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inspired by waterdrop on lotus house of bamboo Ayutthaya resort Asoke condominium Tatien Waterfront district (analysis phase) Mhong’s tribe Agriculture School Tung Rangsit Vision 2020 Bangsue Grand station District (TOD) Phimai waterfront development (Thesis) miscellanceous

Inspired by waterdrop on lotus

House of bamboo

design concept:symmetry

symmetry design to create visual aesthetic that represent to site indentity, design create axis that link space to outsite. connecting between shade of bamboo garden and semi-public zone of house(center court,dinning room). The function of bamboo garden is create space for maditation, shading of bamboo also created enclosing space, make user feel comfortable and become to a part of nature.

Ayutthaya resort About design

Located in historical site of also create space for flood, as center open space for activities of users. This design should concern more about circulation, view to surronding historical architecture, activities for user and how to represent to identity of site.

Asoke condominium


design exterior landscape around the building and roof garden on 6th floor of the building

Inspired from shape of the building that look like butterfly. The design simplify form and pattern of butterfly wing, create path of walkway and green space and use scluptures to create a focal point at the end of path ways.

about roof garden

requirement of program was design swimming pool and exterior space for club house. The pool area use glass wall to create safety and infinity edge view. enclose space by water feature and mass of heliconia with plants that has sclupture form.

Tatian waterfront district

about analysis method

analysis that worked in group to study context of historict district of Chaopraya river

group of student must purpose vision for development in condition of cultural context, historical context, way of life, to develop this district for support tourist activities

Hmong tribe Agriculture School

about design

130 rai of site area, located in Phetchaboon, nortern of Thailand. Main users of the project are Hmong tribe student which living in forest on the mountain. project concern about sustainable agriculture and integrated tourist activities with education of sustainable agriculture.

Tung Rangsit Vision 2020

about site

Tung Ragsit is located in Phathumtani ,center of Thailland.With 16,000 rai, This area was wetland and agriculture use with man made canals before. Now Tung Rungsit has affected from expansion of the Bangkok city. Wetland and Agriculture transferred to real-estate development,industrial landuse

about “Blue Network�

This vision concern in water management by purpose idea for flood control,water treatment,site drainage. And also purpose area for storage water, treatment point, drainage system. Section landscape design for each landuse

about landscape design

In individual project is design area for flood storage with condition of ecological and agricultural use. For flood management, using berm and water gate for control level of water. Site becoming wetland and agriculture education center make the recreation space for neighborhood. The project purpose circulation by using existing canal connecting northern and southern area by using boat service

Site Analysis


Bangsue Grand station District

about project

In the future Bangsue Grand Station will become the center station of Thailand. Site surrounded by urban community and importance nodes such as Jatujak Market,Suan-rod-fai park, Queen Sirikit Park, Mochit Bus Station, BTS and MRT station. Students must purpose masterplan that Consistent with the growth of the city in this district, by base on principle of Transit Oriented Development

Conceptual Diagram

Bangsue Master Plan

Diagram of Zonning

about concept

Use underail space as corridor to connect all zones in the project. The underail corridor including activities that related with surrounding zone such as Underrail Park, Education Corridor, Ccmmunity Center, Recreation Center. Corridor aslo design for comfortable walk, circulation for Bicycle and tram.

Detail in Commercial

shopping and eatting were purposed for center of business area, shopfront between Grand station and residentail. In residential area were community market with shop, supermarket and cafe.

Detail in Residential

All residential buildings were purpose publice greenspace as a center courtyard. Every courtyard connected together, make green corridor along the site. The green corridor also propose walkable design requirement and recreation space for the community

Detail in Business

Main function of open spaces in business zone are relaxing area or space for business activities. Including shops, resturants, cafe.

Bangsue Community Park

project still keep old garage train building and railway to develop new community park. The community park also including underrail space for commercial area, open space for festival and community center.

Community Center

Festival Space

Community Garden

Commercial Area

By renovating old train garage to community center. Local community can use spaces for activities such as libraly, outdoor classroom, community garden, cafe area.

This garden community could plant and havest vegetable. With amphitheater for out door classroom or doing workshop. so landscape could change seasonality.

For community festival and events. Open space connected with community center. So space for activity could flow between inside and outside community building.

Under the railway, between park and sevice apartment area. use waterfeature and lighting design to improve the atmosphere. Including tramstop, market, bicycle service,shop and cafe,

Phimai Waterfront Development

about Thesis

Phimai is the one of importance Khmer ancient city in easthern of Thailand that located in Nakronrachasima province. The Phimai Stone Palace is center of the city, surrounded by community and still remains Khmer ancient’s city planning that made this city unique. Today the ancient city was affected from tourist’s activities, expansion of city, limit of city expansion. City was crowded by tourists and activities, especially front of Stone palace. Today phimai need publice space that could improve the city’s asmosphere effectively.

site location

Jakarath River is the importance place for city’s cultural activities, festival and recreation space of city.

residential commercial government temple recreation agriculture industrial

Front of The Ancient stone palace is the center of the city. There are commercial buildings outside the block,stick with the main street and residential buildings are inside the building block

city was surrounded by river bank

ancient remains

city access

ancient planning

node connection

visual linkage

Conceptual Design

detail in community zone

waterfront state



linkage corridor

ancient gate



ancient canal

Community zone

recreation by learning activity was purposed forPhimai waterfront. Community can use outdoor learning and community’s event space near library, Tradition long boat museum for tourists and boat training center for community. Main openspace connected with ancient’s axis.

Park entrance near The ancient gate

Outdoor classroom

Museaum and Training Center

Community’s event space

ancient corridor

Park entrance near the bridge

waterfront walkway

tourists port

view to ancient gate

view to ancient city’s waterfront port


sport zone

education zone

ancient gate

museum openspace pavillion Old boat house

ancient pond




Urban space

to create panoramic view to Phimai ancient city. use axis that related with ancient city’s axis, multipurpose spaces are open view to river. In festival use both side of open space, created connectivity to the city.

waterfront steps seating


cafe and resturants

space for long boat race

linkage to ancient corridor

path way near community park

river walk


admin building


festival space

cafe and resturant

linkage with gate




community park

view to commercial city’s waterfront sport field



tourists port with commercial

festival space ancient gate

ancient pond cafe


cafe and resturants stage community park

festival space

Over all perspective Long boat adminitration building

Miscellanceous Work

Workshops, Paticipations, Freelance

PLAY: Urban Intervention(2010)

create play atmosphere for Bangbua community. Turn old slum area to playground, by using activities to create participation with childrens and people in community. Make the place feels playful. Turn remain slum walkway into colourful pathway for play and colourful materails. The workshop was focus with process that team must paticipate with community.

TALA student workshop (2010)

workshop at Nawyaw school. Student can propose any idea for school. By Architect and Landscape architect students with student of lNayaw school. Our team propose education nodes and pathway into the forest.

IFLA student charette (2011)

Concept of work: represent the diversity of the cultural landscape of the floating market at Amphawa. Showing how people and the nature interacting together. By using linear material, nylon rope, for represent to canal of Amphawa. showing how people and water living together. Our work interacts with the site. The pattern of nylon was inspired by the wave of the water when the boat passing. After the installation the nylon is flowing by the water and the wind. With the movement of the nylon concentrated by people who cross the bridge and school and little fish are swimming with the nylon’s movement that we put it in the water.


Woratat Saruno 66 Padungdonyor Road, Kuhasawan MuangPhatthalung District, Phatthalung Province Thailand 93000 Tel. (066) 866 964 320

EDUCATION: 2007 – 2011

Department of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University Bachelor degree of Landscape Architecture Thesis: Ancient Phimai’s Waterfront Redevelopment

2002 – 2007

Stree Phatthalung school | 6th – 12th Grade


Excellence command of graphic design application Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator | AutoCAD | Sketchup | Google earth | ArcView GIS | Adobe Dreamweaver Good command of Microsoft Office Tools Word | Excel | PowerPoint


Mother Language | Thai English language Excellence reading | Good speaking, listening | Basic writing

ACTIVITIES AND INTERESTS: Professional Interest Urban design, Cultural landscape, Sustainable, Design for disaster Special Interest: Music, Photograph Night performance (guitarist) | 2007-2011 Saxophone, Drum, Kajon Leisure Activities Soccer, Rugby, Weight training



Participate in IFLA Congress 2011 |January 19-21, 2011 Participate in IFLA student charette |January 17-18, 2011 Ampawa, Samut Songkhram By IFLA and Thai Association of Landscape Architects Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Architecture Thammasat University, Thailand Visual Studies and Communication in Landscape Architecture, Speaker in Landscape Architecture seminar at Thammasat University Topic “Soul of Thammasat in opinion of LA student”


Participated in ASA INTERNATIONAL FORUM / UIA FORUM 2010 in Bangkok Participated in Urban Intervention Workshop (PLAY) Workshop by Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University and The Association of Siamese Architects Under Royal Patronage Internship in The World Cultural Heritage Site Project, PhuPhraBat Historical Nation Park Landscape Trainee in Landscape Architecture Team Internship in Office of Archaeology, the Fine Art Department Participated in Landscape Design Workshop: Naryaw School, Charcherngsow Workshop by Thai Association of Landscape Architects


Participated in Design Workshop: POCKET LIFE; Paradise Parasite Workshop by Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University and Faculty of Architecture and Design King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok Garden Design competition 2009: Future Park, Rangsit, Patumtani, Thailand

WORATAT SARUNO resume page 2-2


Landscape Architect Student Work 2007-2011

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