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Est. 1956


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A Legendary Past...

















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HERITAGE FESTIVAL AWARDS (2009-11): • GOLD: 1 • SILVER: 3 • BRONZE: 1 *Making a Difference Against Hunger



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Est. 1956 Fall 2022






CAMPUS NEWS - Around the X

• Fine Arts • Academics • Ministry • Student Government





• Football • Volleyball • Soccer • Golf • Cross Country

ALUMNI - Beyond the X

• Academics • Fine Arts • Ministry • Athletics





• In Memory / Honor • Reunions

Special thank you to Jose Samora of JPS Photos, Matt Lopez, Ben Walden ’18, Dalia Baca ’91, Alicia Eiler ’83, and Jennifer Maldonado ’91 for contributing photos to Connections 1956.

An Exciting Future

Welcome Letter

SAVED! Fr. John Trambley - President, SPX I am very grateful for all of our Catholic schools, and our St. Pius X High School students, families, alumni, benefactors, faculty, staff, administration, and founders. Together we have done many good things, and now that we have purchased St. Pius X High School from the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, and with the hiring of our new Head of School Mike Deely, I look forward to great things ahead. This magazine is meant for you. It will help you to see what is happening now and what is planned in the future at St. Pius X High School. The cover says “saved” for more than one reason. It speaks first and foremost about faith. Faith is an important part of St. Pius X High School. The Second Vatican Council said Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church as the universal sacrament of salvation (see paragraph 48 in Lumen Gentium). Jesus said to Peter, in Matthew 16:18, “And so I say to you, you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it.” As a Catholic college preparatory school, faith comes first. I hope you enjoy some of the photos of our recent retreats, an important part of faith formation. Another reason we use the word “saved” is that people were very worried about the future of St. Pius X High School during the bankruptcy. Rumors and fears prevented many families from making the decision to send their students to St. Pius X High School. We now have clear ownership of our property, two fine corporate boards and a new head of school. St. Pius X High School will be right here in its current location for many years to come. This issue of our magazine introduces our corporate boards. I think you will be edified by the dedicated people providing support and guidance for our school. When Jesus died on the cross, everything seemed to be lost. The entire Archdiocese of Santa Fe has


had to go through a period of suffering because of the sins committed by clergy in the past. We also know Jesus Christ rose from the dead. We now look forward to rising to new heights. Working together, we can make St. Pius X High School the premiere Catholic college preparatory school of the Southwest, combining Catholic tradition with robust academic, athletic and artistic offerings. Look in future issues for ways to partner with us to advance the mission of our school. In the meantime, I invite you to visit St. Pius X High School. Come to a game. Cheer for the Gold, Black and White! Come to a show put on by our fine arts department. Come to a concert. Walk the halls and relive some memories, or make new ones. The Advancement Office is here for you, and not just for alumni reunions. Come and sit on the comfy sofa and leaf through some yearbooks or share with us your memories. Homecoming is a special time to reconnect with alumni, but we want to connect throughout the year. If you are new to St. Pius or considering it for your student, come and take a tour. We are happy to show you around our beautiful campus! Be sure to stop and say a prayer at our beautiful grotto built with love by Deacon Rene Grievel. Prayer happens there daily, and prayer is the foundation of everything we are doing. St. Pius X, pray for us!

Fr. John Trambley

Board Leadership

Dr. Copeland

President, Board of Trustees The Announcement We Have All Been Waiting to Hear!

I’m Noreen Duffy Copeland, Ph.D., president of the Board of Trustees for the newly established St. Pius X High School Inc. My husband and I are SPX Parents to Myles ’93 and Terry ’96, and we look forward to our grandchildren becoming Sartan freshmen. Myself and my fellow board members; Fr. Michael Demkovich ’72, Vice President, Darren Beckett, Treasurer, Marijo Rymer ’64, Secretary, and Msgr. Lambert Luna couldn’t be more excited and energized about the new direction of SPX! This beautiful 56-acre campus was purchased from the Archdiocese of Santa Fe on September 29, 2022. Through the work of the Holy Spirit and the generosity of our donors, the purchase of the campus secures the school’s bright and certain future for generations. Beyond securing this incredible campus, I am excited about SPX because of its people. We have an outstanding, highly qualified faculty whom each day inspire, motivate, and care about our students and their well-being. We have an admin team and staff who ensure the smooth running of the school, supporting our students to reach their full God-given potential. We have an Archbishop, His Excellency John Wester, who secured the campus for SPX to guarantee that the school will continue to stand as a beacon for our state as an independent, Catholic School, serving families for years to come. We have Fr. John Trambley, SPX President and Chaplain, who embodies and models our school motto, “Teach Me Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge”, and shares the joy of his faith with students. We have a new Head of School, Mr. Mike Deely, who brings a wealth of Catholic school experience to SPX. Smart, kind, principled, straightforward, experienced, devoted to Catholic education, and most importantly to work with adolescents, Mike has a sense of humor. He is exactly the right person to lead St. Pius X High School at this time of growth and opportunity. With Mr. Deely and Father Trambley’s leadership and the dedication of our teachers and staff, I see SPX ascending as a dominant force in New Mexico’s educational landscape, continuing to develop and grow our future leaders, instilling in them a dedication to serving in our community, our church, and our nation. I think you’ll agree that we have the right team in place to lead St. Pius X High School, our new, independent Catholic School. Thank you for supporting the students and families of SPX! You are in our prayers each day. For 26 years, Dr. Copeland served as principal of Holy Ghost Catholic School (HGCS). Under her leadership, the faculty, students, and staff adopted a system of continuous improvement, focusing on students’ academic progress and service to others. Their efforts resulted in the school earning Quality New Mexico Piñon and Roadrunner Awards and Blue Ribbon School recognition for academic excellence from the US Department of Education, the only Catholic School in NM. In 2019, HGCS was the first Catholic School in the nation to earn National STEM Certification from the National Institute for STEM Education.

Jerry Sais

President, SPX Real Estate Corp.

My name is Jerry Sais, and I am honored to be the first President of the SPX Real Estate Corp. Board of Trustees. Our mission is to hold the campus currently occupied by St. Pius X High School and adjacent real estate in trust for the benefit of the school. SPX Real Estate Corp. is a nonprofit corporation governed by a group of very experienced finance and real estate professionals that serve as its Board of Trustees. My fellow trustees are Bob Arguelles, Vice-President, Father Rick Zerwas, Treasurer, and John Menicucci ’70, Secretary. Our Trustees are passionate about the success of St. Pius X High School and have seen firsthand how the school has enriched our lives, our families, and the community. SPX Real Estate Corp. will work in unity with the Trustees of SPX Inc. to ensure that all of the property is utilized to support the school’s strategic vision. The strategic vision resides within the purview of the SPX Inc. trustees while the SPX Real Estate Corp. trustees will simply support and advise when plans involve real estate matters. In addition to advisement on strategic initiatives, the benefit of this structure is that property not currently used by the school is managed by the SPX Real Estate Corp., freeing the administration from that concern. Finally, SPX Real Estate Corp. understands the corporation’s primary goal is to secure and provide a first-class campus for the education of students at St. Pius. X High School. Go Sartans!


Campus News

Fine Arts

Building Character for the Future

The fall quarter is underway as SPX dance instructor, Mrs. Joselyn Nelson-Hjorth, prepares her students for the highly anticipated Halloween Show on October 31st. The SPX Dance Program currently consists of three classes; Dance 1 (fall), Dance 2 (spring), and Choreography. As part of the choreography class curriculum, students choreograph a dance performed in an ensemble piece with students of Dance 1, in addition to the second performance of their own. In a Fine Arts Department crossover event, the dances will be performed to two Halloween-themed songs, sung by the SPX Choir. The Halloween Show gives the students a unique opportunity to teach their peers, create formations, and set their lighting while experiencing both the back and front-of-house roles in live production. As one of the few dance programs offered in high schools, Mrs. Nelson-Hjorth strives to instill confidence, dedication, and discipline while challenging her students mentally, physically, and emotionally, “You don’t practice until you get it right. You practice until you don’t get it wrong.” Mrs. Nelson-Hjorth believes that anyone can learn to dance, and it is never too late! Dance 1 & 2 each perform three times in a semester, and Choreography performs twice a semester, with an additional end-of-year showcase.

Student Government

Working Hard for Future Sartans

Senior Student Body Officers; President Jeffery Peterson, Vice President Andres Ismond, Co-Vice President CorreaBruzzese, Secretary Issabella Strickland, and Treasurer Bethany Padilla are no strangers to commitment and diligence. The 2022-2023 STUCO Officers hit the ground running in May 2022. During the summer, they began meeting with and mentoring underclassmen officers, while planning the new academic year. Regular meetings were held with Head of School, Mike Deely, and STUCO Moderator, Mr. Stubbs. The first item on the agenda, and coincidently, the first success, is bringing back uniform skirts! The senior officers credit communication between administration, students, moderators, and teachers for facillitating their first milestone accomplishment. Secretary Strickland stated about the role of STUCO at SPX, “Student Council has taught me the meaning of leadership and how it can inspire others to follow a positive path. My involvement has helped me make amazing friends, and I have been able to get to know the background and hard work it takes to plan school events.” When asked what is next on the agenda, President Peterson expressed, “We want to bring back all of the pre-COVID Pius traditions.” STUCO also plans for Pius to go completely green in the coming months, leaving a legacy of environmental awareness and preserving our beloved campus.


Around the X National Recognition Congratulations to Mark Stotzer and the twenty Sartans who are among the thousands from across the country to earn academic honors from the College Board’s National Recognition Programs! Stotzer was named as a National Merit Commended Scholar by the College Board, signifying that from over 1.5 million seniors who took the PSAT last year, he scored in the top 3% of the country’s brightest seniors. For the Sartans recognized, the National Recognition Programs grant underrepresented students with academic honors that can be included on college and scholarship applications and connect students with universities across the country, helping them stand out during the admissions process. Colleges and scholarship programs use these honors to identify students from underrepresented groups through College Board’s Student Search Service. These students earned this recognition by excelling on their PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, or AP Exams and in their classrooms. Students who may be eligible have a GPA of 3.5 or higher and have excelled on the PSAT/NMSQT or PSAT 10, or earned a score of 3 or higher on two or more AP Exams; and are Hispanic American or Latinx, Indigenous, and/or attend school in a rural area or small town. Eligible students are invited to apply during their sophomore or junior year, and are awarded at the beginning of the next school year.

The Heart and Soul of SPX This year marks the first year in SPX history, Campus Ministry will have its own dedicated area. In a portable adjacent to the school Chapel, the new location represents the spiritual and physical center of campus, promising a safe and welcoming environment for the 117 members of Campus Ministry. Students are welcome to lounge on the couch, under one of the school motto banners that decorate the walls. Thoughtful and spiritual provoking reminders include, “Awaken Your Passion, Rise Up, Build Up and Seek Joy, Find: X” which surround the room and inspire peace and inclusiveness. Moderated by Fr. John Trambley, Ms. Alicia Eiler, and Mrs. Evelyn Olguin, Campus Ministry includes SOUL Club, MADAH, Liturgical Team and Choir, Rosary Club, Retreat Ministry, Student Outreach, and Inreach. Campus Ministers perform weekly acts of service at Monday Mass and daily undertakings behind the scenes. Students now have a permanent place to call their own and hope to begin hosting schoolwide events every month, gathering in fellowship with food, friendship, and fun. The naming of the Campus Ministry Center will take place this year with input from its members. Suggestions include The Rene Greivel Center, after our beloved Deacon Rene, who passed in the spring of 2020.



What’s Cooking? Qualities Beyond High School Sports • Virtues for Life Jim Cook Director of Athletics, SPX

Jim Cook is a 1983 graduate of St. Pius X High School. He began coaching at SPX in the Fall of 1991 and began teaching Government the following academic year. Coach Cook is celebrating his 30th year of service at St. Pius X.


I recently read a post from a local, wellestablished coach who addressed the never-ending accusation, “You have favorites.” I found this post to be very profound because it highlighted a coach’s perspective on relationships relating to the student-athlete and how we relate to our friendships as adults. Qualities looked for in a person you want to have a relationship with, want to invest time in, talk to, and trust. As an Athletic Director and former coach, when asked, “Do coaches have favorites?” the answer will be yes. Here is why; coaches favor the athlete that is committed and coachable, the athlete that is disciplined and dependable, the athlete that is talented and accountable, and the athlete that is resilient and respectful. Ask yourself, are these the qualities you want in your son or daughter? Are these the qualities you see in yourself or want in a friend? Think about it!

Est. 1956 St. Pius X High School hopes you enjoyed the first of many editions of Est. 1956

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St. Pius X High School Inc. Board of Trustees Dr. Noreen Duffy Copeland, President Fr. Michael Demkovich ’72, Vice President Darren Beckett, Treasurer Marijo Rymer ’64, Secretary Msgr. Lambert Luna SPX Real Estate Corp. Board of Trustees Jerry Sais, President Bob Arguelles, Vice President Fr. Rick Zerwas, Treasurer John Menicucci ’70, Secretary St. Pius X High School Fr. John Trambley, President Mike Deely, Head of School Connections 1956 Magazine Jennifer Maldonado ’91, Director of Publications Ben Walden ’18, Graphic Designer Matt Lopez, Digital Program Administrator Jose Samora, Director of Technology and School Historian Jean Marie Skipp ’87, Associate Director of Advancement and Alumni Jim Cook ’83, Director of Athletics Jeff Turcotte, Director of Student Activities and Enrollment


Football Seniors

Chris Coash Captain

Bryan Deller Captain

Adrian Sanchez Captain

Alejandro Sapien Captain

Jacob Baca

William Klein

Isaac Leyba

Vicente Montoya

Thomas Pruitt

Jaskaran Sahi

Ethan Valencia

Miguel Zarate

Juniors Joaquin Candelaria Zenon Delgado Andrew Guzman Diego Maestas Christian Marin Robert Musser Brady McCoy Nathaniel Neel Zach Roth Leon Sutulov


Sophomores Aidan Thomas Peyton Underwood Jacob Wunsch

Jonathan Cappon Michael Deller Diego Dominguez Ethan Garcia Leandro Garcia Benjamin Lahi Rylie Lopez Jacob Silva Bryan Thomas

Freshmen Thomas Valenzuela

Ogo Anozie Zach Brokaw Joseph Chavez Mateo Fleming-Yee Collin Foster Mycah Gachupin Ryan Maestas TJ Maldonado Daegan Marsh Nathaniel Miera

Raph Neel Kolbe Padilla Valentine Popadiuc Dominic Ramsey Anthony Ruiz Logan Underwood Ashton Warren




Mia Montano Greyse Pitre Julianna Solis Ana Romero Kaitlyn Romero

Kristy Agbemadzo Taylor Alwin Maya Baca Savannah Ellison Lola Gonzales

Freshmen Theron Stafford Eliana Torres Sylvianna Ybarra Manager Elena Valencia

Alyssa Bendinskas Kayla Bradshaw Olivia Burdett Annie Cheshire Aurora Green Belliania Gonzales Aaliyah Lucero

Hayden Maestas Jayden Mang Jasmine Martinez Dielissa Molina Maya Perea Ava Robertson Daniella Romero

Davianna Romero Claire Sanchez Sierra Sanchez Mireya Sauceda-Gonzalez Sophia Trujillo


Jailyn Arnett Captain

Gabby Perea Captain

Anisa Valdez Manager

Ella Chavez

Ily Gonzales

Bella Sanchez

Nadia Abeita


Boys Soccer




Captains Javan Barela Edgar Rios

Frank Barela Konnor Bogart Noah Devany Justin Duran Tim Dyson Humberto Lopez Julian Lovato Valente Marquez Carson McConnell Hunter Vallejos Logan Zerbe

Mateo Certain Didier Herrera Mario Valdez Ethan Wright

Ethan Donlin Colin Samora


Leo Vaughn Captain


Jesse Duran

Girls Soccer Seniors

Gianna Maldonado Eva Suarez Captain Captain

Elena Beckett

Mykel Torres

Marisol Valdez

Elena Valdez

Bella Maldonado Natasha Montoya

Fallon Setter




Captain Taylor Wilson

Analisa Aragon Sophia Bolivar Izabella Cotinola Audrey Mileshosky Kiley Patalan Mia Richards Rina Suarez

Alicia Sapien Evangelina Swabenbauer

Alia Benavidez Gabriella Blea Sanaa Givens Julie Gonzales Alyssa Olivas Grace Reyes


Golf Seniors

Cohen Mulville Captain

Gabriel Garcia

Zach Pecos

Malachi Pena

Gavin Richards

Gene Trujillo

Juniors Cade Freeze Gabe McElhanon Nathaniel Neel Ryan Saucedo


Analisa Blair Captain

Caroline Madrid

Juniors Tristen Toledo Jacob Wunsch

Madison Armijo Taylor Sarracino



Christian Montoya Jax Mulville Elliott Ochs

Macy Freeze Avery Witterholt



Preston Terrazas Elias Zamora

Amelie Kalina Amara Montoya

Cross Country



Brendan Tierney Ethan Zamora

Jayna Castillo Jessica Castro Leah-Marie Crabtree Julie Gonzales Brooke Kelly Athena Martinez

Sophomores Diego Alfaro Jimmy Ray Bates Konnor Bogart Silas Cerami Liam Chavez Max Lopez

Miguel Maldonado Lucero Valente Marquez Justin Martindale Sam Menicucci Joshua Robbins Jacob Solin

Freshmen Ella Hill Emma Neuschwanger

Freshmen Liam Brown David Bunnell

Mario Valdez Quinnlin Wilson


Samuel Buerschen Andrew Garcia

Jeffrey Peterson

Brian Kalb

Grace Aragon

Marisol Valdez

Trista Cordova

Maricia Marquez



Jacqueline Pinon, SPX 2018 Salutatorian and 2022 Vanderbilt University Graduate, began her first year of medical school at the University of New Mexico in the summer of 2022. With a focus on pediatrics, specializing in endocrinology, Jacque cites past SPX Biology teacher, Rebecca Giron as her inspiration. As President of NHS, member of Student Council, Homecoming Queen, four-year Varsity Letterman, and two-time State Champion in cross country, and track & field, Jacque doesn’t remember a teacher she didn’t enjoy but was especially fond of Coach Jeff Turcotte, who was always there for her. During her senior year, Jacque considered offers from universities around the country and ultimately committed to running cross country & track at Vanderbilt. She spent her first two years dealing with injuries but bounced back her Junior and Senior years, beating her personal record in the 3k and 5k. Jacque graduated with dual degrees in Molecular & Cellular Biology and Health and Society with hopes of attending medical school and eventually practicing in New Mexico, wanting to make a difference in her community. “Vanderbilt was an incredible experience, but I missed NM and the environment that SPX provided. I am thankful for everything SPX taught me in the classroom, on the track, and especially my faith in God.”


When Scott Lardner ’79 graduated from St. Pius X, he was 5’8” and a member of the Varsity Baseball Team who doesn’t remember getting much playtime. Today, Scott is 6’4” and spent much of his adult life playing softball. However, some of his fondest memories are on the field, loading baseball gear in Coach McAffee’s car, and with his classmates, many of whom he is still very close to today. One of those classmates and best friends, Pat Gillooly, introduced Scott to his sister, Chris ’78, whom he would later marry. After graduating from SPX, Scott attended NM State and credits the quality of education he received at SPX, which enabled him to test out of several introductory classes. SPX prepared Scott academically and spiritually, and set the foundation for life. While at SPX, his biggest influences were Mr. and Mrs. Tybor, Sr. Linda, and Fr. David Sharp, “who was not the most traditional priest.” Fr. Sharp was such an influence in Scott’s life that he married Scott and Chris and baptized their three children; Danielle ’07, Katie ’08, and Sean ’13. Believing that SPX gave him a “leg up in life, business and relationships,” Scott is President of the family business Rocky Mountain Stone, works with his brother, Jim ’84, and his son, Sean ’13, who will someday take over the business.


Beyond the X

Fine Arts

Jessica Fripp ’98 discovered her passion for Art History as a Senior at SPX while fulfilling her Fine Arts credit. As a three-year member of AcaDec, she was on the first SPX team to compete in Nationals and brought home the bronze in Art History. The summer after graduation, Jessica traveled to Europe before beginning her first year at the University of California in San Diego on a Biology/Medical track. However, after she took her first Art History class, she changed her major to Art History and began pursuing her true passion. Over the next several years, Jessica spent summers in Paris while acquiring a Master’s Degree from Williams College and her Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. Coming from a family of medical professionals, Jessica acknowledges that the AP Art History class she took as a senior sparked her life’s work, “Not a lot of people realize Art History is a field in which you can major. SPX offers a rare and unique opportunity that most high schools don’t.” In 2020, Jessica published her first book, Portraiture and Friendship in Enlightenment France and is working on her second book. She is an Associate Professor of Art History at Texas Christian University, focusing on art and visual culture of the eighteenth century, fashion, portraiture, and artists’ social networks.


Fr. Ed Domme ’67, fondly called by his classmates, “E.C.”, thoroughly enjoyed his SPX high school experience as a scholar and a multi-sport varsity athlete. After graduation, he attended UNM and pledged Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji) with fellow Sartan, Joe Corazzi, where he studied General Studies and Business. During college, spirituality and the Catholic faith continued to be a big part of his life, and the idea of entering seminary was always in the back of his mind. In his fifth year of college, Fr. Domme decided if he was not married or seriously involved by graduation, he would enter the seminary. In 1972, his father gave him a newspaper article about a seminary opening in Rome, and he decided to go. After spending six years studying, he was ordained in 1979 and had the honor of meeting and serving Mass with Pope John Paul II. Post ordination, Fr. Domme spent ten years at several parishes in Illinois before returning to Rome to study. In 1990, he joined the Navy as a Chaplain and served the next nine years in VA, HI, and CA before returning to the Archdiocese of Santa Fe. Two years later, he returned to his original home parish, Our Lady of the Assumption, and has been there ever since, “Catholicism has offered me a great life. I am grateful and blessed.”



In Memory Helen D. Aragon

Passed away on August 18, 2022 Mother of Andrea Aragon ’83 and Anissa Aragon Chavez ’87

Dominica Chavez

Mother of Stanley Chavez ’69

Rose Marie Crouse

Passed away on May 26, 2022 Grandmother of Nicholas Hanson ’22 and Alexis Hanson ’24

Rita Ann Napoleone-Hudzik ’64 Passed away on June 3, 2022

Gregory P. Jillson ’75

Passed away on June 10, 2022 Brother of Kevin H. Jillson ’73 (deceased), Chris Jillson ’69, and Brian Jillson ’70

Gary Patrick Mares, DDS ’74

Mother of Louise D’Amour Turner ’71

Passed away on July 11, 2022 Brother of Frank J. Mares, M.D. ’69 Father of Michael Mares ’05 and wife Michelle Mares ’06 Uncle of Andrea Mares ’08

Richard Foy ’66

Brandon Molina ’12

Cecilia D’Amour

Passed away on May 19, 2022 Brother of Frank Foy ’63

Passed away on September 10, 2022 Brother of Michael Molina ’13

Clara Rivera Gabaldon

Hugh Virgil “Chip” Mullane

Elaine Hensley Former SPX Admin Assistant for Counseling

Lawrence (Larry) James O’Connell

Passed away on May 17, 2022 Mother of Geral DeBoo ’68 and Diane Barela ’69 Grandmother of Alicia Espinosa ’94, Monique Bischoff ’97, Brian Ward-Hersee ’07 and Brandon Ward-Hersee ’09

Mother of Richard Hensley ’84

Steve Higgins ’89

Passed away on March 31, 2022

Danny Hillerman ’82

Brother of Anne Hillerman ’67 and Janet Grado ’72 Uncle of Ian Grado ’97 and Matthew Grado ’99, and Sarah Grado ’02

Passed away on June 5, 2022 Brother of Patrick Mullane ’65 (deceased), brothers Tim Mullane ’61, Mike Mullane ’63, Mark ’75, and Mary Kathy Linhoff ’72 Uncle of Bonnie Mullane Smith ’87. Great Uncle of Grant Smith ’19 and Jordan Smith ’21 Passed away on June 8, 2022 Father of Eileen O’Connell ’87, Dennis O’Connell ’90, Brian O’Connell ’90, and Sharon Campbell ’93

John Patrick O’Rourke ’84 Passed away on July 3, 2022 Brother of Michael O’Rourke ’82

Gladys Ann Baltz-Quintero

Passed away on July 19, 2022 Mother of Margaret A. Weber ’75, Leo F. Quintero ’77 and Mary G. Tafoya ’79. Grandmother of Allison Weber ’05, Diana Wilcox ’09, and Sara Martin ’12

Katherine Grace Bunch-Sutton ’15 Passed away on June 17, 2022 Brother of Dr. James Bunch ’12

Sarah Kil White ’72

Wife of Shaun White ’71 Sister of Catherine Kil Bryan ’66

Corrine Wildau

Mother of Matthew J. Wildau ’79 and wife Regina Wildau ’79 Grandmother of Danielle Wildau ’98, Matthew R. Wildau ’07, and Robert Wildau ’10

If you would like us to honor an alumni celebration or remember the passing of an alumni or family member, please email:

Reunions The year 2023 is upon us and if you graduated in 1963, 1968, 1973, 1978, 1983, 1988, 1993, 1998, 2003, 2008, or 2013, this is your year! If you are interested in planning your reunion, please contact Jean Marie Skipp ‘87 at 505-831-8500 or

Class of 1960 Homecoming Reunion! October 27 and 28, 2022!

Contact Joe Abbin at or Jean Marie Skipp at for more information and to RSVP. Thursday, October 27, 7:00 pm SPX Homecoming Football Game at Nusenda Community Stadium. Pick up admission tickets on site at the Alumni Tent before the game. Pre-game tailgate TBA. Friday, October 28, 10:30 am SPX Campus Tour. Meet at the St. Joseph statue, and see the new plaque and other changes on campus. Lunch to follow at noon, Sobremesa Restaurant & Brewery.


Class of 1980 and 1981 are celebrating 40 years! Coming Summer 2023!

Class of 1980, please contact Michael Moran at 505-417-7496 or or Jim Stromberg at Class of 1981, please contact Diana Fay, 1981 Class President at or 415-328-5492 for more information.

Class of 1992 is celebrating 30 years! October 27-29, 2022!

Contact Leslie Lockhart Saucedo at for more information. Thursday, October 27, SPX homecoming game at Nusenda Community Stadium, kickoff 7 pm. Meet in the parking lot starting at 6 pm and sit together for the game. Friday, October 28, 6 pm Happy Hour at Craft Republic 4301 The Lane 25 NE; cash bar. Saturday, October 29, family picnic details TBD.


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