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Photos: Goran Dimiskovsi, Philippe Broers, Ulric Jessop he 2017 Paragliding World Cup Super Final took place from the 9th to the 20th of January 2018 in Roldanillo in Colombia. It was won by Michael Sigel and Laurie Genovese Initially Honorin Hamard and Michael Sigel raced neck and neck, but towards the end, Honorin lost ground to two lesser known Italians, Nicola Donini and Joachim Oberhauser and finished in only 4th position. Here are the podiums and some impressions from the Super Final‌

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PWCA 2017


Photo: Jérome Maupoint

MICHAEL SIGEL Born in 1987. His parents own a paragliding school and his mother flew right up until two days before he was born! He started flying at 15 years old, in 2002. He studied geography and sport at Bern in Switzerland and his master’s thesis was on Climatology. He’s passionate about sport: snowboarding, splitboard (ski-mountaineering with a snowboard which separates into two), climbing, diving and cycling). He was in the Advance team in 2004 and since 2006 he’s been successful in national competitions and the XC league. In 2007 he won the Swiss League and the World Cup for the first time. In 2008 he was 4th in the European Championships. He has been with GIN since 2010. In 2011 he won the World Cup in Colombia, in 2013 he won it again in Brazil. In October 2017, he accomplished two flights of more than 500 km in Brazil…


2 | 2017


Photo: Laurie Genovese / Les Passagers du vent

LAURIE GENOVESE Born in 1992, she learnt to paraglide when she was fourteen years old with her father Marc Genovese (MCC Aviation). She went to a sports school for paragliding in the Pyrenees, then moved on to Pôle France at the age of 18. Since 2013, she has taken part in the World Cup circuit. In 2014 she was Super Final champion (38th in the overall classification), French champion in 2015 and 2016 and runner up in the European Championships in 2016. For several years she has been an instructor for “Les Passagers du vent” in Annecy.

Not surprisingly, it was a tight run battle between the Gin Boomerang 11 and the Ozone Enzo 3. These two models appear to have very similar performance. The difference really was down to the pilots and their strategy. According to the organiser's pilot list there were: -78 Ozone Enzo 3,

-27 GIN Boomerang 11,

-8 Ozone Zeno,

-6 Ozone Enzo 2

-1 GIN Boomerang GTO.

To document the harnesses used, we have put together some photos on the following pages.

3 | 2017


The Génie race 4 coming in to land. The windscreen is an official Gin accessory which is supposed to improve the airflow around the pilot. The aerodynamic fairing at the back is inflated by an opening at the pilot’s feet. There are four sizes, weight 7.6 to 8.5 kg. Price: 2490 €

The Genie race 4 seen from above: the aerodynamic form behind the pilot is clearly visible. recent studies confirm the importance of the fairing in the lee of the pilot.

Seen from behind, you can really see that the drag coefficient is very low. This pilot even wears streamlined padded sleeves on his arms.

Laurie Genovese was the Champion of this World Cup. remarkably, in the general classification, she took 6th place. Pictured here taking off for task 8. She flew the Ozone Exoceat harness, available in four sizes, certified EN/LTF, weight 9.3-9.7Â kg. Price: 1775 â‚Ź oceat/info/ Photo : ulric Jessop

5 | 2017


PWCA 2017

An alternative ‘outsider’ with an interesting price tag from Eastern Europe: the Genesis harness from the ukrainian company Nearbirds. Available in five sizes: XS to XL. Weight: 6.5 kg in size M, 7 kg in size L. Price: 1190 €.

Pierre rémy was the only pilot flying a Kortel Kanibal race 2 harness. It comes in three sizes: S, M, L. Weight: 7.2 kg in size S, 7.5 kg in size M and 7.8 kg in size L. Certified EN/LTF Price: 2200 €, Due out in March.

6 | 2017


The new Woody valley X-rated 7. The difference is clear when compared to the version 6: The tail has been cut ‘cleanly’. This windscreen isn’t in production: it’s ‘homemade’ by richard Gallon. LTF Certified, 3 sizes (7.1 kg, 7.7 kg, 8.5 kg). Price: 1915 €.

7 | 2017

PWCA 2017

roldanillo in Colombia was the setting for this Super Final, bringing to an end the 2017 World Cup tour as always in January of the following year.

8 | 2017


The flights were, as usual, recorded by Flymaster instruments. The PWCA App which was trialled at the last World Cup, was once again available for Android and iOS devices. (iOS) (Price: 3 € approx) (Price: 3 € approx)

9 | 2017

For English speakers there is also the live Commentary with interesting facts, figures and explanations about each task. It is also available on


The pilots can be followed on a map…

…and also on the Leaderboard which gives their live position.

PWCA 2017

TOP 3 WOMEN. 1er Laurie Genovese 2e Meryl Delferriere 3e Klaudia Bulgakow

TOP 3 MEN. 1er Michael Sigel 2e Nicola Donini 3e Joachim Oberhauser

TOP 3 TEAMS. 1er Ozone 2e AirG’ Products 3e Woody valley

PWCA 2017

Colourful bouquets of flowers for the Paragliding World's leading ladies... The next Paragliding World Cup event: The first event in the 2018 Paragliding World Cup calendar will be from the 17th to 24th of February in Bright, Australia.

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Pwca 2017  

The 2017 Paragliding World Cup The 2017 Paragliding World Cup Super Final took place from the 9th to the 20th of January 2018 in Roldanillo...

Pwca 2017  

The 2017 Paragliding World Cup The 2017 Paragliding World Cup Super Final took place from the 9th to the 20th of January 2018 in Roldanillo...