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Hi, My name is Sarthak Batra . I have always loved,get inspired from & created art and designs since very long and my passion towards them hasn’t diminished. I like to design simple, professional, and creative design solutions that work with and appeal to the clients. Following is my work.

“ARTIST by heart, DESIGNER by profession.”

sketching & coloring skills Skills learned: Worked on different mediums like poster colors, water colors, graphic pens in coloring. Sketching of various subjects like human forms, natural landscapes and still life has helped in representation skills.

layouting Magazine Layout Design Project: Magazine layout of ESPN magazine Client: Self sponsered Year: 2011 Software: Adobe Indesign cs5 Adobe Illustrator cs5 Adobe Photoshop cs5 About: The project was to make a 10 page layout of Espn magazine, relayouting to make it more appealing and desirable.

layouting Newspaper Layout Design Project: Newspaper layout of ESPN magazine Client: Academics assignment Year: 2011 Software: Adobe Indesign cs5 Adobe Photoshop cs5 About: The project involved designing a layout based on the newspaper grid. The objective was to place the information so that it is easily legible , organised and yet appealing.

layouting Magazine Layout Design Project: Magazine layout Client: Self sponsered Year: 2011 Software: Adobe Indesign cs5 About: The gaming magazine targeted on youth designed with full f ledged high end game imagery. The rich in detail design and content on the page was designed so that the images donot overshadow the content.

print Digital illustration Project: Digital illustration on news headline MAN CAUGHT ON STEALING ONIONS Client: Self sponsered Year: 2011 Software: Adobe Photoshop cs5, Wacom intuios About: To create a digital illustration on a news headline The headline was ‘Man caught on stealing Onions’. The style is very comical, the illustration is full of humor.

print Brochure Design Project: Brochure design for design fest ‘quasar’ Client: Self sponsered Year: 2011 About: The theme is any curruption. A design fest initiative by bringing design capabilities to make people aware, motivate and act for the increasing curruption in the country.

web Webpage Design Project: Design a website layout for a music portal site Client: Self sponsered Year: 2011 About: The design of this website is based on how music lovers would want to play, buy and search their favourite music online. The Ease of surfing and easy to use interface has been managed by arranging albums in collomns and rows.

web User Interface Design Project: Design a UI for modern day touch screen mobile/smart phones Client: Self sponsered Year: 2011 About: The project involved identifying the user behavior in operating phone devices. After studying their behavior patterns, level of skill and references fron I phone , Samsung corby and sony xperia phones, this UI was designed which will be 1. easy to navigate 2. short cuts for fast accessing information 3. Improved phonebook to sms integration.


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web User Interface Design Jubl8 icon

Project: Design a user-experience for an T.V. application. Platform: Samsung Smart TV Objective: To design an application for TV which is suited to the indian audience and become a part of their daily lives. Year: 2011 Result: I came up witha concept of an application called JUBL8, meaning celebration. The app keeps a track of all the festivals and is equiped with greeting cards for each festival, one can use this app to send their wishes from TV to TV via internet support. The app also keeps reminders,alarms and features like automatic card sending.

print Corporate Identity Project: Creating a new brand for a jewellery store Client: Mark Jewellers Year: 2009 About: The Project was to suggest a name and create a logo for a newly opened jewellery store. Mark logo was designed that will create an impression on the prospective clients . The logo is designed on sophestication, elegance and trust. The tagline says purity besides elegance.

k sha kosha

Project: Creating a new identity Client: Kosha Year: 2011 About: The project was to conceptualise an identity of a newly started company who are into manufacture of cotton and jute bags. The company has the ideology of being traditional and yet modern. The chalenge was to design an identity which is ethnic, indian and also is stylish,modern and international. Kosha means sheath in sanskrit. The spiral means the sheath going deeper and deeper to protect whats inside which is the soul. The vibrant colors are chosen to imbibe philosophical and spiritual meaning to youth with style.

print Corporate Identity

Final Design 1

Final Design 2

Project: Identity design for Reddot design museum Year: 2011 About: The project began with selecting an existing corporate organisation and studying its business and the existing identity. The research got me with the brand attributes oAf the company, its beliefs and on those lines, the new reddot identity was designed. 1. Mark of excellence 2. Judgemental 3. Progressive 4. Honor and respect

print Branding Movie Cult Hub

Project: Branding for a movie theatre Year: 2011 About: Targeted to the youth, the brand is designed on an ideology that is movie watching is not just entertainment but it is a craze and a social activity. The brand trie to create an experience which is full of energy and enthusiam. The brand wants to bring like-minded people to join a cult , socialize and make new friends.

print Branding


Now ing Sho Now Show

Movie Cult Hub 2nd Dec Sche from dule25th Schedule fromNov 25th- Nov - 2nd Dec Mo vie Cult Hub Now Showing Schedule from 25th Nov - 2nd Dec Mo vie Cult Hu

FU FU DABA NGG KU NGKUNG RA -O NE (3 D) DA BA NG G ) - Hindi D) A 2 (3 di D) NE(3 (U/A PA NDPAND A 2 (3D) di ) - Hin (U /ARA-O ) - HinDABAN GG (U /A1:30 is h ish FU 8:00 En -glKUNG , pm0,pm , pm, Hindi ) - am (U Engl (U/A 8:0 (U) , 11):00 , 1:30 pm 0 pm, 2 (3D) 8:30 am Hindi 10:35 pm , 8:0PANDA (U/A) pm 0 pm, RA-ON 1:3 1:30 pm , 8:00 pm am , 11:00 E(3D) am, 5:35 8:30 10:35 pm pm pm 1:30 pm , 8:00 pm, 10:3510:35 h Englis 5:35 pm(U/A) - Hindi (U) pm 10:35 1:30 pm , 8:00 pm, 10:35 pm

RO CK ST AR RO CKS TAR (U /A ) (U/ RO HinHiCK 9:30A) dindS iTA R am-, 8: 9:30 9:35 am (U 00 , 8:00 pm / pm, A)pm-, Hi nd 9:35 pm i 9:30 am 9:35 pm , 8:00 pm,

FRIEN DSS WITH WI TH FR IE ND ITS BENEF FI TS shS WITH BE NE FRIEND - Engli (A) ish gl En -BENEFI (A)pm pm, , , 5:40 TS 2:30 pm pm , 5:40 2:30pm 7:15 (A) - Englis h 5 pm 7:1

2:30 pm , 5:40 pm, 7:15 pm

HANHAGO NGVER OV ER2 2 (U/ (UA)Eng /A )Enlish gl is h HA 9:30 NG 9:30 am , 8:00 am pm,O VE R 2 , 8:00 9:35 pm, 9:35 pm pm (U / A) - En gl is h 9:30 am 9:35 pm , 8:00 pm,

8:30 am , 11:00 am, 5:35 pm

PIR ATE S OF RA TE THEPICAR S EAN IBB OF (U/THA)E -CAENG RI BB LISEAHN 3:30(Uam PI /A ), 6:00 RA TE pm, 3:30 am THEN GL ISSH OF , 6:E00CA RI BB pm (U /A ) - , EA N 3:30 am EN GL IS H , 6:00


RA NG DE NT I RANG BA SADE i BASAN (U /A )TI-H ind i 0 pm, -Hind , 5:4 (U/A) pm 1:30 RANG DE 5 pm I , 5:40 pm, 8:1pm BASANT 1:30 8:15 pm (U/A) -Hindi

PO TTE R HAR RY POTTER HARRY DEA THLYY THEDEATHL ANDTHE AND HAL LOWS S HALLOW HARRY -En gliPOTTER hsh (U/ A)-Englis (U/A) AND 0 pm, 5:4DEATHLY ,THE pm, 5:40 pm, 4:30pm 4:30 pm 5 HALLOWS 8:1pm 8:15 (U/A) -English

4:30 pm , 5:40 pm, 8:15 pm

1:30 pm , 5:40 pm, 8:15 pm

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is hovie Cult Hu b b EnglM 3D ) Hu ( 2 a d n Cult g Fu Pa vie n u sh o K gli En : M ) ie ) MovMo /A Fu Pandaim2e :( 3D 11:35 A.M vie : Ku (Ung T egory: l(U/ h CatCat NoA. 3, ) o. : J5 ry: l ego a Englis H : e at NTime : 11:3(53A.M D) S. e3, Theatratr No l Hal : 2 e d l a The go Pan. d: J5 Fu No at Classss: : gold KunSe .M ) Cla : g 11:35 A Movie y: (U/A ime : T , r 3 o Categ : Hall No. at No. : J5 e e Theatr gold S : s s a l C


Project: Branding for a movie theatre Year: 2011 About: I designed a brand experience on attributes modern, exciting, entertainment, social, having fun, being chilled out, movie crazy. The deliverables include identity, tickets, kiosks, pamplets, stationary, print ads, hoarding, t-shirts, buses etc.

print Packaging Design







Project: Condom packaging design for Nike Client: self sponsered Year: 2011 About: A hypothetical project based on if Nike comes up with its condom brand . The design is based on the market research learning about cunsumer behavior, competitor brands and various existing packaging. The product is a three condom disposable pack, it is designed such that it is easily carriable, protective and environmental friendly. It is provided with small wallets which can keep the used condoms and disposed in the same pack. The sub brand’s name is Nike Play based on nike’s own values and attributes like playful, sporty, young ,energetic and pleasure.


Curiculum Vitae

Objective: Seeking a position as a trainee graphic designer, I am looking forward to projects that offer me a great deal of creativity and challenge. And, to be a part of the organization, where my knowledge and skills can be utilized to the best of their ability. Educational Qualification: MIT Institute of Design, Pune Post Graduation in Graphic Design

Pursuing since 2010

Amity University, Noida Bachelor of Fine Arts


Silverline (C.B.S.E Board), Ghaziabad Intermediate (70%)


Silverline (C.B.S.E Board), Ghaziabad High School (73%)


Professional Qualification: Arena Multimedia, New Delhi 2008 Diploma in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Key Skills: 1. Pencil Sketch and Illustration 2. Publication design 3. Product Package Designs

4. Graphic Editing Tools • Adobe Flash • Adobe Photoshop • Adobe Indesign • Adobe Illustrator • Corel Draw

Experience: Mudra Advertising ,New Delhi, India Trainee Graphic Designer 1st July – 31st july 2009 I managed design works of clients like Philips, Wrigley orbit and Emami. My works include leaf lets, magazine ads, posters, packaging & danglers ( June-July 2008 Trainee Graphic Designer As trainee graphic designer, my key responsibilities included conceptualizing and designing greeting cards, based on brief given by Art Directors. Freelance Projects As an independent graphic designer I have worked on multiple design projects, for clients from varied domains. Some of the projects include: 1. Corporate identity project for a company called “Substance”, which deals in Linen and Fabric. The campaign involved designing logo, pamphlets, visiting cards, envelopes, and tag cards. 2. Designed brochures and pamphlets for a company called “Wizzone” which deals in remote gift systems. 3. Corporate identity project and visiting card design for a jewelry Store called ‘Mark jewelers’ 4. Designed i-pad application user interaction, navigation and visual design for smart cloud infotech. 5. Corporate identity for kosha textiles, cotton and jute bags manufacturer company. Strengths: 1. Hard working 2. Quick Learner 3. Creative 4. Adaptable 5. Manage time effectively

Graphic designer for hire. Sarthak Batra Address: 157, New Gandhi Nagar, Near Water Tank, Ghaziabad, U.P - 201001 Mobile: +91 9503880698 , +91 9910596224 Email:, ONLINE PORTFOLIO: @Coroflot: www.corof

Sarthak Batra Graphic Design Portfolio  

Works of communication and innteraction design till 2012