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September 2015

Sarnia Christian School “Transforming to 21st Century Learning�

Building Campaign Update

Building Update

Capital Campaign Update

If you have driven by Sarnia Christian School lately you will have noticed that demolition started right after school was out in July. All the in ground work, electrical, plumbing, footings, foundation and flooring are done and the walls have arrived.

We are pleased to report that we have surpassed 80% of our goal to raise $1.2 million towards phase 1 renovation. As summer is over the campaign team is back at work getting support from our community. To date we have received money and pledges from over 75 people and some of these people have pledged a certain dollar amount over two or three years. We have even had someone donate money and then donated again. It is awesome to see the supporting community coming together to support this endeavor.

Although the ground work seems so slow and little progress is noticed, this foundation is what supports everything. The metaphor here is that just like the foundation of a building, Christian education is building a foundation in our children that we trust will support them for the rest of their lives, even if we do not see daily changes. Our timeline for completion seems to be on target for a late winter/early spring finish. Fred VanReenen Construction Manager

The campaign team is working to raise $240 000 more to achieve our goal and will continue to be asking for support. Here are some ways we can reach our goal. 240 people donating $1 000 = $240 000 100 people donating $2 400 = $240 000 10 people donating $24 000 = $240 000 1 person donating $240 000 = $240 000 Please consider how you can help support this building plan. Remember that we are asking for funds above and beyond your yearly contributions, as we rely on your yearly contributions to support our tuition rates. Our vision when we started planning this building upgrade was that we needed most of the money secured before we began to build and it would not affect tuition rates. We have been able to freeze tuition rates this year and over the last 3 years have seen only a small percentage increase in tuition rates. This is an amazing testament to the support we receive from a community that shares in the passion and excitement of Christian education and a vision to make changes to a building to meet the needs of the 21st century learner.

Two peep holes have been created in the hallway so students are able to watch the progress of the construction.


John DeGroot Campaign Chair

Phase 1 The first phase of our construction was the demolition of a section of our school that was built in 1958. This section is 56 years old. There was a crawl space underneath this section and wood floors. This section was where the Library, Staff Room and Storage rooms were. The new renovated space will provide large gathering spaces, individual and small group learning rooms, a music/band room, a science classroom and a fine arts area. These spaces will exemplify how learning and learning spaces have changed dramatically since this section was built in 1958. By rebuilding this space, we will create space for 21stcentury learning, thereby ensuring that our students are prepared with the necessary skills needed to live as Christians in an increasingly complex society. This new space will also allow for a flourishing of the arts, an integral part of the learning environment at SCS.

Demolition—July 2015 Foundation—end of July 2015 Cement Floor is being poured—Sept. 2015

2013 60th Anniversary

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June 19, 2015 Ground Breaking

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SCS Building Campaign September 2015 Update  
SCS Building Campaign September 2015 Update