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Loss of Biodiversity Definition, causes, effects, and possible solutions. Camila Naranjo, Juan Bernardo Sรกenz, Sarah Better

Sarah Better What is Biodiversity? Biodiversity is every animal every small plant in your world. Biodiversity is the ecosystems in the planet, such as desserts, rainforests and coral reefs. Biodiversity increases the ecosystem’s productivity where each species, big or small, all have an important role to play.

hugely impacted. Indonesia has a large population which does not compliment biodiversity in any ways. Australia has many introduced species that affect the country’s original biodiversity. Biodiversity is from the tiniest ant to the biggest elephant in the world. Biodiversity is every plant with its wonderful colors to the grass you step on every day. The bread you eat for breakfast every morning comes from wheat which is a plant. Although you think that if you cut one tree it won´t make a difference because it is just one, you are wrong. Everything counts, from the smallest flower to the biggest plant, from the tiniest insect to the biggest mammal.

Increased biodiversity also means more food, more crops and more life in the Earth. Unfortunately, humans have caused a big percentage of our biodiversity to disappear, human activity causes major extinctions. Much of the world´s biodiversity faces threats due to climate change, global warming, habitat loss and degradation, pollution and many environmental global issues that destroy our planet.

You can find biodiversity all over the world, and although there is some loss of biodiversity in nearly all countries, there are specific ones with significant loss of biodiversity. These are specially countries with big rain forest areas which have been

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Camila Naranjo

Loss of biodiversity: Causes and Effects. As you know there is loss of biodiversity and there are many causes for this. For example , human populati on growth is a cause for loss of biodiversity. If there are more people in the earth then we will need more space so they will build more houses, more schools, more offices, but for doing this they will destroy the nature. They will cut trees destroying everything. Also, hunting affects the loss of biodiversity, because they kill animals and most of the time is for things that are not necessary. Such as, purses, boots, belts or more. Other causes for this global issue are pollution and global warming. Pollution affects it because it can have terrible effects on many species. The problem is that the species that require food, water and air will not survive because pollution contaminates the water, air and also food. In the other hand, global warming is

also an effect because the climate is changing and it’s having an effect on tropical forest ecology. Commercial whaling is also a cause for this awful issue, because they use it for whale oil. Furthermore, agriculture is also affecting biodiversity; because of the over human population there is a growth in agriculture. That means

change of croplands,

great changes of water from lakes and rivers and it has also polluted water. Habitat destructions are making animals die because they don’t have a place to live. That is a cause of loss of biodiversity because it making some species extinct. Such as tigers, zebras, birds, frogs, sea animals and many other animals. Bibliography: 

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Juan Bernardo Saenz Solutions Our planet is simply amazing, all the animals that we have and all the plants we have, just every single species that we have is amazing. We humans are destroying this and losing a lot of biodiversity this means we are losing our species. They destroy it for his benefits like for selling animals skin or cutting trees for make paper and this is causing our incredible biodiversity to decline. This is why we need a solution for this so we can save our planet and her beauty.

Biodiversity is going really fast in this last year, number of species have rapidly decline and soon we can lose theme .some of the most beautiful species are in danger of extinction and some of them are already extinct, this is why we need to do something so we donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t loss of our incredible species, we need to stop this otherwise our future generation will lose almost every one of the animals and never get a chance to see them, And also it will be very difficult to live for them because some of the species like trees produce oxygen and if we cut them we will not have oxygen someday. This means that for our future generation will be hard to breathe because oxygen is almost over. Our first solution is to establish more protected areas for animals. This means areas free of humans. Over the years human population has grown a lot because people need places to live and this causes more constructions of houses destroying animal leaving animals without a place to live, causing death most of the time. This is why many species are in danger of extinction such as the Bengei Tiger.

Other solution we have is to stop deforestation of rain forest, rain forests is the home of hundreds of species and when we destroy rain forest species donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have a place to live any more so the majority of times they died. Also so times they migrate to other rain forest or other areas causing damage to that areas, because they need food and they finish the food of native animals. Other solution is to stop pollution is very difficult for the animals live with pollution. Pollution is affecting the seas and a lot of the marine animals and plants.

Save the Earth! Save Animals AND plants! Save BIODIVERSITY!

Loss of Biodiversity  
Loss of Biodiversity  

Loss of Biodiversity: definition, causes, effects, possible solutions