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winter vacation



It is as cold as -100degree ! you have to wear 100 coat ! and 100 have to wear ! 100 pant, and you have to wear ! 1000 shirts.

Winter vacation is fun that I ! can live to 1000years and have lots ! white hairs and lots of silver hair.

Ice The ice is very cold because it is freeze. The ice is very hot because it is old.

winter vacation


! It is fun then going to the park with my family.Then I can play in the park. ! It is more fun to play in the snow with lots of snowflakes. ! It is more fun playing with our class like Vraj and Steven.

Ice king alive know I am not dead because the sun is not red Know I am alive because the ice king is alive.


Awesome, cool, fantastic, great, best thing in the world, going to home town. !

`weather of winter vacation

It is cold as the moon on our house. Then I will be the ice part or the house.

Its awesome like I am flying in the sky like a bird

! Ice king dead The snow is melting because the sun is raising. Its sad that it is gone. I know that because I am done.

Tonny 4kc



The snow man is cold it is freezing on the floor the snowman is freeze.

The snow is as cold as putting one ! hundred refrigerator. ! It is as cold as putting one hundred snowman.

winter the winter is fun but there is nothing fun. fun things are none.

snow flakes is as sharp as a cactus

! saber tooth saber tooth are strong it is as strong as a hippo. It is long as a elephant nose.

poem tonny  

poem by tonny

poem tonny  

poem by tonny