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Bakery Equipments Manufacturers | sasgroups SAS Enterprises specializes in marketing and sales of display showcase, cooling solution and food processing machinery throughout the world. We are the best quality Bakery Equipments Manufacturers across the nation. We provide complete automated bakery solutions including dough mixing, dividing, make-up, proofing, baking, cooling, packaging, basket/case loading, and product distribution. Customers around the world rely on our expertise in the high speed bread, bun and soft roll baking market. We have diligently worked to produce solutions that represent industry leading quality, innovation and value.Quality has always been the central force for our entire business proposition. The quality is stringently checked at different levels of production. SAS is a company with a great set of bakery equipment and display counters. We showcases a diversified product range of commercial refrigerators and catering equipment like deep freezers, chilling plants, beer keg coolers, display cabinets etc. We have a track record of impressive results which has made us the number one choice for all bakery equipment and refrigeration requirements. We are also one of the leading Commercial Kitchen Equipment’s Manufacturers in India, and bakery equipment suppliers in India who have the skill, knowledge, facilities and technology to manufacture high quality bakery equipment.

Few of our extensive collections of Bakery Machines


Special Features: 

It has a heavy cast iron having aluminium spiral inside

Specifications: 

Motor 1HP 960 rpm.

Output 2000 pieces per hour

Capacity (pcs/hr)

Dough Weight grams

W.D.H. Machine Size


90 x 190 x 160 cm

3ph / 60 hz / 1.5kw


10g - 90g : 40mm

3000 - 4000 pcd/hr

30g - 280g : 60mm

731 kg

50g - 450g : 80mm


Features :         

24 hours continuously operating Bread Slicer. Quick and careful method of operation due to the simultaneous cutting by several knives with low cutting pressure Special knives to ensure an accurate cut and a long life of knives Excellent cutting results and minimized production of crumbs Extremely low wastage of loaf edge Excellent smooth slicing system Up to 16" loaf can be cut in big Slicer Up to 9" loaf can be cut in smaller Slicer Slice thickness 9mm

Bakery Equipments Manufacturers | sasgroups