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FALL 2018

Walk With God by Len Smit I was given a Fitbit before summer started, passed down from a person who believed that purchasing the Fitbit would make them instantly fit, and since it was the latest and greatest gadget, it was a must-have purchase. Once the novelty wore off and the realization that getting your 10 000 steps a day meant you had to actively work for it, it soon gathered dust on a night table.

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I used the Fitbit as the object lesson at our opening assembly because it fit so well into our theme for the year, which is “Walk with God”, based on James 4:9 (“Come close to God and God will come close to you”). The lesson was simple: to walk with God does not just mean you go to church or pray before supper. The concept is that we are constantly walking with God, in our Math class or Science lesson and while we are outside playing for recess. All that we do is part of our walk with God, and a big reason why Sarnia Christian School exists is because everything we do and touch and feel and learn is taught through a lens that reveals God’s world, whether we are learning about creation, observing the brokenness in the world, or looking for signs of redemption and fulfilment. Each aspect of our world belongs to God. We have started the 2018/2019 school year and have been blessed this year with 30 plus new students and have had to open up an additional classroom. It is because of the broader supporting community that we have been able to maintain operations for almost 65 years and can boldly move forward in our mission and vision of providing Christian Education in this part of the world.

Making it Real!! A grade 8 student’s response to a recent Bible lesson: The way I imagine the story of the lame man walking is if someone came up to me and tried to heal me of diabetes. Maybe it’s not as big, but it’s bigger to me, and that is how I can put it in my own perspective. What I CANNOT believe is my pancreas is broken, dead, cannot work, just like the lame man’s legs. Myself, I cannot see him waking up one morning saying, “I am going to be healed today!” But, this outsider man who you have never met or seen before, does the impossible for you...he changes your life for you...he brought the dead in you back to life, or made the dead in you healed! From God to you! Written by: Emily S.

Terry Fox Run

“Come close to God and God will come close to you.” James 4:8


Project-Based Learning (PBL) by Mary Abma

On a given day, if you visit SCS, you might find the grade 8 class doing things that you might not immediately associate with school. A pair of students crouches over a laptop, making final changes to a business card they have designed. Another pair emerges from the office after having presented a proposal for a preliminary budget for their project (all to be paid back in full). Still another group crowds around a whiteboard, brainstorming the best way to market their new business. A small group meets with Mr. Hank Bouma, who is working with them on building waste/recycling bins for the playground. A student takes photos of two Beachcombing for garbage others making their own paper from shredded office paper and then posts it on Instagram. Still others are making a storyboard to plan an educational video they plan to shoot. Two students fill sheets of paper with ideas for a proposed “Family Fun Day” designed to educate and entertain visitors. A group of students sit around a table, compressing clean plastic waste into plastic bottles, creating Eco-bricks. The list goes on. The unit is “Ecology” and the students are learning the content of the unit and so much more through Project-Based Learning. Early in the year, they decided that they wanted to focus on the effects of plastic pollution on our waterways. They felt that in addition to studying about it, they should work to make a real difference. They chose to start a business they called, “Eco-waters Art”. There are two mandates for this business: to Sorting the findings educate people about proper waste disposal and about reducing single-use plastic consumption, and to make art from plastics they find in the environment.

To keep up to date with the project, check out their website (currently under development) at or their Instagram page: eco_waters. Look for more in upcoming newsletters! Recycled Paper

Building Upgrades A number of building upgrades have happened over the summer and a big thank you to many companies and individuals for donating time and material to make it happen. Our kitchen that has been used for over 30 years to serve and prepare meals for many community events was completely gutted and redone. Many people helped to make this happen. Thank you Sarnia Cabinets for donating new cabinetry, Earl Sipkens Electric for installing and supplying LED lights and an exhaust fan, Besomar Manufacturing 1984 Inc. for donating a hood vent, Fred VanReenen Construction for their time to do the work, Lex Kapteyn for painting the whole Kitchen, Toolrite Engineering for the stainless steel and all the additional people who helped empty and dismantle the old kitchen. Our gym was also retrofitted with new LED lights thanks to Earl Sipkens Electric and Earl’s son Keith and the Bluewater retrofit program. Within a day and a half they took down 48 fluorescent tubes and lights and replaced them with 8 LED lights.

Fall Art in Grades 1/2 and 4


CSC (Christian Schools Canada) Leadership Conference:

“Faithful Presence” By Helen Strybos

Book Club Returns to Sarnia Christian School by Judith Farris

From September 26-28, principals, vice-principals, curriculum coordinators, and other leaders within Christian schools from across Canada, Australia, Belize, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Rwanda, and Zambia gathered in Ottawa. The theme of the conference was “Faithful Presence”. The focus of this topic was discussing and questioning how our schools intentionally foster relationships and the common good within the larger cultural fabric of where they are located. We do this as citizens, people living in communities of belonging, locally, provincially, nationally, and globally. We are Kingdom citizens in God’s unfolding story. God is faithful to us, as Lamentations 3:22-23 states: “The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” In the past we have spent a lot of time exploring how to do and encourage our students to do beautiful work. The emphasis of this conference shifted to beautiful workers, seeing ourselves as people of God’s story, people of God’s story engaged in real work that forms self and shapes the world. When we encourage ourselves and our students to participate in deeper learning, it helps us find our purpose within God’s unfolding story. “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do,” (Ephesians 2:10). Deeper learning in Christian schools recognizes that the learner does not learn for advancement of self, but as a faithful response to doing the work God has called us to, here and now. This kind of learning provides the opportunity for renewal and character building. The process of learning is rooted in finding our role in God’s story. In school we use curriculum, the content of what we teach; instructional practices, how we design and organize learning experiences; assessment, what evidence of learning we choose to gather and how we gather it; and culture, how we establish our values and practice them together in community. As we learn, we seek to make connections between our stories and the stories of others, always connecting back to our shared story of God’s redemption.

Book Club has returned for another year at Sarnia Christian School! Students can choose to join Book Club, which meets during the first break, five times per school year. At Book Club meetings, students eat their lunch in the multi-purpose room and participate in games and activities about the books, such as Charades or Pictionary using words from the story, Kahoot quizzes about the plot, and group trivia games. Snacks that are inspired by the books are also a popular part of the club: Carter, who is in grade 5, said, “My favourite part of Book Club is the snacks.” This year, grade 2 students are also invited to join Book Club! Parents are welcome to read the books with or aloud to their child at home. The first Book Club meetings will be held as follows: • Monday, October 22: Grades 2-3: The Magic School Bus: Inside the Human Body by Joanna Cole • Tuesday, October 23: Grades 4-5: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis • Wednesday, October 24: Grades 6-8: The Crossover by Kwame Alexander The main purpose of Book Club is to enjoy books together in a fun, social environment. Kayla, who is in grade four this year, particularly enjoys being introduced to new authors: “I really like reading the books, especially when they are new ones that I haven’t read before.” Grade five student Adelaide said, “I like reading all the fun books— that’s awesome!” If you have any questions about Book Club, please contact Mrs. Farris or Mrs. Vanderheide!

Junior Kindergarten We are currently planning for the 2019/2020 Kindergarten class. If your child is ready for JK and if you are interested in our school, please call us. We will add you to our mailing list and give you information about our Junior Kindergarten Orientation. Are you still considering Junior Kindergarten this year? We have 2 full time spaces left and some part-time spaces available on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Fall Art in Grades 1/2 and 4


Where Are They Now? Graduating Class of 2008 Evan Abma I graduated from Calvin College with a BA in history last year. I am currently working at the industrial contractor, LamSar, in Corunna, implementing a tool tracking system. Depending on what happens, I may end up pursuing a Master's in museum studies. My hobbies include birding and making scale models.

Dennis Cho After graduating from Sarnia Christian School, I came back to South Korea. I went to an aviation high school where I learned about aircraft maintenance and I acquired three "Craftsmen Aircraft Maintenance” certificates in the airframe, power plant, and electronic. Then after I went to Inha Technical College to obtain a bachelor's degree in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. After acquiring an Industrial Engineer certificate in aircraft maintenance, I served the Korean Airforce as an aircraft mechanic for 2 years because of the military service obligation. Now it's my last semester in college and recently I applied to Korean Air for the aircraft maintenance technician job.

Jonathan Nienhuis After graduating Sarnia Christian School I went to LDCSS and graduated from there in 2013. After graduating high school I took a year off to work and figure out what career path I wanted to take. The summer of 2014 I decided to take a welding course at Lambton College and graduated from there in April of 2015 at the top of the class. In October of the same year I joined the Boilermakers Union and have been working in Sarnia's oil and chemical refineries, expanding my knowledge and furthering my career. And the most exciting of all, in August of this year I got married to my beautiful wife Nathalie, and we're both so excited to see what God has planned for our future

Discovery Days Are Coming! Discovery Days are a fantastic opportunity for students to learn outside of the academic program. Help students discover new skills and interests, gain confidence, make new friends and enhance their academic learning through this amazing elective program. We are looking for community members to donate their expertise for 4 afternoons in February. Are you skilled in crafting, candle making, wood working, cooking, baking, sewing, crocheting, knitting, jewelry making, curling, squash, bucket drumming, stock trading, programing, robotics, etc. Contact the office to get involved today!

Calendar of Events Oct. 15 Christian Schools Cross Country Meet (rain date Oct. 16) Oct. 19 Picture Day Oct. 25 & 26 Teacher’s Convention (no school) Nov. 9

Preliminary Progress Reports (Grades 1-8)

Nov. 9

Picture Retakes

Nov. 11 Remembrance Day Nov. 15 Parent/Teacher Conferences Nov. 16 Parent/Teacher Conferences (a.m.) PD Day (no school) Nov. 23 Bluewater District Christian Schools Volleyball Tournament Nov. 24 Membership Meeting Dec. 12 Christmas Concert Dec. 21 Skating @ 11:30 a.m. Last day of classes before Christmas (early dismissal @1:10 p.m.) Dec. 22—Jan. 4 Christmas Break

Our Annual Golf Tournament was held this year at Sawmill Creak Golf Resort on Saturday, September 22nd, 2018. We had a great turnout and raised approximately $10,500 for Sarnia Christian School. Thank you to our hole sponsors and participants for making this event a success. Thankyou to the event organizers: Chad Dreise, Gordie VanBarneveld, and Lindsay VanReenen. See you next year!

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SCS Fall Newsletter 2018  
SCS Fall Newsletter 2018