERIM INTERIM



[1] A beautiful Tawainese view, [2] A golden decorated Buddh, [3] The sponsors and students come together for a group shot, [4] A Taiwanese temple decorated in vibrant colors, [5] Sarah Chuah, Shou-Han Liao, and Duncan Clydesdale congregate around a table to enjoy a meal.


Exploring Singaporeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

Food Trail

Tropical Adventures in Sailing 218 INTERIM

Group: Rina Baba, Jamie Griggs, Jae Yong Hur, Jong chan Kim, Sung Yeon Kim, Young Won Kim, Novanata Kit, Alexander Kua, Young Seo Lee, Bryan Charles Lewis, Aki Maedomari, Andrew Nazarechuk, Erica Ng, Yaesshna Pillay, Christina Rualo, Victor Seet, Saki Shiobara, Melania Smith, Aarti Sreenivas, Natalie Thrash, Meng-Ju Wu, Kohei Yamashita Sponsors: Charles Shriner, Brian Donalson

[1] [1] Students try some local noodles, [2] A partially finished plate of Chicken Satay is decorated and left in the middle of a singaporean Hawker Stall, [3] Daniel McCarvel and Dymock Dibb show off their food before they eat it.



Group: Guillermo Ardon, Christopher Briggs, Michael Bukovitz, Pai Hsin Chemg, Kenneth Anjou Coromina, Virginia Cucchi, Dymock Dibb, Dan Dinsmore, Ryan Dolph, Nadia Figueroa, In-Woo Jung, Audrey Ketchum, Bunarong Kit, Jong Hwa Lee, Aisling Leow, Shang Yu Lu, Kristine Maramot, James McAdam, Daniel McCarvel, Thomas McCarvel, Christina Alex Miranda, Daniel Moore, Cheng Yen Ng, Ellie Rava, Mary Russel, Ravindran Shanmugam, Gorby Simangunsong, Malavika Singh, Jasmine Vahdati, Nicole Widjaja Sponsor: Erik Torjesen

Teacher Apprenticeship




[4] An elementary student gets personal assistance from Daniela Lopes, an apprentice high school student, [5] Jon Eg assists the teacher and recieves instruction from the teacher of a middle school class, [3] As an apprentice to Ms. Parent, Caitlin Kobylarz takes attendence in an elementary P.E. class,

Group: Hye-Sung Ahn, Melissa Cheong, Hye-In Cho, Chao Dou, Nikita Due, Jonathan Eg, Jung Ho Han, Chloe Horowitz, Catalina Hwang, Min-Seon Kang, Da Yeon Kim, Hye Na Kim, Caitlin Kobylarz, Hui Xiang Koh, Rickie Leung, Huei-Yu Lin, Shih-Yiu Liu, Daniela Lopes, Shannon Middleton, Alexander Rossinsky, Ang Jun Seow, Rinku Sinha, Carolyn Tan, Shu-Chi Weng Sponsor: Nanette Devens [1]


Amazing Race

ingapore Photography

[1] In the high school gym, interim students learn the lion dance. [2] Close to the finish line at Palawan beach on the final day, [3] Students try the luge at Sentosa, [4] Rollerblading at East Coast Parkway.




Group: Johanna Alcaraz, Kyle Conner, Matthew Eng, Suzie Hong, Tzu Chi Huang, Myung-Ji Kang, Dong Hyun Kim, Min Ji Kim, Koon-Lam Lee, Jacob Massobrio-Cheung, Soo Hyun Moon, Isaac Ng, Non Okumura, Daniel Ong, Rohana Radhakrishnan, Matthew Shen, Da Yoon Shin, Mohineesh Singh, Ken Sweigert, Victor Tan, Lu An Teng, Edwin Wang, Xing Yu Xu, Yoo Young Yoon. Sponsor: Mark Clemens Group: Caroline Baicy, Laura Bell, Ryan Chan, Natalie Chen, Michael Chi, Martina Chiu, Thaddeus Chua, Danielle Courtenay, Min-Hsiang Kao, Marjhan Kausar, Jin Yoo Kim, Franchesca Liauw, Austin Lim, Tatianna Nasr, Hyeok Oh, Akane Otani, Jae Won Park, Priyamvadha Prasanna, Enja Reyes, Leah Sacks, Morgan Tyler, Ali Ukani, Joseph Ward, Wanwen Wu Sponsor: Steve Bonnette


Profiles: The Boys

Belal Hakim

Spencer Anderson

Andrew DeBell

By Jack Pitfield

By Jack Pitfield

By Tina Kirwin

Many of his teachers and peers describe his personality as energetic, maybe even bubbly, but junior Belal Hakim doesn’t agree. “They have seen a different side of me. I prefer to get down to business and get stuff done,” Hakim said. This attitude made Hakim a successful student council junior class vice-president. Hakim said that he became interested in student council during his freshman year. “I saw student council do a lot of things, but I didn’t understand why,” he said. The next year, Hakim joined the Sophomore Class Cabinet, but he did not feel that he had a voice in the student government. He identified this as a “problem with the lack of a direct personal connection with students.” So this year, Hakim ran for junior vicepresident. During his speech at the beginning of the year, Hakim promised better communication. By listening to different views from various groups, he feels that he has done his best to uphold this promise. Hakim describes his attitude as focused and direct. “I avoided the creative aspects of student council and focused on my strengths. For example communication and execution of projects.”

Spencer Anderson describes himself as a liberal-tarian, “socially liberal, fiscally conservative.” A well-read and equally out-spoken sophomore, Anderson said he strongly believed in the “freedom to make your own choices.” He attributes his political views to the time he lived in Paris two years ago, during the peak of the French opposition to the 2004 Iraqi war. He said the French “screamed and cursed” at him because he was an American. He said he was held up at knifepoint at a bus stop because someone resented his government’s actions. Spenser’s “deep enmity towards [the French]” and their left wing views caused him then to become a right-winger. During school Anderson demonstrated his views in a variety of ways. When he wrote English papers he tried to incorporate his views in his writing with themes that included independence and individual responsibility. Anderson was a member of the Action Committee of Peace Initiative. He has played a role in organizing Speaker’s Corner and was a major participant. Dr. Roopa Dewan, Peace Initiative sponsor, said that although Anderson is very set in his beliefs, he engaged in “healthy debates.” Anderson participated in two cultural convention events: impromptu and extemporaneous. Richard Silverman, his extemporaneous coach, said that Anderson’s divergent views were original and improved his results in his events. “For a sophomore, I was really impressed with how well he did,” said Silverman.

While casually browsing through the videos on YouTube, one might come across one featuring one of our very own SAS students, Andrew DeBell. Although he participated in SACAC football and the Varsity Basketball team, what really sets this junior apart from the rest is his rapping ability. At first glance DeBell, at 5’ 6”, does not appear to be your typical rapper. Moving here from California at the beginning of this school year, DeBell began his rapping 3 years ago during his freshmen year. Citing his influences as Weird Al Yankovic, 50 Cent, Eminem and Aaron Carter, DeBell is best known by his listeners as 49 Cent. The rapping duo, Debell and one of his friends known as 3Pac, have created spoofs off of J-Kwon’s “Tipsy”, their version being called “Teen Rapping”, as well as 50 Cent’s “In Da Club”, which they rewrote for their version, “In Da Zoo.” DeBell’s skill has come in handy, especially during the basketball season. “He busted it out sometimes before our games and it helped to pump us up,” fellow teammate Clay Crawford said. 49 Cent and 3Pac started making spoofs of popular rap songs because they believe rap had become a parody of itself “Mainstream rap today is too repetitive and unoriginal, that’s what actually inspired us to start rapping,” DeBell said. “I think of rapping like a clown in a circus; it is used to entertain a crowd but at the same time it is also a joke.”

220 ISLANDER2007

Ravi Shanmugan

Sandy Morris

Brian Riady

By Cat Ward

By Katrina DeVaney

By Tina Kirwin

Many students at SAS can boast about making IASAS teams and traveling for sports, dance, or drama. Only one though, can brag about missing first semester for his six-month stay in Hungary to study chess or his participation in the chess World Championships (under 18 years old) in Batumi, Georgia. Ravi Shanmugan has this ability, but you won’t hear him boasting about his endeavors in the hallways. He first became interested in chess when he was around 10 years old, but he became serious about it three years ago. “Kids generally like what they’re good at,” he said. “I wasn’t much of a sportsman. I only joined my schools’ chess club because I didn’t make the schools’ cricket team.” Shanmugan, who was 16 years old during the World Championships in Georgia, has played in hundreds of chess tournaments. Before his stay in Hungary, the longest that Shanmugan had ever been away from home was around one month. He was in Hungary and Georgia for six months. “I was rather homesick,” he said. “But at the same time I gained so much because I would live, eat and breathe chess. Everything was geared towards making me a better chess player.” Shanmugan said that the number of chess moves is “something like ten times the number of atoms in the universe, but don’t hold me to that.” During his chess intensive stunt in Europe, he prepared five to six variations in order to be ready for an opponent. “Memorizing one variation usually takes two hours if you’re fast,” he said.

He didn’t take a phenomenal amount of APs. He neither participated in dozens of extracurricular activities nor did he break any sports records. He walks to his home in the Woodlands after school and eats an afterschool snack of leftovers. During third season softball, he returns to school for practice. Well liked by all of his friends, Sandy Morris represents the typical SAS student. Although he does not necessarily enjoy school, he does not undermine its importance. “I don’t think it’s made for kids’ enjoyment,” he said. He worries about college, but not too much. His first choice is to go back home and attend the University of British Columbia. “This is the crunch time. You have to start working a lot harder.” Despite a good work ethic and honor roll grades, Morris struggles with procrastination. “I won’t lie, I cram as well.” Morris thinks that his generation will most be remembered for multitasking. On a normal day he will be on the computer, listening to music, checking baseball scores, talking to friends, all while trying to get some homework done for the next day. While it is part of his usual schedule, he debates whether humans can really catch up with the rest of the rapidly changing world. “Nowadays, everything happens so fast. Its not that everything goes by in a blur – things just work faster now,” he said. Perhaps the most telling way in which Morris is a typical SAS student: He has no idea what is next. “At the moment, I really don’t know,” said Morris of the future.

At the SAS high school the closest thing we had to paparazzi was Brian Riady. Riady, a junior, was rarely seen without his camera, his finger glued to the shutter release. Riady has been interested in photography since his freshman year and asserted the photography is in his blood. “My uncle and cousin are photographers so I kind of just adopted the hobby. I’ve never had any real formal instruction, but you get good from just practicing.” Riady said. Throughout the school year Riady shot senior portraits for photo club, raising over 800 dollars for the club, along with shooting school and private events. At times, being the “go-to guy” for photography needs was trying. “In the beginning of the school year, it’s always like a new start so its really fun, the passion is there at the beginning. But as the year goes on, things begin to get repetitive and it becomes more like a task that needs to be done rather than fun,” Riady said. His interest in photography, combined with the demands of junior year, provided Riady with little free time. “Free time [for me] rarely exists. My time is usually occupied with homework or photo work,” Riady said. Throughout the school year, Riady was spotted at a myriad of sporting events, pep rallies and student council activities. Even though he was often enlisted in shooting these events, Riady got more satisfaction from shooting portraits. “I really like shooting portraits. When you shoot and end up with a really good shot there’s just a lot of satisfaction.” Riady said.

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freshman boy was caught making eye contact with a senior. A sophomore was found aimlessly wandering on the upper level of the caf. Another actually breathed senior air. And yet, seniors could do nothing about such madness. The hazing days of “Dazed and Confused” were long over and were replaced by posters that encouraged us to have respect for each other. For the last two decades, seniority had been announced in alternative ways – in non-hazing, subtle ways. This year was no different. It began with “It’s our year” and “Class of ’07!” scrawled across the sign-in names on MSN. Our seniority was not established by one extravagant event, but instead, by slight changes in the way we walked, talked and acted. We walked with our heads held a little higher. We were a little louder, a little more confident and a lot more obnoxious. It’s not that we didn’t do anything the entire year. We just didn’t do much that was much different from our years as underclassmen. The IASAS athletes played just as hard in their matches to bring back the gold, the student council continued to organize events for our entertainment, The Eye newspaper staff informed (and annoyed) our high school community and seniors went about their school work just as they had for the last three years. There was nothing that actually established that it was ‘our year’ other than the fact that we said it was, which is actually what made seniority so great. In concurrence with the idea of “senioritis,” we could do absolutely nothing and still feel superior. There was just this sort of juvenile ‘understanding’ between us that it was, in fact, “our year.” We didn’t do anything yet somehow, 2007 was still “ours.” By Denise Hotta-Moung


Tarang Agarwal

March 21st, 1989 / Kanpur, India

Wow, we are grads. I remember playing for the graduates in 10th grade and thinking, “Wow, they must be scared.” Now I look at myself and think, “Wow, I am scared.” Yet I remain confident. I know I am prepared, thanks to my family & friends. Mummy & Papa, you have always been with me and have given me so much in knowledge, opportunity, values & more. You have always listened to me with open ears, open minds & a ready tongue- instilling in me comfort, confidence & argumentation. Thank you. To my sister, I hope you will read this soon & that you will better me in every way possible. I will always be there for you. I love you all. To my friends and colleagues thank you so much for the wonderful time in high school. Math Club+MUN+Debate=an amazing time. I would say I will miss you all, but that means ending our relationships & I am certainly not going to do that. I will miss seeing you all everyday (in person).

Beijing MUN (Poland) 10, IASAS MUN (Netherlands) 11, ( United Kingdom) 12, Debate Club 9-12, Cultural Convention Debate 11, Wind Ensemble 9-10, 11 (Secretary) 12, Yulefest 11, Math Club 9-10, 11 (Social Service Coordinator), 12 (President), Singapore International School Mathematics Competition 11-12, South East Asian Mathematics Competition 12, Tri-M 11-12, National Honor Society 11-12, Interim Semester: Golf Clinic 9, Sports Climbing 10, Habitat for Humanity: Tagbilaran 11, South Africa: Kruger National Park 12

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” –Ayn Rand

Hye-Sung Ahn

September 6th, 1989 / Seoul, Korea

Thanks to Umma, Appa and Hye-Jin for their unlimited support and love. Mr. Lee, Mrs. Lee and JongHwa for a wonderful year. Azhani – 5 years of bestest friendship, always BFF. Rachelle – Cambodia, AP World, Mandarin, and friendship. “THE ANSEUP” members – WooJeong – incessant serious talks during free; HyeSoo – APES & remarkable wit anywhere, anytime; DaYeon – BFF, lifelong friendship; Judy – what can I say – we share so many things; and of course, JooHee. Catalina, Shih-Yiu and Clarissa - Mandarin buddies, thanks for your help! Huei Yu – flute partner Suzie – the bus buddy SungYeon – favorite dongseng Eunice, Candice, JiYe Onni, HyeNa, John, JunHo – the “library” people. Young the Smart. JJ, GT HyungSeok – Noraebangs. Chandrika and Ali –the Stats buddies. NaHoi - 5 yrs and going strong. Our amazing Quartet – Sunny the WonBin, Sangho the Awesome, and Mr. Bond. Thanks to Mr. Hill & Mr. Bonnette who brought music to my life; Mrs. Ruhter and Mr. Torjeson, thank you again. And to everyone; good luck and always stay cool!!

Korean Club 9-12, Mandarin Club 9-12, Animation Club 9, (Vice President) 10, Peace Initiative 11, SAVE Club 12, Wish for Kids 12, Woodlands Childrens Home for the Aged 11, Badminton Club 9-10, Tri-M 11-12. IASAS Cultural Convention 11-12, Wind Ensemble 10, (First Chair) 11-12, Hong Kong Honor Band Festival 12, South Pacific 10, Yulefest 11, Chess 12, Interim Semester: Vietnam 9, Cambodia 10, China 11, Teacher Apprenticeship 12

Making mistakes are humans. Recovering from mistakes are professionals. -Robert W. Smith

Audrey Akman

August 27th, 1989 / Jakarta, Indonesia

First of all, I want to thank my family. Mom, thank you for supporting me, you’re the best mom anyone could ever have. Dad, thank you for guiding me through tough times. Sis, thank you for being there, 4 more years to go! Study hard! Feli and Edward, my BFFs, thank you for making me a better person by sticking up for me through my ups and downs, have fun in college! Love you guys so much! Michelle, Iskandar, Cindy, Winny Tan, thank you for the memories and support, wish you guys the best in everything you do! btw, MAC rocks! XD I’m gonna miss you guys. Ms. Harvey, thank you for being a great teacher! I’ll miss you! Brian and Julia have fun next year in calculus, Shaun have fun in French 3! hahaha. Esther good luck next year! Ji Na and Hye In have fun in art, and keep in touch! XD Lydia: see you next year! Time flies when you’re having fun.

JV Badminton 11, SAVE Club 11-12, Indonesian Club 11, Athletice Council 11-12, Leprosy Home 12, Art Club 12, NAHS 12, Photography 12, Badminton Club 12, Interim Semester: Japan 11, Vienna and Budapest 12

“Life is like a box of chocolate, you’ll never know what you’re gonna get”

242  SENIORS2007

Anna Allen

Februrary 16th, 1989 / New York Animal Rights Club 9-10, Photo Club 10, Athletic Council 9-12, Dance Club 9-12, Lion King 9, Little Mermaid 10, Mulan 11, Clue 12, Dance Showcase 9-12, Choreographer 11-12, Spanish Honor Society 10-12, 11 (Secretary), 12 (Vice President), Clobal Giving 11, (Co-President) 12, Interim Semester: South India 9, Tasmania 10, Sri Lanka 11, Krakow and Prague 12

Banana, Fruit, Anah, Bizzle, Anakin To my Ibu and Bapak, I love you both and thank you for everything you’ve given me, I will miss you so much. Ira, Saul, and Isaac you are the best brothers, there are no others I have learned more from. Sophie, “I hate you...but I love you”, and I’m so glad we’ve been friends this long; thank-you for always being there. Anushka, you’re one of my very best friends, and I only met you yesterday, how did this happen? Kizzle I lizzle yizzle. Denise you make me proud to be an Englishwoman. Sneh, my buddy it’s time for another talk. Kezia you make it worth while, but there’s something sticking out of your face so check that out. Jennifah, oh much love bruv. Rachel and Shruti, I have never received better advice. To Nicole, Alannah, it’s been so long, Sara, Casey, Crista, Hayden, Abhinav, Valerie, Xenia, my CC girls, my peapod, when have I ever laughed so hard? Thank you everyone I love you all so much!

“It’s simply beyond words. It’s incalculable.” - Michael Scott

January 29th, 1989 / Johor, Malaysia Jazz Ensemble 9-12, Peer Support 9-12, Wind Ensemble 9-10, (Vice President) 11-12, Badminton Club 9-12, Animation Club (Editor) 9. (Secretary) 10, (Vice President) 11, (President) 12, CCF 11-12, Japan Club 11, Taiwanese Club 11, Japanese Honor Society 11-12, Tri-M 11, (Co-President) 12, Cultural Convention Music 11, SAVE Club 12, VPAC 12, Techinal Theatre Club 10-11, (Secretary) 12, Hong Kong Honor Band 12, Interim Semester: Vietnam 9. Thailand: Sea Kayaking 10, Land Of The Long White Cloud 11, Poland and Czech Republic 12

Azhani Amiruddin

Hani, Zayni, Hani-chan, Azizah, Aznee, Zizo, Chicken Butt, Bulbasaur Seeing that it’s time for senior memories, everyone is trying to be a.) reflective, b.) thankful, or c.) just plain different. But years from now, we’ll flip the pages of this dusty yearbook and realize that we were all in the same boat: young, silly, and frustrated that you left something out. From living a fairy tale in India to learning to love an old home, I will always cherish every tear shed and laughter made. Because those little talks on the bus, long philosophical MSN conversations, mad jazz gigs, silly nicknames, useless times spent afterschool, comfort phone-calls, arguing incessantly in indi. study, crazy card games, corny family jokes, long hugs, and back rubs for a bad day has made a huge difference in my life. And no, I still haven’t found who I am, nor have I found out who I want to be. But I do know that I thank God, my loving family, eccentric friends, feline siblings, and especially that person who’s helped pick things up when I’ve dropped things all over the floor for making me who I am today.

“Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live.” – Dorothy Thompson August 10, 1989 / Singapore Wish for Kids 9-11, Athletic Council 9-11, Dance Showcase 9-12, Lion King 9, Little Mermaid 10, Interim: South India 9, Hawaii 10, Leeuwin Ocean Adventure 11, Italy 12

Isabella Amstrup Izzy, Bella, Isa

Mom+Dad: Can’t thank you enough for your endless support, your ability to make me laugh, and letting me see the world. Love you both so much! Alex: 13 years of laughs, you’re a really smart kid, I’m not worried about u. Mich O: An amazing friend. Love you to bits. Thank u for always making me smile. Jen: my sister. So glad we found each other again. Love you gorgeous. Celine: petit frere it’s been 11 years, you’ve grown into a truly beautiful, intelligent, gifted young lady. Je t’aime. Wak: seeing u every morning make my days brighter. Cait: My fav you know what. Never a dull moment. Can’t imagine life without you love. Mich L: always there when I need support. Love u for listening. Vic: only a few understand us, who cares, man, you make me laugh till it really hurts. Jack: thank u for always looking out for me. Kwee: 1st semester quality time, apparently we are really good at life, just don’t eat the banana. Ragazze di Italia: RBA, cappuccino’s, chad watch, just talking, love you all!

SENIORS2007  243

Adam Anderson

Februrary 3rd, 1989 / Sidney Australia

The Animal, Beast, Batista, Champ, Sona/Andersona, Dama, AT Mom and Paps- Thank you so much for everything. It has been great and I love you guys so much. Jake(Lil G)- you are the greatest, favorite brother ever, im gonna miss you. Gonz(Big G)- living with you has been amazing, tv shows will never be the same without you. Chris- you are my main man. Phil- LOML. Schwarz- My partner in crime, I’m gonna miss the bus rides. Dave- my twizzler nips. Brandon- WWE baby! Jack/Anka- wish I could’ve seen u guys at school more. Dawe- Unforgettable rugby fall. Dan- bora bora. Casey- my sexual chocolate milkshake goddess. Alannah- MSN convos. Sara- I’m your secret admirer! High school was amazing, I will never forget it; thank-you everyone for everything and good luck.

Athletic Council 9, JV Rugby 9, Varsity Rugby 10-12, Varsity Track and Field 10-11, (Captain) 12, SACAC Football 9-12, Madden Club (Co-President) 12, Interim Semester: Sailing in Langkawi 9, New Zealand: Muddy Wheels 10, Leeuwin 11, Switzerland 12

“You don’t love a girl because she’s beautiful; she’s beautiful because you love her.” –Chris Grandidge

Peter Ayer

Februrary 20th, 1989 / Vernon, Connecticut

It’s hard to sum up my four years here in just a few words. I guess I gotta stick to the important parts. Ee Chien, it’s been an awesome four years. We met at freshmen orientation, and now, we’re still best friends our senior year. I think that’s pretty cool. New Zealand was a pretty crazy trip, but I especially need to thank you for getting me to join choir. That’s been one of my favorite things during high school. And Tarang, you were one of the first people who really befriended me here at SAS. And once again, we’ve been friends all four years, and we did go to Kruger together. We’ve had some really great times. Of course, I’ve gotta shout out to all the SAS Singers (especially Sean and Stephen, TENOR PRIDE!!) Singers and Chess were probably the best experiences of my high school career. I will keep it up in college. Finally, I need to thank my parents. You guys have given me more support than anyone. Thank you so much. So, I guess this is goodbye for now everybody. It’s time for college.

Shruti Ayyar

Swing Dance Club 9, Save the Elephants 10, Improv Club 11-12, Children of Eden 11, Chess 12, Chorale 11, SAS Singers 12, Interim Semester: Beginning Scuba in Phuket 9, Advanced Scuba in Palau 10, Land of the Long White Cloud 11, South Africa: Kruger National Park 12

May 10th, 1989 / India


Amma & Appa: For 18 years, you have given me more love than I knew what to do with. No matter what, I’ll always be your baby. I love you both. Kriti: You’ve shown me how to be proud of who I am. We only fight because we care. I love you. Care: I thought of you everyday - distance can’t change us. Eric: I’ve missed the long talks – even though they meant waking up at 2. No one could replace you. Rach: The other pea in my pod. You’ve kept me sane and laughing - I couldn’t ask for more. Nush: My interim buddy, you’ve been there through it all. Brad: Thank God for second chances. Abhi: Never betray the way you’ve always known it is. I’ve loved the rollercoaster ride - we made it. Guggi and Melsom: You were more than just teachers. Thank you for the life lessons. Memories are forever - sleeping in airports, stargazing in playgrounds, bonding over hot chocolate, end of the year dinners, pizza and grey’s, AP bio and for that I thank everyone who has crossed my path. I love you all.

JV Soccer 9, IASAS Math 9-12, Math Club 9-11, French Club 9-12, Peace Initiative 10-12, Medical Explorers Club 10-12, French Honor Society 11-12, Wind Ensemble 10-12, Yulefest 11-12, Cultural Collage 11, Hong Kong Honors Band 11, Little Mermaid 10, Showcase 10, Gay Straight Alliance 12, Interim Semester: Malaysia: Island in the Sun 9, Habitat for Humanity: Udon Thani 10, Ladakh 11, Krakow and Prague 12

“There’s a crack in everything – that’s how the light gets in.” – Leonard Cohen

244  SENIORS2007

Brittany Balcom

December 4th, 1989 Scott Depot, West Virginia Tri-M 11-12, Jazz Ensemble 11-12, Orchestra 11-12, IPAU 11-12, Yulefest 11, Math Club 11-12, Beijing MUN 11, Chinese Honor Society 12, Mandarin Club 12, Chess (Pit Orchestra) 12, Extemporaneous Speaking 12, IASAS MUN 12, SAS Singers Band 12, Interim Semester: New Zealand: Land of the Long White Cloud 11, South Africa: Service in Soweto 12

Mom and Dad- you spent hundreds of hours going through dictionaries with me in middle school, but I only ever found one word that even starts to describe how I love you and that is “agape”: unconditionally. You’ve given me so much and done so much for me that I can’t even begin to properly thank you. Megan and Sarahwhatcha gonna do with all that junk? You’ve survived 13 years with me so now I think you can take on the world. To all of my friends- thank you. Thank you to those who knew me last year and made my transition to SAS a breeze. Thank you to those I only met this year and have made my senior year unforgettable. You have all made a tremendous impact on my life and put your own quirks and habits into me. A special thank you to the Triumvirate, the Axis of Evil, whatever we are these days. I’ve been able to tell y’all everything, often to Julia’s approval and Rhoda’s despair, but I wouldn’t trade that for anything. To the horns, the MUNers, all of you I knew, I love you all.

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” - Nelson Mandela

Eight opt out early for head starts on life by Arunima Kochhar The eight seniors who graduated in December may have missed some of the best moments of senior year – interim semester, prom, and senior skip day - but they did get a head start on the rest of us, and they didn’t have to suffer those interminably long final months. Senior Jonathan Duncan chose to graduate early because the university calendar in Australia starts in early January. “If I didn’t graduate early, I would have to wait nine months before starting university,” Duncan said. Senior Megan Warshawsky said that since she and her family would have had to move in the middle of second semester, she found it easier to leave. Senior Andrea Rodrigues felt differently. “I didn’t choose to graduate early,” Rodrigues said. “Actually, my parents made that decision for me because my dad is moving back to his job in Mexico.” Senior Brandi Bell said she would miss some of the second semester activities. “Even though I believe it is better to graduate early, I am really disappointed to be missing out on interim,” she said.

The Graduates left to right above

Megan Warshawsky Andrea Rodrigues Kana Nagashima Shita Kusumawati Kristopher Keiser Jon Duncan Brandi Bell Michael Bantog

Bell plans on getting a job and relaxing before she attends the University of Virginia in August of next year. “After I graduate, I intend to get a job in Virginia,” Bell said. “I’m also going to do some traveling, and finally relax. I’m looking forward to new experiences in the ‘working world’ and finally just being able to do what I want.” Rodrigues will also begin working and plans to futher her education. “I’m planning on getting a job because of the experience and to start saving money of my own,” Rodrigues said. “I also want to spend a month in Florence, Italy, studying fine arts before going to college in September.” Kana Nagashima said she was excited for the chance to experience the world outside of Singapore. “I’m really excited to go back to Japan,” Nagashima said. “College there will be fun and it is time for me to start there.” For most, graduating early was bittersweet. “I’m going to miss all the fun, traditional things like prom and the big ceremony. I’m also really sad about missing interim,” Warshawsky said. “But I am glad I’ll get some real world experience before college.”

SENIORS2007  245

Brandi Bell

March 4th, 1989 / Valencia, California

Even though I know I don’t say it enough, thank you. Mom and Dad, you have always been there for me. Despite my constant nagging and inherent messiness, you’ve taught me how to be the person I am. You’ve provided me with the love, lessons, and abilities to make it on my own. While I’ll miss you (and Grumpy) when I’m in college, I’ll meet you at the island, right? I love you. My wonderful friends: you have defined my time in Singapore. With conversations fluent in inside jokes, clandestine looks, card competitions, arrogantly VIP nights out on the town, picnics by the water, validation, trios, pretzels, New Years nights, and middle school memories – I love you. I anticipate our reunion and lasting friendship in the years to come. SAS: from Cambodia to Tasmania to China, thank you for the amazing experience and education. Singapore, I didn’t realize what I had until I was gone. Here’s to college and the life ahead of us.

Bintan Club 9, Cheerleading 9, Teaching Computers to Migrant Workers 10, Woodlands Children’s Home 9, Japanest Honor Society 11-12, Interim Semester: Cambodia 9, Tasmania 10, China A 11

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” –Leo Tolstoy

Anushka Bharvani

October 16th, 1988 / Singapore

Nush, Anush, Sushi Nushi Mom & Dad, your unconditional love, support & trust have nurtured me to be who I am today. Thanks for believing in me. I love you both. Krisna, my best friend, I’ll miss your wacky spirits; remember I’ll always be there for you. Rohan, my Bogz, you never fail to make me proud. I love you siblings. Jen, my confidence booster & best friend, we’ve been through it all. Lub u. Anna, mi mejor amiga, I love you for you- don’t change. Soph, you brighten my day. I’ll never forget eating 4 cheese pizzas and being a couch potato with you. Shruti, tents, building houses, climbing the Himalayas, and drinking chocolate, are memories I’ll forever cherish. Thanks for being there for me. Rach, my philosophical twin, we connect & I love you for that. Abhi, you’ll always be my little bro and MOB coordinator. Jon, hip-hop/Buddha bar, poetry, interim, & all that followed were great. Harshad, Michelle, Alyssa, Ryan, Brad, Sneh, Ms V, Ms Pong, CC girls & to everyone else: Thanks & I’ll miss you.

Spanish Honor Society 9-10, (Treasurer) 11, (President) 12, South Asian Society 9-10, (Secratary) 11, (President) 12, Dance Showcase 9, (Choreographer) 10-12, Dance Club 10, (Secretary) 11, (President) 12, National Honor Society 10-12, Global Giving 10-11, (Co-President) 12, Peer Support 10-12, Cultural Convention Dance 11-12, The Little Mermaid (Flotsam) 10, Mulan (Shan-Yu) 11, Clue (Ms. Scarlett) 12, Interim Semester: Island in the Sun 9, Udon Thani: Habitat for Humanity 10, Ladakh 11, Poland and Czech Republic 12

Lift yourself, by yourself

Alyssa Binnig

April 8th, 1989 / Alburtis, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania: The Fab Four, The xNestx, Nicknames aka BT, Campouts, Skiing, The Triple A’s, Sleepovers, Herman’s, Bowers, Driving, Field Trips, The Hypnotist, AP World, 3 years of Gifted, “Welcome to Honors English”, Sharing Stories, Lunch Tables, Talent Shows, Homecoming Dances, Prom 06’ were the best memories from Brandywine Heights. Singapore: My Art Crew; Abby, Aubrey, Kat and Shannon, Telunas, Interim South Africa, Being Miss Scarlet, History of China class, MAP, Going out for coffee, High School Dance Troupe, Fall Out Boy were some of the best memories from SAS. To all my friends back in PA, I love you all and we made it through senior year although apart. High school was the best with you guys and my first 3 years were amazing. To my family, thank you for always being there and supporting me, I appreciate it and thanks for letting me travel the world. To all my fiends at SAS, Thank you for making this year bearable and worthwhile. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Student Council (President) 9, Drama Club 9, Art club 10-11, German National Honor Society 11-12, Dance Troupe 12, Twinkle Toes 12, Dance Club 12, Interim Semester: South Africa: Cape and Coast 12

“The expected is just the beginning. The unexpected is what changes our lives.” - Grey’s Anatomy

246  SENIORS2007

October 6th, 1988 / Birmingham, Alabama Varsity Volleyball 9-12, JV Basketball 9-10, Athletic Council 9-12, Three Musketeers 10, Actor’s Nightmare 11, Scenes and Monologues 11-12, Cultural Convention:Drama 12, Interim Semester: Marine Research in Western Australia 9, New Zealand: Muddy Wheels 10, Australia: Leeuwin 11, Italy 12

Rachel Cheri Black

Rach, Rae rae, Raquel, Raquel Welsh, Blackblackblack This year was filled with ups and many downs, so I’d like to say thank you to EVERYONE who has been here for me. I can honestly say that I know I would not have been able to pull through it all if I didn’t have you to lean on. Anna: Ditcher! I’m so glad I met you this year, you’ve come to mean so much to me; I love you girl! Ronnie & Steven: You guys have been like family to me. The interim crew: R.B.A. When in Rome! To ALL my OFS boys: I’m going to miss you guys so much, y’all made my year! Tina: So many interesting times, all of which your clothes were...ON! Casey: You are a beautiful person and I’ll miss you! Gabs: Every time I see someone attacked in the jugular, I’ll think of you! Ralph: I love you so much, thank you for everything you’ve given and taught me, I could not ask for more. You’ve shown me the world. Everyone else near and far, I’m truly blessed to have you in my life and I thank you for all the love and support you’ve given me.

“Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.” James Dean

Mariko Bock

November 9th, 1988 Japan Club 11, (Secretary) 12, Cultural Collage 11, Concert Choir 12, Interim Semester: The Amazing Race 11, Italy 12

Yes- I am officially DONE w/ high school! I would not be here today without the great support of my family and friends in and out of Singapore. Mommy Daddy- Thanks for always being there for me and pushing me to do my best! I’m going to miss you guys so much! Love you! George- thanks for being a sweet & funny brother! “I’m so proud of you!” Love u + will miss u! Kumai-BFF! Thanks 4 always telling me the “right” thing and understanding me gr8 times in YIS/Shibuya/Kamakura! See u in Japan! YIS friends -thanks 4 making my first 2.5 yrs in HS awesome! You guys are so talented- I know u guys will succeed in college! SAS friends- Kana- my 1st friend here! We had fun in free/choir/Euro his huh? Shimpei/Kiyoko- the sweetest & funniest couple ever! I’ll miss you guys. Taka – glad I got to know this yr! Gd luck w/ soccer! Interim friends- Italy was simply the best Japan club – good job guys! Have fun next yr too! Friends who’ve already graduated: I won’t forget yr humor and wisdom! Thank you.

“Nothing is certain but change” –Japanese proverb

February 28th, 1989 / Plano, Texas Ultimate Frisbee Club (President and Founder) 11-12, Tri-M 12, Cultural Convention Music 11-12, SACAC Football 12, SAVE Club 11, South Pacific 10, Chess 12, Interim Semester: Langkawi Sailing Adventure 10, Leeuwin Ocean Adventure 11, South Africa: Kruger National Park 12

Michael Bond

Bond, Bondy, Creep, James Mom & Dad, I owe you guys so much, thank you, I love you. Singapore was very exciting and I need to thank all the people that helped me through my 3 years here at SAS. Also thanks to Hugh, Will, Amanda, and Galyn. Robbie, you are probably one of the best human beings in the world. Beware of the rhinos in lion costumes. To Jared, Matt, Ben, Marc and all of my other super awesome percussion compadres. Kellen, Charles, Igor, and all the others, you guys are some pretty crazy guys. You were like a big frat group... that played DotA a whole bunch....sigh. Thanks a ton for all memories on Orchard and what not. Interim Semester was a source of alot of my happy Singaporean memories, so I need to thank everybody from Langkawi, Leeuwin, and especially Kruger. Thanks also to all my Oiler pals. It would be asinine, at this point, not to thank all my teachers here at SAS. Thank you for being so understanding and cool. Sorry to anyone I forgot. It is my fault, not yours. And finally, Xian Zai!

“Carpe diem! Rejoice while you are alive; enjoy the day; live life to the fullest; make the most of what you have.” - Horace

SENIORS2007  247

Kathryn Bordwell

October 20th, 1989 / Wahiawa, Hawaii

Kathy, k, kb, thy, kathster and quack Thank you padres, you provided me a great life. Brad, you are the greatest brother in the world, I am the luckiest person to have you as my older sibling- I hope you find your dragon. Caite and Lauren, you are the two best friends in the world! Runi, scary prospects ahead but let’s have good dreams about them! Maya- remember Abu Simbel. Denise- dreams really do come true! Ia, moo, got, so many great times. Shruti chicken boy! Marina- the coolest junior- good luck and don’t forget- you know my name! Aubrey be the tree, Caroline- too much amazing laughter, Abby, Shanoon, Mike, Simi, Alice, Kait: love you all. Jack- keep bringing gold. Azhani stop stalking me. Coach you are the greatest role model a kid can have. Greece people- charades and the fray! To all my great teachers, you gave me a lot to think about! Mrs. Kett, I’ll keep in touch, keep giving those tenth graders some great memories I can’t believe I got to stay in one place for 5 years and they were great so thank you everyone!

Wish for Kids 9, Atheletic Council 10-12, Spanish Honor Society11-12, JV Volleyball 10-12, Varsity Volleyball 12, JV Basketball 9-10, Interim Semester: Langkawi 9, China A 10, Leuuwin Ocean Adventure 11, Greek Odyssey 12

“The probability that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just” - Abraham Lincoln

Denise Borsuk

June 5th, 1989 / Madison, Wisconsin


So I can write about myself in 750 words (college essay!) but fitting my love and thanks in 170 words? Well, I can try. To my “powerfrau” mom, for all your sacrifices (no, really!) and for keeping things interesting. To dad - the Brewers and I share an all-weather fan. Thanks for all the entertainment! I love you both and will miss you guys. To the rest of my family, thank you for everything. To my friends – you won’t see your names here, but this little box on a glossy page isn’t where they matter. They are kept as part of the memories that leave here with me, and I shall take them wherever I go. After all, there is just so much that might be said – it’s probably more meaningful if I didn’t say anything at all, and just said thank you for keeping me laughing and supporting me throughout. I am lucky to have shared this time with all of you. To my teachers, counselors, and anyone who ever made me smile, thank you. This is only the beginning

Wish for Kids 9, Aikido 9, Dance Club 10-12, The Little Mermaid 10, Mulan 11, Clue 12, Dance Showcase 10-12, Habitat for Humanity 10, 11, 12 (Secretary) , Chinese Honor Society 11-12, Interim Semester: Cambodia 9, North India: Camels, the Taj, and Community Service, Japan 11, Poland and Czech Republic: Prague and Krakow 12

“The one important thing I have learned over the years is the differencebetween taking one’s work seriously and taking one’s self seriously. The first is imperative and the second is disastrous.” Dame Margot Fonteyn

Nicole Bryson

March 6th, 1989 / Thibodaux, Louisiana

peabo, coley

Mom:You know me the best. You’ve done nothing but give: taxi service, jewelry box, grilled cheeses & big bear hugs. I hope to 1 day have a heart as big as yours. Dad:You gave me my island home & I couldn’t thank you more. I’m lucky to be so much like you. Email me some all-nighters. I love you both. Ian:Hug mom lots & let dad win sometimes. I’m going to miss you Pheeb. Lena I couldn’t ask for anyone better, keep the pool warm. Byrnes:thank you for everything. Keri:4 yrs I wouldn’t have made it w/out you. Casey my emo, I’ll miss your singing. Alannah: it all started with msn, best mixer. Sara:great talks & even better hugs. Aubrey:no fat chicks. Sophie:youngster. Crista:fatties for life. Denise:fave nerd. Kezia:physics to mrt. Gaby:cabs&advice. Anna:hikers-sightseers-models. Rachel:mirror dancing.Taryn:can’t wait to be rivals. Brandi:bus. TinaS:china1&free. Michelle: palmresort&informative talks. BriBri:3yrs. Rod: Chest Hair. Mili:roomate. Lars:hugs. My Asians & CH <3. G & CoachK thanks.

Migrant Worker Computer Classes 10, Women in Action 10, Aiding Africa 10, Athletice Council 11-12, Varsity Swimming 10, (captain) 11-12, Special Olympics 11-12, Global Giving 12, Interim Semester: Western Australia Coastal Marine Research 9, Tasmania 10, Sri Lanka 11, South Africa: Cape and Coast 12

Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it’s the moments that take your breath away. - Hitch

248  SENIORS2007

Penn Bullock

April 29th, 1989 / New Delhi, India Indoor Soccer Club 9-12, JV Soccer 9, Class Cabinet 10-12, JV Badminton 11, V Badminton 12, Interim Semester: Golf in Singapore 9, Tasmania 10, Ladakh 11, South Africa: Cape and Coast 12


Hey wussup dudes? We are all going to college –some NS- and like high school has been fun wit u all. Thanx teachers for teaching me even though I didn’t learn much u all tried. Its my fault. Thanx mom and dad for being all chilled out. I’ll miss you all and Happy, especially Merriam’s and Rosalie’s cooking. Thanx Dan, Saagar, Sang Hoon, Marcus, Sneh, Hayden, Ali, Taks, Alex, Anup, Ryan (V.F.), and I probably forgot some but I ain’t got time. Thanx to the AF, group paintball was fun Charles, Kellen, Igor, NAZ, Peter, and ... thanx Brian, Vishal, Rish, and.... ur the only friends that actually listen to me when I talk. And many thanx to the other people not in my school who probably won’t read it, so whatever. To u all good luck in college, NS, or whatever ur doing hope to keep in touch.

“Any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error” Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106 BC-43 BC July 21st, 1989 / Athens, Texas Dance Club 10, Wish for Kids 11, Art Club 11, Global Giving 12, Interim Semester: Thailand: Sea Kayaking 10, Australia: Leeuwin Ocean Adventure 11, Krakow and Prague 12

Gautam Butalia

Kezia Callahan

Dad and Sherri, thank you for everything; I couldn’t have made it without you. I love you so much. Mal, Pat, and Kacey, Thanks for always being there; I love you all. Denise- fashion show! You saved me so many times. I’m so glad you’re not really a girl. haha Sophie- knitting in dark corners. <3 outsiders. Kelvin- my beastie boy :] Alannah- FREAK! I know you mean it as an endearing term..i think. You want a Popsicle? Anna- Psych! haha. Getting lost in Prague with you guys was great. Keri- b.a. for life. I’m still scared of you. Nicole- from physics buddies to migration buddies. <3 Brian, Josh, and Pat -what would Spanish classes have been without each of you? It has been so fun getting to know all of you. Keep in touch. I love you guys.

“Shout for shout’s sake.” –Anthony Green

SENIORS2007  249

Gonzalo Carral

January 27th, 1988 / Mexico City, Mexico

Gonzo, Gonz, G, Gunter, Gunta Kinte Mom and Dad, I would like thank you guys for letting me see a whole new different part of the world that has had a huge impact in my life. You made it all possible and I thank you for that. Mrs. and Mr. Anderson thanks so much for taking me in this last year, it really means a lot. Adam A: I also thank you for opening your doors. Interims together and nights we will never forget! Good parties! Jake, man keep it up in San Fran. Jack: the craziest Korean I will ever meet, so many memories! Phil: my partner in crime for so many years, keep it up Romeo. Rhys: Spartans for life! Hah. Chris: Funniest guy ever! Keep it real my friend. Dan Lee: Beyond God like! Anka: Bali junior year! Crazy! Ankwat! Brandon: you will be on ESPN someday! Dave: Rugby Beast! I’ll visit you in NZ. Mitch, Schwarz, Clay: Keep it real. Dawe: Math class! Whats a Log?! Ming: Take care man! Under Ground ppl: Strength and Honor! You know who you are! Varsity Soccer: four years I will never forget. Thanks for these amazing years at SAS!

Joshua Chan

Varsity Soccer 9, 10-12 (Captain) JV Rugby 9, Varsity Rugby 12, Varsity Tennis 10, Varsity Track and Field 10-11, 12 (Captain), Indoor Soccer Club 11, Interim Semester: Sailing in Langkawi 9, New Zealand: Muddy Wheels 10, Leeuwin Sailing Adventure 11, Switzerland 12

December 19th, 1989 / Hong Kong

2 years in SAS and countless memories - all thanks to the people who made my life so quirky and fun. Thanks to mom and dad for raising me with loving care, patience, and kindness - especially to you Rachel, for not eating me. Thanks for taking the offer to be posted here dad! Lyndon – sandfly bait, Jeff – big happy, Katherine – *happy insane laughter fills the air*. Thanks for putting up with me on interim it was AWESOME! (5mol milo is your best friend!). Isaac, Huei Yu, Sharon and the Fighting Amish. That was an insane 3 days of pure fun+halo+fellowship. Thanks Leon. brudah in audio bliss XD. Finally thanks to the one above that always keeps us chugging forward, may all our base really one day belong to j00! Church band-ers, I’ll be back sometime to sing with you guys again. Don’t mix up lines Lyndon, Tiff I’ll sing don’t worry, Kath don’t lose your voice too often, Huei Yu, keep the team spirit going! Isaac, GIMME I! FIGHTING AMISH!! Mahmee ah haav feenished skoool!

Photo Club 11, SAS Designer’s Connection 11, Usher Society 12, SAVE Club, Interim Semester: China B, New Zealand: Land of the Long White Cloud

“Doochi doochi woo! *azu-s*” – Lyndon & Josh

Vishal Chandaria

June 6th, 1989 / London, England

Ah... Finally. It is over! First, I better thank my parents and sister for supporting me throughout my life; however, I will still be in Singapore for another 2 years! Now to the people that I will be missing: Brian, Sam, Liam, And Stevie... Brian, we’ve had a lot of good times, I think that swimming this year was the best season that I have had... Barbed wire and bad sushi... Sam, Tanglin Club and Sushi. Liam, WoW was fun; you’ve been a good friend... Surfing was nuts too bad you couldn’t come this year. Stevie, France, South Africa, and concerts... we know also know your true name! Rishi and Gabe... I’ll be seeing you more... thanks for the times we’ve shared together, and don’t forget the penguin.

250  SENIORS2007

Swimming 9-12, Interim Semester: Tropical Adventures in Sailing 9, Advanced Diving: Palau, Micronesia 10, Australia Learn to Surf/Ocean Life Guarding 11, South Afrcia: Kruger National Park

Februrary 5th, 1990 / Chennai, India Badminton Club 11, Varsity Badminton 11, Dead Artists Society 12, Shooting Club 12, Interim Semester: Vietnam 11, Italy 12

It’s taken me seventeen years to get here, and wow, have I enjoyed the ride!!! So here’s my toast to those people that willingly (or unwillingly!) got dragged along on this roller-coaster. Of course, I will lovingly repeat that well worn cliché: Mama, Appa, Patti n’ Shakti- I couldn’t even have got on this awesome ride without your constant love and encouragement. And then there’s Andrea- girl, I couldn’t have survived the first year without you. Puja- we’re the most unlikely pair of friends some say, but who cares? Ur a gem. I play by sound, and u look for red trees. We’re perfect. Vanessa, ur a natural shooter, so keep cool and aim for what you want. I’m still better, though. Simreen, I know you better than u think. Focus, focus, focus, and NYU is all yours. Lauren, Star, Brea- thanks for the laughs. Natalie and other free buddies- I know it’s hard, but try and have some fun without me, ok? Varsity Badminton ppl- ur the best. Keep that shuttle flyin’ sky high! Its time to check out what’s beyond this amusement ride. It’s been an honour sharing my lives with all y’all. Thanks. Really.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” -Robert Frost October 25th, 1989 / Taipei, Taiwan Leprosy Home 10-12, Japanese Honor Society 10, (Treasurer) 11, (President) 12, Taiwanese Club 10-11, (Secretary) 12, Villa Francis Home for the Aged 10, Woodlands Children’s Home 10, International Honors Orchestra, Geneva 11, Tri-M 12, Chess 12, Interim Semester: Hawaii 10, New Zealand 11, Poland and Czech Republic: Krakow and Prague 12

Chandrika Chandran

Sabrina Ya Chun Chang

Too many memories with all of you who are special to me. Malu Balu- thank you for being with me, helping me through everything. I love you so much. JieWithout you, I would’ve been impossible. miss you, love you. Di- please keep being my sweet boy. Nadia- My tomato, love our daily 8 hrs chat, thank you. Kaiyang- Stop taking my lines! Thanks for what you’ve done for me. Alice- Harro, I lub you. Jason- You’ll miss my excessive supplies. Pony- What happened to our work out? Catalina- Cover up your hickey! Sangho, Kenny, Jon- Stop ruining the library. Kelly- SixFlags or Disney? Karen- too late to dig holes now? Jessmiss our quad! Cindy, Michelle, Azhani, Denise, Alvin, Alrick- Czech me out at the sausage fest! John- Hit me, hit me! Thomas, Lionel, Brian- let’s steal more benches. FLB, I love you all. Annette- where’s my “hot” chocolate? Chao, Mary, Tiffany, Angel“Taiwanese” Pride. More Karaoke? Thank you everyone for being part of my life. A thousand characters are really not enough.

“Whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong.” - Oscar Wilde December 6th, 1988 / McLean, Virginia Varsity Soccer 9-11, (Captain) 12, JV Rugby 9, Varsity Rugby 10, (CoCaptain) 11, (Captain) 12, Medical Explorers 11, (Communication Director) 12, Villa Francis 11, Indoor Soccer Club 9-12, Ultimate Frisbee Club 11, Golf Club 11-12, SAVE Club 9, Ashtanga Yoga Club 12, Taiwanese Club, National Honor Society 11-12, Extreme Dodgeball Club 11, Interim Semester: Langkawi Sailing Adventure 9, Hawaii 10, Golf Clinic: Singapre 11, Russia 12

Paul Charbonnet

Tairenchew, Charbo, PDC, Pauliepooh Dear Friends and Family, I want to thank everyone for making SAS a wonderful environment to live and grow up in. You all have molded me into an accomplished SAS alumnus. I wanted to personally thank my parents for providing me the opportunity to grow up in such a ‘fine’ place. I wanted to thank the rugby boys for a great season, you guys are the best. Remember boys, ‘strength and honor’. Soccer boys, you guys are like family, thanks for a great season. Tj, Colin, and Celine: you have been there for me for the longest time. We have grown on each other and have been through so much. Celine my #1 BFF/wati..haha, Tj, waddawaddawaddasonntaichen / kimchi, and my boy pui son, a.k.a praymantis, hey pui, ‘sumitlikeahatamain’. And to everybody else, thank you for being a part of my life. I love Singapore and SAS and will truly miss it. People say college is the best four years of your life, but I think the past 5 in Singapore is going to be hard to beat. Thank you everyone.

“In the middle of Nothing, I join the Source of All Things” – Yen Hui

SENIORS2007  251

Jiamin Chen

Kenneth Chen

June 17th, 1989 / Beijing, China Aiding China 11-12, Leprosy Home 12, Mandarin Club 12, Math Club 12, Interim Semester: The Amazing Race 11, Italy 12

December 12th, 1988 / New York


Mom, Dad: Thanks for always being there through my up and downs, I really can’t thank you guys enough. I love you both more than you know. Melissa: I’m going to miss having a little sister to boss around, be good when I leave. Cathy: Fairy, you’ve always made life so easy for me, next years gonna be off the hizzle. Eg: Bench-warming buddy, breakout senior year. Jason: Bodily excretions, Taiwanese pop star. SangHo: Sensitive brother, I’ll meet you at Tonkichi Alice: Unleash the Beast, Quite the special one. Kelvin: You’re my #1, we’ll be ripped one day. Nora: Barbie, rock my boat, late-night swims. Alvin: Long live flash and glute. Maissen: Thanks for introducing me to your only love, Genie. Sabrina: Thanks for all the help with classes, private tutor. Steph: late night phone calls. Jae Hur: v-ball star. Ryan: JV basketball Koki: Keep working hard Vicky: GK7T co-founder, keep your Taiwanese pride. Eagles basketball: Pass me the ball... can’t pass to the bench. SAS, I’m gonna miss you all.

Taiwanese Club 9-10, (Treasurer) 11, Korean Club 11-12, JV Basketball 9-10, JV Cross County 9, JV Track and Field 10, Varsity Basketball 11-12, Varsity Volleyball 11, Villa Francis 11-12, Tutoring Club (Treasurer) 12, String Ensemble 12 (librarian), Interim Semester: North India 10, New Zealand: Land of the Long White Cloud B 11, Prague and Krakow 12

I used to believe in forever . . . but forever was too good to be true. - Winnie the Pooh

Alvin Cheng

October 28th, 1988 / St. Louis, Missouri

alvz, alvyoli, big al, frosting, lil kid mom & dad: thank you for supporting me throughout the past 18 years, i love you both. cindy: the past 2 years have been amazing--frees, senior priving & sushi eating, movies & home-cooked meals, pikachus & hug coupons. you’ll always be my cupcake, i love you. abby: you broke my camera, i don’t owe you $50 but you’re 100% on the trust meter & i’ll always be your lil kid. aubrey: you have good reflexes, thank you for helping me in the dark. sam: hotel hopping, sushigasm, coffee/pool, plancke’s cheeks. guard your clorets & i hope you make friends in college. gabe: tissue papuh, dead man in the phone booth, good luck in NS. kenny: who’s whipped? sorry for spitting. nora: summer camps, hong kong, bubble tea. i’ll miss vacationing with you. mallika: unagi, house, road. tbffe. karen: sniffles, collateral, san dimas--oh look white birds! don’t sleep too much. jessica: fountainalizationalizing, cos cos cos. take care of prozac. benches: ohh ma gawwd! h318 period 4: don’t wasting your life!

“Cut my milk!” - Stewie

252  SENIORS2007

SAVE Club 9-10, Athletic Council 9, Class Cabinet 9-11, Mandain Club 9-10, Children’s Home 11, Art Club 12, National Art Honor Society 12, Interim Semester: Cambodia 9, Langkawi 10, New Zealand: Land of the Long White Cloud 11, Krakow and Prague 12

September 22nd, 1989 / Taipei, Taiwan Athletic Council 9-12, Taiwanese Club 10, Wish for Kids 11-12, Varsity Cross Country 11, Interim Semester: South India 9, China 10, Leeuwin Sailing in Australia 11, Italy 12

Victoria Cheng

Tree, Cheng, Vicksta, Tinn Can Cheng, Tricksta, Tina Tora Mommy, Daddy, I can’t thank you enough for putting up with me for 17 years and for loving me without fail. Fish, Daniel- you guys are my role models and my best friends. The relentless stream of advice and insults has helped, kinda. Celine- a day in the life of STL = vice, loops, al gore, no peebs. Birthdays/French won’t ever be the same. Qing-est tian, don’t forget. Cait- greatest success story: azn at heart. Never questioning my weirdness has made us both weirder. Deniseyour omniscience and shoes never fail to amaze. Call when you figure out the altitudes of colonists or the capital of Brazil. Izzy- no words will ever express my gratitude towards you, but I’ll settle for this: I slither high, I slither low. Kweeconditional BFF, you owe me 8. Michelle Ongyou get the Mentos. Spearing feces>weaponry aisle. Kenny- viva GK7T and future hay spouses. Michelle Chandra- um, CHESS? Jack- Spinelli’s and 24. Interim girls- missing RBA meetings and jammin’. Stay on Chad watch. Good stuff.

“I’m looking for the least possible amount of responsibility.” – Lester Burnham June 19th, 1989 / Auckland, New Zealand SAVE Club 9-12, French Honor Society 10-12, French Club 10-12, Badminton Club 9-10, Climbing Club 11-12, Animation Club 11-12, JV Track and Field 10, Interim Semester: Thailand: Beginning Scuba Diving 9, Cycling in Western Australia 10, Japan 11, Poland and Czech Republic: Krakow and Prague 12

Alrick Cheung

Any memory worthy of being here should remain clear in our minds always. For every joke, tear, smile or poke there is a unique sentiment that words dictate but a shadow of. Everything we’ve done leads to today and maybe I haven’t always made the choices I wanted, but were I to do it all again, nothing would entice me to change the laughter, the sadness, the mind wrenching decisions, the people (you know who you are), or myself. I step forward like everyone else – knowing only what lies behind. It may or may not have been the best of worlds, but whatever. It’s life and we lived, are living, and will live it to its fullest potential making every chapter – diving, cycling, pool, pokes, art history, jap, fishing, la langue française, liger bait, Bankai, bball, saving the world, and whatever’s to come whether it be calamity or prosperity – an unforgettable read.

Life is like a game of cards. The hand that is dealt you represents determinism; the way you play it is free will. - Jawaharlal Nehru

Catherine Chew

SENIORS2007  253

Sylvia Chew

March 16th, 1989 / SIngapore

Syl, Sylvia-Sophia 4 years and all I can say is thank-you, Mum and Dad! My darlings: Sami, Christel and Brandi, It’s been great! You girls have always been there for me no matter what! Sami and Christel our interim was the greatest! Sami meeting you for the first time last year, and becoming closets as can be! Christel: “don’t go to UWC, come to SAS!” Glad you did love! Brandi you’re like my other half ! I wish that you were graduating with us! From 8th grade till now everything we’ve been through! You made senior year! James, my rockstar! I love you! The past year and two months have been the greatest! I think about all the times we laugh and had our bum nights! Baby you’re the best! I love you! Lydia, Kiersten, Alison, Izzy, Madi, Jane, and Mariko I love you girls! Sang ho and Corey well you guys made interim with your cross dressing fetish! Vikki, Amal: Talks- summer! Ms Harvey, 3 years! Thank you! You’re like a Mum to me! You made me the artist I am today!

Bintan Club 9-10, Habitat for Humanity 9-10, Wish for Kids 11-12, Dead Artist Society 11, VPAC (President) 12, JV Touch Rugby 9, Varsity Touch Rugby 10-12, Athletic Council 10-12, National Art Honor Society 11-12, Interim Semester: Beginning Scuba Diving: Phuket, Thailand 9, Advance Scuba Diving: Palau, Micronesia 10, Leeuwin Ocean Adventures Australia 11, Turkey 12

“All I am is impulse and longing pulled forward by the rope of your arm” –Jenny Holzer.

Jonathan Choe

December 11th, 1988 / The Midwest


For 18 years I have been well provided for (thanks Mom & Dad), but now it’s time for me to go off on my own. Luckily, my time at home has been topped off with four amazing years in Singapore. A 40-minute ride on the MRT. Nasi lemak with thick red chili paste. The magnificent skyline at Marina Bay. A succulent stick of peanut-sauce-lathered satay. These are experiences I will never forget from my favourite city in the world (also, thanks for that spelling of favorite). I’m glad to have finished high school at such an incredible school, in such a great place. To everyone I know: some of you I will visit, some I will email, some I will remember fondly, and some I will try to forget; but thanks for the memories. Oh, and Jesse and Josh: I pushed for a bigger allowance and later curfew so you don’t have to (you’re welcome). Said the Nathan.

Bintan Club 9-10, SAVE Club 9-10, Wish for Kids 9-11, Architesture Club (president) 11-12, Photo Club 11, Golf Club 10-11, Carmina Burana 9, Yulefest 11, Cultural Convention Music 11, Children of Eden 11, Interim Semester: Cambodia 9, North India 10, Ladakh 11, Bhutan 12

“I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen”. -Frank Lloyd Wright

Hyung Koo Choi

July 15th, 1989 / Seoul, Korea

Ah-juh-ssi/Hyungpal/Magarina Almost 4 yrs in SAS has been da most meaningful time in my life. First’ll, Mom, dad, sister Seo8, and grandparents- u guys made all this possible and I’ll nvr forget ur support and encouragement thrghout the whole high school yr. ALSO, thanks to Mr.Oh and Mrs.Oh-actually gave me a chance to come here in Singapore! AND, my special aunt (Sing-gi-ni)-you alwys take care of ur nephew and encourage him, thanks 4 ur luv. Moving on to my beloved friends: c.lee, s.hong, t.kook,,, j.oh, k.lee, tj.son,, and others from lower classmates... the Great memories w/ all u guys. we all go to the states n I hope we can do our best and enjoy our college lives. Btw, don’t forget the coming summer and the last joy in KOREA!! Last but not least, special love, Da-Young Kim, thank you so much that u made the person I’m now. The precious memories that we had and will have r gonna be forever. I trust u will be my endless JJin deuk e~! Love U so much – THANK YOU ALL!

Korean Club 9-12, SACAC Bowling 10-12, SAVE Club 10-11, Medical Explorers Club 11-12, Spastics Children’s Home 11, Korean Club 9-12, Athletic Council 12, Interim Semester: Chinese Calligraphy 9, Habitat for Humanity, Thailand Udon Thani 10, China A 11, Spain 12

John Barth - Everyone is necessarily the hero of his own life story

254  SENIORS2007

July 6th, 1988 / SIngapore Freshman Class Council (Secretary) 9, Golf Club 9-10, Varsity Swimming 10, Peer Support 10-12, Concert Choir 10-11, (President) 12, Ultimate Frisbee 11-12, Athletic Council 11-12, Photography Club 11-12. Business Club 12, Interim Semester: Cambodia 9, Thailand, Udon Thani Habitat for Humanity 10, New Zealand: Land of the Long White Cloud 11, Turkey 12

Ee-Chien Chua

Ee, Eech, E-Dog, Urchin, The Asian vCharlie Brown Hawkers, Orchard Road, American Club, Laughter, Smiles, Tears, All the memories, 18 years gone by. To those who have been there for me along the way... To those of you who I’ve met. Thank you for changing my life in whatever small way that you have. Peter: you’re like a brother to me, listening to my raves and rants, and you’ve always being there when I’ve needed someone. Thank You. Doogs and Kels: you guys know my deepest secrets, and I’m glad that I’ve had you two to trust and help me stay on the straight and narrow, don’t give in to the world. Nathan: Thanks for putting up with my quirks, helping me with my singing and common sense. Bishop: Thanks for your trust. Mrs. Devens: Thank you for believing in me. LDS kids: you guys have been great friends, Choose the Right. Uncle: Thanks for coming back for me. Auntie Sin Fon: you’ve always loved me unconditionally. Lastly: Mom and Dad, I love you so much. Thank you for loving me and always being there. I’ll miss you more than you can imagine. So, “To my beautiful lifelong friends, hey Mom and Daddy... thanks again.”

The running I can do, even if I have to crawl every last mile. Terry Fox October 2nd, 1988 / Bangkok, Thaliand Athletic Council 9–12, Leprosy Home 10, Women in Action 11, JV Touch Rugby 9, JV Soccer 10, Interim Semester: Chiang Mai 9, Hawaii 10, New Zealand: Land of the Long White Cloud 11, Italy: Rome and Sorrento Art, Architecture & Culture 12

July 26th, 1988 / Chicago, Illinois Thespians 9-12, Theater Make-Up 11-12, Technical Theater 12, SAVE Club 12, Global Giving 12, Cultural Convention 11-12, Scenes and Monologues Night 11-12, Thespian Honor Society 9-12, Dance Club 11-12, Interim Semester: New Zealand: Land of the Long White Cloud A 11, South Africa: Soweto 12

Grace Chuensuksawadi

GC/GC from the 123, Gracey, Springroll Mom & Dad I want to thank you for everthing you have have done for me over the last 18 years, I wanted you to know that you guys are the greatest parents I could ever ask for, I love you & going to miss you both so much! Caroline, 4 years ago we were just getting to know each other on interim and now you’re one of my closest homie. We’ve been through so much together, and I will never forget you and the times we’eve spent together. You be my Blackness Monsta forever. Taco flavored kisses for my Gilly. Enk, you are the funniest person I’ve ever met in my entire life. I will miss playing the tissue game with you during free. We better meet up in Cali foo. Carly, you’re the best gummy worm ever. I will always remember our diet plans; even though they never work. I love you jellyroll. Also, I would like to thank our Mother Piegon for being such a caring gypsy feeding our group by brining us food without you we would starve, and turn anorexic. Everyone else you know who you are, I love you.

Crystal Clower

Irish Laddy, Crystalis, Chris, Clower-Power, Curly Nicole- you rock my world. Julie- we never did make out on the table in the caf. Vanessa- I will win that bet. Eat Dirt. Ellen- We never had our monopoly party! Knightlyhood- you rock my socks. CC - you guys are amazingly talented. I’m so sad that it’s over. Rachel- you are amazing and its true, when I grow up I want to be like you. Jane- your funny, just thinking about our nights in Jakarta makes my stomach hurt. Chelsea- I’ll see you around. Sneh, Jeff, JJ - I guess you guys aren’t disposable after all.. Maybe one day we’ll get our powers! Love you! Ms. Kuester- THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. Mr. Clemens- you won’t have someone to bug you, oh wait, you still have Riady. Daddy- I love you. Thank you for always being at my shows and making me number one. Mommy- Mahal na Mahal kita. Aunt Beth- I love you! Rauson and Madison- I love you both so much it hurts! Be good but have fun. Rules can be broken (shhh). I can finally talk about high school in the past tense. Go me!

SENIORS2007  255

Eric Comstock

December 4th, 1988 / San Jose, California

Well, I’m at that point; the end of my high school life. This is a time of change in my life as I move off to college. I love my family; Chris, Mom, Dad, and the dog, Jasper. I also would like to thank them and my grandparents for supporting and helping me through my eighteen years of existence. I would also like to thank all the friends I’ve had over my fourteen years of attendance at SAS. Everyone has had a part in shaping who I am now, and for better or for worse, I am grateful for your contributions to my mental self. Chris: Time Management! Love ya brother. Mom & Dad: I’m finally done with high school, and on my own. Love you both and thank you for your support. To all my friends, it’s been fun and I’ll miss you all. I know its semi-cliché, but its been a long journey, and there is still a lot more to go

Michelle Conway

Varsity Swimming 9-11, JV Cross Country 9-12, Technical Theater Club 10, Interim Semester: Malaysia: Langkawi Sailing Adventure 9, Thailand: Sea Kayaking Tarutao 10, Australia: Learn To Surf/Ocean Lifeguarding 11, Russia 12

April 1st, 1989 / Orange, Texas

Chelle, Chellester, Shaween There’s no way to encompass four years of my life in 1000 characters. How could I list every memory at the lockers or benches, with us blocking hallways or never having enough space to sit? How do I explain the joy and purpose tech brought to my life or describe how each show was special? I certainly can’t fit in the countless talks about guys, our indecision about where to go and what to do, our inability to get homework done in free because cards were always a better option, or why blue is a much better color than red. So... I won’t try. I’ll just insist you call me in ten years when you read this and wonder about any of these things. And I’ll have answers for you, because I know I’ll remember these moments forever. I wouldn’t be complete without them.

Techincal Theater Club 10-12, Thespian Club 11- 12, Thespian Club 10-12, Spanish Honor Society 10-12, Usher Society 12, Swing Club 9, Salsa Club 12, Math Club 11-12, Bintan Club 10, Republican 10-11, MUN 10, Service Council, Interim Semester: Cambodia 9, North India: The Taj, Camerls, and Community Service 10, Japan 11, Poland and the Czech Republic: Krakow and Prague

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino

Steven Costello

August 1st, 1988 / Kingwood, Texas

Mom & Dad-I love you both. You truly are the pillars to my support system, you have taught me everything I know, Thank you so much for everything. You are the best parents I could have ever ask for. Ronnie-Just wow. Words can’t even explain what I want to say to you now, I love you. Tommy-Matilda?! You’re like a brother to me. Breda-You will always be my little bread, Arkansas and Texas are not that far away. Rachel-SOUTHERN PRIDE! I love you; we always know how to have a good time. Anna–Improv buddies for life. Crista-MOS nights. CoreyREPPIN’ TEXAS! You my boy Corey. Runi–“Am I going to die?” Mariko–I swear I will never make fun of you “endowments” again. Nick–6:30 bus buddy for life. Gaby-I love you, thanks for everything, friends since Willow Creek. Val– High five sexy time. Justin–Boat quay. Jack–Coolest freshman I know. AmandaHistory Through Film. Sooj–Asian sensation. Emma, Brit, Cookie–Chips. Russia Interim–Awkward Turtle. To everyone else who is not named-word, I love you.

Thespian Honor Society 12, Improvisation Club 12, Audience 12, Thespian Club 12, Interim Semester: Sri Lanka 11, Russia 12

“We are the hero of our own story.” - Mary McCarthy

256  SENIORS2007

September 6th, 1988 / Santa Barbara, California SAVE Club 9-12, National Honor Society 10-12, Spanish Honor Society 10-12, Quill and Scroll Journalism Honorary Society 1112, Varsity Volleyball 9-10, (Co-Captain) 11-12, JV Basketball 9, Varsity Basketball 10-11, (Co-Captain) 12, Varsity Softball 9-12 (co-captain), Athletic Council 9-12, Yearbook 11, (Co-Editor In Chief) 12, Ultimate Frisbee Club 11-12, Interim Semester: Advanced Scuba Diving Palau, Routeburn Trek, Leeuwin Ocean Adventure, Winter Sports in Switzerland

Clayton Crawford

Clay, Clayford, Carlos, 4 Mom and Dad, thank you for everything, and I mean everything. You have made me who I am. It would have been impossible without you. I love you. Lars: good memories...jaet!, vacations around the world, eh? B, ill miss you, love you bro. Stef, I’ll never forget our l.a.f.s. during frosh vball at TAS and all our visits and memories. You’ve made my highschool years unforgettable, and changed me for the better. I love you always. Samson’s and Schwarz’s: thank you for my second families. Mitch, Adam, Alex, WeiMing, since the old days, though it all, sports and weekends, we had great times. Keep in touch. Colin, TJ, Paul: I’m azn too, Confucius say...keep it real. To all my teachers: thank you so much for all your time and effort, you’ve helped me to enjoy and prepare for my life ahead. Coaches, sports were what HS was all about, and you made it so fun. Together we competed and succeeded, thank you. Everyone else, the DoTA clan, the party boys, girl friends, sports buddies and the rest of the Singapore clan, live it to the fullest.

I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle - victorious. - Vince Lombardi

Anit Das

May 16th, 1989 Jazz Ensemble 9-12, IPAU 9-12 (Com. Director, Webmaster, President), SHS 11-12, NHS 11-12, South Asian Society 9-12, MUN, Boy Scouts 9-12, Gay Straight Alliance 12, Interim Semester: South India 9, China 10, Habitat for Humanity: Udon Thani 11, Kruger National Park 12

I’m here. It’s been a crazy ride, from start to finish. I’ve started and restarted this piece at least four times, trying to capture the collective essence of every feeling and emotion from beginning to now. But I can’t. These past years spent in high school alone have been such a journey that there isn’t simply one thing that I can write to capture it all. To my friends: I have seen friends and best friends come and go for the past ten years that I’ve lived here. I know that all of you have had an impact on my life, and even if I forget your names, somewhere in my subconscious will be the remnants of us chilling at the hawkers, or late night conversations, stargazing on a trampoline, or whatever it was that brought us together. Thanks for everything, and I hope I left some good laughs, memories and stories for you to tell. To my family: Nothing I could fit in this space would suffice as proper thanks for all that you’ve done. Thank you for being there. It’s been fun.

“At first there was Nothing, which exploded.” “Light a man a fire and he’ll be warm for a day. But set the man on fire, and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life” - Terry Pratchett April 17th, 1989 / Calgary, Alberta, Canada SACAC Football 11-12 (Captain), Madden Club (co-president), Varsity Rugby 11-12, IPAU, Interim Semester: Muddy Wheels 10, Leeuwin 11, Independent Study 12

Jordan Dawe

Doral B, JD, Oral, Creek First and foremost I would like to thank my Parents for their love a dedication towards me even through the many though times. Thank You for always believing in me!! To my friends Adam many good times in football thanks buddy. Brandon man many good years together, geo and would haha. Gonzo man I need some SUNSCREEN. NOT. One day we will do business together. Rhys what’s a log? Lots of good times man we will have to see where we end up in the future. Schwarz without you this wouldn’t be possible. Dave Bulldog for life thanks for introducing me to rugby great fun. Temporary Bliss- Jarrod, Peter, TJ, Anitone day we will be Permanently Bliss thanks for a great end to the year. BarronGood times at church, good luck next year man. Brittany have fun in your next three years of high school enjoy every minute of it. To my little bro. Josh man have fun in football next year to0 bad I won’t be there. Practice hard and you’ll do great. Everybody I have had a great time here at SAS and it wouldn’t have been the same without you guys good luck in your years to come. PEACE.

“Humor is mankinds greatest blessing.” Mark Twain

SENIORS2007  257

Stevie Day

May 5th, 1989 / Nottingham, England

In the last 4 years SAS has become more of a home to me than my actual home in England, helping shape not only what I want to do with my life but who I am. As much as I’ve been wishing grad to come faster looking back it’s gone too quick. But I couldn’t have survived without my friends- Vishal, Brian, Sam, Gabe and the guys I’ve hung out with you since 8th grade I cant begin to recall all the memories. Chris, bro where do I even start? Husseyday productions 72hour filmfest 4am filming serapong racing. One day we’ll make a movie for real. Calli and Alix you guys are amazing I’m gonna miss you both you have no idea. Evelyn, E WHAT? To the teachers that have helped me along the way thank you, especially Mr Clemens, how you put up with me and Chris I don’t know but thank you for believing in us allowing us to make our films; and to Mr Griffin my photos would be the same without your help and guidance. And to my parents thank you for everything you’ve done for me I love you most of all.

IPAU 11, Interim Semester: Malaysia: Island in the Sun 9, Australia: Muddy Wheels 10, Australia: Leeuwin Ocean Adventure 11, South Africa: Kruger National Park

“I don’t want to be a product of my environment, I want my environment to be a product of me” Jack Nicholson (The Departed)

Katherine Camilla DeFord

May 4th, 1989 / Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Skittles, Casey

Mom and Dad-I love you! I’m so blessed to be the daughter of two of the most caring people in the world. Thank you for everything. Nicole- You are the person I admire most in this world. I’m so happy we will be on the same continent! I Love you seesta Nan-Love you! Lena-you are the little sister I never had, I love you! Denise-you are an amazing friend and person, YAYA forever. Sophie- bananas+milk=no good! Keri-prepster forever! Alannah-fluffy! never change! Nicole-sleepovers, I’ll miss you! SaraD-you’re a beauty, crazy cakes! TinaS-bus buddy! AnnaS-SHOES! Xenia-thank you for always saying the right thing! Shaulis-Gossip nights with y(our) mom, I’ll never forget! Abby-you are beautiful. TinaK/Esha- Tibet! Adam A-thank you for always being there, my cab riding milkshake with milk god Chris-seventh grade, little fights, presents I’m going to miss you! AdamS-Din Tai Fung dates! Jake-I will miss you and the punches! Max-live it up in high school! Everyone else: you know who you are, thank you for the memories.

Special Olympics 9-12, Peer Support 10-12, Athelic Council 9-12, JV Cross Country 9, Varsity Swimming 9-10, Interim Semester: Chang Mai Thailand 9, Milford Trek New Zealand 10, Soweto, South Africa 11, Tibet, India 12

You can waste your life drawing lines. Or you can live your life crossing them.

Sara DeNoma

October 15th, 1988 / Alexandria, Kentucky

Mom, you have always been and will always be my best friend. Dad, you’re the best. I love you both. Siblings, I love you too! Don’t know what I’ll do without you guys next year. Scott – good luck fatty. Alannah Sawhill, bff - I couldn’t have survived high school without you. Since 9th grade, you’ve always been there for me. I love you and I know this isn’t the end for us. Adam S. – my other bf and apple dumpling, I love you boy. Clay and Mitch – sweet times with the posse. Adam A. – so happy I got to know you, “secret” admirer. Keri – a hug from you is like being wrapped in sunshine. Shaulis – you fill my heart Billingsley. Denise – stay creepy den den! Aubrey – never simma down! you’re too much fun! Megan – I’ll miss you bush baby. Nicole – I love our talks. Casey – fifth grade and still going strong! Sophie and Anna – my favorite dance partner and tent mate, three musketeers forever. Soccer, Basketball and Track teams – it was a blast, I’ll never forget you. Call of Duties – respect.

Varsity Soccer 9-12, JV Basketball 9-10, Varsity Basketball 11-12, Varsity Track and Field 9-12, Global Giving 12, Interim Semester: Thailand: Chang Mai 9, Tasmania 10, Australia: Leeuwin Ocean Adventure 11, South Africa: Cape and Coast 12

“Security in this office park is a joke. Last year I came to work with my spud-gun in a duffle bag. I sat at my desk all day with a rifle that shoots potatoes at 60 pounds per square inch. Can you imagine if I was deranged?” - Dwight Schrute

258  SENIORS2007

Keri Dixon

August 5th, 1989 / Nazareth, Pennsylvania Varsity Softball 9-11, (Captain) 12, Varsity Soccer 11-12, JV Soccer 9, (Captain) 10, JV Touch Rugby 9-10, Peer Support 10-12, Global Giving 11, (Co-President) 12, Spanish Honor Society 11, (Treasurer) 12, National Honor Society 12, Special Olympics Swimming 9, Athletic Council 9-12, Interim Semester: Western Australia: Coastal Marina Biology 9, Tasmania 10, Sri Lanka 11, South Africa: Cape and Coast 12

Dix, Chavo, Kizzle Mom & Dad: Thanks for always being there for me and for putting up with me for the past 17 years. Ryan: Finally the fighting is over, looking forward to seeing you more next year. Shaulis: My best pal, I love you Bills; can’t wait for the road trip! Soph: Since the days of being ‘stupid sophomores’ you’ve always been there to make me laugh. Sara: Despite our endless bickering, you know I love you and I’ll miss your hugs. Casey: Poolside partner in crime, you’ll be missed prepster. Denise: Mathletes for life, I love you soo much. Nicole: 4 years, couldn’t have done it without you. Anna: I love you bizzle. Gaby: I’ll never forget you little gabs. Alannah: Your sarcasm never ceases to amuse me. Aubrey: The true snuggle button. Rachel: My fellow nerd, we survived! Lena: Fun times ganging up on the one who ‘started our friendship.’ V: Little* you’ve always been my favorite. Softball & Soccer teams: It’s been fun, good luck next year! Call of Dutiesmuch love. The Crew: I love you all.

“Would I rather be feared or loved? Um... Easy, both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”-Michael Scott, The Office

Aubrey Doyle

December 20th, 1988 / Tucson, Arizona National Charity League 9-12, Freshman Soccer, Freshman Lacrosse, Varsity Swimming and Diving 9, 11, Varsity Soccer 10-12, Varsity Touch Rugby 10, 12, Varsity Track and Field 10, Athletic Council 10, 12, National Honor Society 11-12, Chinese Honors Society 12, Varsity Lacrosse 11, Interim Semester: New Zealand: Milford Trek 10, South Africa: Cape and Coast 12

Mom, ur the most beautiful person I will ever know. The heart hospital better pay 4 day long phone conversations. Dad, Thanks for helping me realize what’s important in life u’ll always be my #1 coach. P&S- biggest studs I know-don’t know what I’m going to do next year not having u to throw a bball at some boy’s head. I love u all more than I could express in words. Soccer/Rugby girlsShaulis,Lil V, Nora- keep the golds coming. Dix, lifesaver- I’ll miss hugging almost as much as u will. Denom, my lil cuddler- We just have so much fun! Nicole- best “target” I know. Phil- thanx for all the love letters. Xen-sushi, ur so amazing. Adam- fighting isn’t nearly as much fun w/any1 else (I’ll miss your hand during movies) Alannah- not just ur legs are lovely, u are too. Gab- ur such an amazing friend (no wonder ur the only girl for Pablo.143) Tiff-my other half, HRB- you’ll always be in my heart, Gem-no matter where I am in the world you’ll always be my best friend remember-there can’t be 3

”And I’ll take with me the memories 2 be my sunshine after the rain.” 16th of December 16th, 1988 / Leicester, UK

Jonathan Duncan

“Thank you to all the friends and teachers that made my experience in Singapore such an enjoyable one.”

“No worries, mate!”

SENIORS2007  259

Jonathan Eg

December 21st, 1988 / Irvine, California

Jon Eg, Jonny, Egggggggg I would like to just say that I am grateful for everything everyone ever did to me, whether good or bad. I have become who I am today because I that. First I would like to give thanks to my family - mom, dad, sis, thanks for your limitless support. I know all of you will be there for me when I need you. Also, I would like to thank my boys on the basketball team – I love you guys, and Colin, Clay, Jeff, TJ, Kenny, great last year. Thanks to all the cultural people too! You guys are the best, keep doing whatever your doing. Last, to all my friends, especially Pony, you’ve all been there for me...most of the time but I love you nonetheless. It definitely has been a great twelve years at SAS ever since kindergarten till now. Thanks everyone!

Eric Eifler

November 2nd, 1988 / Frankfort, Kentucky

Dan, you’ve been there from the start, Kentucky will be a lot less boring with out you. John, you’ve always stuck behind me. Jesse we’ve had some great Guitar Hero moments with John and keep it up with turning Josh into you. Zac you’re the greatest and Australia was a blast. Fu you’ll always be my brother-dad, and Mike we had hard times but you’re a great guy. Nick maybe now I won’t have to worry about you moving my hair. I love you all to death and Ill never find anyone quite like you guys. Good luck in college Nick and all of you ill keep in touch for that road trip. Charles, Kellen, and Igor interim was awesome, one of the best trips in my life. And Jane I hope the Playground Prickle lives on without me.

Kelly Fan

Taiwanese Club 9-12, Tri-M 11, (Treasurer) 12, Chinese Honor Society 11, (President) 12, South Pacific 10, Cultural Convention 10, Yulefest 11, String Ensemble 9-11, (President) 12, Villa Francis 10-12, JV Basketball 9, Varsity Basketball 10-12, Varsity Volleyball 11, Interim Semester: Cambodia 9, Hawaii 10, Golf 11, Teacher Apprenticeship 12

AB Honor Roll 9-10, BETA Club 9-10, KUNA 9, Golf Club 11-12, Ultimate Frisbee 12, Gun Club 12, IPAU 12, Interim: Land of the Long White Clouds, New Zealand 11, Kruger National Park12

July 8th, 1988 / Taipei, Taiwan

kel, killerkelkeller, god t’s been a long and short 18 years. At 14, I couldn’t imagine living to 18, and at 18, I can’t imagine living to 21. But somehow, we’ll get there. It’s not too hard; we’ve done it before. We are the generation who’s supposed to cure cancer and AIDS, solve the world’s problems, bring peace and equilibrium globally and figure out why 2 and 2 really is 4. No doubt some of us will do just that. Yet all of us have already left a mark. We are immortalized in these halls for a year, have been doing so since we’ve entered high school. But it doesn’t matter if you’re first or last. As long as you’re advancing, it’s okay. Go ahead - rest. Your progress marks your proof; there’s no goal, so set one and FLY. It wasn’t easy getting here. But because of you, I’m here. The nostalgic winds will keep blowing; it’ll keep pushing me onward. Thank you for teaching me how to live. Thank you for being my friend, my confidante. It was, is, and will always be my long-standing pleasure to have met and known you.

Peace Initiative 1012, SAVE Club 12, Woodlands Children’s Home 9, Japan Club 11, Taiwanese Club 9-12, Animation Club 9, (Treasurer) 10, (Secretary) 11, (Vice President) 12, Photo Club 12, Technical Theater 10, (Secretary) 11-12, Thespians 11, (Secretary) 12, Usher Society 12, Athletic Council 12, Badminton Club 9-12, Interim Semester: Beginner’s Scuba: Phuket, Thailand 9, New Zealand: Milford Trek 10, Land of the Long White Cloud A 11, Bhutan 12

“Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly; devils fall because of their gravity.” - G.K. Chesterton

260  SENIORS2007

November 10th. 1988 / Santa Monica, California Varisty Soccer 9-11, (captain) 12, Varsity Softball 9-12, Global Giving 12, South India 9, New Zealand: Muddy Wheels 10, India: Ladakh 11, South Africa: Cape and Coast 12

Mom & Dad: you have put up with all of my “stunts” and after all of it I still got into college! Thanks for always believing in me! I love you. Nat: I hope Einstein visits you more often. Caitlin: work hard and put effort into it! Vince: don’t go too crazy with the girls. Bafa/YD: bestest friend, sauna/pool times, hawkers, crying. Ronnie: I WANT YOUR LEG!! pool time, techno! You are my one and only I looove you! Gaby: softball, cheers, Halloween(ouija) Ongy: midnight movies, all the details! Peace concert. Miiichelle: softball, fergalicious!! Anna: parents night, steven!! Ub. Tiff: late nights, foood, cuddling. Val: interim, china one/MOS, absolutely not! Paul: woodlands, nip/tuck. Juanita: woodlands, harley, nights out! Rachel: margarita nights, sex and the city. Hayden: prom, interim, decision making. Steven: MOS nights. Nick S: my Paris! And everyone else: Ricky, Nicole, Dan(DB), Saagar, Soph(fatty2), Ali, McD, Gabby, Steph, Christi, Dr. Lee! Eveyone else..I love you!!

September 18th, 1989 / Brussels, Belgium SAVE Club 9, JV Basketball 10, SACAC Bowling 11-12, Interim Semester: Rock Climbing in Singapore 9, Habitat for Humanity: Udon Thani 10, New Zealand: Land of the Long White Cloud 11, South Africa: Cape and Coast 12

Crista Favati

Ryan Fenwick

Mom and Dad – I love you guys and I can’t thank you enough for everything that you have done for me. You supported me, provided for me, guided me, and believed in me no matter what. Myles - Have fun in the rest of High School, I will miss you next year...and arsenal over spurs always. My Friends – I will miss all of you next year and hanging out at Newton, Clarke Quay, Interim, playing FIFA, and so much more. Good luck to all of you next year, wherever you go and whatever you do. I am really grateful to have spent my High School life in Singapore with all of you, and I don’t look forward to leaving.

“The test of courage comes when we are in the minority. The test of tolerance comes when we are in the majority.” – Ralph W. Sockman

SENIORS2007  261

Caroline Gillot Mom and Dad, thanks for putting up with me all this time. I respect you guys more just for that. I care a hell of a lot more than I act like I do. GC, I’m here to pimp yours. See ya in LA. [Cookie][ILY]we just click. Jacob, I’ll meet you at Clubhouse or 711 or even onstage maybe. Enk, tissue game, tsunami, just don’t ever change. I’ll see you in LA too. Carly, stay sweet and smile more. Mandy, wake me up when September ends. It’s nacho cheese. Enja, the good times were the best. Gypsy, I wish I’d met you sooner so I could give you more advice. Everyone I’ve met some weekend, it was awesome. ’07 graduates good luck next year. Those of you staying, make the most of high school. You guys who will never read this, I love you most. On a last note to all of high school, for the good of society, get off the computer and television every now and then, don’t try to please everyone, and make your own damn trends.

Soccer 9-10, Leprosy Home 10-12, Athletic Council 11, Women in Action 11, IPAU 12,Interim Semester: Chiang Mai 9, Hawaii 10, Land of the Long White Cloud 11, Italy 12

“You can’t find the truth, you just pick the lie you like best.” Brian Hugh Warner

Christopher Grandidge

August 22nd, 1989 / Manila, Phillipines

Christo, Crystal, Christobal, Topher, Styll Mom & Dad, thanks for everything you’ve given me these past 17 years. I appreciate it so much and I couldn’t have done it with out you, love you. Patti, you’re the best sister anyone could have, I trust you 110%, thanks for all the advice and motivation. Jhos, will miss you and your cooking. Adam A-vacations, party house, “want to pick me up?” crusin’, see you in Cali! Adam S-IASAS, messing with girls, late nights, hoppa pride, I love you. Anka-Anka-Wat! roomate, ballin! Brandon-ESPN, your apartment. Dan-trips, local link. Dave-your crazy man, Shirtless. Gonzo-too funny, crazy nights, partner in crime. Jack-Fifa! school? Phil-3rd grade, egg shots, girl problems. Rhys-Interims, Dota? Mingalways there for me. JJ-see you in Cali! Carol-My sweetheart, never forget you, you could always put a smile on my face, TOO many memories with you, love you! Alannah-crazy phone calls. Casey-problem solver, miss you! Everyone else, thanks for making SAS memorable. I’ll carry our friendships and the memories we’ve made forever.

Athletic Council 9-12, JV Basketbal 9, JV Volleyball 10, Varsity Volleyball 11-12, Indonesian Club 11, Madden Club 12, Interim Semester: Malaysia: Langkawi Sailing Adventure 9, China B 10, Australia: Learn to Surf/Ocean Lifeguarding 11, Greece 12

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.” -Aristotle

Sophie Greene

September 20th, 1989/ Atlanta, Georgia

Soph, Dwight, Buster, PS MomDad: you guys are the weird parents every girl hopes for. Thanks for moving to Singapore and teaching me that Amherst is not named after the stone.I am forever grateful for the opportunities, love and support you’ve given me. I love you. Brothers:thanks for letting me out from under the laundry basket, you made me tough. Anakin:my favorite anglophile, laughing about everything and nothing. stick out your jaw laugh a little.Nush:you’re the cheddar of my life.You’re always there with open arms. stay amazing. Case:cest la* the eye of the storm we will always be kcd and spg.[COD: prepare for glory--Den: PS, taste the happy, taste the funny. We always finish each other’s...sandwiches.Where would I be without you?Ker:softball,ddr. Our abusive friendship and all our competitions. We really have to stop. You know you love me.Kezia:emo.only with you.Sara: we’ll be singing when we’re winning.Lan: k-crew. I like you. thanks for being there]Gabs: roomie, BW for ever.we’ve put up with it all.squeeze the hand. Rach: I’m going to miss your hugs.Sneh: stay cool little hindjew brother.Nicole,Jen,Crista:you girls are too much fun. Abhi: sorry for beating you up. To the rest...thanks for laughing.

Dance Club 9-12, Athleic Council 9-12, Peer Support 10-12, Cultural Convention Art 10, Global Giving 11, (Co-President) 12, Varsity Softball 11-12, Student Council (Vice President) 12, National Honor Society 12, Interim Semester: South India 9, Routeburn Trek 10, A Cultural Odyssey in Ladakh 11, Greece 12

“Whenever I’m about to do something, I think, “Would an idiot do that?” And if they would, I do not do that thing”—Dwight Kurt Schrute III

262  SENIORS2007

Julie Grefsrud

January 4th, 1988 / Oslo, Norway Athelic Council 11-12, Interim Semester: New Zealand 11, Russia 12

Mamma & pappa, I love you. Thanks for being there for me. Synne, my sister, I wouldn’t have made it through high school without you. Ryan, the best boyfriend in the world! I love you. Christi, you always make me laugh. Melanie, you’re always there for me. Amelia, it was nice getting to know you this year. Crystal, you’re hot. And to everyone else, I’ll miss you!

April 25th, 1989 / Kingwood, Texas Yearbook 9-12, Oquill and Scroll Honor Society 10-12, Dance Club 9-12, The Lion King 9, Showcase 9-10, The Little Mermaid 10, Women in Action 10, Film Society 10, Interim Semester: South India 9, China A 10, Austalia: Leeuwin Ocean Adventure 11, Greece

Caitlin Rose Hale

Dad-Thanks for the necessities and many luxuries. Mom-6956 miles (yes, I googled it) are nothing. I know you’ll always be just a phone call away. Barrythanks for everything. Marisa-your sisterly duty of being there for me was done admirably. I have so much respect for you it’s crazy. I love you all. Vicky-none of our jokes are cool enough to recognize in public. All of the azn in me is thanks to you. sim sim ple ple. Dolphil-If ever lonely on a Tuesday, draw on a mousse-tache and think of me. Platonic love. Michelle L-therapy from a pro. Izzy-karaoke: our greatest discovery. Hale Yeh Celine! Love, your favorite egg. Michelle O-I dont care what you say, I have a lovely voice. Jack-be manlier.I have to mention 24. Denise- Fact: you’re my role model not only because of your taste in tv shows but because you’re an amazing person. BarretBul? Bull? Bullet? just checking. Mallika-lost grandmas brought us together. You’re one of my favorite people. Arunima-scary Garfield, omg shoes, nightsilly/nightbilly (soo much cooler when paris&nicole do it). Thanks.

Cait, Caitsy, Egg

“You realize if we played by the rules, right now we’d be in gym?” – Ferris Bueller July 2nd, 1988 / Surrey, England Newspaper 11-12, Varsity Rugby 10-12, JV Rugby 9, JV Soccer (Captain) 10, Varsity Soccer 11, MUN 9-12, Drama 10-12, Three Musketeers 10, Ultimate Frisbee 11-12, SACAC Football 9, Peer Support 10-12, Global Giving 12, Special Olympics Swimming 11-12, Track and Field 9, Quill and Scroll 11-12, Cultural Convention Drama 12, Interim Semester: Langkawi Sailing Adventure 9, Milford Trek 10, Australia: Leeuwin Ocean Adventure 11, Greece 12

Jeffrey Hamilton Frodo, Jefe, J-Ham

First and foremost, Mom and Dad you have and always will be there for meoffering your love and support even though its not always easy to put up with me. I love you both more than I can fit in this box. Kendall-I know we havent always been close but I love you so much even though I dont always show it. To my friends: Sneh-cultural rocked, Hayden, Sang, Dan-we are an unstoppable project team, Sag-you are awesome. Ryan-you are a jerk, but a funny one. Marcus, maybe one day we will make it to BumbleBeez. JJ- Local partyz-thanks for accepting me for the Ang Mo I am. Samanta- Never change you are an amazing person. Holly-Sexy Legs rule. To Clemens and the Eye-We know that we own the news. To the Eagle forward pack-we are juggernauts. To cultural Drama-“I love it.” To anyone I forgot to mention, thanks. And lastly to me: remember the important things in life and remember if I was able to get out of high school alive, I can do anything.

“Just because we’ve ruined 90 percent of everything doesn’t mean we can’t do wonderful things with the remaining ten percent!”

SENIORS2007  263

Barret Hammond

April 1st, 1989 / Marbella, Spain

Mom, Dad, Sis, you’re all wonderful, thank you so much for everything; especially the World experiences you were able to give me, I love you more than words can say. Good luck Kwee- “I like white” I think that is the most random of all our jokes ha, don’t forget to sleek it out, Chris G- “came to party,” I hope you achieve your dream of becoming a rapper, Caitlin & Sophie- “Boo!” Greece was fun and the making of “Boyz” made the trip, Kris- hope you have fun in the army, it will be over before you know it, Xenia X, Pat, Alex, B- It is up to you to carry on the wake legacy, Gonzo & Adam- don’t worry some day you will have muscles like mine, haha. Alannah- Hamishlad will miss you, Saagar- “sexiest man alive, ha” good times at yours, Ali “wake up”, JAP players- sorry I wasn’t up to your standards. Thanks to all of my teachers you were great. Good Luck to all the people I didn’t mention, you know who you are! Thanks for making my last year of school so memorable.

Soccer 9-12, Roots and Shoots Club 10-11, Relay for Life 10, Wakeboarding 9-12, SACAC Bowling 9, SACAC Baseball 9, Future Presidents Club 11, Art Club 10-11, Interim Semester: Climbing 9, Greece 12

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

Ria Harakuma

October 7th, 1988 / Tokyo,Japan

A big big Thank You to, Mommy & Papa All my friends (especially Nishihara san) Kohei Love you all Will miss you guys Have fun wherever you may be

Jessica Harris

264  SENIORS2007

Japanese Club 9-11, Athletic 10, Woman in Action 10-11, Interim Semester: Bintan 9, Australia 10, New Zealand 11, Spain 12

May 14th, 1989 / Bedfordshire, England Riding for the Disabled 9, Women in Action 11, Thespians 12

November 19th, 1988 / Dhaka, Bangladesh Theatre Makeup Club 912, Model United Nations 10, Peace Initiative 10-12, Art Club 10-12, Cultural Convention 11-12, Morning Show 12, Melrose Children’s Home 12, Global Giving 12, NAHS 12, Interim Semester: Teacher Apprenticeship 9, China B 10, New Zealand: Land of the Long White Cloud 11, Russia 12

Shabiba Hasan Sha

Wow, what a journey. First of course, Abbu and Ammu, I love you both so much. I can never thank you enough for how much you have supported me and guided me to becoming the person I am today. Thanks for tolerating me for all these years haha! You have truly been the best parents anyone could have. Alvi and Zahin, be good and don’t burn my room! Shruti- what did we NOT go through together? Nic- too many memories. Jiye- my one and only art lover! Andreaguy problems and Spanish convos. Viv, Da and Julz, my favorite sophomores in the world! Crys- 7/11, shushi, DDR! Wakana- almost Hispanic with the tan! Caroline- have fun in the military luv! Van- Gin doesn’t solve everything! Runithanks for being there. Everyone else, just cuz I didn’t mention you doesn’t mean I won’t miss you! High School- so much drama, but what a blast!

“The middle of the road is where the white line is - and that’s the worst place to drive.” -Robert Frost March 24th, 1988 / Jakarta, Indonesia JV Badminton 9-10, Varsity Badminton 12, Tri-M 12, Yulefest 11, Chess Musical 12, Choir Ensemble 9-12 (President) Save Club 10-12, Athletic Council 9-12, Indonesian Club 9-11, Taiwan Club 12, Support Indonesian Club 12, Korean Club 12, Solo Ensemble 12, Cultural Convention Vocal 12, Interim Semester: Cycling in Western Australia 10, New Zealand - Land of the Long White Cloud 11, Italy 12

Winny Hasan

God: Thank you for all the blessings and love, and for being my rock and refuge. I owe everything to you. My dear Mama & Papa: You are the best parents in the world! I love you both so much. Wilson: I’m going to miss you, be good. Devi: My best friend and shopping buddy, thanks for always being there. I could never have survived without you –you have no idea how much I love you. Esther: I’ll miss your craziness! Let’s see if our newspaper thing can come true. Tiffanie: I’ll never forget our guy talks and secret wrongdoings. You’re so much fun, I’m gonna miss you. Shaun: Good luck with girls. I’m sure you’ll find your hot mama some day! Tiffany&Tiffany: You girls are the sweetest things. Remember Chess. Henry: Better not make me regret putting your name in this little box. Drink lesser.You’re a great guy. Angel: PCU and guys!haha. Be less naughty, you’re too good for that. To everyone else who knows me and to that one boy I wished I’d gotten to know –thank you for making SAS so memorable.

There is no remedy for love but to love more. Henry David Thoreau September 18th, 1988 / Hartford, Conneticut Climbing Club 9-12, Philosophy Club 10-12, Independent Performing Artists Union 11, Interim Semester: Japan 9, Tasmania 10, India: Rajasthan 11, Greece 12

Kevin Ho

Kev H By the time you read this, you’ll have a yearbook in your hands. Hopefully. Anyway, turn to page 47 in the book and think of any word or name on that page. If there are no words, think of any image there. Once you’ve got that, come back to this page and write/draw that word/name/image next to my name, or in any blank space nearby. Later when you walk through the halls, compare what you got to what your friends did, and award points for accuracy. Moving on, some people say I’m ungrateful, so just to let them know: this time... I’m consistent. Regardless, thanks to Mom, Dad, Jennifer, David, Sean, JJ, Mr Clemens, Fincher, Brown, Carlin, Regal, Randi, P&T, That Guy Down The Street Who Wears A Red Cardigan Sweater, and Bob Saget. If it weren’t for you, I’d probably have different hobbies, something I shudder to think about. I mean, who wears a suit in the middle of a park?

“You know, maybe reading this quote was a waste of time.” -You

SENIORS2007  265

Warren Wei Lien Ho

March 24th, 1988 / Honolulu, Hawaii

WarrenG, OH MAN, Captain Confucius, Puritan, Xiao Wei, The Whale Time has flown the past 4 years and the challenges I faced here have made me grow; for that I’m grateful. Mom &Pa, Bro&sis(s): thanks for everything, you guys are the best, love you all. My teachers: thanks so much! Mr. Baker, coach+teacher, for the lessons, laughs, and lies, in and out of the classroom. Mr. Crawford+ Ms. Began: for the care&belief in me. Mr. Donalson: for setting me on fire; good experience. Mr. Guggisberg: You made me a better writer. Coach T+C: you both taught me to fly. Mr. Hallam: running on Thurs! Mr. Ford: Thanks. Friends: Sam, from my first day in school, you were there. Thomas, Finnish bro: Call often! Peck: we did it! Gonzo+Adam+Dave: for inspirational shows @ track, you guys rock. Rhys: Homebase+Greece+classes: good times. Karen: Hair. TiffanyF: Thanks. ArjunK, JasonH, AlrickC, KellyF, Alannah: bear... Teammates, friendly Joes, QuantumKids, LunchGroup: thanks guys. XC and Track: Keep working, keep winning! To everyone: stay in touch! Later SAS, it’s been fun!

SAVE Club 9-11, (Aluminum and Paper Recycling Head) 12, Track and Field 10-12, Cross Country 10-11, (Co-Captain) 12, Technical Theatre Club 11-12, Habitat for Humanity 11-12, Peace Initiative 11-12, Aiding China 12, Interim Semester: Physics of Sailing 9, Thailand Sea Kayaking in Tarutao 10, New Zealand Land of the Long White Cloud B 11, Greece 12

“Adversity causes some men to break, others to break records”~ William Arthur Ward

Breda Hogan

March 6th, 1989 / Memphis, Tenessee

Bread, Hogie, Breadling Mom and Dad: You guys have been a huge impact on my life. I love you both more than I can express in words. Ronnie, my best friend of all time. No one can ever replace you. Steven, I can’t wait for our road trip. Tommy, you always cheer me up, especially when you’re mad. Soojin, coffee in the mornings with you is what I live for. Emma, I will never forget those nights with Samantha and pizza. Mariko, you’ve been there for me any hour of the day. I’m going to miss our random rendezvous with Pocky and all the rest, in OUR park. Corey, I will never ever find anyone as weird or as cool as you. Cookie, you have and always will be one of my best friends of all time. Brittany, your roof. French with Tatiana, Sooj & Mallika. Amanda, I love you. Doogie! You make chips worth going to. Katy, Nick, Jack, Justin, Sylvia, Sam, Johncock, Luke, Maritz, Sid, Shruti, Shabiba, Billy, I love you all. And all the people on Russia interim of course. To everyone else I forgot, I’m sorry. I love you.

Women in Action 11, Teacher Apprenticeship 9, Bintan 10, New Zealand: Meeting of the Nations 11, Russia 12

“If at first you don’t succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.”

Rhys Holding

December 13th, 1988 / London, England

To start things off, here’s to you Mum and Dad. Every step of the way, I love you for it. Cheers. There is a lot of you guys so here we go. Dave man. For times to come brother. Jack, I love you man, but get to school. SS. Gonz, good times with a good guy. Phil We go back man. Great times. Brandon, we had some good laughs man. Ha Just keep talking. Chris, I like you man, but your crazy. Dan man, wanna make a bet? Great guy. Jordan man, you know what to wiggle. Good time this year. Jj, Stay strong. Ming. Great guy, nothing more needs to be said. SchwarzClayMitch, You guys aren’t really noobs ya know? Ha Keep it strong. Haha. Aubrey, get that Chinese homework done ok. And is it turkey?ha Xenia. Since 8th grade, and a lot of history But there is thing I have to say ok, Don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do! And yes I made it up. ha.That’s about it. For everyone I didn’t mention. I love you too. And remember boys we might live in different countries but bnet is only one click away. Ha Peace.

“Don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do!”

266  SENIORS2007

February 14th, 1989 / Seoul, Korea JV Soccer 9-10, SAVE Club 10-12, SACAC Bowling 10-11, Spastics Children’s Home 11-12, Medical Explorers Club 11, Athletic Council 12, Yulefest 11, Interim Semester: Rocking Climbing 9, Tasmania 10, New Zealand: Land of the Long White Cloud 11, Spain 12

Sung Won Hong

Mom and Dad, thank you so much for never giving up on me and supporting me out through the 4 years of high school life. I could have never accomplished anything without you guys. And, to those who made my high school life fun and memorable, thank you so much. Hyung 8 – my bestest pal, thanks for being there for me. C. Lee – BRC + we had so much fun. S. Kim- Gorilla + trusty friend+ BRC, K. Kim- Another BRC, high school couldn’t have been fun without you, T. Kook- Blue tooth + BRC+ Steven Academy, J. Oh- Mr. Elephant + BRC, K. LeeStudy, study & study… relax abit… lol, J. Hur- you can never beat in tennis. T.J Son- Call me when you need a mirror. The Junior- M. Park/ Soccer Kim/ J. Lee/ S. Han/ H. Cheng/ S. Song/W. Ahn/C. Park etc, Sophomore- The twins and the rest, and Freshman Koreans, good luck to you all.

“Every moment is a golden one for him who has the vision to recognize it as such.” -Henry Miller September 5th, 1988 / Japan The Eye: 11 (Op/Ed), 12 (co-editor in chief) National Honor Society: 11, 12, Japanese Honor Society: 10-12, Global Giving: 11, 12, (co-president) Quill and Scroll Society: 11, 12, Interim Semester: South India 9, China B 10, Leeuwin 11, South Africa: Service in Soweto 12

Denise Hotta-Moung

Den, Denise-io, Zipper, GOB, Nana, Lobster Mama,Daddy Leaving you both will be heartbreaking. I’ll miss the high-pitched singing, the “I have no idea”s, finding dogs in the ‘lauder.’ I’ll always be your Nanise. Kel Anything at all, you got it. My best times are with you. I love you, bister. A. Marlie I hope all your dreams come true. Grandma, Grandpa Your bragging and encouragement means so much. Cod: Soph We go together like rama lama lama. I’ll miss our meadow. Kez You’re my breath of fresh air in a sea of fashion shows. Keri I love you, nerd. Alannah I’ll miss our judgment days. Sara Thanks for being a freak. Caitlin We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year. Vicky Why are you like, obsessed with me? Four, We’ll always have Pete’s Place. Yaya Casey We have a cookie dough bond, the best kind. Izzy, my favorite. Cat Always keep your head up. Anna If I were Gareth, you’d be my David Brent. Kelvin Be a poet. Phil K will you be my best friend? Sneh thanks for letting me be a leopard. Teachers, Thank you.

“Wash your face with orange juice, clean your teeth with bubblegum, belly flop in a pizza.” May 5th, 1989 / Georgetown, Texas SAS Singers 12, Interim Semester: Turkey 12

Corey Householder

Mouse, Emo Billy, Ham Sandwich “Wow, this has been one intense year. I never thought that by my parents moving me out of the only place that I had ever lived in, I would actually have a good time, but my friends here have proved me wrong. I love each and every single one of you guys (and girls), and I’m so thankful that I got the chance to know you all. I’d list you all off, but I’d end up forgetting one of you and just start drama so I’ll just say my friends know who they are. There are certain times here I’ll never forget, “Hey Corey...drink this coke,” and “WELL WHAT DOES THAT MAKE ME, CHOPPED LIVER?!” and how could I ever possibly forget the ever famous “awkward turtle.” I know I’ve had my fair share of quarrels and arguments with my friends here, and at one point or another we’ve ended up yelling at each other at least once, but what makes you guys all friends is that here we are a year later and we’re still friends. Thanks so much for being there for me guys, and I’ll never forget any of you.

“Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither.”

SENIORS2007  267

Katharine Howard

August 23, 1988 | Ottawa, Ontario Graduated, May 2006 Returned for her amusement, Aug. 2006 Left for good, probably, Dec. 2007

With half-damp eyes I stared to the room Where my friends and I spent many an afternoon, Where we together weathered many a storm, Laughin’ and singin’ till the early hours of the morn.

Liam Howell

Angel Ya Han Hsu

April 21st, 1989 / Taipei, Taiwan

My dearest Mom,Dad and Sis: thanks for all the love and support you have given me. I love you forever. Friends: SAS would have been meaningless without you guys.Alice & Tracy, wonderful junior year, I miss you sooo much. Jean (Bao zi), from CIS to SAS, so much in love for more than 2 years, I know u love me so much la. My bro, hoho so sweet right now with ur dear princess. Jiamin mei zi, four classes together haha, so much fun. Zu zhuo( pei), interim together, guud guud, remember pig poo? Haha. All other friends: enjoy life and have fun.

268  SENIORS2007

SAVE Club 11-12, Aiding China 11-12, Taiwanese Club 11-12, Wish for Kids 12, Interim Semester: Japan 11, Vienna and Budapest 12

He Huang

February 8th, 1989 / Yi Yang, China

I have always been waiting for my turn to write a senior memory since the time I had came to SAS. This was just like yesterday. Leaving SAS is half-sad and halfhappy. Sad because I am leaving a great school with so many kind teachers and students who are with everyday even though I may not even know their names; happy because I will face new challenges and experiences. I really start from the teachers. Thank you all for your kind help and assistance. Second, my boyfriends (so many): Bonne (the Chinese rapper and delegate of WOW), Young (you do it lah!), Victor (master of WOW), Derek Wong (by the way your surname should be Huang) Jason……etc. My girlfriends: Angela (curly hair), Pei2 Zhu (study queen), Jiamin (math queen) and many more. Finally, Wo De Ba Ba Ma Ma, there are no words in this world powerful and accurate enough to describe them. They are the best of the best parents.

“Don’t look back at your shadow, it doesn’t refract your true height.”

Yu-Hui Huang

April 18th, 1988 / Taipei, Taiwan Cross Country 9, Taiwanese Club 9-12, SAVE Club 10-12, Spanish Honor Society 10-12, Interim Semester: South India 9, Habitat for Humanity: Udon Thani 10, China 11, Vienna and Budapest

So many years and memories Thanks to you who care, love and take care of me. You will always be in my heart. you who will always be my friend. you who thought me so much about life, good and bad. you, all of you who helped me, and made me who I am.

“Love is not the amount of breath you take, but the moments that take your breath away”

Patrick Huckbody Id like to thank my family, Dad thanks for the experience in Asia it was worth all the moves, Mom thanks for letting the good times roll. To all my friends chilling at the round table, you no who you are, thanks for making senior year a year to remember. There are no such things as strangers, only friends that we have not yet met.

“One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I don’t know.”

SENIORS2007  269

Stephanie Hue

July 18th, 1989 / Manhattan, New York

nai2: without your sacrifices, i wouldnt be where i am today & because of you, i am who i am. i love you. mommy: you’re my world, my everything, i love you & it will always be you & me. iie,uncle+bao2: where would i be without you 3? thank you for always guiding me in the right direction & supporting me in everything i do. daddy: thank you for believing in me & offering me your words of wisdom. kyung hwa: how am i going to survive next year? late night chats about the r’s. i love you, lil sis. pooky beans: my other 1/2, we’ve been thru it all in 7 years. meph: infy, “stupid,” wwf. norapie: “secret” phone calls, finger love. joobs: jabanaB, post-its, bus 57. sagoobeta: 6 years & more to come, best bud. sneh: we’ve come a long way. sajan: no one will ever top your hugs. my indo girls: reunion in j-town, i love you. moo2: late nights & angelic me, devilish you. ali: anything for you. peter.calli.niyomi.babyJ & everyone else: thank you for putting the “unforgettable” in high school.

Dance Club 9-12, Carmina Burana 9, Yulefest 9, Sophomore Council Secretary, The Little Mermaid 10, Athletic Council 10-12, Junior Council Scretary, Mulan 11, Indonesian Club 11, SAVE Club 11, Cultural Collage 11, Executive Council Secretary 12, Clue 12, Project Soweto, Interim Semester: South India 9, China B 10, New Zealand: Land of the Long White Cloud 11, Vienna and Budapest 12

“These are the days worth living, these are the years we’re giving, these are the moments, these are the times, lets make the best out of our lives.” –The Calling

Jason Kuo-Tsai Hung

Seatle, Washington / March 3rd, 1989

Noob, PSP, PSer, Nanoist, Fren This is it, then end of it all, and yet a new beginning of it all. Thanks Mom and Dad for all the support through the years, even if sometimes I didn’t seem to appreciate it. So, memory time: LionelM: 3 am ><, and pick on someone your own size. AlrickC: So how was bleach today?? JohnK: XD, you were right, monomythic is a word, don’t stop dancing homie. WarrenH: Lol, so much, in so little. Badminton at your place, running in Greece XD. SamL: you know what this is? It’s FREAK’IN AWESOME ^^. Buni, Victor, Derek: WoW XD, just wow isn’t it. TryphenaL: BUDDIE ^_^, tysm for the reminders, keep smiling. JennyZ: WHYY does everything always happen to you eh? X], high school is over, time to be a little more optimistic. TakaM: homecourt @_@. O no, running out of space. Thank you so much everyone I didn’t get a chance to mention. Thx: PY, TL, AA, KF, NT, JL, MC, KN, AC, CN, BL, ML, BB, SC, K-YH, KC, KH, WH, WT, YH, YN, H-SO, RS, AH, AT, MM, KK, PK, MK. And PK&AN:FOYB XD you know who you are.

Jae Won Hur

SAVE Club 9-12, Badminton Club 9-12, Anime Club 12, Chinese Culture Club 12, Aiding China 12, Technical Theater Club 12, JV Badminton 11, Chess 12, Interim Semester: Physics of Sailing 9, Cycling in Western Australia 10, New Zealand: Land of the Long White Cloud 11, Greece 12

“You are the best thing in my life…” -Eugene Kim September 21st, 1988 / Seoul, Korea

First of all, I would like to thank my parents for giving me this wonderful opportunity, endless support and love. Love you guys! Jae Yong, my only bro, be good and stay out of trouble! Make mom and dad happy! My sisters! Rachel, gd luck with your “Net Ball Club” I hope it succeeds! =) High Honors?! Meiko stop with your romanticism and love! jk (5-5) Phil & Shintaro, Bukit. bros! Tennis season was extremely fun with you guys!! Phil CS pro & Shintaro CS noob! Haha. Andy, Mic, Shogo.. um “good luck” with singles next year!? hah Steve Kim or gorilla? VV&CC was fun! Da er? go study more Stats! jk Finally! Songbird? Squirrel? TREEphena? T&C was so fun with you! BFF telepathy? NOT! jk I will swim over to NE! Hiks! Ryan, the smartest white kid! Paul, Jon, Celine, Jason & Kenny! String was fun with you guys! To everyone else I forgot to mention! Thank you, good luck next year and keep in touch! <3 ALL!

Spastic Children’s Home 9-11, (President) 12, SAVE Club 9-12, SACAC Bowling 9-10, Athletic Council 9-12, Korean Club 9-12, Varsity Tennis 11-12, Varsity Volleyball 11, JV Volleyball 10, Service Council 11-12, Tri-M 11-12, Yulefest 11, Chess 12, Interim Semester: Golf Clinic 9, Habitat for Humanity: Udon Thani 10, China A 11, Spain 12

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” - Mark Twain

270  SENIORS2007

September 21st, 1989 / Seoul, Korea Math Club 10-11, (President) 12, Habitat for Humanity 11-12, Medical Explorers Club 11-12, Leprosy Home 12, MUN 10, Interim Semester: Malaysia: Langkawi Sailing Adventure 10, New Zealand: Land of the Long White Cloud 11, Vienna Budapest 12

Young Kyun Hur Young

To me, High School was a 4-year-long RPG; I had an “objective” to achieve, but I didn’t know which pathway to take. So, like any other RPG protagonists, I traveled around the campus, making friends and hearing advices from them. All the NPCs (aka “teachers”) were the most reliable sources of help in SAS. I especially appreciate Mrs.Melsom for assisting me from the natural selection, Mr.Rops for bringing me up to relative maximum, Dr.Kett for making me “statistically significant,” and Ms.Tay for helping me with the language I suffered so much from. Without your assistance, my game would’ve been over. I also thank all my friends – Levin, Booney, Derek, Jason, Victor, Hye sung, Kelvin, Jong woo, Tae sung, Jun hyung, Tarang, Peck, Michelle, Daksha, Joon... – for never turning your back on me and always encouraging me. I’ll never forget you guys. And finally my father, mother and little sis: I just can’t express my gratitude for your astronomical love and support. Thank you and I love you all!!

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” - Audrey Hepburn September 11,1989 / Saitama, Japan Global Giving 10-11, Animation Club 10, Medical Explorers 11, SAVE Club 10-11, Aiding China 11, Japanese Club 10, Carmina Burana 9, Northern India: Community service 9, New Zealand: Routeburn 10, Ladakh 11, Italy 12

Maiko Itani

Shelley, Shells It’s been how many years I’ve been here...4 years? Time just goes VERY fast that I couldn’t even imagine myself I’m graduating... just like the wind blows CAZOOM! My life in SAS has started with Shelley - as my english name, then Shellzo, and finally Shells. I didn’t even expect my english name (yes, it is..) will be played around like this - until Staggo became my jk teacher. Staggo, I appreciate your creativitiness. Not only Staggo drives my creativity skills, but I also received many support from other teachers especially Ms. Gambell, Ms. Goode, Dr. Putnam, and Ms. Tay. I have A LOT of thanks to give you - through my very difficult times, as well as to my parents. Thank-you. I also want to give “thanks” to my dearest friends - I will be giving you a huge kiss, or hug is still alright. DEAL? Even if you don’t want to, please don’t run away from me - I just love you guyz.

“One thing you can’t live without: LOVE. (period)”

March 23rd, 1989 / Tokyo, Japan

Kohei Ito

Thanks everyone, thanks school! I think the time we shared in this high school was one of the most important moment in our lives, because we all create a part of each individual “ones” in this period, struggling, worrying and hoping for our futures... and start from here once again. I really appreciate these opportunities to have international friends, educations, and ideas here. Nothing was meaningless; I will never forget stories, views, and thoughts I earned here. I’m sure these experiences will help me be a better person in the future. Thank you everyone. I wish all of you to have a meaningful happy life.

SENIORS2007  271

Aubrey Jackson

March 26th, 1989 / Singapore

Glaubberriey, Phans, A-street Dear Mom and Dad, thank you for everything you’ve done, I love you and will miss you. Anthony, you are the best brother, you’ve made me happy all these years. Abby, you understand me like no one else, I trust you completely, I love you and will miss you so much. Alvin, I will miss your laugh: phlegm, night blindness, my cribs and collar blind. Shannon, I believe you could be a comedian– fear #369 not getting a seat on the bus. Runi, SOY! Knitting over the phone, you always make me feel better. Kathy, 9thgrade free to phans and Greece. Alyssa, I will remember your infectious laugh and butt slaps. Kat, I’m the catwoman to your supergirl, you will always be the lort fan to me. Ellie, it all started with Eragon, regurgitating history and sharing my love for HP. Cat, thank you for helping me, I will miss our talks. Caroline, Mel, Nathan, Simi. Xenia, mawh, you are a crystal spirit. Alison, you are marvelous. Ms. Harvey, you will never know how much you’ve given to me. Thank you everyone.

Hae Yeon Alice Jeong

Computers for Migrant Workers 9-10, Dead Artists’ 10-12, NAHS (Vice President) 11-12, Habitat for Hummanity 10, (Communications Director) 11, (Vice President) 12, Peer Support 10-12, Yulefest 11, Interim Semester: Thailand: Chang Mai 9, Northern India 10, Soweto South Africa 11, Greece 12

Can you imagine us years from today sharing a park bench quietly? How terribly strange to be 70 – Simon and Garfunkel February 20th, 1989 / Seoul, Korea

God: I’m truly blessed with your love. Mom&Dad: Thank you for all the love and support, I love you. I really couldn’t have done it without you two. MJ: I’m so proud of you, I’ll always be there for you. F.Fam: our talks, late nights, what would I do without you guys? S.A.J: from toddlers up till now, I seriously love you both to death! Cathy&Chelsea: where to begin? Jason: Jae-Soon, “quite the…” SangHo: I’m going to miss your quirkiness. Kenny: unleash the beast, my friend! Sabu: our talks about all sorts of things, I love you and will miss you so much. Eg: the whole “meanness” thing. Pony: Art History, biting, the only junior. TJ: church choir, youth group “camp”, dumplings. Juliana: Taipei, Soweto, Greece, tear drops, so many inside jokes. My Junior Korean girls: will miss you guys. The Sophomore Koreans: have fun in high school. So many people to write to, but so little space. Thanks, I will miss you all so much!

SACAC Bowling 9-10, SAVE Club 9-11, Intermediate School Korean Tutoring 12, Usher Society 11, Athletic Council 9-12, Korean Club 9-10, (Secretary) 11, (President) 12, Mandarin Club 9-10, (Treasurer) 11, Taiwanese Club 12, Cultural Collage 11-12, CHS 11-12, NHS 11-12, Tri-M 11-12, Thespians 12, JV Badminton 11, JV Soccer 9-10, Chanterie 9, (President) 10, SAS Singers 11-12, Yulefest 9, 11, Chess 12, Cultural Convention 11-12, Interim Semester: Hawaii 9, Cycling in Western Australia 10, Soweto 11, Greek Odyssey 12

“When late morning rolls around and you’re feeling a bit out of sorts, don’t worry; you’re probably just a little eleven o’clockish.”

Lauren Johnson

April 17th, 1989 / Marietta, Georgia

Thank you Mom and Dad for helping me get this far. Thanks for all your support, I am grateful for everything you have done for me. Mom: Thank you for the love and support, the long talks at night, the shopping sprees, and for being the sister that I had always wanted. Dad: Thanks for everything you have taught me in life and always being your little girl. I love you both very much! Andrea: Even though you graduated early, we have had great memories together; fast food places, interim South Africa, causeway, sitting on orchard and so much more. Thanks for always being there for me! Star: you are an amazing friend, I love you so much. Brea: I just got to know you better this semester and you have become a great friend, I will always be your blonde friend! Love you girl! Simreen, Chandrika, Shruti, Shabiba I love you guys!!

Habitat for Humanity 9, Interim Semester: Chang Mai 9, Hawaii 10, South Africa Soweto 11, Spain 12

Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same. - Flavia Weedn

272  SENIORS2007

December 17th, 1988 / Seoul, Korea SAVE Club 10-12, Korean Club 10-11, (Vice President) 12, Computers for Migrant Workers 11-12, Athletic Council 10-12, SACAC Bowling 10, Children’s Home 11, JV Volleyball 10, Interim Semester: Cycling in Western Australia 10, South Africa Soweto 11, Turkey 12

Yoon-Young Jung Yoon, Yooni, June

Mom-You are the person who I want to be like in the future. Your resilient, supportive and open-minded character always gave me the vital energies to my life. I guess I could endure this stressful yet still somewhat enjoyable school life because of your unconditional love and support. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and I love you so much! Jee-Sis: Hey you! How u doin’? Wow, it’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 4 years since we lived apart from each other. I know u r super duper busy in college, but let’s try to contact each other a little more often. OK? I love you! My Honeys: Jiye, Nancy, HeeJin, JiHyun, HyeJin, HaKyung, DaYeon, WooJeong, Eunice, Candice, JiEun, Seong Eun, Sarah, Zany and Tryphena! I love you guys so much! I’d also like to appreciate all of my previous or present teachers. Thank you so much! And those of you who I did not mention above, please forgive me. It’s nothing personal, but do blame my bad memory. Thank you and I love you all!

The greatest thing in the world is to know how to be oneself. -Michel De Montaigne July 9th, 1989 / Seoul, Korea Korean Club 10-12, Korean Tutoring for Children 11, SAVE Club 10-12, Melrose Children’s Club 10-12, Athletic Council 10-11, Solo Ensemble 11-12, Theater Make-Up Club 10-12, EHMS 12, Yulefest 11, Dance Club 10-11, Technical Theater Club 10-11, Interim Semester: China B 10, South Africa Soweto 11, Spain 12

Jee Won (Anna) Kang

Anan, Orange, Michigan 3 years of the SAS life is OVER already, OMG! I’m grateful to have found this extraordinary love and thankful to everyone who has helped me create unbelievable memories! SAS: Thanks for letting me grow as I needed. It’s been an AMAZING RIDE! Daddy & Mommy: Thank you for all the support, making me to be who I am today, and being always there for me. LOVE you. Tae Koo: My bro!! get taller! I’ll miss you Mary: picking up papers, “abusing” OO san, HAHA, get emotions! Christine: loved being in your free > <! Carlota: great jokes, keep it that way! Ray & Anet: awesome dancers, we gotta go there again! Nahoi: S. Africa, Moyo, “Toe Soogun”, Aerobics. Hyena: sleepovers, nice restaurants. Hyein & other Korean juniors: 1 more year to go! GOOD LUCK! :) Chit: a REAL gentleman! Tryphena: 3 days in a row, nicknames =) Sera: Bu Bu~ purple curtain^-^, Jay: “Halbae” voice! Yi Tien: my clac buddy! keep in touch!(= Minhee: so many hot “Sungyungs” here!! Finally~_~ Farewell, SAS & Class of 2007!!^^

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt November 16th, 1989 / Scarsdale, New York MUN 9-12, Global Giving 11, (CoPresident) 12, Cultural Convention 11-12, South Asian Society 11-12, Independnet Performing Artists’ Union 11-12, Senior Council Communications Director, Junior Cabinet, Peace Initiative 11, Interim Semester: New Zealand: Muddy Wheels 10, Singapore: Amazing Race 11, Bhutan 12

Abhinav Kaul

Abhi, Wooden Spoon, Omnipov Years from now, when I think about high school, I might not remember the inside jokes, or Friday nights, but instead, I’ll remember the people. I’ll remember my parents: From the day I was born, till now, you’ve always expected the best from me. I’m sure you will continue to do so and I hope that I can keep giving it. I’ll remember my brother: You’ve been an awesome little brother, and I know you’re going to grow up to be an amazing person. I’ll remember my teachers: I’m most thankful for what you’ve taught me about myself; without this knowledge I would never be able to strive towards my potential. Most of all, I’ll remember my friends: It’s hard to write about all of you as one group of people, because all of you are so different. You make me laugh, comfort me, humor me, make fun of me, and accept me for who I am. There is nothing more valuable to me than each of your friendships. Thank you.

“If you want to tell someone the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.” - Oscar Wilde

SENIORS2007  273

Kristofer Keiser

February 1st, 1989 / SIngapore

Mom, Dad, Joe, Nicole, and Shane – Thank you for putting up with me all these years and giving me the opportunities to become who I am. Thanks for believing in me. Andrew – keep visiting, weekends are incomplete without you. Patrick – LOST spring break and late night slumber parties. Bryant – I’ll pick you up more magazines, just let me know. Casella – we’re going to be freshmen together in college, excited? Sang Hoon – all tournament! gosu, not chobo. Garrett – nicest guy I know, come visit again and we’ll skate! Nolan – more hawker nights and swimming this summer? Kevin – I miss you dude. Barret – we owned in that racquet-less tennis game. Val – I’ve known you the longest, I miss preschool. Victoria – thanks for dressing me up and helping me put mascara on... my leg hairs! Crista and Natalie – breakfast club champions. Demi – life guards for life. Alex – I can’t wait to spend another summer with you. I love you.

Chit Khaing

Varsity Soccer 11-12, Interim Semester: Calligraphy 9, Rajasthan 10, Rock Climbing 11

September 13th, 1988 / Madalay, Myanmar


There is too much to say but too little space for my two year at SAS. Dad & Mom thank you for supporting me all these years, I hope I have made you proud. My sisters my brother and my cousins, you guys are the best. Without you, life would have been so boring. My best friend, Tryphena, I will always remember your funny jokes, and your pretty glasses too! My basketball buddies Kevin Max Ricky and Billy, I learned a lot. I’m really glad that I met you guys. Anna and Nahoi, we had a great time during interim. Michael, thanks for helping me out in class. Mary Tiffany Angel YiTien and Jean, it’s just really fun to hang out with you guys. Clarissa, thanks for helping me out in many things. Derek Victor and Ivan, even though it’s only one year, but I will never forget the times with you guys. Thank you everybody and I will miss you guys, don’t worry haha

Aiding China 11-12, SAVE Club 12, Wish for Kids 12, Taiwanese Club 12, Athletic Council 12, Badminton Club 12, Interim Semester: Thailand: Sea Kayaking 11, Spain 12

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on. Robert Frost

Arjun Khanna

December 4th, 1989/ New Delhi, India

Mom, Dad, Manika- thanks for all the love and support All the guys- thanks for all the laughs and good times it wouldn’t have been the same without you. All the girls- thanks for taking good care of me and for an awesome year. SAS- take it easy.

Varsity Cross Country 12, Track and Field 12, Interim Semester: Vienna and Budapest 12

“Your chances of success in any undertaking can always be measured by our belief in yourself.”

274  SENIORS2007

June 27th, 1989 / Seoul, Korea Yulefest 9, Animal Rights 9, Peace Initiative 9-10, Dance Club 10-11, Showcase 10, Mulan 11, Athletic Council 9-12, Elementary Homework Help 10, JV Soccer 10, Children’s Home 11, SAVE Club 11, Service Council 12, Project Soweto (President) 12, Chanterie (Vice President) 10, (President) 11, SAS Singers 12, Cultural Convention 11-12, Tri-M 11-12, Class Cabinet 9-12, Korean Club 10-11, Carmina Burana 9, Faure’s Requiem 10, Mozart’s Requiem 11, Interim Semester: Island in the Sun 9, China B 10, South Africa Soweto 11, Greece 12

Juliana Hae Won Kim Jules, Julie, Joobies, Joobs

The.end.of.a.g8.journey.Momu’’re.always. watching.from.above.u’ Dad&Stepmom4allthesupport,encouragement&luv,thanku.iluvu/JosephBgoo d!Bhave!I’llmissu/Nora5yrs.myotherhalf.mylifesupport.2manymemories.ily/ StephJabanaB.dates.boyshopping.onlyu& lunchbuddies.whenu&icome2gether/ Wakanagossipfree.hokkienmee.morememories2come/Saagoobestguyfriendany 1couldeverask4/ cheyea.masseuse.victorydance.warrior/Ryan&KennyNewton.evil.moments. gdmemories/Peterlunchbuddies/ D a n & B r i a n f av b u s b o y s / A l i c e d u m p l i n g s. wierdmoments.interim&culcon/Cindywayback/ CarolineGBESTbusmomements/Greeceomgboys. Krameryou.made.things.possible.Thankyou!/Eve ry1elsetnx4makingmytime@SASmemorable!To: Classof2007!Congratulations,!

Memory is a way of holding on to the things we love, the things we are, and the things we never want to lose. May 16th, 1989 / Seoul, Korea SAVE Club 9-12, Dance Club 9-11, Theater Make-Up Club 9-11, Dead Artists Society (Communication Director) 10-12, Habitat for Humanity 9-12, Korean Club 9-12, National Art Honor Society 12, Aiding China 11-12, Cheerleading 9, Interim Semester: Habitat for Humanity Udontani, Thailand 9, India: Rajasthan 10, Teacher’s Apprenticeship 11-12

The blank canvas which I came with – now became an art gallery filled with passion, experiences, memories, friendships, hardships, insanity and yes, the insatiable crave for more of everything! Standing in my art gallery, I look across the corridor – portraits of my dearest friends. I’ll miss you, and the stingray we ate at Newton Circus, the midnight movies we enjoyed, the new environment we conquered, nerves we shared before our first dance performance, exams and the excruciating wait for college acceptance. The centerpiece comes into full view as I entered the main hall. Ah, the feeling of comfort, security and strength personified in Dave and Annemarie. Thank you. Finally, the secret chamber at the end of the gallery where I got my treasured possessions – a vase of love, a statue of endurance, a mirror that reflects my true self and my paints I use to create many more memories. My deepest gratitude and love to you, Mom and Dad. Now on to a new slate...

November 26th, 1987 / Seoul, Korea Athletic Council 10-11, Korean Club 10-11, SAVE Club 10-12, Art Club 11-12, Photo Club 11-12, Theater Makeup 11, Leprosy Home 12, SAS Designer’s Connection 12, Interim Semester: New Zealand: Land of the Long White Cloud 10, South Africa Soweto 11, Turkey 12

Hye Na Kim

Ji Ye Kim

God, you are my all in all. To my mentors, mom and dad, I cannot thank you enough for your support, love, and everything you’ve done for me. I love you. Jeannie, you are an amazing sister. Kevin, have fun and be good. People in H100A: Be weird, and abnormal. Think out of the box. Thank you for those who have influenced and inspired me. I will miss the rain in Singapore.

“Creativity is the sudden cessation of stupidity.” - Edwin Land

SENIORS2007  275

Kyung-Woo Kim

April 5th, 1988 / Seoul, Korea

bucktooth, beaver, pzboy God-I’m truly grateful. Mom&Dad-Words can’t express how much I love you. I’m sorry for being a pain sometimes. Don’t worry about me in college! DYLittle sister, I’m gonna miss you and your messy room. Chan-Buddies since 7th grade, I’ll miss the lanning days and the 4 year interim. TS-Thank you for always listening to my complaints. You give the best advices. HK-You are the most dedicated person I’ve ever met. Take care of her, miracle man! JunHyungReally got to know you this year, but I’m so glad I did. Chilling in your house was great. Sung-You’re the funniest guy I know. I’ll truly miss the laughter. Steve-Thank you for always understanding me. You know I was kidding about gorilla right? Kelvin-Our genius, don’t study too much. HyeIn&Hana-My two very special sisters Tryphena-9th grade! Finally, to the person whom I cannot repay, Jina you are the source of my happiness. We’ve been through the hardest of days to the climax of our lives. You alone make my life meaningful. I love you.

JV Track and Field 9, Korean Club 9-12, SAVE Club 9-11, SACAC Bowling 10-12, Spastic Children’s Home 11-12, Medical Explorer’s Club 12, Interim Semester: Thailand: Chiang Mai 9, India: Rajasthan 10, New Zealand: Land of the Long White Cloud B 11, Spain 12

“When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends.” – Japanese Proverb

Sang Cheol Kim

October 15th, 1988 / Seoul, Korea

Kscs, Yibbal, Gorilla Already graduating eh? I am already reaching the finishing line of the marathon that once seemed endless. In this race to reach the present, there are many people that have helped me. Thank you Mom and Dad for all the support you’ve given me. I’m lucky to have someone I could freely ask for help when I needed it. My bro, I will always remember all the fun and fights we had together. And all my buddies, you have colored me and changed who I am. Dota, WOW and MSN till 6, Winning 11 tournaments: we are freaks. Spain, and the hundred million photos we took will definitely last. After school McDonalds and all the silly and serious talks we had. These memories are all part of me now.

Jack Kim

Korean Club 9-12. Melrose Children’s Home 10-11, (President) 12, Spastic Children’s Home (Secretary) 10-12, Athletic Council 10-12, SACAC Bowling 10-11, Leprosy Home 10-11, Executive Service Council 11-12, JV Volleyball 10, Varsity Volleyball 11, NHS 11-12, CHS 12, Tri-M 11-12, Yulefest 11, Chess 12, Interim Semester: Teacher Apprenticeship 9, India: Rajasthan 10, South Africa Soweto 11, Spain 12

November 7th, 1988 / Seoul, Korea

Mom&Dad-I’m sorry for causing so much trouble, but if it weren’t for you two, I would’ve never made it this far. I just want to say thank you and I love you. SisYou should’ve beaten me up so many times, but you always found another way to tell me what’s the right thing to do. Thanks and love you. AA-Mr. #1. Had lots of great times. AS-IASAS Champ. AU-My brother, Dota freak. Saved me couple of times. BM-ESPN man. CG-You’ll never defeat me in Fifa. We’ll always keep in touch. DL-Dota.. You should’ve never started, but you are PRO. DM-Writing this at 24. Man you are the best. Great memories. GC-You’ll be some great high power man. Party hard, Work hard. PN-Haha, the funniest man I know. Always have something to talk about. RH-English Tank. One of my closest friends. MYThe nicest guy I know. RL-My little sister. CH-Always fun to hang out with. IA-The sweetest girl. VC-I never ditched you. CY-My neighbor, we need to hang out more. KS-I owe you this one. Learned a lot from you. Thanks. NY?

Athletic Council 9-12, JV Volleyball 9-10, SAVE CLub 12, Wish for Kids 12, Rugby Club 11-12, Touch Rugby Club 12, Korean Club 9-10, Interim Semester: Malaysia: Langkawi Sailing Adventure 9, China B 10, Australia Learn to Surf/ Ocean Lifeguarding 11, Greece 12

I did absolutely nothing, and it was everything I thought it could be. – Office Space.

276  SENIORS2007

July 20th, 1989 / Phnom Penh, Cambodia Animal Rights Club 10, Habitat for Humanity 11, Interim Semester: Golf Clinic 10, New Zealand: Land of the Long White Cloud B 11, Singapore’s Food Trail 12

Nothing much to say except thanks to everyone who has contributed to an amazing year. Thanks most of all to mom and dad, you guys are the best! To my buddies Huang, Vic, Derek, and Hur Young Gyun. You guys are freakin’ hilarious. Derek, lvl up faster foo! Vic, buy more accounts! Huang, work out more you’re still too weak =P maybe NS will do the job eh, Hur Young Gyun, good times you make me laugh. Good luck to everyone

Sothearo Kit

September 17th, 1987 Villa Francis Home for the Aged 10, Math Club 10, Chinese Honor Society 11-12, Tabitha Club 12, Interim Semester: China 10, Teacher Apprenticeship 11, Spain 12

Jenny, Jenla Finally high school is over! It’s been great for the last three years at SAS. Daddy: you are my model and the best dad in the world. Mommy: thanks for looking after me all these years and I can’t describe how much I love you. There are tons of great teachers whom I have studied with: Mr. Burnett-your great support and understanding means the world to me, Ms. White- your advice pushed me to work much harder, thank you. Mr. Zitur- your anecdote stories never bore me and your time in helping me with math problems were precious. Mr.Hallem: I miss being in your fun class! Staggo: I had a blast in your HG class. Mr. Rop: you were an amazing, organizing teacher and I was glad I got a chance to be your student. Pig: I don’t know what my life would be if you are not in it. Thanks so much for being such a wonderful person. My world wouldn’t be the same without you. Love you always! Bunny and Nova: I love you guys!

August 12th, 1988 / New York City, New York Honor Code Committee 9, (Chair) 10-12, Prism Editor-in-Chief 11-12, Computers for Migrant Workers 10-12, Original Oratory 10-12, IASAS Leadership Convention 11-12, Impromptu Speaking 11-12, French Honor Society 9-10, (Secretary) 11, 12, NHS 11-12, Student Democrats United (Treasurer) 10, Global Giving 9-10, Interim Semester: Japan 9, China B 10, Habitat for Humanity: Philippines 11, South Africa Soweto 12

Bunarong Kit

Julia Knight

When I think about growing up in Singapore, many memories come to mind: incredible friendships, a lot of laughter, the hawker centers, interims, long commutes by bus, monsoon-like rains, midnight rides to Changi Airport, and, above all, being a student at SAS. As one of my teachers once said about this school, “Here, we are surrounded by incredible people.” I couldn’t agree more, and I would like to thank all my friends, teachers, and advisors for nine unforgettable years. You have taught me to find humility in success, valuable lessons in failure, and pure enjoyment in everyday life. To my family: thank you for your love, encouragement, and support—I could never have done it without you.

“ strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.” – Alfred Lord Tennyson, “Ulysses”

SENIORS2007  277

Bradley Kobylarz

June 30th, 1989 / North Ampton, Massachusetts

Mom: This move has changed many things; my views, and interests but most importantly our relationship. We’ll never see eye to eye because I’m more like you than I’d ever admit but the past few years have let us get closer and it is that for which I am thankful. I love you. Dad: You’ve shown me what a man can aspire to be and I’ll miss our ‘lame’ humor. I’ll see you in the electrical isle. Cait: The coming years are a struggle. Struggle, through as best you can. Ryan: The best big bro I could have asked for. Rachel: You were the best thing that almost never happened. I’ll always remember the beginning; the late summer nights, making-up little girls, the angst may be omitted. You shall never be phased out. Abhi: Bhutan, Bio, two of the coolest things ever. Shrutz: In the end it worked out, that’s all that matters. Anit: Russell Peters, Britts house, shocked womenfolk: it was destined to be good. Ellen: From the 1st day, duct tape across your chest, I knew you’d be interesting. I 2.7 you.

Arunima Kochhar

Rock Climbing Club 10-12, SACAC Baseball 10-12, IPAU (Secretary) 10-12, Medical Explorers Club (Secretary) 11-12, Spanish Honor Society 11-12, Peace Concert 12, Interim Semester: Langkawi Sailing Adventure 10, Rajisthan 11, Bhutan 12

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not. Dr. Seuss, The Lorax July 4th, 1989 / Delhi, India

Runi, Aruni, Brat

Mom,Dad,Mayank:Thank you for teaching me everything I will ever need.I couldn’t have made it this far without you.Kett,Harvey,Roach:my teachers,my 2nd moms,my friends thanks for all your love&support,wish I could take you with me.Sarah:its like u never left.Caitlin:tent making,shopping/sushi fun,interim,miss you billy.Kathy:humana hi,endless tv shows,kitchen talks,video games,great times-you’re my childish side.Mel:oocyte,Texan éclairs,gross smells,nights out,cookieruns!Miss u babe.Caroline:lover,bowling,cheap shopping,nights out,sleepwalking.Nick S:hotchocolate,bus buddies,so white,snugglehugs,Colleg e baby!Aubrey:naughty Aubrey,long phone calls,stats fun,poems,free,you’re too cute.Abby:bushy eyebrows,creepy hovering ppl,I’ll miss your smelliness.ellen: cuddleumpkins,beautiful-miss u.Maya:love your silliness.Kt:,beachfun,indep living,schpantface,I miss u.Mike:V,family guy,miss u.Interim: greatest memories.Alumni:Wish u were here. S am,Sami,Anit,BradK,Jack,Devon,Denise,Steven: Love&miss you

Wish for Kids 9-11, IPAU 10-11, Technical Theater 10-12, SAVE Club 11, SACAC Bowling 12, Interim Semester: India: Camels and Community Service 9, China A 10, Learn to Surf 11, Greece 12

“There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Hamlet

Na Hoi Koo

December 13th, 1989 / Seoul, Korea

koony, koon, hoi-hoi, nahoihoi Lord: thank you for blessing every moment of my life, you are my everything. Mom+Dad: you two are the most loving, supportive & caring parents anyone could ask for. It’ll be really hard leaving you. Yunhoi: believe or not I’ll miss u, be good to mom&dad and study hard. S&E: my longest best friends since kindergarten, you’ve been always there for me. Hannah: u r such a sweetie, can’t wait till our summer! Try: bff since 8th grade, had lots of fun and laughs. I envy thy double chin. Winnie: u r amazing, what would I do w/o ur sarcasm and brownies? Devi: beautiful memories in Bali, Jkt, & nxt? Eunice: my kindhearted pal, I’m glad that u came back. Andy: I already miss our cheesiest mac, purple popcorn & “LOSTs” Anna: never a dull moment w/ u, Moyo & L’Occitane! HSung: let’s eat Rongguang & Haato gelato. Sim: u’ll miss me, not kiss me =P DY+Candi+SEun: 1 more year to go! SpainCrew: Gracias :) Teachers+Ms. Kramer: thank you for making SAS wonderful. To SAS: it’s been great. Carpe Diem!!!

Chinese Honor Society 11-12, NHS 11-12, Wish for Kids 9, Theater Makeup Club 9-10, (Co-president) 11, 12, Mandarin Club 9, Dance Club 10-12, SAVE Club 10-12, Woodlands Children’s Home 10-12, Korean Club 9-12, Dance Showcase 10, Mulan 11, Interim Semester: Thailand: Habitat for Humanity in Udon Thani 9, New Zealand: The Routeburn Trek 10, South Africa Soweto 11, Spain 12

“Happiness is a journey, not a destination.” – Father Alfred D’Souza

278  SENIORS2007

Tae Sung Kook

December 2nd, 1988 / Seoul, Korea Indoor Soccer Club 9-12, Korean Club 9-11, (Vice President) 12, NAHS 11-12, Art Club (Treasurer) 11, 12, SAVE Club 9-12, SACAC Bowling 10-12, Spastice Children’s Hone 9-10, (Vice President) 11-12, Medical Explorer’s Club 10-12, Interim Semester: Golf 9, India: Rajasthan 10, New Zealand: Land of the Long White Cloud 11, Spain 12

Lucifer, Googbab, Bluetooth, Crock, Sung Chun It’s been great years at SAS, and I can’t believe I’ve come this far! Mom&Dad, Thank you for your love & support, I truly thank you even though I never express. Heekyung, my beloved sister, behave well while I’m gone. And, my Bunshin! Choi, thank you for the NICE advices although I sabjil-ed a lot, Oh, thank you for being there when I need to talk to someone, btw how’s KOSDAQ? Chan, it’s raining right here? you may not be native in English, but always genuine in friendship, thank you for that, Hong, hmmmm????? The funniest person in the world, but I like you more when you speak your true feelings, hope you do that more often, Kyung, I will always remember the talks we had, indeed serious ones, and even your sarcastic comments, Steve, I admire your strength in achieving what you want, but just a little advice, don’t perm your hair ever, Kelvin, eat like you study, then you can gain weight quickly like I did. I also thank the juniors & sophomores for fun memories in high school life.

- Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age 18. - Albert Einstein

Jeffrey Kreutter

March 7th, 1989 / Rochester, New York Varsity Baseball 10, South East Asia Baseball Tournament 9, 11-12, JV Basketball 9, Varsity Basketball 10-12, Varsity Softball 9, 11-12, SAVE Club 9, 11, Athletic Council 11, Interim Semester: Langkawi Sailing Adventure 9, A Cultural Odyssey in Ladakh 11, Turkey 12

Hap, Bang, Kreutt Mom and Dad- thanks for always being there for me. Dad you were the best coach I ever had. Mom you shaped me into the person I am today. Russ- you’re a great brother and #1 teammate. Becky- it’s been great seeing your amazing personality come out these past few years. Don’t let anyone change your uniqueness. I love you all and will miss you tons next year. Basketball- sucks to be the ones to break the streak but we went out with a lot of heart. Bring it back next year underclassmen. Brandon, Russ, Billy, Mitch, rest of the baseball guysYou’re my life. Great times at SEAYBST. Thanks for making it so fun. Finally taught me to loosen up a bit. Adam, Clay, those who I mentioned before- you make softball worthwhile. Crips- MVCHS. I’m glad I got to finish up here after a year away. My Singapore years have been the best of my life. Keep in touch and good luck to you all.

“Life is like a baseball game. When you think a fastball is coming, you gotta be ready to hit the curve.” - Jaja Q March 20th, 1989 / Jakarta, Indonesia SAVE Club 10-11, Children Cancer 12, Athletic Council 12, Indonesian Club 10-11, Support Indoneasia Club 12, Leprosy Home 12, Training for Migrant Workers 10, Interim Semester: Hawaii 10, Japan 11

Shita Kusumawati

SENIORS2007  279

John Myung Hoon Kwack

February 4th, 1989 / Daegu, Korea

Kwack, kwacky, duck, ducky Mom, Dad and Bro: you supported and had faith in me no matter what I do. You guys are the best. Alrick: cabbing. Lionel: sleepovers. Jason Hung: strings. Thomas: roomy, interims. Sam: interims, roomy hehe. So much memory with you guys. Basketball, lanning, pooling, Save Club, even sushi. I learned a lot from you all, especially good friendship. Azhani: Koala on the tree! NZ! great listener. Jason Tsai: gossip. Michelle: salsa partner, frees, teching. Warren: issues, but still one of my favorite friends. Nadia: homie, so dependable, yet friendly despite how you act. Jess: dance, dance and dance. Oh Bhutan! Karen: sleep in class, at home, in free. Cindy: county fair (masquerade), rain! Sabrina: talk, talk, smile (always). Rhoda: Best Friend a guy could ask for. And last but certainly not the least, Kelly: You taught me love and I am really glad I met you. Thank you so much for being so patient with me. I’ll miss you guys all SO MUCH in college. T_T

SAVE Club 9-12, Breakers (President) 11-12, Clue 12, Technical Theater Club 11-12, TriM 11-12, International Honors Orchestra 11, Anime Club 11-12, Yulefest 11, Math Club 11-12, Taiwanese Club 11-12, Japan Club 11, Peave Initiative 11, Interim Semester: Golf 9, Malaysia:Island in the Sun 10, New Zealand: Land of the Long White Cloud 11, Bhutan 12

“It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.” – Batman

Philip Kwee

December 1st, 1988 / Singapore

Pop and Mop: Thanks for everything and a bit more, I love you. Lee: My perpetual partner-in-crime, can’t wait for you to come home bro. Ann: Even though I will never say it, you’re an amazing sister. Caitlin: My best friend in high school. Mel: Hg wasn’t so bad was it? I’ll be in Singapore for your senior year no worry. Barret: See you in London #1 Slinker. Celine: You know me like a book, but not a physics one. Denise: Best Arrested/Office discussion partner. Izzy: Lifeskills buddy we spent so much time together in the library. Vicky: CBF, we’ve been through so much. Tiff: Thanks for always being there for me, you Thesaurus Rex. Dan: My oldest friend in SAS. Jaybles: See you in Tekong man, two years of fun. Claris: Neighbor! E=MC2 Bebe: Thanks for making tennis fun for me. Jay, Shinto, Andy: Bukit timah. Jake. Mikey. Shogo. Best tennis team I could ever hope to co-captain with Tommy. Thanks for the bronze. And to the rest I didn’t mention, sorry but 1000 characters isn’t a lot of spac

Varsity Tennis 11, (Captain) 12, Global Giving 11, Athletic Council 11-12, SAVE Club 11, Spastic Children’s Home Club 11, Recreational Club 11-12, Interim Semester: AustraliaL Leeuwin Ocean Adventure

“The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.” Albert Einstein

Chan Lee

October 9th, 1989 / Seoul, Korea

I thought I’d never make it this far. But here I am writing my senior memory, Flipping to start another page in my story. This long 12 year journey will be a priceless period for me, Mom, dad, bro, I couldn’t have made it without you guys from the start. Thank you with all my heart for always being there for me. My BRCs. Magarina & HongT – we’ve been through a lot, school would have been never the same without you guys. Bucktooth – “I heard you play cs” that’s when it all started & 4 year interim buddy! Kookbab – always keep the evil and jji jilness with you, practice winning. OC – we’ll have an all-nighter winning someday. Kstorm – you nerd, haha, keep up the grades! Kscs – gorilla, haha, we gotta stay by the paein title forever, aight? Thanks for always looking out for me, love you guys forever, we’ll grow old and die together. Juniors, Sophs, Fresh, keep making memories. We’ll all meet someday, I promise. Those who I forgot, I’m truly sorry. HIGH SKOOL, FINALLY, The End.

Korean Club 9-10, (Communication Director) 11, 12, SAVE Club 9-12, SACAC Bowling 10-12, Leprosy Home 12, Spastics Children 11-12, Medical Explorers 10-12, Interim Semester: Thailand: Chiang Mai 9, India: Rajasthan Discovery 10, New Zealand: Land of the Long White Cloud B 11, Spain 12

“What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.” -Aristotle

280  SENIORS2007

November 17th, 1988 / New York Global Giving 9-10, SAVE Club 9-10, Spastic Children’s Home 10-12, Wish for Kids 9, Mandarin Club 12, Ashtanga Yoga 11, (President) 12, Athletic Council 12, Ultimate Club 10-12, CHS 12, NHS 12, JV Volleyball 9, Varsity Volleyball 10-12, JV Basketball 9, Varsity Basketball 10-11, (Captain) 12, Track and Field 9, Cultural Convention 11, Chorale 9-10, SAS Singers 11-12, Interim Semester: Habitat for Humanity: Udon Thani 9, Routeburn Trek 10, Teacher Apprenticeship 11, Greece 12

Colin Lee

Pui, Pui Sun, Preying Mantis, Lizardo Mom and Dad. Thank you so much for your incredible effort in raising me. Who I am today comes from your parenting. It is going to be a challenge without your influence. Gabe, you’re a great younger brother, always cracking jokes. Keep up the good work in high school and enjoy it. Paul and TJ, both my indispensable right-hand wingmen. Paul -keep up the Mongolian assault and TJ- Taipei memories. Clay – my captain, teammate, and friend. Michelle: thanks for being my mom. Celine, my #1 fatty, I’ll forgive ur ditching. Tiff – best partner. Eg – fun playing bball with u. Barb: I really enjoyed this year with you. Schwarzmy pro setter and fantasy competitor. Jack&Anka–morning cabs. Bball and Vball teams better bring home gold next year. My six years at SAS has been great. This school has helped open my eyes, allowing me to mature into a young adult. The basketball and volleyball teams I have been part of will always hold a special place in my heart. To everyone else, good luck!

“Great acts are made up of small deeds” -Lao Tzu

January 3rd, 1988 / Singapore Athletic Council 9-10, Varsity Rugby 9-12, JV Volleyball 9-10, Varsity Volleyball 11, SACAC Football 12, Interim Semester: Habitat for Humanity: Udon Thani 9, China A 10, Surfing in Australia 11, Greece 12

Daniel Lee

DL, DanA Firstly, thank you mom and dad for everything. Thanks for putting up with me and always believing in me for the past nineteen years. Allie, enjoy the rest of your time at SAS, appreciate every second of it because you’ll miss it when it’s gone. To the Gang, Adam, Anka, Brandon, Chris, Dave, Gonzo, Jack, JJ, Ming, Phil, Rhys and Schwarz. I don’t know where to begin, Newton, MS, MOS, Zouk, 24th, Underground, so many good memories that I’ll never forget. It seems so recently that we were all just freshmen, and now we’re off to college. What an amazing four years. Shout out to the girls, Anna, Alannah, Crista/DB, Kezia, Gaby/SCG, apologies to anyone I left out. CV thanks for everything, I’ll always cherish the time we had together. To all my teachers, thank you for your guidance and patience in helping me grow intellectually. DOTA people: Peter Alex PK/OFPG etc MONSTER KILL! To all my friends again, High School was a blast. Keep in touch and good luck for your future endeavors, I love you guys.

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it” - Henry David Thoreau August 7th,1989 / Seoul, Korea Villa Francis 11, Japanese Honor Society 11-12, Korean Club 11-12, Melrose Children’s Home 11-12, Interim Semester: China 11, In-Singapore 12

Jong Hwa Lee

Mom, Dad, Bro: there are inexplicable things between us. Thank you guys for being there for me. Only word to describe my true mind is “ I love you guys”. SangWoo, Hwang Cho, TaeYeol, Junku, Kunmo and Jason: we really had such a GREAT time together hanging out, doing stupid things and so on. The past we had cannot be wiped away by time! Sang, keep up with swimming. Junku, have fun with your girlfriend. Kunmo, it’s been about 7 years hanging out together. Hwang, achieve what you’ve wanted to accomplish. TaeYeol, you are the greatest tackleman ever. Jason, we had a crazy math class in sophomore year. Joori, Sooryeon, Yoon: although we haven’t spent much time together, it was lucky to meet you three HyeongSuk, Junhyung, Candice: It was lucky to meet you three in Singapore. John Logue, Yuki: although I haven’t seen you guys for two years, I still remember us having fun in class and giggling behind Mr. Copping.

“The darker the sky gets, the brighter the stars become.”

SENIORS2007  281

Jordan Lee

September 24th, 1988 / Taipei, Taiwan


So, after 18 years, I’m finally leaving! To my amazing mom & dad, thanks for everything! Sis: HEY! We had been in the same school for a few years. Not any more! But, we’ll definitely meet up sometime yea. Thanks a lot! Bro: One more year to go and I’ll see you in the States. You’ll definitely get into a better University than us! Ganbate! All hope on you! To my special friend, Gen, I’m really glad I’ve someone like you. My life in SAS would be so boring without you being there! Anyways a B!G thanks. I really hope we’ll still keep in touch! ^^. And to my dearest Chan (Christine), no amount of words can express my thankfulness to you. Thanks for always being there for me. I’ll always remember you and remember the first day we met. So, a promise is a promise. 5 years later, we’ll have a special group reunion, just Me, Gen, you and sexy Miguel!

Table Tennis Club 11, (Communications Director) 9, (Treasurer) 12, Aikido Club 1012, Bintan Club 12, Badminton Club 12, Leprosy Home 9, Yulefest 11, Interim Semester: Thailand Jungle Adventure 9, Muddy Wheels 11, Turkey 12

“When you have a will, you have a way!”

Kyu Hyun Lee

September 11th, 1989 / Seoul, Korea

I’d like to thank my family for always loving and supporting me, my teachers – Mrs. Melsom, Mr. Donalson and many others -- for guiding me through my studies and broadening my scope, and my friends -- Chan, Choi, Hong, Junhyung, Kyung, Steve, Taesung, and all my Ks -- Buddy, Ace, Leftpec, Eg and my “quite the local experience” friends -- Akiko, Beastiegirl, and all my other buddies -– for making my four years of high school such an enjoyable experience. Thank you.

Medical Explorers Club 10-11, (Vice President) 12, Spastic Childrens home 10-12, Leprosy Home 10-12, SACAC Bowling 10-12, Migrant Workers Computer Sessions 10, 12, Korean club 9-12, Cross Country 9-1, Interim Semester: Chiang Mai, Thailand 9, Rajasthan India 10, Meeting of the Nations 11, Spain 12

Days in summer are apt to linger – Oscar Wilde

Michelle Lee

December 15th, 1988 / Syracuse, New York

Meesh, Mich, Lovelee The most valuable thing I’ve learned is that you’re never any better than the people you know. So here’s to the people who I know and love. Mom:It was your undying love that got me this far.Thanks for fighting it.I love you. Dad: What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.Thanks for teaching me. Steffi: You’re a good kid, don’t change for anyone. Anka:Bear,from hunting buddies to sibling battery,i think we sufficiently made up for lost time.Thanks for being there time and time again--when you weren’t ditching me for dota. Colin:My son and certified stud. TJ:My korean parner in crime. Izzy:what we didn’t know found US. China1fun. Caitlin:You just get it and i love you for it. Celine:DON’T be late and BE late. Our punctuality always led to fun. holistic activities to calm the soul. Vicky:Chess talks were the best. Rachel:You’re solid babe.heart. Barb: see you in purdue honeybunchesofoats. Volleyball and softball girls:Keep up the tradition. TCOB.

“Love is lost by over care, not neglect.” - Anonymous

282  SENIORS2007

Varsity Volleyball 9-12, Varsity Tennis 9-11, Varsity Softball 9-12, Athletic Council 9-11, Habitat for Humanity 9-10, Korean Club 11, Interim Semester: Australia: Leeuwin Ocean Adventure 11, Turkey: Istanbul and Beyond 12

December 20th, 1988 / Calgary, Alberta, Canada Chess club 9-10, SAVE Club 12, Technical Theater Club 12, Badminton Club 9, 11-12, Interim Semester: Japan 11, China B 12

Noel Lee

No-el, Yi Shuai, Gou (Goh) Parents: My debt to you two knows no bounds. You have taught me lessons about life that most parents would not consider exposing their children to, giving me a truly enhanced perspective on life. You have been models of what I should AND should not do in life, & have given me the tools & just the right amount of freedom to define for myself what is right & wrong. Given: Sister, being the youngest & a girl in our trad. Chinese family, you are always underappreciated. Yet you face life with a SPRIT & VIGOR I that can only dream of. Know that I will gladly trade lives with you anyday. Mentors: Your efforts ensure the success of THOUSANDS, including myself. THANK YOU ALL Students: From day 1, you all have been the ultimate challenge; a puzzle I am just beginning to solve. I know so little about you; yet I hope that I can call at least a few of you FRIENDS. ConClus: I won’t see any of you for a long time. You will be missed, & I will be missed, perhaps? Noel Lee the 12th grader, signing off.

“Pain is not a deterrent; it can’t be, it is but a feeling. Fear of pain is what deters the human sprit. Take control over your emotions, and pain becomes irrelevant in the face of what needs to be done in life.” October 20th, 1988 / Seoul, Korea SAVE Club 10-12, FHS 10-11, (President) 12, NHS 10-12, Athletic Council 10-12, Tri-M 10-12, Migrant Worker’s Computer Teaching 1012, Woodland’s Childrens Home 12, IASAS Cultural Convention Music, Wind Ensemble 10-12, Jazz Band 12, Fencing 9-12, Hong Kong Honors Band Festival, Yulefest 11, Chess 12, Cultural Convention Clarinet 11-12, JV Soccer 10, Cross Country 11-12, JV Rugby 11, Varsity Rugby 12, Interim Semester: China A 10, Ladakh 11, Turkey 12

Sang Ho Lee

Sang Sang, Ho Sang, Sang, Ho, Sang hama Wah lao! Finish already ah?! Sophomore year was daunting, Junior year was rambunctious yet welcomed. This year was unexpectedly eventful. To the Taiwan-ren and the odd one out, I will soon become one of you. Arice, I hope you don’t miss the sting ray too much. Jason keep hitting the geem, and beware of c solution. Jony, I hope you guys live happily ever after, someday I will tell you my secret for the flukes. Finally, Kenny thanks for all the coaching, but I think eg needs it more. Kelvin, BTK, good times, i’ll always know where to find you at the end of the day. Although this congregation has not really helped out our esl slips, I have learned many one from you guys. To the quartet, I present to you my most sincere apologies, but we still finished together! To you, my nine to five, I will never forget. Last but not least, Mom and Dad thank you for all your support, none of this would have been possible without you. See you soon. You give me remember.

“A year ten from now, I’ll remember this; not why, only that we were here like this, together” – Adrienne Rich October 8th, 1989 / Seoul, Korea Peer Support 9-12, SAVE Club and Sensory Trail 9-12, JV Soccer 9, Varsity Soccer 10-12, Teaching Computers to Migrant Workers 11-12, Wind Ensemble 9-12, Athletic Council 9-12, Chinese Honor Society 11, (Secretary) 12, National Honor Society 11-12, Interim Semester: Habitat For Humanity: Thailand 9, Rajasthan 10, Land of the Long White Cloud 11, Turkey 12

Sang Hoon Lee Sangy

Mom, Dad: thank you for supporting me. Without you, I wouldn’t be who I am today. SangJun: I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks for being there for me, when I needed you. Crista: Y.D., B.B. been my best friend for whole high school, pool, sauna! Nolan: unforgettable memories, road trip next year! See you soon! Ryan: Fifa, Newton, EPL, fantasy, New Zealand, 5hour talks. So many memories with you. Natalie: pretty face, take me home, you have my shoulders... Saagar: after school, chicken rice, mentoes Nacho: my first time, goofy, happy ending, 16. Marcus: my first time/ best moments. Alex: FAY! Great times in Turkey. Sneh: perfect! Daniel: soccer, winning, free. Jeff: poker, pool. Hayden: prep buddies, soccer. Ali: Mandarins, hawkers, ray, singing. Billy: hawkers, after school. Kris: boxers, shaving. Pat, Bryant: skating, halo, P4L. Soccer guys have fun and win it next year! To everyone else thanks for the great memories and I am going to miss you. Good Luck Class of 2007!

“You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.” –Babe Ruth

SENIORS2007  283

Yi Tien Lee

January 10th, 1987 / Taipei, Taiwan

Tiniey, Tien, YT 2 years in SAS, I am finally graduating! YAY! Lao Ma Zi, BiBi, thanks for supporting me and giving me loads of opportunities. I LOVE YOU! Thanks to teachers, Ms Kramer, and Azizha for the hardwork! Mr. Page: thanks so much for your encouragements. Sen Sen: stop flirting! Spend all your money on me instead! Dun Dun: we gonna have fun in college =D Angela: You’re amazing! (Mr. Matchstick too)Thanks for sticking with me thru thick n thin! Stacy: Crazy princess, school rule no. 154 reads: free periods shld be spent with YT not BF. Kevin, Billy, Ivan: cute girls, hot girls, sexy girls! Mary, Tiff, Tata: any manly guys out there?! Max: I would purchase u from the market. Fresh and lovely! Nat, Gen: Best pals! I will miss you guys so much! =D Sara, Winny, Pei: Hallelujah! Monopoly: Econs, bball, lectures--no more. Wt Co, FSC Co.: I love u peeps forever. TVC, Nelson K.: If music be the food of love, play on. My life’s full of dramas, and I love it!!! Goodbye, Singapore! Hello, America!

Theater Make-Up Club 11-12, Aiding China 11-12, Taiwanese Club 11-12, Bintan Club 11-12, SAVE Club 12, Wish For Kids 12, Chess 12, Yulefest 11, Mulan 11, Noises Off 11, JV Badminton 11, Chorale Exchange in ISKL 11-12, Interim Semester: Land of the Long White Cloud 11, Vienna and Budapest 12

“Take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons, and you will find that it is to the soul what the water bath is to the body.” --Oliver

Marissa Leow

November 9th, 1989 / Singapore

7 years later, I find myself facing the same feelings I had during my first day of middle school at SAS—fear, anticipation, and excitement for what’s to come. The end of this journey is finally here, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of the ride. I am truly going to miss this place for all the incredible times I’ve had. To my parents, I’m so grateful for all the unconditional love and support you’ve given me through everything. You’ve taught me well and I love you both so much. Justin, you’ll always be the one I look up to and be the silliest around (from “mixing pies” to happy tomatoes). Thanks for always being there for me, I’ve missed you. To the greatest group of friends I could have asked for, a sincere thank you for being a part of my life. From the oreo-loving sigfig, to the climbers/shrooms/ shrimps, to the people that made me fiddle (and everyone else in between): you all have shared some of the best memories and laughs over the years that I’ll cherish forever. I love you all.

SAVE Club 9-10, (Vice-President) 11, (President) 12, French Club 10, Athletic Council 10-12, Climbing Club 9-12, National Honor Society 11-12, Tri-M 11, (Secretary) 12, JV Badminton 9-10, Varsity Badminton 11-12, Interim Semester: Coastal Marine Research in Australia 9, Langkawi 10, Leeuwin 11, Bhutan 12

Nobody gets to live life backward. Look ahead, that is where your future lies. -- Ann Landers

Brian Leung

November 14th, 1989 / Hong Kong


Mom, thank you for accommodating me all these years; I will miss your patience and understanding. Dad, thanks for being a brilliant commuter parent and giving me advice. I am indebted to both of you. To my friends, thanks for putting up with my random bursts of insight. I will always remember the alcove where we sit and the hallway we block, complete with token whites. It’s been great playing cards while trying to be productive or misusing theater facilities with you guys. Special thanks to those who have spent time being my personal organizers and teachers because I was doing AP Sleeping in class. I will miss the numerous visits to coffee shops in different places, doing everything from “lobbying” to suppressing bouts of kleptomania. Good luck to all of you, and have a great next four years.

International Honor Orchestra in Geneva 10-11, IASAS Cultural Convention Music 11, IASAS Cultural Convention Forensics 12, Yulefest 9, Chess 12, Lincoln-Douglas Debate 11-12, BEIMUN 9-12, Malaysia MUN 10, IASAS MUN 10-12, High School MUN Chair 12, Bintan Club 9-10, Migrant Workers’ Program 11-12, JV Badminton 9-10, Franch Club 11-12, Tri-M 10-12, FHS 11-12, Bike Club 9-10, Interim Semester: China A 9, Vietnam 10, Japan 11, Turkey 12

“The mind cannot foresee its own advance.” –F.A. Hayek

284  SENIORS2007

December 13th, 1988 / Carrollton, Texas Peace Initiative 9-12, SAVe Club 9-10, French Club 9-12, Taiwanese Club 9-12, Animation Club 12, Dance Club 912, Usher Society 11-12, French Honor Society 10-12, National Honor Society 11-12, Interim Semester: Coastal Marine Research in Western Australia 9, Langkawi 10, Leeuwin 11, Bhutan 12

Jessica Lin

True to the procrastinating night-owl I have become, these words are being written late (deadline-wise and time of day-wise). Being written slowly, may I add, because I don’t know how to put in 1000 characters everything I want to say (in no particular order) about walks to 7-11, late night messaging, and insanely long emails and notes; shamelessly blocking hallways, the FLB, and ridiculous nicknames; balconies, fountainalizationifying, and stealing pos-buh cards; badgers and mushrooms, lions and tigers, and goldfish; being an overcommitted stranger, becoming addicted to iced tea, and long talks/discussions/debates/ arguments; reunions, the numerous xangas, and the wonders of facebook; handwriting obsessions, journal sharing, and age discrepancies; the infamous Pokémon sleepover, the amazing, eventful WOMADs, and everything else I can’t remember now (what else is new?). I am now tragically running out of SPACE so endless love to everybody, you know who you are—thank you, I LOVE you.

“He, who has a why to live, can bear with almost any how.” –Nietzsche November 13th, 1988 / Helsinki, Finland Varsity Tennis 9-11, (Captain) 12, SAVEClub 10-12, SACAC Bowling 10-12, Math Club 11-12, Golf Club 11-12, National Honor Society 12, Spanish Honor Society 11-12, Interim Semester: Tropical Adventures in Sailing 9, Milford Trek 10, Land of the Long White Cloud 11, Bhutan 12

Thomas Lindh

Mom, Dad, thanks for everything, I appreciate all the opportunities you’ve given me. Michael: even though you’ve been gone for the past 3 years, you’ve been a great brother; thanks for all the help. My friends: it wouldn’t have been the same without you guys. Thanks for all the great times, and I’m going to miss all of you. Tennis: Andrew, Michael, Shogo, Phil, thanks for the best season! Save club: Warren, Sam, Alrick, Lionel, John, and Jason, thanks for all the great Friday afternoons! You guys are awesome. Warren: thanks for being a great friend, and don’t even think of ever retiring completely from tennis. Peck, Tarang: thanks for making class interesting! FLB: we finally got some benches, and it’s been the best year by far. It’s been fun! Azhani: I wish I met you sooner, thanks for making this last year the most memorable! You’ve made me look forward to every day that I’ve gotten to see you. To everyone else, SAS wouldn’t have been anything without all of you.

“Always do right. This will gratify some people, and astonish the rest” - Mark October 17th, 1989 / Sydney, Australia Habitat for Humanity 11, Peace Initiative 10-12, SAVE Club 9-11, (Treasurer) 12, Photo Club 11, (President) 12, Technical Theater 9-12, Athletic Council 11-12, Japanese Honor Society 11, (Treasurer) 12, National Honor Society (Vice President) 12, JV Track and Field 9, Varsity Track and Field 10-11, (Captain) 12, JV Cross Country 9-10, Varsity Cross Country 11, (Captain) 12, Interim Semester: Chiang Mai, Thailand 9, Sea Kayaking in Tarutao 10, Land of the Long White Cloud B 11, Bhutan 12

Samuel Lloyd

Sam, Samwyze, Big Red, Red Man Compressing a thousand memories into a thousand letters is like trying to get 20k into one practice, or ten boxes of paper into one SAVE Club recycle bag. No matter how fast you run, or how many times you do the bag dance, it just won’t fit. In any case, SAS to me is more than a five-year-long string of memories, it is the summation of those memories: all I experienced, all I learned, all I met. With Eagle spirit soaring through me at full intensity, it’s almost unbelievable to me that I must move on; yet of course it was always inevitable. The prospect of slow days merged into the memory of fast weeks, but I never took the gleaming new campus and all the people in it for granted. I realize what a unique experience this has been for me and I thank, many times over, my family who made it possible, my teachers who made it productive, and my dedicated friends who made it freaking awesome: Amanda, Warren, Taka, FLB, XC, Bio and more. If you’re namehunting, you know how to reach me! -S

“Man may permit no breach between body and mind, between action and thought, between his life and his convictions.” Atlas Shrugged

SENIORS2007  285

Alex Lopez

February 24th, 1989 / Panama City, Panama

It’s been a great first and final year at SAS and I can confidently say that it has been my best year. ASF and ISH also hold some fantastic memories. Thanks Mom and Dad for making high school/life better. Brian/Stephen: despite only reuniting for a few weeks a year, we had lots of good times. Saagar (thanks for being such a cool bro. Cousins for life. “WHOOO”), Kim (IASIS championship is in your hands. BANG!), Tsukudiño (frees/Bintan/indoor SHAQ ATTACK/ slime), Hayden (talks at Starbucks, ManUtd losing, and fabregasing it), Ali (BK, “we are undercover police”. Generals with your bro.), Sang (Turkish Assault! We had an amazing interim! Sneh (we’ll reunite to watch Arsenal win the title), Ryan (Fifa party and Robinson’s Walk) Gautam (interesting theories and Sunday soccer), Gabe (zouk and weekends), Kevin (your basically my bro), Taka (mishu will miss you/ 2 weeks), Anup (singing times), Lisa/Lotta (pez!), Chris (first to get his license, awesome memories from Mexico), T Bomb (MAP!!! Mr. Duncan is the best). Arjun

Gabrielle Loscalzo

JV Soccer 9, JV Baseball 9, Varsity Soccer 10-12, Soccer Club 12, Indoor Soccer Club 12, Interim Semester: Lapland, Finland 9, Turkey 12

February 18th, 1989 / Houston, Texas

Gabby, Gabs

Mom/Dad - I don’t know where I would be today with you. You’ve always been there for me. Words can’t describe how much you both mean to me and I’d be completely lost with out you. Thank you for helping become the person that I am today. Love you both more than you’ll ever know. Aubzo Greys Friday Nights, FOOD, Fun times with daddy D, Stories of Henrizzle, Pablito baby! The list continues. I’ve been truly blessed to have you as a friend. Alannah Sake Sushi, Causeway Point, Movie Nights, Dinners with Phil, love you more than a fat kid loves cake. Greenie “BW WB that’s you and that’s me” benchwarmers for life. Krazy Kosher Kitchen, Luv u Jewski. Rachel Goooo, laughing so hard “I need my inhaler”. Luv Jew baby! Girls at the TABES So many memories that ill never forget. You all mean the world to me I couldn’t have done it with out you! Sports Girls Luv you all, remember the traditions and memories.

Ceramics Club 11, Athletic Council 10-12, Varsity Soccer 9-11, (Captain) 12, Varsity Rugby 12, Varsity Softball 9-12, JV Basketball 9, Cheerleading 9, The 3 Muskateers 11, Interim Semester: Muddy Wheels 10, Soweto South Africa 11, Turkey 12

“There are four questions of value in life... What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same. Only love.”

Tryphena Luhur

May 28th, 1989 / Jakarta, Indonesia

Papa, Mama: Thank you for your unconditional support and understanding, and for believing in me. Ophelia: our beloved “lab rat”, our role model. Jarvis: my source of ideas and inspirations, here’s your 1second-fame! Marvella: You’re on your own now, make good decisions. RickieL: 9+ years of friendship. AyakaM: 7th grade and locker-notes, sleepovers, how can I ever forget? KNaHoi: Bali, accumulated dramas, equation X+showercurtains=flood? StephanieS: Ape & Cow the invincibles, newsflash exchanges! KJiEun: Miss you already, stay in touch! ThandarO: Best memories in the shortest time given. Clarissa, DerekW: Unforgettable Honolulu days. DeviW: Distance, no problem! KJeeWon: Diagonallyorange friend, prom-date brainstorms. ChitK: Chitty, genitor-ship. HJaeWon: BIG 2, (Lu)hur, introduction to flaming weekends, PINCHING bag. JeremyNP: Private bodyguard, adviser. KKyungWoo: PzBoy, -cator, non-identical twin, last place is yours! Everyone else: thanks for all the bitter-sweet memories!

SAVE Club 9-10, Indonesian Club 9-11, Theater Make-Up 9, JV Badminton 10, Interim Semester: Chiang Mai, Thailand 9, Routeburn Trek 10, Japan 11, Spain 12

“Only those who are asleep make no mistakes.” - Ingvar Kamprad

286  SENIORS2007

Winnie Ma

May 11, 1989 / Harleysville, Pennsylvania JV Tennis 9, Newspaper 9, Wrapping Presents 10, JV Track and Field 10-11, Tennis 11, Squash 11, Spanish Honor Society 11-12, French Honor Society 11-12, Archery 9-12, JV, Varsity Cross Country 11-12, Melrose Children’s Home Society 11-12, Aiding China 11-12, Running Club 12, Interim Semester: Rajasthan India 11, South Africa: Cape and Coast 12

Thank u Mom, Charlie. I♥u, sis. Life wouldn’t be as beautiful without u. I wish I could take all of u w/ me wherever I go, but I hope I’ll make u proud...there r so many things to do! Mom ur an inspiration. Charlie, ur the best father anyone could ask for. Amei, u make life sweet. Tx also, guru Stu, for helping me to be myself ! Tea, Ali Balley; coffee, Nahoi, rice pudding, Belal. Chi Chi, quit moving ur hands; Jamie’s amazing, Alex, surfer-seal Arjun, Alison, Julia, Devon. Monopoly w/ Simi & Julia; Telephone w/ Genevieve; Colorado climbing w/ omniscient Larissa. Look 12 w/ Patricia; do the robot w/ Pauline; floss w/ Sunny. Alex, get off ur high horse; Danielle, ur weird; Avery, pls put away ur thumb. Xenia, tx for noticing; Evan, tx in advance for math help; Chrissy, kindest girl ever. Mody, survived micro! To my teachers, many of whom inspired me to be better than I was, opened my mind, and showed that people can be extraordinary. High school was certainly a learning experience.

October 17th, 1988 / Houston, Texas Varsity Swimming 9-12, Varsity Water Polo 9-11, National Honor Society 10-12, Riding for the Disabled 12, Interim Semester: South Africa: Cape and Coast 12

Taryn MacArthur

Moving during your senior year is not easy, but for me it has turned out to be an adventure. Being part of the swim team was a great experience. I could not have finished the incredibly long sets without the long distance gang. IASAS was a blast. I had a great time competing and cheering everyone on. Keep swimming hard and good luck next year! Interim was amazing. My group was so much fun, and I loved South Africa. Thank you Mom, Dad, and the rest of the fam for always supporting me, and coming to all my swim meets and water polo games. I love you very much! I will miss ya’ll next year. I am thankful for the opportunity that I had to come and live here in Singapore.

“Attitude is everything, pick a good one!”

December 5th, 1988 / Paris, France Varsity Soccer 9, JV Soccer 10-11, Varsity Rugby 12, JV Rugby 910, (Captain) 11, AThletic Council 9-12, Santa’s Helpers (President) 12, Special Olympics 11, Intermediate School Tutoring 12, Chantarie 9-12, Interim Semester: Vietnam 9, Rajasthan India 10, Surfing in Australia 11, South Africa: Cape and Coast 12

Valerie Mahillon

Mom&Dad: Thank you for all your love and support throughout the years. Both of you have taught me so much about life and how I should always strive for what I believe in. Dad I will miss you making fun of mom and of course our deep meaningful talks. Mom, you will always be my twin sister! I will miss your goodnight kisses, shopping, and telling you about everything I love you both very much. Vic: My very crazy brother! I can’t wait to live with you again, Boston here I come! Mark: You are amazing. The past couple of years with you have been the best times I have ever had in my life. You make me so happy and I wish you were here with me this year. It was hard but we did it and made it work together. Next year is going to be so much fun! Thank you for everything Marky, I love you. Laura: The sister I never had. I am so glad you came back, I really don’t know what I would have done without you! Michaela: BFF. Luv you! Pat & Bry: thnx for being there when no one else could. Will miss you guys like crazy! Alex Z: Like MOUSE! I will definitely miss you! Mal and Julia: Fun times in choir! Crista: SA & absolutely

SENIORS2007  287

Nathaniel Mahoney

January 5th, 1989 / Winnetka, Illinois

High school, as defined by the Urban Dictionary, is, among many other vulgar descriptions, “where teenage sub-culture drives you insane and teachers give you lots of work to do.” It is such a profound experience in the minds of teenagers everywhere that the media devotes millions of dollars to many overlydramaticized, TV series, and rightly so. It is a multifaceted experience, full of surprises that you just have to endure for yourself. My encounter with high school has been no different. No, I haven’t married, run away from home, tried to kill a family member or any other far-fetched drivel. However, I couldn’t have rolled with the punches without my parents. It’s been tough, but their support has been the most important thing for me during these years. They’ve prevented the past four years from entering the realm of the other crude descriptions I wouldn’t have been able to list here, and transformed them into what I am sure will be some of the most memorable of my adult life.

SACAC Bowling 12, Spanish Honor Society 11, JV Basketball 10, JV Badminton 9, JV Soccer 9-10, Varsity 10-12, JV Cross Country 11-12, National Honor Society 12, Interim Semester: Singapore Fling 9, Milford Trek 10, Ladakh 11, South Africa: Cape and Coast 12

Heroes may not be braver than anyone else. They’re just braver five minutes longer. – Ronald Reagan

Brian Maissen

May 31st, 1989 / Singapore


Mom and Dad: Thanks for supporting and feeding me these past eighteen years. I love you both. Steph, my amazing sister, I love ya. Rock, recycling! So many good times, thanks for always listening. Vishal, silver pants! The hikes up your hill were awesome. Rishad, you’re crazy dude, you always made me laugh. Gab, you’ve been the most loyal friend I know. Gautam, bus buddy, I wish you’d stop dressing better than me. Kellen, I wish we had hung out more senior year, but soph and junior year were great with you. Charles, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Igor, the staircase. Ali, handshake. Dan T, bus buddy, you’re funnier than you know. Phil, d&m was fun slacking, 3rd grade buddy. Rod, thanks for making swimming so funny. Andy, physics partner, let’s try not to break this one. Nicole, Michelle, Mili, Kezia, Juliana, Jamie, you girls have been awesome to know. Kristen, you’re amazing, I loved being with you. Swim team, you’ve been awesome, guys thanks for giving me gold senior year.

Varsity Swimming 9-11, (Captain) 12, Varsity Track and Field 10-12, SAVE Club Aluminum Recycling 10-12, Interim Semester: Milford Trek 10, Leeuwin 11, South Africa: Kruger National Park 12

“The good old days are now.”- Tom Clancy

Shintaro Masuno

April 23rd 1989 / Guam

Mom and Dad: thanks for all the love and care. My sisters: sorry for being so much trouble. My friends: Jay- I’ll never forget all the fun times and memories. Phil-BEST CAPTAIN EVER. Andrew-we’ll gather up and hang out again some day. Sean-thanks for all the rides and always keep chilling. To the rest of the tennis team and the Japanese gang- it was fun. To all my friends around the world: T.K, Raymond, Ayuri, Yumika and everybody who has really been a part of my life-hope we’ll meet again in the future. Highschool is over: my childhood is setting and the future is dawning. I wish you all the best luck.

288  SENIORS2007

Varsity Tennis 10-12, Peace Intiative 11, SAVE Club 11, Usher Society 12, Atheltic Council 12, Interim Semester: Routeburn Trek 10, Leeuwin 11

December 21st, 1988 / Kansas City, Kansas SACAC Football 10, Varsity Softball 10-12, SEABYST Tournament 10-12, Athletic Council 11, Madden Club 12, Interim Semester: New Zealand: Muddy Wheels 10, Leeuwin 11, Switzerland 12

Brandon McArthur

McNasty, B, General, D minus Mom/Dad: Thank you for everything, you guys have helped me through a lot and have always supported me not only through sports but in everything else. Thanks for being my number one fans. Baseball/Softball guys: you guys have been awesome. Keep winning gold and keep playing hard. Always remember to leave no doubt and ALWAYS be cocky even when coach says not to, remember we are the best softball/dodge ball/ indoor soccer team ever. Adam’s: We are freaking huge/Batista Anka: My brother from anothaer mother. Gonzo: long live Liverpool/Arsenal Dave: Dom and lamb Jack: Super Sunday Rhys: is that your, never mind, sorry Phil: cousins Dan: Wrestling is cool Mitch: Piano practice Clay: what would you do if you switched bodies with your girlfriend? Dawe: Kellen my dad Jeff: GERRARD Chris: Ms. Tay Abby: Thank you for everything. You have been a huge part of my life and I love the memories we have now together and I can’t wait to create more in the future. We have had our ups and downs but we have always worked them out. Remember to keep your promise and to know that I love you.

“ I know you, You know you, I know that you know that I know you.”

Sean McCabe

October 4th, 1988 / Manilla, Phillipines Improve troupe 9-12, Morning Show 9-10, Beimun 9, Peace Concert 9-11, IASAS MUN 10-12, IASAS Cultural Convention Forensics 10, 12, IASAS Drama 12, Tri-M Music Honor society 10-12, Thespians Honor Society 11-12, IPAU: 9-12 (Grand Poobah) S.A.S. Singers 9-11 (Secretary) 12 (President) Wind Ensemble 9-10 (Officer) Yulefest 9, 11 (King) South Pacific 10, Children of Eden 11, Chess 12, Clue 12, Usher Society 11-12, Carmina Burana, Interim Semester: Sailing 9, Golf Clinic 10, Amazing Race Singapore 11, South Africa: Cape and Coast 12

Sean Bon Jovi, Big Unit, McCabey Baby There is nothing worth saying that does not include racial slurs, references to alcohol and sex, character attacks or otherwise inappropriate language. So as such: I attended S.A.S., I met people and for better or worse I have been changed irrevocably by my experiences here. Now I move on to an uncertain future and I probably will not look back. Call me. -Mom, Brendan lost his video camera and has been keeping this from you for two years. I found this a most convenient and humorous medium to convey this to you.

“The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd; indeed in view of the silliness of the majority of mankind, a widespread belief is more likely to be foolish than sensible.” -Betrand Russel June 9th, 1989 / Boise, Idaho SACAC Football 9, 11-12, Technical Theater Club 10, Golf Club 10-11, (President) 12, Ultimate Frisbee 11-12, Flag Football 11, (Commissioner) 12, Interim Semester: Physics of Sailing 9, Milford Trek 10, Leeuwin 11, South Africa: Kruger National Park 12

Kellen McCarvel

Mom and Dad: Thank you for everything the last 17 years. Especially putting up with me and for the support you gave me. From my friend I have so many good memories, thanks. Charles: two football seasons, two interims and the king of the table. Bond: ultimate frisbee and football and michaelbondsiarulesia. Igor: sixth grade to now, leggo bulldogs. Noel: many week nights at your place on the ps3, have fun in Sydney. Brian: 3 years, 3 interims, 6 tiny bags and 1 person who is always prepared. Stevie Vishal: w, willyman, france was awesome, so was kruger. Baicy and Naz: friday football, cards in free and nazs many original comments. Han soo: my favorite big Korean line man.

SENIORS2007  289

David McNicol

January 4th, 1989 / Alexandra, New Zealand

Firstly, thanx to Mom and Dad who have stood by me for the past 4 years through good and bad. Now for the boys, Rhys, my wingman, partner in crime. All those random nights. Vegas, gotta go back. Anka my indo, english man I need u haha boarding perfection man. Jack, super Sundays, terrific Tuesdays, man whatever day it is we can make it good. Phil my man, u defiantly made a comeback this year ha glad 2 hav u bak, wasnt the same w/o u. how many different places we gone now? Like 20? Adam, we ARE perfect, no matter what anyone says, pet names: dewdrop. Gonz, dude im comin 2 Mexico whether u like it or not ha. Dan, always up 4 a game, missed u in Iasas. Christo, remember the zoolander night, never laughed so hard in my life. Brandon, my little ray of hope in the mornings. JJ, my eastcoast bra stay you, Ming, man glad to see you out , velvet was sweet ha. To all the ladies in my life “I Love You All” wish I could specify. Sorry 2 every1 not mentioned, I still love u, don’t worry.

Patrick McNulty

JV Volleyball 10, Varsity Rugby 9-10, (Captain) 11-12, Varsity Track and Field 10-12, SACAC Football 11, (Captain) 12, Flag Football 11, Athletic Council 11-12, Interim Semester: Study Hall 9, Routeburn Trek 10, Service in Soweto 11, Switzerland 12

April 6th, 1989 / Franklin, Massachusetts


It’s hard to believe that my time in Singapore has come to an end; three years go by so fast! I have many people to thank for everything I’ve experienced in life. First and foremost, Mom, Dad, thanks for all of the support and opportunities you have afforded me through out my 17 years of life; I couldn’t have gotten to where I am with out you two. Matthew, Adam, Douglas, thanks for all of the guidance and laughs; you’re the best big brothers/role models/friends a kid could have. It will be comforting to know that I will always have support from my family in my future endeavors. Also, I thanks to all of my friends who have made my years at SAS some of my most memorable ones with interims, nights on the town, etc. Thanks you to teachers and staff for helping me these past three years. Good luck to everyone in their future!

Leprosy Home 11-12 (Treasurer) Villa Franchis 11-12 (President) SACAC Bowling 11-12, Computers for Migrant Workers 10-12, Habitat for Humanity 10-11, Honor Code Committee 12, JV Rugby 10, Interim Semester: Land of the Long White Cloud 10, Ladakh 11, Bhutan 12

“Knowledge is good” – Faber, Animal House

Saagar Mehta

September 30th, 1988 / Bombay, India

Sagu, Sagooney, Behta, Sags

Mom&Dad:Thanks for the love and support, I love you. Thanks for giving me the best 18 years I could possibly have.You have given me everything I have ever asked for and I love you for that. Saahil:I could not ask for a better brother, you have always been there for me and I love you for that. Everytime I needed you, you were there for me, you are the greatest brother, and I will always look up to you no matter what! You will always make me proud! Alex: Brothers forever!Hayden:Army buddies,Sneh:soccer debates,Sang:Bus rides,Kim: bangbangbang!Dan:Rachel’s party!Gautam:South Afica!Marcus:Hotel room talk,Anshul:New Years 2005,Ryan:Cheekys!Taka:Melissa for life!Steph:Bus talks,Ali:Haduhba!Karan:Bhangra nights,Niyomi:New Years 06/07!Jamie:6am run,Rajiv:bondfire cleanup!Bhavin:amazing house parties,Alok:Clark quay till 4am!Anup: Hayden’s party,Nate:Interim debates! And to everyone else, All the best! Jai Hind. SAS thank you for a great 8 years.

290  SENIORS2007

JV Soccer 9, Indoor Soccer Club 9-12, SAVE Club 10-11, South Asian Society 9-12, Global Giving 12, Student Council Cabinet 9-12, Athletic Council 10-12, Interim Semester: Food in Singapore 9, Milford Trek 10, Ladkah 11, South Africa: Cape and Coast 12

July 2nd, 1990 / Manila, Phillipines SAVE Club 12, Wish For Kids 12, Support Indonesia Club 12, Photo Club 12, Thespians 12, Interim Semester: Italy 12

Miguel Martin Menez

This being my first and last year at the Singapore American School, my Senior experience has been filled with fleeting, yet very special memories. My gratitude goes to everyone who has touched my life one way or another here at the SAS. Thank you to the teachers, the guidance office, staff, and administration who have prepared me for my future academic pursuits. I think I have learned more this one year than in any previous years. Thank you to all my friends, you have made my brief stay in SAS very unique and helped me adjust. Of course, a very big thank you to my parents and sister who have given me support and guidance in helping me do my best.

Lionel Meng

September 16th, 1988 / Los Angeles, California SAVE Club 9-12 (Communications Director), Cross Country 10, Track and Field 10, Varsity Volleyball 11, Varsity Basketball 11, Interim Semester: Beginning Scuba Diving in Phuket 9, Land of the Long White Cloud A 10, Japan 11, Russia 12

Don’t stop, move on, get up, look back, don’t hesitate, take a break, nice job, try again, never mind, please, thank you, hurry up, take your time, think it through, make a decision, let go, hold on, don’t back off, say it, keep your peace, impossible, maybe, likely, for sure, this time, next time, for you, for me, in my opinion, the norm, trust me, trust them, forgive me, excuse you, higher, lower, too much, too little, too early, too late. Grief and joy, successes and failures, and most importantly, friendship and true love. The result: a life, not just an existence. To all you people who mean the world to me and helped me sculpt my life, 1000 characters with spaces isn’t anywhere near enough for what I have to say; I’ll tell you all some other way. Know that I love you all, and that I thank you and wish you all well.

“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they go by.” Douglas Adams March 30th, 1989 / Gaithersburg, Maryland Athletic Council 11-12, Wish For Kids 12, Interim Semester: Cambodia 9, Paris 10, Spain 11, South Africa: Soweto 12

Nicole Merendoni

nikki, minature, nic, nic-nic, S.H, tiny, little one Mom&DadUv been there4me through thick&thin,thnk u.Remember that I wil nvr b too far away from ur hearts.loveubothChris:my lil bro,we’v had lots of crazy times2gethr.I hope il always b the1u cme2 wen things get tough,loveyakidShrutimy 1st frnd@sas. Thank u4always bein ther4me.i’ll nvr4get u n al of our memories.videos,moss, fallinIn2bush,etc loveuVIV/da:we’v had so many crzy times,Il nvr 4get the memories&videos, tnx4constantly bein ther4me wen I neded u both.Ill mis u2so much n urDrtynisT!bball!VW,HC,my little sistrs,loveu both Crys wish we wer closr in Taiwan,you’v made sr. yr a blast&I’ll nvr 4get the slepovrs,hawkers,S.Aw/u,loveu! .Sha wish I could’v knwn u longr,tnx 4always bein there4me! loveu.Fizzymy fav.designr,so proud2wear ur designs4runway..ur truly amazing,loveya.Peter-ur always there2put a smile on myface&iloveu4that. i’ll nvr 4get u&everything we’v been through. prom ! ==] Iloveu& “ul alwys b my tulip” =] To All of u who hav walkd in2my life evn if ur name isnt on

Fate only takes you this far, the rest is up to you to make it happen

SENIORS2007  291

Takahide Miyauchi

Joshua Moll

September 25th, 1988 / Norfolk, Virgina

I’d like to thank my mom and dad for guiding and supporting me throughout my high school years; without them I’d don’t know where I would be. Jacque, take care of yourself in your senior year and enjoy it the most and also thanks for always being there for me. Love ya mom, dad, and Jacque.

Breakers Inc. 12, Interim Semester: Cebu, Phillipines 12

“If you have the opportunity to play this game of life you need to appreciate every moment. A lot of people don’t appreciate the moment until it’s passed” - Kanye West

Daichi Moriyama

November 26th, 1988 / Osaka, Japan

Detention... That’s what I remember the most throughout my Highschool life in SAS. This school is one of the strictest schools. I think. Mr.N’s Blue Book always freaked me out whenever I saw it. That small room. Quiet and Cold... I hated to sit in that room for hours and hours. Doing nothing... I hope the college that I’m going to won’t have such systems. Now, I think it’s time to say thanks to my parents. You were always there to cheer me up. I want to thank you the most for waking me up every morning. Without you, I guess I was late for school everyday!! Once again, thank you very much for all your supports. I’ll do my best in college. Finally. Shiorichan!! Mou 16kagetu? 17ka.w Nagakukanjirukedo hayakattane.w Anatatowa iroiro attane. Warai, Namida, ato Kenka.w Anatani attekara, orewa kawaretato omouyo. Hontouni kansha sinakyada. w Anatato irutokiwa, ittsumo tanosikattadesu. Kokode zenbuwa kakenaiya... LOVE YOU!! Korekaramo zutto isshoni irumonna!!? Sekai ichi shiawaseninarouneee.w Aha!!w

292  SENIORS2007

Japan Club 10-12, Varsity Soccer 10-12, Varsity Softball 10-12, Interim Semester: Routeburn Trek 11, Leeuwin 12

August 23rd, 1989 / New Orleans, Louisiana Model United Nations 1112, IPAU 11-12, VPAC 12, Jazz Band 12, Interim Semester: Sri Lanka 11, Turkey 12

Benjamin Moseley

Moseley, Moses, Mose, Momo, Mo Although I’ve only been at SAS for two years, the time I had at SAS have proven to be one of the most memorable times of my life. Mom and Dad, thank you for being there for me and supporting me. At first I wasn’t too excited at the thought of moving in the middle of high school, but now I am glad we did. Brothers and sisters, I’m sorry for putting up with me over the years. Thanks to all my friends that made my senior year more enjoyable. You all know who you are. All Interim Semester Turkey people thanks for making Turkey the best trip ever. And to all you MUN, Jazz Band, and IPAU people, I’ll miss you too. Thanks to everyone who made my high school years so great, but I think I’m ready to go to college.

“Quotation, n: The act of repeating erroneously the words of another” – Ambrose Bierce The Devil’s Dictionary February 21st, 1989 / Savannah, Georgia Wish For Kids 12, Interim Semester: Italy 12

Vas’Star Moss

Laura Mulroy Dad, you mean everything to me. You’ve been my coach, my friend, and my hero for these 18 years. There’s no one else I’d want to grow up to be like. You’ve sacrificed so much and given me opportunities not many kids have. I look up to you more than you realize. You’ve been such an inspiration to me, you really are the best Dad in the whole world. Mom, I can always count on you. You’re always there to listen if I’m having a problem or you want to hear some gossip.Either way, I so love it! We’ve become so close and I’ll always cherish the 4 months of it being just us. You’re an irreplaceable part of my life. Erin, okay believe it or not, I like us being sisters! Your friendship means so much to me. We might not have the picture perfect relationship sisters should, but I love you more than you’ll ever know. Valerie, you took me in as soon as I moved here, I’ll always remember that. You are my other half. Ruthy,Skins,cabs,“yeaa okay!” and more has kept us laughing! We have too much fun!


SENIORS2007  293

Kana Nagashima

Yun Ah Nam

December 6th, 1988 / Seoul, Korea

Some like changes; some prefer stability. After 18 solid years of living in Singapore I’m definitely feeling the urge to get out of here (as much as I love it) and try something else for once. However, it also means leaving behind what I had been so accustomed to. My friends of the FLB, Tech Club and everyone else outside these two groups; SAS itself with its oversized but beautiful campus; the classes I struggled through or had fun in, and teachers who taught those classes; my parents, my stalker sister; the food, sights and places; the weather (yea even that..) and Singapore itself. I would truly miss it all.

Amelia Newlin

Technical Theater Club 10-12, VPAC 12, Thespians Society 11, (Communications Director) 12, Animation Club 9-12, Migrant Workers Computer Classes 9-12, SAVE Club 12, Golf Club 11-12, Developmental Tennis 10, Badminton Club 9-12, Art Club 10, Chinese Honor Society 11-12, Interim Semester: Asian Cooking 9, Habitat for Humanity 10, Spain 11, Krakow and Prague 12

April 6th, 1989 / Grapevine, Texas

mom&daddy-thank u for everything i couldnt have done it without u.k8-my “twin”,clothes stealer,summer buddy,partner in crime, be good ill miss u, u make life interesting.runi-coffee talks,china roomies,oocytes forever,foccacia.kea-<3 my other mei mei,notes&music.caro-sa flirt,rafting partners, work@amc.mai8 yrs&counting.kathy-quack/moo/bball/vball.nicole-im glad u came,i want courtside seats,much love.kruger and the super7-lion mating, the circle is the biggest shape, bbq. ellen-i wish id hung out with u earlier,hip hello,plane notes. bball girls-u made it fun.alice,kari,mel,brittany,girls from free,both rachels,catkeep in touch.

JV Basketball 9-10, JV Volleyball 10-11, Varsity Basketball 11-12, Athletic Council 9-12, Interim Semester: Vietnam 9, China A 10, Spain 11, South Africa: Kruger National Park 12

“Whoever said anything’s possible obviously hasn’t tried slamming a revolving door.”

294  SENIORS2007

August 30th, 1989 / Melbourne, Australia Varsity Soccer 12, Indoor Soccer Club 11, (Secretary) 12, Interim Semester: Ladakh 11, South Africa: Cape and Coast 12

Hayden Ng

Haydos, Hayders, Haybox, Hey-den Mamma thanks so much for your love and support that you have given me my whole life, especially in the last few years since I’ve been home. Daddy, Marco, Lynette thank you for all the guidance you have given me. Brothers and Sisters: Bradley, Ashleigh, Scarlett, Rafael, and Zander I love you all so much. Foo you are an amazing person in everyway, thank you so much for just being who you are, you have influenced me in so many different ways. Hopefully we will share an apartment in Sydney someday. “He looks like a rock star, sounds like a yob and cooks like an angel.” Saagar, Daniel, Ali, Gautam, Ryan, Sang-Hoon, Alex, Jeff, Sneh, Marcus, Taka, Anup, Kim, Patrick and Jon – thank you so much for making high school in the last two years such a memorable experience. AP BIO: Diamond Chips. To all those I have not named you know who you are: Thank you so much for your friendship.

Don’t live down to expectations. Go out there and do something remarkable. Wendy July 19th, 1989 / Irvine, California French Club 9, French Honor Society 10-11, (Treasurer) 12, Lion King 9, Little Mermaid 10, Mulan 11, Clue 12, Dance Showcase 9-12, Swing Club 9, Salsa Club (Treasurer) 12, National Honor Society 11-12, Merose Children’s Sociedy 10-12, Animation Club 12, Taiwan 11-12, Ushers Society 11-12, Canto Club 9, Interim Semester: Asian Cuisine 9, Langkawi 10, Land of the Long White Cloud 11, Russia 12

To Mom, Dad and Brian, thank you SO much for all your support; whether at home or online at crazy hours, I know I can count on my family to be there. I love you!! To my loffli friends, you’re all awesomer than ANY possum EVER, and I love you all to bits. Thanks for EVERYTHING from opening ice tea bottles to making intelligent points to having poke wars cuz I stole an oreo and it’s Halloween so “guess who I am!” to “Christian Haydensen” hotness and playing with hair and I really should start FTT but I can’t pat my duncan cuz of engeesinfwee and a prettyboy at subway (=P HA) and 4 hr nap attacks are more comfy with wonka+ipodskin drawing chucks at the benches and “busrides” home with neighbor society to make holes in the wall and idolize koalas on trees at Nordstroms and having free during math makes me sad like penguins who are soft as will but let’s talk at the pool/swensens/nydc cuz living in this frisbee has been HANDS DOWN the best time I can ever remember. Love.

October 19th, 1989 / Riverside, California SAVE Club 9, 12, Swing Club 9, Dance Showcase 9-12, Lion King 9, Mulan 11, Clue? 12, Mandarin Club 12, Chinese Honor Society 12, Chanterie 9, Carmina Burana 9, Habitat for Humanity, Bintan Club 9-10, Interim Semester: Beginning Scuba Diving in Phuket 9, Langkawi 10, Land of the Long White Cloud A 11, Poland and the Czech Republic 12

Karen Ngo

Cindy Nguyen

Little Cins, Cinzy, Cin, Cupcake, Cee Mom: I’m going to miss our debates about Pierce Brosnan and his sexiness. Dad: thank you for putting up with my craziness. I owe it all to you. Michael: druidnes. Alvin: it doesn’t end here. I’m looking forward to more happy moments with you. I love you. Denise: handshakes. This dynasty is cursed! Mandarin woes Karen: love will find a way. Pool talks. Brownies. I’ll be seeing more of you in CA during breaks. Jessica: My talented dancer. Here is to being silly after school, brainstorming ridiculous proposals and recordings at your house. Visit! Nadia: my lovely neighbor. walks to school and back. Bubble boy! Sushi&Alison: I’m going to miss you screeching “CINDEE” when I approach your locker. Emo dancer, kidding ;). Keep dancing and study! Abso: free. Football helmets. Kissing leads to... Devi: Wow. MTV nights. Dior!Esther: wifey! I shall miss your crazy happiness and smiling face bopping around. you = amazing. Evelyn: BUDING. Fun Lunch Bunch = love. I won’t forget y’all.

“Don’t be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments of lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends”

SENIORS2007  295

Jeremy Chi Linh Nguyen-Phuong

June 10th, 1989 / London, England

Mom and Dad, first and foremost, thank you for: life, happiness, support and guidance. And the boost you have given me to get up on my feet and do what I enjoy the most, much appreciated. I love you very much. Sis, sorry for the messing around - excessively. Take care of yourself and the parents. Ok Chou? So many people to thank. Ali: finally over mate, cheers to the 11 years. See you around. The downstairs caf, fun times: Boon, Huang, Young, Jason, Derek, and Vic. It was good – less WoW please. Zubin+Jono: cya mates, watch Arsenal next season. Duncan: French, good luck. Meguid- my hero. Shimp+Shelly= crazy. Nate, Rick + Simi: What can I say? Should have hung out before hand; some crazy times on weekends and the benches. Better meet up in the US. Nice. Tryphena- boss, I’m going to miss you, good luck. PBG for life, Thanks. Bhutan: What a group. All those in my class or free; enjoyable. Finally thanks to the teachers. And to the rest, thanks for 2 brilliant years at SAS. Cheers.

Habitat for Humanity 11-12, SAVE Club 12, Tabitha Club 12, Ushers Society 12, Athletic Council 11-12, Ultimate Club 12, Varsity Tennis 12, Interim Semester: Habitat for Humanity in Thailand 11, Bhutan 12

“You’re in a fishbowl - so make use of it, man” - John Lennon

Jennifer Nockels

September 20th, 1988 / Singapore

Senior year: a time to grow up, to forget, to forgive, to dream, to learn to love all over again. Mom: my idol & best friend. Dad: thank you for your unconditional encouragement. My little bro Dave: Da-pit, 100, you always make me laugh, work on those dance moves. My older sis Jac: an incredible role model, I strive to become like you. My teachers-KM,MG,DA,RT,FC: you have inspired me in so many ways. My dancers and student government: you kept me alive. My friends: I love you all, thank you for embracing my quirkiness. AB: great minds think alike. RW: mudda psychologist. JM: cinta pertama, absolute morals, vanilla ice cream. MO: my Singapore idol. IA: long lost sister. SH: indo sayang. AA: asian bruv. CF: partner in crime. SS: Indian brudda. HL: flava. DD: valedictorian. PM: future husband. NF: my better half. AK: master persuader. SA: child genius. The last 10 years on this island have been unforgettable – its all about the people, not the place and I couldn’t have asked for more.

The Lion King 9, The Little Mermaid (Character) 10, Mulan 11, Clue 12, Dance Club Showcase 9, (Choreographer) 10-12, Breakdancers Club 9, (President) 10-12, Twinkle Toes 10-11, Peer Support 10-12, Medical Explorers Club (Communications Director) 10, 11, NHS 10-12, CHS 11-12, IASAS Leadership Convention 9-11, (Student Director) 12, Student Council Class President 9-11, Student Council Executive Council President 12, Interim Semester: South Africa: Kruger National Park 9, Teacher Apprenticeship 10, Ladakh 11, Switzerland 12

“Think with your heart, love with your head”

Phillip Norman

September 11th, 1988 / Singapore

Felipe, Cruz, Phil, Norm, Noooorman Mom & Dad, thank you so much for everything. I appreciate all that you have done for me. Growing up has been the best. Richie-some good times being kids, miss having you around. Andy-being beat up by you has made me stronger, gonna miss you LT. Anka- RAO always best friends, miss those late nights in the woods. Adam A-Rugby, best friends since 4th grade, you’re my brother LOML Cali. Chris-my phone pal, girls, egg shots, Bali. Gonzo de la noche- Mi partenero en crimen. love you. Jack-Crazy nights partying, “chillen” at 24. Rhys- nights out, Irish, MS, working together.Dave-more countries with you than anyone, Rugby, I will miss you. Dan- DOTA pro, army next year. Schwarz-Truck stick,phone calls,china one, MERLIN. Dawe-woodshop, guitar.Mitch- my wingman, i’ll fly with you any day, ICEMAN. Clay- softball haha. V-ball was great. McNasty-Cousin. JJ-NS. Ming-Your kindness has shown me how to be a better person. Alannah–BFF, miss you so much, our late night phone calls 9:30. Aubrey, love you and your love letters, i’ll miss you. Sara D!

JV Volleyball 9-10, JV Rugby 9, Varsity Rugby 10-12, Varsity Volleyball 11, Track and Field 9-10, Athletic Council 9-12, Rugby Club 11, SACAC Football 11-12, Interim Semester: Vietnam 9, Routeburn Trek 10, South Africa: Soweto 11, Switzerland 12

They’ve done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it works every time.”- Brian Fantana (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy)

296  SENIORS2007

Soo Bean Oak

February 2nd, 1989 / Seoul, Korea French Honor Society 9-11, French Club 9-11, National Honor Society 12, Art Club 9-10, SAVE Club 9-10 Dance Club 10-11, National Art Honor Society 12, Interim Semester: Western Italic Calligraphy 9, Hawaii 10, Spain 11, Switzerland 12

Simi Oberoi

February 19th, 1989/ San Francisco, California Student Democrats United (President) 10-12, Cultural Convention Original Oratory 1012 (Silver), Chorale 9-10, SAS Singers 11-12, Honor Code Committee 10-12, Law Society (Vice President) 11, Peer Support 9-12 (Officer), Trails for the Visually Handicapped 11-12, Spanish Honor Society 9-12, National Honor Society 11, (Secretary) 12, Yulefest 11, Tri-M 12, Interim Semester: Vietnam 9, China A 10, Meeting of the Nations 11, Bhutan 12

Wow, it’s hard to believe this chapter is ending and another is beginning. Mom and Papa: thank you so much for your love, support, and guidance. You know it has meant the world to me; you guys have been the best parents I could have ever wished for and I am looking forward to more great times ahead. Nikabeea: my big brother, what can I say? I know you have always been there for me, and I know you will keep being there. All of our jokes, stories, and great moments are invaluable to me. My family, I love you. To all of my friends: let the good times roll. Seriously, you guys have been an amazing support system and I will always remember the benches (both sets), interims (yes, the good and the bad), cultural conventions (all of them) and amazing weekends fondly---and I look forward to the new memories we’ll create! My teachers: you all have taught me invaluable things both in and out of class, thank you. You all have made high school a one of a kind, special experience. Love you guys!

June 19th, 1989 / Seoul, Korea SAVE Club 9-12, Melrose Children’s Home 11, Korean Club 9-12, Villa Francis 11, Technical Theater Club 10-11, Migrant Workers Computer Classes 9-11, Athletic Council 10-11, Indoor Soccer 10, 12, Environmental Beach Clean Up 9-10, SAS Singers 12, Concert for Senior Citizens 12, Woodlands Children’s Home 12, Teaching Korean to Kids 11, Interim Semester: Tropical Adventures Sailing in Singapore 9, Milford Trek 10, China A 11, Turkey 12

Hyeong Seok Oh

First of all, I thx to god. Mom and Dad thk u 4 ur neverending love&support. HJ – my sister .. more like brother – stop callin me. I dun worry about you. You will overcome any difficulties im sure. :) 2JHs, my best friends. I love you all. Thx4 always being there 4 me no matter wat. GT,JJ,KH kk hibros~ thx u guys 4 being my best “friends.” I’ll miss you guys soooooooo much... MJ and YN – u guyz r da best couple ever, JW- dogcool~ cH – “Last attack~” I’ll miss ur voice.. and ur lies..-_-!! Jina, HS – 6 years friends .. dun wanna lose u guys. Wynngolden skin... DY, Judy – scary Juniors.... I’ll miss u.. Claire- u like my pic? lol... Alice&TJ – Singers&Church buddies ~ forget bout IASAS.... No more dumplings please ~ .. AND twins – dun call me “YA” lol Love you guys- you guys are really cute. JH -...u’ll grow up I’m sure. JW – cheld ...grow up. MK – I’ll totally miss you and your family... These past 4 yrs in SAS have been so memorable, I’ll really miss it, thanx to everyone 4 makin it what its been.

“Do your best and leave the rest to Providence.”

SENIORS2007  297

Jun Hyung Oh

December 5th, 1988 / Seoul, South Korea

Charlie, Si Kyung, O.C, elephant The high school life seemed endless at first, but now that I see its end, I miss its beginning. Dad, Mom, and Noona: You have always been my mentors and set my path. I love you. Ajooma and Woo bros: I would never been able to go through rough times without your guidance and encouragement. Thank you. Uncle: Thank you for always trusting me. Always take good care of your health. Thank you all my friends who made my high school year enjoyable and memorable: Hyung Koo, Jong Hwa, Hyung Seok, Jong Young, Joon Ho, Tae Sung, Sung Won, Kyung Woo, Chan, Hye Soo, Woo Jeong, Hana, Tae Jin, Kyu Hyun, Sang Cheol, and all the other Korean sophomores and juniors. Goodbye Singapore and SAS.

Korean Club 10-12, Habitat for Humanity 1011, Melrose Home 11-12, Teaching Computers to Migrant Workers 11-12, Korean Teaching 11-12, Villa Francis 11-12, Wind Ensemble 12, Southeast Asia Honor Band Festival 12, Interim Semester: New Zealand: Milford Trek 10, China A 11, Turkey 12

“An optimist is a person who sees a green light everywhere, while the pessimist sees only the red stoplight. The truly wise person is colorblind.” –Albert Schweitzer

Michelle Ong

January 19th, 1989 / Singapore

mom&dad your love gives me strength. A blurb as short as an sms won’t do justice to my gratitude mb escapades&extravagant dates,you did the impossible. meet me in central park ia beauty matched by inner brilliance cf we share that same wild’ve taught me everything jo&an&au&mi&pb&lg&am time&space mean nothing,you’re always in my thoughts ch no one gives better hugs or makes better jokes vc that sharp tongue is going to get you in trouble one day. then again,we’re invincible from eeeverything cy through thick&thin,always together jn wild leopardling,go conquer the world jj the secret’s out! I’m always your spy ab+sa+rw swashbucklers,if we were in a battle,we’d have each others backs mt parallel lives&twin souls swimming machines beastly! you all inspire me ak+bk+ss no one makes fun of me quite like you do guggisberg, white, javier, dewan my eyes may have been half open but my heart&mind will never forget. No space here, but much more in my <3 for everyone else, thank you all.

Varsity Swimming 9-11, (Captain) 12, Amnesty International 9-10, Phillippine Relief Organization 9-10, National Honor Society 10-12, Global Giving 11, (President) 12, PRISM (Art Coordinator) 11-12, Peace Initiative 12, Spanish Honor Society 12, Interim Semester: Spain 11, Italy 12

“I promise that I shall never give up, and that I’ll die yelling and laughing. And that until then I’ll rush around this world I insist is holy and pull at everyone’s lapel and make them confess to me and to all.” –Jack Kerouac

Michelle Ongko

March 6th, 1989 / Jakarta, Indonesia

Mom & Dad – thanks for giving me a great education and taking care of me for the past 18 years. Don’t worry I’ll be good in the states. Amanda – my best sister thanks for bearing with me, you’re so gonna miss me. Isk – You made my last year in school the best. My honey, puzzles, chocolate, movies, Sushi Tei, summer and winter, love you the most. Thank you for always being there for me. Cind – thanks for the fun in class, b’day and Sby. Winny T – stop disappearing, be good in college and you’ll design my house. Audrey – next time design my clothes, all the best in Parsons. Ben and his hand phone – my daily entertainment. Juls – 2 more years to go man. Winny H - TV dramas rock, Devi – photography was fun, Esther, Angela – yay math, Wilson – get a girl, Ken, Will, Ed, Victor, Ivan, Brian and everyone else, thanks for the fun times in high school. Luv you guys! Finally, thank God for all the blessings I’ve had.

JV Badminton 11, Indonesian Club 11, SAVE Club 11-12, Athletic Council 11-12, Badminton Club 12, Photo Club 12, Varsity Badminton 12, Interim Semester: China 11, Vienna and Budapest 12

“You grow up the day you have your first real laugh – at your self.”- Ethel Barrymore

298  SENIORS2007

September 6th, 1988 / Yangon, Myanmar SAVE Club 12, Indonesian Club 12, Mandarin Club 12, Villa Francis Home for the Aged 12, Art Club 11, Theater Make-Up Club 11, Interim Semester: France 11, Spain 12

First of all, “Thank you” mom & dad for your support and guidance all the way. Mom, I bet you are going to call me everyday in college. Hahaha. Jason, my big bro, thanks for being there for me! BoxEr, Xiao de, Gugu, you guys be good! Gonna miss you guys a lot! Bobo, Kooris, Mary and Yoon, I bet you guys are going miss this pretty egg face! LOL...Keep in touch guys! Last but not least, my all-time best pals, Yuan, Ei, Waimon and Seinn Lei, I’ll always remember you guys wherever I go! Hope to meet up with you guys realie soon! Goodbye SAS and thanks for making my last 2years of high school so memorable.

February 7th, 1989 / Barcelona, Spain Peer Support 11-12, Wish for Kids 10-11, Bintan Club 11, Art Club 12, National Art Honor Society 12, Photography Club 12, Salsa Club 12, Interim Semester: Cambodia 10, South Africa: Kruger National Park 11, Turkey 12

Samanta Peña

Mom&Dad: I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you, thank you for the life you’ve given me. Victoria&Fredi: Stay out of trouble, I adore you both tremendously. Christel: You are a part of who I am. Thank you for holding my hand and jumping in with me. BellBrandi: “Yo yo I really think I like you girl.” Us lot: Memorable ‘p’icnics. One handedly of course. Syl: You pour your heart and soul into everything. Nathan: I still wonder how it is you know everything. BoyboyboyTallBlondboy: Calvin&Hobbes, your never ending conversation. Dan: thank you for the pouch and never agreeing with me. Turkey Interim’07, including of course MommyHarvey&Auntie Mischa: most unforgettable Interim thanks to you guys! To seniors’06: You did it right. To the rest of the people who I wish to include, I do not make lists in fear of missing someone so for that reason: To_________, I will always remember... (I will insert memory here) To all: I love you beyond all reason.

“When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.” Mark Twain December 7th, 1988 / Jakarta, Indonesia Bintan Club 1011, Indonesian 9-11, Badminton Club 9-12, Golf Club 11, JV Badminton 10, Varsity Badminton 11, Interim Semester: Sports Climbing 9, Cycling in Western Australia 10, Japan 11, Vienna and Budapest 12

Thandar Oo

Victor Pesik

To my family, thank you for all your support through these years, you guys have been amazing. To my Indo, Taiwanese friends, thank you for all the good memories. Ben R, Edward T, Brian R, Tiff F, Clarissa W, Tryphena, Chit, thx for the fun times, going out and playing badminton has been really fun. Boonie, Jeremy, Jason H, u guys have been a fun company to be with, let’s go out more. My interim buddies, Derek, Cindy, Michelle, Iskandar, Audrey, Angela, Stacy, Yi tien, Sara, Rachelle, thx for making my senior year and my interim a memorable one, I will definitely miss u guys n girls. Keep in touch. The Taiwanese (or Chinese), Mary, Doug, Kevin, Tiffany, u guys have been a great company in the cafeteria and when we hang out. Last but not least, of course, my brother, Ivan. You have been a great and pleasant brother. It was great to have such a nice brother. To all those I didn’t mention, sorry and thank you.

SENIORS2007  299

Carlota Piguillem

May 12, 1989 / Madrid, Spain


I’m putting aside the thought of having half the school read this and I’ll get to the point, given that we all end up saying similar things anyhow. Mum & Dad (particularly mum!) – For putting up with me when I wasn’t my nicest, my stubbornness, my humorous (what?) mood swings, and utter insanity in the wee hours of the morning (i.e. LOUD “Elephant” walking). Yes, I’m that much of a pain. Thank you, I owe you my life. Baby Alex, Oh man, so much to tell you so little space. You’ve grown immensely in front of my eyes, almost too quickly, so I realise how mama will feel when we both head off our way. Keep on smiling; you’ve always been the life of the family. D & my awesome London gang – heavy times lay ahead (you know what I mean; I’m just not allowed to swear). Fi-fi, I love you. Lindsay my baby maymal & Nadia my taquito bonito, os quiero un monton!

Mary Quach

November 29th, 1988 / Conneticut

Time really passed by so fast from eight grade all the way to high school. Thank you mum and dad for always supporting me. To my sister, I miss you and I will see you in US. To all my friends I had a great time with all of you. Anna it was nice to know you this year and we really got close in such a short time. Christine, I had so much fun during free. Carlota, going interim with you for two years was fun and having some of the same classes. And to all those people I didn’t mention, it was really great knowing you.

Iskandar Ramli

Melrose Children’s Home 9, Yulefest 11, Chorale 11-12, SAVE Club 11-12, Japanese Club 12, Wish For Kids 12, Interim Semester: Thailand 9, Northern India 10, France 11, Italy 12

November 11th, 1989 / Jakarta, Indonesia

Ben, Mila, Mom and Dad thanks for always being there for me, Ill always visit Singapore and Jakarta. Wilson, Will, Ed, Kelson, Ken – you guys are going to be top now have fun in senior better get all those college apps on time. Cindy, Winny H, Winny T, Audrey, Julia, Devi, Esther – you guys are always there for me to make fun, just kidding, it’s great to have you guys here. Victor, Ivan, Koki, Max, Brian and all those I forgot, sorry, it has been fun to know you guys, always makes a better day. And all the other seniors I have known for years, you know who you are, just a shout out. Finally, Michelle – the best girl friend I could have, this was by far the best year in high school, thanks to you. I hope we are always close by, I need you to be watching me always. I love you always. Well off to college.

Indonesian Club 9-11, Badminton Club 9-12, Indonesian Club 9-11, SAVE Club 10, 12, JV Badminton 11, Varsity Badminton 12, Athletic Council 9-12, Interim Semester: Scuba Diving in Phuket 9, Cycling in Western Australia 10, Japan 11, Vienna and Budapest 12

Spartans! Enjoy your breakfast, for tonight we dine in Hell! -Spartan King Leonidas

300  SENIORS2007

August 26th, 1989 / New Delhi, India Bintan Club 9, Yulefest 9, Carmina Burana 9, Dance Club 10, Little Mermaid 10, Faure’s Requiem 10, French Club 9-12, French Honor Society 10-12, Mozart’s Requiem 11, South Asian Society 11, 50th Anniversary Concert 11, Cultural Collage 11, Interim Semester: Faces of Cambodia 9, Hawaii 10, Greece 11, Switzerland 12

Mallika Rao

mom and dad- what am i going to do without our nocturnal talks and dinners? mom- i’ll miss your hyperactivity and jokes. dad- i admire you, i’m glad we are so alike. i’ll miss you both a lot. thanks for spoiling me and supporting me through everything. sid- thanks for all the advice. i’m happy we’re closer now. hope you’re ready to see me everyday! nora- my tional traveling partner, keep sending me songs. stephanie- so trustworthy, from infies to feasts, i don’t even know where to begin. juliana- late night talks and early mornings, venting our anger. jamie- we’ll plan this. i’ve had fun with you four. caitlin- fluffy, dinners, you were always there for me. lauren- acf, eating and shopping, so happy you were here this year. alvin- tbffe, house, road, orange, never forget. celine- breathing and cakes. valeriei’ll miss our talks and your hilarious impressions. julia- don’t forget me next year. kish, peter, lexi, sarah, vicky, megan and everyone else- thank you. it’s been great.

“We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they’re called memories. Some take us forward, they’re called October 9th, 1988 / San Francisco, California Tri-M 9-12, Jazz Ensemble 10, 12, Wind Ensemble 10, 12, IPAU 9-12, Fiddle Club 10, Cultural Convention Music 11-12, Chess (Orchestra Pit) 12, Hong Kong Honor Band 10, 12, Taiwan Jazz Exchange 12, South Pacific (Orchestra Pit) 10, Yulefest 9, Gymnastics 12, Rock Climbing 10, Varsity Cross Country 9, JV Rugby 9, Riding For the Disabled 9, Singapore Rock Climbing 9, Langkawi 10, South Africa: Kruger National Park 12

Robert Rathvon

—with your shield or on it, for today’s lack of speculation causes tomorrow’s rhinos to dress up like lions, costumes which are all air, ha! I’m going to slap you in the face until your red cap hits the ground, into the dirt which swallows spilt rum running from praying prostitutes, holy ghosts, et puis tell you a story that happened to me: 19 March is me falling to heaven, Calypso sunrise on a walking beach answering an anniversary ne’er forgotten, why how good the other girls’ hair smells! aquabitches with no eyes (those are forgotten); however, my name is Vitali and I once knew a hermit—he taught me to breathe strange humours, setting stone feet aboard a stormy plank and hope, it’s hollow, so use much perfume to disappear into the dark, but capture a tortuga in your back pocket for luck at sea, watching starched lapels striking naught but paper plows—what ho this demonry!—there once were words good enough to decorate a captain, aye, a rose to the immortal siren, so come back—

“Don’t part with your illusions. When they are gone, you may still
 exist, but you have ceased to live.” - Mark Twain June 19th, 1989 / Reading, Pennsylvania JV Rugby 9-10. SACAC Football 10-12, Morning Show 10-12, Varsity Rugby 11-12, DRQHS 12, Flag Football Coach/Commissioner 11-12, Ultimate Frisbee Club 11-12, Madden Club 12, Interim Semester: Malaysia: Island in the Sun 9, Thailand Sea Kayaking 10, Leeuwin 11, South Africa: Kruger National Park 12

Charles Reinert Bear

I can’t believe it’s finally that time, I had no idea how fast it would seem. Thanks Mom and Dad you two are the wind beneath my wings and are source of my strength, and I apologize because that simply doesn’t do you two justice, you two are greatest parents ever and I really mean that. Jordan keep your head in the game and stay in the positive direction you’re headed. Kellen, thanks for being my best friend good luck next year and keep in touch. Bond, thanks for all the good times. Igor I hope you find your future in film. Eric, I give you the best of wishes. Noel, I still love you man. Baicy, stay low and keep your feet moving. And thank you to everyone at SAS students, faculty and staff, who all made my high school experience so amazing, I wish you all the best of luck and hope to see you all successful in years to come. I will miss you all dearly. Eagles for life. I can only hope God will bless me with the never ending memories of my time here. GO OILERS!

SENIORS2007  301

Christel Ann Ridao

December 11th, 1988 / Manila, Philippines

Mom and Dad, thank you for everything so far and all else to come. I appreciate it. You’ve taught me things by instruction, but also through your experience and in turn, through allowing me my own. Thus, I learn continuously. Emerald my sissy, we differ plenty but I’m glad for the dynamic we have. My darling brothers Juanlo and Rafa, you thrill me silly. I love you, and I’m grateful for the lot of you. To Sami who is dear to me, sideways and considerably: I prithee keep in touch. I’ll keep you in mind. Keep out of the way of moving traffic. As for the Nathanesque fellow (Nathan-like!) and altogether my favourite: I admire you indeterminably, vaguely and fondly. Avoid sharp objects in your pulmonary region. In any case, nine out of ten things I could say for Bell Brandi are due for censorship; this is the tenth. And YOU LOT! Thanks for all the hope, the senselessness and the non-specific laughter.

JV Soccer 9-10, Varsity Touch Rugby 10, Varsity Softball 9, International Award (DOE) 9-10, Tsunami Relief Project 10-11, Cambodian Book Project 11, Interim Semester: China B 9, Habitat for Humanity Philippines 11, Turkey 12

“Learn to distinguish the difference between errors of knowledge and breaches of morality.” –Ayn Rand

Andrea Rodriguez

May 9th, 1989 / Guadaljara, Mexico

If there’s one thing I’ll always remember about SAS was my English 10 class where I met the one person who would fill my two years left in high school with joy, happiness, and above all a friendship I’ll always cherish. Lauren you made every single day worth it. Chandrika the one thing that comes to my mind right now was the first break we met and spent 20 minutes talking only to ask each other in the end ”so, what’s your name?”. Of course there’s always the sleep over, the world cup, my graduation, art club, the closed theme park and so much more. I love you and I still have that wonderful gift you gave me. It’s not so much the book itself; to me it’s more like you gave me a small piece of you I’ll always have with me. Star you made English class so much more fun and I’ll always remember how the football games brought us together. To everyone else, gracias.

SAVE Club 11, Project Soweto (Communications Director) 12, Art Club 12, Interim Semester: China 10, South Africa: Service in Soweto 11

Study as if you were going to live forever; live as if you were going to die tomorrow

Clarissa Ruslie

September 25th, 1989 / Jakarta, Indonesia

Wow, I can’t believe that I am finally graduating – time flies. First of all, no simple words can express my gratitude for my family. Mom, Dad, thanks for putting up with me all these years and for always supporting me. You are the best parents ever and I can’t describe how grateful I am. Bro, thanks for all the things you have done and putting up with all the stupid things I’ve done – I couldn’t ask for a better brother. To all my friends – thanks for putting up with my complaints and you guys make my day. Life without you guys would be boring. Mary, Carlotta, Annette, Jenny – you guys are awesome and you guys make France interim a memorable one. Hui Xiang – thanks for always helping me. Christine, Priya – all I can say is I’ll miss you guys. Italy interim mates – it was lots of fun and you guys were awesome. For all the others that I have missed – I apologize as I am running out of space. I’ll miss you guys. Good luck everyone. Thanks SAS for the fond memories.

302  SENIORS2007

Carmina Burana (Orchestra) 9, Animation Club 9-12, Badminton Club 9-12, Technical Theater Club 11-12, SAVE Club 12, Interim Semester: Thailand 9, Northern India 10, France 11, Italy 12

September 27, 1988 / Boise, Idaho JV Volleyball 9, JV Basketball 9-10, Varsity Volleyball 10-12, Varsity Softball 9-12, SAVE Club 9-12, Varsity Basketball 11, National Honor Society 11-12, Spanish Honor Society 10-12, Quill and Scroll Society 11-12, Madden Club 12, Beach Volleyball Club (President) 12, Interim Semester: Advanced Scuba in Palau 9, Routeburn Trek 10, Bhutan 11, Switzerland 12

Mitchell Samson Mitch, Michelle

Mom+Dad, I love you and thanks so much for your support over the 10 years we’ve been overseas. Kels, sorry we haven’t been able to spend more time together, but your visits have been really great. Crawford’s & Schwarz’s: Thanks for the second home; GL Lars.Clay and Adam- MERLIN, the last of middle schoolThanks for stickin with me for 4 and more, Vball, BBall Softball. Ha”v”aii should be Great! Sara and Alannah, Crista, Jenn, Phil- MAVERICK: woodlands buddies. Verbier 07- Best ever.All on JV or V teams, the seasons thanks for the help in denying KL, always. Undgrnd: R,D,J,AW,E,JJ,P,Pe,PK,C,G,AS be GODLIKE! Adam A thanks for ur house and a poolside 1st.Gunta those slips crack me up,GL in mex-cross legally.Brandon:swing for the fences. Jeff webassign&seabyst.Pui, Padre Tj take care. Chris-admit u’re sore!Wat- king of the “its.” Bond – Gypsies! ACS’s, yrbook and Clemens couldn’t have been fore fun.Tiff, Shaulis, Xenia, busrides were great. Love ya all and keep in touch.

Wakana Sasaki

May 27th, 1988 Tokyo, Japan Theater Make-Up 9, SAVE Club 10, Athletic Council 10-11, JV Track and Field 9, JV Basketball 9-10, JV Soccer 9-11, Varsity Soccer 12, Varsity Softball 11, Interim Semester: Indonesia: Bintan Service and Survival 9, Tasmania 10, Bhutan 11, Russia 12

wak-a-nat, wak, waks, wakwak Mom & Dad thanx for years of support and love. I love u! Sis: ur the only person I can truly trust<3 Bro: respect thy sis. Celine: OLIO...the chef.., sOuts, bball, McDonald, Swensen’s $70, <3 u! Tj: interim buddy! Russia was the best! Colin: Cheyea. Juliana: wat could I have done w/out u!?..YA. lol<3 AlexL: more memories ahead of us! :) Sagu: ABC? Sneh: STARE... Gabe: we can finally communicate! Nora Stef Meeka Ali Kim: u guys r awesome! Jono: Spanish buddy! Izzy: most fashionable girl I knw. MichelleL: we look alike?! Paul: BIG mouth! Vicky: u have no butt. Lol I didn’t mean it that way! CaitlinH: ur the first white/ asian that I knw. Sha: free+E.S. buddy. Still missing Russia! Julie: cool open girl! Alannah: theme park, PE, Ind.L, Soccer! KeriD: my slung teacher. Yoon: since 8th grade! Tiff: Russia/roommate. Brytt: gd luck next year! Mrs. Pong: I look up to u! Mr. Hopkins & Mr. Adams: Fun years of soccer. Thank u! Mr. Norcott: we miss Hiroko! Congrats class of 2007!

Silences make the real conversations between friends. Not the saying but the never needing to say is what counts.” Margaret Lee Runbeck February 16th, 1989 / Singapore JV Soccer 9-10, JV Touch Rugby 9-10 (Captain) 11, Varsity Touch Rugby 12, Interim Semester: Chiang Mai 9, India: Rajasthan 10, Leeuwin 11, Krakow & Prague 12

Alannah Erin Sawhill

My family, I love you. Dear Sara DeNoma, my best friend, I couldn’t be more grateful for having you there throughout high school , I love you and I can tell you now, I’ll be truly lost without you. Adam S- my best friend and my boo, interims were a blast, “I dunno, lets fight!” Gabby- movie marathons and sushi, classes together, rugby, you should be a comedian, you’re awesome. Clay and Mitch- we had a sweet crew. Phil- bff forever, making lemonade, “late nights” on the phone. Denise- stay sarcastic. Sophie- sophdawg, my favorite unintentionally funny person. Aubrey- you tell the best stories, I’m so happy I got to know you this year. Nicole, Keri- my fellow ninjas. Kezia- you need to relax, want a popsicle? Casey- my brownie buddy, thanks for always being concerned. Anna- birthday buddies. Rugby girls- it was an awesome 4 years, IASAS was amazing. McPhee- thank you for the chats. Chris G- excessive phone calls. Adam A- I have a question for you.

“You’ve really opened my eyes to what a loser I am! Say, how much do I owe you for those pearls of wisdom?”

SENIORS2007  303

Michelle Schmitz

June 3rd, 1989 / New York City, New York

Schmitz, Mikki

After a decade here, encapsulating Singapore is difficult – extremely so. How could I capture the bustle of rush-hour Orchard Road or the tranquility of the rainforest? How can I express the sea wind caressing my hair, the nervousness of stage fright or the rush of many new adventures? How can I encapsulate it all? The answer is through change. Mum, Dad and Nic: through our time together, you have seen me change from a meek, shy child to a confident, expressive adult, and guided my life in ways that I never thought possible. My friends: you have changed my perspective on the world. You have allowed me to be myself around you, to be unfettered by societal pressures, to keep going when I thought that I had no energy left. My teachers: you have been my academic pillars by striving to be the change that you seek within the world. Singapore and SAS: you have changed so much since I came to your shores – and I wish you all the best in the years to come.

Peace Intiative 9-12 (Activities Coordinator 10), SAVE Club 9-12 (Sensory Trail Head 11-12), Wish For Kids 9, Migrant Workers Computer Classes 10, Mandarin Club 12, Math Club 9, Speech Club 10, Technical Theater 10, Climbing Club 9, Chinese Honor Society 11, (Communications Director) 12, National Honor Society 11-12, Tri-M 11-12, BEIMUN 9, 11-12, Service Council 12, IASAS Music 11, Yulefest 11, Interim Semester: Western Australia: Marine Research 9, Advanced Scuba in Palau 10, Bhutan 11, Vienna and Budapest 12

Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality. - Jonas Salk

Nicole de Vera Schmitz

June 3rd, 1989 / New York City, New York

I always thought that high school had the answer to every question. Now I know that the opposite is true. These are the questions left unanswered: How can I repay the wisdom and guidance of my teachers and the wit and hospitality of my family? How do I stuff Singapore into these pages? From the mountains of Sapa to the mosques of Istanbul, here’s to the history cramming sessions, Journalism room breaks, and AWW Mad hatter Tea Parties, and Cake. My high school experience veered from the books and taught me something different but equally important: always fight for what you believe and do what you love. Thanks to all who helped me get there and achieve more than what I believed was possible. How could I forget the opportunities that, like the seemingly limitless ocean, lap upon the shore?

Prism 9-12, Wish For Kids 9, Yulefest 9, BEIMUN (Alternate) 9, Peace Initiave 9-12, SAVE Club, French Club 9-12, Honor Code Committee 10-12, Newspaper 11-12 (Features co-editor), Prism 9-12 (contributing editor), French Club 9-12 (Principal crepe maker) Interim Semester: Vietnam 9, Hawaii 10, Spain 11, Turkey 12

Forget regret or life is yours to miss – Rent

Alyssa Schodorf

July 10th, 1989/ Atlanta, Georgia

Mom- Thank you for your friendship and support. It has meant a lot to me and helped me get through. Dad- I love you so much thank you for always supporting me and understanding. I’m so lucky. Andi- Thanks for always being a great sister and being there for me. I will miss our 24, Lost, Jericho, and pizza nights. Cross country people- you guys are amazing, I am really going to miss you all! Keep running! Winnie- lunches have been fun, buses, Arab Street, track, running, shopping, coke, winter ball... I’m really going to miss you! Caitlin, Danielle and Alice- free, band, breaks, mornings, songs. Fun times. Interim people I had so much fun, let’s go back- Julie, Maya, Ming, Wakana, Sneh, Eric (thanks for your hat!), and everyone! Thanks for everything, I have had a great time at SAS and won’t ever forget you guys!

JV Track and Field 11, JV Cross Country 11-12, Interim Semester: New Zealand: Milford Trek 11, Russia 12

“The morning light sings and brings new things.”

304  SENIORS2007

Adam Schwarz

December 14th, 1988 / Hilo, Hawaii Athletic Council 9-12, JV Rugby 9, JV Volleyball 9 (Captain), JV Basketball 10, Varsity Softball 9-11, 12 (Captain), Varsity Rugby 11-12, Varsity Volleyball 10-11, 12 (Captain), SAVE Club 9-12, Madden Club 12, Ultimate Frisbee Club 11-12, Flag Football 11-12, Interim Semester: Beginning Scuba, Phuket 9, New Zealand: Routeburn Trek 10, Leeuwin 11, Poland and the Czech Republic 12

Pablo, Schwarzie, Truck Stick, Boo, Lobster, AT Mom and Dad–thanks for putting up with me these past 18 years, I love you both. Erin and Kristin–you’re the best sisters a guy could ask for. Alannah–My original boo, high school wouldn’t have been the same without you. Sara–I still don’t get you, but I’ve decided it doesn’t matter, I love you girl. Adam–AT, bus rides, phone calls, roomie. Clay–my outside, through it all, couldn’t have made it without you. Chris–girls, IASAS, hoppa pride, late nights. Phil–Maverick, you’re my hero. Mitch–ICEMAN, since fifth grade, too many memories. Brandon–we were never too cocky. Gonzo–you’re not overrated. Jack–24, wish you were in psych more often. Dave–my shirtless friend, AT. Rhys–gin seng, underground. Kreutter–you’re a machine. Pui-your a fantasy god. Gillis-carry our teams next year. Jake - thanks for making first aid bearable. Casey–Milkshake, no milk. Aubrey–Seemed like we always fought, but I’ll always cherish the times we had together. Anka–IASAS, your house. Dan– cousins, you’re still together. Volleyball, Rugby and Softball teams, thanks for making 4-6 worthwile. Keep Winning. Everyone else, much love.

“Procrastinate now, don’t put it off.”

February 25th, 1990 / Manila, Philippines Model United Nations 10-12, Peace Initiative 11-12, National Honor Society 11-12, Quill and Scroll Honor Society 11-12, IS Homework Help Club 12, Wish for Kids 12, Original Oratory 12, Prism 12, Interim Semester: Bhutan 11, South Africa: Service in Soweto 12

Mia Rhodora Severino

Mom and Papa: Thank you for the patience and the encouragement these long seventeen years. Don’t worry, I’ll call from time to time and I’ll try not to survive on ramen for four years. Thank you to everyone else who made the two years everything that they have been from the triumvirate, the Thursday KFC runs to the post-MUN hawkering, the “drama.” Thank you for being there for the customary Starbucks, the priceless quotes, the inside jokes, the nervous breakdowns, the rant sessions, the endless nicknames, the really unproductive free periods. Thank you just for listening, for putting up with my incoherence and understanding me in spite of it, for staying up with me all those late nights and for making me laugh. Thank you for making my last two years of high school incredible.

“Be happy while you’re living for you’re a long time dead.” –Scottish proverb February 5th, 1989 / Chicago, Illinois JV Cross Country 9, Yulefest 9, Carmina Burana 9, JV Track and Field 9, Dance Club 9-10, SAVE Club 10-12, Peer Support 10-12, French Honor Society 10-11, Varsity Cross Country 10, (Captain) 11-12, Varsity Track and Field 10-11, Cultural Collage 11, South Asian Society 9-12, Athletic Council 11-12, Student Council Class Treasurer 12, Project Soweto (Treasurer/ Secretary) 12, Interim Semester: Vietnam 9, China B 10, Greece 11, Vienna and Budapest 12

Jamie Shah

James, Jamantha, JamJam Pookybeans-6yrs&mre,myotherhalf;mal-we’llplanthis!Oindianladies!newyrs;nor s-ourtalksduringfreeushistorymalaysing-goodtimesjul-starbucktalksindianfood; Iwudn’thvemadeitw/outuguys,icn’tthnkuenuf4everythinguguyshvedne4me, “chillin’w/mygnomies”,the5thtcmeasapackage;theboysatthetble-uknwwhourgdluckw/everything-illmissuguys;xcgirls/boys-uguysmademylastyramazingxcreunions;girls-fancydinner,our“wild”niteout;feedmetinkerbellwinwinn ukantorluckycharmtwinsaviatorblur-loveuguys;anshul-u’regng2hve2fn dsme1new2mkefunof;karan/saagar-mybigbrothers;rohan-illmissu;sneh“issnehurbrother?”sajan-theqt1;nomi-3mnths,somnyunforgettablegdtimes,mylil ’sister;hawaiitowersppl-unforgettablememorieslatenites,dinnerattheclub,movies ;brianpeterkellensamanushkashrutiabhinav&evry 1else-thnkugoodluck&ihpeusucceedinwhtevrudo. amy-imaynotshowitbutimissumorethanuthink,th anku4urguidance;lastly,myparents-wrdscn’tdescr ibehwthnkfuliam4everythinguguyshvegiven&sh aredw/me.iloveyou.Congratulations!thisisjustthe beginning...

“Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind. The race is long and, in the end, it’s only with yourself”– Baz Luhrmann

SENIORS2007  305

Sneh Shah

September 20th, 1989 / Edison, New Jersey

Mom & Dad- I love you. I wouldn’t be here without your support. Saj: take care little bro I’m gonna miss our dumb comeback wars. Sagu- EPL nights and our pointless debates. Dan- our great fantasy and w11 battles-don’t touch me. Gautam- you’re the most “philophosical” person I know Muhammad abdul . Ryan- Mr. and Mrs. R talks, and your forehead. Haydos- what’s up Buddy? ladakh rocked. Jeff- I love it! we rocked the house. Big Mo- hello I’m Indian, joe rogan your crazy. Ali- my favorite paki and psych class. Sang- master of awkward moments, perfect. Abhi- my brown bio buddy. Rachel- huh, what, sorry? and our imaginary bball game. Anushka- hindi movie nights and greasy ipods. Sophiemy bday buddy and hinju. Anna- free gossip talks and intense soccer debates. Jen, Peter, Peck, Steph- 3 years of stu co was amazing. Juliana- bus bully. Alex- friday soccer and free was awesome. Taka- ei know the rest. Denisemy favorite arsenal fan. Michelle- BAAAH. JJremember what I can do after this and you can’t. My desi family: Jamie, Niyomi, Anshul, Yashika Thank you all for the memories.

Student Council 10 (Treasirer), 11 (Treasurer), 12 (Exec Vice President), SAVE Club 9, 10, 11, Service Council 11,12 (Executive President), SACAC Bowling 10, 11, 12, JV Soccer (Blue) 9, JV Badminton 9, South Asian Society 9, 10, 11, 12, National Honor Society 11, 12, Medical Explorers Club 11 (Treasurer), Peer Support 10, 11, 12, The Three Musketeers 10, Noises Off 11, Cultural Convention Drama: “Isn’t it Romantic” 12, Indoor Soccer Club 9, 10, 11, 12 Athletic Council 10 Interim Semester Vietnam 9, Milford NZ 10, Ladakh 11, Russia 12

“Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.” William Jennings Bryan

Maya Shanker

November 12th, 1989 / Montclair, NJ

Mummy- it’s a Tuscan casa for you when I become r&f ! Daddy- yes,my shoes are fine. I love both of you more than anything and I’m proud to be your kid! Sidyou’re the best bro/’twin’ and the best friend anyone could ask for, you know me more than I know myself. The things that defined HS: trekking up mountains in the rain, Mao, the spaghetti dance, getting high off turpentine, soggy tennis games, manhunt(!),outings, broken jet boats, pulling chairs from under people, yummy candles, Mafia,field runs w/ garbage bags, Sparkle bottle musicians, MRT models/strangers, New Years Eve, isosceles dance moves, Abu Simbel, falling into rivers,late rehearsal nights and hawkers, snowball fights, WOMAD, stolen Russians and too many things that words can’t explain. To all the ppl w/ whom I roomed,danced,beach bummed,run around covered in paint or’s been amazing.K athy,runi,mel,mike,caroline,’abbrey’-I love you! MissHarvey&Mr.D-you believed in me from the start, I can’t thank you enough.

Wish For Kids 11, 12(VP) French Club 1012, National Art Honor Society, Dead Artists Society, Varsity Tennis 9-11, French Honor Society 10-12, String Ensemble 9-12, Yulefest 9, 11, South Pacific 10 (violin) Solo Ensemble Festival 11-12 (Violin) South Asian Society 9-11 (CD) Lion King 9, Little Mermaid 10, Dance Showcase 10, Habitat for Humanity 9-10, Carmina Burana 9, International Honors Orchestra 11 (violin) Clue 12 (set crew) Chess (12 (set crew) Winter Collage 912, Requiem 11, Interim Semester: Chiang Mai 9, Milford Trek 10, Greek Odyssey 11, Russia 12

Never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others that what you were or might have been was not otherwise than what you had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise – Lewis Carroll

Shruti Shekar

July 12th, 1989 Bombay, India

Shrut, shrutz, shrumtums, shrushru, shru, shekar, buddahbelly, shroootie Mom/Papa-I love you, you always come first in my life, you are the best parents any one could ask for.Nic-never 4get me,You have always supported me in everything and helped me so much.thanks 4 always being there, no words can express how much I will miss you,this isn’t the end, it’s the beginning.Sha-too many memories, who’ll make me laugh like crazy in college?don’t forget my man laugh k?loveyou,I’ll miss you.Viv/Da-I hate how we met this year and I leave this year, you guys mean the world to me and I can never 4get how you both always make me smile every single day.Van-my partner in crime, you’re my other journalistic half,thanks for the amazing memories.Crys-the yr went by too fast, I’ll miss you, thanks 4 always being happy and fun.interim – thanks for making it the best one ever.mornshow/yrbook – I’ll miss all of you guys so much. Clemens-best teacher ever, thank you for making these past 4 years amazing. To everyone else - you are the reason I am who I am today, thank you.

The Morning Show 9-12, Yearbook Staff 11-12, Model United Nations 1112 (ThiMUN) (MyMUN Chair) Peace Initiative 10-12, Interim Semester: Western Australia: Coastol Marine Research 9, China B: Pearls of the East 10, New Zealand: Land of the Long White 11, Russia: Exploring the Two Capitals 12

“It is in changing that we find purpose” – Heraclites

306  SENIORS2007

February 10th, 1989 / Singapore IPAU 9-12, Interim Semester: Advanced Scuba 9, Advanced Scuba 10, Surfing in Australia 11, Kruger National Park 12

Sam Sheldon

Sammo, teste Thanks mom and dad. It has been a pretty awesome last year: Abby, thank you for an amazing year and more, I dunno what I’m gonna do without you. You’re everything I could have ever wished for, I’ll never forget you. Alvin, man there is too much, pool, sushi, hotel hopping, pushing you into noisy things, nutella, TWO LOLLAH! You’re not gonna have any friends in college but its ok...I won’t either. Alison, don’t worry, I’ll be here for a while longer Bmitten. Vishticles, FOK, TAFM(you know the one), swiss club, interim adventures, good luck in NS. Liam, never forget to oust the brown man (brownowski), BBB power! Brian I’ll get you for wetting me over interim. Arnima my 7th grade science buddy, its been a long time, tit money, have fun in college. Rishi, I’m sorry your dog melted, good luck next year. Gabe, always remember that blue and purple are not flavors. Anyone who feels shortchanged, don’t worry, I’ll still remember you, you’ve probably influenced my year somehow.

“Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”

Indonesian Club 10-11, JV Volleyball 10, Wish For Kids 10, Interim Semester: Udon Thani: Habitat for Humanity 10, Spain 11, Poland and the Czech Republic 12

Jonathan Shim Dad- Thanks for being there all my life to guide me to a better future, you’ve been an icon. Mom- You are the most awesome mother in the whole world; you are more than my mother, you are my best friend. Daphne- Now that I’m off to college soon, you will need to take care of the family; study hard, no more late night YouTube madness. Erick (Boss, Nyet)- My good friend here at SAS, although you have left, our times here in Singapore and in Jakarta have been highlights of my high school years. Shita- “Imut Asli”, You are always one who brings fun to the group. Esther- Truth or Dare, “Sok Imut”, Queen of laughter and joy, I will miss you while I’m in college. Shaun- Although we’ve known each other for almost a year now, we share a common interest, you know who I’m referring to. Anushka- C-walk, Akon, Locked up, Hip Hop, Quando Quando Quando, dream to reality; memorably significant.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” - Jimi Hendrix

Anna Simpson To my parents: I love you. Thank you loving me unconditionally and letting me know your love is all around the world. Squeezes! To my friends in Canada: Thanks for listening to me even across the world. (and taking care of my puppy...) [Bffaeae because what’s forever if it’s not and ever and ever?]To the People in Singapore: It was nice meeting you! This year was filled with fighting oranges, the UB, Clark Quay, Sparkle Motion, an AMAZING trip to Africa and meeting my husband.To my sisters: Katie, we’re crazy. Spring breaks + New Years = adventures I’ll always treasure. You really are like a sister to me and I can’t wait to be on the same side of the world as you again!! I love you so much it hurts.Abs, get ready. I’m coming. I love you!! I’m glad I’ll have you next year. No more late night/early morning phone calls. Instead we’ll have another fun NC summer etc. I can almost feel the over bearing parents. <3 Good Luck!

SENIORS2007  307

Nicholas Soderberg

July 18th, 1988 / Simsbury, Connecticut

Soda-burger, blondie John, Jesse, Mike, you guys have been there since the beginning. 3 years ago and still going. John you kept my music alive. Jesse, you’re my crayz mosher. Mike, no one can lap you ever again. Sami, you kept me alive & breathing, I love you. Amanda, <3there are no words<3. Runi, my hug comfort, you always make me feel better. Mr. Koebnick, you put up with me and John for an entire semester– props. Woodlands crew: Eric, Zac, Dan, Fu–sleepovers and Guitar Hero. The round table: Steven, Tommy, Breda, Ronnie, Corey (weet), Emma, Soojin, Cookie. Kenny, slow down. Christa, my Nicole Richie, lets make one more appearance. Luke, Spidermen. Justin, Anup and DP, my guitar idols. Maritz, Sam, Martis (Mental Flaw) thanks for the experience. Jane and the Slaphappy Butterfingers. Anit, Terrance(Connecticut!), Brad, Jane, Pat, Robby and Andy. Russia, Awkward Turtle. Last but not least, Mom and Dad, you kept me going and got me into college, I love you. Eve you were my inspiration(I beat you, finally).

IPAU 10, (Communications Director) 11, (Producer) 12, Climbing 10-12, JV Cross Country 10-12, Chess (Sound Engineer) 12, Interim Semester: New Zealand: Milford Trek 10, Habitat for Humanity: Thailand 11, Russia 12

“It amazes me the will of instinct” – Kurdt Kobain

Thomas Soderlund

January 25th, 1989/ Chicago, Illinois

Mom and Dad- Thank you so much for everything you have done. I cannot begin to tell you how much it means to me. Without you guys, I would not have gotten to the point I am at right now. All of my friends. Steven- Don’t even know where to start. Great times man. Brendan- Too much to say. Pat- Thanks for everything. Breda, Veronica, Jordan, Brit, ________(Your Name)- All of you have impacted me one way or another. Going to miss you all. Interim 2007Russia- Never forget the trip, or any of you on it. Best trip ever.

American Football 9, Business Club 9-10, Interim Semester: Russia 12

“Some people have a large circle of friends, while others have only friends that they like.”

Tae Jin Son

October 20th, 1988 / Seoul, Korea

High school is now finally over, class ‘07. First and foremost, thank you God for making me who I am today. Your guidance and support has blessed me with such loving parents. Mom and Dad, thank you for all the effort both of you have put in to provide me with the best. Hyung, thanks for taking care of me, and supporting me. Paul and Colin, my wingmen; you guys are my pillars, the foundation of my high school memories. Clay, I know you are an Asian, admit it. Celine, Phuket to Four Seasons, our friendship won’t ever end, thank you so much. Wakana, my interim buddy and a great friend, wish you the best. Michelle, thank you for always being there, you are funny. Meredith, it’s been short but I think we’ve been through enough. There were the bad times but foremost, more of the good times. I’m sorry, thank you. (B or G?) IASAS, the 90’s rock band buddies, Koreans and the rest, you guys mean the world to me. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Keep in touch, take care and good luck SAS!

JV Soccer 9, Global Giving 9-10, SAVE Club 9-10, Taiwanese Club 10, Ultimate Frisbee Club 10-11, Golf Club 10-12, Medical Explorers Club 12, Tri-M 11-12, Korean Club 9-12, Athletic Council 9-12, Varsity Basketball 10-12, Varsity Soccer 10-12, Varsity Track and Field 11, Culutral Convention 11-12, SAS Singers 10-12, Interim Semester: Beginning Scuba Diving 9, Tasmania 10, Bhutan 11, Russia 12

“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

308  SENIORS2007

August 23rd, 1989 / Sydney, Australia Dance Club 9-12, Lion King 9, The little Mermaid 10, Showcase 9,10,12, French Club- 912, French Honor Society 10-12, Art Club 10,11, National Arts Honor Society 11, 12, Bintan Cultural Art Exchange 12, Model United Nations 12, Cultural Convention 12, American Club Art Show 10-12, Interim Semester: South India 9, Golf 10, Bhutan 11, Italy 12

Xenia June Stafford

Xenja, Xen, Molly, Petunia Mum, Dad, Tarik- I am more than blessed to have such a talented, wonderful, and supportive family; I love you all so much- Sorry for being such a handful. To my beloved aunts, uncles, grandparents, part-time parents, adopted familiesI wouldn’t be half the person I am today with out you. To the loves of my life, I will never forget you. H100A, I cannot thank you enough for the eyes you gave me. Musketeers- a gift. To all those who should be mentioned, I love you, appreciate you, and I will never, ever leave those precious memories behind. Singapore: it has been too much fun, sometimes painful, but always a wonderful home. Finally- teachers, family, and friends- you have given me the greatest gifts of all, and for that I am forever grateful. Namita, Lindsay, Zana, Zara, Caroline, Summer, Greg, Abby, Aubrey, Jade, Anka, Mitch, Casey- there are not enough words.

“Pain is temporary, it may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something will take its place. If i quit, however, it lasts forever.” September 18th, 1988 / Chicago, Illinois Varsity Volleyball 9, 12, Varsity Basketball 10-11, Varsity Track and Field 9, 11-12, Varsity Soccer 11, Model United Nations 10-11, Student Council 10-11, Varsity Touch Rugby 10-12, Athletic Council 12, Interim Semester: Switzerland 12, National Honor Society (12), Spanish Honor Society (12)

Christina Starkey Tina

Mom & Dad – Thanks for always being there support me. You’ve given me everything and I can’t thank you enough. I love you! // Jack & David – You’re the best bros a sis could have. Be good for mom and dad next year! haha love you boys! // Casey – Thanks for being the best friend anyone could ask for, I’ll always appreciate everything you’ve done for me this year. // Erin (ECL) – You’re such a wonderful person and friend, thanks for always being there // Anna – You’ve been such a great friend since day one @ orientation. Thanks so much. // Rachel – Thanks for always being a great friend, even when I sang Justin Timberlake horribly lol // Tina – Tina Pride. “W is for...”, thanks for being an awesome friend // Nicole & Aubrey – I’m glad I met you girls this year.// “Murray”.. I was blessed to get to have you in my life. // vball/touch/track girls—thanks for a fun & memorable senior year!

“Every end is a new beginning.”

November 25th, 1989 / Singapore MUN 9-10, Morning Show 9-10, Climbing Club 9-10, Touch Rugby Club 10-11, (President) 12, Athletics Council 1112, Varsity Rugby 11-12, Interiim Semester: South India 9, New Zealand: Milford Trek 10, Bhutan 11, Switzerland 12

Jaidev Subaiah JJ, Jaybles

It’s been a crazy ride and all that jazz. Mom and Pop, thanks for dealing with me, it was probably pretty hard. Insha-don’t be emo. Dan Lee-FL, you’re a good gege. Two years of fun ahead. Alex-For Lordereaon! you’re crazy, and I love it. Phil-thanks for the place to stay all those nights. we’ll jom at tekong. Chris G-We had too many classes together, meet you in cali. Dave-Oh Captain my Captain, we’ve had some pretty insane times. Mong-you definitely didn’t call me enough. Clay-Chocolatechip ruled. Anka/Jack/Rhys/Gonzo-I’m gonna be lonely at underground without you guys. PhilK-did someone say lucent beam? Its still a shock every time you talk to me. Peter-You’ll still never catch me. Anshul-represent Browntown. You’ll be the boss next year. Jeff-you’re local, I admit it. Sneh-we’ve come a long way bro. the girls will be better here. Sagu-armys gonna be fun. Sylvia-SMU here we come! Oilers, Rugby guys-we were the best. Too many dota boys to mention. Everyone else-it was good, take care.

“Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

SENIORS2007  309

Cindy Sunogo

October 8th, 1989 / Surabaya, Indonesia

Cinn, Cind, Cindi Mum, Dad: Thank you for all your love and support for me, I’m proud to have you both in my life. Your patience has become my strength, and it had made me to be what I am today. I love you. Big sis: I’ve made it, and I’ll see you soon babe. Lil bro: Study hard and make us proud! Both of you will always be my precious ones! Winn: There’s more to come for us out there! We’ll go fishin’ sometime, and for your endless advice & support for me, I luv ya! Chelle: You’re one of the closest friend I’ll ever have in such a short period of time! Glad to have met you, thanks for all the “notes” and just by being there for me. Drey: All the fun times we had together, I’ll never forget that! 2years of interim was awesome. M.A.C will always live by me. Victor.Isk.Derek: My interim buddies for 3years. It’s always great having you guys around! To: Julia, Ivan, Angela, Ben.R, Brian.R, ShimP, Devi, Win.H, Esther. S and everyone else I’ve known, I’ve been truly blessed. Take care and have fun..until the day we meet again. God bless you all.

Indonesian Club 10, (Treasurer) 11, SAVE Club 10-12, Athletic Council 10-12, Bintan Club 11, Peace Initiative 10, Badminton Club 10-12, JV Badminton 10, (Captain) 11, Varsity Badminton 12, Photography 12, Interim Semester: Cycling in Western Australia 10, Japan 11, Vienna and Budapest 12

“I look above and know that I’ll always be blessed with love” – Robbie Williams

Anup Suresh

Septembet 7th, 1989 / Dubai, United Arab Emirates


My first and only year here was a blast.Moving back to Singapore has really been refreshing after living in Dubai for over 10 years.2 more years of NS to go after this so I’ll be seeing you juniors around.Ali n Saagar-first people I met here-thanks for everything guys,good times- house parties,zouking,hawkers,gen erals,ali’s house,saagar’s terrace.Alex(random inappropriate songs),Hayden(ozz buddy, “cya in 2 years”),Gabe(the cup noodles),Sneh(calc, India class),Sang(world cup night),Dan(SHAQ).Juniors:Kelly(my habibi, yalla,proms to go to in Dubai),Jordan n Justin(Gas Haus gigs!),Nikita(my Christmas present).My interim buddies,Krakow/Prague was a killer trip with good memories of funny-accented tour guides,the overnight train,Zara,HMV and TGIFs!Anushka, thanks for being a great neighbor- jogging,satsangs,3AMs,your poolside.Anit and the rest of the band,thanks for keeping me musically active- paufests,dancefloors ,beat its and ghostbusters!Graduation is near and time to get ready to live a different life without the awesomeness that was my year at SAS.

Sara Tan S J

South Asian Society (Vice-President) 12, Jazz Ensemble (Guitar) 12, IPAU (Drums, Guitar, Bass) 12, Habitat for Humanity 12, SAVE Club 12, Interim Semester: Krakow and Prague 12

August 26th, 1988 / Singapore

Gosh! I can’t believe I’m a senior. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was wishing I was a senior. After eighteen years in Singapore, it’s going to be hard leaving this sunny little island. But I think I am now ready to face the world. First of all, mom and dad, thank you so much for the endless love and giving me a second chance to prove myself by giving me a once in a life time opportunity. I couldn’t have asked for better parents. Mom- There are no words to describe how much you have done for me. I cannot thank you enough for being there for me during my ups and downs and for always believing in me. Thanks for being my best friend. Dad- I don’t know what to do without you. I’m going to miss your routine morning “talks” and your jokes. You’ve always been there for me to pursue my passion. Rach- I shall treasure the times together. We have come a long way. Don’t forget to KIT! To those who I have missed, luv you all.

Special Olympics 9, Mandarin Club 9-11, (President) 12, Children’s Cancer Club (President) 11-12, SACAC Bowling 9-11, Habitat for Humanity 10-11, Chinese Honor Society 11-12, Varsity Swimming 10-11, Interim Semester: The Art of Asian Cuisine 9, China B 10, Japan 11, Vienna and Budapest 12

“Always believe in yourself and you’ll be amazed that there are no limitations in your abilities.” – S. Shariff

310  SENIORS2007

September 6th, 1988 / West Orange, New Jersey SAVE Club 9-12, Habitat for Humanity 10-11, Photography Club 11-12, Morning Show 11-12, Yulefest 11, Chess 12, National Honor Society 12, Interim Semester: Tropical Adventures in Sailing 10, Spain 11, Italy 12

Vanessa Tan

Vantan, Van, Nessa, Nessie It’s finally here! 400+ long days of high school and we’re finally done. To everyone that made it memorable, thanks. Parents: thanks for putting up with me and believing that I could achieve the impossible. Azhani: sorry for bothering you. you know you rock. Chandrika: awesome debates, Bond, interim, the “F minus minus”. Crystal: remember the 10-year bet – I’m going to win, free was rockin’. Clemens: thanks for changing my name every week. Rhodes: Ice Queen, I appreciate your attempts at civilizing me. Shruti: filming buddy, Morning Show, great times. Shabiba: you’re not sitting behind me anymore! M.S. crew: we had an awesome year, even with the technical difficulties. Gen & Ka: one syllable names, you guys made orchestra great. To everyone back in NJ: I’m coming home soon. To everyone I forgot: you know I love you. I’m running out of space! Thanks for the memories.

“From now on, I’ll connect the dots my own way.” – Calvin [Calvin & Hobbes] March 20th, 1989 / Vancouver, Canada Varsity Badminton 10-11, (Captain) 12, Badminton Club 10, (Vice-President) 11, (President) 12, Chinese Honor Society 11-12, SAVE Club 10-12, Athletic Council 11-12, Indonesian Club 10-11, Bintan Club 10, (Communication Director) 11, 12, Photography 12, Interim Semester: Asian Cuisine 10, Paris 11, Switzerland 12

Winny Tan

Wi2, Win, Tan-tan MaPa, your little girl has finally grown up! Thankyou to you both for everything, putting up with me for the last 18 years must have taken some serious patience. Ma, I dont know what Ill do without your guidance & care, but I promise Ill take care of myself, don’t worry. Dad, you are the greatest dad anyone could ever hope for! Take care of mom (you know how she gets frantic when she’s worried) and most of all take care of yourself pa, health is above everything. Julia, Ill definitely miss you most, our adventure will continue in 2 years time, till then, dont slack! My Friends: BIG WARM HUG- for making SAS so alive and amazing. I’ll miss you all. Cin(sistas always), Chelle&Isk, Drey, Riady, Poodle, Pesik Bros, BenR, Sara & Everyoneelse! Especially to You, thankyou for always being there for me for the last 2 years through thick and thin, for giving me memories that’s indescribable and for making my life so much more. <3 always & forever

“You won’t realize the distance you’ve walked until you take a look around and realize how far you’ve gone.” April 9th, 1988 / Toronto, Canada Climbing club 10-12, Philosophhy club 1112, Interim Semester: Beginning Scuba Diving 9, Tasmania 10, Bhutan 11, Russia 12

Sean Tang

My 4 years at SAS were fun, but now I’m just looking forward to the next stage in my life. I hope all my friends survive college so we can meet up in the future. That’s all I have to say.

The day after tomorrow is the third day of the rest of your life. -- George Carlin

SENIORS2007  311

Igor Tanzil

August 15th, 1989 / Jakarta, Indonesia

Those who know me probably didn’t think I would have gotten this far, and to be honest I didn’t either. However despite all the stupid things I did and things I never did, I lived my life thus far. There are many things I wish I did and others I wish I didn’t, but such is all behind me now. To those who made my last two years in high school great I bid a fond farewell. To those who supported my endeavors you have my gratitude. And to a few individuals there are no words to express what you have meant to me.

SACAC Football 11-12, Gun Club 12, Madden Club 12, Ultimate Frisbee Club 12, Soweto Club 12, Interim Semester: Singapore Fling 9, China B 10, South Africa: Soweto 11, South Africa: Kruger National Park 12

Ali Taqi Mum, davinder- thanks for everything. I cannot describe how much I appreciate you guys being there for me when I needed you. I know I don’t say this much and you might not believe me, but I love you guys more than words can ever describe. Big bruv- cheers mate, same applies to you. Saagar- watch out for the cliff Anupwhat was the homework? Hayden-see you in a few years buddy Dan-too good for varsity Ryan-this sucks! Sang-too many fish in the sea Gabe-we all know the real you Nikita- math homework? Alex-we’ll carry on the generals streak Jamie-cute sexy mature ones Steph-what happened to those dinners? Gautamlove the theories Sneh- chill out with those rings and stop falling asleep Takahope you didn’t love me too much Nate- you sexy beast, stay away from me Barrett-capture the flag Kim- we all know who she is now. Sorry to anyone whom I have missed. Keep in touch, I’ll miss you guys!

Veronica Toth

Ronnie, Ronster, Ronnilicious Mum & Dad: All I can say is thanks. Through the good, bad and ugly, you never let me fall, and when I did you were right there to put me back where I needed to be. I love you both. Greg: My heart and soul, my little slave, you keep me alive. Rachel: Locker girl, 5 years of friendship, Herrro! Who knew we would end up like this? A+ Breda: Stud muffin, 4 years and still going strong, arguments/sleepovers/endless phone calls, nothing else compares. Steven: No words can describe our friendship, except, MOS workout. Crista: 5 years, night excursions, and wanting your leg. Tommy: Married at Subway, countless fights. Corey: Chopped liver and ONE taxi ride. Sooj: The Claw. Emma: Pick me! Pick me! Val: High Five, Sexy Time! Brittany: What are you trying to do, burn me? Mandi: Poolside talks. Cookie: Grow. John: Spandex. Jack: Kisses. To all who stuck by me, thank you.

Habitat For Humanity 9, Women in Action 10-11, Thespian/Improv 11-12, Interim Semester: Western Australia - Marine Research 9, China A 10, New Zealand - Meeting of the Nations 11, Russia - Exploring Two Cities

“If you don’t know where you are going you will probably end up somewhere else.”

312  SENIORS2007

Phuc Ngoc Tran

January 10th, 1989 / Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Interim Semester: Australia: Surfing 11, New Zealand: Land of the Long White Cloud 12

December 19th, 1988 / Taipei, Taiwan Cultural Convention Piano 9-12, String Ensemble 912, JV Soccer 9, JV Track and Field 9-10, JV Cross Country 11, JV Rugby 12, Jazz Band 11-12, Children Of Eden 11, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown 10, South Pacific 10, Tri-M 9-11, (Treasurer) 12, Leprosy home 11-12, Villa Francis 9-10, Peer Support 9-12, Technical Theater Club 9-10, (Secretary) 11, 12, Chess 12, Taiwanese Club 9, (Treasurer) 10, 11, (President) 12, Spastic Children Home 9-10 THS 10-12, NHS 11-12, JHS 1112, Yulefest 9, 11, Interim Semester: Scuba Diving in Phuket 9, Milford Trek 10, Meeting of the Nations 11, Prague and Krakow 12

Jason Chi-Hsuan Tsai

Mom,dad,sister:my source of everything, thanks for always being there for me.C.C.Fam: great junior year with you guys.Kenny:world, econ, lanning, bball, chill nights, you’re a great buddy. Sangho: nights out, gym, “studying,” chill days, this year is just not enough bro. Keep P.D. and cut down the ESL.Alice: CHESS,chilling,various accents, you are my source of insaneness.I will miss you. Jon+Pony:all the fun breaks and afterschools, best luck to both of you.Kelvin: your ace? Interim, chill nights.keep working on the piano. Celine: nights out, physics, strings, stay fun and sweet.Sabrina:the craziest/weirdest actions I did and things I’ve seen them all,you’re a great audience. Nadia:my grade’re a crazy girl, stay cool and smart. John+Kelly:junior year, karaoke. Chelle:tech,talks.Michelle: free! Peck:you’re the craziest/clumsiest smart kid ever. Ming+Chao: u chink/Taiwanese wannabes great year! Zhani:trim. Steve+Sung:my hilarious Korean homies.

“If you don’t turn around, we just may get where we’re going” – by American Indian saying February 2nd, 1989 / Taipei, Taiwan Taiwanese Club 9-12, Anime Club 9, (Communications Director) 10-11, Secretary 12, JHS 11-12, THS 11-12, SHS 10-12, Dance Club 10, (Student Director) 1112, Technical Theater club 10-12, Usher Society 11-12, Make Up club 11-12, Visual Performing Arts Council 11-12, JV Badminton 9-11, Scenes and Monologues Night 11, Migrant Workers Computer Classes 9-12, Habitat for Humanity 10-11, Interim Semester: Asian Cuisine 9, Habitat for Humanity 10, Spain 11, Switzerland 12

Nadia Tsao

na-chan, nadz, nadja, nachos, nachi 1000 characters; that’s all they gave me to conclude my four amazing years of high school, an impossible task if you ask me, but I will try: to Mom+Dad, my wish-granting, miracle-performing superheroes – I love you, and thank you for everything; to Adam, my source of the most pertinent yet random facts – do your homework, and remember to exercise; to Jason+Jeff – work hard + good luck; to my friends, especially sexy Sabrina, bodyguard Kelly, “punctual” Jess, partner-in-crime Michelle, sleepy Karen, cute Cindy, loony Yun Ah, my favorite twins Alrick+Lionel, small Alvin, John the trained duck, tall Thomas, and the rest of the FLB, those of you who have put up with all my nasty traits and helped me up whenever I felt down – thank you so much for the wonderful memories, and please Faceboook often; to my cool teachers – thank you for the education, and don’t worry, I won’t forget everything by next week; and finally, to sum it all up at the end: I came, I saw, and I conquered – no regrets.

“I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow.” – Woodrow Wilson

SENIORS2007  313

Annette Tso

September 21st, 1989 / Hong Kong

Finally here we are. The moment I’ve been waiting for so long has arrived. I can hardly believe that this is it! I’m sitting in front of the computer writing this, trying to fit all my feelings and love into 170 words and decide to make it short coz no language in the world could fully express my feelings. .Mom-Thanks for being there and putting up with me. Queen- your corny jokes always make my day. Thanks.=] Rain-Stop ignoring ppl in MSN!!! To all my friends –(classes’ buddies, Library “gang”, Free buddies and friends that I met randomly ...etc ), I love u all, I couldn’t make it without you guys. Keep in touch. =] (Well now that we have facebook and msn) Thanks everyone else, even though I was just some random girl in class, good luck.

Art Club 10-12, Mandarin Club 10-12, Techinical Theater Club 10-12, Medical Explorers Club 11, Animation Club 11-12, Leprosy Home 11-12, Photo Club 11-12, Save Club 12, Interim Semester: Cycling in Western Australia 10, France 11, Switzerland 12

“The past is a history, the future is a mystery. Now is a gift, that why it calls present.”

Daniel Tsukuda

March 30th, 1989 / Sao Paulo, Brazil

Shaq, Tsukudinho, Danos Finally senior yr is coming to an end. Mom and dad, thanks for everything, without you guys I would be working at McDonalds right now. Mau, big bro, always there when I need you, Florida next yr. Alex, frees and soccer and the jap girl. Ali, tennis was fun huh? Gautam, ANZA champions, and I will be the author of “1001 things you didn’t know about Gautam”.Haydos, good times in IS, good friends have fun in NS. Jamie, 4 letters, ABCD. Marcus B, this is before IASAS badminton, we’ll win a medal this yr.Nate, 3 years pp in interim night awesome. Ryan, stop making fun of people, you still a nice guy though. Sagu, been friends forever, if I can’t get a job in the future please hire me. Sang, MVP, how?Sneh or should I say snake, student council room is the best. Taka, we make fun of you cause we love you, best gk. Soccer guys, bring back home the gold. Badminton, just keep working hard, and we will see if it pays off during IASAS. And to everyone one else I forgot to mention sorry. DOTA rulz

Indoor Soccer Club 9-12, SAVE Club 10-11, JV Badminton 10, Varsity Badminton 11-12, Varsity Tennis 11, Varsity Soccer 9-12, SACAC Bowling 12, Interim Semester: Sailing in Singapore 9, Milford Trek 10, Ladakh 11, South Africa: Cape and Coast 12

“the only miracle that we can do is to keep on living, on supporting the fragility of the life one day after another day...”

Jarrod Underwood

December 19, 1988 / Missouri City, Texas

God: Thank you for your love and being there at every step of the way. Mom and Dad: Thanks for everything...I’m going to spend a lifetime paying you back. Kaitlyn: Would have been too boring without you...Stay cool. Thanks to every teacher that invested time in me, in and out of the classroom. AP BIO: Structure Dictates Function. Senior friends: email= Interim: the circle will always be the biggest shape. STE group: always with me. Family: No escape from the fun and insanity. COR: still waiting for the call. Jeremy: teacher and friend. My Brothers: Colin, Brian, Dylan. Danielle: “I know, but I’m a cute dork.” Thanks: Mex, Layne, Jennifer, Anit, Robbie, Cat, Kenny, Bond, Caroline, Mel, Ali, Lex, Brenden, Ellen, Abhinav, Brad, Rachel, Shruti, Marissa, Red Sam, Rachel R, Sean...etc. Three Musketeers: I think we did it right...

Shooting/Gun Club 12, Republican Club 11, Spanish Honor Society 12, AP Biology 11, Interim Semester: Istanbul and Beyond 11, Kruger National Park 12

“I play Ping Pong” -Forest Gump (and Jana)

314  SENIORS2007

Tri Anka Uozumi

January 24th, 1989 Indonesian Club 11, Varsity Volleyball 11-12, Madden Club 12, Interim Semester: Leeuwin Ocean Adventure 11, Switzerland 12

Anka-Wat!, Anks, 7 Dear mum and pop, I want to start off by saying thank you, and that I’ve appreciated all your kindness and support, and that without it I couldn’t have gotten this far. To Michy, my beautiful sister, for always knowing what to do, for always helping me, and for always being my sister. To G, the ‘all-knowing’ brother, I want to thank you for your calmness and warmth of heart, without you I would have learnt so little. ML: What would I do without you? Bunny/ Psychos/Ryerson! Always my sis. AA: Lonely frees/Sundaes/GF Stealer! BM: Tonight on ESPN, “Kell’n Ma’dah.” CG: FIFA! Brother/ 2nd family?. Dan: To that one Saturday at PH/Dota! DM: Off Piste/99%!/ “ ” /Bali! GC: Bali! “Gunta Kinte,” Wingman I swear! JK: Brother, School? Bali! “asdfasdf,” 24, Heroes! MY: Nicest guy, Racquet Sports. PN: Best friend! Late ice cream, Bali! “Cruz,” 99%! RH: Outkast had a really good single! “England,” Bali! Thank you to everyone, the friendships we’ve made and the memories we have are just the beginning.

“You never know, lightning could strike.”

March 15th, 1988 / Vancouver, Canada SACAC Football 9, 11-12, Student Council 10-12, JV Volleyball 10, Varsity Rugby 10-12, Shooting Club 12 (President), Interim Semester: Phuket Beginner Scuba Diving 9, Langkawi 10, Greece 11, Switzerland 12

Peter Garrett Vaz Petey Pablo

Where else can I start but when I first stepped into S.A.S. as a freshman- my first time playing American Football, and running for any council whatsoever. These endeavors continued to my senior year, with the support of all my close friends. I lie here thinking about all of you, and though I have never missed a person in my life since the age of 12, I know nostalgia will hit me hard at graduation as I call out the last name of the Senior class of 2007, signaling the passing on of this incredible grade. The greatest pleasure I have received from sports and Student Council is the opportunity to meet everyone. I have so many classmates I will so dearly miss, memories that will never die, and such close friendships I can never experience again, that I refuse to name any names that have had an impact on me throughout high school. The list would simply be far too long. Cheers to all my God, my fellow graduates, dad, and mom. It would have been impossible without you.

“Live life faster and harder than it can be thrown at you.” -Vaspetre March 23rd, 1989 / Tokyo, Japan Peace Intiative 10-12, Japanese Honor Society 11, National Honor Society 11-12, Varsity Softball 10, Varsity Volleyball 10-12, Varsity Basketball 10-12, Peer Support 10-12, Interim Semester: Soweto Township 12

Catherine Ward

To my greatest teachers: mclemens, phopkins, bgould, rdewan, mbegan, rdodge – thank you for everything. Not only did you support me as a student, but as a human being. mclemens: thanks for giving me a safe place when others wouldn’t. bcombes: the world is a better place because of you, thank you, you will always have a place in my heart. kcriens: thanks for being there. Thanks to the cleaners for their kindness and hard work, to security for keeping us safe, and to the custodians for keeping the school up and running. My friends: rwitt, kchen, dmoung, breid, blodwick, manderson, ajackson, smccabe, junderwood, sayyar, akaul, mhoward, briady, cthornton, ronions, ecooper – I could devote an entire page to each and every one of you, but for now I can only say that I love you and that without your friendship during the past couple of years I’m not sure what I would’ve done. megan, sarah, mom, dad: thank you for your everlasting support, I love you. jd: keep on keeping on, I love you. everyone (well, almost) - I’m going to miss you next year.

“Peace. it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. it means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.”

SENIORS2007  315

Megan Warshawsky

August 1st, 1989 / Mililani, Hawaii Dance 9-12, Student Government 9-10, Tennis 10, Interim Semester: Greece 11

Lindsay Webb Moving anywhere your senior year will suck... at first, but, if i could choose anywhere, i would choose Singapore. Singapore has opened my eyes to the many cultures, people and the living experience. living here is different and can be hard but with the friends i have made through school, it was worth coming here for my last year of high school. The teachers, my friends and the many choices of activities and classes have opened me up to being a new person and let me see what kind of a future i can have. My senior year here has been the best year that i could ever have. Thank you to my teachers, friends and family.... you all made it a good year for me.

Dance Club 12, Interim Semester: South Africa: Cape and Coast 12

“If you want to be somebody, if you want to go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention.”

Kacey Whitaker

May 1st, 1989 / Calgary, Canada

Mom and Dad: Thanks for putting up with me all these years and giving me such amazing opportunities!!! I love you both very much! My darling sister: I don’t know what I would do without you, we’ve been through everything together and I am going to miss you more than you’ll know next year! You’re my best friend and I love you! Nate: I don’t even know what to say! You’re amazing, you know me better than anyone and you’ve made high school incredible!!! I’m going to miss you soooo much next year! At least I will see you on the island! “JJJ” Soccer girls & Mr. Adams: 4 years of gold!! Best experience of my life. I will never forget any of it! Thanks for everything and I wish you all the luck next year! Touch Rugby & Mr. Hanagan: As a freshman I had never even heard of the game and now I’m in love with it! I luv you all! Thanks for such an amazing senior year.. Best team I’ve ever been on! Good luck next year girls! You can do it! To everyone else: Thanks!

JV Rugby 9, Varsity 1011, (Captain) 12, Varsity Soccer 9-11. (Captain) 12, Athletic Council 12, Interim Semester: Langkawi 9, Cycling in Western Australia 10, South Africa: Kruger National Park 11, Switzerland 12

“Life is like a box of chocolates, You never know what you gonna get” Forest Gump

316  SENIORS2007

February 28th, 1989 / Menomonie, Wisconsin Special Olympics Swimming 9, Varsity Basketball 9-12, Peace Initiative 9-10, (VicePresident) 11, (President) 12, Athletic Council 10-12, National Honor Society 10-12, Medical Explorers Club 11, Peer Support 10, (VicePresident) 11, (President) 12, Interim Semester: Service in Cambodia 9, Cycling in Western Australia 10, Cultural Odyssey in Ladakh 11, Krakow and Prague 12

Rachel Witt

Rach, Ray Ray, Pom Pom Mom & Dad, I couldn’t ask for more. Thank you for eighteen wonderful years! I love you, Koala Lu. Danny & Joel, you are and always will be my favorite both amaze me! Shruti, you’re the cake. Abhi, you are my constant. Brad, I know how good it can get, it was worth it. Anushka, you share my vibe Jenny, you make me brave. Cat, you inspire me to live life my way. Anna and Megan, whatever our souls are made of, yours and mine are the same. Sophie, Anna, Sneh, Michelle, Keri, Anit, ellen: Thank you for the good times! Mr. Combes, thank you for always believing in me. Ms. Melsom, Dr. Dewan, and Ms. Russell, thank you for bringing out my best. Basketball girls, you made after-school a party! Thank you for sitting on the kitchen floor talking and giggling for three hours, for bringing out my crazy side, for making me double-take with the sarcasm, for going shirtless in the Himalayas, for representing the whities, for letting me be an honorary Indian, for making high school something that I’ll miss.

“What lies behind us and lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson November 5th, 1988 / Waikato, New Zealand Dead Artists Society 10-12, (Communications Director) 11, Habitat for Humanity 10, (Treasurer) 11, (President) 12, National Honor Society 11-12, National Art Honor Society 11, (Treasurer) 12, Interim Semester: Thailand: Chiang Mai 9, Northern India 10, Spain 11, Greece 12

Abigail Wong

Abby, Abbidiah, Six Toes, Happyappy Mom & Dad, thanks for everything, couldn’t have asked for better parents. Joshie, you’re an awesome brother and I’m so glad I have you. Aubrey: 8th grade to now, I loved every moment- you’re irreplaceable. Too many memories to write and things to say, but I love you and I’ll miss you like none other. Shannon, always my little friend, I’m gonna miss the quotes and laughter- I’ll think of you at Christmas. Alison, I think you’re stupendous. Alvin, little kid, you’ve always been there for me and cheered me up, despite your night blindness, my blackmail on you and only 50% on the trust meter. You’re my alarm clock at 6AM. Runi: I see you’re smelly and have webbed feet. Kat, Alyssa, don’t go against the table! Cinzy darling, you’re beautiful. Karen, don’t let the penguins get you down. Sam, even though you scare easy, ain’t no other man- I won’t forget you. Told you horses could swim, don’t forget to make the Abbycookies. Ms Harvey, I have no idea where I’d be without you- thanks.

Do I want to be feared or loved? Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. And I think I proved that today at the Dojo. January 18th, 1989 / Hong Kong Ushers Society 11-12, Athletic Council 12, Aiding China 11-12, Support Indonesdia 12, SAVE Club 11-12, Habitat for Humanity 1012, Indonesia Club 10-11, Interim Semester: Russia 9, Cycling in Western Australia 10, Japan 11, Vienna and Budapest 12

Derek Wong

Oh yeeeaaa!! We finally did it!! Class of 2007!! Its finally over!! start off, I’d like to thank my parents. I thank them for being patient with me these past few years and always manage to help me when I’m in need. Thanks little sis and bro for being there for me. Thanks to all my teachers for the help they provided! I would also like to thank my friends as well! Thanks Vic for being such a good friend! Thanks Phena!! My best buddy!! Thanks Boonie!! Master of WoW!! Thanks Young and Huang for a fun interim!! Thanks Jeremy!! I’d like to also thank everyone (who I’ve haven’t mentioned due to lack of space) for being there during those difficult times! Thanks for making it a wonderful last year!! Till we meet again!!

“We seek the comfort of another. Someone to share and share the life we choose. Someone to help us through the neverending attempt to understand ourselves. And in the end, someone to comfort us along the way.” -Marlin Finch Lupus

SENIORS2007  317

Tiffanie Wu

December 1st, 1988 / Phoenix, Arizona

Mom Dad: thank you for teaching me to chase my dreams and for the unconditional love. Mei: don’t grow up too fast, I’m always a phone call away. Lou Kim Lia Stef: my constants. Celine: we’ve had our moments, still my dirty v, I’ll save you when you fall off the jetski. Colin: you are- and forever will be- my hero, my respect for you is infinite. Paul: thanks for being the brother I never had, and for sticking by me. TJ: I’ll always care, despite it all. Rachel: the goofy sunshine in my day, style in my closet, naïve and brutally honest; you are my sister. Jack: someday we’ll sit by my pool again. Pk: birthday buddies for life, don’t lose the key to stats. Wakana: roomie, beautiful inside and out. Crista: oldies, oil paints, interrupted stories, napkins; wish I’d met you earlier. Mitch: neighbor, we’ll make more memories in Oregondon’t let me down. Clay: you always knew when I needed a hug; I’ll always have one for you. High school, it’s been amazing. I’ll never forget. -With love

Medical Explorers Club 10-11, (Treasurer) 12, Athletic Council 10-12, JV Rugby 10-11, Varsity Rugby 12, JV Volleyball 11, Varsity Track 12, Interim Semester: Malaysia: Island in the Sun 10, Greece 11, Russia 12

“We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they’re called memories. Some take us forward, they’re called dreams.” – Jeremy Irons

Yuting Wu

ellen Wuest

October 17th, 1988 / Shanghai, China South Africa: Kruger National Park 12

April 10th, 1989 / Centreville, Virginia

high school’s filled with grades and giggles, awkward parties and intermingles, nasty teachers, your best friend’s drama with inside jokes: I touched the llama! we entered in as preteen losers, found ourselves, and became such fine sirs as we’ve transcended up the food chain we’ve grown a bit for each day slain, we did presentations on big horned sheep, that took away our beauty sleep, we stargazed those nights to see Orion’s, and saw several procreating lions. I guess it’s time to get the paper that we’ve done these years of work for. Seems it’s just a single sheet but college finds ‘em pretty neat thanks to all my friends and kin, according to this game- We win.

Marching Band 9-10, Environmental Club 10, Jazz Band 11-12, Leprosy Home 11, 12 (President), Tri-M 12, Chess (Orchestra) 12, Interim Semester: Rajasthan, India 11, South Africa: Kruger National Park, South Africa

“I can dig it, he can dig it, she can dig it, we can dig it, they can dig it, you can dig it, oh let’s dig it. Can you dig it, baby?” - Friends of Distinction

318  SENIORS2007

December 27th, 1988 / Jakarta, Indonesia JV Badminton 9, Badminton Club 9, Woodland’s Children Home 9-10, Migrant Worker Computer Lessons 9-12, Indonesian Club (Communication Director) 9-11, Dance Club (Secretary) 9-12, Lion King 9, Little Mermaid 10, Mulan 11, Clue 12, Dance Showcase 9-12, SAVE Club 9-12, Yulefest 11, Athletic Council 12, Support Indo Club (Treasurer) 12, Interim Semester: Teacher Apprenticeship 9, Hawaii 10, Spain 11, Italy 12

Deviani Wulandari

Devi, Dev, Dv, Deviz Momm: the greatest mom anyone can ever had! Thx for all the love – shopping sprees, tips and NO curfews – I love you. Dad + Step Mom: thx for loving and spoiling me all the time. I love you guys both. Iin: 3 more years for u sis. Winny.H: my ultimate shopping buddy. Thx for the countless hours you have spent helping me when I need someone to talk to. I luv you sayang! Esther. S: Starbucks,Vertigo/X-Lounge,Kemang [Lil’Bag]– unforgettable. I’ll miss your laugh ^^ Tiff.W: thx for all the advice ‘n [for sure] I’ll miss partying with u! Austin: I <3 u and ur Ayekilla. Tryphena + Nahoi: DNT for life. Shaun: “randomness”. Wilson: Shevaz owned. Cindy.N: my lovely neighbor. miss ur Ceylon and our little chat in DP class. Tiff. V: gonna miss our FREE time 2gether. Esther.L: coolest lil sis ever! ur pix owned my room! Ongko: my best bud in photo class *hug*. Steph.H: MSN 24/7 chat, luv ya sayang. Jenny: partner in crime. Celine+Vicky+Michelle+Rach+Issy+Xen: miss our Jammin’ time and RBA meeting in Italy. Luv u guys all, Muach!

“You can close your eyes to reality but not to memories. “ --Stanislaw J. Lec February 11th, 1989 / Singapore JV Badminton 10-11, Save Club 12, Varsity Badminton 12, Interim Semester: Teacher Apprentinceship 10, Spain 11, Vienna and Budapest 12

Angela Xu

Angie, Ango, Poodle, Jc, Ffuff, Big Xuey Dear mama & papa, thank you for raising me up with all the support, encouragement & tolerance. I love you guys! Amando: Still many years ahead, sis wish you the best, I love you lots! Mrs Bergman, Azizah, Mrs Melsom, Ms Tay and all the SAS faculties, thank you for providing the best I can hope for! Yi Tien darling (Shu Nv Jie Jie): Tho late, but thru the ups & downs, it brought us closer. U ROCK! Stacy (Feng Li Su): we survived for 2.5 yrs! FINALLY GRADUATING! FEELS GD RITE? Best wishes for u n Jaime, my dear Mrs D (to be)! Chrissy-do: Thkew for everything this past 2.5 yrs! I love you! Winn T: Be gd wif BRA, u can do it dear! Cindy S: Be strong & gd luck! Vicky P: Open ur eyes wider and continue to be surrounded by girls! IV P: Keep flirting, ur gd at it! Nadia: Thkew for all the help! Michelle Ongko: My dear doubles partner, gd luck! Mary: 1 more yr to go! Jia you! Best wishes to Melmel, Tiffany, Winny H, Wilson H, Monster, Ramli bros and all I didn mention! Gd luck and love u guys!

“Life isn’t fair. It’s just fairer than death, that’s all.” –William Goldman July 17th, 1987 / Shizuoka, Japan Save Club 10-11, Athletic Council 10-12, Medical Explorers Club 12, Usher Society 12, Interim Semester: Golf Clinic 10, France 11, Italy 12

Shimpei Yamashita

Shin-chan, Peipei, Imp 3 years of my HS life in SAS has completely changed my life! Thanks for all the people who made it special! Mom&Dad, thank you so much for your support on everything. Greatest parents in the world! I really appreciate what you’ve done. Mada daigaku no kotode meiwaku kakerukedo, korekaramo yoroshiku. Kohei-my senior year with you was a blast! Cos, of you, I’ve got to know many freshmen. Arigato! Keep up your school works! Thanks for all the good times with my relatives in Japan & Singapore (ChaiChee). Thanks for making ChaiChee my second home! Kiyoko- you made my HS life an awesome one! It would never have been this much fun without you. I am always on your side and I’m gonna miss you. Rock-It was a blast hanging out with you. We have to hang out more! Peter-I know you are having 2 years of nonsense but keep it up! Good time in IS France! Gonna miss ppl in IS Italy, thanks guys! Ppl in Indo/Jap table, nice to have an alternative. You guys were just wonderful. CONGRATULATIONS, we did it 07!!

“A ball player’s got to be kept hungry to become a bigleaguer. That’s why no boy from a rich family ever made the big leagues.” - Joe DiMaggio

SENIORS2007  319

Peck Yang

February 15th, 1990 / Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Pecky, Peckman Yay! We did it! To Mom + Dad: Thank you for showering me with love. I will miss our hugs and kisses and your unwavering support. I can’t express how much I love you. To my friends in the past and present: My 7 years at SAS has been amazing and I will never forget all those great times during interim, during free, and after school. Good luck in college To the Bench People (version 1 and 2): The past two years have been great! Thanks for entertaining me all those breaks. To my teachers: You have helped mold me to the person I am. Thanks especially, Mrs. Kett, for your guidance and help. To SAS: Thanks and good bye!

Technical Theater Club 9-12, JV Tennis 10, Thespian Honor Society 10-12, MUN 10-12, Math Club 10-11, (Co Vice-President) 12, Student Council (Communications Director) 10-11, Executive Council (Treasurer) 12, Webdesign Club 11-12, French Honor Society 11-12, National Honor Society 11-12 Prism (Layout Editor) 11-12, IASAS Cultural Convention (Tech Delegate) 11, Executive Service Council (Vice President) 11-12, Interim Semester: Sports Climbing 9, Golf Clinic 10, French Immersion 11, Poland and Krakow 12

Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another. -Ernest Hemingway

Celine Yeh

September 22nd, 1989 / Hong Kong

Stump, Celcheez, Celiney Weeny Pooh, Boy Mom, Dad- Thank you for all the love, time and effort to which no amount of words could ever do justice. Jacquie- My inspiration. Izzy- Jakarta Brownies till now, I cherish every second. Nora- Indefinitely my better half. Vicky- To loop, ledge, and the qingest tian ever, STL. Mallika- Insomnia. Mich L- My constant, thanks for your motherly love. Wakana- B’ball, udon, sneakouts, piggies. Caitlin- Hale Yeh! It was meant to be. Tiff- Next time you’re on a jetski or staircase, think of me. Mich O- Chem blondes to egging, I admire your spirit. Brian – Little bro. Eg- 8th grade. Jason- Our silliness never fails to make me smile. Peter- Dramamine, Fuji camera? Jack- 24, my pool? Phil- Thank you for thinking I was worth it. Colin- My amazing C-hippo; keep eating, fatty! Paul#1 BFF, simply irreplaceable. TJ- You’ve taught me everything I know about love and friendship; I’ll forever be thankful for having you in my life. Interim– When in Rome, RBA, jammin’, love you girls with all my heart.

Yulefest 9, Woodlands Children’s Home 9, String Ensemble 9-12, JV Basketball 9-10, South Pacific 10, Athletic Council 9-12, Early Childhood Center Assistant 10, Varsity Cross Country 11, Tri-M 11-12, IASAS Cultural Convention (Strings) 11-12, Interim Semester: Scuba Diving in Phuket 9, Langkawi 10, Greece 11, Italy 12

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” - Semisonic

Caroline Yeheskel-Hai

May 15th, 1989 / Tel Aviv, Israel

Mom, Jim, thank you for supporting me and sticking with me through everything. Dan, Liam thank you for making my life a living hell, I love you guys. Katie my lorver, awesome nights on orchard rd. Kathy movies rock our world. Runi, shopping, boat quay, movies, sentosa love you! Aubrey, Sentosa times, free, and eating salad at 2 AM. Brad thank you for always making fun of me. Nate, SACAC bowling fun, thanks for your advices. Mike we are totally your friends now. Maya keep wearing those cute dresses of yours. NZ guys: Shruti, Shabiba, Crystal, Julie, and everybody else: Best interim! South Africa: super 7+ Titus! “This chocolate is so good it tastes like coffee!” Ellen, keep wearing funny clothes just keep them out of my dreams. Mel, SA, camp counselors, Sahara haha we’re cool. Anit you give the best hugs ever. Jarrod, that is NOT how girls get pregnant. My teachers who taught me so much, thank you. And to everyone else thanks so much for making this high school experience so amazing.

320  SENIORS2007

JV Basketball 9, Varsity Swimming 10, NHS 1012, Interact Club 9-10, Spanish Club 10, Usher Society 11-12, Technical Theater Club 11-12, SHS 12, Wish for Kids 12, SACAC Bowling 12, Interim Semester: New Zealand: Land of the Long White Cloud 11, South Africa: Kruger National Park 12

“Cheer up! the worst is yet to come!” -Philander Chase Johnson

November 9th, 1988 / Singapore Peer Support 11-12, Spanish Honor Society 9-11, (Communications Director) 12, Wish 4 Kids 9-12, Asian Association 9, Villa Francis 10-11, Athletic Council 10-12, BEIMUN 12, Taiwanese Club 10, Indo Club 11, JV Soccer 9, JV Rugby 10-11, JV Track and Field 11, Breakers Inc. 9-12, Showcase 9-12, Interim Semester: Faces of Cambodia 9, Northern India 10, South Africa Kruger National Park 11, Russia 12

Mom and Dad: Thank you so much for all the love and guidance these past few years. I love you both very much. Jay: enjoy your final year, listen to Mom & Dad. Cordelia: thanks for setting an example. Jr: take care of yourself. Chris/Jack: classes, weekends, orchard, movies, cabs home, 24, zouk/velvet, it’s been fun. Adam/Gonzo/Dave: free, rugby, track, lunches, parties, stories, holidays, exchange, mos, sentosa, clarke quay. Rhys/Anka/Brandon: newton, ms, craziness. Phil/Dan/JJ: rugby, genie, after school, late nights, hawkers, free; see you in camp. Paul/TJ/Colin: interim, caf, classes together, nights out. Celine: hard classes, homebase, all night studying, wake-up calls, JIS elementary, zouk it. Kenneth/Jason/Sang Ho: library, rehearsals, after school. Kaitlyn: eeeeee! yellow blue bus. Kea: MUN, free, starbucks, A bus. Carol/Angel: enjoy hs, be good hahaha. Juniors, Interim buddies, Ardmore crew. Teachers/Coaches: thanks. Thank you, God. To everyone else, thanks for everything.

November 12th, 1988 / Singapore American International School in Israel - JV Volleyball 9, Varsity Volleyball 10-11, Varsity Basketball 9-11, The Israel Middle East Model United Nations Newspaper Editor 10-11, Lit Magazine 9-10, SAVE Club 11, Riding for the Disabled 11, Art Club 11 Singapore American School - SAVE Club 12, Riding for the Disabled 12, Interim Semester: South Africa: National Kruger Park 12

Rachel Yeo

Its over! Seniors REJOICE! Mom and Dad I love you, thanks for supporting me all these years. I can’t thank you enough and I would be nothing without you! To my senior class in WBAIS, MAZAL TOV! Carls, stay away from the oldies, thanks so much for all the fun we’ve had and you must marry F*. Have fun in Europe (which I know you will) and don’t forget me! Anna, you don’t have to skip class anymore! Mary needs a photo of C*.Clarissa thanks for helping me with APES. Jenny, YOU ARE NOT FAT! Annette we live to eat to exercise. Migsy, you were my 1st friend in SAS! Cindy & Denise, we survived Chinese! Hui, you have to ride Tradetime. Christine, you should still go out with M*. Priya we need to split the profits on Woofles’. Sarah, “Oh yes, Great Chairman Mao”. Dani & Kai Yin, keep dancing and you guys will be great! Rick, One day it’ll snow in S’pore. Congrats to everyone on another finished year, if I missed anyone, sorry and I love you guys!

I love the horse from hoof to head. From head to hoof and tail to mane. I love the horse as I have said - From head to hoof and back April 21st, 1989 / Memphis, Tennessee SAVE club 9-11, Riding for the Disabled 9, Carmina Burana 9, Yulefest 9, 11, Dance Club 10, Technical Theater Club 10, Athletic Council 9-10, Student Cabinet 9-12, IASAS Cultural Convention Vocal (Alternate) 10-12, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown 10, South Pacific 10, Thespian Honor Society 10-12, Project Soweto 12, Student Council (Secretary) 12, Tri-M 10-12, SAS Singers 10-11, (Secretary) 12, Intermediate Homework Club 12, National Honor Society 12, Interim Semester: Beginning Scuba Diving: Thailand 9, Langkawi 10, Greece 11, Switzerland 12

Ming Chin Yen

Nora Yin

Mowa, Norsie Mom&Dad-You guys are amazing. I love you. Sara-Call me often please and reuse my clothes before mom gets mad. Juliana-Korea? US? Doesn’t matter. StephYou always know how to brighten up my day. Meeka-Its cold where you’re going I hope that your heart’s always warm. Lets meet up in NY. Jamie-You make me happy. Simple as that. Celine-Hot tubbing at 11 -so many memories. Kenny-I will always be floating in your boat. Don’t forget to call. Alvin-We need to travel to Europe now, Greece perhaps? Peter-Four interims rocked. Simi-Thank you for introducing me to Glamour. Jane&Ali-Had some of the best moments with you two. Charles-Just give the baby some money.

We’re all a little weird and when we find those people whose weirdness is compatible with ours we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness and call them our best friends.

SENIORS2007  321

Gabriel Yip

December 31st, 1988 / Singapore

Tiësto feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw - Just Be ”You could travel the world but you can’t runaway from the person you are in your heart You could be who you want to be make us believe in you keep all your light in the dark If you’re searching for truth, you must look in the mirror and make sense of what you can see. They say learning to love yourself is the first step that you take when you want to be real Flying on planes to exotic locations won’t teach you how beauty feels Face up to the fact that you are who you are, and nothing can change that belief. Just Be...”

Rachelle Yu

IPAU 9-11, Bike Club 10, Habitat for Humanity 12, SAVE Club 12, Shooting Club (Secretary) 12, Climbing Club 12, Interim Semester: Malaysia: Island In The Sun 9, Hawaii 10, Australia Learn to Surf/Ocean Lifeguarding 11, South Africa - Kruger National Park 12

September 30th, 1988 / Singapore

These past four years have flown by too quickly! To my family: Mom- thanks for all your support and love! I’ll definitely miss you next year! Dad- thanks for always being there for me and making me laugh. It is never boring when you are home! Koko- you are the best brother-balaclava, car troubles, random talks- it’s been fun! Love you guys! Yaya, Ate Juanita, Ate Ida - I’ll miss you all, love you! To my friends: Sara- 5 years!!!! Japan interim tofu overdose, the lamp! packing every night, hot pot O.D, hot springs! Vienna Budapest late night talks, dermatologists, the Austrian version of “you know who”, hot chocolate, cafés in museums! UGLY BETTY!!! BFF! Sunday night crew- you guys make Sunday nights the best ever! Azhani: my wind ensemble buddy! 4 years! Our truly random meeting! I’ll miss our talks, west civ, ap world, memories. Hye-Sung: mandarin IV, ap world, wind ensemble, chess, south pacific. Good times! To everyone else, you know who you are. Love you!

Carmina Burana 9, Habitat for Humanity 9-10, SACAC Bowling 9-12, Wind Ensemble 9-12, Mandarin Club 9-11, (Co-President) 12, South Pacific (Pit Orchestra) 10, Children’s Cancer Foundation (CoPresident) 11-12, Chinese Honor Society 11, (Vice President) 12, National Honor Society 11-12, Community Service Council 12, Chess ( Pit Orchestra) 12, IASAS Festival Band 12, Interim Semester: Art of Asian Cuisine 9, Cambodia 10, Japan 11, Vienna and Budapest 12

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than you” – Dr. Seuss

Ni Zhan

December 29th, 1988 / Beijing, China

To my parents – thanks for being by my side all the time! To my teachers – thanks for the inspiration and encouragement! To my friends – thanks for enriching my life! To SAS – thanks for the opportunities provided! To my future – I will carry on with my dreams!

AMC 10 10, AMC 12 11-12, Speech Club 10-11, Athletic Council 10-12, Animation Club 10, Women in Action 10, Bike Club 10, Dance Club 11, Save Club 11-12, National Honor Society 11-12, Save Club 11-12, Varsity Cheerleading 11-12, JV Badminton 11, Chinese Cultural Club (President) 11-12, Interim Semester: Hawaii 10, France 11, South Africa: Cape and Coast 12

“Your energy is limited, so take care of the priorities first.”

322  SENIORS2007

Pei Zhu

November 26th, 1988 / Beijing, China Math Club 9-12, Varsity Cross Country 10, Dance Club 10, Little Mermaid 10, Athletic Council 10-12, Aikido Club 11-12, Interim Semester: Western Calligraphy 9, Teacher Apprenticeship 10, Greece 11, Vienna and Budapest 12

Three years in Singapore was filled with hardship, but the result of it is the most rewarding. My life has always been set a goal – a dream of my parents and I, and every time the outcome would miraculously turn out to be what we wanted, with no exception of this time. I therefore feel the most fortunate and special, for what I’m gifted and for being the pride of life for my parents, who are the most dedicated and sacrificial of all parents. Although I still want to be the pampered Xiao Guai Guai enjoying the care of them, I know there’ll be less and less time I can spend with them, but they’ll never lose the role of being the most reliable mentor of my life and my most loved in the world. Anqi, Qin Shu Shu, Liu A Yi, you’ve become my family in Singapore and I would never have gotten here without your support and care. Chinese pride! Beijing be proud of me!

The wisest mind has something yet to learn.

Old Timers

Thomas Lindh, Jae Won Hur, Eric Comstock, Caroline Gillot, Marrisa Leow, Lionel Meng, Denise Borsuk, Cindy Ngyuen, Alvin Cheng, Sam Sheldon, Aubrey Jackson, Kyung Woo Kim, Alice Jeong, Rachelle Yu, Anit Das, TJ Son, Shabiba Hasan, Amelia Newlin, Maya Shanker, Abby Wong, Iskander Ramli, Ming Yen, Stephanie Hue, Nora Yin, Clay Crawford, Igor Tanzil, Sang Hoon Lee, Kris Keiser, Jon Eg, Malika Rao, Jamie Shah, Caitlin Hale, Victoria Cheng, Jeffrey Kreutter, Celine Yeh, Jaidev Subaiah, Isabella Amstrup, Sneh Shah, Adam Schwarz, Simi Oberoi, Julia Knight, Jennifer Nockels, Anushka Bharvani, Sophie Greene, Anna Allen, Christopher Grandidge, Adam Anderson, Casey Deford, Phillip Norman, Valerie Mahillon, Saagar Mehta, Mitchell Samson, Clarissa Ruslie, Michelle Schmitz, Sara DeNoma, Alannah Sawhill, Nicole Schmitz, Alrick Cheung, Jessica Lin, Karen Ngo

Kindergarten Crew

Top row: Eric Comstock, Jonathan Eg, Jessica Lin, Alvin Cheng, Sam Sheldon, Aubrey Jackson, Bottom row: Casey Deford, Alannah Sawhill, Sophie Green, Phil Norman, Valerie Mahillon, Kris Keiser

SENIORS2007  323

All Grown Up

Senior Congratulatory Messages

Anna Allen

Anna, We are so proud and happy for you. You are blessed with special gifts of patience and fairmindedness, and even as an infant, you were always your own person. Through steady dedication, you have developed natural talents in academics and dance, maturing with astute grace. You continue to be a steady and positive force in our family and in the wider community. Well done, Anna! We wish you much success and know your insights will continue to make you happy. Love, Mom and Dad


Isabella Amstrup

Bella, it has been 18 absolutely wonderful and perfect years of childhood for you and parenthood for us. You have become everything we could ever have wanted in a daughter!! You have worked so hard that you now have to make the amazing and difficult choice of whether the next phase of your life will be lived in Paris, London, New York or Providence. Congratulations Bella, you are awesome! Love forever, Mom and Dad Bella, it’s so hard to believe you’re already going to university. But, don’t forget any of Dad’s corny jokes, all of our F1 trips, or any of mom’s phrases, because these are some of the best years of your life. I am so proud of you, I’m sure you’ll do so well. Never forget me when you are in university, I’m sure you’ll have a blast. Your favorite brother, Alex. (Jesus og Josephine!)

Adam Anderson

Adam, We are so very proud to be your parents, not only for your many successful sporting achievements, but for the beautiful young man you have become. Your responsible approach to do what is right will serve you well as you continue your journey. Trust in yourself and the right path will emerge. You are a kind, sensitive and supportive son, brother and friend. We are sure that your experience at college will be as exciting and rewarding as you have made your past 18 years of life around the world. Our love will be with you for all of your new adventures. With all our love, Dad, Mom and Jake


Shurtz, You’re my sister, friend, protector, and most of all, my inspiration. From now on, anytime I need your wise advice (just ignore it – do your homework! – kick her butt) I’m going to have to call you half way around the world. On the other hand, once you’re gone, I’ll get most of the attention and the option of sleeping in either my bed or yours. But who can I yell at for stealing my clothes? Who can I tattle on? I’m going to miss you so much that I’ll probably run to you once in a while. And the fact that I’m willing to do that for you means a lot; you know how I run. I’m going to miss the way you cry when I get in trouble and how you always sing off tune when listening to your ipod. It’s been16 years of hell, but babe, I’ve loved every second of it. Love, Kriti

Shruti Ayyar

Dear Shruti, Do you remember the day you asked me “Appa, how are you making this world a better place?” I realized, all of a sudden, that my little baby girl had grown up. I may not have given you an answer then but I have one for you now – I’ve made the world a better place by having you. Love always, Appa To our darling firstborn, If only I had known the obsession you had for telephones as a one year old was not something that would go away! I am going to miss the constant chatter at the dining table, the intense arguments, and most of all the hugs you always demand. KEEP DREAMING BIG. Lots and lots of love, Amma

Anushka Bharvani

Dearest Anushka, We couldn’t have been blessed with a more perfect child. It seems like only a little while ago when you were born on a Sunday afternoon – that day marked a turning point as it added so much more meaning to both our lives. We have so many beautiful memories from that day on, and at every stage of your life. You have filled out lives with joy and happiness, and as the eldest in the family, set a role model for Krisna and Rohan. You have made parenting so simple for us with your strong sense of right and wrong, your spirit, warmth, and perseverance... The list does not end for us... As you leave the family nest, we are excited for you as you set out to find your dreams, soar high, and reach for the stars. Always know that your special warm space is reserved in the family nest and yours to come to at anytime. We pray that you will always be happy and “dance your way through life”... Love you, Mom and Dad



Shruti Ayyar

Anushka Bharvani

Dear Anushka, So far, you have been my teacher, friend and most importantly, sister. Whether it was running together on a cool afternoon, or snuggling in my chair as we share a blanket watching One Tree Hill, we have had some of the greatest moments that I could ever even imagine. I simply cannot believe that you are already going away to college, as I know I will REALLY miss you. Love Always, Rohan Nush, Congratulations!! I’m so proud of you and I’m going to miss you so incredibly much! You have always been my best friend and confidante, and don’t think that is going to change just because we aren’t living together! You don’t understand how much I depend on you and thinking about you not being here with all of us is terrifying. You are the greatest sister and friend anyone could ask for. Don’t ever doubt that, and don’t ever change! Love you so much, Krisna

Alyssa Binning


Dear Alyssa, Eighteen years have passed so quickly. It has been a joy watching you grow up into an intelligent, pretty and enthusiastic young woman. Congratulations on your graduation from SAS – you made it! Enjoy college and continue to live life to its fullest. Know we’re always here for you and that we are very proud of the person that you have become, more than words can say. Love, Mom & Dad

Rachel Black Dear Rachel: I can’t believe that it’s been 10 years since you moved to Houston, and that it’s already time for you to go off to college! I’m so glad that your mother could see you grow up to be the beautiful, intelligent, funny and caring person that you are. You share many traits with her, and she was extremely proud of you! College will be a new challenge and adventure, and many things will change. No maids, no taxis or buses waiting patiently while you finish getting ready, no nagging from me... well, some things may not change! Keep shining, work hard and go for your dreams!!! Ralph


Mariko, Our princess is taking her first step towards independence and heading off to college. It seems like yesterday that your father was carrying you on the trains and subways of Tokyo to pre-school and Mommy and Mamiko were taking you toy shopping in Shinjuku Odakyu. As you return to Japan and start your quest for knowledge, career and your young adult life remember to look for the joy in what you do; take pride in your accomplishments and know that Mommy, Daddy, and George love you very much and will keep you constantly in our hearts. Good luck Mari-chan! Mommy, Daddy and George

Micheal Bond

Michael, It’s so hard to believe that you are going off to university. It has been our joy and pleasure to see how you have grown over the years into the young man you are today. We know that you are ready for the next great adventure of your life with all the fun and challenges it holds. Your life is “unwritten” - you are in control of the future with all that it can be! Live it to the fullest with daring, humor, and compassion. We are always here for you! Love, Mom, Dad, Robert, Will , Amanda, and Galyn

Nicole Bryson How could time have passed so quickly? It seems like just yesterday that you were playing with Simba and Pumba and now you are grown, graduating, and preparing to leave home for college. Where did the time go? Coley, we are tremendously proud of the young woman you have become; proud of your accomplishments and the decisions you’ve made. Although we will miss you very much we are confident that you are prepared for the next chapter in your life. When you fly off this summer, we’ll be counting the days until your first visit home. We love you....GO TIGERS! Love, Mom and Dad



Mariko Bock

Nicole Bryson Dear Nicole, Finally it’s about time I couldn’t wait any longer. At last I’ll be the only child. Just kidding Nicole I’ll miss all the good times we’ve had together these past 15 years. Watching TV shows and playing games together. Nicole incase you wanted to know I’ve always looked up to you even if I didn’t always listen to you. But as all siblings do we fought a lot, but I never stopped loving you will all my heart. Love, Ian

Kezia Callahan


Kezia, We are proud of you...not for the things that came easily to you...or that were part of you from the very beginning of your existence...but for your steady determination against the odds and against your very own nature and spluttering to the surface with your prize. The prize is you and who you are. We are blessed to have been part of your journey and look forward to all the wonderful things God has in store for you. We love you with all our hearts. Love, Mom, Dad, Kacey, Mallory and Patrick

Gonzalo Carral

Dear Gonzalo It is time for you to finish school and start to walk on a new road. This road has to be walked on your own and we are confident that you are independent and determined enough to succeed. We would love to share a thought with you: “First you must take your degree. Set that before you as your first aim. Then little by little, you will see your way. I mean in every sense, your way in life and in thinking. It may be uphill pedaling at first, before you get to the top” By James Joyce in “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” We love you Papá y Mamá


Dear Joshua: This is such a joyous time and we are proud of all you’ve accomplished. Hardly believe that it’s toward the end of your high school year. I’m sure that we are going to miss you. Remember... we will always be there for you. Go confidently and spread your wings to new challenges. May you have faith in your new adventures! May you grow stronger in your character with your unique talents! May God bless you and guide you as He is the source of wisdom! With Love, Mom, Dad, and Rachel

Vishal Chandaria Dear Vishal, You have taken your first big step and are about to enter the real world. The time has just flown by and you will be 18 soon. You have taken us on a rollercoaster of emotions and filled our lives with joy. You are the life of our home. We are sure your cheerful personality, good nature and positive attitude will help you the next two years doing National Service. Be yourself and let your conscience guide you to make the right decisions always. All our love always, Mom and Dad

Vishal Chandaria Brothers, brothers, brothers! Shhh! Cut it out! Stop annoying me! Get out of my room! Give that back! That’s what I say on the outside. He’ll soon be gone. Awww! I miss that noise! That’s what I say on the inside. Dear Vishal, I wrote this poem two years ago when you were about to leave for boarding school. Now, I can’t believe the time has come and two years have so soon! I can’t imagine what it will be like when you are gone and believe it or not, I think I will actually miss all those years you bullied me. I really hope you have a good future and it is not too difficult in the army. I am really proud to be your sister even though you think I am annoying... Love you lots, Kanika



Joshua Chan

Sylvia Chew Dearest Sylvia, We are both very proud of your progress in SAS... especially in the past two years. You have matured into a young lady, and your caring nature is one of your strengths. We are especially pleased with your academic achievements and you should strive to learn continuously as you grow into adulthood. This is the beginning of a journey where you will continue your next phase of life in college, followed by a career in your interest. Please remember that we will only excel, if we are having fun and enjoying what we are doing. We love you dearly and will always wish you the very best in life. Always here for you... Mummy and Daddy


Crystal Clower

Dear Crystal Marie Duay Clower, I can’t believe you are going to let me write you a note that everyone can read!! That’s very brave!! Especially since I wanted to write about how you [DELETED] when you were only six years old. Those poor crickets!!!!! We are all soooooo very proud of you!! And we will all miss you sooooooo much when you leave for university. Our family won’t be the same when you are not here. I would like to tell you a few things I have been meaning to tell you for many, many years. I could not imagine a more wonderful daughter (or more wonderful sister!) than you. You bring so much joy and togetherness to our family. We wish all the best to you and we know that you will be successful and happy in whatever you choose to do. Hugs, kisses, smooches, more hugs and a few somersaults, Love, Dad, Mom, Aunt Beth, Rauson, Madison (not the dogs, they can’t read or write)

Crystal Clower Crystal Marie, I have been honored these last four years to watch you mature from a freshman to a senior who is now ready to burst into the world on her own. I am excited and eagerly waiting to be dazzled by you in the years to come. And I will be dazzled. No matter what you do, no matter what mistakes you make along the way, no matter where you end up or how you find your way there you dazzle me, always! Love, Aunt Beth


Dear Eric, It seems “Sporty Boy” has grown up; the blue safari hat has been traded for a mortar board. These years have flown by faster than the Laser 4000 reaches across Huntington Lake with you trapezing on the poles. It has certainly been our privilege and pleasure to watch you grow and develop into a man, particularly one with such a positive outlook and love for and competence in seemingly all sports you try. As your university journey begins, we will always be just a Skype away, wishing you the best and thinking of you constantly, particularly once we turn your bedroom into a n***d fish room! Congratulations, Your Parents

Eric Comstock Bro, You know I do not like the sentimental stuff, but it has been awesome growing up with ya. Your exodus from Singapore will be a new experience for both of us; I get your room. I will never forget the time in Huntington Lake on the Victoria, pillaging and plundering the scout’s boats with axes, on the docks with the ladies, and the diving rock. Good times. Once you go to college, you will have to remember the time management lessons I taught you. You are on your own now. Thanks for putting up with me these past years. Love ya, Chris

Michelle Conway Congratulations Michelle! Wow, what a journey you’ve had! You’ve come a long way, from your Humble beginnings and Orange days, to exploring the world from Singapore. We are so proud of you, of your academic and theater accomplishments, but especially of the lovely young woman you’ve become. May you always look to your faith in God for guidance as you embark on your next great adventure at Rice. We are blessed and privileged to have you for our daughter. With lots of love, Mom and Dad



Eric Comstock

Clay Crawford Dear Claytonian Willoium, We fell in love with you the instant we met you. Over the past 18 years you have taught us many things. We have been enthralled and delighted by your growing skills, your sense of fair play, your athleticism, you wit and your ability to perform at your best when it is most important (ANZA soccer, IASAS Basketball free throws, volleyball.) We were both so privileged to have you as a student in our classes! You have always made us proud with your behavior, your performance, your choice of friends and your gentleness. We are eagerly awaiting your next steps. Love, Fred and Martha


Clay Crawford Hey Clay, Every year we go on some crazy vacation together, be it hiking in Nepal or riding camels in India or going to see the Pyramids or diving in the Red Sea, not to mention skiing and just chillin’ out on the beach in front of Gramma Doris’ house. I know that you’re moving away and I wish you the best but make sure you visit during the summer time so we can have some more crazy experiences, not to mention the fact that you are leaving me by myself with mom and dad! Who would have thought that the Clay that is standing there in his tight little bathing suit would turn out to be a graduating senior, going off to college? Best wishes, and remember, there is always space for you in my room in case you feel like college isn’t the thing for you. Love, Lars

Anit Das Anit, Congratulations! We bless you for your successful graduation! You are God’s blessing to us. You are wonderful, creative, calm, systematic, caring and ever ready with your work. We are great fans of your music and have enjoyed every performance. Your presence fills our heart with joy and happiness. It is great to see you grow into a mature, confident, happy, responsible and talented young man. We are grateful to have such a wonderful son. Please remember President A P J Abdul Kalam’s message “We are all born with Divine Fire in us. Our efforts should be to give Wings to the Fire and fill the world with the Glow of its Goodness”. We love you and will be always there for you. We trust you will make the right choices and do your best to fulfill your dreams. May God bless and protect you. Dadu, Thamma, Bapi and Ma


Dear On, There is no person I am closer to. And from that perspective I can tell you that you are truly unique. I can still remember making you laugh when you were in your crib, in diapers, when no one else could! The hilarity we have created together neither of us will forget, but will continue to share many years to come. Being so talented means a lot is expected of you, do not stress, simply follow the path you know is virtuous. You are on the verge of a new experience, something truly beautiful. The world calls and you will surely answer with your typical wit, of that I am certain. I will always be here for you ‘amar chotto bhai’. Life will not be easy, have trust in God and live your life as you dream it to be. I leave you with immortal words from the ‘Rig Vedas’: “When there is harmony between the mind, heart, and resolution then nothing is impossible.” With great Love, Dada

Casey DeFord Dear Casey, Since you could talk you were planning your future. It was always changing but you were always dreaming about it. Well Roon, you have successfully completed Phase 1! I’m sure you thought it took a long time but for us (on most days) it was way too short. It’s both sweet and bitter, like good chocolate, that we welcome the next phase of your life. We are so proud of the young lady you’ve become and excited about your future BUT we will miss you so much. Paraphrased from Mister Rogers, we send this: “When the day turns into night And you’re way beyond our sight, We think of you.” Love, Mom and Dad

Casey DeFord Casey, You did it! You have defied the odds, ignored my taunts and graduated. It is your turn to enter the real world, and how lucky a world it is. They aren’t ready for the force that is Casey DeFord. With each passing day, you manage to amaze and impress me more. You live each day with an open mind, a loud mouth and your giant heart on your sleeve, and I ask that you never change. You are an indescribable individual who has more promise than most. I hope that all roads lead you to where you want to go, because you have the power to go so far. I believe in you more than you will ever know, but it is a belief in yourself that will carry you through life. You have transformed from a pool-furniturethrowing, Kleenex-saving, butt-biting troublemaker into a fashion-icon, a drama-queen, and my inspiration. Who knows where you will go next? Have fun and be great! I love you!! -Nicole



Anit Das

Sara DeNoma Dear Sara, We will miss you. We will miss your kindness and natural elegance, your insight, your fire, your courage and your energy. (So you better email, call, sms, chat and come home as often as possible!). Sara, you are smart, courageous and energetic. But you are also authentic, generous and kind. You seem born to strive. But also meant to achieve with warmth and compassion. This gives your character a wonderful balance – like wings. We have no doubt your life will be a series of hero’s journeys and that you will live each of them, as you live now, with grace and enthusiasm. We love you very much! Mom and Dad

Sara DeNoma


Sara, I will miss you. I know you will do great things with that fat butt of though I will see you a lot I will still miss you, you are a great older sister and I love you :-D! I couldn’t have hoped for a better sister. I hope you have a great experience in college and don’t worry, I won’t be to mean to the young ones (cough...cough). I love you so much and will miss you. Your favorite brother, Michael I’m glad for Sara that she is going to college but I will miss her humor and protection and I think she will have a great life in college. I’ll miss her “weep” “cry” “wah” By Jack

Sara DeNoma

ALRIGHT! YA YA SARA WOOOOOHOOOOO! You are through High School and although I was never really worried you weren’t gonna make it, I’m still happy for you. Over spring break we need to organize some DVDs or something-maybe reminisce on New Jersey-it will be awesome. I love you very much. You’re a great sister and I bet you’ll do well in College as well as life in general. Matt Dear Sara, You’re my favorite sister. Thank you for taking care of me when Mommy is gone. I hope you learn how to whistle soon. Love, Meg


Words alone cannot express how proud we are of all your accomplishments at SAS. Your bumpy beginnings in Singapore have led to a 4-year adventure that has taught you lifelong lessons and has helped make you a leader and a stronger, more independent person (if that’s possible!). For as long as we can remember you have been determined and motivated to succeed at almost anything you try. We have no doubt that you will continue on this same path. Always keep your wonderful sense of humor and your desire to help others. Boop, we’ll always love you Mom, Dad, and Ryan

Aubrey Doyle

Aubrey, I’ll start bawling if I express how I feel about you! My heart will ache with you away. Missing you will be constant, especially during football conversations! I will miss your smiling face walk in the door! I know you are ready, to spread your wings and fly. It is what you do best. I am 100% confident that you will shine in life, whatever you do, wherever you go. Go get ‘em girl! I am proud of you and love you. Mom I couldn’t be prouder of the woman you have grown to become. We’ll always be here for you. Love you. Dad Same, Patch Same, Sean

Crista Favati Dear Crista, 18 years have come and gone so fast. You are heading into a new chapter of your life with many new adventures in store for you. How exciting! We are so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. You have grown from our little “tee-ta” into a beautiful young woman. As you go off to college, just know we will miss you terribly. The world is in front of you. Enjoy it. Live your life and always keep your head high. We love you dearlyDad, Mom, Natalie, Caitlin, Vincent, Annie and Tai-Tai



Keri Dixon

Ryan Fenwick

Dear Ryan, Congratulations on your achievement! Treasure the special memories and experience of these past four years and prepare to step into a new and exciting chapter of your life. We wish you much success in college. Your absence at home will take some getting used to! Our thoughts will be with you always. Love and God Bless, Mom and Dad Hey Ryan, Good luck in college and have a lot of fun. Also good luck in keeping your room clean! I can’t wait till you leave; I get two rooms and a computer! J.K.! I’ll miss you! Myles

Caroline Gillot


Fearless, Powerful and Eternally Amazing!

May your hands always be busy May your feet always be swift May you have a strong foundation When the winds of change swift May your heart always be joyful May your song always be sung May you stay forever young. -Bob Dylan It has been a great honor and challenge raising you. With all our love, Mommy and Dad

Christopher Grandidge Dear Chris, You have matured into a fine young man and developed values during your time at SAS that will hold you in good stead for the rest of your life. You have so much to look forward to. Thank you for making parenting so much fun and for bringing joy into our lives everyday. You have grown up a pleasure to be with and we could not be more proud of you. Now it’s time for you to live your wishes and follow your dreems. Always remember to spend a little time each day to appreciate the beauty of this world and thank God for all your blessings. Love, Mom, Dad and Patti


Sophie, When you were little, I used to place a laundry basket over you and sit on it, leaving you trapped helplesly underneath. At the time, you had yet to sttart speaking, and I thought having one younger sibling to steal the spotlight from me was one too many, so you can imagine what having a second did to my young and fragile ego. We all wondered why you hadnb’t started talking, and I certainly took advantage of that void during our laundry basket sessions. You started talking soon enough, however, and I don’t think you’ve drawn another quiet breath since. We may have joked about your jibber-jabber over the years, but I hope that you go out into the world and use it as an asset. Let your proclivity for prattle be the foundation for fun and fame as you head out on your greatest adventure yet. Love, Scott

Sophie Greene Sophie, You finally made it! You are still not legal though! But that will come soon enough. Even though you weren’t in my senior memories in the yearbook, you’ve been a great sister, and the memories will last forever. I hope you had a good time, and although you did drive me nuts, I wouldn’t trade you for anything. . . congratulations. Love, Mike

Sophie Greene SophieYou were right all along. You are always complaining that we don’t have any photos or videos of you when you were little. I guess after your brothers we were so busy we forgot to take any of you....We looked and looked. So sorry. Love, Mom and Dad



Sophie Greene

Sophie Greene Sophie, We “know a girl who puts the color inside of our world”. (Even though you couldn’t say yellow until you were 10). You are our favorite girl in the world and you are off to do great things. Remember the words to the first songs you ever knew - “You can’t Always Get what You Want” and “Hit the Road Jack”. Both will come in handy. Work hard and have fun. Make joyful friends, be brave but never reckless. We will miss you every day. WE love you BD. Mom and Dad


Caitlin Hale Caitlin, The years come flooding back... “You Are My Sunshine” with dimples on top of dimples, the wild sleeper – roaring and thrashing your bed and hair into a state any hurricane would be proud of; the grownup palate - refusing to eat French fries or hot dogs - allergic to pizza! – but duck, mushrooms, fish – cleaned the plate; the artist - you owned watercolors and guitar and dancing (swimming and soccer – not!); the storyteller since you could talk – long rambling detailed wandering sidetracked subplots... (...umm, where was I?) ...; and always sensitive – wailing on the plane when Jenny died in Forrest Gump! Dropping to your knees to help the homeless woman pick up her coins on the NY subway. I am so proud of you. Your adventure continues – and remember – the queen of hearts is always your best bet.... Love you Bugina, Mom

Caitlin Hale Caity, I can’t believe I already have to write this! I miss (and laugh at) so many things about the little you – performing 20 “experiments” at a time in bowls in your room, playing farm in our rooms, teaching Duchess to roll over, your cute bob haircut, peeing on the kitchen floor, making a Britney Spears video with Brooke, and on and on. But I am so proud of you now. You’re fun, real, compassionate, and most importantly, hilarious. I would wish you luck with what’s coming next, but I know you don’t need it. Have fun, take some chances and remember that your big sis taught you everything you know! Much love, Marisa


Dear Caitlin, I am very proud of you and I hope you will remember that always. Do what you think is right and always try your best. Whenever you try your best, you will succeed. Caitlin, please remember that determination and perseverance are omnipotent. But enjoy life and at every opportunity! You need to know that your family loves you very much and will do anything for you. Despite the long distances, your family is never far away. You have a tremendous amount of love around you. Your parents, grandmother, aunts, uncles, and cousins, are thinking of you at all times and will be there if you need them. Remember your roots. I love you always and forever. Dad

Jeff Hamilton Jeff, Remember when you first arrived at SAS six years ago from the UK? (Seems like yesterday, huh?) It has been an amazingly fast journey. You have accomplished much and have made us proud every step of the way. We have seen you grow from, “the boy” as we say, into the adult you have become. You are more than ready to leave SAS and start on a new part of the journey. The possibilities are endless... listen, learn, voice your opinion, and above all strive to make a difference. Stay the optimist you are. You never know what’s right around the bend. Love, Mom, Dad, and Kendall

Shabiba Hasan Sha, we are proud that you are about to head for college but we are also very sad to think that you will not be around us everyday. All our lives as parents, as our first child, you were always with us, and daily life without you will not be the same. Hope you are prepared enough for a totally new life and environment. Make good friends, be sincere to yourself, and have courage to face the ups and down of life. “Let us not pray to be sheltered from dangers, but to be fearless when facing them.” – Rabindranath Tagore We love you, Ammu and Abbu Sha, who are we going to annoy now? We’re not going to say anything emotional or cheesy but... we will miss you like crazy. Now it’s going to be just me and Zahin. I know he’ll want to call you everyday no matter what. Hey Sha! “HIGH FIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!” – Borat We’ll miss ya tons, Alvi and Zahin



Caitlin Hale

Kevin Ho

Dear Kevin, That picture of you in the baby swing brings back fond memories. Wow, our little boy is now college bound! You have come a long way and you have certainly grown on us. Now, you are ready to go into the world with confidence and a zest for life and adventure. We are so proud of you for what you have achieved. You are an intelligent and very talented person coupled with a great sense of humor. We will miss you very much but we hope that you will seek your dreams and achieve your share of glories. Who knows, someday a movie director will be born. Seek knowledge and wisdom and be true to yourself. Love ya... Mom and Dad


Breda Hogan Dear Breda, We are so proud of the young lady you have become: funny, curious, adventurous, kind and compassionate with a heart for people. These qualities will carry you far in life. We’ve had some great adventures together. We are amazed at how well you have already dealt with some very difficult challenges in your life. We know that life will bring you some very interesting twists and turns and have full confidence in you that you will be able to manage them. Just remember that you don’t have to do it alone and that you have a wide circle of friends, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents that love you and will be there to support you. Us too! We are excited about the next lap of your journey! We pray you’ll find your unique place in this amazing world. “The place God calls you is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” With all our love, Mom and Dad

Denise Hotta-Moung

Dear Denise As I held you in my arms, minutes after you were born, daddy said she’s beautiful and going to be a great scientist. I said, actually, I want her first and foremost to be a great human being. Over the years, I happily started to observe that you would be one. Like in playschool you’d urge a girl who couldn’t, to sing along with you, at birthday parties you’d seek out the shyest girl and get her to join in, or when a boy burst into tears because he’d got a book as a prize and he hated books, you quietly exchanged yours for his. Or when you donated your sizable savings to the tsunami victims. Then on through the years, you were there, for those around you, so casually and naturally, kind, sensitive, caring. Denise dearest, your life is just beginning and wonderful things and achievements await you, but for me, my wish has been fulfilled, and I feel so proud and privileged to be your grandma.


Dear Denise, Nana, Nanise,

I wonder how many of your friends know these nicknames but you had many more than that when you were growing up. You will probably not forgive us if we mention them all here. But each one came about every time you showed us a new aspect of your shining personality. And we are still discovering so much more about you and each revelation has been a source of renewed pride for us. And as much as we would like to take credit as parents, for the most part you have been following your own compass. So we will promise you this; now that you have already reached adulthood, we will not give you more nicknames. But there have been countless stories about you etched in our memories that we can fondly recite so I am afraid you will have to be prepared to endure this for years to come. At least until you give us grandchildren. Love Mummy and Daddy

Denise Hotta-Moung Bista, I’ve missed you and Gurmit these past three years. Being away from home has made me realize how much you mean to me, and how proud I am of you. You’re the best little sister I could have asked for, as well as the funniest, craziest bighead I know. I can’t wait til you finally join me on this side of the world. I’ll have the orange juice and bubblegum ready for your arrival. Congratulations, Den. I love you. Kel

Patrick Huckbody Patrick, Our 2 years in Asia have been a fantastic experience. Thank you for being so flexible. Believe in yourself, do more than the minimum! And you will succeed at whatever you do. The sky is your limit. Love, Mom and Dad



Denise Hotta-Moung

Stephanie Hue Our Dearest Bb. G aka Ahung, Seems not long ago when you came to Singapore to study and soon you’ll be going to Univ and soooo far away, we’ll miss you dearly. Okie no cryin’, though I feel like it when I’m writing silly. We’re so proud of you and we wish you the very best in your future. Do enjoy your Univ life ya. Remember, no matter where you are, no matter how far, if you need us, we’ll be there in a hurry. On that you can depend and never worry. Love, Amber Gang


Stephanie Hue

Stephanie Hue, Seventeen years passed so fast, I still remember when you first came to this world, a cute little baby. Your first two and a half years when you lived with me and loyi in Jakarta... then when you were nine years old, we lived together again until now...I’ve always been proud of you all these times. From a cute baby, you have grown up to be a beautiful, smart, responsible, filial young lady. I wish you all the very best in your future. No matter how many kilometers we are far apart, you’ll always be in my heart, I love you and always will. Do take care and I’m gonna miss you. Love you dearly, Nai Mai

Stephanie Hue Our Dear Stephanie, Congratulations!! We are proud of you. Time flies so fast. In another couple of months you are going to University to pursue your dream. We remember on July 18, 1989, you were born in this world, you were such an innocent and beautiful baby girl. We were so blessed to have you as our baby. We were so proud to bring you home. Now you’ve become a beautiful, smart, hardworking, ambitious, responsible and independent young lady but in our hearts, you are forever our little girl. Though distance keeps us apart, our hearts will always be with you wherever you are. Always remember you are forever in our hearts. We always love you and good luck in your future. Love, Mom and Dad


Dear Young, It seems like yesterday that we had you in Boston but now you are here, ready to graduate your HS and depart for your college. Traveling from Seoul to Beijing and finally to Singapore, we understand that you spent your school life with a great deal of confusion. But you never caused a single problem; instead, you achieved excellence in everywhere you go, never disappointing us. Moreover, you never lost your modesty, politeness, and caring –attitude. We just can’t ask for a better son and truly thank God for letting us have you are our son. Good luck in your college and remember: we are always proud of you. Love Always, Mom and Dad (and your little sister, Alice)

Aubrey Jackson Dear Aubrey, What a fabulous job you have done over all these years! Be proud of your accomplishments. We have always known you are exceptional. You take advantage of your abilities and always give your best effort. That will take you far. You are a wonderful person, considerate of others, independent, talented and determined. You make us very proud. Enjoy your college experiencehave fun. We’ll miss you immensely but know we are here for you. With love always- Mom & Dad Congratulations Aubrey, looks like you’re growing up so quickly, we all know you can do whatever you set your mind to so don’t hold back! I know you’ll have a great time in college, just remember not to take it too seriously, it’s a blast. You’ll always be my little sister who doesn’t want a car, wants to live in the woods and doesn’t eat meat...but I won’t hold it against you, it’s always those weird things that makes me love you even more. Love, Anthony

Alice Jeong Dear lovely Alice, We can’t believe you are grown up to go for college now. It’s seems like yesterday we came to Singapore holding your little cute hand but it’s been 17 years. You are a grown up lady and ready to start a new life by your own! We hope you have a wonderful and satisfactory life in college. You are a more beautiful lady because you always do your best. Dad and Mom are so proud of you and we thank God for giving us a wonderful daughter like you. We believe God will always prepare the way for your life. And remember, we are always with you in your heart. Love always, Mom and Dad



Young Kyun Hur

Lauren Johnson Dear Lauren, Congratulations on your graduation from high school! I can’t believe it already. Where does the time go? I can remember when I graduated from high school-it really doesn’t seem that long ago. One thing I can say is that after high school time really flies FAST so make sure you enjoy the ride along the way. No matter which college you plan to attend really doesn’t matter: You are going to meet so many new friends and be open to many new opportunities and experiences that will last a lifetime. Most importantly you will be making your own decisions in everything you do. You now have the world in front of you. You can learn at college to be anything you want. I have faith in you that you will make the right decisions and truly be successful in life. Remember that what takes place and what happens to you during college is the keystone for a lot of things that you will be able to build upon in the future. Just always find a way to make a difference in everything you do but make sure you have a little fun along the way! Love, Uncle David


Lauren Johnson

Lauren is and has always been a very wonderful and special daughter. While, she often enjoys the many “spoils” of being an only child, there were also many “hardships” that had to be endured. Regardless of whether the hardship was related to the many moves we made, health issues, boy problems or family matters, Lauren always makes the best of any situation. Fortunately, some of the perceived hardships actually turned into blessings. The best example of this was our move to Singapore over 4 years ago, which enabled Lauren to attend a really great school and enjoy experiences that will positively affect us for the rest of our lives. As we prepare for the next chapter of Lauren’s life, which is college and living apart from her, we feel extreme pride and love for the fine young adult our daughter has become. We are truly fortunate parents. Mom and Dad

Lauren Johnson Lauren, You are a wonderful, beautiful young lady. We are proud of you and your accomplishments and know that you will succeed in everything you put your heart into. Congratulations. Uncle Matt, Aunt Karin, Cousins Ashlyn and Alex


Lauren Kay Johnson: Lauren was my very first grandchild. I remember her as a new born baby, very pretty and good. We would go out to eat in Atlanta and Lauren would fall asleep before our food would come. She grew up so fast, it seems as if I spent very little time with her. As Lauren got older, we had some great talks about life. Remember them, Lauren? She used to say that she wanted to learn to drive in MaMa’s car. Well, she did!!!! Now it is time for the next step in your life. I know she will choose the right path. Love Always, PaPa Johnson The Moment I laid eyes on her, she completely captivated my heart. She was and is the epitome of femininity. In her childhood makebelieve world, she was “Belle” and collected American girl dolls and tea sets. She too quickly grew up tall and lovely with such grace, never loosing her kind, sweet, loving nature and consideration for others. She is fun and has a great sense of humor, and I love the mischevious twinkle in her eyes. She is admired and adored by all her younger cousins and the “apple” of this grandmother’s eye. Good Luck, Lauren, You’ll be a great teacher. Your loving Grandmother J

Jiye Kim


Lauren Johnson

Jiye, It is a great discovery that you find the right future path in SAS. Thanks to God and everyone around you who contributed to make this happen. We, of course, know that it is you who endeavored day and night, in and out of school, with great enthusiasm and devotion that was a very pleasant surprise to all of us. SAS graduation will be a small but very meaningful one step toward world waiting for your challenge and achievement. We love you and will be always with you. With love, Mom and Dad Congratulations on your graduation, Jiye!!! You are the best sister and friend anyone could ask for. I love you more than you know. Enjoy your life in college and be brilliant!! May God bless you always. Lots of love, Jeannie

Julia Knight Julia, You have been a wonderful daughter and sister, and even since early childhood, you have made us proud of the type of person you are. We can always count on your thoughtfulness, sincerity, and intelligence. We especially value your attitude and great sense of humor. We’ll miss you terribly when you are away at college, but we know that you are ready to face new challenges and that you will continue to succeed in and find a balance in all your endeavors. You’ve always taken complete advantage of your many opportunities and have been grateful for your advantages. As we’ve said before, “you’re the best!” Mom, Dad, and Helen


Brad Kobylarz Brad, God has created you with an incredible moral compass! You understand right from wrong and live according to your personal values. This has made being your parents easy. College will give you another opportunity to stay true to yourself. We pray that, just as you have in high school, you will meet friends that share your values and teachers who are great role models. It has been wonderful to observe your insatiable academic curiosity and passion for music. Your accomplishments in these areas would make any parent proud. We are most pleased with your willingness to pursue your interests in a new school. May your passion to experience life continue to be greater than the fear that can accompany trying new things. You have many talents and a lifetime to realize your potential. You will be missed more that you can imagine! We will miss the bathroom concerts, nachos for breakfast, Korean barbeque Sundays and “pineapple” morning calls. You are a wonderful a son who we couldn’t love more! - Mom and Dad

Brad Kobylarz


Brad, The days of rehearsed education are over; a closed gate behind you. A vast uncharted world lies ahead. Walk through it, see it, touch it, breathe it, but most importantly LIVE IT! Greatness is in you, broseph. I can see it. Now, it is time for the world to see it. Ryan Brad! Ever since I can remember, we have always been side by side. Growing up you were always my best friend along with being a brother. I hope you have a great time at college, and I will miss you a lot! I love you!!!!!! Caitlin

Jeff Kreutter Jeff, It has been great, sometimes a bit challenging (!), usually fun, and always wonderful to watch you grow up. To see you grow bigger, stronger, and smarter than we are, has made us proud. We can’t play baseball with you anymore, but do remember when we could whip you in wiffle ball. We can’t understand what you learn in class anymore either, but are happy that you’ve found your passion in engineering. When you were away in the States two years ago, we learned to live without you in the house and you learned to live without us. Now we have to do that all over again. We know you’ll do great in college. You set your goals well and strive hard to achieve them. You don’t get stressed - you just work diligently to achieve. We will miss you so much, but now is the time for you to go on to the next chapter of your life. Enjoy it fully. Lots of love, Mom and Dad


Dear Jeff, We know you aren’t the type of person who would want us to show our appreciation for you in a school year book. More so, I doubt we could sum up the impact you have had on our lives in such a brief passage. You have been a great brother, taught us so much and have been a tremendous friend. All you need to know is that we love you, we care for you and we will always be here for you. No matter what you do, no matter where you go, you will succeed. We will miss you. Love, Russ and Becky

Arunima Kochhar Dear Arunima, It is hard to believe that you are all grown up and ready to leave the nest. It seems only yesterday that you were going to preschool in HKIS. Arunima, we are all very proud of what you have achieved growing-up and how you have developed into a wonderful caring and loving person. We all admire your strong commitment to your chosen field, i.e. medicine. We know it is going to be a difficult path but we feel confident that you will achieve what you have set out to achieve. Having said that, we do want you to enjoy college. It is a once-in-alifetime opportunity and you should make the best of it. Make lots of friends and live it up. We always hope to see you with this smile and will eagerly look forward to your visits to put smiles on our faces. With lots of love, hugs and best wishes, Mom, Dad, Mayank and Butters

Colin Lee

We are pleasantly surprised by the constant compliments about you from other parents though we know you are a unique, talented and considerate person since you were young. Remember how some adults called you the “Answer Man” when you were only 12? We enjoyed watching you play varsity volleyball and basketball especially the latter whereby you, as the point-guard, driving the whole team while “floating” and “flying” in the court, fooling the opponents as the fearsome “preying-mantis!” We are also amazed at what a good and smooth dancer you were (on top of being a great singer) at the Jazz Night! BTW, don’t forget the “special deal” that we have agreed on... Love you tons! Mom and Dad



Jeff Kreutter

Colin Lee Dear Colin, It’s been a sweet 14 years living with you as your brother. You’ve taught me almost everything I know, from sports to girls (even though I am better!) Being the younger brother, I appreciate the opportunity to learn from your successes and mistakes, guiding me along the right path. When you go to college, I would need to navigate on my own. Despite the physical distance, I am sure we would be even closer as brothers and good friends. Good Luck. Gabriel Lee


Daniel Lee Daring Athletic Noisy Intelligent Energetic Loving Remember when you wrote this? You are all of the above and more! We are so proud of the young man that you have grown up to be and we pray that as you face the next phase of your life, you will meet each new day with joy, courage and purpose. In the months and years ahead, may you always be true to yourself. Discover your passion and shoot for the stars. And remember, wherever life leads you, we will always be there for you. Love, Dad, Mom and Allison

Daniel Lee I remember a boy who used to say “cheepers”...I remember catching a boy when he fell off the bed...I remember a boy who used to love Ninja Turtles... I remember sleeping on the same bed as this boy when I couldn’t go to sleep at night...I remember a boy who used to slip cards under my pillow to make up after we had a fight...I remember having bedtime stories read together with this boy and his favorite book was called Koala Lou...I remember a boy who used to follow me around imitating everything I did, playing to games I invented and looking up to me because I was older than he was...I remember a lot about this boy because he was my best playmate and my partner in crime as a kid. Now no longer a boy, I have seen him grow up and am proud of him. Congratulations and good luck in the next stage of your life, brother! Love, Chris


To Kyu Hyun, Time is indeed fast. You already seem like an adult in your graduation picture! Looking back, we really appreciate that you have been taking the right path until now. You have given us the delights and hope for future. Even though you were sometimes weary and tired, you still overcame those hardships. It is now time for you to graduate from high school, time for a new beginning. Good luck in college. We will always love and be proud of our son. May you have the custody of God. Mom and Dad

Marissa Leow Dear Missy, Before you were born, we knew God would give us you... a special girl! We thank God for who you are. Not so long ago, you were this cute little girl running around with a “clothy” singing “Barney and Friends” songs. You would fall asleep on our bed, instead of yours... kind of miss that... and now, you are a beautiful, confident, smart young lady... quick on your thoughts. CONGRATULATIONS on your graduation! ... and to your many commendable accomplishments. You’ve made us proud and we love you lots!!! As you venture onto your next chapter of life and face new challenges and experiences, remember always to honor God; make Him the center of your life... and He will guide and protect you always. Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those that you hold well ... we know you will. Your college years will leave us an empty home next year. For now... we will miss you until the holidays!! Love you always, Daddy and Mommy

Marissa Leow

Dear Marissa, It seems like such a short time ago when we were both still little and you were still running around the Yellow House, watching TV all the time (I guess nothing much has changed after all) Having you as a sister has been one of my greatest blessings because of your cheerfulness and quirky sense of humor –I can’t imagine growing up any other way. And now you’re about to go off to college (Happy Tomato!) Scary, because you’ve always been the “little sister” and now all of a sudden, you’ve grown up. I’m proud of you every step of the way, in everything that you have accomplished and who you have grown up to be. Remember, I’ll always be here for you. Love, Justin



Kyu Hyun Lee

Brian Leung

Hey Brian, We are graduating at the same time! You’ve worked hard to get the ticket for the next part of your life and you are the smart brother that I like to brag about to other people. Can’t believe you’ve actually accomplished so much though you are always lying on the couch at home, watching TV. I’ll always be around when you want to complain about school, people, and cook some ugly-looking but edible food for you on the weekends if you get bored when you come to the States. -Jane


Brian Leung “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.” –St. Augustine Walking into your room, your collection of exceptional experiences from different corners of the world amazes me: hotel key from Massachusetts, dining card from Stanford, Starbucks coffee mug from Istanbul, gavels you earned from MUN, medals of Concours National de Francais Laureat, a fake IWC wrist watch from Beijing, etc...You were my best navigator during our last college tour. Our cycling loops every now and then helped me maximize my amount of exercise and our sharing of Bourdeaux wines has ascended us to many exclusive communications. -Dad Eleven years in SAS is a long journey. Let’s toss if off with your reserved 1989 Chateau Angelus which was a year of great wine and your birth. We are proud you have transformed yourself from a quiet kid to a serious debater. We are privileged from the breadth and depth of your knowledge. Brian, continue to weave new dreams and let them fly! -Mom

Samuel Lloyd

Mom: Sam, you have always been wise beyond your years. You possess a great intelligence and a noble heart. In every small act of kindness, you show your nature. Alex once said of you, “ Sam’s always thinking of others.” What greater compliment can you have? Dad: the award shelves are full: Liondfield Blues, perfect, Dux, National Merit, Distinguished Services, U11 Soccer Premiers, X-country awards, even Linidfield Breaststroke! Our greatest reward is your considerate character, sprinkled with humor and kindness. Reluctant, but proud, we share you with the world.


Dearest Gabrielle, Congratulations! As saddened as we are at the thought of you leaving-our last to go- we are so very excited for you are you begin this new and wonderful journey...From the moment you entered our lives, you have filled us with more joy and love then we could have ever imagined. It has been our pleasure being your parents. You have so much to offer the world; we know you will succeed at whatever YOU choose to do...Let your heart and God be your guide. Where you gogo with all of your heart. We will always be here for you. We will miss- Baggblel, Miss B., Blankie, Ellie, Candy Queen, 1st day of school pics, Texas, Belgium, Holland, Movies, Videos, Shopping, Scotty Balls, Pierre’s Ski Trip, Rob, Shorty, Lang Straat, Trojans, Eagles, Soccer, Softball, Rugby, ISST, IASAS, Housing, Team Mom, Arts, Crafts, Sleepovers, Velveeta, Rotelle, Causeway, Are you wacky?, Hugs, Kisses and late night “Goodnights”...most of all- YOU!!!! Love, Mom & Dad

Gabrielle Loscalzo

Gabrielle, We made it! I cannot believe we are graduating together. Time has gone by so quickly, I still see you are my little 9-yearold sister. You are an amazing girl and I hope you realize that you will do excellent in whatever you really put your mind to. Have a great time in college and never forget to experience as much as you can during that time...before you know it, it’s gone...look at me...I love you and wish you only happiness and the best of luck. Alex Gab, Well, well, well...Welcome to the club! You’re done with High School, and now the REAL fun starts. Believe me when I tell you, “You ain’t seen nothing yet.” Great job, we knew you would make it!!!! Love ya, Mike

Valerie Mahillon Hey Val, Is it a coincidence what our names are in Thai and whenever we’re in Europe, we go to war with fruits: apples in Florence, grapes in Paris, Mom getting all the blame, Dad never having a clue. Happy times. Anyway Val, I am really proud to call you my sister. You’ve definitely come a long way and it makes me so glad to know we’ll have fond memories together terrorizing the vulnerable city of Boston. Looking forward to more ab workout laughs with you Nong. Hugs and kisses. HOT AH! Love, Vic



Gabrielle Loscalzo

Valerie Mahillon Dear Valerie, At a very young age, you already looked like a princess in full Thai regalia, with these big eyes of yours and that devastating smile! Ready for college? This means studying at your first choice college, Emmanuel, to which you were accepted on E.D.; facing the harsh climate of the otherwise wonderful city of Boston, Mass.; and finally, following (not again!) the (rather heavy) footsteps of your brother Victor (thank God Boston is bigger than SAS). During your senior year, you have been twice an honour roll student and we have every reason to be extremely proud of you; but what has really touched our souls is your innate sense of caring and compassion for others. We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful daughter and may you find happiness and fulfillment on such an arduous but meaningful path. With all our love, Mum and Dad


Valerie Mahillon Dear Valerie, I am so proud of who you are, and who you are becoming. I know that school at times was hard, but you stuck with it until the end and you finished strong. This is a skill that you will use throughout your entire life, and because of it you will be able to go out into the world and accomplish anything that you put your mind to. I hope that you always remember never sell yourself short because you truly can become anything that you want, and I will be there all along the way to help and support you as you have supported me. Love, Mark

Brian Maissen Brian, You’ve been the best brother that I could ever ask for. We’ve had tons of good times together. You’re always there for me, to cheer me up, give me advice, to listen, or for a laugh. I couldn’t ask for anything more that what you’ve already been to me! I’m going to miss you when you go to college. Good luck and congratulations on your graduation! Love Always, Stephanie


Dear Brian, We are so incredibly proud of you! We love you and will always be there for you. Stand strong in your faith, put your trust and hope in the Lord. Your future awaits, do your best and enjoy all that life has to offer! With all our love, Mom, Dad, and Stephanie “...those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary...” Isaiah 40: 31

Brian Maissen Dear Brian, Congratulations! You’ve grown up so fast and we’re very proud of you. Good luck! Love, Grandma and Grandpa

Shintaro Andy Masuno Dear Shintaro, Do you know what graduation means? Graduation means finishing High School, but it also signifies your new independence. Stated another way, it seems that from now you will be making your own decisions. You are responsible for yourself. As a child, mom and dad were there to help you with everything you did, but now you have joined us as an adult. As you leave home to enter the awaiting world, we will become only a part of your life ahead. We are sad to see you go but at the same time excited to see the future you will create for yourself. Know that we will always be looking over you as you continue on your path... May you always shine in the face of adversity. Congratulations on your graduation! Love, Mami and Daji



Brian Maissen

William McArthur Congratulations Brandon! What wonderful memories you have given us for the last 18 years!! We love them all and we will miss you so much. Work hard and continue to make us, and more importantly yourself, proud. We love you, Mom and Dad


Sean McCabe

Dear Seany-Bobby-Boy-Pickles, This picture reminds me of simpler times: of coups, volcanoes, typhoons and rats... of cabbages and kings. That day started a trend for you, of going to new schools, blue lunch box and stuffed elephant in hand, dorky clothes and strangely colored shoes. And that same classic deer-in-the-headlights look that proved you had no idea what you were doing. I know Mom and Baba share my shock that you actually made it all the way through. It is my fervent hope that you let Logic and Reason lead you through the rest of your life, even when others let lesser entities lead them. Let the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s noodley appendage touch you always. Ramen. Best of luck. And if you don’t succeed there is always room for you on my vast mansion grounds in a squalid glass shack where my children can make fun of you. Your big brother, Alex Brendan says hi.

Kellen McCarvel When you were born in Singapore we never imagined we would see you grow up here and graduate from SAS. It has been a blessing for you to come back and experience so many wonderful things during the past 7 years. You have grown and challenged yourself in many ways, and will take with you many good memories. One of our special memories has been watching you develop your values and convictions. God gave you to us to teach as best we could, and we have learned much through you over the eyars. Congratulations – you are ready to go out on your own, which makes it so much easier for you to go. We love you and will miss you very much. Love, Mom and Dad


What to say... good or bad? Well, I just want to congratulate you on getting into college and I know all the hard work you put into getting there. How you are going to be able to establish a new tyranny in college? I don’t know – but you will. Now one of us has to learn how to use the computer, since you’re leaving. You’ve always been my favorite big brother, through the good times and the bad, but I guess I don’t have much of a choice on my favorite. We’ll be close enough to you over winter and summer break for you to come and visit us. If you need a punching bag or something of the sort, you’ll have the short time to work on you’re boxing moves. Have fun, don’t get too stressed out, but I’m not the one going to college so what should I know? We’ll always keep in touch. Go Broncos! Love, Thomas

Kellen McCarvel Kellen, You were the best big brother ever... cough, cough. I do have many good memories of us growing up together. Exhibit A – like when you left me buried in the snow up to my knees in the dumpster in Lake Tahoe and making me face the raccoon by myself. Exhibit B – when we were playing Super Smash Bros. with Dan Inouye and you showed me how to turn against your friends during a video game. You also taught me life lessons like allies are for losers and only keep people while they are useful. But I am going to miss you, because now there is no one to keep Thomas in line. Good luck next year in college and don’t forget to put the Cowboys star on the roof before we get home. Daniel

David McNicol David, You have had a rich and full life and we hope your past experiences have prepared you for the adventures to come. We will miss you so much but know you are ready to take the next step in life. In the words of Mark Twain, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” We wish you good fortune and success. Our love always, Mum and Dad



Kellen McCarvel

Patrick McNulty Pat, Are you the same boy we waved around the corner? You couldn’t be! He was such a small boy but one who looked at life through eyes that were both curious and perceptive. You have grown into such a tall, handsome and mature young man. You have faced challenged that have come your way and conquered them with so much confidence. You have made us proud. We know that you will do the same in your next challengecollege- and throughout life. Congratulations and we love you. Mom and Dad

Patrick McNulty


Congratulations Patrick! You’ve come a long way from the little’s been a pleasure to see you grow into such a great man. Give a strong handshake, always floss and never forget to “Salute the Ducky!” Love, Matt, Adam, Doug, Shannon and Kristin

Nicole Merendoni Nicole, First off congratulations! You’ve finally finished high school and can now take a well-deserved rest. It feels like only yesterday when we were pushing you in a stroller and now you’re heading off to college. We are so proud how you’ve grown up to become such a compassionate person, setting and reaching goals along the way. We know that spending all you high school years overseas was difficult at times, but you’ve displayed your inner strength, great judgment and determination to succeed throughout them. We know you will really enjoy college, but remember if you ever need us we will be there for you even if we are thousands of miles away. Always remember Nicole you will be in our hearts every single day. Love, Mom and Dad


Dear Beautiful Amelia, “If nothing every changed there’d be no butterflies...” We are very proud of you!!! We will miss you so much! It’s going to be too quiet around here! Make good choices, stay safe, have fun and keep smiling!! Remember that we are always there for you! Love Mom and Dad Yaya, I loved you first. Working out at 5 A.M. getting our hair done. Tanning in the backyard. Getting over fights as soon as they started. 4th of July. Food. Bloody knuckles. Bball. Cold stone. Walks. Lasagna. Pictures. Dress up. Getting in/out of trouble. Telepathic. Too close to hug. Not sisters – best friends. I’m lost without you.

Amelia Newlin Dear Amelia, This is the time that grandmother’s never truly expect...the time when our sweet baby grand – girls grow up and graduate from high school. Our special bond (you can see we are attached at the hip!) means so much to me! You inspire my life with your curiosity about everything, your courage to explore new ideas and situations, your energy and imagination, your ability to learn from setbacks and the excitement of successes. Best wishes to achieve the ambitions for which you strive and that our loving bond will be a forever thing. Good luck namesake, Love, Grandma

Cindy Nguyen My dearest daughter, Cindy! Time has gone so fast... unbelievable you’ve grown up and are now preparing for college. We are very proud of you and your achievements throughout the years at SAS. We’re also confident that you will overcome all obstacles to be succeeded with your academics ahead. Good luck to you with all bests for the next step. Mom, Dad, and your two brothers will always be there for you. Lots of love, and we will miss you. Dad and Mom



Amelia Newlin

Jennifer Nockels Jennifer, Wow, you are 18 years old and graduating from high school. Seems like yesterday that our little girl was first entering school and so shy that you would not talk to the teacher. It has been a reel pleasure supporting and watching you grow into a confident young woman. You have all the skills to do whatever your head and heart desires. Now our role is changing, we get another pleasure in seeing what you do with your life. One last thought from us to you; “be the best at whatever you do in life”. Love always, Mom and Dad P.S. Look out world, Jennifer is going on stage.


Takahide Miyauchi Where there is a will there is a way. Be a man with strong will and deep consideration. Congratulations, Taka! --- Dad Try to be an honorable man and do your best in any circumstance. Cheers my son! ---Mom This is the first and last time I will be saying this! I’ll miss you while you are gone. Good luck in college. --- Chie (sister) You are stepping out the blooming days of your life, ready for a great leap. Hurrah! --- grand father and grand mother in Korea Wishing you a new life with no surrender in despair and no arrogance in triumph. --- grand father and grand mother from Tokyo

Michelle Ong Dearest Li, Congratulations on finishing high school! We are proud of all that you have accomplished on your journey towards this day, with stops at St Nicholas’, ASIJ and LMK. We know that you’ve worked hard to achieve your dream of going to college in New York, and that you will seize every opportunity and enjoy every experience that life has to offer. We shared so much these past 18 years-who could forget “shadow’s was” and the many plays you directed your siblings in; watching you adjust your goggles and take that plunge for another race; your panicking before major tests and your relief after? We’ll all miss you terribly, but we will always be there for you. Stay focused, aim high and always do your best. Use your gifts wisely and keep the faith, as God has purpose for you. We love you, Mom and Dad


Chilli, Remember when we used to make fun of your nickname? “Chilli loves chillies!” How immature we were then. Well, we’re still immature, except now you’ve grown up and lost those chubby cheeks. We’ve had good times with all our crazy jokes. Crying out “Glory to!”, being greedy, Ying;s funny sms, taunting Dan with “Mr. Open Coffeeshop”. These are only to name a few...Whenever we break out into “Don’t-cha”, you’ll be sorely missed. Have fun in college! You’ve been a great big sister, looking out for us. We’ve always looked up to you; you’ve taught us a lot about being strong and independent. We love you! Natalie, Daniel and Caitlin

Michelle Ongko Dear Michelle, congratulations on your graduation! It seemed like yesterday when we dropped you off at Montessori school in Kemang, Jakarta. Now you have blossomed into a loving, self-confident & assertive young lady. You have brought us so much joy and pride into our lives and we are confident of your ability to succeed in all your endeavors. We just could not possibly love you more and will be there for you always. May God bless you! We will miss you so much. Love you always, Mami and Papi Dear Cici, Congratulation on ur graduation! Have fun in America and take care. Will miss u =) Love, Amanda

Samanta Pena ¡Our little princess graduates! Eighteen years have gone by since you were born. Wonderful memories of your birthday parties, your grandmas’ and the whole family’s caring love, and so many experiences your have been through since young age. This is what has forged the values that will guide your future. You were born and have lived in Barcelona, but also you have lived in Lisbon, Geneva, Madrid, Minneapolis and Singapore. You attended many schools and made many friends around the world. You have learnt many languages and cultures. In few years, you have known the world and realized what it is truly important. Our little princess, we feel so proud of you, watching you graduate from High School! You have completed this important phase of your life successfully. You have become a beautiful young lady, smart, independent and responsible. We love you so much and we wish you a wonderful future ahead! God bless you and leads you throughout your life. We love you very much! Mama, Papa, Victoria y Frederic.



Michelle Ong

Carlota Piguillem Mijn Lieve Schaatje, There are not enough words to tell you how much we love you and how proud we are with your achievements so far. It seems as though time went too fast; it was as if just yesterday you were born and now you are a beautiful young lady. Carlota eres nuestra estrella y te queremos mucho. Mama and Papa

Carlota Piguillem


Hey Sis whats going on well I shouldn’t be saying that because you’re on your way to graduation!!!! I just want to say I love you some much and I am proud of you for finally conquering your goal and making it all the way love you Big Sis. From your bro and always will be Alex Piguillem. P.S. Bagus Bener I’ll be there whenever you need help.

Mallika Rao Our darling Bittiya, Mallika, Can’t believe you have grown up so fast and all set to go to college! We will both miss you so much-no one to clean up after, not more chattering, no more noise. But seriously, you have given us so much joy and you are such a delight and so much fun. Have fun and good luck for the future. We are always here for you! Love, Mom and Dad


Dear Charles, It seems like only yesterday that you were on your way to your first day of school. Where has time gone??? Congratulations to you as you graduate from high school and begin an exciting new chapter in your life. The future holds so much in store for you. Always remember that nothing is beyond your reach if you are willing to work hard enough for it. You are an extraordinary human being and we have no doubts whatsoever that happiness and success will be yours always. We are so very proud of you. We will miss you, but please never forget that we are always here for you. Thank you so much, Charles, for being the wonderful son and brother that you are. Love, Mom, Dad and Jordan

Mitch Samson We feel blessed that we can call you “son.” We are very proud of you because we know that you have worked hard in endeavors you have pursued. You have faced many challenges and achieved many successes. You are a smart, sensitive young man with so many God-given talents. Though we will miss you dearly, we are excited about the experiences that lie ahead for you in this next exciting phase of your life. Always remember to be true to your convictions. Your true character is revealed by the choices you make, and the promises you keep. Hold strongly to your principles and refuse to follow the currents of convenience. Remember that you will always be in our hearts and have our unconditional support and love, forever and always. Please call home (or at least email) once in a while! We love you! Mom, Dad and Kelsey

Adam Schwarz

Adam, It is with a touch of sadness, a touch of pride, a touch of envy and a whole lotta love that we write this. Sadness in that you are our youngest and when you leave our home will be empty. Pride in that you have turned into a fine young man, successful in your athletic endeavors, with your friends and in school. Envy in that you are embarking on a very exciting part of your life. And love, goes without saying! College will be a wonderful experience. It is one of the few times in life you have a clean slate. Nobody cares about your past successes, but nobody cares about your pasts failures either. For better or worse you are starting over. Take advantage of this and remember “Faber quisque fortunae suae” (each man is the maker of his own fortune). We wish you luck in attaining yours! On a more visceral level, remember you only get a few mulligans in life...use yours sparingly! Love Dad and Mom



Charles Reinert

Michelle Schmitz Dearest Michelle, Bon Voyage! Your sense of adventure will make college and beyond a perpetual thrill for you. It has been a pleasure watching you grow from the inline skater at Central Park to the scuba diver in the Red Sea. We will miss the ear-splitting music coming from your room and then tickling notes of the piano, your film score arrangements and the wee hours of the morning or you “eureka moments.” You have boundless energy and enthusiasm to achieve great things. You are ready to take on the unknown and leave your mark on the world. We are going to miss you. Love,


Michelle Schmitz

To Mik: It’s funny, the things I think that I’ll remember from being your twin: actually deciphering a map correctly and not getting lost, sharing the same love of food (and pizza! And cheese!), to reminiscing over our individual cultural experiences abroad (Oxford/Paris) and apart. I’ll remember growing up in New York and attending (separate) schools on the East and West side, our shared love of roller hockey in the Park and crime show marathons. I’ll remember your excitement over finally cracking that problem or scoring A in an exam and I’ll remember your love of music whether creating and playing songs from the computer to the piano or singing along to iTunes late into the night. I’ve never been your lab partner, but I’m sure your positive and avid love of science will aid in your pursuit of that final, correct answer. I hope you’ll adopt any humor or wisdom that I’ve imparted on you and attack any problem with gusto and ease. If anything, remember to grow, mature, and laugh with friends. Find the voice in your work and power in your soul. -- Nicole

Nicole Schmitz

Dearest Nicole, You are on your way! You have earned your right of passage. Your free spirit and emotions come through your writing and observations. From the time of “Alice, the Alligator”, you see an event and bring it alive with flair and poetry. We are impressed with your amazing sense of humor and strong self-expression and creativity. Continue being yourself as you move on to new adventures. Your enthusiasm to observe, you uncompromising integrity and your pursuit of the truth will carry you far. You have been a wonderful companion on our world travels and we are going to miss you. Love, Mom and Dad


Dearest Nic, By all accounts, we are free. However, I have a wonderful time being your twin. We have gone through so much together-school, travel and life- and I have no idea what kind of person I would be if you were not there. You have an amazing streak of no-nonsenseness about you, a gutsy determination to seek the truth (we are, after all, part “deVera”) and you strive to always better yourself. It may have seemed to be a competition at times, and we have demonstrated that love-hate relationship of all siblings, Nic, but in the end we always benefited from each other and I know that we will miss each other. Keep in touch, Nic, although we will be thousands of miles apart- mahal kita! Michelle

Rhoda Severino Dearest Rhoda: As you go off to college, we are reminded of Lord Polonius’ famous advice to his son, Laertes, who is about to sail for studies in Paris (Hamlet, Act I, Scene 3): This about all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man. It is advice that you would do well to take to heart. To thine own self be true – meaning be faithful to your standards, to principles that are etched in conscience. Not the standards of others but your own. However, it is not fidelity to those principles for its own sake or for your own satisfaction; it is being true to yourself for a purpose, so that you can be true to whose lives you touch – true compassion, true in service, true in love. It is a beautiful life ahead of you, a life guided by your own star for the good of others. Mom and Papa

Sneh Shah Dear Sneh, It has been a wonderful experience watching you grow up from a little toddler to a young man. We are so proud of all your achievements both at school and outside the classroom. The time has come for you to embark on your next journey in college. We are sure that with your persistence and determination, you will be what you want to become. Take the time to learn about your life, the company you keep and yourself. We are confident that you will continue to succeed and make us proud. Enjoy your college education and we wish you the very best. With deepest love, Mom and Dad Sneh, I can’t believe you’re already graduating. Next year, I am really going to miss you. You’ve been the greatest brother I could have. You’ve always supported me, helped me when I needed it, and made me laugh. It’s going to be boring in the house and I might just hang out with mom next year. You really are a great role model, and a lot who I am is because of your influence. Good luck and have fun in college, I’ll miss you. Love, Sajan



Nicole Schmitz

Sam Sheldon

Dearest Sam, Hurray for you! You already know how proud we are of you and all you have accomplished. We are so happy that you have found a passion in cooking that you will have the chance to fulfill you dream of becoming a chef. The culture shock of living in America and the physical shock of living through New York winters are just a couple of the new challenges that we know you will rise to with you usual style and grace. That special quality that you have had since birth is still shining bright. Your originality, your sense of humour and your kind and responsible nature are just some of the great things about you that will ensure you are always surrounded by people who love you. We know that whatever you do, you will do it well! All our love, Mom and Dad

Sam Sheldon


Sam, I’m so proud of you for the things you have achieved this year, and in your life so far. I know you’ll continue to succeed in everything you do, in and out of the CIA. You’re hard to live with at times (I know I am too) but it’ll definitely change once you’re gone and I know I’m going to miss you a lot, but I also know that you’ll experience a lot of new things and have a great time in college and beyond. Don’t forget to call. Love, Emma

Anna Simpson Dear Anna, Congratulations on your graduation. We are so proud of the woman you have become. Be proud of yourself. Your roots are developed, now fly my love. You will soar. Know that we love you all the way around the world! Love and squeezes, Mom and Dad


Tommy, It’s hard to believe that you just had your 18th birthday and will graduate high school in the class of 2007! Thinking back the time has really flown by. Now it’s time for college and the next real chapter in your life. We are extremely proud of you and know that you will be successful in anything you do. Making a move to Singapore in the midst of your junior year was a real challenge and you took it head on. You have developed into a terrific young man carrying yourself with confidence and maturity. Your future will bring whatever you want it to as long as you remain dedicated and focused. We encourage you to set high goals and stay on track. We will always be here for you whenever you need us and only a phone call away. We love you very much! Best of luck, Mom and Dad

Thomas Soderlund Tommy, You were out long awaited first grandchild. You were our “little gentlemen” and we loved you beyond words! Well, some things never change-you still are and we still do! We know you’ll be successful in whatever you choose to do. We are always here for you. Good Luck and God Bless, Nana and Papa

Christina Starkey TinaCongrats on all your accomplishments throughout the years and especially in high school! Enjoy your upcoming university adventure-Asia has certainly been a wonderful experience! Remember...make good choices! Love, Mom and Dad



Thomas Soderlund

Christina Starkey TinaWe’ll miss you at home, as well as on the rugby field! Good Luck in college! Love, Jack and David

Jaidev Subaiah


Dearest Son, It is a privilege to be father to an extraordinary chappie like yourself. Indeed, you are a fighter and a pussycat, a prince and a rascal, a philosopher and a twit, an errant knight and a rake, an intellectual and a bonehead, all rolled into the singularly unique JJ that I am so wonderfully proud of. As you go forth and stir up more commotion in the life ahead of you, I have two pieces of paternal advice which I have surreptitiously stolen from my buddy Shakespeare. Always remember that “a fool and his money are soon parted” – you have been supremely successful at relieving me of a significant portion of my net worth, just don’t let the same happen to you. And that “ ‘tis better to be a foolish wit than a witless fool”. Here’s to the ride ahead!! Lots of love. Dad JJ son, As you go through life, let these words guide you always patience, perseverance, persistence and prayer. May your journey be filled with love, light and laughter. We love you son, Mom Bhaiyah, Having grown up with you has been a mix of the good and the bad. Either way, between the sadness and the smiles, it’s been fun. I think it was awesome that I’ve always had you around to protect me, love me, laugh with me, care for me, just sit and talk to me. Not to forget, also be mean to me. You are insane and I love you that way. “Life. Hope. Truth. Trust. Faith. Pride. Love. Lust. Pain. Hate. Lies. Guilt. Laugh. Cry. Live. Die.”

Sara Tan Dear Sara, We are blessed to have a wonderful daughter and see her grow from a baby to a beautiful teenager. Congratulations of your graduation from SAS! Now you are ready to fly with your wings and pursue the courses that will fulfill your ambitions and aspirations. We can only wish you, dearest daughter, the best of luck in everything that you want to do for your future! Study hard and have fun in college! Love, Mom and Dad


To our beautiful Girl, Motivational speeches have been the order of the day for the past few years but apparently they have worked so no need for another one here. We are celebrating with you yet another milestone in your life. You are graduating from high school and this fills us with enormous pride and joy and reflects on the journey that you have taken from being the most beautiful baby to becoming a confident, intelligent young woman with a righteous heart. Like all things in life, your journey was filled with obstacles, joys, hardships, friendships and love but most importantly, the love and support of your family. You are about to start a new chapter in your life and experiences you have had so far as a daughter, a sister and a friend will serve you well in what lies ahead. Your family will be there with you along the way with much encouragement and love as you succeed in fulfilling your destiny. R, Zed & Puki

Daniel Tsukuda

Dani, Now it is time to say goodbye to you. Three years ago was your brother Mauricio and your Mom again started to cry much more that ever you know why. Remember all time that your family will always be there for you. We hope you will enjoy your University and also make a lot of good friends, do not forget that choosing the right friends is the most important. Remember also to use your talent in favour of you progress, achievements, commitment. We are sure that moving from Brazil to Singapore gave you a different dimension on life and exposed you to many new things. Hope you can still play soccer and hopefull you can get an opportunity and chance to play in the Varsity team once again as you did at SAS. Good luck but do not forget to put a lot of effort. We will miss you! Take care of yourself. God and Meishu Sama bless you all the time! Mom and Dad

Jarrod Underwood You have reached another milestone, not just graduation from high school but the entrance into adulthood. We have seen you develop and mature into the man any parent would be proud to call their son. We are inspired by how you have dealt with and triumphed over physical diversity, not letting it define who you are. We are awed by your faith, which is living and real. We are heartened by your music. We are amazed at your academic perseverance and accomplishments. We love you unconditionally and are so extremely proud of the life that you live out to the fullest. With all our love, Mom and Dad P.S. We will miss all the “friends and strangers” that you invite home to dinner. (something you have been doing since you were 2)! You’re a good bro, and I will miss you. It will be lonely with you not around next year. Thanks for being there for me. I love you and will enjoy moving into your old room. Kait



Veronica Toth

Peter Vaz Dear Kor, After almost killing each other all this time, who’d know that I’d live to see you graduate. A few years ago, I was counting the days till you left home and now, I’m counting the days that you will still be here. How things have changed. You are now my role model (Petrina), comfort when I’m down in the dumps, a helping hand whenever I’ve needed you. I will cherish everything you have done with me, the long talks in the car to school (which I never wanted to end), your advice (in your freezing room), food sampling with you, the perennial connoisseur. I’m really proud of you. I can’t wait until I see you walk up there to get your certificate. I’m going to miss you so much!! (P.S. I finally got to watch your rugby games and you rock my socks off!!) Your little sister, Arriel


Peter Vaz

Wetes, Everything said and done. Who knew that one day I would call you my best friend and confidant. It makes me smile just thinking about all the funny memories we have. Life was never boring when you were around. Noting makes me happier than to know that as you graduate, you’re graduating having lived your high school life to the fullest. I’m so proud of the person you’ve become, and I’m so excited to see the person you will become as you move into the next stage of your life. Paul Coehlo said in the Alchemist, “and life will be a party for you, a grand festival, because life is the moment we’re living in now.” Life’s short. Live it like you love it Pete. I wish you all the best. All my love, Ally

Cat Ward “A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.” - Nelson Mandela Who Loves You Baby XO m&d


Lindsay, We are so proud of you for all that you have accomplished. You have adjusted well to living in different cultures by making many good friends along the way. You’ve worked hard to succeed in different school systems and have learned t appreciate what each has to offer. You are strong and independent young lady with much to offer the world. You are beautiful, intelligent, thoughtful and very gifted in the arts. We know that you will excel in your future endeavors and look forward to seeing you through your next! Love always, Jim and Mom

Kacey Whitaker Wow my big sister is a senior! I still remember the days when you found a thrill in hiding behind doors and screaming “BOO” as I walked by. From Calgary all the way to Singapore, you have always been there for me! The past few years have gone by fast and I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me! I admire the woman you’ve become, and although I won’t necessarily admit it, I’ll miss you next year! Good luck at university! -Love always, your little sister, Jacqueline

Kacey Whitaker Our Dearest Kacey, “Wow,” you have come a long way Baby! You have grown tremendously from our little girl that nervously entered preschool in Halifax, from our daughter who was too shy to order her own food at a restaurant. Now you carry yourself with a quiet confidence, you are an intelligent and amazing young lady that works hard at school, an outstanding athlete, and a leader and motivator of others, and a wonderful part of this family. You have learned through your participation in sports how to win and lose with dignity and grace. It is our wish that these life lessons carry you far. You have a bright future! We are very proud of you! Congratulations! Love always Mom and Dad



Lindsay Webb

Rachel Witt Our little Kuala Lu, We marvel at all you have accomplished. When we first moved to Singapore, it seemed that we may have made a mistake. However, we now look back on the past four years here and we know that you have been blessed by a new vision, new friends, and new dreams. You have always been an energetic, humorous, opinionated and intelligent girl and now you will venture into a new phase of life. Stay focused on the good in life, strive for justice, hold your memories dear, and always remember that we love you so much. Mom, Dad, Daniel and Joel

Shimpei Yamashita Dearest Shimpei We could not believe that our little boy is now going to college! We are very proud and doing well in everyday lives. You are the best child and very loving and caring for others. We believe you will continue to work hard in academics. With English as your obstacle you are able to do well in your studies. You have a great sense of humor and everyone will love you. Enjoy your next step in your life and we will support you with lots of love.


Shinko â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Yoku yatta! Korekaramo gambare! Papa/Mama

Peck Yang Peck Yang Thank you for being with us for the last 17 years; its has been our most joyful, memorable, and beautiful time. You are about to go to college, and start a new life. Ahead, you will face both many challenges and opportunities. We are confident that you will handle your life well, and you will achieve even more that what you have accomplished before. Peck, you have been the gold in our lives because you are so precious and important to us. You will continue to shine no matter where you are going to be. We hope your life will forever be healthy, happy, and peaceful. Mom and Dad

372â&#x20AC;&#x192; CONGRATULATIONS2007

Dear Celine, You have survived seventeen years of hard work, and we are so so so proud of you and your incredible accomplishments! We will always be behind you to help you realize your dream of your Underwater House! We wish you a wonderful and very challenging career at undergrad and the grad schools! Tons and tons of love and support, Mom, Jacquie and Dad

Ming Chin Yen Ming, Not everyone is as lucky as I am to have a big brother like you. You have always been there for me and I love you for everything. Good news is that I might see you in the army. Jay

Ming Chin Yen Ming, Every moment of you life is a treasure of ours. Those up and downs, happiness and disappointments, dreams and hopes were all fully integrated and turned into the joy of life that we all shared. We are so proud of you each time when you had a step forward in your growing and we couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t resist telling around how good we felt about you. You are the biggest part of our life no matter how far you are away. Love, Mum and Dad

CONGRATULATIONS2007â&#x20AC;&#x192; 373


Celine Yeh

Ming Chin Yen Dear Ming, Your extraordinary intellect always impressed us. We were surprised that you knew all the countries and cities of the world when you were just in the 5th grade. You are meticulous, hardworking and down to earth. You are exceptionally compassionate and caring. We think you will be a great professor, lawyer or doctor. You can achieve whatever you set your mind to do. Pursue your dreams. Love, Uncle Len and Auntie Phoebe

Ming Chin Yen


Dear Ming, Congratulations! I can’t believe how quickly time has passed... I still can’t forget my first trip to visit you in Jakarta when I drove your toy jeep into the baby pool! We share many memories and I’m grateful that we’re family. You are a talented young man and you have a big heart. I am so proud of you. Love, Cordelia

Ming Chin Yen Dear Ming, As you take the next step beyond high school, take time to reflect how far you have come and plan for how far ahead you could see yourself. Remember to be grateful to those who have helped you along the way, and those who will assist you in the future. Most important, treasure the ones who have provided for you and guided you without asking for anything in return. Your parents are two of these people. Take time to appreciate what others have done for you and you will appreciate your life even more. Love, Uncle Cheese


Dear Ming, Time has come to congratulate you on you graduation. We are very impressed by your lust for knowledge, you readiness to lend a hand and you consideration for others. These qualities have made you stand out, sparkling wherever you go. Please never give up the practice of saxophone-an instrument which will enrich your happiness and soothe your sadness, and all the more do not waste your talent. Good luck and best wishes, Akong and Chimpo

Nora Yin

Congratulations To A Very Special Graduate

Nora, we are all very proud of you and your achievements. Thanks for being such a wonderful daughter and sister. You have brought so much joy into our life, and we are going to miss you much more than you would ever know...... We love you very much, unconditionally, and wish you the very best for your future! “May the good Lord be with you down every road you roam, And may sunshine and happiness surround you when you are far from home. May you grow to be proud dignified, and true, And do unto others as you’d have done to you.” Cheers and have a flying start! Love always, Mom, Dad, & Sara

Rachelle Yu Dear Jie Jie Rachelle, Congratulations on graduating. We are all proud of you. Your Grandparents, Uncles, Aunties, and Cousins



Ming Chin Yen

Rachelle Yu Dear Rachelle, Congratulations! You have done very well in high school and we hope you enjoy college. Celebrate! Love, Mom and Dad

Rachelle Yu


Rachie, Good job on getting through high school. It should be a good time now that you’ll be in the States with me. Always remember that “kiang tio ho, mai ke kiang”, and just to make you feel better, I completely forgive you for what you did to Maggie. She was little banged up but I think she’ll survive. Congrats Chubby, Russ

Grace Chuensuksawadi Our dearest Sweet Pea, Time has passed too quickly, but we are very happy and proud to see you graduating high school, one of the major milestones in your and our lives. Watching you grow up to become the sweet, sensitive, kind and thoughtful girl that you are has been so satisfying, it really is beyond words. Soon you will be off to college. You have worked hard and earned it, so enjoy the next four exciting years of education and experiences and make us proud once again. We love you, Mama & Papa


Dear Jordan, It is amazing to think that you are graduating from High School when a toddler with a blue knit sweater, with a yellow chick was starting to walk at 2760 Signal Hill Drive only a few years ago. We always wanted a child that tested the boundaries and had a mind of their own. Sometimes you have to be careful what you hope for as parents. You have made us laugh and cry and you have helped us to learn a lot about life. Keep your priorities straight and may God bless and keep you that you will find and fulfill your destiny. We love you very much and will miss you. Mom and Dad

Abhinav Kaul Where did the years go? From Cat in a Hat to Schlosser, from crawling into our bed in the frigid winters of NY to animated discussions about Global Warming, from Power Rangers to MSN! Of course, part of the time went in packing and unpacking- from Delhi to Chennai, onwards to New York, Tokyo, Amsterdam and now Singapore. Making new friends, missing old ones and yet adapting, growing and striving to exceed the high expectations we always had from you. There is no greater pride for us than to see you- an Indian turned American turned world citizen- build a distinct identity and a sense of values that are so uniquely your own. As you shape and pursue your dreams, we will watch and pray (and call you every day) but now onwards, you will be in the driver’s seat and we in the back seat. Make wise choices and remember we will always be there for you (also remember you still need a driver’s license!!). Love, Rahul, Mom, Dad.

Robert Rathvon

Dear Robert, Robbie, Fred, Bob, Rob, The Journey is always starting... From- Gurgles, smiles, and self-assured, strong spoken convictions; Little “Mr.-a-Go-Go” world traveler; A cute “Sweetie” a man firmly grounded in strong values and integrity; Saying, “All by self” at well-earned responsibility all by yourself; Strumming your little guitar... to major musical accomplishments around the world;Naming every automobile at age 3 ... to wanting the finest performing vehicle today; Gymnastic medals off-the-wall back-flips and a Wu Shu disciple; Chinese tones learned in Hong Kong... to a love of world languages; A love for all nationalities and a deep compassion for others; Immediate family love and a vast world of friends everywhere; Most valuable runner a desire to train to be your physical best; A deep sense of a desire to serve your country; A baby with your hands in the cookie adult hands outstretched to the world; The Journey is always starting... Love and God speed to you, Mum, Dad, Rhede, and Gina



Jordan Dawe

Warren Ho Dearest Warren, From a karate kid to a long distance runner, we are truly proud that our little boy has grown into a cheerful, confident, fine young man. You will face new challenges and obstacles in the future but remember, son, we will always be there whenever you need us. Well done, son. With much love, Mom & Dad

Julie Embla Grefsrud Dear Julie,


It seems like it was only yesterday: walking down the street, holding your hand, on our way to the first day of school at Kjelsås. Memories of your friends piling in during the weekends for sleepovers, scary movies and pizza, our lazy summers in Italy and snowboarding in Trysil - what a great time we had! And here you are – graduating and on the brink of starting your own life. We are so proud of the young woman you have become: creative, fun-loving, adventurous and kind. You take life’s challenges in stride and with a twinkle in your eye. We are certain the future holds wonderful things for you and look forward to following you in your new endeavors. We will always be there for you! Go for it!!! Super-duper glad i deg!!! Hugs and kisses from Mom and Dad



Abdelnoor, Connor 64, 148, 206 Abueva, Joshua 37, 40, 91, 105, 203 Acevedo, Ricardo 37, 40, 91, 148 Acevedo, Jose 36, 94 Adams, Jelita 60, 64, 91, 105, 162 Agarwal, Renuka 26, 27, 94, 107, 122, 142, 148, 198 Agarwal, Sakshi 103, 198 Agarwal, Tarang 105, 128, 158, 242 Ahn, Dong Won 105, 193 Ahn, Hye-Sung 105, 124, 219, 242 Ahn, Wynn 94, 148 Aholt, Christopher 40, 200 Ahuja, Arshia 40, 149, 208 Akagawa, Shina 94, 106, 196 Akman, Audrey 176, 242 Al Ramahi, Rawan 40 Al Ramahi, Sultan 94, 164 Alcaraz, Johanna 40, 219 Alim, Viendy 64, 197 Allen, Anna 60, 127, 243, 326 Alli-Shaw, Nicholas 94, 162 Aloisi, Andrea 64, 212 Amidjojo, Jonathan 94, 164 Amiruddin, Azhani 55, 105, 107, 243 Amstrup, Isabella 186, 243, 326 An, Xiao 60, 64, 162 Andersen, Lindsey 37, 90, 94, 170 Anderson, Jake 40, 90, 203 Anderson, Miracle 40, 90, 197 Anderson, Spencer 64, 128, 202, 220 Anderson, Megan 36, 90, 94, 148 Anderson, Adam 79, 90, 141, 143, 178, 244, 326, Andrade, Vincent 40, 194 Andrew, Michael 91, 94, 196 Angdrea, Shannon 94, 170 Ardon, Cristina 160 Ardon, Guillermo 218

380 ISLANDER2007

Benjamin, Duncan 64, 104, 202 Betts, Lauren 40, 60, 203 Bharvani, Krisna 60, 64, 162 Bharvani, Anushka 60, 61, 127, 174, 246, 327, 328 Binnig, Sean 40, 105 Binnig, Alyssa 60, 156, 246, 328 Black, Kendra 94, 167 Ayyar, Shruti 61, 174, 244, 327 Black, Rachel 18, 34, 36, 109, 126, 186, 247, 328 Bock, Min Sung 37, 40 Bock, Mariko 106, 186, 247, 329 Bond, Michael 105, 124, 158, 247, 329 Baba, Rina 40, 218 Boothe, Alexandra 34, 35, 94, 138, Bach, Cameron 94, 193 148, 210 Bae, Soo Yeon 73, 198 Bordwell, Kathryn 37, 172, 248 Baicy, Caroline 40, 219 Borsuk, Denise 60, 120, 174, 248 Baicy, Gary Rowe 94, 212 Bose, Sumanjeet 40, 194 Baildon, Brady 64, 90, 197, 148 Boston, Christi 30, 36, 94, 182 Balaji, Aishwarrya 64, 104, 106, 195 Bousky, Patrick 64, 91, 206 Balcom, Brittany 56, 105, 107, 128, Bowers, James 40, 216 160, 245 Bradley, William Yang 40, 91, 202 Ball, Alexis 64, 106 Briggs, Christopher 105, 218 Banerji, Divya 94, 182 Briggs, Brian 64, 105, 202 Bang, Amber 94, 214 Brito, Juvenalia 60, 64, 106, 193 Banister, Nicole 34, 36, 64, 77, 90, Britton, Tanner 64, 206 106, 141, 195 Brotman, Emily 58, 64, 188 Bardon, Peter 64, 105, 206 Brown, Amanda 40, 91, 92 Bardon, Matthew 91, 94, 170 Brown, Calin 64, 117 Barge, Shannon 40, 192 Brown, Melanie 94 Barrett, Gillian 40, 215 Brunoehler, Erica 94, 210 Barrett, Byron 94, 216 Bryans, Alexander 40, 194 Barry, Rachel 40, 60, 208 Bryson, Ian 40, 91, 203 Barz, Eleanor 193 Bryson, Nicole 22, 89, 90, 156, 248, Basilio, Rudona Christin 94, 167 329, 330 Basu, Aditi 94, 168 Buchholz, Martis 15, 64 Bautista, Adrian 64, 91, 149, 195 Bech, Marcus 28, 29, 36, 56, 148, 156 Buchholz, Maritz 94, 198 Bukovitz, Michael 64, 218 Beinhorn, Camille 94, 198 Bullock, Penn 249 Bell, Alexis 40, 192 Burtch, James 37, 40, 192 Brandi Bell 246 Butalia, Gautam 148, 156, 249 Bell, Laura 64, 219 Arya, Priyanka 60, 64, 162 Asai, Mary Ann 64, 104 Asselin Lauzon, Alexis 37, 40, 143, 148, 192 Auerbach, Olivia 40, 58, 192 Ayer, Peter 23, 59, 105, 107, 158, 244 Ayyar, Sanskriti 64, 105, 212, 244


Butt, Jonathan 64, 105, 162 Bynum, Thomas 64, 195 Byrne, Lena 90, 94, 170

Chang, Ya Chun 104, 174, 251 Charbonnet, Daniel 90, 95, 148, 163 Charbonnet, Paul 28, 36, 90, 104, 184, 251 Byun, Woo Jeong 94, 105, 192 Charleston-Coad, Jonathan 65 Charoenwong, Ben Gossin 65, 148 Chattopadhyay, Siddhartha 91, 95 Chee, Christopher 41, 104, 194 Chen, Melissa 41, 101, 149 Chen, Natalie 41, 219 Cadieux-Shaw, Lillianne 64, 188 Chen, Vanessa 41 Cain, Amanda 94, 169 Chen, Yvonne Callahan, Kezia 106, 116, 174, 249 Chen, Eric Y W 65, 162 Carbon, Kyle 64, 149, 162 Chen, Jeremy 65, 216 Card, Alicia 64, 91, 106, 195 Chen, Meng 170 Cardenas, Matthew 210 Chen, Hsien Ching 95, 164 Carral, Gonzalo 28, 29, 30, 79, 98, Chen, Jiamin 186, 252 148, 178, 250, 330 Chen, Kenneth 90, 104, 123, 174, 252 Carver, Charles 94, 198 Cheng, Tommy 41, 192 Casella, Alexander 64, 195 Cheng, Charlotte 65, 106 Cassini, Pierre 40, 91, 208 Cheng, Jon 65, 188 Cavalheiro, Breno 91, 94, 193 Cheng, Henry 95, 148, 198 Cavazuti, Megan 40, 60 Cheng, Tiffany 95, 105, 124, 168 Chadwick, Alexander 40, 90, 106, Cheng, Alvin 174, 252 202 Cheng, Victoria 186, 253 Chan, Edward 40, 202 Cheong, Melissa 95, 219 Chan, Patrina 40, 202 Cherng, Pai Hsin 41, 218 Chan, Ryan 40, 219 Cheung, Alex 65, 149 Chan, Kenneth 64, 87, 90, 105, 216 Chan, Priscilla 15, 58, 60, 64, 107, 162 Cheung, Alrick 174, 253 Chew, Catherine 253 Chan, Kelly Lynn 94, 116, 170 Chew, Sylvia 80, 81, 90, 214, 254, 332 Chan, Leon 94, 164 Chi, Michael 65, 104, 219 Chan, Natasha 94, 106, 168 Chiang, Lucas 41, 202 Chan, Joshua 165, 250, 331 Chin, Kevin 65, 105, 216 Chand, Zubin 58, 64, 212 Chandaria, Vishal 90, 158, 250, 331 Chin, Alison 60, 95, 182 Chiu, Martina 95, 106, 218 Chandran, Chandrika 58, 186, 251 Cho, Hye-In 95, 219 Chang, Jason 15, 40, 202 Choe, Jesse 95, 164 Chang, Michael 40, 149, 203 Choe, Jonathan 59, 190, 254 Chang, Kwang-Jae 64 Chohan, Shreya 65, 194 Chang, Nicholas 64, 90, 91, 104, 148, Choi, Jung Hyuck 41 206 Choi, Joon Ho 37, 65, 106, 212 Chang, Hua Wei 95, 168


Choi, Jun Yul 95, 105, 169 Choi, Hyung Koo 180, 254 Chopra, Aashna 65, 212 Chow, Alan 65, 197 Chow, Brian 65, 197 Chowdhry, Aaditya 41, 91, 202 Chritton, Theodore 41, 87, 90, 200 Chu, Dennis 41, 87, 90, 104, 202 Chu, Cindy Hsiun 64, 104 Chua, Thaddeus 95, 104, 219 Chua, Ee-Chien 106, 122, 214, 255 Chuah, Sarah 41, 216 Chuensuksawadi, Thitaya 186, 255, 376 Chung, Hee Soo 60, 65, 195 Chung, Andrew Hahneol 88, 90, 95, 105, 193 Ciputra, Michael 95, 170 Clower, Crystal 126, 160, 255, 332 Clydesdale, Duncan 41, 90, 105, 216 Colletti, Nicholas 41, 89, 90, 203 Comstock, Christopher 65, 206 Comstock, Eric 36, 90, 184, 256, 333 Conner, Kyle 65, 149, 219 Contrino, Jessica 95 Conway, Michelle 23, 174, 256, 333 Coromina, Kenneth Anjou 218 Costello, Steven 58, 184, 256 Courtenay, Danielle 41, 219 Cox, Austin 41, 91, 105, 203 Crawford, Lars 15, 33, 36, 41, 90, 105, 148, 203 Crawford, Clayton 32, 33, 36, 75, 90, 136, 137, 148, 178, 257, 334 Crivorot, Ana 65, 215 Cucchi, Virginia 41, 218 Cumming, Bradley 65, 162 Cumming, Drew 65, 91, 206 Curto, Stephen 41, 58, 107, 201 Curto, Chelsea 23, 56, 58, 59, 95, 107, 126, 128, 196

ISLANDER2007 381


Daily, Nico 41, 214 Darby, Per-Christian 90, 95, 170 Darmawan, Aryo Jati 41 Das, Anit 107, 124, 158, 257, 334, 335 Davies, Maximilian 95, 164 Davis, James 36, 65, 91, 105, 149, 169 Dawe, Brittany 37, 41, 105, 148, 214 Dawe, Jordan 79, 90, 257, 377 Day, Stevie 109, 125, 158, 258 De La Hoz, Katherine 65, 87, 169 Debell, Sydney 41, 215 Debell, Andrew 90, 95, 164, 202 DeBerry, Blake 41, 105, 149, 208 DeFord, Katherine 198, 258, 335 DeGuzman, Luigi Benjamin 95, 216 DeNoma, Scott 37, 41, 91, 207 DeNoma, Sara 30, 36, 55, 148, 156, 258, 336 DeVaney, Katrina 65, 212 Dewan, Rohin 37, 65 Dhani, Hardeep 65, 91, 149, 169 Dibb, Dymock 41, 91, 218 Dickson, Katherine 60, 90, 95, 170 Ding, Beatrice 65, 91, 106, 212 Dinsmore, Dan 41, 218 Dixon, Keri 30, 36, 56, 138, 148, 156, 259, 337 Do, Min Hee 95 Dolph, Ryan 41, 218 Dou, Chao 37, 95, 117, 219 Downs, Anna 65, 162 Doyle, Sean 41, 91, 203 Doyle, Patrick 90, 95, 193 Doyle, Aubrey 36, 55, 90, 259, 337 Due, Nikita 60, 95, 219 Dugard, Dorothy 95, 105, 117, 182 Dunbar, Kimberley 65, 206 Duncan, Jonathan 259 Dunderdale, Chloe 60, 65, 109, 162 Dwyer, Joshua 41, 149, 203

E 382 ISLANDER2007

Eg, Belinda 36, 41, 91, 104, 142, 148 Eg, Jonathan 75, 90, 104, 123, 216, 219, 260 Eifler, Eric 158, 260 Einhorn, Terence 28, 36, 95, 105, 107, 124, 166 Eng, Matthew 95, 219 Escalante, Taylor 73, 212

Ettensperger, Luke 95, 207 Ettlin, Alexander 90, 95, 170 Evans, Kenneth 41, 208 Evans, Oliver 65, 206


Fan, Chien Hao 41, 105, 203 Fan, Lawrence 36, 41, 148 Fan, Tiffany 95, 117, 146, 148, 170 Fan, Kelly 190, 260 Farris, Lindsey 60, 95, 170 Farzaneh, Jhila 60, 65, 162 Favati, Caitlin 37, 41, 194 Favati, Natalie 31, 36, 90, 95, 148, 170 Favati, Crista 36, 156, 261, 337 Fay, Caitlin 60, 95, 106, 182 Felice, Lauren 42, 37, 91, 203 Feng, Ying 42, 106 Fenwick, Myles 42, 207 Fenwick, Ryan 105, 156, 261, 338 Fergin, William 65, 202 Fernando, Ashan 37, 42, 105 Fickel, James 42, 203 Figueroa, Nadia 218 Finch, Anjuli 42, 91, 105, 215 Finch, Alexander 65, 90, 140, 148, 206 Fink, Rachel 37, 65, 201 Fischer, Harold 212 Florez, Paula 65, 192 Foo, John 95, 105,192 Fordney, Daniel 96, 170 Friis, Markus 36, 96, 193 Frogley, Adam 19, 90, 96, 170 Frost, William 96 Fu, Michael 66, 193 Fu, Jonathan 96, 164 Fulton, William 66, 206 Fung, Ching Nga 66 Fung, Samantha 66, 195 Fussner, Casimir 66, 206


Gamble, Janay 182 Gamble, Brian 58, 96, 188 Gandhi, Shreya 60, 66, 149, 182 Garcia, Rick D. 96, 196 Gay, Danielle 96, 105, 183 Gerebtzoff, Tatiana 66 Gibson, Sara 42, 91, 149, 215 Gilchrist, Catherine 42, 208 Gilchrist, Alexandra 96, 196 Gilde, Kailen 96, 207 Gilligan, Patrick 91, 96, 193 Gillis, Ian 15, 32, 33, 36, 66, 90, 137, 148, 207 Gillott, Caroline 186, 262, 338

Glick, Jordan 96, 196 Go, Hilary 66 Goh, Julian 37, 66, 105, 149, 216 Goh, Mun Shuen 104, 149 Golden, John 42, 105, 212 Golden, James 24, 36, 96, 198 Goode, Jonas Goodwin, Laura 66, 148, 166 Goulding, Ryan Gourgel, Sidney 66, 91, 170 Graddy, Cathleen 66, 91, 206 Grandidge, Christopher 36, 132, 172, 262, 338 Greene, Alexander 66, 169 Greene, Sophie 50, 60, 148, 172, 262, 339, 340 Grefsrud, Synne 96, 210 Grefsrud, Julie 184, 263 Grgas, Matthew 42, 105 Grgas, Alice 91, 96, 105, 188 Griggs, Jamie 42, 218 Groch-Begley, Hannah 58, 96, 196 Guerrero, Kinney 42 Guerrisi, Lexis 37, 66, 91, 167 Guggisberg, Wyatt 56, 66, 91, 166 Gummalam, Pallavi 15, 42, 106, 149,



Hackett, Paul 36, 66, 105, 197 Hakam, Joseph 36, 66, 105, 197 Hakim, Belal 15, 91, 96, 198, 220 Hale, Brittany 96, 193 Hale, Caitlin 172, 263, 340, 341 Hamberlin II, William 66, 91, 149, 166 Hamby, Anne-Marie Hamilton, Jeffrey 90, 126, 172, 263, 341 Hammond, Barret 56, 172, 264 Han, Jea Jun 66, 105, 107, 166 Han, Jung Ho 96, 219 Han, Sun 24, 25, 36, 96, 105, 124, 148, 193 Hanagan, Nora 36, 66, 80, 90, 143, 148, 166 Harakuma, Ria 180, 264 Hardee, John 66, 105, 166 Hardee, Devin 24, 27, 96, 121, 198 Hardesty, Larissa 96, 193 Harris, Jessica 42, 201, 264 Hartman, Daniel 42, 201 Hartung, Benjamin 96, 162 Hasan, Alvi 42, 58 Hasan, Massimiliano 42, 201 Hasan, Wilson 96, 145, 148, 186, 193 Hasan, Shabiba 58, 184, 265, 341 Hasan, Winny 106, 265 Hasegawa, Shuma 97, 210 Havas, Alexander 42, 207 Hayes, Lorren 42 Hayward, Meredith 37, 66, 90, 166

He, Ben Li 32, 66, 82, 91, 216 He, Caroline 85 Henson, Lindsay 67, 212 Hesh, Roxanne 42, 87, 89, 90, 194 Hesh, Rod 87, 88, 90, 97, 163 Hewitt III, Charles 67, 195 Hicks, Kirstin Hill, Justin 36, 97, 107, 196 Ho, Jennifer 42, 216 Ho, Kevin 172, 241, 265, 342 Ho, Warren Wei Lien 24, 25, 36, 143, 148, 172, 266 Ho Sang, Amanda 60, 67, 104 Hoffer, Alex 67, 105, 107, 169 Hogan, Breda 184, 266, 342 Holding, Rhys 90, 172, 266 Holt, Lawrence 67 Hong, Suzie 42, 105, 219 Hong, Seung Gon 67, 106, 166 Hong, Soo Jin 19, 90, 97, 193 Hong, Sung Won 20, 104, 180, 267 Horowitz, Chloe 67, 106, 219 Hosokai, Ai 23, 67, 195 Hotta-Moung, Denise 160, 241, 267, 342, 343 Householder, Kelsie 97, 106, 117, 182 Householder, Corey 107, 122, 214, 267 Howard, Katherine 268 Howard, Michael 97, 198 Howell, Liam 212, 268 Hryshchyshyn, Stephen 42, 90, 105, 212 Hryshchyshyn, Lydia 90, 97, 109, 164 Hsia, Audrey 42, 216 Hsieh, Katherine 97, 104, 165 Hsu, Kai Yang 104, 123, 193 Hsu, Ya Han 176, 268 Huang, Tzu Chi 42, 91, 219 Huang, He 167, 269 Huang, Yu-Hui 106, 176, 269 Huckbody, Patrick 172, 269, 343 Hue, Stephanie 14, 60, 176, 270, 344 Hughes, Hunter 67, 91, 105 Hui, Caroline 42, 91, 216 Hulse, Mitchell 15, 42, 105, 203 Hung, Jason Kuo-Tsai 104, 107, 172, 270 Hur, Jae Yong 67, 105, 218 Hur, Jae Won 91, 104, 107, 123, 180, 270 Hur, Young Kyun 105, 176, 271, 345 Hurh, Jane 23, 56, 59, 97, 106, 107, 126, 168 Hussey, Christopher 32, 36, 74, 75, 90, 97, 109, 149, 163 Huston, Melissa 37, 42, 105 Hvide, Christian 42, 149, 194 Hvide, Brit 97, 168 Hwang, Catalina 97, 104, 123, 219 Hyde, Mei Lin 42, 106, 215

ISLANDER2007 383


Iha, Kerri 37, 42, 215 Irani, Natasha 43, 91, 215 Irani, Rishad 36, 97, 163 Ismail, Karim 97 Isman, Tomas Itani, Maiko 186, 271 Ito, Karin 67, 116, 182 Ito, Kohei 180, 271 Iwan, Tia 43, 216 Iyer, Harini 43, 105, 194 Iyer, Mishal 43, 194


Jack, Amber 37, 43, 148, 203 Jackson, Christopher 67, 197 Jackson, Kathryn 60, 67 169 Jackson, Brea 60, 97, 105, 106, 192 Jackson, Aubrey 172, 272, 345 Jamieson, Emily 43 Jang, Woo Won 43, 212 Jatho, Adam Jeong, Han Young 43, 148, 192 Jeong, Hae Moon 37, 67, 105, 107, 148, 169 Jeong, Hae Yeon 59, 107, 122, 172, 272, 345 Jhunjhnuwala, Shivika 43, 216 Johncock, Jonathan 97, 204 Johnson, Kristen 67, 90, 182 Johnson, Phoebe 90, 97, 165 Johnson, Lauren 61, 106, 180, 272, 346. 347 Jun, Joo Hee 97, 104, 193 Jung, In Woo 67, 218 Jung, Yoon-Young 105, 214, 273

384 ISLANDER2007


Kale, Mili 67, 90, 182 Kamata, Koki 15, 55, 97, 196 Kang, Myung-Ji 43, 105, 219 Kang, Noo Ree 43, 105, 192 Kang, Moo Kyung 67, 170 Kang, Tae Koo 67, 104, 170 Kang, Min-Seon 97, 219 Kang, Jee Won 105, 180, 273 Kao, Min-Hsiang 97, 219 Karunakaran, Pallavi 67, 167 Kaul, Ahilya 15, 60, 67, 106, 169 Kaul, Abhinav 15, 56, 128, 190, 273, 377 Kaur, Simreen 60, 97 Kausar, Marjhan 43, 219 Keiser, Kristofer 274 Kent, Victoria 36, 97, 182 Ketchum, Audrey 67, 218 Khaing, Tun Tun 167 Khaing, Maung Chit 67, 274 Khanna, Arjun 36, 148, 176, 274 Kikui, Shogo 83, 91, 97, 196 Kim, Dong Hyun 43 Kim, Jae Won 43, 105, 212 Kim, Jin Yoo 43, 104, 219 Kim, Jong Chan 43, 106, 218 Kim, Kyung Ryun 37, 43, 105, 149, 212 Kim, Min Ji 43, 105, 219 Kim, Sung Yeon 43, 60, 218 Kim, Young Won 43, 105, 218 Kim, Alexander 67, 105,166 Kim, Da-Young 67, 123, 167 Kim, Hyun Soo 37, 67, 91, 107, 166 Kim, Sein 67, 105, 167 Kim, Yae Bin 67, 104, 123, 212 Kim, You Na 67, 212 Kim, Da Ham 97, 193 Kim, Da Yeon 97, 104, 105, 107, 219

Kim, Dong Ho 97, 104, 168 Kim, Hye Soo 97, 105, 165 Kim, Jong Woo 97, 105, 193 Kim, Joo Hyun 97, 105, 210 Kim, Kyo Joong 29, 36, 97, 193 Kim, Kyu Min 36, 97, 105, 193 Kim, Na-Young 97, 165 Kim, Seung Eun 97, 216 Kim, Sun Woo 91, 97, 148, 198 Kim, Hae Won 106, 107, 122, 172, 275 Kim, Hye Na 219, 275 Kim, Ji Ye 148, 214, 275, 347 Kim, Kyung-Woo 180, 276 Kim, Sang Cheol 104, 123, 180, 276 Kim, Seung-Ook 172, 276 Kirwin, Kristina 60, 90, 98, 198 Kit, Novanata 43, 218 Kit, Bunarong 218, 277 Kit, Sothearo 180, 277 Kleinhample, Madeleine 90, 98, 106 Knight, Helen 67, 84, 91, 104, 162 Knight, Julia 116, 128, 160, 277, 347 Kobylarz, Caitlin 67, 106, 219 Kobylarz, Bradley 190, 278, 348 Kochhar, Arunima 172, 278, 349 Kodama, Shiori 67, 167 Koh, Samantha 43, 104, 140, 200 Koh, Allen 37, 67, 105, 149, 162 Koh, Hui Xiang 98, 219 Koo, Yun Hoi 43, 202 Koo, Ha Na 98, 165 Koo, Na Hoi 180, 219, 278 Kook, Tae Sung 180, 279 Kothari, Niyomi 98, 165 Kreutter, Russell 68, 91, 138, 148, 169 Kreutter, Jeffrey 75, 90, 136, 137, 148, 214, 279, 348, 349 Kua, Alexander 36, 68, 148, 218 Kubota, Katsuki 18, 68, 170 Kumala, Angelina 68 Kumala, Carolina 68, 212 Kumano, Yuka 98, 212 Kumar, Akshay 68, 128, 169

Kumar, Puja 60, 68, 182 Kusumwati, Shita 279 Kwack, Myung Hoon 60, 104, 190, 280 Kwee, Philip 68, 82, 91, 169, 280 Kwok, Jermyn Tze Rong 68, 169 Kwok, Zachary 43 Kyoya, Yuka 98, 106


Lahiri, Upamanyu 37, 68, 149 Lai, Shen Wei 37, 68, 148, 182 Lam, Brendan 98, 204 Lam, Dexter 98, 210 Langford, Benjamin 43, 105, 194 Langford, William 98, 105 Latief, Joshua 68, 162 Lau, Ashley 68, 195 Lau, Kai Ying 60, 68, 149, 201 Lau, Sharon 98, 105, 124, 182 Lavingia, Sahil Lee, Allison 43, 60, 202 Lee, Gabriel 33, 36, 91, 202 Lee, Given 43, 104, 146, 148, 216 Lee, Jean 43, 106 Lee, Koon-Lam 43, 219 Lee, Kyung Jin 44, 105, 192 Lee, Lauren 44, 104, 192 Lee, Young Rock 44, 105, 201 Lee, Young Seo 44, 104, 218 Lee, Yun Hwa 44 Lee, Jae Hee 68, 105, 212 Lee, Jong Eun 68, 166 Lee, Kyu Lim 68 Lee, See Young 68, 105, 149, 170 Lee, Jae Won 98, 105, 165 Lee, Ji Na 98, 106, 193 Lee, Jonathan 98, 204

Lee, Kyu Ho 98, 104, 165 Lee, Kyung Rock 90, 98, 148, 196 Lee, Chan 105, 180, 280 Lee, Colin 32, 36, 90, 107, 172, 240, 281, 349, 350 Lee, Daniel 172, 281, 350 Lee, Jong Hwa 218, 281 Lee, Jordan 104, 214, 282 Lee, Kyu Hyun 106, 180, 282, 351 Lee, Michelle 36, 139, 148, 282 Lee, Noel 193, 283 Lee, Sang Ho 36, 90, 105, 107, 124, 214, 283 Lee, Sang Hoon 29, 36, 105, 121, 214, 283 Lee, Yi Tien 106, 176, 284 Lee, Da 68 Lee, Ki 103 Lee, Lemuel 98 Leonard, Chelsea 44, 60, 106 Leone, Patricia 66, 106, 119 Leow, Aisling 37, 44, 91, 218 Leow, Marissa 104, 190, 146, 147, 148, 284, 351 Lesiuk, Alexandra 68, 105, 169 Lesiuk, April 68, 105, 166 Lesiuk, Nicholas 36, 68, 104, 169 Leu, Yi-Fang Tiffany 68, 162 Leung, Lyndon 98, 165 Leung, Rickie 98, 219 Leung, Brian 104, 128, 214, 284, 352 Lewis, Darin 212 Lewis, Bryan Charles 68, 218 Lewis, Jonathan 105, 165 Li, Mei Fung 98, 104, 167 Lian, Guan 98, 165 Liao, Shou-Han 44, 90, 105, 216 Liauw, Franchesca 44, 219 Liew, Nicole 68 Lightfoot, Kelsey 209 Lightfoot, Brent 73, 206 Lim, Jamie 15, 44, 91, 104, 208

Lim, Alexander 73, 163 Lim, Han Soo 68, 169 Lim, Austin 98, 219 Limson, Laarnie 44 Lin, Huei-Yu 98, 105, 219 Lin, Jeffrey 98, 105, 165 Lin, Karen 15, 98, 117, 148, 182 Lin, Yu Chi 98, 165 Lin, Jessica 60, 116, 127, 190, 285 Lindh, Thomas 91, 190, 285 Linnard, Gabrielle 98, 148, 193 Linsell, Rebekah 44 Linton, James 24, 36, 68, 105, 143, 148, 169 Liou, Rachel 37, 56, 84, 91, 98, 104, 163 Liu, Connor 68, 91, 105, 148, 166 Liu, Shih-Yiu 50, 98, 219 Lloyd, Maria 68, 87, 90, 148, 166 Lloyd, Samuel 24, 25, 27, 36, 140, 148, 190, 285, 352 Lo, Calvin 44, 104, 148 Lo, Evelyn 98, 165 Lockett, Samuel 68, 167 Lodwick, Barbara 34, 35, 36, 76, 77, 90, 98, 138, 148, 163 Loeckx, Louis-Philippe 68, 169 Long, Jessica 44, 105, 212 Lopes, Daniela 60, 98, 219 Lopez, Alex 36, 214, 286 Loscalzo, Gabrielle 21, 30, 36, 81, 90, 125, 148, 214, 286, 353 Lower, Cameron 37, 44, 203 Lu, Shang Yu 68, 218 Luhur, Marvella 44, 60, 91, 149, 194 Luhur, Tryphena 180, 286 Lukman, Esther 60, 98, 109, 204 Lydens, Anne 37, 68, 167 Lydens, Kathryn 37, 91, 98, 198 Lynch, Shannon 73, 166

ISLANDER2007 385


Merendoni, Christopher 36, 69, 91, 164 Merendoni, Nicole 160, 291, 358 Middleton, Shannon 99, 219 Ma, Winnie 27, 116, 156, 287 MacArthur, Peter 24, 36, 44, 90, 105, Miller, Nina 44, 60, 106, 207 Minhas, Mikal 45, 149, 200 215 Miranda, Christina Alexa 45, 218 MacArthur, Taryn 87, 90, 156, 287 Miranda, Elliot 69, 104, 167 Maccabe, Emily 44, 106, 215 Mirchandani, Serena 69, 212 Maedomari, Aki 44, 104, 123, 215 Misra, Ishaan 37, 45, 215 Magno, Jian 68, 167 Miyauchi, Chie 99, 165 Maher, Charles 98, 165 Miyauchi, Takahide 36, 106, 156, Mahesh, Mithila 68, 164 Mahillon, Valerie 106, 156, 287, 353, 292, 360 Mody, Yashika 99, 116, 165 354 Moilanen, Nicholas 45, 104, 200 Mahler, Kate 44, 215 Moilanen, Zachary 33, 36, 99, 193 Mahoney, Nathaniel 36, 156, 288 Moll, Jacque 99, 106, 197 Mahtani, Pradeep 15, 98, 193 Moll, Joshua 197, 292 Maissen, Stephanie 44, 60, 200 Molloy, Bryant 99, 193 Maissen, Brian 87, 89, 90, 148, 158, Momberger, David 69, 91, 105, 107, 288, 354, 355 124, 164 Mallya, Rachita 60, 68, 188 Moon, Soo Hyun 45, 105, 219 Mar, Patricia 99, 142, 148, 160 Moon, Gun Tae 90, 99, 196 Mar, Pauline 99, 142, 148, 204 Moore, Daniel 45, 218 Maramot, Kristine 44, 218 Moore, Emily 104, 216 Marshall, Kartika 44, 60, 215 Moore, Austin 203 Marshall, Mahendra 99, 148, 210 Moriyama, Wataru 200 Massobrio-Cheung, Jacob 99, 219 Moriyama, Daichi 23, 36, 137, 219, Masuno, Meiko 69, 84, 91, 168 292 Masuno, Shintaro 82, 91, 288, 355 Morris, Heather 37, 45, 60, 200 Maung, Maung Lay 99, 180, 204 Morris, Erin 31, 36, 69, 90, 142, 148, McAdam, James 44, 218 166 McAllister, Mackenzie 69, 193 McArthur, William 137, 148, 178, 289, Morris, Alexander 99, 148, 210, 221 Morris, Devon 56, 58, 99, 165 355 Moseley, Sarah 37, 45, 215 McCabe, Rachel 37, 44, 60, 215 McCabe, Sean 23, 59, 106, 107, 126, Moseley, Benjamin 104, 107, 214, 293 128, 156, 289, 356 Moss, Vasâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Star 186, 293 McCarvel, Daniel 44, 215 Mulder, Brandon 99, 148, 210 McCarvel, Thomas 44, 215 McCarvel, Kellen 149, 158, 289, 356, Muller, Natalie 36, 45, 60, 148, 215 Mulroy, Laura 165, 293, 357 McClelland, Ashley 69, 127, 160, 168 Murakami, Shunsuke 69, 208 Murao, Miho 69 McCoy, Iain 28, 36, 69, 105 Murray, Connor 37, 45, 215 McDowell, Colin 56, 99, 210 Murray, Abigail 60, 99, 217, 165 McGrath, Francesca 69, 105 Murray, Caitlin 99, 204 McGurk, Kathleen 99, 105, 165 McHugh, Khyber 44, 197 McHugh, Mathew 59, 69, 106 McKenzie, David 36, 99, 105, 148, 196 McNicol, David 79, 96, 141, 148, 178, Nagasaki, Hikari 37, 69, 91, 168 290, 357 Nakajima, Kanako 99, 106, 212, 294 McNulty, Patrick 190, 290, 358 Nam, Yun Ah 174, 294 Meguid, Michael 99, 210 Nasr, Tatianna 45, 219 Mehring, Robert 37, 69, 193 Nazarechuk, Andrew 100, 218 Mehring, Brytannie 36, 99, 193 Nef, Kelson 21, 32, 36 ,90, 100, 163 Mehta, Ava Nelson, Jessica 69, 197 Mehta, Saagar 156, 290 Nelson, Tyler 69, 164 Mena, Lindsey 73, 215 Newlin, Kaitlyn 37, 90, 100, 105, 107, Menez, Miguel Martin 58, 186, 291 204 Meng, Arthur 69, 105, 107, 124, 193 Newlin, Amelia 90, 158, 294, 359 Meng, Lionel 104, 184, 291 Newman, Christine 100, 165 Merdink, Michael 44, 215 Ng, Cheng Yen 45, 60, 218 Ng, Erica 69, 106, 218


386 ISLANDER2007

Ng, Isaac 100, 104, 219 Ng, Hayden 19, 28, 36, 156, 295 Ngo, Karen 60, 185,295, 296 Nguyen, Michael 69, 105, 193 Nguyen, Cindy 60, 295, 359 Nguyen-Phuong, Lan Anh 45, 200 Nguyen-Phuong, Jeremy Chi Linh 190, 196, 296 Ni, Andrew 69, 91 Noble, Emiko 100, 165 Nockels, David 69, 91, 206 Nockels, Jennifer 14, 60, 127, 178, 296, 360 Noel, Kaitlin 45, 116, 215 Noel, Daniel 100, 164 Norman, Phillip 79, 90, 178, 296 Nowak-Laird, David 45, 207


Oak, Young Bean 69, 193 Oak, Soo Bean 104, 105, 178, 297 Oberoi, Simi 107, 128, 190, 297 Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien, Patrick 69, 202 Oh, Hyeok 45, 219 Oh, Hyeong Seok 107, 122, 214, 297 Oh, Jun Hyung 105, 214, 298 Oimatsu, Yusuke 91, 100, 106, 210 Oki, Nanami 69, 164 Okumura, Non 45, 219

Oliver, Kyle 45 Oliver, Madison 103 Ong, Daniel 45, 89, 90, 105, 219 Ong, Natalie 87, 89, 90, 100, 148, 188 Ong, Michelle 87, 89, 90, 188, 298, 360, 361 Ongko, Michelle 148, 176, 298, 361 Oo, Thandar 180, 299 Orrin Tureikis, Camille 219 Osachoff, Michael 45, 90, 207 Otani, Akane 45, 105, 219 Ozawa, Momo 45, 148, 215


Padgett, Erica 69, 91, 138, 148, 201 Pan, Daphnie 60, 69, 127, 201 Pant, Akhilesh 70, 105, 201 Parekh, Amit 70, 149, 201 Parikh, Rohan 45, 194 Parikh, Anshul 36, 79, 90, 100, 163 Parikh, Esha 60, 100, 127, 198 Park, Min Ju 45, 192 Park, Yeon Joon 70, 105, 201 Park, Candice 100, 160 Park, Chae Ho 100, 105, 180 Park, Jae Won 100, 219 Park, Min Jae 100, 106, 204 Park, Sung Bae 100, 105, 193 Parkinson, Kirstie 70, 87, 89, 90, 104,

207 Patterson, Richard 45, 203 Patterson, Katherine 58, 100, 165 Patterson, Marina 100, 190 Pazos, Andres 100, 210 Peck, Vanessa 36, 70, 81, 90, 201 Pena, Victoria 45, 188 Pena, Samanta 214, 299, 361 Pendergrass, Alison 6, 70, 105, 201 Perrocco, Dominick 70, 105, 201 Pesik, Ivan 100, 148, 204 Pesik, Victor 176, 299 Peters, William 37, 45, 91, 208 Phyu, Phyoe Pwint 70, 192 Pickering, Olivia 100, 180 Piguillem, Carlota 106, 186, 300, 362 Pillay, Kabilan 45, 105, 197 Pillay, Yaesshna 70, 218 Pipoli, Lucas Pitfield, Jack 90, 100, 145, 148, 165 Pizzi, Danica 45, 116, 188 Png, Zhanyi 45, 104, 192 Poe, Derrick 70, 202 Poloumieva, Alissa 70 Prasanna, Priyamvadha 100, 219 Premkumar, Anuraag 45, 194 Priestley, Rebecca 60, 70, 201 Pritts, Kyle 45, 215 Procida, Kelly 37, 80, 90, 100, 148, 190 Protonentis, Ashley 45, 60, 215 Puri, Abhay 100, 163

Pyu, Aye Nyein 70, 116, 192 Quach, Mary 106, 186, 300


Radhakrishnan, Rohana 45, 219 Rajagopalan, Daksha 100, 204 Ramli, Benyamin 100, 148, 165 Ramli, Iskandar 148, 176, 300 Ranganath, Maya 100, 182 Rao, Nishant 70, 212 Rao, Mallika 106, 178, 301, 362 Rathvon, Robert 105, 107, 119, 124, 158, 301, 377 Ratley, John 100, 196 Rava, Ellie 45, 218 Reade, Michelle 37, 46, 149, 188 Reay, Lauryn 60, 91, 100, 190 Reed, Raehanna 70, 212 Reed, Jordan 28, 36, 90, 100, 163 Rees, Thomas 36, 46, 105, 202 Reid, Adam 46, 200 Reid, Isabella 36, 90, 100 Reinert, Jordan 70, 212 Reinert, Charles 90, 158, 301, 363 Reyes, Enja 70, 219 Riady, Brian 100, 145, 148, 204, 221 Richey, Grant 70, 91, 149, 201 Ridao, Christel Ann 214, 302 Riemer, Kalie 46, 91, 215

ISLANDER2007 387

176, 305 Shah, Sneh 14, 19, 126, 184, 306, 365 Shanker, Sidharth 46, 91, 105 Shanker, Maya 104, 184, 306 Shanmugam, Ravindran 101, 218, 221 Sharma, Aadya 46 Shaulis, Max 33, 36, 46, 90, 140, 200 Shaulis, Alexandra 31, 36, 80, 81, 90, 101, 148, 160 Shawler, Avery 70, 90, 142, 195 Shawler, Evan 24, 25, 27, 36, 70, 143, 148 Shea, Colin 90, 101, 204 Shekar, Shruti 56, 184, 240, 306 Shekhar, Rushika 60, 101, 160 Sheldon, Emma 56, 70, 90, 206 Sheldon, Sam 125, 158, 307, 366 Shell, Todd 46, 148, 200 Shen, Matthew 46, 148, 219 Sheth, Kunal 101, 149, 210 Shibazaki, Shane 165 Shim, Daphne 70, 149, 182 Sacks, Leah 22, 37, 46, 105, 149, 219 Shim, Jonathan 174, 307 Sahgal, Nikita 91, 101, 160 Shin, Da Yoon 46, 219 Samit-Ampaipisarn, Pongsathorn Shin, Hyesung 46, 105 101, 119, 194 Shiobara, Saki 40, 218 Samson, Mitchell 32, 36, 137, 148, Shiraishi, Asuka 91, 212 178, 303, 363 Silverman, Spenser 71, 91, 105, 166 Sandlund, Clare Sim, Gyda 71, 167 Santos, Lourdes 46, 149 Simangunsong, Gorby 71, 91, 218 Santos, Miguel Antonio 101, 204 Simpson, Anna 21, 34, 36, 160, 307, Saraswati, Indira 46 366 Sarkhosh, Katherine 46, 60, 106 Singh, Arishma 46 Sarkhosh, Sarah 101, 105, 165 Singh, Mohineesh 46, 219 Sasaki, Wakana 36, 184, 303 Singh, Malavika 73, 218 Savira, Alika 70, 149, 182 Singh, Apiksha 196 Sawhill, Alannah 80, 90, 174, 303 Singson, Vivien Ysabella 71, 167 Scarsdale, Sarah 70, 195 Sinha, Rinku 71, 219 Scheidt, Calli 60, 101, 163 Siregar, Andisya 46, 60, 208 Schilling, Kayla 55, 70, 91, 168 Sivaskandan, Sandhya 46, 105, 197 Schmidt, Brooke 46, 105, 188 Skill, Richard 36, 71, 91, 149, 166 Schmidt, Joseph 70, 105, 197 Slaven, Sarah 46, 85, 91, 197 Schmidt, Carolyn 101, 190 Slaven, Lindsay 71, 85, 91 Schmitz, Michelle 105, 120, 176, 304, Small, John 90 364 Smith, Melania 46, 218 Schmitz, Nicole 104, 214, 304, 364, Smith, Tara 37, 46, 91, 148, 188 365 Smith, Hagan 71, 212 Schodorf, Andrea 46, 104, 200 Smith, Joshua 71, 90, 91, 168 Schodorf, Alyssa 105, 184, 304 Smith, Kyle 21, 71, 90, 195 Schollaert, Andrew 101, 148, 210 Smith, Alexandre 148, 190 Schuster, Ali 70, 90 Smith, Carl 20, 212 Schwarz, Adam 32, 33, 36, 79, 90, Smith, Melissa 103 136, 148, 174, 305, 363 Soderberg, Nicholas 22, 36, 184, 308 Scullion, Kea 101, 105, 128, 160 Soderlund, Kiersten 90,101, 109, 165 Seet, Christopher 70, 216 Soderlund, Thomas 184, 308, 367 Seet, Victor 101, 149, 218 Soetaniman, Shaun 101, 204 Selby, Daniele 70, 106, 167 Sohn, Christopher 37, 71 Seow, Ang Jun 101, 219 Sohn, Daniel 37, 71, 105, 148, 212 Sethi, Neha 70, 146, 148, 167 Son, Sungmin 71, 91, 149, 166 Seto, David 101, 107, 212 Son, Tae Jin 21, 28, 36, 90, 107, 122, Severino, Mia Rhodora 128, 160, 184, 308 305, 365 Sondhi, Esha 58, 71, 167 Shah, Sajan 15, 37, 70, 91, 149, 168 Song, Sae Gyul 101, 165 Shah, Jamie 15, 22, 24, 27, 121, 148, Soriano, Christella 46, 105, 146, 148, Riemer, Eric 70, 91, 201 Ringenberg, Elise 46, 60 Ringheim, Thomas 100, 204 Roberts, Dustin 70, 105, 162 Robertson, Maxwell 46, 106, 149, 207 Robinson, Cory 46, 105, 197 Robinson, Bryce 100, 164 Rodriguez, Daniella Beatri 60, 100, 201, 302 Ross, Mairead 90, 101, 190 Rossinsky, Alexander 46, 90, 219 Rualo, Christina 70, 218 Ruan, Paul 101, 169 Ruan, Thomas 101, 198 Rusafova, Mila 70, 164 Ruslie, Clarissa 119, 186, 302 Russell, Mary 21, 46, 106, 218 Ryan, Christopher 70, 202


388 ISLANDER2007

194 Spencer, Marian 46, 105 Spencer, Megan 37, 46, 148, 197 Sreenivas, Aarti 46, 149, 218 St.Clair, Sydney 36, 71, 91, 142, 143, 148, 168 Stafford, Xenia 125, 186, 309 Stanton, Elizabeth 101, 160 Starkey, John 46, 91, 148, 200 Starkey, Christina 18, 34, 36, 81, 143, 178, 309, 367, 368 Steckler, Melissa 101, 196 Steingrubey, Ryan 71, 148, 164 Stocking, Elisabeth 36, 80, 90, 101, 143, 148, 160 Stratton, Rebecca 46, 87, 90, 194 Subaiah, Jaidev 55, 90, 126, 128, 178, 309, 368 Subramaniam, Aditya 47, 208 Suckow, Chaz 56, 71, 168 Sullivan, Megan 197 Sunogo, Cindy 146, 147, 148, 176, 310 Suresh, Anup 107, 174, 310 Suri, Apurv 71, 168 Sutanto, Esther 101, 204 Suter, Alexander 71, 105, 169 Suzuki, Yotaro 71, 193 Suzuki, Taisuke 101, 165 Sweigert, Ken 47, 219 Swenson, Thomas 91, 101, 198 Swingle, Scott 47, 197 Szombathy, Andrew 101, 105, 107, 119, 163 Szulanski, Danielle 60, 101, 104, 117, 165


Tachibana, Tomohiro 102, 165 Tam, Rachel 71, 85, 91, 168 Tan, Christina 47, 60 Tan, Victor 47 Tan, Carolyn 71, 219 Tan, Julia 71, 116, 149, 195 Tan, Natalie 71, 188 Tan, Alison 19, 102, 108, 117, 125 Tan, Sara 106, 176, 310, 368 Tan, Vanessa 104, 186, 311 Tan, Winny 146, 148, 178, 311 Tan-Angela, Theresa 71, 193 Tang, Benny 71, 167 Tang, Mitchell 71, 195 Tang, Roseanne 72, 149, 201 Tang, Sean 149, 184, 311 Tanzil, Igor 158, 312 Taqi, Ali 19, 176, 312 Tay, Rebecca 47, 60, 208 Teddy, Darlene 72, 117, 167 Teng, Lu An 47, 219 Teng, An Chi 37, 102, 116, 148, 204 Teonadi, Natalie 47, 60, 105, 149 Teonadi, Edward 102, 145, 148, 163

Tew, Tammy 47, 102, 200 Theisen, Tate 47, 200 Theisen, Christopher 102, 210 Thieme, Claudia 47, 60, 188 Thoman, Maxwell 47 Thomas, Mariko 102, 105, 126, 160 Thome, Christopher 37, 72, 91, 168 Thrash, Natalie 47, 218 Tien, Ernest 72, 164 Tierney, Samantha 36, 72, 77, 90, 148, 167 Tinger, Sophia 47, 105, 124, 188 Tinker, Kathryn 47, 208 Tiwari, Dev-Vrat 47, 149, 200 Toh, Evelyn 60, 102, 108, 204 Tolani, Yuvika 47 Tolani, Jivesh 102, 163 Toth, Veronica 184, 312, 369 Tran, Phuc Ngoc 165, 313 Tredinnick, Rory 102, 210 Tsai, Aaron 72, 200 Tsai, Wang-Ting 72, 168 Tsai, Jason Chi-Hsuan 59, 91, 104, 107, 123, 174, 319 Tsakiris, Georgea 72 Tsao, Shih-Ho 72, 162 Tsao, Amanda 15, 102, 190 Tsao, Nadia 178, 313 Tsay, William 102, 104, 198 Tso, Annette 178, 314 Tsukuda, Daniel 28, 36, 145, 156, 314, 369 Tyler, Morgan 47, 105, 219


Ukani, Ali 47, 219 Umeoka, Natalia Umeoka, Fernanda 103, 165 Underwood, Kaitlyn 102, 165 Underwood, Jarrod 158, 314, 369 Uozumi, Tri 36, 56, 178, 315 Uram, Robert 72, 91, 164


Vahdati, Jasmine 72, 104, 218 Vaidya, Nita Vaidyanath, Meghna 72, 212 Vainius, Clarissa 84, 85, 91, 102, 163 Varinata, Tiffany 102, 117, 160 Varkey, Nihal 72, 212 Vasko, Julia 90, 102, 106, 163 Vaz, Peter Garrett 15, 21, 79, 90, 178, 315, 370 Venema, Yasmin 47, 60, 208 Venkatesh, Akshay 47, 188 Venkateswaran, Vysak 102, 128, 196 Verdoscia, Alexandra 47 Von Essen, Anna 90, 102, 208

ISLANDER2007 389


Wagoner, Clinton 47, 105, 207 Walker, Ciera 36, 72, 90, 207 Wang, Edwin 47, 90, 105, 219 Wang, Kendrick 47, 105, 207 Wang, Douglas 72, 206 Ward, Joseph 37, 47, 219 Ward, Catherine 35, 36, 77, 90, 117, 160, 241, 315, 370 Warshawsky, Andrew 47 Warshawsky, Meghan 60, 316 Warunek, Zachary 72 Webb, Lindsay 156, 316, 371 Wee, Teng Yuan 102, 210 Weng, Shu-Chi 102, 219 Whalen-Bridge, Thomas 102, 204 Whitaker, Jacqueline 36, 72, 90, 206 Whitaker, Kacey 30, 31, 36, 55, 80, 90, 178, 316, 371 White, Caitlin 73, 215 Whitehead, Robert 90, 102, 196 Whitt, Alexa 72 Widjaja, John 47 Widjaja, Nicole 47, 218 Widjaja, Tiffanie 102, 107, 117, 160 Williamson, Victoria 23, 72, 195 Willis, Joel 103 Wills, Jordan 36, 47, 208 Wilson, Marc 36, 47, 91, 105, 208 Wilson, Adrienne 72, 117, 192 Witherspoon, Barron 102, 141, 148, 163 Witt, Daniel 48, 91, 105, 200 Witt, Rachel 90, 104, 174, 317, 372 Wolf, Joshua 37, 72, 148, 202 Wong, Dominic 48, 90, 106 Wong, Austin 72, 207

390 ISLANDER2007

Wong, Eugene 72, 90, 195 Wong, Clarissa 102 Wong, Abigail 317 Wong, Derek 176, 317 Wood, Ashley 48, 194 Woodard, Megan 87, 89, 90, 102, 105, 148, 165 Woodfield, Emily 60, 102, 105, 182 Woon, Lauren 48 Woon, Kylie 72 Wowk, Benjamin 73, 149, 206 Wright, John-Patrick 73, 82, 91, 206 Wu, Meng-Ju 102, 104, 218

Yasuda, Kiyoko 102, 106, 165 Yee, Hyun Ji 48, 60 Yeh, Celine 104, 186, 320, 373 Yeheskel-Hai, Daniel 36, 102

Wu, Wanwen 102, 219 Wu, Tiffanie 83, 90, 148, 184, 318 Wu, Yuting 158, 318 Wuest, ellen 20, 105, 107, 121, 158, 318 Wulandari, Deviani 60, 186, 319

Yeheskel-Hai, Caroline 158, 320 Yen, Jay Chin 90, 102, 105, 163 Yen, Ming Chin 105, 148, 184, 321, 373, 374, 375 Yeo, Rachel 158, 321 Yeoh, Ken Chun 102, 165 Yin, Nora 15, 107, 122, 178, 321, 375 Yip, Genevieve 102, 104, 168 Yip, Gabriel 158, 322 Yoon, Yoo Young 48, 219 Yu, Ji Sun 48, 105 Yu, Ji-Hun Andrew 102, 196 Yu, Rachelle 105, 176, 322, 375, 376 Yuwono, Stanton 48, 194 Yuwono, Samson 73, 149, 198, 212



Xu, Xing Yu 73, 219 Xu, Angela 148, 176, 319


Yamashita, Kohei 48, 218 Yamashita, Shimpei 186, 272, 319, 372 Yan, Carolyn 48, 91, 106, 208 Yang, Francis 48, 91, 104, 207 Yang, Vincent Yang, Tung Han 73, 195 Yang, Vivian Yang, Peck 14, 174, 320, 372

Zakowich, Tanya 48, 60, 104, 215 Zaman, Jonathan 102, 190 Zhan, Ni 156, 322 Zhang, Kelly 48, 104, 188 Zhu, Pei 106, 176, 323 Zimmerman, Robert 103, 210 Zoriglon, Enkhlen 48 Zorrilla, Mina 48, 60, 200 Zorrilla, Rodrigo Zu, Cynthia 73, 104, 149, 180 Zulkoski, Nicholas 48, 208 Zulkoski, Alexandra 103, 193

A Journalism Legacy: Mr. Clemens by Clay Crawford

There is a man who is the king of journalism at SAS. He governs The Islander and commands The Eye. He dwells in his journalistic lair filled with notepads and pens, computers and cameras. Long has he been the ruler of reporting, and his reign has been famed as an institution. This man is Mr. Clemens. Mr. Mark Clemens has been the Islander advisor for the past 10 years. His influence goes beyond the Silver and Gold Crown awards he has helped to earn – through his dedication to the Islander it had become what it is today, a tribute to the distinction that makes Singapore American School so great. His work ethic is epically underappreciated and widely unmatched. Too many times was he the first to be in the

Lena Byrne

publications lab and the last to leave, often staying into the early morning. He put in hour after hour, managing, planning, proofing, and filling the gaps left by us. At times he cracked the whip to get our sluggish staff to meet deadlines, but always reassured us with his sarcasm, witty mannerisms, and colorful anecdotes. If you ever walked into his room you could see it was one of the most popular in high school, not only because of its air-con or prime location outside the cafe, but because it was inviting. Journalism student or not, all were welcome in Clemens’ domain. He seemed to know everyone’s name and was genuinely interested in what they had to say. This was our yearbook monarch’s last year on the Islander. He will be leaving behind a legacy of excellence in journalism, and we will miss him. Thank you Mr. Clemens, for all you have done.

Devi Wulandari

Winny Tan

Tina Kirwin Shruti Shekar

Brian Riady Cindy Sunogo

ISLANDER Staff Caitlin Hale Co-Editor in Chief

Clay Crawford

Mitch Samson

Co-Editor in Chief

Co-Editor in Chief

Adam Schwarz

Co-Editor in Chief

Rebecca Priestley

Rachel Liou Jack Pitfield

Caz Schmidt Kaitlyn Underwood

iSLANDER 2007 Singapore American High School

2007 Islander  

The official high school yearbook of the Singapore American School

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