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************* Next Club meeting is on April 10 at 7:00 pm at Academy Sports + Outdoors 2024 N Loop 1604 E *************

2012 Birds of a Feather 5K Put on a race and they will come. It seems that runners have a lot in common with mail carriers “neither snow nor rain nor heat” but you’d better add “hail.” There had been so many changing weather reports about when it would start or stop raining that I had given up worrying about the weather. When we first arrived at about 6:00 a.m. the rain had abated—for awhile. The intermittent thunder and lightening did not portend well and around 7:15 the clouds opened up and relentlessly emptied their contents. Buddy Sanchez from GreenSneakers had set up a tent on the deck of the Koehler Pavilion, and when he heard something plummeting on the deck, he yelled, “Hey, it’s hailing!” The start was delayed a few minutes as Maria De Leon sang a rockin’ version of the National Anthem under the shelter of the pavilion. The rain subsided just as she finished and the runners braved the elements to assemble at the starting line. Fortunately, the rain had run its course (no pun intended) and the weather held for the rest of the morning. We had close to 177 intrepid folks, a few wrapped in garbage bags, who made it to the 2012 Birds of a Feather 5K, a 30% increase from the inaugural run of 2011. A runner even told Sally that this was her first rainy run and she loved every minute of it! Once again, I give so much credit to the SARR race management team and the crew of volunteers that Sally Rios rounds up. I especially want to applaud the ingenuity of Abel Araiza, our “slice and dice” man in charge of refreshments. He was having trouble getting the grill at the pavilion started because of the dampness and when he finally managed to get it fired up, it started to rain again. So, to keep the grill dry and the fire going, he propped up one of the folding tables over the grill. That can only be a perfect example of the adage “necessity is the mother of invention.” Many thanks also to Jerry Negrete, Bob Ratliff, Whitney Lawrence, Joan B., Tom Lake, and Debra Acosta for their awesome assistance. I’d like to recognize our business sponsors who generously donated items for door prizes or packet stuffers: McDonald’s, Soler Sports, Good Time Charlie’s Bar and Grill, Picante Grill, Cheesy Jane’s, and Santikos Theaters. If you were one of the birds flocking together this year and had a great time, spread the word to friends and kin. Our Super Master Females (60+) didn’t have any entries. I know you’re out there, ladies! The Junior division, 16 and under, had only one entry. So, parents bring your kids out, and if you are a middle or high school teacher or coach, spread the word to your running students.

Save the date, February 16, 2013, for the 3rd running of the Birds of a Feather 5K come rain, shine, or hail. Veronica Salinas Race Director

San Antonio RoadRunners Monthly Meeting March 13, 2012 The meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. at Academy Sports + Outdoors on 1604 and 281. Officers Present: Jerry Negrete, Sally Rios, Jim Holbach, and Scott Peacock. Members/Guests Present: Sheldon Lahti, Jared Lahti, Al Becken, Debra Acosta, Tom Lake, Martina Mauldin, and Joan Bobrukiewiez.

Club Business Introductions: Sheldon and Jared Lahti, brothers, were in attendance. Sheldon has joined the SARR; Jared was to submit his membership application. Jared participated in the Prickly Pear 50K completing one lap. President’s Statement: None. Since the Club secretary, Veronica Salinas, was not in attendance, Jerry asked for a volunteer to take meeting notes. Sally volunteered. Approval of Minutes: Jerry read the minutes as they were published in the March, 2012, SARR Newsletter. The minutes were approved as printed. Guest Items: None

Officers’ Reports VP/Volunteer Coordinator: Sally reported on several items. (1) Elizabeth Macias, Zoo Relay contact, has left the Zoo. Before she left, she distributed a “Save the Date” flyer for the 28 th Annual Zoo Run which will occur on September 14, 2012. Sally will follow up on Elizabeth’s replacement. (2) Bert Pickell, race walker, publishes a calendar for his race walkers. Calendar lists SARR events. Sally contacted Bert regarding incorrect information on SARR events in the calendar and invited walkers to participate. (3) A new military contact has been found. As a result 22 military volunteers assisted with slicing of fajitas and cleanup at the Prickly Pear. (4) Sally will participate in the San Antonio College Wellness Fair on April 4. Treasurer’s Report: Jim reported that checking account balance was approximately $43,000 and savings $113,000. No “P and L” report on Prickly Pear as information was still pending from Bill Gardner, race director. Membership Coordinator/Half Marathon Training: Scott reported that membership is about 993; 21 new members in February. Website visits 11,500; Facebook Friends, 414. Half-Marathon Training: Will cap at 150 participants. Already has 133 registered: 67 returning runners; 17 new members. Was unsure how to handle 12 that indicated they could not run 3 miles. Suggested that they be encouraged to try to meet that goal by Augus and that they participate in Monthly Fun Run. Jim stated he would be willing to mentor them at the Fun Run. Newsletter Report: Martina asked for articles. Sally is working on one; may not make April Newsletter. Jerry indicated that he would write an article recapping the RRCA convention. Website Report: Jim has assumed the responsibility for maintaining the website. Fun Run Report: Debra stated that although it was “a little muddy,” 30 – 40 runners were in attendance. She asked for and was granted permission to purchase a water jug that is on a tripod for placement along the three-mile route. It will be a self-service water stop. She plans to serve hot dogs at the April Fun Run. Because of a change in personnel, Pazza Pizza may not be able to participate until May. Sally will contact them after Fiesta. Birds of a Feather recap: Veronica Salinas, race director, was not present. Sally mentioned that there were more participants than last year. Joan stated that everyone enjoyed the food that was served. Prickly Pear recap: Bill Gardner, race director, was not present. Sally mentioned that all remaining awards (mugs) had been placed in the SARR storage shed. Inquiries regarding the mugs should be forwarded to Sally. She also has

the finishers’ medals. Discussion was held as to what to do with mugs/medals that remained. A note has been place on Facebook regarding clothing that was left at the various aid stations. Inquires should be directed to Sally. Twenty-three participants failed to return the chips that were used at the Prickly Pear. IAAP has provided a list of names and email addresses. SARR will be charged $5.00 per unreturned chip. Sally will email those on list requesting return of chip. •

Guest asked why Club did not use D-chip. Reasons for not using D-chip were explained. Jerry indicated that the RRCA national convention would have a session on purchasing timing systems as well as session for Race Directors.

Debra stated that Robert Beyer, the Paramedic at the Prickly Pear, had called the male runner who broke his ankle at the run. The runner has not returned Robert’s call. Robert also contacted the female that broker her wrist. She had surgery but no further information was received.

Jerry indicated that the truck rented for the Prickly Pear had a flat in addition to getting stuck in the mud. He was very grateful to having the military volunteers who assisted in “unsticking” the truck. Jerry had to take the flat tire back to the rental shop. SARR has been given a credit voucher towards its next rental.

Action Items/Follow-up Printing/formatting race results for newsletter: Martina stated that printing the Birds of a Feather 5K results took a lot of space. She was unable to print some articles. Sally mentioned that there was a lot of “white space” and asked if the results could be formatted differently. Because the results were presented in PDF format, they could not be reformatted. To reformat, the results would need to be presented in excel format and it would be time consuming and difficult to format. Also, reducing the font would make it difficult to read. Motion was made by Jim to not continue the printing of results in the Newsletter. Motion passed. Debra stated that she would submit the results of the Fun Run for placement on the website. Joan suggested the results be placed on the front page of the web, thus encouraging others to participate. Friends of McAllister next meeting: Al reported that May 1 was the next work day with the project possibly being painting all of the BBQ grills in the park. Laura, from Friends of the Park, is to contact Jerry with more info. Work dates will be finalized after Easter. Other areas in McAllister needing repair: Debra mentioned the Flag Pole at Pavilion 2; Joan mentioned the roof of Pavilion 3. Al also mentioned that the new bond issue would include repair of trail and restrooms and building of new pavilion where the Turkey Trot used to begin. E-mail campaign: Scott is still working on this. Already has data base ready. Will do a test run later this month. Siclovia: Jerry reported that he, Joan, Jim, and Sally were in attendance at Siclovia. He seemed to think it was less organized than last year. Ice was being sold to the vendors at $2.50 per bag. SARR was located near the first base line of the ball field at Lion’s Field. Several people stopped by inquiring about the club and taking club info. Sally mentioned that a news report indicated that Siclovia would be handled by the YMCA. It was not known when the next Siclovia would be held nor whether or not SARR will participate. Race Director Guide: Sally reported that her work on it has been put on hold; however, she could see where a more detailed guide is needed for new race directors. She has asked Jerry and Scott to see if such a guide is available from RRCA that could be “massaged” to meet our needs. Free Entry/Shirt for 70 & Over: Jerry indicated that the percentage of 70+ participants in our events was very low. Discussion was held. Jim made the motion that persons 70 and over receive a shirt at no cost when they register. Motion Passed. Sally stated that all race directors needed to be notified of this action.

New Business Roundtable:

1. Sally stated that a notice should be sent to all SARR Race Directors regarding the City’s restriction/approving race routes at the various city parks. Also reminded Joan of need to have the waiver on the sign-up sheet for the Wednesday Night Zoo Run. 2. Joan stated that she has 70 pounds of meat left from the Prickly Pear stored in her freezer. The four tent canopies used at the Pear have been dried, folded, and are ready for the next race. She purchased a new caster to replace one that was broken at the Pear. 3. Scott mentioned that he, Jerry, and Al will be attending the RRCA National Convention, March 14 – 18. Jerry has registered to run the 5K; Scott has registered to run the half; and Al is still undecided. The runs are scheduled for March 19. 4. Al passed around an application to the Senior Games that are scheduled for March 17 thru April 1. Events are being coordinated by the Jewish Community Center. Sally indicated that she has registered for the 5K and 10K scheduled for March 27 and 28, respectively at Becken Pavilion in McAllister Park. These games will be for the State Championship. 5. Jerry mentioned to Jim that there appeared to be a problem with receiving emails on the new addresses. 6. Debra stated that she had been notifed by Jim Faucett of flyers that advertised a “Fiesta Fandango 5K” scheduled for April 21. Race was being held in Castle Hills. Debra contacted the race director who stated that the printer had made a mistake. The correct title of the 5K is “Fiesta Castle Hills 5K Run.” The title was not intended to conflict/compete with the SARR Fiesta Fandango 2.6 run. New Castle Hills flyers are being printed/distributed. 7. Jim brought up the issue of SARR race entry fees stating that he felt they should be increased by $5.00 as there has been no increase in some time. Discussion was held on raising the entry fees yet keeping them below other race fees. It was decided that further study was needed before a blanket decision could be made. The following is needed: Jim to provide P & L statements from all 2011 SARR races; Sally will provide listing of 2011 SARR race entry fees and will also contact Chuck and IAAP for the number of entrants in 2011 in SARR events. A listing of what other races charge is also needed. 8. Jerry stated that he had received a request from a chiropractor that wanted to provide free foot scans. After discussion, it was decided against having him at our events one reason being the lack of electricity at most race sites.

Event Planning Fandango: Debra reviewed arrangements for the Fandango. She displayed the revised design for the shirts and asked for input regarding placement of sponsor logos. Besides shirts, medals and draw string bags will be distributed. She has been in discussion with Officer Jenkins regarding a possible new bus route for delivering runners to the start line. She and Joan will be attending a Media Event on Thursday, March 15, at the Guenter Hotel. Fiesta 10K: Sherri Purnell, the race director, was not in attendance. Sally mentioned that Sherri plans to have three days of registration at each of the Soler Sports Stores. Sally is to review last year’s file and meet with Sherri to discuss this and other aspects of the race. Sally also contacted the City of Alamo Heights to verify a rumor that she had heard. The rumor was confirmed that Alamo Heights did not want races being held on Torcido. This would affect the Fiesta 10K. Sally is waiting for additional information from Alamo Heights. Also, at this month’s Alamo Heights City Council meeting, it was decided that races could not be held on consecutive days (Saturday-Sunday) using La Jara Street. Such races caused a lot of congestion and the Mayor’s house is on La Jara. This could impact the Women’s 5K which is the Alamo Heights approval process. The La Jara Street requirement does not affect the Fiesta 10K since there is no event on April 22. Annual Party: Joan asked if a location for the Annual SARR Party had been found. Jerry mentioned two possible locations and is still in negotiations. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Sally Rios, Acting Secretary

Who or What is Al Becken? By Sally Rios, Executive Vice President, SARR

We all know who Hardberger Park is named after. We also know about Cesar Chavez Blvd. But do you know anything about The Al Becken Pavilion, Pavilion 1 at McAllister Park? If you run regularly at McAllister, you probably have heard about and, maybe even met, Al Becken. If not, here is a little insight into who or what is Al Becken.

From Robert Mapes I accompanied Al to his 300th marathon in Manchester, NH to witness his success, and to present a fun little medallion I had made at a local shop. As we were waiting, the time grew long, and I feared the worst. This was complicated by the fact that a local news team had come to the finish, because Manchester either never had a marathon, or not for years. As the runners slowed to a trickle, I engaged the news lady with Al's story, and of course, that was just the type of thing she'd been hoping for. At last, after more than the five hour mark, I observed Al WAY down the road, approaching in a walk, and he was not alone. When he finally arrived, the husband of the (attractive!!) young lady with Al had started waiting with us. When they finally crossed, Al, of course, insisted she cross first. She just broke down in tears because Al had found her walking @ mile 15, looking for a place to drop out. Of course, Al would have none of that, convinced her to try to go farther, and kept her going to the finish. HE HAD SACRFICED HIS MARATHON TIME IN ORDER TO ASSIST HER IN FINISHING!! Of course, it didn't hurt that she was a cutie, but she and her husband were very much in Al's debt for the finish. When she finally stopped crying and hugging Al, (or was HE hugging her !?), I presented his medallion to him for the news lady, and everybody was the better for it all.

From Mardale Wilson Al has been my hero for about 30 years. I first met him on the Churchill track and dared to interrupt his running to ask for some advice. He gave me great advice about a doctor who helped with my knee issue. I continued to follow his career and eventually considered myself a friend. But I could only run with him, not just trail behind, when he was injured. He was running two-a-days to stay ready for one of his hundreds of marathons. He would be embarrassed to know how many people I have told, locally and elsewhere, of his total number of marathons and in how many states he has run them. Non-runners just gape in amazement and seasoned runners nod with admiration. I hope Al can continue to walk, run, tell jokes, etc. for many years to come and give all of us someone to admire.

From Marsha Collier I always wanted to emulate his dogged persistence in "being out there" running, walking, taking part no matter what. And I admire him for being truly connected with everyone. He never meets a stranger and is interested in their story.

From Robert Coopman One of the reasons Al runs is so that he can eat more cookies!!! On occasion I will take a dozen sand tarts from a bakery near my house to McAllister Park and give them to Al. We both love sand tarts. Frequently when we have finished running - or more walking recently - we will go to Starbucks, 2 – 3 miles from the park. By the time Al gets to Starbucks there are either none or about two cookies left. He is a real Cookie Monster. On occasion, my doorbell will ring in the afternoon and there will be Al with a dozen cookies for Shannon and me. He is one of the most giving and generous people I have ever known. -----------------

Excerpts from Ernie Oakes comments at the dedication of the Al Becken Pavilion in 1999: “…in the late 70s, Uncle Al was known as Mister Al, the designer and supplier of fine running clothes to the SA running community.”

Al Becken at his Pavilion (December 2003)

“…he comes cruising by and says, “How are you feeling? It’s a great day for a run! Did I tell you the one about….?” As those of you who’ve run with Al know, he is famous for his distance jokes. The jokes are generally of a poor quality but they do make the miles pass easier. He has ½ mile jokes, 1 mile jokes, 2 miles jokes and so on. I suspect somewhere in his repertoire is a 26.2 mile joke.”

“He, along with Ken Bashore and a few of their friends, founded the San Antonio RoadRunners in 1973… Al was the SARR race coordinator for many of those early formative years. He was the first editor of the SARR newsletter and served in that capacity for many years. Al was the co-founder of the Alamo Derby run series, which was conducted annually for over 10 years. Many of us still enjoy the annual Turkey Trot held each Thanksgiving here in McAllister Park. Al and his family were the founders of this run and were the directors for many years. “

“Al’s running exploits are legendary… Ripley’s Believe It or Not documented Al’s remarkable running record.” (NOTE: For a partial list of Al’s running record, go to: “This park (McAllister) has been the recipient of his generous giving…From the courses that we use for our monthly fun runs to the cross country trail that he assisted Ron Keller in building, you’ll see Al’s handprints as well as footprints everywhere from the front gate to the back fence…Al helped found and served as chairman of the Friends of McAllister Park… It is here, in Pavilion #1, that on most days of the year you’ll find Al extending his welcoming hand, doling out freely his advice and encouragement to runners, walkers, and bikers of all ages, shapes, sexes and abilities.”

From Jerry Negrete, SARR President, excerpts from an e-mail sent while attending this year’s RRCA Convention with Al: “So far, I feel like I’m in Hollywood. Walking around with Mr. Celebrity, Al Becken! Everyone here knows him and runs up to hug him. I’ve already met all the members of the board….” At the 2012 Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) National Convention held in Memphis, TN, on March 17, Al was awarded the “Browning Ross Spirit of the RRCA” award. Al served on the RRCA Board from 1986-89 and was selected State Representative of the Year in 1984. Al, on behalf of the SARR and all San Antonio runners, congratulations on your award. We are glad to claim you as OUR Al Becken. So that’s Al Becken. If you want to know more, just hang around Pavilion 1, he’ll show up with a joke or two and running advice. ---------------


SARR WORK DAY @ McAllister Park MAY 5, 2011 @ 11 am We will be placing warning signs on all the entrances to the paved trails and painting BBQ grills. More details will be announced soon. Please check our website and Facebook page.


Hello RoadRunners, The Road Runners Club of America held its 54th Annual Convention March 15th through the 18th in Memphis, Tennessee. Scott Peacock and I were honored to accompany Mr. Al Becken to Memphis, where he was presented with the Browning Ross Spirit of the RRCA Award for his service to the RRCA over the years as Texas State Rep, as RRCA Vice President South and RRCA Southern Director. Other RRCA business conducted included Officer elections. David Cotter was elected President, Mitch Garner was elected Vice President, Dennis Novak was reelected as Treasurer, and Dan Edwards was re-elected as Secretary. The Memphis Runners Track Club was the host club and did a fantastic job of organizing the convention. Each day started with a group run, followed by a continental breakfast, and then breakout sessions that included presentations by K&K Insurance, as well as other information sessions conducted by members of the MRTC. At Friday’s luncheon we were honored to have as guest speaker David Wottle, the gold metalist at the 1972 Olympics. His victory in the 800 meter event is considered one of the most dramatic finishes in the history of the Olympics. He started the race in last place, up to 10 meters behind the pack, and was in last place up to the 500 meter mark, and won the race by .03 seconds. His message was one of hard work, determination, perseverance, and a reminder to never lose sight of your goals and objectives. Saturday’s luncheon welcomed Chris McDougall, author of the best-seller “Born To Run.” While researching his book, Mr. McDougall spent time with the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico’s Copper Canyons, a people who have practiced techniques that allow them to run hundreds of miles without rest, while enjoying unparalleled health and serenity. What he learned there was his message to us: mankind has forgotten that good running form and running for the sheer enjoyment is the secret to a happier, healthier life. Sunday was the last day of the convention, and what Al Becken speaks to State reps better closing ceremony than the Germantown Half Marathon National Championship and the Mayor’s Cup 5K! Scott ran the Half Marathon, while Al and I participated in the Mayor’s Cup 5K.

We were honored to run with Linda Somers-Smith, who was inducted into the RRCA Hall of Fame for her accomplishments in 2011: at age 50, Linda earned the World Record for women 50+ in the 10K in September with a time of 34:14, set the World Record for the Half Marathon for women 50 to 54 in October with a time of 1:15:18, and is the only person, male or female, to qualify by time standard for seven U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials. All in all, it was a great opportunity to meet and speak with RRCA Officers, Regional Directors, State Reps, and fellow club members from all across the country. A personal highlight was meeting our State Rep for the South Texas Region, Lee Greb from Houston. Mr. Greb informed me that he is searching for a race in South Texas to submit as a RRCA Championship Series event, and would very much like to see SARR consider submitting one of their races. I would like to thank SARR Club Officers for the opportunity to attend the convention, and a special thanks to Mr. Al Becken, for making this trip possible. Sincerely, Jerry Negrete

Run for Fun!

UPCOMING EVENTS CALENDAR APRIL Apr 1 8:00 am Walk Run Wag 5k, Alamo Dome, Apr 1 8:00 am April Fools 5k, McAllister Park, Apr 7 8:30 am Monthly Fun Run, McAllister Park, Al Becken Pav, Debra Acosta, 210-822-2800 Apr 7 9:00 am Gladiator Charge 5k Run/Walk, Helotes, TX Apr 13 8:00 pm Friday the 13th Night Race 5k, McAllister Park, Apr 14 8:00 am Do Something Amazing 5k, Lackland AFB, Ray Kenny 497-8214 Apr 21 8:00 am Providence to Pearl 5k, Providence Catholic HS, Apr 21 8:00 am NEF 5k Run/Walk, Farris Athletic Complex, Apr 21 8:00 am Lackland ISD 5k, Lackland AFB, **Apr 21 8:00 am Fiesta Mission 10k, Alamo Heights Swimming Pool, Apr 21 7.30 am Earth Day 5k, Woodlawn Lake, Apr 21 8:00 am WOGO's 5k, McAllister Park, **Apr 28 6:40 pm Fiesta Fandango 2.6 Miles, parade route, Apr 29 8:00 am LLS 5k and Doggie Dash, McAllister Park, MAY May 5 8:30 am May 5 9:00 am May 5 8:30 am May5 8:00 am May 5 8:00 am May 5 8:00 am May 12 8:00 am May 12 May 19 8:00 am May 26 8:00 am May 27 8:30 am

Monthly Fun Run, McAllister Park, Al Becken Pav, Debra Acosta, 210-822-2800 Cinco de Mayo Poder 5k/10k Lanier HS, Have a Ball! 5K Run/Walk, McAllister Park, One Step 5k, St Luke's Episcopal Church, Jag-A-Thon 5k/10k Fun Walk & Run, Johnson HS, Impact 5k, Coss Mountain Church, Jon's Run/Stroll 5k, Brackenridge Park, Komen Race for the Cure 5k/10k, Alamodome, Armed Forces Day 5k, JW Marriott Hill Country Resort & Spa, Police Officers and Fire Fighters 5k/10k, McAllister Park, American Hero 25k Relay, Alamo Stadium, JUNE

June 2 8:30 am Monthly Fun Run, McAllister Park, Al Becken Pav, Debra Acosta, 210-822-2800 June 9 8:00 am Pinwheel Run 4 Hope 5k Trail & Family Fun Run, Medical Ct Trails, June 9 8:00 am Albert Pike Masonic Lodge # 1169 5k & Kids Fun Run, McAllister Park, **June 16 8:00 am Carrabba's Classic 1/2 Marathon Relay, McAllister Park, June 23 8:00 am Fighting ALS with Jay 5k, Los Patios, June 23 8:00 am Farias 5k & Kids run, Harlandale Memorial Stadium, **Flyers in this month's newsletter.

Please send email to to have your event listed on this calendar. This information is provided as a service to SARR members. Every attempt is made to provide accurate information, however, you should verify race information prior to finalizing race plans.

What? Zoo Run 2 miles

When? every Wednesday starting April 4 until the end of October 6:30 pm Where? Brackenridge Park, Find us at the table across the parking lot from 1st base when using Hildebrand St entrance (across river from Joske Pavilion).

How much?FREE!

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