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sasha kazantsev 2011

Hello, The book you handle is my portfolio meant to display the result of my work both in the fields of photography and installation. Portfolio consists of four volumes: The first, real, introducing the works that deal with issues of material life and made in the most traditional medias The second volume, called cyber, reflects my interests in the digital environment the modern society built. All the works here would be dealing with digital matters with their authentic means. The last two volumes include the works that tended to combine both of the modern realities to fulfil the picture of real edges between material and digital world in modern life. sasha kazantsev

vol. 1


boys A series of installation devoted to familiar themes and made in visually similar key. Filled up with visual quotations from the field they refer to. All the elements of the work are deeply personal and intimate, but pasteurized and polished they become casual and get the look of supermarket goods. Pink color representing femininity in todays culture is forced up to the edge where it gets anxious and overused. The body of work is mainly made out of recycled and found materials. All the objects are linked, but never stuck to a certain place, which makes installation flexible to almost any exhibition situation.


boys. chapter 1

u’re not a child anymore year: 2011 media: installation materials: recycled cardboard and paper, spray paint, map pins

Installation shot, back

Each of the of the installation parts is visually linked to different aspects of the one becoming an adult. Three panels represent the problems of communication, where in the languages of minority groups (Russian Braille, British sign language) the most casual phrases are displayed in a form that the average viewer would not be able to interpret. Toy blocks do not have any images on its sides, paper planes are piled into the cigarette box, dozens of cute toy animals do not have any identity or face that would make them friendly.

Installation shot, front

All of the three dimensional objects tied up with papers and smaller plates clearly indicating the life of the adult, such as a diploma work or xerox copies of the bills, tickets, facial cream can, dental floss etc.

boys. chapter 2

boys make boys cry year: 2010 media: installation materials: recycled cardboard and paper, spray paint, acrylic paint, found objects

Installation shot, back

The work is built out of the extremely detailed objects visually interrupting one another. The thing looks messy and tightly placed, and the most use of paint goes to the less important matters. The whole installation is a big puzzled toy allowing the viewer to find familiar image and build a new parallel with its environment. Installation shot, front

Fairy tale characters, origami flowers, paper coffee caps, wallpaper pattern and lady with a pie are all represent particular cultures that at some moment end up in a recycling bin being replaced by something modern. Connected by time, all of them are closer to each other then ever.

Installation shot, details


princess recycling year: 2011 (in process) media: drawing, installation, interactive materials: depend on the exhibition case

Recycling here gets not the physical sense but the intellectual. Outlines of Disney princesses are used as the basic rule in constructing the abstract shape. Viewer here is necessarily participating in a process of the creation. The coloring part is all given away to the audience, so the new liberated princess shape would be colored according to the perception and wishes of many people. Partly the process of coloring may be appreciated as rescuing a princess from the stereotype model she was locked into

In this particular exhibition case the shape is projected on a wall by an over-head projector, so that black outline would not be visible after the coloring is done. In other cases work can be just printed by any means and returned or kept by the viewer. The material part and the result of coloring are not as important for the work as the process.


coloring pages

prince albert and other fetishes year: 2011 (in process) media: drawing, book, interactive materials: depend on the exhibition case

The idea of the project came from the fact that almost everyone in one or another way may possess a fetish, but being a part of peculiar theme fetishism often confused with perversions and malfunctions. The choice of the particular fetishes came from the random interviews performed by the artist, where people were asked about their own fetishes or the ones their are curious about. Each of the pictures is provided with quotes from objective (encyclopaedia or research) and subjective (forum users or real person sayings) about certain fetish.

Omorashi, coloring page content


Transvestic fetishism, drawing

Femdom (Female Domination), drawing

vol. 2


on-line project

google year: 2011 (in process) media: digital, photography materials: none

A series of photographs from all over around the world made with no use of the camera. Google Maps service contains thousands of kilometres of 360˚̊̊ panoramas. All the pictures made mechanically from the roof of the car, passing by the road, and meant to objectively represent the environment of the location. The project consist of the pictures each built from a number of a screenshots and then digitally edited. Some rudiments of the original pictures can yet be seen. Project deals both with the questions of uniqueness of “photographer’s view“ and web overloaded with information, that stays unseen and unnoticed.



vol. 3

cyber goes real

i can take care of myself, mother year: 2010 media: drawing, interactive materials: transparent plastic, permanent markers, spray paint

A roll of the transparent plastic with a marker drawing on it becomes sort of a map of someone’s visual memory. All the pictures are downloaded from the web as the most required content: porn, movies, cartoons and music The bottom part of the roll is outspread along the exhibition space allowing the viewer to step on it getting closer to a mystery and aura of the original artwork.

From the first glance the picture seems to be printed, but as the viewer gets closer to see the detail it becomes obviously handmade. Being made by hand in a media of the traditional drawing all the spam and rubbish information inherits drawings value.


Drawing, details

six hundred times eight hundred: 800x600 year: 2010 -2011 (in process) media: photography, digital, installation materials: projection, (paper)

Photographs and captions, projection content

The body of work consist of two parts: digital projection and the wall (or screen) sticker. The sticker is an interface of the standard facebook photo album with a room for a projection on the place of the image. Photographs are original profile pictures of the artist specifically created for the project. The project deals with the value of the information we upload and, most importantly, download dealing with web. Also existing web environment is being explored as a place for an original artwork to appear.

Installation shot

vol. 4

real goes cyber

my grave year: 2010 media: installation materials: projection

The grave stone with artist’s name is projected on the floor of the gallery in a way, that the viewer has to step over the projection to pass further. The text on the stone says: “please, do behave natural / feel free to walk through the grave“. The work deals with the secrecy of the burying place and the fact of the individual’s idea about it.


Grave stone, projection content

book presentation

the abc’s of a mild suicide year: 2010 media: photography, digital, installation materials: projection

The body of work is a projection of the presentation of a photo book that never as published. Called “The ABC’s of a mild suicide by living in Finland“ the book contains hints on the suicide itself and photographs as an illustrative material. The idea was to show the photographs to unprepared audience in a way when they would not have the heavy aura of a serious artwork. The same time second purpose of the project is to sneak out of the photographer’s attitude towards photo-projections by faking some physical object behind it

Book cover and photographs, projection content


fake movie

ryรถstรถ year: 2009 -2011 (in process) media: photography, digital materials: none

Project deals with the fact that movie industry becoming a time-killer or even a time-eater, when in fact some of the movie stories could be told in a row of snapshots placed one after another. The body of work contains quite a random set of photographs that are doomed to be perceived by the viewer as a narrative being presented to him one after another.

Movie poster



Movie snapshots




volume 1 REAL


boys. chapter 1. u’re not a child anymore boys. chapter 2. boys make boys cry princess recycling prince albert and other fetishes

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volume 2 CYBER


i can take care of myself, mother six hundred times eight hundred: 800x600

Auditor Student Saimaa University of Applied Sciences Major line: Photography


Auditor Student of Master of Arts Program Saint-Petersburg State University (Smolny College) Major line: Critique Art and Curating

2004 - 2008

Bachelor of Technics and Technology Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University Main line: systems analysis and optimization


Solo Shows

volume 3 CYBER goes REAL

2009 - nowadays

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2011, February

“På grund av svenska pojkar” at Galleria Kanava Imatra, Finland

2009, April

“Fashion Mutation” at Fotowall of ‘Etaji’ loft St.Petersburg, Russia Featured Group Shows

2010, June

“My grave” installation at “The Death” exhibition Samara, Russia

2010, May

“Suicide Guide to Finland” at “Rococo. Hipster Art” Samara, Russia

2008, November

“House of Cards” at The Second St.Petersburg Biennale of Contemporary Art St.Petersburg, ‘Etaji’ loft

2008, October

participant of photo-block: “Province. Exchange” Art-Parade, ‘Etaji’ loft St.Petersburg, Russia

volume 4 REAL goes CYBER

my grave the abc’s of a mild suicide ryöstö

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Sasha Kazantsev, Portfolio 2011  

Sasha Kazantsev is a Russian visual and multimedia artist currently based in Finlan