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[Introduce a creative title here] By: Sara Isabel Grajales Tamayo

Lizzy was looking at the ocean, watching how the waves were busting against the stones. The air had the familiar salty taste that she was accustomed to, and the gavottes were flying in to the reddish sky, describing clubs and other abstract forms.

From time to time, one of the birds alighted and caught a fish. That was something Lizzy liked to watch. However, she was looking at something else that caught her attention.

In the horizon, there was a big shadow; Lizzy couldn’t tell the mysterious form of that thing because of the fog. She thought it was a ship but it was improbable because there, in the island of Manhattan, ships only arrived in the morning.

Lizzy started to feel anxious while the strange shadow was getting closer to the port, the wind began to blow stronger and stronger and Lizzy’s hair, lashed her face.

In that moment Lizzy started to feel afraid, but because of some strange reason, she started to walk towards the water.

she knew she shouldn’t have left the party and she was totally sure that shadow wasn´t exactly something of the real world, but she continued to walk until the water moistened her feet and the end of her black dress made of silk and golden thread.

In that moment, she heard a voice behind her; she turned around and saw a human silhouette running in her direction. But she wasn’t listening because she was looking for the shadow that had disappeared just like a ghost. Quietly she began to walk to the person who had interrupted that mystic moment.

Few seconds later she realized it was Collin who had been screaming. She liked Collin, ha was a handsome Irish count with clear eyes and brown hair, and his family had been friends of Lizzy’s for a long time. Although Collin seems so nice at the light of the stars, Lizzy was thinking in an explanation for the shadow.

–where have you been? – asked Collin while she smiled, when his eyes found hers. – we have been looking for you the whole night – but Lizzy was distracted and sinee she didn’t answer he exclaimed – the party is over, nevertheless if we are lucky we can get a bottle of champagne – the petition sounded tempting for Lizzy, she was thirsty and her skin was sticky.

Although she wanted to go with Collin, she decided to decline the offer. – Thanks Collin – she said with a polite tone of voice – but I’d like to walk on the beach for clearing my mind. – perhaps I can go with you – said Collin making another attempt to spend the night with the beautiful girl he had in front of him.

Lizzy looked again at the place where the shadow had been few minutes ago, even though she knew it wasn’t there anymore. The only thing she saw was a dolphin jumping out of the water. She agreed Collins company nodding her head and the boy smiled showing happiness in his eyes.

Silently, they started to walk; Lizzy hadn’t apprehended the sea garbage that was pending on her clothes. The only sound they heard was the noise of the ocean and the beat of their hearts. Minutes passed by and none of them said a word until she saw the shadow again, but it wasn’t in the horizon; it was in the beach – look - said Lizzy – do you see it? –

Continued while Collin was looking at her with eyes of anger – the only thing I see is the beach and the ocean, there’s nothing else here – he said in a strong tone of voice he used when he thought someone was making fun of him. -

¡No look! It seems to be a box – she said excited – are you insane Lizzy? ¡There’s nothing here! – He exclaimed. Even thought Collin didn’t believe her, Lizzy knew it was real,

the shadow became bigger and took the form of a door,

in that moment Lizzy started to run, she wanted to touch it, she heard the screams of Collin in the distance, when she arrived at the door, they were like whisper; she opened the door and looked inside,

it seemed to be a huge classroom, a foursquare room with some chairs and tables, in front of her, there was a colorful rainbow that crossed the hole room in all directions,

a unicorn was talking to a dog in a corner, the salty taste was gone and replaced by a sweet taste of oranges, the air smelled like an amazing scent that she couldn’t describe.

There, she saw a leprechaun, who had a pot of gold in his hands. The little man was looking at her – hi I’m Lizzy – she said carefully not to scare him, yes I know, welcome – said the leprechaun – am I in heaven? – She asked, asking more to herself than to the man. Then she remembered Collin, - why can’t Collin see the door? – Lizzy asked to the man. -He doesn’t believe, -therefore he cannot - enter this land – -Lizzy had many -questions in to her -head – what is this place? - – She managed to say – - it is like your personal - paradise - he answered. -In that moment Lizzy understood that the fear she had left before was fear to never find that wonderful place. Her thoughts were interrupted by the leprechaun when he said – you can stay if you want –. She wanted to, but she knew she couldn’t because her family and Collin were waiting for her,

¥Collin! She remembered, she turned around and saw him looking at her with a serious expression, perhaps he might stay with her in that magic place, but then she realized she was in the threshold of the door and Collin wasn’t aware of that, she made a decision so raising her hand, she said goodbye to her friend and closed the door behind her.

Collin saw Lizzy disappeared out of nowhere, he ran in direction of the house, scared of what had just happened.

Nobody saw Lizzy again and of course, no one believed Collin’s story.


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it is an amazing and interesting story :)