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1. Sherry Lai If any one of you are looking for HOT senators, you have come to the right person. Well of course, not by the definition of good looking, but to be helpful, organized, and trustworthy. First of all, I am helpful. Perhaps you don’t know me as well others, but I’ve always lend a helping hand when people have asked it. Secondly, being super organized is also one of my strong aspects, I will also contribute into keeping STUCO as efficient as possible. I always approach things with a positive and friendly attitude. I will help to plan out events that will occur throughout our freshmen year, such as dances and overnighters. Last but not least, I am known for being trustworthy. If I promise to get something done, trust me, I will keep my promise and follow through with my word. I am willing to give my best effort to help the STUCO of 2016, so vote me maybe? 2. Brian Hsu My name is Bryan and I'm a freshman in SAS. I'm running for Senator because I want to get more involved in school. I'm a very organized person both at home and at school. At school, I always like to get things done and keep myself organized. For example, at school I always separate all my different classwork into different files in my binder so that I can make sure that I won't lose anything. I can bring good teamwork and awesome school spirit to the council. Also, I love to make my friends and classmates feel happy and confident by just doing ordinary things like cheering them up when they're having a bad day. I am Bryan and I would like to become a STUCO Senator. 3. Ellen Ling Hi! I’m Ellen Ling and I want to be one of your freshmen council senators. STUCO’s job is to make freshman year fun for all of you, but preparing fun events takes a lot of organization. I’m a pretty organized person, and if you elect me as one of your senators, I’ll make sure to use my organization skills to the fullest. With me as a senator, you won’t have to worry about not knowing the time and date of any dances or bake sales, because I’ll make sure everyone is well informed. When it matters most, I’m very careful and trustworthy. I’ll be glad to help out whenever and wherever I’m needed! I hope you’ll vote for me so we can make this year the best yet! :)

4. Cookie Chang My name is Cookie Chang and I would like to share with you. My story. As a silly, wacko eight year old, I always envisioned myself as a princess, and frankly at that time, it is what I always wanted to be. I would picture myself to find a prince charming one day and become the person who gets to enjoy the “happy ever after”… Now, as a freshman, I guess I can’t find my prince charming, because they just don’t exist. (Sadly, that’s true.) So that dream got crushed. Anyhow, I decided to become a fairy godmother. With her magical bibidi-babidi-boo powers that can grant people’s wishes. For me, running for senator is like a fairy godmother, well, except the tight pink tutu of course. Senators contribute to the group, and although they may not be shinning through as individuals, I believe that senators can work together. Just like parts of a machine, each piece is important and fits perfectly. People might not remember us as who did what in the group, but honestly, having fun is really important and I would consider that as the main factor why I am running. 5. Chen Wen Hsu Hi! Okay some basic information about me: my names Chen Wen Hsu and I've been at SAS ever since the 1st grade so I know the school quite well. The reasons why I think I could help Stuco as a senator this year is that first of all I am someone who is extremely organized, prepared and always punctual. I'm a neat freak and a bit of a perfectionist, which I think would be beneficial to helping/making this the best year ever if you vote for me. I always try to be very helpful towards other. Also I've been in student forum for 3 sessions (almost an entire year) in middle school. Also I have been treasurer (6th), secretary (7th) and president (7th) of student forum so I am experience. The reason why I want to be one of the freshman student council senators is because I do enjoy helping, planning and being involved in these school events. As well as having a feel of what student council does. I do believe that I will be helpful, willing and qualified to be one of the student council senators. Thank you and vote for me! 6. Kylin Daniel I would be honored to be a senator, and I will do whatever it takes to help the Student Council. I am a team-player, and will support as best I can. I spent 6 weeks of my summer at a military academy, so I KNOW what it's like to lead a group of people. A senator is needed to help the rest of the council, be it baking for fundraising or dance decorations or using whatever insanely awesome skills I have to SUPPORT

your council. I know it isn't necessarily a major roll, but it isn't a role to be looked down upon. I may not be one of the brightest students in the 9th grade, but I am a student that is capable of contributing to the team. YOUR vote counts. Thank you. 7. JinWoo Lee Hello everyone, my name is Jinwoo Lee, and I’m running for the freshman senator of Student Council. Dedicated, responsible, and enthusiastic. These are the words that best describe me, and are also the three reasons why you should vote for me. If I get elected as one of the Senators, I’ll always be responsible for supporting STUCO and be enthusiastic with arranging activities, which are coming soon. I will be willing to listen to the issues that my peers think should be brought up, and make a difference so that I can make school a more enjoyable place. I really want to get a chance to know all of you. I promise I will try my hardest to help you to have a memorable school year. I am fully prepared to step up to this role. Thank you for your time and I would appreciate it if you would vote for me today. 8. Jenny Lin Hi guys! My name is Jenny Lin and I have been in SAS since elementary school. Not only do I want to help the student council, I also want to help you guys make this year a fun and unique year! I will be honored to become one of the senators, and to do whatever I can to help to organize any events. I work well with people, and I want to get to know all of the students more. I am willing to take risks, responsibility and give in my best effort. I believe that a senator plays a important role to get everything going. After all, I will cherish the opportunity to make this freshman year a better year for all of you! Remember that each and every one of your votes counts! Thank you. 9. Jason Lin At first, I felt strongly about helping out the officers (and just to say I wouldn't mind being hanzhe's slave!), but I was discouraged when I injured my ankle during a sports game. I felt that I wouldn't be of much use to the council and since there aren't many senators in total to begin with, I thought that I might as well leave the spot for someone else for someone else who can actually

help with physical work. But a conversation with our dear president convinced me again that I could help the council in other ways, such as providing ideas, and quote Bridget: "UNTIL I HEAL, I CAN USE MY PHYSICAL DISABILITY TO MAKE PEOPLE FEEL SORRY FOR ME SO THEY WILL BUY LOTS OF CUPCAKES FROM ME." 10. Jeffrey Lim Hey guys, I’m Jeffrey Lim. To start with, I don’t want to bore you freshmen by stating, “I am here to serve you guys” But I want to ask you this; "What is my IMAGE to the entire freshmen? The most typical answer was “Tall Dude”. Yea obviously I’m tall. Abstractly speaking being tall can be related to looking beyond. In the wilds, herbivores are always in danger of being EATEN by the carnivores. Among the herbivores Giraffes quietly eat leaves off the tallest trees watching out far for the incoming carnivores. By the alert from the Giraffe, nearby herbivores can ESCAPE and be SAFE. Freshmen are youthful; we are juvenile. In order to adapt to the wild HIGH school, we need someone to look beyond and alert us what’s coming and what dangers we are in need to care for. I can do this; let me be your Giraffe. 12. Sabrina Hsu Hello, my name is Sabrina. Though I may not be able to help in the baking aspect of fund-raising (unless you want people to go home with a stomachache), I enjoy decorating for dances, performances, concerts and other special events. I would love to help in any way that I can possibly do and I hope you can trust me in any particular task that you assign. So I'll try to work alongside everybody to the best of my ability! Trustworthy? Check. Hardworking? You bet. I'll stay after school for anything if you need extra help. Have school spirit? You found the right person! 13. Daniel Ryu Greetings everyone, my name is Daniel and I believe I should be one of the senators. First, I am very helpful. If any of you guys want any help, I'll always be there to give my best effort to help you and I can assure you that you will be more than satisfied. Second, I am very trustworthy. I always prioritize others work before my own work, so if there is anything you need a support or a help, you can always trust and rely on me to get it done. Third, I am sure I am the most eager one to help this school in any and every way.  I came to this school

when I was a 1st grader, and I saw this school change in numerous ways, and I want to help the school and bring some positive changes to this school, and I am all in for it. So do you want the BEST year yet? Well, i don't think there are any other choice but to vote DANIEL RYU for YOUR senator!!!! 14. George Chen I am George Chen and my strengths from the survey are humor, love, kindness, creativity and curiosity. However, many people would also describe me full of energy and spirit. I can always bring ideas to the council and discuss ideas to make them better. I try my best to know everyone in this grade and I am pretty sure almost everyone knows me now. I can also help out with the student council with many of the events they decide to host. I should be a senator because I have always enjoyed helping out people and making other people happy. I am often very helpful and many people think I am very trust worthy. My organization skills however aren’t the best but it is not too bad to prevent me from joining student council. I will be a great addition to the senators so vote for me. 15. Max Wang Hey. My name is Max Wang and I think I should be your next senator. I’m vey “HOT” and can support the executive council. This is my first year at Shanghai American School and my first in Shanghai. I come from the United States of America and I bring lots of new and interesting ideas that could benefit everyone in the school. I am a team worker and I can build trust and assist anyone who needs help. I also have interests in the fine arts and sports, like basketball and tennis. You will definitely not regret choosing me as your SAS senator. 16. Samantha Delgado I have never thought of moving to China. I never even considered of ever moving out of the United Stated. Living and being raised in America has made my mind so closed minded about everywhere else. But moving to china has made me grow stronger. I have met so many nice people and I have grown out of my comfort zone. I am no longer afraid to be me. Everyone is different person inside and have a talent that they are strong in. I have learned to accept that. Now I am here to tell you what I am strong in. I have always had a passion to help others. I have a pretty bubbly personality! I love meeting and making new friends! I am someone you can trust. So if you are looking for

some “HOT SENATORS” I am here to be YOUR senator. 17. Winnie Chen Random is often the first word that pops up when people think of me, but that’s not all I’m about. Despite the fact that I’m weird, I also have other qualities that make me a good candidate for senator. According to the survey, two of my best characteristic traits are zest and kindness. Zest, I have a lot of energy, so that means that I’m always ready to help out with any baking or selling at school events. Kindness is part of me, and I’m not saying that in a self-obsessed kind of way, but all I’m saying is that I’m always ready to help out. I would always be the first one to help out with anything, whether it is baking cookies for the bake sales, or cutting dance tickets, I’ll be there not only for STUCO, but also for us, the freshmen class. 18. Rosa Kim Hi! I am Rosa Kim, and I am applying to be a senator in the freshmen Student Council. I am preferably trustworthy and I am confident that I can successfully deal with assignments and other work appointed to me at all times. Furthermore, I am well organized and can deal with both my academic work in classes and the Student Council work without dropping either. I can also be sure that I will be a helpful member of the freshmen Student Council. If I was selected to work as a senator, I would try my best to aid in making the Student Council work in its best efficiency. 19. Yi En Chong Growing up, I have always had a deep desire to serve. I am committed to the things that I do and I always try to live up to what I commit myself to do. I think that my biggest ability is my strength in solving problems and my “can-do” spirit to everything. I’m always intensely loyal to whatever club I join, and I always remain that way for a very long time. I have great respect for all of our STUCO members, but I think that as Senator, I am given the chance to serve people. It's the down-to-earth way of making this year fun. I don’t mind if I have to put in extra hours to get something done. I just want the chance to serve and make this year fun.

20. SaeYoung NamGoong Hi, my name is Saeyoung Namgoong, and I am here to become your freshmen student council senator. The reason why you should vote for me as your senator is because I become creative and full of ideas when it comes to designing activities. I will try my best to come up with unique ideas for all the activities during the year, and I will also use all of my abilities to support the Student Council. I like to communicate with people, so for those people who have ideas for events but do not have the courage to communicate with the student council, I will become your way of communication. I will happily deliver your idea to the Student Council. I am willing to help freshmen students to have their very best year, as I am one of you as well. Please remember to vote Saeyoung Namgoong as your freshman senator! 21. Katherine Liu Hello freshmen! My name is Katherine Niu. I am a new student who’s excited to be a part of the SAS community. I believe I’m qualified for the role of senator because I have all the traits that a valuable senator needs. I am helpful, organized, and trustworthy. I wish to help the student council in any way I can, including but not limited to decorating for dances, making playlists, passing on suggestions from students, and making flyers. Art related tasks are my strength. Additionally, I believe that an effective student council needs teamwork, organization, and school spirit. If I am elected for senator, not only will I enthusiastically dedicate my time to helping you guys, but I will also take my job very seriously. I am willing to contribute my best effort to make freshmen year the best that it can be! 22. Kevin Wong I would like to be a senator for the freshmen student council because I believe I have the strengths necessary for the job. I am attentive, organized, capable and can be trusted. I will listen to what the council needs, and act on the set directions. I am organized, and can manage my time well, making sure that I can balance my schedule and the council’s agenda. I can be trusted to carry out a task, to be depended upon when called to perform a task. I excel at tasks of leadership - I encourage people and groups to get things done. I realize that senator will not be a prestigious position, but I would love to offer my skill

set for the council and by extension, the freshmen class. These are just some of what I have to offer to the freshmen council, and I look forward to be able to present more of myself. In short, I believe that I will make an excellent senator. 23. Jared Hwang HOT. Helpful, Organised and Trustworthy. These are optimal for a senator, but I believe teamwork is also a large factor.  Teamwork is what binds organisations and people together and unify them, and this is where I come in.  My natural characteristics of being a leader will help organise the Senators so the Student Council needn't worry about the work being done.  With a job also comes responsibility, which includes being on time.  I realise that some people have a tendency to arrive to important meetings late, and perhaps not even show up.  I am not one of those people.  If you set a deadline, or a time for a meeting, or even just need to have a chat, you can trust me to be there at the time set, if not earlier for insurance. Based on these aspects, I believe I can be a HOT* senator! 24. Emma Tang You need someone to laugh at in STUCO. Like really, someone that makes you guffaw and howl and hoot to the point of tears because of her stupidity and air-headedness. That'd be the perks of having me as one of the senators. I know what you want. I can read your minds. I'll keep you happy at dances and events, never boring you to death because even my silence is hilarious. I don’t really know what else I can do to convince you to vote for me. But if I’m senator, I’ll be your perfect slave. To a point...I won’t do your laundry, because that’s just nasty. I was going to say something else, but I don't think it'd be appropriate. So vote Emma Tang as one of the many senators!! And look at the yummy cake. Be mesmerized by it!

25. Sofie Norgreen So of course you people all know I'm HOT. I'm very helpful because every time there's a bake sale I will definitely bake. I'm organized and I will help STUCO get organized with everything they need to do. I will help organize events like the OVERNIGHTER and I will put always put all my effort into it. I'm also trustworthy because I will always come with cakes and stuff for bake sales, and trust me I'm an awesome baker. So vote for me as senator

because I'm super HOT. 26. Rachel Yao Hello, my name is Rachel Yao and I want to run for senator because I want to help the council in every way that I can, I also want to contribute my ideas to improve the class of 2016. I have been in SAS for 4 years now and it has been a great journey. I want to help make this year a better year for all of you and bring us all closer as a community. Not only am I helpful, organized and trustworthy, you can also count on me to help you with anything you need. Just remember, I am here to serve the council and the class of 2016 so please vote for me as one of the senators! 27. Eric Fang Hi class of 2016, if you all don’t know me, my name is Eric Fang and I’m interested in running for senator. During my freshman year, I really want to help out people and make the year better for everyone because it is our first year of high school. The reason I’m running for senator isn’t because I want it to look good on my resume, but I actually want to make a change this year. If there’s anything I can do to support our student council, I will always be there to help. This is my 8th year at SAS and I know mostly everybody in the grade. If you want a better year for everybody in the grade, vote Eric Fang for senator! 28. Jessica Lin Hey Everyone! I am Jessica Lin and this is my fourth year in SAS Puxi. I want to be YOUR senator so i can provide ideas, projects, suggestions that you all have to the freshmen student council. I am a pretty flexible person because I can stay after school to help out with the student council and I am willing to listen to your thoughts. As well as that I would also like to run for senator to help raise the school spirit in our grade. When it comes to events and spirit week, not many people dress up, or actually cheer for the class of 2016. Since I always dress up for spirit week, I hope we can raise the spirit of us, freshmen and be the loudest and most enthusiastic grade!

29. Samantha Smith Hi, my name is Samantha Smith and I think that I would make a great senator. I am someone that will always do my part when working in a group and makes sure everyone feels that the work is evenly distributed. I am always helpful and I will never forget to bake for a bake sale or do something simple.I am very trustworthy because I always show up on time, and I never skip meetings if I don't feel like it. I will always tell you in advance whether I can come for a meeting or not. I am also always on time and I like to send things in early. I think I can bring a positive attitude and different input from students on different ideas. I am someone that is very dependable and I would love to help the student council! 30. Jenny Zhu Hey! I'm Zhu Jing Yi Jenny. I seem really quiet, but not until you know me. I'm actually fifteen! I am a mature person. I was the captain of the Netball team for the junior division of my previous school in Singapore. I was also a Sports Leader in school, so I organized sporting events. Having much skill in leadership and organization, I would be a senator who can bring the council to greater heights. Being more mature, I know what's good for the council and I always voice out my honest opinions so that the council can be more efficient while meeting the needs of our fellow schoolmates. I am responsible; I always get my homework done in time, which are of quality work. I can be trusted with assignments appointed to me. Lastly, I love helping people! (:  I like it when people smile when I helped them. 31. Caroline Keefe Hello Class Of 2016. My name is Caroline Keefe, and I would like to be the President Of The United States but this is a better job. I consider myself cooperative, hardworking, and optimistic. To me, these are all characteristics that define a great senator. As a senator, I'd like to make sure that your thoughts are brought to STUCOs attention and give you a voice so we can all participate in the student government. I'm looking forward to supporting the student council members in their efforts to make this freshman year that much better. It will be sentastic!  

32. Grace Kim HELLO my name is Grace Kim and I am running for a senator position. I am very familiar with the class of 2016, which is important because it is crucial for senators to be able to work and cooperate well with each other, and with the other members of the class. I love working with other people, coming up with FRESH ideas and contributing as a team member. I’m also very helpful and organized in things that I care about, and I care about my class, the class of 2016! …… I’m also very familiar with working in a student council since I contributed as the president of student forum in middle school. And also because I have been an ambassador for a long time, I have met many of the new students already, and am also comfortable with working with the new students. I will help make the class of 2016 better. So please, VOTE FOR GRACE!

33. Grace Mui My name is Grace Mui and I’m running to become part of the senate. You’re probably wondering why you should vote for me, when so many of your friends are running. But because I’m new to the SAS society, I can assist the freshman council in bringing in newer and better ideas that would appeal more to all of you, instead of repeating events, and ensuring an entertaining first year as a high schooler. Furthermore, I believe I have academic qualities needed for the job. Not only am I a “HOT” (helpful, organized and trustworthy) person, but I am also responsible, diligent and determined. I will always put my best efforts into a task set to me by the council, no matter my own opinion or how irksome it is, because I want to contribute and help make this year an amazing time for us; the class of 2016. I hope you vote for me to become one of your senators! 34. Sabrina Wang Hey everyone, I’m Sabrina, and I’m going to be your senator. I’m not going to give you a whole paragraph about how I am super responsible, organized, trustworthy, helpful, and everything else, but I assure you, I am. I’m here to tell you why I am going to be a senator. I love this school, and everyone here is wonderful. I’m new at this school and when I first arrived, I was very warmly welcomed. I want to help give back to this school that made me feel so at home,

even in the first week. I always love to help, and I have the commitment to dedicate time to work for all of you. When I become senator, I will do everything in my power to make this the best year EVER. I will get to know you, and the school better and we’ll all be happy. See? There in a few short sentences I have shown you that I am going to be the best senator you’ve ever had! 35. Tiffany Liu Hi, I’m Tiffany Liu and I’m running to become one of the 2016 senators. One reason I want to run for senators is because I think the experience can help me familiarize myself with the high school and its people. Being a senator can also improve my leadership skills and future assistances to the school. I am a very organized person, which can be a very handy skill to have when it comes to idea giving and planning. Note taking is also one of my strengths that can be beneficial. Being an art student, I can provide support for designing ads or fliers promoting stuco events. I am hoping that this is the first of many of my contributions to the school, and that I can build up my relationship with the school from here.

Freshmen Council Senator Apps  

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