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176 Knickerbocker Ave ~ apt. 2F Brooklyn, NY 11237

Sasha (Alexandra) Dusky.

Education * Dean’s List

( 2 4 8 ) 915 -0 2 21 s a s h a d u s k y @ g m a i l .c o m

Fashion Institute of Technology

Packaging Design BFA * Communication Design A AS *

New York, N Y

Fa ll 2013 - 2015 Fa ll 2011 - 2013

Oakland Community College

Royal Oak, MI

Rotary Youth Exchange Student

A raçatuba, Brazil

Li bera l A r ts & Design *

Lived w ith loca l families & at tended high school (UNIESP)

Fa ll 2010 - 2011

Summer 2008 Spring 2009

Interests Learning + Making Things; Learning how to make things. Fractals, Bicycles, Podcasts, Garlic, Smiling at Dogs, Organization + Efficiency (attempts), Terrariums, Positivity, Comfortable Shoes, Rooftop Grilling, Music, etc.

Experience New York, N Y


Internship Summer 2013

One If By Land, Two If By Sea

Hostess Summer 2012 - Fa ll 2013

Sebastian Errazuriz A r tist Assistant Spring 2012

Milavek Hakimi Gallery Internship Spring 2012

Finishing Depar tment: Applied Package La bels and Assembled Folding Car tons


Seated Guests, Managed Reser vations through OpenTa ble Soft ware

Adobe Suite CS6: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop. Mac OS X

Hand Let tered, Painted, and Problem Solved for Occupy Chair Series Designed Fliers and Organized Spreadsheets

Book binding, 3D Design & Constr uction, Hand Let tering, Screen Printing, Pat tern Design, Photography, Dimensiona l Hand Rendering, Painting, Sew ing, Crochet, Paper Crafts Lang uages: English, Por t ug uese, Spanish (más o menos).

Nom Noms Baby Food a s sig nment: Develop the brand for an organic baby food in pouches targeted towards urban parents in their early 30s.

re spon s e: In a category saturated with soft baby visuals, Nom Noms takes on the playful punchy aspect of real babies during mealtime and the nutrient packed ingredients in their food.

Exploring Mars Invitation a s signment: Design a promotional piece for an event featuring the Mars Curiosity mission.

re s pon s e: Announcing the opening of an exhibit at the Museum of Natural History, this invitation is recieved in the mail by museum members. The invitation structure mimics the experience of both the exhibit and the mission: an expanding knowledge.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters a s s ignment: Create a tabletop display for a food item, educating consumers on some aspect of this product.

re s pon s e: Stumptown is an existing coffee shop that serves a bean selection from around the world. We focused on educating customers about the origins and flavors of their Costa Rican blend. This point of purchase would be displayed on shelves with beans for sale, near the cashier. Using enticing imagery and materials, the consumer is inspired to try this exotic blend.

~ created in partnership with Cody Rubino ~

Apollo Men’s Care a s sig nment: Determine a target audience within the high end men’s grooming product market, and for that demographic develop a unique brand identity.

re spon s e: Considering the history of the Roman bath houses, I was inspired by Apollo and his sacred animals to create a line of grooming products that are organic yet modern.

Stella Menu a s sig nment: Design the menu for Stella, an upscale Italian restaurant. Only use one color besides black, no photographs, and incorporate at least one fold.

re spon s e: With four dinner courses, I challenged myself to fit them into three panels. Initially I struggled with a classical, rustic style. After inspiration from M端llerBrockmann, the organization I envisioned came very naturally.

Ting Pocket Knife a s sig nment: Design a product based on the personality of a grandparent. Consider user interactivity, second life, and sustainability. *

re spon s e: Inspired by my Chinese ancestors, the Ting pocket knife intends to inspire a resilient attitude and resourceful spirit. This original package is a unique, durable, one-piece, fully recyclable structure that is captivating on shelf, is easy to open, and creates consumer desire. The information graphics inside and out provide the consumer with inspirational ways to use this every day product and also suggest how the packaging can be re-purposed.

* This project was designed for and competing in the PackPlay competition hosted by Université du Québec à Montréal

Nakie Lady Brewery a s sig nment: Develop a distinct brand identity for a local brewery with two varietal skews.

re spon s e: During this project I explored new perspectives of design. Translating my personal illustration style into a brand, I created new original artwork. This forced me to reevaluate my creative process with illustration, especially when working for a target market.

176 Knickerbocker Ave ~ apt. 2F Brooklyn, NY 11237

( 2 4 8 ) 915 -0 2 21 s a s h a d u s k y @ g m a i l .c o m

Sasha (Alexandra) Dusky.

Packaging Design Student Work 2014  

Packaging Design Student Work as of Spring 2014, by Sasha Dusky