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AMRIT FILTRATION EQUIPMENT Amrit filtration a complete range of standard and non-standard filter cage and bag cage designed to suit the customer’s requirements and filter arrangements from circular, diamond, oval, flat and star cages. We manufacture replacement cages for almost every pulse type collector on the market. We fabricate both carbon steel & Galvanized filter cages as well as epoxy coated in 8 to 24 vertical wire arrangements.

FILTER CAGE Filter cages are made on CNC machines for burr free finish, and are constructed of following materials  MS wire  GI wire  304 stainless steel  316/316-L stainless steel  Other specially materials.

BAG CAGE Amrit Filtration Equipments is one of the trusted manufacturers and suppliers of Bag Cage and Filter Cage. The products offered by us are availed by all major air pollution control systems manufacturers, end users markets and OEM's across the country. These cages are offered in a variety of coatings, techniques and metals.

FEATURES      

Available in MS, GI, SS304, SS 316 Wire diameter from 3mm to 6 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 vertical wires Ring distance 100 to 200 mm Top type , L shape flange, U shape flange, Welded venture Finishes - aluminum paint, epoxy paint, Zinc coating

Installation of Bag and Cage Assembly - Bottom Load (45 and 60 series) 1. Inspect the cage for any signs of damage, warping, bent wires, or missing welds. 2. Inspect the filter bag for any signs of mold, mildew, ripped seams, or holes. 3. Be sure the wire cage has a bottom pan. Slip filter bag over the cage, centering the seam 1-1/2” or 2” either side of the split at the top of the cage roll band. Seam must be straight (not corkscrewed). 4. Pull bag up and over the full length of the cage and fold the entire extra length over and down into the top of the cage. Make sure the bag bottom is tight against the cage pan. Smooth out all folds and pleats on the interior of the roll band. 5. Slip the assembled bag and cage up onto the bag cup making sure to mate the male groove of the cage roll band top to the female groove of the bag cup. 6. If you try to move the assembly up and down you will be able to tell if the grooves are properly aligned. 7. Install the bag clamp on the assembly and tighten around the bag and cage at a point just above the groove on the cage. The clamp head should be located in the best direction for ease in tightening.

8. Tighten the clamp until secure. You should not be able to rotate the assembly by hand if it is tight enough.

9. Close the access door and tighten accordingly. You are ready to begin start-up procedures if all other preceding tasks and hook-ups are completed. 10. It is recommended to double check the tightness of the bag and cage assembly approximately one month after the initial start-up.

A unique, patented system designed to alleviate the worst part of bag house operation: Bag change outs. Pop-Top 2.0 bags and cages are quicker and easier to install and remove than snap-in bags. They are an improvement of our original design, which has been the preferred bag/cage system for all maintenance personnel who have used it. The new design incorporates an elastomeric collar that is more forgiving for holes with tolerance variations or which have unfinished edges. Result: if snap-in bags will work, Pop-Top 2.0 bags will work better!

BENEFITS Pop-Top 2.0 bag and cage assemblies will save you time and money, yet cost no more than snap-in bags and cages. The elastomeric collar provides a leak-free seal which is easily released during change out. Benefits include:

Change out takes about half the time of snap-in bags, reducing maintenance costs and exposure.    

No more stuck bags and cages. No clamps to deal with. Bag and cage can be removed together or separately. Easier change outs also reduce risk of wrist and back injuries.

Application Standard Pop-Top 2.0 bag and cage assemblies can be used in ambient conditions (up to 180°F) wherever snap-in bags are used. Medium and high temperature versions available. They will fit any bag house designed for 4.5 or 6 inch bags (51⁄16 and 61⁄4 holes). Pop-Top 2.0 is especially suitable for applications, like cement, where bags tend to stick to their cages. It is also the standard bag and cage system for new Mikro-Pulsaire baghouses.

Specifications Style: MikroPul Pop-Top Hole dia. (in.): 51⁄16, 61⁄4 Bag length (ft.): 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 Media type: Polyester felt, Polypropylene felt, MikrotexMembrane/Polyester; High Temperature, Other media available Bag enhancements: wear strips, Ground wires, special coatings.

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Bag Cage and Filter Cage Manufacturer  
Bag Cage and Filter Cage Manufacturer  

Amrit Filtration Equipments manufacture replacement cages for almost every pulse type collector on the market. We fabricate both carbon stee...