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And That’s a Wrap! The 2017-2018 school year is now complete. Len Smit One of the seven habits of highly effective people is to “begin with the end in mind”. We started this school year as a staff by writing down our hopes and aspirations for our students for the year.

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Here are a few of our hopes: “My deep hope for my class this year is that each student will feel loved, heard, and valued. May they know they are an amazing, beautiful, special creation who knows God has a plan for them!” “My deep hope for my class this year is that they will develop the gifts that God has enabled them with. I pray that they will be Christ like stewards toward one another and that they will encourage each other.” “My deep hope: That students will leave in June feeling as though they are each valued, loved, and respected and that they feel as though learning is exciting and meaningful.” As we close off the year, teachers will reflect back at these goals and evaluate how well our goals were achieved. One big curriculum piece this year was introducing one of the seven habits of highly effective people each month. We are planning to continue to use this vocabulary in our morning meetings and devotions in the upcoming year as we prepare future leaders. Thank you to all who have prayed for us this year and supported us with their time, talents, and financial resources. We are truly blessed as a Christian school community.

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“We chose SCS to raise our children in Christian community, and to give them opportunity to learn about who they are as God's children and how God is calling them.”

Parachute Fun on Field Day


Celebrating our Graduating Class of 2018 as they step forward into new and exciting adventures. "The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged" (Deut. 31:8). Always remember, you are "fearfully and wonderfully made" (Ps 139:14) and you have some pretty amazing "superhero strengths" your friends see in you!!

Jamieson Generous, Empathetic, Dedicated, Thoughtful

Ethan Energetic, Athletic, Confident, Entertaining

Elise Compassionate, Organized, Loving, Creative

Derk Honest, Optimistic, Persistent, Friendly

Ryan Patient, Peaceful, Orderly, Intelligent Samuel Compassionate, Confident, Energetic, Athletic

Cassie Wise, Peaceful, Trustworthy, Helpful

David Curious, Creative, Optimistic, Entertaining

Aaron Kind, Practical, Intelligent, Patient

Quintin Wise, Kind, Problem Solver, Responsible

Seth Focused, Persistent, Peaceful, Friendly

Book Clubs, Seven Habits, Responsive Classroom...Year In Review Sonja VanderHeide This school year brought some new and exciting activities to SCS. Book Clubs, The Seven Habits, and The Responsive Classroom procedures were three major items incorporated in September. As summer approaches, it is time to evaluate and decide whether these activities were successful and whether they are worth repeating in 2018-19. Students, teachers, and parents involved in Book Clubs have already excitedly decided they wish to hold them again next year! One parent stated, “We are happy to have book club back at the school.” At the Book Club celebration afternoon in May, students were already enthusiastically making suggestions for next year’s books. Over this summer, ten new books will be chosen. Students can look forward to reading and discussing fantastic books, as well as participating in fun games and activities at the lunchtime meetings. (And we cannot forget eating delicious snacks as well!) The Seven Habits, based on the book The Leader In Me, by Stephen Covey, was used as a framework for behaviour and student leadership this year. As we worked through these habits in chapels and in our classrooms over the year, it became apparent that these positive, lifelong lessons can and should always be practiced by everyone. Keep an eye out for new and exciting ways we continue to learn and practice these habits together! The Responsive Classroom procedures, such as Morning Meetings, Quiet Time, and Brain Breaks, have also had positive results and will continue through all grade levels next year. Beginning each day with devotions, a Morning Message, greeting each other, sharing together and participating in a group activity, has proven to help build authentic and important relationships on which learning can be built the rest of the day. We are thankful for these three positive activities and look forward to 2018-19 to continue to learn and grow together!


Thank You! Thank You to DeGroot’s Nurseries for continuing to provide plants, perennials and trees for our landscaping. A big Thank You to Jack Wildschut for volunteering to plant and maintain our landscaping. Thank You to Monique Visser for her many hours of Coordinating our TRIP program. And a BIG THANK You to our many volunteers who help out throughout the year in different areas.

Welcome to our new Director of Communications and Admissions Mary Ellen Edlington Thank you for the kind welcome into the Sarnia Christian School family. I have appreciated getting to know the students, staff and community over this last month and learning the "whys" that make here a wonderful place to learn and grow. The warmth, passion, and commitment to excellence are evident throughout.

Bee Hotels Elysia Rekman Grades 2, 3 and 4 have been studying habitats and native species of Ontario. Students looked at various endangered species, why they are disappearing and what can be done to reverse the situation. As a project, students researched an animal that is endangered in our area and found ways to help that species. As a large group project, students explored the lives of the native bees in our area, researched reasons why they are disappearing and how we can help them. Bees are endangered because many of the flowers and plants they use for food are disappearing with many fields and meadows being used for housing and development. The bees are also dying off because of the frequent use of DDT and other pesticides and herbicides that poison the bees. With the help of Lambton Wildlife Inc., the classes decided to create a bee habitat garden to help bees have a safe home and flowers available to pollinate and find nectar. The classes organized a Bake Sale to raise money for the Lambton Wildlife Inc. so we could make special Bee hotels that will be good places for bees to lay eggs and keep their young safe. Bee hotels were made in Canatara Park with Mike Kent from Lambton Wildlife Inc. and are going to be placed among a garden of native pollinators plants. This project will help protect the bee’s young and encourage the bee population to grow.

I invite you to please continue to take opportunity to introduce yourself. I value the conversations and the insight they bring in knowing best how to serve. Communication is foundational to all human relationships and the healthier the communication, the healthier the community. A useful definition of communication comes from The Business Dictionary: "Communication is a twoway process of reaching mutual understanding, in which participants not only exchange information, news, ideas and feelings, but also create and share meaning. In general, communication is a means of connecting people or places". Through our communication, yes, we stay on top of what's going on—making sure we don't forget our pizza money or miss out on uniforms for sporting events - but more than that—we create and share meaning. We experience connection in a community reflective of what we value and all are enriched. students, families, staff, teachers, grandfriends, community supporters, businesses. All of us. It's win-win. I look forward to creating and sharing meaning in 2018-2019! Photo by: Adele Marianne Photography

“God is infused into every subject and His love is evident in the staff at SCS! ”


Fast ForWord Helen Strybos Fast ForWord is an intensive, evidence-based Language and Reading intervention for struggling students. It has been developed by neuroscientists and is meant to rewire the brains of these struggling readers. The skills addressed are numerous, including cognitive, speaking/listening, language and reading skills. The program works on memory, attention, processing and sequencing, reasoning, critical thinking, problem solving, listening accuracy, multi-step directions, oral reading of texts of various complexities, listening comprehension, academic vocabulary, complex grammar, proper tense usage, morphology, figurative language, English language conventions, phonemic awareness, phonics, oral fluency and irregularly spelled words. Fast ForWord follows three steps for fast change: Prepare, Practice and Reinforce. This program works to build the brain’s superhighways shown to be deficient in struggling readers. Students make fast reading improvement because they receive five times more practice than thye would with other reading interventions. This year at Sarnia Christian School, we decided to try out Fast ForWord after seeing it in action in another Christian School. It is a very well respected program, and is often recommended in Educational Assessments that have been given to our students. It is also a costly program with a yearly fee of approximately $300 per student per year, so we started out with five licenses this year. The students working on this program have all made significant improvements in their reading ability! It does not happen at the same rate for each student, but improvement is seen in each participant. The students spend thirty minutes three or four times a week working through their assigned levels. They can follow their progress at the end of each session. They really like seeing their progress graphs and the improvements they are making! It takes a commitment to stick with it, but it is so worthwhile when we can celebrate gains of one to two years of reading competence over the course of two to three months.

“Having children attend SCS is like extending your family.”

Thank You! Thank You to the families who requested donations be sent to Sarnia Christian School in memory of a loved one: Mary Vanderbeld Ivan Waters John Prange Herb Zylstra Wilma Vanderlinde Nick Dykstra

Gordon Ellens Susan Haveman Barbara Gilchrist Sia VanderHulst Gerrit DeBoer Greta Plug

Graduation Ceremonies The Grade 8 class at Sarnia Christian School is graduating and we would love for our school community to join us in celebrating with our graduates. The ceremony will take place on Thursday, June 21st at 7:00 p.m. in the multi-purpose room. Everyone is welcome to attend.

“Education with the child, the family, and God in mind.” Calendar of Events

Annual Golf Tournament @ Sawmill Creek Golf Resort Book your spot today by emailing your foursome or spa reservation to Cost is $125 per person.

June 20

Last Day for Grade 8

June 21

Grade 8 Graduation

June 22

Last Day of School (early dismissal @1:10 p.m.)

June 25-28

Professional Activity Days

Sept 4

First Day of School

Sept 21

Annual Golf Tournament

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