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Daniel Abkenar 4KC

October 25 2011

DONKEY! ‘’Daniel, wake up it’s breakfast time,’’ whispered my mom. ‘’Okay, I will be down in just a minute,’’ I said. I ran down the stairs faster than the speed of light. I could smell the breakfast cooking on the stove. ‘’Dad, what are we having for breakfast?’’ I asked. ‘’We are just having pancakes for breakfast,’’ said my dad. He handed me my pancake. I started eating my pancake but when I took my second bite, I heard a noise. ‘’Neeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaah,’’ I heard. ‘’Did you guys hear that noise?’’ I asked, ’’that noise that came from the driveway.’’ ‘’No,’’ said my mom and dad. I got up and ran quickly out the door and to the driveway and, I didn’t believe what I saw when I got to the driveway. There was a donkey standing in the middle of the driveway! ‘’Dad, mom there is a donkey on the driveway!’’ I shouted. ‘’What!’’ shouted my mom. My mom came running to the driveway. ‘’Aww, let’s feed it a banana,’’ said my mom. ‘’What, you are not even wondering where this donkey came from?’’ I asked. ‘’Let’s just feed it a banana,’’ said my mom.

I ran inside to the kitchen and grabbed a banana from the fruit bowl. When I got outside I gave the banana to the donkey and it started eating the banana but, after ten seconds, the donkey spit out the banana. ‘’Aww yuck, donkey throw up,’’ I cried. ‘’Daniel, maybe you should go wash your hands since you touched that donkey,’’ suggested my mom. ‘’Okay,’’ I murmured. I ran in the house , went to the sink and started washing my hands. I washed my hands as fast as I could, I was so happy that there was a donkey here, but when I got back out, the donkey was gone. I felt a little weird. A little chill went through my spine. ‘’Where did that donkey go?’’




September 7 2011

‘’Daniel, get of the Wii,’’ shouted my mom. '’Just a little bit more,’’ I asked. ‘’No now get of the Wii we’re going for a walk in the park,’’ she said. I hate the park, every day we either go sight seeing or we go for a walk in the park. I just want to stay home and relax. I can't change her mind so I guess I just have to go with it. Dad was making sandwiches for the walk. I was just sick of all this sightseeing and walks in the park. “Daniel are you ready,'' asked my mom. “Yes,'' I said. We walked strait out the door with no sound. We took the tube to the park and it was a long ride. I took a nap on the tube and when I woke up we were there. '' Dad I am hungry, can we have our lunch,'' I asked. ''No we are going to have lunch at lunch time,'' he said. I was starving. When we arrived at the park me and my brother Darran and my dad started playing tag. I was it the whole time. After playing for 30 minutes it was lunch time. I was so happy. Every bodies sandwich was a ham, l, and tomato. Mine was a ham and cheese sandwich. After lunch we went to see the statue of Peter Pan. People say that that was were he left to Never Land. After seeing the statue of Peter Pan we wanted to go see the duck pool. My mom said it was very pretty but from my opinion, It was just a pool full of garbage and duck poop. I wanted to see what else there was in that pool but , before I could get any closer I slipped and fell in the duck pool. ”Daniel are you okay?’’ shouted my mom.

“I’m fine,’’ I said, ‘’I don’t know about you guys but that is the last time I will ever go near a duck pool in my life.’’

Whales are amazing animals :BY Daniel  Abkenar                                                                                                                                                          4KC        

Have you  ever  thought  about  any  other  animal  besides  your  favorite?  

For example,  if  your  favorite  animal  is  a  tiger,  have  you  ever  thought  about   jaguars,  leopards,  lions,  cheetahs,  house  cats.  Another  example,  if  your  favorite   animal  is  a  shark,  have  you  ever  thought  about  WHALES.  ,  One  way  they  are   amazing  animals  is  that  they  are  giant.  Another  way  they  are  amazing  animals  is   that  they  are  very  intresting.  The  last  reason  how  they  are  amazing  animals  is   how  they  are  an  endangered  species.  Well  guess  what.  I  am  here  to  prove  that   whales  are  amazing  animals.   One  way  whales  are  amazing  animals  is  their  size.  Did  you  know  that   some  whales  can  have  the  heart  the  size  of  a  ford  focus.  One  thing  that  got  me   interested  in  whales  is  how  big  whale  tongue’s  can  be.  They  can  be  the  size  of  a   full  grown  elephant.  Another  thing,  that  made  me  laugh  is  that  some  whales  can   weigh  more  than    12,000  pounds.  A  blue  whale  can  weigh  more  than  120,000   pounds  when  it  is  full  grown.  If  you  thought  that  no  animal  could  fit  2,200  pieces   of  food  in  their  mouth,  think  again,  whales  can  do  that.  If  you  have  seen  a  whale,   you  might  know  that  whales  can  be  45  feet  long.  That  is  amazing!  Now  you  see   that  whales  can  be  monster  sized,  giant,  COLOSSAL.  Word  of  reminder,  if  you   have  heard  of  those  cookies  called  whale  cookies.  Please  don’t  eat  them  in  front   of  whales.     Another  reason  how  whales  are  amazing  animals  is  because  they  are  very   interesting.  Today  many  people  study  whales  cause  they  want  to  learn  more   about  them.  The  reason  why  they  want  to  learn  about  them  is  because  they  are   barely  ever  seen  by  humans.  Whale  watching  is  very  interesting,  especially  when   you  see  one.  My  friends  dad  is  a  whale  scientist  and  he  got  interested  in  whales   when  he  was  13  when  he  first  went  whale  watching.  These  animals  are  truly  a   sight  to  see  which  is  one  of  the  reasons  why  people  become  whale  scientists.  Just   think  about  all  the  amazing  things  you  can  learn  about  whales.  You  can  learn  

things about  whales  that  no  one  else  knows.  Whales  are  VERY  interesting   animals.     Have  you  ever  gone  whale  watching  and  saw  a  whale?  Well  you  are  lucky   cause  whales  are  on  the  verge  of  becoming  extinct.  There  are  3  reasons  why.  By   pollution,  being  beached,  and  whaling.  But  some  people  care  about  these   animals.  They  keep  them  in  zoos  or  aquariums.  The  rarest  whale  is  the  biggest   whale.  The  blue  whale.  There  are  only  32  blue  whales  in  Hawaii!  If  we  don’t  stop   this  crisis,  whales  will  be  gone,  forever.  So  let’s  help  these  animals  and  make   everybody  see  how  amazing  these  animals  are.       Well,  there  you  have  it.  Now  do  you  see  how  whales  are  amazing  animals.   One  way  how  they  are  amazing  animals  is  that  they  are  giant.  Another  way  how   whales  are  amazing  animals  is  how  interesting  they  are.  And  the  last  reason  how   whales  are  amazing  animals  is  how  they  are  an  endangered  species.  Now  do  you   think  that  whales  are  amazing  animals?  Cause  if  you  say  yes,  than  you  have  been   listening  to  me  and  you  truly  care  about  these  animals.  Whales  being  amazing   animals  is  what  I  have  realized.    



Cheetahs WARTHOGS STENCH “No escape warthog,ʼʼ The lioness said “Oh fartlesticks I wish I was in bed.ʼʼ The lioness took a step to the front The warthog made a grunt Then it made a cazzunk So never go near, A warthogs stench Cause the only thing that protects you Is the power of the wrench.


Chasing the zebras Having a workout Every day and night Every minute and hour The cheetah runs And when they get tired Same thing, they run again

GIRAFFES Giraffes Mighty giraffes Stretch that neck Stand so tall Giraffes

Run away Zebra The cheetah is coming close Uh Oh no, he got


The dirt runs across the ground Of the meerkat colony So silent So lonely But then Pop Pop Pop, out of the holes like the top of a beer bottle The meerkats are sticks With burning eyes Watching out for hyenas “Clear,ʼʼ a meerkat shouts And back to the ground they go

Having to look for rotting meat Yikes, this one has mold Everyday, nothing good to eat Never had the chance to taste good meat Ahhhhh, LIONS! Such a horrible life

LIONS King of the jungle How proud you must be The only thing they fear Are poachers coming near But nothing else stops them From ruling the amazing pride lands UH OH POACHERS!

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