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COBWEB CHASER 5k 1/1/2012


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************* Next Club meeting is on February 14 at 7:00 pm Academy Sports + Outdoors 2024 N Loop 1604 E *************

Resolution Time – Again Are you a person who makes resolutions each New Year? Whether or not you do, how about considering the following for 2012 --Become a member of the SARR race management team. Wait! Don’t delete or close this screen yet! The SARR race management team is the group of runners that set up all of the SARR races. This past year, the team has been a little short-handed for various reasons. Our faithful volunteers have come to our rescue, but new team members are needed. You don’t need to attend the regular monthly meetings. Depending on your duties, you may need to be in contact with each race director. Why not start out as an apprentice? The more folks we have on the team, the easier the job is and the quicker it gets done. This is where help is needed: Food Preparation and Distribution – Coordinates food volunteers; prepares/distributes refreshments for each race. Works closely with race director. May need to pick up refreshments. Setup/take down food distribution area. Current coordinator: Abel Araiza AKA: Slice and Dice Man PA Setup – Sets up/operates PA system at races. May need to move system if start and finish are in different locations. Works with race director regarding type of music, National Anthem, etc. Current coordinator: Bob Ratliff Course Setup/Take Down – Assist with setting up the course and taking it down after the race. This is a team effort -- unloading/loading SARR trailer; marking the course, setting out cones and/or directional signs, placing of port-o-lets, etc. Works closely with race director regarding the route. Notes areas of concern – low water crossing; police assistance; etc. May need to familiarize themselves with course prior to race day. Race day arrives early; stays late. Current team: Whitney Lawrence, Jerry Negrete, Rick Collett, Joan Bobrukiewiez. Clock Setup/Take Down: Sets up clock at start/finish area of race. Makes sure clock battery is charged and that clock continues to operate during the race. Works with Course Setup/Take Down team as well as with person in charge of results. Current Coordinator: Course Setup/Takedown Team. Water Stop Coordinator – Assist in setting up/taking down water stop locations. This entails placing tables, water, cups, ice, trash bags at specific locations along the race course. Works with Course Setup/Take Down team. Keeps water stops supplied as needed. Current coordinator: Rick Collett What do you get in return? The undying gratitude from the SARR Board members and the running community. Also get free entry to SARR races and you may be able to run in the races, depending on job assignment. If you would like more info, contact Sally at or any of the current coordinators. You’ll find us at any of the races doing one or more of the above referenced tasks. Thanks for considering this.

2011 Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot by Joan B We had a great crowd – our largest ever – some 3000 participants for the 4 mile fun run with some 300 children doing the three different distances for the Kids’ Runs. Weather started out rather chilly for our 5:00 am set up but we warmed up as participants began to arrive by 6:30 am. Maria DeLeon sang the National Anthem acappella before the run started and did an outstanding job! Great strong voice – thank you, Maria. I want to recognize the wonderful job all our Volunteers did for this race – before, during and after it was over – and all the runners and families were back on the buses or headed for their cars to enjoy their Thanksgiving meals, and our trailer was packed once again with all our race equipment. Tulley McKenna was the winner of the Kids’ ½ mile race! We had several boys and girls giving Tulley a run for the finish line but we were unable to get the others’ names as they were coming in so fast and furiously with parents and siblings crowding around them. The first finisher of the Turkey Trot 4 Miler was Solomon Gardea in 19:39 minutes, followed closely by Jacob Buhler with our first female finisher, Dana Merke in 23:20 minutes, followed closely by Emily Duam and then, Emily Dunn. We did collect food items and money for the SAMMinistries. They fill a real need in San Antonio. And a very big Thank You goes out to our main sponsor, H-E-B, who provided all the food and beverages for the race. Academy Sports + Outdoors again provided the race bibs for each runner. We couldn’t do this race without our loyal sponsors!! As always, next year will bring changes in an effort to make the race better. Hope to see you all next year! Thank you, volunteers – you were awesome!! Run well, Be happy!

San Antonio Road Runners Monthly Meeting December 13, 2011 The meeting was called to order at 7:07 p.m. at Academy Sports + Outdoors on 1604 and 281. Officers Present: Jerry Negrete, Sally Rios, Jim Holbach, and Scott Peacock Members/Guests Present: Martina Mauldin, Al Becken, Bob Ratliff, Tom Lake, Joan Bobrukiewiez, Whitney Lawrence, Debra Acosta, Kathy Horton, Eddie Hernandez, Rob Vetter

Club Business President’s Statement: None Introductions: Kathy Horton is the new Endurathon race director and Eddie Hernandez is a SARR volunteer. Approval of Minutes: Minutes were approved with the clarification that kids get an award for the Kid’s Run only at the monthly SARR Fun Run. Guest items: Rob Vetter, coordinator of water stop #7 at the Rock and Roll Marathon thanked the club for their assistance in recruiting volunteers for the water stop. Officer Reports VP/Volunteer Coordinator: Sally reported that the club received $142 from Green Sneakers for SARR scholarships. The SARR race calendar postcard omitted the Birds of a Feather 5K and will be reprinted. She bought 2 easels and printed signs for race registration. Treasurer’s Report: Jim did not have a formal report but said that savings and checking account balances are about the same as last month. The Turkey Trot made over $15,000. Membership Coordinator/Half Marathon Training Program: Scott reported that we have 1020 total members. There were 18,600 web site visits and 1,283 facebook friends. Website Report: Stacy was not present. Newsletter Report: Martina reminded all that the January and February issues are combined. The next issue will be out in February and the deadline for submissions is January 15 th. Fun Run Report: Debra reported that there were fewer runners due to other races going on and the weather. Turkey Trot Recap: Joan reported that there were over 3000 4 mile participants. Over 500 registered on race day and 300 plus kids did the Kid’s Run. There were no major problems. Logistics will be reviewed and packet pick up will be moved to Wednesday.

Action Items/Follow Up Printing/formatting race results for newsletter: No report Scholarships: Because of problems with scholarship recipients getting their scholarship money through some colleges or universities, Jerry made a motion that the award check be given to the parents made out to the school after proof of registration is submitted to the SARR. Jim seconded the motion. Motion was passed unanimously. Pazza Pizza: New sponsor Pazza Pizza worked a very successful water stop at the Turkey Trot. Financials/Business Credit Card/Board Resolution: The business credit card needs a formal application from the club. Jerry and Whitney will work on the application. Jerry will write a board resolution for a corporate credit card.

New Business McAllister Park Project: Martina attended the Friends of McAllister meeting. An SARR work day was suggested but date and type of project is still to be determined. New Membership Cards: Membership renewals no longer get a new card so Scott suggested giving members an upgraded style of card. The card would cost about $.40 apiece. It might tie into the Auto Pay app for paying for race entries and merchandise. Scott would look into it further. Generic E-mail Accounts: Scott is looking into setting up special e-mail accounts for officers to facilitate communication between officers and other individuals. Fiesta 10K: Jerry reported for Sherri. She plans to add a kid’s one mile run for ages 7-12. A Ÿ mile run was suggested those under 7 and also that the runs be non-competitive. Roundtable: 1. Sally requested responses to her e-mail in which she shared some ideas and suggestions. Also discussed were ways to get new volunteers. 2. Jim suggested buying foams boards to post at water stops so that all signs would be a standard size. Whitney will order them. 3. Al announced that the 54th annual RRCA National Convention will be held from March 15-18, 2012. Jerry said that he would be interested in going. The club would consider sending 1or 2 people to the convention. More discussion will be held at the January meeting. 4. Scott said that he is considering Raymond Russell Park for the July 4 th Run.

Event Planning: Mission 10 miler: Race preparations, assignments, and responsibilities were discussed. Endurathon: Kathy said the event will be held on January 28th at the Bulverde Community Center. There will be a new start and finish. A trailer or van will be rented to use as an exchange shuttle. The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Bob Ratliff, Secretary Pro Tem Veronica Salinas, Secretary

San Antonio Road Runners Monthly Meeting January 10, 2012 The meeting was called to order at 7:01 p.m. at Academy Sports + Outdoors on 1604 and 281. Officers Present: Jerry Negrete, Sally Rios, Veronica Salinas, Jim Holbach, and Scott Peacock Members/Guests Present: Martina Mauldin, Al Becken, Bob Ratliff, Tom Lake, Joan Bobrukiewiez, and Kathy Horton

Club Business President’s Statement: Jerry stated several items of concern to the club in 2012: 1. New venues for the 4th of July Run and the Endurathon 2. Continuing the SARR training program 3. Location for the club’s annual meeting/social 4. Positions up for election 5. Printing “San Antonio, Texas” on SARR race t-shirts 6. Submitting one of the SARR race t-shirts for the RRCA race shirt design contest Introductions: None Approval of Minutes: December minutes were approved as amended. Guest items: None Officer Reports VP/Volunteer Coordinator: Sally received a thank you letter from SAM Ministries for a $100.00 donation given by someone at the Turkey Trot. $100 from the sale of jackets from Bettie Karter was donated to SARR scholarships. SARR postcards have been reprinted. Jerry, Sally, and Joan will meet with George Balliet from Pazza Pizza to discuss involvement with SARR events. Treasurer’s Report: Jim reported that savings is about $113,000 and checking $34,042. The 10 miler broke even and the Cobweb Chaser made close to $2,000. Membership Coordinator/Half Marathon Training Program: Scott reported that we are down to 987 members due to non-renewals. Website visits dipped to 11,497. Facebook friends were up to 1,322. Newsletter Report: Martina is expecting articles from Sally and Jerry. No Fiesta 10K flyer available yet. Website Report: Stacy not present. Jim said that race flyers need to be in a PDF format for the website. Fun Run Report: Debra was not present. Jerry mentioned that there was a good turnout. No problems. Mission 10 mile Recap: Debra and Robert were not present. Cobweb Chaser Recap: Jerry reported 329 entries, down 13% from last year. Race day registration information was not included on the flyer or Active. This may have affected numbers.

Action Items/Follow Up Printing/formatting race results for newsletter: Bob spoke to Chuck Campbell and this would be very simple. Martina just needs to let him know what format is needed.

McAllister Park Project: No report. Martina will attend the Friends of McAllister meeting on Thursday. Business Credit Card/Board Resolution: Jerry read the resolution for the corporate credit card and it was signed by board members. Fiesta 10K Kids Run/Timing: Jerry reported for Sherri. Kid’s run logistics were discussed. She is also considering using a G chip type bib for timing. New Membership Card/E-mail Accounts: Questions about issuing a new membership card were discussed. No decision was made. Regarding e-mail accounts, Goggle requires a verification code to set up the accounts. Other options were discussed. Scott and Jim will investigate further.

New Business Certified Race Director Program: Scott spoke to Jean Knaack, Executive Director of the RRCA, who confirmed that they are developing a program for beginning and experienced race directors. Lunch Meeting with Food Bank: Jerry and Sally met with Michael Guerra and Erica Benavides of the Food Bank to discuss our Thanksgiving Day races. Sally suggested that they move their race to Saturday. RRCA National Convention: Jim made a motion to send SARR representatives to the convention. Motion passed. Al Becken, Jerry, Scott, and possibly one other person will attend. County Park Reservations: Jim will take the responsibility from Leonard Kalinowski for making county and city park reservations for SARR events. Roundtable: 1. Sally said we needed to move soon if the club wanted to be involved in the March 4 th Siclovia events. 2. Jim said that races need to be on the calendar much earlier, at least 6 months before the event. 3. Scott mentioned that Jose Iniquez has a 9000 runner data base to which he can send a custom e-mail blast for $250. 4. Tom suggested Ft. Sam Houston for the 4th of July run. Jim would investigate their current status. 5. Jerry asked for clarification about using volunteer cards for membership dues. One volunteer card per membership can be used.

Event Planning: Endurathon: Kathy said that race shirts for the event will be sweatshirts. The course will run in reverse. P.A. set up, food service, shuttles, etc. were discussed. Birds of a Feather 5K: Veronica said that plans are underway for the event on February 18th. T-shirts depicting two buzzards are in progress. The course may be slightly altered. Construction last year limited access to Avenue B which could now be used as part of the course. The meeting was adjourned at 9:07 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Veronica Salinas, Secretary

2012 COBWEB CHASER A cool and breezy New Year’s Day greeted us as we welcomed in 2012. (By the way, if the Mayan calendar is right, we will need to have this race on December 20 this year!) As we went through pre-race instructions, green shirts were visible everywhere you looked. Those green shirts were from past St. Patrick’s Day Runs, worn in tribute to Richard Donovan, a local icon of the running community, founder and race director of the St. Patrick’s Day 5k, who passed recently. As the national anthem played, the family of Richard Donovan held the American flag. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Donovan family. A new and relatively flat and fast course awaited over 329 registered participants. Crossing the finish line for First Place Overall Male was Chris Mulverhill, 16, with a time of 15:26. First Place Overall Female this year went to Lauren Hierholzer, 18, with a time of 18:40. Lauren is also a recipient of the SARR John Delgado Memorial Scholarship for 2011 and now runs for Baylor University. And just for good measure, Lauren also won a door prize! Thanks to our sponsors for helping to make this race possible: The Black Eyed Pea, who donated the breakfast casseroles, H-E-B and Soler's Sports for donating door prizes, and all our friends at the local running stores who allow us to have in-store registration: Soler's Sports, Fleet Feet, Run On!, and Run Wild Sports. And of course, SARR would not be able to put on such enjoyable events if it were not for all the hard-working volunteers who arrive two hours in advance of every event to help with registration, course set-up, refreshments, PA equipment, water stops, and other miscellaneous tasks that go along with putting on a race. If that weren’t enough, these same hard-working volunteers stay behind, sometimes for hours after the event, to help with clean up, as we pride ourselves on leaving a facility cleaner than we found it. Thank you all for a great 2012 Cobweb Chaser! See you all in 2013 (Mayan calendar not withstanding!) Jerry Negrete

Cobweb Race Director

2012 FREE Tyvec Offer The San Antonio RoadRunners (SARR) are once again offering free tyvec jackets (as shown in the picture on the left) to any person, member or nonmember, that volunteers at and/or registers for five (5) SARR events. The five events do not include the monthly Fun Run, the Wednesday Night Zoo Run, or the annual party. Persons interested in the 2012 Free Tyvec Offer must contact Sally, the volunteer coordinator. Once contacted, Sally will set aside a jacket. After that, it will be the responsibility of the runner/volunteer to contact Sally regarding which race the runner/volunteer will be participating in. Sally will track the events and contact the runner/volunteer prior to the fifth race when the jacket will be awarded. The 2011 free tyvec offer was very successful. Over 100 persons registered for the jackets. As a result, there are limited numbers of the small, medium, and large sizes left. There are sufficient extra-large and double extra-large jackets. The assignment of jackets will be on a “first-come, first-serve� basis. So the sooner you sign up, the better. Jackets are available for viewing and sizing at the SARR Boutique, where past race items are sold. The five SARR events must be completed between January 1, 2012 (Cobweb Chaser) and the December, 15 2012 (Mission 10 Miler). Sixteen persons have already signed up. For more info and to sign up, contact Sally at; 210-735-8037; or 210-464-0029. You can also sign up at the Boutique at any of the SARR events. Just ask for Sally and the free tyvecs. ********************* Our long-time SARR member, Mr. Walter Stoneham, gave us a poster on running which we framed and had on display for the first time at the Mission 5 & 10 Miler in December 2011. It was next displayed at the Cobweb Chaser and will be at every race from now on. Take a few minutes to stop and read the wonderful message on running. Thank you, Walter!

GOT OLD RUNNING SHOES???? DONATE THEM TO SARR! Like most runners, you probably have a pile of old and maybe not so old running shoes in your closet. Like most runners, you probably use them as your “mess around” shoes, shopping shoes, yard work shoes, etc. Some may be in pretty good condition; others in not so good condition. In 2011, SARR joined with GreenSneakers in collecting running shoes that were no longer needed. You’ve probably seen piles of old shoes at some of our races and wondered what the heck was going on. The shoes donated to SARR and GreenSneakers are REUSED as affordable footwear for people in need around the world, help support jobs in Third World countries, and raise funds for the SARR Scholarship fund. GreenSneakers pays SARR per pound of shoes collected. This money is then placed in the SARR Scholarship Fund. From June to December of 2011, SARR collected approximately $200 worth of shoes. GreenSneakers will be at the Birds of a Feather 5K on February 18. After that, shoes can be left at the SARR Boutique at any SARR race. Just look for the GreenSneakersbox. For more information on GreenSneakers, contact Buddy Sanchez at 210-885-3372; like them on Facebook GreenSneakersTexas; or e-mail Buddy at Bring us your old running shoes. We’ll be glad to help clean out your closets!

Hello RoadRunners, Welcome to 2012! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. We closed out 2011 with the Mission 10 Miler at a terrific new venue: the Leon Creek Trails out of O.P. Schnabel Park. We wanted to keep the name in hopes that the Mission trails will be available in the near future for us to return to the beautifully restored San Antonio River. Judging by our New Year’s Day Cobweb Chaser, 2012 is off to a great start. By the time you read this, the Endurathon will also have taken place on January 28 in Bulverde. Due to some slight logistical changes, we were a bit slow in getting the word out on all the details of the event. A new start and finish line, along with a change in route direction helped to put a new prespective on a familiar course. I hope you enjoyed it. Next up is our newest offering, the second annual Birds of a Feather at Brackenridge Park on February 18. This is a unique (timed) event that determines placed finishes based on a two-person team’s combined finish times. Coming up on March 10th is the Prickly Pear, the ever-popular 50K and 10 Mile trail run. The course is mostly unpaved, single track trail, and is a favorite for those who enjoy trail running. This year promises to be filled with new challenges and opportunities as we look forward to new venues, continue the successful SARR training program, and enjoy the newest benefits to SARR membership: all SARR members are now eligible to join Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union, and volunteer cards can now be used to renew your membership in the SARR (one card per member). Thanks to all for your membership, and especially to those of you who volunteer at our events. We couldn’t do it without you! Sincerely, Jerry Negrete

Run for Fun!

UPCOMING EVENTS CALENDAR FEBRUARY Feb 4 8:30 am Monthly Fun Run, McAllister Park, Al Becken Pav, Debra Acosta, 210-822-2800 Feb 4 9:00 am Fuego 5k Run/Walk, Brackenridge Park, Feb 4 8:00 am Texas Polar Bear 5k, Lackland AFB, Ray Kenny 210-497-8214 Feb 4 8:30 am Eisenhower 5k/10k Trail run, Eisenhauer Park, Feb 5 9:00 am Superbowl Sunday 5k, Roger's Ranch, Feb 5 Natural Bridge Caverns Half-Marathon/5k/10k, Feb 11 8:00 am Stockshow Stampede 4 Mile Run, Rodeo Satellite Parking Lot, Feb 11 10:00 am Cupid's Chase 5k, Brackenridge Park, Feb 11 8:00 am Fight for Air 5k, SeaWorld, Feb 12 9:00 am Be my Valentine 5k, Pearl Brewery, Feb 18 8:00 am Stop the Silence 5k, McAllister Park, Feb 18 9:00 am Love your Heart 5k, New Braunfels, TX Feb 18 8:00 am Street to Feet 5k and Kids Run, Haven for Hope, **Feb 18 8:00 am Birds of a Feather 5k, Brackenridge Park, Feb 19 7:00 am Austin Marathon and Half, Austin, TX Feb 25 8:00 am Run for Hope 5k, Brackenridge Park, **Feb 25 8:00 am UTSA Diploma Dash 5k, 1604 Campus, Feb 25 9:00 am Dash for Dollars 5k, Northwest Vista College Feb 25 8:00 am Revenge of the Nerds 5k, OP Schnabel Park, MARCH Mar 3 8:30 am Monthly Fun Run, McAllister Park, Al Becken Pav, Debra Acosta, 210-822-2800 Mar 3 8:00 am Run for the Heights 5k & Kids Run, Tuscany Heights ES, Mar 3 8:00 am HWNT Lace up 5k&10k, McAllister Park, Mar 4 8:30 am Pasaeno's Salado Creek 5k, 10k, 16.04k Trail Runs, **Mar 10 7:00 am Prickly Pear 50 k, 10 Miler Trail Run, McAllister Park, **Mar 10 8:30 amSt Patrick Day's 5k, Brackenridge Park, Mar 17 9:00 am 5k Benefitting Hope for the Future, Brackenridge Park, Mar 17 6:00 pm Soldier's Angels 5k/10k Leprechaun Chase & Wee 1k, McAllister Park, Mar 24 8:00 am Culinaria 5k, Shops at La Cantera, Mar 24 8:00 am Hope, Steps and a Cure 5k, Pearl Brewery, Mar 24 8:30 am Beethoven 5k/10k, Alamo Heights Swimming Pool, Mar 25 8:00 am Get Your Rear in Gear 5k & Kids Run, Brackenridge Park, Mar 31 9:00 am Run Wild for Brainpower 5k/8k, UIW campus, APRIL Apr 1 8:00 am Walk Run Wag 5k, Alamo Dome, **Apr 1 8:00 am April Fools 5k, McAllister Park, Apr 7 8:30 am Monthly Fun Run, McAllister Park, Al Becken Pav, Debra Acosta, 210-822-2800 Apr 13 8:00 pm Friday the 13th Night Race 5k, McAllister Park, Apr 21 8:00 am Providence to Pearl 5k, Providence Catholic HS, Apr 21 8:00 am NEF 5k Run/Walk, Farris Athletic Complex, Apr 21 8:00 am Lackland ISD 5k, Lackland AFB, **Apr 21 8:00 am Fiesta Mission 10k, Alamo Heights Swimming Pool, Apr 28 Fiesta Fandango 2.6 Miles, parade route, **Flyers in this month's newsletter. Please send email to to have your event listed on this calendar. This information is provided as a service to SARR members. Every attempt is made to provide accurate information, however, you should verify race information prior to finalizing race plans.

2012 Alamo Series March 31 - Run Wild for Brainpower 5 & 8Ks, Run WildSports, UIW May 26 - Police & Firefighter Officers’ Memorial 5K, Purnell Racing, McAllister Park June 9 - Flag Day BSA 5 & 11K, Purnell Racing, Bluebonnet Palace, Schertz July 4 - SARR Fourth of July 4 Miler, SARR TBD Aug 18 - Fleet Feet Sports Sunrise 5 & 10Ks, Fleet Feet, Alamo Heights Sep 3 - SARR Whine Run 5 Miler, SARR, Dry Comal Creek Winery Sep 16 - Army-Dillo 8k & 10 Miler, Purnell Racing, Mission County Park Oct 6 - Texas MedClinic Half Marathon, 5 & 10Ks, Soler’s Sports, Leon Creek Pkwy Oct 20 - Soler’s Sports Fall Fest 10 & 20 Miles, Soler’s Sports, TBD Nov 11 - Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio Marathon & Half, Competitor Group Dec 8 - Toys for Tots 5K & A.S. Awards Presentations,

Purnell Racing, Bluebonnet Palace, Schertz

Please recycle this newsletter. Be sure to send in your change of address. The Post Office will not deliver your SARR Newsletter unless the address is correct. San Antonio RoadRunners P. O. Box 12474 San Antonio, TX 78212-0474


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